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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 1, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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your screen right now senator rubio going on the attack against donald trump going to help or hurt his campaign. 69 say -- hurt. 69% say welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show marco rubio makes fun of donald trump for having freakish fingers and baby hands. and who were the big winners at last night's oscars? tom shillue and his fellow white people. and energy drinks lead to high risk sexual behavior and they are looking into banning college in general. back to you sewer of [inaudible]. >> thank you, andy. >> you're welcome. >> let's welcome our guests.
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when she is on we roll out the red carpet. jill dobson. i have never seen someone get so enraged on tweets since i played rockin robin on repeat, tim dillon. and it is affirmative. we have an action-packed show. sitting next to me, free thring thring -- think media producer jill foster. >> super tuesday is super here. everything is super. donald trump is rolling and the gop is on board. okay, there is some ambivalence. the "washington post" reported this weekend many party leaders vowed never to back the billionaire and openly question whether the gop can come together this election year. one concern during an interview on sunday trump vowed to disavow david duke
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even though he has disavowed him of the trump blamed a bad earpiece, but it didn't satisfy party elders like mitt romney who tweeted, a disqualifying and disgusting response by donald trump to the kkk. his repugnant bigotry is not in the character of america. so establishment republicans are taking time and warming up to trump. he calls their opposition a total violation of the rnc pledge each candidate signed vowing to support the party's eventual nominee. >> i am representing a lot of anger out there. we are not angry people, but we are angry at how this country is being run and we are angry at how the republican party is being run. >> the "new york times" says it is a mission to stop trump. is it a mission not possible? >> i don't know. i am out of my depth at this
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point. what i can talk about is what would happen if one of the characters is elected. will donald trump getmination? i don't know. seems likely, but i won't say anything about it. >> we are getting there. tim, what is it? they have to make a choice. it seems like they will go down fighting. won't that weaken who ever the nominee is? they have to accept this is it. this is like you marry somebody and it will be what it will be. supporting donald trump is like all of the police brutality cases in the beginning seem reasonable. oh a guy charged the cop. the cop feared -- and then the case comes out expru like -- out and the case is like why did the cop shoot a toddler? oh the toddler was dangerous. this is the thing. in the beginning i thought trump had great points. the donor class is too powerful. in order to defend trump it has to be like, well klan's done some good stuff, and
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that's a little too far. the klan has done a lot of stuff we don't know about. to still be on board is amazing. >> this trump thing, you saw the interview. he was asked a few questions and he said -- he basic looy said i don't -- he basically said i don't know anything about this guy. in addition he said i reputiate. he was sick of saying reputiate. this is one of the places where i will say fine, whatever. the typical standard game is here is what is racist. this racist is standing next to you. he doesn't want to play. i get that. there are so many things to dislike about donald trump and pretending he is a racist is not the thing i really, really want to talk about. >> do you want to go to matt on that? is he a racist? >> hasn't he said a lot of things against a lot of people of a lot of races? i am not saying he is on board
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with the kkk, but if i were of mexican dissent i would feel he was racist toward me or if i was muslim he would feel racist toward me. >> they are afraid that he is going to take the gop brand down. but when you go to war with trump and it is the establishment, his candidacy is anti-establishment so it is feeding into the trump phenomenon, is it not? >> it is breaking down the whole system. the republicans have to decide should we go with our system, or do we have to reinvent the system on the fly? that's uncomfortable for the party, but if they are not in favor of donald trump they have to figure out something. >> they might have to do something. meanwhile, the campaign has turned into a roast. razzing is up 74% from the last election according to a poll i just made up. trump and rubio, the two front runners and honorary friars are engaged in a wharf one
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liners -- a war of one-liners. >> he is always calling me little marco. he is taller than me. he is 6-2 which is why i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5-2. have you seen his hands? you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> he was sweat expig never had seen anything like it. i thought he had just got out of a swimming pool with a suit on. >> he can't sweat because his pores are clogged with the spray tan he uses. >> it is rubio! >> he is not going to make america great. he is going to make america orange. >> oh no he didn't. who better to discuss the art of the dish than jesse joyce. jesse? >> what's up tom? kiss my ass. that's a great way to start, right? >> jesse, look. first of all this is unlike rubio. he is coming out of the gate
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and trying his hand at trump's brand of insults. how would you grade rubio as an insult comedian? >> like farber. like far better. he is a moderately articulate person. if you look he is delivering the jokes kind of decently. trump is just being a playground bully. he is doing the [bleep] voice. he is not doing anything. rubio's jokes while they are easy were at least jokes. he has to go a little soft because he is a politician. i don't know if you know, but it is not you can't trust guys with small hands. they have tiny [bleep]. that's the joke. >> what? >> they also say that same thing about guys who put their names on their own buildings and guys who continue to buy wives from a soviet catalog.
