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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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you. breaking tonight in a power pul fell can i file exclusive. one of the most influential publications in american conservative thought. publishing a dire warning from nearly two dozen of the nation's best known conservatives. donald trump must be stopped. less than an hour from now, this will be the cover of the well known national review. cover page titled "against trump." the magazine started by william s. buckley junior more than 60 years ago. describing a true conservative at the time describing a thwart history yelling, stop. tonight these conservatives join together in an attempt to do just that.
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publishing their objections to the trump candidacy and they do not mince words. many of these and women will join us. and their message that trump is not one of them. then we will hear from the former side, roger stone is here along with washington times political columnist charles hurt. first we begin with one of donald trump's best known new advocates. former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin. when mrs. palin announced her endorsement of mrs. trump earlier this week she hammered the so-called republican establishment for trying to bring him down. look what's happening today. our own gop machine establishment, they who would assemble the political landscape, they're attacking their own front-runner. now would the left ever, would the dnc ever come after their front-runner and her supporters? no, because they don't eat their own. they don't self destruct.
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but for the gop establishment to be coming after donald trump's supporters even with accusations that are so false, they are so busted. >> joining us now, the man who organized this effort to stop donald trump. rich lawry. good to see you. >> hi, megyn. >> when palin gave that enforcement, many said trump won over the conservative base. that's an endorsement from the conserve tough base. and you and others at national review stand up tonight and say, not so. >> yeah. one big take away from what we're doing is not the establishment necessary that's opposing donald trump. you have a bunch of lobbyists on k street, figuring out how they can deal with trump or perhaps co-opt them. the point they are making, it is up to conservatives to think that donald trump whatever his virtues are doesn't truly understand the ideas and principles that make this country great. so up to those conservatives to
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stand up and say no, sorry, we oppose this. >> when you read the 22 pieces submitted to national review by very well conservatives and republicans in the country and andy mccarthy, and so on and go back with the first name on the list, what themes emerge to you? >> well there are a couple. one, if you truly are a conservative, you believe an ideas and principles. not just attitudes, not just who you dislike. it is limited government. the constitution. the liberty. those are the things that truly make this country special. and they are basically after thoughts to donald trump. he almost never talks about them. and if you are truly a conservative, you have the consistent record. we all change our mind on a few things every now and then when the facts change. but he has been on the other side on big hot button defining issues like abortion, gun control, taxes, and even
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immigration. >> he points to ronald reagan saying he too came across the aisle after having been on the other side. and that he has had that genuine evolution himself. >> and ronald reagan spent about 30 or 40 years marinating in conservative thought and advocating for conservative ideas. he didn't just show up one day and say, guess what, now i'm a conservative. and another problem with trump is he seems to believe what this country needs is a really effective strong man to make the trains run on time. when what we really need is the government to be cut down to size, restore to its rightful role, and then focus on the really important things. like the borders and like creative conditions. >> one of the pieces points out is that country was born in an effort to avoid a heavy-handed leader who thought he could just make it better. and to reempower the people to govern themselves as opposed to vest all this power in one man
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who said he could do it. >> right. look, he is a very talented politician, he has proven that over the last six to eight months and he hit a nerve and he has gone where the energy is. a lot of times i'm laughing and applauding right along with supporters but conservatism is more than that. i don't even believe, i think even on immigration, he is really conning people. this is someone who three or four short years ago, was criticizing nice pleasant polite mitt romney for being too harsh on immigration. it wouldn't surprise me if one day donald trump, if he get's a nomination, wakes up and says, depofrting people, the best people in the country told me that's not possible, forget it. >> rich, thank you. >> thanks, megyn. >> three people contributing to stop trump, dana loesch, brent bra zel, the largest on-line network and katie pavish.
