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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 15, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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with a turkey. so -- >> it's like any animal. >> this is really ridiculous. >> have a great weekend. everybody, "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. wall street is in turmoil. the markets off to their worst start of the year. ever. if you think things are bad now. some experts say it might get worse before it gets better. the dow finished 391 points. after being down more than 500 early. the s&p 500 lost 42. the nasdaq fell 127. for the week, the dow and the s&p 500 both lost about 2.15 percentage points. the nasdaq dropped 3.33. let's get analysis from fox business network's melissa francis. one of the biggest reasons for celt-off would be something you think would be good news, across
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the board, the price of oil tumbling. >> absolutely. oil has been in a freefall. you're right, that should be good news for consumers to see cheaper prices. there's a problem with that. part of it has to do with supply and ironically, this is about the iran nuclear deal. they're going to be able to sell their oil out on the open market, pushing the price down. it also has to do with demand. china is consuming less, because manufacturing is lightening up. because the economy is slowing down. that's worrisome. that's the canary in a coal mooin out there a lot of investors and economists are thinking the world is slowing down. that's why we're seeing the price tumble. >> we're talking about the consumer here. and there's concern they're not spending. yeah. that's absolutely true. one of the biggest stories today on wall street was about walmart and they're closing hundreds of stores, laying off 10,000 people. that's bad in and of itself. but what does that tell you? that people aren't out there spending. and in fact, we got retail sales
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numbers today. that showed the slowest growth since the end of the recession. people may have more money in their pockets because of lower gas prices, but they're not spending it. and that's worrisome, a slowing global economy. >> what's the next thing for investors to watch, retirees to watch? >> i mean it's difficult to tell. we've watched the market go down three weeks in a row. really big moves lower. there isn't a sensation that it's over yet. you're hearing some people ask is it time to buy. does it really feel like that? we watched the market try and rally at least a dozen times since this started. and it can't sustain it. i mean you have to watch the federal reserve and see what they do. they're the ones that sort of set the table for this. they put a lot of loose, easy money out there that goosed the market higher. now that money is being taken off the table. we're seeing it deflate. i don't know, we could be setting up for a long, cold winter on wall street, bret. >> melissa, thank you. melissa francis from the fox business network in new york.
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what but? are you worried about a possible recession? let me know at now to politics, the gloves are off in the republican presidential race as we move closer to caucus day in iowa and the new hampshire primary. the two men getting the most attention, are trying now to get separation. all the candidates are try to position him themselves for the an intense couple of weeks. we'll talk live to ben carson. we have fox coverage of the 2016 race, ed henry in new hampshire as the hillary clinton campaign deals with a growing fear factor over bernie sanders. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron and what has become a flash point between ted cruz and donald trump, the birther issue. >> an 84-year-old trial lawyer, newton schwartz senior of galveston, texas has filed suit
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in federal court challenging ted cruz' citizenship. it argues that the definition of natural born citizen has never been settled by the supreme court and should be now because of cruz's presidential candidacy. cruz in south carolina made no mention of it today. it's not clear if the lawyer has standing for such a suit. so it could be tossed out. he says his standing is as a texas voter and tells fox news he's a bernie sanders supporter. the cruz campaign responded saying numerous constitutional scholars agree, ted cruz is eligible to be president and is a natural-born citizen. cruz was born in canada to an american-born mother and a cuban father and argues that makes him a natural born citizen. he called out trump for knowing that last night. >> back in september my friend donald said he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. now -- since september the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have.