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>> wait a minute. what did you think? >> that's a clear ipped cater that you have -- indicator that you have a tony [bleep]. >> what did you think of trump's joke? that's a well constructed choke. >> in what way? because rubio's clumsy? i didn't literally understand the joke. do you have that clip? >> let's play that clip. >> the world has become a dangerous place. there is a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons and some say someone trying to get
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uh hold of nuclear weapons in america. >> he fumbled a little bit, didn't he? >> he is bad at it, but he is better at being bad at it than trump. i would be willing to work with rubio. it is close, but he is not there. if you are going to say -- if you are going to compare trump to kim jong-un, his mom is an immigrant and he got his money from his dad and the people who come out and cheer for him can't read. do you see what i'm saying? >> maybe you can help him out. he is new to the comedy game. >> i he is doing an okay job. >> do we have the clip of trump getting interrupted at his protest? >> that's amazing. >> they are going to say mr. president. are you from mexico?
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are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punch line! >> i understand. that gets you upset when you are heckled in the set up of the punch line that gets you angry, doesn't it? >> you know what is in the middle of the punch line? the punch line. he ram bells on pour two more sentences because he has no idea how jokes work. that guy has the comedic timing of whooping cough. he is the worse. and i have to say that i think if you look at -- i am gonna start over. in a bit of comedic timing i am not allowed to stumble. >> you are allowed to
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stumble. >> the first half is called -- that's called the trump curse. what you do is you ask are you a mexican into a mirror? >> that was worth waiting for. let's go to the panel and we'll discuss these. i know you usually don't like to talk about politics, but politics is entertainment. >> the put downs are about spray tans and there is a whole series of marco rubio uses too much make up and i feel personally offended as a voter and a fan of both make up and spray tans. come on, people. don't go there. of all of the places. >> people at this network depend on spray tan and trowels, right? >> is that true?
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i wouldn't know anything about that. certainly you are not talking about me. >> i think this is -- jesse thinks rubio is a better comedian. trump, it seems natural. >> marco rubio looks uncomfortable. he doesn't look comfortable in his own skin. it makes me look to the days when they are referring to each other as womanly. that's what you want. that's lyrical. >> people don't understand that's john adams. they say he was half man and half woman. >> unbelieve believe a. unbelievable. now it is time for -- sunday night was of course oscar night.
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here is a quick recap for those of you like me who were soak -- soaking in the tub watching "downton abbey." "spotlight" won best picture. leo dicaprio won best actor and gave a speech on climate change and then flew off in his private jet. "mad max" won six awards and nobody cares about. chris rock made several statements to diversity. >> i am here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. things will be a little different at the oscars the in memorium is black people shot by cops on the way to the should have vees. it is like we like you you rhonda, but you are not a kappa. >> i was entertained.
