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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> header and i will be back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: fox news alert. you're looking at dow jones industrial average plunging again today, another triple-digit loss. triple digit doesn't do it justice. you're looking 450-point drop for the dow. that is nearly 3% loss. this is mid i will -- middle of the trading day. this is lowest level of u.s. stock market since last august. but more importantly, how fast we've fallen, how fast we've tallen, already in 2016 the dow has plunged more than 10%. that loss now totaling more than 1800 point this is as oil prices continue to move lower.
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today we're seeing oil below $28 a barrel. this is more than a 12-year he low. this is a market to watch. all of this on a day where ceo survey shows ceos are more concerned about 2016 than last year. their biggest concerns? government overregulation and geopolitical concerns. we'll keep watching it for you, the dow down 430 points. ♪ this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, actress and commentator stacey dash, an today's #oneluckyguy, political editor of and fox news contributor guy benson is here and he is outmum numbered. welcome, guy. happy birthday, casey. >> happy birthday to stacy. >> great to have you. with a new haircut and
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everything. >> thank you. sandra: not much to talk about politically. what do we do for an hour. what will we talk about? let's get right to i. first-in-the-nation iowa caulk consists a potential game-changer and big blow to ted cruz. tea party favorite, sarah palin who endorsed cruz's 2012 senate campaign is now throwing her support behind donald trump and hitting the campaign trail with him. >> we are ready for a change. our troops deserve the best. a new commander-in-chief who track record of success has proven he is the master at "the art of the deal." he is one who would know to negotiate. no more pussyfooting around. our troops deserve the best! you deserve the best. he is from the private sector, not a politician. can i get a hallelujah.
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>> hallelujah! sandra: all right. that's not just, it is not just sarah palin by the way. cruz taking a surprise hit from the popular republican governor of iowa, terry brand stead who wants him to lose his state. quote he is biggest opponent of renewable fuels. he is heavily financed by big oil. once iowans realize that fact they might find other things attractive. he would be very damaging to our state. i think it would be a mistake for iowa to support him. we should note ethanol fuels made from corn are a big deal in state of iowa. the governor's son, a big-time ethanol lobbiest. cruz with the reaction to the governor's ringing non-endorsement. >> it is no surprise the establishment is in full panic mode. we said from the beginning that the washington cartel was going to panic more and more. as conservatives you night behind our campaign, you're
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going to see the washington cartel firing ever shot they can, every cannon they can. sandra: guy, awesome to have you on this day. is all of what we just saw, is this a game-changer for iowa when it comes to donald trump and ted cruz? >> i'm not sure. i think it's significant. first of all as conservative i would say attack on cruz over ethanol boondoggle is feature, not a bug. as for sarah palin i made it clear where i stand on donald trump, i'm not a huge fan. putting on political hat here this endorsement comes at on on port tune moment for trump. this is pattycake with cruz is over and cruz opening a two-front attack on trump. saying one, he is not a true conservative. which i agree with. welcome to the party, ted. secondly, if you think about it, cruz is saying trump is sort of the part of the establishment. i think for him to try to
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advance those attacks against donald trump an sarah palin comes in, i think that really inoculates "the donald" against both those line of criticisms that cruz is now undertaking. sandra: andrea, this was, when we saw sarah palin take to the stage yesterday, what is andrea tantaros is thinking? what do you think? andrea: you really want to know. i don't know if i'm saying exactly thoughts going through my mind but i will say this, it was memorable. i couldn't take my eyes off the screen. it's definitely good for donald trump in this moment. it's also, i think a whole snub towards the establishment which we know that sarah palin has had a very storied past. she is not a fan of the establishment but it was troublesome for someone like ted cruz because she has been close to him for so long. i think, sandra, terry brand at that time endorsement is big -- brand stat. this is head someone so
