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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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meanwhile, join us on monday, ainsley earhardt will be joining us as the permanent co-host here on the "fox & friends" program. there's brian -- >> i don't know why i can't stop smiling. >> it will be a fun monday. bill: thank you, everybody. five remaining republican candidates hit the stage before super tuesday. marco rubio and ted cruz threw everything they had at donald trump. but will it stick? bill: i used to pick out the orange slices and the cherries out of fruit salad. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. enough with the fruit salad. there are a lot of arrows on that stage last night. cruz and rubio hoping to slow down the trump train on his
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hiring of illegal immigrants. >> you are the on person on the stage who has been fined for hiring illegal immigrant to w on your prongs. >> i'm the on person on the stage who has hired people. i have hired tens and thousands of people and you have hired no one. >> i got along with everybody. you got along with nobody. you don't have one republican senator -- you work with them every day of your life, though you ste skipped a lot of time -u don't have one republican senator backing you. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> when you stand up to washington and say enough with the corruption and cronyism, let's stand for the working men
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and women of this country, washington doesn't like you. if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good president. >> the insurance companies are making a fortune on every single thing they do. the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the states. >> i already mentioned that. the on thing is to get rid of the lines around the states? >> you will have different plans. you will have competition. you will have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> here's the guy who repeats himself. i watched him repeat himself five times four week ago.
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>> you repeated yourself five time five seconds ago. >> who are rubio, please ... >> we are going to get rid of the lines around the states. martha: john roberts live in houston. an interesting night out there. reporter: they are still wiping the blood off the floor and trying to find out who the screamer in the audience was. if marco rubio hopes to have any chance of lasting in this race past march 16, he needed to take it to donald trump last night. political survival proved to be a powerful motivator. rubio took it to trump harder than he had before. they talked about the lawsuit filed against trump university.
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>> here is a guy that buys a house for $179,000. he sells it to a lobbiest for $380,000 and legislation is passed. you tell me about this guy. >> this is the guy who inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, do you know where he would be. reporter: marco rubio probably helped himself last night but what he needs is for this to come down to a two-man race but there is no sign it will happen anytime soon. martha: the fur was flying. reporter: there are polls that show cruz and rubio neck and neck. >> when i was reading the fight
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against the gaining of eight amnesty bill, where was donald trump? he was firing dennis rodman on ""celebrity apprentice"." >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. and you are not beating hillary. >> if i can't beat her, you are really going to get killed. reporter: rubio is doubling down calling trump repeatedly a con artist. he responded by saying rubio is a choker and always will be. martha: john, thank you very much. reporter: chris stirewalt, fox news. how are you, sir? want to go to the east german judge for this.
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rubio 9, cruz 7, trump 6. it was a tough night for donald trump. the message this year for everybody is nothing matters, who cares, it doesn't matter what happens because trump just wins. maybe, but they never tried this before. the republican party has substantially let donald trump go unscathed. they followed each other. we saw something brand-new -- last night. bill: cnn reported cruz and rubio apparently were shaking hands during the commercial break. reporter: i heard about that one and i heard that somebody grabbed a picture of the two of
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them talking prior to the debate in a hallway. this town ain't big enough for the both of them and that's the truth. there can't be both a cruz and rubio who are substantially similar not just in their biographies, but also in their positions. there is probably not a 2% difference in their ideology. and the party can't have both of them if it means to stop donald trump. bill: we do a fox debate a week from yesterday in detroit. do you expect all five to still be in it? >> it doesn't matter whether ben carson comes or not. that was a saddening thing. he didn't seem to particularly want to be there, and you couldn't help but be there. he didn't seem to want to be there. the moderators didn't seem to
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want him there either. that was a tough, tough experience no doubt for him. john kasich who knows. but with cruz and rubio, on the 1st of march there is what could be a decisive contest. if they both advance out of march 1st and things stay just as they are, then there is a good chance donald trump is the republican nominee. >> it's all about delegates. even if cruz has a good day in texas, it may not be enough. he may need a blowout number in his own state. reporter: that's about cruz and rubio. it's shaping up. the eggo is almost toasted in the toaster. however, there is still time between cruz and rubio to make a decision about which of them is going to be in the game on the 5th of march. if both of them succeed, trump
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is the nominee. i'm hearing from elders of the party that the 1st of march could be an elimination. bill:ed the 1st of march is and. martha: kasich and carson were left out of the three-man fight. kasich tried to stick to policy and separate himself from his opponents. >> i think there is an answer here. you:complete the border. you let people know if you come in you are going to go back. but i favor a guest worker program. i think it's practical. i think of the illegals that are here, if they have not commit sad crime since they have been here, i would make them pay a fine, maybe some community
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service. i would give them a path to the nomination, but not a path to citizenship. martha: ben carson struggled to get a word in edgewise. >> there is nobody on this stage who has done more for israel than i have. you might say, you might talk. i have been watching it all my life. they are all talk and no action. this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. you have a combination of factors. he don't know how to tell the truth. other than that i rest my case. >> won at a time, gentlemen. governor kasich, you have the floor. i promised governor kasich he could responds. >> could somebody attack me,
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please. bill: that was a pretty good line. we have special coverage, super tuesday. march 1. bret, megyn, chris wallace, then just two days later we mentioned this ahead of the key primaries in michigan, florida, ohio. next thursday march 3 at 9:00 eastern time. martha: last night he was pressed on policy in a way he has not been before. we have a packed show coming up straight ahead. donald trump saying he's creating a new kinds of republican party. is that what's leading to his success.
