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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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they need to teach cursive. anybody knows anybody's telephone number? if you don't have a phone you are in real trouble. great to have you here, get you back and other day. join us for a special edition of "outnumbered" on sunday. noon eastern, one day before the iowa caucuses. kevin na starts now. alert. we expect a sheriff's briefing on the search for three dangerous fugitives in california. >> we are are learning about the swat team raids that could be tied to the break out. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> this is i lies that the campaign is built on. >> marco went to major donors. >> sparks fly over immigration and did they gain ground in iowa against the elephant that was not in the room? >> he killed more people. >> strong reaction from the
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return of ethan couch. >> we hope that justice will be served for the victims and their families. >> will the a fluenza teen be headed to a lock up. >> and a multimillion dream home bulldozers. a california community teetering on the edge of disaster. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the republican candidates back on the campaign trail barnstorming through iowa and new hampshire after last night's fiery debate. only three days left before the voters have their say. i am jon scott. welcome to "happening now". >> and i am jenna lee. and the candidates talked real substance and one liners as well. they are heading for the first contest in the race. ted cruz and marco rubio, hitting the campaign trail
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a short time ago and trying to lock down support for the caucuses on monday. we have carl cameron who has reaction on the day after the debate. and joining us is chief white house correspondent ed henrow. but p first carl. hey, carl can. >> reporter: a day after the debachlt donald trump did something remarkable. he left the state of iowa. only three days left of campaigning and donald trump is in new hampshire. he got there and said he had been up all night long and immediately resumed his criticism of ted cruz, with yet another variation of his doubts and raising the questions of whether or not ted cruz is eligible to be president since he was born in canada, watch. >> you know, he's an anchor baby in canada.
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but canada doesn't accept anchor babysit, they just waited a long time. it is a problem for him by the way. and that's one of the reasons he's a nervous wreck, too. >> reporter: hardly a nervous wreck. ted cruz is competing for the lead in iowa and a great deal of discussion whether krudz ground game can survive trump's bombast. cruz is two hours north of where we are in carol, iowa for a event. and cruz is up there already talking about the debate performance and how he thinks he can coaulose and unite conservatives. he's total lein disagreement with trump about the citizenship issue and trying to coalesce the evangelical and home school vote that is known to sway the
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caucus. marco rubio has a lot of positive press and has been moving up in his third position in the polls. >> and that is carl off in the campaign trail and a lot to get there as well. >> sounds like we lost carl there at the end. but we got most his report. marco rubio. he seems to be playing the long game of a political survivor. it is a calculated gamble that involves waiting for the rivals to dropout and winning over their supporters and the strategy bears risk because it hinges on a strong showing in iowa. senator rubio said things are looking good for his campaign in that state. listen. >> wee feel good and growing in our support. obviously ted cruz is the front runner and spent all of his money in iowa.
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>> ted cruz spent all of his money in iowa and built a historic ground game and we'll work hard and we feel good about it. >> we'll talk about it with nina easton and eliana johnson. welcome being to both of you. nina, what do you think? it is all about peaking at the right time in iowa. is marco rubio peaking at the right time? >> it is also about the age- old expectation's game. that's what marco rubio was playing there. he's hoping that ted cruz is expected to be in one. he's trying to emphasize that and if ted cruz is not number one, he hopes that is a fatal blow and he will come in number three and cruz is in the middle of the pact in new hampshire and he will emerge and he will emerge as the alternative to donald trump.
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he's playing strong in iowa and has been there a lot and being attacked a lot in iowa. he hopes that the strategy will make him the alternative to donald trump. >> talking about strategy, ted cruz made his trips to iowa a day and half after he was elected to the senate. he's been working on this for a long time. how would you assess what his campaign is trying to do versus rubio's approach? >> you know, john, both strategies are risky. you have ted cruz really putting all of his emphasize on iowa. if he doesn't win that is a blow. rubio is playing the national cam pain. and it is a way of attrition and not one out of the gate early by any one candidate and their campaign depends on performing better than expected in states like iowa waand south carolina and not necessarily winning.
