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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 1, 2016 3:00pm-10:01pm PST

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crime rates sky rotted? >> correct rate dropped. >> it is a great app if you're studying for history. you can do that instead of wasting your time with something like candy crush. only the the biggest primary showdown of 2016. super tuesday. people across the country casting their votes. will donald continue to dominate? will hillary cement her nomination? our special coverage starts right now. >> on tuesday you have to get out and vote. and we have to win big. >> i am asking you for your vote. i am asking you for your voice. >> the only candidate in a position to beat trump on super tuesday is up. >> i will work every single day to make sure i remove every
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barrier that stands in your way. >> we're doing something very unusual. we are telling the truth. >> 13 states casting their votes in the race for the white house. super tuesday. a delegate jackpot that could put one candidate way ahead. >> we want to have a resounding victory. >> donald trump looking to run the table. >> we have to knock the hell out of everybody. >> while marco rubio and ted cruz hope to emerge as the clear alternative. >> he told a protester i want to punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face. ever. >> there is only one campaign that has beat general can beat donald trump. >> and john kasich and ben carson hoping to hold on. >> we have to believe in ourselves again. >> i have millions of followers and they say please don't drop out. >> hillary clinton fresh off a big win in south carolina. >> if you will join me on this journey, i know we can do it.
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>> trying to hold off her lead. >> we're very proud of what we're doing. >> who will win? who will go home? super tuesday coverage starts right now. you are looking live at our fox news headquarters. we have a big night ahead of us. >> the first set of polls set to close less than an hour from right now. voters have been pulling in across 13 different states in the single biggest day in the primary season. at stake, a delegate bonanza from both sides of the aisle. at stake, 595 delegates for the republicans, almost half of the delegates needed for the republican nomination. as it stands now, there's a long
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way to go. donald trump in the heed with 82 delegates. ted cruz has 17. marco rubio with 16. john kasich has 6 and ben carson has 5. with almost 600 delegates up for grabs, these numbers could change dramatically and those bars could get. higher. >> and over on the democratic side, 865 delegates at stake tonight. that is a third of the 2383 needed for the nomination there. hillary clinton already with a dominating lead of 548 delegates to bernie sanders' 87. the candidates on the trail today fighting for every last vote. and it has gotten pretty ugly between ted cruz, marco rubio and donald trump. >> i call him little marco. the same thing with ted cruz. i call him liein' ted. these guys don't know anything. they have no clue what's going on. >> if donald is the nominee, hillary in all likelyness
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becomes president. we lose the supreme court. the bill of rights is lost for a generation. we're buried in debt is that the future of our kids and grand kids is in jeopardy. >> i must read that donald trump says after tonight, marco rubio should drop out. i have a message for him. i will campaign in all 50 states. i will get in my pick up truck and drive around this country if i have to before i allow the party of lincoln and reagan to fall into the hands of a conman. >> chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippi are here in studio. >> plus our reporters are spread out. we again with the latest exit polls. >> that's where we are tonight. good evening. we've got lots of really interesting exit polls.
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a winner in nine states. they are early at this stage of the game. these numbers will definitely change throughout the evening but let's check in. the desire for an outsider along with anger toward the federal government. these are two big things that have been driving the republican voters this year. that is true tonight as well. those who want an outsider in four key states. georgia, 52%. massachusetts, 53%. texas at 45%. and virginia at 50%. so watch those states. it could be a good sign for donald trump whom we have seen very well, somebody from outside the political scene. but hold. on look how many gop voters say they would be dissatisfied if donald trump is the party's nominee. more than 4 in 10 in several states say they would be unhappy with that. among cruz and rubio voters, dissatisfaction with trump for the nominee climb to nearly 8 in 10. now look at the late deciders.
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once again, they appear to be in some instances for marco rubio. tonight one of those is virginia which will be hotly contested. keep an eye on virginia. we're seeing a similar trend in georgia for rubio in late deciders and oklahoma as well. ted cruz. he strengthens his lead with very conservative voters. for example, by double digit with these voters in the state of arkansas. let's look at some of the democratic equations. so far, hillary clinton is doing very well with group that's she always does well with. women, seniors, black voters. she continues to look very strong with that block. bernie sanders does best with people who pick income equality as their that top issue. one other item that could be good to watch. those who have a problem with
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clinton. 42% in massachusetts. oklahoma, 45%. vermont, 67%. and virginia, 36%. sizable numbers feel clinton is not someone who is hogs and trust worthy. so be we'll have a lot more as they continue to come in. >> thank you. >> as polls ten to close throughout the region, we'll again calling races for candidates with 11 states up for grabs on both sides. we've design a score card to keep track of everyone's victories. right now both score cards are em. as the races get called, we'll keep a score card. >> you have to get it rolling. then when the number fill in. >> we'll get there. 7:00. stay with us.
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>> donald trump speakinging a big night tonight. carl cameron at trump headquarters. >> indeed, he's looking to make history and may jump out far ahead in the race for the republican nomination. >> trump is poised to win across the old south and even his rivals acknowledge he could run the table with the exception of texas where ted cruz has a home state edge. >> we will build a wall. anything do you, you take your position and then you see him on television when he is not around you. and he says exactly the option. >> trump's first appearance was not one of the states actually voting. he was in ohio which is one of the winner take all states. the team has already made plans to stay in the election. >> so important. today is such a big day. i should not be here. i should not be thinking about this. i should be thinking about tonight. ohio is so important. >> after one of the roughest
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weeks of attacks from his rival. trump knows today could end their candidacies. an sentee has been underway. and already 2.1 million votes have been cast overall. cruz, rubio and came spent money to get votes in the bank. while trump had staffers in 11 states. it's not as sophisticated. indeed, he did say certain things like the fighting is negotiable. >> trump will watch the returns tonight at his resort in florida. a tate not part of super tuesday but also part of march final winner take all. the message was aimed at kasich, the message here is i am a at marco rubio.
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>> next, rubio going on the attack as of late. debuting multiple. john roberts is with the roibl campaign in miami. >> the rubio campaign downplaying. it is not about winning. it is about delegates is that there are a number of states where he could do quite well. seven out of 11, as a matter of fact. and if ted cruz does not go over 50% across the board in texas, which would give him all 155 delegates, by the time the night is over, the rubio campaign is hoping it can remind its supporters that we still remain fairly close in the delegate race. one state where rubio could do quite well. he likened donald trump to a very familiar celebrity turn politician in minnesota. >> electing someone who runs on
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the promise of being some great celebrity, this tough talking celebrity. how did that work out? >> jesse ventura was an embarrass many. let me rephrase. that he is an embarrassment. >> one thing that he has backed down on big time is the personal insult attacks against donald trump. he was getting a tremendous am of attention but a lot of it was for the supporters saying they thought that such attacks were beneath him. as martha pointed out, in many cases, 40% are insiders. so it looks like the personal attacks did not hurt him. >> thank you. cruz campaign focused squarely on senator cruz' home state of texas. a must-win tonight. easily the biggest prize of the evening. senator cruz hoping a big win there will cement his status.
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>> good evening from the red neck country club. that is the name of the venue where ted cruz will address his supporters tonight. in his remarks to supporters before he cast his own ballot in houston this morning, texas senator cruz posted not as a do or die moment but rather a potentially fatal blow to the rubio campaign. and thus the dawn of what cruz sees as the second and decisive phase of the gop primary. >> for any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning who has not won anything, for any candidate who wake up who has negligible number of delegates. i think it is time to come together and presenting a clear choice. >> here in texas, republican primary turnout increased from 2008 to 2012.
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and at a polling station at a republican library in texas, there was not a single time when we observed when there was not a line of voters out the door waiting to cast ballots. so the real yeses these. will donald trump come within striking digs? will roe rubio claim at least what he needs to walk away with a good start. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton hoping super tuesday will put more distance. >> the clinton camp is so confident that some of her senior advisers are telling me, they think they can possibly win every single state up for grabs tonight exempt for sanders' home of vermont. >> aides to hillary clinton scheduled a series of last-minute stops in minnesota to try to bring turnout in one of the few states where they think bernie sanders is in
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distance of winning. since democrats do not have winner take all states, sand letters grab a schafer delegates tonight. yet if clinton shuts him out with few wins, that could leave sanders' campaign gasping for air. >> going to the philadelphia convention in jul want to thank the millions of supporters. >> sanders may still be standing at that convention, thanks to an astonishing haul of $42 million raised in february alone. but he is unlikely to attend as the nominee if clinton cleenls up tonight. >> combining her pledged delegates, cleanse is already leading sappeders big time. with over 800 more delegates at stake tonight, clinton is poised to take an even bigger lead. as she today again focused on the big edge with african-american voters in states like alabama, arkansas and georgia. >> the fastest growing segment of small businesses are
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african-american women-owned small businesses, actually, minority small businesses overall. >> which is why clinton has abruptly shifted her focus from sanders in the primaries to republican front-runner donald trump and the general election. >> i was very disappointed that he did not disavow what appears to be support. >> clinton here in florida tonight for a primary that doesn't happen until two weeks from tonight. about 250 delegates up for grabs. you put that up on top of what they think they'll win tonight. she is vex on the road to getting the 2,300 delegates she needs to win the nomination. >> ed henry in miami. thanks. we are just getting started. the first polls close in under an hour. we'll have expert analysis coming up. >> deep breath. >> we are live from america's
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried?
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man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. ted has not done anything for texas. a lot of talk. it's all been talk. and little marco rubio. he's been a disaster from florida. he doesn't show up to vote. he has the highest miss record in the united states senate. >> that was donald trump this morning on fox and friends. he has got high hopes for a win in texas. but senator ted cruz hoping to take his home state. i want to bring in our panel for you. a fox news contributor, dana
3:21 pm
perino, former white house press second and co-host of "the five." juan william, also co-host of "the five." and joining us from washington, charles, columnist for the washington times good to see you all. >> well, barring this turning out to be the worst night in the history of pre election polling, donald trump will be a big night tonight and take a major step forward to sealing this nomination for himself. the question is will what happens apart from donald trump be enough to give the main stream republican who's are so worried about trump any real reason to hope? it is possible ted cruz will win texas and maybe elsewhere. that would give him a claim to keep going. marco rubio hand yet figured out a path on which you can lose your nomination but if he come out with some delegates, he will have a way at least until florida which seems to be the real test for him. that's not coming out for a
3:22 pm
couple weeks. for the other two, it doesn't look like they have much going anywhere tonight and i don't see their case for continuing in the race is likely to be strengthened by tonight's results. >> we talked about texas and the importance of texas. it is ted cruz' home state. we're getting anecdotally that precincts are seeing overwhelming turnout. they're running out of ballots in north texas. how important is texas for ted cruz? and where else does he have to play tonight? >> well, this was supposed to be ted cruz' super tuesday. he was supposed to dominate the south. across the southern states, you were hoping, or ted cruz was hoping that he would be able to challenge donald trump tonight. and we don't see any indication of that thus far. it would suggest to me, 3, donald trump is attracting more people to the fray. now, people who are republican
3:23 pm
officials, they think cruz has it in the bag in material of an absolute win. it is proportional. if donald trump is able to, to some extent, match cruz in terms of delegates award asked then sweep the rest of the south, that's not good news. >> it is important to point out, it is all about math. adding up the delegates along the way even if you don't win. the threshold is 20% to get any delegates. >> even if ted cruz just wins texas, co-do very well in the delegate count if he is the only one who wins in texas. we've seen so much ugliness in the race with the past week or so. the sniping back and forth. we usually look to the late deciders to figure out what kind of an impact that has. what we're seeing, they appear to be breaking for rubio, to a much lesser extent for donald trump. what does that suggest to you? >> maybe that rubio roibl found his voice a little bit late. and it might not have been a voice he was wanting to use.
3:24 pm
he's actually pretty funny out there and he delivers some pretty great lines and the the crowds love it. maybe something that trump has been natural at. a natural comedian. he has great timing and he is not afraid to hurl insults. as a voter, you might think i don't like this. if i want to be paying attention that marco rubio was able to capture that attention, i don't know if it will be enough. one of the states i'll look at is virginia. in the 2014 mid-term election, it really surprised and when ed gillespie was running for governor. i don't know if marco rubio can do something there. i think the people, you just saw john roberts is dampening expectations with their folks. there i'm looking for any surprise of the night. so far in the exit polls, i don't see them. >> in d.c., you have a situation here where late deciders. it doesn't look like they went for trump. he has so much in the early deciders. people who made up their mind
3:25 pm
early in this election that they would support him. probably made up their minds. everything, and the kitchen sink has been hurdle at donald trump has only solidified them even further and endured at church and the office cooler and the street about they're supporting donald trump. you couldn't get these people away from donald trump with dynamite. they're going to stick with them all the way to the end. but going off something that dana just said. obviously, arroyo rubio had a really good debate in that last debate. and he did find his voice. i kind of wonder, if somebody the harsh criticism that we saw from marco rubio over the weekend didn't ago little bit over the line to the point where it almost sounded like he was trying to minimumic donald trump. i don't think the way you go after donald trump is to try to
3:26 pm
match him insubtle for insult. it will be interesting to see, and we'll see it in those late deciders. >> the dissatisfaction in the party is high. and the early exit polling shows a substantial split among republican voters. a strongly felt split on who should be the nominee and how they'll come to terms with it if their guy is not selected. >> yeah. it is fascinating to look. they basically just echo what we've been seeing in the public debate over the past, not the past couple weeks but really the past several months. you have strong solid donald trump supporters who chose to support donald trump a long time ago. then you have the supporters of these other candidates sprinkled around between ted cruz, ben carson. >> if you're angry or you want an outsider. >> if that's what's driving you to the polls, you like donald trump and you like cruz to a
3:27 pm
certain extent. the question for me. is there anything at all that happens or we see in the exit poll data that changes the trajectory of the race? or is there anything that gets one of the other nontrump candidates or more to drop out? and i think an sent that. this looks to be a good night for donald trump. it looks to be a good night for trump coming into tonight. the exit polls data suggest it will likely be a good night for donald trump. in the an sent of something that changes the trajectory of the race, it will keep going. >> if you have marco rubio outperforming in places like virginia. you have ted cruz winning in texas and maybe outperforming in some places like arkansas. you have still this split in the party. and donald trump getting the majority of the states. >> it furthers either the argument that they should continue their candidacies.
3:28 pm
as for the split in the party. it doesn't matter. this party is split and it will be split for some time. the big question, the long term question we have to be looking at is whether this party can possibly come together behind what is now it's likely nominee. that's very much an open question. >> meantime, there is a contest on the democratic side tonight. and hillary clinton is hoping to put bernie sanders away this evening. what are the odds of that happening? >> they're pretty high. in short. >> will he wave the white flag? will there be a surrender? >> no. i don't think so. he feels like he's had a very good campaign season and he has every reason to feel good about it. if you look at the fundraising numbers, phenomenal. he outraised hillary clinton last month. in february. so what we're seeing is that he has galvanized to some extent a miniature version of the trump anger on the right. there's anger on the left.
3:29 pm
and i think that bernie sanders has somehow become the darling of the far left in this country. i'm stunned as a democrat at how many of the people who vote for bernie sanders say they self-identify as socialists. they feel, it is time for freep college and free medical care and the like. and they think hillary clinton is too. of a centrist for them. so that gives you an idea. >> we are just about 30 minutes away from the first poll closings of the night. voting ends in three states. georgia, vermont and virginia. >> and it's a mystery in those states so that's exciting. karl rove, chris wallace, joe trippi all weigh in next. >> i need you to leave here today and get your friends to caucus. friends don't let friends vote for a socialist.
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okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges it's the bottom of the hour and we are roughly 30 minutes away from the first polls closing in three states. georgia, vermont and virginia. a lye look now at some of the polling places across the country where voters are still casting their ballots.
3:34 pm
let's go lye to bill with more on what we should look for. >> good evening. on the billboard tonight, here is, let's show you the obvious first. then we'll get to a couple points. texas, the biggest delegate at stake. wou 155 on the map. georgia is number two at 76. and number three just north of there in tennessee. 58 delegates on the line. what do these three states have in common? in this primary, they require a 20% threshold. a minimum 20% vote other. wise you get no delegates. one thing i'm watching, the state of virginia. they have a little of everything. they have establishment, city, rural, it is kind of hard to tell how this state will break down. romney was such a dominant winner over ron paul. go back to 2008.
3:35 pm
watch how the ma'am here chan, changes. you can draw a line here. right? it's like, evangelicals to the left. establishment to the right. how is virginia going to break down? if rubio will have a good night, around fairfax, he needs a good performance there outside the nation's capital. another point in the state of massachusetts. in a republican primary, why are we talking about massachusetts? mid-november. donald trump went to massachusetts hax huge turnout had a rally. went to lowell, massachusetts, right below the board. another huge rally. he has been making the case that he can win in places where republicans have not won before and he will often talk about the state of new york. if the margins are very large for trump in massachusetts, does that argument hold water in
3:36 pm
other states like the empire state in new york? trump has been making that point repeatedly. one other thing in oklahoma. ted cruz, a neighboring state to the north. how will he do? why does he believe he may have a pretty good shot? four years ago, this is what rick santorum did. a lot of green there. results like that are what ted cruz is for in oklahoma tonight. back to you. >> thanks. for more insight, we go to chris wallace, anchor of fox sunday. along with karl rove, and joe trippi. both are fox news contributors. take it away. >> we have decided to come up to new york to try to dress tim place and we like the name of ted cruz' headquarters. we're calling this the red neck country club. i asked both the cowboys, what's
3:37 pm
is the one state that they will be looking at to give them a sent of how it is going. >> there are a lot of key states i'm watching georgia. it will give a sense of trends. it has everything for everybody. it has blue collar working class evangelicals with high levels of unemployment, low levels of education that donald trump loves. it has very conservative and white evangelicals who ted cruz likes. then the suburbs and what they call ankity, where they did so well. >> and to point out if 22 minutes, the polls in georgia will close. we'll get an early indication of how the night might go from what happens in georgia. what's your key state? >> colorado. look, given how hillary clinton handled sanders in south carolina, the southern states that look more like south carolina than new hampshire.
3:38 pm
he is looking for colorado. the problem there is obama beat clinton, 67-32. by 35 points so, so the questio is, can he win there? what is the margin? if it is 53-47, it won't do him a whole lot of good. it will spell a bad, bad night for him. >> the other question i asked the cowboys, what is the key? what's the threshold? we got two front-runners. this really was a big night and they're on their way to the nomination. not that they locked it up. i should point out, there are 595 delegates at stake on the republican side. >> the closer that donald trump gets to 300, the more this race is over. he doesn't need to get 50% of the vote to get there. that's about 57% of the delegates. the closer he gets to 300. i'm sorry, 53% of the delegates. the closer he gets to that, the
3:39 pm
better off he is. there are excel ranlts in the rules of the republican party. there are 135 delegates where you have to get a 20% threshold if you got lesser votes, it ups the number of delegates the senior guy gets. then there are 206 of these guys. they're in congressional districts. whoever come in first gets two. whoever comes in second gets one. and the third guy and everybody else good et cetera zip. >> if you didn't follow all of those numbers, that's okay. neither did i. what's the magic number is 865 at stake for the democrats. what is the key number for hillary? >> 475. if she can do 479, that would give sanders 390. that would be an 85-delegate lead for her out of tonight. obama won eight of 12 states in 2008 and only came out with a 59-delegate lead. our proportional system keep
3:40 pm
this is close delegate wide no matter how bad a night it is for sanders. >> all right. that's it for the campaign cowboys. any time want to come to the red neck country club, that's okay. >> it's like 50 feet away. cow poke! >> coming up, how did this frenzy of delegates come about? have you ever asked that? >> we'll be providing answers. all that and the expert analysis you can only find right here on the fox news channel. as our super tuesday coverage continues. >> i will go to washington to fight with everything i have. to stop the debt and spending that is bankrupting our kids, to defend the second amendment and the bill of rights. ♪
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welcome back to our super tuesday coverage. take a look here at our palm beach, florida coverage. stafford, texas on the right. ted cruz campaign headquarters for the evening. we've got mara laggo on the left
3:45 pm
and ted cruz going to the red neck country club on the right. that's the actual name. it is a honky tonk bar. you tell me where would you like to party when super tuesday ends. >> it's a different flavor. everybody has their preferences. >> do you want a martini extra dry or do you want like the -- what is it? the pabst blue ribbon in a can? >> nice milwaukee. >> you can't have it in a can if you're going to drink it like that. >> we have a long night ahead. >> you might think i've already had one tonight. you would be wrong. >> up until this appointment the states health their contests one at a time. giving data chance to show places like iowa and south carolina plenty of attention. tonight nearly half of all the available delegates are up for grabs. why is the calendar set up like
3:46 pm
this? peter, why? >> there is a reason. campaigns, as you just. rather contests, start once a week. now they are all at once. this is why. >> materialest primary states are showered with candidate attention because they go one at a time. then 13 all vote on the same day. super tuesday. to test how the retail pitches politicians have been playing all win long play on the national stage. >> so for the democrats, use the four early primaries to get down to two or three serious candidates. then use super tuesday to decide it so the candidate can move from the left and get back to the middle where the voters are. >> the name super tuesday has been widely used for more than three decades. >> the name started in about 1980. that's when i heard a young cub reporter from "time" magazine, michael duffy, call it super
3:47 pm
tuesday. >> since then they've had the most success. >> ones for super truss establishment candidate favorites. under the ones that are out of the main stream. >> like george h.w. bush who won 16 of 17 super tuesday states. and bill clinton who swept to catapult ahead. but it is changing. so this mini national primary that is supposed to produce a moderate on each side doesn't always do that. >> both the democrat party and the republican party created this frankenstein monster, and it slipped the bonds. it is out there roaming the countryside and doing the exact opposite of what its creators intended. >> there have been just three super tuesdays so decisive that candidates were able to knock the rest of the competition out
3:48 pm
of the rest of the race. mccain did it in 2008. now the question is, will tonight be the fourth time in super tuesday history that happens? >> now we know. peter in minnesota. thank you. >> are you sure? you haven't had one? >> sure. this is just me raw. this is it. the clock is ticking for the first states to close. we're now less than 15 minutes away from the end of voting in vermont, virginia, we'll speak with a man who knows virginia very well. former house candidate newt gingrich is here. >> the republican party base is saying to its so-called leadership, you aren't leading the way we want you to. by better than 2-1, they're now picking outsiders over insiders. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac.
3:49 pm
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3:52 pm
welcome back, folks. 6:52 here in the east. we are awaiting the closing now of the first three states of the night. georgia, vermont, and virginia. we'll bring you the results as they begin to come in, and we'll check in live in some of these key states coming up in just a few moments. >> joining me now, newt gingrich former speaker of
3:53 pm
the house. he was also a 2012 presidential candidate on the republican side. mr. speaker, thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> your thoughts tonight? i'm sure you have taken a peek at the exit polls and what we expect to see he in a few minutes, perhaps, with the first states coming in. >> couple of things in virginia. the southwestern part of the state is turning out an unusually large numbers. the trump organization went after everybody down there because virginia is an open voting state. they went after democrats, independents and republicans. they may actually have almost as many votes as you will have in a general election in some of the counties in southwest, virginia. one place actually ran out of ballots at 1:'0 in the afternoon, had to get more bloforts. in the northern part of the state, former congressman tom davis has done a great job. john kasich may pick up in the northern part of the state. when you look around the whole country, my guess is by the end of the evening trump will be clearly the dominant frontrunner. cruz will probably be in
3:54 pm
second place with rubio third. and i think cruz has best chance, of course, obviously in texas. get to 50%? because at 50% he would get every delegate in the state. below 50 he shares proportionally with other candidates. >> the cruz campaign says that was ambitious for them to talk those kind of numbers but they just wanted to win with w. any could be adding up place. mtuújju rubio overwhelmingly especially in some of those suburbs it looks like from the exit polls. you said last night i have this sense that trump's opponents are all gathering at the al he mow and hoping alamo and hoping for a last stand. do you think it's at that point? >> i was partly impressed because had you a correspondent standing in front of the alamo talking about texas before i went on the air so i couldn't resist. i do think it's very likely enormous upset tonight, if the polls we had going in
3:55 pm
over the weekend are accurate, trump is going to lead almost everywhere. not necessarily minnesota. not necessarily arkansas, oklahoma, or texas. but every place else. and if that turns out to be true, and he can going to do he doesn't lead he in, his lead will be so large that it then leads to the question about what happens in florida. and if rubio can't carry florida, and right now he is over 20 points behind, it's pretty hard to see how his candidacy has any kind of survival to it. no matter how well he does tonight. so i think that's why i think you are seeing everybody looking around and say how do we put together something to stop this guy? >> very quickly, understanding that trump is well-positioned and probably best positioned after tonight, if you are campaign manager for cruz or rubio, what are you trying to do? >> you are trying to knock the other guy out. cruz has the better chance to do that. cruz is going to have a tonight. he have won some states. rubio, i think, probably will -- may not have won any or may only get the caucus
3:56 pm
in minnesota. so, but they -- one, they have got to get down to one person to have a chance to beat trump. >> mr. speaker, thanks for >> we are standing about by now as polls are about to close in georgia, virginia, and vermont. we'll go live to these key states next and the night is just beginning. there are still 10 more states to go. >> your night is complete with expert analysis and live reporting. you will only find here on fox news channel. our live super tuesday coverage from new york city continues next. flush ♪ ♪ differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. and ca"super food?" is that recommend sya real thing?cedar?
