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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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between the castle and river. engineers are on the scene to see if they can secure the 450-year-old building. let's hope they do. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. we're awaiting response from the white house now to north korea's claim that successfully test ad hydrogen bomb. we're minutes away from the daily briefing where press secretary josh earnest is expected to be asked about it and react. you can bet it might be the first question. overnight here is what we know, reclusive regime made surprise announcement that it test admin turized h-bomb. that would be a significant jump in their nuclear weapons capability. however, that claim has been met with widespread skepticism. more what is happening with this as it makes news minutes away. >> this is fox news alert. less than from one hour from now the benghazi select committee
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will grill former cia director david petraeus for very first time. this as fox news learned that the spy agency is with holding documents from the night of the attack that killed four americans including ambassador christopher stevens. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here today is harris faulkner. sandra smith. fox business network's elizabeth macdonald. today's #oneluckyguy you know him from the "o'reilly factor," you know him even more, host of "watters world," the host of smash hit new show. >> mash shot. andrea: breaking records all over the place. >> we're giving people what they want. andrea: get right to the news. at one p.m. eastern general petraeus will appear before the benghazi committee. it comes two days before defense secretary leon panetta makes his
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first appearance before the committee also behind closed doors. they want to know why those benghazi records were held back and get to the bottom of petraeus's inconsistent explanations about who and what was behind the attack. will lawmakers finally get the truth. jesse. will we, the american people, the victim's families get the truth today at this hearing? >> i don't think so. i'm not shocked that the director of the cia is not leveling with the american people. he is our top spy. i'm not surprised. the president is not leveling with the american people. let's remember what happened here. the food guys were outgunned that night. instead of being rescued, hillary and president obama tried to rescue their reputations instead and spun a tale about a video to cover their own tale tails. now they're stonewalling. this is what they do. they destroy evidence, lie to congress. can you imagine if a president up interest said you know what we'll not give you this, we'll not give you that.
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funny when republican make as mistake it's a scandal. but when a democrat makes a mistake it's a tragedy. andrea: something doesn't add up with this, sandra. the night of the benghazi attack, we know the cia, general petraeus knew it was a terror attack. we knew there were agents on the ground. anyone with a functioning brain knew it was terror attack. then the talking points were manipulated. then the false storyline was sold by hillary clinton. general petraeus, all of sudden news of an affair. the man almost goes to jail for something that seems a little bit questionable that he would make that kind of error. now that kind -- he is on capitol hill. i don't think the man will say anything today. last time he tried to tell the truth he almost pot thrown in prison. sandra: one thing for sure victims and family members deserve answers. we rightly continue to pursue this. will this unveil the smoking gun?
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everybody thought the 11-hour marathon testimony by hillary clinton would reveal the smoking gun. it didn't. do you think andrea we'll finally get to the bottom of this? andrea: no, harris, we're not. look at the other guy testifying, lee on panetta. lifelong clinton guy. they will not get to the bottom of it in closed-door hears, they will not say what really happened and so many questions remain. why did hillary clinton look into the eye of the family members and lie about why they died? people should be in prison. harris: i want to know what the documents are so hurtful? you're nodding your head. more than what we do know. it is what we don't know in all of this. look at iran side deals. what are side issues around benghazi? we do know reports of militants taken up in a building just adjacent to our conflict who had heavy power weaponry on top of their roof. we know those guys were amassing next door.
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are there more details on militants propped up next door to our guys? what is in the documents ma makes it seem so vulnerable to people in pow per? the. andrea: you know, emac, you covered business and politics so long, we know by nature this is very secretive agency. we do know there have been efforts to get these documents. we do know what happened on the ground. what do you think? >> what is interesting now, you see reports that oh, the benghazi probe is lastings long enthan the 9/11 commission. this is stonewalling on part of individuals involved and democrat who continue to attack the benghazi probe. the issue now is, it will backfire, potentially because this house select committee could come out with their report in the middle of hillary clinton trying to make a run, if she does become the nominee. first time, jeremy bash, pentagon chief of staff, possibly first testify. we may get information out of that.
