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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> you will not boycott our second hour, right? >> anything could happen, jon. i make no promises. >> we'll be here neck hour. i don't know about her. >> i'm not going far. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is it "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. with us here today, harris faulkner, sandra smith and commentator and national spokeswoman for the libre initiative, rachel campos duffy. today's #oneluckyguy we welcome back fox news contributor, iraq and afghanistan veterans pete hegseth. today you're outnumbered. >> i am grateful to be. andrea: there is extra -- could we say? could we say? we have special delivery. don't know if another woman on
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the couch or one lucky guy. harris: could be two? everybody who might be keeping count who love you so much, this is number eight. god bless you. and your husband. andrea: at home, you're outnumbered. >> i am outnumbered. after the snowstorm there may be a baby boom in new york. harris: you're an expert. >> cold wisconsin winters. andrea: talk about a boom, five days until the iowa caucuses, a big shake-up that could have a major impact on the republican race. the gop frontrunner, donald trump, saying that he will skip tomorrow night's fox news google debate, partly, he says, because the network refused to remove megyn kelly as a moderator. reaction pouring in from trump's rivals for the nomination. >> i think anyone running for president of the united states owes it to the people of iowa to have the humility to come in
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front of you, to make the case, to answer the hard questions, to look you in the eyes. >> it really doesn't matter because the debate is about dissemination of information to the people. so really doesn't matter who is on the stage. >> if he doesn't want to be there, that's okay with me. i'll tell you this, the american people should wonder if you're not willing to show up when everything isn't going your way, exactly the way you want to, that is not the way the job of governor goes. >> if this is person a winning iowa caucuses by radio ads, this could be end of iowa caucus as we know it. andrea: pete hegseth. >> his hand wasn't forced. there were to unbecoming circumstance. he chose to draw a line, dug his heels in, if he sticks with it will not have the opportunity to
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make a final message to the iowa caucus-goers. he is making a calculation it won't matter. doubling down on his tough stance is what people love about donald trump. the question what is the stance he is taking? the way he is going about doing it, the way he always done it. i don't like it. hey, a lot of things he has done i don't like but surprise me because they have been effective. andrea: question is whether or not we like it but whether the voters of iowa will punish him. harris: whether it is presidential. i was curious, ted cruz, ran the sound bite of him, but a few hours ago we learned he is challenging donald trump to no moderator present, one-on-one debate before the iowa caucuses. so why would he do that exactly? ho does that -- who does that benefit? donald trump has dueling time period event the he is arguing he will talk to viewers. andrea: on that point trump releasing a statement last night, saying instead i will hold a rally. it will benefit veterans.
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it will benefit wounded warriors. is that a smart move? sandra: always a smart move to host an event that hosts veterans. the timing we're asking about here, andrea. easy for us to sit here and say, you know what? this isn't the right thing for him to do. this is unpresidential. he should answer any question that helps voters decide who is the best person for the job. guess what? he has been on media rounds. he has answered all questions. he is talking to all the reporters. he is going on all the networks. you can't criticize him for not putting himself out there and letting people know who he is. i don't know that is part of this decision not to perform the debate. andrea: rachel that is good point. trump can take cameras wherever he goes. this isn't his last opportunity to get his message out because he is everywhere. >> absolutely. this is it about the fact in this respect he is very self-aware he is not that good at debates. not his high point. knows ted cruz is sharpening his
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knives against him. he is icing megyn kelly as an excuse to remove himself. it is a risk though. as we know, a third of the voters have not made up their mind. more importantly he has gone after megyn kelly in very personal way i think could hurt him with women who -- andrea: on that point, you mentioned his debate performance. i don't think that is an issue. i think donald trump does pretty well at debates. the question is, pete hegseth, rachel's point about twitter and things he is saying, could it affect him with women? look at this tweet. this is breaking this is from donald trump this mo i refuse to call megyn a bimbo. i will only call her a lightweight reporter. pete, does it hurt him with women? >> it should. really should. there is tape from 2011 played this morning on "fox & friends" him talking about what a great reporter she is and how amazing and wonderful she is. he is throwing bombs he thinks he needs to throw are very unbecoming.
