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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: heather and i will be back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. heather: bye. ♪ ♪ harris: it is friday eve, welcome. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tanty rose, sandra smith, stacey dash and fox news legal ab list arthur aidala. outnumbered and right on time with the news breaking with regard to top secret, beyond secret e-mails. [laughter] >> i don't think even in any of those e-mails i ever received to thursday as friday eve. harris: really? you've got to get on board. >> i'm the new kid on the block, but let's talk about the e-mails. harris: it's thursday, let's rock and roll. developing now, we are learning the former secretary of state
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had e-mails which were so secret on her private server that senior lawmakers who oversee the state department not even read hem. but now the democratic front runner is taking aim at republicans, blaming them for what's happening. her campaign spokesman accusing the intelligence community's inspector general of coordinating with the gop to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. comments which some critics say hearken back to the days when she blamed a so-called vast right-wing conspiracy for the troubles she and her husband faced. the latest e-mail revelations getting the attention of the republican presidential candidates who say the obama administration is giving special treatment to the clinton. senators marco rubio and ted cruz on hannity. watch. >> this is very serious and, in fact, if hillary clinton, god forbid, were elected president, one of the first things she'll probably have to do is pardon herself. >> general petraeus was criminally prosecuted and right now the obama pentagon is trying to strip him of oneof his stars
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for doing what appears to be much, much less than what hillary clinton did. harris: and donald trump suggesting hillary clinton is cozying up to the white house to avoid prosecution. >> do you notice how positive she is about the president? you know why, right? you know why. because she wants to stay out of the clink, that's why. okay? believe me, that's why. she's a hundred -- i mean, every single thing, oh, the president's wonderful. she never thought the president was wonderful before. harris: wow. if you're old enough to remember hogan's heroes, that really resonated. or not. [laughter] you know what? i want to get to the politics with you first, andrea, before we move on to the evidence and this just coming out a couple hours ago. former obama adviser david axlerod saying the whole notion of having all your communications on a private e-mail on your own server was not good judgment. whether it's a fair critique he's making, we'll have to see. it'll have to unfold as the
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justice department looks into this. andrea: yeah. look, the politics of this are really bad for hillary clinton, and she's banking on outlets like "the new york times" not to cover the story which they barely did. so it's important that republicans keep their foot on the gas. i mean, typically i would say if you're pouring fire on yourself or pouring gasoline and you're lighting yourself on fire, just stay back. let your enemy do that. but in this case, harris, i think they need to keep hammering this point home, and they need to broaden it out to an entire administration-wide scandal. because this is not an outlier. this is the m.o. of a rogue administration from irs to fast and the furious that operates above the law. what she did was illegal, and the fact, harris, that she keeps talking about how this inspector general is colluding with republicans, that's a 990s trick -- 1990s trick. that's an old playbook. that inspector general was appointed by president obama. and the fact that she is pointing her finger at that tells me she knows how serious and bad this is. harris harris again, before we get to the evidence, i'm going to stay on the politics for just
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a second with you, stacey. earlier on there had been some question on whether this was resonating with the public, particularly democrats. is it time to wake up, and what would you say to people about this? stacey: yes, it's time to wake up. she put people's lives in danger. let's forget about the four people who are dead whose blood are on her hands. let's think about the moles, the people who were undercover, the people who are still undercover who might have been in these e-mails who are now being exposed. we're not even thinking about that. there's still people out there who could be in great danger because of her. because of her e-mails. we don't know what they are because they are beyond top secret. harris: yeah. stacey: they're saying they can't even read them. harris: a special access program, so secretive when people at the highest levels got ready to look at what the ig was talking about -- stacey: that's beyond serious. harris: so now let's get to the evidence. judge napolitano on "the kelly
