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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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well, anna thank you very much. you're covering to be covering this stuff all weekend long. >> with clayton and tucker. join us saturday and sunday. >> don't forget the end of the show show. it happens soon. >> in two seconds online. bill: the smoke clearing on last night's showdown in the south. afterred the iowa caucus, new hampshire follows just days after that. what is the state of the race? i'm bill hemmer. hope you stayed up last night. job well done. martha: a lot of rockem-sock em. >> there was nothing to this birther issue.
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then in september the -- since september the constitution hasn't changed, but the poll numbers have. >> yes, i am angry. and i won't be angry when we fix it. but until we fix it i'm very, very angry. i said that too nicky. i'm not fighting that. i'm angry because our country is a mess. >> i can see why our country is angry and scared. the administration has created a situation where we are angry and scared. but as president you have to lead. >> the president wants to do things without working with his congress and the legislature and getting the consents of the american people. that's not a democracy, that's a dictatorship. >> is this america anymore? do we still have standard,
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values and principles? you see all the divisiveness. every war you can imagine we -- everywhere you can imagine we have people at each other's throats. >> foreign policy, it's strength, but you have got to be cool and have a clear vision of where you want to go. at the end of the day we have to keep our cool because most of the time they are going straight with us and they must be part of our coalition to destroy isis. >> i saw you on the senate floor flipping your vote on crop tins because they said sit would help you in iowa and we saw you flip your vote on ethanol for the same reason. that's not conservatism. that's political. bill: chris stirewalt. good morning. i want our viewers to know, you
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put a note out every day. you write, quote, you could still say the race was wide open, but after thursday's debate that would be a lie. end quote. explain, chris. >> you started to finally see the separation. the republicans made a decision there would be fewer debates. so you have started to see the shakeout more. before you could see the cream rise. you started to see cream rise. you saw donald trump, ted cruz and mr form contender pack. then you saw some other guys who were also on stage. bill: donald trump will get a lot of attention this morning. especially the comment about new york. >> every morning. bill: you say ted cruz has arrived. what does that mean in the
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contexts of iowa 2.5 weeks from now? >> for -- since july republicans have had some combination of cowardest or some calculation and avoid the dynamic and treating donald trump as a frontrunner. a frontrunner gets his back end kicked while he's running out there. ted cruz after a series of attacks from donald trump decided this is going to happen. and it did. for the first time, this was really, really, really the first time a republican went up against donald trump and lived to tell the tale. they fought two rounds. in the first round ted cruz won it clear and simple over his birthplace. but then trump rallied and later in the debate came back with a magnificent answer about
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september 11. it was tender, it was quiet, it was beautiful. and he beat cruz clean on that one. but cruz demonstrated it can be done. bill: trump showed range and he's getting a lot of attention on that. for marco rubio you received he moved to great. you don't use the word great. >> marco rubio has a natural facility for this debate. he's smart enough, handsome enough and quick enough, with everything that should work. but what we have seen is a guy who has grown in this work. as he has gone forward he has gotten better and better and bert. these other candidates say next debate jeb will do a good job. rubio has shown up every time and every time he has gotten better. when you watch him deal with the
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attacks from chris christie and cruz and come out the winner, these are the three guise most likely to be fighting it out down the stretch. bill: chris stirewalt, thank you. martha: jeb bush going after bush on his plan to ban muslims from the united states. bush warning him he believes that could ends up backfiring for mr. trump. >> we have a serious problem and we can't be the stupid country anymore. we are laughed at all over the world. >> donald, i hope you reconsider this. this policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build a coalition necessary to take out isis. the kurds are our strongest allies. they are muslims. you are not going to allow them to come to our country in the other arab countries have a role
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to play. we can't do this unilaterally. we have to do this in iewn wouldn't arab world. sending that signal makes it impossible for us to be serious about take out isis and restoring democracy in syria. bill: marco rubio blasting hillary clinton on benghazi. accusations she misharmed classified information when she was at the department of state. >> she isn't just a disaster. she is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander-in-chief. and someone who lies to the families of those four victims in benghazi cannot be president of the united states. bill: . i think why stirewalt said
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should be well taken. you had 13 debates at this point four years ago. the debates you can argue are doing their jrve winnowing the field and trying clarify the issues for voters. the comments are focusing the voters in a way they haven't been before. martha: people on the conservative side of the fence watched people who are in intelligent, dealing with the issues and going after each other in a very focused way. i think chris stirewalt is right. donald trump is emerging in such a way where he has conservatives across the board writing about this in a whole new different way. the others perhaps not distinguishing themselves sharp enough to hang in there. bill: in iowa and new hampshire,
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and in 13 days we'll be in des moines. 13 days before iowa goats to caucus. martha: senator lyndsey graham will be throwing his support behind jeb bush. he was there last night watching closely. he was he snroakd a couple of questions. he will hold a news conference in north charleston, south carolina in the next hour. it could boost bush's support in the south carolina primary. we expect to hear from both of them later this hour. lindsey graham has been such a large voice for putting boots on the ground. that's a major message of what he said. his voice is no longer in this race. he's doing it in the form for
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the jeb bush. bill: we'll see whether or not that makes a difference then. in the meantime, no shortage of highlights. a look at the winners and losers from south carolina. and we'll analyze all of that. martha: donald trump and senator ted cruz went head-to-head on the citizenship issue. that was an interesting and heated exchange with peaks and valleys. the impact cruz's citizenship can have and whether it will have any at all on his campaign. >> the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit. you have to have certainty, you can't have a question. i can agree with you or not. but you can't have a question over your head. >> i spent my whole life defending the constitution before the supreme court and i won't take legal advice from donald trump.
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bill require want to show you the exchange between senator ted cruz and donald trump. scrapping over cruz's citizenship that came to a head. >> the legal issue is straightforward. but i would note that the birther theory donald has been
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relying on. some of the more extreme ones insist you must not only be born on u.s. soil, but have two parents born on u.s. soil. i would be disqualified, marco rubio would be disqualified, bobby jindal would be disqualified and donald trump would be disqualified, because donald's mother was born in scotland. she was naturalized. donald -- >> but i was born here. >> on the issue of citizenship. >> there is a difference. >> i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> because it wouldn't work. bill: it went from there. billbill
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who got the bert of that exchange, mk? is that issue still alive or was it put to rest. >> an issue is never dead if donald trump wants to talk about it. but i think cruz did a great job that exchange. he was ready for it. he made jokes and then he came with the zinger about having argued before the supreme court and not taking legal advice from trump. >> i think it's a much bigger message than just last night' debate. the message for the republican party is be careful what kind of frankenstein monsters you create because they might bite you. when trump and others were attacking barack obama's citizenship ted cruz applaud.