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but have to finish ahead of carson, and chris christie and jeb bush and kasich in new hampshire f. they don't, that is dangerous for them. there are risks to both. but right now, if ted cruz underperforms in iowa, that would be fatal. and marco rubio are confident that when it is two candidates left in the race he can win. >> look at new hampshire numbers. this is based on the latest fox news polling in the state. donald trump on top. cruz and rubio, are right there in second and third place. and both inside of the margin of error and either one could swap and then kasich, bush and christie rounding out the top six. you go to the bottom six. carson, paul, fiorina, and huckabee and gill more and sanatorium. and all of the last three are
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barely register aring at all in new hampshire. my point is this. if you look at the top three. trump, cruz and rubio, you have 42 percent of the electorate remaining. and depending on on who comes out of iowa and could be folks who dropout before new hampshire. there is a lot of the electorate in new hampshire to be dified up. >> that's what rubio is betting on. the bottom candidates dropout and those votes are gettable. that's what he's counting on. >> and in terms of his strength in new hampshire versus ted cruz, they are neck and neck. but if, rubio is able to best cruz in iowa, that's the launching pad for him? >> if rubio is able to best cruz in iowa, that is fatal for ted
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cruz. and by the same token if cruz beasts rubio in new hampshire that is fatal for rubio. rubio has not placed all of his tokens in any one state and if he defies expectation that is good for him. he's counting on if he beats the other establishment candidates. jeb bush, and chris christie and john kasich they will dropout and establishment support will coa lease behind him after the new hampshire primary. >> we need to point out, not a single vote is castor counted in the crazy race. thank you, both. >> thank you. we want to hear from you. how do you think the debate will impact iowa voters when they head to the caucus on monday. our live chat is up and run to join the conversation. >> hillary clinton is holding a rally in des moines.
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she and bernie sanders are locked in a close race for the hawkeye state. ed henry has more on this, ed? >> reporter: yes, what we are seeing on the ground in iowa, momentum for bernie sanders and hillary clinton had a double-digit lead in the hawkeye state. sanders is up by a couple of points and a dead heaty essentially. sanders is getting more excitement and bigger crowds. hillary clinton playing to smaller venues. she does the town hall form taf and they ask why there is no enthusiasm among the young people. sander system pushing back on the clinton camp flip flopping on the debates. >> do at least three more debates in the months to come.
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but hillary clinton finds that the race is tightening up and she wants to do more debates, i don't have to do it. >> i feel honored to have the enthusiastic support of having so much support of young people. they are volunteering and organizing on campuses and it means the world to me. >> reporter: and the clinton camp has been be saying, they have always wanted more democratic debates even though last year sanders pointed out. the clinton camp were wanting to limit the debates. she had the lead and didn't want to lose it by making a mistake or tripped up in a debate. and now it is a much tighter race. sanders will do it, but he added that the clinton camp simply does not rule the world. sanders is feeling more confidence now since the
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beginning of the race when the clinton camp barely acknowledged he was in the race. >> we want to tell you what is going on with the republican candidates right now. a lot of them in different events. senator cruz, holding an event right now in iowa, taking questions from the people there in the crowd. we'll keep you posted if we can on different events as the different candidates make their way around the state. he is at three generations bar and grill in ringsted, iowa and staying connected with the iowa voters. you have to be there and talk to the people and potentially could be the difference between who wines up in the top three spots. they are trying to make dozens of spots when the votes roll in. iranian forces in the persian gulf. state tv in teheran have test it
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several missiles. we'll tell you what missiles they claim to have fired. plus what is behind the new police raids in southern california after the escape of three dangerous inmates? did they have help getting out? >> investigators made a significant arrest connected to the escape investigation. and contributed to the escape of three inmates and provided planning tools. rag hi i'm heather cox