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dana, let me start with you. on the lanes with the tea party out with plaquards on the sidewalks, you didn't see donald trump there. >> no. and megyn, to that point, i was on that first phone call the night that we were all, a group of us, were planning the first tea party rallies and founding modern day tea party movement. i didn't stand out. i didn't phone bank. i didn't go door to door for increased mandate for ethanol. i didn't do it for eminent domain. i did it for principles over popularity. and when i look at the primary, i feel as though a lot of this has turned into popularity over principles. that's what conservatism is. it is principle. i know donald trump. i think he is a nice guy. i think he's got a fantastic family. but that's not enough to me, anyway, to lead the white house. i want a staunch conservative and i don't have to question their authenticity. >> brent, you know what is
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happening right now. trump supporters are saying these people are establishment. they don't get it. we just want someone who can go in there and screw with washington the way they feel their lives have been messed with. >> megyn, anyone who knows me, knows i was fighting the establishment well before fighting the establishment was cool. i was fighting the establishment with the buchanan brigades in 1992. why aren't we speaking out about this? to suggest trump has some road to damascus, transformation, just isn't true. ronald reagan spent 16 years working for conservative principles. giving speeches. traveling around the country. raising money. supporting barry goldwater. doing all those things that advance the conservative movement for decades. donald trump did none of it until three months ago. until thee months ago, this man said he was a proud democrat. this man said he was a proud
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support of of hillary clinton. proud supporter of planned parenthood. people have to say, that's enough. do we only care about rattling cages in washington or do we want it fundment mentally change this course of destruction that we're on and donald trump has no record of ever supporting any of these things. >> katie, the pieces talk about, there is interest bill crystal, he is the epitome of vulgarity. this is another piece that he is whatever he pleases to be at the moment. the only principle being the triumph. his will. it's a harsh litany of accusations against him. does it run any risk of having the opposite of its intended affect? having the trump supporters say, that's it. we're dug in even more. these people don't understand us. >> look, i think there's a lot of people supporting donald
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trump who continue to support trump. but as we see with the race in iowa, there is a rift between donald trump and people who are looking at ted cruz as a conservative option. again, this does go back it principles. we have to ask ourselves here whether we are willing to set the precedent with donald trump and just throwing away years and years and decades and centuries of conservative values simply because a candidate comes in and says all of the right things. >> he said he is conservative. >> but he's not, megyn. he can say he is just like he says he is a lot of things. but the fact is that donald trump, his liberal past, is not behind him. he has began out on the current campaign trail, and vowed liberal ideas and big government proposition answers proposals. to say his liberal past is behind him and he is now conservative doesn't mesh with the facts. historically priding themselves on voting on records and
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candidates who have been loyal to the constitution an loyal to conservative principles. donald trump is not that candidate. >> one of the arguments of this piece brent talks about how they believe trump is quote the living breathing bellowing personification of all of the nasty characteristics democrats routinely describe from republicans. this is what you hear from republicans opposed to trump that he is influencing an upcoming generation of young people deciding what they are. and that he is not the best brand for the republican party. your thoughts on it? >> i think -- frankly, a president trump would be a terrible face of america to the world. this is a man who takes everything personally. everything is about himself. he is an absolute narcissus. he is doing what he thinks he needs to do to win the presidency. and the trump white house when he wins. and if this were a race.
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a and you know where jeb bush stands and there are several conservatives in this race and i've endorsed ted cruz for the reason he is the real conservative in this race with the real record and a past and future and real programs. >> dana, to those people who are sitting up here, you are a tea partier, you're out there. those tea parties are saying you're republican establishment. we love him. there is nothing can you do to change our minds. what say you? >> megyn, are you talking to me? >> yeah. >> first off, i'm not a registered republican. because i haven't thought they were conservative enough for a very long time. i've never gone out there and said i think we need to pay, we need to subsidize big corn in iowa. we need to subsidize ethanol. we need to call for an increase in that mandate. that's an conservative principle.
