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  On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 7, 2016 11:01pm-11:14pm PST

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>> hi, greta. >> donald a a lot going on in the world. i want to start first with foreign policy and north korea. they have recently done a test that has shaken everybody. and you suggested that china get more involved. no one has been able to solve this problem so far. so tell me what you would do. >> well, they don't live and they don't breathe without china. china has a lot of power over north korea. i have been saying this for a long time. china is playing us like a fiddle. china is saying we don't have that much power and don't have that much control. they wouldn't get anything without china. china has the power and we have to tell china to straighten out the situation. you have got this mad man playing around with the the nukes. and it has to end. and china has to do it. now, we have power over china because of trade. because they suck us dry. they take our money. they take our jobs. they take everything. we get nothing. we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year with china on trade. so, and frankly, if we have ever stopped it, believe me
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you would see a depression in china like you have never seen a depression before. we have power over china. we just don't know it our leaders just don't know it china has to solve the north korea problem. >> how serious a problem do you see this? i mean, look, they have got at least we know atomic bombs and seoul, south korea is a short distance away with probably 10 or 14 million people. every once in a while they do a test. four testsi in about eight years. how serious do you see this? >> well, i think it's a serious problem because he is probably on the wacky side. he could be a total nut job. amazing a young guy would go and take over. you would have thought those tough generals would say no way this is going to happen when the father died. he has something going for him that he kept control which is amazing for a young person to do. we are protecting south
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korea. i have tremendous expense with south korea. i do a lot of business with south korea. i like them. they are great people. they are wonderful people, but they make a fortune as a country. every time i order a television set, when i order thousands of sets, i order so many television sets every year for different properties, thousands, they all come from south korea. they have to make more of a conviction toward the protection because we have 28,000 soldiers on the line, very, very dangerous. and we get paid very little money, relatively speaking, by south korea. so they are going to have to step up to the plate and pay us more. you know, we are a debtor nation. we owe $19 trillion. we are going in the wrong direction. the budget that was made two weeks ago is ridiculous what they did, how that got approved. so we have to start thinking a little bit differently than we have in the past. >> is the u.n. absolutely hopeless on this? i mean, the u.n. issued some condemnation, said that they are going to impose some sort of sanctions or consider it. do you totally take the u.n.
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out of the north korea problem and do you totally place it on china and the only way china will do this if we put economic pressure oní is that how you see it? >> no, i don't take the u.n. out at all. i think the u.n. can be very useful and can be helpful. the real power is china. china controls north korea. now, they say they don't have that much power or that much control, i think they say that to taunt us because they like seeing what's china has great control over north korea. north korea wouldn't exist if it weren't for china. ave to use china and, you know, ideally they do it without any threat. they should do it for their own well being, if we have to use the threat we have as we have economic threat. >> all right. well, you talk about economic threat, the news today out of china and, you know, with what their economic situation is practically, you know, caused upheaval in every world market. china is not doing particularly well today and unfortunately it's effecting us. >> well, you know how poorly they are doing? they are going to be up
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about 6.5% this year. and that's more than we have gone up in decades. i mean, you look at 6.5%. so if we go 2% we're happy. they're going to be 6.5%. so china has got difficulties and i agree with that because they are sitting on a little bit of a bubble. there could be a lot of bubble. but we are sitting on a bubble, also. china is going to go up 6.5% and we are going up 2%. we are sort of satisfied at 2%. i'm not satisfied but a lot of other people are satisfied. and we shouldn't be satisfied with that number. weave should be doing much better than we're doing. >> to what extent do you assign the responsibility of our -- of the situation with china and the united states, our economy to president obama and his policies? >> well, the buck stops here with the president. he is in charge of things. and we have had had a very, very mild uptick. it's been, i guess, the slowest since the depression
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in terms of, you know, going up. and it's now probably heading down. and based on what's happening in the stock market and you look at what's going on with companies,h7+hé macy's, i you se macy's is doing very, veryhshp @ poorly. their stock is down tremendously like 446% and so many other companies are doing poorly. so the stock market now is catching up with the real economy. you know, the stock market was the one thing people could point to and say oh, look what happened? but the stock market has been taking a big hit for quite some time now. so ideally, you know, i hope that's not happening. but it's obviously we are not doing very well as a country in many respects. we are not doing well with isis and we're not doing well with anything. i mean, where are we doing well, greta? we're not doing well with anything. >> all right. but secretary of state john kerry said earlier today that he thought that the deal with iran was going quiet well. meanwhile, he has this situation going with saudi arabia and iran at each other's throats. why should the people of iowa, let's pick the people of iowa be concerned about
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what's going on all the way over there, which is thousands and thousands of miles away? you know, sell it to me why that's a big issue to them first of all secretary kerry think it's a good deal. i'm not talking about country. it might be the dumbest deal ever negotiated. on top they get $150 billion. we don't get our prisoners back. 24 day inspection periods. they will end up with nuclear weapons. add to the fact that they are also taking over iraq as part of the deal because they are going to get iraq as sure as you are sitting there. they are going to take over the second largest oil reserves in the world, which are held by iraq or just about second largest. and for him to say the deal is going well is incredible. now the embassy gets burned down in iran. and i think iran is using that as an excuse. they are in yemen. you look at the border of yemen and that border is very long, beautiful border
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along saudi arabia and they are taking over yemen because they want top go into saudi arabia and they want to get the oil. >> all right. with all that's going on in the world and all these important issues. why are you putting out an instagram video against secretary clinton who is not even your direct opponent at this point? i assume if you get the nomination will deal with it later, but you have a nomination that punches right at her, the women's issues. you have got making allegations about anthony weiner calling president clinton a liar. you even bring bill cosby into this because in 2000 he gave a stump speech for her. why? why now? >> it's something we do. we have very talented people in the trump organization they came out. i thought it was good in light of what they>' said. they called me sexist. i said you have got to kidding calling me sexist. i have more respect for women than anybody and i certainly have more'' respect for women than hillary does. i will do much more for women than hillary would.
