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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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learned from their dad and his dad, not to put milk on your cereal. that makes it easier to clean up. then we don't have to wipe away the milk, you can wipe with a paper towel and still eat your cereal. i'm cegretchen. here's shep. after another big one, time for a high time at trump tower. >> we love nevada. thank you. >> now looking ahead to super tuesday and a potential make or break moment for the not-trumps. you know ted cruz came in third last night behind marco rubio. so it approves that if he does not win his home state of texas next month, poof, things could be rough. but he did get a boost today from the lonestar state's leadership. and what trump's wife things of her husband's views. let's get to it. first from the fox news desk
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this wednesday afternoon, it's looking more and more and now more and more like donald trump may be unstoppable going into super tuesday. that's when half the delegates needed for the gop nomination will be up for grabs. trump won his third republican contest in a row in the nevada caucus. he won support from 46% of caucusgoers, finishing more than 20 points ahead of marco rubio. he crushed them all. rubio came in second with 23, narrowly beating ted cruz who had 20%. add up cruz and rubio and the do not get to trump. trump celebrated the win by giving shoutouts to all the groups that supported him. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people, the
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most loyal people. and you know what i'm really happy about, 46% with the hispanics. number one with hispanics. >> that is what the exit poll said, or the entrance polls, anyway. he won hispanic votes by 20 points against two hispanic candidates. that's after promising to deport illegals. but there is more to that. the sampling size is very small. the entrance polling isn't built to judge that. did he win them? according to the entrance polls, he certainly did. trump's wife is an immigrant herself, from slovenia. she's defending her husband in her first one on one interview since he launched the campaign. >> i follow the law. i follow the way it's supposed to be. i never thought to stay here without papers. i had visa. i travel every few months back
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to the country, to shrolovenisl. i came back, applied for a green card, after many years. >> milanya trump on "morning joe." he won with evangelicals, the group that ted cruz had been targeting. a fox news entrance poll showed 40% of evangelical caucusgoers say they support donald trump. ted cruz had 26%, one point ahead of marco rubio. the survey also shows donald trump was the top choice for caucusgoers who say they're angry at the government, which may be the overriding theme. trump landed his first two endorsements from members of congress, chris cox, who had previously endorsed jeb bush.
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gop donne donors who oppose don trump aren't even bothering to oppose him. tomorrow's gop debate may be the last chance his its own will have to bring him down. what's the thinking that any of the gop candidates will drop out next week? >> reporter: it depends on what happens on super tuesday. one of the states that is going to be potentially dispositivetive for ted cruz is texas, his home state. today he was endorsed by the governor there, ted abbott, which was a big boost. it's a measure of abbott's recognition. right now there hadn't been a lot of polling in the super tuesday states. in texas there's only been one or two in the entire month of february. it shows cruz does have a 5 or
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6-point lead. one point in a race this volatile vdoesn't help that muc. ted cruz has to win his home state. it's also whether or not his strategy, which he made very clear last year, was to win in the old south and to win in the sec states would fall apart if he can't win at home. that's really a do or die situation for him. that would be a lot of pressure for him to get out if he didn't. >> it was once said that marco rubio's fire wall was in nevada. they're burning. ted cruz won iowa. at some point in time doesn't one of these candidates have to win and to beat him? don't you have to beat him to beat him? >> reporter: well, yes. at some point that will have to happen. both kasich and rubio face the same home turf battle and face-off against trump. it comes in three weeks on march 15th, the first day of winner take all prizes for the delegates in these states. and so in florida, marco rubio has to win florida.