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bill: jeb bush not on that stage, but his parents looming big in that debate hall. >> it was a time when things worked and a time when president reagan and george bush decided we needed to make the country work. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> one thing i'm going to do, i'll be bringing a lot of people
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in who are democrats and independents. you see that with the polls. look at tonight elections. every single election has been record-setting. new people are coming into the republican party. we are building a new republican party. a lot of people are coming in. bill: people say his message is one of division, not inclusion. maybe after the questions from telemundo, here is one. jonah, what about his larger point that he's attracting other people to vote for him? >> i think it's fair and true. he's bringing in a lot of turnout. while he's attracting proaf trump voters, he's also inspiring anti-trump voters. that said, what he's doing is
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completely overturning what the republican reset was supposed to be about after 2012 which was this idea it would be a consistently conservative but more inclusive and nicer tone party. instead it will and less conservative but meaner tone and less inclusive party when it comes to non-white voters. we'll see whether it works or not. bill are's making the case he won latinos in nevada. you believe this is a white populist movement. explain. >> it's a white working class populist movement that trump brought out and made the lead if you will in terms of what's guiding the republican party at the moment. there are other people folding in but i think it's trump's message. the government is not looking out for the interests of white working class americans at the
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moment. this is especially large on the immigration issue. if you think about free trade where trump is taking on the republican orthodoxy where he says we've have too. free trade. when you think of the stance he's taking with protecting medicare and social security. paul ryan made it clear he's trying to cut back on the social services and entitlements to reduce the federal debt. donald trump's message does not comport with the traditional republican platform. he's making his own party and the republican establishment is rushing to catch up. bill: i think what he said is the party is not working for you. he says it all in the same category and it leads to the same place. they are not doing the job on your behalf.
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you believe this is a return of nixonian politics. what does that mean? >> there is a myth richard nixon was this crazy right winger because the left hated him so much. but in reality nixon was the last liberal republican president. created the epa, wages and price controls. was for a single-pair healthcare system. he created a white middle class, lower middle class, blue collar workingman resentment. when you say trump says all these things about the iran deal and all these policy positions. that's right, but so are all the other republicans. where trump's unique appeal comes from is the sense of a lost america. the stance that we are not winning any more, there is merit
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to it. bill: trump went to massachusetts in the last month and a half. he held two enormous rallies in that state where no republican goes. >> those are working class blue collar towns that have seen better days and don't understand why there isn't some government hand coming in to help them and speak for their needs, not the immigrants, not the rising demographics in terms of diversity in the country, but speak for them and say we don't feel like we have had a good not this country anymore. bill: thank you very much. 20 minutes past the hour now, more to come on that. martha: on the big debate last night, we'll talk to the cruz and rubio campaigns. can they win in their home states? and can john kasich? plus, a gunman goes on a rampage
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in kansas. we are waiting for an update from police. details coming up after this. >> i won't be happy until i see him in person. i feel like i'm in a nightmare. >> within seconds after he differ pickup within five seconds. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> we have a great president here. george bush, he worked with ronald reagan to help solve this problem. a path to legal zaig. it was a type when things worked. it was a time when president
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reagan and george bush decided it was time to make the country work. former president george h.w. bush and the audience showing them a lot of love. a standing ovation. >> ladies and gentlemen, the 41st president of the youth, george herbert walker bush and former first lady barbara bush. martha: they got a wonderful reception. 91 and 92 i think they are. it was great to see them in their hometown so shortly after their son dropped out of the race. bill: we should all be so lucky. a fox news alert. we are getting an update from police on the deadly factory shooting that left four people
6:26 am
dead and 14 others hurt. the alleged gunman opening fire inside the factory where he worked before responding officers shot and killed him. survivors reuniting with their loved ones. one particularly emotional meet-up that was caught on camera. >> i never thought something like this would happen. >> how is your husband doing. you were able to talk to him. >> he said he's okay. he did say somebody next to him got shot. oh, my god, oh, my god! martha: so much relief. can you manage. what is the latest on this shooting. >> the horrific example. what happened last night?
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reporter: 15 people including the alleged gunman were shot and killed at the xl plant behind me. 15 people were sent to the hospital in the shootings. 14 are in critical condition. police say it was a complicated and scattered shooting. calls started coming in of people being randomly shot. it all ended up here at the plant in texas. listen to what one man who was here had to say. >> i was taking a break outside of my pickup. i seen a guy pull up and he stopped and yelled something. turned around and hopped out with an ak-47 and fired a few shots before he went in and ducked down and went into the
6:28 am
building. >> many are dead and injured. the small town rocked by the tragedy. a single police officer being called a hero went into the plant while the short was still active and that single responding officer was able to shoot and kill that gunman. martha: do we know what happened, what the motivation was in this case? reporter: that's a good question. the sheriff at harvey county said 90 minutes before this rampage began, the shooter was issued a protect order against someone he was in a relationship with. the sheriff says he thinks that might have triggered this rampage. the alleged shooter was a painter at this plant. he was a painter and he did have a criminal past, convicted of burglary and grand theft. the f.b.i. is assisting and we are monitoring a press conference happening right now
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with the sheriff's office. martha: matt, thank you very much. bill: the race for the nomination about to kick into a whole new gear. what does the math tell us this morning? martha: marco rubio winning praise for his performance last night. but is it enough to get him where he wants to be? the numbers in florida that might have the rubio campaign nervous. >> the problem with the executive order is it's unconstitutional. the president doesn't have the power to do that.
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>> they are going to do their jobs and we'll take care of ourselves later. >> i'm the ceo of excel. i have a statement i would like to read. excel family is deeply saddened by the horrific event that occurred yesterday. our hearts go out to our employees and their families who are enduring this tragedy. our first priority has been and will remain the safety and wellness of our employees. we are fully cooperating with the law enforcement agencies and the red cross. our internal teams are fully engaged in crisis management. we are thankful for all the support we are receiving during this difficult situation.
6:34 am
thank you for your concern. that's all i have at this time. martha: the poor man has lost three employees and 14 injured in a shocking incident that happened at the excel plant. bill: as we come to the close of february, march 15, 24 states hold their presidential nominating contest. on the map behind me you see every state in yellow. there will be competition. the biggest batch on tuesday by far is texas. 155 delegates at stake is not winner take all. there are a lot of rules within the state who determine who get the delegates and how many they get as well. two weeks after that you will move to another super tuesday
6:35 am
because on that date march 15, here is your big one. this is florida, 99 delegates. it's winner-take-all in florida. that same day in ohio, a similar scenario. it's winner-take-all and 66 delegates. that's when you start to hear the arguments you could know by mid-march or maybe not depending on what happens in the vote. donald trump clearly in the lead. you need 1,237 to get the nomination. trump has the lead at 82, cruz 17, and rubio 16, and kasich 6 and carson 4. you will see how an extended battle could be in the offing. but for now this is where we stand. we'll tell you again as we go on how each state --
6:36 am
martha: new polling showing senator marco rubio trailing donald trump in his home state of florida. but last night's debate may give him a boost. excuse me, swallowed the wrong way there. rubio explained he would repeal obama's executive order on immigration. trump jumps in. rubio takes him on. >> when the program expires, they cannot renew it and the program goats away. but i will cancel the executive order as soon as i go into the executive office. >> he lies 100 per. >> you lied about the polish workers. >> 38 years ago. >> i guess there is a statute of limitations on lies.
