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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: this is fox news alert. we are just hours away from the last round of republican debates before the first in the nation iowa caucuses, making tonight one of the last chances that the candidates have to make their case in the hawkeye state. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, commentator and national spokeswoman for the national lee bringing initiative, rachel campos duffy, and our #oneluckyguy, former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor and moustache
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afficionado, ambassador john bolton. >> glad to be back. harris: what a title? >> on top of my resume'. after that now it has to be. what choice do i have. harris: that was your selling point. andrea: countdown to the debate tonight in iowa. frontrunner donald trump opting out of the big show, putting senator ted cruz center stage at the main event at 9:00 p.m. this evening on fox. four other candidates will go head-to-head in the earlier debate at 7:00 p.m. eastern. all this as a new nbc "wall street journal"/marist poll, shows jump pulling ahead of ted cruz in iowa with 7-point lead, 32-25%. without the billionaire businessman on the stage, "politico" said that ted cruz will go from being hunter to the hunted. senator rand paul gives a preview of the shots that may be coming cruz's way. >> biggest problem cruz faces right now is authenticity.
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he said he was for the nsa reform, saying the government shouldn't collect all our phone records then in his debate his response to rubio, oh, no, he voted for the reform to allow the government to collect 100% of our cell phone records. people who like my candidacy are wondering choosing between paul and cruz, they're wondering about his authenticity. i think the same on immigration. he has gone back and forth. andrea: other candidates, ambassador, seemingly focused on ted cruz because he is the frontrunner on the stage since trump will not be there. what do you think the specific cruz missiles launched against him? is it foreign policy? is it immigration? where he is most vulnerable? >> most of senator paul's follows will be stimulated by those kind of comments but i think for cruz this may be a real opportunity. it may be he is the focus that donald trump is not there but i think that plays to one of his
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greatest strengths as a debater. like a chess expert who can play 15 games of chess at once. debating six other people simultaneously i don't think will be a problem for ted cruz. if i were the other people i would be more worried taking him on directly than taking on absent donald trump. andrea: he is very good, harris. we know he is a seasoned debater. marco rubio is firing cruz missiles at him but how much will it be rubio-cruz tonight? >> i don't know the percentage of those two. i find it very interesting when donald trump is part of things, he actually hasn't been as vocal in the debate as he is elsewhere. now is ted cruz's chance not to just get his points across, he will be taking incoming primarily, but soak up some talk time. by the way, super-pacs in promotion of him, ted cruz, are offering just now, "the hill" is reporting this 1 1/2 million dollars for them to debate each other this weekend, cruz and trump. i think they may be looking at
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look, whether he does well tonight or he doesn't, ted cruz we would like to set up a second chance. andrea: isn't, sandra, if they all gang up on ted cruz doesn't that benefit donald trump in a way? if they're firing at trump, arguably the greatest threat, doesn't that hurt the challenger? sandra: i don't even know they're going there. do you think, ambassador they use this as opportunity? we're looking at a world in ture mill. you talk about it owl the time. candidates complain they have not been able to get their message out because donald trump is dominating and leading the conversation. shouldn't this be a moment for these candidates standing on the stage tonight to tell what they're going to do and in aning a greg sieve way? >> most of what i believe about these so-called debates is pure heresy. harris: not harris. >> rid. because they're not really debates. they're serial press conferences. just as in press conference you
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only get a little bit out in terms of an answer as oweposed to well-formulated thought very hard do in debates. i want to go back to harris said about ted cruz. he has given away out of this debate problem by his challenge to debate donald trump one-on-one. breaking out of formality of actually people, 15 people, seven people on stage, i will give you an example. if rand paul and chris christie six month ago had series of three or four, one-on-one debates. harris: that would be interesting. >> they would be both be in better position politically today they are. they could exchange views. obviously disagree on many things. it would be informed debate, not a press conference. andrea: rachel, is that realistic? a lot of people say trump has gotten his message out. so why would even sit down with one-on-one debit with ted cruz? why would even bother? >> i told you guys yesterday i thought this was a ploy for him to get out of debate.
