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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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many say ted cruz might have in with evan bell calls in iowa -- evangelicals more than trump. >> fascinating dynamic. we'll talk with jeb bush and carly fiorina. >> we use some of you questions for some of our segments. we'll see you back here in an hour. >> jut numbered the starts right now. harris: we start with reports coming into fox news. a report of a active shooter at naval medical center in san diego. i can tell you that the pentagon and navy are telling us that they can not confirm this. however about an hour 1/2 or so ago, it was put out on the facebook page of this medical center. here is how the report read from there. an active shooter has just been reported in building 26 of the naval medical center san diego. all occupants are advised to run, hide or fight. non-emergency personnel asked to stay away from the compound. the pentagon and u.s. navy
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officials are not confirming this to us. we'll let you know this. this is 6500 personnel center. 6500 military civilian contractor and volunteer personnel there on a normal basis. 272 beds at this medical facility. we don't have any information about the saturation of occupancy there or how many people might have been in this complex or in building 26 as it said on the facebook page of the medical center. we also don't know anymore than that posting. there have not been any updates per the medical center that we have been privy to. we're staying on the situation. as we hear more we'll tell you but right now the report coming from a facebook posting and we're working to confirm with the pentagon and with naval officials exactly what has gone on. we'll keep you up to speed as we learn more. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner,
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andrea tantaros, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, today's #oneluckyguy, a first timer on the couch, fox news correspondent mike tobin. he is here as we always like to remind you outnumbered. andrea: for the first time. you've been in war zones and in riots but this makes you nervous? >> this time i'm nervous. no one will tear gas me or throw stones. >> we don't know that. andrea: exact words, mike, were, be gentle. >> be gentle. my first time. harris: i'm glad you're here. forgive me i'm a little distracted because i want to get back to breaking news because it is coming in. what a day to have you with your background with the military so you can help us out with this. get back to what is happening at the navy hospital, medical center in san diego right now. the latest on possible gunfire at the naval medical center in san diego. military authorities are responding now to a report of gunshots at a building on the
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campus there. a spokesperson is now saying that sounds were heard 8:00 p.m. local time in building 26. remember i mentioned that to you. that building houses, just so you know, offices and barracks for wounded sailors and marines as well as gymnasium. i want to go over numbers of people normally at this complex. 6500 or so military personnel, volunteers, civilian workers. 272-bed facility. don't know the saturation of the occupancy there. don't know how many people would have been there. i said that earlier. that still has not been given to us but the spokesperson says all non-emergency personnel are being told to stay away. our local affiliate in san diego. let's watch. >> seeing this person reportedly shot into the air and not at any people in particular. >> i want to take a moment too and just address the parents that are watching because i know
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about 15, 20 minutes ago, we told you schools in the area are on lockdown. that includes san diego high, garfield high, roosevelt middle school. we spoke with linda from the san diego unified school district asking parent to stay away. this is precaution. the kids are okay. they're going through all procedures of lockdown there. it is alarming. scary as parent like myself, if you hear anything like this even close to your kids you're worried about them. they're saying kids are okay. they're doing what they're supposed to do with them. they will alert parent and let the parent know when the lockdown is lifted. >> we're told, maria did you want -- did you have any new information over there? >> just the same information. people are obviously you know, they're in the building -- i'm actually getting this information while we're talking. they are in lockdown. they are actually being asked to stay and healther in place. >> lockdown is still in place. i think they have cleared some areas but again the people who
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are in the process of being, you know, actually locking down right now, they're still there. they don't know everything that's going on. they know they need to shelter in place at this point. so again, it is obviously a concern. people going in and out of there are not being allowed in, they're not being allowed out. you were mentioning kids in school. for us as parent, a lot of us would love to go there, it would block up traffic. you will never be able to get there and create some issues. obviously for military personnel and law enforcement and u.s. marshals, people like that need to get in and out, that could create issues as well. people being asked to stay away. kids are doing well. >> you're watching wksb, fox 5 san diego. coverage of active shooter going on at balboa hospital. make sure you know, in terms of high schools, locked down, san diego, garfield and roosevelt. >> we're told san diego city college
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this hour but they have extra perimeter but san diego community college is not in lockdown. kristin did you have something? >> information piece by piece coming in. the doctors and nurses and patients, kind of my question is, how are they doing a healther in place when they're having patients to take care of patients? and from a source i'm getting is that they are taught what to do, depending on amount of patients, they will shelter possibly in a patient's room with the patients if, you know, depending on the emergency and depending on what is the situation and building 26 is the original hospital. so now they call it the old hospital. it was the original hospital. when the buildings one, two and three were built, it was converted into barracks and into administration buildings.