6:37 am
martha: we all saw what happened last night and what was attempted. do you have think it was successful by rubio and cruz in terms of taking it to donald trump in the middle? >> marco rubio had a tremendously successful debate -- both candidates, because they stopped attacking donald trump along ideological lines. i'm glad they realized attacking trump as a liberal doesn't work. they talked over him. they talked over the moderators and they showed they could be the bullies in the sandbox and they got to the cover his political identity suggesting he portrays himself as somebody who would stick up for the little guy. by raising questions about trump university and other things like the targeting of foreign workers. they started suggesting this guy
6:38 am
may not be who he suggests he is and he actually has inherited wealth and may be out to screw the little guy. and i think that raised important questions going forward. martha: you have make an interesting point. the strategy up until now has been he's not a real conservative and to try to pick apart some of his arguments. but he's also labeled everybody. he's given each of them a sticker. he said you are the choker and you are the liar. a theme began with marco rubio last night. using a new word basically, con artist. and he followed through with that on the "today show." >> this is unreal. this guy is as con artist. he's always making things up and nobody hold him accountable. and he's being sued for fraud for defrauding people. he had to pay a judgment for hiring workers illegally to
6:39 am
build trump towers. martha: nothing moves trump supporters. they love their guy and they are sticking with him. nothing that landed in these deef baits have made a difference. do you see any difference this time? >> i think trump has the hardest floor of anyone. there is a huge difference between the low 20s he got in iowa and the 46% he got in nevada which suggests there is soft support for donald trump that a marco rubio or ted cruz can peel away by suggesting this guy is a fraud. and the attacks they level on the other politicians, that they are not equipped to run the country can be very effective when leveled against him. martha: let's go to the florida poll. if you can't win your own home state and each one of these, ted cruz and john kasich will be put
6:40 am
in this position as well, do you think marco rubio can win in florida? >> we saw how much can happen in three minutes in american politics when marco rubio stumbled on that debate stage and tumbles from second place to fifth place. and 2 1/2 weeks is an eternity in this 2016 election. i think marco rubio can win in florida even though he's down in the polls. the real question is whether he can keep up these attacks on donald trump and how successful trump's pushback is on him. but anything can happen and rubio is absolutely capable of taking florida. martha: they are in the ring now. bill: great save for you. this stuff isn't traveling, is it?
6:41 am
i have been trying to stay in my corner. ted cruz went for it last night. can he close the gap with donald trump and can he win his home state of texas? i'll hear from the cruz camp and team rubio after this. >> who do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt will nominate principled constitutionalists to the court. i give you my word every justice i nominate will vigorously defend the bill of rights.
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martha: police identified the alleged factory short at cedric ford. investigators say he had been issues a restraining order for some kind of domestic abuse situation. then he appeared to be shooting people at random when he showed up at the factory. he killed two people before he was taken down as well. when it was all over.
6:45 am
three were dead and 14 wounded. he was killed by the responding officers. police say they will release the names of the victims later today. >> in the history of the republic there has never been anyone better than him standing for the principle that the constitution is not a living breathing document. >> , a leftist majority would undermine our religious liberty and right to life and fundamentally erase the second amendment right to keep and bear arms in the constitution. bill: did rubio do enough to boost his standing? arkansas governor asa hutchinson
6:46 am
is a rubio supporter. we'll do this one at a time. mr. neery i'll start with you. if you look at the rules, getting delegates is a challenge unless you tart winning, and winning big. where will ted cruz win? >> he will win the state of texas, his hope state here. we had a tremendous dough bait performance. home court advantage in can. 155 delegates going forward. it's the big prize on super tuesday. bill: if he get a one-point lead, you know what the delegates do. you mention he will win elsewhere. where? >> first, a win in can is not a wash. can is certainly proportional. but at the end of the day ted cruz is going to come out of the
6:47 am
state of can with the lion's share of delegates. this is a race for delegates in order to get the majority needed for the nomination. i'm not going to get into lifting the curtain in term of where we are going to do that. but nor cruz is competitive throughout the sec primary state. he's vigorous are youly campaigning and he will do so through tuesday. marco rubio is in big trouble in the state of florida. he's badly trailing donald trump in florida. it will be interesting to see how he addresses that. bill: what do you think last night did for ted cruz? >> i think ted cruz expressed solutions to the challenges the country is facing today and he did so with clarity. that's something that stand in tax contrast to donald trump who stumbled around, doesn't really
6:48 am
understand policy, isn't prepared for the position and doesn't have the temperament to be president. donald trump has command of the facts and solid principles and he demonstrated that. >> a lot of polls show hip in the lead in texas. governor hutchinson, i have not seen a single poll that shows marco rubio winning on super tuesday. >> arkansas will be the fir state that he wins. bill: do you see hip winning anywhere on tuesday, governor? >> i do. i think last night' debate showed he not on is a command on policy but he's also willing to go toe to toe with donald trump. people wanted to see leadership, strength, a future president. they you a that last night in marco rubio. what you see between now and next tuesday and beyond is that people are going to have some buyers remorse on donald trump.
