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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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significant for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we'll get that number for you as soon as it gets underway and we will see you coming up in a few minutes. >> in the meantime, "the five" starts right now. so hang on. here we go within the hour. fox news enters the polls combined with early caucus results show a very tight race with clinton slightly in the lead. here with both candidates earlier today. >> i need your help this morning. >> yeah, we will. we will. >> we need your help this morning! thank you all! >> thank you guys! thank you!
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>> i think we'll do just fine. >> meanwhile, republicans are still voting in south carolina. polls close there in two hours. we have team fox coverage of this election double header. chief political anchor bret baier is with us here in new york for a first on "the five." let's go to bill hemmer who has been following the nevada caucuses very closely from america's election headquarters. bill? >> thank you. i can tell you when our viewers what we're seeing right now on the billboard here from nevada. a lot of the data starting to come in right now. you'll see these counties fill in throughout the night. this is what we've done for our viewers this year. we've put hillary clinton. see the numbers change again. hillary clinton in red. and bernie sanders in green. the corresponding counties fill out behind me. whoever is lead not guilty that county, they get the color. you're at 46% of the vote. clinton is about 52%. sanders 48%.
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a little less than 3% of the votes separating the two of them. it's a close race and half the vote is still out there. keep an eye on two counties. specifically this is clark county, las vegas, 70% of the vote in nevada comes from clark county. she has a lead of 41% reporting in this county at 55% to bernie sanders 45. that's the kind of number drive-up that the hillary team would like to get in clark county. let's see whether or not that stays. washoe county around reno, right around the lake tahoe area. 77% reporting now. sanders at 52ers. clinton 48%. a difference of about three points. why is that important? if you go back to 2008, okay, in the state of nevada, you try and pick out some trends right here. clinton won the state, she was in green. barak obama was in blue. she won it by six points.
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but lost the county that i was just talking about there. want to pause for a moment because i can now tell you fox news can now project that former secretary of state hillary clinton will beat vermont senator bernie sanders in nevada's democratic presidential caucus. breathing new life into her campaign just a week and a half after she lost to bernie sanders in new hampshire by 22 points. so now there is new life as we say for hillary clinton in nevada. come on out to the camera here and i'll show you how this is shaping up. and why we can probably make a call in all likelihood at 48% of the vote coming in. remember, clark county, las vegas, 70% of the vote. hillary clinton is doing well here. she's up about ten points as we suggest with 41% of the vote coming in. you go back to 2008, i'll just go back to a comparison sake, in that county specifically, clark county, hispanic voters, you
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find there, a lot of union voters. hillary clinton camped out there for the last week spending a lot of time in clark county. in that election of eight years ago, hillary clinton beat barak obama by about 12% of the vote. that's what helped steer her to victory in nevada in 2008. so critical there and now we can make a call. in nevada, hillary clinton will be your winner. what's the final vote tally? that will be debated. we can't say what it is right now, but that margin of victory, that margin of difference will be a significant story line that will be going out to -- for the next week when the democrats go to south carolina. a week from today. more data in a moment. back to you downstairs. >> thank you so much. we made that call right at the beginning of the hour. now we have this special guest. bret baier here at our table. what do you think? >> fantastic. >> are you nervous? >> i'm a little nervous.
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>> let me just say one thing about this, this hillary clinton win, when they looked at the numbers early on and they saw latinos in the entrance polls going towards bernie sanders, that was a huge deal that i think had a lot of clinton supporters worried. but john ralston, a great reporter in vegas, said that senate minority leader harry reid made a call to the head of the culinary union yesterday and got those people to the caucuses, especially in those casino sites, and she wonwith t. bill was just pointing out the numbers there really lifted her up across the state. >> can i jump in here? remember in 2008, hillary clinton was called the winner in nevada in 2008. she had the most county delegates and then eight hours later, president obama declared himself the winner because he had the national delegates. this is so close. >> a possibility there could be a bernie sanders comeback saying
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hey, i got the national delegates? >> i think you're going to see a split in delegates and it may end up being really tight as far as splitting the state. and then you have the whole thing about super delegates, which is very confusing for people. but those are state party leaders that line up with one camp or the other and hillary clinton has the most of those so far. i think that nevada at the end of the day, because this is so close, is probably going to come out pretty equal. >> all right. anyone else got a question? >> yeah. sanders was projecting they were going to make history in nevada. oakly that didn't happen. but still, very close numbers, as you said, it's very disconcerting for the clinton campaign that he did so well with latinos and minority groups. what's the plan going forward for sanders given what we've seen transpire now? >> so this is going to be a big win for hillary clinton 'cause she held him off. if sanders had won, that would have been the first break in the fire wall that he could really perform in states that don't line up for him as far as the
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minority breakdown. he's performed well, but he didn't win. and going into south carolina where she is better positioned, one would think that the clinton camp will feel pretty good coming out of vegas. >> you know what was interesting to me was that on the latino vote, which is absolutely critical here. it does not match its percentage of population. they do not come out and vote in the way you would expect. now it's a caucus, you got to show up, you got to participate to some degree. the second thing to say is bernie sanders put a lot of money in and a lot of staff in late. last week doubling. in fact, i think i read since december, he has spent twice as much as hillary clinton in the state of nevada. and forced hillary clinton to spend more money last week to get back on the air to call him a johnny come lately on immigration. i think that's why you say this was a really important win for hillary clinton. to hold off bernie sanders before south carolina.
