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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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♪ happy birthday, to you ♪ happy birthday, to you ♪ birthday >> 26 hours and counting a furious weekend before the first-in-the-nation caucuses here in iowa. the campaign, the questions, and the controversies. from the capital building in des moines this is "special report." we are coming live from the what state capital in des moines, positioned right under the rotunda and in front of the bell from the battleship uss iowa with a copy in the state capital. i am bret baier. tonight on this special sunday "special report," we set the stage for the first voting.
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we will have actually voting of the 2016 campaign after a buildup that has been years in the making. everyone is here in iowa this weekend for the final push and the own exception is john kasich polling near the bottom in iowa but is in second place in new hampshire, trailing only donald trump in the latest average of polls there the other republicans and all democratic candidateses are spread out. mostly in the eastern half of the state for the final night and day before voting. we have fox coverage of the campaign and ed henry has a combative hillary clinton campaign fighting bernie sanders and her own e-mail scandal but, first, we have word that final hours are filled with negative memorialing among republicans. carl? >> yes, usually canidates in iowa try to give up the attacks before the dull voting but the 2016 what with -- iowa race is
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different. on the last day donald trump escalated attacks on ted cruz. >> he took aned a about me and said that i'm in favor of obamacare. my campaign is against obamacare. he tore got to mention he borrowed a lot of money without interest. anyone would take that interest rate. >> that. from add new ted cruz attack straight at his fans about which he can be very sensitive. if you look at the financial disclosure he owes at least $48230 million, right now, and it could be billions and, with loans when i take a loan, we pay them back. he has declared bankruptcy four times. the "des moines register" poll shows donald trump ahead of cruz by five points and rubio is third, and ben carson is the only other to reach doug deaths anticipating 160,000 voters to caucus. and the last time it was 120,000, and 45 percent could
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change our mines. >> our country is at a cross road. >> one argues that cruz and marco rubio are dividers and donald trump said they unite. >> you we must bring the party and the conservative movement back together. i will. no one running for president can bring the conservative movement in the republican partying to faster. >> marco rubio is aggressively trying to down play expectations polling at third and said that ted cruz is between the front runner. cruz is arresting that both trump and rubio would be bad for the conservative movement and argues that trump supports obamacare and rubio supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. got about 24 hours before polls or the caucus open and now cops word that the me storm could hit tomorrow just got over our blackberry "enough snow and winter mix will make readies slippery in the son third of iowa as people head home from
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the caucus." you wonder if that can make people think twice about going which has the candidates worried. >> that is a big, big deal in this caucus this year. thank you. who would have thought a year ago that hillary clinton moves main competition to the democratic nomination would be a relatively little known senator from vermont who by the way is a democratic socialist. even a few weeks ago who could have predicted that bernie sanders might actually win in iowa? perhaps bernie sanders. ed henry joins us from up the road. ed? >> hillary clinton is racing to keep off a second humiliating defeat in eight years. >> i hope i can persuade you because the stakes in this election could not be higher. all the new "des moines register" president shows that democratic solvist bernie sanders has brought the race to a dead heat. hillary clinton leading 45 percent to 42 percent. today bernie sanders continued
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the momentum declare he raised another $20 million in january alone. >> we are saying "enough is enough." you have had your day. now it is our turn. >> beers last knit did a populist muscle flex bringing vampire weekend, a band, to the university for a crowd 5,000 people with a thousand more kept outside by the fire marshal. which means that sanders overflow crowd and more than the actual crowd inside a typical hillary clinton event. >> we are going to make american history on monday night. >> bernie sanders is getting obama-style crowds, but the great unknown is whether he will get the record town out president obama engineered in 2008. the new "des moines register" poll found that hillary clinton could gape from a lower town out only 65 percent of democratic caucus goers said they will attend monday night and 35 percent say they will probably