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>> there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. you really can't. >> cruz has been criticizing trump for new york values for several days and last night trump turned the tables. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> conservatives actually do come out of manhattan. including william f. buckley and others, just so you understand. >> when the wd came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> "the new york daily news" slammed cruz on its front page. >> i scored a rifle, so that's awesome. >> marco rubio bought a rifle at a new hampshire gun maker a day after blasting chris christie for supporting gun control in the past. at the debate he ripped cruz as a flip-flopper on other issues. >> you used to support tpa, now you say you're against it. >> jeb bush won former rival and
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south carolina lindsey graham's endorsement. trump dumped on it. tweeting that jeb bush's chances of winning are zero, just got graham endorsement. graham quit at zero. back to cruz, he acknowledged failing to notify the fec about a loan he got from goldman sachs to fund his senate campaign. cruz acknowledged he took out a loan against his own assets up to about half a million dollars from citibank and failed to report that aides say both were oversights and there seems to be an awful lot of scrutiny for front-runners to make up for that kind of oversight. let's take a closer look at some claims made during the debate and how they square with the facts. here's senior political correspondent, mike emanuel. >> that's wrong, they were wrong. it's the new york times, they're always wrong. >> when neil cavuto asked donald trump about a tariff he wanted to impose on chinese goods, the trump blasted the media after that audio was released to back it up.
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>> i got to be reasonably fair. i would do a tax. and the tax -- let me tell you what the tax should be. the tax should be 45%. >> senator marco rubio went on offense against senator ted cruz, calling him a flip-flopper. >> i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in iowa. and last week we all saw you flip your vote on ethanol in iowa. for the same reason. that is not consistent conservatism. that is political calculation. >> he had no fewer than 11 attacks there. i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the debate stage. >> it's your record. do you think they like each other. >> half of the things that marco said, are flat-out false. they're absolutely false. >> cruz supported trade promotion authority in april 2015 and then voted against it in june. in december, he initially voted against restoring a $3 billion cut in crop insurance. >> mr. cruz, no. >> and then changed his vote three minutes later.
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>> mr. cruz, aye. >> cruz has been calling for an end to the renewable fuel standard since 2013. but wrote in the "des moines register" last week, democrats and lobbyists are trying to convince iowans he opposes eth not. christie was on the defensive over criticism that he shares similar views with president obama. >> first ever all i didn't support sonia sotomayor and i never wrote a check to planned parenthood. >> in july of 2009. christie issued a statement saying sotomayor would not be his choice but said qualified appointees should be confirmed and supported. as a result i support her confirmation. in the 1994, the star ledger quote the christie as saying i support planned parenthood privately with my personal contribution, that should be the goal of any such agency to find private donations. christie now says he was misquoted more than two decades ago about planned parenthood. it is clear as we get closer to voting the attacks will only get
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tougher and there will be a need to quickly defend, spin or blame the media. bret? >> thank you. what was once considered a sure thing is now anything but. tonight the hillary clinton campaign and increasing wore ris over the surge from senator bernie sanders, chief white house correspondent has more. >> as hillary clinton prep force her third debate. her campaign is getting shakier. one analyst telling the "washington post." if democratic socialist bernie sanders wins iowa and new hampshire bay little, it may not matter. though the influential african-american congressman added quotes if he comes out of there with big victories, it could be a new day. today clinton did her fifth interview on msnbc in two weeks as she grows more worried about progressives flocking to sanders on issues like health care. >> basically what he's doing is saying hey we need to start all over again. let's tear it up and replace it. >> sanders dismissed the attacks
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when fox pressed him in a news conference about clinton's charge he broke a pledge to not run negative ads. >> they're mad at me today, they're mad at me yesterday, mad at me tomorrow. they're going to be mad at me for a long time. >> the flash point? a sanders ad blasting clinton for being too cozy with wall street. leading to cries of outrage from her camp. >> we were surprised today, to see that bernie sanders had launched a negative television advertisement, against hillary. >> sanders said the ad is factual and his legions of fans who waited hours to see him speak at dartmouth college, lover his attacks on wall street. >> i mean it's based on the stipulations. on wall street speculation? >> on wall street speculation. >> you think it will be enough money? >> i think so. possibly, like need more taxes.