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specifically, a conservative ted cruz. guy, i love you to death but i could not disagree more. trump is not establishment, not even a little bit. i don't really agree with that. i don't agree with that. the argument thumb is not conservative people know that. for the first time i've seen people not even care. it is remarkable of he changed his positions. gop base doesn't seem to mind. that is why it is different. trump's rebuttal when he came back tried to hit him didn't really make sense. he said the guns are out for the establishment, no. the governor support ad non-establishment candidate donald trump these arguments are not making much sense and they are not really going to hurt trump. sandra: ted cruz went i am immediately on "special report" last night, stacy, harris, want to get your response and responded to the sarah palin endorsement. listen. >> listen, i love sarah palin. she is a friend of mine. i would not be in the u.s. senate if not for sarah's
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friendship and incredible support. whatever she chooses to do in 2016 i will always be a big fan of sarah palin's. harris: that is definitely taking high road. they were not just friend she endorsed him and endorsed senator rand paul in kentucky. she has history of saying supporting some of trump's rivals. where is she really now? that ace fair question. if you're getting this kind of endorsement and she endorses these people who were definitely clear and secure and stood politically now different than trump how valuable will that be? i agree. i think governor of iowa is bigger deal for two reasons. one, he does have a history of supporting candidates who are somewhat outsiders. but the other is, long after sarah palin has gotten off the campaign trail in iowa for donald trump, well the governor will still be able to hold the bully pulpit. he will still be able to captivate iowans whatever he has to say about cruz. sandra: stacy, one republican
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strategist says this is one-two punch for ted cruz. >> she helped him win the office. she has a lot of power with republicans and conservatives. which shows that donald trump is vying for the conservative vote. that is what he wants. what he wants is to change america, make america great. he says how he is going to do it. he is capable of doing it. he doesn't like being number two. he doesn't like to lose. so he is not going to. whatever it takes to do to do. that's what you want. that's what we want. we want someone who will get up there and say that, do things to do that. he got sarah palin to back him. that's big. sandra: pretty much the words of sarah palin yesterday as well. andrea: lots of words. opium. never thought i would hear that in endorsement speech. all right. hillary clinton's email scandal may have just gotten worse, a lot worse. the messages on her private, unsecured server contained government intelligence that was way beyond top secret.
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that's according to a letter from the top inspector general to senior lawmakers. the letter does not go into specifics like how many emails or whether she sent or received them but it does say that her private server had information from our nation's most secretive and highly-classified programs, including a category that is so restricted access is only granted on a need to know basis. a spokesman for hillary dismissed the letter and accused the inspector general working with republicans to hurt her campaign. guy, really, suspension of reality. >> unbelievable. andrea: spokesman comes out he says, inspector general, appointed by president obama. >> that's right. andrea: somehow colluding with republican what is is perhaps the greatest national security violation and you heard krauthamer last night, even far worse than someone like edward snowden. >> this is fantasy from the clinton campaign. they have got no good answers. they're going back to the tired
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old trope of the vast right-wing conspiracy. think about this. this is a huge revelation, put out as you say by the obama-appointed inspector general. if there is conspiracy here, the inspector general is in on it, fbi is in on it, intelligence community is in on it, fox news, nbc news, "new york times," everyone is in on it except for hillary clinton? if this sound ludicrously implausible it is because it is. one more point, catherine herridge nailed this scoop before anyone else. nbc followed up on her reporting. if you read what they wrote, nbc, to give you sense how secret the material was, the inspector general whose job it is to oversee the intelligence community had to get special clearance just to review this case. this is the most secret type of material anyone can look at in the u.s. government. it was sitting there on that unsecure, totally improper server for virtually anyone to hack into.
