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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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that's all for now. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, the fallout from the new hampshire primary causes two more gop candidates to drop out of the race. you know what this means, people? "red eye" jim gilmore is now up to seventh place. and on the democratic side bernie sanders beat hillary by 21 points. to put that in perspective, 21 is larnler than the age gap between -- larger than the age gap between bill clinton and monica lewinski. and burger king will now sell hot dogs. i guess they are moving away from the sand witch business.
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our broadway baby is all grown up, joanne nosuchunsky. he is a five-time jeopardy jam p yen so he can murder one person five times. and new york columnist of the he has facts and figures and it is a happened so -- handsome figure if i do say so myself. >> and he spent so much time supporting grandma hillary clinton his chair should have tennis balls attached to the feet. joan devore. let's start the show. >> trump good. bernie good. hillary bad. kasich banana. that's my am sis of the new hampshire pry -- my analysis of the new hampshire primary. let's start with the pant suit slayer. after his landslide win sanders delivered a riveting
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speech to supporters. let's look at all of the highlights. >> thank you, new hampshire. no. we won. >> that was pretty much it, right? that video was made by our frenemies at action force. you know them, right? >> they're the best. >> here is more from the speech. >> what happened here in new hampshire in terms of an enthusiastic and aroused electorat, that is what will happen all over this country. >> get ready to be aroused, america rmt. for hillary it was a painful loss. on wednesday she unveiled her new strategy to win over voters. >> it is selfie time.
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>> is that gonna win it? selfie time? can she selfie her way to the white house? >> only if the selfies are x rated. >> that could work. >> that could help? >> she needs something to break out of the box. obama said all he wants to do is take self hi -- selfies with somebody. she needs something risky, new, fresh. >> do you remember the time she cried in new hampshire, the day before and then the next day i think she won, right? she came from behind. she didn't do any of that. i was waiting for the big hillary dramatic thing. >> she is just too genuine. she is not in for artifice. she is who she is. >> what is going on? can hillary get it together or is she in trouble? >> well, she has to get it
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together. this is the primary. she has to prove herself and move on to the general election. i think she will pull it out i still support her. >> with an aroused electorat. >> i am aroused right now. >> look, all across the country people are excited not just about bernie, but outsiders in general. and hillary obviously the insider. >> if bernie can perform in nevada and south carolina, if he can build together a coalition of people of color and southerners i think the nomination is tilted toward him. >> does sanders have a real shot? we knew he would do well in iowa and we knew well in new hampshire all along. and then it is hillary game. >> the interesting thing is it
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will be a total blood bath on both sides. it already is. on the democratic side it is all about racism and sexism. today bernie sanders started his day meeting with al sharpton. there is a big piece in the nation talking about how hillary has december mated the black -- decimated the black community. they came out with a crucial sanders endorsement. it is on as far as that is going on right now. whether it works, we should not make predictions for this political campaign in general. we all end up looking stupid. i never thought bernie sanders could travel even to the second place let alone kind of cross out of new england and go. so it is all possible. but he hasn't polled higher than 38% in south carolina. >> there is this argument for months. he doesn't have a chance because hillary is so universally beloved among
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african-americans. why? i don't know. i am not a democrat and i don't know exactly what goes on in the internal workings of the party. i understand why african-americans liked bill clinton. i understand why they love barack obama. i don't see any particular reason why african-americans should be enthusiastic about her. >> do you represent your party? >> i represent every facet especially the african-american caucus. >> why wouldn't they love bernie sanders? he has a lot of the college support. >> he is an unknown entity right now. he will have to make his sale to not just african-americans, but latinos in the democratic party. >> women love him. >> people are saying, you know, bernie's bro's, bros for bernie. how about babes for bernie? he got the female vote in new hampshire. >> big time. >> we cannot cross anything