6:49 am
they will take a second look at that and say can he perform all he's promised. he's a fighter for the middle class. you think they will look at last night's performance and say marco rubio is reaganesque in some ways, but he's also tough and resilient. when you look at states that need to win, absolutely he need to win. bill: there was a big meeting in manhattan wednesday night, a lot of big donors from jeb bush and they were asked to write. >> the check. that might be a difficult thing. if he goes o-11 tuesday, can he make the case to stay in his own home state where the polls show he's trailing donald trump in florida. >> it depend where you are. if you have the challenger and you win one or more state, you
6:50 am
make the case as a party and as a country, marco rubio is the conservative who can win in november. that's the test and he has proven that in his last performance in south carolina. you do well on super tuesday. he's the right alternative to donald trump, the conservative win in november. bill: eventually you have to start chalking up victories. martha: the solves of inspector general has the tables turned. the agency under fire for not properly investigating complaints about the va. h landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow
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martha: the inspector general's office is in the hot seat for dropping the ball on the investigation into the veterans administration. >> this is more bad and embarrassing news involving the veterans affairs. in two days its own inspector general was supposed to investigate allegations of waitlists. instead it ignores evidence and tried to discredit the whistle blowers. this comes in an 11-page report
6:55 am
from the special counsel on the botches investigation at two v.a. hospitals. one in baltimore and one in louisiana. they failed to offer any recommendations to fix the problems even their own report found. a letter from president obama repeats the focus and tone appear to be intended to discredit the whistle blowers, rather than reviewing the access to care for issues identified by the whistle blowers. martha: has the va responded to any of this yet? >> not yet. we made multiple requests for them to if comment on this report but we are hearing from the whistle blowers themselves. each of them are facing criminal investigations by the v.a.'s
6:56 am
i.g. after speaking out about the scheduling process that caused veterans to wait as much as a year. they are calling the report vindication. bill: the verbal bombs were dropping in boston. rubio and cruz were trying to drop trump * down a notch but trump was having none of it. >> we are going to make a great country again. we are going to win a lot. it will be a big, big difference.
6:57 am
. . . .
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6:59 am
martha: last night the fire was clearly aimed at donald trump on center square there in houston. he returned in kind. watch. >> we're going to make them pay for that wall. now the wall is 10 billion to $12 billion if i do it.
7:00 am
if these guys do it will end up costing $200 billion. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers. use illegal immigrant. ties you make and clothes are made in mexico and china. you will start a trade war against your own ties. >> he can release past year's tax returns. he can do it tomorrow. he doesn't want to do it, presumably there is something in there. if there is nothing release them tomorrow. they're already prepared. only reason you is not releasing them because he is afraid of -- >> i'm not afraid. this is robin hood. talks about corruption on his financial disclosure form. he didn't even put he borrowed money from citibank and goldman sachs, which is total violation. he didn't talk about the fact he pays almost no interest. just left it off. now he is protect the people from the big bad banks. politicians all talk, no action. watching it all my life. you are all talk and no action. what i see up here, first of all this guy is a choke artist and
7:01 am
this guy is a liar. >> in you say you don't want people to sky on the streets support special alizeed. >> they will not die on the streets. >> let me talk. >> explain your plan, please. >> this hired $200 million, if he hadn't inherited $200 million would be right now? selling watches -- >> can somebody attack me please? [cheers and applause] martha: those are a few of moments from last night. welcome as we start brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: good morning to martha. reading twitter feed, some people liked that, some people did not. 10-gallon elbows and in 10-gallon hats. marco rubio and ted cruz taking direct aim at the frontrunner to knock him off track before he can lock down path to the nomination. martha: that is come on fairy quickly. chris wallace, anchor of
7:02 am
fox news sunday. welcome to you. your thoughts on last night? >> your clips, as awful as they were made it seem more coherent it really was you left out the parts where the three center people, trump, rubio and cruz, just all were talking at the same time. sometimes 10 or 15 seconds. i got to say, i thought it was an embarassment to the republican party. if you could see anybody on that stage who was acting like a president you had better eyesight than i did. yes, they scored debating points with each other. there was no vision. nobody standing on the stage acting like he could lead the country. and i don't know, it was entertaining but entertaining in the sense demolition derby was entertaining. >> wow. last night they felt they had their work cut out for them. they were playing catch-up. had a lot of information in their files for a long time. but you know, the thinking is they thought donald trump was going to implode.
7:03 am
everybody thought he was candidate summer. it was summer fling and then a fall fling. nobody went at him. last night they decided that what they were going to do, you said they didn't come off looking presidential but they're in a bloody fight. >> they acted desperate because they are desperate. you raised right point, martha. why didn't this come out a couple months ago? marco rubio, i thought the stuff was pretty darn interesting, the fact i didn't know, that trump had this lawsuit because he had hired illegal immigrants back to build trump tower. or that there are, he hires foreign workers instead of u.s. workers at mar-a-lago, his country club, the club in palm beach. that is pretty good stuff. where was that in november, december and january? why are we waiting three days before super tuesday to bring that out? you know, the thing about also, with trump, if you attack him,
7:04 am
he will hit you back. i thought he hit rubio and cruz back pretty well. one of the lines of the night when he said the difference between us, i have actually hired some people. i hired tens of thousands of people. nobody else on this stage ever hired anybody. martha: very quick comeback for him. very effective. he landed it very well. >> yeah, they scored points on him, he scored points on them. i have absolutely no idea what the effect will be on super tuesday. trump had you rough debates before. he had one in south carolina where he got in ugly fight with jeb bush about george w. bush's responsibility for iraq and 9/11. i thought that was going to hurt him. he ended up winning south carolina easily by double digits. what impact this will have on voters across the 11 states on super tuesday, i don't have a clue. martha: i mean for a long time people said that trump's ceiling was 25%. now he is bumping up into the 40s in some of these states. so it is pretty tough to make the argument that he can't grow his following at this point.
7:05 am
you know, and there is discussion there is maybe a rubio-cruz deal in the works. what do you think about that? and do you think it would work? >> no, i don't think it would work because actually the best chance of either of them is to get the other one out of the race to take on trump by themselves. if there is a ceiling for trump, it keeps rising as you point out. it was 32% in south carolina. 35% in new hampshire. 46% in nevada. getting pretty close to majority there. and to the degree that you continue to have all four of those other people on the stage, it makes it harder for any one of them to take on trump by themselves. now, not to say, i think trump make this is point, i think he is exactly right. if somebody else drops out not like that he will not get some of that vote as well. he seemed to do better with jeb bush left how he did in nevada but he can't, if he faces four people he is going to go to the nomination.