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barracks and admin offices are in 26, this building 26 now. used to be the main hospital. but they built a new building. patients are in the other room but either way they're still having to shelter in place. >> all right. thank you. get you out to robert burns at the scene with the latest information for us. robert, what have you learned? >> we got here a few minutes ago. the scene, streets are blocked off down to one lane here as you're getting in. as you can imagine, heavy, heavy police influence and force out here right now. they have got people on all corners actually from what i'm seeing, there are a lot of military personnel. a lot of people on sidewalks trying to text friends in the building. i spoke with one woman, says she works in building 26 but her toddler was reason she was late to work. that is why she is not in there right now, pretty thankful. she is trying to frantically get
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ahold of her friend she works with inside the building. so at this point as you can imagine the property itself very quiet but a lot of action on the outskirts of it. a lot of action on the sidewalks and streets as well. there is a sheriff's, a sheriff's hummer pulling up right now, one the big armed trucks are pulling up. they're just getting here now. we have mobbing cops. we have just about everything that you can imagine that police and authorities have to use at their disposal. they are right now -- i'm going to try to take a quick picture of the truck and post that on twitter for everyone to see. you heard it just drive past us right there. >> right. >> robert, while you're doing that, can you give us perspective. i'm not sure you're at the exact scene as the ground camera on right-hand side of the screen. on the left we have skyfox.
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are with you camera or at a different location? >> i'm at a different location. we're trying to meet up at a central point. hopefully i hope to be with up next five minutes and hopefully i will be on live to go over everything we're seeing. >> robert, if you could get information, i mentioned earlier social media changed the way we cover breaking news and i'm reading notes from parents. not only are they fearful for their kids, anytime you hear something like this anywhere near your kids you want to make sure they're safe. we mentioned that the schools around the area, we talked to san diego unified with those schools. they said the kids are okay but we do want to also tell everyone from right now we have no reports of any injuries. i'm reading notes on facebook, from parent saying my kid is in that area or in the hospital. is everybody okay? so when you do get a chance to speak to somebody, right now at this moment we have no reports of any injuries. no one is hurt right now, is that what you're hearing as
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well? harris: we've been listening to and watching our local affiliate in san diego, wswb. they're concentrating how many resources and equipment responding to the scene at the naval medical center there in san diego. about two hours ago on a facebook posting per that medical center we learned about a possibility of an active shooter and people there at that complex outside of what they thought the original point was building 26, which is kind of the old hospital there at the campus, people were told to run, hide, or fight. we don't know what the details of the active shooting would have been like, but we do know from local reports from the spokesperson there at the center that shots were heard. we want to bring in by phone chuck nash, captain nash, retired navy captain. he is often with us alongside breaking news like this to give us perspective. captain nash, you're there? >> yes, i am, harris. harris: i know you're monitoring
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this with us in terms of the equipment that has been brought there, you heard the sheriff's department pulling up in some sort of a hummer vehicle. as you look at this what does the response tell you about what is happening? >> well the mixed reports tell me they're not really sure what is going on. probably out of an abundance of caution they're going to bring in the equipment they would need should this turn into a hostage situation where you have an active shooter and he is holed up in there with people. the advice that folks have been given to run, hide and fight, that just came from recent guidance out of the navy where they looked at active shooter situations after the navy yard situation here in washington, d.c. where the things are very obvious which is run away if you can. hide, if you can. if you can't do either one of those come down to it then you're going to fight. so that's the guidance. that's what they have been given.