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>> meanwhile, clinton continues to focus on the general election, slamming donald trump on the tonight show. >> he's a lot more obsessed with me than i am with him. >> trump just went through another high-profile debate of course. while democrats will clash in south carolina sunday night. after a busy nfl playoff weekend. so a lot of people may not be watching. which could be what the dnc wants. bret? >> ed henry in manchester, thank you. coming up, i talk live with republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson. here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. wrlh had in mitch rnd. the u.s. supreme court agrees to hear former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's appeal over krill corruption. based on what mcdonnell says is an overly broad definition of bribery. fox 26 in houston. nasa pulls the plug on a space walk because of water in an
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astronaut's helmet. american timothy copra reported a small water bubble and then a film of water inside his head gear. the walk was terminated and both astronauts returned to the space station safely in 2013, an italian astronaut nearly drowned when water leaked into his helmet. a live look at our fox affiliate 32. protesters try to block the entrance to a breakfast honoring martin luther king jr. featuring embattled mayor, rahm emanual. the mayor is resisting calls for his resignation over an ongoing scandal involving shootings of african-american suspects by white police officers. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it.
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america's election headquarters in denyth. we're a little more than two weeks away from the first voting in the 2016 election cycle. the iowa caucuses, monday, february 1st. iowa, along with the new hampshire primary eight days later may not make, but certainly could break some presidential campaigns. here to talk about what's at stake for him, dr. ben carson who joins us tonight from palm beach gardens, florida. dr. carson, thanks for being
3:17 pm
here. >> thank you, bret. >> let me ask you first about your assessment of the debate last night. how you did, and the state of the race from your point of view. >> well you know, i thinkdy fine. but i was a little disappointed. the material, that was talked about, a large part was not really relevant to the people. i was hoping we could get into some substantive issues that affect the lives of people. the fact that for instance, the gao identifies $650 billion a year worth of questionable expenses, or the house budget committee, $5.5 trillion of potentially cuttable programs. you know, why aren't we talking about that, it has such an effect, and why aren't we talking about the cost to every american family. of all the regulations, $24,000 per family of four. which is happens also to be the poverty level. if you want to fight poverty,
3:18 pm
fight the regulations. we don't talk about that kind of stuff. we get into all of this peripheral stuff and personal attacks and, it certainly would be nice if we could talk to the american people about the things that actually affect their lives. >> dr. carson, you looked like you were having fun up there. you did get serious with foreign policy questions and one of them you talked about emps. talk to the people about that, the electro magnetic pulse weapon and why that's important. >> well electro magnetic pulses can come naturally or they can be manufactured. natural ones come from the sun. from activity on the surface of the sun. and it occurs about once every 150 years. the last one was 155 years ago. our eelectrical grid is very vulnerable. it's like a circuit board being fried by an emp. it can be produced by you know, a nuclear explosion. and a correct portion of our
3:19 pm
exo-atmosphere, that's what's so dangerous. because we haven't hardened our grid. it leaves us extraordinarily vulnerable. and we're, we're getting progressively more enemies who may have nuclear capabilities. and who may have the vehicle to deliver that to our exo-atmosphere, so unless, unless we understand these things and plan for them, we're going to be in trouble. and we've abandoned our space program. anybody can tell you, he who controls space will control the earth. >> what do you say to democrats, and maybe even some republicans who say that the current crop of candidates is focusing on negative and fear? how do you answer that? >> unfortunately to a large degree, that's true. you know, i tend to focus on real solutions, common sense. there isn't a single problem we have that can't be solved with common sense if you extract the politics and the ego.