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using his spat with megyn kelly to get out of the debate because he is ahead and doesn't need to do it. ii want to challenge you on ted cruz. i think he is really skilled debater. i think rubio is as skilled but has something ted cruz lacks, likability. think is real opportunity for rubio. i think not having trump there, is real opportunity for chris christie. has similar personality as trump but less risky alternative, the one with, i know governor experience but he is not quite as risky as trump. i think there is opportunity for both of those. harris: i want to ask you, andrea a about ted cruz and likessability. i want to see if anything sticks. john mccain said things, a few people said things not being supportive, i'm being kind, of ted cruz. do you think that sort of thing sticks at this point? andrea: i think it depends. ted cruz branded himself the
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anti-establishment candidate. so others will fire at him. i have really like a lot of his policy positions. he does seem to get criticism for that persona, televangelist, maybe disengine with us persona. we'll see if voters go along with it. what i'm watching fault line we've seen, that is, establishment veries is non-establishment. if, ambassador they're able to really differentiate positions especially on foreign policy, they're very different, the neocons, versus non-neocons. i'm looking for someone to elevate the debate. sandra you did, excellent job, you, maria, trish, elevating debate. will attacks be serious about foreign policy for the battle of the heart of the republican party, or are they going to be petty about credit cards and attendance? i hope we have the fight that the democrats are unwilling to have on serious issues? >> i think it is very unlikely that will happen. if you look amount of time trump
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took last debate, subtract it. harris: 38 minutes. >> add in time rand paul will take up, redistribution of time is really fairly limited. less than a minute per candidate. so i don't think they will have a lot of time to add much more. i just don't think this is format that allows for serious debate especially establishment candidates in their own campaigns have been following a policy of clubbing each other like baby seals in the hopes one will emerge to challenge cruz and trump. i think that is mistake. sandra: i have to respectfully disagree. chris christie had a moment in the first fox business debate he was very upset he had to be in the first debate, the lower debate because he just didn't qualify for the later debate and he had a shining moment in that debate. he stuck out like he had not in previous debates. >> so did carly fiorina. sandra: exactly. >> she is back -- sandra: could be game-changers, ambassador. >> not for long.
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sandra: 30% of iowa caulk goers are undecided. they will be watching and this is big. harris: high percentage of early first-time caucus-goers say they might likely vote for trump and likely will and think will be the first time this is it unknown out there. turnout -- >> i don't trust any of these polls across the board. harris: you don't. you said it. andrea: rachel, on caucus so different from the way other states are set up. really the polls, i see a lot of tweets about polls and articles about polls. how important is it, this debate at this point? i think really iowa, ground game and getting supporters there is critical. >> ground game is important. this is where ted cruz has an advantage. he has a very well-oil organized machine on the ground. andrea: he does. >> this is where trump could have hurt himself with women, if you know anything about politics on grass roots level, women are the best volunteers, ones who make the calls, ones who hit the doors. ones who drag those people to those caucuses.
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you know that will be interesting because he needs a very loyal female supporters to do the work for him. andrea: he has his event this evening. sort of competing messages. we'll be watching. be sure to catch that debate, fox news google, it's tonight. the last time we will hear candidates he debate before iowa on monday. things kick off right here at he 7:00 p.m. eastern with bill hemmer, and martha mack. then at 9:00 p.m. bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace take over. it is all coming up this evening right here on fnc. new polling shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck-and-neck in iowa as the key strategists for the republican national committee says anything but a resounding win in iowa will be a loss for hillary's campaign. so is he right? hillary making new comment about her email scandal. why she is now blaming other people's reactions for her troubles. right of after the show catch more from the couch on the web.