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andrea: does it hurt him? >> who calls a woman a bimbo. you may take issue whatever they say or believe but it is childish. when it comes to the debate stage it will interesting to see whether or not he is looming presence or 10 or 15 minutes in it settles in and we're not talking about trump anymore. harris: that is my question. does this open the door for other candidates to put their plans forward? an hour and six minutes ago, i happened to catch it, dr. carson put out his plan destroying isis. it is video. heel, inspire and revive campaign. >> no one is talking about it. harris: right. but what if tomorrow night, or on or before iowa caucuses people can get their messages out there without him being at the lecturn? i would imagine that would be a challenge or will they all focus donald trump not being there. sandra: that is the conversation right now, right? we're all talking about donald trump. he continues to succeed. >> that is the genius.
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sandra: in the conversation. >> the man is genius, everyone ills at some level politicians he is marketer and pr genius. andrea: the question will this benefit him or hurt him going into iowa and how will this affect him in new hampshire if politically, is this a smart move? and to your point, harris, there are seven gop candidates who actually will be on the main stage tomorrow night. they include, ted cruz, marco rubio, florida governor jeb bush, ohio governor john kasich, dr. ben carson and new jersey governor chris christie and senator rand paul. to make the cut candidates need to be in top five standing in average of five recent state polls in iowa, new hampshire or within the top six in an average of five recent national polls. so now the question is, who can break out with trump on the stage? harris: i wonder if there was any thought, remember senator rand paul decided he would not be in the last debate. i wonder if there is thought if you're not there do you have a
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chance to better get your message to the people in terms of trump's people? for everybody else on the stage, if he is not there, he is soaking up anywhere from 36 to 39% of talk time during entire debate. that is a big chunk of time which almost goes where he is in the polling, that is big chunk of time you can talk about anything else. who is strong on what? i know what you're saying, people watching for the economy especially with the bumpy ride. sandra: they're watching for the economy. if we are honest are they each going to plot attacks against trump? he is not there. harris: exactly. >> does ted become the new target? andrea: here is how i see it growing down. i see all the candidates doing what they're doing today, predictably launching attacks at trump, come debate me on phone but they start to fire at cruz immediately. chris matthews, how do you feel about this, if republican said it, chris matthews said it who
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wants to watch a debate with two cuban guys. >> chris mat thought says cubans are not really hispanic which is strange thing to say. i think ted has the most to lose, because i think he sharpened his knife with all the barbs against trump. i think opportunity for christie, rubio and the others to step up. >> absolutely. i think at this point people accepted that trump and cruz are in this top tier, sort of themselves. the question who comes in third and in iowa and new hampshire. potentially comes in second in new hampshire. that is rubio question. christie question. consolidation of rubio, christie, bush, kasich, someone has to consolidate that support at some point the i think that is the hidden debate. you will see a lot of shooting at each other. why bush is spending so much at rubio. andrea: think what they're shooting at each other for, harris. this morning jeb bush shooting at marco rubio for misusing a
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credit card. jeb bush shooting at donald trump not being christian. attending rubio on attendance record. going after cruz on something else that is petty. their attacks is weak and meager. harris: they're not figuring out what bernie sanders is figuring out is that he got 20,000 people at a couple events, if your message is positive, people will flock to you. look at dr. carson, you say nobody is focusing on him right now. the heal, he is doctor, you get that, inspire and revive. it is opposite message. if they sell what they have that is good for america, can't me make that their message. nobody will vote on what they think about each other. sandra: this is incredibly important debate to watch tomorrow night. it will be incredibly important to watch how candidates position themselves, act, behave, what they say without donald trump on that stage. that will be a dynamic we should all watch. andrea: will the eyeballs follow donald trump? harris: some will.