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4:00 pm
decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means polls have now closed in the first of the super tuesday states. and the biggest electoral prize of this hour is georgia where fox news can now project that donald trump will win by a comfortable margin based on fox news exit polls. that leaves marco rubio and ted cruz battling for second place. bringing up the rear in georgia, john kasich and ben carson. >> on the democratic side, also in georgia, fox news can now project that hillary clinton will easily defeat bernie sanders. fox also projects clinton will win a second big sta]qwou virginia. on the republican side, however, it's too early to call the race in virginia where trump and rubio are battling for first place.
4:01 pm
comfortably ahead of cruz, kasich, and carson. >> it is also too early to call the republican race in vermont where kasich, who campaigned heavily there, is surprisingly competitive with donald trump. also in vermont, fox news now projects that the home state senator, bernie sanders will easily defeated hillary clinton. >> back now with the panel. brit hume, steve hayes, dana perino, juan williams, charlie hurt from washington. nationally syndicated talk show host and columnist with blaze tv joining us in a bit, dana loesch. panel, brit, you hear that georgia is falling topp trump early here in big numbers. that was expected going in. but, as he pics up these states, it's going to be interesting to see how dominant he is tonight. >> it is, brit. georgia win tells us something it's a big state. one of the biggest tonight. texas, of course, being the big prize. i think, you know, it
4:02 pm
suggests what we were talking about earlier, which is he will do very well tonight. he will have very large delegate lead tonight. under any scenario we can imagine. it won't be final in the sense that you will know it's over and so on. there will still be a fighting chance for the others to overtake him. but, the way it's looking now, is that what it will be, a fighting chance, not much else. >> steve, what do you make of the tightness of the race for first place in virginia on the republican side right now between rubio and trump? >> well, it's interesting. i think if you would have asked the rubio campaign are are there places you hope to surprise virginia would have been one of them. a state that's sort of a purple state. a swing state in the past two presidential elections and somewhere that i think the rubio team thought they could do well. i think they would probably suggest that they would be surprised if they thought they were competing actually for potentially a win. it's early. weave don't know if that's going to be the case. if i can go back to georgia just real quickly, one of the more interesting things if you look inside the exit polls is just how dominant
4:03 pm
donald trump was in the ideological groups. ted cruz beat him barely 37-33 among varied conservatives which is something that we have seen. if you look at the somewhat conservatives and moderates..j[@ trump, 42% of the somewhat conservatives to 17 for cruz and 27 for rubio. just dominant all across the lower end of the ideological >> charlie hurt also in washington, d.c. you look at these exit polls, and it is also dominant that you see these states, the people going -- coming out of the polling booth saying 7 in 10. they want an outsider. 6 in 10 they want an outsider, state after state. >> and that really is the the secret to, i think, donald trump's entire campaign from the beginning and why he has been forgiven for a lot of the things that he said that are in politics and that have shocked people and that has caused the media to kind of go crazy thinking that it was the end ofónbhis campaign. he is just the guy on the outside. and people believe and the attacks on him for not
4:04 pm
really being a conservative, none of that stuff has mattered to voters, because what voters care about is they think that this guy is going to come in from the outside and shake washington up and they are desperate for that. they have been desperate for that going back numerous elections and republicans have won over and over again on that kind of message. and it's never come to fruition. and so now you have this guy who has come in from outside the party, obviously. and is promising to do it. and voters really do believe that he's the guy. he's the one that's going to do this stuff. >> juan, we have seen this over and over in these races where if you decided early, you went for donald trump on the republican side. once you are dug in on donald trump, you are dug, in period. you don't switch. the late deciders breaking in virginia, in particular it, for marco rubio tonight. we can see that significant margin over trump 37 to 17. it's almost as if rubio needs longer runway for his campaign but that's the way the calendar is necessarily set up.
4:05 pm
it doesn't end tonight, necessarily, but florida is a week away. >> yeah. and i think the republican party, given what had happened back in 12 and even 2008 decided they wanted this structure with super tuesday, helping to settle the leading candidate for the nomination early. so that you wouldn't have a lot of infighting among people in the party. well, this has played off to the benefit of donald trump. because he had that early momentum. he has been theñx dominant alpha male in terms of the campaigning. and i think people went for him, picking up on the idea that he is the voice of discontent anger with washington. >> dana, we have talked about rubio doing well in virginia. cruz obviously in texas. really kind of close, it looks like by the exit polls in arkansas. but vermont, john kasich, who is planning, he says, to win ohio is now competing for first place in vermont. >> and he came in second in new hampshire. so his campaign will tell you there is some way that if donald trump wins most of these states on super tuesday that he would be the
4:06 pm
only one left standing, to be able to really challenge him. i think some people think that that is quite a stretch. if i could just say one thing also about virginia is that for people who said can win in november, that's the most important thing to them, they went for rubio. but tell it like it is, they went for trump. we have seen this in almost every state that has been the pattern. can that go forward to the general election? i don't know. also, if i could just say, what we saw tonight is we are witnessing history because hillary clinton is going to be the first woman, presumptive nominee as a presidential candidate in the united states. she has worked very hard to get to this point with a challenger she did not expect. and when they celebrate tonight in the clinton campaign, they have a real willly good reason to. >> history in the making, indeed. what do you make of it, brit, because you are going to see messaging come out tonight from probably each of these campaigns on the republican side declaring some sort of victory. the likelihood is that donald trump will try to convince everyone that it's over. if ted cruz has proven he
4:07 pm
can beat donald trump he is the candidate. marco rubio may amass delegates some states and say he is the one with the momentum. what are people it to believe if things shake out. >> it's all spin. enough delegates for each of the top three in all likelihood that give them at least an argument that they should go on. but, as you look at this, it gets harder and harder by the delegate. if you look ahead two weeks, which i think, as far as rubio is concerned, will be decisive. he has to winá is well behind in all the polling we have seen down there. so, if he scrapes by tonight and gets some delegates and maybe polls out one win that will be a break through for him because he hasn't won anything yet. then he have a case for going forward. he has got the big moment for him in two weeks. two weeks isn't long. and as for, you know, kasich, who is staying in for reasons that some people find mysterious, you know, he has got ohio coming up. maybe he can win ohio, but
4:08 pm
ohio by itself at that late stage of the game doesn't seem to me to be enough. we are looking at a guy with a big lead coming out of tonight i don't think there are any way two ways about it. >> panel, thank you. i want to go over to martha maccallum who is looking at the exit polls. martha, what did you find. >> we called georgia as y'all have been talking about. we can give you a dig inside these numbers and talk about how donald trump sealed the deal in the peach state tonight. voters have said that they want change, were in the majority. and they voted for donald trump. just as they have in all the contests so far. trump got 49% of those change voters. can you see cruz behind at 21. rubio is at 17. anger at the federal government. another big central tenet of donald trump's campaign. his connection with voters is clear on this one. he won them big time. about half of georgia republicans say that is me. that is what i want. i'm angry at the federal government and they voted for the new york billionaire. he got 43% of t vote.
4:09 pm
cruz is far behind and rubio is farther behind at 16%. so, in georgia, it was an important thing going in to test their durability. when you look at cruz and rubio here for just a second, how close could they be to donald trump in these measures? they are not close. and that is telling us something in georgia where it was expect to do possibly be closer. about half of georgia republicans think that illegal immigrants should be deported back to the country that they came from. those voters are went for donald trump. no big surprise there. nearly doubled the percentage who went for cruz in second place. and trump won, despite the fact that almost half of georgia republicans say that they will not be satisfied if he is the nominee. among crudz and rubio voters. about three out of four say they will not be happy with trump as nominee, but they are in the minority. this is what we couldn't say earlier on tonight before we called the. we want to put that number in context before you before we had a winner and now we can while significant, it
4:10 pm
does not matter because trump was the clear winner in georgia tonight. more races to close and more information to come as we move forward tonight, guys. back to you. >> martha, thanks. >> let's check in live with some reporters in two of the key states" that just closed. doug mckelway is standing by live in georgia. we begin with shannon bream live in virginia where a tight race is already shaping up between donald trump and marco rubio. shannon? >> it is, bret. the election official came out and opened the door at the school where we have been all day and said the poll is closing and a woman came running across the parking lot and said please, please, let me in, i-m drove an hour to get here. she was able to get. in the last voter here. tight race shaping up in virginia tonight. we have seen trump leading most of the polls coming in to tonight. we talked with larry sabato the uva director of center for politics, someone familiar with our viewers what he saw happening here in virginia. the one real challenge to trump could come from marco rubio. as you've pointed out tonight there in the studio,
4:11 pm
it looks like the late breaking voters on exit polls did here in virginia, the majority of them decide to go with rubio. so now we wait. sabato pointed out, of course, virginia is very diverse, in the northern quarter outside of washington, d.c. it's heavily populated. it is very urban. those he thought would actually be good for rubio. more highly educated and he thought that could be a stretch for him. he also knows that john kasich could be a real spoiler here. he has a good ground game. key endorsements in virginia. if he takes double digits. that's going to slice away from anybody else near the top. he didn't really see a path forward for any of the others to be a serious challenge, but he noted, you he know, virginia is sort of a microcosm of the country. it mirrors what we have seen the entire country do in the last general elections. it looks like it may play out that way in the primaries for both parties here it is very rural in broad stretches of virginia there is military presence as well. demographics have been changing. so we're seeing minorities
4:12 pm
rise and that is something that all the candidates have had to appeal to here as well. bret? >> shannon, real quickly, just antic dolingsly, we are getting reports that are arlington county virginia ran out of preprinted ballots. started photocopying ballots in order to keep one voter demand it. it sounds like across the state there is a pretty high turnout. >> yes. we have heard the same thing, too. that it's been much higher than it was last time around. party officials been scrambling to keep up with that that's very much what they have seen as well. the precincts compared to four years ago have a much higher turnout for both democrats and republicans. we are hearing it more on the g.o.p. side of the ticket tonight bret bret shannon, thank you. >> doug mckelway is live outside of a now closed polling station. dowling? >> that's right. they closed at 7:00 tonight. and the last of the voters have just pulled in and we have 10 more or so. a very, very busy day here. steady stream of people all day long. poll workers told me more than in years' past.
4:13 pm
could be a record breaker for a presidential primary in georgia. that is certainly the indication of early voting in georgia. over 400,000 people in georgia cast early ballots. that absolutely crushed the record set the previous record set back in 2008. that, in turn, has created potential few problems down the line. because these ballots were printed so early there are on the democratic side. 13 candidates still listed on the ballot on the republican side, including george pataki, mike huckabee, carlie foreignna, and rick santorum, candidates who long ago suspended their campaigns. another potential problem with early voting, many of those casting their ballots early did so without the rubio's attacks against donald trump in recent days. according to the exit polls that you have been delegate us about tonight. it made very, very little difference. on the democratic side african-american turnout very, very heavy in georgia. georgia is outranked by only two other states in terms of african-american population.
4:14 pm
so, they turned out in droves tonight. allowing hillary to coast to an easy victory. on the g.o.p. side. important, it's going to be really interesting to see what the atlanta suburbs showed. a lot of moderate voters in the atlanta suburbs. can be a bellwether how suburban voters across the united states vote. lastly the evangelical vote here. did they stick with donald trump as they did in south carolina? apparently so. another disappointment for ted cruz in that sense is. megyn, back to you. >> doug mckelway, thank you. >> the results are already coming. in trump, clinton, and sanders already pulling out some victories this hour. as more polls are set to close in the next hour. alabama, massachusetts, oklahoma, and tennessee are on the clock. >> we have nonstop coverage for you here tonight. chris wallace, karl rove and joe trip pay will -- trippi will weigh
4:15 pm
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4:18 pm
welcome back. several candidates already pulling off some victories at this hour. i want to check in on our score carted. this is exciting. we are going to nil numbers. donald trump winning georgia. hillary clinton winning virginia. bernie sanders winning his home state vermont.
4:19 pm
was that a let down? >> checkmarks are exciting. >> okay. it's only 7:19. a lot of states to go through still. >> there is time. >> that is tremendous progress. i don't know what you are talking about. it's no billboard but then again what is? >> bill hemmer is here. >> right on in virginia. we will show you what's going on right now. why it's too close to call between donald trump and marco rubio. frankly not enough of the vote in right now. trump will be in purple. rubio will be in green throughout the state tonight and we will see which way it goes. okay. a couple counties starting to fill in here and they are purple. that's chesterfield. you have trump an early lead 36-33 over rubio. what does that mean? it doesn't mean very much right now. we will watch these colors fill in throughout the night in the state of virginia. we called georgia for trump. down here, in georgia, with the little more than 1% of that vote, in okay. trump is bumping around 50%.
4:20 pm
see if that holds throughout the night. one@v thing about trump in the south. already a victory in south carolina as we were on the air a week and a half ago when this state went barney in purple there. you were talking to the speaker of the house a short time ago, in 2012 this is gingrich territory. gave romney a run for the money in primary season. he went on to win georgia as well his home state. coming up at 8:00, a few more will close, massachusetts watching that oklahoma, watch that as well. also at 8:00, tennessee, which is number three. and the delegate count tonight at 58. and also at 8:00, the state of alabama will get a closing time for alabama as well with 50 delegates on the line. again, throughout the night, remember, there is no win winner take all yet. you get to 50% you can do that. we haven't gone there just yet. this is basically proportioned based on the vote and then it gets into congressional delegates and
4:21 pm
each state has different rules, too. you can follow that, right on the scoreboard. virginia is something to watch right now. we will see how this fills in tonight. right now too early there to get an indication of what sort of story is happening in veavment watch those counties around washington, d.c. if marco rubio is going to win tonight, is he is going to have to run up some numbers in places like fairfax county, back to you guys on the scoreboard was it my imagination or did i hear country twang on alabama? >> alabama, i heard it. >> that was the ohio coming out. >> alabama. >> i don't know. >> different last time. >> let's go back to our panel, chris wallace, karl rove, joe trippi, maybe some southern accents back there. >> that's right. thanks, bret. at the very beginning of the night, you said that georgia was your bellwether. georgia has come in. and right from the moment it closed, we called it for a comfortable win for donald
4:22 pm
trump. so what does that say to you, karl. >> we have 27 votes showing up on our map. >> don't ever question the decision. >> exactly. we have 27 votes. in i just wanted to be on the record. we were talking earlier about what happens in states like georgia that have a high threshold, you have got to get 20% of the vote or you don't get counted. there are are 34 delegates statewide. let's see three candidate, a, b, and c. a gets 40%, b 25%. and c 19%. were candidate that gets 19 percent of the vote get 0 delegates. person who gets he 40% gets 21 of 34. and second one gets 13 of 34. >> then you have got congressional delegates. 42 delegates there. >> in georgia, what happens is the person -- assuming you get more than 20% of the vote, the first guy gets two delegates. the guy who gets the second
4:23 pm
above 20% gets one and nobody else. >> again, the third person who could get 24% under your map there he gets zero delegates. >> zero delegates. you get 40% of the vote in georgia. you could walk away with 63% of the delegates. >> if that is a little bit complicated. did i get that this time. you have a much simpler number for us, joe. 442. explain that. >> $42 million. that's what sanders has raised in the month of february. raised $7 million yesterday, which is more money that he raised the day after new hampshire. is he falling behind in the delegate count tonight with the three states that we have called. he has picked -- she has picked up 108 delegates, he has picked up 577. it looks like she will go on to the delegate count. but that 42 million means he is going to be in this thing august the way to the convention or as long as he wants to be be. he has the resources to do it. >> he has got theh money and he has got the support. if he wants to stay there, even if it it becomes clear
4:24 pm
at some point, he doesn't have a realistic chance for the nomination, he could stay in. >> absolutely. you only get out if you run out of money. he is not going to run out. >> let's talk about marco rubio, now, he could win a state tonight, as we say too close to call in virginia. also a possibility that he goes over is 1 tonight. he has gone 0 for 4. can a candidate be a viable contender has gone 0 for 15? >> only if you are showing upward movement and couple of surprises. how many races might we have tonight. seeing a close race in virginia, too close to call. how many more do we have like that? again, not to go back to the delegate map too much. but, remember, you get 40 -- on our side you get 40% in georgia. you get 63% of the delegates or could get. the democrats, it's pure proportionality. they don't have the kickers, the additives, the accelerators accelerants that we have. >> for the rubio camp everybody needs to drop out
4:25 pm
so he can take donald trump on one on one. cruz says he could end tonight as a strong number two, not behind trump but well ahead of everybody else and they are saying everybody else should drop out so he can take on trump. >> they are going to make that argument if the night ends up as you say. but i would say everybody said this was going to be his big night. so the question is how well does he do compared to our expectations? that is to say how big does he run up the numbers in texas? does he have the break through? remember, they were saying for months, the sec primary, oklahoma, and it's georgia, and it's alabama, and tennessee, and we're going to win these states. and they are going to have to demonstrate some strength in these sec states. >> is this supposed to be his best night of the campaign? >> this was going to be the night that broke the back of the opposition and set him on the way to the nomination. and, instead, it's the night that he is desperately trying to stay alive there is a reason why he was campaigning in texas, barn storming texas. he was afraid of losing his home state to donald trump. >> never good sign when you spend the day before the the
4:26 pm
primaries in houston, san antonio and dallas your home state and not other places. >> right. >> that's the story here from the campaign cowboys. back to you. >> chris, joe, karl. thank you. >> 10 statesjt down, 3 more to go. donald trump has been projected to win in georgia. the republican race is in vermont and virginia. still too close to call right now. >> coming up, dana loesch from the blaze, plus charles krauthammer. live coverage of super tuesday continues. at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it. buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. and right now, get up to $650 in credits per line to help you switch to at&t.
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4:30 pm
from volkswagen. you are looking live, bernie sanders headquarters in essex junction, vermont. he is a big winner vermont, his home state. and senator sanderson looking for some other win tonight. not clear where that's going to be. let's listen in to the sanderson campaign headquarters as bernie sanders talks to his supportive crowd. [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
4:31 pm
[chanting] >> thank you. it is good to be home. [cheers and applause] be you know, i have been all over this country but the truth is it's great and great to come home and see all my friends. [cheers and applause] we want to win in every part of the country. that goes without saying, but it does say something and means so much to me that the people who know me best. the people who knew me
4:32 pm
before i was elected, knew me as mayor, knew me as congressman and knew me as senator have voted so strongly to put us in the white house. thank you so much. [cheers and applause]5÷ this campaign, as i think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. [cheers and applause] it is about making our great country the nation that we know it has the potential to be. [cheers and applause]
4:33 pm
it is about dealing with the unpleasant truths that exist in america today and having the guts to confront those truths. [cheers and applause] it is about recognizing that in our state we have town meetings and people come out and they argue about budgets, and then they vote. one person, one vote. [cheers and applause] and vermont billionaires do not buy down meetings and in america we are going to end a corrupt campaign finance system. [cheers and applause]
4:34 pm
>> bernie sanders in vermont, a state he won. a state he calls home. the question is what state will he win tonight besides vermont? the campaign saying they are going on all the way to the convention. >> they are thinking about was telling us about. over on the g.o.p. side about 90 minutes from now polls will close in texas where senator ted cruz hopes to pull off a win in his home state. 155 delegates up for grabs on the republican side there. i want to bring in syndicated talk show host and columnist for the blaze tv and host dana loesch. great to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> ted cruz has said this is the most important night of his campaign. everyone says he has to win texas. he seems well positioned to do that but you know what we're going to hear from donald trump after tonight, which is not good enough. >> exactly. i think that you are on to something there too, meg begin. texas may be the only statey;&2ç
4:35 pm
that cruz walks away with, at least some sort of definitive victory. voter turnout in texas has been astronomical lines for early voting. when we went to early vote it took us an hour and 45 minutes to get through. apparently it was like that almost every single day for early voting. according to the rcp average. now, whether are the turnout we are going to see. turnout in texas is going to bode well for cruz or rubio or trump. everyone is so familiar many with cruz's david and goliath battle in texas. i would be surprise to do definitively for cruz because of that. >> we have been seeing in exit polls tonight already that we have seen northwesterlyier elections is that cruz is losing the evangelical vote to donald trump, which has surprised a lot of people because this was supposed to be ted cruz is how back, his bread and butter voter. however, even just this week we have seen a couple of evangelical leaders come
4:36 pm
forward to say hold on. hold on evangelicals. >> yeah. and max la indicated doe has been -- lacado. i always like to think of primary elections as basically an indictment of the electorate. if we're unhappy with the candidates leading. it's very uncomfortable conversation to have because we are looking at a reflection of ourselves. and a lot of people are very angry. i hope that people, instead of voting for revenge, are voting for country and they are keeping country in mind. because when people say to burn did all down, have you it to realize that we are going to be caught in those flames, too. with the evangelicals, i'm surprised. and i think that's goingh to have to be a bigger conversation within the churches, within the communities to address what's going on there. >> what do you think, as somebody who supports ted cruz and is yourself a conservative, could you get behind donald trump, could you get behind marco rubio. somebody like marco rubio. donald trump, honestly, megyn, i don't know. i know there is that whole
4:37 pm
#never trump campaign going on. everyone says you are voting for hillary clinton. at the same time i feel like you are casting a[[i÷ vote for hillary clinton in a way by voting for trump because i'm not convinced. i want to know more about that conversion. i want to know about what changed you from 15 months ago from just a few years ago. and everybody who thinks like me, megyn, we have these exact same questions. i, look, i don't want to mislead people. i would love it he was the second coming of reagan. i want this country to do well. i'm not doing this out of pettiness or for any other reason, but i do have a genuine concern, which is why i'm putting myself out there and i say what i do about it. >> how do you decide on something like a second amendment because all of these guys want us to believe that they're big on the second amendment which has been an issue that has been discussed a lot. at least out on the campaign trail this go around. this is a big issue for you. you have literally written a book on second amendment rights. >> yes. >> so how do you decide. >> hands off my gun. i look at the person who has been most consistent. not just the most consistent
4:38 pm
conservative but people who have been very consistent on gun rights. i have to say for me that answer personally and i speak for myself on, this for me it was ted cruz who had been very consistent on second amendment rights. because that provides the teeth to all of our other natural rights. and we're going to have a supreme court cases coming up in the foreseeable future where it involves semiautomatic rifles. it's a huge issue for me and one of the issues that's a deal breaker for me. >> same issue on abortion because have you been outspoken about planned parenthood and the issue of abortion. >> right. pro-life, i mean, the declaration of independence, you have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. you can't enjoy any other right than simply to exist. the two candidates who have been consistent on that in the top three have been cruz and rubio. trump ise? still the funding of planned parenthood. megyn, the selling of baby parts and abortions aside, you are still talking about publicly funding an organization that funnels money to democrat campaigns. still talking about having
4:39 pm
the electorate fund democrat campaigns. it's not a conservative denies it sold baby parts for profit and that has been discussed at length. dana, it's great to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you, megyn. >> the clock is ticking to the next poll closing just about 20 minutes from now. four more states will be in the books. joined by charles"kmqu krauthammer, markñ keyson as our live super tuesday coverage rolls on.
