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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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dr. samadi, nice talking to you over the phone. we'll hope to see you in person next time we do "sunday housecall." i'm arthel neville. thank you for watching. millions of americans are trying to dig out at this hour after the blizzard of 2016. from the streets of philadelphia, the jersey shore, times square, washington and virginia, welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm shannon bream and check him out. >> i'm leland vittert outside in a city that has shut down. the blizzard of 2016 is gone. this is the big dig out of 2016. they say washington is a beautiful city to walk around. and that's just about the only way to get around town. even fire trucks have been stuck out here. the last time we had a snow like this, you remember 2010, federal government was shut down for four days, metro shut down for three days.
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>> and as i recall, the u.s. supreme court was the only place open. they tell us they'll be open again tomorrow. i got to say, back in 2010, that was such a disaster, i was threatening to move to jamaica and never come back. >> you would have a problem with that threat now because the airports, dulles and reagan, shut down today. they canceled all the flights today. a number of the flights tomorrow out of reagan have already been canceled as the runways there are fully shut down. businesses in d.c. shut down on. by businesses, i mean restaurants, starbucks, dunkin' donuts, the one business we did see open throughout the storm and were braving the big digout were liquor stores. much of d.c. itself has shut down. the roads pretty much impassable, more than two feet of snow on many of the roads here in washington. the only thing that we had going for us here in washington as you know is we were prepared for it. for about a week now, forecasters said get ready for
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the big one. it certainly lived up to its name here in d.c. one of the big problems was the issue up in new york, folks weren't prepared for it. weren't expecting it. >> yeah. i mean, it is tough to forecast these things with any precision, but we did have warnings, so it is not like a lot of folks were ready to go. we'll check back with you in a little bit, i know you've been out there on the roads and checking things out. early weather reports indicated new york could have been spared the biggest brunt of the brutal winter storm. that's not how it played out. the blizzard dumped near record 26.8 inches of snow on new york city. >> what a winter wallop new york city people here received and quite a bit of surprise as you mentioned. we were expecting 12 inches and we actually got in excess of two feet. but let me tell you, people are loving the snow totals and love the fact we made history. in fact, this is the largest
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snowstorm in history. second largest snowstorm in history for new york city since, in fact, 1869. and that's quite a -- we love to break records here. central park's weather station recorded 26.8 inches of snow so far this snowstorm. excuse me. the record for the top slot is 26.9 inches of snow, back in february of 2006. it is just one tenth of an inch shy from breaking the record. the winter storm also resulting in a travel ban across the city. and on long island, ordered by the new york governor and buses and above ground subway lines. excuse me. i have a cold. we're also shut down throughout the city. the reason not only to ensure the public safety, but to make sure to make room for the thousands of snowplows to get out there properly, do their jobs, clear the roads. once the travel ban was lifted today, i apologize, the roads will be safe. while hundreds of cars were touchdown, no arrests, 25 summens issued.
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the mayor warned there would be more if anyone violated the order. the travel ban was lifted, but they urge people to stay clear of the roads. listen. >> do not drive if you don't have to, unless it is really urgent. we want people to stay off the streets, keep their cars where they're parked, it is very important to recognize there is a lot of work being done to get city up and running for monday. we need people off the streets for their own safety. >> in all 19, 20 deaths in total blamed on the storm in the east coast. three people died, one on staten island, two in queens while shoveling snow. on long island, 61-year-old man went to cardiac arrest while using a snow blower. later pronounced dead at a local hospital. 94-year-old man also in long island died after collapsing while using apparently a snow blower as well. no movement at the airports
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either over the weekend. between friday, saturday and sunday, some 13,000 flights canceled, but fortunately now as of this afternoon, flights are slowly starting to come in, obviously not at the normal pace. cross country, you're seeing delays in all the airports. the long island railroad among the few railroad transportations that are still not up and running. they hope to get back and resume normal service by tomorrow morning. so certainly -- this happened on a week day, new york city would have been paralyzed, fortunately, though, it seems like the city will get back on track come monday morning for everybody's monday morning commute. shannon? >> julie, thank you so much. there is still so much ahead with this storm. a lot of the tough work still ahead. leland is outside to tell us more about that. >> exactly. here in d.c. we're used to murg t measuring the snow in a couple of inches. two, three four inches is a lot. in many places they're dealing with two or three feet of snow.