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andrea: if he goes live from the rally what does that do with the ratings numbers? will cameras follow him to the event he is doing for veterans and wounded warriors? we'll have to wait and see. exciting stuff. you can't miss this debate presented by fox news and google. the last time we'll hear from the candidates on a stage like this before the iowa caucuses. things kick off at 7:00 p.m. eastern with bill hemmer and martha maccallum. at 9:00 p.m., bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace take over. it is all coming up tomorrow night here on fox news channel. after the san bernardino terror attack mayors from mid-sized cities say they're more scared than ever before they could be targeted next. what needs to be done to protect americans. if you want a license to carry handgun in one city, listen to this, what some critics call essay why you deserve one. you haven't written one since your s.a.t.s i bet. we'll debate whether the rules are necessary.
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♪ harris: mayors across america, especially in mid-sized cities are more afraid than ever before about terror hits. with attacks in san bernardino and chattanooga fresh in their minds, they are afraid they don't have enough security to prevent something similar from happening in their cities. surveyed 73 mayors nationwide, 1/3 say a terror attack more likely to happen now than six months ago. this as obama administration is asking local law enforcement nations nationwide, to return military equipment by april 1st, after there are concerns it is being misused. garland, texas, they took those people out. some of these cities and towns are really prepared. what do you think the difference is? >> you difference is you don't have the same level of local
9:17 am
resources or federal attention or resources on mid-sized towns yet you have a growing enemy with desire to conduct spectacular attacks. you can't do it in new york city is locked down or fbi is tracking, used to be or you go to minneapolis, minnesota, been support tiff with a few folks in isis. mayors are read in some less of intelligence. >> or milwaukee, they just foiled an attack in milwaukee. if you want to strike fear in the hearts of americans, go to the heartland. that is where we used to think we were all safe. all the crazy things happen on the west and east coast. if you know anything about politics, nobody has the pulse on everyday citizen more than mayors. so i don't think mayors are just reflecting the fear that they have as leaders of the community. they're reflecting the fear of their constituents. harris: so your husband is a member of congress. he must be talking to local law enforcement and local people as well. what is that conversation like? what is being said about the
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fear? >> well, again, local communities aren't just, you know, breaking up domestic fights and all things they used to do on a local level. now they're being expected to take on counterterrorism operations and they're saying we don't have funding. by the way, why are you taking our equipment away. sandra: that is the biggest conversation, how to fund this counterterrorism. police are the single biggest expense for u.s. cities. >> that's right. sandra: to pay our police. that is the most expensive thing. they're taking away equipment. they're not finding funding or money they need to fight terrorism. that is a scary situation. when you're a mayor of a mid-sized cities in america right now. harris: can we talk about the the wording though? what do they mine by misused the equipment? andrea: that is not wording i ceased upon. this report is hit piece on republicans. designed to discredit republicans, specifically donald trump on his positions about the a lot of dangers of muslim
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immigrants. they cite his name specifically. they don't cite one study when they link profiling to terror. they try to link poverty to terror. there is not one study, not one, name one, that links poverty to terror in this report. it is in "politico." it's a political hit piece. that is exactly what it is. their facts are all wrong by the way. profiling actually worked. the best study produced by el al in israel how it works. after post-9/11, so much money spent on counter terror. that is how they got humvees and s.w.a.t. teams. harris: yaw. andrea: a lot of mayors can't justify counterterror, they don't need it. they can't maintain s.w.a.t. teams in humvees like memphis. they're getting all the dollars trying to figure out a way to justify spending it. but they can't. obama administration is asking for equipment back. they're doing buybacks. they're fun nilling more and more money to the cities. what i found the money has been reappropriated to go against right-wing extremism.
