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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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songs? kennedy: star man. andrea: we'll discuss this during ot. and we'll sing again, thanks, judge., click on the tab. but now, "happening now." people draped above a furniture store. and lock up. ♪ look up here, i am in heaven.
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farewell, look at live and music of a rock and musician david bowie facing away after a battle with cancer. it's all "happening now". but we begin our second hour in the frightening development in the ambush of a philadelphia police officer we told you b. >> the threat against law enforcement that it is not over against them. police on high alert after a shooting of a police in a patrol car. they are part of a group that target police. three of them are still at large. in the meantime officer jesse hartnett is recovering from serious injuries after he was shot close range in the cold
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blooded attack. rick? >> reporter: we should caution that police and fbi get tips all of the time. the only reason it was public is someone leaked it to the mediasm they confirmed. it philadelphia police are on edge after one of their own was targeted. they are investigating a new tip from a woman and said the threat was not over and the suspect 31-year-old edward archer was part of a group of three others that are more radical than him and warn withed the officer to be careful in the west philly neighborhood where the officer was shot. the fbi is assisting in the search. and confirming that archer travelled twice to the middle east in 2011 to saudi arabia and
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egypt. investigators searching his cell phone and social media history for mentions and connections with isis sympathizers in the u.s. or overseas. the officer hartnett has had surgery on a badry bound left arm. and he has another surgery scheduled for today. jenna, the compelling feeling with police, it was a miracle that officer hartnett survived and got out of his vehicle and return fire and wound the suspect who was quickly caught. >> we wish him the best in his recovery, certainly more on the story, rick, thank you. fox news alert. two window washers are safe after dangling on the skafold. the window washers were pulled to safety through the 71st floor
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of the tower. and both window washers are safe now. it is not clear what caused the skafold to malfunction. >> i am glad they are okay. we'll shift the gears to the the race for the white house. independents and moderates are key to the election here. davided brady writes this. a terrible way to gauge the contest is gauge who is the loudest. there are five percent more democrats that republicans. in that regard as the colume rights on. donald trump and ted cruz may have their work cut out for them. this raises broader questions for the party over all. we'll bring in our political
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panel. melinda is edit are of rol you kouchlt and david bread makes the point, michael at the end of the piece. it is not who people say they are are going to vote for. it is it who they say they will never ever vote for and that's why he raised red flags of donald trump and ted cruz. how co are independents to republicans? >> they are key to republicans and democrats as brady mentioned. animosity is a motivator. you have a candidate who gets people voting against them that is bad. which independents are we talking about? there is a lot of independents that have different views. it is hard to narrow down those with socially liberal views. there is a bunch supporting
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trump. moderate and centrist type and they are supporting trump. if trump for instance is the nominee, it will throw all of our models and way we view elections out of whack. >> interesting point, what do you think of that? melinda? >> i agree. it is impossible to model donald trump as a kantdidate. it puts the pollsters in a bit of a fix. he attracts nontraditional voters. i would say it is true, you can't win without moder independents and since what we see and can capture, 43 or 48 percent said they would not look at donald trump, to me locks
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like a deficit that is insurmountable in terms of him reaching the white house. >> that might be across section now and curious what that may show in a few weeks from now. and time passes in general. and this is a point for the wall street piece. he writes this. even if mr. romney had won every republican or conservative voter it could not have been enough. the person who seems to do well with independents and moderateses is marco rubio. but the alignment that backs that could be damaging to marco rubio in the early races. so what is what cand -- candidates want.
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>> i mentioned animosity is a a great motivator. they may dislike marco rubio but may really dislike hillary clinton. it is the way they are positioning themselves for the general election. hillary clinton is running a general election campaign aiming to get the independent voters. she's even using lines that republicans say which is i don't want to raise your taxing but raise your income. compare that to the republicans jockeying for support with the conservativeses it does pose a problem for the election. it wipes the slate clean and everybody gets through that. i would be interested to see what ted cruz has to offer if he gets through the nomination process those moderate voters.
