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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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government withholds a quarter of earnings, the winner doesn't have a social security number it rises to 28%. good luck. i'm going to buy a ticket. what the heck. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast as president obama prepares for his final state of the union address. we know he's planning to highlight some of his successes. with markets recently sliding and terrorism fears on the rise, can the president convince americans that he is moving the country in the right direction? the president's address coming hours after the islamic state claimed credit for bombing a tourist spot. new evidence comes in isis scientists are experimenting with chemical weapons. ahead, the intelligence and the photographs. the mother of the spoiled teenage killer who escaped with him to mexico is a free woman. she walked out of jail this morning and she's sporting some new jewelry. a nice ankle bracelet courtesy of the state.
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let's get to it. >> now shepard smith reporting live from capitol hill. president obama will tonight deliver his final state of the union address to congress and the nation. could be the largest audience the president will face before leaving office. the white house says he will use this opportunity to set an upbeat tone. a as always, the white house invited guests to sit with the first lady which is usually a good preview of topics he plans to highlight. this year's guests are a syrian refugee, a mexicani ismmigrant, police chief and a veteran. one seat will remain empty to honor americans killed with guns. the president's push for more gun regulation has fired up critics. so has his plan to close the prison in cuba.
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they will transfer ten detainees this week to countries in the middle east. that's something the speaker of the house criticized at a breakfast meeting. the speaker he replaced, john boehner, used to hold the same breakfast meeting. speaker ryan's comments were on the record. he said the state of the union is a mess. haley refuses to call it the gop response. she's not responding to the president at all but instead delivering her own address. more on that later. has the white house said what points the president expects to get across tonight? >> reporter: from the white house, this is very much about stressing and highlighting the work that this administration has done and stressing that the country needs to elect a democrat to cement and continue those policies. there is a republican onslaught
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when it comes to obamacare, gun control. there is little republicans and democrats see eye to eye on, particularly when it comes to the role of the united states globally and here at home there are few areas they might work together on. congress and the white house, when it comes to trade and criminal justice reform. this is very much about the president defending his legacy. earlier this morning in an interview, addressing criticism on his isis strategy. >> i am absolutely confident we will have defeated isil, ultimately what isil represents is a blind alley for the region. people will recognize that the same way that over time they turned on al qaeda. >> reporter: the president continues selling this tomorrow and the following day. >> it seems clear republicans are not waiting to hear this address before criticizing this address. >> reporter: they're not. they're saying given white house previews and the types of
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speeches he has delivered in the past, they are not expecting bipartisansh bipartisanship. republicans want a smaller government. >> w will lay out a case to the public on what it's going to take to get this country's fiscal house in order. that's going to take a republican president. because this president has continued to kick the can down the road. i see no change in his behavior. >> reporter: ryan added that he and the president do disagree on so much. he gets along fine with the president personally. he says he doesn't think of him as an enemy but that the president he says is taking away from our founding principals. >> thanks. let's go over to north capitol where chris wallace is standing by. what to expect tonight? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting, we did -- i was part of that breakfast with paul ryan. a couple of the things he said in that session were that he thought the president was going to set up some straw men and
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that he was going to try to bait republicans into fights that would help whom ever the democratic nominee is in the 2016 election. it's interesting when you pointed out who will be in the first lady's box. you will have the syrian refugee there, of course. the idea of letting syrian refugees in has been very controversial among republican candidates. he will have a mexican immigrant. the question of what to do with immigrants particularly illegal immigrants in this country has been very controversial. you can almost see in his choice of guests some of the issues that the president is going to be bringing up and that he is going to try to point out distinctions between the republicans and he and he hopes his democratic successor and that he thinks will be an advantage to the democrats in the 2016 election. >> it's clear that the president sees his position on immigration as taking the high road and it's the right american thing to do. in a political season, which have no doubt this,it's an issue that republicans are loving. >> reporter: well, i'm not so
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sure about that. i think they are loving it in terms of the primary. but the his pan inpanics with t fastest growing voting block in america. there are a lot of republicans who say, you can't win the presidency if you don't have a much more sizable percentage. bush in 2004 had 44% of republicans -- i mean of hispanics. so i'm not sure in the november election that they aren't going to have to reach out to hispanics. to the degree the president can say, we're on your side, the republicans aren't, that might actually in the long run be helping the democrats, not the republicans. >> for a republican, it seems like not a pivot but a complete u-turn on that matter. how you would make that u-turn, i don't know how would you do that. do you have a thought? >> reporter: it would be easier for some right-hands than others. i think it would be very hard for ted cruz or donald trump. rubio, you know, he has been
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kind of on both sides of the issue. the one he has -- he was one of the people in the gang that passed the bipartisan reform in the senate. while he walked away from that when it came to the house, he has always said he favors it. he thinks you have to do border enforcement first. i think it would be a difficult but easier pivot for him than some other republicans. >> nikki haley, your thoughts on her mission? >> reporter: this goeses f for parties. the president has the house chamber, hundreds of people there. as i say, it's a big platform for the president. for the person speaking in response, they are speaking in a room by themselves, staring into a teleprompter. some of the respondents have done well. others -- you think the marco rubio reaching for the bottle of water. it has been a trap.