9:20 am
that is the fun little fact that the media is missing. that is where in the department of homeland security budget there has been real location of funding to go to funding right-wing extremism. not counter terror. that is story nobody is looking at and they should. harris: with regard to the equipment, we see it roll out, we see humvees andrea is talking about. what would be the misuse of that equipment? why would you take it back? >> there is argument of over militarization of the police. there is tendency to overes can can late because you have that type of equipment. small incident becomes larger. there is the argument, if you're fighting terrorist to bring big guns and big bombs you might need to counter it. it is always a balance. harris: you guys tell me if i'm outnumbered by this, i thought visual of ferguson and areas we saw, people pushing back on equipment they have seen in the middle.
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screen, in the living room and not thinking about necessity for it in some other cases. look at the white house today. senator bernie sanders, with his meeting with president obama could be all about. plus the page sanders wants to tear out of obama's own success playbook from 2008. you know, the one that led to victory over hillary clinton. is that page 52? which page is that? imagine this in america, having to write a essay if you want to buy a handgun and need a permit. if the police chief is not happy with what you wrote down he can deny your application. where gun rights activists are furious. ♪ announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe.
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jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send.
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sandra: vermont senator bernie sanders is meeting with president obama at the white house right now. we're learning hopes to take a page out of mr. obama's 2008 playbook and focus on caucus states in hopes of winning the nomination. caucuses tend to reward campaigns with dedicated partisans which could work in sanders favor. meantime a brand new "qunnipiac university poll," shows the vermont senator polling ahead of hillary clinton in iowa 49-45%. pete, what do you think of bernie sanders's rise in the polls? >> talking to me? i think i would like to be in that meeting. it would be interesting how much socialist talk is passing back and forth between the two fellow travelers. maybe president obama remiss about the time he was in that same position he went to the white house. i don't know, i don't think personally there is good relationship between the obama camp and clinton camp. i bet there is a little bit of a wink today.
9:27 am
we'll see the good ol'socialist today. we'll see how things go in iowa. there is some scheming behind the scenes. sandra: this as, rachel we know the president still remains neutral in democratic primary race. he does continue to speak fondly of hillary clinton in an interview with, in "politico" over the weekend. he handed a lot of praise to hillary, saying she is more experienced than any non-vice president ever has been to aspire to this office. what do you think the conversation will be in there? >> what do two socialists do when they get together? do they drink vodka or have a beer. >> other people by the beer. >> other people buy the beer. >> at white house, that is what happened. we pay for it. >> i think his heart is with bernie. i think they're soul brothers. they're definitely both cut from the same cloth. he knows in general election bernie sanders, does not have a chance. so he has got to back hillary. frankly in the last couple weeks, hillary has been hugging him tight. she is probably the one to
9:28 am
continue his legacy. sandra: oh, to put a glass up to the door. andrea, what do you say? andrea: what is socialist talk sound like? oh, i love 99% tax. give me free beer. there is no question this has to really annoy the clinton camp because it does legitimize bernie in a way the clinton camp doesn't want. report over weekend, according to "new york times," the administration was working with hillary campaign, issues big and small, e-mails, who knows. small being number of things. rachel is right, she will preserve his legacy better than bernie. tweaks a hillary a little bit and keeps her in line. >> pushes her to the left. harris: what do obama and sanders have in common at this point if you look back? the fierceness both have with the younger set and with young voters coming out. you mentioned, i want the to hit how he likes caucuses. former home states right of
9:29 am
minnesota, caucus states, colorado, colorado caucus state. in minnesota. picked up 20,000 people at two events in the state of minnesota. >> socialist from minnesota. >> he has longer term game. so if the president is planning to help hillary clinton out at some point, he doesn't want to kick off all those people who love bernie sanders. so he has to bring him to the white house and treat him equally as he has done with hillary clinton. >> good point. maybe he is socialist bridge to hillary clinton? you know what i mean? >> it has to appear somewhat equal if he is going to lean in one direction or the other. and bernie sanders right now is really popular in those caucus states like minnesota obviously. people are coming out. sandra: bernie sanders right now meeting with the president at white house. andrea: did he brush his hair, do you think? no way. harris: i guess. andrea: new gun law in massachusetts has second amendment supporters, well