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file" last night put it this way: >> the case against her is overwhelming, damning, and from her perspective, grave. do you know what type of information is in there? be the names of moles, black ops; that is, secret programs that the government wants to deny the existence of. for her to have put that on on open server while she's the secretary of state is absolutely grossly negligent and must be the basis for an indictment. harris: also what else is in those e-mails, sandra, had to do with our drones operations. which the very word "drone" in classified docks units from what i'm reading would make it such that it wouldn't be an open conversation. sandra: how is this not enough? i mean, arthur, you're sitting on the couch. explain to us how when judge napolitano just lays out the possibility of moles, black ops, secret programs the government wants to deny exist could possibly have been exchanged on her private e-mail server, people are baffled by this. >> so what happens internally is loretta lynch, the attorney
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general of the united states of america, she sits down with all of the evidence. she makes a prosecutorial decision the way she does with every other case. is there enough, is there not enough? is the right thing to do, is this not the right thing to do? even though she's not supposed to do it, i would be shocked if there's not some sort of consultation with the white house before she makes a decision that is going to alter the land scape of the united states of america -- harris: and what would that look like that would get her off the hook? i mean, you heard david axlerod today. very close to obama. he's not in the white house anymore, obviously, but he's saying the justice department's going to -- i mean, if you'd said that six months ago, nobody would even believe it. but the fbi, we don't know what they have. >> well, the fbi apparently is looking at two different things. the gross negligence as the judge appropriately put it, and also was there any type of quid pro e quo going on with her giving out assignments or contracts when she was secretary of state, and then the clinton
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foundation getting millions of dollars worth of fundraising. quite frankly, if loretta lynch sees that nexus, if there's any kind of a pattern that this person got this contract, two months later there's $2 million in the clinton foundation, that person got that contract, a month later there's -- that is the kind of thing where i don't think loretta lynch could put her head on the pillow at night unless she came forward and did something about it. harris: all right. so more than 1300 classified e-mails on the server that we know of. and in one case the undersecretary of the department, patrick kennedy, told the intelligence community head that he had gotten information from the irish times report. so she's blaming republicans, he's blaming the irish press for information that's out there? andrea: they're blaming a lot of people, certainly. but that's really -- stacey: that's what they do best. andrea: i want to bring up this point on general petraeus. it's no coincidence that there's a possible demotion in the works for this general.
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they're trying to, i think, bully general petraeus because he knows a lot. remember, he was leading the cia. he issued a report the night of benghazi that said this was a terrorist attack. flied in the face of what she and her state department said. mysteriously, there's some classified information in his office, and then the man -- we know what happens to him. he leaves. harris, the fact that they're talking about a demotion tells me they're hanging this over his head. he's been talking to committees on the hill. it also tells me this will backfire, because the more she talks about general petraeus, the more we are reminded that what she did is far worse. so any punishment less than what he got would be considered special treatment. this is a bad idea, to bring petraeus back, in my opinion. harris: well, and i understand it. i mean, the e-mail -- and i say e-mail because it may be only one or two with with which were the concern with petraeus -- could not even compare with the hundreds i just read about. >> but let's do a little legal analysis. even thoughs it is legally
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irrelevant, it has to do with negligence, like making a mistake. harris: right. >> but petraeus intentionally gave these things over to someone who he should not have whereas hillary clinton is saying she mistakenly put them in the wrong place. harris: 1300 times? >> but there's -- it doesn't matter. just so we're clear, whether it's a mistake or intentional, legally it doesn't matter. but to the person, the prosecutor who's using prosecutorial discretion, they have to say, well, petraeus is with this girl, and she's writing a book, and they're lovers, so he intentionally gives it over. hillary just screws up tremendously, so is that the person we're going to stop from being the president of the united states? it's a tremendous decision. stacey: what about the e-mails where she told the adviser, whoever she sent them to, to take off that they were confidential, that they were classified? harris: yeah, to take the marking off. stacey: right. to take the marking off, which means she knew this person.