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off of the list. we can't dismiss any possible idea or prediction because like matt was saying, it just could happen. everything is up for grabs. >> a very bad man won according to our huffington post. >> racist, sexist and xenaphobic. trump won a narrow number of demographics and subgroups. among them, men, women, all age groups voters with various levels of education and voters from all income levels and he came out on top with the republicans, independent, conservatives and the moderates. yes with only the support from those specific groups. trump captured the new hampshire primary. >> what is going on, john? >> i don't know. i don't know. yeah, first of all he captured it and it is an amazing
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victory. there is no question that it looked like his strategy may have been on the ropes in iowa where he was supposed to win. the last 13 polls had him winning and he lost to cruz. some of us hoped it may happen again. he out performed his poll. i think this is a very -- we are in uncharted political territory. both in the republican and in the democratic parties. trump got 36% of the republican vote. sanders got 60%. sanders got 60% of the vote. granted there were two candidates on the ballot and trump had to slice -- there were more people slicing at the pie. this notion that they are doing something unprecedented is challenged by the fact that a guy who is a -- describes
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himself as a socialist who is a member -- was not a member of the democratic party until a year ago and a jew from brooklyn was a mayor of a small communist town in vermont through the mid80s and early 90s and gets 60% of the vote against the supposedly walking to cor nation queen of the democratic party. the democratic party is in more complex and questionable shape than the republicans. >> maybe the clintons are the ones who put it in that shape, right, devore? >> i think if bernie is the nominee more will lineup behind him than will lineup than if trump is the nominee. i think they are more broken than the dialogue that is currently happening with the democrats. >> i have been saying this all along. he laughed in my face. i think trump can get a lot of
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the blue collar support. i am not talking about the .y headed -- the pointy headed liberals. i am talking about guys who work with their hands and they have been teamsters. they voted democrat and they would go for trump right or wrong? >> his support in iowa and new hampshire has overwhelmingly better among lower income voters and the lowerly educated voters. i am one of them. >> so he is obviously doing well with that and he is doing well with the independents. bernie sanders eked out -- eked it out. he stomped heads on independents. donald trump got envelopes too. donald trump got them as well. he is appealing to people who are not part of the usual republican coalition.
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at the same time he is repelling a lot of people who are or are not part of the republican coalition. there is a ceiling to his support because he is obviously a ghastly human being. >> they can term to the teamsters and working class and say i support you, and i am not racist. >> to the leadership, yes. joanne, come on. you are very glam now, but you're from the shore. wouldn't your friends go for trump? >> yeah. but the issue is a lot of them don't want to tell other friends they like trump. i have a few friend close to me who really love trump. then i have my other friends who love bernie. you can't -- it is very difficult to meld your ideas. while you are correct in saying it is an uncharted territory. they are both kind of the out liars of the party. i don't know. it is a clash of heads. it is one or the other. >> their messages are not that dissimilar and i know several people who like them both
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which would seem to be insane. he said he wants to essentially nuke the oil fields. and you have sanders who says he will, you know, doesn't think you should ever pick up a gun. >> but economically they both kind of pro it. >> they are against trade pacts and they believe in protectionism. >> and they are not corrupted by their party, by their party leadership. >> to me what is interesting is their message is they are basically -- you are all getting taken for a ride. sanders says you are getting taken for a ride boy millionaires and billionaires. trump says you are being taken for a ride by chinese and mexicans and washington. but implicitly it is not a big part of their message. that's the conservative republican message you are being screwed. they say washington has been
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corrupted by these forces and they are corrupting you and making your life harder. >> have to move on. meanwhile on wednesday chris christie dropped out of race and so did carly fee rein -- carly fiorina. that's two more down. let's look at the poster in jim gilmore's office. if that looks like a hit list, that's because it is. that's remashable. look at them all. ben carson did not have a great performance. let's check on the carson campaign and see how they are doing. >> the election night party was so quiet a reporter from the guardian newspaper wrote the bar bar -- the bartender spent her time knitting a blanket. >> you would think ben carson spent time doing that. >> they keep their hands