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attend. another unknown is the impact from hillary clinton's e-mail troubles as she insists that it is only a republican conspiracy theory. >> this is very much like benghazi the republicans will use it and beat up on me. >> but she made this questionable claim. >> i take classified information very seriously. you cannot get information off the classifyied system in the state department to put on to an unclassified system. >> contradicting a 2013 video tape revealed by fox news that shows former aide telling diplomats the opposite. >> it appear on the blackberry that would never be on an unclassified system but you are out traveling, trying to negotiate something. >> bernie sanders repeated he is at peace with not pushing the mail issue but he called it a serious matter, and it is clear he believes that a winning strategy for him is to let republicans hit hillary clinton on rust and he tries to win on
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substantive issues like the economy. we will see. >> ed, up the road, thank you. do you think sanders can pull off the upset on the democratic side in iowa? let me know at facebook baier. >> now some analysis on what to expect on monday night, joining me from across town is editor and chief laura ingraham and charles krauthammer, what is your sense of the race? >> the momentum seems to be in my mind still with bernie sanders although hillary clinton seems to have shored up support the last few days. you get the sense that some of the caution that iowa veters known for could be helping hillary clinton. on the opposite side, here in des moines which is not that representative, it is more liberal than obviously other parts of the state, people are
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coming up to me, since i arrived it a lot of rubio supporters and i am thing is there a possibility that rub coe could do something really surprising in iowa? the polls do not indicate that. but the mood and comments. will that rick people the wrong way? we don't know, but he has an amazing operation, the cruz crew ready to go and they are bringing in the almighty to help them they have to win this. >> there were mailers from the cruz campaign and the rubio campaign under some controversy. charles, let me ask you, laura make as great important about the split of the you state. there are a lot of people would more moderate around des moines and romney won polk county but
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but get to the easton part, you get out to some of the rural areas it is heavy conservative country and it could be ripe for ted cruz. >> absolutely right. he has suffered now and been in decline in the poll numbers and, obviously, in the support he has. it has been gradual but for two, woos now. as in the debate he is taking incoming from every side and that in the under leaves a residue the he has the best ground game and that could sustain him but i think if you look at the final poll, the "des moines register" poll, it is amazing how closely it tracks with the real clear politics average of polls and it looks as if unless there are unknown factors we have no idea about, there is this five point lead of trump at 9 top that could be diminished by 9 ted cruz ground game but the person to watch is
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rubio at 15 percent, or if that area, for a while stalled almost waiting. he is not going to win. that is very unlike lip but if he reaches 20 he will be seen as the one who competed expectations and given the fact that there are only these candidates in the race right now that could, i think, make him going into new hampshire formidable. he does not have to when but he has to exceed. >> clearly laura trump has a lot of momentum and you look at turnout and we have talked, are they going to materialize but there seems to be on the top two, a lot of focus on trump and cruz and splitting up at least the top two spots. >> three was in the western part of the state today and they had massive crowds. yesterday when he landed,
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obviously they called trump force one, huge crowd and there -- i feel what three is doing here like george w bush in 2000 a real fun factor. he brings all of ten-year-old kids on to the plane and say no parents are allowed but you can run around. everyone is laughing. you have the feeling about the trump supporters that is catching on and a lot of the concern is still out there, obviously and there could be a sense of inevitability when you look at the new poll that just came out in the last few hours, where trump has the lead in new hampshire to 25 points the highest in new hampshire in this poll and cruz has fall, even in new hampshire, kasich is way down, as well, and jeb and rubio are struggling for number three.
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that is where we are in new hampshire and this could be a momentum building for trump. >> california be i is ten singles do you think electability plays significantly in this race, in this environment, where anger is driving this? >> it is the least important factor. first, because no one has any idea whether a cruz or trump or rubio is best, probably rubio on paper but it has been a crazy year. that is number one. the other reason is, people are less interested right now in the issue of winning in november than they are of sending a message and that especially helps trump. >> charles and laura, thank you very much. we will have continuing coverage obviously lou monday. america's election headquarters in depth with a dozen candidates in to pairs in iowa and all of them will tell you that turnout is the move important thing on monday night.
