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  Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2016 7:01pm-7:20pm PST

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hampshire, and brand-new cnn/wmur poll has trump leading with 34%, cruise is in second with 14%. here with reaction of the author of the book, "crippled america, how to make america great again," republican presidential candidate, donald trump. why all of a sudden now the big surge that had been tightening up a little bit? >> well, i think they were right from the beginning. i'm not sure if it was a surge. cnn had us at 33%-20% a few weeks ago but nobody wanted to report that poll because it was too much of a lead. the des moines paper, i'm not a big fan of, des moines register, they reported that poll which i disagree with. we've really done well. i spent a lot of time in iowa. we're doing great with
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evangelical, great with the tea party and i think we're going to do really well in iowa. >> you have gotten some criticism from some conservatives about the back and forth between you and ted cruz. i want to ask you about it. mark levin is mad at the tone. rush limbaugh said that this is national and populism, not necessarily conservatism. newt gingrich said on this program this week that you are demeaning yourself if you get into a fight in this particular case. but the polls show you winning. so do you go with the polls that it works when you go back and forth or do you say, maybe my relationship with ted cruz can be repaired? >> well, i have to go with my own thinking. ted attacked me. don't forget. he started. he attacked me pretty viciously. first he was laying back, as we all know. they said "in the wake." frankly he attacked me, sean. and i have a lot of respect for mark levin. i have a lot of respect for rush.
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rush has been great for me. rush has been so amazing. mark's been pretty good. mark likes ted and i think he likes me. but i have to go with my own thinking and i talked about the fact that, frankly, i think i'm doing the party a favor and i think i'm actually doing ted a favor, the fact that he was born in canada, he with a as a citiz canada until just 15 months ago. constitutional lawyers are saying he can't even run. how can you have a candidate you're going to pick as a republican nominee and he's not allowed to run for the office of president. that's a big problem. and he has some other problems. like he didn't disclose in his financial papers that he was borrowing money foreign policy goldman sachs and citibank because he wants to be the big wonderful guy that takes down the banks. but here he is with personal guarantees to citibank and goldman sachs. i think it should have been disclos disclosed. >> let me go through. if these polls hold up, you will be the republican nominee. i know a lot of your agenda but i want to go over it with 11
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days to iowa, maybe closing argument sort of thing. i know you have said you would rescind on day one obama's executive orders. you would build the wall expeditiously. you've been very firm about that. you'd raise standards for who we allow into. country. you'd replace obamacare. i still you're still for health care savings accounts. correct? >> yes. i like that as a concept. i certainly like it, yes. >> and isis, i would take their oil and bomb the living day lights out of them. >> i would bomb them, you better believe it. >> i want you to expand -- for maybe those few people that are left undecided in iowa or new hampshire, tell them what else a trump presidency would look like. >> we're going to be strong on the military. our military's a mess right now. we just let it go. there hasn't been proper investment and our military is going down. i'm in the real estate business. all the time i get listings army bases, naval bases. they're selling everything. how many bases do they have? anybody in the real estate
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industry can tell you because i'm getting constantly i get listings for these military bases and i say how many are we going to close? we have to create a tremendously strong military. hopefully never have to use it, but it's got to be so strong that nobody's going to mess with us because we're in a very perilous time. big-league take care of the vets. strengthen the border, mexico's going to pay for a wall. they're making a fortune. carl icahn, who is a great businessman, endorsed me, many other bips men ha businessmen have endorsed me. unfortunately a lot of people haven't heard of them but these are the greatest businessmen and women in the world. we're going to have great people negotiating our trade agreements. we're not going to lose $500 billion a year with klein like last year. $500 billion in trade deficits with china. not going to happen anymore. japan. mexico's killing us at the border but they're also killing us in trade.