9:30 am
they're seeing red. the city of lowell saying those applying for permits to carry handguns have to submit what critics are calling an essay. they also have to take a set of training classes that could cost up to 1100 bucks. the law, brainchild of police chief william taylor. he is calling on applicants why they belief they're entitled to receive unrestricted gun license. chief taylor would have sole discretion over approving or denying all applicants. he doesn't think the law infringes on gun owners rights. >> we wanted to make sure that we allowed people to exercise their constitutional right to carry a firearm but we did it in balance, reasonable approach. i wouldn't say, i don't think there is anything in these new policies that can't be accomplished. andrea: some gun owners and local gun shop owners support the new law. >> any policeman is doing a gun license, if they feel doing essay they will get to know a
9:31 am
person better, all for it. andrea: but as you can imagine a lot of folks are furious. one attorney involved in an existing lawsuit over the state's gun laws saying quote, the second amendment secures right to keep and bear arms. you really shouldn't be required to write an essay explaining why you would like to exercise this fundamental right. and one of the town's residents saying simply, i will never write an essay to get my rights as an american citizen. okay, sandra, what do you think about this, this writing assignment to get your second amendment rights. sandra: i think i interrupted you before rolling into sound -- andrea: i hate. sandra: i hate essays. they're subjective. it is sole discretion of the police superintendent to decide once he reads essay and go through all the other rigmarole, whether or not you get to exercise your constitutional right. i go back to my school days. it doesn't work. a. >> people will write essays that the teacher wants to hear.
9:32 am
you like in class, write a paper you know the teacher wants to hear and get an a and walk out happily. will anyone write i will use the gun for nefarious reasons. this is absurd. write one word. give me a gun. i'm an american. >> i was ta in college. i have to grade essays. it is very subjective. more than troubling is $1100 fee to take the class. think about it if you're rich you can afford that. you probably live in gated community anyway. this is war on poor people because they're the ones who live in communities that have to protect themselves. they're in dangerous communities the we saw i think it was in south carolina, a barbershop, african-american barbershop defending themselves against people. this is war on poor people. harris: that is a very interesting point you're making the fee really stood out to me as well because you will know everybody in your community who can afford that. >> yeah. harris: it can lead to the type of thing you don't even step up to try to get a gun.
9:33 am
it is almost like a controlling mechanism with the money. you know, in terms of the essay, you're right, you could make it a one sentence essay. i don't know how any different from a background check with comments. doesn't the law allow you to look at background check. if you have any questions you can check in with people that made the background check. >> fair point. reality and perspective when you talk about essay. we shouldn't ask anybody why. if they don't have criminal background. straightforward. andrea: you said it, this is fundamental right, second amendment right of americans. they shouldn't have to write a essay how they deserve the gun. they shouldn't be shaken down for money. you bring up greatest, point, people. no criminal will right write i'm killing with the gun. someone should right because it is my right and not pay. >> because i can afford to the pay the fee.
9:34 am
sandra: based on a story later in the show, if millenial writes essay you can't read it because everything is spelled wrong. >> there is cottage industry to edit -- >> i will write your gun essay for you for a small fee. >> even if it is really good, you would think they approve my application, pete? i don't think so. harris: ever since the national conversation kicked off in ernest with the president talking about gun control they have sold more guns. there is up tick of gun sales. this sounds likes, but we don't know, maybe a pushback against that so. andrea: wonder all the essays being submitted, they're not just collecting the money and collecting ideology of gun owners keeping it on file which is pretty scary. all right, kissing booth, dart, ralph prizes, sounds like a carnival, right? one university, how students supposedly learn about sexual consent. a yeah, a kissing booth. we'll try to figure out what
9:35 am
that is about up next.