3:20 pm
that seems to be almost impossible. that's one of the reasons i got into this race, to see if it was possible to actually break through. and it's difficult. there's no question. we're going to keep trying. >> you look at the real clear politics average of polls in iowa. the latest polls, you're currently in fourth place at 9%, but you're 18.5 points roughly behind donald trump. where do you need to finish in iowa, to continue your campaign and to have success. >> i certainly want to finish at least where i am now. in fourth place, but i would like to finish first. i think you guys might be a little surprised when the day after the caucuses, because eye been there a lot in the last couple of weeks, i'll be there again tomorrow starting another stint. every place we go we have huge crowds, standing room only in three cases. we had to do double events because we had hundreds of people we couldn't get into the
3:21 pm
auditorium. i'm hearing people saying hey, man, we are moving in your direction very quickly. we are changing when we get a chance to actually hear you as opposed to hearing what people say about you. >> there are questions about your campaign, the structure of it. yesterday the "washington post" had a piece that said finance chairman dean parker leaving amid intense scrutiny over his grip of the campaign's expensive fundraising operation and the perception that he's benefitted improperly from campaign spending from chartered flights to investments in ineffective paper mailers in early voting states. decisions made by staff have raised persistent questions in recent months about whether the campaign is spending its money wisely. your former campaign manager, barry bennett says that donald trump is on his way to victory. how do you answer these charges about your campaign? >> well first of all, dean parker is an outstanding person. who has a very good solid moral
3:22 pm
compass. but he decided you know, rather than put the campaign through all the controversy, he would simply step down. he will continue to be our friend, our ally and will have a further role. what former campaign members say, you know you can evaluate their own motives, you don't have to be a genius to figure that out. our campaign is actually buzzing along extremely well now. it's better than it's ever been. you probably noticed that i seem a lot more comfortable. it's because i have the kind of support that i need now and i really didn't have that before. it's not that the people who were there were bad people. they just got to the point of their extremity. you needed to bring somebody else in. that's all. >> dr. carson, we appreciate the time tonight and we'll see you in des moines in a couple of weeks. >> look forward to it, thank you, bret. coming up, iranians tell american sailors being held captive to fake it for the cameras. we'll explain. plus is president obama lying about the reinforce closing guantanamo bay terror
3:23 pm
prison? fascinating details ahead. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands.
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this is a fox news alert, apparently all was not as it seemed. in the video we saw this week of american sailors in the custody of iranian troops after an incursion in their territorial waters. we're learning more tonight about what caused that incident. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live tonight at the pentagon. hello, jennifer. >> according to senior u.s. defense officials, the iranians told the americans to quote look happy in the videos that the iranian revolutionary guard navy made while the ten u.s. sailors were in captivity. it's propaganda 101 a u.s. military official told us, we've learned the name of the navy lieutenant, the skipper who apologized on behalf of his crew to the iranian captors in a video broadcast on state television, he is lieutenant david nartger, 27 years old and
3:28 pm
a naval academy graduate. there are questions about the planning and execution of this seemingly routine transit from kuwait to bahrain that led to the ten sailors surrounded and held at gun-point by the iranians. defense secretary ash carter said it was a navigational error. senior u.s. defense officials said the sailors decided to quote cut the corner en route to a refueling stop. they were supposed to travel around farsi island but decided to take a short-cut. according to some sources they had a minor engine problem and went below deck. they didn't realize they were in iranian waters as they were dealing with it. they were swarmed by iran's revolutionary guard. after they were released, they began a reintegration process that involved psychiatric tests and interviews in qatar that caused them to be sequestered by medical professionals for a period. a painstaking process that's prevented all the facts from coming out, bret. some mid-grade officers believe the skipper and his crew should face punishment.
3:29 pm
>> a strange story. zbl jennifer, thank you. a search sunday way off the coast of hawaii for 12 marines who were aboard two helicopters when they collided. rescuers are searching choppy waters. army navy air force and coast guard cutters. as we reported last night, president obama is accelerating his effort to empty and close the terror prison at guantanamo bay. and there are new questions being raised now. about his methods and justifications for it. >> it is expensive, it is unnecessary and it only serves for a recruitment brochure for our enemies, there's a better way. >> seven years after his inauguration and one of his first acts in the oval office -- >> the process whereby guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> president obama is now trying hard to make good on that
3:30 pm
pledge. without congress. releasing gitmo detainees slowly at first. but now in large groups. a trickle that has become a waterfall of releases to countries that agree to take them. >> gitmo split the detainee population in three different categories, low-risk to medium-risk to high-risk. when he came into office we've analyzed the 240 detainees that were there the first day in office. 75% of them were deemed high-risk by joint task force guantanamo. president obama's own task force didn't find a single innocent guy at guantanamo. didn't recommend a single guy for release. you're dealing with a high-high risk population. as they're released on transferred abroad. you're seeing more risk of these guys going back to the battlefield and doing real harm. >> in ghana, citizens are angry, calling into radio talk shows and posting all over social media in ghana after the country agrees to take two yemeni detainees. ghana's president called a press conference to defend the move.