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these facilities, whether it is a naval regional medical center or any other government installation, they go through drills now on active shooter scenarios. the medical center here is very much like the portsmouth naval hospital or bethesda which a lot of people in the washington, d.c. area are familiar with. it is now walter reed national military medical center. but it is old naval hospital at bethesda. the signature building there is the old hospital building, very much like it is out there in san diego. >> hey, captain nash, this is sandra smith. >> hi, sandra. sandra: as we watch the live pictures and wait for more details on the story town fold we'll bring them to you. we're wondering what type of, we're learning a bit more about the facility itself and formerly referred to as the old hospital and learned from affiliate and we're watching images right
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there, what type of patients in addition to what type of military train something going on? we're trying to get an idea who is inside of these facilities. >> patients could be active duty military, not just navy but active duty military and retirees as well. because depending on the type of health care program that they're under, retirees are serviced and taken care of at many military hospitals and military treatment facilities. so you could have a mixture there. realizing of course that san diego is the major west coast port for the united states navy. there's the airfield out there, the navy airfield out on coronado island which, you know, for the locals is the north island naval air station but there's a big airfield out there. the headquarters for naval air forces pacific is there on coronado. there is a major maintenance
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facility where we repair, do very in depth repair on aircraft as well as all of the port facilities. it is a major port. and we have aircraft carriers based there as well as other navy ships. it is a major fleet concentration area for the navy. andrea: captain nash, this is andrea tantaros. you referenced the shooting in at the naval yard in washington, d.c., can you give us a sense, there was debate in the weeks after how secure the facility was, the people there seemed almost like sitting duck. can you walk us through the security situation at this hospital? >> i'm not personally familiar with this hospital but i can tell you by extension what the navy has done since the navy yard shooting, there is relook how we provide security for all of our facilities.
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one of the shots that your local affiliate was of the entrance. all vehicles come aboard that facility, you will have to show identification. there is reason for you to be there. you can't drive off the street and say, hey, i want to drive around. you have to get your vehicle searched if there is any question. and you know, with all of the people coming in there, probably the worst time to try to affect a search is during rush hour in the morning because you've got so many people trying to get in. you can't shut down the entranceaway to go as carefully as you would go. so there is no 100% security. there just isn't. so if someone wanted to smuggle a weapon on to a facility like that, you have to be realistic bit. you're going to be able to do it. >> captain nash, this is melissa francis. i think one of the things andrea
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was getting at, would anyone on this campus be armed? >> only, the only people who are supposed to be armed on the facility are the law enforcement group that's there. whether that's sailors or whether that is contract security, like i say, i'm not familiar with how they run security there at that facility. harris: we have mike tobin on the couch with us, captain nash. he covered so much in the middle east and some scenes like this unfortunately. we want to put up on the screen if we can the facebook posting that came out per the naval medical center there in san diego. you were talking about the language that has been updated with that, run, hide or fight. mike, i want to get you in here on the covers and maybe ask the question to ask a question or share your thoughts on it. >> i'm interested when they talk about run, hide and fight, what do they mean by fight? is that panic and do anything
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you can somehow come in the sights of this potentially active shooter? we've also got a dispute here on the couch whether this is rehab facility, captain nash, or if this is training facility for corpsmen going downrange. >> again i am not exactly sure whether they're doing that there. i would expect there is some training going on there because it is the major medical facility in the san diego area. so they probably do. it's a shore-based facility obviously but so much of the training, the schooling and everything, like bethesda, is a training facility as well as an active treatment center. as far as the rin, hide and fight, at that point you have to be realistic in that if you are in a facility and you are unarmed and it is fight, the fight or flight portion is over. you can't flee. you now have to attack and i
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would hope in situations like that it would be very much like if somebody tried to storm the cockpit door on an airliner. all the passengers are going to get involved. yeah -- harris: that is so complicated because what you said, the people who are armed on that campus wouldn't be everybody. so -- >> right. harris: hand-to-hand at that point, if that is exactly what is going on. our local affiliate in san diego, wswb is talking with a police officer life right now. -- kswb. >> [inaudible] >> once again getting brief update from california highway patrol, saying what we already know, all gates shut down to the hospital. perimeter is basically closed to everyone. go ahead. >> in basement i understand, security office, i.d. office and some other offices. so the security office is down in the basement as is the i.d.
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office and some other office. >> again, we're hearing the basement. we're hearing the third floor. but consistent reports say somebody fired what appeared to be three shots into the air but if you consider, if you're on the third floor, you shoot up into the air three times there are people on the fourth floor. there is that to take into consideration. not like he is outside shootings up into the air. he is in a building, shooting into the ceiling of that building. building could easily go into through the floor into the fourth. the entire facility is on lock down. all of the cars -- you can see no one is allowed in or out at this point. that is what a lockdown entails this is building 20 six. this used to be the original hospital -- 26. a lot of people, as christie mentioned, the old hospital, wounded warriors and a administrative treatment and gym facility. it's a big building.