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>> so iran in a provocative show of force, according to state television the navy test fired missiles in the persian gulf. the exercise covered a vast area and including parts of the strait of hermos. >> and a u.s. navy weighing in
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today. saying yes, there was a drone. it posed no threat to the ship but iran's actions unprofessional and abnormal. >> and a new's conference under way for the search of three dangerous fugitives that broke out of a maximum security jail. this comes on the heels of swat teams contacted over night raids this teacher who they say may have helped the fugitives escape. william is live in los angeles with the latest on the search for us. william? >> reporter: well, john. police have two new le the inmates got out. that one. ragvagni, who is a iranian borne woman who taught english inside of the men's jail and she developed a intimate relationship with the fellow
10:18 am
iranian there. police say ragvagni helped the inmates escape. at the very least providing them with maps the of the jail lay out and maybe more. >> at this point, there is no confirmation of bringing tools in the jail. she denied bringing the tools. but she provided google maps to prepare for the escape. >> reporter: now police believe the fugitives are living out of a white gmac van. there the owner reported it stolen on saturday at 5:00 p.m. >> whether it was trade list. he responded and did a test drive and in the course of the test drive, the vehicle was not returned. >> reporter: swat teams raided several locations in orange
10:19 am
county and an underground casino used by one of the escapees. ten associates of the inmates have been arrested for parole and othervilleses. we have monitored that new's conference. they believe the license plates were replaced by stolen plates. and the relationship between the teacher and inmate, they have not confirmed it is romantic, but definitely more personal. she has been charged with aiding and abetting the escape. >> shades of what happened in the new york state prison it would seem, william, thank you. >> tough questions on immigration for the republican national debate and senator marco rubio took them as to whether they questioned his amnesty. >> he was the sponsor of the gang of eight bill that requires
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>> you know, i like marco, he's charming and smooth. but the facts are simple. he told the people of florida, if you elect me i will fight against amnesty. >> this is a lie that ted built on. he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. ted you said or to going to work for the the votes. you worked for george bush's campaign and helped to design george w. bush's immigration policy and in the committee, you saids i want to bring people out of the shadows, and now you want
10:24 am
to trump, trump on immigration. >> they are really friends and get along. that's what they tell us. >> most talked about moment in the debate. they are responding to challenges on the immigration stances, specifically where they stand on the path of citizenship. senator marco rubio facing more questions on america's newsroom when bill hemmer asked if he was changing. >> to be more obvious would likely go a longer way. >> it is obvious. it is not changing your mind. that approach has no chance of passing. why would we bang our head-on a issue that has a 0 chance. it was attempted five times. >> this has to be solved by enforcement first and then pooem will be reasonable but the not until then. >> we'll bring in julie and
10:25 am
jamie. so that is one of the most talked about moments and we saw the update. jamie, you have an interesting take on the immigration take and why did rubio come out ahead? >> it was his toughest moment of the night and candidates. a video monstage showing that you switched on position it is not easy. but it hurt ted cruz the most. he premised his campaign as the toughest immigration hawk in the race and trying to compete with donald trump. he was not always against the pathway to legislatization and he was in the senate arguing being honest about it or not pathway for legalization. that may force voters to consider donald trump than cruz. marco rubio. no one supported him who is tough on immigration in the way
10:26 am
they support trump or cruz. >> what jamie is saying, people have seen marco rubio evolution but didn't see so much what happen with ted cruz. do you agree that marco rubio emerged strong and cruz propers not or do you differ. >> on a issue of immigration he is right. cruz has george bush hanging around his neck. he started in politics working on that campaign. and if you find comprehension immigration reform it started under george bush and not this president. i think they helped themselves in different ways. cruz helped himself as emerging in the alterpative to trump. if trump is not here i am the conservative front runner and i am the one poiseed to win iowa.