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were he not to, were trump to beat him in a winner take all, not only would the delegate count be out of reach for anyone else, but it would be a huge, symbolic loss for him not to win there. likewise, kasich has been concentrating on midwest states. ohio and florida are historic in presidential politics, particularly for republicans, they have to win one or the other, shep. >> carl, thank you. the polls out of florida show marco rubio is trailing donald trump. glenn hall is here, the u.s. news editor for "the wall street journal." if you look at the map for the 13 sec primary states, if you look at the map, donald trump is cruising across almost the entire swath of them. is it over? >> it's piling up for donald trump and he's looking pretty solid. 46% in nevada is more than we've
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seen in a long time. he's able to consolidate those voters. the interesting thing is the wide array of support that he's pulling in. it's not just that classic trump voter that we've talked about before. you're starting to see others pulling into the trump camp as well. >> is it all anger? >> it's anger, economic dissatisfaction with the way congress is run. >> it can't be that they say here is trump's policy on this, that, or the other thing, because he hasn't laid out any policies except for build a wall which is not going to happen, because mexico is not going to happen. so what is it? it's not just anger or screw you, party, and screw you, washington. i don't care, this guy is bombastic, i relate to him. >> tough talk is playing well. you're looking for something who will be decisive. i think you're right, the anger that's out there is boiling up and people want to see change. he's the one who seems to them to represent the most opportunity for change, real
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change. >> of course words are not a plan for change. you have to get a plan together. then you have to figure out how to get it through congress. maybe there's only one, two left, that those they don't could be the democratic and republican nominee, at that point won't there be a focus on issues that could derail this? >> if you go to the general election, and donald trump is the nominee, then issues will become a much bigger deal. so far this primary season there's not been a lot of issues. >> why? there's article after article, if anybody wants to read it. you can begin with trump's business acumen in new york. the big banks won't deal with him anymore, they won't lend him money anymore. he has his name on a lot of things but he isn't a big businessman, not by new york standards, not even close. yet none of that is mentioned. >> there is an article on that in "the new york times" yesterday, and they make that point. if you look at the supporters of donald trump, they are behind a guy think knows how to make the
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deal. whether or not his name is on it or not, he has the perception of a guy getting things done. >> not in new york. not where he's perceived to have gotten things done. all you have to do is google it. >> it's not a google-it cycle. it's an i'm-mad cycle. nothing has happened to hurt trump's support in any meaningful way. he has a lot of teflon quality. it comes back to channelling that anger and that can-do attitude that people are responding to. whether or not he has a plan doesn't seem to be the difference. >> it's interesting to me that all the smart people say, it's not over yet, but they can't chart a path for any of these other candidates. marco rubio isn't even winning in his home state. john kasich has a lot of ground to make up. ted cruz is getting beaten up, he's a liar, he's a liar.
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>> marco rubio probably keeps going through florida, march 15th, a winner takes all state. there's a chance still for these guys to start to play catch d-u. they're coming from a further deficit. every step forward for donald trump is a step backward for them. >> and a huge step for trump last night. bernie sanders predicting he'll have a big night on super tuesday. but will it be enough to catch hillary clinton? and exactly where is this big night? where in the sec primary does bernie sanders, the democratic socialist, where does he have traction? is it in alabama? i mean, come on. she's apparently trying to make sure that she has a really big night in the battleground states. we're live in south carolina next. there's lots of news ahead on this "shepard smith reporting."
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if you plan to beat trump, exactly how do you do it? that discussion minutes away. first, hillary clinton campaigning again today in south carolina, even though most polls have her up by 20 points ahead of saturday's primary there. analysts say it looks like she's trying to run up the score and make it tougher for bernie sanders to catch her and really for him to make any claims to any wins. he spent most of the week focusing on super tuesday when about a third of democratic delegates are up for grabs. today bernie sanders predicted he'll win a lot of them.