3:31 pm
>> extensive consultation was held internally and externally. and risk assessment was done by the u.s. itself. these two detainees, were considered to be the most compliant detainees in guantanamo compound. and they were put in the lowest risk category. let me be clear, people say, ex-convicts. they were never tried. they were never charged, they were never convicted. these were 20-year-old boys. i will not take any decision, that's what jeopardized the safety and security of this country. >> the problem is the two yemenis released were not the lowest risk. in fact one was classified the highest risk of posing a quote threat to the u.s., its interests and its allies. the assessment of joint task force guantanamo. mohammed omar bin atef is
3:32 pm
described as a highly trained fighter. most troubling the report says quote he has threatened to kill u.s. citizens on multiple occasions, including a specific threat to cut their throats upon release. >> as they looked at their military capability and their intent. this is someone who fought for al qaeda, who was trained by al qaeda and throughout his time in custody. he had this intent to harm americans, these two things together are what made him a high risk in their opinion. what ghana is saying about these two guys isn't accurate. if you look at what the white house and the administration says, they basically are not refuting it, they're not going to knock it down. >> it leads you to the impression that this is what they told but these two guys, it's wrong. >> "weekly standard," steve hayes, pressed the information minister at ghana's embassy in washington, about why ghana agreed to take these yemeni detainees, the minister said the u.s. government provided assurances in writing that quote
3:33 pm
mr. bin atef was never involved in terrorism and presented little risk. if that assurance was not there, he said, there is no way his government would have taken the how does the white house square that disparity? miles coggens, a spokesman for the national security council, would not address hayes' question directly. saying quote i don't have any comment on information that may have been made public by wikileaks. the guantanamo task force and the subsequent process to clear detainees for transfer was focused on mitigating any potential threats, we'll let the statement by ghana stand. >> a lot of these countries that take on the guantanamo detainees can't actually keep them off the battlefield. we find they go back to the fight pretty quickly. to this day right now somebody was transferred from guantanamo a couple of years ago is now one of the most senior al qaeda leaders on the planet. >> make sure that you look for steve and tom's op-ed in "the wall street journal" posting online tonight. breaking news in the little-known west african
3:34 pm
country of bur keanu fasto. directly north of ghana. an al qaeda affiliate is claiming responsibility for an attack on an upscale hotel popular with westerners. eye witnesses say two car bombs went off outside the splendid hotel and three to four masked member stormed the facility. we'll talk about the debate and presidential races plus yes, it's friday. candidate casino. the panel joins me, when we come back. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way, there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. now -- since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. and i guess i can frame it
3:39 pm
another way. not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. had you two -- 100-i'm not sure that he knows what he means, to be honest with you. i haute it was very, he should have never said it i thought it was very insulting to a lot of people. including maria, who was asking the question. i thought it was disgraceful that he brought that up. >> two different moments in the debate. one on the birther issue and one on new york values, and donald trump today. just moments ago, ted cruz was asked to apologize and here's what he said about the new york values statement. >> well you're right, donald trump, hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio. i apologize to the millions of
3:40 pm
new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. >> you could barely hear it, but he was apologizing to new yorkers being let down by liberals. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard," amy walter and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. >> post debate. >> donald trump came prepared for that question, he did it particularly well and continues to hit it well. think what ted cruz was looking for were other people to help pile on to the new york issue. which is to go after donald trump, for his statements that he's made in the past. pretty liberal statements, the position that he's taken. the relationship with the clintons, waiting for the cavalry to come in and they haven't and he's been hanging out. and allowing donald trump to once again seize the moment and sort of insulate himself from attacks from past statements and past positions.