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the elevation of the debate, and this kind of ugliness will drag down the republican party as the reds scare did to joe mccarthy. those type of attacks are dangerous. they can bite you. bill: they were cite california one. >> the, but nothing was over the top. nothing got nasty. this is an airing differences in a critical contest as we are starting to zero in on the moment when voters have their say. >> i think it was pointed and i agree with birtherism. this included a discussion on tear raves and a vat tax. bill: if cruz stopped there,
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would cruz have won the argument. what you remember from last night in all likelihood trump talking about new york is what you will remember. >> he showed a bit of a softer side which does not happen that often. i think cruz miscalculated a bit. i'm not a huge fan of that particular argument because as you appreciate new yorkers. but there are different policies and values when you are talking to a conservative audience. but i think trump wisely defused that. bill: i was surprised hoik's name was not invoked more last night. were you? >> well, no. i wasn't surprised. but it's worth you pointing it out. what that suggests to me is the republican primary race is have
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much. >> marco rubio i think went into it in quite detail. it is an applause line but it doesn't serve to contrast them from one another. if they say we don't like hillary clinton, they all agree on that. bill: it was my sense in debate number one her name came up a lot more. mk, was there a clear winner last night? yes or no. >> i think cruz came out on top and maybe rubio and christie. with trump and cruz fighting each other they can rise to the top as well.
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mary katharine ham, and david, thank you. martha: cruz turning the tables on trump. maria will be here coming up. those weren't the only two going at one another. governor christie had a few word for marco rubio. >> i like marco rubio, he's a good guy, a smart guy and would be a heck of a better president than hillary clinton would ever be. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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bill: two marine helicopters colliding in hawaii during a nighttime training mission. searchers spotted debris off the coast of oahu.
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each chopper had six on board. >> the entire "new york times" attack is i disclosed that loan on a senate filing but it was not on file with the fec. i disclosed it on one piece of paper and not the other, but if that's the best hit the "new york times" has got they better go back to the well. martha: ted cruz blasting what he calls a "new york times" hit piece. how do you think they did overall. >> overall it was the ted and trump show. this is what the media will be playing the next week.
6:25 am
this is what everyone in america will be talking about. i thought trump had his best debate. but cruz by going toe to toe with him will say he won on point because nobody in this race has stood up to donald trump and emerged relatively unscathed the way he did. martha: he pretty much debunked the "new york times" piece. do you think he put that to bed successfully? >> ted crew is taking on a new story about the $1 million loan he and his wife got from goldman sachs to finance this senate campaign. while he called it a hit piece. i'm sure americans are going, yeah, right, we don't like the "new york times." but the story doesn't hurt him
6:26 am
about the paperwork era as he call d paperwork error as he calls it. goldman sachs not most popular company in this country right now. martha: he basically borrowed $1 million that he had to repay and go up against a guy who was throwing $25 million. they put up the asset they had to run the c wanted to. i find something interesting in reading the responses and feedback. from "the washington post," this is from dan balls. he says what was unthinkable two months ago, now the gop and all his rivals have to confront the possibility he could end up leading in the the party into
6:27 am
the fall campaign against the democrats. trump's considerable political skills were on police day thursday evening. he did not back down when the crowd boos him. he identified and exploited the anger of many independent and republican voters. what are you seeing based on what's being written about donald trump. is it changing in the press? >> much of the political establishment and media establishment is just catching up. now that we are so close to iowa and new hampshire and he has a huge lead in the national polls. now that he learned -- the guy has never done this before. to perform well on a debate stage. you are seeing some of the premiere writers in the country. all that talk about a side show and he can't possibly win goes
6:28 am
out the window. major was telling me privately they underestimated donald trump badly and now they are having to accommodate for the fact that he's a steam roller. bill: two minute away from the opening bell and your 401k is about to get hammered again. what's the drag? we'll tell you after we expect a triple digit loss. martha: a little difference of opinion on new york values. maria bartiromo joins us next. >> since september the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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bill: americans about to watch their 401k take a major hit. down 293 in the first few minutes of trading. falling oil prices, weak global demand. china's market officially entering bear market territory. the dow off to its worst start for a new year. walmart says it will close the express stores. it will affect about 10,000 jobs across the country. back to the big board with more. martha: donald trump and ted cruz took shots at each other. but the ask comments ted cruz made about new york values ...
6:33 am
maria: you suggested mr. trump embodies quote new york values. could you explain what you meant by that. >> people know what new york values are. maria: i'm from new york. >> you are from new york so you may not. but there are many, many wonderful workmen and women in the state of new york. but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage, focus around money and the media. martha: joining me now in north charleston, south carolina is maria bartiromo. good morning. great job last night. you guys did a terrific job. >> thank you so much.
6:34 am
it was really interesting. it was as you know very well and bill from your debate it was an honor and privilege to be part of the political process. but to have that conversation about new york values coming from new york. i was interested in terms of hear weighing had to say. i have got to say, donald trump hand it very well. because that is the one sensitive point for new yorkers. we all remember when we were attacked the world -- the country was attacked, but we all niewft reeve sillien i that was there. thank god for our firefighters and rescuers. i remember on the 17th rang the opening bell on that monday. we were just so stunned. we thought we'll rise again. it was a minefield for ted cruz to walk.
6:35 am
martha: let's look at donald trump's response. >> when the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have seen both more beautiful any and hiewf mainly than new york. you had two 110-story buildings come crashing down. thousands of people killed. and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup probably in the history of doing this in construction. i was down there. i have never seen anything like the. the people in new york fought and fought and fought. and we spa more death and even the smell of death, nobody understood it it was with us for months. the smell, the air. and we reintilt downtown manhattan. and everybody in the world
6:36 am
watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you have that was a very insulting statement that ted made. martha: ted cruz looked surprised by that response. he's a master debater and his skills were sharp. but to not think that is the natural place to go when someone insults new york values was a misstem on his part. maria: we do know the coasts of the country are typically left. but to make it generality that everybody in new york is liberal and has all these ideas he was referring to. he said in the debate, you are not going to find a conservative coming out of new york. ted cruz learned a lesson about generalizing. donald trump bringing up 9/11. it's too hurtful for so many people.