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>> it's not clear i'm representing her yet -- [laughter] i'm not here with a full blown defense. i'm just trying cocome up with reasons why. obama may hate hillary clinton, he needs her to win to continue his legacy. if a republican comes in, evything he did gets dismantled. we can't ignore that. harris: okay. fox is told that the latest e-mails which were subject to the special review are expected to be released at the end of january on the eve of the iowa caucuses. uh-oh because timing is, blank, fill in the blank. sandra: catherine herridge, timing is everything. catherine herridge of fox news has been doing amazing reporting on this. harris: she and pamela brown. sandra: harris, when you look at the media coverage of this story, i know we've been talking about that on the show for so long, they've been largely ignoring it and not covering it like we have. are you starting to see that change? because i saw on another cable television network yesterday and this morning, i saw more of i
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guess you could just say hosts on the other networks challenging the notion this is just a right-wing conspiracy by the fact that this inspector general, he's not a republican, the one identifying them as the most top secret e-mails. harris: this would require everybody to start calling people liars who may not have political gain by lying. that just makes the interviewer look foolish. and you got some democrats who are now starting to speak on the issue that it may have been beyond politics or whatever. i mean, i think that your observation is correct. will it ever really catch up to the importance of the moment? we'll have to see. because there sure is a lot of information out there. andrea: but they're playing cya at the -- harris: not cia. andrea: no, cya, because they knew about the server. the fact that she intentionally, deliberately set up a server that is in violation completely of federal law, i'm no arthur aidala -- [laughter] but something smells fishy, arthur.
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>> you're looking a lot better than arthur aidala. harris: the supreme court handing president obama one final chance to implement his controversial immigration plan to shield millions of people from being deported. what happens if he actually wins? the possible unintended consequences. and buffalo bill. cracking the glass ceiling, hiring the first female coach in history. is this move all about appearances? >> and between we're done on tv, don't you fret, baby. there's more outnumber online., click on that overtime tab. our web show includes you on the live chat. we read your posts and have the kind of fun, well, that has a record number of you now clicking to watch, and we are grateful. stay close. ♪ ♪ when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan.
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♪ ♪ sandra: the supreme court handing president obama a final shot at implementing his controversial plan to protect more than four million illegal immigrants from deportation. lower courts have blocked the plan after texas and 25 other states challenged it. the justices announcing this week they've agreed to hear the administration's case, but the president has the power to change immigration policy without going through congress. but careful what you wish for.
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analysts say if the high court rules in favor of the president, time would not be on the administration's side. with a decision likely in june, the white house could be looking at millions of applicants with less than seven months before the president leaves office to implement the program. and if a republican president takes over in january, the executive orders will almost certainly be reversed. so put this in perspective for us. how can we expect the administration to handle millions of people when they already showed in a previous program that they could not keep pace? >> well, that's actually putting the cart before the horse, because before they can even get there, the nine justices -- at least five of them -- have to agree that, basically, this executive order is not in contradiction to a federal statute or the united states constitution. obama is on course, on track to basically equal george w. bush in terms of the amount of executive orders during the course of eight years.
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just so people know, the emancipation proclamation was an executive order. but there are many executive orders that the supreme court looks at and says, no, no, you don't have the right to do this. this is what congress is supposed to do, or you need to go to the electorate to do it. so the first hurdle is that five of the nine justices have to say, okay, the president does have a right to tell people who have children who are citizens that they don't have to leave the country. then making that happen, and that goes back to the end of our conversation. if obama does not allow hillary to run, you throw this right out window. trump hates it, cruz hates it. and those are two big names right now. if they come in, all that work is gone. sandra: but still we're talking about because we're always talking about the l word, president obama's legacy. means everything, right? seven months left in his term, what does the victory in the supreme court mean for his legacy? andrea: it's huge. and he's had some very critical, very important historical victories in the supreme court, specificically on obamacare and on gay marriage.