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senior national corporate john -- correspondent john roberts on a they are doing. >> wonderful day in iowa. >> they are up early at camp cruz, dormitory for hundreds of out-of-state ted cruz volunteers ready to hit the phones. >> and the streets. >> we don't want to leave anything left that said wish we could have talked to one more person. >> they targeting voters bringing in conservative icon glen beck to work the phones but an official looking voting violation highlighting the recipient's voter record and that of neighbors raised privacy concerns and was called board are line intimidation. he is unapoll jet ice. >> we will use every tool we can to caucus on monday night and to stand together as one. >> the rubio campaign that criticized the cruz tactic put out their own voting report cards but only contain the
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recipient's record to convert the last minute surge by targeting those who do not caucus. >> we know who they are, they said we have not made up a decision and we are following up >> how fluid is the vote? >> i will probable go to my caucus and listen to my freezes and -- friends and neighbor talk who they like and decide from there. >> another big question mack, truck drum's ground game is secret, with headquarters off limits. campaign officials will only say "they will be ready for caucus night." the open pops question whether he has much of a ground game at all. >> the reality is to meet the reality tv star, that is not how you win iowa. all the ground game continues until the voting begins when the volunteers try to convince them to vote for their candidate. it is important to have a credible and per swissive person at every one of the 1,618
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precinct locations to make the final pitch to try to take your candidate over-the-top. >> thank you, john roberts, from pella. >> iowa is the center of the political university and many feel the response of the caucuses could be exaggerateed. we are in des moines with a look at how watch what really matters in the big picture. james? >> good evening. in the first two years when iowa was the first contest, 1972 and 1976 the leading democratic candidateses in the cycles, scatterer and muskie, tied with uncommented and came in second to uncommitted. since that type, only four times has the d winner in iowa, when he was not an incumbent president, got on to win. for the republicans only twice has the nonincumbent won iowa and the part nomination and that has not happened in 16 years.
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john mccain placed 4th in 2008 behind winner, huckabee, and mitt romney finished second, to rick santorum. you can still hear me under the alien invasion happening but this year some suggest that donald trump's status is a shift away from the face-to-face retail politics dear to those in iowa flying in his own airplane to massive rallies and spent summer time on twitter than coffee shops but the chair calls it retail with a technology twist. >> self candidates did not do the chicken dinners and i would argue, though, that even in these huge over develops that donald trump has, there is still a retail element. he is talking directly to those folks going to multiple commons and spending a lot of time shaking hands. >> the last two candidates, republican candidates to win iowa, huckabee and santorum had
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something in common, both visited all 99 counties in iowa, both of the men have done that and so has ted cruz. >> thank you. >> next, the incredibly sensitive information that was found in hillary clinton's unsecured e-mail system and fox 45 in baltimore is covering the arrest of a virginia technical student charged with murder of a 13-year-old blacksburg girl, 189-year-old from columbia, maryland, was taken into the custody after the remains girl were discovered on saturday. in los angeles, all three men who escaped from max security jail are back in custody. the last two were captured on saturday after a civilian flagged down the officers near golden gate park pointing out a parked van. >> on friday the first escapee
3:18 pm
surrendered in santa ana. and in seattle, our astill immediate there, the big story is more glitches for washington state's obamacare system, the washington h plan finder was off line for several hours on saturday with technical problems. the open enrollment ends at midnight tonight. that is the look outside the beltway from special report. stay tuned. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! then, a brutal act of teterror here at home.. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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>> iran has given medals to five commanders who captured ten american soldiers. or sailors the when the boats crossed into iran waters. there was a picture pending those who detained what three called intruding marines. iran showed the sails on their needs at gunpoint, freed a day later. the pentagon said that the mentional error was to blame. >> isis is claiming responsibility if a triple bombing that killed 50 people in damascus with a car bombing at a bus stop and then two suicide bombings as rescuers rushed to the scene. this happens as indirect peace talks regarding syria begin in
3:23 pm
geneva. >> china is strongly condemning the united states after an american warship deliberately sailed near an island that beijing controls in the south china sea. the ship sailed go miles from the island without notifying china and china is calling it a sabotage of the peace, security; good order of waters. >> explosive revelations in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. katherine herridge has more. >> the 22 e-mails have been led by a senior republican on the house of representatives intelligence. >> no way a senior official handling classified information could not have known that this information ought to be
3:24 pm
classified whether it was manned or not. >> he cannot get into specifics because citizensive but said sources and methods and lives were exposed. >> top secret is things like where as societies are and how our soldiers and sailors and marines move. when you read the e-mails you realize having them in an unsecure environment certainly put america's national security at risk. >> hillary clinton claimed ignorance. >> this is no classified marked information on those e-mails, sent or received by me. >> show was pressed in the victim interview on her 2009 non-disclosure agreement where we she around as second state, markings are irrelevant saying classified information is marked or unmarked including oral communications. she pointed to her aides. >> there has to be a marking, some indication that someone down the chain has thought this was classified and that was not the case. >> according to experts, federal regulations require security
3:25 pm
clearance holders to speak up when classified information is not in secure channels. >> everyone would has a security clearance has an obligation to protect the information. you cannot just turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened and pretend it is unclassified information. >> it is spreading and the latest batch of e-mails released by the state department is this exchange between hillary clinton and then senator now secretary of state john kerry. s ises are fully redacted setting classified we information and striking because both john kerry and hillary clinton used unsecure personal accounts. >> the 2009 e-mail released after a federal lawsuit suggests the state department senior leadership was trying to make it as easy as possible for hillary clinton to check her personal e-mail. >> the top administrator in the standpoint, patrick kennedy, still there, overseeing the response to all of the inquiries of hillary clinton was in on her separate male network and system from the get go. >> the campaign is now calling
3:26 pm
for the 22 top secret mails to be released but it is not the call of the state department because the intelligence came from other agencies would have final say on classification handling. the total now stamps at more than 1,580 e-mails with classified information. bret? >> thank you. when we come back, from here in des moines, no easy trick: getting the mill the caucus. clear
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side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. >> the beautiful state capital building in des moines and younger voters have the most to gain and the most to lose. getting millennials to caucus could be a tall order when many may not ever know what that means. clear -- here is jonathan hunt.