4:40 pm
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4:43 pm
welcome back, everybody. we are keeping our eyes on palm beach florida, the mar-a-lagoíff,ñ resort where donald trump will be speaking this evening. we are awaiting a press conference. that's how it's been described is a news conference that he will hold in the 9:00 p.m. hour. not a victory speech. this was announced yesterday morning. we have known this was coming. we will keep our eyes on that to hear what the candidate has it to say. >> okay. lining up there in the room. as we wait for that it to get started. we have got donald trump and marco rubio in a tight battle for first place in virginia now. jing us now for more syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, you look at these exit polls from virginia, and it's really interesting the split between trump and
4:44 pm
rubio. education, income, gender, religion. it seems like it lines up as a split of the republican party. >> right. and it reflects the split in many of the previous primary elections and caucuses. but, look, i think the fact that rubio is fighting it out for a win in virginia is something of a surprise, although rubio must have had a pretty good inkling of this because he did four events in virginia on sunday. this is -- if he is going to have a surprise, it would be here. even a close second would be something is of a surprise. it's a mixed evening for rubio, however, because he may not achieve 2 0% in texas, which is a big prize, 155 delegates. and if you don't get 20%, you get wiped out, which would mean that the delegates would be divided not two a ways between cruz and trump, but three ways. he may miss out on that. so he has got an upside and
4:45 pm
downside. the upper upside for him and there aren't a lot is just about in all the states, he wins the late deciders, which would a, imply some momentum, but, also, b implies this new style of his to get down in the gutter with trump and to throw insult is not the negative that some people are saying it is. >> we are looking live at trump headquarters by the way as you are talking here. what kasich, charles. he is obviously fighting for number one in vermont against donald trump. he has also made some campaign stops in virginia. it looks like he is rough live about 10% there in virginia. and that may be the difference for marco rubio in virginia. >> i think that's exactly right. he could be what ralph narrowed was in florida for al gore in 2000. that could beá4 the kasich effect here in virginia for rubio. but i do think there is significance of the fact
4:46 pm
that we are waiting for trump to arrive in mar-a-lago, it's not just that he lives there, it's that it's in florida. this is is the showman. he is now saying is he is looking way beyond tonight. that he is going to sweep, perhaps all the states but even if he doesn't. if he loses a couple, it won't really matter. it's going to be a dramatic win. the reason he is in florida now is to it say to marco rubio, i'm already here. i'm waiting for you. your last stand is in two weeks. you are going to have to win this state. i'm 20 points ahead. i'm ready. so i think this is the challenge and he is looking for the could you -- coup de space graph. >> he is going to win a another of states tonight. "new york times" reporting that major republican donors and leaders are urging people on a conference call, some 50 people to fund efforts to stop trump with
4:47 pm
new urgency, are they too late? >> you look at the math, you look at the odds. you would say absolutely they are too late. it's t. isn't as if it's impossible. but the math completely in trump's favor. this evening looks like it's going to continue the trend. it's going to take a major event. multi-down by trump and those who would hope for a meltdown and we're pointing to the interview he gave about david duke on sunday. we're thinking look, if that doesn't sink a candidate, and it hasn't, it doesn't, trump is still on the rise, then nothing will. so that's, i think, just sort of a wing and a prayer. it's going to have to be, again, the consolidation behind one candidate. and, thus far, it'ãpretty early in the night, it looks as if cruz is going to have enough to live another day. he will come out alive. may not kick him but he will be viable. >> charles, as always.
4:48 pm
thank you. >> donald trump wins in georgia. hillary clinton wins in georgia and virginia. bernie sanders has a win in vermont. but polls will be closing in five more states minutes from now. so we're about to know a lot more. >> coverage from america's election headquarters rolls on after this quick break. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need...
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4:52 pm
well, the polls are set to close in five more states just moments from right now. joining me now to discuss what we have seen so far. mark keyson, columnist for the "the washington post." former speech writer for george w. bush and fox news contributor. mark, good to see you. >> good to see you, megyn. >> let me ask you this, trump has won georgia. he is looking well positioned in other states. you have other candidates on the g.o.p. side who are well-positioned as well in a couple. at the end of tonight, do you believe this thing will be over? >> i don't think it will be over. i think that cruz is going to probably win texas. and gather some delegates there. rubio looks like he is doing very well in virginia. and so he is going to get a bunch of delegates there we will see how it plays throughout the night. i think we are hearing here
4:53 pm
that, you know, cruz is going to wane state. u4don't know if rubio will won a state or not. it's all about delegates. you have got to get 1200-plus delegates to win. we have a few hundred decided by tonight. there is is still time going forward. the question is who emerges from tonight. trump is going to win and have a great night. who emerges tonight as the strongest challenge tore trump. that's what we should be looking for. >> so you still think that's a possibility, somebody other than trump gets this nomination because, you know, we have heard a lot of folks suggest, huh-uh. >> yeah, to quote bill clinton not going to give up until the last dog dies. again, the problem becomes the field is divided. it's interesting we haven't talked much about tonight is the bottom of the ticket. you have nine of 11 states today that have a floor for getting delegates. anywhere from 20%. most of them have 20%. some are at 15% or 13 percent. do ben carson and john kasich -- john kasich seems
4:54 pm
vermont. other than that, do they not even reach that floor anywhere? and then you have got them together getting somewhere between 8 to 13% of the overall vote. they are guaranteeing donald trump's victory if they stay in the race it will be interesting to see after end up -- there is no justification for those two staying in the race. >> marco rubio is going to be in florida tonight. donald trump is going to be in florida tonight. marco rubio's campaign has already released fundraising email tonight say nothing matter where the final results end up tonight, we know one thing, quote: this is going to be a long campaign and we are not, all capitalized going to hand over our party to a dangerous con8l artist. what happens realistic troy troy -- it to rubio's campaign if he does not win in florida in two weeks. >> interesting because texas is ted cruz's home state. rubio is not only his home state it's home ground for donald trump it's where he has mar-a-lago and hotel
4:55 pm
empire. >> and a lot of former new yorkers down in florida as well. >> exactly. new york values and florida values sometimes are very similar at least on that atlantic coast of the state. so this is not purely rubio's home turf where he has to beat an outsider. is he competing with somebody who has a lot of and experience in the state over there it's not surprising that donald trump is doing well in the state of florida. >> let's talk about the democratic side tonight because hillary clinton and dana perino were saying, you know, at the end of this evening she well be poised to be the first female nominee for president in u.s. history. bernie sanders done after tonight? what say you? >> he is close to done. he has no one to blame but himself. if you look at most of the polls in the states we have seen so far. a large proportion of democratic voters say hillary clinton is not honest. they, large proportion of democratic voters say bernie sanders better reflect their values but a large proportion of values say that hillary clinton is more-mb electable. so bernie sanders has failed
4:56 pm
to go after her electability. voters prefer him. voters think he is more their style, but he has not put a dent in her electability, and that's why she is cruzing to the nomination. >> he has chosen not to do it. so, the voters have listened. mark, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. >> we're only seconds away from the next group of states to close. alabama, massachusetts, oklahoma, and tennessee. all closing at the top of the hour. >> the night is just getting started, folks. our fox news live coverage of super tuesday continues with some results right after this break. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund.
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5:00 pm
it is 8:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means polls have now closed in four more super tuesday states. those include tennessee where fox news can now project that donald trump will comfortably win the republican presidential primary based on fox news exit polls. that leaves marco rubio and ted cruz fighting for second place. much further behind are john kasich and ben carson. >> it is the same pattern in alabama where fox can project that donald trump will finish well ahead of rubio and cruz, who, in turn, will finish well ahead of kasich and carson. so alabama is another win for trump tonight. and this was a huge state for donald trump where alabama senator jeff sessions endorsed him this week in a much coveted move that probably helped donald trump significantly.
5:01 pm
over on the democratic side in alabama fox projects that hillary clinton will crush bernie sanders. sorry, mr. sanders. that's what they put in the script. clinton will defeat sanders in tennessee by a wide margin on exit polls. >> mr. trump will win big in massachusetts. meanwhile it's too early to call the democratic races in massachusetts and oklahoma. although sanders currently has a lead in both of those states. so, that's a good thing. >> it's a good news/bad news situation for him. >> also in oklahoma on the republican side, ted cruz is currently enjoying a slight lead although it's too early to project a winner there. marco rubio and donald trump are fighting for second place. >> i want to go back to our panel now, steve hayes, dana perino, we welcome "u.s.a. today" columnist and fox news contributor kirsten powers, brit hume is still with us as well as charlie hurt who joins us live from washington. good to see you all. let me start with kirsten because we haven't gotten
5:02 pm
any reaction from you from what we have seen tonight. >> one of the thing that strikes me is how consistent this is what w. what we have seen in the exit polls. voters have settled in a little bit on both sides. if you look at hillary clinton still, she is still the person that they want who has the most experience, bernie sanders is still winning liberals. she is still winning african-american voter. we are seeing it on the republican side as well. even on the late deciders we have seen rubio picking up the late deciders in the past. it does seem like a real consistency where the voters are going. voters are still angry on the republican side and voters are still going with donald trump. >> brited, trump wins alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, and georgia so far. can't call virginia. it looks like it'sf0 tight with rubio. and it's going to be an interesting evening for that very fact. >> yes, it is. and, you know, we have seen the sweep now building that everybody anticipated. you know, as people have tried to dope out what it is exactly about trump and the positions he has taken and
5:03 pm
appeals to people. a lot of people believe that his toughness on immigration. they talk about the wall. they talk about the deportations has been the key to it and, yet, when we look at how immigration ranks in terms of importance among the issues, with the voters, let me just give you a few numbers. in virginia 8 percent said immigration was the top issue, youth distanced by the economy 445%. in vermont 12%. georgia 9%. oklahoma 8%. tennessee 10%. those are really small fractions. now, maybe people are -- don't want to say that's the most important issue. the other issues that are listed are economy and jobs, which does he hav terrorism and government spending. but, all three of those issues beat immigration in every state that we have now got exit polls for which suggest that trump's appeal, it may be because he seems strong on issues that they think he is strong in all ways. but the issue itself is, despite some opinionmaker's view that it's the key issue doesn't seem to be the key issue at all.
5:04 pm
>> it's dominance in the coverage. >> we talk about it all the time. and he does, certainly, the leader talks about it all the time. >> charlie, let me ask you before we came into tonight, i mean, weeks ago a, we heard a lot from the cruz campaign about how this was supposed to be his territory that once this race moved down to the south cruz was in good position to do well because he had the ground game and set-up and these voters were supposed to be more along the line of cruz voters. so far not soc much. >> yeah. and i think that, you know, if we do eventually see cruz fall out of this race, it will have begun in south carolina. you know, when he is -- in south carolina losing the evangelical vote to donald trump, having run the campaign that he is running, that simply cannot happen. and so -- and i think we have kind of seen that since then in other southern states where he has continue to do run that campaign.
5:05 pm
if donald trump is beating you among evangelicals, you are not getting the job done. >> you know, we look on the screen, steve, and just to make sure that everybody realizes that we have this ticker on the bottom that has the raw vote total and we are making egg projections on the fox exit polls. and it is overwhelming the fact that the decision desk can make these determinations. even though there may just be 1% of the vote. in so we always explain that on election night. your thoughts as this=í#e÷ is shaping up? >> just to pick up on the point that brit was making. i do think it is largely that donald trump projects else. you see this in the exit polls with responses on the candidate quality issues, tells it like it is and will effect change. so, immigration hasn't been much of a big issue in terms it of what voters are telling people they care about when they come out of polls. it has helped donald trump shape this perception that he is the guy who is going to walk into washington, d.c. and shake it by its lapels and make sure that
5:06 pm
everything is changed on the other end. and what's ironic about that, i think is when you look at where trump has been on immigration, whether it was criticizing mitt romney 2012. >> tough. >> for the tonal of his language on self-deportation. whether it was his tweet in 2013, trump's tweet in 2013 saying, look, i could be for amnesty once you secure the border. or whether it's this news that broke over the last couple days about his interview with the "new york times," part of it it was off the record. part of it was on the record. he was asked about it again. seems to be open to making deals on immigration, people aren't shaken by that people think that trumprojects strength and they want strength. >> um-huh. and dana, in the meantime, the republicans seem to be -- some faction of them in full panic mode because as bret mentioned with charles the "new york times" is reporting tonight there is going to be a new super pac our principles pac whose sole ghoul -- goal is how do we stop donald trump.
5:07 pm
influential republicans getting together to try to put their money into this effort now, saying that tim miller, the former communications director for jeb bush for president campaign is going to run the communications for this group. they are going to try to tap in this dissatisfaction that we are seeing in some of these exit polls about donald trump becoming the nominee because these people say they believe it will mean the end of the republican party if he gets the nomination. it's not just that the republican party is split. it's that they believe it will be the end of it. >> and it could be. i also wonder if those people that are putting that together are just a day late and dollar short. because, there is a saying in politics that you need to be for what's going to happen. and i think that some republicans would have a very hard time. you know, never trump. that was the #that ran over the weekend. if it had been jeb had been the nominee, there would have been enough people never jeb and there would have been equal number of people trying to stop jeb at that point. when you push for disruption of a party, and you end up getting it, this is -- it's not going to be pretty at
5:08 pm
the end. >> go ahead, pete. >> one of the things that this came out of that phone call apparently is that these people working to stop donald trump are not looking to rally around a single cab democrat. and i think as charles krauthammer said before, increasingly, the inhe inescapable conclusion that you have, and if you want to stop donald trump, you have got to get behind one candidate if you are the other republicans. these dissatisfied numbers if trump wins in november, virginia 52%, arkansas 50%, georgia 46%, tennessee 41%, those are really stunning numbers. i think it tells you that whatever happens tonight with respect to states won or lost, you are likely to have this fight continue. >> but on the flip side, you see these seven in ten saying they want an outsider, 6 in 10, seven in 10 saying they like the fact it's somebody from the outside this is a hogs till take -- hostile takeover of the prog republican party. lot of angst about republicans not getting stuff done on capitol hill.
5:09 pm
now it's here. >> yeah. look. they wanted fights. you can look back and look at individual moments over the past several years with republicans in congress. you think of rand paul's filibuster where i don't think the real issue is that people were really concerned that they were going to be droned in starbucks. they wanted somebody to stand up and fight and he did it. and you saw others stream down to the floor to make the case for him. but then there wasn't sort of a pickup. there weren't these bigger fights. >> that was certainly the big moment in ted cruz's visibility to people who felt that way when he conducted what was actually kind of a fake back in, what 2013. in which he stayed on the floor all that time. there wasn't anything pending. he didn't block anything. but he got people's attention and it was because he was fighting. >> the thing about trump though, unlike ted cruz. ted cruz has a record of standing up and doing it the thing about trump is they believe it in him. ted cruz is perceived by many of washington because
5:10 pm
is he a senator. donald trump doesn't look like these guys, he doesn't sound like these guys. he doesn't act like these guys. there is authenticity to his claim that is he a disrupter. that he is going to change. that he is not going to take it lying down which is what they think these republicans have done. >> is he picking fights. he has picked fights with everybody. he has picked fights all over the place. i think people are are looking for that. >> all right, guys. stand by. >> let's check in now with the trump campaign. chief political carl cameron is live at trump headquarters at the lovely mar-a-lago. carl? p &c @&c@ here, bret. somewhere between the east room of the white house with the chairs that folks might recognize and maybe the palace of versailles with the chandeliers and all the guilt. donald trump is not holding a rally here tonight. he is holding a press conference. it's supposed to start at 9:00. presumably a few minutes after that when we get the next poll closings. find out if he has won more states. trump tonight is looking to make a statement and begin the run that he said would run the table and all day
5:11 pm
today both in trump land and on the web there have been rumors that there would be an endorsement tonight it, perhaps by the governor rick scott. not saying that's going to happen. the trump campaign say we don't know anything about it it we are not talking about anything like that. this is him coming out here to talk about the election and press questions. looking forward to the march 15th florida winner take all primary. the first event that donald trump had on this super tuesday was in ohio. sending a similar message to bret? >> carl, thanks. >> check in with john roberts over at rubio headquarters. >> from the on balance of palm beach here at the ronald reagan equestrian center. four second delay. you will be hearing a cheer [cheers] >> there you go. good evening from miami. give you a couple stories that the rubio campaign)f is looking at that they are very interested. in just got off the phone with one rubio's closest. things are looking good for
5:12 pm
rubio in the state of virginia. looking at the highly populated counties of fairfax and lowden county. marco rubio is leading by substantial margins there. less known in prince william county. that's where they need to do well if they hope to pull off a win in virginia. this advisor we talked to said there are folks counting votes on the ground think there is a real chance that they could come away with a win in virginia tonight. also looking at minnesota which is where rubio just flew in from. he had a rally there shortly afternoon today. it's a caucus there in minnesota. they say that they are doing well in areas where they need to do well. in and around minneapolis. there were lines around the block to get into some of these caucuses. so they're hoping that there will be a big night there they have been down playing the importance of any wins here, saying it's all about counting delegates. a couple of states where they're talking about possibly pulling off a win this evening. megyn and bret? >> john, thank you. >> hillary clinton already winning three states. he had henry standing by live in campaign headquarters for hillary clinton in miami.
5:13 pm
he had? >> that's right, bret. they have been cheering early victories for bernie sanders obviously. only had one so far his home state of vermont. you heard him say a short time ago that the end of this evening you will only have 15 states who have only voted and 35 more to go. the problem for senators though is -- searns#+ sanders is running a national campaign. she picked florida for victory headquarters because they don't vote for two more weeks. they have about 2 delegates up for grabs. she obviously thinks she is going to get a large share of that two weeks from tonight. then tomorrow hillary clinton will be in new york city. the new york primary is not until april 19th. but they have nearly 300 delegates up for grabs there. obviously currently her home state. they are trying to show tonight and beyond that they are pushing bernie sanders into a corner. he is going to continue to get delegates because of the proportional system on the democratic side. but they are trying to show
5:14 pm
that mathematically, they are making it impossible for him to win, bret. >> he had, thank you. >> bernie sanders just wrapped up speaking in vermont. mike emanuel live in essex junction, mike? >> megyn, good evening. bernie sanders seemed to be in great spirits tonight after his home state of vermont delivered him his second victory in this campaign. some of the other states that his campaign isíe#q watching tonight are colorado, oklahoma, minnesota, and massachusetts. places where bernie sanders invested a lot of time in the days leading up to super tuesday. his senior advisor told us a few minutes ago that they thought they would have the resources to go all the way with this campaign. after all, sanders raised $42 million in february alone. a lot of campaigns, the super bundlers pull the plug on giving money. but this is about average folks giving 20 to 30 bucks each. sanders was on stage at the end of the evening after he spoke speaking -- sing ising with the musical act this
5:15 pm
land is your land, the woody guthrie song. if is he down at all about losing down south, he certainly does not show it. he is off to maine in the morning. is he going to some of those states to see if he can pull off more wins. megyn? >> mike emanuel. >> it's sad when they're all wrapped up early and guys cleaning up behind them. >> sounds like we may have missed a little moment with the singing and this lands is your land. >> we should have made mike do it. >> donald trump adding to his win total tonight. winning three more states this hour. alabama, massachusetts, and tennessee. but, several others still too close to call. >> coming up, the campaign cowboys will be back with their analysis as coverage of super tuesday continues. don't go away.
5:16 pm
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5:19 pm
welcome back, everybody. i want to get you updated on score card where donald trump and hillary clinton has won severalgú race. bernie sanders has won one two. so far georgia, tennessee, alabama and massachusetts. hillary clinton has pulled off wins in georgia, virginia, alabama, and tennessee. again, bernie sanders has won vermont and several other races are still too close to call at this hour. bill hemmer is back at the billboard.
5:20 pm
is he digging into the numbers to explain to us what they mean, bill? >> megyn, good evening, again. i will give you the trump story of the night so far. i will give you the rubio story so far and ted cruz story. you called tennessee for donald trump, right? trump in purple for tennessee. trump also takes alabama to the south here. all right? that's two in the south tonight. insurability georgia just to the east here. you throw he that in with south carolina from 10 days ago and now you start to see this map fill n the southeast and this says donald trump as your geography moves toward florida two weeks from tonight. insurability trump claims victories in massachusetts tonight. what does that do to his campaign? put it in new hampshire three weeks ago in the northeast where he was an easy victor. he making the argument he can win in the northeast and deep south. so far he is the only candidate who can prove that so far. in virginia right now, here is the story for marco rubio and donald trump. 76% reporting.
5:21 pm
you have got trump with a 7 point lead on marco rubio. again, trump is in purple. rubio is in green. why does rubio still make the case that he can win this state? and win it, perhaps, soon. well, this is fairfax county. this is where a lot of rubio's votes come in. only 12% reporting but you see 15 point advantage there. similar down here to the south prince william. again, rubio slight edge there, less than a point. loudoun county. john roberts mentioned that a moment ago. 90% reporting and rubio with a comfortable lead there if these numbers hold up, it would portend to be good news for rubio in virginia tonight. now the ted cruz story. texas closes at 9:00 eastern time. and this is a state that's really, cruz is from houston, texas it, grew up there. but it's a state that's hard fix on because it always came later in the primary calendar. in fact in 2000 is it it
5:22 pm
romney stormed through 256 counties in texas. back in 2008 a little more competitive with mccain easily beating huckabee. but where is ted cruz going to go tonight and get his votes? look for places like dallas county here. also down in harris county houston, texas where he spent a good part of the day today and further west in baier county where san antonio is located. that's where cruz wants to store in order to take texas tonight. polls close 9:00 eastern in the lone star state. bret, megyn, back to you. thank you, bill. >> laura, your initial thoughts this evening? >> i think that virginia race is really key, bret. we talked about that on "special report" last night that marco rubio is leading in northern virginia. lobbyists, governor contractors. we know from past elections more moderate republican voters. doesn't surprise me that rubio is doing well there.
5:23 pm
loudoun county, new immigrant influx into prince william county. he has to do well there. i can't imagine he wouldn't. the interesting thing about those exit polls, all the talk, trump is not a real conservative. trump's this, trump's that. the voters who identify themselves as conservative in virginia and these exit polls, are going big for trump. the somewhat conservative split/trump, rubio. the conservative voters and i imagine this is going to be replicated elsewhere are tending to break toward trump. virginia is a very important state. whether northern virginia can be a momentum builder for rubio i think is a bit of a stretch. because the base of the republican party is still conservative. i would say that northern virginia is kind of an outlier in the g.o.p. today. but, nevertheless, very important to the commonwealth. >> looks like southern virginia is going for trump
5:24 pm
overwhelmingly. trump has won georgia, alabama, massachusetts, tennessee so far. i was just talking to the panel a moment ago and put it in business terms saying that this is essentially donald trump in a hostile takeover of the republican party, that this party should have seen coming for years. is that fair? >> i think, bret, that's an interesting formulation. i think for many of the voters, they feel like their party has been hostel -- hostile fashion taken over globalization, the borders, you negotiation some foreign policy issues. and for them, they think that trump may be the party -- be returning to more of a pragmatic reaganesque approach versus a bush approach. bush isn't in this race now. but i think for many people rubio is a verywt attractive, young, dynamic figure but he really have a lot more connected to the bush legacy
5:25 pm
than the reagan legacy. that's where cruz comes in appeal is with reagan voters and stall wart conservatives who see him as a more likely bearer of the reagan torch. >> you mention ted cruz and a lot of people in the conservative movement think he is the true conservative in this race. back in august of 2015, i said i view the sec primary, which is now super tuesday as a fire wall. it looks like he is going to win texas. is he is playing well in arkansas and oklahoma. so, what about tonight for ted cruz? >> i think this is a moment of truth for cruz after tonight. i think he probably wins texas. but, if he doesn't win hand diddly and trump even comes somewhat close, there is going to be a moment where i think ted cruz has got to do the math. i imagine the rubio folks are going to be really frying to woo him over. trying to band together to try to stop trump, maybe before florida. but, ted cruz is going to ask himself is he going to be more comfortable with the
5:26 pm
establishment forces that really dislike him or more comfortable with donald trump and that populist appeal? >> okay, laura, as always. thank you. >> good to see you. >> we are now only moments away from the next state to close and that is arkansas. 4 had 0 delegates at state for the republicans. 32 for democrats. and we're getting a call on that momentarily. >> meanwhile a little over half an hour away from the biggest prize of the night, texas. plus, donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz all expect to do speak in the next hour. as fox news live super tuesday coverage rolls on.