9:19 am
and i know it's tough to predict how the court's going to go, arthur, but this is huge for the president. and the reason it's also huge is because if certain republicans get in, they might keep it in place. i'm not unconvinced that, say, a marco rubio who's been liberal on immigration or even a jeb bush if they were to win would keep this in place. but you're absolutely right, this is all about legacy. and it's so important for the left. that's why they're circling the wagons around hillary right now, to keep these legacy items in place. harris: it's complicated, too, for democrats. this was first announced in november of 2014, so people who wanted this to happen have been waiting. it was put on a stay in february 2015. this could really backfire on the president. i mean, you've got a voting electorate that are going to go based on somewhat what he's going to do on immigration. if it doesn't go through, it just makes it look like a very hollow promise that people have been waiting for for more than a year are. >> it's really not his fault. he can blame it on the court. harris: the reality is, they didn't get what they wanted.
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>> when trump was on the podium saying you see how hillary's buttering up to the president? as a lawyer who represents clients, i mean, of course i advise hem to be nice to the judge, be nice to the prosecutor because we're all human beings, and that's has an effect. so when hillary stands on the stage at the debate the other night and is bragging about obama to no end, it's hard to say that has no effect on a human being whatsoever. stacey: the good news in this is for the immigrants, because this gives them time to get their lives in order and do what they have to do to become legal. that's what should be focused on, them, the people. rather than what's going on in the courts. the illegals should try to become legal. they should do what's right as american citizens. unless they want to get kicked out. sandra: all right. stacey's got the last word on that. with less than two weeks to go until iowa, it appears the gop establishment is starting to get behind donald trump while slamming ted cruz. what it could mean for the party and the race. and hillary clinton may be losing support among voters who
9:21 am
were supposed to be a slam dunk for her. why some feminists say they don't think she's a champion for all women and whether it will hurt her campaign. ♪ ♪
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator.
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washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ♪ ♪ andrea: happy national hug day, everyone. two people who won't be hugging, donald trump and ted cruz. eleven days out from iowa, this as the gop establishment appears to be getting behind the billionaire businessman. one day after iowa's popular republican governor, terry branstad, says that he doesn't want cruz to win his state. iowa icon senator chuck grassley saying he agrees with branstad's view that cruz's positions on energy policy are bad for the hawkeye state. the six-term republican saying, quote: i have to look at it from an issues standpoint, not a personality standpoint. cruz is cruz. i'm to not going to say anything about cruz, i'm just going to say ethanol and wind are very
9:26 am
important in my state. in the meantime, more piling on from one of the biggest gop establishment figures out there, former senator and presidential candidate bob dole. dole saying in this about cruz, quote: i don't know how he's going to deal with congress. nobody likes him., quote, cataclysmic and wholesale losses if cruz is the party's nominee and saying that trump could, quote, probably work with congress because he's got the right personality, and he's kind of dealmaker. [laughter] all right, arthur. so better late than never. the establishment, many of them, saying this could never happen, trump's not serious, he's a croup. all of them wrong as trump has maintained this lead. how do you feel about them -- is this finally the moment? are they all coalescing? >> i was sitting with you here in august right after trump announced -- andrea: i remember that. >> two weeks, okay, we had the reality tv show, and it's over. i think everyone's coming to jesus, like, this is it.