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>> you have interesting thoughts of ted cruz. what does that mean for the party overall? >> i think ted cruz has an excellent shot to the nomination far better than donald trump. so many views that donald trump holds and until a minute ago are not conservative vows. cruz passes everyone's purity test and when you think about the old line that we are, republicans are going to pick the most conservative candidate who can get elected, i think that republicans may look at the whole line of discussion of electability and say you know what, we pick somebody because they look electable and it didn't work out that way well for us. and go back to trying the most
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conservative person and really that hasn't been tried since reagan. >> it sets it up for a provocative debate on thursday night. great to have you both, melinda and michael. thank you very much. >> gop candidates will face off on thursday. fox business network is in charge. 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and the prime time debate starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. the legendary singer david bowie died on sunday after a secret battle with cancer. bowie known for iconic characters and music. first line, is look up here, i'm
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in heaven. benjamin hall live in london. >> bowie is one of the greatest innovators of modern music. he wrote new songs and changed his sound and invented glam roll. he was born in london by the name of david jones and reinvented himself as david bowie. he studied buddism and mime. he released 27 albums altogether and sold 140 mill yob copies of them and indicted in the hall of fame. his death was announced on the twitter page and his son said he had died peacefully surrounded by his family. space odyssey became a year 1969
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year of the first moon landing. bowie starred in the man to who fell to earth and in just a gidpshgs a lo. he was a painter and art's critic and poet. he came back and wrote best hits. few people anyhow he had been ill. he was a private man. but today, the world found out he was battling cancer for the last 18 months. he turned 69 and released black star, the album is number one in the charts is perfectly timed. he is in bed and opens with lyrics, i am up in heaven. david had planned his final message. he married a somalian model and had two children. and he lived in london,
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switzerland and berlin and even the german government sung his praises saying he helped to bring down the berlin wall. his music will be with us forever. >> benjamin, thank you. tributes are pouring in. iggy pop tweets. david's friendship was the light of my life. he was the best. kanye west. david bowie was inspiration and fearless and gave us magic for a lifetime. >> billy idol. nearly brought to tears by his passing. madonna. i am devastated. he changed my life. first concert i ever saw in detroit. rip.
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new dinnconcern cans about radical group targeting police. and dramatic moment when four fire reached a woman trapped in a burning building. and we told you about sean pen meeting el chapo. do you think it was ethiccal to publish the interview with the drug lord. go to to join the conversation.
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>> quite a scene to show you now. you can see people climbing out of the wdows as thick black smoke billows around them. it begins in the basement of a furniture store.
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>> more now on our stop story. fbi investigating a tip p an ongoing threat to officers. it is connected to the ambush shooting of a police officer. our next guest was a senior naval intelligence officer after the events of 9/11. steve rogers in nutley new jersey. they are checking it out. and the woman walked up and say that guy who shot your brother is not alone. >> they are now checking in to the credibility of the individual. if in fact the woman is telling
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the truth, we have a serious problem on our hands. we don't know yet, jon. and that's what they have to answer. is it real and true? is it a terrorist operation? suppose pedly edward archer she said was radicallied in a mosque in the philadelphia area. that shows what they used to have and thrown out. dismandeled because of political correctness. >> i believe most muslims are good people and the leaders of the mosque don't want to see what is going on. but we need their help. there needs to it be a degree of surveillance. and we don't know what is spoken
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of in the mosque. >> archer who is 30 years old, his mother said he heard voiceses in his head suggesting that he was dadht ft. >> he had gone to saudi arabia the ha a g. and he had gone to saudi arabia and egypt. this is not the run of the mill guy hearing voices. >> everyone i arrested either fell out of a crib at three years old or problem be as a child. you nailed it, jon. this individual. if there is mental issues, they will find out. but the traveling to the middle east is key to this. that's when they are looking into. >> you think he is be on a watch list? >> why it they have to find out
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after this woman came forward or at least until after the initial investigation began. >> we'll see what happens with the three others that are out there. stephen rogers, thank you. >> american voices are still in harm's way. wait until you hear how much of the military doesn't exist and still getting paid this and why that situation is happening. and we'll have at latest next. >> i feel for our residents. this is their belongings and worked their life for.