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it is so reckless. >> only one the ones we found. god only knows what we didn't find, what she was able to erase, beyond top secret, how do you go beyond top secret? i don't understand that. andrea: the clearance she has, harris is very, very rare. the top of the top. as, guy, you pointed out, even the inspector general does not have the clearance to review the documents. so the question is, to your point, stacy, are we -- we can't know what is in the emails because it is so highly sensitive. the question is the attorney general going to be only one who will be able to look at this? i would think she has a similar designation. harris: i have two thoughts on that. i don't think we want that information made public. i don't think we really want beyond top secret information made public because it may involve other countries, obligations that were made. you and i were having a conversation a while back about the clinton foundation and what might be in those emails. this is the type of stuff that
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the president i would assume is being briefed on. remember he went on "60 minutes" and tried to reassure the world whatever happened with hillary clinton's server was probably not nefarious or a crime. right? but this is the type of thing that he would have to be briefed on. so what will he do now? because this is nefarious and quite plainly could be a crime. at the very best case, a worst case for us as americans, might obligate us to all sorts of things with regard to other countries. we won't know that until we know what's in the emails but i don't know about making them public. i don't know if we really want that national securitywise. andrea: i don't think that can happen, i don't think they can be made public. the question is, disthis then disappear even further? how much does the president bear responsibility? stacy, we know that some people knew she had this private server. they were all in on it. they condoned it. allowed her to do it. the president has to. >> she was working for him, right? she was working for him.
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he is the president of the united states of america. someone has the smoking gun. now will we see the smoking gun? i don't know but we know there is a smoking gun. that should be enough, for americans to understand they can not vote this woman into presidency. she has something that is top secret that she allowed, not even americans to see. we don't even know who. sandra: normally i would be asking, andrea, guy and why it looks so bad and not hurting her? now we see. trust factor continues to go down with her supporters. she is going down as far as polling. >> we'll see if indictment comes down the pike. it could. harris: bernie sanders, hasn't even had to touch it and hurting her pretty badly. andrea: we don't know who was on receiving end or sending end which wraps them into this whole thing. what a mess. data from the fbi now shows a spike in violent crime across
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the country with most dramatic hike in the number of murders. so what could be driving this? outrage is building over oscars as more hollywood stars speak out against what they say is lack of diversity at this year es academy awards. we've got hollywood right here on the couch today, stacey dash is going to give us her take on diversity in the oscars. that will come up after the show. catch even more on the web. called "outnumbered overtime." harris: harris is here. oh, yeah, baby. andrea: click the "overtime" tab those comments. we have the full home too many here today.
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♪ harris: watching "outnumbered" and we're glad that you are. a big change in america and it is not good. early data from the fbi shows violent crime is rising across the nation. murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults spiked in the first half of 2015 compared with the same time period previous in the year before. the most dramatic number reported is the jump in murders, up 6.2%, in cities with a population more than a quarter million. all violent crimes are up 5.3% across the board. breaking it down by region, in the midwest the worst of it, murders up by nearly 10%.
9:19 am
you know, on that list of course some of the things we've covered is your former hometown of chicago. we've seen lots of things. what are your thoughts. sandra: that's where it is happening is big cities. when you look at the spike in the violent crime rate it is concentrated in the big cities. seeing more than 5% drop in the last six months that they're tracking here versus overall, just over 1%. so, big picture, you're looking at a year-over-year change, okay? historically speaking we're still looking at violent crime rate, it is still historically low. for me numbers are everything. you have to put that in perspective. why is this happening? we could go back, we covered it on the show, fbi director james comey, this was back in october, he raised the possibility this could be the result of police officers in the weighing of ferguson backing off and not being as proactive, whether or not that is actually happening he did raise that possibility. the white house of course quickly dismissing the picture.
9:20 am
thrown into the equation -- >> you're right, sandra. that is absolutely it. they're afraid of repercussions. right now we have entire country against our police force because of mistakes made by a select few. and we have none of the establishment, whether it be state or federal backing them. they have no support. and that's, what are they going to do? harris: we just saw momentarily in the state of the union to the president, he gave a shoutout to police officers and that was a quick one but we saw entire summer as stacy was saying, situations where police officers were put in dangerous stead. look at what baltimore's leadership did after or amid the riots there, stand back. let people do what they need to do. creating us versus them atmosphere which is dangerous.
9:21 am
this past sunday night on "fox report," we reported another shootings of a police officer. andrea, what are your thoughts? andrea: i think it is perfect storm and i think number of factors led to us this point. as you mentioned, harris, we covered on "outnumbered" the spike in crime all summer long. "usa today" did a deep dive, all deeply blue cities all of them with restricted gun laws, seeing rise in crime. you're seeing withdrawal of proactive policing same rudy giuliani put into play which was very successful. you see this anti-cop mentality. those cases over the summer. and also, this is really important, crime is not going down. the murder rate is not going down. they're just reclassifying statistics. they're fudging the books, cooking the books. if 83 people are shot one weekend in chicago, counting as one incident. medical technology is getting better, even though people are getting shot they're living and surviving these attacks. harris: that is a blessing.