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what did you think. >> i like chris rock and they made good points about race, but people should be judged on the content of their character. they made good points. i didn't like chris rock selling the girl scout cookies. i was jealous because my parents sold the girl scout cookies for me. i had it do it myself. >> i wasn't a fan of the girl whose parents took the cookies to the office. imagine being the girl competing against the little rock. >> camille, what do you think? i think rock did a great job. it is not the greatest audience to perform for. >> you get an invitation to rihanna's panties and that is something you don't turn away. not me. i am married. i don't think there is an issue despite goofy oscar
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crazyism. when i talk about facts the oscar so white thing somebody called uncle tom -- am i allowed to say that? >> other things were said on the show. >> 18 odd percent of the people nominated in the best actor category have been black. there were years where there were two black guys in the category. blacks are not 40% of the population. the notion that there is something systematically wrong , and will smith has been nominated twice. that's more than most people in hollywood. for him to sit it out because he didn't get nominated for a stupid accent and a film about concussion cussing? >> i think it united america. >> it certainly did. >> maybe will and jada should
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open a production company and give roles to -- >> they have one. >> i mean another one. >> let's hear more from chris rock. >> everything is not 6ism and everything is not racism. they ask the men more because the men are all wearing the same outfit. every guy is wearing the exact same thing. if george clooney showed up with a lime green tux on and a swan camming out his ass somebody would go what you wearing, george? >> tim, what did you think of that? they say they only ask women what they are wearing on the red carpet. >> it is a brilliant joke. people are angry about that and angry he did a joke about child labor and the iphone. people were angry about that. there is nothing now people won't get angry about. i think it was a brilliant monologue and it was hilarious. i think it is weird -- i mean people seem to get mad at that and i don't know why they were
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mad at the child labor joke. he is not endorsing child hey bore. he is saying -- child labor. he is saying there is child labor and people get angry. >> the first part of the joke was the asian kids were doing the accounting. >> which is impressive. i like child labor so i am a weird dash dosh know what i mean? i think it is weird when we support children. we don't support children when they happen to be soldiers or when they happen to work in factories. >> but if they work on a film set then it is wonderful. oh we love you. >> you know what i mean? i think we should support kids at work. i think it was a great joke and i don't know why people are angry. >> coming up, why is everybody picking on stacy dash? don't worry, stacy. tom shillue is here to defend you.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm robert gray. in just a few hours from now voters in 11 states will be going to the polls to settle a fierce political battle. it is known as super tuesday. it is the single del -- delegate grab. a solid win could mean an insur mountable -- insur mountable count. fox news will provide full coverage of all of the races beginning at 6:00 tonight. a big legal win for apple. they ruled the justice department can thought force the company to provide the fbi with access to locked iphone data. it comes in a brooklyn drug case. there was a court order that showed they help hack into an
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iphone. >> scientists may have the first evidence that zika can cause temporary paralysis. that's their finding in a recent study among pi shents who develop -- patients who develop the rare condition during an outbreak in tahiti. the fast-spreading mosquito-borne virus has also been linked to birth defects. a 14-year-old boy in ohio is facing two counts of attempted murder after shooting a pair of fellow students at his high school. none of the injuries are life-threatening. the young suspect was nabbed a short time later with the help of a police dog. and it was bound to happen sooner or later. google reports one of its self-driving cars got into a fender bender with a bus in mountain view, california. no one was hurt. the computerized lexus was only going two miles an hour and google is updating the software to avoid another crash. i'm robert gray, back to "red
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eye." >> it is high honor to introduce the new director of our minority out reach program. please welcome ms. stacy dash. >> you -- i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month! thank you. >> thank you. >> wow, that was awkward. it was also the best joke of the night. the joke was on them. people in hollywood have been upset with stacy dash since she called black history month, quote, ridiculous. i don't want a black history month. black history is american history. oh wait. that was morgan freeman. she said there shouldn't be a black history month. we are all-americans, period. hmm, similar. so what is it about stacy dash
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that bothers them so much? after her appearance last night twitter lit up with condescending tweets from demi demi -- demi lava toe. and that is the last time stacy dash will be at the oscars. why is she such an outcast? does she ask us to liberate ourselves from this tribal thinking and make sure once and forever that the color of the skin becomes as irrelevant as length of our hair? oh wait. that wasn't her. he got applause. but that's the kind of thing stacy dash is getting attacked for saying. she wants us to liberate ourselves and be open to the diversity of ideas. what is the key difference? one comes from a conservative and one from a liberal. one is shun for their opinion and the other is applauded. that's tribal thinking.