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it is a big part of ball bow hospital. >> you said something that made me think. i've come from a military family. gone and off bases most of my life. you're not allowed to bring firearms even with a concealed weapons permit. you're not allowed to bring firearms on bases. that is real controversial issue politically or otherwise at this point. but you also have, when you drive on to a base, walk on to a base you get stopped by one of the military police, they ask for your i.d. they look through your car. not an easy drive-through. not like paying a toll and moving on most of the time i would say. somehow this weapon was brought on to the campus but there's a rule, you're not allowed to have firearms on military bases. >> right. okay. so once again, we're now coming into about an hour 1/2 since this started, an active shooter at ball bow hospital. three shots fired into the air inside, most likely basement but
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maybe on the third floor. thousands of people work at the facility. from in terms of the website, 1200 officers, 2,000 enlisted. 1270 civilians, contracted civilians. doesn't take into medical staff, hundreds of doctors and nurse. >> robert burns is on scene there getting updates for us. harris: we're watching, and if you're just tuning in to "outnumbered" we want to bring you up to speed what is happening right now. this situation started to unfold in san diego, california, at the naval medical center there. it is a hospital that has about 6500 military, civilian, and voluntary personnel on any given daily basis. they service 272 medical beds there. we don't not know how many people are inside the building, buildings 26, categorized as part of the old campus, the old hospital but the response has been intense. in terms of the police,
9:22 am
sheriff's department, how many law enforcement vehicles and equipment, how much is out there. how many visual assets we can see. a couple things from local reporting, kswb local affiliate, we caught tail end, they were wrapping with the police officer but here's what he said. shots heard on the third floor and in the basement. something critical to know about the basement. the security offices are housed there. we don't have a confirmation of anything or anybody being hit. it sounded like the report was fired in the air, at least on the third floor but without direct visual on that we don't know. that is what is coming out. the other key to know is that this building, is on lockdown. san diego state as of last check, university was not. there are two local schools on lockdown as well. our shepherd smith is on this as well. sheppard bring us up to speed
9:23 am
what you're learning on this. >> sound of like sort of reaction should come and beginning that is it familiar. maybe we have a lot less to worry about. would appear at this point in reporting than maybe it appeared. this began 50 minutes ago with one person with one report of what sounded like shots fired. i want to be clear about that because the report was not, i saw somebody shooting a gun in the air. that was not the report. i heard something sounded like three shots. this was not a call to police but a post on facebook. after that post on facebook, law enforcement responded as law enforcement would to naval medical center in san diego where they told people to shelter in place because of a possible, i repeat possible active shooter situation. according to a witness statement from the u.s. navy a single witness reported hearing three gunshots in the basement of building 26 about 8:00 this
9:24 am
morning which would be about an hour and 23 minutes ago. the building is a combination gym and barracks at the medical center. first-responders with navy units with dogs were searching medical center was locked down and people were told to shelter in place. all this you're hearing from captain nash, run, if you can, hide as a second best and fight as a last resort, that isn't something specific to today's incident. that is something sort of has become the norm in an active shooter situation. the advisory to everyone given what happened in washington and beyond is, if you find yourself in this position of an active shooter situation, the first thing you do is run away. if you can't run away for whatever reason you hide. if for whatever reason you can't hide, you stay and fight. so that is advisory gone out. that is not to say there has been a shooting. in fact, there is no information from any witness anywhere of a shooting at this facility.
9:25 am
there have been no witnesses who suggested they saw any gun, anyone with a gun, anyone running there have been no reports of anything being shot. the suggestion there might have been shots in the air. no reports of building or ceilings with shots in them. no reports of anyone wounded. police have not encountered anyone who might have seen a gunman. what it is beginning to sound like, somebody on two different floors heard three very big and disturbing noises. they heard the big and disturbing noises in a place that is a naval medical center. that would lead one to be afraid. this one person posted on facebook, active shooter, there were shots fired and away we go and now because of the time and place that we are in america, people ran and people became afraid. authorities active and reacted in the way authorities would and should.