9:22 am
we don't want to put that in the category of well, you know -- guy, quickly want your opinion on it. >> sandra was on point to point out in the larger historical context we're still at pretty low ebb in violent crime and that's a good thing. we'll see if beginning of 2015 is a blip or beginning of a trend. crime and police issues will be fault lines in the 2016 election. sandra: we have fox news alert for you. top of the hour, watching selloff in the u.s. stock market, plunging more than 3% today. there the is the dow at lowest level of the day, drop more than 500 point. just ticked below there a moment ago. the dow at 15,514. getting update, this puts the dow down 1900 points in just the first couple week of this new year. this is being asked of economists and analysts what's going on, a lot of correlation going on to the selloff of price of oil.
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looking at more than decade low in oil prices. oil dipping below $28 a barrel. oil dipping below $28 a barrel. we'll keep an eye on it for you. the dow continuing a selloff down more than 500 points. we'll be right back. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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sandra: fox news alert. we looked at the dow passing through that 500 point mark to the downside. look at this. selling is ex-exacerbates now. we're looking at 536-point selloff this is one for the history book. dow is at 15,478. this has been a fast, furious fall. guy benson, we're looking at new year, first few weeks of the new year, and we're now looking at dow off 1900 points. new ceo survey is out. ceos in this country say they're more pessimistic now than they were last year. the number one reason why? they fear government overregulation and their second biggest fear, geopolitical concerns of the everything
9:28 am
happening over there, they fear what that may do here. >> sure. uncertainty. part of me of course is just saying naturally this is barack obama's fault but i think there is something to -- i know there is a lot of demonization of ceos but these are the people who have got to those positions for a reason. they understand how the businesses work. when they're seeing we're being strangle by government, you would think some in government might pay attention. i am not a super investor. i have a 401(k). i can bear to watch the screen. i will not check the screen for a while. sandra: you thought this would be good news for stock market, we saw the federal reserve pump money this to help things out. harris: it was miniscule, come on we have been at zero for so long. people say at the break we're in interest rate hike environment. how is that close to being true?
9:29 am
we were at zero forever, we took a little one? my biggest question, people watching numbers, like guy, me, a lot of people, we have our retirements tied up in this. don't look at it. throw away your password. it is hard to stomach. we're hearing same things before big dives. it is very rosy, very optimistic, what are you hearing? sandra: we were looking at energy revolution in this country, energy boom where there is glut of energy supplies. oil year prices dropping to 12, 30-teen year lows below $28 a barrel. a lot of this selloff analysts tell you is tied to that. the biggest losers in the dow, as you look at stock price plunge, goldman sachs, caterpillar, ibm, cisco, united technologies, american express hitting levels they have not seen in years. we'll keep watching it for you. the dow off 544 points. >> hillary clinton feeling the bern. new polls show former secretary
9:30 am
of state falling father behind her rival for the democratic nomination with bernie sanders. a new cnncnn/wmur poll leading clinton by 27% in new hampshire. sanders gained additional 10 points when it was conducted in november. same poll finding sanders on their choice among those who definitely say they decided who they want to support, beating clinton again by nearly two to one margin. on the heels of this, we see a poll not good for hillary clinton. harris we've been talking about this polling with women specifically. this is a polling -- take a look at this. she is losing women to bernie sanders in way that she hasn't before. it was always a huge disparity between the two of them, but now, 64 -- i should say, 54-35%. that is bad news for her.