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harris: after watchingout number, democratic candidates. new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck-and-neck among likely democratic voters there. clinton leading sanders by three point with margin of error. now republican national committee communications director says anything but a resounding win in iowa, would be a loss for her. >> she is facing a 74-year-old gadfly socialist from vermont and they're neck-and-neck. she had this thing put away months ago. talked about a 50-state strategy, how they were on the march. now they're marshaling all the resources in iowa and down double digits in new hampshire this is embarassment for hillary clinton. harris: it actually gets worse, because if you look ahead on polling in new hampshire she was leading by four points at the beginning of the month. now she is behind bernie sanders 20 points. what is going on for hillary clinton? >> she is terrible candidate.
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i think that is more and more clear. her email troubles are sinking, her trust factor even lower. and sanders generated enthusiasm. i don't understand that. that is the reality among iowa democrats. so i agree. if she doesn't win in iowa, given she almost certainly will lose in new hampshire. i don't buy the argument there is a southern firewall for her. harris: you don't? why not? >> because, i keep hearing about these firewalls, presidential nomination comments. they never work. she has got to win early around if she doesn't, i think whole dynamic in the south begins to change. harris: why does she have to win big though, andrea? is that necessary? what does that say? in football a win is a win. andrea: a bit of a talking point. you expect party infrastructure to do that. they want to raise bar. hillary clinton wants to lower bar. this is game managing expectations. she traditionally not done well in iowa, she knows this. ambassador is right, was supposed to be presumptive
9:17 am
nominee, coronation for hillary clinton. i say don't count her out, even if she loses iowa no one expected her to win new hampshire. would it be bad for her? yes. all of this bad. email scandal. she is not a bad candidate. she can't keep her stories straight. she has superdelegates in her corner. on the democratic side is what matters. i do not count that woman out. harris: you hear discount for ben bernanke, new hampshire is right next door to home state of vermont. we can lean in that direction, but superdelegates andrea is talking about, you take all the american voices out of this all the way, look forward to the convention, not that they were represented there. >> we saw the clinton machine get run over, steam rolled over by obama campaign. we knee for a fact she is not unbeatable. she is beatable. still very surprised that they chose her. i agree with you. i think she is horrible candidate.
9:18 am
every good winning candidate has combination of three things. likability and authenticity and charisma. if you look at all the other candidates doing well, they have that in some degree. i feel like she has none of that i never understood the rationale. harris: where i think president obama was going when we said we needed new car smell. sandra: her supporters say she has got the experience, as far as number one concern of the voter, that is foreign policy right now. that she has got the experience. her supporters will stick by that. but, hey, if things are getting this close, when you look at and feel the momentum on the democratic side, where is it? it is bernie sanders. hillary clinton is having to play defense in a way i don't think she or anybody in her campaign predicted this early on. >> she didn't learn the lesson of 2008 which is barack obama consistently outorganized her in the caucus states. so here comes iowa. it is the first state. hard to miss. and apparently he is
9:19 am
outorganizing her. so i think that is a demonstration that deep down she does have trouble. i just say one thing. she and her husband were a year ahead of me in law school. on the three factors that you mentioned, likability, authenticity, she hadn't gotten any better with age. harris: oh, goodness. drop that mic. if you contrast visuals too, getting out of iowa, and her news releases go out there are 25 people in room, she will say it, i got to sit down with 10 young people. her numbers tell a story but her enthusiasm too. did you see, of course you did if you were watching "outnumbered," bernie sanders outside the white house after meeting with the president, he looked so joyful, dude took my meeting! andrea: democratic party will not bernie sanders get nomination. same thing happening on left is happening on right. i respect the sanders supporters. i respect the trump supporters. they're buck the establishment,
9:20 am
bucking dune nasty of clintons and bushes and establishment. they're committed, party infrastructure on left will not let her get ahead, even if she is indicted, even if she is indicted. sandra: to let everybody know that bill and hillary -- [inaudible]. >> by self years in fact. sandra: as hillary's email scandal continues to dog her campaign, the democratic frontrunner appears to change tack with her defense. in a meeting with iowa's quad cities times editorial board says use of private email server as secretary state was a mistake only because way people reacted to it. that contraries's her previous statements in her own words in hindsight why she should have used two different email accounts, one for business and one for business use. >> i think it was a mistake, not to have used two.