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♪ harris: i hope some of what happened during the commercial makes it into this conversation. in an effort to make the discussion about sexual consent more fun the university of southern california student government approved a consent carnival.
9:40 am
whoo-hoo. nothing says sexual responsibility like clowns. according to campus reform in an event flyer, participants test their knowledge of consent at kissing booth and games like "jeopardy" and darts. pete? >> i have no idea. this is of course ridiculous. they're trying to find ways -- obviously consent is serious issue, right. harris: very. >> you don't want people not consenting but turning it into a carnival, i guess they start a conversation but only looks absurd. harris: the opposite of consent way i understand it is rape, of course? it couldn't be more serious. how do we get to a carnival? >> isn't this a failure in parenting, you have all these college students that don't know what consent means in their dating relationship. harris: yeah. >> by the way, they say it is student-led, but these are fees going to student groups funding not just this, if you read the
9:41 am
article, funding drag shows, funding colling-out party, second chance proms. we have all the students complaining about the rising costs of schools and taking out loans for this junk? i think, it is really frustrating for me as a parent. i think maybe as parents we need to be a little more invested in where our kids are going to school and where our money is being spent. sandra: counterargument a lot of parents don't know how to discuss this with their kids. they don't discuss this with their kids. >> i don't know. sandra: is there help needed for those kids that don't understand consent and non-consent? a carnival doesn't exactly sound like the best idea here, to talk about just serious subject but this is student-led and student paid for as you point out. there could be worst things spent with student money. harris: that's for sure. sandra: i'm saying there is something going on campuses right now that clearly they're seeing need to discuss it. >> but that is the point. something this serious shouldn't probably be student-led.
9:42 am
harris: andrea? andrea: this issue is not just black and white. our own martha maccallum did impressive, incredible report on rape on college campuses how the colleges set up separate court. trying the boys. almost guilty until proven innocent. that is one problem and aspect. law firms set up uniquely to do this to defend boys on campuses. on other hand, they have a point. gray rape is very real. it's a real issue. and it should be heard and taken, very, very seriously. not even the parent that have failed. it is culture that has failed. >> i agree. andrea: crisis among men and women and they're not getting the memo that no means no. there is an area of grayness. men are expecting it. women are readily giving up sex. it is messy. alcohol is often involved. i don't think i'm equipped in a sound bite to break this issue down. its serious an complex and it's a huge problem. harris: it is the reason why i
9:43 am
started with that very harsh sentence. i'm raising daughters. you have nearly eight children. another one on the way and pete, you're a dad as well. you don't have to be a parent to get it. but we're forced to deal with in back of our minds how we teach our kids about consent. you talk about the gray area that exists but as a parent you hope it is black and white. >> that's right. you want to instill, in your boys, hey, you will get this if that ever even remotely comes to that. that is why i look side way as the consent carnival thunk you don't know what to think about it. serious topic. >> they have a dung booth. a dung booth? andrea: the problem isn't about people dunking and hooking up. a dung booth isn't going to solve that. sandra: i don't know that the kids that don't understand the difference will be ones to attend a carnival. harris: excellent point. they may go but may not be interested in the subject matter whatsoever.
9:44 am
anyone in struck tim or accuse of is not showing up at a ridiculous carnival. >> it is social and social media and a lot to do with waning influence of parents over our kids because they're in a different universe when it comes to social media. harris: i take a pain out of your book. you and i talked about this sort of thing. you have to talk about your kids about everything. if you feel uncomfortable, imagine how feel. would you imagine how they feel. why they say it is hard to have it all. ♪
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ensure. take life in!