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she's a very attractive -- i mean that politically as well as personally, a very attractive republican. obviously, a lot of people thought she did a very good job in the response to the mass shooting at that black church in charleston. to a certain degree, it's going to be to put a different face on the republican party and say they are sensitive to a lot of these issues and try to reach out whether it's to women or minorities or other groups that the republicans are going to need in november. >> very little time left. for an outgoing president, personalshl especially after the second term, this is legacy night. to that end, what are your thoughts on what the president might accentuate? >> reporter: he will not accentuate the legislative laundry list. we want this program, that program. he will not do that. you will hear him, one, defend what he has done so far and say, it's a lot better than most
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people give him credit for. two, sort of where he thinks the country needs to go. i think he will frame that in terms that will be to the advantage of the democrats in november. in fact, most single important thing that a president can do for his legacy is to elect a successor of the same party. because if there's a democrat, let's say hillary in there, obamacare, a lot of the obama legacy will be in better shape. >> chris wallace on a spectacularly beautiful day in the nation's capitol today. great to see you. a lot going on in the republican presidential race. we now have the lineup for the next debate. this thursday on fox business network, just up the channel dial. why one candidate says he is going to sit this one out. now, he could have been in the debate. but he says, thanks but no thanks. that's coming up from capitol hill, this is shepard smith reporting. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up.
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rick santorum in the under card debate. rand paul says no. >> reporter: he says no, declining the invitation to be on what he described as the second tier. some folks call it the under card. as far as rand paul is concerned, he is neither. he considered himself a top tier candidate. he is not going to be there. rand paul is sort of taking a stand here. other candidates have made the point they will debate anywhere, any place, any time and appreciate the attention. rand paul is arguing this is unfair, the polling criteria is not the way to decide who is best suited to be commander in chief. the voters should be allowed dodd that and there should have been different criteria. rand is not coming. as for carly fiorina, a couple weeks ago she was talking about the surge in her crowds and that there was real momentum growing there. it didn't materialize in the polls. often what month of any campaign, crowds
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begin to grow. it didn't result in the numbers. she's on the under card stage and will be there. no matter how you slice it, this is a big week for south carolina. >> no doubt about that. state of the union night. how are we expecting republican candidates to react publically to the president's speech? >> reporter: most of them will tell you they have been reacting to obama for the year and a half they have been campaigning. of course, haley giving the republican response is a big deal. the first in the south primary had a long history, 25 years of having always picked the republican nominee, and if that nominee was to be president, had you to have one in south carolina. in 2012 changed when newt gingrich won here. south carolina has a lot riding on it. the governor of the state will be giving the response tonight and comes the big debate on
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thursday. the south carolina primary has had a long history of sometimes reversing one or the other two early states, iowa or new hampshire. this is the beginning. the candidates are going to be here in the next 24 hours. >> good for you. thanks, carl. the next republican debates are this thursday on fox business network. our sister network. 6:00 eastern, 5:00 central time. then the prime time face-off, 9:00 eastern. go to, that's how you can find it. you can watch both debates live streaming at have you filled up the gas tank lately? notice we are paying less. that's as oil prices continue an unprecedented slide to levels we haven't seen in 12 years. according to aaa, the national
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average is $1.96. down about 3% from a month ago, nearly 8% from a year ago. drivers in alabama, arkansas, missouri and south carolina paying less, about $1.75. analysts say prices will continue falling. today the u.s. benchmark crude oil dropped below $30 a barrel. the last time that happened, it was that low, was december of 2013. analysts say it's because of an oversupply and concerns about that in china which has lowered its demand forecast. go grab a coin, flip it 28 times in a row and try to get heads every time or tails every time. the odds of doing that are better than your odds of winning the powerball. still we can all dream. more on the record breaking jackpot ahead. even though she helped her spoiled son escape to mexico, she got out of jail today. reporters were there to meet
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her. if she wants to run, it will be harder this time thanks to whatever that is on her ankle. that's ahead from the fox newsdesk in washington.