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who is the clueless one, hollywood? jill, why are they so unself-aware in hollywood? couldn't they see that? couldn't they see my monologue coming? >> i have a couple things. first of all i read and i cannot believe this and need to do more fact checking, but she is 50. everybody is angry that she found the fountain of youth and everyone else in hollywood who is trying to stay young forever have not yet found it. >> she looks fantastic. >> and i don't think anyone got the joke. the people in the audience, i don't think they know the quotes she made in the past. >> that was a big deal. it made the rounds in the news and there were a lot of articles written about her. camille, what do you think? >> i don't think they knew either. for people who pay attention to the news that's something they hear. they don't need to watch anything else to learn about
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these matters. they aren't aware of what stacy dash was doing these days. they are probably thinking, why is she here? on the black history month, i largely agree with stacy. she wrote something afterward and described black history month as black people have done so many great things that it is hard to put it in a month. >> but wait. why contain it to a month also was said to morgan free -- freeman. >> that's the wrong way to approach the issue. tribalist thinking is silly and trying to make individual accomplishments, the accomplishments of the tribe is what is inherent. it is a flawed way of looking at people. edison did not invent the light bulb. >> did you see the best director speech? he said he doesn't want race to be considered by people
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anymore. that's the kind of thing that people like stacy are always saying. >> here is the problem. it is who is delivering the message. morgan freeman, a great actor. with stacy dash who did one film in 1995. you can't compare -- >> she did more than one film. she had other great films. >> what is the other real big film? >> it doesn't matter. they are not critiquing her acting. >> it is the actors and the actresses. she seems to be thrust into the consciousness because of the controversy more than the body of work. maybe that's why she is more pallettable when morgan free man . >> you can get mooy on -- get me on twitter. >> i think it is the tribal thinking and they don't like her. if anyone they like says
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something they agree with it and it is not about content. it is about tribalism. everyone's favorite andy levy insurance jo us for half time. go to tom for tickets.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed at the "red eye" news
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deck. >> i am going right along. tom you said of trump trying to disavow david duke, quote, trump later blamed a bad earpiece, but it didn't satisfy the party elders like mitt romney. >> yes. >> yes, because it clearly wasn't true. >> he actually used the word disavow like 15 times previous to this. >> i agree which makes it weirder he would do it. but it clearly was not a bad earpiece. he repeated taper's question back to him. >> what did you say, andy? >> exactly. you said in the beginning you thought trump made good points, but now if you defend -- support trump you have to defend the kkk. not if you think the kkk was that bad and a lot of his supporters have that mind-set. >> they have actually invited black people and gay people
12:33 am
into their organization which is a step in the right direction. >> that reminds me, guys, can we play tonight's out of context moment. >> you know the klan has done some good stuff. [laughing]. >> congratulations, tim. >> that's amazing. >> please put that somewhere. >> camille, you said there are so many things to argue about trump that you don't have to call him a racist. >> i don't have to get agitated about like he knows david duke or any of that stuff. not concerned about those things. >> would you say he seems to not have any problem appealing to racists? >> i am not sure that's the case either. i don't know. i think he is doing all sorts of weird xenophobic things. he is playing on people's fears and inflating the
12:34 am
immigration issue. it is not really an issue at all. pan doring and lying is what politicians do. the reason we don't like trump is he is not eloquent. he does not pander to us and lie to us where we say oh we can take what he is saying seriously. he believes you are an idiot and you are proving him correct. >> rubio and trump with the insults. jesse is still around, right? >> yeah, i'm right here. >> hey thanks for wearing the dress hoodie. really appreciate it. >> sure, no problem. i'm outside in los angeles right now. >> you think rubio is better at being a bad joke teller than trump is? >> at least you can identify them as jokes. they are actually a joke.