6:37 am
and you just weren't -- ted cruz was going nowhere. it was a dead ends. he learned a lesson and it was his weakest point for sure. martha: when you are in the room you feel the energy differently than you do when you are home watching it on television. you were in south carolina last night. how did it feel in terms of the response to these candidates? >> it felt good. it felt like people were very interested and there was a lot of energy in if the room. there were different groups. all the candidates get tickets and all the candidates have family and friends, i don't know who had who and how many tickets. but it was a mixed group in the audience but certainly they were hanging on every word, they wanted to hear substantial issues and have a veal conversation. i got emails from colleagues and business people who basically said to me i was so happy to have a smart conversation, to hear a smart conversation about
6:38 am
the issues that matter. but for the most part we talked about national security and terrorism, and the entitlement programs going bankrupt and tax reform. all of the things that will have a difference in terms of the economy. you and bill talking about this market. down 300 points. people are so nervous, i think that's indicative of the uneasiness about where the country is and where it's going. as a result those subjects resonated with the audience. so you have did feel that in the air. there is a certain energy in the air when you have a crowd that's interested and looking and hang on every issue. i think that came across last night. i felt it. martha: great job last night. thank you so much. bill: carly fiorina, her favorite target is obvious. she is taking aim at hillary clinton over her use of a
6:39 am
private server. >> we have bureaucracies that are incapable of bringing innovation. we should ask the private sector to make sure we've have the latest and greatest algorithms to search the data bases to find terrorists before they can strike. mrs. clinton obviously you cannot wipe a server with a towel. bill: something she clearly thought about before coming in. the former hp ceo mocking hillary clinton's marriage. she received she loves to spends time with her husband. she seems to have these lines she comes loaded with. i think of cleveland in early august when she took a shot at donald trump and a few others. martha: she comes ready to go. bill: the keefe is to deliver
6:40 am
the line, and she did it a couple times last night. martha: much more on the debate and the market. the dow is down off 2%. down 167 points. almost all of the industrials were down yesterday. we'll keep you posted on what's going on. bill: jeb bush is about to pick up a big endorsement in the american south. also before we go to break. there is the former florida governor from last night. >> these attack ads will be part of life. everybody needs to get used to it. everybody's record will be scrutinized and we need to unite behind the winners so we can defeat hoik. because she is a disaster. you're here to buy a car.
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>> you used support legalizing people who are here illegally. now you are gains. you said you were in favor birthright citizenship, now you are against it. you used to support tpa and now you are against it. i saw you flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help if you iowa and we saw you flip your vote on ethanol for the same reason. that's political calculation. he had no fewer than 11 attacks. i appreciate you dumping your research folder on me. >> it's your record. bill: two sitting u.s. senators. good exchange. almost sounded like a commercial rubio could cut and put to the web or tv today. who do you believe got the better of that exchange?
6:45 am
>> i would grade rubio as the winner of that exchange. now both rubio and cruz had a good night. donald trump had the best night. but rubio and cruz had good night. in that exchange i think rubio was at his best. it's six debates now. we have gotten used to these people and their styles. we know who is good at debating and who isn't. those were two of the three best debaters on the stage. and they both did the good job and i give the edge to rubio. bill: instead winners and losers put them in two categories. those that stood out, rubio, cruz and trump, and those who did not make a difference in a debate like this. that had to be perhaps governor kasich, dr. ben carson, how did jeb bush do? how do you view that the morning
6:46 am
after? >> i say put the categories exactly as they should be divide. you had three people who made a strong impression. trump, cruz, rubio. i think christie was in between. i think he had this moment. bush had a couple of moment. dr. carson fade into the woodwork. john kasich, i don't think he had a break through and he desperately needed one. you go candidate by candidate and it's difficult to see how you can put any of those fading candidates into the same category as trump, cruz and rubio. bill: did last night change iowa? yes or no? >> i don't think it changed it. i think we are at the point where a debate like this, a good exchange. a lengthy exchange that has people thinking about it solidifies voters and their
6:47 am
choice. bill, you have been around a while. >> i wans are famous for switching. they have two or three candidates tweeted among them. this helped solidify them in their choice. i think there will be less volatility than there would have been otherwise. bill: i saw a poll that said 60% of iowans could still change their minds. i'll talk to you at greater length next time. larry sabato, the university of virginia. martha: indonesia on evening after the terror attack there. the police with strong clues. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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by jeb bush about to get a critical endorsement in south carolina. south carolina senator lyndsey graham about to put his support and endorse jeb bush. apparently graham will make a case that america need a leader, and need that leadership pronto and jeb bush is the guy. martha: police in indonesia officially naming the islamic state as the culprit behind the deadliest attack on their capital city. two people were killed and 20 others were hurt. the attack was on a starbucks on the plaza in front of it and a
6:52 am
police booth in jakarta. police arresting three men they believe are connected to that incident and recovering an isis flag. benjamin hall live in london. what are we learning on this? >> more evidence that this suicide attack was planned and funded by isis and fears that the terrorist group is seeking to expand further across the world. new video is he morning showing a quick police response time after the attackers carried out this attack. the first attack took place outside a u.n. building. they later detonated a device at a starbucks. as two people fled, a canadian citizen was killed. authorities in jakarta said the death toll could have been higher if it had not been for a mistake.
6:53 am
one attacker accidentally detonated his own bomb killing himself and. >> the attacker. martha: what are we learning about these attackers? >> the authorities in indonesia are releasing more times. they claim to have discovered who the expected mastermind is. there were three arrests on the suburbs in jakarta. he had been arrested for attending terrorist training camps but was released early. an indonesian is said to harbor ambition to ignite the terrorist war in indonesia. people holding up banners saying we are not afraid. there have been 16 terror attacks in the first 15 days of this year ago.
6:54 am
190 people have died, 150 at the hands of isis. though this attack failed, no doubt they will keep trying again and again. bill: we are waiting on senator lyndsey graham to make this case as to why jeb bush will get his support. south carolina getting a lot of attention. now as we shift, well not just out of the palmetto state. but on temporarily. iowa is going to be the focus in 18 days. then it goes to new hampshire. on the 20th of february is when south carolina hold its primary. we'll take you back there in a moment with that breaking news. martha: the dow down 338 point.
6:55 am
flirting with 16,000 on the dow jones industrials. a lot of bad news. industrial production down. oil prices down. all of this screams there is a weakness in china and that is a problem for the economy and for your 401k at home. bill: did we reach the bottom? who knows. the dust only starting to settle after last night's debate in south carolina. did it make a difference for the folks in iowa and new hampshire? we are about to find out. >> if this all works out i'm happy to consider naming you as vp and if you happen to be right you can get the top job at the end of the day. >> i like the, i would consider it. but i think i will go back to building building if it doesn't work out. hi. i'm matt mccoy.
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martha: we are waiting this morning for a moment that we expect in south carolina where
6:59 am
the senator, lindsey graham, will endorse is what we're learning, jeb bush for the presidency. we saw lindsey graham in the audience last night. obviously, he dropped out of the presidential race about a month ago, deciding this was not his moment in the sun. but he has made the fight against isis the primary thrust of his focus throughout the course of this campaign, and now it appears that he is going to sort of turn that mantle to jeb bush and tell the american people that, in his opinion, jeb bush is the perp who lead us -- is the person to lead us through these tumultuous times. that when it happens. in the meantime, republican presidential candidates back on the road this morning, no time to waste. they've got 18 days until iowa. pretty feisty affair last night, sharp attacks in some corners and also a few light moments that were sprinkled in throughout.
7:00 am
brand new hour two of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: and i'm bill hemmer. there were several dramatic moments from last night. here, now, some of those highlights. >> you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. so you should go out, get a declaratory judgment, let the courts decide -- >> why are you raising this issue now? >> because now he's doing a little bit better. no, i didn't care -- >> the one thing they've never said about me is i'm misunderstood. when we talk to our allies and we give them in our word, in a christie administration, we're going to keep it. >> she knew how to stretch a dollar. i mean, she would drive a car until it wouldn't make a sound and then gather up all her coins and buy a new car. if my mother were secretary of treasury, we would not be in a deficit situation. >> police officers' families are waiting for them.