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>> exactly. they're going to spend a lot of money in south carolina as well. that latino, hispanic number, that entrance poll going in, 54-43, for bernie sanders. think back to 2008. hillary clinton won hispanics and latinos 64-25 over president obama. they were looking at that number saying we've got an issue. but las vegas, all those casinos came out in big numbers. >> that may have been the decider, the culinary union has 50,000 members in it in a caucus that may end up with 500,000 votes total. that's a huge, huge skew to get them to come out and vote. they didn't endorse. >> they didn't endorse. and they were actually staying off the field completely. apparently until that call from harry reid. it's amazing the influence of harry reid in nevada. the reason there is a nevada caucus now instead of just going to south carolina, is because harry reid want that had now. and he wanted the impact of nevada to be significant.
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now i think he's going to have helped hillary clinton to get across the finish line. >> the control of the senate matters very much. >> that answers your question about delegate allocation because they allocate the delegates based on the congressional districts in nevada. you're saying, wow, looked what happened with obama back then. >> she beat him in 08. >> right. >> but she didn't win on the delegates was your point. and this time remember what bret said about harry reid. he's a super delegate. he controls the democratic apparatus in the state. those folks are super delegate voters. go back to iowa and new hampshire and you see what happened. all of the super delegates go to hillary clinton. >> gutfeld, are you still with us? >> yes, i'm here. very simple way to clear up the delegate mess. super delegates are the kim kardashian. the regular delegates are the khloe. you understand that now? one is more important than the other. >> we get it. it's a squeaker.
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the race was tighter than the dresses at the bunny ranch. we're not talk being most important question of all, who got the area 51 vote? that's the secret location near rachel, nevada. facility whose primary purpose is unknown, which is perfect for bernie sanders. did you have any information at all on how that vote went at area 51? if not, why are you hiding it? >> this is why i was nervous. no. listen, here is a serious answer to your funny question. honest and trustworthy, 84% -- >> the truth is out there. >> 48% for bernie sanders to 11% for hillary clinton. >> are you serious? >> he said he was going to make history. isn't that sexist. shouldn't it be herstory given that gloria steinem does call him an honorary woman? she called him that. >> i missed it. >> 49 minutes 'til the real
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show. >> that's a fact. that's what she said. >> is there any discussion about going away from this caucus -- i mean, this clearly hurt bernie sanders because young people, when you caucus, you have to stay there. you have to talk. young people, nobody is going to want to take two or three hours to hang out. >> they've done all of this work, all of this campaigning. they're excited about bernie sanders and then find out the game is rigged by the super delegates and harry reid. >> the explanation does not fit on a pumper sticker. there was some angry people. anecdotally seen the reports that they left the sites going what the heck was that process? >> was that weird? wherever hillary goes, there's a technological issue. >> it's the server that's in the bathroom. >> you know when is most upset by these results? republicans. >> why? >> i think republicans -- >> no i don't think so. >> expect for you, gutfeld. because you've been rooting for sanders to show hillary the
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although and get her out. >> i think she'll be more beatable, given her legal problems. >> and also look at that number that bret showed us. this tracks the number in new hampshire almost exactly on trustworthiness and presidential elections come down to character and honesty. if i were the clinton campaign, i don't know how they turn that around. they better hope for a very weak republican candidate. >> is that right? so it can't be trump or cruz? >> i'm not saying that. >> don't put words in her mouth. pull back! pull back! >> watch out. >> one powerful person. get him. >> i couldn't resist. >> it's you and me. normally bret has to -- >> you see how he protects her? it's very charming. >> it is lovely. >> it's like one inside joke here.