10:27 am
and rubio came across strongest with anti- trump and the establishment votes. i thought he did a better job than jeb bush who i thought had a good night and probably too late. and certainly better than chris christie. among the people who he is competting with, he did the best. >> it was interesting to watch the whole exchange. andy we were going back to 2009 and 10. it was like black and white video at this point. and looking at this. and in the middle of the debate and references to law makers and year it was. chris christie comes out with a moment of levitty. watch this. >> i watched the video of senator cruz. i watched the video of senator rubio and i heard what they said and this is why you you need to send someone from outside of washington to washington. i feel like i need, i feel like
10:28 am
i need a washington- english converter. >> we would love that dictionary by the way. the daily beast said immigration was the party's issue and question of whether or not it is still an issue for the republican party. what do you think? >> i am on record, and this election might prove it or not. i don't think it is as big of an issue. i think donald rose on immigration and personality. if marco rubio rises and takes the nomination and comes down to the fight with him and donald trump, it may prove that wrong. marco rubio is famous for the pathway of citizenship, and if he can rise in the anti- immigration moment make immigration is not quite the issue. >> but the immigration issue has changed and shifted to a national security fear. it is now immigration of refugee
10:29 am
and isis and just the border of mexico. if it is it a national security issue than purely immigration. >> that is what rubio is hammering over and one of the biggest hawks in the field on this issue of national security. i think he's hoping that you are right. if immigration is not only people coming from mexico and south of the border are, but isis trying to infilt trait and notes insly people who are trying to come here illegally, he's helped. because he's been out front as one of the biggest hawks in the race, i think what you said, i think trump rose on force of his personality. and where he came cross forcefully was on the issue of building a wall and that resonated with the tea party cohort of the republican and i
10:30 am
think trump will ride to the nomination. >> news could dictate it as well. we'll get another group of women and children coming from central america as we have seen in the last several years or perhaps another scare related to isis and whether or not those two news items emerge might dictate the conversation. great to have you both. >> thank you. >> iowa will soon be be in the rearview mirror with the next debate in new hampshire. rand paul is slamming the host abc news who is on stage. debates are the lifeblood of struggling campaigns. and caucusing not usually from the young. but millennials could change the outcome for iowa. will they turn out for their candidates? ♪ melodic, calm music.
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>> well, despite the chance to cast the first ballot in the election, most young ones historically do not participate in the caucus. but could the hawkeye be gearing up for a raucus caucus? >> reporter: john, the youth vote is talked up fall year but often doesn't materialized, so
10:35 am
we set across iowa to find out how energized they are? whether on isolated farms like this one or packed college coffee shops. caucus season is a grinned for candidates and voters a like. but the enthusiasm and the coffee shop of choice for iowa state indicator. this is different. >> this is the different options for president and everyone gets out to caucus. >> the caucus is everywhere. and i think it issa that excitement to convince them and they will want to show up. >> traditionally according to the iowa caucus. two-thirds of caucus goers are over 45 years old and 36-year-old farmer mark kenny believes that his generation
10:36 am
needs to realize its power. >> we have the most to gain or lose. we are the generation that is going to do the majority of the living and dying in next 20 years and a lot of us have children and a lot of things in the world going on that impact our futures and so why not be a part. >> reporter: you have a moral responsibility? >> absolutely. >> reporter: jon, we'll find out if that moral responsibility translates in action on monday night. if it does, the younger voters can shake-up the race for demdeps and republicans. >> it looks like a beautiful day. but weather is part of this. >> reporter: it is a beautiful day but cold. weather will pay a part. there is bad weather is coming in. but we are told by the forecast canners before the bad snow storm hits tuesday, jon.