5:27 pm
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5:30 pm
it is 8:30 on the east coast, 7:30 in arkansas where fox news can now project that hillary clinton will easily vanquish bernie sanders in the state's democratic presidential primary. >> there is a real rhetorical flare from decision desk today. >> on the republican side it's too early to project a winner arkansas where donald trump and ted cruz are battling right now for first place. >> let's check in with martha maccallum with exit polls. martha. >> so virginia, as we have been saying still too close to call. let's take a look at why. rubio has made a big president bush in the state. he has been drawing large crowds there in recent weeks. in keeping with the trend, college graduates are one group that are voting for
5:31 pm
rubio. trump behind by about 11 points and cruz and kasich follow as you can see. trump said last week he loves the, quote, poorly educated and it turns out voters with no college degree are definitely in his corner by a large margin as well. brit was mentioning earlier that immigration and the wall were donald trump's hook in the early stages of this race. but it is now clearly the concentrating on. he has parlayed that strength to that issue as well. remember, he said he would, quote, be the best jobs created, virginians believe him. tonight 40% believe he is the one to take their troubles on in the economy. rubio is down in 24. rubio very consistent on this mark. is he is their guy by a large margin. which is quite interesting this evening. kasich is surprisingly competitive with trump in vermont. lettering expectations across the board tonight. republican race is tight.
5:32 pm
moderates, no surprise. they love john kasich in vermont. they are at 40%. trump down at 29%. those who want a candidate who shares their values, they backed the ohio governor as well at 41%. rubio is at 28%. trump down at 9% on that measure. conservatives prefer donald trump 29% to kasich's 25%. pretty close in that margin as well. after all the crazy campaigning we saw over the course of the last few days, the late deciders splitting their vote, kasich 34%. cruz and trump splights at 15%. that's the latest numbers as we wait for a close. >> thank you. we want to get back in our panel way, way back in the studio. way back there chris wallace, karl rove and joe trippi. bret and i are here, martha is behind us a little bit and then the campaign cowboys take it way. >> okay. we will. this is going to be an interesting night. although it looks like trump is going to have the best night. argue ament by the other
5:33 pm
candidates trying to make the case that they had good nights. if ted cruz wins texas and right now is he is running too close to call in arkansas and oklahoma, look for him to say tonight that this is a two-man race between him and trump and that all the others need to get out. not saying that they are going to get out. but that is the argument that you can expect to hear from ted cruz tonight assuming that these tend lines hold. now, what are your thoughts about virginia and that race? >> i think this race is going to continue to tighten. >> waited, hold on just a second. apparently we have a call in virginia. can you tell us after we get the call. >> chris, thank you. fox news can now project that donald trump will pull out a win in virginia. leaving marco rubio to finish a close second. according to fox news exit polls and early returns. what does that mean for marco rubio and donald trump? back to chris wallace and thee campaign cowboys, chris? >> karl, tell me what does that mean for marco rubio and donald trump? >> well, first of all, remember this state splits
5:34 pm
delegates on clearly proportional basis. you get all 49 delegates are split proportionally. right now the delegates are split 15 for trump, 12 for rubio, and 5 for cruz, gifnt current numbers. i think it's going to tighten some because we still have 214 precincts out. out of 243 in fairfax and northern virginia that rubio is getting 40% of the vote. 48 out of. 77 precincts out of 92 in prince william. also northern virginia is he is getting 36. >> this is when i told to you keep it simple. >> bottom line is a lot of precincts out. this is likely to narrow. i wouldn't be surprised. >> does rubio get any brownie points? does get any push from coming close here or a loss a loss. >> a loss is is a loss. the number ever delegates delegs going to end$j up being maybe 14 to 13 the way the split the vote up in virginia. they will take one little bit of cosmic justice in lynchburg, the home of jerry falwell jr. who endorsed
5:35 pm
donald trump marco rubio is running first, ted cruz second, and donald trump is currently running third. >> so the power of that endorsement seems -- >> -- at least on the hometown turf. and jerry falwell is a good guy but that is a little bit of an odd result. >> you were saying earlier when virginia was in doubt, joe, it it wouldn't be the worst thing in the for trump for rubio to win virginia. explain that. >> look, what's going on right now almost perfect night for trump. he is going to win a bunch of states. but he is being threatened in vermont by who, kasich, who is surprising second. he is he going to claim that he can go on. rubio is showing surprising strength in virginia. is he going to claim and spin as carl is saying and he can claim he is go on. cruz, if he wins texas and threatening trump in oklahoma and arkansas can do the same thing. all of a sudden you are
5:36 pm
going to winner take all march 15th and all three candidates are going to be claiming they are staying in. >> we are seeing these five feyess up in the top of the screen there. what you are saying each of them is going to have an argument to make to stay in the race and that's what donald trump wants. he wants five man field. >> perfect for them and the establishment wants them all out except for one. >> one of the interesting things talking to campaign cowboys is not just numbers. these guys manage campaigns and one of the things interesting talking about behind the scenes is the theatrics and strategy of how you handle a campaign. karl, you were saying it it was really smart for bernie sanders to go out at unusually early hour 7:30 at night. not even prime time. why was that smart? >> he has a lot more viewers oat that hour than he has four or five hours from now when it's clarified what is happening in front of these states. in front of a hometown enthusiastic crowd. >> and he just won vermont. >> just won vermont. also smart for donald trump to say at 9:00 i will be
5:37 pm
holding a news conference if florida. every network is going to go in on that and ignore what comes in at 9:00 which are the final votes in texas. we will sxiq seeing a lot of votes coming in. started hearing about what's going on for testified cruz and that's going to be drowned out to some extent by donald trump. >> joe, you said there was another smart reason for bernie sanders to start talking at 7:30 tonight. >> because he is going to take all these losses during the evening, gets the big win with the vibrant crowd, and immediately sent out an email asking for another $7 million this all happened within minutes. very well planned and very well executed and smart to do it the way they did it. >> trippi got the email and tried to contribute the $7 million but there is a cap. >> i hate to tell you this guys you don't get paid thatch. >> not going to happen. >> anyway, guys, that's the story from here. way in the back of the studio. >> thanks, guys. >> texas among the next group of states set to close at the top of the hour. it is, of course, home turf
5:38 pm
for senator ted cruz and possibly a must-win state for his campaign as well. >> and three republican candidates, ted cruz, marco rubio, and donald trump all set now to speak coming up in the 9:00 hour as well. also coming up, analysis from byron york as our live super tuesday coverage continues. stay with us. many people clean their dentures
5:39 pm
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5:42 pm
we're looking live at trump, cruz, rubio headquarters, all expected to speak. clinton as well down in miami. and they are all expect to do speak within the hour as we are getting results from more states, the big prize, of course, texas at the top of the hour. >> donald trump, we're told, is going to be having a press conference which will be interesting. not sure if that means he is he going to be taking questions as well. it's not going to be a victory speech we're told. it's something more. so we will keep our eyes on that. >> the rubio people really like to see each other on tv. >> we like that. let's bring in byron york now the chief politicaú correspondent for "the washington examiner" and a fox news contributor. byron, good to see you. so one of the stats from tonight, donald trump is the first republican president, the presidential candidate to win primaries in both new hampshire and in georgia
5:43 pm
since george h.w. bush 28 years ago. it's remarkable the coalition he is pulling together. >> it really is. he is going to be able to say look, i won in alabama, and georgia, and massachusetts, and new hampshire. what more do you want? i can win all across this country. so i think trump is going to make that argue many. all a though i do think in another state we're beginning to see some of the divisions that are inside the republican party. remember, in south carolina, as well as tonight in georgia and alabama, trump wins everybody. winning people with college degrees, people without college degrees. high income, low income, evangelical, non-evangelical. but, in virginia, you are seeing that split. rubio winning the higher income. trump winning the lower income. rubio winning people with college degrees. trump winning the people without them. you are seeing some of those divisions, which is why this race has been so tight in virginia. >> um-huh. interestingly, when you ask the people in most cases who can win, they say rubio.
5:44 pm
but that doesn't mean that they are going to vote for marco rubio to win this nomination. either they don't care about]l electability in the general, or they believe eventually trump will get there. that he will pull people over because they will still want him to defeat hillary clinton they will get behind him. >> we have seen other states where more people said it was more important for aen candidate to reflect their views. i think that you are seeing that with trump. the other thing, remember, with so many republican voters that i have talked to in all of the primary states, they are really looking at candidate's attributes more than his specific policies. and they see trump as a strong candidate, who can get things done. and, who will blow up washington, which they like that idea. >> um-huh. >> so i think it's those attributes more than their position on any particular issue that are more important. >> yet, what we're talking about tonight is 35% or so
5:45 pm
of the republican voters in each of these states, you know, these 11 or so states. right? so those are the numbers we are talking about tonight. when you look at the electorate and what's going to happen if trump becomes the nominee versus hillary, if she becomes the nominee, the question is whether the republican party will get behind him. because there is this movement now developing called never trump. and the associated press did a poll of the g.o.p. senators and governors in this country saying would you vote for trump if he were the nominee? and just under half of them refused to commit to voting for him. just tonight the new mexico governor, susanna martinez says i will not say that i will vote for him. former new jersey governor christie todd whitman came out and said i would not vote for him she is a republican. she said i would vote for hillary clinton before i vote for him. senator from nebraska said i will not vote for him. i will do a write in
5:46 pm
candidate if i have to. how does donald trump do that. >> they waited a long time. some republicans have decided now they have to do come out and say they would never ever support trump. i do believe that there will be system of those. on the other hand, i think you should say and remember that the will of the voters does tend to bring politicians around. if trump were to continue to win and, remember, in just two weeks we had the florida and ohio primaries, winner take all, take super ski states for general elections. victory in those states turn things around. >> is there any way marco rubio can continue in this race if he does not win florida. >> hard to see it as you says they are going to go all the way to the convention. >> bernie sanders is saying that, too. they always say that. >> jeb bush looked me in the eye before he dropped out. and is he was not getting out. i felt betrayed. >> winning your home state
5:47 pm
requirement. if you can't do that you can't go on. if do you win your home state, strow win other places as well. that's why it's important tonight. texas for him to win somewhere else. is he not going to say i won the biggest state of the nation and i'm withdrawing. he is not going to do that if he doesn't win anywhere else, is he not going to look very strong. >> given what we have seen between rubio and cruz. they are duking it out, each the anti-donald trump. they want to be the trump alternative. given what we have seen tonight, you know, if you assume that rubio does not win a state, but gets a bunch ofp.á5( delegates, right ig
5:48 pm
so that's it for him. but if he canclbh win minnesota. he can at least say i have won somewhere. if he hasn't won anywhere. that's a big problem. >> byron, great to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> minutes from now polls set to close in the biggest race of the night. texas, the state with the most delegates at stake tonight. >> both ted cruz and donald
5:49 pm
trump say they will win the)r lone star state. up next we will go live to the cruz campaign headquarters where they are very much hoping for a win. there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you. could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from
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5:53 pm
we to live to hillary clinton in florida. let's listen. >> break down barriers, so we can all rise together. [ applause ] and i am so delighted to be here with you in florida. [ applause ] i congratulate senator sanders on his strong showing and campaigning, and i'm grateful to all of you who voted for me, to the volunteers and organizers. i know you've worked your hearts out, and to all my friends, many of a lifetime who traveled to all the states to tell people about the candidate they knew and to the hundreds of thousands of people who went to to give what they could, most less than $100. now this campaign moves forward
5:54 pm
to the crescent city, the motor city and beyond. [ applause ] we're going to work for every vote, and we will need all of you to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors, because this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. [ applause ] not just the people who look one way, worship one way, or even think one way. america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. [ applause ] and we know we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. [ applause ]
5:55 pm
we have to make america whole. we have to fill in what's been hollowed out. >> usa! usa! >> we have to make strong the broken places, restitch the bonds of trust and respect across our country. now, it might be unusual, as i've said before, for a presidential candidate to say this, but i'm going to keep saying it. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ applause ] because you know what?
5:56 pm
you know what? instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers and build -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment, so every american can live up to his or her potential. because then and only then can america live up to its full potential. [ applause ] now, it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. [ crowd booing ] trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. and we're not going to let it work. [ applause ]
5:57 pm
you know, whether we like it or not, we're all in this together, my friends. [ applause ] and we all have to do our part. but unfortunately, too many of those with the most wealth and the most power in this country today seem to have forgotten that basic truth about america. yesterday, i was at the old south meeting house in boston where nearly 2 1/2 centuries ago, american patriots organized the original tea party. and i had to wonder what they would make of corporations that seem to have absolutely no loyalty to the country that gave them so much. what would they say about student loan companies that overcharge young people struggling to get out of debt? even young men and women serving our country in the military, or
5:58 pm
corporations that shift their headquarters overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. like johnson controls, an auto parts company from wisconsin, that all of us, we taxpayers, helped to bail out auto rescue back in 2008. now they're turning their backs on america. [ crowd booing ] i'm not interested in condemning whole categories of people or businesses. i'm just interested in making things right. so let there be no doubt. if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute our environment, or rip off the taxpayers, we're going to hold you accountable. [ applause ] but if you do the right thing, if you invest in your workers
5:59 pm
and in america's future, then we'll stand with you. we all need to work together to break down the barriers holding back our families and our country. because the middle class needs a raise. and more good jobs. jobs that pay enough for a family to live on. even put a little away for retirement. jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. that's why we have to invest in manufacturing and infrastructure and small business and clean energy. enough clean energy to power every home in america. [ applause ] don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america anymore, because we can. we are. and we will.
6:00 pm
and together, we can break down the barriers that face working class families across america, especially in struggling rust belt communities. >> hillary clinton and her campaign head quarters with a big victory tonight in miami. >> it is 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means polls have just closed in texas. where fox news can project senator ted cruz will win his home state's presidential primary. this is the second victory of the 2016 cycle for cruz, who won iowa a month ago. donald trump will finish second, behind ted cruz. marco rubio in third. john kasich and ben carson are fighting for fourth place. >> on the democratic side, also in texas, fox projects that hillary clinton will score a sizable victory over rival bernie sanders. what we don't know on the republican side is whether marco rubio in third place will reach the 20% threshold to get delegates in texas. he's been up and down based on
6:01 pm
exit poll numbers, and as we get the raw vote total -- >> we're told it is very tight. and we're awaiting speeches from donald trump, senator marco rubio and senator ted cruz. in the meantime, we want to check in with the cruz campaign where we find our own james rosen. james? >> reporter: megyn and bret, good evening, from the redneck country club in stafford, texas. that's the actual name of the venue, where ted cruz's supporters have gathered. they are proud, self-described rednecks and very happy for ted cruz. he won texas with a very commanding 11-point lead. that exceeded what the realclear politics average of polls had cruz leading by at the start of voting today. we expect to hear from senator cruz in the next hour.
6:02 pm
and now we'll send it back to you at headquarters. >> james, thank you. >> as you look live at marco rubio, at his headquarters, let's listen in. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. [ crowd chanting "marco" ] >> thank you, thank you. i think you've heard this before from someone else, but i want to say it, i love you, miami! thank you. it is great to be home. it is great to be home. we are so excited to be home and we are so excited about what lies ahead for america. we are so excited by what lies ahead for our campaign.
6:03 pm
you see, just five days ago, we began to unmask the true nature of the front-runner so far in this race. five days ago, we began to explain to the american people that donald trump can a conartist. [ applause ] and in just five days, we have seen the impact that it is having across the country. we are seeing in state after state, he loves to talk about polls. we are seeing in state after state his numbers coming down, our numbers going up. and two weeks from tonight, right here in florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear. we are going to send a message
6:04 pm
that the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. [ applause ] >> usa! usa! of all the places in america, and i have traveled this country now and i'm so proud to be back. because there's no place in america that understands the american dream better than this community and this great state of florida. [ applause ] like our country, this is a place built by people who always work hard for a better life. here in this community, we have all been shaped and raised by people who know how special america is, because they know
6:05 pm
what life is like outside of america. by millions of people who lost their homeland. by millions of people who lost their future. but thank god they found this great country where anything is possible, where everyone can go as far as their talent and work will take them. but we know that the things that make america special were not an accident. they did not happen on their own. they happened because for over 200 years, each generation of americans did what they needed to do to leave their children better off than themselves. i know of no place in america that understands that better than we do here. for literally everyone of us here is but a generation removed from someone who made our generation the purpose of our lives. only in america would that have been possible. [ applause ]
6:06 pm
but that american dream that changed our lives and changed the world is in trouble now. for the first time in a long time, young americans believe the american dream is dead. it is not dead, but it is in a lot of trouble. because after eight years of barack obama, the american dream is slipping away for millions. but here's the good news. we do not have to remain on the road we are on right now, and when i am president of the united states, we will not just say the american dream, we will expand it to reach more people than ever. [ applause ] in just the last week, since the thursday debate, i have been inundated with e-mails and calls from people across this country who are joining our effort. if you are watching tonight, i ask you to join our effort. go to
6:07 pm
sign up to be part of our team. because what's at stake, my friends, is not just the future of america, but also the future of the conservative movement. 36 years ago, ronald reagan defined conservatism for a generation. it is not a coincidence that so many young americans my age and a few years older, are all people who believe in the american dream and in the conservative message. because we are the children of the reagan revolution. [ applause ] we believe in free enterprise. we believe in a strong national defense. we believe in limited government. we believe in the constitution of the united states.
6:08 pm
we believe the world is a better place when america is the strongest country on earth. and we know that america is strongest when it stands with its allies like israel. we will always be on their side. we stand for freedom in cuba, in venezuela, in nicaragua. [ applause ] these things are not negotiable. >> marco! marco! marco! >> but there are some people in
6:09 pm
this race that aren't strong on these issues. the other day donald trump was asked will you take sides with israel in face of its enemies. he said he's not taking sides. [ crowd booing ] donald trump says he's not taking sides he wants to be impartial. when i'm president of the united states, we are taking sides. we are on israel's side. and the world will know we're on israel's side, because on the first day in office, we will cancel barack obama's deal with iran. [ applause ] when i'm president of the united states, for the first time in eight years, we will have a president that follows the constitution, not violates it every day. it will begin on my first day in
6:10 pm
office, because on my first day in office, i am going to cancel every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [ applause ] when i'm president of the united states, you will have a president that believes in free enterprise and offers ideas to save it. i believe in free enterprise. not because my parents were wealthy. i didn't inherit $100 million. i didn't start out with a small $2 million loan from my dad. my father was a bartender on miami beach. and the reason why he had a job is because free enterprise works. if any community in america understands that socialism doesn't work, it's right here in miami and it's right here in florida. [ applause ]
6:11 pm
when i'm president we're going reduce taxes and regulations. we're going to save social security and balance our budget. we're going to fully use our energy resources. and my plan is a lot more than getting rid of the lines around the state. on health care, we are going to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all. >> marco rubio tonight, speaking in miami, florida. of course, a city inside of a state which is considered a must-win for him two weeks from now. designing most of his remarks to attack the front-runner in this race, donald trump. talking about him as a con man as we've heard marco rubio say many times. the party of lincoln will never nominate a con man.
6:12 pm
>> let's be honest, this is a tough night for marco rubio. so far, unless he surprises in minnesota, this does not look like a good night at all for marco rubio. in fact, there could be a push for ted cruz to say you're the guy who has to leave this race. >> i think we can expect that. >> he'll have numbers. let's check in now with the trump campaign. carl cameron is live at trump headquarters in palm beach, florida. anymore details about this press conference and somewhat it's all about? >> reporter: well, as we speak, some of the vips here from the trump campaign are beginning to file in. the news conference was supposed to start at 9:00, but as usual, these things take a while. it may be that mr. trump and the campaign are waiting to see if any other state also be called. it appears he is projected to win five of the stating on super tuesday. but there is still a question about ted cruz and whether or not he can pull off a win in
6:13 pm
oklahoma and/or arkansas. and when it comes to trump versus marco rubio, marco rubio was hoping to get a win out of virginia. and trump pulled off a victory in the old dominion. so a big night for trump and they're waiting to see if there's other states they can pick up tonight to catapult his campaign into clear, prohibitive front-runner. when you pick up potentially more than half of the states on super tuesday, the delegate boost that this gives, the sort of victory in terms of the symbolism in terms of having won five or six out of 11 states, which will be far than any other candidate, it is a huge momentum boost and rocks the washington establishment and republicans even more seriously as they figure out if there's any way to stop him. >> carl, thank you. we'll head back as soon as that happens. >> want to bring in chris
6:14 pm
stirewalt and howard kurtz. chris, what do you make of this? >> it is a tough night for marco rubio, and he can thank john kasich in large part for that. donald trump's victories in places like alabama and massachusetts where the voter demographics match his profile, he doesn't need help from anybody. but in virginia where it was so tight and rubio was so close, the divided republican party continues to be his greatest ally. and ted cruz is setting up to have a good night here. i don't think it's likely the republican establishment is going to swing in behind him. but we start to look at a scenario where it's eithasither acquiescence or taking this to the convention. >> hillary clinton seemed squarely focused on donald trump. she said, we don't need to make america great again, we've been
6:15 pm
great all along. we need to make america whole again, we need more love and tenderness, we don't need walls, we need to break down barriers. >> donald trump has been pursuing a strategy by design since day one. he's taken hard lines on things like moderation but moderate positions on no cuts to social security and medicare. >> stand by, because we have a call to make. >> fox news can now project that bernie sanders will win in oklahoma and the fox news decision desk also projects that ted cruz will win the state of oklahoma. the fact that bernie sanders pulls out a win, perhaps where he was not expected to, and ted cruz, another win. texas and oklahoma tonight. that is a big deal. >> stirewalt, back to you. >> big deal for cruz. he has not only a win that he had to have in his home state, but he can win across the border in oklahoma. he's the guy who says i have
6:16 pm
wins. rubio is going to be making a delegate mass argument, i have delegates. these two guys, honestly, on the internet, they call it never trump. if the not trump, the contra trump, whatever you want to call it, if they're serious, the world is not big enough for marco rubio and ted cruz. and krocruz is going to have a of strength in his argument, three wins. >> what ted cruz does not have going for him is the media. the media trump and marco rubio. there's not a whole lot in the media who seem to be pushing for ted cruz. and maybe that's a reflection of a lot of the folks in the senate don't love ted cruz. but ted cruz, can he win? can he somehow overtake donald trump without getting more people from the u.s. senate to certain media on his side? >> if you pull back the camera, donald trump is winning so much, i'm getting bored with winning.