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agile. >> he had to collect his clothing and he wanted a fresh change of clothing after he left iowa. >> he will serve men's warehouse to jay crew. he needs clothing. the man doesn't have enough clothing. he had to get a -- he doesn't have the clothing. christie will meet him at the jersey gardens outlet and they are going to go to h&m and look at the discount rack. >> now that new hampshire is over, the remaining gop candidates have turned their focus to the primary. on wednesday ted cruz released an ad featuring a trump doll and some kid. >> what does he do? he pretends to be a republican. >> too big to fail. >> i gave money to pelosi and
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anthony wiener. >> hey, hillary. i will give you money to be my friend. >> i am going to take your house and eminent domain and park my limo there. >> eminent domain! >> we wouldn't tolerate these values in our children. why would we want them in a president? >> that was completely improvised. they let the kids do what they want. >> i want to hire him for internet action. >> why are good conservative boys playing with a doll house 1234? what is the an droj knee that is being promoted by this ad where boys are playing with dolls and destroying doll houses? >> jeb bush is taking in south carolina's large military population with a new military ad featuring a certain former commander-in-chief. >> this is president george w. bush. we live in troubled times with the military deployed around
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the world. we need a strong leader with experience and resolve. there is no idea in my mind that jeb bush will be a great commander-in-chief. >> i miss him. >> a former president to do the ad. how is jeb so connected? >> george w. bush is having a great life right now. he phoned that in for jeb in a caw -- komono from dallas and then he hung up and then drinks a nonalcoholic beer. he is having a great life jie. it sounds like he was struggling for the words. he would a -- great. >> it is hard to read the words when it is cut out of newspapers and pasted. >> i don't think it is an argument for my miss givings about w. he is the political star in that family. he is a better politician than jeb. he had a -- he just is. he just was. >> well, the -- >> he looks like he likes people. george w stumping was a completely different guy than
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sad man jeb. >> why was that? jeb did great in florida and they thought they could take a national. i just think it is not jeb. i think jeb is doing fine out there at his rallies, but we are -- >> have you watched any of them? >> it is the narrative. the narrative is sad jeb. if you spend the time to watch him, he is okay. i just think it is not his time. >> i road with him in an elevator in this building and he was sad. he is sad jeb. >> and our elevators are nice. it is hard to be sad in those elevators. >> he hadn't eaten anything but a lettuce leaf in two years. that's why he is sad. he is starving to death. no wonder he can't come up with words in the debates. he is like -- somebody just get me some pasta for god's sake. why did i have to lose this weight? >> how much did he spend in new hampshire? >> $36 million. well he and his super back
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spent $36 million. he is now at $2,000 a vote if you add up iowa and new hampshire. >> if i vote for him they will give me $2,000? >> you know what, why not give it a shot? call and see if they will give it to you. why not? they have $40 million in the bank. what are they gonna spend it on? >> i'm sure his brother didn't charming a lot for the voice over. >> coming up, how hard is it to hack a phone? why real life is not as easy as the blacklist makes it seem. that's next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. the six-week long standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon
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could come forward today. the former occupiers say they will turn themselves in this morning. they started negotiations just a few hours ago. the leader, bundy, has been arrested. now we learn his father, you can see him there, who was at the center of the standoff in nevada in 2014 was just arrested as he flew into portland airport. republican presidential hopefuls car lean fiorina and chris christie calling it its quits. their poor performance in the primary. the u.s. military is stepping up its presence in southern afghanistan where the taliban has made a come back. they are now sending 500 u.s. army infantry men to helmund province. they can only go after the taliban fighters if they strike first. two sheriff deputies shot dead during an altercation at a shopping center in abingdon,