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hillary clinton faces some fallout here if the benghazi report comes out in the middle of next year. andrea: harris, i want to add on intel point. what has been done to the intelligence community? we know general flynn testifying that intelligence officers have been pressured by this administration to change the intelligence. i wonder what is going on behind the scenes. >> things with this administration are number of leaks. the question becomes will they leak any documents? andrea: sent them to senate intelligence committee. harris: let's move on to this. this is fox news alert. this is where we started this hour. the white house expected to react in a few minutes from now to north korea's claims that it successfully test ad high deagain bomb. this set off cheering on the streets of pongyang. an h-bomb is more powerful than prue tone yum weapon which is what north korea used in three previous underground nuclear
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tests. three years ago that is what they had. the claim is met with widespread set system. they have to work to prove this what it was. south korea officials say the earthquake near the test tight was even too small for even miniature h-bomb. making one would require big funding that are scarce in that country. where did the money come from? meanwhile u.n. security council quickly announced a emergency meeting. that happened just in the last hour. a confirmed test would lead to a push for tough irsanctions on north korea. but it also leads to something else. it gives them a new opening to talk to us and what do they normally look for in this instance? money. >> right. they will look for money and handouts. we'll probably give it to them because that's what they do. i can't wait to hear president obama spun this? will he blame bush? will he lock up jails franco and seth rogan for dictator movie?
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he likes to imprison film-makers. not all asians are terrorists. we can't discriminate against north koreans here in america. the guy has no idea what is going on. this is what happens when you take your foot off the neck of the bad guys. this is about iran too. bill clinton negotiated a nuke deal with the north koreans and oh, they will never nuke up. guess what? they did. harris: go ahead. >> iranians had a part in their program many, many years. the fact i'm seeing reported this morning how many iranians were on the ground, iranian scientists were on the ground when they tested this? that is one of the things we'll look at it. >> there are reports that iranian technicians have been in north korea. this at least pack in 2003 when pakistan stopped ostensibly doing nuclear proliferation. new nation states to be its clients. iran stepped up. so, i will tell you something really interesting, the market in south korea ended flat.
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tough wonder how serious this is, right? harris: sandra, i want to read this to you, because this is north korea leader kim jong-un's document he signed he wanted read on state television last night. quote, make the world look up to our strong nuclear military company and labour party by opening year of exciting noise of a first hydrogen bomb!. according to the facts what the statement said. sandra: i spoke to former new mexico governor bill richardson who has experience this area. they obviously have nuclear weapons. they may have as many as 10. what they say to the world we will not have our nuclear weapons curbed or reduced like you did in iran. they're sending strong message. how much is world taking advantage of our weakness right now? >> absolutely. sandra: there is a lot of time left. >> absolutely. the same person who negotiated the deal for bill clinton in
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north korea, wendy sherman, negotiated the same iranian deal for president obama. so we're getting hoodwinked on the whole thing. you know this is what happens when you take your eye off the ball. and now, could be chaos out there on the peninsula. andrea: you mentioned iran. that is really the point. they tested the missile. now allegedly north korea tested warhead. iran doesn't have to test the warhead as emac pointed out they have extra theater in in north korea to do it. they are all intertwined. hard power is gonethanks to president obama. axis of evil is alive and well again. we will never hear from josh earn e. they're working to confirm this? we'll never know. harris: if iran and north korea working together why don't we punish iranians? >> we have to be nice to the iranians. we don't want to make them angry, harris. harris: the attack not stopping. donald trump blasting bill an hillary clinton in fresh interviews.
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♪ sandra: hillary clinton keeping her pledge not to respond to donald trump. listen how she answered when asked about his most recent attacks on her stamina? >> you know i have a new year's resolution -- >> i heard this. okay. how do i phrase this. >> i will not respond to his personal attacks. why does he do whatever he does? i can only tell you what i hear from people. >> just going to keep doing it. he says you're enabler. making it personal with you. >> he can say what he wants to say. i will talk about what people talk to me about.