9:26 am
you can not take a chance? a matter like this given recent history in the united states, when there are reports something like this first-responders must respond. it is what they must do. people in charge of such facilities must tell people these are warnings we've been told to give you under certain situations. none of is to say that anything has happened. now all three major cable news networks followed it because we gotten official information from the authorities that indeed there are reports of shots fired. and then what happens behind the scenes is all of us who are in the news information gathering dissecting and dissemination business begin making phone cause and putting all the facts together. it us as if we're taking, here are the things that sound bad list and put it on one whiteboard and here are the things that make us think maybe this is not so bad and put them on another board. we have a lot of things that suggest to us maybe nothing has happened an only one thing that suggests to us maybe something
9:27 am
did and the one thing is one witness on one facebook report who did not see a shooter, did not see a gun, did not see holes in a wall but heard three loud noises that sounded to the quote, witness, unquote, like something of a shooting. given all of this information, passing now of one hour since authorities arrived, the passing of one and 1 1/2 hour since the initial report and finding of nothing suspicious, nothing untoward, nothing that suggests that people should be afraid or concerned in any way except for the fact that all of this activity has surrounded it, suggests to me that, and i'm living on the hopeful side now, that nothing has happened. normally, an hour after something like this, where there are military personnel, law enforcement officials on site, weapons or no weapons, that is an aside, you heard a report then found nothing that suggests to us at least for this moment, at this period in our reporting
9:28 am
we can tell you we have no information of anyone wound, no hospitals suggested anyone has come there. there are no physical indications that any shorts have actually been fired. no one has seen a gun or a gun person and no one not a single person reported i saw a person with a gun. not even one that was fired, less than that. no one even reported that i found a gun. so it is all together right and proper that after a report like this police would act, medical personnel would act. people would be put on lockdown. schools would be put on lockdown and all of those things that happened should happen have happened. is it possible that what we're in the middle of now is a situation where there was a report we have what amounts to a drill, everyone acted the way he or she should, and now we realize at least of reporting at this moment, 9:28 a.m., 1 1/2 hours after the report in san diego, it appears at this moment, despite all the law
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enforcement officials, all the cable news activity, and alerts online, at least of this moment nothing has happened. so let's take a quick commercial break. we'll be right back. this is breaking news coverage on fox news channel. we have over 15,000 activities
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you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> 27 minutes before the hour on 1:00 east coast and 10:00 a.m. on the west. it appears situation in san diego was there was a report at the naval medical center san diego, of shots fired. it happened on facebook. since authorities investigated, they found no evidence of such. schools are doing lockdown, still doing a search as matter of great caution but now it appears no trouble at that facility. all people at that facility are safe and sound. should any of the facts on the ground change we'll have immediate report from you from here on the fox news desk. for now i'm shepard smith. back to "outnumbered".
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sandra: let's get to politics. crunch time in iowa. with days until the first in the nation caucuses hillary clinton slipping in polls. according to fox news national poll the democratic frontrunner now leads bernie sanders by just 12 points, 49-37. her slimmest margin yet. in iowa, sanders now within striking distance of clinton. her lead cut to six points. in new hampshire folks head to the polls eight days after iowa, sanders continues to hold commanding lead, 56-34%. to make matters worse for hillary, she and her aides in interest of speed reportedly shared information on their blackberries they shouldn't have. that coming from veteran diplomat wendy sherman in video in 2013 obtained exclusively by fox news. >> we have blackberries, changed
9:35 am
the way diplomacy are done. things appear on your blackberry that would be never be on unclassified system. you're out traveling the trying to negotiate something. sandra: despite the scandal hillary defiantly defending her email practices at a town hall last night in iowa. listen. >> i had no intention of doing anything other than having a convenient way of communicating and turned out to be not so convenient. again we've answered every question and we will continue to do so. >> you're willing to say it was error in judgment, you're apologizing? >> i'm not saying it was error in judgment. nothing i did was wrong. it was to the, it was not in any way prohibited. sandra: oh, almost uncomfortable to watch. mike tobin is on the couch, i will remind everybody, been a while since the top of the hour. first time on the couch. love to get your take on hillary's changing in the polls, what do you make of it? >> i think the old lesson to get there always take your opponent
9:36 am
seriously even if you think he is likeable old uncle bernie. he has ignited something with people, particularly throwing out words like revolution. the college kids with che guevara t-shirts and don't know what that means and they don't know what bernie sanders stands for, democratic socialist. it is about income inequality, when you define the guy, no one has done, the job of hillary clinton and her camp they have not done that. sandra: she is not doing a good job. the trustworthy factor, andrea, democratic voter in iowa, trust worthiness number one. andrea: question she got from the one of the millenials last night was that exact thing. we have seen in the polls, word associated with hillary clinton is liar. she has a credibility problem. she didn't make it better by switching her excuse on e-mail situation. now she said she did nothing wrong.