9:31 am
>> what is really interesting, look what is happening on political aisle with women. sarah palin endorse donald trump. i don't know if you saw this in hollywood wife of john wayne endorse donald trump. he is picking up iconic hollywood backing along with political backing and they are high-profile woman. her husband was, john wayne, that is iconic hollywood. almost as though what he said months ago, hillary clinton not liked by women. he can force the hand on that right now. she is not helping herself, but what is happening across the political i'll is not helping her. andrea: almost like they assumedded casey, women would fall in line and they underestimate how smart women are. >> barack obama did it. barack obama is black. they will vote for her. hillary clinton is liar. she should be in jail. there is blood on her hands. that is not going to happen.
9:32 am
we're not that stupid. andrea: millenials, guys. coalesce the obama coalition of african-americans and millenials. >> not happening. andrea: one of her biggest fans, according to "new york times," lena dunham has troubling comments aft few months back "new york times" miss dunham had more conflicted feelings about the affairs of bill clinton. she told guest at park avenue apartment of ceo of hbo she was disturbed how in the 1990s, clintons and their allies discredited women who said they had sexual encounters or sexually assaulted by former president bill clinton. lena dunham, big liberal, supporter of hillary clinton, according to "new york times" even she is troubled by cover-up. a lot of young millenial women are. >> reticent in private but waving pom-poms in public. the poll from cnn is breathtaking 63% to 36% from bernie sanders. i think she will still be the
9:33 am
nominee. it will not be the wire-to-wire coronation dnc planned for her. she is not very good at this. when you come down to it looking at 2008 and today, there are a lot of people who don't like her or want her to be president. this is ongoing issue she has. one more small thing that drives me crazy. we hear these pieces and commentaries all the time how right-wing and extreme republicans are getting. look who the democrats are falling in love with america today, unreformed social it who rants about the revolution at his rallies, who proposed $20 trillion in new taxes. give me a break, please. spare me this whole thing about republicans going off the rails. harris: you still think it is going to hillary clinton. you hear the chatter. i can hear the words in the area like cartoon dialogue balloon from joe biden. every day i regret not running. i think who you would scoop up if you put in joe biden and elizabeth warren on same ticket.
9:34 am
i wonder if there not minds of democratic party who are a little quiet with the email scandal heating up yet again apparently never resonated but might resonate if tied to the clinton foundation. it snowballs. it never goes away. the likability doesn't grow. andrea: they should have known this. flawed candidate under investigation ever the fbi. arrogance and hubris that is all tied together on email scandal and trying to give her cover. they knew about the private server. all of them. sandra: can't even compare this to her last presidential campaign because it is so much different this time. andrea, i'm shocked to look at a campaign, a machine like the clinton machine, getting taken so off-guard. i don't understand where their preparedness is, where the strategy is? it might be time to change course, guy. >> yeah. it's so telling to me that she is attacking bernie sanders on socialized health care from the
9:35 am
right. harris: she is not, chelsea clinton is. >> campaign is. they're going after him hard. they're correct about the finances and requires massive tax increases on middle class, the fact that is the tack she is taking is extraordinary. andrea: she is queen of health care. obamacare is based on hillary care. harris: is shoe in trouble? >> yes. andrea: 1990s playbook and it is not working. back brash of oscars not having one person of color in the acting nominee category. latest hollywood heavyweight to speak out. prominent african-american director who has no issue with this.