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there is no way you look at it that what he called for this week on the campaign trail that is not conservative. it is not conservative to afterwardize the fifth amendment and say immeant domain, we can could lewd with private businesses and go with private property owners and go with just compensation as it is constitutionally. i love conversion. i hope he is a convert on this issue. this is an issue close to my heart. this is the first time i've ever known donald trump top make an appearance at any gun show. whether it was nra or shot show. is it an authentic conversion? that is not bad or establishment to ask. >> great to see you all. >> thanks, megyn. >> up next, the response from the other side. roger stone will be here along with charles hurt. they've got some objections to what we just heard and they'll be next, fair and balanced. with one week to iowa,
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senator rubio joins us for the critical patch of road just ahead. stunning new information in the clinton e-mail scandal. what it could mean with the candidate and what just happened with her on a roof line. >> the basic fact that no material marked as classified was sent or received by me has not been changed. how do i know i'm getting the best price on this? we'll match any competitors price. what about this? price match guarantee. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen.
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. you just heard several influential voices from the american conservative movement coming out hard against donald trump and they are not alone. on his radio show yesterday, host mark levin blasting trump. he is supporting him before for using what levin called the politics of personal destruction to take down his opponents. one in particular. senator ted cruz. listen. >> here's my concern. if he becomes the nominee, a lot of people who otherwise would unite under that tent may not. because when you run and campaign a personal attacks on a linchpin campaign, wittingly or unwittingly, you turn people off. cut one, go. >> how would you work with the opposite party in washington p is. >> well i've been making deals and that's why i'm
9:17 pm
worth many billions of dollars, more than 10 billion dollars. >> let's stop. washington makes a lot of deals. the problem isn't that washington doesn't make deals, it is the deals they make. what you and i are saying, cut the crap, reduce the size of government so you and i under the private sector can make deals and they're not always making deals. cut two, go. >> politicses don't know how to make deals like a guy like ted. he has one problem and you know what other problem is. now he is being sued by numerous people saying he was born in canada. >> dirty low down politics. what did you expect? that's what they do. do you like what he just said there? do you like what he just said there? is that reagan-esque or
9:18 pm
nixon-esque? is that more reagan or mnixon. >> what he is doing is -- >> i have to stop you there. that is just a flat-out lie. >> guys, thank you for being here. let's start with this, roger. of those segments you just heard, the national review guys and then mark levin, those are, to some extent, ideal logically opposed. what ch is more damaging to tru trump? >> his campaign being and insurrection, uprising, discreet through the primaries, everyone who signed that letter are friends of mine and good people. but they are purists. there is plenty of conservative red meat on donald trump's platform on immigration. you might have the first president in my lifetime who is unincumbereded and able to cut
9:19 pm
federal spending. rebuild the military. and make the country great again. >> they are not really challenging that. they say they don't believe it. well, i agree with william buckley, founder of the national review, who says i'm for the conservative candidate who can win. donald trump has cross-over appeal to blue collar democrats. african-americans, to nonrepublicans because he is free to criticize both republicans and democrats. that's why he is potentially the strongest candidate. i first met him, by the way, when i was organizing ronald reagan's campaign in new york in 1979 and he and his father were raising money for ronald reagan. so don't tell me he hasn't been on the front lines, because he has. >> he has definitely voted for -- or not voted for, but given money to pelosi, clinton and weiner, and as a businessman, i needed to have these people wanting to like me so i could get business done.