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when the pin the powerball will be wealthier than some countries. it beat out the previous record and expected to keep growing before tomorrow night's drawing. cash value now, $930 million before taxes, which is larger than the gross domestic product of grenada, the country. that's more than it would cost to buy every single ticket combination. if you have $584 million and an
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army of people, could you buy all the combinations and guarantee a win. then you need to hope you don't share the prize. you may have heard the odds of winning are now one in 292 million, which is close to zero in 292 million. no matter what you heard, the number of tickets you buy doesn't affect anything. the odds on every individual ticket are exactly the same. if you have 30, your odds are exactly the same of winning with one. the math is there. it doesn't change. you need one to win. don't quit your job or anything, because you are not winning. the mother of the affluenza teen is out of jail. reporters surrounded couch as she left the jail as posting a $75,000 bond. it used to be a million dollar, but a judge reduced it. prosecutors say she helped her son escape to mexico last month. he skipped a probation meeting
12:22 pm
or something after a video emerged that appeared to show him at a party at which there was a game of beer pong under way. he killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. he is blood alcohol level nearly three times the limit for adults. he dodged a prison sentence after his defense team argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. >> reporter: there are a long list of restrictions that couch has to follow. she was outfitted with a brand-new accessory, a gps ankle monitor that will track her whereabouts 24/7. also under her restrictions, the judge ordered she surrender her passport, abstain from drugs or alcohol. she will be tested. the 48-year-old must report to probation on a weekly basis and not be in possession of any firearms. she will be staying with her
12:23 pm
other son from a previous marriage. he lives here with his wife and two children. mrs. couch has been ordered to stay there with him. he took the stand on his mother's behalf asking for the bond to be reduced saying she didn't have money because her account had been frozen. she's required to pay back the sheriff's department the more than $3,000 it spent to extradite her from los angeles back to texas. there is a pending mental health evaluation that has been ordered by the court. according to court paperwork, the magistrate asked for it because there's, quote, reasonable cause to believe she has a mental illness or is a person with a mental retardation, end quote. that evaluation must be complete within the next 30 days. >> thank you. somebody strangled an american woman and left her naked in her apartment in italy this weekend. the prosecutor says it looks
12:24 pm
like the killer used a rope or something like that. foreigners in italy say they are now concerned it could become another amanda knox-style case, long, drawnout legal nightmare. the victim was ashley olsen. she had been living in florence for three years. she died sometime on friday or saturday. her friends say they last saw her early friday at a popular nightclub, so overnight. investigators questioned her boyfriend. they say they have no suspects at all. it was 2007, she was studying in italy, her roommate was murdered and an italian court convicted amanda knox. she was later killed and convicted and cleared again. it turns out the detective who investigated the knox case is now handling this later killing. sources tell fox news of growing evidence, as they put it, that the islamic state is
12:25 pm
experimenting with chemical weapons, which should be a shock to no one. ahead, a look at the photographs which may show isis is already trying to use them in attacks. what we're expecting to hear from the president on terrorism. we will speak with an intelligence officer who says the terror threat is evolving faster than law enforcement can keep up with it. that's as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news when america's choice for news and information on cable, this is fox news channel.
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes,
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i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. more headlines from the fox newsdesk. bowe bergdahl chafacing chargesr walking off his army base. he faces up to life in prison if convicted. you will recall, the deal that set him free after five years as a taliban prisoner, the u.s. brought him home in exchange for letting go five detainees from
12:28 pm
guantanamo bay. a house explosion killed a couple and their two daughters. officials are investigating it as a homicide. it happened in ohio. rush hour trains delayed because of the sun. a rail operator in britain tweeted the glare was blocking drivers from being able to see. the same rail service blamed it on the wrong type of snow. cannot make it up. the news continues with shep smith right after this. class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move.