12:35 am
it is not just like -- you know what i mean? that's not a joke. >> oddly i think i agree with tom. i think trump is much more natural at being a borderrish clown. >> sorry, i think i pissed off three or four people. >> there is a lot of sensitive electrical stuff all over the place. >> really, in a tv studio? i would not have expected that. they made a lot of advancements. >> i want to point out one thing and then i will get back to jesse on the oscars. >> that's not funny. that's not a joke. this is deadly serious. we could have -- imagine a situation where we have a president trump and he has to push the button and he can't because he has tiny -- you
12:36 am
have to push the button and he is like, i'm trying. this is a deadly serious issue. i will jump up to the oscars. let me get to jesse first. jesse, you have written for the oscars before, right? >> i have. >> he will press the button and that's how he rolls. >> thomas edison invented a lamp because throwing lanterns at his kids was a mess. he was a terrible dad and beat his kids. go ahead. >> did you watch the oscars, jesse? >> i did. >> what did you think of chris rock? >> i liked them. i thought chris rock did a fantastic job and nailed the jokes. it is like the most -- it is
12:37 am
the only 10-minute comedy set where "us weekly" scrutinizes every second of. you are not going to win. everybody is awful. i do think he missed an opportunity. he finished a monologue and the first presenter was charlize theron and why not the first african-american presenter of the evening. she is an african. i thought it was great. >> what did you think. audience? >> they are terrible. they are always terrible. i don't blame them. it is 5:00 in the afternoon and they are in tuxedos and they aren't normally. they don't know each other. they are stuck there. it is like if you are at a comedy club you opened in the middle of the afternoon and told everybody in the room 15 will get promotions at some point during this comedy. >> he did that man on the
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street piece. did you like that? >> he is logically flawed. if you went to any group on the street they know what the best picture nominee is. it is not necessarily for the masses. did any of us see "amore" the art see [bleep] film about a couple dealing with euthanasia? why would i care about the dumb movie? just because something is artistically valid doesn't mean it should be for the masses. otherwise adam and leer would have -- adam sandler would have one for the masses. >> any last thoughts? >> my favorite guy is the dude dressed like the chef's bookie. i did think it was funny that
12:39 am
sam smith speculated as though he didn't have google on his phone. maybe i am the first openly gay actor to win an oscar. it is the oscars. it is the gayest night of the year. you may be the first openly gay guy to win the nhl, mvp, but there is a lot of glittering stuff being covered by elton john and others. >> appreciate it. >> anytime. >> back to you. >> time to take a break. energy drinks that lead to we c.
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live from america's news headquarters. united nations security council meets later today. the 15-member council will be voting on a resolution to dramatically expand sanctions against north korea. they are said to be the toughest in two decades. it is in response to a nuclear test in january and the latest missal test. north korea claims it was putting a satellite in orbit. meantime, the u.n secretary general ban ban ki-moon says it appears a cease-fire in syria is holding. despite the sporadic fighting and increasing violations. the cease-fire went into affect on saturday.
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apple wins a round to give access to lock iphone data. a judge ruled the company cannot be forced to give the fbi iphone data in a routine drug case in brooklyn. th follows a california case involving the san bernadino terrorist attack where 14 people were killed. in that case the judge ordered apple to develop software and give it to the fbi to open the shooter's iphone without deleting data. apple has appealed the order. >> astronaut scott kelly heads home after a year on the international spacestation. he turned over command to another american, tim copra. they were the first to spend a year on the spacestation since it went into orbit in 1998. well-known movie and tv tough guy george kennedy has died. kennedy appeared in more than
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200 movies and tv shows including airport and several sequels. he won the oscar for the best supporting actor. george kennedy was 91. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." red bull can give you wings. according to one college, vd. they banned the sale of energy drinks because it can lead to alcohol abuse and high risk sexual activity. students are allowed to drink the juice, but they have to buy it off campus. a flier posted in the cafe and lounge said energy drink consumption facilitates unhealthy work habits such as prolonged periods of sleeplessness and a campus culture of stress and unsustainable study habits. but is drinking coffee any less dangerous for college students? hmm. take a look.
12:46 am
[bleep]. >> oh my god! [bleep]. >> what? >> that's the end of that board. something tells me that's happened before. seems like he was really fed up. >> do you have his number? i would like to give him a call. >> he was not happy he wasn't getting his drink to his friends. >> i never look sexier than when i am a drinking a mocha. i think most people agree. prolonged sleeplessness has to be good for -- i mean i feel like your senses are aware and they are heightened. if you drink a red bull you are more likely to fend off a rapist. >> you are hyper aware.