7:01 am
law enforcement understands there are people in the community who not only think that the system doesn't work for them, but works against them. >> this is not some small scale group. they are radicalizing people here in the united states, they're conducting attacks around the world. so you know what needs to happen? it's a very simple equation. if we do not know who you are or why you are coming, when i am president, you are not getting into the united states of america. >> she's under investigation by the fbi right now. her first 100 days instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> donald did a long interview, and he explained his views on a whole host of issues that were very, very different from the views he's describing now. and his explanation, he said, look, i'm from new york. bill: john roberts, our senior national correspondent, live now back in north charleston, south carolina. there was plenty in that package right there, john. good morning to you. [laughter] >> reporter: sure, plenty to talk about.
7:02 am
bill: where are we now? >> reporter: where are we mow? everybody's hitting the road, as you said, to continue the attacks. typically, i've spent a lot of time in charleston the, typically life in the low country of south carolina is all about southern hospitality and sweet tea, but last night it was all about hand grenades and flame throwers. some of the sharpest attacks went on between senators marco rubio and senator ted cruz, cruz hitting rubio on shifting positions on immigration, rubio firing back that cruz is not a consistent conservative. a line of attack rubio plans to carry on if his appearance on fox and friends this morning is any indication. >> the only thing consistent is the consistent political calculation that i'm going to change my position if it helps me politically in a given moment. so don't run as a consistent conservative if, in fact, you have consistently calculated your positions, and that's what he's done. >> reporter: and rubio fending off attacks from his other flank from governor chris christ the tough-talking new jersey governor that we all know from
7:03 am
years ago is back in full force. at one point when rubio tried to interrupt him, christie said, quote, you had your chance, marco, and you blew it. rubio implied christie is not a conservative either. >> two years ago might marco ruo told everybody who would listen that i was the kind of conservative reformer that new jersey needed for a long time. now all of a sudden i'm not a conservative. you know, i think it's that i'm running against him now and passing him that's making him nervous. >> reporter: and christie is doing very well in new hampshire these days. seventeen days to go until the caucuses in iowa and, bill, you can expect that the elbows are only going to get sharper between now and then. bill: indeed. thank you, john roberts, in south carolina. thanks. martha. martha: so now for some reaction from our own chris wallace, anchor, of course, of "fox news sunday." good morning to you. >> morning to you, martha. isn't politics a great thing? i've got to say. martha: it is so much fun.
7:04 am
>> watching that debate last night, look, it's a bloodsport. the gloves are off. it's bare knuckle. the field for the prime time debate has shrunk, the number of days until the voting actually begins in iowa and new hampshire has shrunk, and they are at it tooth and nail. martha: let's play an interesting moment, i thought, between donald trump and sort of nikki haley who was in the audience. watch this. >> first of all be, nikki this afternoon said i'm a friend of hers, actually a close friend. i am a friend, we're friends, that's good. [laughter] but she did say, she did say there was anger, and i could say, oh, i'm not angry. i'm very angry because our country is being run horribly, and i will gladly accept the mantle of anger. [cheers and applause] our military is a disaster. martha: i thought that was a fascinating moment, chris, because, you know, he's a happy warrior. the other guys are trying to be warriors, they're trying to sort of, you know, embrace the anger
7:05 am
part of the equation, but donald trump said i will happily take that mantle of anger, and the people went wild. >> i thought it was one of trump's best moments, and it was a very delicate moment because, of course, nikki haley in her response to the president's state of the union had taken a not-so-veiled shot at trump saying, you know, we can't listen to the angriest voices, the siren call of the angriest voices x the next morning on fox and friends trump lashed out at her and said she has been weak on immigration -- martha: i've got to jump in, chris, we've got to go to lindsey graham, this is endorsement moment. thank you so much. now to south carolina and senator lindsey graham. >> i tried to run a campaign that centered on how to defend america against multiple threats, how to rebuild a military that's in decline, how to reestablish our presence in the world that's so desperately
7:06 am
needed, how to create a sense of respect and fear in our enemies, and among our friends a reassurance. i failed for it. i'm proud of the effort. now i am a citizen having cast my vote as to who i want to be commander in chief for that 1% fighting force. i have concluded without any hesitation, without any doubt that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief worthy of the sacrifices of the 1% who have been fighting this war. last night he said i will have their backs. i believe he will. last night he explained in the best possible terms why we need partners to win a war that we can't afford to lose. to those of you who worry about going it alone, you don't have
7:07 am
to worry with jeb, because he understands that america can't go it alone. but of all others running for president, i think he has the ability to bring the world onboard. mr. trump doubled down on the idea that we, as a nation, should ban every muslim in the world at least temporarily from coming to our great country. i can't think of a worse idea in terms of how to fight and win this war. many of the people running for president are eerily silent on this issue. last night i heard from jeb bush the right answer, that we need to vet and make sure that those who come from war-torn regions are properly vetted so they don't infiltrate our country to do harm. but we cannot and should not
7:08 am
declare war on a religion. because when you do, you make it almost impossible to form the partnerships that are so desperately needed to protect our country. what jeb bush understands, i think better than anyone else, is this is a religious war, and the only way to win this war is to partner with people in the faith to destroy a common enemy. last night he did not talk the most, but he made the most sense. last night he demonstrated somebody who, in my view, is ready on day one to be commander in chief and a temperament that the next commander in chief needs to possess; someone who's thoughtful, quietly resolved to protect america's interests and capable of reaching out to the world at large to reset a world
7:09 am
that is very much in danger. it is not enough to criticize barack obama. you have to have an alternative to leading from behind, and jeb bush has that alternative. his plan to defeat isil is the most comprehensive and well thought out of anyone on both sides of the aisle. when it comes to speaking up and speak out about emotional issues like immigration, the thing i admire most about jeb is he has stayed true to who he is, that he hasn't tried to get ahead many a contested primary by embracing demagoguery. he's not running to be commander in chief by running people down. he's trying to create the ability to grow our party that desperately needs to grow. here's what i'm convinced of more than anything else: that
7:10 am
jeb bush as president of the united states will put the country ahead of the party. or he was the governor of -- he was the governor of a very diverse state that brought people together. america's a very diverse country desperately in need of leadership to bring us together. as to south carolina, we have a reputation of taking the most conservative person who can win. i think jeb by any reasonable definition is a fiscal and social conservative, and above all others, he understands conservativism when it comes to national security. conservativism when it comes to national security is building a strong military second to none and using it smartly, forming alliances that will make us safe over here. jeb has come to conclude, as i
7:11 am
have, he has two choices in fighting this war; fight it over there smartly or fight it in our backyard. i've spent most of my adult life in the military. i spent, one of the things i'm most proud of. i know those who are fighting this war. i've walked in their shoes. i've spent time trying to learn their world. i would not endorse someone that i did not believe in that would really, truly have their back. so, ladies and gentlemen, south carolina is going to reset this race. on february 20th, we're going to give jeb bush the momentum that he needs and deserves to win the nomination, and to the republican party jeb bush is going to be -- [inaudible] we can't afford to lose. to the nation, he will be the president that can reset the world, bring us together and
7:12 am
solve hard problems. above all else, he's a good man who's comfortable in his own skin and who understands truly what makes america great is our diversity. the next president of the united states, jeb bush. [applause] >> lynn city, thank you so much. to my friends and supporters, i'll be very brief. first, lindsey graham's a patriot. he loves his cup. you just heard him, how he spoke from his heart about what's at stake here. what's at stake is our way of life. the very founding of our country based on freedom and human liberty is what's at stake. the president, in the state of the union address, talked about
7:13 am
the threat of islamic terrorism in a way that he typically does which is the strawman argument. in this case, he made the case, well, this is not a threat because they can't invade us. that's a total misreading of what this threat is about. radical islamic terrorism is a threat to our freedom. they see our freedom as our weakness. and when people are struggling to make ends meet as they are today, the majority of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. a majority of americans have less than $1,000 of savings. 63% of americans can't afford a $500 car repair. in this kind of environment, to attack our freedom would be devastating for our economy, and i think he totally misreads the dangers here. and as senator graham said, the way that we win this fight, win this war is to win it there and to make sure that the homeland is safe. lindsey graham's an extraordinary person. we've been friends for a long while.