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time for the top of the news. an isis suicide bomber killed at least ten people in an area packed with tourists today, that's according to officials in turkey. most of the victims were from germany. happened in the heart of istanbul, not far from the blue mosque if you have ever been there. it's teaming with tourists. the turkish president said the
12:31 pm
suspect is from syria. islamic state burned alive its own fighters after they ran from ramadi to escape iraqi forces and u.s. air strikes. that's what sources tell this is said to have happened in mosul. a source with relatives in mosul claims isis forces forced the fighters to stand in a circle in the town square and set them on fire. the terrorist army sending a message to militants who could end up defending the area. there's more evidence we're told that islamic state scientists are experimenting with chemical weapons. sources are telling fox news that here in d.c. they say they have pictures that they say prove it. what do we know about this new evidence? >> reporter: two sources, including a doctor who was on the ground in northern iraq last fall, say there's growing evidence that isis is
12:32 pm
experimenting with chemical agents with a goal of understanding how it works on the battlefield and then exporting that expertise outside the region. these photos were taken by the kurds last fall and shared with fox they show burns and blistering consistent with the use of chemical agents which were described to us as odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing causing burns or illness hours later. separately, a former fbi intelligence officer who is doing research for an upcoming international conference looked at isis in libya and also iraq and he reached the same conclusion. >> if they get their hands on and continue to test with chemical weapons, crude chemical weapons, in particular mustard, we see this time and time again where there was use of mustard, i think it could be a perfect testing ground. >> reporter: completely separately, a u.s. government source told fox they had no reason to doubt the authenticity of those photos.
12:33 pm
>> the foreign fighters keep coming into iraq and syria. new information on numbers? >> reporter: that's right. a u.s. intelligence official confirms the number of foreign fighters has hit a new high, more than 36,000, from 120 countries traveling to the region since the conflict began in 2011. this includes about 6,600 westerners. this morning a former senior intelligence official testified about isis on capitol hill. >> isis gained affiliates faster than al qaeda ever did. from nothing a year ago there are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that have sworn allegiance to isis. they have conducted attacks that have killed americans. >> reporter: the president's special envoy recently told reporters here in washington that they believe the trend line overall is moving in the right direction and the progress is being made, especially in terms of securing the turkish border. >> thank you.
12:34 pm
of course, president obama is sure to mention terrorism in his address tonight when he gives his state of the union address. mike barrett is here with us here. he is a former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense, former senior analyst for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. good to see you in person. the president makes the case that he the isis threat domestically is overplayed for political reasons and he says we need to relax. his critics disagree. >> at the end of the day, if you look at the facts on the ground, we went from zero to 36,000 members in two and a half years. we're talking about people that control a swath of land that's basically the size of great britain. this is something where 36,000 people have sworn to try to attack you and kill you. you have to take that seriously. >> take it seriously. but the difference is in approach. the president says stay the course, don't put ground troops in there, at least not in large numbers. make the attempt to work through
12:35 pm
this diplomatically. some of his politicaled aver say sayrerys say we should go in harder. >> we're looking to have a middle ground solution which doesn't solve either of the problems. domestically, what we need to focus on is supporting law enforcement, understanding the kinds of threatthreats, chemica attacks, how would we respond? internationally, you have to punish them. take out the safe haven. as the sides are talking past each other, we come up with the middle ground solution that doesn't solve either problem. >> then when we do have attacks here at home -- they are inevitable on some level or another, we tend according to the president to overreact. which causes more problems than the event itself. how do we stop that? >> the way you stop is you talk about it today, which is in advance of the attack. you have good plans and you make the case to the american public this is something we have to live with and we have to understand what our plans and
12:36 pm
procedures are for dealing with it. what is the scenario for mass evacuation? nobody knows. i'm in the business and don't know what the plans are for the city i live in or the other major sit thcities that are ter targets. >> same for me. >> we have done a terrible job of communicating with the public. don't panic, but be aware of it. the other piece -- they have just recently started to talk about this. the government is not going to be there for you in the immediate aftermath of an event. you have to be prepared to be on your own. if there's a massive attack. what people need to do is have food and water. i'm not talking about stockpile, end of the world where you have a bunker and survive until the end of time. having four or five days' worth of food and water means the government can focus on those that don't have resources. >> we manage to convince people in hurricane areas you need to do this. my mom before she died she evacuated 20 something times, one time it really mattered. but you have to have the
12:37 pm
provisions and you have to be ready. now people who live in coastal areas understand that. there's another threat, this threat we're talking about. why can we not figure out a way -- they used to tell us duck and cover. it made us feel better when i was a kid in school. it didn't help us much. >> there was a public information campaign. we were honest with people that we need to be prepared for this. frankly, somebody asked me the other day if this later paris attack was a game changer. it's not a game changer, it's a channel changer. this was playing on the other channel, we weren't pay attention. you can make a case that the bush administration, which i was part of, overreacted to 9/11. you can make a case that this administration is under reacting to the long-term threat. people need to be -- they need to understand, they will be responsible for their own safety and security for a period of time until the government can re-establish order. if there's a case of chemical attacks or one of these major incidents. >> especially in a highly populated area, which is where they like to go. >> exactly.