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>> listen, the excitement will be in south carolina. i think we're seeing is a lot of turnout. you're seeing the most absentee ballots they've ever had. that suggests turnout overall will be huge. >> will those be counted by tonight? >> right away when the polls close. so we'll see how long it will take us to make a call. trump is obviously well positioned going in. but the battle for second and third is really going to be interesting to see. >> you don't have any information yet on that? >> we may. but we can't talk about it. >> he's holding it 'til 6:00 o'clock. >> what was ben carson and cruz talk being in that closet? >> isn't that something? >> was he giving him a physical. >> there was a table and chairs in there. it was a big closet. >> he was ticked off. >> yeah. >> he was mad at ted cruz. he told him exactly why he was mad and if you listen to that interview, he said, i didn't know we were going to leak this. i didn't know the press was going to get this.
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so he was insinuating that ted cruz leaked the meeting. >> carson said that it was designed to clear the air, but he left not being cleared. >> you can tell from that interview that he was not pleased with it that he said look, if you clear, you make a move, you do something about it. i think -- >> he wanted him to fire people. >> hold someone accountable if you really can't stand what happened. >> wow. >> makes sense. >> i didn't even know about the closet meeting. >> you know with a? get out once in a while. >> you know i'm your biggest fan. who sends you more e-mail about your show than anyone? >> critiques about the panel. >> oh, my gosh. >> almost always positive. >> true. >> thanks, bret. catch him on "special report" coming up at 6:00 o'clock. much more to come on "the five." we'll take you live to nevada to check in with ed henry. but we go to the south carolina, latest on the gop race. that's next.
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welcome back to the fife on this election day in nevada and south carolina. hillary clinton is the projected winner of the democratic caucuses in nevada.
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will donald trump take the primary in south carolina? ted cruz is doing whatever he can to knock out his rival. >> it is easy to say, make america great again. that's easy to say. you can even put it on a baseball cap. but the question is, do you understand what it was that made america great in the first place? >> trump took him on today after a pro-cruz super pac targeted trump in robo calls to voters. >> ted cruz is a dirty player. i've never dealt with anybody that lies as much as ted cruz. he is a liar. ted cruz is a serious liar. i guess you could call him a serial liar. i'm having a lot of fun playing with ted cruz. i mean, i think the guy is sort of -- he's off. he's really off. >> for the latest, we bring in carl cameron live in south carolina. carl, tell us a couple things. turn out, we've heard was going to be good.
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it is good. what are people saying? >> well, if turnout is going to be high, it's likely to break a record, then this probably augers well for donald trump. he was the frontrunner coming in with the polls. he touched a vein of anger and sort of disenchantment with washington here in south carolina. and really ran hard here. he needed a win. he comes out of new hampshire with a victory. this would be two in a row. the first two primaries and a lot of the debate about whether or not he's the frontrunner. that's what trump is looking for. ted cruz has been battling really hard. campaigning for the most conservative voters he could find here. he hasn't held anything back. he's thrown from the iowa caucuses through new hampshire and south carolina, everything he can into this race and he has been criticized for it. and marco rubio desperately needs to get a comeback tonight having performed only fifth in new hampshire. he needs to do well and he had the benefit of the state's very, very popular governor, nikki haley campaigning with him, as
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wagon trey gowdy, very conservative. so rubio is the three of the one, two, three race that they've been looking for. then the big question about what happens to the other three. john kasich, jeb bush and dr. ben carson. it's a big, big turnout and that tends to help frontrunner who are tapping into new voters. >> very good. another question for you. >> carl, i know there has been so much argument about ted cruz and his tactics and we just saw that little clip about trump calling him a liar and all that. but then i was surprised to read that, in fact, he had a robo call saying, you know, donald trump supports removing the confederate flag from the state capitol grounds and it said that 70% of trump supporters want the flag put back. i remember -- i'm sure you remember 'cause you were there with me, remember that john mccain said that he wanted the flag kept there and later said he regretted having said that.