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>> why do you think she doesn't have respect for women? >> i think with hillary, i think with hillary it's all an act. it's although at trick call it's her whole demeanor. i think it's all an act. i think she has gotten us into tremendous problems with her you look at her things you go anywhere you look, take a look what's happened with libya and is syria and all of the problems, the migration, everything, the middle east blew up around her, between her and president obama it blew up. and our country is a far less safe place right now than it was and certainly it can be very much better. i will say this: if i win, our country will be a safe place again. >> all right. but that's a different issue. libya, saudi arabia, the middle east and secretary clinton for the four years that she was secretary of state senator. the hit you are doing)hl on her now has to do with her personal story. >> no, it's just a response to what they said about me. it's nothing more than a response. i think it's very accurate and i think it's a very good
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response. and it's one of those things. i mean, when they hit they get hit back. it's one of those things. have to do it. >> indeed you do hit back. all right, senator ted cruz, you have now raised the issue of his birth. he was born in alberto alberta canada. why do you raise that now. >> i didn't raise it. the "the washington post" want to do ask me certain questions and this was one of the questions they asked. i gave a very simple answer. but, basically, the answer is up to ted. i hope it's not going to be a problem. but the democrats are going to sue. i think they have already said they are going to sue. a couple of them said they are bringing suited. that was a while ago. and, you know, it's something)÷ that ideally he can solve and set up because it's awfully hard to run when you have that hanging over your head. he was born in canada. he was a, you know i think partially canadian citizen. i guess he was a joint. and frankly i think it is
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something he has to get solved. he hope he solves it this is not something i brought up. the "the washington post" brought it up. they asked me a question and i gave them a very mundane answer to be honest with you. i'm not involved. it's not my issue. it's really ted's issue. >> sort of interesting or ironic, i don't know what it is, but senator john mccain has apparently come out on your side and said it's a legitimate issue. he, of course, was born in a territory in panama. and but he said it's a legitimate issue and this after you socked him for not being a hero. so that's sort of an interesting twist to this. i saw that he calm out pretty strongly. again you say it's my issue. it's a "the washington post" issue. it's not my issue. he asked me a question. what do i know about it? i'm not involved in it. somebody like ted because the worst thing that can happen is he gets sued by the democrats and then he is not allow to do run. i would say he should go to court and get what they call
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a declaratory judgment where you ask the judge to a make a ruling fact and i think something like that would be very effective. i you do think it's probably something that he should get off his shoulders because it's a tough issue. i mean, he was born in canada and a lot of people see that he was a canadian citizen, i guess, for a long period of time. he gave it up, what, 14 or 18 months ago. and, you know, it's not an easy issue. it's a very complex issue. hasn't been adjudicated yet fully and it hasn't gone to the supreme court. but i think if got a declaratory judgment, that would solve the i think that's what he should do, frankly. but, again,ji# not my issue. this was just a question that was asked of me. and, you know, i don't care about this issue. i want to win on the merits on my own merits. i don't want to win because of something like this. >> all right. with time being so valuable between now and iowa and we all know how vermont is going to go come 2016, why are you going to bernie
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sanders' backyard? actually his hometown? >> >> i have a lot of fans up there. it may be a bernie sanders socialism guy, a communism guy. i don't know what the hell he is. taxes are going to go up to 90% with this guy. they asked me to go and i hear they have 25,000 people showing up. 9hey have lines g two miles long. people said they have never seen lines like that in vermont. friends of mine up there that actually are conservative republicans, they said would you come up? we went up and, you see what's happening on the news. i guess it's all over the place. they have lines that could be 20 or 25,000 people. that's the good news. the bad news space only holds 1400 people. who knows what they are going to do. there is a great outpouring of support. all over the country we have the outpouring. greta, we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama. we have 120,000 in dallas. i mean, we have tremendous support. and we have unbelievable
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support in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. unbelievable. >> thank you, donald for joining us. >> thank you very much, greta.