9:27 am
and i think what bob dole said actually is accurate. he has the personality to sit around the table and make the deal. he is, my fear about trump, if he could do it, i know he'd be able to do it for a year, maybe two. he just seems like myself and others i know like, all right, i was president for two years, now i want to go do something else. i mean, but i don't think the establishment has a choice, andrea. who's their choice right now? unless something happens in iowa or new hampshire or south carolina that really changes the landscape like rubio pops or christie pops or something. andrea: well, harris, it was almost starting to, i think, backfire on the establish. s because the longer they waited, they had to come around. harris: well, it made them look awfully disingenuous about winning. you say you want to have your front runner in the media, and here he is like every minute of the day, yet you're not really out front supporting members of the establishment. but i think the critical words
9:28 am
that i read that bob dole said were the fact that donald trump has lowered his rhetoric tone a little bit, and he's become one of those people -- and i'm paraphrasing dole now -- who could get that deal made with just about anybody. and that tells me that the establishment point of view is not just changing, but trying to give him a leg up by building some momentum. maybe if he takes iowa, he can build from that point on. the timing of this should not be lost on ugh. andrea:down you know, plato, sandra, wrote about what makes a true statesman. i was reading that a couple months ago, and i thought, wow, that sounds like trump on one hand, but then on the other hand, the temperament. that's what plato said is necessary. is harris right? it seem like trump is starting to perhaps moderate that temperament. sandra: i think the even more fascinating side of this story is the way these very prominent republicans are disliking ted cruz. but isn't there a long history there with ted cruz? he's been critical of bob dole
9:29 am
and his era of lawmakers. that goes way back. this isn't anything new. but you stopped just short, andrea, of mentioning that bob dole said he would oversleep on election day if ted cruz were the nominee. [laughter] >> wow. sandra: just fyi. and he's endorsed jeb bush for president. hey, look, this is just -- i still say this is early going. there's still a lot of time left here and a lot still can change. andrew: what state is bob dole living in these days? we've got to get him to the voting booth. of. stacey: but i lie -- i like what arthur said about the energy. i think you're wrong, he'll lose it after two years. there's so much to deal with in the four years, he will get it done because he has that energy. >> from your mouth to god's ears. stacey: he has that conviction, and he knows how to do it. he has the rolodex, and he knows how to make a deal. harris: he also doesn't like to lose. stacey: no. and he is bringing down the rhetoric, and he's starting to talk with more, you know, taste
9:30 am
and a little more softly and carry a bigger stick. andrea: he has a giant stick, arthur, that is for sure. and he's been beating people over the head with it. doesn't it point, very quickly, to how out of touch the establishment was to begin with, that they didn't see this coming? >> correct. but i don't think anybody saw this coming. they wanted the status quo. they wanted jeb bush, they wanted -- they love what they know, and they know they're going to make a deal with jeb bush, and he's a reasonable guy. andrea: some people saw it coming. stacey: status quo's gotta go. andrea: it looks like hillary clinton is losing support from some feminists, particularly on the younger side. "the new york times" explains the under-35 set see hillary clinton's brand of feminism as catering only to wealthy white women. the piece explains, quote: to feminists intersectionalty is shorthand for the idea that women from minority groups, women of color, women with disabilities, transgender women and so on have been omitted from the record by affluent white
9:31 am
women. the op-ed also quotes a 28-year-old who define cans hillary's support for women this. quote: it's fine for middle class white people, feminism that doesn't include rights for the poor, for minorities. it's just not feminism for me. this after "the new york times" reported yesterday that feminist actress and hillary supporter lena dunham admitted privately she was disturbed by how the clintons treated women who made claims against bill in the '90s. that voting bloc of younger women, of african-american women, of hispanic women, she needs them to win, and she was banking on them, but she doesn't have them. harris: you know what i thought about? it has to do with much of that voting bloc, some of this material being breaking news for them. they weren't as close to it. in the '90s, many of them hadn't even voted yet for the first time. so when something is fresh and new to you, it makes you want to dig deep every. and as they do so, these are the types of things that are coming
9:32 am
up, and they run counter to the words coming out of her mouth in support of women. and, look, you can just compare the tape. you can listen and watch and read about how these women who were victims were treated versus what she's saying about should happen for women now. so it goes back to trustworthiness. can they really believe what's coming out of her mouth and moving forward that she will do based on what she says. you always say watch what a person does more than what they say. well, we have history to show us. andrea: and, stacey, women have advanced since the 1990s. even though women reelected bill clinton even despite the scandals, this generation of women, they're not putting up with it. they have more power, they have more success. they don't need to tolerate and, in fact, they see there's nothing worse than a woman who supports her man and stands by him and vilifies another woman. there's no worse kind of woman that bullies other women when their husband -- stacey: right. she's using him for her own advantage, that's why she's doing it, so she can get ahead.