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what's going on on this issue? >> reporter: well, it really wasn't much of an issue until this robo call was raised. it was resolved last year when the governor, nikki haley, decided it had to come down and a lot of the establishment and democrats in south carolina agreed with that. this robo call was meant mostly to promote ted cruz and beat up on donald trump. but the cruz campaign had to disavow it because they were not signaturing that removal of the battle flag was a bad thing and didn't want to take any credit or blame for what was the work of an independent super pac. >> dana? >> i wanted to ask you about the social issues that have been so prominent in the last many elections, presidential elections. especially hadn't a lot in south carolina. but this year those issues such as gay marriage, for example, are not something that's really been talked about on the campaign trail. how much do you think that will change, if at all, the turnout or the vote in south carolina? >> reporter: i think strong
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conservatives, eevangelicals conservatives will be a huge part of how tonight's results are actually dissected and which candidate got the bigger share of all of them. i think it's sort of self-evident that ted cruz and donald trump were pushing hard for very conservative, very angry voters and marco rubio was in many ways trying to expand his appeal, particularly in campaigning with nicky mailly, the first indian governor female, or the country for that matter. the social issues are always deeply important in republican politics. but in this case, it's really about who can change the country, who can beat hillary clinton in the fall and ho will not participate and take part the way republicans are blamed for having gone along and to get along and very far in the last few years. >> so any sense there is a little bit of splintering off or shaving of support of ted cruz given the attacks that donald trump is making, firing back at him and then also kind of the suggestion, the idea that
2:24 pm
dr. ben carson is so upset with his campaign about what happened? >> reporter: yeah. i think that a couple things -- we'll see when we get the results tonight obviously. but it was very clear that donald trump did get perhaps a little bit of pressure put on him because of the things that he was quoted in these robo calls. one about the removal of the confederate battle flag. the second one was about his express support for gay and lesbian rights in a secondary robo call. those are not the kind of things that are particularly popular with evangelicals in south carolina. his lead was huge before the robo calls. not everybody picks up the phone. their caller i.d. tells them it's not something they'll like hearing. then you have marco rubio who just as he did in iowa, he got some momentum toward the end. he clearly appears to have gotten some benefit in the last couple of days. whether or not that's enough to get him ahead of ted cruz, we'll find that out as the returns come in later tonight. it's clear that donald trump had
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an advantage and the race between rubio and cruz was always going to be tight. we knew that from what we felt on the campaign trail as soon as we got here out of new hampshire. >> get ready. greg, do you have a question? >> what train is that going behind you right now? >> reporter: well, we're in spartanburg, and not too far from rock hill. if you do the old promised land chuck berry song, we're 90 miles out of atlanta and not a minute late. >> oh, my god. >> that was good. >> you can not fool him. >> you got to give gutfeld. >> give carl credit. that was a good answer. >> you're right. >> you can not see carl cameron. he's always got an answer. >> we got to go. >> thank you so much, carl. we'll go wide to ed henry in nevada for the latest on hillary clinton's projected win in nevada caucuses. don't go away
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this is a fox news alert. there is a winner of today's democratic caucuses in nevada and it is hillary clinton. she's p to speak shortly in las vegas. we're going to bring that to you as soon as she does. ed henry joins us from a caucus site in henderson, nevada with the latest. hey, ed. how is it going? >> reporter: good to see you. as you say, fox news has projected that hillary clinton is going to win of the if you go to the nevada democratic party's web site with the official results, it's still very tight and with just over about 24, 25% in, hillary clinton has about a three-points lead. so obviously we've been able to project based on the results that have come in from specific counties that in the long run hillary clinton will win and she just tweeted out, to everyone who turned out every corner of nevada, this is your win. and i think that's the key word. that one word at the end.
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win. yes, bernie sanders was down double digits. he closed it. currently it's about a three-point margin. but a win is a win is a win. that is what hillary clinton is going to say at caesar's palace in a few minutes. she want to take this victory and very quickly she's flying to houston, texas, will be voting on march 1 on super tuesday. they have a sort of grind it out delegate strategy. that bernie sanders had energy. he's had momentum. but hillary clinton is now starting to win and is in the end, going to have the delegates, they believe, to win the nomination. >> this is a big deal i think for her, dana, because she still managed to squeak it out. >> do we get to keep talking? >> absolutely. >> when you said she's speaking at caesar's palace, do they never think about their, like the optics of where they're speaking? >> it's a free buffet, dana. >> i love the buffet, too. everybody loves it. i got to ask you about the process. in iowa when there was a tie, they flipped a coin.