3:31 pm
>> it can be a grind for candidates and voters but if it is coffee of choice for iowa state students is anything to go by this campaign is give young are votes quite a jolt. >> for the fact i am get on campus students aren niced and that excitement is going to convince people that it will public them over the edge and they will want to show up. >> translating the enthusiasm into caucus vote has in the past been tough. two-thirds of caucus gories are a --ly over 45 years old and according to the iowa caucus, project. >> you run into a lot people in the street if you talk about licks and they don't know what a caucus is or realize that is the word for voting or the process you go through. but the voters recognize the process, while complex has value. it is more their an duties, i like how the caucus process is
3:32 pm
set up because you have to know what you believe in. >> a 36-year-old farmer will be caucus or monday night and he, too, worries that many of the generation will not show up. >> the young people may have a lot to say but western it comes down to participating in the process sometimes they are late to the party. >> marks would family has been farming since the 19th century, said that needs to change. younger voters have to realize and exercise their power. >> lot of things in the world are going on that will impact our futures and why not be part of it? >> you get a moral respondibility? >> absolutely. >> there are certain candidates on both sides would would benefit from a high young voter turn out and if the numbers on monday night are as high as are admittedly informal polling suggests, the young voter could really shark up this election.
3:33 pm
>> pro life voters are not necessarily pro ted cruz or pro marco rubio or pro anyone but, instead, many are antitruck. >> iowa is a state where most republicans and also a significant number of democrats self identify as pro life. >> the first thing in the declaration of independence the rights guaranteed from us, are given to us is life if i cannot trust a candidate open his position on life how can i trust him to hand tell our entire management? >> a coalition of pro life leaders is asking caucus goers to "support anyone but donald trump," saying "on the issue of defending unborn children and protecting women from the violence of abortion, donald trump cannot be trusted. in 1999 when asked whether he would ban partial birth abortion which partly delivers a live baby and abarts it, here is what he said. >> ban it? >> no, i am pro choice in every
3:34 pm
respect and as far as it goes but i hate it. >> he has changed his thing based on consult takings with physicians and personal experiences and now is "100 percent pro life." >> i have evolved on many should over the years and you know who also has, is ronald reagan evolved on many issues and i am pro life. >> skeptics remain and many emphasize their own unwaivering record by contrast. >> you can count on what i will do as president. i will de-fund planned parenthood and i will support pregnancy centers around the country, together we will restore the character of our nation. >> the conversation has been virtually nonexistent on the or side of the ticket, with not a single d debate question on the topic of abortion. >> shannon, thank you. a special expanded panel joins for a trip to the candidate
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>> you look at financial disclosure and he owes at least $480 million, it could be billions. when i take loans, we pay them back, donald trump has declared bankruptcy four times and for him to owe hundreds of millions or will withs, would knows and to criticize us for putting our net worth into the campaign is...acontinuishing -- astonishing. all the two frontrunners in iowa and in the case, donald trump and ted cruz. the "des moines register" poll out on saturday that everyone is focusing on, there is a break down and inside the poll there are other questions: may change
3:40 pm
mind: 55 percent. could be persuaded: 45 percent. you look at the different, the leaders here, donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio, made up or could be persuaded, you see the breakdown and favourability, favorable or unfavorable, it break down with trump and cruz and rubio at 70 percent and beck highest at 72 percent. now, bringing in our expanded panel, senior political analyst, brit hume, chart hurt, and a.b. stoddard. bright, william. i tell you, you look at the poll and obviously we focus on that because it has been right before what about the changing mind, even in the last day? >> it happened back in 2012,s you may rule, a late subject for