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ed henry, live in sumter, south carolina, is there evidence of that? >> reporter: no, shep. hillary clinton is in a commanding position. as you said, it sounds like she's trying to run up the score. she already has a double digit lead here in south carolina, where voters go to the polls saturday. particularly she has this edge with african-american voters as we've been talking about. i'm here at an african-american college where she'll be speaking in a short time. she's still here grinding it out even though she has a 42-point edge among african-americans inx news polling. it gives you an idea, just as she did not she did in nevada, she had a lead, lost it, worked on the ground and pulled out a victory. this time, she's not going to squander her lead. >> sanders is trying to explain how he can still win this. >> reporter: yeah, the best scenario for bernie sanders is
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that not all the states next tuesday, for super tuesday, are clinton strongholds in the south. instead, there are some states like massachusetts, minnesota, a lot of liberal voters, people that sanders has been reaching out to. he spoke at a university in massachusetts a couple of days ago. he had a rally in minnesota a couple of weeks back where he had a thousand people there. these are states where you see the sanders energy and enthusiasm. as you say, shep, there's nearly a thousand delegates up for grabs on super tuesday. even if sands ekes out a victory, if clinton sweeps the states, it's going to very hard to catch her for the nomination, shep. >> ed henry, thanks. seems like apple is trying to take its privacy fight with the feds straight to congress. a judge last week ordered apple help the fbi hack into a phone that belongs to one of the san bernardino terrorists. the feds are asking the tech giant to create a software to
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make that happen. again, the feds telling a private company to make something. apple's ceo argued that could give the government the power to reach into anybody's devices. now associated press reports an apple lawyer is giving a preview of the company's legal strategy, telling the ap that the company will argue that lawmakers, not courts, should handle this case. the white house has insisted congress does not need to get involved and says that sending complex issues to congress is not the surest way to get a quick answer. of course the ap also points out that apple spent $5 million lobbying congress last year. so might it have a little more influence there than, say, in the courts? we shall see. we learned today of a big break in the case of little jessica chambers, the teenager from mississippi burned alive and left for dead. more than a year after the murder of that former cheerleader, investigators say now they know who did it. that's next.
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this is a story we've been covering for many months. investigators in the state of mississippi say they've now cracked the case of a young woman burned alive on the side of the road and left to die. they say a grand jury has just indicted a man for the murder of then 19-year-old jessica chambers. first responders say they found her wandering away from her car. her car was on fire. she had burns, they say, everywhere on her body except the bottoms of her feet. this happened in december of 2014 in the small town of courtland about a 40-minute drive or so south and west from oxford, mississippi. the first responders say before
12:21 pm
jessica chambers died, she spoke to authorities there. they've never told us exactly what she said. but her father said his daughter named her attacker and he said the person who did this squirted lighter fluid down her nose and her throat and then lit her ablaze. we have a photo now of the man investigators say killed her. here he is, 27-year-old quentin tellis. he's already in jail in louisiana, in connection with another woman's killing, although not charged with it. he faces a charge of capital murder for jessica chambers' death, which means he could get the death penalty. our guest is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. he was picked up in august, this past august, in connection with this murder in louisiana. he's not charged with the murder but he's charged with other things surrounding that, it
12:22 pm
sounds like he might eventually be. this had happened nine or ten months earlier and for some reason they couldn't put it all together. >> no, and it's really disheartening, as a former prosecutor that this individual was not only given one chance on probation but a second. this was two months before the killing actually occurred. >> those were other cases. >> other cases. you have an individual who not only has a long criminal history but a violent one as well, some that were against other victims, and those victims didn't show up in court and that's why they were dismissed. it's disheartening to find out he was placed on probation and two months later, this young woman was killed. >> i guess louisiana authorities will have their own crack at him first because custody is 9/10ths of the law. >> right. >> mississippi will most likely ask that they get to handle him at some point too. the details of the crime are beyond. >> aggravating.