7:06 am
and you know, look at ted cruz, who is desperate. he has the most riding on super tuesday because he is defending his home state of texas which is up on tuesday. if he doesn't win that, and he is going to be one of our guests "fox news sunday," you know, he can continue but i don't know he has much credibility. martha: one last question because ted cruz made interesting point. everybody is starting to think of donald trump as perhaps the person who will be the nominee. ted cruz how will you stand on stage with hillary clinton when she comes back at you, you gave to my campaign, came to my wedding, does that diminish credibility in general election, do you think? >> i don't think so particularly. what we've seen trump is not viewed like another politician. the fact is he changed dramatically in a lot of his positions over last 15 years. doesn't seem to have hurt him or cut at all. there is no question in my mind,
7:07 am
if trump ended up on the debate stage with hillary clinton there would be no question which side of the barricades he was on. martha: as he says, he hasn't even started when it comes to hillary could get really interesting as it already has. we'll see you this weekend on "fox news sunday." >> thank you. martha: as you just mentioned. senator ted cruz will be his guest. he will talk about the campaign. check local listings for the time and channel. bill: check it out. show us the transcripts, that is the message from the "new york times" to hillary clinton. "the times" running a blustering editorial saying voters have every right to know what she said in big speeches in the banks on wall street in return for six figure paychex. this is something bernie sanders has been pushing. the newspaper comparing clinton unfavorably to bernie sanders has not given a closed-door speech for money in apparently decades. we are in south carolina in columbia where they have the
7:08 am
primary this weekend tomorrow. mike, what are they saying about the speeches and the transcripts? reporter: hillary clinton says she will release her transcripts when everybody else does it including republican candidates. when zbigniew brzezinski said she could be transparent with voters, here is how clinton responded. >> i have been transparent. people can go back and look what i said and what i did when i was a senator. i'm the one who called out wall street and i went to wall street in '07. i said you guys are going to wreck the economy. i went after hedge fund loopholes. reporter: "new york times" editorial page, now msnbc saying she should do better this issue clearly is not going away, bill. bill: for bernie sanders what is he telling his supporters about the issue of big money speeches, mike? reporter: in chicago last night bernie sanders reiterated that he is not bought by wall street or other industries.
7:09 am
>> i do not receive many millions of dollars from wall street or the pharmaceutical industry or other powerful wealthy interests in this country. [cheers and applause] and i have not given speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to wall street. [cheers and applause] reporter: a crowd-pleaser with bernie sanders audience. tomorrow is the democratic primary here in south carolina with hillary clinton heavily favored. bill: thank you, mike emanuel live there in south carolina. tune in to america's election headquarters for live coverage on super tuesday. all result, analysis, reaction from candidates. we start 6:00 eastern time. two days after that, fox news televises next republican debate. that is in detroit. bret, chris, make begin
7:10 am
moderate. -- megyn moderate. tune in march 3, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. 3/16. martha: you doing anything next week? bill: i'm working. >> could be a really big week where we learn a lot in this race. we'll see. coming up fbi director james comey telling congress that the apple iphone question is the hardest he has seen in government. congressman peter king was at that hearing. he joins us coming up. bill: also mexico's former president using rather colorful language to talk about who is going to pay for that wall. donald trump lashing out saying he will get mexico to pay for it. >> i will, and the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me. [cheering] just got 10 feet taller. martha: trump also under fire for saying he would stay neutral on israeli-palestinian conflict. that may not exactly how he said it. we'll show you exactly what he
7:11 am
said. ted cruz did seize on what he saw as a moment. watch this. >> let me be clear, if i'm president, america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. bill: the u.s. stepping up its fight online against isis. the defense department unleashing a barrage of online attacks in effort to disrupt their online operations. to discourage them sending out
7:15 am
videos and other propaganda and using social media as a recruitment tool. martha: fbi director james comey says his agency's battle with apple is one of the most difficult he has seen in his work trying to protect the country. comey telling the house intelligence committee while encryption has benefits investigators need access to the information to keep other people safe. take it away and there are consequences. >> this is the hardest question i've seen in government and it's going to require negotiation and conversation. when i hear corporations saying we'll take to you a world where no one can look at your stuff, part of me thinks, that is great, i don't want anybody looking at my stuff. but i step back, law enforcement, which i'm part of really does save people's lives. martha: that's what they do. new york congressman peter king at hearing yesterday. he is also on the homeland security committee. he serves as chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. he has worked in these areas for a very long time. congressman king, welcome to
7:16 am
you. >> thank you, martha. martha: what was your takeaway from this thing yesterday? >> i basically support director comey. i agree this is a very, very sensitive issue, it's a vital issue but in direct comey's job to save lives and stop crimes. one of the reasons he is so anxious about this phone, so, concerned about it, is there could well be information in that phone that could prevent future attacks as to who those killers were in contact with. you know there are privacy issues but i think they're really minimal in this particular case. first of all the person who is holding the phone is dead. one who owned phone was city of san bernanadino. they have given the fbi permission to go in and so apple, what the fbi is asking apple to do basically just disable the auto erase sure function in there. they will give the phone to apple. then this can be done by remote pulsing, codes and this can
7:17 am
can't be reaply indicated, or seized by anyone else to use. for this one phone only. the fbi will get information from that. martha: here is what i don't get about this whole thing and maybe you can explain it to me. we have all levels of privacy. my home is private. my bags i carry to work is private. my phone is private. but if the fbi or police show up at my house, say i have a search warrant and you need to open your door, then i need to open my door. so why is your phone legally such a different thing than any other possession? >> i don't think it should be. i don't think legally it is really the issue as far as individual. fourth amendment protections us against unreasonable searches and seizures. if you have probable cause to get search warrant from a court that becomes reasonable and the phone should be made available. what apple is trying to say is, once they break encryption that could be hacked into by terrorists around the world or foreign countries. that can be used against all phones.