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not only is it the issue to try and clear the roads, they're having a tough time doing that here in d.c., in virginia, the governor of maryland said this is going to take a while, we're not magicians, we can't make it just disappear. and when the snow does disappear, there is a lot of concerns about flooding and where does all that water go? one of the places they're already have to deal with the issues of flooding is in new jersey. they got a double whammy up there. two feet of snow, a lot of snow up in new jersey for them to deal with already. trying to clear the road and then on the coastal areas of new jersey, where super storm sandy brought in terrible flooding, there is flooding there once again. it is cold water flooding that floodwaters mixing with the snow, icy conditions, dangerous conditions, there in new jersey, along the coastline. the one person who has really been calling this storm as it happened, and predicted it more than a week ago is janice dean standing by the fox extreme
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weather center. the fox extreme weather center lived up to its name this week. >> certainly did, leland. and hopefully as julie banderas mentioned, the good news is happened on the weekend. i hope if it happened during the week day, it would have been a really tough thing, especially for new york city because we got more snow than we originally forecast. let's look at it, this is the one thing for the history books that brought record-setting snowfall as well as record-setting winds. let's look at the current snow depths, over two feet in some areas, south of d.c., through the d.c. metro, philadelphia, up towards new york, long island, southern connecticut. and that snow will start to melt a little bit this week. but here are the single biggest snow records. the records that we set with this one, allentown, pennsylvania, 31.9. bwi airport, close to 30 inches. harr harrisburg, 30 inches there.
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jfk, 30 inches. this is a big event and for new york to get this amount of snow in just one day, that was also a record. but in terms of two days record snowfall, we're at the number two slot, 26.8, just a tenth of an inch away from tying that record that was set back ten years ago. and the wind gusts, this is almost like a hurricane with wind gusts in excess of 74 miles per hour along the coast. and that's why we saw the coastal flooding. the good news is the winds have shifted to an off shore flow so that water is being pushed back into the atlantic. we're going to talk about the melting, right, we'll see the temperatures rise a little bit this week into the 40s on tuesday. so a little bit above average, some melting. but it won't be a huge melt, so i don't think we'll have huge flooding concerns. back to you, leland, in d.c. >> 40 degrees isn't so bad, janice. thank you very much. you've been working overtime. 40 degrees outside tomorrow, the
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supreme court, it will be downright balmy. >> i will take it, leland, for sure. check this out, emergency workers and the national guard battling for hours to get things moving again on the pennsylvania turnpike in pittsburgh. if you're on twitter or social media yesterday, you saw the pictures over and over again. heavy snow, jackknifed tractor trailers, all brought traffic to a complete stop stopping truckers and other motorists for hours. >> it has been one after another truck stop. nonstop. >> this is horrible. we have been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. and still counting. >> we have been here ever since. >> we got water. we haven't had any food since yesterday. >> clearing runways is a priority at airports. for now, reagan national and
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dulles airports here in the washington area have no flights coming in or out this hour. of course, if you are hoping to fly, check before you head to any airport along the eastern seaboard. more than 3700 flights have been canceled for today. another 2200 are delayed. laguardia, jfk airports in new york have the most cancellations followed by newark, baltimore, d.c. and philadelphia. there is also no amtrak service today for d.c.'s union station. and virginia to points south. operating on a modified schedule along the northeast corridor. no decision about monday's travel plan. for a lot of folks, it is planes, trains and automobiles. i had to hike through the woods to get to the main roadway for a car to pick me up. >> you got to be creative to get anywhere pretty much around d.c. right now, around a lot of places along the eastern seaboard. i'm looking at union station where the amtrak trains would leave from.