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maryland. one was shot in a crowded restaurant and the other hit chasing after the gunman who was also killed. a tv crew in brooklyn, new york may have dodged a bullet, quite literally. a man on the street flashing a silver pistol while the reporter was live on the air. fortunately no one was hurt. the man got away and is still on the loose this morning. the passengers of a crude ship that was caught in a major winter storm is back in new jersey. powerful winds and waves tossed the vessel around. four suffered minor injuries and the ship suffered damage itself. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox last fall el chapo's son posted a picture of himself with his fugitive dad and left the geo twitter tag function
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on giving everybody their location. you can't always count on bad guys to make dumb mistakes. remember faruq and malik? the san bernadino terrorists? we have their phone, but we can't look at them because we don't know their pass words. most people are into edward snowden and think the government can look at everything. not so. apple can't access users' texts even if ordered to. this was just testified about. i wish i could have it in front of me of how then encryption affects lawen -- law enforcement. >> we still have one of the killer's phones we have not been able to open. it has been two months and we are working on it. it also occurred on the criminal's side. a woman murdered in louisiana, eight months pregnant and killed. no clue as to who did it except her phone is there when
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she was killed. they couldn't open it. still can't open. it so the case remains unsolved. this is what i hear all over the country. >> that's all i need to hear. i am not allowed to drive around with my lights on and terrorists can make the best of our communication network to plan my murder. you have to keep your license plate on the car. >> matt, i will give you a chance, but i have to go to him first i need one person who might agree with me before you attack me. look, we need to walk around with the full filing cabinets. >> this case is the argument. in is the argument. it is the question of millions
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of people's civil liberties versus this question which is is that preferable to a situation in which you cannot break the phone. you cannot break the code of a phone of a person you know to have been a terrorist. and there is information that can help prevent another attack. this is like the ticking time bomb scenario how people react to it is an interesting political aspect. you have ted cruz who is lying up with the magazine view on encryption. and you have donald trump saying you need to drop a bomb on the phone. you should take them and pull out the phone's fingernails. you should attach electrodes to the phone's testicles. >> your phone is weird. >> there are no civil
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liberties when it comes to terrorism. this is an interesting fight to be having. trump could throw this right in cruz's face at the debate on saturday night. matt what would he say? >> what would he say and what would you say? >> cruz would find a way to have a rand paul position, but make it sound like a carpet bomb. whatever libertarianism he has he will make it sound like how can i sound more like hitler? >> the problem behind the constitutional issue is a practical issue. what is the fix? the fix behind bill and hillary clinton is let's have a clipper ship. let's have a magic solution that every one of these things is going to be hard wired and the government has the key. they combine unlock it and open it up. that doesn't work.
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that's a problem. the solution, it does president work. it doesn't work. they say he was an incredibly expensive failure. what happens is if there is a system that only the u.s. government can get into, that means soon afterwards the russian government and chinese government and any moat -- motivated hacker. you can't design a one size fits all thing and they can only be smart enough to unlock. >> i want to know how the companies got into it. >> tom, we are friends. i think it is okay if the governments look into the phones of maybe a militia member who might be driving up with his pick up full of guns to take over a federal reserve. i think it is perfectly fine.
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>> they don't need to. he is on his go pro. he is proud of it. >> i think the government should look into right wing extremist organizations. >> just not terrorists? >> i want to take it from the saw bliem to the ridiculous -- sublime to the ridiculous. i got my daughter an ipod touch. she was mad. she put a pass word on it and then kept entering new pass words and so it was disabled forever. it basically turned into a brick. $200 out the window because my daughter tried to keep her phone from a 5-year-old. >> fix this problem so my ipod can work. >> how is it possible no one can hack into it? she can hack anything. >> we need these hackers and we need to get the government to shackle them like in "house
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of cards." >> start your percolator. half time with tv's andy levy is next.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. before i get started remember we asked people to come up with something for ed henry.