12:38 pm
>> see what he says tonight. usually not much from any of them. good to see you. the vermont senator bernie sanders is ahead of hillary in iowa and new hampshire, depending on the polls, weeks before the contests get under way in both of those states. the senator leads the former setting of state by five points in iowa. back in december, hillary clinton was leading by 11 in the same survey. another poll shows sanders up by 14 points in new hampshire. less of of a surprise. he's a local guy. martin o'malley, the former governor of maryland, doesn't crack double digits in either pole. hillary clinton went after senator sanders pretty hard today, ed. >> reporter: that's right. it's an interesting strategy. good cop bad cop, if you will. you mention that poll in new hampshire. yes, bernie sanders up. he's from a neighboring state. in the same poll just in november, hillary clinton was winning by a few points, now down by 14.
12:39 pm
what did she do today? she sent her daughter for her first solo event, highlighting the fact her mom is now a grandma, trying to soften the image. as you noted, hillary clinton herself was in iowa and was hitting bernie sanders pretty hard. listen. >> you voted for what the nra said was the biggest nra priority, giving them immunity. he said, i'm from vermont. pay leahy, the other senator from vermont, voted against immunity for the gun lobby. no, that's not an explanation. >> reporter: sanders says this looks like he's making progress. the clinton camp used to call him a nice guy. now they are attacking him. he thinks because now he's a real threat. >> the vice president giving senator sanders some love today. >> reporter: he did this interview with cnn last night and basically said, bernie sanders was ahead of the curve in talking about income
12:40 pm
inequality and sutggested hillay was late to the game on that. he tried to clarify. >> what i meant was for the last five years, she's been engaged in foreign policy. this has been bernie's from the time he has gotten involved. it was his drum beat. >> reporter: biden was pressed on whether he is opening the door for a possible presidential run again. he said he has learned you never say no but quickly added he does not see a scenario where he gets in. >> ed, thank you. tonight minutes after president obama finishes his state of the union address, the nation's youngest sitting governor will respond for the republicans. she's a south carolina governor. to address americans from her governor's mansion. ahead, what we know about why republicans chose her for this very high profile gig. what we can expect her to say. that's coming up.
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17 minutes before the hour. right after the president delivers his final state of the union address right here on capitol hill, which i'm told will probably be the shortest of his administration, after that the south carolina governor nikki haley will give what the opposing party usually calls its response to the president. the republican response. governor haley is not calling it that, because, well, she says she's giving her own address, it's not a response to anything. political analysts call her a rising star in the republican party and a potential vice president candidate. according to a recent polling, her approval rating among south carolina voters is 56%. governor haley says she doesn't plan to compete with president obama tonight. she says she will talk about challenges and solutions for her state and the country. the national political reporter for the "boston globe" is here.
12:45 pm
what does governor haley do? >> to not be thirsty when she shows up. she needs to stand up and give the kind of speech she's been giving in south carolina. she has this reputation of being a young, charismatic governor who has every right to be on that list of rising stars. the way she handled the shooting in south carolina i think was really stunning. i mean, and she walked into the national prominence there for -- on her merits. i think if she can have that kind of performance and translate it from the state stage where she's more comfortable to a national stage where so many of these other people have faltered -- i think she has every chance to do it. she's shown she can speak so eloquently and articulately when she's in a tough situation. >> there's no doubting that. after the shooting, coast to coast how she handled that.