9:36 am
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♪ harris: pressure surety mounting as more hollywood stars speak outlook of george clooney,
9:40 am
accusing a academy awards moving in the wrong direction. two-time oscar winner joined the crowd of growing voice, stars blasting the oscars all after 20 nominees in the acting categories were white for the second straight year. academy president cheryl boone isaacs vows to take action, quote, alter makeup of membership. this year's host, actor and comedian, chris rock is under pressure to pull out but the first african-american nominated for a best director oscar seems to have very different take. john singleton nominated for 1991's boies in the hood, said the nomination depend less on race than what it eligible in given awards cycle. there are so many slots. it is all subjective. almost like the lottery end quote. our hollywood person on the couch, stacy, your thoughts? >> my thoughts are the real issue there are not enough opportunity for is people of color with rolls where it
9:41 am
warrants us winning an oscar. my second point of view, either you want to be segregated or you want to be integrated. if you want to be integrated you don't need to have things like b.e.t. or the b.e.t.' wards, or the image awards, where you have to be black in order to win these, because if white people did that everyone would be up in arms. so either you're going to become an american and just be an american, a part of society and a part of hollywood, or you're going to separate it and deal with this kind of issue. harris: it is interesting, some in hollywood, the woman who played aunt viv alongside will smiths in "fresh prince," we have video of her, she pushed back in different position and almost landed in place where you are and said there are bigger things to talk about. can we watch that? >> people are dying, boys are being shot, left and right. people are hungry. people are starving. people are struggling to pay
9:42 am
bills and you talk about some [bleep] actors, and oscars and, it just ain't that deep. harris: she specifically was talking to jada pinkett-smith. and there is kind of a long-standing riff between those two women reportedly. what she is saying there, andrea, as i understand it, there are bigger things in hollywood you should be focused on. andrea: like equal pay disparity with it is women? to stacy's points think seem like a bunch of big hypocrites. >> they are. andrea: women speaking out we're not paid as much as men and liberals pat themselves on the back that they're so tolerant to women and minorities. they're really not. i would ask you, casey, whose fault is that? is it studio's fault for not funding movies? are there ideas out there? are there scripts? not enough people writings of them? not enough people of color writing screenplays? where is the root of the problem. >> the root of problem is what i said, bar has been lowered
9:43 am
because you have this segregated thing and black hollywood and white hollywood. you have black movies and you've got movies. that has to stop. it has to stop. there is no need for a b.e.t. or b.e.t. awards or image awards or naacp for that matter. we don't need it anymore. harris: what is also interesting, i mentioned john singleton, he was quoted as saying his friend, sidney poitier, told him it depends on the year. he never got too caught up in the diversity of hollywood because he knew it would come out. i'm paraphrasing what singleton said, would come out in the wash, some more years you have more diversity and opportunities for people in color in films and quite frankly other years you don't. >> a lot of americans are tired of this racial fetishism, let the best man and best film in this kate win. i do think it is funny this, is sort of ground zero of the celebrate diversity crowd, the academy 95% white, 77% dudes.
9:44 am
good job, hollywood. harris: academy headed by black woman now though. sandra: these are obviously very subjective awards. chances are there will be heavily influence decisions next year and years following. andrea: would you want that, stacy, would you want awards based on pressure on actors? >> i want award based on merit. that's the point. harris: we'll see what happens. there is no indications chris rock will not do his job as host. >> he should. it is an honor. harris: quickly before we move on, i want to clarify and offer with respect a new information now. it is daughter of john wayne who endorsed donald trump. i misspoke earlier and said wife and from bottom of my heart i don't like it when i make those mistakes, i want to get on the record get it right. the daughter of. we'll move on. ray rice finally landing an nflr gig of sorts after the team released him over the elevator
9:45 am
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in a moment but officers to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." >> the dow is down more than 500 point as oil prices continue to fall and worries spike a global economic slowdown. we will get an update for you. bill clinton set to hold organized event in concord, new hampshire. he is hitting trail for hillary as her numbers continue to drop against bernie sanders especially in that state. we have all of your political coverage. we're tracking what could become a major northeaster to hit the mid-atlantic and northeast. so much for that mild winter. get out your show shoes shoes. it is "happening now." andrea: no, jon. >> it is not that bad. andrea: thank you. sandra: could a come back be in the making for former baltimore ravens star ray rice? he was suspended and released by the team in 2014 after horrific video surfaced of him punching and knocking out his then fiance
9:50 am