2:32 pm
that's they settle their ties there. in nevada, they pull a card. eric asked a good question to bret baier about the caucus process. are we to a point where this is not just good enough in the modern age? >> yeah. i think it's a great point. when i was on the ground in iowa as many of you were and then here in nevada as well, i can tell you there was frustration for people coming out of the caucus. some were telling me that they've been registered democrats. this is in henderson, a major suburb outside las vegas where i am. it's obviously wrapped up. but they were telling me look, i've been on the rolls for 30 years as a democratic voter. they don't have me listed and they're saying i can't caucus. others are saying they were sanders supporters saying they were told at the last minute they could not give speeches on behalf of bernie sanders to try to sway some of the undecideds over to the sanders camp and they said she had been told before hand that they would be able to do that. not to get lost in the weeds here, but there is all this
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confusion, why not just have people come out, one person, one vote? and i hear that from voters who come out to these caucuses and are confused by the process. >> can i follow up on that? we saw a lot of video of people waiting in line that couldn't get in. literally the doors closed. people go inside, the doors close and they're supposed to caucus and negotiate and people were waiting, were trying to get in. were in the back of the line. i mean, could we be the first to call for the end of the caucus process? this is a joke. the future of america is at stake here and people are trying to get in to vote. they can't get in to vote and once they get in to vote, no one knows how it works. can you imagine if the democrats -- >> it's a franchise. >> if the democrats get what they want and people don't even have to bring an i.d. to these caucus processes? people could come from anywhere and get in and start negotiating. >> this is ridiculous. one wick point. you said hillary thanked every corner of nevada. that's a joke. 70% of the voting is coming from clark county. am i right?
2:34 pm
>> sure. that's where the population is, around las vegas. but there are other corners of the state that matter obviously. but yeah, this is where it is the most populous part of the state. >> greg? >> what's funny is that the dems are always talking about voter i.d.s and they're not talking about this. this is far more egregious. ed henry, i want to ask you a question. morgan freeman endorsed hillary clinton, i believe it was yesterday. as you know, he did play god. could this endorsement have been important in her winning? it's probably bigger than getting the pope's. >> i think, greg, morgan freeman is an actor. he's from hollywood. and so he was playing a role. >> devastating. >> okay. i understand. >> you think? >> yeah. he's not really god. >> no. just paid to be. >> got to get rid of that shrine. >> exactly. juanita, you have something that makes sense? >> i think there is a lot of
2:35 pm
concern that, in fact, bernie sanders now has to go up against a firewall in the south. does this look like if we're going to just jump forward a few days, will it look like, you know what? this was the hinge, key moment, the lynch pin in terms of democratic primary politics 2016, in nevada? >> it can be because a victory here for bernie sanders after a blowout in new hampshire would have given him momentum. the clinton camp couldn't have denied that. the fact that hillary clinton not just won here, but that she maybe if not stops, slows the momentum of bernie sanders is a big deal. look, i think there is a sort of silver lining for bernie sanders, which undoubtedly when he comes out in a little while in henderson, he'll talk about is he's in this for the long haul. he's outraising hillary clinton in the fundraising department and remember, important point, unlike the republicans on the democratic side, you have proportional delegates. so bernie sanders can lose a lot of these states and still win
2:36 pm
enough delegates to keep going and perhaps try at least to deny the nomination. she may still win in the end, but he can drag this out, make it a bloody fight if he wants to based on the money and based on the fact that he's going to split the delegates. none the less, i'm not trying to change the fact, hillary clinton won here. and that is big for her and she's going to take that to the south, as you said, juan. she has a huge advantage with african-americans. >> she's going to take that to the bank. next, we'll go back to bill hemmer for a breakdown of the results out of nevada and then we answer your questions for us about the election next. that's on "the five" remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? [ normal voice ] so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free... [ normal voice ] ...but i'm a woman.
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more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware.