3:41 pm
rick santorum so late, in fact, that weapon they tabulated the votes that night, they thought mitt romney won and rick santorum never got the bounce that he deserved because they did nut figure he won until a couple of week later. looking at numbers and who they represent, it seems first of all, we have learned a lot of mainstream residence are for trump so trump isn't depending on outpouring of support at last minute from people who are new to caucuses. he would do well among those people but it look like that means he has a more solid can dependable led, the pain stream people and more experienced caucus goers and the idea he could lose because people did not know what to do or where to find the caucus is low. ted cruz has great organization, and in striking distance and in the margin of error. he could win. and of course a lot of people are thinking marco rubio could surprise. he does not have to win to
3:42 pm
surprise but if it is stronger-than-expected, he would be well positioned. >> charlie? >> obviously, the caucuses are difficult and fast moving and difficult to pinpoint. to be clear, you would rather be donald trump in the poll then anyone else. if you add up the first and second choice which is important, cruz clocks 40 percent and trump collected 35 percent and marco rubio at 25 percent and that is important in a situation like this. you have the caucus and you have people horse trading and arm twisting trying to convince people to come to their side. cruz is in a very good position. if he doesn't win tomorrow he is in a very, very, very terrible position. it could be so damaging that he, given the numbers of trump, he could beer -- could be very
3:43 pm
damaging. >> is this real? it is real. ted cruz thing it is real and that is why he is attacking marco rubio and if donald trump attacks marco rubio tenths or tomorrow before caucus, that is interesting. look at the numbers. if you are rubio you have to be happy, so much volatility, so many that can change their mind, he has the number the big the number of people to be persuaded to expert him, the highest favorables second only to ben carson and that is the position i want to be in. i would not be surprised if there is a three way surge with this much volatility there is no way anyone has a some it or dependable lead. it could be a three way tie and ted cruz who is to go to numb fm say it is a three man race.
3:44 pm
>> you do not rely on crowd size to suggest marco rubio has the momentum, jab 22 he was at 10 percent and change and today it is 15 percent and change. there is a spike. you hear it in competing candidates. there has been a rubio rise but how much has he risen at this point? to speak to a.b.'s important about favourability, rubio has managed to maintain his favourability despite the onslaught of attacks he has had largely from jeb bush's super pac, but from other candidates, as well. rubio has had more negative advertising trained at him. >> including trump. >> who has escaped that other than what cruz has s cruised aln end interested, without the assault ads you can thing of in your mind if you think about him and the stuff he has done and
3:45 pm
said. >> a quick trip down to a police -- place we call candidate casino. >> i played at dinner with you guys we did private audience and you will remember i put $40 on donald trump. >> that was early. >> you guys were rolling your eyes. >> your bets? >> i got $40 on trump still and 35 on santa cruz cruz and $25 on rubio because he is moving up but i don't see anyone else making headway. charlie? >> i have $50 on trump. "$25 on cruz and $10 on rubio. $100 for nomination. a.b.? >> $40 on trump and i put $35 on rubio and $25 on ted cruz.
3:46 pm
rubio, i think, to he does not stop cruz tomorrow can stop him later. >> $30 open trump. $30 on cruz, $30 on rubio, and it is a close race, certainly if trump does well he could have moment. going in elsewhere but between the other two it is hard to say and $10 on a spotted cow, a very good wisconsin brew and i upped my beer budget $5. law is no sponsor on that at casino. the house always wins. >> next up, the democrats.