9:20 pm
charlie, speak of this effort by national review. it is extraordinary but is it going to do anything? >> megan, i don't see how it'll be all that effective. most of the people out there supporting donald trump, so jubilantly right now, are not reading the national reviews, sorry to say. nor are they reading a wall street journal editorial page or any of these other publications held in such high regard around here. but i have to say, that you know, i get that they are making these arguments and it is good they are making these arg united states and but my goodness, when you look at the policies, many of which came from republicans over the past 15 years out of washington, why -- why didn't we have the outrage over that? where was this unified conservative outrage over the bank they allow in 2008. where is the unified outrage over launching the trillion-dollar plus war we were going to pay for with nothing
9:21 pm
but debt. where has been all of the unified chorus of outrage and politicians that come along and supported amnesty. >> is this the stuff that explains the anger that fuels in large part trump's candidacy, a badge he holds with honor, roger. you tell me, you know him, but my impression is trump will look at this and say, ha, i didn't think i would have you anyway and i don't need you. >> well, unfortunately, that's the sad truth. look, on the second amendment, there is only one candidate for president with a concealed permit, and he is packing heat right now. >> but he favored the assault weapons ban. >> yes. i read that story but i don't recall it. he is the conservative that could bring radical change to the country. mark levin, terrific guy. but ted cruz, bush, policy guy who got us john roberts and whose wife worked for condi rice
9:22 pm
and for the u.s. trade representative robert zelic, harvard, princeton, council on foreign relations, goldman sachs. please, there's the manchurian candidate right there. >> oh, you tied it in right there, manchurian canadian. you got it all right there. going into the latch stretch before iowa. one of the top actors following the lead of his wife in boycotting the awards due to lack of diversity in nominees. brian has thoughts just ahead. >> this is about children that are going to sit done and watch this show, and they're not going this show, and they're not going to see themselves represented.
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. breaking tonight with just one week with the fox republican debate before iowa. there is a lot of attention focused on the fortunes of one presidential candidate in particular. a new poll out of iowa showing senator marco rubio is the only candidate other than ted cruz or trump to score in the double-digit. holding a third place spot in a new cnn poll with 14%. in new hampshire, senator rubio is tied for third and the analysts say if he scores a top three finish in the early states, the future may look very bright for him. joining me now, florida republican senator and presidential candidate marco rubio. senator, good to he sue. >> thank you. >> so this is called the 3, 2, 1 strategy why top three in iowa, top two in new hampshire and win south carolina outright. is that true? >> that's not our strategy. i never discussed that with anybody. >> is it a good idea? >> no, i think we want to do as well as we can everywhere. here is the bottom line.
9:27 pm
i offer the republican party and this is what we are running on. i'm a consistent and strong conservative that will undo all of the damage barack obama has done but i will also beat hillary clinton which is what we must achieve. if you look at all of the polls, i haven't looked at all of them, but enough to know that i consistn'tly beat her. not just nationally but in key states. i will defeat hillary clinton. she doesn't want it run against me. that's why they attack me. literally, everyday -- >> they are very focused on me, true. >> i will beat her. i can't wait it run against her. >> your probably presently, apart from trump and cruz, for lack after better term, mean stream candidates were are attacking you now. bush's super pac is leaving no dollar unspent in trying to tarnish you. chris christie has been really harsh against you. you're the focus of sort of both groups right now. how do you survive that? >> i think we have. the numbers, we are doing quite well. despite the fact there's $25 million spent against us in
9:28 pm
negative attacks. you don't spend $25 million against someone you're not worrie about. the bottom line is i always today run against that. when i ran for senate the entire republican leadership in the senate was against me. now many of the same people in washington told me i shouldn't run and if i did this is what with happen. but we're more than happy it take it on. we can't lose this election. he can't allow hillary clinton to be president of the united states. >> what do you think trump says for that very same reason he should be the nominee because he refers to the huge crowds he is getting, which dwarf the crowds received by the other candidates, and he said, this is a movement now. this is what's happening with me is bigger than the candidacy. >> it is important to have not just the movement centered around what's wrong in america and angry about it, i think people have a right to be angry. what barack obama has done to this country is very significant damage. but you have to know what you will do about it as well. voters deserve toe know exactly what you will do when you take office. that's what we focus our campaign on.
