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  Hannity  FOX News  February 11, 2016 10:01pm-10:20pm PST

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race. "hannity" starts right here, right now. and welcome to "hannity." tonight we're only nine days away from the republican primary showdown in south carolina and according to the real clear politics average in the palmetto state, donald trump has a double-digit lead over the field with 36% of the vote. senator ted cruz comes in second with 19.7%. and senator marco rubio in third place with 12.7%. now, after his big win tuesday night in new hampshire, a very confident donald trump is going after vote rivals, all his rivals on all sides of the aisle. take a look. >> i don't know that we're going do be fighting hillary because i find it hard to believe. i look at what she's doing. i was there. i mean, i was there last night where this guy, sanders, is up ranting and raving like a lunatic, that, you know, he won. the polls are showing that we beat hillary. we're going to beat her. and honestly, women don't like her. men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. >> here with reaction, author of
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the bestseller "crippled america: how to make america great again" 2016 republican presidential candidate, donald trump. all right. you have to appreciate, i think that's pretty funny. especially the stuff about hillary. what do you attribute to your success in new hampshire and how do you take that momentum to south carolina? >> well, the people up there were so fantastic and they want to see strong borders and nobody's stronger than me and they want to see really strong borders. i'm building the wall. it's going to get built and do a lot of good and it's going to work, believe me. they want to see that, they want to see a strong military. i'm going to rebuild the military. we're going to build it properly and build it strong. we're going to negotiate prices, sean. you know, we're buying equipment that they don't even want because people have, that own certain companies, they have political contacts including the people, frankly, that are on the stage with me so we're going to get the right stuff at the right price and we're going to rebuild our military, we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to absolutely
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terminate we're going to repeal obamacare. has to be repealed. has to be. we have no choice. premiums are going up 25%, 35%, 45% and even manufactuore than s going it be repealed and replaced. common core, we'll get rid of mo common core. has to be local education, taken care of at a local level. second amendment, we're going to protect. these are the things i talked about in new hampshire and the people absolutely loved them. >> you know, i find it amazing, i watched on primary night, i'm flipping the dials watching all these idiots that get paid for their commentary and don't know a thing about politics and the narrative was donald trump doesn't give specifics. i'm like, i've asked you very specific questions. for example, you have said to me you want to balance the budget. you think the penny plan, for example, is a good model. >> i do. i do. >> why are people not hearing that? you said you like health care. >> the health care savings accounts. >> yeah. >> we talk about that. the health care savings account.
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getting rid of the lines around each state so that insurance companies can actually bid instead of, you know, again, that's just the insurance industry and health insurance industry, every industry whether oil or insurance or anything else but they have all these politicians 100% under control. i'm the only one that's self-funding. i look at these commercials thrown at me. these guys are spending millions and millions and millions of dollars. hundreds of millions of dollars on negative commercials on me. and all of the money comes from the insurance industry, the oil industry, the lumber industry, every industry is, like, supporting these guys running against me, these people running against me on both sides but right now i'm, you know, only concerned about the republicans. >> you would like america to be energy independent quickly so we don't buy oil from countries that hate us. >> absolutely. no, i want to open it up. i want to -- look, as far as i'm concerned -- >> they should love you then. >> we never want to be in a position like we were with opec. it's never going to happen
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again. with new technology and fracking and all the things you can do today, i mean, we never have to be in that position again. i look at the negative ads where these pacs that are loaded up with money, you know, all from special interests, the last debate, sean, you heard me say it, everybody in the audience was special interest and i'm the only one. i don't need donors. i'm going to do my special interest are the people of america, the people of this country. i'm going to do the right thing. they can't do the right things. the drug companies are paying a fortune to pacs and these pacs are advertising, but i looked at these negative ads against me, they're so wrong and so disgusting to look at, and then i they're not being paid for by the candidate, they're being paid for by special interests, drug companies, et cetera, et cetera. >> you said -- >> the same thing happened to a lesser extent i think in new hampshire and we won by, like, 20 points. >> your campaign announced today you're only going to run positive ads in south carolina. here's my question.