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> hey, andrea. in the next hour donald trump says he will not appear at the fox news debate tomorrow night in iowa. could it hurt his campaign. charlie hirt is here next. we'llly a little bit of megyn kelly's riveting interview with rudy giuliani as well. new video of bernie sanders
9:49 am
arriving at the white house for a meeting with president obama. the president seems to be leaning hillary clinton's way in the race. could sanders convince the president to feel the bern. tornado in fort lauderdale, florida. are you cue crews are trying to find out if anyone was injured. we'll have the latest. "happening now." andrea: jon, thanks. >> thank you, andrea. >> can you have it all? young fathers are speaking out how they struggle to balance work and family life. more than half are stressed about the balance. one father telling "the daily mail," quote, when my paternity leave was over, i didn't want to go back the way it was. it was impossible to work full time and spend time with my children. the dads say work place favors mothers deterring them from using flexible policies in the same way.
9:50 am
we have a dad who is next to us. hands-on dad, gen-x dads like you, do you feel stressed. >> i do. i don't feel the same way towards maternity leave and paternity leave. i feel differently. work life balance i find a growing sense of gone and traveling like right now, not being there for those moments, now that the kids are five and three and attached to you. >> and a baby. >> yeah, 4-month-old. it is hard. in society where men are more engaged with their families but still traveling and still, as engaged in the work side, it tugs at you. then you have a device at home. you want to stay working but want to be engaged with your kids. that creates more tension. just got to put it away. >> harris you have a hand-on hubby meetings for lunch today. harris: can't wait for my lunch date. >> does he feel stressed out? harris: he is like the most calm person i know.
9:51 am
his stress level usually is not palpable. i don't know how he works that out because if i'm stressed the whole world knows as y'all know. i want to share something that sand today and i have in common. we both have hubbies that work from home. i think that makes a difference. when he needs his guy time, i will talk specifically about tony but when he needs guy time, i really respect that because it is like he is there, if somebody is sick, home from school, he is there. he can do his business. he has his devices and so forth there at home. it's a little bit different than leaving home and both of you having to crowd that space and fluctuate your schedules. you i'm really blessed with in that respect. i respect every now and then, daddy has got to rome. >> absolutely. this is new phenomenon. a generation or two ago there weren't as many husband at that would do that.
9:52 am
andrea, what are you expectations for future mr. tantaros? andrea: i defer to harris, and sandra. they are my idols on this issue. you have great husbands an inspire me every day, truthfully. you guys do really. i think this is exactly what you you said. more women are working. more women in positions of power. they're rising through the ranks. we have them right here on the show every single day. it is forces men to take more of a role at home. sheryl sandberg is dead on when she talked about this. she was only one doing this. sadly so was her husband who passed away. penning columns in men's magazines, listen guys, lean in at home, help your wife out. men's magazines will give you 10 tips to pick up a hot woman at a bar but never give you tips how to handle successful one. that is important thing with rise of female power. >> in business world it is interesting, facebook they have been doing that. >> i have to cut in. we have to break in with
9:53 am
breaking news. outside of the white house, bernie sanders just met with the president. let's listen. >> and vice president biden. the president and i discussed this morning a number of issues, foreign policy issues, domestic issues. occasionally a little bit of politics. but i enjoyed the meeting. i thought it was a very positive and constructive meeting. we are right now as everybody knows in a very tough campaign in iowa. then we're going to new hampshire. i think what the iowa campaign ends up being about is one word and that is turnout. we're feeling really good about where we are and if there is a large voter turnout, i'm not saying we could do what barack obama did in 2008, i wish we could but i don't think we can but if there is a large
9:54 am
turnout i think we win. if not i think we're struggling. we go to new hampshire, we're going to fight as hard as we can for a week in new hampshire. i'm thinking we have a pretty good chance there. then we're going to nevada and south carolina. by the way i think we'll do a lot, lot better in those states than people think we are. and then we head off to super tuesday. we were just in minnesota yesterday. had a phenomenal turnout in st. paul. we had 15,000 people out. in st. paul, 6,000 people in duluth. working people, young people, want to see real movement in this country. we're tapping into that energy. i think we stand a very good chance to do well in iowa and forward. >> did you ask the president for his endorsement? >> no. of course not. what the president has tried to