9:29 pm
what barack obama has done to america, damage done to reputation in the world, to economy here at home, the way he pitted us against each other, all of that needs to be reversed. but you need a candidate and president that tells you upfront, this is how i'm going to do it. >> i want to talk to you about a vie al moment on the campaign trail you had involving and you know the first statement in the nation to caucus is iowa and a heavy evangelical population. and this moment has gone viral. watch this. >> you shouldn't be worried about my faith influencing you. my faith teaches me i have an obligation it care for the less fortunate. my faith teaches me i have an obligation to love my neighbor. to help clothe those that are makeed. to help those in prison. my faith teaches me if i want to serve jeesus, i have to serve
9:30 pm
aep other. and i think you should hope that influences me. >> that is a question you received from an atheist on the trail. how did that distinguish you from other candidates on the gop side? >> i'll let them speak for their own advice of faith in their life and i can tell you that my faith is the single greatest influence on my life. when i'm criticized, people say, your faith has nothing do with your service. i hope it does. it is my obligation to care for my neighbor, care for one another, even love your enemy. >> when was the last time you sought forgiveness? >> everyday. everyday when you pray the lord's prayer you're asking for forgiveness. i'm a catholic. so we ask for forgiveness a lot. but it's important for us to recognize, we have all fallen short, and the only way we get to eternal life is through our savior, jesus christ. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> i should have asked him what he did. that is the missing question. what was it?
9:31 pm
just tell us. mark your calendars be everybody. next gop debate, and this is a big one, right before iowa, the last chance for these candidates to make their case to in iowa and cast the first votes in the 2016 presidential race. a week from tonight in iowa. yours truly will be moderating along with bret baier and chris wallace. fox news google debate. all of the republicans making their last stand before real live americans get to actually get this thing started. don't miss it. thursday night, begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> also, it appears the clinton e-mail scandal got bigger despite what candidate says. catherine herridge is here. and what it means for the race for the wlous. plus, more than 80 million people are on some kind of weather watch or warning and we have the new forecast, new i say, just ahead. introducing metris, the mid-size van from mercedes-benz.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. well some alarming new developments in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal as we learn the number of messages sent with that most secret of top secrets information. is actually much higher than previously reported. making u.s. intelligence potentially more vulnerable to compromise. and it comes as we learning this information was so secret that top lawmakers with high level security clearance cannot even read these documents without getting special permission. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more information. catherine? >> senior lawmakers with oversee
9:36 pm
state department need permission from the intelligence agency to access the program. fox news is learning there may be more spillage of classified information. several dozen classified e-mails were identified but that number only reflect the main or root e-mails, not the number of times that classified e-mail was forwarded, replied to or copied to other people who did not have a need to know. tonight mrs. clinton seemed to dismiss the highly classified intelligence as nothing more than a news report about drones. a special access program that is one of the worst kept secrets in washington. >> the best i can determine may turn on whether or not someone forwarded a new york times article in the public domain. so there are a lot of unanswered questions that i would like it see resolved. >> but even if it is an open secret like the drone program, experts say security clearance holders cannot confirm or discuss it. especially an unclassified channels like a personal e-mail account. the next batch of e-mails is due three days before the iowa
9:37 pm
caucuses and today a state department spokesman said they may miss that date. >> we have had to push deadlines out a little bit. so i can't say definitively today that we will meet the next deadline. >> the intelligence agency that gets the information only see information and has final say on classification. when those e-mails sit the server they were classified beyond top secret not after the fact, megyn. >> she said it is one document that talks about a drone program published in the "new york times." is that what you're hearing? >> my understanding is that is one little sliver of the pie. larger pie, if you will, is much more egregious violations involving the sap or special access program information, megyn. >> catherine, thank you. in a series of interviews over the past 24 hours, hillary clinton defended her actions and suggested that criticism of her is about politics. >> basic facts that no material marked as classified was sent or
9:38 pm
received by me, has not been changed. >> are they falsifying information? >> i hope not. i really hope not. i don't have any information to that effect. i want this to be resolved and as a state department has said repeatedly, i will repeat, i did not send or receive classified material. >> fox news contributor and former speechwriter for george w. bush. and founder of the accountability project. good to see you both. >> good to see you, megyn. >> mark, she is saying she did not send or receive any material marked as classified, which is a new modifier she is throwing in there, as opposed to just there was no classified material which was the original story. >> yeah. that's an defense. that's admission after crime. it is illegal to take classified information and remove the markings and put it in an unclassified system.