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2:41 pm
from 2008 and how what's happening now kind of mirrors what we saw eight years ago, if the numbers hold. clinton is in green. obama in blue in 2008. she won that state by six points. in clark county, won that county by about nine, maybe ten points eight years ago. she lost reno, nevada, and washoe to barak obama by about ten points. what's happening now? come forward to 2016. we put clinton in red. bernie sanders in green. same two counties now with 71% of the vote now reporting. she's got about a five-point lead which reflects a little bit from eight years ago. in the same county, look at this. she is up nine points, which so far with 65% of the vote reporting kind of reflects again what she did eight years ago. it could be a mirror image. we'll see whether or not this holds up throughout the night back to you, mr. gutfeld, sir. >> well done, bill.
2:42 pm
for a change. all right. it's election day. but it's also social media saturday here on "the five." that's where we answer your election-related questions. the first question is from paul k. he says on facebook, i'll start with you, kimberly, what criteria do each of you use to evaluate the candidate in order to choose who cruel vote for? >> limited government, strong definitely with the economy, free market capitalist, strong with the military, building it back up. treating our veterans right. making sure they can have proper medical care and attention that they deserve and also great school for the munchkin. >> juan? >> i think you got to be tough and so you got to be able to make decisions that aren't just political decisions, that don't just please one person or another 'cause you can't please everybody and you're gonna get a lot of flak. so you got to be able to be that kind of tough and i also value experience greatly. people say, why there aren't term limits? i say okay. if there are term limits, then the lobbyists and all the big money interests get to dominate
2:43 pm
'cause there is always someone knew coming in who doesn't know how the game is played. >> so you're against term limits? >> yes. >> this is not about term limits! >> it plays into -- i'm going to take the opposite side of what juan said. i'm the political outsider, something new, something fresh, something different. and someone who can win also and i think the way the next republican will be able to win is if they bring new people to the table. people who haven't voted in the past, people who may not even be registereled at this point who can register and come out. >> and low taxes. >> and that. >> you had your turn, kimberly. >> i want a lot of things. >> i know you do. typical woman. that will end up somewhere. fox host says typical woman. you're not a typical woman. >> oh, my god! a love affair lives on!
2:44 pm
>> character. values and how they conduct themselves. i think demonstrated ability to have achieved something in life. i don't ever expect to agree with everything a president does, but i should be able to reason their decision making process. >> that's fair. >> i know as i get older, i hate emotion. i would like a president, a robot that says no. you just put him up there, 'cause i love robots. and no matter what you say, it just says no. >> no, you don't. >> except for the military. then it says yes. bomb. >> by the way, you don't low robots. you're incredibly afraid of them. that's why you want me to protect you. >> this is an interesting way that this segment is going. bob b on twitter says this is kind of the same thing, but so change it up. if you were president, your first top priorities would be? they say three? >> number one, i would spend a little time in solitude in the oval office and a little prayer and contemplation because it's a huge job and the weight of the
2:45 pm
world is on your shoulders, and you got to be ready for that. two, i would shore up national security and reengage in the world. and three, major and big, huge, comprehensive tax reform. tax reform 'cause that's the only thing that's going to jump start the economy. >> eric? >> one of them is the same. first three things, i would cut spending by 20%. just go down the line, do it. it can be done if you really want it to. or 15%, make you happy. second thing would be repatriate the $2 trillion sitting in bank accounts overseas. let companies bring them back. you know that whole thing about bring it back for free, but you have to spend some of it on infrastructure spending here. and the third one would be drop personal and corporate tax rates to compete with the rest of the world. right now we're at the highest corporate level and on a personal level, near the highest as well. bring them both down to the average. >> stealing all of mine. >> sorry. >> juan, what horrible suggestions do you have?
2:46 pm
>> well, now that we heard from the rich -- >> oh, my god. >> i'm all for protecting so much of the social safety net in this country at this time, making sure that opportunity exists for young people to rise up that ladder of upward mobility, protect it and stop all these income inequality arguments that i think are forcing people to lose faith in the american dream. >> you should get behind eric and me because you get to that by our plan. >> by making the rich rich rich. >> kill isis, kill isis, and then kill isis and throw in some jobs. >> i was going to say the same thing. terror change. increasing terror quotient based on terror and technology. that is my number one, two and three. >> the nation says good-bye to a supreme court legend. stay tuned.