6:17 pm
even if cruz wins texas, which is the minimum requirement and oklahoma, donald trump will end up winning 8 or 9 of the 11 states on super tuesday. for anybody else, we would say that's incredible. cruz has made the argument, marco rubio as well, the media loves donald trump, they're rooting for donald trump -- >> but they do. if you look at the numbers that the time they devoted to donald trump, it was sex minutes trump, seven seconds, rubio. the disparity was remarkable. >> there's a clear imbalance. but a lot of that attention has been negative. because trump rose so against the media, even negative attention helps him, because his fans say the media is just part of the political establishment. senator cruz at least now has a
6:18 pm
point and a talking point, but it's still an uphill battle and the establishment is appaplectic now. >> you can see that some of these establishment republicans, who are they going to choose? if the choice is trump versus cruz, we're told that they don't like either of these guys. >> but they'll take trump. the republican party, we talk about other outlets hype it up. the republican party is going to break up, it's over. this time the fault lines are getting clearer. the republican establishment would swing in behind donald trump and try to accommodate the situation. but i don't know that conservatives will, the kind of people who are supporting cruz and rubio, in fact, whether movement conservatives will ever be able to come in behind trump. i don't know that -- i think howie is right, i don't know that trump cares, because his objective, you'll hear him
6:19 pm
declare very much a big league victory tonight and i don't think he cares. his eyes are on the democrats. >> and now we have a debate in 48 hours, howie, with these candidates. the question is, who will be on that stage thursday night? >> right. i don't see anyone necessarily dropping out in the next 48 hours. if anything like the last debate and we have trump underattack constantly and at the same time, marco rubio took some heat for playing the insult game with trump and interrupting him and mocking him, that may not help him, a lot of people saying that's not really who marco rubio is. >> but it helped marco rubio in the late deciders. >> yeah, it did. the funny thing, the republicans contracted their election calendar, so they didn't have something crazy happen. >> how did that work out? >> guess what, they protected their front-runner, they just didn't know who it would be.
6:20 pm
>> we're looking at the headquarters awaiting donald trump. ted cruz and his super pac spent $6.2 million in the super tuesday states. rubio $3.5 million. donald trump spent $1.1 million on super tuesday states, including $480,000 in texas. he lost texas tonight, but is a big winner in a number of other states. we're waiting for a press conference from florida. when america's election headquarters continues.
6:21 pm
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so, call now, request your free guide, and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. sixty-five may get all the attention, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you want things to be. go long™. and a big night for donald trump, as we await a news conference at his campaign headquarters down in palm beach, florida. we are not sure what to expect there. all sorts of rumors going around, but we will wait and see from the candidate himself when he comes out momentarily. >> let's bring back our panel. we'll start with you, then.
6:25 pm
what do you think? >> can you hear me? >> yeah, yeah. >> look, this is a very, very good night for donald trump, shaping up for a very good night. beyond the wins, you look at the delegate math and delegate projections. dave walsserman with the cook report was talking what a good night look for donald trump, what a mediocre night and bad night. he said over 300 delegates tonight would be a phenomenal night for trump. 250 to 300 would be about what we expected, but the higher that goes, the better for trump and under 250 subpar. it looks like trump is certainly going to be in that middle section, maybe at the higher end of that. that's a good night for donald trump. ted cruz, if he's winning -- if he wins two states, maybe three states, picks up delegates, that's a good night for him. marco rubio has a tough argument. he argument gets tougher if he doesn't win any states.
6:26 pm
he's got to say, i can win in florida and start winning the winner take all states. but he would be 0 for 15. >> we would like to take a look at the boards here, what's remaining. you have vermont, where we can't call it yet. still too close to call as you see there, battling between donald trump and john kasich. and we also have arkansas still out there, which we can't call as of yet. and donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz all battling for that. dana? >> well, what i thought was interesting is that if you looked at hillary clinton's speech that she just gave, that was a general election speech. she's absolutely just going to go for it. she's the presumptive nominee. she made history tonight as the first woman to do so. the republicans very much want an outsider. the you look at the democrats, they want somebody with political experience. so this projecting ahead and
6:27 pm
looking to what that might be like, which one can win. you see the passion on both sides, the turnout favoring republicans, which is giving democrats pause. >> you look at the states that are coming up, brit, and marco rubio's argument is okay, i didn't win a state yet, but i came very close. and right now we're in a delegate race. and if ted cruz couldn't consolidate the south, how is he going to consolidate voters in illinois and in florida and in michigan? that's likely what his campaign will argue. >> of course they can argue that. but the math is what it is. and this is a big night for donald trump. maybe even bigger as steve indicated than we expected. but it's a good night for ted cruz, too. winning those two states -- he had to win texas, but texas is a big prize. oklahoma was -- that was a little bit of icing on the cake for him. he now has a valid claim to be the legitimate alternative to
6:28 pm
cruz. rubio comes out of this without much to hold on to, except he's still got money and will get delegates and faces the moment of truth, the ultimate moment of truth in two weeks, his home state and he is in tough shape. >> in virginia, it looks like the reason rubio didn't win there was kasich. >> that's one way of arguing it. >> not to mention trump. but just looking at this in virginia, a 55% majority of virginia republicans said they would be dissatisfied with trump, but he won tonight, because of -- >> of the voter split. >> that's his argument. he's going to say all i need is for all people to drop out. >> that's been true for his case for weeks. kasich doesn't look like he's going anywhere except for ohio.
6:29 pm
i think it's plausible to argue, as rubio may, i don't think he will say it publicly, that had it not been for kasich, he would have done much better tonight, won virginia and perhaps elsewhere. most of these cases, if cruz drops out, i don't think -- i don't know how much of that support rubio would get, probably not all that much. a lot of cruz people regard trump -- regard their candidate, cruz, as an outsider. they would go to trump. but case sick a different matter. he's the least conservative of the people remaining in the raise, and rubio would be more likely to pick up support from his followers than trump would. so it's a plausible argument to make. and i suspect republican office holders in washington would like to say, john kasich, you're killing us. they're terrified of trump for two reasons. one, they'll drag them out to an unprecedented defeat and they're
6:30 pm
concerned if he ever got elected, it would be a nightmare. that's the people that are denounced as the establishment, to them, this is frightening. and kasich has to be driving them crazy. >> charlie, what are we going to hear from donald trump? he's going to say what? the race is over? there's word that perhaps florida governor rick scott may endorse trump down there. it's talked about. what are we going to hear? >> i think he's obviously going to rightly declare a considerable victory in a broad -- honestly, races across the country, of every demographic in the republican party, from the northeast across the south, and i think that he is going to -- i hope he doesn't just say it's over, because it is absolutely not over.
6:31 pm
and i think the night got better for ted cruz's position, got a lot better, because he's going to clearly overtake marco rubio in the delegate count. but the results today -- tonight, reveal just what tall cotton donald trump is in, and has been coming into tonight. that is that he is benefited by the fact that ted cruz won his home state. he's benefited by the fact that marco rubio did as well as he did in virginia. because that's going to keep both of them in there. as long as ted cruz and marco rubio remain in this race, donald trump is going to cruise by. as long as the two of them are mixed up, he's just vacuuming up the delegates he needs, that's
6:32 pm
the safest, surest way donald trump can cruise to the republican nomination. >> two sources saying governor rick scott is going to endorse donald trump. >> kirsten, what do you think at this point, if the republican race is shaping up for trump on the democratic side for hillary, what do the democrats, what does hillary clinton think of running against donald trump? >> well, the democrats think that running against trump is probably a good thing. they may come to regret that, and they've laid out -- "the new york times" had a big story that the plan is going to be focusing that he's a bigot and, but ther concern about him, because he does have much more broader base support than a ted cruz for example. even if we look at ted cruz winning oklahoma, of course he won oklahoma. it's one of the most conservative states in the country. he should be winning there. so i think if you look at donald
6:33 pm
trump, you have somebody who is winning all kinds of people all over the map. i mean, he wins in the northeast, in the south. he's winning massachusetts, and then he's running in georgia and alabama. i mean, this is somebody who could potentially almost have a sort of reagan democrat kind of effect. >> that's the thing. trump has put together a coalition unlike any other we have seen in history. he wins with the working class and the middle class. his numbers with minorities are not strong, and you do need people of color in order to be elected to the presidency. and so the question is whether he can get those, to shore up his numbers with whites, white working class, white middle class in both parties. dana? >> if you look at the electoral college, he could give the democrats a run for their money. republicans always think it was this close. michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, that whole area with
6:34 pm
blue collar workers, yes, he absolutely could turn voters out and give hillary clinton a real pause in those places. >> you said oklahoma is one of the most conservative states. it also is a state that went to bernie sanders tonight. >> on the democratic side, it has a lower african-american population than in the other southern states. so that's likely why he didn't better there. it's still a win. the problem for bernie sanders is that -- this is the argument that the hillary clinton campaign is going to make through surrogates and reporters that mathematically it's looking pretty impossible for bernie sanders at this point. they want to argue even taking super delegates out of the issue. >> don't say super delegates. it just confuses the rest of us. >> all right, panel, stand by. donald trump set to hold a news conference at his campaign news conference in florida any moment now. >> our special super tuesday coverage continues next, live
6:35 pm
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. an election alert. this is live in florida, and new jersey governor chris christie, who has endorsed donald trump, opening up his news conference. >> since june 16th, when mr. trump declared his candidacy, he has shown himself to be tough and strong and bold. he's shown himself to be a fighter, a leader who speaks plainly to the american people. he has listened to the american people. the american people are listening to him. and he's bringing the country together. that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a campaign, it's a movement. [ applause ] america wants to come together.
6:39 pm
america wants to be strong and successful again. but they know to do that, they need to have a strong, bold, tough, decisive leader back in the oval office. and they have that man after tonight. ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald trump. [ applause ] >> chris, thank you very much. i appreciate it. this has been an amazing evening. already we've won five major states, and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. [ applause ] it's really been great. i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. he worked hard on it and i know how hard he worked, so i
6:40 pm
congratulate ted cruz on that win. that was an excellent win. we're going to make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great again. hilla hillary has been there so long. if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. it's just going to become worse and worse. she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what that is all about? making great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. so this was an exciting evening. so great to be in florida. so great to be here with friends and the press and the media and everybody. [ applause ] i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night, but he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i've said many times before. but you know what?
6:41 pm
we're going to go to florida and spend so much time there. we have about a 20-point lead. i know a lot of groups, a lot of the special interests and lobbyists and the people that want to have their little senator do exactly as they want, they're going to put $20 million, $25 million into it over the next two weeks, and frankly, i think that's fine as far as i'm concerned. and if he wins, he will have total control. but we'll see what happens. we're going to spend a lot of tame in florida. the virginia win was a great win, because it's a place that is just spectacular, and a place that we have big investments in, as we have in florida. remember, we have thousands of employees in florida, along miami, dural and so many other places. it's been an amazing place to invest and amazing to have so many wonderful employees, some of whom are here tonight, urging us on. i have thousands of employees
6:42 pm
all over the country, actually all over the world. but for purposes of tonight, we'll say all over the country. and it's been so beautiful to watch this grow so wonderfully. recent articles came out talking about how great company we built. and now we want to put that same ability into doing something for our nation. i mean, our nation is in serious trouble. we're being killed on trade, absolutely destroyed. china is just taking advantage of us. i have nothing against china. i have great respect for china, but their leaders are too smart for our leaders. our leaders don't have a clue, and the trade deficit is at $500 billion, $500 billion are too much. no country can sustain that kind of trade deficit. it won't be that way for long. we have the greatest business leaders in the world, on my team already. and believe me, we're going to redo those trade deals and it's going to be a thing of beauty. you look at countries like
6:43 pm
mexico, where they're killing us on the border, absolutely destroying us on the border. they're destroying us in terms of economic development, companies like carrier air conditioner just moving into mexico. ford moving into mexico. nabisco closing up shop in chicago and moving to mexico. we have to stop it, folks. i know how to stop it. we're going to create jobs like you've never seen. we're going to lower taxes. i have a plan that larry cudlow and so many others have said it's the best we have seen. we're going to lower taxes and that was the predominant factor in making our country into a country that we all love so much and we're all so proud of. but we've forgotten the middle class. so we'll lower taxes. we're lowering taxes on business. you look at the companies moving out. when you see pfizer moving to ireland and so many other companies constantly, now
6:44 pm
they're leaving. they used to move from new york to florida. or they would move from new jersey to someplace else, chris. but now they're moving from here -- not that many people are leaving new jersey. but chris understands the problem, fully understands the problem. now they're leaving from places they used to move from to other parts of the world. we've lost our manufacturing jobs. we've lost our manufacturing. millions and millions of jobs. thousands and thousands of manufacturing plants, warehouses. i mean, we are losing so much. we can't let it happen. i tell the story often about a friend of mine, who was in the excavation business, and he always orders caterpillar. recently he ordered kamatsu tractors from japan, because they devalued the yen to such an e tent it was virtually impossible for caterpillar to compete. and that's not going to happen.
6:45 pm
they shouldn't be allowed to do it. we have tremendous power of everybody, because we are really the source. we have great, great power. the problem is, we have politicians that truly, truly, truly don't know what they're doing. so we're going to work very, very hard. i'm so honored. if you told me june 16, when i was with my wife and we came down the escalator in trump tower, and it looked like this, you have a lot of cameras here. it looked like the academy awards. and it takes courage to run, i'll tell you what. it takes a lot of courage to run for president. i've never done this before. i've been a job producer and other things, but this is something i've never done. but when you look at the incompetence of the iran deal where we give $150 billion and we get absolutely nothing. when you look at all of the problems our country has, and you look at our military, which is being rapidly depleted.
6:46 pm
we're going to make them bigger, better and stronger than ever before and nobody, nobody, nobody is going to mess with us, folks, nobody. [ applause ] so it's just an amazing honor to have you with me tonight, and if you want, chris, i think we told you before it would be okay if you want to ask a few questions. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] there's a lot of pressure to support or reject you within the republican party specifically. [ inaudible ] -- conservatives will need to find a third party option. >> they can always do that. they'll just lose everything, and that would be the work of a loser. but let me just explain something. if you have seen what's
6:47 pm
happened, whether you go to south carolina, where i had a huge victory, where we had a tremendous victory in new hampshire, tremendous in nevada, you look at somewhat's happened and tonight is the best of all. right now they're projected i guess sixth. but we could be seven, eight, nine, and it's georgia, alabama, massachusetts. tennessee. virginia. [ applause ] these are amazing states, and we're probably going to get a lot more. in fact, we're projected to have some pretty good additional numbers. but i will say this, look, we have expanded the republican party. when you look at somewhat's happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in, they came from the democratic party, and they're democrats and long-time democrats and they were never going to switch and they all switched. and they were independents. we have actually expanded the
6:48 pm
party. look at the number of votes we had in that area as an example. four years ago, we had 390,000 votes, we doubled it, we're almost 800,000. whereas the democrats went down. there's much less enthusiasm for the democrats. so look, i'm a unifier. i know people find that hard to believe, but believe me, i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. on the assumption she's allowed to run, which is a big assumpti assumption. i think that's going to be an easy race. i beat hillary in many polls. i don't think marco can beat her, i think ted would have a very hard time. but at least ted has a shot. so i just tell you this, we are going to be a much finer party, we're going to be a unified party, to be honest with you. we are going to be a much bigger
6:49 pm
party. you can see that happening. we're going to be a much bigger party. our party is expanding. all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where i've won, and just look, we've gone from x number to a much larger number. that hasn't happened to the republican party in many, many decades. so i think we're going to be more inclusive. i think we're going to be more unified and a much bigger party and i think we're going to win in november. [ applause ] [ inaudible question ] >> i'm just doing what's right. look, planned parenthood has done very good work for millions of women. i'll say it, and i know a lot of the so-called conservatives, they say that's -- because i'm a conservative. but i'm a common sense
6:50 pm
conservative. but millions of women have been helped by planned parenthood. but we're not going to allow and fund, as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood. and we understand that. i've said it loud and clear. go planned parenthood. and we are understand that. i've said it loud and clear. but -- and we'll see what happens. but planned parenthood, millions of people and i have had thousands of letters from women that have been helped and this wasn't a set-up. this is people writing letters. i'm going to be really good for women. i'm going to be good for women's health issues. it is very important to me. very important to me. and maybe that's not a perfect conservative view but i can tell you one thing. i'm more conservative than anybody on the military, on taking care of our vets, on the border. on the wall. on getting rid of obamacare. and coming up with something much, much better. certainly getting rid of common core and bringing education to a local level so that you're going
6:51 pm
to have good education for our children who are being absolutely starved for proper education. so, sarah, i mean, you can call it what you want. i'm a truth teller and i will tell the truth. okay? yeah. go ahead. finish it. >> do you feel like the presumptive nominee? >> i feel awfully good. i'm watching your people. i'm watching your people. i'm going to be very nice. watching your people on cnn and watching the fox people and wanting the msnbc people, too. okay? see? i'm becoming diplomatic. and they are certainly being very nice to me tonight. i mean, you know, they're being very strong. they're declaring marco rubio the big loser of the night which is true. he didn't win anything. he hasn't won anything period. and by the way, i have to tell you. and he was very, very nasty. i've never heard a person speak on a night like this and be
6:52 pm
nasty. he hasn't won anything. i congratulate ted. i know how hard ted worked on texas. that's a big get. i came in second. and one of the things my son eric told me which i didn't even realize is not only did i win most of the states and some are coming in and i'm expected to win them, but i came in second. i came in no worse than second. so it wasn't like i won and then i disappeared. the worst i had was a second. so i'm very, very honored by the turnout. okay? yes. go ahead. [ inaudible ] right. >> the relationship between your -- or your overall orientation to politic ice totally wrong. i disavowed. i disavowed. when chris gave me the honor o joining the campaign, he called
6:53 pm
me. said, donald, what you have got is a movement. we spoke today in kentucky. you have never seen a crowd like that. 20,000 people inside this massive convention center. and it was inl credible. and every place we're speaking, 10,000 people, it is like a small group. we had 35,000 people the other day in alabama. and when chris called, he said this is a movement. this is something like i've never seen and in all fair tons the press, they have said the same thing. they have never seen anything like it. i'm honored by it. when chris joined, we had a news conference and asked me the same question. i said, i disavow. after the program we're talking about, i thought it was clear, but, you know, talking about groups, groups, groups, i have to know the name of the group. right after, i put out a tweet and put out on facebook that i totally disavow. everybody knew i did that. the press refused the look at. that's right after.
6:54 pm
i disavowed then and today on abc with george stephanopoulos. how many times times do you disavow? i hope it's the final time i have to do it. look at facebook and twitter, right after the show, i put out a statement because i want everybody to be sure. yes? go ahead. >> you call yourself a negotiator. deal maker. is this campaign just the is that right of a negotiation for you with positions to move towards the middle? >> no. it is not. but there is going to always be some negotiation. it is going to be a good negotiation. not a bad negotiation. a good negotiation to start and hopefully i'll make a great deal for the american people. so, you know, look. you can't go around just signing our little notices that the president signs all the time executive orders. he's telling them executive order, executive order. i don't know. does he go and deal with congress anymore? does he ever speak to the senate? does he ever speak with
6:55 pm
congressmen and get them in a room and get things done? good example of this in all fairness is something that i -- very, very important to me. corporate inversion. carl icahn endorsed me, great businessman. bothers him so much. calls me about it all the time. losing companies and we are losing for two reasons. for a lot of reasons but the taxes are too high. highest taxed nation in the world and very importantly, they have trillions -- for companies, trillions of dollars outside of this country. the democrats agree it should be brought back in. the republicans agree it should be brought back in. everybody agrees it should be brought back in. i could sit in a room or the oval office for a period of literally a half hour and i really believe i could get everybody, every single -- one thing. they don't agree on health care or don't agree on common core or don't agree on other things and they fight. here's something every single --
6:56 pm
i mean, almost everybody agrees. these trillions and trillions of dollars should be brought into the country. the president can't make a deal. the reason is he doesn't know how to make a deal. probably doesn't work at it. probably doesn't care. but you're talking about tremendous numbers of -- tremendous amounts of money. so, when you have something that everybody wants and you can't make a deal, there's something going on that's really wrong and what it means is you have the wrong leader. yes? >> democrats stonewall you on immigration, is that negotiable? >> look. everything -- we are going to have a wall. i can tell you. we are going to have a wall. i watched the ex-president of mexico, the arrogance of this man. i get along great with the hispanics. you saw in nevada. i won in the poll. the hispanic vote. thousands of people work for me right now hispanic. i have had thousands and thousands over my lifetime. these are great people. the mexican leaders are too smart for our leaders. you saw it.
6:57 pm
vincente fox, first of all, he used the word you should never -- if i used that word you folks would have never, ever, ever let me get away with it. nobody talked about it. this is the ultimate word. but he was angry at the concept of somebody saying that they were going to pay for the wall. think aol pay for the wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion a year. $58 billion. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. it's so easy. i've had these guys that i'm on the stage with, you don't really mean mexico's going to pay for the wall. as sure as you're standing there. 100% mexico will pay. 100%. and -- the reason, the reason is i'm a businessman. i know how to do this. politicians are all talk, no action. except for chris christie of course. it's not -- look. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen with these people. so when you think of it, they
6:58 pm
say you'll never build a wall. we need 1,000 miles. the great wall of china built 2,000 years ago is 13,000 miles, folks. and they didn't have caterpillar tractors. i use caterpillar if you want to know the truth or john deere. they didn't have tractors. they didn't have cranes. they didn't have excavation equipment. the wall is 13,000 miles long. we need 1,000 miles. and we have all of the materials. we can do that so beautifully. and this is going to be a serious wall, a high wall. going to be a very serious wall. we are going to stop drugs from coming in to new hampshire. you know, when i won new hampshire those people so incredible to me and you wouldn't believe it. it's so -- so beautiful. you look at the fields and everything. so beautiful. and yet you go to a meeting in new hampshire. their number one problem, number one problem is heroin. the heroin is pouring in.
6:59 pm
and they have so many of their young people and other people addicted. and i told them, i'm going to stop it. i'm going to stop it. we will have a strong border. i mean strong. and by the way, speaking of people, people are going to come in. and they're going to come into the country but they're going to come in legally. okay? [ inaudible ] i have a lot of respect for rick scott. i don't know about the endorsement. i have a lot of respect for rick scott. [ inaudible ] yeah? >> on your plans -- >> what? >> your plans -- >> we have the find out when's going on. >> this weekend governor christie you backed away -- >> we have a big, big problem. i'll tell it like it is. we have a big, big problem. we have to figure it out. radical islamic terrorism. big, big problem. not only for us. take a look at germany, sweden, brussels. you look at some of these places. it's like, a disaster. and we're not going to allow
7:00 pm
people to come into our country who we have no idea who they are. we have no idea where they come from. they have no paper work. they're young and they're strong. you look at that migration line. they're young. they're strong. they're powerful. and you say, why aren't they back fighting for their country? with all of that being said, i feel strongly. i have a bigger heart than anybody. we'll build a safe zone. it's going to be in syria and going to get the gulf states who have more money than anybody, we have to loosen up their wallets a little bit. well eat g we'll get -- they're not accepting people. wait, wait, wait. to pay for it. because they should. >> on the refugees and talking about your plans to ban -- >> you heard what i said. i gave you a good answer. go ahead. go ahead. >> mr. trump, if you're -- nominee versus hillary clinton in the fall, what are you going to do to bring back the groups -- campaign so far --
7:01 pm
muslims? >> we'll bring them back. you know how? first of all, we're going to do great with the african-americans. and you see that in the polls. where i had one poll up 25%. and one of the commentators who i think is standing right in the back of the room in the corner said, you know, if donald trump gets 25% of the african-american vote this election is over. you watch. and the reason i'm getting that and going to do great with the hispanics, doing great with virtually every group, the reason is i'm going to bring jobs back. i'm going to get apple to start making the computers and iphones on our land, not china. how does it help us when they make it in china? so i'm going to create jobs. okay? go ahead. >> marco rubio cannot win florida is it time for him to get out and do you plan to spend $25 million you say -- >> i always liked marco until a
7:02 pm
week ago when he decided to go hostile and become don rickles. okay? i always liked him. somebody told him you're losing very badly. only way to possibly win, take the hail mary, they called ate hail mary. the folks in the back. go hostile. it's hurt him. in fact, one of the newscasts tonight said he went down 15% or 20% and really hurt him. i won't tell him or anybody what to do. you have to run. he had a bad night. according to cnn, fox, i watched their broadcast. they say the loser of the night was marco rubio. it's true. he didn't win anything. at least you can see that ted has won something. and, you know, marco has not won. you got to be able to win. you can't talk. you know, the politicians, all talk, no action. you got to be able to win something. he hasn't won anything. he hasn't come very close and we'll see what happens. yes. go ahead. go ahead.