9:39 pm
>> how do you know that's what she is saying? maybe she is saying, i received a bunch of information and it wasn't marked -- >> the only way it communicate with her is a private server -- >> no, no, no. what if she gets an e-mail from someone in state and it is classified document but doesn't say classified on it. is that a defense for her? >> no. it is not. as explained several times on the program, it is gross negligence is the standard here. not that she had to knowingly do it. it is clear she responded to this stuff but gross negligent. creating a system where the only way to communicate to her is with the system. there is in way to accidentally forward classified information. classified computers and unclassified computers don't talk to each other. if you're a government official have you a classified computer and unclassified computer. only way to get information from one to the other is to type it in and take markings off or put a thumb drive it the way edward snowden did and put it into the
9:40 pm
other system. the fact of having unclassified information is a crime. >> it is said it doesn't matter if the document is marked classified. if it's classified, it's classified, and it doesn't need marking. and that's a red herring. what do you say? >> what's very fascinating about this latest installment of republican party tactics against hillary clinton is that this is all before the iowa caucus. inspector general, i find it very curious that inspector general sends a letter to the republican chair of the senate and intelligence committee about this information when they themselves can't read the information. they can't read the e-mails. and the fbi has deemed that hillary clinton is not being investigated for anything criminal. that is true. >> not true. >> you want it really investigate this, let the department of justice do their job. >> the inspector general of the intelligence community is the one who said the super duper top secret stuff was found on there.
9:41 pm
this is a barack obama appointee. someone that is not supposed to be partisan and chosen by the democratic president. >> right. >> in fairness to him there is not evidence of partisanship here although it has been alleged by mrs. clinton. mark, your thoughts. >> of course not. he was appoint bid barack obama and special access stuff is serious. this is above top secret. so special they put it in a special kpart compartment with a special code word -- >> what are the odds that chinese or someone else was trying to hack into mrs. clinton's server? >> very high. first of all, there was a story a few weeks ago that top white house aides have had their private e-mail accounts successfully hacked by foreign governments. not their official e-mail but their private account. if they hacked the chief of staff of the white house and other senior officials, i'm sure they tried to hack mrs. clinton. it is very possible this stuff
9:42 pm
is in the hand of the russian -- >> but we aren't talking about a new york times article. we are talking about a new york times article passed to millions of people about a drone program that was classified and all she did is forward it. and to this point -- >> no, we're not. >> we don't know that. >> and let the department of justice do their job bp let them do their job. this is more interagency dispute. >> at the risk of the democratic party is that there is some there there and if she gets the nomination and there is criminal trouble they want to know earlier. who knows if it'll be resolve bred iowa or before she has secured the nomination or concealed it to seal the burn. >> one of hollywood's most bankable stars is boycotting over the issue of diversity with nominees. plus, did judge judy get a promotion? my idol? we will tell you.