9:33 am
not only that, women see through lies better than anyone else. we have that sixth sense. we can see the truth. and she's lying to us. and she won't tell us the truth. we're not going to stand for that. >> but when people are in the voting booth, when you're in a voting booth and here's a 32-year-old, hard working woman and it's ted cruz and hillary clinton, you know, if that's what it came down to, i know when it's me and i'm in that voting booth and i see a fellow bald person voting, i'm voting for the bald person. and i think because they know the discrimination -- harris: did you say bold or bald? >> bald! [laughter] harris: i got confused. >> all kidding aside, i do think that, ultimately, a young, hard working woman is going to look at hillary clinton when they're in the booth or filling out the thing, and they're going to pick her over someone else. even though everything else you said is true. harris: being able to choose based on principle? >> i think it's time. i think it's time. it's an historical thing.
9:34 am
andrea: sandra, that's under the assumption that women are actually going to turn out for her. you have to motivate people to show up at the polls and pull that lever, and i don't know if free birth control's going to do it this time. sandra: well, and she's going to be playing defense for a while. my question to you, andrea, who's left? who are they going to support? if they're turning away from hillary clinton, it'd cruz, i don't think -- ted cruz, i don't think their alternative is ted cruz, but who do you see them looking at? andrea: it's a very good question. i think on the right now, the two front runners -- especially donald trump -- t going to hold that position. i think it's very tough looking at the field for anyone to gain that much ground unless trump completely implodes which i just don't see -- >> he can't. he's done so many -- when he said what he said about john mccain, i called my dad and said, trump's gone. and he survived. i agree, what's the alternative? you're a 35-year-old, hard working person, you go into that -- man or woman, and you go into that voting booth and who pulls you? i do think people are going to
9:35 am
turn out to vote this time because a little bit of trump, because of this media attention on -- it's unbelievable. and we haven't even voted yet. harris: so far, the intensity for votership. stacey: and our country, we need a leader. we need a leader. harris: and gun control may have helped fuel that, because we know that people who are so strong about the second amendment, and i'm not quite sure who that wouldn't be, but they vote. andrea: that's right. so do security moms. and if trump is speaking about that, he might win that demographic. all right, parents in one community now planning legal action over a controversial anti-bullying program that asks kids to step forward for things like if their families ever worry about money or if anyone close to them has ever gone to jail. so did the school cross the line? >> i asked them to do the same thing they wanted the kids to do, stand in a circle, put a mask on and step in the circle and say all your problems; your mom's in jail, your dad's a drunk. good lord, she gave the bullies ammo. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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♪ harris: this is going to be juicy. outraged parents in one pennsylvania community are pursuing possible class-action lawsuit. all over a controversial anti-bullying workshop at west allegheny middle school. for one activity, 8th graders were asked to hold a mask over their face, step into the middle of a circle, and if they had been affected by drugs or alcohol. if someone they were close to identifies as gay, lesbian or transgender, or if a family member ever worried about having enough money. this is a gem. if they are someone or close too has ever been in jail. the district says, then they had to step into that circle. the district says the opt-out letter was mailed to parents. so kids didn't have to participate. parent say they wish they would have known what the questions actually were before the workshop. >> there is so much damage, so
9:41 am
much damage done to these children. there is no way, no way to go back and make this better for them. harris: the district issued a statement stands behind intentions of workshop and looks forward to addresses parents concerns. all right, think of the visual of this too. you're walking into a circle which means you are captive, by the things that make you different. that seems especially cruel for a bunch of kids who are trying not to be bullied. >> let me first answer this as lawyer. then i will do it as a parent. as a lawyer, horrific as this is, this isn't really what a class-action lawsuit is supposed to be b a class-action lawsuit tylenol has bad pills 100 years ago an didn't pull them off the shelves fast enough and people got very, very ill. this is lawsuit about stupidity. as parent of nine 1/2-year-old, it is comical. whose parent has been to jail, and is broke, get in the middle of room! what is the heck, how is that helping anybody.