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the piecestornado hit south florida at 135 miles per hour. the confirmed ef two twister left a trail of destruction. repairs could cost $6 million. no deaths thankfully are reported. >> new questions about afghanistan. the afghan military dealing with ghost troops who don't work. don't actually exist for one reason or the other. they were killed in action or payrolls and their senior officers are collecting their money or pay even though they are not showing up to work. we'll bring in general jack king. he is a fax -- fox military
10:26 am
analyst. you said this is a problem for the afghan forces since day one. >> it always has been. part of the corruption. people taking money and putting it in their pocket. they are officers or people who work in the ministry of defense. what has changed, we have new political leadership and he has the confidence of the people and this administration and the military commanders that work closely with them. he is very much aware of this and the corruption that not only exist in the ministry of defense, but every ministry in that government. the reality is, he does have a plan. he's not moving fast enough to satisfy his people and that could be a political issue for them. but the truth is, he is trying to do that.
10:27 am
karzi, he was a thorn in our side and corrupt. this man is not that at all, but he has a corrupt system underneath him. >> we know the white house said our combat mission ended in afghanistan. is our military operating with the numbers that the afghan military is? we think that there is a hundred people at a checkpoint, but in reality there is only 50 if. what are we, what numbers are we using. estimate of 40 percent of the afghan military doesn't exist even though the paychecks go out. >> you can get a journalist to write an inflammatory article in afghanistan and make the american people shake their heads and say what is going on here. we have been here 15 years. i don't know anybody who supports less than 40 percent.
10:28 am
there is a corruption. but the issue is security situation is deteriorating. and the taliban are surging. and isis has a presence now in afghanistan, and this is news worthy. al-qaeda reemerged in afghanistan. that is the central issue that is in front of us. and the problem we have is, we pulled our forces out, jenna, much too quickly and steeply. so much so, the afghan forces that have the will to fight. we took away from them attack helicopters and fighter strike and medivac. and logistics that support them and an antiied program. we yanked it out all of the way. and left them an infantry based force. if we did the same thing to our
10:29 am
forces, we would have problems there as well. that was a huge mistake. >> and we have been skepteccal. and they know who they are dealing with after 15 years on the ground. but the question is what to do moving ahead. there is it peace talks in afghanistan and china and the pakistanyis. i curious your part. if pakistan is the main problem in terrorism. what are we doing? >> peace talks is welcome. but, as you just mentioned, the other reason why the war is portracted 15 years is because the taliban have two sanctuaries in pakistan and they are provided with information on our operations, two, provides them
10:30 am
training and provides them resources and logistic's support. that went on ten plus years and a moral outrage that something like that still exists and that is why the insurgency is continuing. there is it never been an insurgency that is defeated that has had a safe haven and sanctuary the likes of what we are describing to our audience today. >> i appreciate your time as always and leads us to a bigger and broader conversation. thank you so much. >> new troubles for hillary clinton as she campaigns for the presidency. the fbi expanding the investigation beyond e-mails of secretary of state. what they are looking into now. the plus the affuenza mom back in court for a bond hearing. could tonya couch get out of jail today?
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this is lloyd.