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sandra: can't fault him for trying. went after bill cosby in radio interview and went after bill clinton for the alleged affairs. >> whole cosby thing is weird deal. he has himself some big problems. you also have to ask bill clinton that problem, that question. would be very interesting question to ask him. has a lot of very strong charges against him. pretty bad stuff. he went after women very, very strongly and very viciously according to women and according to other sources. major books have been written about it. a book very well-respected book. it was not a pretty picture what she did. she talks about me being sexist, she can't be speak about that subject. i don't think she will be anymore. i hope she doesn't. i would rather not speak about it also but she can't bring it up. sandra: so anybody out of line here, jesse waters? >> no one is out of line. only person out of line is chris matthews. he didn't really follow up with her.
9:17 am
i thought that was pretty weak. listen -- sandra: what do you mean? he asked her three or four times. >> as he was giggling. come on. that wasn't really a tough line of question. i think stamina eattack on hillary is effective attack. she can't respond to it. she said she can't respond to the bully. you can't look tough that way. she has health problems. she has health problems, she has fainted. never see her out in the wilderness. andrea: stop criticizing a america's grandmother. that is what she -- >> nothing wrong with grandmothers. i'm saying you need to project vitality and energy. that line of attack was devastating against jeb bush and he is using it against. sandra: jesse, you're in our world. elizabeth macdonald.
9:18 am
>> campaign something arduous. i think trump is out of line comparing bill clinton to bill cosby. we know the allegations. sandra: some say it is fartherrest he gone yet. >> hang on. but what, you know, donald trump said also about carly fiorina's appearance was excerble. hillary clinton is right to say i'm not going to respond. she has no choice. don't engage it. he will come out cannons blazing and make imtemperate overegged comments that are off base and wrong. >> to be fair the reporter did set trump up and teed him up on the cosby question. so trump did not bring it up. andrea: here is the genius. answer the question, trump can go out there say not a fair comparison or not, still puts hillary on defense. and in politics when you are explaining you are losing. sandra she can't have it both ways. you can't use bill say this is historic campaign of first woman president and all of sudden claim that the women's issues is off the table.
9:19 am
she is speaking out of both sides of her mouth. either she needs her husband or she doesn't. is she strong woman and can do it on her own or not. does she defend all women or purse cute them when her husband mow he'ses them. she has to answer the questions. sandra: how long can she hold out? >> andrea makes an interesting point. somebody has to respond. it doesn't have to be her. i don't know if you saw a quick clip after reporter trying to ask bill clinton about it. it was awkward uncomfortable moment i imagine for him as he sort of searched for the words. somebody will have to answer the question. will it be him? if it is him, that is going to be so interesting from journalistic standpoint. we have the old tape to match with the new tape. >> i want to be clear, what carly fiorina made the right choice saying i'm basically not goings to respond to donald trump's comments about my appearance. sandra: but she did. >> what i'm saying hillary clinton has no choice not to
9:20 am
respond because the allegations against her husband are so serious in terms of a political move, even though she should in the clinton camp really does need to step in and say what happened with bill clinton and his involvement and with all these women. andrea: let me toot your horn for you. you intimately covered story. you know probably more about it than anybody i know. >> right. andrea: asked question on campaign trail this week, bill clinton was, didn't have answer, the political master, didn't have answer. sometimes there aren't good answers to really good questions. >> he may have an answer. maybe not one she would want hill to give. got the old tape and new minute he decides to open his mouth on it. sandra: you will see a lot of action and a lot of drama coming up. first republican debate on 2016 comes up on fox business network next week. trish regan and your truly on the first debate at 6:00 p.m.