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there may be trains leaving, but getting there is difficult, especially as you try to traverse the road. even some of the main roads here in d.c. as we saw earlier. >> driving up pennsylvania avenue from the capital towards the white house, and you can tell pennsylvania avenue has no cars on it. but it has a whole lot of walkers, a couple of joggers along the way, because right now in washington the only way to get around is to walk. much discussion in washington center on how to get to work, how to get around and rarely is steam the quickest way to make your way around the capital. most popular place in washington during a blizzard is, well, the capital, not for the building of course, but for the hill that is now open to sledding and there is a good three or 400 people out here, all of whom had to walk pretty fair distance. how long of a walk? >> we were at 6th and c, so 20
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minutes. >> 20 minutes in the cold. is it worth it? >> definitely. the kids are having a great time. >> she looks excited. this is serious speed. oh! this little guy just came down, how was it? >> good. >> good. >> back in the neighborhoods of washington, really the only way to get around is to walk. this is a city for whom a couple inches of snow is a lot. now that there is a couple of feet on the ground, you can imagine just how long the cleanup will take and for some folks, they're not going anywhere anytime soon. >> parts of the federal government shut down on friday. we're waiting to hear whether the federal government will shut down entirely for tomorrow. simply because it may be impossible for folks to get in, certainly impossible for
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congressmen to get in with all the airport closures, the house already canceled votes for monday, tuesday and wednesday. allegedly the metro system, the regional mail system around d.c. will try to open tomorrow. but just imagine how much digging there is going to have to be at each and every one of the stations to try to clear all the snow and then folks coming in on the roads, simply getting out of your house could be impossible. >> yeah. for a lot of places that's simply the bottom line. you mentioned the house not being able to vote this week. there is big votes on iran sanctions, obama care. it will be a week of not getting that done. the supreme court told us they will be open. i would expect nothing less because they -- >> very hardy justices. >> they are. >> hardy justices and hardier correspondents going through the snow to cover it. >> no sleet, no snow will keep us from getting our job done. a good look at capitol hill. there are still tens of thousands of people without
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power in north and south carolina as well as in parts of new jersey, d.c., maryland, virginia, even down south to georgia. getting back to normal is never easy. one city has been through this time and time and time again. boston was hit with 9 feet of snow in three months last winter. the mayor is willing to lend a hand, and he's here for a little advice. great to see you today. >> great seeing you, talking to you as well and seeing you. i was watching the news last night, having flashbacks of last winter. it was tough. >> you are experts at this. this is something that is not novel to you. a little more novel to us this far south in d.c. you offered help. what about that and what about some advice for us? >> we have two truck mounted snow blowers headed to your area this afternoon with nine crew members to go with that. we brought these two new machines after last year's winter, realizing to remove snow off the ground rather than pushing it around as plows
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normally do, we'll take it off the streets. so those are on their way down. down south to right now as we speak. and also, you know, just tell people to be patient, stay in their homes, shovel out their sidewalks, their cross walks, the fire hydrants, make sure they get covered up. and try and remove as much snow as possible because if it gets cold and what happened, it got really cold, so people piled snow in front of their homes and we lost the parking spaces for months. >> we had something similar here in 2010, it kept snowing and it was never warming up enough to melt any of it. the sun wasn't coming out. every time it snowed, it just meant another layer piled up on the sidewalks and the front yards. but i remember the visuals from you guys last year, people were climbing ten feet high to walk on where a sidewalk would have
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been. people want to get back to normal, get out functioning, doing their thing. there is the economic impact of the city being shut down, things not getting done. how do you manage all that if you try to recover and get the city up and running again from a storm like this? >> it is difficult. but i think it is right now about snow removal, the phase of snow removal and i've been listening to the reports from washington and from baltimore and from new york city. and you really got to let the crews start to remove the snow to be prepared not only to open up the roadways for what you experience today and last night, but also for the future of what is coming up this week and in case of another storm, hopefully nothing comes right behind it. got to let the crews do their jobs, stay off the streets, people say that, stay off the streets, plows can't get around cars when they're out on the street. and the quicker you can clean up, the better it can be for businesses and the long -- the stability of your city, bringing back the stability of your city. i can't say that enough, last year our local businesses got crushed during a month period
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because people couldn't access them. there was mountains of snow that -- no place to put it. so what was happening is people had to walk around. also becomes a safety and danger hazard with snow accumulating on the corners. best they can do is remove as much snow as possible and hopefully the equipment we're sending down, other places will be helpful to getting snow off the street. >> we're very thankful for your help, for the equipment you have, for the advice and for making time for us today. we know you have a big football game watching this afternoon. thank you for checking in with us before that. >> go pats. >> thank you, mayor. you have been sending us pictures the entire weekend. how you're spending your snow days. we love them. i love the pet ones especially. they're all great. please keep the photos coming. tweet us at shannon bream or leland vittert or at anhqdc. three dangerous prisoners on the loose after a daring prison break in california.