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i selected selection ed. joe mcdonald examine others want special ed which obviously no. other went with right said ed. lauren suggested the smirk smirk-meister. and one of our moreyyy -- more y literate viewers. >> is that you? >> i just thought it was one of our viewer. >> you didn't write too? >> and lastly they said is it wrong if i mute the show? >> that's not wrong. >> that's not wrong. >> that's an interesting response. >> that's a lot of work to go through. >> in the end the process was
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hijacked by williams' "the five." can we play that? >> the latest on the democratic race coming up with election ed henry next. >> election ed it is. >> that was it? no crediting, andy? >> no. >> the weekend of hard work we did? >> no. i know. >> unbelievable. >> trump and sander. you referred as the pant suit slayer, is that right? does the adjective describe the killer? the boston strangler didn't strangle boston. we can discuss that later over a nice chablie. you said she will pull it out, but you think the nomination is tilting toward bernie which leads you to the question why
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in god's name do you prefer hillary over bernie? are you about taking stuff from the productive people. >> being a complex intellectual i am engaged in a rousing dialogue with my peers in the democratic party. i lean toward hillary, but i am not above supporting bernie sanders. >> matt, you said they came out with a sanders endorsement. >> thanks for the correction. >> i have no idea what that difference could possibly be. >> he specifically said he was not endorsing it. i felt like i had to get that on the record. >> it looks like the black caucus will endorse hillary later today. >> you mentioned bernie got a majority of the female vote in
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new hampshire. does -- doesn't that mean they are going to a special place in hell? >> for sure. >> you mentioned that trump over performed in new hampshire. >> do you think he should thank the debate for that? >> this is one of the few things . it appears that the victory was so broad that. >> can i go back? >> can it be quick? i don't have a lot of time. >> madeline allbright says there is a place for women who don't support women? there should be a place for women who don't know they are jewish. >> pretend? >> my parents left czechoslovakia. >> why ever could they have
12:38 am
left? >> for the water apparently. i enjoyed that reference. >> you said the republican party is more broken than the democrats. i think that's probably true. >> sander represents a wing in the democratic party, right? >> i am agreeing with you, dumbass. >> trump doesn't want to nuke oil fields as you said. he wants to bomb them and then take the oil. >> we couldn't take the oil if we bombed them. >> if you bomb them they bubble and then there is a -- >> exactly. >> what you do is put a big bucket at the other end and you have all of the oil. >> that's the first time i used the word parabla.
12:39 am
>> and it won't be the last. >> you said george w. bush is having a great life. >> i think so. >> he really does seem like he is enjoying himself the most. >> he is doing a good time. he is sticking it to mom and dad who is the better politician. >> are you saying we need lawmakers to step in to protect us? >> yeah. >> do you not think they almost always hurt them? 1kwr50* laws and not lawmakers. >> who do you think makes laws? i just remember a guy doing a monologue about how how they try to protect them, but hurt them. >> i want to give them the tools they need.
12:40 am
>> of course. >> you said it works too well. it is literally impossible. it either works or doesn't. >> it works and there is no door. i want a beautiful door. >> if you have a door you are not encrypted. >> you are kind of encrypted. you are encrypted for me. >> as matt welch pointed out there is a backdoor the government has access to there is a backdoor other people can have access to. >> there are so many things i can't even begin to fathom. >> really? we are talking about one of the most important issues of our time. >> are you?
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>> have you read all of the user agreements before signing them? >> no, i don't sign them. >> don't you have to? >> no. >> exseptemberebbs september for -- except for matt you are all arguing. >> more stories when we come back.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. the 6-week standoff may finally be coming to an end. a short time ago the four remaining occupiers agreed to surrender this morning. this all comes after the federal agents surrounded the refuge with the armored vehicles saying the time had come for them to take some ago. the confrontation was at time tense with one-armed activist threatening to take fire if fired upon. it started as a use of federal land out west. congress has taken response to flint michigan crisis. they directed the epa to notify residents and officials when the amount of lead in a public water system reaches a dangerous level. the agency has been under fire for the slow response to the situation in flint. the drinking water was contaminated with lead, but the epa didn't take action
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until later last year. >> republican and democratic lawmakers have passed legislation aimed at depriving north korea, the money it nodes to build an atomic arsenal. they approved the bill 96-nothing. house members passed a per last month. legal pot is now a billion dollar industry in colorado. the denver post cites data from last year $130 million of the proceeds from weed sales went to the state and part of the wind fall will be used for school construction. and a bay area man is being allotted for helping police recapture these two violent inmates who escaped from jail last month. he spotted the van and notified the cop. now he is a candidate for a reward. he can probably use it because he is homeless. i am jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye."