3:41 pm
>> i mean, the 9/11 card, it ends a lot of discussions, but in iowa, you know, the new york values thing, does that hit home? >> i don't think so, i thought trump's answer on that was really terrific. he was understated. he was unemotional. in some ways, the anti-trump, right? but i thought it was a very good answer. i thought cruz in general was terrific last night and particularly on the birther issue. thoroughly disem boweled donald trump on the birther issue in an ugly sort of way. it was wave after wave of humiliation of trump on the issue. and rubio had a very good moment at the end of the debate when he had a criticism of ted cruz and what rubio characterized as cruz's flip-flops on a number of issues. i think it was a fun debate, terrific debate. i think what was interesting about the clip you played from trump, was if i'm not mistaken i, thought i heard trump
3:42 pm
criticizing cruz for insulting people. which just struck me as a little odd given trump's history of insuting people. >> not odd. >> i want to note you said this week gob-smacked and disem boweled. charles? >> it was clearly a three-man debate. it was about rubio, trump and cruz. if you think that the exchange on the birther issue was the main issue, the main event that cruz won, absolutely, he was dazzling on that. he got so thoroughly crushed on the new york thing. it's sort of uncharacteristic of cruz. he's always prepared. but trump had made had played the 9/11 card. on either television or radio. i had heard it. so he knew it was coming or he
3:43 pm
should have known it was coming. if you saw the split screen at the end of that exchange. cruz was speechless. gob-smacked. dumbstruck. >> today, jeb bush, an endorsement in south carolina. >> this is a, a big deal nationally. in the sense that lindsey graham is by far and away recognized as if not the most, the strongest policy oriented national defense senator. >> i would not endorse someone that i did not believe in. that would really truly have their backs. >> so ladies and gentlemen, south carolina is going to reset this race. >> on february 20th. we're going to give jeb bush the momentum that he needs and deserves to win the nomination. >> lindsey graham endorsing jeb bush, trump took to twitter. senator lindsey graham embarrassed himself with his failed run for president and now
3:44 pm
further embarrasses himself with the endorsement for bush. >> yoe if it's going to make much of a difference. none of these endorsements have made much of a difference, jeb bush is going out the way he came in is to say ultimately i'm going to be the establishment candidate and i believe in my heart that the establishment is going to come pull me out. it's not going to happen in this case. lindsey graham not the most popular political figure among conservative republicans in the state of south carolina. >> right. >> this is a quick trip to a place we like to call candidate casino. you have 100 in chips, who is the eventual nominee. steve? >> 30 on cruz, 30 on trump, 30 on rubio, 5 on christie and reserve $5 for myself for a dogfish head 90-minute ipa? >> can you explain what that is? >> one of the greatest beers you can possibly have. >> it's a fantastic, great choice. >> i also have a more money in my alcohol fund. vodka is more expensive. >> i have to go martinis are
3:45 pm
more expensive. i have similar chips to steven. again, this is where i think the race will be. not where it currently is today. i think cruz right now has a better path there. once we start getting to a winnowed field. the discipline, the campaign strength, the candidate strength, and the delegate selection, remember we got a lot of issues with primaries that are close as we get later into the process. only republicans can vote in those. i think that helps him out. >> charles? >> trump, i've got him at 35%. >> $35. >> i don't know what percentage are you at the casino. >> working off $100. >> if you do the math. it's $30 on cruz, rubio still behind. i mean he's up there in the polls. but it's harder to find the path. christie is your long shot, i'm not sure i believe in the 5. i should have invested that in the wine, women and song. which is $10.