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police release new details on the massive manhunt under way now. plus, brand-new fox polls reveal which candidates are leading in the critical early voting states, iowa and new hampshire. our own campaign carl cam ran joins us with more. among democrats, more bad news for hillary clinton as bernie sanders surges in the all important early states. ed henry is on the road in iowa where it might be warmer than d.c. >> it is. good to see you. interesting because hillary clinton got what is believed to be a coveted endorsement in iowa. it turns out it might not be so coveted. i'll tell you why next.
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can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. presidential hopefuls are pounding the pavement and hitting the sunday shows today. just over a week before iowa voters head to their caucus sites, those candidates are keeping a frenzied schedule trying to grab from the undecided voters. a brand-new fox news poll just out today shows donald trump increasing his lead in iowa along likely gop caucusgoers. he's gone up, his closest rival. let's take it to carl cameron. there are a lot of undecided voters as well.
10:23 am
>> there are. and the iowa caucuses are won by ground game, but it also takes momentum. and for that you can look at the polls and get a glimpse of the latest fox news polls in iowa show donald trump has grown, he's gained some ground since our last poll, and he's steadily and firmly in place. ted cruz running second and rubio third. in new hampshire, trump is running stronger. there cruz is in second and rubio in third. in both places, more than a third of the voters say they could change their mind. it gives you an idea of why in both states it is likely to go down to the wire. donald trump today and marco rubio today in the news, rubio endorsed by the des moines register newspaper. conservatives tend to look at the register as a more liberal paper. but this type of endorsement is an important thing for republicans in the caucuses nonetheless. it is a big opportunity for rubio and he was on fox news sunday this morning talking about it. listen. >> this affirmation that our cam
10:24 am
wain campaign is a serious campaign. our next president needs to be someone who is frustrated, but also has to be someone that knows exactly what to do to undo all of the damage. my whole campaign has been built on that. >> newspaper endorsements don't necessarily make a difference but it is the state wide newspaper in iowa. donald trump went to church in iowa evangelicals make up more than half of the republican caucus vote. so he made his appearance there this morning. yesterday, glenn beck endorsed ted cruz here in iowa. and slammed trump for his unique way of describing how loyal his supporters are. listen. >> most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> donald trump today said he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and he wouldn't lose any
10:25 am
voters. this kind of hubris is beyond imagination. >> glen deck endorsement of cruz to many eyes was seen to sort of counter the fact that sarah palin had endorsed trump last week. trump says he's perfectly happy with sarah palin's endorsement. the iowa caucuses, we talk about this all the time, are about the ground game. the record turnout for the caucus is 120,000 votes. right now. trump is polling at 34%. that means he would get 40 ,000 votes if they turn out wbigger than ever before. the record win in iowa, mike huckabee, 35,000 votes, so trump is already ahead of that. most of the polls and all of the campaigns are modeling a much larger than the record turnout, as much as 150,000, maybe as many as 200,000, all of which suggests there are new voters being brought into the race, which also sort of augers for trump. >> a lot of fun. i'll see you out there in a couple of days.
10:26 am
stay warm. >> you bet. >> now looking at the democratic race in iowa, bernie sanders appears to have picked up some steam in the hawkeye state. now leading hillary clinton in the latest polls. the former secretary of state heads back to iowa today to hold rallies and try to collect some last minute support. ed henry following the candidates joins us now with more. obviously iowa was the beginning of the end for hillary clinton's campaign in 2008. are they worried about the same thing happening again? >> they're worried about losing momentum, as you say, bernie sanders has been picking up what they call big -- new hampshire he has a double digit lead. a new cbs news poll suggesting sanders surged in the lead here on the ground in iowa as well. part of what he's battling is the electability question. could a socialist if going to the democratic nomination actually win a general election?