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ford is building a big plant there, a 2 $1/2 million plant. nabisco is leaving chicago with a big plant and building a plant in mexico. why? so we're going to stop all of that. we're going to have people build plants but they're going to be built from this country. they're going to want to build them. we won't force them because we're lowering the taxes. we're the highest tax nation in the world. my tax plan which is very good which your friend larry kudlow who i respect a lot loves my plan. when this plan goes into effect -- >> i like the repatriation. >> we're going to stop corporate inversion. we have companies that are leaving. sean, we have companies that are leaving the united states and moving to ireland and europe and asia. they're leaving. pfizer is moving to ireland. we have major, wonderful companies that, frankly, because the taxes are so high, and because they can't bring their
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money back into our country which is ridiculous, even the democrats -- it is amazing, democrats and republicans agree, the money should be allowed to come back in. they can't make a deal. >> a big part of your campaign is about how america has made stupid deals and as the president, you would negotiate better deals. you'd blow up the entire iran deal which needs to be blown up. you would negotiate better deals with china, better deals with japan, better deals with mexico. here's my question. you have -- if you look at the american electrici eamerican american electorate, they wouldn't use the power of the purse. in terms of negotiating with a congress that's shown itself to have zero to little discipline, how will you hold the line when they want to raise the deficit and the debt? how do you negotiate with those life-long politicians if you
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become the president? >> sean, i guess you know -- and people in business know -- i've been dealing with politicians all my life. it is fine to deal with politicians. there's nothing ng would with it. you deal with them. you have to cajole. a little like ronald reagan and tip o'neill. they were very opposites in a lot of ways but they got along, they made deals, the country did well and everybody was happy. they weren't doing executive orders like obama is because not even the democrats will do what he wants to do. the worst part of the iran deal is by the timethere, if i win, by the time i get there $150 billion will you gone. don't know if you saw today, secretary kerry came out and said yes, we expect a certain amount of that money to be used -- >> i have the cut. want me to play it for our audience? >> you can play it. >> it is outrageous. >> go ahead. >> i think that some of it will end up in the hands of the irdc
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or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists. to some degree i'm not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that could be prevented. but i can tell you this. right now we are not seeing the early delivery of funds going to that kind of endeavor at this point in time. i'm sure at some point some of it will. >> i just cannot believe he said that. >> sean -- yeah. listen to the stupidity of that statement. he said, well, so far we're happy that they haven't given it to terror. essentially. why don't they have restrictions? first of all, the money should have never been given back under any circumstances. we should have gotten our prisoners back. we then should have said we're not giving. we owe $19 trillion, sean. $19 trillion. it is going to be because of that really horrible budget deal that was made two weeks ago. it is now going up to $21 trillion very quickly. so we owe 21 trillion. here's the guy that says the
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money we gave them is going to be used for terror. if -- first of all, why did they give them the money? second of all, why didn't they say it can't go to terror? i can't believe he's even an intelligent man. >> if congress gave you a budget and it is going to blow the deficit through the roof, you're going to hold the line. correct? >> i'm going to hold the line. you know, i heard the other day that they want to make the budget -- balance the budget within 25 years. i said 25 years? why 25 years? we can -- look, we're getting rid rf common core, even though some people like jeb bush who doesn't have a clue, some people like common core. jeb bush likes common core. some people like him are weak on immigration. remember, he said they come in as an act of love. we need people that know what they're doing. we spend a fortune on education. we're number 28 in the world and we're number one in spending. we're getting rid of common core. there are so many things that we can cut and we can balance the budget very quickly. >> you think in five years?
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>> i think over a five-year period. maybe i could even surprise you. but i mean make the country better. i'm not saying skimp. i'm saying making the country better. >> i know most americans are with you wanting the country to be better and stronger. we'll take a break. more with donald trump. later governor john kasich. also jeb bush and much more straight ahead. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue antum, tum, tum, tumach acid at the source smoothies! only from tums men, stay fit. yet 68% don't know ... ... physical activity increases our need for antioxidants. let's add one a day men's vitacraves. a complete gummy multivitamin with antioxidants ... ... to help meet your increased needs. one a day.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. with a major nor'easter approaching the east coast, states of emergency are in effect for five states and the district of columbia. forecasters warn the massive winter storm could generate more than two feet of snow, white-out conditions and inland flooding. many schools will be closed tomorrow and thousands of flights have been canceled. the wintry weather is already
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plamd f blamed for at least four deaths in kentucky, ohio an tennessee. major fallout from the tap water crisis in flint, michigan. the epa's regional director has resigned. some state officials have also gotten the ax and there are some calls for governor rick snyder to resign. officials switched the source of water contaminated with lead in order to save money. logon to for all your headlines. welcome back to "hannity." we continue with 2016 republican presidential candidate donald trump. i want to ask you if you get this nomination, polls have you ahead today up 10% and 11% in iowa, you're up by a lot in new hampshire and south carolina. if you get the nomination and go up against hillary clinton or bernie sanders or joe biden -- we don't know who it is going to be -- or elizabeth warren.