9:21 am
because it has caused all of this, you know, all of this uproar and commotion. the fact is, i sent all my work-based emails to addresses. so they were in the system and so there was no, you know, there was no break in what would have happened if i had been doing it from a separate email account. and so at the end of the day, i think it is kind of a wash. but it was a mistake. who wants to put people through all of this? i don't want to go through it. i don't want to put a lot of my friends through it. so it was a mistake. sandra: meantime we're also learning that clinton's chief of staff at the state department, cheryl mills, lost her personal blackberry which she sent emails. that state has determined contained classified information. so, ambassador, aside from all that risk that she put us at using her private email server, she regrets it because of all this stuff going on now.
9:22 am
>> i'm sure that's right. i bet she regrets it a lot. the fact what she did has caused incalcuable harm to the national security. i will tell you, if i had done that, in one of my various incarnations in the state department. i would be wearing a yellow jump suit already. i think, we hear a lot of political spin about the email controversy, what she did, what she didn't do. leaks from inspector generals and those mean republican committee chairman. this entire discussion is utterly irrelevant. win thing matters, fbi special agents and department of justice prosecutors who are considering whether to seek indictments on violation of national security statutes. obstruction of justice and perjury. third is fox itself through catherine herridge found out itself public corruption allegations there. are three separate lines of inquiry here. he is in deep trouble. ultimately wheel find out when
9:23 am
they convene a grand jury, or if she gets indicted. if they convene a grand jury and call her to testify. she will of course refuse and take the fifth amendment entitled to do, that is the end of her campaign if it happens. harris: i'm curious robert gates said here recently likely she was hacked. state department and other, we've seen other hackings in our administration. he says it happens unfortunately all the time. so with regard to the enemies and what they might have seen, what is your greatest concern? >> it goes beyond emails. if the fbi has been able to do forensics on the server they will no whether foreigners have got into it. beyond that the use of unclassified blackberry and ipad, these are instruments which a foreign service can take control of and use as a microphone to pick up your conversation. harris: wow. >> this is why when you go into secured classified information facility you put your cell phone in a metal box outside. and she was talking on these unclassified phones for four straight years.
9:24 am
the risk here is much greater than a mere few thousand classified emails. >> what you're saying if the doj and fbi are doing their job correctly, what she should be asking president obama for is not a presidential endorsement, she should be asking for a presidential pardon? you're saying these are absolutely certifiably breaches of national security? >> the people in the justice department and fbi who handle this believe, many of them, that general petraeus got off with a slap of the wrist. you can disagree or agree with that or not. they believe if you can't prosecute high level people who violate national security statutes you can't prosecute the little guys. if that happens, we're just, we're really at sea. this is extraordinarily serious. forget the politics. dismiss the politics entirely. as a legal matter she is in real jeopardy. sandra: all right. this should keep some people awake at night.
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♪ harris: security concerns now at government agency supposed to keep us all safe. inventory report obtained by the news site, complete colorado, and have shared with fox show the department of homeland security has had numerous items go missing. on the list? more than 1300 security badges. 165 firearms. nearlyhundred cell phones. all -- nearly 600 sell phones lost at agency between 2012 and last year.