12:23 pm
>> the word was they had had a relationship of some sort, right? >> on and off of some sort. we don't know what the actual relationship entailed, but according to authorities it would been an on and off relationship. again, this kind of a murder would only happen with someone that you actually do know. the factors are so aggravating that it's no surprise that this would be a capital murder charge. and of course he's looking at life in prison without parole or the death penalty. >> we always talk about stabbing as a very personal crime. >> right. >> then you think about the allegations here, poured lighter fluid into her and set her on fire. >> law enforcement has not actually confirmed what she said, if she said anything at all. if she did, it will be a challenge, because of course in court you can't have hearsay being admitted. because she's no longer here to
12:24 pm
substantiate that statement, the prosecutor will try to get that in under some sort of an exception to hearsay, some sort of dying declaration, because she at that point, 98% of her body was burned, she would have thought she were going to die. if she did identify her killer and that comes into court, that will be a major blow for the defense. >> there's other evidence, some of it is circumstantial, which is not to say it won't be admitted. >> a lot of evidence is circumstantial. according to what we do know, it seems pretty strong. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you for having me. one sheriff's deputy has died, this is breaking today, two others are wounded after a shooting that happened this morning in colorado. that's the word from a sheriff's department spokesman there. it happened in the town of bailey, 45 miles south and west of denver. investigators say three members of the sheriff's department were serving an eviction notice at a
12:25 pm
home, a very common thing, knocking on the door, when the shooter opened fire, killing one deputy, according to authorities, and wounding the other two, at least one of them seriously. investigators say the suspect died after the deputies returned fire. coming up, more on the race for the white house. for republicans it's been trump and then everybody else, you're either trump or you're not-trump. what if anything can the not-trumps do to stop trump? plus single women may have more power this election than married women. ahead, what that could mean for both parties. first, a bunch of tornado warnings right now. this is the same system that moved across the heart of dixie yesterday and caused all sorts of problems. janice dean is in the weather center. >> in the mid-things are and northeast we have three tornado watches in effect. this one towards dc and
12:26 pm
philadelphia, that has just been issued, into the evening and overnight. we have several tornado storms in three different states, in north carolina up to virginia and south carolina as well. these are all doppler radar indicated. we're seeing indications for hail and damaging winds. this will be ongoing. heavily populated areas, raleigh, richmond, norfolk, those are the latest tornado warnings. the temperatures ahead of the front, 70s and 80s. behind it, much cooler air. the dynamics are there for more large, destructive tornadoes cross areas that are heavily populated, shepard. we're worried about destructive tornadoes stretching all the way up into parts of new jersey. we'll keep you posted. keep it tuned here, "shepard smith reporting" returns after the break.
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president obama is meeting with jordan's king at the white house to talk about the syrian civil war. president obama says he's cautious about raising expectations for the cease-fire set to begin this weekend. it does not include the islamic state. it is highly unlikely that the three people that went missing after a british power plant collapse are alive. rescue workers continue to search in the debris west of london. the owner said it collapsed yesterday as a demolition crew
12:30 pm
was working on it. elon musk's space company will try once again to launch a rocket and band land it back on barge. the last launch failed when the platform collapsed. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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time for the top of the news in the race for the white house. on the republican side, for the runners up in previous states, it might be the time to start racking up victories. ted cruz telling his supporters this upcoming super tuesday will be the, quote, most important night o campaign. ted cruz argues that he's positioned to do well again both marco rubio and donald trump. >> the undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the
12:33 pm
only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. you can choose between two washington deal makers or one proven, consistent conservative. >> cruz's own state, texas, is up for grabs next week. today the governor there, greg abbott, endorsed him. that's the first governor to endorse him in all the land. no senators, no one else has done so. here is the latest real clear politics average for texas, showing ted cruz leading donald trump by about 5%, with rubio, as you can see there, a distant third. of course for any candidate, and especially those not named donald trump, the pressure is building to take care of business on home turf. for marco rubio, he says he's targeting march 15th as when he needs to start winning states. that also happens to be when voters in florida hit the polls. >> you don't win the nomination
12:34 pm
by how many states you win. come march 15th, you have to win states, because those states will award all of their delegates to the winners of those states. it takes over 1200 delegates to be the nominee. we're not even close to that number. >> so winning can wait. the fox business network's blake berman is live in washington. cruz back home today, rubio in his own backyard. >> yes, cruz joked it's the first time he's been home in what feels like months. he called texas and its delegates the, quote, crown jewel of super tuesday. cruz is trying to make the argument in his backyard and all across the country that, as he puts it, modern history shows you have to win one of the first three states to gain the nomination, and that leaves him, he argues, in a better spot currently than marco rubio. rubio is heading to texas. he has a rally there tonight as