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my question to you is tell me why -- i've asked is you before. you think you are more electable than every other republican in this primary. tell me how that's so, what states do you bring in to play that they don't? >> well, i think i'm not only more electable, i think i'll win the election. you saw the fox poll last week saying i beat hillary clinton and i think i will beat any one of them. i think she's probably more difficult than wacky bernie and i think i will beat them. i will just beat them. as an example, i think i'll win pennsylvania. i think i'll win ohio. you saw my numbers in florida where i am beating everybody. i'm at 48% and bush and -- who is a former governor is like at 9% or 10%. rubio, the senator -- >> i've got that number. >> i'm at 48% in florida. plus i employ tremendous numbers of people in florida. florida loves trump and i love florida so i think i'm going to win florida. i think i have a really good chance of winning new york.
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if we win new york, the whole ball game is over because nobody even ever anticipates winning new york because it's so powerful in terms of the process we are talking about. west virginia, i heard it is like a love fest. >> for you. >> because they understand my feeling toward coal and everything else. but west virginia, virginia. i think i'm going to win states that are not on the agenda for republicans to win. >> did you see this intelligence community inspector general report about hillary on top of the 1,300 e-mails, they now discovered that they now have a special access program that they discovered in this new report. every single one of those e-mails would represent a felony if this turns out to be true. by the way, this was a guy appointed by obama, confirmed by a democratic controlled senate. i'm beginning to wonder if she gets them. what are your thoughts about -- >> i've been saying for a while. it's very serious stuff and it seems like she's being protected by the president and the democrats because general
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petraeus has been destroyed and i hope they don't go any further. now they want to strip him of rank. just leave him alone. we have to fight assist. we have to fight trade deals with klein and japan and mexico. we have enough fights. we don't have to strip general petraeus. i think he's suffered enough. i think we ought to leave him alone. enough. go to another battle. just leave him alone. we're always doing things like this and we ought to focus on some of the problems we have like isis as an example, like iran which is now going to be a terror -- can you imagine how bad they're going to be with all of this money that we just sent to them? just leave general petraeus alone. it is enough. but it's very serious stuff. her situation is a very grave situation. in one way i'm upset because i really want to run against her. i would love to run against her. your own fox polls have her losing to me. but i really want to run against hillary. so in a way i don't love what's
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happening. >> go ahead. >> i actually would love to run against her. the last person she wants to run against is me. and you know that. you've got a glimpse of that last week. but the last person she wants to run against is me. i don't like sore losers in life. lindsey graham came out today and said the battle between you and ted cruz is like being poisoned or being shot. there's palpable -- >> terrible. >> he was like an asterisk and maybe had 1% in his own state. i don't like sore losers and he seems like he's bitter. there are establishment people that don't like you. what do you say to them if you get the nomination? >> a lot of people are saying the establishment people are coming my way and they're starting to see that i'm the one person that's going to win the election. i'll win the election. i will win the election. i focused on guys like lindsey graham and knocked him out of the race and lots of other ones i won't mention. but i saw him today and i said, isn't that sad. first, he knows less about the
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military. his whole strategy with assad and everybody else is so bad, so off, no wonder we've been fighting a war for 15 years. lindsey graham had zero when he got out of the race. he had zero. he had nothing. in south carolina, be where i'm number one in south carolina, i was at 38% and he was at 1%. then he goes out and endorses bush, of all people, who doesn't have a chance. i mean he just wants to use his last name. i think you're right, it's sad. it's sad. you're right. >> if donald trump commits to fighting a war, is it we go to with win it or we don't go at all? last question. >> we're going to have a strong military. we're only going to win our wars. i'm a very temperate guy, believe it or not. we're the no going to have it but if we go in to a war we're going to go into it to win it. >> mr. trump -- thank you so much for being with us. 11 days. getting close. when we come back we'll