9:43 pm
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after will smith announcing that today like his wife, jada
9:47 pm
pinket smith, he will not attend the awards, due to lack of adversity among the nomineees. >> when i see this list coming out and everybody is fantastic and the complexity of this issue. everyone is beautiful and deserving and is fantastic. but it follows like it's going -- the wrong direction. >> brian calling into fox and friends and the author of "thomas jefferson and the triple e pirates." >> so will smith is out. jada pinket smith is out. mark ruffalo was on the fence but says he is going. >> he said it is too important for him not to show up so he is going. they feel as though african-americans aren't properly represented. upon further review since 1929 only 15 black winners. there haven't been in any in two
9:48 pm
years. i think they have a great point. would i boycott? i don't know. something in between nominations? perhaps. i thought george clooney nailed it. it is not so much that african-americans aren't winning with, there is no projects for them. i think with the activists in the 1960s when tell the athletes, okay white players here, black players here. if you want to be in control, become owners. get some control. >> the motion picture academy awards group, african-american woman? >> yeah. >> she has to exercise her muscle. >> absolutely. she said yeah i'm heart broken and frustration by the lack of inclusion. >> maybe if your 6,000 members names were listed, maybe if 77% weren't male and -- >> like the producers in hollywood with the ones with power and money, who writes the scripts, which get made into movies, that's where the real power is. >> it is, listen. no one says, brian, what movie
9:49 pm
should i say? but don't have to laugh, james. but why not creed? sylvester stallone, supporting actor -- >> listening to you on what movie should have made it, you've gone off the rail. a thing or two that i know about, judge judy. i love her as most of america does. unfortunately a good portion of america is mistaken about judge judy's proper role. >> the next generations of americans has a lot going for them. they are great on iphones, they can text and instagram anything instantly. but they have a problem with sti civics. a thousand student, you think judge judy is on the supreme court? yes. that the problem. >> like ruth bader ginsburg's i doily. want a theory? >> no, i only have a if you min puts. we have "happy days." fantasy. "fantasy island." fantasy. we believe reality shows are
9:50 pm
real. we believe judge judy is justice. the housewives are real. >> they're not in. >> khloe kardashian loses weight and it affects our lives. >> not really. there are some. all right. i want to see this. let's see the little boy and the dog. who is that? >> december 4th of escaped. they let him out back. he nef came back. 6-year-old cain picked him out of a litter. he escaped, he came back, the mom taped it. over 4 million views before the
9:51 pm
show. just goes to show you that kids and dogs should always be together and people should have fences. >> it is well worth your 15 seconds. i cried. my entire team cried and my husband may have shed a
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv.
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we are tracking the potentially dangerous and huge storm system tonight. forecasters say some 85 million people at this hour or roughly 1 in every 4 americans are under some sort of blizzard or storm watch or warning. thousands of flights have already been canceled, several states have declared states of emergency and o chief meteorologist has the very latest live in the fox weather center. >> 1 in every 4 certainly puts that into perspective. a lot of territory here. we're already seeing the cold, snowy winter part, then there is the severe weather and a new
9:55 pm
tornado watch has been issued. this goes until 3:00 a.m. had a tornado just a bit ago in mississippi. the line of storms will move through overnight and eventually tomorrow seeing a tornado threat in florida. behind this though right here, cold air start something come in. snow falling in arkansas. getting into the point where we'll start to see the winter weather expand. by the morning, an ice storm here for parts of north georgia and parts of south carolina, into north carolina. some spots over half an inch of ice will cause a lot of power outages. charlotte certainly watch that. . maybe five to six inches of snow on top of that. blizzard concerns, the bull's-eye of this is right around the d.c. area where we'll see the blizzard conditions, a lot of wind, a lot of coastal damage. not a sandy type situation but we might see some tides that are that high with some of the storm surge coming on here and because of that all kinds of coastal advisories. we talked last night about the different models.
9:56 pm
still looking very similar. we come up with our own forecast with this but i think the bull's-eye right here, parts of virginia, maybe including d.c., 18 to 24 inches of snow. >> they are not kidding around. two feet of snow coming to d.c.? traffic won't move for a week. ♪ ♪ those who define sophistication stand out. those who dare to redefine it stand apart. the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. never has luxury been this expressive.
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10:00 pm
yours truly. the process is not fine, we are so mean to each other to get the questions aspossible. man, we hurt each other bad. see you tomorrow. tonight -- >> usa! usa! usa! >> the countdown to iowa is on. a new poll shows that donald trump is surging. >> we are going to win so much, we're going to have win after win after win. >> the 2016 republican presidential front-runner is here tonight with reaction. >> you people are going to get sick and tired of winning! then ohio governor john kasich seems to be building momentum in new hampshire. >> these are bigger than campaigns. these are what i like to call movements. >> the gop contender will reveal what's behind his steady rise. and hillary clinton's campaign tries to blame her private server scandal on republicans. >> i do believe that


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