10:37 am
>> what a contrast. >> there is controversy brewing for the next show down. there will be restrictions on who will be on the stage on the new debate. paul calling the news irresponsible. what is the big deal about the next one howie? >> reporter: unless you are donald trump who can blow off a debate. the televised spectacles are the lifeblood of a campaign and that is true if you are down in the single digits as senator paul is. the quite of the campaign that abes is irresponsible and exclude him in carly fiorina and buck huckabee and if you don't make the main stage on the eve
10:38 am
of the voting in the first primary state, you are not on the screen. >> what are the rules? >> reporter: the rules have changed including fox and cnn. those who finish in the top six nationally or iowa or new hampshire were included in the main debate. abc decided it will include top six nationally or in new hampshire and only top three finishers in iowa. like rand paul who do better in iowa, and don't get to qualify. and i think he has a point, if you finish fourth that shows strength as a candidate and yet you would be be out with not even a consolation of an early evening debate. and senator paul unhappy with abc. and he's refused to appear with george stephanopilis because of the past service in the clinton white house. >> interesting point there. it is all momentum in the
10:39 am
campaign isn't it? what the campaigns tell us coming out of iowa it is your placement and momentum going in new hampshire. do you think that abc needs to change its restrictions? or played too heavy handed of a role in the next stage of the election? >> once a network sets its rules and doesn't want to look like it adjusts for the candidates. the debates are never more important with the audience numbers so high beginning with the 24 million in summer in cleveland. but if you can't get on the stage, there is a vicious cycle because you are not visible and your donors are unhappy and before you know it, you are out of the race. and the question that people ask, why is it up to the networks to win over the field? it is better television and opposed to 8 or 9 on the stage.
10:40 am
but i was about to vote on monday. new hampshire will not have voted when abc does the debate. >> you mentioned how much it means for all of the candidates and you can be a great debater and there is a great question of if you can be a great president. i know there is a lot of emphasis on the debates. it is a big topic as we move in the next few weeks. we'll catch you on media buzz on the fox news channel every sunday live. jon? >> we'll take you to carol, iowa, and take a peek there, there is jeb bush trying to persuade the iowa voters to go out and caucus for him. most of the candidates are criss-crossing iowa and hoping to get in the last-minute pushes. they will have the weekend and the caucus on on monday. in the meantime, the judge
10:41 am
makes a ruling in the case of the so- called afblueensa team? will ethan couch spend night in adult jail? >> and this was once a home in california. but mother neighborhood put a neighbor in the cross hair. >> it is a bad leak. how will it come down because of the weight? and give her the sh and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. >> we told you candidates are are criss-crossing iowa making a latch pitch to voters to come out. here is senator marco rubio town hall meeting in iowa. and we'll get live pictures of the candidates, we'll bring them to you live. >> to the west coast, a family's san francisco dream home turns to a nightmare. workers demolished the home because it is sliding down the hillside. it slid 14 inches and threatening the homes below it and drastic measures were taken. the storms are to blame for
10:44 am
a collapse. and resident are evacuated as the ground threat eps to go away the apartment complex. >> the teen who escaped prison time on a affluenza defense will remain in a texas juvenile detention center for now. the same judge will determine if his case to moved to adult court. couch killed four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013 when he was only 16 years old on. we'll bring in our legal panel. and we'll have eric and esther. the wording here is specific and interesting. he's going to remain in juvenile detention for now. that means a juvenile facility
10:45 am
is going to hold him, but doesn't necessarily mean his case will not move to adult court and jail, right? >> that's correct. when you violate the terms of your probation, you go back to the judge that gave you the probation. in this case the juvenile court and that's where he will be detained until further order of the court. it is really a temporary hold until they determine if the rest of the case is going forward in adult court or juvenile court and where he would serve be and time he would have with the violation of probation. >> he is no longer a juvenile and he's 18 years old now, eric? >> that's right. but the case was in juvenile court and so the term of probation is ten years and he would face juvenile charges. however, the judge deems this an
10:46 am
adult transferable probation issue, he will go to adult court to get more probation time and additional sentence and be housed in the adult court. but the judge has to err on the side of caution and put him in juvenile detention until that hearing is decided. >> supposedly the tarrant county jail folks would like him in the adult jail as well. what is the difference in conditions, do you have any idea? >> they are both bad. but if you are -- you don't want to put someone his age with older and sophisticated criminals and a lot of people goes to prison to be better crim names. you don't want him exposed to everything that prisoners who have been there for a long time for serious offenses. his are serious, too. you don't want them in the same
10:47 am
facility. they are targets. and so you try to keep them segregated when you can. it is it a difficult issue to get through and additionally i would add, we don't know if the state will charge him with substantative crimes such as destruction or crimes of crossing the border. so it is possible and those charges if there are new charges would be in a new court. it interesting to sue how it plays out. >> we had video of his original court case. this is when he was 16 years old. he was drunk driving his big and expensive pick up with a bunch of kids in it and ran into a disabled video and killed four people and got no jail time for it. the latest is him running to
10:48 am
mexico can with his mother after video surfaced on line that seemed to show him a party where alcohol is served. this is what he looks like now. he looks much more like a man. will that affect the judge? >> his actions will be affected. this young man was slapped on the wrist for killing people. and now, the judge has to throw the whole library because this boy, got away with murder and walked away. and didn't get jail time and got probation. shame on them for doing that. >> that's right. >> he turns 19 in april and things could change in his life. we'll keep our viewers updated. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> folks in one part of the country looking at the sky afte booms.