10:27 am
today on nbc's "meet the press," sanders was talking a tough game about how he could win a general election, how he could beat the gop front-runner, gondonald tru looking past hillary clinton. watch this. >> it would be nothing more in this world that i would like to take on donald trump, we would be beat them and beat them badly. >> now, hillary clinton one of the reasons why she is struggling a bit against bernie sanders. he's tapping into voter anger, taking on wall street, inciting the ties to wall street, including big time, big money speeches that she accepted after leaving the job of secretary of state. interesting this morning, hillary clinton tried to defend taking that big money for speeches while she was out of office by saying wall street, others, companies on wall street, and elsewhere, wanted to hear that she had to say about the raid that killed osama bin laden.
10:28 am
listen. >> coming off four years of secretary of state, and in a complicated world, people were interested in what i saw, what i thought, they asked questions about matters that are -- were on their minds. a lot of interest in the bin laden raid, how such a tough decision was made and what i advised the president. >> that plays into hillary clinton's sort of closing argument here in the final days that she has been tested, that she's ready to be commander in chief on day one and that was cited by the des moines register in their endorsement this morning of clinton, though they also added, she's not a perfect candidate, evidence by the way she's handled the furor over her private e-mail server. in our endorsement of her, 2008 campaign for president, we wrote that when she makes a mistake, she should just say so. that appears to be a lesson she has yet to fully embrace. tough talk there from the doe moy des moines register. no democrat who has gotten this what is seen as a coveted endorsement has gone on to win
10:29 am
the democratic nomination. clinton, for example, as you know, at the top, she got this endorsement in 2008, leland and finished third here in iowa. that was the beginning of the end. that is what she's trying to avoid right here on the ground in iowa. >> we'll see if it is deja vu all over again. ed henry on the trail, thanks, ed. >> on fox news sunday, chris wallace has an exclusive interview with senator marco rubio who as you heard from campaign carl, he picked up the endorsement of the des moines register. that is 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. and don't forget, this thursday, 9:00 p.m. eastern, the big rumble begins. the gop candidates will face off for the debate in des moines, iowa. remember, this is the last debate before the caucuses. doesn't get any bigger than this. later in the show, our political panel will weigh in on brand-new fox news polls. just how the candidates are
10:30 am
doing as we are just one week before the big caucus. still ahead, hundreds of thousands of people illegally overstaying their visas here in the u.s. both democrats and republicans call it outrageous. so what are they going to do about it? our solutions panel will try to find common ground on that next. this is sheldon, whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve,.. the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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check this out, the massive snowstorm sped up, nearly a foot and a half of snow piled up at the white house. we're not sure about the first family, but the we know the family dog bo and sonny we're told loved it. a just released fox news poll shows donald trump regaining his lead in iowa. texas senator ted cruz seemed to be building momentum. but just eight days before the
10:35 am
caucuses, trump has a double digit lead for a fair and balanced debate, rand paul's former presidential campaign adviser chris metzler and shawn pitman, gentlemen, thanks for being here. appreciate it. first, to you, shawn, does donald trump now have the big momentum that ed henry was talking about? >> i think he does. i think he does. i think he attacked iowa like he does big business deals. this is the biggest business deal he'll ever do. his ground game is solid now. people thought it was strange for him to go get sarah palin, but i think it had an impact, didn't hurt him. and it did the one thing he knows how to do very well, and that's how do i stay in the news. how do i keep the media talking about me. i think it worked. >> there is a lot of folks talking about him now. chris, interesting, if you look at cross tabs of this fox news poll, do a deep dive which i don't know anything about, but the pollsters tell thus is
10:36 am
important, fox news iowa poll, among likely caucusgoers, are they certain of their choice or are they willing to change their mind? in iowa, 33% say they may change their mind. so the question is, now that you have glenn beck lining up behind ted cruz, a little bit of pushback against trump from that side, things going to change in the next week, you think? >> yeah, i think so. i think -- look, also in the iowa discussions, the question of iowans wanting the most conservative candidate, clearly in my view, that is not donald trump. and so i think you have the opportunity here to shake up this race. don't be surprised, the numbers are what they are at this point. but i would not be a -- it would not be a surprise, particularly with beck coming out. it would not be a surprise if the race were upended. this is a caucus and so as a
10:37 am
caucus, what we're really talking about is getting the ground game in order. so i would not be surprised if they were -- >> a lot of talk about trump's ground game, though he hired the guy who wanted rick santorum in 2012. we'll see how that plays out. something that popped over the weekend, didn't get a lot of coverage because of the storms. new york times report that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is thinking of running for president as a third party candidate. is this even possible? >> i mean, i think it is possible, but, look, i don't think he has any chance. people love their big gulps too much for him to win the presidential race. i think it is a little too late. and i think what we're seeing is kind of a setup of fight if you will of the billionaires. and so i think that's a distraction and he's always been a distraction in these kinds of
10:38 am
races. >> well, it will be interesting, he is not batting the rumor down. we have to leave it there. tight on time. we'll have you both back. >> thank you for having us again. >> enjoy the warm weather in florida. still ahead, orange county prison officials see red after three maximum security inmates flip out between bed checks. how did it happen? diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. where you can savor 2 of 7 new and classic creations on one plate for $15.99. and bold flavors ghost pepper bbq shrimp and savory maple-and-bacon shrimp are to good to last, so hurry in!