9:30 am
but they told fox they have improved oversight and. you mean it used to be worse? >> that is hardly comforting news things gotten better for there. not just the equipment itself, in case of badge, i.d., it tells terrorists and other what is our technology is. not just those particular bans. it is what else goes into it. cell phones i'm less worried about. they can be neutralized i think i'm looking for. guns are obviously a problem but it bespeaks a lack of seriousness, as you pointed out at the very agency that is supposed to be focused on protection. harris: what i was reading about inprintings of those badges. after every year things go missing they are supposed to come up with a system year after year. i'm not seeing that reported. >> i think this is true across the government. this is problem with identification badges at all all government agencies especially ones that are sensitive, if people got inside and simply
9:31 am
show a government badge, not go through the metal detector, the state department had problem in presecure areas, got in with guns and caused havoc. the security is very high. harris: customs and border protection agency. sandra: talking about the government here, you wonder if there is going to be any accountability which is always the big question, and probably not i would assume, right, ambassador? >> this is the opportunity for the president to show he is security about national security and border security. of all the places where the problem occurs, in the border patrol, that is the worst of all. but, it's, you're absolutely right. look at v. awhere complaints gone on for years. new cabinet secretary, reports go on, nobody is held accountable. harris: andrea, we're talking about border protection, immigration and customs enforcement having most problem with items stolen or lost. you would think that the president would angle and focus on that. look how many breaches at
9:32 am
white house? look at all the things gone on in the house which the president lives in. andrea: i wouldn't hold your breath for any accountability in the west wing on this one. you look back, you're right, harris, fence jumpers, dea agents at parties with hookers funded by drug lords. you remember that one. secret service prosecution scandal. google search, firearm, airport, and lost. see what comes up. secret service agent leaves loaded gun in bathroom of romney chartedder plane. secret service officer loses his gun outside his girlfriend's house. i got more. capitol toll police leave guns in bathroom. "roll call." gun in denver airport was dea agent's gun. october 23rd, 2012. agents go to the bathroom, leave their guns, i.d.s and phones and happens most in airports. it is old story.
9:33 am
there is no accountability on the story. you're not getting anything anytime soon from a rogue, lawless administration seemingly just doesn't care! harris: i look at importance of items got left behind that andrea gave enumeration of, as moms we can't leave all the stuff without our children. i'm not trying to be flip. come on, where is the priority keeping up with your firearm? >> absolutely. this is situation where we see government getting so big and doing so many stupid things they shouldn't be doing, that the most important thing, which is keeping us safe, they can't focus on because it is too much going on. the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. harris: you don't do anything? >> no, we should doing something. government should be doing less focus on things that are important. andrea: we talked about the secretary of state and same issue. assistant leaves blackberry. using home brewed server. all this is illegal behavior. if they don't hold the secretary of state accountable, they won't hold some secret service agent
9:34 am
or dhs official. the dhs a too business targeting right-wing extremism, not about leaving their guns. harris: there is no accountability. if they are not afraid of retribution they will leave their gun anywhere. sandra: if you're not concerned about starting segment after listening to andrea -- andrea: sorry to be a downer. harris: does it matter if the presidential candidate are not religious? two major contenders are bucking wisdom on this. why? is there more a sign that america is changing? hi i'm heather cox
9:35 am
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♪ >> politics and religion, conventional wisdom that someone who is not religious has no chance of being president. donald trump and bernie sanders may challenge that assumption. according to pew research polls, a lot of republican voters who are religious want to elect a person who shares their beliefs, support trump a candidate who they see has not religious. they describe the frontrunner as least religious candidate even more so than hillary clinton and bernie sanders. this week trump picked up one of the endorsements of jerry
9:40 am
fallwell, jr., one of the few modern presidents to say he is not religious. sanders says he believes in god but not actively involved in religion or organized religion. sandra, what do you think? are we entering a post, religious secular phase where that doesn't matter? sandra: you know, we were provide ad whole bunch of research for this topic, that asked is there any evidence that republicans are becoming any less religious? there is no evidence of that. so i think this falls under the category, people can't quite figure out what is going on in this election cycle. they can't figure out why the needs of the american voter are so different and changing. it always, the answer seems always too be, people are angry, they're angry with government, they're fearful of terrorism. their priorities are shifted and changed a bit. i do think this just goes back to the head scratch. we can't quite figure out what is going on? >> i think it is one reason why the polls in iowa are not necessarily accurate.