10:49 am
we are learning what may have caused it. >> kind of scary. you know? you're in school and you hear noises and you're not really sure what's going on. >> didn't know what it was. >> duck and cover. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. fox learned that the intelligence community deemed some of hillary clinton's e-mails too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances. wow. the white house just responding to the delay in releasing the e-mails. hear it here first. plus, crucial campaign week. who has the best ground game in iowa? who has the most county presence? an matter? we have detailed breakdown for you. declassified doc's of the
10:53 am
cia. top of the hour. next segment here, loud rumbles in new jersey. mysterious loud rumbles. not caused by an earthquake. a navy spokesperson confirming that military spyder jets caused the supersonic booms. david lee? >> jenna, this time yesterday people living along the east coast for 200 miles all shook up. not only did many people think it was an earthquake but the force so powerful, cracked the walls and ceilings of a mobile home in new jersey. people of all ages were frightened. >> rattled the windows. shook the lamps. bad. scary. >> like a little boom-boom. >> it shook and it made a noise like a quick series of boom-boom-boom-boom and then stopped and probably five minutes later another one. >> series of blasts caused by
10:54 am
the navy using supersonic testing of an f-35 stealth fight we are an f-18. both repeatedly broke the sound barrier causing the shockwaves and that thunderous noise. they originated in maryland and flew off the coast reaching 1,200 miles per hour, about 500 miles per hour faster than the speed of sound. the navy said it's routine and frequently take place. why did these create such a disturbance. the spokeswoman said conditions were just right for the sound to travel hundreds of miles. one question remains, however. how can the navy call the f-35-c a stealth fighter? when it makes such a racket. jenna? >> excellent question. that will be our next investigative piece. david lee, thank you. broken windows and now breaking news from the music world. due yets in the worlds and a
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for country music fans, garth brooks and trisha yearwood say they're going to release an album. >> it's their first christmas album and should drop later in the year, just in time for the holidays and if you release a good christmas album, a good time to do it. >> you have a big night ahead. >> yes. >> do you want to share with our viewers? >> spelling bee in my town. >> john's been sharing the words with us. we would all fail. we have no idea what any of them are or how to spell them. best of luck. >> we'll share more on monday. also, we'll be back tomorrow. >> that's right. working tomorrow saturday. do not be confused. will be saturday tomorrow and also working. >> covering those iowa caucuses as we get ready to vote. thank you for joining us.
10:59 am
>> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. intelligence community now deeming some of hillary clinton's e-mails, quote, too damaging to national security to release under any circumstances. hi, everyone. welcome to "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. fox news told it's special access programs which are considered beyond top secret. well, this undercuts claims by the state department and the clinton campaign that none of the intelligence in the e-mails classified when it hit clinton's personal server. the state department scheduled to release more e-mails today but instead asked a federal court for more time. we'll more on the clinton campaign in a little bit but the breaking news and t


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