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long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at in southern california, a major manhunt is now under way for these three men. they escaped from a maximum security prison in orange county. they are considered armed, they are considered dangerous. they had been arrested for some pretty serious crimes. they cut through half inch steel bars and then repelled from the roof with some type of makeshift rope that they had. they did this on friday. officials don't know how they got the tools to escape. apparently they slipped out
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between bed checks. now our segment on something you rarely hear about here in washington. the solutions to big problems. as always, we have two top voices from different sides of an issue and we'll use the segment in hopes of pushing toward progress. today, we're talking about a brand-new report exposing the shocking number of foreigner s who illegally overstay their travel visas in the us us. >> this is an alarming report. we had had five different passages of laws that said a perp ne person needs to be clocked out of the country just as they're clocked into the country so we know who overstay the visas when they come here. what this report says is that in 2014, alone, one year, 400,000 plus people overstayed their visas. >> jeff sessions talking quite a
10:44 am
bit about the problem and held a hearing this week. is there any common ground to find solutions on this? this is a report that congress has been pushing dhs for years. they got the first of the kind report, more than 400,000 people in one year overstayed their visas. congress said there was hints from democrats and republicans thinking we didn't get this information because dhs knows how bad it is. >> well, you know, i think the good news is that dhs, the department of homeland security has been doing such a good job. what the report doesn't tell us, what that report didn't tell us is that 45 million people come to the united states, so little more than 1% overstay their visas. but in a time of anxiety and insecurity, well, great is not good enough. that's more than 1%. what we have to do is figure out how we can get to 100% without
10:45 am
sacrificing our liberty for security. >> it is a tricky balance. since 2004, the law required that dhs come up with some kind of format that the government finds a way to track people. here we are, 2016 now, and, rick, still they vice president figu -- haven't figured out a way to do it. even though they're required by law. >> we have the technology to follow someone from the moment they come into the united states, on a visa. we want to be welcoming. i think she's right. we want to be a country that says come visit, have a great time when you come here, whether it is an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, we have requirements like every other country. but we need to be able to enforce the laws, simply finding people on the day that they overstay their visa and getting them to leave, i don't think it is too much. you have to have rules, otherwise it is going to be -- everybody wants to come to the united states, we got to set
10:46 am
boundaries. >> and when pressed there were officials at least one who acknowledged the government is not tracking these people. you can't track 400,000 plus people. so unless they commit some kind of serious crime, they're not on the government's radar for being here on an overstay. what is the bottom line? it seems we all agree there is a problem. >> i don't want to put people in ankle bracelets and put chips on them. what i want to do is figure out whether people coming to vacation or if we got runaways, refugees, because that will determine why people are here. at the end of the day, ben frankly told us that if we sacrifice our liberty for security, we'll deserve neither. we got to come together and combine technological know how but not let technology overwhelm us so that it is controlling us. we need to control it. >> and, rick, as to that technology, there are those within the government who testified this week saying we tried to do this it would cause massive backups at airports where people are departing the country.