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neil cavuto and maria bartiromo take the later debate. 9:00. that is happening january 14th. on fbn. you don't want to miss this. the house is trying to undo obamacare. the legislation is expected to reach president obama's desk but he will veto it. is congress doing the right thing. in afghanistan wounded us u.s. soldiers and body of a third evacuated in the south after hours-long fight with the taliban. this is raising questions whether we should be drawing down troops at the end of the year. r ♪ on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was
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harris: fox news alert. we await the briefing at the white house, it is daily briefing with press secretary josh earnest. we're anticipating, highly anticipating he will be asked about announcement coming out of north korea that they have tested a new higher level, an upgrade in their nuclear weapons system, a hydrogen bomb. this just in. u.s. defense secretary
9:26 am
ash carter and south korea's defense minister discussing right now the apparent north korea nuclear test at the pentagon. so we'll report any news that comes out of that. and also, what will happen inside of that white house briefing. what the white house has officially to say on this we'll tell you as it happens. elizabeth? >> next up the house votes on a bill to repeal obamacare but unlike dozens of prior votes, today's vote marks first time the legislation is expected to end up on the president's desk. president obama already promised to veto the measure but house speaker paul ryan says the bill's event all defeat is not the point. >> what really matters though is winning an election. we have to have a conservative in the white house. we have to have a conservative in the white house that isn't trashing the constitution. >> the action comes as new study shows 20% of americans with 65 with health insurance say they have problems paying their medical bills. jesse, here's the thing, i have
9:27 am
yet to see any democrat at the debate bringing up obamacare, right? we know right now that about half of americans haven't bought health insurance because it is too expensive. >> it's a disaster. i'm just surprised as republican party, i forgot there are twice on the other side actually doing things. way to look alive out there, guys. [laughter]. this is parliamentary. send it to his desk. he vetos it and can't override it and go out for drinks and pat each other on the back. its is a total mess. website still doesn't work. premiums are up. doctors are dropping out. i don't know what is going on. the point the thing passed on lies, bribes and kickbacks. maybe republicans need to start throwing money around the table to get this thing repealed. i don't see it will ever happen, unless ryan said you have a conservative to peel some of that thing back. >> harris, the worst thing for democrats is, it is a law that forces to you buy higher priced insurance. a lot of people say forget it,
9:28 am
we'll pay the obama care tax right now. >> again, because democrats couldn't sell it. so now everybody has to make up the difference with higher premiums because you have so many people not participating at a significant level. they would rather pay the penalty. my big question now, you talk about the website that is still not completely functional. all of these little problems. republicans have the opportunity to come in and shore up the areas where things are really failing. >> that's a good point. >> and could look like heroes. >> you already pointed this, sandra, united health, big insurer said we can't do it. we're losing money in obamacare. sandra: the economic adverse effect that had on economy and businesses. we still don't really know. it keeps showing up in earnings reports of major u.s. corporations, liz. >> right. sandra: this should be a bigger talking point in the election but it is not. you will not hear from the democratic side. this is not something they're
9:29 am
campaigning on. >> andrea, 32 people say are still unirsured according to kaiser. they say they insured 10 million. andrea: they should have focused people not insured instead reforming entire system. they know that it is flawed. it keeps changing. we don't know the impact because the administration knows it is bad so keep changing different mandates and delaying, putting off bad news. it is colossal failure and cost containment nightmare and here is my point. i don't want to besmirch republican this is is important and affects millions of americans. it is this issue that will elect a republican. it is futile. is this the right message for republicans? get someone in there that will actually not veto the bill in november? >> why not attack areas where people are hurting. republicans come up with some sort of a side plan or alternative plan to relief
9:30 am
people with premium costs. so on, so forth. >> catastrophic insurance. here's the thing, as united drop out and other insurers drop out, as healthy people drop out remaining insurers have no choice but to continue to raise health insurance prices in the pool. jesse said they're doing something and you're excited about that. >> i'm excited. you're right. this puts this back on the playing field. make hillary answer a question about obamacare. it will be in the news. let's hear her defend it. >> i hear crickets if i were in the bug business. update on harrowing ordeal for u.s. troops in afghanistan as we get new news on this. the pentagon saying two wounded american soldiers and remains of a third soldier have been evacuated from a battlefield in southern afghanistan, after hours-long fighting with the taliban which left u.s. forces trapped under enemy fire near the city of marjah. that is in the southern helmand province. this comes days after the top american commander in
9:31 am
afghanistan, army general john campbell, said he needs to keep as many troops there as possible to help secure the volatile country. with the u.s. scheduled to draw down the troop presence by end of this year, general campbell says, he may need more soldiers. we have reaction to this from fox strategic analyst ralph peters. >> got a situation in afghanistan, despite all the money we've lavished on the afghan state and military, all the weapons we give them, all the training they still can't stand up to the tally back. our special operators are the bandaids holding that pretense of a country together. our president is just concerned about not calling it combat. harris: you know, i never thought we would watch a human being have the power to bend space time continuum to take us back a decade. this looks like a headline from 10 years ago. >> i know. all the money and blood we poured into that country and it is still a mess. listen, president obama doesn't want two wars lost on his watch.