7:14 am
i admire the fact that as a senator he views his job to forge solutions to problems rather than to try to tear things down. and i've learned now at the age of 62 that one of the valuable lessons in life is to know what you don't know. it's a huge advantage, particularly in the ego-laden political world where everybody feels that they've already got it all figured out. well, the world's too complex for any one person to figure out everything. and here's the kind of guy lindsey graham has been. i've sought out his advice, even though we were both competitors for the republican nomination for the presidency, and he gave it. he's consistently done so. because he's not doing this for his own ego. he ran because he wanted the voice of a strong national defense and the role of america in the world, the leadership role to be heard. and while you may not have been successful in terms of electoral
7:15 am
politics, you were successful in that regard. and i'm honored to be your student in many ways in that regard, so i just appreciate the fact that you're involved, and i will continue to seek out your advice. one final point, south carolina is going to be a really important primary. it always seems to be that way. the table is set by iowa and new hampshire, and the direction of campaigns are set here in south carolina. and here's my pledge: i will campaign with heart and conviction about the need for a strong national defense to rebuild homeland security. and equally important, to make sure that when veterans after serving in the military, that their, the contract is fulfilled for them. one of the lessons i had is to seek the best advice from the veterans community -- disproportionately, by the way, from south carolina where y'all have provided me a lot of advice. we were the first campaign to lay out a detailed plan to reform the department of veterans affairs.
7:16 am
and i pledge to you all that we will make sure that is the first priority. it is, to me, disgraceful, it is absolutely disgraceful that even today with all the scandals that only three people have been fired with the scandalous behavior of having waiting lists be dropped without veterans getting care and people dying. it is a scandal that yet three people have been fired. the congress has worked to give the department the freedom to be able to have much more leeway in pyring people, but yet they haven't -- in firing people, but yet they haven't embraced it. the procurement systems, the inability of veterans to have choices outside of the veterans health care system, all of that has to change dramatically, and i pledge to you all and to the people of south carolina not only will i be a candidate that will advocate, continue to advocate a rebuilding of our military, strengthening of our intelligence capabilities, diplomatically in terms of foreign policy having an america
7:17 am
that leads the world so that we can create peace and security, but back home the first priority will be to reform health care services for veterans that deserve it more than anybody else that should be receiving government benefits. with that, lindsey, thank you again for your support. general, thank you for your leadership not just in the military, but education as well. it was a blast being on the stage last night in south carolina. i'll, a quick, just a quick note, i didn't realize i was doing it, but i made reference to the state that i really appreciate a whole lot i think six times last night. i might have mentioned you. [laughter] i mentioned governor haley. boeing, which does make planes, by the way, that are sold in china here. i don't know if mr. trump on his way out saw the planes that had painted the airlines from china. the citadel and emanuel ame. this is an extraordinary
7:18 am
community and state with great leaders, and i'm blessed to be a candidate that will campaign really hard here in south carolina. happy to answer any questions. >> governor -- >> get back up here. >> oh, okay. >> about endorsement to pick up senator graham's supporters, but you also get some very loud enemies with that. are you prepared for that in the south carolina primary? [laughter] >> enemies? you can't tell me about your enemies, lendsey. [laughter] >> you'll get to know them. [laughter] >> look, this is a big deal nationally in the sense that lindsey graham is by far and away recognized as if not the most, the strongest policy-oriented national defense senator -- not just a senator, but just from a policy point of view -- the most consistent supporter of a strong national defense in the country. period, over and out. he has a following that is national. and i'll take all of his enemies, because he's got a lot more friends.
7:19 am
>> governor bush, senator rubio is out with an ad today calling you a desperate -- [inaudible] your super pac a train wreck. >> what do you think of that? >> politics. it's politics. look, i'm a big boy. i actually find the advertising so far pretty tame. i just, i don't know why, you know, if you're a candidate, you can't play the role of victim. so i'm not going to do it, and she month seether -- he shouldn't either. our records will be scrutinized, and people have this incredible ability to filter out all the nonsense and to get to the point. here's what i am, i'm not a cut and-run politician. i see the fire, and i move towards it. that's what i did as governor, that's what i believe a president to do. we don't need a president that runs for cover when things get tough that may not be politically, you know, easy to do. we need someone that says, oh, my god, this is on my watch. we're going to fix this damn thing. this is what drives me nuts about washington d.c.
7:20 am
we just have, we have this, the debate on i can't remember what the thing was, just this arcane discussion about talking about an amendment to a bill that never actually passed. i mean, people are really struggling out there, and their conversations are are all about trying to rewrite history when, in fact, what we need is a leader that will focus on the problems and not say the dog ate my homework. we focused on trying to solve problems again. that's what we need. if we do that, this is going to be the most extraordinary time to be aleve. we can fix -- alive. we can fix these problems, but we need people of goodwill who know we need to start working together. >> senator graham -- [inaudible] was that a reference to senator rubio, and -- [inaudible] did you learn something about senator rubio that gave you pause about supporting him? >> i think marco rubio will be president of the united states one day. i think he's one of the most gifted people i've ever met. i like him.
7:21 am
but i wasn't ready to be president at 44. jeb has proven to me that he'll stand up against him who are saying things that sound good to some but hurt the country -- will hurt the country and don't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever passing. >> governor bush -- >> the thing i like most about jeb is he's not overselling. he's embracing the fact that we're a diverse country, we have to sit down and work with democrats and independents, libertarians and vegetarians. [laughter] to get immigration right. >> do i have to work with vegetarians? >> yes, you do. [laughter] there are not many in south carolina, but we're going to win the vegetarian vote. >> governor bush -- >> i don't know if you know this, lippedsey, we have -- we have a barbecue coalition. [laughter] >> we will win.