3:46 pm
>> how does that break down? >> of the $10, how much are you spending on each of those? >> we don't have time for this question. i have lost control. next up, what is really going on with the president and guantanamo bay? e like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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our duty -- we're considered to be the most compliant any any in guantanamo. and puts in the risk lowest risk category. >> classified high risk by joint task force guantanamo. what this means is they believe he is someone likely to pose a threat to the u.s. and interest of allies around the world. split the detainee population in three categories ranging from low risk to medium risk to high risk. he was put in that high risk category. >> talking there about two detainees released from guantanamo bay this last week. transferred to guana because they were low risk but they weren't low risk. and, in fact, the information minister at guana telling our own steve hayes here the information minister at guana embassy in washington, d.c. told to us the u.s. government provided
3:51 pm
assurances that he was never involved in terrorism and little risk. if that assurance is not there there is no way his government would have taken the detainees. now it's a big deal in guana. we're back with the panel. steve, it's a great piece posting tonight on the "wall street journal." >> thank you. it's a big deal in guana and it should be a big deal here. what's most important for people to understand about this case is this isn't a single reiç÷entative of the kinds of transfers and releases that we have seen from the obama administration and to a certain extent from the bush administration before it. but, this particular detainee, mohammed ben otef was a very bad guy. you just heard from the president of guana that the administration assured them he was neverv involved in terrorism and little risk in accepting him. you went over in your package his resume as it were. the last time that military intelligence officials reviewed his -- at jtf gitmo
3:52 pm
reviewed his background, they said he was assess ised to be a fighter in usama bin laden's 55th air brigade. he was an admitted member of the taliban. he participated in hostility against the united states, continue to do demonstrate his support for extremism and usama bin laden. recruited by al qaeda. stayed at al qaeda guest houses trained at the famous al qaeda alpha rook training camp. name found on al qaeda documents. he has threatened to kill u.s. citizens and as you pointed out. slit their throats. as a result jtf gitmo when they did their assessment said he was high risk detainee to the guards at guantanamo and certainly if he is released. he said if released is he likely to pose a threat to the united states, its interests and allies. >> it's interesting that this story doesn't register. this is just happening and suddenly we get a release 34 more are gone. well, there they go. >> part of it is that congress has made itself
3:53 pm
pretty clear but b. we are not going to bring any of these to the u.s. this is happening in the back drop of a lot of bad stuff going on in the world not raising it to that level. if we do see one of those people who have been released either up either dead because of a drone strike or some sort of attack somewherecf#nñ else, absolutely this will become a bigger story. >> before i come to you, charles, al kouso. >> one of the leaders in the al qaeda released in july of 2012. >> look, this reminds me of an administration's argument on the iran deal and preel tending for every violation that of the iranians, the administration would explain it away often lying this is ends and means for obama. he has an objective. he wants to empty guantanamo. he pretends it's because of
3:54 pm
a recruiting tool. everybody knows that's a farce. and then they give us and they gave the gahannaians false information about these guys. i'm why it hasn't pressed public opinion nobody can find guana or the map. when they try to send one of these into the u.s., it will be a huge story. that's why they are trying to send them abroad first. >> very quickly the say let the guana statement stand and not comment on documents released by wikileaks. i don't know if that's going to stand. >> they are u.s. government documents. this is the frustrating things you go to the nfc and how do you square what the guana government is saying publicly with what we have seen in the set. this is a formerly top secret risk sea. produced by top military and intelligence assessments at gitmo. last thing quickly on the news medianot that the news media isn't covering it. it's that they are covering
3:55 pm
for the administration. the "new york times" in describing of release just yesterday sending 10 detainees to -- low risk. they are not. five high risk and five medium risk. medium risk means a possibility of taking action against the united states. >> we will see how fast winners and losers will be next. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, a quick winners and losers, charles? charles charles winner israel the largest immigration ever of western european jews iran iran ironically -- big oil. fracers are being wiped out. >> amy? >> i'm doing debate special trump very successful last night. bebb carson did he not only have a great night staff shakeup and more indications that his team may be making a lot of money off of him and it's not helping his campaign. >> winner then loser. >> my winners are mark geist, along with two other unnamed cia contractors in benghazi finally getting their story told and told the right way. my loser is wtoltv toledo, ohio, who fired several employees for playing cards against humanity at the station new year's break. >> cards against humanity? >> fun, risky, adult card game. they were fired for playing this game.
4:00 pm
>> standing up to the little guy. steve hayes. hey, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for report, fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. tonight, "on the record," a market meltdown and every single one of you will feel this even if you don't own one share of stock. the dow taking a nose dive and closing down. the economy taking a major hit market 2016 does not appear to be going away. what is causing this frightful chaos? and what does it mean for you whether you own stocks or you don't? the fox business network gerri willis is in new york with the very latest. gerri? >> big sell off going on 13 days. we have had big swings in the market, triple digits, it's starting to frighten people who hold stocks in a 401(k) or know people who do. here is the reality, oil prices plummeting 70% from their highs. they


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