9:32 am
he probably just going to be satisfied with one because he can blame iraq on bush. so i don't think he is going to let the whole thing go to disaster as he hands off the reins of the next commander-in-chief when the troop drawdown comes. i think he will keep enough troops to keep a lid on it, so he can have that in his legacy. so but it is not doing that much better since he got in there. ut he stopped talking about it. andrea: he didn't kill bin laden, the navy seals did. >> but he took credit for it. andrea: harris, you bring up such a good point, what is the plan? i don't know necessarily, jesse, that he wouldn't let afghanistan fail. the rapid troop withdrawal in iraq left billion dollars in weaponry being used against our men and women in the front lines. terrorists have weaponry. this is what happens when political decisions are made instead of policy decisions. this president only makes political decisions. frankly hillary clinton said many times, quote, this is
9:33 am
exactly where we need to be or finally where we need to be. dead americans on battlefield with crippling rules of engagement. i'm sorry, this is not exactly where we need to be. harris: when you look at the foreign policy missteps with this president and idea of not giving his entire mind around things, jv team with isis, i don't think it is fair any longer to say this president didn't have experience. he did. it just wasn't the right kind. it is political experience. and you're wanting him to learn on the job, now seven, almost eight years in. he did have the experience. it just doesn't match up necessarily where we are. unless he is withholding and has a master plan we don't know about. sandra: back to the election, this will shape up to be a major talking point and major debate between the two parties in the election. i don't know, i would take the experience of a general saying we should put off the drawdown as soon as possible over anybody else. that is when you wonder, who is advising the current administration making these decisions. are they listening?
9:34 am
andrea: susan rice an valerie jarrett with zero military experience. look at their resume's. >> i don't know what is wrong with keeping active military beast in iraq. now we also have isis pouring into afghanistan and fighting taliban. so that is a hotbed right now. harris: that's a huge problem. what we saw in libya boko haram pledge allegiance. one fierce bloodthirsty group hooking up with another. >> still touted success story. andrea: still is. >> you get the last word. video went viral. assistant professor around staffer at university of missouri apparently trying to stop protesting on the campus. that is the hand by the way. put your hand down. lawmakers want to know why these people still have jobs. >> i didn't see you respecting that reporter.
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♪ andrea: more than 100 missouri lawmakers calling for this woman to be fired. melissa click is university of missouri assistant communications professor who got nationwide attention when this video went viral. >> can i talk to you. >> no, you node to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here! andrea: state lawmakers in letter, click failed to meet her obligations to students, taxpayers and others, the u.s. constitution. when she tried to block that student journalist, this happened during protests at mizzou in the fall, sparked by concerns, that administrators were not doing enough to address racism on campus. university president and chancellor resigned as a result of those protests. lawmakers are calling for janna basler to go.
9:40 am
university assistant director of greek life. was seen in the video confronting a student journalist. harris, you have been fired up about this story. harris: yeah. andrea: professors had no right to suppress the speech. harris: if anybody happened to that student we would be doing much different story. god forbid it didn't. on that day, look at list of mostly republican senators and lawmakers, why is this partisan issue? why did it take so long? why is this a partisan issue? this is a about the media and the job that we're supposed to be protected to do. why, why only republicans? i'm thrilled for them. but democrats ought to be, on that campus too. why was this lady allowed to keep her job? and were the racism problems resolved since we've been focused on this woman keeping her job? really enough for everybody. sandra: this is about the taxpayer too by the way.