12:47 am
>> i just think of all of the drugs on campus and they picked caffeine? really? why not ecstasy? why not cocaine? any of those other drugs. >> they are getting involved in everything. when i read that statement that was in the -- i mean how modern was that statement about an unhealthy campus life? >> you would think if you are not worried about doing too much it would be far less stressful on campus and they could drink all of the red bull. >> they have loans they have to pay back. so they have to do their due diligence and get their grades. jesse may want to chime in on this. >> what's up? >> what do you think energy drink can lead to? >> i don't see how they claim it leads to high risk sex. every commercial implies it
12:48 am
leads to snowboarding. unless you are trying to bang fred durst which is the goal of anybody who is an energy drink consumer. it is like making a wish as you fling a penny into a swamp. >> that could be. >> today's college students need to have a drink. let them have alcohol. >> i went to community college so many of the teachers drank. i don't see that there is anything wrong with drinking monster or red bull or whatever you will do. you will graduate with a lot of debt and not get a job and you will be horribly racist. you are voting for somebody who is promising to kill mexicans. what does it matter? >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. ♪
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. it is time for another -- >> he hasn't taken the high road and nobody had an effective attack against him -- hello? >> is that your phone? >> donald, is that you?
12:53 am
i am so sorry. i was not attacking you. it is not your spray tan appointment. >> brit, it is shillue. your first time on "outnumbered"? lucky guy. i'm sure you are worried, but don't be. nothing will go wrong. also, hot yoga at 2:30, you in? unafraid! >> no "red eye" tomorrow because of super tuesday. we will be back on wednesday with dave smith and matt welch and john devore. >> she has lived to be 110 years old against her will. a washington tate woman celebrated a big milestone and the spokane affiliate paid her a visit. the interview was magic. >> i am sitting next to the woman on the front page of the spokesman review this
12:54 am
morning. this is flossey and check it out. we got her her own good day spokane cold front fee -- coffee mug. she is enjoying her coffee because flossey, you say you are a little tired this morning. >> i am tired. >> i heard your favorite activity at the center is is to take a little nap. >> take a nap as many times as i can. >> a nap as many times as she can. flossey has three children. you have 12 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren and 15 great, great grandchildren. you sound like a very busy lady. yes. she has lived in multiple places. even lived in arizona. she is originally from oregon and that's where she was born. flossiy, we also have some
12:55 am
flowers we would like to give you. >> plossie, cherish those flowers. the interview continues. >> later today flossie's family is coming out to throw you a big birthday party. are you excited about your party? >> not one bit. >> you would rather be taking a nap, huh? >> later one of the anchors in the studio asked her a question. >> i have been trying to get that out of her. flossie, the people on tv want to know what the secret is to being able to live so long. >> her response, not suffering fool. that's a tough interview. jill dobson, was that your sister? >> honest to god i have had that same experience. a woman turned 106 in cold water, michigan when i was a reporter in kalamazoo, michigan at channel 3 news.
12:56 am
what what the up, y'all? my woman was not quite so craw mudgen, but she kept falling asleep. >> you have to have sympathy. to spend the morning with flossieflossie doesn't want to talk. she is 106. >> your family is coming to see you. aren't you excited? not at all. >> not many people feel that way about their families. it means they want to die. >> she does president want to be both -- she does president want to be bothered. you get into a routine. you want to do the same thing. >> the answer to that question was i don't fight it. that is her secret. she is not saying i don't fight it and i will live forever. i don't fight death. >> that's a message to send. that does it for me, tom shillue and see you next time.
12:57 am
>> later today flossie's family is coming out to throw you a big birthday party. are you excited for your party? >> not one bit. >> you would rather be taking a nap, huh? helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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up the wall? >> that wall is for me to stay out of mexico. >> tuesday special report is up now. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, this is a fox news alert. we're coming to you tonight from the u.s. justice department where in just a moment i will talk exclusively with attorney general loretta lynch about a host of topics. but first the other stories making headlines today. >> at this hour, the state department is releasing the final batch of hillary clinton e-mails from her time as secretary of state during which she used a private unsecured server. we're also learning senior clinton aide cheryl mills has


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