7:22 am
>> [inaudible] both of you and the other governors in the race keep making the case for experience and leadership -- [inaudible] so far these are the candidates that -- bill: no doubt a significant headline for governor jeb bush today in south carolina, in that state specifically, getting the endorsement from senator lindsey graham. and governor bush talked about the calendar. if you look now over the next five weeks how precious these days are. last night was the republican debate there on fox business, okay? here is our day today on the 15th of january. in 13 days we'll have a republican debate in des moines, iowa. that's the 28th of january, 13 days from now. three days after that you've got the iowa caucus which will tell us a lot, but it won't tell us everything. because eight days after that is the new hampshire primary on the 9th of february. and then we move back to south carolina.
7:23 am
as governor bush just referred there, on the 20th of february. so you have now one, two, three, four, five weeks in total where the pressure is going to start cranking up. because it is very close to crunch time in the race for this nomination. more reaction from south carolina. first, though, back to martha with more here. martha: yeah, exactly. let's bring in katrina pearson, national spokesman for the trump campaign. good to have you today. >> great to be here. martha: we were just watching leadership say graham as he has endorsed jeb bush largely on the belief, he says, that he will be ready to run the country on day one and that he feels he has the foreign policy understanding and strength of what we're up against in terms of the fight against islamic radicalism to really take it to the level that it needs to be to at. what do you think about this endorsement this morning? >> well, i think what you're seeing is the establishment beginning to circle the wagons. there have been no secrets. they are trying to use south
7:24 am
carolina as a firewall to block their own republican primary voters but, unfortunately, it's not going to happen. there's too much weight being put on these political guys' endorsements. just to give you an example, martha, leadership day graham and -- lindsey graham and nikki haley endorsed mitt romney in 2012, and speaker gingrich won handily. martha: in terms of getting to the issue of what they're discussing, last night donald trump was asked if he had rethought his stance on keeping all muslims out of the country, not letting any muslims into the country at all at least temporarily, as he says, until we figure out what is going on. he said, no, he hasn't rethought that. you heard leadership say graham say we could not and should not declare war on any religion -- >> but we should just go and overthrow assad -- martha: pardon me? >> yeah, he just wants to go and
7:25 am
overthrow assad creating a vacuum in the middle east. no, don trump should not back off, and it is only for immigration. it's not all muslims, it's muslims immigrating into the united states. and here in south carolina the last poll showed that mr. trump has almost 40% support here. after those comments, martha. so, no, absolutely not. we have to have someone who is willing to stand up for the people of this country, not those who are outside of it. martha: do you see him at all sort of shifting on that stance to, you know, not allowing in refugees from syria rather than saying not allowing in muslims? because if he does make it and becomes the gop nominee, this is something that's going to come up in a very big way when he dose up against, most likely, hillary clinton. >> well, and it should come up for a number of reasons. but, again, this is just for muslims immigrating into the united states. we have seen the visa system be overrun. i mean, we have to remind people that the 9/11 hijackers trained in florida under jeb bush's watch.
7:26 am
came here on tourist visas. we have no idea who's in our country today. we have to halt this process of immigration from muslim nations until we can get processes and procedures in place to vet them accordingly. martha: all right. so in terms of the idea that you need saudi arabia, you need egypt, you need jordan, muslim countries on our side in the fight against isis and that this kind of proposal might tick them off a little bit, is that an unwise move in that regard? >> no, not at all, because we're 14 years into this, and we still don't have that coalition put together. i mean, look at the refugee situation just by itself. those countries are not helping, they are not taking them in, and yet we are still providing all sorts of assistance financially and otherwise to these same countries. it's time for the united states to use their leverage to get these -- martha: yeah, but, katrina, donald trump has said those countries should be picking up more of the slack. >> exactly, yes.
7:27 am
martha: so how do you get them to agree to that, you know, with this stance that he's taken on muslims? >> well, again, that's what i mean by using leverage. we provide so much assistance to these nations, and we have to sit down with them. like donald trump has been saying since the beginning, we give so much to everybody else and require nothing in return. but it's the complete opposite when it comes to domestic issues. we have to get that turned around. so you bring everyone to the table, and we have to halt the process until we can figure out how to move forward. martha: all right. let's play another moment from last night. i want to get your thoughts on this one. the one -- yeah, about what he says he would do with his business if he wins. >> if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office? so you should go out, get a declaratory judgment, let the courts decide, and -- >> why are you saying this now? why now? why are you raising this issue now? >> because he's doing a little bit better. no, i didn't care before. no.
7:28 am
no, it's true. hey, look, he never had a chance. now he's doing better, he's got probably a 4 or 5% chance. [laughter] martha: that was not the sound bite that i thought we were going to have right there, we have two for you, but that one was a very interesting moment to me, because your candidate admitted that before he said, yeah, you know, i don't see any problem with ted cruz's, you know, natural born citizen status. you know, lawyers have looked at it, and he admitted on stage last night the only reason he changed his tune op that is because cruz is starting to do better. is that an ethical way of approaching that? >> no. so, essentially, what has happened since september, it's not the poll numbers -- martha: that's what he said last night. >> but that's because the democrats have been threatening to file a lawsuit, and that's why the whole eligibility question came up, because senator cruz was doing better. so democrats said, if he wins the nomination, we're going to file a lawsuit. donald trump didn't bring up this issue. the democrats talked about filing. and guess what, martha?
7:29 am
in houston, texas, there has been a lawsuit filed on just that. and as senator cruz made the case talking about lawrence tribe being a democrat and a liberal, that's the point. democrats are probably going to file a lawsuit, and we find out today one has been filed. martha: all right. katrina pearson with the trump campaign. >> thanks, martha. bill: we're watching the stock market, we're getting hammered, tell you the reasons why your 401(k) is heading south. also marco rubio and chris christie trading shots. was last night good enough for either one to break out? ed rollins will analyze, and his answers just might surprise you next. >> if we elect the right person, if you elect me, we will turn this country around, we will reclaim the american dream, and this nation will be stronger and greater than it has ever been. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:30 am
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. martha: with the market down 310 points, and that's an improvement, a pretty rough day on wall street.
7:33 am
off its lows of the morning, there's a lot of weakness in china, weak economic numbers that came out here in the united states, and you've got consumer sentiment that came out today, industrial production, manufacturing, all of it not boding well for the economy and where we stand right now. dow getting hit pretty hard. we'll keep a close eye on it throughout the day. ♪ ♪ bill: donald trump has enjoyed front runner status before last night's debate in south carolina, a few cannons though, including marco rubio and governor chris keysty vie -- chris christie vying to become the alternative. watch as they make their best case from last night. >> we're going to raise it to 30%, plus we're going to raise the income tax to 30%. now you've got europe. >> i've got to get to mr. trump -- >> maria, i'd like -- [inaudible conversations] i'd like to interrupt this debate on the floor of the senate to actually answer the question you asked which was on entitlements. do you remember that, everybody?