7:18 am
i think this is apple throwing up really a false enemy. yes, there are real concerns. we have to be on lookout for them but i find apple in case gone out of their way to be resistent, not working with fbi. director comey and his people have been trying to negotiate with apple for months on this. director comey has been talking to us about this issue over a year now. these technology companies are very resistant. one reason after snowden they want to sell the technology around the world as being hack-proof. total encryption. and again it appeals to the sense of privacy. boy, there is dark side to this world. if terrorists are able to communicate and plan and plot against us and we can't stop them because of these encryptions, very, very dangerous world. martha: let me ask you this. do you buy, you have touched on this already, i want to get one more go at this, do you buy the argument that if they, if they let them in to this phone, this san bernanadino phone, it will
7:19 am
create a software that will make us vulnerable in terms of national security? i'm not just talking about privacy, what is on your phone. if you have a diary and there is warrant for it, you have to turn over the diary, that is all there is to it but will it make less safe in terms of homeland security? >> i say absolutely not. everyone i've spoken to with direct conversations with director comey, this one phone can't be used on any other phone, for this phone only. even if hypothetically it could be, this is entirely within the possession of apple. until last year apple, until two years ago, apple had no encryption at all. i don't know of any cases where apple was hacked into and information was stolen. so no, this phony argument being put up by apple. martha: this software is relatively new, this operating system, we all download new operating system. this turns out to be very different in terms of encryption level it has. what will happen? this is federal court order says you have to help us do this,
7:20 am
this is warrant essentially. where does this go next? >> if the courts stand with the fbi, apple has to turn it over, otherwise they could be fined and go to jail. that is simple. process, my concern how long is this going to go? it goes to court and appeal it, goes to supreme court, information in that phone can save american lives. i'm just thinking if this is september 10th, 2001, we knew somewhere there would be attack on somebody's phone and had to go through three or four-month court procedure to find out and next day 3 or 4,000 people got killed because of that, that is real moral issue and terrible position for someone like apple to be in. martha: they have every legal reason to need that evidence. i find it very questionable, very interesting. thank you very much. peter king. >> martha, thank you. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. does the clinton team have more cause of concern? new batch much emails set for
7:21 am
release hours before voters go to the polls in south carolina. we'll tell you what is in them. martha: the great state of texas, what voters in the lone star state are saying what they will vote on, what matters to them. >> we're going to do well. we're going to get our share. i don't think anybody will win except probably donald trump. but at some point eric, it will go north. when it goes north, michigan, ohio, illinois, pennsylvania, watch out. keep your seatbelt on. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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7:24 am
♪. bill: in about seven hours now a new batch of hillary clinton's emails from her private server will be released. comes house before south carolina hold as primary. fox news now confirms u.s. spy agencies say some of clinton's emails match top secret
7:25 am
documents almost word for word. now what does that mean? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in washington, d.c. what are we learning there, catherine, what does it mean? reporter: good morning, bill. 22 top secret emails were withheld earlier this month because they were deemed too damaging to national security even with entire sections blacked out. reuters was first to report that fox's independently confirmed new details about these documents and the degree to which highly classified information was lifted from the top secret computer systems. the u.s. spice agencies told congress some of the top secret emails constrain takenned wording that matched or closely tracked sections of some u.s. government most highly classified u.s. documents. they did not find top secrete documents in the clinton emails. most like likely scenario and photographs were taken from the computer screens and
7:26 am
manufacturing was copied into the unclassified clinton email system. based on court orderlier this week, clinton's closest aides, chief of staff, huma abedin, who you see there there will be deps part of freedom information act lawsuit. how this sensitive information jumped air gap between the classified system and clinton's personal email server will be explored. >> this discovery will cut through the smoke and mirrors we've been getting from mrs. clinton and state department. people will have to go on the record under ate the ways they haven't had before. reporter: final email release is end of this month or days from that. fox understands that it is more likely than not more emails withheld from pull public release because their contents are too highly classified and no redactions would make them safe for others to read, bill. bill: who knew about clinton's personal account and when? how early, catherine? reporter: right, look, the state department senior official. the undersecretary for management who is also in charge
7:27 am
of administration and records has told congress owe knew about the account from the very beginning in 2009 but he says it wasn't clear to him that clinton was using it exclusively for government business. which on its face seems disingenuous because the same official routinely sent emails to the account. and on the hill yesterday secretary kerry was pressed on why when he was senator he was emailing clinton on her personal account from his personal account? >> is it true that you were aware that she had a personal email and that she used it regularly? >> i have no knowledge of what kind of email she had. i was given an email address and i sent it to her. >> did you look at email address? i mean was it a dot-gov, would you have noticed it wasn't a dot-gov. >> i didn't think about it in that respect. i didn't know she had account or what the department gave her. reporter: look every government
7:28 am
account ends with dot governor, not and in any respect this matters because the content of that email from senator kerry to clinton was deemed to contain classified information. so the use of this account was really one of the worst-kept secrets at senior levels of the administration, bill. bill: very interesting. catherine herridge thank you, in washington. martha: the gait state of texas has a whopping 155 delegates and ted cruz says they have his name on them. but do they? bill: donald trump trading fire over immigration and not just on stage last night. the former president of mexico getting rather blunt on trump's plan to build a wall. >> mexico will pay for it because they are not doing us any favors. they could stop all of this illegal trade if they wanted to immediately. mexico will pay for the wall. it is a small portion of the kind of money that we lose and the deficits that we have with mexico. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
7:29 am