9:41 am
one of the reasons it is so phenomenal that trump is ahead, given his background, i don't want to say new york values, but given his background it is unexpected he appears to doing as well in iowa maybe that represents a fundamental change but i'm not prepared to believe it. on contrast, democrat side i think bernie sanders fit as long tradition. look at president obama, he is not deeply religious man, he sat in the reverend wright's church for years and apparently didn't learn to a thing he said. >> i find it interesting that evangelicals are willing to vote for trump. he has been divorced twice. gives bible quotes that are wrong. i say it is how tolerant the conservative movement is. could you imagine a pro-choice candidate, very religious, highly religious democrat candidate getting to where
9:42 am
bierne is right now. andrea: speaks to the power of forgiveness i suppose. they're very tolerant this time around and they don't seem to care that trump has moderated different positions because i think what they see is between sanders and trump, they're authentic. if they're willing to have the guts to challenge the establishment and drop those political correctness. politically correct talking points, i hope if they have the guts to stand up for christian beliefs. we've seen the administration target christians with obamacare and numerous ways with hobby lobby. trump pledged to take that on. better not to be disingenuous. better not to stage photo-ops of you going into church. those two candidates don't do it. bernie sanders i'm not. he didn't preend to be, you see other politicians pretend to be. we see clintons go to church. christians are smart. they are smart. they can tell a phony. >> trump carries around his
9:43 am
bible like a prop when he goes to universities. harris: he says he believes in god, so does bernie sanders. think how much power evangelicals have. look with mitt romney, reports of people not necessarily being comfortable with his mormon religion. evangelicals stayed home, a large percentage have been reported to have stayed home in the last election. that was very complicated for this party. so you talk about tolerance, maybe it's not exactly tolerance. maybe it's greater understanding of their worth of their power as voters. knowing that if we can pick somebody, this group, that isn't offensive in terms of what they value, maybe isn't specific, that would be donald trump. he is not being specific. what can you tell me about his religion? not much. you may have seen him with a bible. he says he believes in god. there isn't talk of that. >> the talk of, jeb bush said is he really a christian. we've been told spirituality is private matter. harris: it is.
9:44 am
>> all we hear, is he christian enough. oh, he misquote ad bible verse. you know what? harris: say less. that is what he has done. get back to mitt romney for just a second, however unfair people may have been to look at him and to judge him for his religion, it was important to them. >> but i think evangelicals learned their lesson. they stayed home for romney and got a progressive secular obama instead. maybe they want a winner even if he is not that religious. andrea: a winner who will fight for us. save the date. the annual white privilege conference is coming up. colleges purportedly paying people to attend, even middle schoolers. is this a chance to learn something for more pc indoctrination? feel a cold coming on?
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jenna lee with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jenna. >> hey, sandra. this is the last debate before the iowa caucuses here on fox. we have brand new polling for you in the first three voting states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. bernie sanders going on offense as race continues to tighten for the democrats. bernie has new accusations against the clinton camp, we'll tell you about that plus
9:49 am
released his health records. ethan couch is back in the united states from mexico after being center of a international manhunt. he killed four people in a duix and got off because of the fame must influenza defense. he just arrived in the past hour. we'll keep you posted on that. sandra: thanks, jenna. andrea: four-day white privilege conference is on the calendar for hundreds of college kids. it is happening in april in philadelphia. according to campus reform, a number of schools are footing most or all of the nearly $400 bill to attend. some also offer course credit. this features dozens of workshops on topics ranging from race, to gender, including quote, blackness, whiteness, and wominess. the world woman is supposed to spell wrong to eliminate the word man in the word. self-care and healing as change agents, safe space for attend
9:50 am
east to share emotional of being social justice ad very cat. there is section, where are all the white people. how to organize white people to promote racial justice. there is workshop geared towards middle school and high schoolkids to help understand white privilege and break down systems of oppression before they go to college. all right, so, sandra, the money point on this -- sandra: thank you. andrea: break it down for us please. a lot of parents are saying am i paying my kid to go to school for one of these? sandra: if this is first time you're hearing about this, you're living under a rock. this is going on since 1919. 1500 people attend the event did, 1999. additional $100 for various one-day institutes. several hundred dollars in fees. hey, if you go to university of wisconsin-madison or university of colorado, they will help you cover the coasts. actually give you three to four credit hours if you even go to
9:51 am
it. >> what is interesting right now in wisconsin there is a big debate because governor scott walker wants to cut off, or not cut off, but, do budget cuts to the university of which is's budget. there is big uproar in the state. people on both sides of the aisle. if you have money to subsidize this junk, you have too much money. the other question i have, and i will ask you, because you're a white guy sitting at the couch -- harris: great observation, rachel. >> i'm outnumbered. >> why do white people subject to this sadomasochism? who would sign up to do this. >> this subject makes my head hurt. i will try to be as brief as i can. william f. buckley, jr. once said every individual is different from every other individual in every conceivable way. harris: amen. >> that is what we should be teaching our children, identity politics, group system fundamentally antithetical to basic human freedom.