and current wife in an atlantic city elevator but this weekend rice will serve as running backs coach in the nflpa collegiate bowl. a all-star game for draft he will babble for college players. he is among those offering advice to future pros. rice says he is still training in hopes of signing with an nfl team before the 2016 season. i will defer to the man on the couch for this one. i assume you're a big foot ball -- >> that very sexist and -- go to the guy talk about this. it is true. it is true. sandra: all right. does he get a second chance? >> i believe americans believe in second chances. this was particularly grotesque incident caught on tape. what brothers me about this, not like oh, he is trying to earn way back on nfl roster. it is a little weird in a row where he is giving advice like a mentor to incoming players or guys who might be in the league. i mean, might the advice include don't beat up women? i feel like this is -- he should
9:51 am
not be a mentor. he has not earned that. harris: i can't believe to kind of further that line of thought, the disbelief, i can't belief they didn't try to match up him with something else more appropriate. i don't say that people don't deserve second chance but put him in a room with young men, looking up, looking for answers at that point in their lives. what do i do to get the be the next great whatever. this is the person you bring out for them to try to model. sandra: what better example of -- harris: if he uses that. hey, i'm the guy, let me tell you all about -- i think he is going to probably use the good stuff. and that's fine but, it's not a match to me of appropriateness. sandra: where do you fall on this, stacy? >> i'm hoping if he is mentoring, excuse me, they're making him tell about his mistakes, what he learned from his mistakes and how he has corrected that because, you know, sometimes his anger
9:52 am
issues, whatever it is. my, my problem is with the wife actually because i wonder what she's doing to help other women who are battered? she is being battered by someone who is famous and she has decided to marry him. what are the women doing who are coming from inner-cities who are being battered and not able to leave the situations? so i'm wondering if she is doing anything to help these women because that's a very, very important and huge cause. helping someone who was a battered woman. not saying you need, but you need to also help other women understand that especially if you're going to be a public figure. sandra: public figure, they are both are, and here he is working with these young men, andrea. has he been punished enough? should we be talking about whether or not he should receive
9:53 am
a second chance or should we assume it's time? andrea: i think we can talk about it because i think it is a good lesson but i watch what people do and not what they say. i have heard a lot from rice and his janaye. they didn't seem sorry. both of them came out pretty strident. i don't care how many female advisors you put in, how many commercials you take out, to believe that roger goodell saw the video, the cover-up is always worse than the crime. they mishandled it. i hope ray rice is using opportunity and he did something wrong and can be a teachable moment but frankly he has not really taken responsibility adequately. i don't know how he can counsel people without saying himself i've done something really wrong and i'm sorry. sandra: maybe he is doing that. thank you. lots of women can't wait to get married to have a man around the house. why is one wife saying wedded bliss feels like her a quote, helpless female?
9:54 am
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9:58 am
she gave up her handiness and started relying on her husband for everything. she write, quote, no sooner did i say i do my psyche said i don't. i don't fix things, i don't build things, i don't get things where we're going. without meaning to i began to embody the stereotype of helpless female, a stereotype i hate. sandra: if she is no longer fixing toilet and surrendered job to her husband i think you'll be all right. maybe there is something more deep but i don't want to dismiss it. on lighter note, i sympathize with one area, when we walk out to the car, it is assumed that he drives. i can't remember the last time i drove the car, right? i don't know if you experience this at all -- harris: i love to drive. i'm always driving. sandra: do you know what i'm saying though? married couples -- harris: guy looking at you like he never met you. andrea: get ahold of the wheels. sandra: whatever. harris: you're looking at sandra
9:59 am
like you never met her. sandra: the man assumes is he driving when both of you were in the car. >> you have that going on, working for you, thrilled, i'm delighted for you guys. i read the op-ed and it baffled me. this is woman basically saying my agency as a woman just disappeared when i got married. i used to love to do these things, now i don't do them anymore. dear husband, thank you for doing all fixing of things, i will take care of this one. harris: oh. >> is, am i totally off base here? say something. andrea: this woman needs to get a hobby or something. because, i know how to use a hammer. why do i let my husband do everything around the house? because you're smart. you are smart. i can not wait, i have a honey do list. i know he has tool kit. he is ready to go. i can not wait to unload all these things i do myself. he is ready to do it and likes to do it, what is the problem? ladies make life easy. let him do it. we do other things. we have other skills, do we not, stacy.
10:00 am
>> i don't want to change the toilet. i hire a handyman to do those things, a plumber and driving, i always expect the man to drive. harris: all right. we'll stay here and drive ourselves to "outnumbered overtime." click on "overtime" tab. "happening now" now. and furious gun running operation. >> he was blue and lifeless. >> a 26-year-old man found frozen on the side is


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