2:47 pm
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>> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. >> that was justice clarence thomas reciting scripture at the funeral for for supreme court
2:51 pm
justice antonin scalia. thousands backed into the basilica of the national shrine in washington today. justice kaliya's son, a catholic priest, led part of the service. he delivered a moving homily. here is some of it. >> god bless dad as is well-known with the love for his country. god bless dad with the love for his family. he's the father that god gave us for the great adventure of family life. sure, he forgot our names at times, our mixed them up. but there are nine of us. he loved us. and sought to show that love. >> you know, it's always an emotional scene, dana. i don't know if you felt -- i think the idea that the son would honor the father, for me, it brings me close to tears.
2:52 pm
>> one of the things that antonin scalia said if he had not have been a justice, he would have considered going into the church himself. he was a consummate professional, dedicated public servant over three decades and i just feel like he was such a giant of a man. big in heart and an intellect and in wit. i think if you look at all the outpouring of support that he got not just today, but even from around the world, that he is well respected and he will be missed. >> greg, the idea that now when his son joked about confusing the name, well, he had nine children. and i think he has 36 grandchildren. >> yeah. it's pretty impressive. i mean, that was a memorable image to add to a memorable career. there is a quote where somebody said he's better at responding to criticism than praise. that's a very rare talent. to relish criticism. >> yeah. >> even though he would disagree with others and he had very kind of really passionate opinions that he would write or they would have these arguments, he
2:53 pm
always wanted to listen to what the other side had to say no matter how strong his opinion or his viewpoint was. i think that's also a great skill as a human being, as an attorney, for me, he was the grandmotherrest legal mind of my lifetime. he's really going to be missed and i was very moved by this beautiful mass today and i think he would have been very pleased in the way his son honored him by being a priest and saying this beautiful christmas homily. i loved it. >> eric, what did you think? >> i'm gonna tell you, to be able to do that as a son, it's so hard. from experience, you just go how do you pull it together? boy, he kept it together. it was moving and as everyone pointed out, everything everybody said, i would agree. >> he's a great guy. >> i can't believe he's gone. i look that and scalia is gone. >> doesn't seem real. >> yeah. >> it really is. and end of an era. may justice scalia forever rest in peace. our final thoughts and gop election predictions next.
2:54 pm
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2:57 pm
i almost danced. welcome back to the five. hillary clinton has been projected the winner in nevada. final thoughts on how that race could shake out in the final hours. >> sanders almost won and i just want to point out an interesting
2:58 pm
fact courtesy of economist mark perry. 1959 it took 100.5 hours in order to purchase a washing machine. 2013 it takes -- it didn't get that way through socialism, but free market capitalism. >> this is a big win for capitalism. >> no. i'm just saying, it's scary to me that many people voted for a socialist. >> final thoughts? >> i didn't see that one coming. okay. final thoughts. i'm looking forward to getting the results. i'm going to glue myself to the fox news channel. what else is new? and find out what happened in south carolina because -- >> that's tonight? >> yeah. and get some snacks. >> what time will i come over? >> never. >> i'll be on the tree outside. >> i trimmed it. so i'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen, who plays first, second, third and what will be the aftermath out of that. >> juan? you and me tonight on fox news
2:59 pm
channel. >> how much fun will that be? >> it will be great. we'll be on with bret and megyn. i'll let you give a final thought. >> that was weird. >> i would say what is happening is this is a big day in american president obama politics, a big day in 2016. i think hillary clinton is well on her way. she changed the trajectory of the democratic race today. i think if trump does well, trump right now looks like he's in good shape for the rest of this run. >> then we're off to the races. eric? >> my final thought, i think the caucus process is antiquated and needs to go away. we can start right here and say next round, no more of the conduction situation because i think bernie sanders got ripped off in iowa and that he may end up getting ripped off in nevada as well. time to move on. >> which isn't fair, by the way. >> everybody is getting ripped off in nevada. >> it's interesting that the socialist is raising more money than hillary clinton to spend on the race. that's it for us.
3:00 pm
keep it on fox news for continuing election coverage. juan and i will be there and we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is up next. this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to this special saturday edition of "special report." i'm bret baier in new york. all eyes on two big votes today. one in the west, one in the south. we can project that hillary clinton has won nevada, bouncing back from the big blow she suffered in new hampshire. we're also in the final hour of voting for a republican nominee in south carolina where 50 delegates are up for grabs. even though we don't have vote totals there yet and the polls are still open, my colleague martha mccallum is here with a fox exit polls that give us a pretty good idea of where things stand. good evening, martha. >> good evening. let's see what we've got so far from these exit polls in south carolina. once again, we are seeing emerging the angry


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