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to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. >> the fbi expanding their investigation in hillary clinton. in addition to focus on classified information found on the private server, agents are looking into whether she violated public relations laws. >> thank you, jenna. the exclusive use of private e-mail as secretary of state hits two tracks and one focused
10:35 am
on the classified material on her personal server and the other co-mingling and state department business be violated public corruption laws. agents are looking at donations of the clint foundation and contracts and whether regular processes were followed. and fox news was told that fbi agents will be screaming if they are not pursued because of many previous cases were made and prosecuted with much less evidence that what is emerging. the state department, and the number of classified e-mails has risen to 1340. she dismissed the number and allegations. >> in fact, as a state department there was no
10:36 am
transmission of classified information. and so, it is another effort by people looking for something to throw against the wall as you said in the beginning of the program to see what sticks, stick. >> there is no, no, no. >> and the classification of two e-mails sent on her server is considered a seltzed matter. and there is here a growing body of evidence. >> the coupleulative affect. more and more of the messages that turn out to be classified, it will put pressure on the prosecutors as to it a decision of what they will do. it looks serious this many messages. >> reporter: 100 fbi special agents were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements. that is temporary duty
10:37 am
assignment. for them to a sign that. the agents are handling the highly classified material. >> >> thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. tanio couch is expected to ask for a bond reduction. she is held on million dollars bond. she -- ethan jail time used the affuenza defense. could his mother be released on bail today. richard st. paul, a former prosecutor and defense attorney. and brian claypoll. former defense attorney. >> thank you. >> this is a woman who apparently took her son off to mexico to try to avoid more punishment for bad behavior.
10:38 am
should she get a bail reduction? >> it is based on on flight and community. she demonstrated the fact that she has a great disregard to it the law by taking her son to mexico. she cut off cell phone and paid the holtz in cash. and avoided detection. she is certainly i think a flight risk and the judge will be right not to grant reduction of bail. >> she's the one who sets the standard for bad behavior. brian, does she deserve a lower bond. >> the punishment doesn't fit the crime. clearly million dollar bail in this situation is excessive. she deserves a bond reduction between 100 to 250,000. she didn't commit a violent
10:39 am
crime or rape or assault anybody. i think what the court system is doing, and the sheriff has been doing. trying to target the mom to prove a point that ethan couch should have spent time in jail. people should be focusing on the mom, and more on let's change our create's new law that makes a 15 or 16-year-old in a vehiclear homicide case under the influence to be tried as an adult. write your legislators and change the law. >> brian, i am sorry, richard, she is the one who seems to be setting the example to her son. is it appropriate to make an example out of her when it comes to paying the piper here? >> it is not like she had him in the basement of her house.
10:40 am
she demonstrated the ability to flee. she has the means to flee and her bond should not be be reduced. and she may not show up to court. >> i personally think, brian. time in jail does her good in this case. >> yeah, but jon, everybody is clamoring of how spoiled rotten ethan couch and he needs to be accountable. but here's the problem. if you target the mom and make it her fault he ran to mexico, you are enabeling his behavior. he is now an dult. he needs to pay the price. focusing on the mom it will facilitate ethan's nefarious
10:41 am
behavior. >> when the they coiled the affuenza term. they say he can't behave properly like a member of society and it worked. >> it did work, unfortunately. he was tried as a juvenile is why he was able to get away with killing four people with a vehicle and injuring two others. >> she's facing separate charges for the hindering apprehension of her son. we talk about bail. i can't make the point. she demonstrated her anlt to flee. >> we'll let the viewers know what is it happening in court. >> reporter: thank you, jon. general motors is in court and the latest in the civil
10:42 am
suits. and two shipwrecks from a historic fleet in the unexplored waters in the world. and why the find is so segcant. -- significant.