9:37 am
which is contrast she made a mistake. which is contrast from what the president of the united states said she made a mistake. she has been all over the place. mike, on point, the pride, she never worried about sanders. she assumed it is my turn. waited my turn. everyone has my back. pride comes before the fall. >> she got a question from somebody in the audience about being seen as dishonest and here was her response. >> i have heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest but i would like to hear from you, on why you feel the enthusiasm isn't there? >> well, i think it really depends on who you're seeing and talking to you know. today in oscalosa i spent time with 10 high school students enthusiastically working for me. i see young people across the state doing the same. they come up with these
9:38 am
outlandish thing. they make these charges. i just keep going forward because there is nothing to it. they throw all this stuff at me, and i'm still standing. sandra: nothing to it. >> okay, first of all that question was very harsh. can you imagine if megyn kelly or bret baier asked that question? i don't see the same enthose a from young people. i learned from quite a few people my age they think you're dishonest. i would like to hear from you the enthusiasm isn't there. show should have done what trump would do or christie, jumped on that kid, how dare you say i'm dishonest. if she really believes that, she needs to defend it wholeheartedly. she doesn't because she is lying and we all know she is lying. you have to be on one side of the other. meally-mouthed sort of changing your answer around to yet another lie is just causing her to be even more disliked at this point. harris: that is tough for two reasons. for one likability question isn't there. you don't want to come across as
9:39 am
bully on top of everything else. >> i don't know. harris: she needs young voters. she needs to try to get into their heads and deal with them some other way than being caustic. i hear what you're saying. consistency should be where she is and should be fighting for her own message, that was worst messenger she could have faced. if i run blackberry today, i'm running part of that in the ad. andrea: i'm america's grandmother. remember she dyes her hair. she can't taper the message when that is her message. she played up the grandmother role and -- sandra: you have to save it for the next second. speaking of hillary, someone once very close to her speaking out about bill es infidelity saying it is sexist to blame hillary for her husband's affairs. is it? or did hillary cross the line how she treated other women we'll discuss, with mike. ♪
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♪ andrea: we're hearing from a woman who was once one of hillary clinton's closest senior advisors about hillary's and bill's marriage, bill's infidelity and whether hillary should take any blame for how she treated the women at the time. hear what patty doyle, hillary's 2008 campaign manager told david axelrod on his podcast. >> here is what i think about that. i think what bill clinton did in terms of infidelity was absolutely horrible. what he did was very, very wrong. what happened between them in their marriage is their business. i think it his own form of sexism to somehow blame the spouse for what the husband did.
9:45 am
i think that is its own form of sexism. andrea: wow. mike tobin what do you think about this new defense from the clinton campaign about hillary going after the women who alleged sexual assault. >> blaming her i don't think is sexist, it is stupid. he did it. it was her fault he meander, that he had to meander? that is craze i point to make. blaming her putting secure emails on server, that is fair. for what her husband does is not fair. you know. andrea: you agree with her that it is not fair to blame bill clinton. yet the campaign they have moderated on this melissa, a number of times. she actually has gone after these women. >> right. andrea: they tried to defend this in the 1990s saying it is private matter. now they're changing their tune all together. >> she went ton to say in the podcast, and other places said things about monica lewinsky, but isn't that natural? if someone had something going on with your husband of course
9:46 am
you would say something in private. >> right. >> that sort of thing. this whole interview was interesting to me. it lost a little bit of credibility when she said later bill and hillary holds hands. when he puts her hand on her shoulder she lights up. they have a good relationship. i tell you this. they love each other. >> there is no indication -- >> i don't think i've seen hillary clinton light up about anything. >> i'm not sure. >> this whole interview smacks of somebody trying to get back in good with the clintons or something. andrea: what do you think, sandra? she said during the interview she is tired nowadays. which i don't think she wanted out there? >> there are several different arguments, she is defending one, i don't know i think a lot of people agree with. she is saying you can't say she did anything wrong because her husband cheated on her. i think most of us can agree with that. but she is missing the point, andrea, that you eloquently put out. hillary clinton went on attack against these women who did things with her husband, okay? so that's an argument that
9:47 am