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if they start bombarding you with tens of millions of dollars in negative ads, are you going to stick to that or is it open ended? >> no, i'd like to run. i'd like to run positive. if they start hitting me with, you know, negative ads, i'm going to go negative. i have no choice. i have to. >> here's my next question. two headlines i got here i'm reading tonight. this is the headline, "can trump and cruz be stopped? "byron york wrote a piece, he talked about a meeting in new hampshire in january mctamong t gop elite in new hampshire, quoted a top republican guy saying you being up in the polls 20%, i don't see it, don't feel it, i spend every part of every day with republican voters. what part of this is the republican establishment not understanding? that you won new hampshire by a landslide. and what part are they struggling with that you in new hampshire, cruz in iowa, are the
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two insurgency guys they hate the most and you are winning? what part of that don't they get? why don't they understand this? >> well, i think me in iowa, too, i would have won, in my opinion, if carson wasn't treated so badly by, you know, what happened with cruz. i thought it was a disgrace what they did to ben carson who's a really good man. i would have won in iowa. i did very well in iowa. but we did fan taftical icalman well in new hampshire. they're not in love with me because i'm not accepting their money. i'm not going to be bought. i am a self-funder. i had a man come to my office who was going to give me millions and millions of dollars which i don't know, i'm very fortunately. he wanted to put millions of dollars into my campaign. i said really, i don't want it. you're my friend, endorse me something. i don't want it. i said what are you going to do? i have to give it to somebody else. he's giving the money to somebody else. they're like gamblers. they don't want a guy to tell them, we don't want your money.
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you think that would be good. they actually want to put up money. i know these guys. friends of mine. i looked at the audience the other day. i know half of these guys. they're gamblers. >> let's go through issues really quick here. you believe we have to balance our budget, right? >> yes. absolutely. >> and you want to do it quickly. expeditiously. >> ideally, yeah, as quickly as we can without hurting a lot of people but as quickly as we can within reason. i've heard people say over the next 25 years. >> that's nuts. >> people we're running against i've heard say over 25 years. it's ridiculous. it's going to be balanced fairly soon. >> all right. you support second amendment rights, right for carry, right for people to protect themselves in their home and workplace, right? >> 100%. the strongest. there's nobody on the stage, you can speak to the nra about this, including my two sons you know very well, they're members of the nra. so am i, by the way. there's nobody stronger on the second amendment anywhere than i am. >> you not only will repeal obamacare, but your interest is in competition and health care savings accounts. >> absolutely. or we can do something else, but
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the health care savings accounts are, you know, i think it's one very good idea. i do like that we have to get rid of the lines between states so they can be competition, sean. >> as it relates to terror, we know you're going to build the wall, also you're going to make sure we can vet anybody coming in from a country where there might be terror ties in that country. >> well, and aye sai've said it nobody else wants to say it, i've said it. we have to stop the muslims from coming in for a period of time until we find out what's going on. there's something wrong. there's a level of hatred beyond belief. i've never seen anything like it. people are coming in. look what happened in california. going outside of the country, you look at paris where 130 people are shot like they're just targets? just come here and -- by the way, speaking of the second amendment, if some of those people had guns on the other side in paris or the other side in california, the bullets would have flown the other way, you wouldn't have had the kind of carnage that you had. >> with isis, you're going to take mare money by taking the
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oil and the land that they have taken back after americans fought, bled and died there. >> yeah, but i said to do this four years ago, sean. i said on your show, for four years i've been saying this, take the oil. now they're so rich it will take a while for it to catch up but take the oil. we have people don't want to hit the oil because it's going to create pollution. it's hard to believe. at first i thought they were kidding but they don't want to hit the oil because of the pollution. yes? >> if, looking at the current makeup of the supreme court, our next president may appoint two or three, maybe four justices. pick two people on the supreme court that you think would be a good model for the type of person you're looking for. >> well, i like scalia and i like -- i tell you what, justice thomas, he has been a great stalwart. i've met him numerous times and i think just an absolute stalwart. >> i agree with you. >> by the way, doesn't get enough credit.