9:41 am
they quickly learned what her research enat university. it was revealed on line. current research projects, "fifty shades of grey" leaders an fans relationship with lady gaga, masculinity and male fans? need i go on. >> that is one class i would go to. andrea: masculinity in male fans? you could teach the class, waters. someone with moist experience i know getting ejected from places, how does the story make you feel? you've actually been to the university. >> that's right. andrea: did a waters world there. thrown out of places all the time, places frankly you have the right to be. >> i touched someone on shoulder when i was at university, that is microaggression. don't touch me. i was booted out of cornell for asking about political bias. i went and did a thing on sex week at brown and got kicked out of there. wept down to georgetown i asked what offended people, they said illegal aliens are offensive and they said, you can't compliment
9:42 am
a woman's looks at work. personally what i think, after san bernardino, and then after the paris attacks, all of this crazy pc nonsense got swept away. people had perspective about what really matters. no one is paying much attention to what is going on. andrea: it is important on campus. it set as precedent, emac. as harris said students put in danger. >> go get muscle to help me deal with? one universal meaning by the way. exactly when you need a journalist in there somebody making statements like that. sandra is right. listen, we're gouging colleges, colleges are gouging middle class families with tuition hikes by selling useless degrees that nobody can use in the real world. college is supposed to be a time when you are challenged, when you're learning to stand up for yourself with in different ideas. they're not supposed to be safe havens to find new ways to be offended. that is what we're paying, that is what taxpayers are paying
9:43 am
for. sandra: the fact she apologizes, she is saying she is sorry, andrea, she regrets it? she is supposed to be leading authority on journalism. professor of mass communications at one of the best journalism schools in the country. apology doesn't work here. andrea: you would think she would know, harris, a little more about as sandra says in her position, the media and u.s. constitution, it is not freedom of speech. harris: it is that she didn't care. that is the greater thing. she probably should have -- >> she probably should have tied up the reporter like hillary. harris: behind velvet ropes? andrea: cost of college tuition is stick up. getting useless degrees and paying a lot of money for what? to have their speech oppressed. >> 50 shades of gray degree. sandra: at least somebody is moving forward.
9:44 am
andrea: former reality tv star is back in the spotlight because of a recent facebook post of teaching her son to respect women. why a monthly date with her 6-year-old son is causing such a controversy. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a minute. let's get to jon scott what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> many gop candidates coming out slamming the president. kentucky senator rand paul says he will fight the orders. he joins us live. chipolte takes another hit on heels of norovirus and e.coli outbreaks. the restaurant chain faces a criminal investigation by the feds. we'll explain why. the wildest fish story you will ever see. one fisherman gets too close for comfort when a giant marlin jumps on his boat nearly impaling the guy. did he make the big catch? that is the question. we'll answer it. "happening now." sandra: good stuff. we'll be watching. thanks, jon. >> thanks, sandra.
9:49 am
>> former reality star sparking controversy because of her monthly dinner dates with her 6-year-old son. nikkole paulun was featured on mtv series, 16 and pregnant. now posting on facebook going on mock dates with the little boy. has him open doors, pull out her chair and paying him for chores. she says it is teaching him how to treat women. the post has half a million shares. i don't like you make your son making money doing chores taking you out to dinner. i getted idea behind it. others love the idea. way to go mom. this is something i do with my future children. if it is my daughter, i make her dad take her on a date every month and pay, show her all the respect she deserves.
9:50 am
this mtv chick might be on to. i will have my twins take me out to dinner out of their piggyback. their piggyback has about a dollar. is this a good idea or bad idea. where do you stand? andrea: i think it is good idea. i think it is preferrable to have the dad there. i learned a lot of lessons from my dad. fathers bring tremendous value to their little girls. the i am same way moms bring value to their sons. this is great example. i don't know why she is criticized something like this. there is lack of real men standing up taking the lead. i applaud her for doing it. sandra: give you example of some of the criticism? >> yeah. sandra: imposing expectations on children they must want to be in relationship and has to be head row sexual. >> oh, right. arranging fake gay dates? is that what that is. sandra: i'm letting you know that is many so of the criticism out there that exists. i have to give you my perspective.