12:35 pm
well, as he tries to consolidate the so-called establishment support. he said this morning he has spoken to his friend jeb bush since bush dropped out but has not asked for bush's endorsement. we can tell you bush is holding a conference call in about a half hour or so with some of his major donors. a former senior bush staffer tells fox that an endorsement will not yet be forthcoming. >> until someone wins something, it's all just chatter. can cruz take texas? >> it does look like that. the pressure will be on for him to do that. you have three people now still in this race that have to win their home states against donald trump or it's curtains. cruz has to win in his home state of texas. rubio has to win his home state of florida, and he's down, by the way, to donald trump in
12:36 pm
doing that. john kasich has to win in ohio or its curtains for him also. >> for 40 years, the establishment person has won this. now in previous cycles you would expect the establishment will step up and start applying pressure on people to get out of the race. is there no more establishment? who is this establishment? >> that's right. there is no more establishment. further, the damage that you have in the establishment in theory is money and political organization. and right now, we just saw in nevada that, number one, donald trump really didn't have any organization in that state and he crushed everyone. and second, i don't think anyone can compete, no matter how establishment you are, with donald trump's money. >> once you get to the 15th or so of next month, less than a month away, then you start getting all or nothing and you get a lot of delegates. but there's a possibility that donald trump can keep winning and winning and still not get enough delegates at the convention. if he doesn't have them, then
12:37 pm
what happens? >> that becomes the most fascinating part of politics, the first sort of contested convention since 1976. odds are that donald trump will continue to have his momentum. he may not actually clinch in terms of the delegate count until maybe the middle of april. but for all intents and purposes, he's the one that can compete. what's important for marco rubio and ted cruz is they need to figure out somehow which one is going to be the one to go on the final with ted cruz. as you saw, south carolina said, i don't know, they're be able tied. the same thing basically happened last night in nevada. as long as the opposition to donald trump continues to be splintered, donald trump will continue to win. >> is the old guard, those who have traditionally been in charge of big picture republicans, is that old guard beginning the process of coalescing around donald trump? if so, when will there be a sign
12:38 pm
that has has actually happened? >> that's a great question. intellectually the old guard understand that right now he's the presumptive nominee. in 2008, john mccain won two of the first four states. in 2012, mitt romney won two of the first four early states. donald trump just one three of the first four early states. they intellectually understand that he has all the momentum right now, i don't think they quite grasp the idea that he will still be the nominee and there are some doubters. i think when you begin to see -- when you'll begin to see the reality take home is when you see the criticism die down. right now people are in kind of a wait and watch mode. >> the criticism has died down. it's died down over the last couple of days. i wonder whether somebody who used to run for somebody, somebody who once ran, says they're for donald trump. >> that happened this week when
12:39 pm
bob dole said, fine, i'm no longer with bush, i'm with rubio, and if he can't pull it off, i can see myself backing donald trump. if bob dole says that, something is happening. >> if bob dole is the beginning of a trend, it will be a fascinating race indeed. this could be the first year that the majority of women eligible to vote will be single women, according to the voter participation center. what is that? that's a nonprofit that works to encourage what it calls underrepresented groups to vote. single women make up a quarter of all voters. that's a big chunk. polls show they tend to side with democrats. shannon bream is live in dc. do we know whether single ladies vote as a group? >> it's not monolithic, but it does lean left. in 2012, unmarried women voters
12:40 pm
favored president obama by a 36 percentage point gap over mitt romney. they tend to be less educated, with higher unemployment. survey data shows they view the government's most important role as making sure jobs pay enough for them to live on. attorney and democratic analyst jessica ehrlich says candidates must appeal directly to unmarried women. >> speaking to them as professional adults, people who are out in the workplace, who are dealing with issues that relates to their taxes, that relate to paying their bills, their mortgages, having a better future. >> the data actually shows that single women don't have social issues at the top of the list. nearly everything at the top is about the economy, shep. >> how are republicans trying to target this group, to win this over? >> they know in many respects they have their work cut out for them. democrats have spent the last decade reaching out to single women. and conservatives have a lot of catching up to do. >> there is no shortage of
12:41 pm
resources on the left geared toward attracting and appealing women. and on the right we simply don't have those kind of interests. and for a variety of reasons. it's a real problem. >> she goes on to predict it's going to be a tricky balance trying to, you know, share a message of being both compassionate but at the same time trying to convince single women that some of the policies on the left will wind up being a negative for them in the long term. >> shannon bream, thank you. the highest court in texas has thrown out a felony case against former governor rick perry. a prosecutor claimed perry abused his power in 2013 when he vetoed funding for an anticorruption group. the group's leader, a democrat, had refused to step down after a drunk driving case. now the state has dismissed the case saying it violates the separation of powers.