9:52 am
it impedes our progress and barrier to communication. so i think the whole thing is nothing but junk. and therefore every dollar spent on it is dollar not teaching some student math or science or something else. harris: amen. andrea: wasn't the goal to integrate so we're not all different. harris: thank you, thank you. andrea: isn't that what martin luther king talked about? harris: absolutely, andrea. andrea: why are we doing reversal? harris: i'm not sure why we're infat eighted by the be infatuated about this. i love you no malter what you say. i have biracial children this is crazy to me. this is offensive. >> you're exactly right. universities spun off into parallel universe. we've seen it in case after case. i think it calls into question the fundamental role of the university in american life when they put up with this sort of thing. for goodness sakes, we're under enormous pressure. let's educate people.
9:53 am
not distract them. andrea: how about removing the word man. reminds my from the sane from legally blonde. should remove the semestter to ovester. harris: i can't tell you how many times people look evil toward one another, doesn't have anything to do with the color of their skin. seriously, there is a lot of evil people walking around. can we get to civility. make eye contact. get off device, speak lovingly to each other. not see it as sign of weakness instead. >> i am worried this will be one of the campaigns because people have stopped being civil. andrea: final word goes to the white guy. >> real pressure to be here as always. i don't really feel that outnumbered. andrea: nice to have friendly watering hole in your neighborhood, isn't it?
9:54 am
science shows it actually makes folks happier. get this, the booze has nothing to do with it. what? i don't know about that. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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sandra: singing the words. everybody knows them. the '80s hit show "cheers" may have been on to something. people that live near a bar are significantly happier. researchers found regular drinkers with a pub nearby have better friends, life satisfaction and drink more moderately. it highlights importance of face-to-face interaction. it notes people more likely engage in conversations in small community bars rather than larger establishments. ambassador bolton, i think there is a little bit to this study. >> i do think the fact it's a british study tells you something. the pub is much more established institution, despite the tv program here in this country. but when you're associating with the same people over and over again i think it does increase community spirit and friendliness. it probably is inhibition drinking too much because you're with friends and peers and gives you firmer basis in society.
9:59 am
i think edmund burke would approve this study. harris: so smart. andrea: like the edmund burke reference. >> he is british. >> british pub has food, intergenerational. a little different than the american bar scene. if my husband was going to the local bar in my town, i think i might divorce him. if we had a british pub i would go with him. >> go to watch football games. >> well, maybe. i want to watch the packers. that's all. sandra: andrea, there there local watering hole that you know of? andrea: why do you ask, sandra? i leave here and race to the bar? i think this is totally true. i think it has to do with restaurants and diners. growing up, people would would come in, sometimes eat every meal at our restaurant. hey, charlie, how was your day. people get their news. talk to the waitresses, talk to the hostesses that is how they got their sense of community. that is slipping away.
10:00 am
sandra: harris saddling up to the bar with lemon cello. harris: she knows me too well. sandra: lick -- click on the overtime tab. "happening now" starts right now. harris: they think i'm a g fox news alert. democrat presidential candidate berniey sanders set to release medical records. >> the senator is weighing to launch negative attacks on hillary clinton. we are covering the news now. >> please stand down and go home and hug your families. >> law makers asking protestors in that oregon stand off to stand down. >> and a daring rescue on the high seas as the coast guard finds sailors from a ship.


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