10:47 am
it is super expensive. even if we have the technology, these guys say they wacan't wor >> it is a privilege to come to the country. it is a right, not a privilege, with tove enfor . you may have to implement it through banking systems, so that when someone uses their atm card and we know where they are, my bottom line is we have the new technology, we should utilize it and not be afraid. >> all right. thank you, both. great to see you for this week's solutions. you heard it there, they both agree we have technology that we should be welcoming people who come to this country, but it is our responsibility as a government to track them, figure out where they are, even if we just have a small fraction overstaying, only five here on overstayed visas part of the 9/11 high jabbing. it is a threat none of us can ignore. >> so many other countries are
10:48 am
able to do those visa checks as you leave the country. immigration is a big deal on the campaign trail. so is this man, jeb bush, an after thought? or is he actually still a viable contender? congressman adam kissing er endorsed him early on. does he still stand by his man? we'll ask him coming up. some of your best snow pictures, they involve lots and lots of puppies still ahead. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for thirty years and by taking chantix,
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jeb bush campaign is out with a new ad this week starring former first lady barbara bush. donald trump in a shocking turn of events didn't let it go unnoticed tweeting, just watched jeb's ad where he desperately needed mm my to help him. jeb, mom can't help you with isis, the chinese or putin. here to weigh in on it, co-chair of the jeb bush campaign in illinois. congressman, you went for jeb early on when things looked very
10:53 am
different. they look shall we say bleak. i think people could agree on. when's the game plan? is this ad enough? >> well, i don't think bleak -- by the way, that was an immature response by trump. at the end of day, look. i ran for kronk in 2009 upset with what was going on and optimistic about the future of the country. when ronald reagan ran, he was upset with what was going on but optimistic and articulated conservative principles to nontraditional conservatives. that's what jeb bush can do and is doing. talks about the record in florida and marries it to a vision of many eric that's successful. i get worried because the talk in politics is we're failing, falling apart. jeb bush is a guy to say, you know what? we may have real big issues but we can fix them and together unified. >> well, that is certainly what he's saying and said it a lot. in iowa and new hampshire. the polls he is sixth in iowa. fifth in new hampshire.
10:54 am
fifth nationally. why is the message you're articulating and he's articulated not seemed to resonate that well? >> it's an interesting campaign season. people are upset right now but when you look at new hampshire you look at who's in the lane. guys battling for that. it's a jump ball in new hampshire. he'll come out strong in new hampshire and the polls in north carolina show him in a strong position and as people get closer to where they have to vote they'll say, okay, for my kids and grand kids and for the future of this country and the optimism and bringing people together, who's the best candidate? nobody like jeb bush in the race. i think he's going to benefit from that. >> we'll see if your prophesy proves true in a little while. >> crystal ball. >> running for fifth. see if it turns into a jump ball, indeed, congressman, appreciate you being here. sorry we have to cut it short. >> no problem. thank you.
10:55 am
>> enjoy the warm and balmy chicago. more ahead. keep sending us your photos of spending your day in the snow. we love them. more of your pictures next. [ music ] defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. ♪ meand to the city.c. we said goodbye the day. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke, we found that the whole world had reinvented itself. sail with princess cruises the best cruise line in europe. princess cruises. come back new.
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you've been sending us your snow pictures this weekend. we love them. >> they've been fabulous. especially the ones with the snow. here's bioin annapolis. you wonder if beau knows what to do with snow. >> they decided to stay in for a daughter/dad baking day. >> great idea. >> sounds good. you would never know this is the middle of washington, d.c. jillian turner, fox news contributor, sent us this city skiing video. got serious air. she said there was a snowboarding competition on the hill in georgetown. here he comes. all right. he could probably do better u i'm impressed. i'll give him an 8. >> okay. i like 8. here's the thing. in skiing, they talk about working for your turns. you have to climb all the way back up to that hill. >> there's no pulley system. >> peter did find some people who were snowboarding behind a
11:00 am
jeep. >> very dangerous, actually. >> great video, though. >> oh boy. be careful out there. thank you for your pictures. >> with this, we leave you with more pictures of the snow. stay safe, stay warm. we'll see you next weekend. hello, i'm arthel neville. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. millions of americans right now digging out, man oh man oh man was the blizzard of 2016 -- big cities on the east coast brought them to an icy stand still. we'll have the very latest on the continuing massive cleanup. transportation still a major problem after the storm left thousands stranded on the roads and in the air. so when will things


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