9:51 am
it is tough being a parent. i'm a fairly new parent. i have really young children. you can't criticize other parents because everybody -- >> no, how dare you. sandra: no, i really mean that. >> third rail of parenting. >> i try to assume as i would assume with you and your twin girls you're doing your best. while that might not be my style which this isn't, it might be hers. >> so when i come home from work, i have the girls bringing me my slippers and pipe. >> you don't snoke a pipe, do you? you're so mr. rogers. >> do you have chores with the kids and they earn money? >> my girls have chores. harris: i love the fact you would want to do same thing with your daughters. that takes steam out of this being young boy and mom. could be anybody. it is about mutual respect. >> i think date with mommy is creepy and weird. feels like a parent racket. mommy racket. harris: i took it how you share with somebody. like parents of bill cosby did?
9:52 am
parent of some of the domestics abusers did. if the flip side you don't have a plan versus this mom trying to have a plan to show how he expects her own son to treat women, i think i'm okay with that. >> i'm okay with that. i hear what you're saying, harris. i like standards that she is seth. but doing it every month, getting a dinner out of this, i'm sorry. i get it. you're right, sandra. it is hard. you shouldn't criticize the way other people choose to parent. i just think date with mommy, headline seems weird. andrea: if it continues and date with mommy every night and goes into his 20s, i would be very concerned too. because you don't want that. at same time i think there is one foolproof law, right? look at the way a man treats his mother around look way woman speaks about her father. best advice i ever got. foolproof to the t. >> how men treat women with housekeeping detail. i am firmly open posed clintons
9:53 am
smearing bill clinton sexual -- >> got pregnant at age 11. maybe teach her son not to do that. there is app for that. but you can use your phone and tell if the baby is crying. we will explain, coming up. ♪ living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness
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♪ >> like "soul train" over here. >> justin bieber right now. [laughter] sandra: it's a question that plagues new parents every single day. why is my baby crying? now is an app to tell you just that. it is called infant cry translator. it is makers claim it can differentiate between four separate crying sounds, including hunger, wet diaper, sleepiness and pain. the app's developers collected hundreds of thousands of crying sounds from 100 newborn babies to create a database. they say the app has 92% accuracy rate for infants younger than two weeks. all right, babies, you had a couple baby parents. [laughter] harris: you act like you didn't.
9:58 am
my mom taught me how to do this with my own head and hearing. i can hear the difference. i'm sure you can as a mom. the, i'm hungry is -- wah! i want to be picked up is like, huhuhuh. you don't need an app. you snead to be present. >> you what noise was missing, mommy and daddy stopped making annoying baby sounds and words. stop it. you're annoying me. wah. sandra: you can do this, right? definitely read a baby's cry for sure. doesn't surprise me the accuracy rate is that high. i think the app needs for the baby to read the parents cry, with newborn babies i spend a lot more time crying. >> is she hungry? is she mad at me? is she lonely, what do i say this time? does it work with women?
9:59 am
just babies? okay. when my baby cries i take it, here. sandra: 3-year-old twins, i don't know how parents of twins do it. you must have need ad understanding. >> i need a lot of help on a lost levels. i have a great wife that handle as lot of duties. no pun intended. andrea: they are twin girls. >> of course. that is why i -- andrea: i like the idea, jws. after hard day adult could use one of these monitors. if i had a nickel i heard why is my baby crying, i don't know, maybe i need a sound machine. >> you need a machine one way or the other. >> did you figure it out, sandra and harris? harris: absolutely. you have to know when to kind of react in emergency mode and when just to be mellow you know because you have another difference. sandra: cool, calm collected over here, harris faulkner. jesse waters thanks for joining us as our #oneluckyguy. >> thank you for having me.
10:00 am
sandra: more coming up. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. we're on tv at noon tomorrow. "happening now" right now. raeus. strong reaction it president obama's gun control plan. and now republican candidate rand paul said he will fight the president tooth and nail. he joins us live. and terrifying new video catches a massive tornado passing over a interstate and costing eight lives. >> and a giant marlin. did they


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