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10:45 am
>> right now general motors in court for the first civil trial and jorselection underway with. the plaintiff said the air bags prevented from deploying. gm said there is no proof it hit with injuries. gm continues to face criticism. and the automaker new about it before the recall. >> archaeologist discovered two battle hulls. it is trapped by ice close to the alaska arctic shore in the
10:46 am
september of 1871. the incident was cited as a turning point in the whaling industry. we'll talk about with the discovery with james. and he co-directed the expedition. james, you were there when the expedition took place. it is more than 140 years since the ship sunk. why is it important to find them? >> one of the most important thing is the museum is out there and finding things in it are important. it gives a sense of touching the past, but we can learn from. it it is important to remind folks that there is things to be left to be found. they explore and learn their
10:47 am
path and science. >> it makes us all want to go explore. who was on the ship and why did it matter that it sunk and what did you find? >> i think one thing it reminds us of is history forgotten. this is the biggest industry this the united states had. and first industry that we took globally and a major contributor to the american economy. it is a nail in its coffin. you have a whaling disaster and civil war and cop federates on the high seas, burn the whaling ships. all of these entrepreneurs go to petroleum. >> it is it a drawing of what they look like in the 18 hundreds. and they were all trapped by
10:48 am
ice. and the men on the ships, were also trapped. weren't they? >> they were. what you are looking at is billions of disaster and 1200 people stranded and facing death including weapon and children as captains brought their cameras. they walked on because captains threw everything overboard they had collected to rescue their fellow whalers. >> what surprised you most about what you found? >> with thick ice. they thought it was chewed up. but we found entire sections of the ships. and things surviving on board of the ship and parts of the
10:49 am
whaling equipment equipment. and it was still there after all of that time and ice. >> it is interesting to see when you see the demise of the whaling industry. entrepreneurs had to figure out what is the next thing? and they moved to the petroleum industry? >> that is. because they thought beyond the horizon. they took it and made it pay and work around the world and that is best aspect. it is important we never forget that even as we face new challenges. we have been there perfect and we'll get there again and usually the place is not a bad but good place. >> it gives us something to think about and leads us to wonder what the next will look like. thank you so much. >> fascinating.
10:50 am
>> police arrest a woman suspected of robbing three jewelry in three states.
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the white house responding now whether the ambush was a terrorist attack. their response was not conclusive and something we are all wondering. i'm not really. what are you going to think? if you want the best predictor of who is going to win the presidency you should not cite polls but check out the betting odds and he'll give them to us. and murder mystery involving american found strangled in italy and instagram had eerie hashtags.
10:54 am
that case and much more on the real story top of the hour. new details about the suspect in a string of jewelry heists across the south. the fbi using technology to help track down abigail kim who was arrested without a struggle. live in atlanta with that story. >> seems like a combination of factors led to this suspect's arrest including high quality security camera video from those actual robberies as they went down. fbi officials say within hours of releasing images like these to the media they started receiving numerous tips from the general public. according to court documents acquaintances told authorities they noticed her wearing jewelry that seemed to be a little out of her price range. according to court documents the fbi examined images and noticed
10:55 am
activity from the same metro atlanta phone number. a few years ago she posed atop atlanta high rises wearing short dresses and high heels. the atlanta journal constitution quotes a former high school classmate saying she was athletic and mischieve s. she was arrested friday. another person with her at the time was also arrested. the fbi has not released that person's identity but in some jewelry store video kemp is seen with a man who allegedly served as a lookout during the robberies. the fbi says both arrests went down without accideincident. ringling brothers. we are going to move past it. glits and glam at the golden globes. we will show you highlights coming up next. ♪song: "that's life"
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the company ending the elephant act a year and a half early. all trained elephants will retire due to ordinances making it difficult to organize tours. elephant acts have been showcased for more than a century. come may no longer. time for the final 30. the golden globes handed out. the revenant winning award for best dramatic film. 19th century survival tale starring leonardo dicaprio. >> check out lady gaga walng back leonardo dicaprio. she catches him offguard. it has been a trending topic.
11:00 am
she didn't know who was behind him. could be that bear from reverent. >> that's just lady gaga. >> thanks for joining us. >> real story with gretchen starts right now. kicking off with fox news alert. the white house weighed in on whether elchapo should be tried in the united states. this is the real story today. now u.s. law enforcement waiting for elchapo to be extradited here to face drug charges. mexico saying that could take a year at least. a new set of questions rising about the secret meeting between the drug king pin and actor sean pen. live for us in l.a. what do we know about all of this? >> you know, there are two


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