9:42 am
andrea: counselor is it about stupidity though? it seems like it was pretty intentional to go on fact-finding dig about these children's lives. arthur, i would argue almost seems like they need a workshop for teachers because sounds like bullying what they're doing to the kids. >> the point showing everyone has issues they're dealing with, nobody so perfect. what they said, who struggles with math, bo in the middle. harris: why do you need to handle it this way? making kids a target based on things they struggle with. >> not only that, they are personal questions. that is none of their business. those questions were reprehensible. harris: here is how i know or suspect they knew something would be bad with this, they didn't tell the parent questions. sandra: i have a solution, pull each kid into the office on their own, ask any problems like to discuss. that is what counselors are for. arthur's point, math, science,
9:43 am
reading what they're supposed to be doing in school. yes there is problem, the school is trying to deal wit, there has to be better way. i'm not a psychologist, i'm sure, arthur there is more bet or legal way to handle this. >> i think what they were trying to do, harris, showing all the kids everybody has a problem. perimeter is full, each issue get addressed more people wind up in the middle. harris: maybe, if you're the bully, oh, okay so i was right. i was picking on someone they're inside the circle. andrea: great point. giving bullies more material is what they're doing. bullying the kids into turning over more information. sandra: parents said kids were leaving meeting crying and then anybody in the room that is willing to pulley, now has more ammunition, or has something on a student they didn't have prior to the meeting. ugly situation. very, very sad. >> silly. harris: legally do they have a case? >> you have to prove what damages are.
9:44 am
if there is one kid who refuses to go to school anymore, two or three, okay, you know what, i moved my child's schooling. doctor testifies psychological, there has to be damage to get money. harris: we'll move on. angelina jolie's children are getting a little taste of the entertainment industry perhaps, making a cameo in her latest film. they are now weighing in saying the way their mom earns huge money is crazy easy. after they got a little taste of it. our own actress on the couch has some thoughts about that next. can't wait. stay with us. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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andrea: you know you want more "outnumbered." officers you have to hear from jon scott, with what is coming up in hour two of "happening now." >> you want "happening now" too right? andrea: a following dish. >> there you go. we're monning to for news after days of hillary clinton on office after the surging bernie sanders the political analysis ahead.
9:49 am
a big winter storm already making a mess in parts of the nation. it is expected to pound the mid-atlantic and northeast up to two feet of snow for d.c. national weather service briefing in just a few minutes. rick reichmuth also in the extreme weather center. call it a come back. the dow up more than 230 points at this hour after steep losses yesterday. oil prices have recovered some today after falling to loys not seen since 2003. we're watching your money and hoping it goes in the right direction. andrea: jon, more like a sandwich. we're the meat in between and you and jenna are the bread. it is a sandwich of awesome. >> it is awesome. we be the meat as well? harris: my goodness. andrea: this is going in such a weird direction. thanks, jon. harris: so awkward. >> here we go. angelina jolie's kids weighing in on showbusiness and how easy her job is. in an interview with "vanity
9:50 am
fair" magazine the actress says four of her children make audio cameos in her latest film, "kung fu panda 3". they took it very seriously but goes on to say, quote, now that they have had a taste of acting they think mommy's job is ridiculously easy. sandra: it is, isn't it? >> incredibly easy. this is hilarious. first of all they're kids. okay, you know, kids love to be provocative with their mommies, all of them. but you know, you bring your children around. you let them see what you do and you have to let them know that it's not easy. you have to show them what you're doing because acting is far from easy. you have to learn lines and you have to become a character that is believable. everybody has to believe you. like when i go somewhere, someone has to believe i'm not stacey dash, whoever the character i'm playing. so you, you know i think this is, you can't put too much judgment on it because they're children. andrea: plus stunts.