7:03 pm
>> the question earlier about working with congress, criticized president obama for not working with congress. dismissed the criticism of speaker ryan and senate majority leader mcconnell saying you were equivocating about the issue. >> how many times do i say -- listen. who are you by the way? who are you with? >> jared with sirius xm radio. >> very good. i don't want to waste time. okay. i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i'll get along great with him. if i don't, he'll have to pay a big price. okay? okay. yeah? go ahead. on the right. yes? >> you say a lot about what you're going to do in the united states but what kind of president will you be to the world? >> a good president. we have a country in big trouble. the infrastructure is going to hell. our roads, our highways, our schools, hospitals, airports, i
7:04 pm
go throughout the world. you go to qatar, you go to some people say qatar. you go to qatar. you go to any of the -- so many places. different places in china, different places in asia. different places in the middle east. you look at some of the airports they have. you look at the roadways they have. you look at the transportation systems they have. and the trains they have. we're like a third world country. so i'm going to be very good for the worldment i'm going to get along with the world. you'll be proud of me. even you will be proud of me as a president. we have to rebuild our country. our country is going to hell. and people don't understand that. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she's talking about -- i mean, one of the thing this is's really bothered me and i have such great support is that people -- you take a look. people -- the middle income groups making less money today, less money than 12 years ago and in the speech she said they're making less money. she's been there for with obama
7:05 pm
for a long period of time. practically everything that she was complaining about, picked up what i say. the difference is she's been there for a long period of time. why haven't they done anything about it? then you look at her record as secretary of state. it's abysmal. you look at what's going on with syria. you look at when's going on with everything. it's a disaster. so we're going to have an interesting period of time. i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run. what she did is a criminal act. allowed to run, i would be very, very surprised. allowed to run, honestly, a sad day for this country because what she did was wrong. and what she did and let me just tell you -- what she did was wrong. and other people have done far less than her and they paid a very, very big price. okay. one or two more questions. yeah. go ahead, jeremy. >> talked about how you plan to -- living in this country and
7:06 pm
yesterday you said that everything is negotiable. your plan is potentially negotiable. >> where? where? tell me why. >> yesterday -- >> i didn't say that. i'll negotiate. if the wall is 50 feet, i'll take 2 feet off the wall. >>. you didn't listen, jer any. >> undocumented immigrants, would you consider allowing the people you said you would bring back in the country and stay in the country without having to leave the country? >> at this moment, absolutely not. no. we have a country or we don't. we have borders or we don't have borders. at this moment, the answer is absolutely not. how about one or two more questions? david? make it a nice question, david, please. >> suggestions of including some of former aides that some people inside the republican national committee considering monkeywrenching with the delegates, trying to clear you away and put -- >> i think, david, okay. go ahead. >> at the end of the day you may
7:07 pm
have sown up ten of the 15 states at this point. is that enough that the rnc commit to honoring the commitment with you or you expect -- >> well, look. i don't expect -- i have respect for reince and the group and the rnc. i don't know this i'm treated fairly or not. i don't know. i can't tell you that. i can tell you that i respect them. what i really have is a great number of people. i have millions and millions of people and when i was watching those broadcasts just a little while ago before i came in here to see where we were before i started speaking, i was amazed at the kind of numbers. the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers down. our numbers through the roof and people are making the statements they have never seen in modern times a party that was so energized. i think if somebody is doing as well as i'm doing and i'm not just speaking for myself. me or anybody else, but if i'm going to win five. i have won five but maybe it's
7:08 pm
six, seven, eight, nine, could be nine, could win nine states tonight, if i win all of these states with tremendous numbers and if i come in worst second of two or three i don't win and awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. right? you know? it's very hard. but i really think that -- i think it's a great question, david, because i really think what one of the biggest things that everybody is seeing happening and everybody is the republican party has become more dynamic, it's become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats, taking from the independents. we have a lot more people. we have a lot more people. i mean, take a look at south carolina. look at the numbers. look at the numbers from four years ago when nobody wanted to waste their time and vote and then you look at -- i was there. you had lines that went a mile long and it was virtually more than doubled. so we have a very, very dynamic party. and i think we're going to be
7:09 pm
able to unify the party and i hope to get along with everybody. i don't know paul ryan well. i hope to be able to get along with him. i know mitch mcconnell a little bit. i hope to get along with him. remember this. i have millions and millions and millions of people. this isn't like it's a close match. i mean, only too bad that winner didn't take all because if winner took all, this thing is over. we're having a celebration. you know? we're having a celebration. so anyway, i would like to -- look. i just want to end by thanking everybody. this is an amazing period in my life. my wife just called and ivanka is having a baby very soon as she is a special person and it is going to be great and looking forward to that. she is back in new york. they all wanted to be here. they're with ivanka and could be in the next week. but this has been an amazing period of time. it's been amazing for me from an
7:10 pm
educational standpoint and we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done and i'm proud of it and i want to leave you with this. i'm a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify and when we unify there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. >> donald trump with chris christie behind him in florida holding a news conference on election night. big winner. doing something different than victory speeches of old. you did not see florida governor rick scott there with official word that there is no endorsement tonight. said to be in tallahassee and you heard donald trump being asked about that. so no endorse frmt the florida governor as of yet. donald trump using this night in a news conference that was, megyn a different environment and look and frankly it kind of
7:11 pm
looked presidential. >> very smart. >> probably what he was trying to do. >> not only that, holding himself out there, striking a reasonable tone. presidential and rmal bombast sort of help some of the detractors see him in a different light perhaps and focusing on hillary clinton. interesting he said i'm a unifier. hard to believe but i'm a unifier. i'll go after one person. hillary clinton. if she's allowed to run. but that is the one thing that the republican party as a whole wants to hear. >> she is a big winner today. people said it's the frib primary to worry about. we'll see. taking a look at ted cruz's campaign headquarters. ready to speak. he is a big winner tonight, as well. with texas and oklahoma. >> that's right. which were in question. not clear to win texas and everyone agreed he had to. oklahoma no one predicting but a
7:12 pm
possibility. so now he has two and he's won three states against donald trump and marco rubio has not done and won none and yet if you look at the delegates to shake out, marco rubio's in the hunt versus cruz at least and so there's a real question about what he will do after tonight. >> by the way, back to texas. you see ted cruz's win there and the numbers and the real question is whether marco rubio gets to the threshold of 20%. we're told the districts just outside dallas have not come in yet and it looks like he is going do get or approach that 20% number which means he would get delegates in texas, as well. >> meanwhile in case you're wondering, ben carson is still in it. i think he said until his money runs out. it takes money. >> he put out a release saying he wants to meet with the
7:13 pm
candidates for civility and how the candidates are dealing with things before the debate talking about and to each other. john kasich, we are still waiting for a decision in vermont and arkansas on the republican side. on the hunt for first in vermont. >> one of the panelists saying earlier, the ideal layout for donald trump because he is running away with it in terms of the "ws" the wins and enough to sprinkle around to think the other guys thinking they're in it. kasich who knows if he can pull out a win in vermont? second in new hampshire. carson doesn't have anything but you can see the relative arguments and what the campaign analysts say running for president you convince yourself that you will be the winner. even if it is clear to the country that you will not. >> and the path, that's what people want the see. tonight at the end of the night if marco rubio gets a bunch of
7:14 pm
delegates in a bunch of different places, he will make a case that he can still be in this race but there is a ted cruz case to be made when you have more wins against donald trump in iowa, in texas, in oklahoma, we're waiting on arkansas. where ted cruz could potentially win. >> because the reality of it is there's a lot of opposition to donald trump. cruz and rubio won't go away quietly into the night. looking at the states, actually this is -- so my team sends me things from twitter. this is steve hayes. >> not ours. >> wait. he is right here. >> pointing out that those dissatisfied with trump virginia, tennessee, all around 41% and 52%. let's listen to ted cruz, the winner of oklahoma and texas tonight.
7:15 pm
>> thank you, texas! god bless the lone star state. god bless the great state of oklahoma. in 324 days marine one will depart washington, d.c. with a very important dignitary on board. former president barack obama. this much is certain. january 20th, 2017, will be president obama's last day in office. and on that day, we will have a
7:16 pm
new president of the united states. tonight, tonight this campaign enters a new phase. we began with 17 republican candidates. through the first four states, the race narrowed considerably. tonight was another decision point. and the voters have spoken. tomorrow morning, we have a choice. so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remans more likely.
7:17 pm
and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives. and for the nation. and after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat donald trump. i congratulate donald trump on his victories tonight. but we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, three times!
7:18 pm
15 states have now voted. every one of those states so far has been won by either donald trump or myself. republicans, we have a choice. we are blessed with a deep, talented, honorable field. for the candidates who have not yet won a state. who have not racked up significant delegates. i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. we welcome you on our team united as one.
7:19 pm
that is the only way to beat donald trump. our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly. for that to happen we must come together. and the republican primary voters in upcoming states, you, too, have a choice. in our nation's darkest hours, fdr told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. jfk told us not to ask what our country could do for us but to ask what we could do for our country. america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them.
7:20 pm
our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane and vulgar with a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain. or we can nominate a proven conservative who's fought consistently for working men and women. and to defend the constitution.
7:21 pm
it's our choice. donald trump has pledged to expand obamacare in to socialized medicine. with the federal government controlling and rationing your health care. as president, i will repeal every word of obamacare. donald trump promises to cut dealing with democrats and to continue the washington cronyism just like he supported obama's t.a.r.p. wall street bailout. i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare. adopt a flat tax and abolish the irs.
7:22 pm
trump funded the gang of eight. with your help, i led the successful opposition to the gang of eight's amnesty plan. donald trump supports planned parenthood. i will direct the justice department to investigate planned parenthood. donald trump promises to compromise with harry reid an chuck schumer on supreme court nominees. i will never compromise away our religious liberty.
7:23 pm
en like donald trump i will never compromise away our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. donald trump pledges to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president, i will not be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. donald trump says he will keep in place the iranian nuclear deal to try to renegotiate us. i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office.
7:24 pm
if you're angry with washington, i understand. but donald trump has been part of the washington corruption for 40 years. he's harry reid's favorite republican candidate. and jimmy carter's. just yesterday, it was reported that the "the new york times" has a secret tape recording of donald saying he doesn't mean what he's saying on immigration, this it's all flexible, he won't build a wall that he won't deport illegal aliens. but donald refuses to allow them to release the tape. donald, release the tape.
7:25 pm
if you are telling "the new york times" editorial board that you're lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know. enough with the washington corruption. with the deception. with using government to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the american people. five years ago i promised the people of texas to fight with every breath in my body to stop obamacare. to stop amnesty and to secure the border. to stop the debt that is bankrupting our kids and grand kids. to defend religious liberty, the second amendment and the bill of rights.
7:26 pm
and i have kept my promise. that's why we were supported in this election by texas governor greg abbott. by lieutenant governor, dan patrick, our campaign chairman. by former governor rick perry, a true patriot. by nearly half of the republican state legislators in texas. and by thousands upon thousands of republican women and grassroots activists.
7:27 pm
they know my record. they know me personally. they know my heart. and they know that i have kept my word to fight for them each and every day. america, i'll do the same as president. together we will repeal obamacare. abolish the irs. pull back the epa regulators that are killing small businesses. stop amnesty and secure the borders. and the results will be small
7:28 pm
businesses exploding, millions of high-paying jobs, wages going up and young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers. from this day forward let us together show that reagan's love optimism and faith in the american people were not misplaced. let us show that we will not let the american light go out, that we will fight for our constitution, for life and for freedom. you have shown that we remain a strong and just people. a people who do not give in to fear but rise always in our righteous might to meet the challenges of the future.
7:29 pm
together we can do it. if we stand together and return to the free market principles and the constitutional liberties that built america. once again, w more morning in america. thank you and god bless each and every one of you. >> ted cruz in stafford, texas, after a big win in his home state and also a win in oklahoma. but now, we are ready to make a call in arkansas. fox news projects that donald trump will win that state's republican presidential primary beating ted cruz and the rest of the gop field. >> and we are also ready to make a call in massachusetts. fox news projects that hillary
7:30 pm
clinton will beat bernie sanders in that state's democratic presidential primary. so two more to update our board for you tonight. >> we are looking forward to seeing if ted cruz in the other states out there has any chance to overtake donald trump. you still have vermont which still has not been called. john kasich is battling for that position. and then we have oregon just called and obviously we have alaska later on. that little -- probably won't get results until who knows when? >> all right. want to start with this. because we have big news for you now. senator marco rubio vowing to press on. managed to close second place finish in virginia and joining us live from the campaign headquarters in miami. good evening to you, senator. thank you for being with us. >> good evening. thank you. >> so your reaction to what many described here on this channel tonight as a disappointed night
7:31 pm
for you, not managing to pull out a victory in virginia nor any other state so far. >> yeah. i think the analysis has to be recalibrat recalibrated. this is the proportional stage of the campaign. no one is taking home all the of the delegates and supposed to be ted cruz's big night. we never said we'd clean house on super tuesday. we understood the map. this is the night that ted cruz to win five or six states. he won the home state and oklahoma and sharing delegates. on the other hand, you look at virginia, a state we were down 20 points in the polls and the last polls a few days ago and basically fought donald trump to a draw despite having to share the ballot with people that probably took votes away and leave there with as many delegates as he has. and multiple states. we are also looking forward to seeing the result in minnesota which we think are very good for us and now the map starts to get much better for us and we never
7:32 pm
said super tuesday will be our night. my campaign never claimed that on super tuesday the night to surge. we feel really good about the days to come. you know what? in these races, you have a front-runner and everybody says we have to rally for the good of the party. they're saying the opposite. they're saying we have to rally to stop donald trump, a world class con artist and not criticize the ku klux klan and will do tremendous damage to the republican party. we'll be in the race as long as it takes to ensure he doesn't get to 1,237 delegates and we do. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> if you don't win minnesota tonight, you're 0 for the republican contest and not have had a win and ted cruz will say i beat donald trump in iowa, beat him in texas, and i beat him in oklahoma. so why isn't he better positioned to take on donald trump because he has these wins? >> well, first of all, ted
7:33 pm
supposed to win in south carolina. he finished in third. this is the strongest part of the country. ted run as someone appealing to the evangelical base of the party and i also appeal to and the one most conservative elements of the party which i also appeal to. and ted hasn't been able to win the states. he basically -- >> neither have you. >> wiped out throughout the south. >> i understand. the km pain is not built and arguing that super tuesday is my firewall. he said he'd sweep super tuesday states and that would be the end of the campaign. this hasn't materializes. look at the sit that tates comi now. and we are going to do well in the states. we got through tonight, a significant number of delegates and the map gets really good for our campaign and excited for what lies ahead. i'm the only one to stop donald trump. only one to unify the party and grow it, consistently beats hillary clinton in the polls go.
7:34 pm
to marco and sign up tonight to be a part of our effort. >> but, senator, as you look at the road coming ahead and two weeks from tonight, the state of florida where donald trump was tonight, offering his remarks, he's beating you right now by 20 points in your home state. and so, to those who think, trump is inevitable now, not only is he the big winner tonight but route you in your own home state among others two weeks from now. what say you? >> i say a couple things. one, i don't believe he's up by 20 points. he was up by 25 points in virginia and in 5 days of pointing out the people he's a con artist from 20 points up to bearly beating me and if i didn't share the ballot with people i would have won and i look forward to the battle in florida. we have a great team here. i have represented the state proudly for 15 years in the florida house as speaker and then senator and we'll win florida and other winner take all states.
7:35 pm
getting the state of this election, those states are good for us and what we're fighting for and really going to take off and get to 1,2347. donald trump will not be the nominee. he refuses to condemn the kkk and david duke and agrees with hillary clinton on planned parenthood, neutral on israel, health care and all sorts of other issues. >> given what you just said, do you have any regrets about waiting so long to go after him? >> you know, i think hindsight is 20/20. i was being attacked by multiple other campaigns at the time and had to fend off those attacks. i had hoped the process would have worked but he's dominated earned media coverage and he gets ten times the coverage of anybody else and he's a creation of the media and will tear him to shreds as a nominee. he will be a disaster. wiped out in november and take
7:36 pm
senate seats with him, governors. can't happen. the republican party and the conservative movement cannot fall into the hands of a world class con artist refusing to tell us where he stands on the major issues and ones we know about, planned parenthood he defends. on israel, staying neutral. he believes in a single payer system sponsored by the government. he's a con artist. building trump towers and hires foreign workers to work in the hotels here in florida. he makes the clothes overseas in chi in and talking about bringing jobs back? he can announce that every donald trump product made in the united states from now on. he's a fraud. he's a scam artist. that's being exposed and seeing the impact tonight in virtually every state. underperformed and after five days of pointing out to people who he is. i can't wait to see what it looks like in 15 days. >> he is winning. back to florida. disputing the polls heading in. obviously a big contest for you.
7:37 pm
if you look at tonight, florida shares media markets with 19 counties in alabama and georgia. in those counties, trump beat you 50% to 16%. >> yeah. but i wouldn't analyze it that way. these are important counties and great people but it's north florida. not heavily populated area. they're important, conservative areas but again that's not an accurate analysis of florida where the bulk of the vote from southwest florida and miami and up into jacksonville. you can't extrapolate one thing to another. we know how to win in florida. we'll beat donald trump in florida and exposing who donald trump is, not just winning in florida but a bunch of other states, as well. >> if you don't you'll get out of the race? >> well, we'll win florida. no. i will campaign in all 50 states. even if i have to get in my pickup truck and drive all over this country. i'll do whatever it takes to prevent donald trump from ever
7:38 pm
becoming the republican nominee. he will be the end of the modern conservative movement. mess not a conservative but even worse he is a con artist preying on people's anxieties and fears. we are not going to destroy the republican party or conservative movement handing it to someone like that and by the way will be crushed in november. absolutely crushed. >> you say that if you were, you know, competitors in this race doing better and tonight we heard from john kasich coming out through the chief strategist said that your presence in the state keeping republicans are consolidating around him, governor kasich. they're calling on you to step down. >> yeah. i get it. i like governor kasich. he is not competitive anywhere but a handful of places. look, tonight, he's kind of an asterisk in virtually every state on the map. competitive in vermont and massachusetts and not close there. i like john kasich. i'm not calling for anyone to drop out ian the facts as they
7:39 pm
are. you know, if there were less candidates in the race we would have won in virginia. we came very close there an enleaving there with as many delegates as donald trump or close. and ted cruz a bad night for him, too. this was supposed to be a southern strategy. let's not forget the campaign said that tonight was the night to come to an end and be the nominee. he didn't come close to fulfilling that. if ted cruz given how he's running cannot sweep on super tuesday in the south, where in this country is he going to win? i on the other hand can make the case given seeing voters in different parts of the country we have many states remaining. the bulk of the delegates outstanding where we're going to do very well and stop donald trump and become the nominee. >> another question. 48 hours from now, we're supposed to be sitting together on a debate stage in detroit, michigan. >> why. >> what is your strategy? with
7:40 pm
we saw a different looking and sounding marco rubio at the last cnn debate. what should we expect this thursday? >> i'm going to give you a serious answer on policy but not hesitate to point out when you ask questions, donald trump's unwillingness to answer in a serious way. and to the extent he has a policy, he's told us he supports planned parenthood. he will be neutral on the issue of israel versus the palestinians. he's told us that he supports government-sponsored health care for everyone. this is the republican nominee? turning over the republican party and the conservative movement to someone sharing views like this with hillary clinton? it's a disaster. in most races you would have people at this point saying rally around the front-runner for the good of the party. we're getting the opposite. people are rallying saying we cannot allow it to continue and you have seen the impact it's had on donald trump in just five days. he won the states.
7:41 pm
a lot of early votes were in. you look at people at the polls showing up and you see the erosion is already happening. just wait until next five to seven days as we continue to press the case. people realize we're on the verge of turning over the conservative movement to a con artist and asking people to go to marco to join us. we win in november. >> last thing, senator, you said tonight again that donald trump did not disavow the kkk or david duke and he did it again tonight. he has done it since that interview over the weekend. is that not good enough for you? >> well, all he said about david duke is i disavow after saying he doesn't know who he is. i haven't heard him disavow the kkk. i will immediately disavow them and promise you if he's the nominee and won't be, the democrats batter him badly over
7:42 pm
that issue. he'll cost us the presidency, senate seats, house seats, governors. people know this. no we to turn over the republican party and the conservative movement to a con artist lying to the american people about what he stands for and what he'll do. he did an interview with "the new york times" on immigration an apparently he said something very differently than publicly and they can't reveal it because it was off the the record. why not give "the new york times" permission to reveal that interview so we can see what he said? these are things are very concerning and people are starting to wake up to it. >> senator marco rubio, great to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. despite all that's just been said, it was a big night for donald trump. six states going his way tonight. two going for ted cruz. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton almost sweeping bernie sanders who got a win in his home state of vermont. fox news live coverage of super tuesday continues right after this break.
7:43 pm
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7:47 pm
all evening. >> chatty, chatty. >> what's happening? >> not a soundproof booth back there. >> for all the talk about marco rubio going 0-fer he might win the caucuses. >> he is up by nine points. cruz in second place, trump's actually in third so i -- i wouldn't count him out yet. he may have a win tonight. >> watching with the interview of him, it was painful hearing him trying to spin gold out of drasz or whatever it is. you've been there. >> oh yeah. oh yeah. try losing having the governor the candidate and disappear on you so you had to concede the state and my job in 2000. >> one of the things that trump said tonight and actually you had said it to me first is that the fact that the turnout is
7:48 pm
very good on the republican side. have you lost your microphone? >> some place. >> huh oh. >> i have no idea where it is. >> i have no -- thank you. thank you. i have no idea. thank you. >> oh my. you know -- trail boss here and i have to say one of the cow pokes really bought the farm. go ahead. >> can i have the question again, please? no. >> sound person, turn off carl's mike and turn on bill hemmer's mike. go ahead. >> we have a huge turnout tonight. look at virginia. two years ago, four years ago, about 2675,000 people. tonight it's almost a million at the last number. two candidates, trump and rubio, who both got more votes than turned out to vote four years ago and one candidate who almost got as many votes. i think trump was right to say
7:49 pm
that he's part of the reason but not the only reason. we see an energized turnout everywhere. in texas, we will have i think a record turnout. >> does that translate in the fact you get and we saw big turnouts before in south carolina, other states. does that translate into energy going into november? >> it does provided that the point that trump talked about tonight. wise to do this. unifying the party. the party is not unified. we see this energy and enthusiasm because people desperately want somebody to win whether it's trump or rubio or cruz and he's got to unify the party to become the nominee. you don't do it saying i teem unifier and then disparaging your pro-life opponents saying so-called conservatives but recognizes the problem and if he is to be the nominee he has to unify the party. >> we'll get back to what he and hillary clinton had to say and a story we haven't reported is that hillary clinton is having a
7:50 pm
big night in terms of delegates which is what it's all about. >> absolutely. and it's -- it's because of the size of the wins. 77% in alabama. 69% in arkansas. 71% in georgia. obama came out of the same states with -- a margin of 59 delegates. he is grown that to over -- well over 216 dell galts. it ee it's massive. makes that mountain very, very high. very tough to do. >> thank you for your commentary.
7:51 pm
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♪red roses too ♪i see them bloom ♪for me and you ♪and i think to myself ♪what a wonderful world ♪music ♪oh yeah >> we have got to keep going. keep working. keep breaking down those barriers and imagine, what we can build together.