7:34 am
this was the a question on entitlements. >> i'll answer -- >> no, you already had your chance, marco, you blew it. bill: ed rollins has a nose for this stuff, he ran ronald reagan's re-election campaign in 1984, fox news contributor, how you doing? >> good, thank you. bill: you say this was not a debate, it was a back alley brawl. >> i think the bottom line is the contrast with the president who's being perceived as weak, i think our republicans all came to the game to show they're going to be a tough, strong leader. and i think to a certain extent they came full bore. bill: i didn't see any low blows there. >> you can have a street fight without allow blows. bill: i guess you could. [laughter] even then, this is their world, this is where they live. >> and i think to a certain extent they are relating to ordinary people who are very frustrated with what's going on. bill: no question about that. cruz and rubio, what do you think? >> they're both superb debaters.
7:35 am
you'd think they don't like each other, but i think they do. they clearly are the ones that have to break out here. it's cruz and trump leading in iowa. rubio, obviously, is the guy going for the establishment vote on the other side, new hampshire, what have you. bill: how did jeb bush do last might? >> he did better, but he's the gentleman. he's giving the intellectual answers to emotional issues. bill: so the emotion, in your view, is breaking through and intellect is not. >> it's like his father against dukakis. his father says you can't burn the flag, most americans don't want you to burn a flag. you can't give an intellectual answer to an emotional issue. bill: john kasich, dr. ben carson -- >> ben carson is basically, i think, finished. he looked totally out of place on that stage last night, and i think he willty min everybody very quickly. john is a very smart guy. he keeps acting like i don't
7:36 am
want to be on a sage with a bunch of fools -- on a stage with a bunch of fools, and i think to a certain extent he gave good answers, but i think he's kind of the past and not the present. bill: circle back to donald trump. what is your view of him as a candidate today? >> he's a much better candidate than i thought he would be. i was a doubter like everybody else when it started. every time he made a mistake, what i thought was a mistake, i thought he was going to be done. i think he's the personification of a strong leader today, a personality, and i think people are starting to rally around that. i don't know how far he's going to go, but he's dominated this thing from the beginning, and i think he's going to continue. bill: has he shown you that he has the ability to dial it back? >> no, absolutely not. and i'm not sure he will. but i think at this point in time that's not -- this is a red hot election, and i'm not sure at this point in time until there's a challenger and he gets one-on-one with a stage as it often does, he's going to reinforce his own supporters, and he has more supporters than anybody else right now. bill: let me be a little more
7:37 am
specific. i am told by those who were in the room last night that when trump was talking about the towers on 9/11, he practically whispered his answer. and that is contrarian to how he has been typically. >> i think that's a very emotional issue for him. i think he, clearly, was very much a part of the cleanup. i think he basically feels great passion as most of those new yorkers -- i'll include myself in that -- and i think it was a real touching point for his campaign. bill: do you think there are parts of the republican establishment, leadership say graham clearly excluded in this argument here, that are being drawn to him however reluctantly now? yes or no. >> i think some think he may be the inevitable nominee, we better be careful. i think they thought he would self-destruct, i think they're starting to think he may be our nominee, we better run with him. bill: what do you think, ed?
7:38 am
>> i'd say better than a 50/50 chance. bill: from a pugilist -- [laughter] ed rollins, thank you. martha: all right. so while there were plenty of shots that were fired between the candidates last night and many of them went toward hillary clinton as well, also a few light-hearted moments out there, even some that got some laughs. here's a look back at last night. >> i'm glad we are focusing on the important topics of the evening. [laughter] >> tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama, and i gotta tell ya -- [laughter] it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing, you know? >> i am very happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when -- [laughter] >> wherever you're sitting, nikki, i am a friend, we're friends, that's good. >> i hate to interrupt this episode of court tv, but -- [laughter] >> it appears that the same someone's been whispering in old marco's ear too. >> you haven't asked me a question in a while, neil, so i thought i'd get that off my chest. >> they don't like that he beats the rest of the field, because
7:39 am
they want me. >> everyone is going to say they support the second amendment. unless you are clipically insane -- clinically insane -- [laughter] >> hey, look, he never had a chance. now he's doing better, he's got probably a 4 or 5% chance. [laughter] >> neil, i was mentioned to -- >> you were? >> yeah, you saidrybody. [laughter] martha: i love that. he's like, i get to respond too because he mentioned everybody, so that includes me too. and i loved it when chris christie, i'm not sure people can appreciate this, he's acting like everything's going amazing. [laughter] bill: going amazing. martha: amazing. bill: so as these candidates standing up as you heard one clip from ted cruz talking about the second amendment. question now in a moment, where are they, and are there any differences when it comes to gun rights in america? >> any republican primary,
7:40 am
everyone is going to say they support the second amendment. unless you are clinically insane -- [laughter] that's what you say in a primary. but the voters are savvier than that. they recognize that people's actions don't always match their words. hi. i'm matt mccoy.
7:41 am
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. bill: so you know by now republican candidates were in south carolina. hillary clinton was here in new york talking to jimmy fallon explaining to him why she doesn't always watch the republican debates. >> they might say something bad about you. >> oh, yeah. >> do you believe that? >> yeah, that's happened more than a few times. >> you should have a drinking game, every time they say your name, you do a shot. [laughter] [applause] >> well -- >> it's fun. >> you know, i don't think i'd make it past the first half hour. [laughter] bill: that might be true for 6:00 last night, actually. she might have been hammered by 6:30. martha: in the later debate, she'd have been pretty sober
7:44 am
because she didn't come up all that much. she's going to have to raise her tolerance or say i'm out of this game, which is probably a good move. ♪ ♪ martha: all right. gun rights, the second amendment and president obama's push for new gun restrictions sparked some really strong reaction in last night's republican debate. senator marco rubio among those slamming the president's plan. here's what he said. >> the second amendment is not an option, it is not a suggestion, it is a constitutional right. [applause] of every american to be able to protect themselves and their families. none of these instances that the president points to as the reason why he's doing these things would have been prevented. you know why? because criminals don't buy their guns from a gun show. they don't buy their guns from a collector, and they don't buy their guns from a gun store. they steal them, they get them on the black market. and let me tell you, isis and terrorists do not get their guns from a gun show. martha: he packed a lot in there. kevin mccullough is a columnist for,
7:45 am
emily tisch susman, welcome to boast of you. good to have you both here today. emily, that got a lot of response in the room when he said the second amendment is not an option, it's not a suggestion, it's the second amendment. we have the right in this country to own guns. >> absolutely. and when you speak broadly like that, that is a real good applause line, and he went right for the meat. look, i don't think there's a person in this country that does not feel like gun violence is a problem. we have 30,000 gun deaths every year, murders every year, and by the definition of mass shootings, there's one almost every day. so the question is what do you do about it. people are feeling this is at a fever pitch. the answer is not do nothing. so the stance the president's taking, that some have taken, is keep the guns out of the dangerous people's hands in the first place. the other perspective is kind of, you know, arm everyone and let everyone go wild and some vigilantism. that is really what he was playing to. that's not really where most of the public is.