9:51 am
angelina jolie is known for doing a lot of her own stunts, right? >> maybe she isn't telling them or showing them. but i think they were doing that to be provocative. harris: i would think you would do more than a panda. the other thing too? because of budgets and because of the hectic schedules, when you go to make a film, your hours are viciously long. >> yeah. harris: kids attention spans if they had to do whatever their mom was doing, whatever it would be, it is interesting. after 15 minutes they lose interest. part of their job is not to lose interest. >> when i come to set, they last about an hour. mommy, we want to go home. you're there for 16 hours a day sometimes. >> i have a little bit different experience. i was eight years old, my grandfather took me to see my dad give closing argument in murder case. i was like, wow. but when i started drifting off about an hour, my dad starts referring to me. even my son. uh-oh, grandfather he is talking about you.
9:52 am
i agree overall children like to chide their parent. it is no big deal. andrea: arthur, how much acting plays a role in your job? you put on theatrics. >> people don't want to be board. in courtroom sitting on jury duty, they want a little emotion. they want you to talk really loud. and sometimes they really want you to whisper and try to convince them beyond a reasonable doubt. andrea: don't give away your secrets, arthur. >> obviously there is a lot of substance to it. presentation has a lot to do with it. andrea: you must struggle with emotion part. i find you very closed. >> i'm a very closed person. sicilians and greeks are private. andrea: we have to come out of our shell more. sandra: healthy to tell angelina, tell their kids, yeah my job is easy compared to those that dig ditches for a living. harris: not to mention all the other thinks she does outside of acting. she is very philanthropic.
9:53 am
>> she is very philanthropic. harris: she is to be honest, not digging ditches. andrea: better than actress saying it is harder than war. harris: anything would be better than that. sandra: historic move bit buffalo bills. did you hear about this? became the the first team in the nfl to hire a woman as part of full-time coaching staff. is she the best person for the job or could this be a strategic move by the nfl? we'll discuss. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ harris: work it. >> watch me whip and. [cracking whip] watch me whip and nene. sandra: buffalo bills first team to add full-time female coach to the staff. she is the special teams quality control coach. she worked in nfl since 2003 and joined the bills last year to administrative assistant of coach rex ryan. ryan saying of smith, quote she deserves the promotion based on
9:58 am
her knowledge and strong commitment to name her strong qualities. arthur happens to be friends with lawrence taylor. >> i called lt he basically said i don't have a problem with that she is probably smarter than most of the guy coaches out there. the problem she will have are twofold. number one, a lot of communication, day-to-day communication takes place in the locker room. but he said i'm sure they're going to figure that part out. number two which was a little more realistic or to the point, even bill belichick, who i think will go down as the greatest football coach, jay will be happy i just said that, but he will be in history -- harris: buying your lunch. >> when he first became a coach, no one respected bill belichick. you know why, andrea? sandra: he wore cutoff sweatshirts. >> he never played football. never played football.
9:59 am
all hulking football guys coming in the pros and all of sudden someone who never played the game telling them what to do. all of sudden after a season they realize he was smart guy. sandra: not a strategy by nfll. >> she worked with ryan for a long time. >> working with him 13 years. merit. she deserves it. >> it is all about the results in the nfl. if you win you're in. sandra: could this potentially bring softer side to the nfl? >> just what donald wants. andrea: i bet she didn't get there by being soft. i bet there is nothing soft about the nfl. i like the woman because she is not soft. she is very shrewd. i hope other players mirror what lawrence taylor said. how many players will have hard time taking orders from a woman but a woman who has not played the game herself. >> i'm sure ryan will make sure -- harris: watching men all day long.
10:00 am
that is dream job. sandra: buffalo bills, we'll be rooting for you. stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. we're on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" starts alert. we are waiting a news conference on the massive winter storm bearing down on the northeast. that storm could drop two feet of snow in places including the nation's capitol. we are monitoring what the forecasters are saying and we'll bring you the update. >> the deadly reach of terrorist networks. where do we need to hit to stop them in their tracks? but wall street's dizzying ride. the driving force be


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