7:55 pm
when each and every american has a chance to live up to his or her own god-given potential thank you all so very much. thank you. hillary clinton with a huge night tonight on the democratic side. so is this the end of bernie sanders? for more, let's bring in juan williams, and noemiki collins and democratic strategist robert zimmerman. robert, you're a hillary supporter. do you believe this is the end of bernie? >> no. i don't. i believe this is going to go on for a few more weeks but what made it important for hillary clinton, is because of the broad coalition she's assembled and the fact that her victory is coming from every region of the country. i'm not taking anything for granted. >> noemiki, she did well with
7:56 pm
african american voters and he did not and has not. that has been one of the big questions of the race, whether he can peel off any african american votes from her, people of color. tonight, it does not subject he can do well. >> this super tuesday is highly favorable for hillary clinton's poor coalition. the super delegates was invented in the 80s when the democratic party was trying to shift center. the south was more conservative. hillary clinton is more conservative, it favors her and her delegate count. >> it's all about margins and proportional representation. not about winner take all. so moving forward into next week, it looks better for bernie sanders and the rest of the country to be frank. we're counting on african americans in other states, the southern strategy, the clintons
7:57 pm
invented this super tuesday program in the 80s favoring the south. so is no surprise it's all about moving forward. there is a path forward, he's not giving up. he's going to 50 states. >> that is the thing, juan, you see a ton of enthusiasm behind donald trump. he's extremely controversial for half the party. on the democratic side it seems like enthusiasm is behind bernie sanders but at this point, hillary clinton has most of the wins. >> at this point, if we look at it in terms of delegate counts, she had a huge lead in terms of the super delegates, but if you look at it in terms of the races, it was a slightly, like 90-65 in the delegate count. >> can i stop you right there? can you give us the back of the
7:58 pm
hand explanation? i'm confused. >> you know you're intimidated by super delegates. >> i hate that term. >> individuals who are super delegates are people that are elected to congress, the senate, elected governors or party officials like myself. i was elected by the grass roots activists of the new york state democratic party. >> you're part of the dnc? >> that is right. but super delegates are never the margin of difference. hillary clinton is going to win because she's going to win the majority -- >> if you went to the democratic national committee, if that happened this summer, and it was tight, you won't -- you can do just what you wanted? like just like, i'm robert? >> that should be reason enough. but the reality is it's never been that way. obviously for delegates have a voice to play in the platform, the way the party is structured but nominees are never chosen by super delegates.
7:59 pm
>> i want to let juan finish his point. >> we know robert is more powerful than we knew before. >> before tonight you had 2% of the delegates selected on the democratic side. after tonight, 24%, about a quarter. what hillary clinton is now close to halfway to the total number of delegates she needs. that is how strong her performance was tonight. what this does is mimic what's barack obama did in 2008. he gained a large lead and hillary clinton was playing catch up. now, bernie sanders is in that mode. you're seeing articles that say bernie sanders sounded like he was giving a confession speech. why? he's talking about why he's talking about transforming, and no longer talking about tearing down, defeating hillary clinton. >> nomiki, you're shaking your head no.
8:00 pm
>> there is a revolution taking place, and it's partly against the democratic party. you look at the super delegates, it was put in place in 1984 to block grass roots candidates from voting. >> the stupid people can make the right choice? >> the reality is that you look at hillary clinton's support and where it's coming from. from the bottom. iowa, the south, massachusetts. it's a broad coalition representing not just different philosophies, but different regions of our party. that is the strategy you need to win the nomination. >> it's a reflection of machine politics. purely machine politics. we ha we have movement. super delegates should be listening to the future of the party or current party. these are congressman, people accepting lobbyist money. >> the younger people voted for barack obama but older people get out there and vote. if you had to choose, i can see
8:01 pm
what the super delegates say. i want to ask you about the other side of the aisle. tonight, donald trump said it will be easy to beat her. don't worry, if she's able to run, that is if she's in prison or not. a lot of republicans believe she's going to have to run from the state house to the jail house. >> the doj has an investigation open. the fbi is investigating her. >> they're investigating the e-mails. >> your thoughts on that? >> let's be real. donald trump's atlantic city lounge act for the right wing plays very well on the lounge act stage. but then, you've got to move into a much-bigger audience. that is where he's going to fail. the reality is that the republican party is defined by 44% of them believing barack obama is a muslim. >> aren't you worried about trump's extremely broad appeal across party lines? he gets working class, middle class, from the democratic side and republican side. >> if i were hillary clinton, i
8:02 pm
would be fearful of the fact the working class whites siding with bernie sanders goring to move into donald trump's camp. he's changing his rhetoric saying i don't want free trade, i want fair trade, and i support planned parenthood. and bernie sanders supporters are thinking you know, he may not be that bad after all. >> if you look at the real clear politics of the polls, the head to head match ups, republicans versus hillary, cruz, rubio and kasich beat her. >> well, not within the margin of error. >> but trump does not. as a democrat, who would you want to run against? >> i think ideally, democrats would say run against trump. >> the question is, once he gets going against hillary he's going to swing those numbers. >> two things to say, one the
8:03 pm
energy trump has brought in terms of republican turnout during this campaign, it's been phenomenal. you'll notice people like the senator from nebraska. there is no way i can support donald trump. but you've got a fracture within the republican party. we'll see how that plays out. it's going to unify around the idea you've got to beat hillary clinton but at the time there are a lot of republicans who are upset. you talk about women, and maybe immigrant minorities, donald trump says he's going to win black, latino. i just don't see it. >> i want to ask you this, nomiki. single women made a huge difference in virginia and a huge, growing voter block. and what is your thought? will any single democratic women cross over and vote for him? >> i don't believe so. just looking at numbers they tend to be more progressive.
8:04 pm
new york magazine profiles single women as the new powerful voting block as you just said. >> they're in favor of bernie to a large extent now, younger people in general, male, and female. you don't see that happening? >> and i see donald trump voting for the jugular. that is a risk there. >> she's tough. >> she is tough but it looks sexist. >> no one is more motivating to democrats than donald trump. i don't think republican candidates for granted but they rise artificially and fall fast. they're political viagra. they don't have a bearing on what november looks like. >> the viagra has an ending that is not advertised in the commercials apparently. >> right. it could be a four and a half hour show. >> midnight. >> it's getting late when you
8:05 pm
start vie yagra talk. >> now, bernie sanders wins oklahoma and colorado. so meantime, we're watching. >> you're a pro soldiering right through it. >> you have to get past viagra quickly. >> again, now, we know. >> at least four hours. moving on. what are we doing? >> i don't know. >> we're on another nine hours. >> we're going to go for a break and then, minnesota because marco rubio might have the first win of the night in minnesota. we'll talk to bill hemmer and get off this topic, right aft. 8 yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
8:06 pm
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8:09 pm
>> it is just after 11:00 on the east coast. donald trump winning alabama, arkansas, massachusetts, tennessee and virginia. ted cruz winning in two states, oklahoma and texas. vermont, at this hour, is still too close to call. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton having a good night, she won alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas and virginia. bernie sanders won in colorado. oklahoma, and his home state of vermont. >> we're still awaiting the rules of the minnesota caucus for both parties. and alaska's caucus closes at midnight, eastern time. hi, everyone. i'm megyn kelly and i'm bret baier. we're still with you. and we've been with you many hours and we're ready to make a call in minnesota. this you go. marco rubio will win the state's
8:10 pm
republican presidential caucuses based on the raw vote totals. this is senator rubio's first victory in the g.o.p. primary caucus and it is a delegate-rich state. >> 38 delegates in minnesota. and direct level, 24. at large, 14. the big deal is that he wins a state and we just finished talking to him. at that point, he won 0 states, now he has a victory on super tuesday. he said it was not going to be a good night, but delegate wise he might start to add up delegates. ted cruz will say i won texas oklahoma and iowa. i'm the guy that needs to take the mantle. but rubio can say i won one tonight. >> and the next round of voting is more favorable to him, he believes, than it is to ted cruz. and problem that rubio is facing
8:11 pm
the states that are more favorable to him are more favorable to donald trump. and texas was his home state, but rubio on our air, he says he's going to win his home state of florida. >> in st. paul, peter we're getting information that the turnout in all of these caucuses in minnesota was really high. >> that is what we're hearing, too. some are complaining that the caucus rooms were not big enough for people that shed up. there were way more people that turned out than were expected here around the twin cities but also, across other parts of the state that we're hearing from in the local reports and party owe fishes on social media. the site we went to just across the river from this launch party in st. paul was orderly. the only day why is was when he
8:12 pm
hear the sounds of frantic clinton supporters and frantic sanders supporters who are allowed in, making their final pitches. to show how important minnesota was to clinton and sanders and hillary was here this morning, doing retail politicking and bernie sanders was here yesterday. the sanders folks we spoke to, members of his team that we spoke to in the last few days running up to super tuesday said they thought he was going to do better and perform the strongest in states where the democratic party was the weakest. they see minnesota being a place like that. it is not clear yet if that strategy panned out or if that was a real thing that happened. that he is performing here because the party is weak but folks here at the local pub, the biggest party here in
8:13 pm
minneapolis hope that it turns out to be a good night for them and there are big cheers every time the sanders results pop up on the ticker, at least the sanders results in places he's doing okay tonight. >> right. so we're going to watch that closely, peter, thank you. bernie sanders hoping for a win in minnesota but rubio winning in minnesota. his first win of the night. >> checking in on colorado after bernie sanders' victory there. we're live in denver, alicia? >> reporter: hi, megyn, hi, b bret. yes, bernie sanders spent almost twice what hillary clinton spent here. it did come down to the wire. in february he was trailing by double digits, then came within striking distance at the end of the month and taking colorado tonight. they're wrapping things up here. in this location, we have had 3,000 people here, now, they
8:14 pm
look like where they're going to have coffee tomorrow. it has been a very busy night. and as peter was saying in minnesota, the same here in colorado. people complaining about packed rooms, and disorganization because they were overwhelmed by the turn out. now, let's talk about the g.o.p. republican candidates did not come to colorado because had was no straw poll taken. republican dz not vote a preference here in the state because the colorado g.o.p. is kind of in a smit with the national party and they refused to hold a poll which is why we did not see any candidates from the republican party campaigning here. >> thank you. >> bringing back our panel, steve, we talked about the delegates and adding up. and now, marco rubio has a win.
8:15 pm
does it change the dynamic of the night? does the early analysis hold? >> well, a little bit. i mentioned early delegate projections showing donald trump nearing that 300 number, which carl mentioned on saturday night. dave wasserman said it would be a phenomenal night if donald trump was at or above 300. now, it had him sliding for the last hour, he's around 240. look. still a very good night for donald trump but maybe not the dominant night it looked like early on. you're seeing campaigns trying to spin the results. john weaver, the man strategist for john kasich tweeted that this was a great night and the contest would be narrowing soon to us and donald trump. these are the percentages for kasich tonight. alabama, 4%, arkansas, 4%,
8:16 pm
georgia, 5%, massachusetts, 18%, minnesota, 6%, oklahoma, 3%, tennessee, 5%, virginia, 9%. >> so you're saying there is a chance? >> no. it's the game these campaigns play to try to spin the results. >> that is why we need you to tell us what is real. >> yes. whatever their intents are, i don't know what john kasich is doing, but what is clear, the effect of his campaign is that it's blocking votes from other candidates, whether marco rubio, ted cruz, what have you, very clear that if john kasich is running to beat donald trump's vice presidential pick, running mate, he's in a good spot because he's doing a good job blocking. if running to be president there is not a pass. >> martha your thoughts? >> when you take a look at ted cruz's evening, he's the only person coming out of this with a strong argument he won more states. he did it in ways that are sort of traditional for him in this
8:17 pm
race. evangelicals, very conservative vote. he did well, his home state was good to him. there are thinking coming into tonight that trump might be able to win texas. he did texas and oklahoma. the path forward was difficult for him. it feels like a bowling ball in the middle of the lane and wobbly bowling pins left down there and whether or not, the ball, which is donald trump can knock out both of them, rubio has to be stronger in the delegate count than it looks right now. >> i'm going to write the 11:00 bowling. it's really there. >> i don't know where we were just a moment ago. there is a lot of consternation online, on twitter among some republicans who they don't like what they saw tonight. they don't like donald trump. they believe in the never trump. they say they'll never vote for him. there is some who believe he's blowing up their party, a party
8:18 pm
they love and stands for conservative ideals. there is a message from peggy nunan saying we're seeing a great political party shatter before our eyes. she's not the only one, jennifer ruben suggested this would be the end of the g.o.p. these are conservative people. what say you? do you believe that? do you believe if trump is the nominee it's at that level? >> it could turn out that way. as kral is telling earlier, trump is talking about the right thing tonight. he started talking about unifying the party and everybody coming together because if it doesn't, he won't win because there won't be enough main stream republican voters to turn out for him z that his coalition and federation of the fed up, as i call it, won't be enough when everybody is voting. there is enough to give him a strong plurality.
8:19 pm
and the issue that confronts him now, how does he do what? does he take the attitude, i won, you have to come to me, and we're going to do this on my terms, though those terms may be offensive to the people that he needs to rally behind him. he showed, you know traces tonight in his delivery of a more concilliatory person. i don't know. but that is the question. if he does, and if he succeeds and making a point to people that he is conservative on most issues and other things with people that the main stream party trusts and recognizes, he
8:20 pm
could pull it off. i think it's a long shot but possible. otherwise, this scenario of the party splintering and having to reconstitute itself is very real. >> kirsten, quickly, sanders wins in vermont and oklahoma but has $40 million. what is the clinton campaign do with a rich bernie sanders campaign? >> well, what they'd like is for him to drop out. and so i think that they'll start making the case behind the scenes, trying to get other people to make the case to him and reporters starting to make the case that he can not pull this off and should drop out. i don't think it's probably going to work because he sees himself as the head of a movement. and there are people who want him to stay in the race and supporting him, and he -- let's face it. he's never been loyal to the democratic party. he's an independent. and so, you know they're going to start making that case. >> panel, thank you. donald trump rolling to six
8:21 pm
victories tonight. ted cruz, two. marco rubio, one, but the night is still not over. >> alaska, coming up. less than an hour from now. don't go away. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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8:25 pm
welcome back, everybody, want to bring back in the campaign cowboys, that is what we call them. >> and karl rove, microphone. >> okay. okay. >> so, what happened tonight? >> at the end super tuesday, where is race now? >> it's advantage trump. how big of an advantage, we won't know until tomorrow morning. he's at 139 but that is short of 300. >> which is the magic number. >> he may get there and steve hays may be right he gets to 250 but it depends on how the delegates get cut in texas. trump can get to 300 if marco rubio fails to get to 20. that is how weird the math is. >> the threshold then trump would get more delegates? >> but this is a big night for
8:26 pm
trump. and one cautionary note. there are a large number of republicans who are going to be dissatisfied if he is the nominee and he's not yet hit 15% consistently. he's got four elections in the 40s and five in the 30s and five in the 20s. >> let's talk about the democrats. you heard his speech. and it, to me, seemed like a somewhat different, somewhat different donald trump. >> yes. >> mostly he was trying to position himself for the general election, be more president wia in tone. he wanted to have a news conference to look more like president. you have to back that up now. it's going to be hard to do so with the ugly things he said about his competitors and it's
8:27 pm
going to be difficult to unify the party. we've got to hear something new. hillary clinton gave the third teleprompter speech in a row she's given. south carolina, and nevada and tonight, the super tuesday. she had a new message every night. she added something. we heard unity, and then, the same old, same old. >> from the democratic side, what happened? >> great night. huge lead. you know, bernie sanders won a few states but not by a margin that was going to get them a lot of delegates or catch him up. and look, what happened tonight, i think, trump and clinton had great nights. you can't take that away from either of them. the problem is that sanders, cruz, rubio, kasich are all going on. sanders because he has the money to do it and other three because they can claim some kind of win or you know did well in vermont.
8:28 pm
>> let me ask you about hillary clinton's speech. and trump mocked it. she's using this line we don't need to make america great again, but need to make make whole again. what does that mean? >> i think to a lot of what she thinks is the divisive rhetoric from trump. i think she was clearly going after him, you know, jabbing him on make great america again slogan, and i think pushing him off as a divisive figure. the same thing that you're hearing about why republicans won't, don't want to be with them is that is what she talked about. we're better together, stronger together, breaking down barriers. he wants to put the walls up, i want to tear them down.
8:29 pm
that is going to be -- whether that translates into immigration and other thing that's is a different story. you think the rhetoric is aided. >> we can make another call. and first, this is a first for the campaign convoys but apparently, fox news can now project that bernie sanders is going to win the caucuses in minnesota. so, guy what's do you make of that? i mean he's got a few, how many states? oklahoma, vermont, minnesota. he didn't win massachusetts. he seems to have won three of the four. >> in all of them, every single one, save colorado were, i believe states that, no, actually oklahoma and colorado were states that hillary clinton won in 2008. but you got to look at just the huge size of her victories compared to him, he, you know, essentially they're double digits. but nowhere near her win.
8:30 pm
>> one question, karl, make america whole again? . >> i think people are sick and tired of the divisiveness but her language is not good, her delivery is dreadful but at least she's getting on the teleprompter and saying what is the new thing i need to say to freshen my message? >> other than that, it was a heck of a speech? >> it was okay. not great. >> you heard us refer as chris just did, as the campaign wow boys. the movie "space cowboys" came out in 2000 starring clint eastwood, tommy lee jones, donald sutherland and james garner, as grizelled space veterans, here is a clip. >> waiting 40 years.
8:31 pm
what do you say? >> i was just reciting a word. >> oh, lord please don't let us screw up. and we started calling ourselves the campaign cowboyed. >> what does that mean? grizelled? >> look at that graphic there. >> wow. >> there is the production budget for the year. there it is. >> which one are you? >> i'm clint eastwood. >> i'll be morgan freeman. >> don't screw up? we did tonight. the microphone. they made a race call. >> exciting night. >> okay. >> moving on. super tuesday. turning into a big night for
8:32 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton. so where does the race go from here? >> charles krauthammer joins us after a quick break as our special coverage from america's election headquarters continues. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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8:36 pm
we have information coming in. >> hi, guys you're awake, right? >> hanging in there. >> and don't go on. >> you guys have talking a lot about marco rubio tonight. and where he did and perhaps did not do as well as his campaign wanted to do. they're making the case of john kasich took votes away from marco rubio. would those kasich votes go to marco rubio or elsewhere? it's difficult to tell. just want to show you in virginia trump won the state, right? here is fairfax county. a lot of votes here, too. kasich took 70% of the vote in that county alone. so you might have a case right there in the state of virginia. but for rubio, look down here in alabama. minimum threshold, 20% of the vote if you don't get to 20%,
8:37 pm
you get no delegates. 98% of the vote in alabama, rubio at 18.3%. here are more results here from the state of texas, again, minimum, 20%. that is the threshold. 80% of the vote being counted now, rubio is below that 20% of 17.3%. then, you see when adding up these delegates, how marco rubio came short of ted cruz tonight, especially in texas. looking ahead now, we're going to hear from campaigns where they can win in the next two weeks and where is that? on saturday, a series of events here, kentucky, louisiana, kansas, nebraska. a week from today is michigan, and john kasich has been making noise he can win here in the mid west. two weeks from today we'll call it super duper tuesday. on that day is ohio, florida,
8:38 pm
illinois, missouri and they're all winner take all. so what does ted cruz win? maybe missouri. if you look back at history from 2012, seems to be a state where he is primed and ready. rick santorum won nearly every county in that state in 2012. four years after that, mike huka bee lost to john mccain here, a lot of evangelical votes and blue counties for huckabee in 2008 but following suggests from missouri that donald trump has a lead in that state by as many as 10 or 12 points. so two weeks from today, florida, 99 delegates, it's winner take all. this will be a battle. rubio going to make a claim for his home state. donald trump its his second state, right? down there in palm beach. and the state of ohio, all
8:39 pm
things seem to come back to the buckeye state. john kasich is a popular governor, gets a lot of good press in columbus, cleveland and cincinnati. in 2014, kasich won 86 out of 88 counties, very impressive. did well here near cleveland. and 3-1 democrats and kasich will tell you he won the county. if you go back and look at results from south carolina, donald trump performed well in these counties so what does donald trump do in ohio? does he drive up numbers? take the state away? is kasich in this race two weeks from tonight we await the answers. back to you. >> bill, thank you. >> thank you. >> well, it's been a dominant
8:40 pm
night for donald trump and and it's now sanders four, hillary, seven. and he's going to say you know, i did much better than it looked at the beginning of the night. the narrative is changing open the g.o.p. side as well as the evening goes on. what is the road ahead? >> vermont is still out there. john kasich trying to battle donald trump. we'll see if we can make a call, soon, and just so you know on the board we're not crossing out arkansas. >> it looks like we are. >> the monitor breaks it. we've got a lot of tweets. >> what happened to arkansas? >> anyway. >> we're going to have more with dana perino and juan williams. stay tuned. >> this has been an amazing day
8:41 pm
and amazing for me from an educational standpoint. i think we've done something that almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm very proud of it. i just want to leave you with this. i am a unifier, i would love to see the republican party unified. when we unify, nobody, nobody, is going to beat us. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in.
8:42 pm
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she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. welcome back. donald trump leading john kasich but we cannot call this race yet according to our decision desk. it is one we're watching. if kasich somehow managed to pull this out, he would have a win, ted cruz would have two and
8:45 pm
donald trump, six. it looks like donald trump is heading towards seven wins tonight. all that said we're joined by syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles your thoughts on tonight? >> you had a analysis, so let me analysis of the panel. i'd like to make a reference to the first 7-10 split to bowling and i want to commend megyn for teasing the alaska results so people will stay up until midnight, a lonely nation turns it's eyes and says wither, anchorage and i want to thank the panel for not losing it completely in the viagra segment. so understand how bad it was.
8:46 pm
now, as to the primary, look, to summarize quickly, trump had a wonderful night, of course, but what he did, i don't think it's explosive growth. he stayed on the glide path which if he stays on, he wins i think largely because of the fractured opposition. cruz had a reasonably good night. he won texas by about 15. but his down side is that this is his strongest part of the country. and if he couldn't do the break through here, it's hard to see where it happens. rubio, i thought had a rough night, he did win one state but that, i think is highly offset by the fact that he did not get to 20% threshold that texas which will cost him delegates. i think we are where we were yesterday. the big events up coming now are the debate. can rubio keep up the attacks on
8:47 pm
the borage that started with the previous debate? and will that have the desired effect? rubio is right in interpreting the late deciders coming his way and to drop, somewhat of trump against what the expectations were. then, i think he's got a chance to win florida, which i think is a big event. i think everything will happen in florida. that is going to be the waterloo for rubio if he loses it would be spring board if he wins. >> charles, just looking at commentary on line. charles cook of national review says he disagrees this is not a good night for marco rubio, saying he was not expected to do particularly well during this primary saying he racked up delegates and stayed within his targets and only got one fewer delegate than donald trump in
8:48 pm
virginia and he's well positioned in the states coming up next, saying the next round looks like virginia and minnesota than it does like alabama. >> the question is can he maintain the last couple days of momentum and i think it -- the fact he got a lot of late deciders and that i think he does have some propulsion behind him, does indicate in making this kind of almost light hearted attacks on trump is working. can he sustain it? will he succeed? will people tire of it? what he has going for him right now is potential. what is ahead if he sustains what he's got right now? but again, that hangs on florida. i think that is why trump is
8:49 pm
there tonight. that is the challenge. that is going to be the big fight for him. >> and on the democratic side, hillary clinton with seven wins, bernie sanders with four wins tonight in a night he was not expected to do well, and yet, money wise, bernie sanders still racking in the bucks at more than $40 million, beating fund raising. >> look. what sanders is doing now is creating the premise for a movement which he knows will succeed him. and the question is how strong will it be? he is not out for the nomination and he knows it, he's not a fool. and to bow off the stage and leave behind essentially a socialist element in the party
8:50 pm
that it never had. if you go back to humphrey, that is what is left. and consider he was an unknown senator with not a lot of achievements it will be a remarkable legacy. >> charles, quickly before going to break, what do you think is going to happen in this debate thursday night? >> i think it's going to be a rumble in the jungle. it's going to be, i think rubio thinks what he's done is going to succeed. cruz will join in in the fight. i don't think cruz and rubio will go after each other, it's target trump. that is their only hope. i think they will go for it. >> great to see you, charles, thank you. and by the way that happens thursday night, 9:00 p.m. here on the fox news channel. two of us, head cowboy guy, chris wallace. >> in motor city. >> right. >> detroit. >> hope you join us. >> we'll be right back. america's election headquarters continues right after this.