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he does not get enough credit. >> i agree with you. very well said. i'm going to ask you about hillary. when we come back, we'll continue with donald trump. also coming up tonight -- >> african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin. >> hillary clinton starting to pander for minority votes following that humiliating defeat she had in new hampshire. we'll ask donald trump to weigh in on that and more. also later tonight, herman cain, ari fleischer, pat buchanan will join us with political analysis. that and more on this busy news night tonight on "hannity."
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders in their final debate. before the nevada caucus and south carolina primary. they battled for the crucial back of the voters and had a heated exchange over their support for barack obama. diplomats agreeing to work with syrian parties to implement a nationwide nation. the target is to implement the cease fire in a week's time. an n.y.p.d. officer who shot an unarmed man convicted of man slaulgter. the rookie officer handled his gun recklessly and did almost nothing to help the victim. i'm patricia stark, and now back to "hannity." we also have to break through the barriers of bigotry.
10:15 pm
african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated, even shot because of the color of their skin. immigrant families shouldn't have to lie awake at night listening for a knock on the door. >> that was hillary clinton pandering to minority votesers after getting absolutely clobbered by senator bernie sanders in new hampshire. we continue with 2016 republican presidential front-runner donald trump. you know, as i look at what has happened to black america under president obama, and minorities, they've been so disproportionately impacted in a negative way because of his policies. as you analyze the vote that historically goes to democrats, what is your answer? how do you appeal to people that have been left behind in many ways? those that are in poverty, on food stamps and have the labor
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force? again, a higher proportion of minorties than others. what do you say to them? >> first of all, as you know, polls are showing that i beat hillary clinton, okay, is i'm very happy about that. i haven't even started campaigning against her yet. but polls are showing, and the last person she wants to run against, believe me, is me. but when i listen to her, she's been there forever. she's talking about how she's going to help african-americans. what has she been doing for the last 25 years? she's been there that whole, you know, machine, the democratic machine, and i should say the democrat machine because it's actually not very democratic. but the democrat machine, it's been there for years -- so many years. they haven't done anything. and it's almost a habit. why? and i will tell you, african-americans, if i get the nomination, will come to me. we will have so many african-americans because they understand me, they know me. they know i'm going to bring back jobs from china, from mexico. i'm going to create jobs. great jobs. not the kind of jobs they have
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right now. and, frankly, president obama has done nothing for african-americans. it's, like, crazy. >> did you see that -- >> i think if i get the nomination -- i think if i get the nomination i am going to do better than anybody ever even thought possible. one other thing, i'm going to get michigan -- i have a chance of getting new york. vy vi have a chance of getting numerous states no other candidate we have up on that stage on saturday night is going to even come close to getting. i have a chance to get states that are not republican states and people don't
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>> i love helping people. i don't know. i think the press wouldn't be interested. they would say that would destroy my image. no, i love doing it. i love helping people. i really do. but i don't have to talk about it, john. >> understood. a few days -- >> yes, i did. >> really a great victory.
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a stunning victory. you know, in new hampshire, we won every single group. we won with men, we won with women, we won with the rich and the less than rich and we won the highly educated and less than highly educated. we won with every single group. i was watching the pundits, all of a sudden becoming -- >> it won't last long. >> -- believers to a certain extent. they are becoming much warmer. >> that will change. >> it won't last. they were devastated. i have to tell you. they were devastated. they couldn't believe that i won every single group. >> you outperformed -- >> including big with women, big with men. what? >> you outperformed the polls, one, and number two -- >> yes, we outperformed. >> it was funny when you said i learned the ground game in a week. i have to admit that's pretty funny because that's a hard thing to do. >> well, our ground game was in fantastic and in iowa, you know, i hardly -- i've never done this before. we're going to make our country break. my whole theme is make america great again. and that i know how to do, but
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i've never run for office. it's the first time i've ever been in an election. and a ground game, i don't know, i think it was certainly nothing we gave a lot of thought to in iowa, and we almost won. in fact, i told you, i think in a certain way we did when. when we came to new hampshire, we had some ground game. we beat everybody.