12:46 pm
that said, it's so tough. whoever does it, whoever is in the -- the president has the eyes of the world on him and that room full of -- it's hard. >> sitting by yourself in a room talking to a camera. it could not be really a worse -- it's very difficult. good for her for make a departure and saying, this isn't going to be a response. this is going to be -- i'm going to set out what my feelings are, what my agenda is and what my principals are. that's a smart move. >> one of the critiques that republicans seem to give themselves on occasion is, we know real well what we're against. we're having a harder time coming together on exactly what we're for. nikki haley's rep is that she's good at that. >> i think the demographic that she represents. she's the daughter of immigrants. she's a woman. she's young. these are some of the demographics that the republican
12:47 pm
front-runner quite frankly has been turning off. and that many want to wrap their arms around. having her there as a presence to say, there is another piece of this republican party, i think is going to be something -- a message that clearly the rnc is trying to push. >> in the election year with an outgoing president, it's a very big political stage. >> absolutely. >> yet as she's part of the establishment, and the two leading candidates are hated by the establishment. so how do you roll politically when the establishment can't stand donald trump except that ted cruz is even worse to the establishment? >> i know. it's a very -- it's a tricky -- she's in a position of great strength, because -- everybody wants her endorsement. she's from the third nomination state, whoever comes out of the first two will be looking for her to provide a little momentum. i think she's in a real position of strength. she's so young.
12:48 pm
it's hard to say she's part of the establishment. >> i hear you. >> she sends a message that the establishment likes. >> you may be looking at a vice presidential candidate here tonight. >> absolutely. >> see how she does. it could go a long way towards solidifying this. >> or we will talk about something different tomorrow. >> it's nice to see you. thanks for coming by. we are getting a better view inside el chapo's hideout. a look at the new prison hair cut as well. li little things about which we don't care but okay. it's coming up. come on in pop pop.
12:49 pm
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in seven districts, including san diego, new york and chicago. of course chicago is the home of al capone, who held the title of public enemy number one before el chapo. we're also getting a look at the after math of the deadly raid where he was captured in mexico. they showed the entrance of the tunnel where he got away for a minute. this is el chapo who tried to escape through a local sewer system which didn't work out at a time. this all comes six months after the drug lord tunnelled out of that prison in mexico city. how do hi they stop him from getting out of there again. >> el chapo -- his cell has been
12:53 pm
re-enforced with some rods coated with cement. the logs on to the steel doors have been changed with a steel a mechanism. and from now on federal police and national intelligence agents will keep watch on joaquin guzman 24 hours a day. a they have also inspected the prison's perimeter fence and all locks and cameras. the police chief is fully confident the prison is secure, but remember, extradition to the u.s., if it happens, will take at least a year, so he will be in prison for a long time. last time el chapo was escaped for about six months. >> what about the hideout? >> it's a hide wrout -- the mother of the governor lives two miles away. as well as some antibiotics, the
12:54 pm
escape tunnel you mentioned was hidden behind a mirror. they also found dvds of el chapo's favorite telenovella. it was that connection that ultimately led police to the hideout. we should also note that el chapo wasn't the only big fish captured in the raid, elc cholo was also captured. tens of thousands of doctors walked off the job in england. the strikers are all jr. doctors as they call them over there. they include doctors in training, and those who have worked from one to ten years, they say they are protesting government plans to change their pay and government conditions. doctors say the changes are needed to provide better
12:55 pm
government health services. union help reps are the plan weaken or limit excessive hours and they say that has put patient at risk. the strike has cancelled more than 3,000 operations. though jr. doctors say they are covering emergency services, union members plan two more strikes, one later this month, and another one coming up in february. a look back at another deeply divided congress and a president looking to mobilize the u.s. military.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
papa johns vows to get rid of all artificial ingredients. fortune magazine reported late last year that the chain would also remove anti b anti- bottle
12:59 pm
ticks to -- the starbucks boss says china could eventually become the coffee company's largest market ahead of the u.s. right now we have 12,000 starbucks locations, which equates to one on every corner in manhattan. in china, there are only 2,000 starbucks stores in total. al. on this day back a in 1991, congress gave them president george h.w. bush clearance to wage war in 2001. lawmakers were divided over whether to use force. the bill passed and president bush soon launched a massive air campaign called desert storm. 25 years ago today. think of that, that's back when
1:00 pm
congress would actually not just shout and complain and moan about things that the white house does, it would actually enact legislation to make decisions and consider things. oh, well. those were the days. welcome, everything, to charleston, texas where they're getting ready for a big republican debate. you can imagine, whatever to the president has to tell the country tonight will be a big topic of conversation two nights from tonight. and all eyes are on one donald trump who leads the pack, and wouldn't you know that the president of the united states might have added a little bit of salt in this contest, by adding a -- that sort of


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