8:51 pm
>> from this day forward let us show that reagan's love, optimism and faith in the american people were not misplaced. let us show we will not let the american light go out and we will fight for our constitution, for light, and for freedom. if we stand together, and return to the free market principles and constitutional liberties that built america. once again, we can have morning in america. ♪ with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice.
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8:55 pm
we'll have a fox news debate this thursday, and we'll be live in detroit, michigan leading polls is donald trump, standing front and center, ted cruz will be in the number two spot, and and each participant must have 3% support in an average of the and conducted by march 1st. and basically we're having a debate on thursday. >> and they qualify as there is a lot to talk about. there is a lot of different there are questions that haven't been asked the way we've asked them. and likely there is going to be fire works. >> that is the thing is that we'll pick up on some of the subjects where the last debate
8:56 pm
left off and we can do deeper, as we've been planning for the debate, three of us have been saying what is going to be there? is someone going to drop out? it can still happen, and so far they're all saying we're in. we're asking do we draft this question? do we not? looks like we're going to need every question because there will be five men on the stage thursday night. >> yes. these candidates who are trailing donald trump who is now the prohibited favorite to get the g.o.p. nomination they're going to be trying to be as he is and they're going to be horses at the gate ready to go. we're going to give it time and try to keep it on the rails. >> it's going to be a big one and we're taking your questions on it. and you have 46 hours to get into our heads. you know we've got a long plain ride out to detroit in the
8:57 pm
morning. if it's like, oh, you know, march. this is awesome. >> we have alaska first, seconds from now. >> stay with us. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
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9:00 pm
>> it is now midnight on the east coast and polls in alaska have closed and we're waiting to see. well, look at that. umbers? >> we're waiting to see numbers. i see leaders. . >> i don't think we're going to be able to call this. >> apparently not. we have no information from our decision desk. >> we're waiting on a decision about vermont. which we showed you earlier was donald trump with a lead over john kasich. and right now, we can tell you that it is close. 84% of the vote in and 17,550.
9:01 pm
donald trump had a big night. look at that. we put the board up and it gets the check. am i allowed to say? >> there we go. >> as we put it up. donald trump now won the state of vermont. john kasich coming in second, marco rubio, coming in third. let's try with alaska. just kidding. let's bring in our panel. >> okay. martha? >> sum up the night. >> when you look at the exit polls you have the angry at the government element, you've got the outsider element and those who want change. those three things together are the powerful argument for donald trump. it's why he won tonight. so what are people angry about? jobs, the economy, and terrorism are the number one and number two in polls we saw tonight and people are more convinced they
9:02 pm
think donald trump can handle those things you know? he talked about regulation and being the best job creator and that message is pulled into the psyche of the american voter in states we're looking at tonight. those are the things that matter most. that is why in everyone of the places you're seeing him take the cake. and cnn we hear republicans holding on, do you believe that? do you believe if he keck cures the nomination, people will say right. okay. >> i think this election is so unusual and uncharted territory. and we just don't know. we're going to have to see. i think tonight is a great night for donald trump. maybe not as great as it could have been if he had won oklahoma and texas. ted cruz had a very good night. >> ted cruz stays in. >> right. >> there is a theory for that. i think that it gives ted a
9:03 pm
little pep in his step going into the debate thursday night. and i thought the three of them, in the way they approached their speaking tonight was interesting. three different styles and a bit of a pr nerd. >> a little bit? >> and he comes back and does a live interview with you and bret and basically saying look what i was able to do, i was able to close and got closer than anyone thought i could. so he's trying to make this case. cruz had a speech that was red meat. he had his supporters there and had amrpplause lines and boo lis and his audience loved it. and trump, he had reporters and fans cheering in the background. we didn't hear from carson or kasich. and i think that those three
9:04 pm
things are very interesting and we don't know where it's going to go from here. >> and by the way, chr chris christie is trending on twitter. >> that is interesting. and i don't know what is going on there. i don't know. the view of the night is the question and in terms of the horse race, i would look at donald trump say donald trump had a very good night.çó i hear people saying ted cruz had a good night. i don't think so. i know going into this contest, that the idea is that ted cruz is going to have a great super tuesday night across the evangelical votes and i see donald trump doing well with just that constituency tuesday night. oklahoma and texas, texas is his home state. oklahoma, a neighboring state. and he still is in it and can
9:05 pm
say that unlike marco rubio he's beaten donald trump in three states. then, you come to marco rubio. and he's got one win in minnesota, and caucus state, we'll see how it goes. i don't see that is justifying and i don't see the path forward for rubio in florida and spanned it more, i think an opportunity to really knock him out totally. >> i want to ask you, martha, trump suggested that rubio's attacks on him did not work and showed poorly. is that what the exit polls show? >> i think rubio's people would argue they did erode some of donald trump's strength. and the interesting thing about what rubio has been doing is that it's given us a glimpse into what hillary clinton is going to do if it's a head to head against donald trump and clinton.
9:06 pm
trump effectively labored every other person in the race, the wire, and so forth. jeb bush was the first, low energy. so rubio trying to put conartists on trump's back. that is his word for him. whether or not it will stick remains to be seen. that is the word he's trying to make stick on him. >> isn't that part of the story that feeling we talked about, steve, with donald trump whether it's there or not there? did he under perform the polls going into these states? that is part of the story. going back to mef nef caucuses with 46% and think if there is a ceiling it's higher than people thought and projected and maybe there is a trap door. but now, looking at the popular votes in the states, roughly 36% for donald trump. if you remember before nevada caucuses, the rubio campaign said donald trump is in the
9:07 pm
mid-30s. we said after nevada caucuses that didn't look that good. tonight, it looks like it is. here is another question. you have this, you mentioned "new york times" story about this anti-donald trump effort ramping up, a lot of people think belatedly. there is a different dynamic that you're going to do on thursday, you have for the first time two viable candidates hitting donald trump on his most vulnerable issues. before you had rand paul attacking donald trump and jeb bush attacking donald trump and candidates that were from the beginning basically, not likely to win the republican nomination. taking their shots, then, moving on. the difference is that marco rubio and ted cruz are taking shots at the front runner on areas of his greatest vulnerability. his number one attribute is change or telling it like it s
9:08 pm
what marco rubio and ted cruz are trying to do are hitting him on that strength. saying he's a conman, look at trump university. and the question i have is how much money are these national republican donors going to spend in ohio, florida, illinois? the states could have some effect and maybe lower that ceiling or prevent the ceiling from going higher. >> what do you think in terms of rubio and campaign strategy? how big of a mistake was it for cruz to embrace donald trump for so long in this race, given the threat posed as we can see? >> i think you can argue that another way, i think that cruz played it very smart to just draft in behind donald trump because if you remember, his campaign is polling low in the
9:09 pm
summer, then, it was talking about the tortoise in the race, he was creeping up all along, then, when the battle was joined it started to whittle down, he was in a poll position to be one of the top free. >> on the bottom of the screen is the raw vote total in each state as it is coming in. and just scrolled through, georgia and marco rubio is taking over second place in georgia beating ted cruz there. >> want to bring in charles hurt along with amy stoddard, welcome, and let's start with you, amy? what are your thoughts? >> i agree that it's a great night for donald trump. his numbers are staggering and he's won many, many states on many, many nights, he came out and pivoted just like hillary clinton tonight for general election saying he's going to unify the party but for some comments he was trying to strike a tone that we haven't heard
9:10 pm
from him yet, holding a press conference, you know, being open to questions from reporters, just disavowing the david duke, kkk stuff and trying to move on. it's a little weird we thought maybe rick scott, the governor of florida might be there to endorse him and that turned out not to be true. but there is another side of the story tonight which is you have marco rubio who won minnesota caucuses vowing to go on as an under dog, kasich pressuring rubio to get out of the race and everyone saying all three of them, that it's a delegate slog. i think the person under the most pressure from the party to hang in is rubio, but can he win florida two weeks from tonight? that looks like a hard mountain to climb. it looks like ted cruz won texas. how does that explain kasich might close the gap and win ohio and they can say rubio doesn't
9:11 pm
have a plane. so the person that seems to be a late breaker to take on trump actually has a roughest night. and is a candle in the wind in terms of the polling in florida and a fact that that is not, that is a winner take all state and not going to be proportional. so as much as he sees bright lights in virginia and other outcomes tonight, he has a very tough task ahead. >> charlie, it's important to point out most of the night we've been saying how donald trump had a great night winning seven states, and in the past hour, marco rubio won a state, and is coming in second in the couple. ted cruz, obviously had a good night. with texas and oklahoma so you have this same feel and it
9:12 pm
doesn't like like it's going to change. >> exactly. as long as ted cruz and marco rubio think they have a viable path to the nomination and donald trump is going to be sort of pushed out front by these two, you know, two duking it out, a dozen points behind him aares could the country. it's a hunl, i mean sort of strange to imagine, but if ted cruz lost texas woe have very little argument for going forward. but because he did win his home state, and a neighboring state, he can stay in. but the problem for both cruz and rubio as amy said, you know, rubio had a tough slog in florida. if he doesn't win florida he's got no argument for going from
9:13 pm
there. but the problem for ted cruz is that you can't win iowa, and your home state, in a neighboring state, and call that a national campaign when you had a slate of states tonight throughout the south that were targeted, so well targeted to his campaign, aimed at evangelical voters. if he can't do better and turn those into absolute victories over donald trump, then, we're just going to keep on, you know, going as it is and donald trump will keep soaking up delegates. >> amy, the question about the kasich factor. he's a popular governor from the state of ohio. and if he stays in this race, through, you know, march 15th, and he wins ohio, but little else, that is not good for
9:14 pm
donald trump according to some. i mean the defense you're making this point about a week ago saying kasich getting out is actually bad for -- it's -- let me -- kasich getting out would be bad for rubio, because rubio, or cruz for that matter, can't necessarily beat trump for ohio but kasich can. do i have it right? >> right. and if trump takes the winner take out state of ohio and kasich is gone, that that would be an accelerant as campaign cowboys were saying for trump z if you're for kasich and not a former governor, you did well in new hampshire and surprised and you have the best match up numbers of all of them, against hillary clinton, you're saying you better let me stay in
9:15 pm
through michigan on the 8th of march and my state on the 15th. if he wins ohio it's a better argument than marco rubio. ways saying a week ago, that evangelicals were the path for ted cruz. now, no longer had a path if he came in second tonight in texas he wasn't going to get out, either. talk to these campaigns, they're not getting out. >> thank you very much. and just to hit home about delegates and how it's all about math, virginia which trump won, rubio 16, cruz, eight. oklahoma cruz won, cruz gets 15, rubio, 13, trump gets 13. it's in the math. >> neck and neck. >> it's not in the ws. >> well, it adds up to the delegates equalling 1237. >> people want to back a winner. right? >> true.
9:16 pm
they just have to spin to it say trust me. >> right. i'll get the big "w" in a week or two. >> and don't go away, we have more thoughts coming up including mark theissan. stay with us. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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9:20 pm
>> it comes down to delegates, the g.o.p. count as of this hour, donald trump, 246. and kasich 18, carson, eight. that is of this hour, they're still be calculated and that is a good night for donald trump, not an amazing night if he had gotten over 300 but still a story strong night. >> we spoke to senator cruz for ten minutes and covered a lot of ground. he called on marco rubio to exit the race and declined to adopt the language in which he has ascribed donald trump as a
9:21 pm
conman. i put to him the question of namely whether, with his treatment of trump over the first eight months, ted cruz isn't the finningel figure who is most responsible for the rise of donald trump. >> i have been taking on donald trump. >> about a month and a half. >> and there are stages into the campaign as i said, you saw candidates taking on donald from a position of weakness. from our end we had to build our base and take it to a direction so we had 17 candidates, we weren't in a position to make the case against donald trump, now, as a field narrows it gives a very clear choice. >> we talked about his plans to
9:22 pm
carpet bomb isis if he becomes commander in chief. you'll see more of the interview tomorrow starting at 6:00 a.m. on fox news. >> joining us now, mark theissan. mark, how do you think it looks at 12:22 a.m.? >> different than it did at 7:30, absolutely. we have been having this interesting discussion. what matters more? and now, all of a sudden, the narrative changes and reality is that everybody said the test for rubio tonight was can he win a state? he hasn't won a state yet. now, he won a state. he did what was the test for him tonight and now, ted cruz can't say i'm the only person who beat
9:23 pm
donald trump. so after that perspective, all of a sudden his other performances start looking pretty different. and it doesn't look like an excuse there and now, he's upset ted cruz in georgia so rubio's night is looking increasingly stronger as we get into the morning. >> because as rubio and cruz look at their campaigns, they're looking at each other. like should i get out because of that guy? so they're thinking did marco rubio give me a good reason to get out? and you're telling me these guys are sitting back and saying absolutely not? >> yes, they think they will
9:24 pm
live to fight another two weeks. marco rubio said i'm going to win florida. that is a big test for him. the reality is that he closed the 20 point gap in virginia and so, there is no reason why he can't do that in florida. that is a state he knows well. if you look at what's happening on that state, it looks better for rubio than ted cruz. if he can pull out a win in florida, i can't see cruz winning in north carolina or ohio. you can be having the opposite interview before he got the w with ted cruz in two weeks saying rubio had a big win in florida. and so this is changing back and forth as we go. >> what about you, mark? you're a guy from george w. bush. i don't know. what do you make of this threat by so many republicans that
9:25 pm
they'd never support donald trump? >> i call it, i'm in a very conservative group. you know. so that is just where i am. i worked for george w. bush and jesse helms. so i'm a conservative. i understand why people feel that way. and worry is that donald trump is not a conservative and he's going to do things on health care that we don't like and he's going to be a second democrat on the national ticket against hillary clinton. but you know the reality, we have to choose between two people on the ticket and sometimes have you to choose the lesser of two evils. if a third party candidate helps hillary clinton win that is not good for conservatives, either.
9:26 pm
>> that does it for our special coverage but the race for the white house far from over. join us thursday night 9:00 eastern as we bring you the next republican presidential debate live from detroit. >> we're getting very excited. all candidates will be there. and we'll be there as well. we hope you'll join us, in the meantime, coverage on fox news continues throughout the night. eric shawn and heather childers are up next. thanks for being with us, have a good night. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently.
9:27 pm
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9:30 pm
some of the biggest names of the primary so far, now, it's in the books almost, except for alaska. a i'm heather chilleders. 13 states and one territory, in a contest that put a spotlight on the candidates' strengths and weaknesses. >> now, it does appear the republican front runner, donald trump is continuing to build momentum and hold that lead to try to consolidate more support
9:31 pm
for his party's nomination. taking a look at the score card now, mr. donald trump won seven states, and ted cruz, two. marco rubio, one. the last republican polls just closed this hour, not getting a lot of information. donald trump tonight calling for party unity when he spoke in a news conference, interesting it was not a campaign event but a news conference along with a new jersey governor chris christie who just endorsed him. >> we have won five major states and looks like we can win 6, 7, 8 or 9. and it's really been great. i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas he worked hard on it and i know how hard he worked so congratulating ted cruz on that win. that was an excellent win. we're going to make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great
9:32 pm
again. i watched hillary's speech, she's talking about wages have been poor and everything is poor and doing badly. she's been there so long, i mean, if she hasn't straightened it out by now she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years, it's just going to make worse and worse. she wants to make america whole again, i'm trying to figure that out. >> and new questions, mr. truch scored big in the south but did not claim the home state of his republican rival, ted cruz. the senator did win big in texas tonight. that prompted another verbal assault on mr. trump. >> america, shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in
9:33 pm
all of us. we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane, and vulgar who has a life long pattern of using government power for personal gain. or, we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. >> well, on the democratic side, hillary clinton swept through the south, claiming primary victories in georgia, arkansas, alabama, texas, and tennessee. despite a strong challenge, vermont senator bernie sanders could not break clout among black voters. the former first lady focusing her sights on her likely republican rival. >> it's clear tonight that the states in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing
9:34 pm
on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. we're not going to let it work. you know, whether we like it or not we're in this together, by friends. >> so what do we make of tonight's brian, you know, there trump we heard him say is that possible? we've got attacks on marco rubio and ted cruz having a dog fight to try to be the one antitrust. what do you see happening from here as this race continues. >> it doesn't seem possible at this moment to have to say trump did seem presidential in his news conference. and you have to remember we've
9:35 pm
seen a hardening of attitudes toward donald trump in the last week or so. you're seeing marco rubio promise to stay in the race as long as it takes throughout the end. whether he wins florida or doesn't win florida just to keep fighting to deny donald trump the 1237 delegates he would need. >> what would that mean? he's been saying for days now, donald trump, completely, donald trump will not get the nomination. is it possible rubio staying in there will be this so called convention and that he doesn't appoint? >> that is the rubio theory. and they believe if they can't get enough to claim the nomination on their own, they can deny it to trump, but the theory is based and we should say he won the minnesota caucuses, so he is no longer a 0
9:36 pm
or 15. he's one for 15. >> that can mean walter mondale. he got the district of columbia. does that mean anything? >> well, you can't use the talking point he hasn't won a single race because he has. and he's promising to win florida in two weeks. but i think that the test of the rub yes theory, the rubio theory is that he can lose nearly everything through march 15th, then, he's going to start winning. and they believe the states march 15th and later are better suited to his campaign and they believe the antitrump forces will be better organized at that point. so, i mean, it's a theory. we'll see what happens. >> donald trump is way ahead in rubio's home state. i mean -- >> that is right. there were rumors that
9:37 pm
rick scott was going to endorse trump and in fact was at maralago there, but it did not. and you're right. i mean the story of the night is, it was a big night for trump. he won seven of the races, cruz won two, rubio won one and there is still alaska undecided. so it's a great night for donald trump. >> significance is that it was not a typical campaign rally. it wasn't characterized as presidential because of the flags and then, you had chris christie kind of behind him. and i'm already there. i, if this were any other race, people were saying everybody should now unite behind mr. trump. i think he tried to make himself
9:38 pm
sound plausible as a leader. a number of people observed he seemed to be talking in general election terms presenting himself as more moderate than he has in the past. so it was, and talked a lot about hillary clinton. >> would it be possible for him to switch and bring after burners back down? >> he'll have to go back into primary mode. and though he does have a significant lead over marco rubio, in the polls in florida, remember, there are 14 days before the florida primary. a lot can happen at that time. mitt romney destroyed newt gingrich in eight days in florida in 2012. i'm sure there are people on the antitrump side raising money and buying ad time to hope they can do something similar in the next 14 days. >> before the primary, the debate this thursday night, you
9:39 pm
know ted cruz is going to slam donald trump about this "new york times" interview about immigration. both of them will be going after trump. what type of traction do you think that will get? >> i'm not sure. they mentioned it tonight. so called secret interview within the allegation in an off the record interview with the "new york times" editorial board, trump said something to the effect that he won't be very hard line on immigration the way he promised his voters that he wasn't going to do some of the things promised. i have to tell you in january i asked trump in an interview with him in iowa, i said, you know, this idea about deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants, and is that just an opening position for negotiation? and trump said, well, there could always be room for a little give and take, but these are very tough positions and i would stick to them in a very
9:40 pm
tough way. he said that to me about the p sape -- same time he had this "new york times" interview. >> and finally, your prediction? >> i have gotten out of the donald trump prediction business. that is a smart thing to do. >> how about rubio, cruz, kasich? >> look. they're all going to be fighting in florida. there is no doubt about it. i think the thing to watch is whether the anti-trump forces, we have had new reports just tonight about billionaires signing on to create anti-trump ads. whether they can get it together, get those ads, get on the air and get some traction in the next 14 days. >> this is insight and thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you. >> what a night it has been. you know they say everything is bigger in texas?
9:41 pm
that includes delegate counts. it's ted cruz's home state. he needed to win it and he does. we'll check in with james rosen. he's at the red neck country club. we'll talk about that. and marco rubio did win minnesota and he says he's not going anywhere. >> there is a lot of work to be done. we're all inheriters of the dreams and hopes of those that came before us. for 200 years, each generation of americans has done their part. now, the time has come for our generation to do our part. when i am president of the united states, this generation will do its part. not just to save the american dream but ensure it reaches more people than it has reached before.
9:42 pm
that is why i'm so passionate about this election. that is why i want you to understand that no matter how long it takes and how many states it takes, how many weeks and months it takes i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure i am the next president of the united states. dad, you can just drop me off right here.
9:43 pm
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9:46 pm
red neck country club? is that where you are with the cruz campaign? >> that is the actual name of the venue where ted cruz held a victory party tonight. the red neck country club. i have been searching in earnest for red necks and all i have found, i must admit are very hospitable texans. we spoke with ted cruz for about ten minutes behind closed doors and covered a lot of ground. he denied with his gingerly treatment of donald trump, for the first eight months of the campaign that he, ted cruz was more responsible than any other figure besides donald trump for the rise of donald trump. cruz telling me it made no sense to attack donald trump in the prevoting period when there is some 17 republican candidates but rather that he, cruz needed to consolidate his strength.
9:47 pm
and we talked about donald trump's call for the revision of the libel laws in the country to make it easier to sue news agencies in this country. we talked about his plan, if he becomes commander in chief to institute carpet bombing of isis. i asked if any military office refused to implement that plan, would it amount to a war crime? would he seek to punish that officer? cruz says we won't be committing war crimes if he's president of the united states and carpet bombing does not, in his definition of the term refer to indiscriminate bombing of civilians. there is one sound byte i want to play. i want to make sure with our producers we have it. i asked senator cruz about some of the harshest language deployed against donald trump and rubio's use of the term
9:48 pm
conman to describe donald trump. i asked senator cruz if he agrees with that term, conman, to describe donald trump and cruz saying he doesn't want to get involved in insults. so we'll see more from this interview tomorrow on fox news, all day long, starting with "fox and friends" in the morning. >> all right, james rosen we'll see you in the morning as well. >> in minnesota, senator bernie sanders won there as well as marco rubio nothing up his first win of the 2016 election. coming up, weighing in from minnesota. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe
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supertuesday almost a wrap. 5:00 which willy, it's welcome wednesday, right? it is superstill going on. hillary clinton and bernie sanders wrapping up a lot of delegates tonight. but bernie sanders holding his own. >> this is not a general election. it's in the winner take all. if you get 52% or 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state. by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. let me assure you that we are going to take our fight for
9:53 pm
economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace. but you know why we are going to win? because our message is resonating and the people that stand together will be victor yougs. >> well, here's senator sanders saying what is really important tonight. it may not be necessarily who won the state completely. but it is, after all, a delegate race. introducing live at senator sanders in headquarters st. paul, minnesota. >> it was really interesting. at the beginning of the night, to watch the votes starting to file into this sanders watch party that is now a sanders victory party. they were sharing stories at how amazing they were at how at the front of the precinct rooms,
9:54 pm
there was a big stack of papers next to the sanders side. but even with those anecdotes that were going around, people were really holding their breath at the beginning of the night because they were waping on tv as clinton was doing really well in some of the bigger states that were getting called early. once the call was made, many of the volunteers in this room, hard work had been validated. people raised their glasses and back to drinking out of it. some of the social media foess by party officials, it sounds like some of the caucus rooms were just too small. efb that wanted to go to vote still got to vote. but it was quite a length thi process to get people in and that includes to get people on to the caucus nights.
9:55 pm
there were so many locations that there's joous complete gridlock as people were trying to get into parking lots that were completely full. people were told, even some people who were in of cars outside by 8:00 local time. now, we spent some time with some sanders volunteers this morning and this afternoon as they were canvassing, going door-to-door, making a final hours pitch. and it didn't focus at all on secretary clinton, which is something that sanders has been doing lately. and it was the same kind of thing at the phone banks this morning. hay said that the volunteer on the phone was going to back sanders because they believed they were fighting for people
9:56 pm