9:55 am
do, what vice president biden has tried to do, is to be as even-handed as they can. i know there was some discussion the other day about a "politico" interview where he was tipping the scale towards secretary clinton, i don't believe that at all. i think he and the vice president tried to be fair an even-handed in the process and i expect they will continue to be. >> did he give you any advice for beating hillary clinton? >> no. no. >> any points of disagreement with the president? >> look, every, i think everybody knows that for the last seven years, well before that, barack obama when he was a united states senator was kind enough to come to vermont and campaign for me and i have never forgotten that. in 2008 i did my best to see that he would be elected president, campaigned hard for him, and as i did in 20 actually. there is also no secret, as is
9:56 am
in the case in a democratic society we have differences of opinion. i was on the floor of the senate for eight 1/2 hours in disagreement with him over taxes. we disagree over the tpp. but by and large over the last seven years on major issue after major issue, i have stood by his side where he has taken on unprecedented republican obstructionism and has tried to do the right thing for the american people. >> is your campaign going negative against hillary clinton? >> did you make any requests? >> no. it was just, this, it was just a discussion to just get myself updated on some of the current issues facing us in this country. how we most effectively deal with isis. his assessment about iran, and how we work with iran and our relationship with iran. that is what it was about.
9:57 am
>> do you think hillary clinton -- >> was there anybody else in the meeting? >> no. >> do you think hillary clinton overplayed her closeness with the white house and president obama? >> i think people of iowa will make that decision in a few days. >> how would you tackle the threat of isis differently than how this president -- >> look, frankly, and we did talk about this. as you all know, i streeted against the war in iraq. that is a major point of difference between secretary clinton and myself. we both received the same information and we came to a different conclusion. as i mentioned to the president, i, in my small state of vermont went to too, too many funerals of young people. i'm happy to tell you in the last few years i've not gone to the funerals of young men or women in our military. i think what the president is trying to do is the right thing.
9:58 am
and what he is trying to do is keep our young men and women in the military out of a perpetual war in a quagmire of the middle east. what he is trying to do, and what i will try to do is put together a coalition of the major powers with the muslim people on the ground, the muslim nation, muslim troops because at the end of the day, as king abdullah recently reminded us, this is a war for the soul of islam against people like isis and their barbarity that has hijacked that religion and what abdullah reminds us, at the end of the day it must be the muslim people and their military to destroy isis with the support of the major powers in the country and i think that is what the president is trying to do. okay, we've got to get going. thank you very much. harris: senator bernie sanders sanders doing what hillary clinton had done, meeting with president obama.
9:59 am
we don't know exactly what they talk about. we know what they discussed a little bit of politics, economics and foreign policy he said i think the iowa campaign ends up being about one word, turnout. he said i don't think we can do what obama did in 2008. you know what is interesting about all of this he did get asked the point, did you ask the president for his endorsement? no, of course not. did you ask the president how to beat hillary clinton is one of the things he was asked. he didn't answer that. he just laughed hysterically. he is looking forward to super tuesday and beyond that. as we come out real quickly we'll wrap the show. quick thought. sandra: forecast he is going to win iowa. harris: yes, that is true. andrea: if anyone has playbook to beat hillary clinton is barack obama. he needs bernie sanders supporters not to be mad at him. he wants bernie to not shoot at his legacy and -- harris: #oneluckyguy. >> 2008 hoping for the
10:00 am
white house and the same magic. >> he answered the question we all had, he didn't comb his hair. harris: my goodness. there you go. back tomorrow. >> i am back. harris: we'll state right here online. get right to "happening now." down in florida and tossing cars and tearing roofs off of the building. >> we'll cover all of the news "happening now". a long-stand off in oregon, ends in blood shed and in death. where does it go from here. >> it started as a craig's list adthis morning. a homeowner is tied up when a man responds to a craigs list ad. the owner fights back and the th


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