7:46 am
they are in the place of wanting to keep guns out of dangerous people's hands in the first place, so they're going to have to figure out a way to moderate that position as they move forward. martha: there's no doubt that emily's viewpoint is going to be heard quite a bit when you get to the general election here because, obviously, the country is very upset about the violence that we've seen here, kevin. the question's going to be how to get at it. you know, let's take a look at chris christie on this and get that sound in as well, and then we'll go back to kevin for his reaction. >> i don't think the founders put the second amendment as number two by accident. i don't think they dropped all the amendments into a hat and picked them out of a hat. i think they made the second amendment the second amendment because they thought it was just that important. martha: kevin, what do you think? >> i think some of what emily said is true, but the question is tactics. it's not philosophy. and so if we're talking about effective prevention of crazy people and people that are unstable from getting guns, we should probably start by enforcing the hundreds of laws
7:47 am
that are on the books currently that the current administration seems to have zero desire to enforce to begin with. and the charleston, south carolina, shooting was a prime example. none of the executive orders that the president just put into play -- unconstitutionally some would argue -- would have done anything to prevent dylann roof from committing that crime. he did not go through a background check as is the law of the land. and we do not enforce the laws that are there, the only measure of defense that is left for the average citizen is to defend myself. martha: yeah. >> i would get into the president's executive orders, because much of what he did was to staff up and make sure the laws on the books can be enforced. if someone goes to process a background check and they can't get the information back within three days, then they proceed with it anyway, because part of the reason they couldn't proceed with it is because atf has been
7:48 am
so gutted, so understaffed that they can't get these processes through in time. so what the president's executive order did was staff up that procedure, make it 24 hours so you wouldn't have to go to default receipt. that's exactly on point to what the -- >> actually, it doesn't address the significant issue which was that dylann roof was not prevented by laws already on the book that should have stopped someone in his position from getting a gun. and when you look at sandy hook, when you look at san bernardino, when you look at the reality that our refugee vetting process is failing -- hence, the arrests in california and texas last week -- when there are more people coming with violent measures towards the law-abiding people of the united states, the only defense and the only time that this was really played out was in the pamela geller draw muhammad contest. they were met with 300 lawfully-armed law-abiding citizens, and that shooting was put down. martha: emily, how do you answer that?
7:49 am
don trump was talking about that this morning, and he basically said what ends all these acts of violence is when another person enters the scene with a gun. and sadly, in most of the cases you cited, sandy hook and others, the time that it took for someone to show up with a gun was the time that horrific tragedy was able to take place. so what they're talking about is having people in place who are armed so that they can defend innocent lives in any of these situations. >> look, absolutely. the tragedies here are horrific. but it's this good guy with a gun fantasy that if just i was arm end, if just my friend was armed, then we could have prevented it. the reality is that just isn't the case, and more often the gun can be used against people, the person who is trying to be the good guy with the gun, than reality. fbi statistics show us only 3% of mass shootings -- martha: that doesn't make any sense just given what kevin told you about garland, texas, is the reason nobody was killed there
7:50 am
is good guys showed up with guns. what you just said makes no sense, emily. >> unfortunately, that wasn't true at fort hood, right? there's tons of guns there. martha: plenty of people were not -- >> not allowed to carry their weapons on base. martha: not allowed to carry their weapons. >> i don't think we can argue there's a shortage of guns on base, but you can actually talk to survivors, do you think it would have been able -- you would have been able to get a shot off? the student in the classroom at virginia tech, how many times would he have been able to figure out who the shooter was, and it's just not possible in that chaos. [inaudible conversations] >> the problem is most of them have ended up dead. martha: thank you very much for being here. this is the seeds of a debate that we're going to hear quite a bit of over the next ten months. thank you very much. bill: candidates are pounding the trail now, you know, they're back in iowa, new hampshire. astronauts, meanwhile, suiting
7:51 am
up the international space station for a critical space walk that is moments away. ♪ ♪ stress sweat. it can happen any time, to anyone. stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get four times the protection against stress sweat. with secret clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel. usaa makes me feel like in no time at all.xpert there was no stress. it was in and out. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom,
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jon: hate to start your friday off with bad news, but stocks are tanking again today. the dow down more than 1,300 points in 2016 alone. we have analysis and eric bolling to talk us through what it means for the economy. plus, analysis on last night's big fbn debate, big winners and losers. plus, the discovery of a 500-year-old skeleton that clues suggest that might be that of a pirate. what those bones are teaching us about history.
7:55 am
it's all ahead, "happening now." bill: space walk underway right now, and this is critical. phil keating's live in miami where, phil, i am told the darkness of the eclipse is the astronauts' friend. only you can answer that. >> reporter: i can explain this to you, bill. you know, ideally this is very unusual for a space walk because ideally you want your big job done with the brightness of the sun guiding your path. today's big task dealt with electricity and doing so in the direct sunshine up above the earth, well, that would have generated power from the space station's huge solar arrays which actually could have smocked the astronauts in mid space walk. nobody wants that. up above earth right now you are looking at the tim and tim spees walk show. tim pique, the first-ever, and american tim copra accomplishing multiple tasks. the big job done in the pure darkness replacing a failed voltage regulator about the size of a 30-gallon aquarium, and that had cut power to the space
7:56 am
station by 13%. with that big job done relatively easily, the times are now knocking out -- tims are deploying cables for the future installation of the new docking adapters which is where the future spacex and boeing cruise capsules will dark, returning america to delivering american astronauts on american spaceships since the shuttle retired, and that happens next year. huge announcement for nasa and a huge announcement for sierra nevada, spacex and orbital atk winning contracts to continue delivering cargo and experiments up to the space station. it looks like shamu, but it's actually a spaceship, and that'll go through 2024. bill: thank you, phil. cool stuff. thank you, phil. martha: so there's a search underway right now for survivors after two marine helicopters collided in hawaii. the midair crash happened during a nighttime training mission.
7:57 am
>> hey, star keys, i'm putting my heart into it. >> sorry,
7:58 am
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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bill: that was a big day, huh? martha: we've got a big day coming up in about how many days? bill: 13, i think so. martha: you're good at that. be. bill: you're going to have a great weekend. i know you're going to have a great weekend. martha: you're going to have a great weekend. bye, everybody, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ jon: the sparks fly in south carolina. republican front runners taking on each other in the fiery first debate of this presidential election year. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. jon: good morning to you, welcome. heather: the gloves coming off in the very first hour when ted cruz tried to turn the tables on donald trump on whether the senator's canadian birthplace could disqualify him from the white house, and from there, well, the hits just kept on coming. >> i'm not going to use your mother's birth ain


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