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>> americans keep getting bigger and airplanes keep getting smaller. it is a pressing issue. now one congressman is doing something about it. they would require the f.a.a. to establish a minimum seat size. they say the average seat dropped from 18 inc 70s to 16.5 inches today. he know the average man weighed 166 pound and woman is 140 and now the man is 196 and the woman is 166 and both are an inch taller. they warn that evacuating airplanes is more difficult with the smaller seats and rows and cramped passengers could be at risk for medical issues if they can't move their legs. what is the answer for this? >> oh gosh, i don't know.
12:48 am
like lug again you should pay by weight. what will happen is the airplanes are going to need to make these adjustments that will cost more. and all consumers will have to pay more. it is not just the ones who pay more. >> you and shillue -- here is what i think. you and shillue should have to pay extra for annoying everybody because you are so skinny. that's what i think. >> i'm sorry. i wear leggings for all of you and not to show off my skinniness. but because you all like it. >> this is the one good thing in jeb bush's life in the last year and a half having lost all this weight he is starving and he can't eat anything. but the seat is more comfortable on the plane. what about the height? >> you can't make the legs any
12:49 am
shorter. >> the leg issue is a worse issue. >> and the last thing we need is a congressman to sit around and legislate this. there should be a competition for people to figure out i want to go on this airplane because it has more leg room. i don't want to go in this one because it smashes me like sardines. if you are concerned about the relative size of your seat you are not going on frontier airlines. they have a seat roughly the size of a child's carseat. >> and certain airlines say more leg room and more room in our seats. that is modern capitalism. >> the regulation is good and this is good regulation. if i want to sit in a plus sized seat i can.
12:50 am
>> there is competition now. and these airlines are doing great. they are competing to see how many more people they can cram into a plane and force you to pay for comfort. they are willing to pay for more. >> they have a bigger seat and the government should force people -- >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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burger king hot dog. it is happening. my letter writing campaign worked. the fast-food chain will add flame grilled oscar meyer hot dogs to the menu beginning on february 23rd. customers have two options. the classic and one topped with chilly cheese they said this is much bigger than a product launch. it is huge and we see a big opportunity in a higher quality product.
12:55 am
burger king will no longer serve burger. only french fry. i read the joke wrong. i was just kidding. they are adding hot dogs. >> i love hot dogs. i love a hot dog and it is portable. i don't under why they don't have -- >> why hot dogs and not tacos. >> a classic southern california restaurant is puffin taco. it is the best. >> uncharted territory, fast-food. mcdone -- mcdonalds has seemed to turn itself around by of onerring breakfast at
12:56 am
11:00 at night. we are not eating the way we are supposed to be eating. this is not the america i know. >> i think it is the america. >> you are supposed to have a whopper and that's it. >> you cook a hamburger and you have a hot dog. hot dogs and hamburgers together. >> yeah, some people do that. >> this is not a holiday. we are talking fast-food. >> order what you want. just get a chocolate milk shake. >> they are too thick. >> i put it on the heater of my car and it still won't melt enough. >> there is no ice cream.
12:57 am
>> why are you so negative? >> he is crushing our american dreams. >> special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky. that does it for me. i'll see you next time.
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less than 24 hours after voting concluded in new hampshire, the republican caravan is already in south carolina. minus two of its passengers. the gop's only female candidate, carly fiorina, is out. and new jersey governor chris christie is also out. the chief political correspondent carl cameron is in seabrook, new hampshire, with a political view tonight. good evening. >> reporter: hi. the new hampshire primary is in the history books. both carly fiorina and chris christie were not likely to make the debate stage saturday because they couldn't neat criteria of the n


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