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can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm wondering with the backdrop of the e-mail investigation with the fbi, if now you regret saying at the beginning that you didn't give a damn about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> no. absolutely no regrets at all. in fact, i would argue that the reason we are doing well is that people understand we are trying to run a different kind of campaign. not one of personal attacks. >> i think this is a very serious issue. i think there is a legal process right now taking place. >> let's see what it is. and let the american people draw
3:51 pm
their own conclusions. this is very much like benghazi, george. republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me, i understand that. that's the way they are. >> well, that's the e-mail issue. bernie sanders sounding different on that today and hillary clinton defending. take a look at that des moines register bloomberg poll on the democratic side. clinton at 45%, sanders at 42%, and inside this poll, clinton gets 65% of the caucus goers 65 and older. sanders only 27%. high income prefers clinton. and among those under 35, 63% give u.s. senator bernie sanders their support. 27 to clinton. first-time caucus goers for sanders, 53 to 34. some of the internals there. back with the panel. steve, what about this transformation of sanders? we've been talking about this. >> sort of abrupt. you asked him if he had any regrets. no regrets at all. two days later, he's saying i
3:52 pm
have regrets, this is a serious issue. the thing about the e-mails with respect to the democratic campaign is bernie sanders characterizes it as a personal attack. it's not a personal attack. this is a serious investigation being conducted by the fbi. for him to say, just to acknowledge the existence of the investigation and to say this raises questions about her conduct in office is not at all a personal attack. i've been a little surprised that he continues to be reluctant. but maybe we're finally seeing that cracking. >> steve, it's entirely right. it's not like steve's saying that, you know -- i mean, it doesn't -- just because you're not criticizing somebody for their position on the hud bill or something doesn't mean you're mounting a personal attack. i look at this, and i think it's amazing that she can weather this to the extent that she has. but there's a very interesting number in this iowa poll, when people were asked about whether this united states economic system is rigged against the little guy and that the fix is in, republicans think by and large half of them think the
3:53 pm
system is basically fair. 67% of iowa democrats responding to this poll said they think the whole thing is rigged. and of course, that's bernie's sweet spot. basically, his campaign is based on a conspiracy theory that the wall street overlords are running all our lives. it's farfetched, but widely believed. >> may be. >> the numbers in there with her and young people, including the numbers brit referred to, are really terrible for her come the general election should she be the nominee. but this is a big day for her. she went on abc news today and said two things were untrue. one, it's an interagency dispute. and two, that you have classified material always needs a marking. both of those things are not true. this is a very serious problem for her. it might not be in iowa, might not be in new hampshire, but it might be later. >> this nondisclosure agreement back in 2009 that she signed, a classified information is marked or unmarked, including oral
3:54 pm
communications. it seems cut-and-dry. >> if democrats are smart, they are going to want to have this debate as fast as possible. once you get past the primary, there's not going to be any sort of doing it over. >> information is not classified because it's marked. it's marked because it's classified. she has used that marked versus unmarked business to try to slide that's this forever. >> we can call her on it if you want to in the democratic casino, depending on where you want to put your hundred dollars. very quickly, a lightning casino on the democratic side. steve, go ahead. >> i'm calling her on it. i've got her at $60. sanders at 20. 20 on joe biden and the field. i think this is a serious matter. and it could result in an indictment. >> a.b.? >> i'm giving 20 to biden, warren, or somebody else. but i'm putting 75 on clinton because i believe that the machine of the party is powerful enough to stop bernie sanders, who's received more
3:55 pm
contributions than any political candidate in the history of this country and i think he has $5 chance of winning the nomination. >> charlie? >> 30 each to clinton, sanders, and biden. the only reason i give ten to o'malley is because i had $10. [ laughter ] >> although he could be key in the caucuses. he could be key. >> it will be on beer or liquor maybe. >> in the caucuses, he might not get to 15% and he could go to bernie sanders. >> anything could happen. i give bernie a little more chance than my colleagues, because i think if he wins here, or nearly wins here, and then wins new hampshire, that all of this stuff about a southern fire wall may go out the window because news travels fast and people take a fresh look and he could give her a run for her money all the way. i've got biden in there, as you noticed. but it would be biden/other, because -- i don't know, if she gets indicted, all bets are off and you don't know who could get in. >> the casino thanks you for your bets. stay tuned for some final
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, a reminder of our america's election headquarters special. 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. please join megyn kelly and me for that. we'll be on the trail with reporters fanned out all across this state, the all-star panel, plus bill hemmer and martha mccallum. it's a beautiful spot inside the state capitol. thanks for inviting us into your
4:00 pm
home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. a special edition of "on the record" with greta van susteren starts right now. tonight, a very special sunday edition of "on the record." we're coming to you live from des moines, iowa. in just 24 hours, iowans will turn out to caucus and officially kick off the 2016 election season. democrats and republicans are storming iowa. "on the record" has been out in the field, talking to the candidates, and talking to caucus-goers. right now, a major winter storm is threatening to derail what could potentially be a record caucus turnout. but first, this busy special sunday edition of "on the record" kicks off with senator marco rubio going on the record for davenport, iowa. good evening, senator. >> good evening, greta. >> it's really nice


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