certainly she could defend. >> cut her slack there. i'm not relationship expert but i have seen a lot of wives get cranky with the mistress. not big fans. sandra: what about the husband? >> i think he should be main target. one causing problem necessarily. she is one who happens to be there especially case like this it happens more than once. >> war on women and what happened with paula jones and all of that, there is some culpability. but the fact she called monica lewinsky horrible names, you have to just let that go. andrea: there is one thing you said, lippy with the mistress or grouchy with the mistress. >> cranky. andrea: cranky. some women came out and said they were sexually assaulted. not something they willingly participated in, how about that? >> i mean this is person who is running for president who says she is willing to fight for the rights of women, so on, so forth. on other side of the political aisle she says there is war on women. you can't have it both ways. either you're going to be able
9:48 am
to big enough, put on big girl pants, say something like that, i hate the fact my husband was going where he shouldn't have bonn, but if he did something he shouldn't have done, one of these victims, would i have real heart for that. no matter how scanned she felt, have that later played back, that is not how she handle it, i will fight for all women's rights it is sticky. andrea: when you bully women said they didn't ask for it and wasn't consensual, i don't know that doesn't make you a champion for women, huh? university of missouri communications professor, you may recognize this one, melissa click. now in some legal trouble after calling for some muscle to get rid of a reporter covering student protests. she has been charged with assault but don't worry, she still has her job! >> you need to go. >> please respect -- >> i didn't disrehe can specing that. hi i'm heather cox
9:49 am
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harris: university of communication professor who called for some quote, muscle during a campus demonstration. it happened in november. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i node some muscle over here!
9:53 am
harris: now she is being charged with third-degree assault. melissa click's lawyer says she will plead not guilty. click was trying to kick out a student videoinggrapher who was trying to film a protest on racial issues. there are to plans by the school officials to fire the professor or do something with her other than have her on payroll, mike. >> the whole thing is backward. criminal charges are overreach. but this professor -- harris: you think so? >> yeah. harris: what if something had happened -- >> it is mean old world and want to grab a tv camera, and get roughed up. my guys in chicago, they can take this stuff. >> totally disagree. the third-degree assault, places person in apprehension of personal injury. that what she did. that is because you're a real man. andrea: this is college student and professor acted this way?
9:54 am
>> it doesn't change the fact -- >> you're a professional. >> my camera guys get shoved around all the time and i get shoved around with them. mark is the cameraman's name. he seemed to handle himself on the tape. if he went to the prosecutors and later on whined and cried he has to toughen up a little bit. harris: this is student. my understanding when she called for muscle in her position as sandra points out she will get what she is asking for. he calls for muscle he might have been left standing there alone. >> right. harris: you've been in pretty dangerous situations just in the last year or so. >> sure. harris: you've seen what can happen particularly around issue what you're talking about. >> the fact she was calling for muscle, first of all there is the gender bias right there, helpless damsel in defense. >> wow. >> muscle can come from women. what are you talking about? hit me on twitter@mike tobin fox. andrea: is it just about this incident? or the fact this woman can
9:55 am
continue teaching student at this university? it is okay to push journalists out. >> which is why i say should be fired. the criminal charges are crazy. willful, this ignorance of the law, they have a public demonstration on the quad and she is saying that the cameras can't shoot it. that is insane. willfully stopping the flow of information while you're a university professor, this is vegetarian stake con that ask you. harris: if they were not going to fire her before and now with the charges they weren't firing her, what will it take? andrea: professorses are bulletproof. you're one of the best journalists at channel. >> that is why she should be fired. andrea: you have been in rough situations. you don't want to whine if you were being shoved around, what if she were a man shoving around a women? you don't complain. men will not want to complain. what if the situation were flipped. >> plenty of female camera
9:56 am
people out there and they take it just like the rest of them do. if you break the fear, that is when the cameraman will -- harris: that's true. >> you can shove us all around. harris: melissa click. we'll stay on the story and sta. here on "outnumbered." we'll come right back. yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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10:00 am
tobin. >> glad to be here. a lot of fun. harris: when you come back we hope with no breaking news off the top and spend whole hour with us? >> yes. the tweak the server at twitter sometime. harris: and now "happening now." start after breaking out of jail. they could be anywhere. what is law


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