12:42 pm
rick perry reacted strongly as he spoke to reporters earlier in this hour. >> the court's decision today proves that this indictment was nothing less than a baseless political attacks, an assault on the constitutional powers of the office of the governor and the constitutional checks and balances that provide the foundation of our democracy. >> rick perry previously claimed that having felony charges hanging over his head helped end his presidential bid last year. the powerful and deadly storm system that broad tornadoes to the southern united states is moving east, as we reported, that's the word from forecasters who warn everyone along the east coast to be prepared. we've shown you one look. things are changing. details and a look at the storm's path, next. ♪song: "that's life"
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ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. deadly storms, a whole system that hit parts of the southern u.s. yesterday is now heading east. forecasts are warning about the risk of violent tornadoes in parts of the carolinas and virginia. south of raleigh and wilmington, down to south carolina and all the way up, frankly, into new york state. they say some of these storms could bring blizzard conditions to the central parts of the united states. forecasts say the same system brought at least ten tornadoes to the deep south yesterday, downing power lines and destroying homes. at least three people died. we have more images to show you in our slide show. this is the beginning. this is a video coming out of pensacola, florida, the panhandle yesterday, one of the hardest-hit areas. officials say more than 70 homes
12:47 pm
got destroyed and thousands of others lost power, and they're still having trouble. to the west of there, this is convent, louisiana, and a real mess. west of new orleans, south of baton rouge there. a sheriff says two people died, some 30 others hurt after a suspected tornado flattened a trailer park. i say "suspected" because the national weather service has to confirm it. hundreds of people live here. here's an aerial, incredible damage there. this next one is east of convent, louisiana. you see the man standing here and looking up into the night sky where his roof used to be. and a photo of a neighborhood, this particular one is in that same area, and lots of damage to homes there. over in pensacola, wow, it looks like a mess. >> reporter: you can see all of this debris piling up on either side of the street. today it cleared up. that's allowing folks like these men here to come out, inspect the damage, and clean up what
12:48 pm
they can and salvage what they can. but shep, i want to give you an indication of just how strong the winds were. look at this vehicle. you see this metal rod here? the winds sent it hurling through the exterior of this vehicle. fortunately no one was injured, shep. >> were they prepared, did they get early warning? >> reporter: they did. informant some residents say they were sitting at home watching the weather, watching the weather radar, as this very dangerous system was coming through here. but shep, as you know, along the gulf coast, very difficult if not impossible to build houses with basements. so you're not going to see a lot of underground shelters here. when the tornado came, we heard stories about people hunkering down in interior rooms, interior hallways. and although it was far from perfect shelter, i think that was a major factor in reducing
12:49 pm
the number of injuries that people suffered here. here in pensacola, half a dozen people were injured, most of them in this nearby apartment complex that was gutted in the tornado, some two dozen apartments destroyed. the fact that the injuries were so relatively low was probably because of the warning people got in advance of this very dangerous storm system, shep. >> reporter: did that metal into that vehicle get shot into the vehicle by the storm? were the winds that strong that it push the metal right into the car? >> reporter: yes, impaled right into the car. you can see the windows were shattered. we spoke with a young couple that were in this pickup truck here. they arrived right when the tornado was coming through. the window broke out. debris was blowing into the truck. fortunately both of them are just fine and are able to tell the story. but a very harrowing experience.