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martha: republican candidates in houston. what were they talking about, what was on people's mind there in texas? reporter: martha, everything from national security to the economy. there are a couple larger issues that really hit close to home from many tex sans. you -- texans. you heard it discussed at great length, that is immigration. behind california, texas has largest illegal immigrant population in the country. we talked to people who fully support donald trump's deporttation roundup, if you will. others say we need more comprehensive immigration reform instead. now energy another hot topic here. industry has taken a beating with those plummeting oil prices. somewhat less regulation to try to bring oil and gas jobs back. of the others talk about the
7:33 am
creating an additional tax on a barrel of oil, when prices are this low. then, there is topic of women's rights. >> for me it is primarily social issues. paid equality for women is big one, since i'm woman working in the corporate world. reporter: education and health care two other big-ticket items for voters in texas, martha. martha: we continue to pour over the polls. to see if there are good ones accurate for what we're seeing on tuesday. how are they looking for senator cruz right now? reporter: as you know there is a lot out there. depends which ones you look at. latest one out of monmouth university, shows texas senator cruz with a 15-point lead over donald trump in texas with senator marco rubio not far behind for third. however two polls out there that show cruz and trump in virtual tie. you heard trump at the debate saying they were tied. those are polls he would be referred to. analysts say however just
7:34 am
because cruz is well-known here doesn't necessarily mean he has got this one locked up. >> ted cruz does have a home field advantage, he is junior senator from texas. people describe him frequently as most popular republican politician in texas. he is acquired taste. people love him or they worry deeply about him. reporter: now on the democratic side of things all of the polls seem to show former secretary of state hillary clinton with double-digit leads over her competitor senator bernie sanders. it will be interesting day in texas, super tuesday, martha. martha: to be sure. casey, thank you. bill: so immigration seemed to dominate last night. julie roginsky democratic strategist. mercedes schlapp, media spokesman former president george w. bush. what's up, ladies. this is how it kicked off yesterday. former president of mexico saying this to jorge ramos. >> i'm not going to pay for that
7:35 am
[bleep] wall. he should pay for it. he has got the money, that was in the afternoon. trump was asked about it last night and said this. >> the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me. it got 10 feet taller. i saw him make at that, i saw him make the statement. [cheers and applause] i saw him use the word he used. i can only tell you if i used even half of that word, it would have been national scandal. this guy used a filthy, disgusting word on television and he should be ashamed of himself and should apologize, okay? bill: fox was talking again to fox business earlier today. we'll get to that in a moment. mercedes, where are you on this back and forth, wall going to happen or not? >> well i think donald trump should send vicente fox a thank you note for his outrageous comment using the foul language because what it does, donald
7:36 am
trump's answer was very strong. we're going to build a wall that is 10 feet higher. and what this does, it really incites, it really again puts enthusiasm with his supporters who for, from a lot of these voters believe immigration is key issue. i remember working at the white house with president george w. bush and vincente fox, they were dos amigos. all of sudden fox turned against the united states in a lot of ways opposing 9/11, opposing iraq war, making controversial comments. this backfires and helps trump. bill: the initial comment said no, he will pay for it, julie. he didn't say it is not going to happen. just thought that is interesting. talked to maria bartiromo earlier today. what is your view on this? >> i think mercedes is right, he should send him a thank you note, rather than talking how exactly he would get mexico to pay for the wall, short of starting trade war which wouldn't be effective he didn't have to answer that.
7:37 am
all he did was focus on foul language and make himself a victim. there is no way he will get mexico to pay for the wall. he knows that all rational people know that selling his supporters a bill of goods. nevertheless he keeps saying it. mercedes says they keep buying it. net win for him. bill: he told bartiromo last hour, that trump should learn mexico buys from united states, half billion dollars of trade. that is what he should consider. building a wall is stupid, among many things, goes against your own interest. trump tweeted this, former mexico president vicente fox used f-word. he should apologized. kind of what he said last night. mercedes, do you believe what julie is saying there, trump is selling people a bill of goods here? >> well i think for donald trump he, he is making this case about illegal immigration with the sense that building this wall is about securing the border. this is something that when
7:38 am
we're dealing with mexico and vicente fox, for instance, vicente fox decided was not going to even establish a mexico border patrol to even help the united states in stopping illegal immigration in this country. what donald trump is saying i'm out for the u.s. interests, for the national interests. this is not about mexico's interests. i think that message, it's a very simplistic message, it resonates. it's working. he is now breaking into the 40%, many of these states. something that political pundits never imagined. bill: you're arguing something else though. whether it happens or not you're saying it's working for him. it is effective? >> absolutely it is working for him. it is effective in his core group of supporters. i say once a trump supporter, always a trump supporter. this is issue something not dealt with properly within the united states. president obama with his executive overreach, with the fact we have not been able to control illegal immigration in our country, it has been a big benefit for donald trump and his
7:39 am
campaign. bill: on that point, julie, give you the last comment here, what trump would say, republicans and democrats are both guilty here. democrats want easy votes and republicans want cheap labor. this has been going on for a long time. >> look at what trump accomplished. trump accomplished talking about everything but what he is saying that he will force mexico to build this wall. question put to him by marco rubio, by me, many others should be put to him, how will will he get mexico to do that. will he do that starting a trade war? he never conceded how he will do that. never talked about immigration policy or a need for the wall. that is not what vicente fox was saying. vern incident day fox was saying how will you get mexico to pay for the wall? i'm not paying for it. bill: that is one of many, many things ven sent day fox was saying. >> that's right. bill: thank you, julie, thank you, mercedes. we'll see the next page of this chapter. martha: interesting, the
7:40 am
assumption in vicente fox's original response that had that word in it assume the wall will be built. taking donald trump at his word for it. we're not going to pay for it. he has the money. he should pay for it which i thought was kind of funny in a way. bill: i don't know if fing ever made a debut in national campaign. martha: what i swearing in leaders in country's. that it is okay. george herbert walker bush, sitting there, would he ever do that in an interview? there is no way. it is becoming more and more commonplace. so. martha: i'm not in favor of it. that's right. another good point. so the issue of israel also came up last night and caused fireworks. donald trump would say it would be the most complex negotiation he ever been part of. he wants to try it. he wants to take it on. rubio seized on that. here's what happened. >> palestinians are not real estate deal, donald. >> a deal is a deal.
7:41 am
i learned a long time. >> you're dealing with terrorists. have you ever negotiated with terrorists?