12:50 pm
>> i bet, johnathan, thanks. a news flash out of new york city, new yorkers, you no longer have the most billionaires. there's a new list out. we'll tell you what city now tops new york, that's next. [ fans cheering ]
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[ rock music throughout ] [ engine starting ]
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[ tire screech ] [ car engines roar ] [ pit crew audio ] when you're a fan it's never just one thing, it's everything. introducing nascar on xfinity x1, get live race stats right on your tv. change the way you experience nascar with xfinity x1. seven minutes to the top of the hour. at the top of the news, beijing is now the billionaire capital of the world. new york, you're out of the top spot. that's according to a research firm in china that publishes a magazine about the world's richest people. for some context here, it's kind of like what forbes does in the united states. take a look at our wall now. the chinese capital reportedly add eed 32 billionaires to its list just last year bringing that city's total to 100. that's the most billionaires anywhere on the planet, five more than new york city currently has. analysts say china continues to rake in lots of wealth despite
12:54 pm
its shaky stock market, a slowing economy to boot and a drag on world economies. the fox business network's joline ket is here. >> no longer the top spot. you see people getting richer off of real estate. that's one of the reasons why you see more billionaires coming to market if you will. it also manufacturers, 94 billionaires were made thanks to manufacturing. 117 in real estate. and in tech was a very fast growing industry last year 68 people were made billionaires in china in tech. all according to the kind of forbes list equivalent in china. but they take a stock of all of the stock prices as of january 15th to determine this. and we also saw that china has the most billionaires under 40. and they also have the most self-made women billionaires in the world, 93 out of 124 come from china. >> wow. >> if you look at the list it's really impressive. but forbes does its own
12:55 pm
billionaire count and a little different, the u.s. still has more billionaires. all this despite the market going down 43% since highs in june in shanghai. >> and five or six cities in the top ten of billionaires. some i've never even heard of. >> well, exactly. you'll hear them soon. >> i bet we will. jo, thank you. >> sure. in the future when robots rise up against us, some people will be wondering why is this happening. and when they ask why the robots are doing this, you should remind them about this video that lilian's about to show us. this is good. lilian has it over in vat 6. why and how are the robots rising up against us? i guess now we know. >> this is atlas, the latest robot from boston dynamics. he seems like a very friendly, good robot. but unfortunately he is the victim of a brand new kind of cyber bullying. you're about to watch. it's just sad. >> oh, i think he deserved it. >> well, obviously they're just trying to showcase how cool he is. he can see where this box is no
12:56 pm
matter where it moves. and he's determined to pick it up. but you can't help but feel bad for him, which is sort of weird because he's a robot and you know he can't feel frustrated. and you know he can't feel pain. but this is just -- this is just some sad robot life. >> when you can change it to fox sports and get me a beer, i'll like him. until then forget about it. thank you, lilian. we'll be back with a look at one of the most unusual nights in the history of los angeles, and it happened on this day in history.
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1942 los angeles went into panic over an attempted air invasion. hours later the army got reports the japanese planes were flying over l.a. military officials responded with antiaircraft fire. no wreckage ever turned up. some folks claimed objects were weather balloons or ufos leaving us with an unsolved mystery that began 74 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll
1:00 pm
break in because breaking news changes everything. look at this doesn't seem so impressive but look where it came from. the dow down more than a percent and now up 60. why you ask? because oil is up almost 4%. "your world with neil cavuta all the details. thank you, shepard. spread out all over this country getting ready for what will be the biggest cache of delegates we've had in the race thus far. and the last republican nominee mitt romney weighing in on the race and the issues he says are very important to him. mitt romney here and only here in just a second. in the meantime they're now calling it donald trump's nomination to lose. that might be a bit premature considering the fact we've barely had 5% of the delegates vote and awarded, but the trend is his friend and he's nabbed three out of the first four contests. normally on the republican side you do that you have got the


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