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
martha: republican candidates last night waging a fierce exchange about israel in the debate. donald trump said that he would back israel but that he also believed in talking to their neighbors as he put it. here's some of that. >> probably the toughest negotiation anywhere in the world of any kind, okay? but it doesn't help if i start saying i am very pro-israel, very pro, more than anybody on
7:45 am
this stage but it doesn't do any good to start demeaning the neighbors because i would love to do something with regard to negotiating peace, finally, for israel and for their neighbors. >> this is another area on which donald agrees with hillary clinton and on which i disagree with them both strongly. both donald and hillary clinton want to be neutral, to use donald's word between israel and palestinians. let me be clear, if i'm president, america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. >> next president of the united states needs to be someone like my who will stand firmly on the side of israel. i'm not going to sit here and say, i'm not either side. i will be on a side. i have will being on israel's side every single day because they are the only pro-american free enterprise democracy in the middle east. >> i'm a negotiator. i've done very well over the years through negotiation. it is very important that we do that. in all fairness, marco is not a negotiator. i watched him melt down and i'll tell you it was one of the
7:46 am
saddest things i have ever seen. he is not going down -- >> he thinks palestinian is real estate deal. >> these may be tougher than chris christie, okay? no, no. a deal is a deal. let me tell you, i've learned a long time ago. >> you're dealing with terrorists. are have you every negotiated with terrorists? >> you're not a negotiator. you're not a negotiator. [cheers and applause] martha: kt mcfarland, national security analyst and former deputy secretary of defense in the reagan administration. kt, have at it. what did you make of all that? >> what a snake pit. i fault moderator. i fault cnn they didn't care what candidates were going to say, they want ad fight. they threw out "gotcha" questions. they got a fight. it doesn't solve anything. be everybody looks bad in that situation. there is no difference between these three candidates. they're all pro-israel. they all believe in guarantying right of israel to survive and thrive in the heart of the middle east. slight difference throwing out
7:47 am
would you negotiate? trump said i would negotiate. i believe in israel. i support israel. other two said no wouldn't negotiate. the other guys would not abide by them. i'm quoting israeli prime minister, even said he would negotiate. he is no dove, he is no shrinking violet. one of the most hawkish leaders israel has had in generation. even he has said, yeah, i would negotiate but i want to do it from strength. martha: yeah. when you think about where we are right now in our relationship with israel, and how tattered that situation has become between the united states and israel. if a republican is elected, in this election. you know, perhaps marco rubio and ted cruz are saying we have to make very clear first where we stand. before we start talking about negotiations, we need to make it clear not only to israel and entire world. a lot of people wonder where we stand now in the middle east. >> that is really excellent point, because the united states, particularly under
7:48 am
president obama, secretary kerry, secretary clinton, we never had relation this is poor with israel. i go back to the nixon administration when we first started negotiating arab-israeli peace agreements. reagan administration where we stood by israel. there is real question. president obama switched sides in the middle east. we're not longer on the side of israel. we're no longer on side of sunni allies. he switched over to the side of iran. iran supports palestinian activist groups. iranians support terrorism in the region. whoever is the next president needs to right up front, say, israel got your back. israel never asked us for anything more than the equipment and ability to defend themselves. it is important for the next president to say it. and then you get to whatever negotiations you may or may not have. martha: what did you think about foreign policy discussion, or in some cases lack there of last night? >> i watched the way you and
7:49 am
bill hemmer have done negotiations and i mean debates and you moderated debates. you always managed to go after the substance? what is your position? how does your position disagree? how do you disagree with president obama, what we saw, it was a food fight, just a boys on fifth grade, fighting each other egged on by the moderator. i don't think it did anyone a service. if you really want to see, we've seen a lot of these candidates and we've seen good debates and seen very poor debates, for the most part they're poor debates because moderators are doing something other than trying to get information from the american people. they're trying to score points, get eyeballs and create controversy. martha: i don't know that we heard the question that i remember mitt romney answering, we talked about it so much since, who presents the greatest threat to the united states right now. i felt like there wasn't a lot of opportunity for them to really spell out what, what the united states role is in the world right now, and how they see it, which would have been interesting?
7:50 am
>> it would have been fascinating because we've seen president obama who said we will lead from behind. we know that there are crises in the middle east. isis, rise of iran. russia, resurgent russia, china trying to take part of the, pipsqueak north korea with nuclear weapons and refugee crisis in europe, all potentially biggest crisis nights faces. i would like to hear the candidates on those topics. how they see america's role in the world. maybe not the role of george bush and interventionism, but it is not obama's role either. where are they? that is not one question we ever heard that night or most of the debates. martha: often, carson was asked about kim jong-un, wait a minute, i didn't get to answer a question on this, this, this, and circled around to use opportunity to that that. sometimes they do what they can in the opportunity. thanks, kt. bill: jenna lee. happy friday.
7:51 am
>> happy friday. a lot of fireworks as you talked about. ted cruz and marco rubio tag-teaming donald trump. we're seeing it play out on social media over the last hours. the question is it too little too late? we have in depth analysis at the top of the hour we'll see you then.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
bill: big problem off the coast of california. unusually warm water from el nino. but with that more whales and that comes with a lot of problems. how big is the increase with el nino, adam? adam housley increase 400% what they have seen in fast. fishermen, go out on boats from marine i can't delray or across southern california, never seen anything like it. blue whales, humpback, 50 yards offshore.
7:55 am
150 feet, just past the surf break in a lot of cases. when you watch, talk to beachgoers say same thing. usually don't see whales this close to shore in california. we have have video in fact from a couple days ago, a whale off dana point was entertaining gelled. we've seen some off dana point but santa barbara as whales come closer to shore. they get caught up with fishermen and fishing nets and crab nets. when you talk to naturalists and those who have seen this, they say obviously a very disturbing trend, bill. >> it is heart-breaking really, to see a whale that is dragging a ones of feet of line and, sometimes, even the flippers get restricted to the side of the body where they're not able to use them. it is all the whale can do to come to the surface to breathe, never mind continuous normal feeding behavior patterns. reporter: bill, we're folk out in a boat in about an hour or so, literal little we'll be 150 yards off the beach and see
7:56 am
humpbacks and blue whales that close to shore. bill: amazing stuff. what is being done to help the whales, adam? reporter: you're seeing real interesting partnership between environmentalists and fishermen. oftentimes they're at odds. they're watching for each other. whale watching excuser insurance, environmentalists have been critical of them. you will see whales and they will call in when there is a problem. they're trying to work together bill to alleviate this issue as el known yo waters are so -- el nino waters so close to shore. bill: adam housley from southern california. thanks for your story, adam. martha: did it change anything into super tuesday, really? that is coming up.
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tonight on the files so tune in. you never know what's going to happen pick up . jon: have a great weekend everybody. see you tonight. >> . jenna: police are going to find the gunmen who opened fire in a kansas factory as 38-year-old secular forest, they say the plant worker with a criminal record killed three people and wounded 14 others before he was shot dead by a hero, that's one of our top stories, i'm jenna lee. jon: officer say the rampage began on the streets, ford wounding three people as he drove to xl industries in heston. the carnage went on there until a brave police officer stepped in and took him out. >> is a horrible situation my friends. just terrible, terrible. however, there was a particular law enforcement officer that


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