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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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i will accept that. we have all been under dogs. this is a community of under dogs. this is a state of under dogs. this is a country of under dogs, but we will win. >> here is how it all shakes out this morning. donald trump the big winner securing 7 states. >> ted cruz taking home three including alaska which was just called an hour ago. >> rubio with a win in minnesota. if you are keeping score you are probably wondering ben carson, john kasich they did not score any wins on super tuesday. >> trump tops the delegate count it is all about the matt. 285. ted cruz 161. marco rubio 87. john kasich 25 and ben carson add 8. >> on the democratic side here's the super tuesday score card. hillary clinton securing 7 state victories and one territory. bernie sanders 4. clinton has more than 1,000 delegates compared to sanders
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371. >> we have fox team coverage today. casey seigel is covering the states with the most delegates at state anna kooiman is national. we start with jonathan surrey. >> donald trump scored a decisive victory in georgia. take a look at the score board. 39 percent of gop voters going for trump in the peach state. marco rubio and ted cruz tied at 24 percent. nationally cruz is edging out rubio as a second place contender. looking beyond the gop primary donald trump has his sight set on the contest with a democratic presumptive nominee hillary clinton. clinton has been criticizing his message about making america great again. mr. trump was happy to return the favor. >> i watched hillary's speech and she is talking about wages have been poor and everything is
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poor and everything is doing badly. she is been there for so long. if she hasn't straighten it out by now she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years. she wants to america america whole again. i am trying to figure out what is that all about. make america great again is going to be better than making america whole again. >> quickly a rough night for ben carson and john kasich tying with 6 percent of the vote well below the 20 percent threshold they needed to score any delegates. back to you. jonathan surrerrie live for. >> ted cruz with a big win in his home state of texas. >> casey seigel is live for us in dallas. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. a huge night for senator ted cruz clinching a major victory here in his home state of texas. you know he really knew this was a do or die situation with his
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campaign. here's a look at the latest numbers. all of the precincts reporting texas -- cruz winning texas with 43.7 percent of the vote. businessman donald trump coming in second place with 26.8 and marco rubio placing third with 17.7. of course lots of celebrating at cruz headquarters near houston. cruz telling his supporters republicans need to come together and unite while trying to minimize donald trump's super tuesday wins. >> i congratulate donald trump on his victory tonight. but we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, three times. >> strong voter turnout on super
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tuesday. long lines at many polling locations. as far as delegates go, since this is not a win or take allstate donald trump walks away with a handful of textual delegat -- texas delegates. we turn to virginia where donald trump one over rubio. >> marco rubio really wanted a win in virginia. it is a state where establishment candidate should do well right in wash ington, d.c. it is the exact kind of voter rubio has been trying to court in counties like fairfax, lowden he won by a lot. he also won the counties around the skate tap cal in ricapital
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richmond. trump was able to beat rubio winning voters who were less educated voters who had less money, voters who were frankly quite angry. trump won with 35 percent of the vote rubio 33. cruz in third at 17 percent kasich 9 carson 6. in terms of delegates rubio got 16 and trump got 17. so rubio still scooped up almost as many delegates as trump but he can't say he got a win in virginia. that is a pretty big symbolic loss. >> a win does matter. kristin fisher live for us this morning. thank you. primary votes in tennessee. donald trump continuing to defy the odds. >> anna kooiman is live for us in nashville with more on that. >> abby and heather good morning. all of you fox and friends viewers a historical turn of events. voter turnout topping out about
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255,000 largely driven by the man who says he wants to make america great again. senator ted cruz may have spent the most money on television ads and set up shop about a year ago working on his ground game but he was no match for done fald trump. 39 percent of the gop vote going to trump and 24 percent to ted cruz and marco rubio 21 percent. carson and kasich 0 delegates. the governor and gop senator throwing their support behind rubio. now despite rubio only winning minnesota yesterday he vowed to go to cleveland all of the way to the convention. >> no matter how long it takes no matter how many weeks and months it takes i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to restore that i am the next president of the united
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states. >> everybody in nashville, tennessee join me having coffee and business cuts and gravy. heather and abby, back to you. >> we will do that. anna kooiman joining us live this morning. thank you. >> donald trump is cleaning up on super tuesday. maybe no surprise there. but fted cruz did take home two states and marco rubio 1. what was the biggest turn of events tonight? we have senior political reporter for life vest ashley pratt. thank you for sticking around with us. >> you bet. >> ron, i am going to start with you this time. what do you think was the biggest disappointment and biggest surprise sfl>> i think the biggest surprise was that donald trump isn't getting 50 percent of the delegates. that is really going to be a big deal. he needed to win 250 additional
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delegates to stay on case to stop a brokered convention. a brokered convention is still very much at play. kasich has to win ohio rubio has to win florida. i think there are a majority but certainly a big group of conservatives who don't want a european style national taking over the political party. there are a lot of us in conservative movement not going to put up with donald trump. the next 14 days are important. mathematically trump didn't have a great night last night. ted cruz stopped him from getting a lot of the delegates he kneaded to secure this thing. >> ashley, is it a done deal? do you think it is a done deal with trump? >> i think at this point he has shown he has had the strength to keep going on in the race. he has the momentum. he was able to pull out the voters who are jayed with the system in washington. it is hard to put in perspective
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how driven they are to go out and vote for him. i think that would help him in a general election. but statement his fire wall was strong but he only got 7 out of 11 states. cruz is coming up from behind. it was predicted rubio would have more momentum who would have more momentum. cruz got oklahoma and alaska victories as well as his home state. it accepts hole lid solidify h. >> winner takes all, all of the states for super duper tuesday. wv the big fnc debate tomorrow night. that will be very important following super tuesday. ron, what do you think will happen? you think trump is going to show up? >> trump is definitely going to show up. if he wants to not show up we will have a repeat of iowa.
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that didn't work very well for him when he skipped the debate. ted cruz, marco rubio john kasich are going to have to team up. ted cruz brocked minim -- blockn the south. they have to come together to bait, if trump will be stopped it will be at the debate. >> they ganged up on him last debate. >> we saw some change in the polls. >> ashley, final thought on the debate? >> i think we are going to see rubio and cruz continue the same messages ago they have had both of them last night coming out and saying donald trump's nomination would be a disaster for the country. i think we are seeing they are messaging here. i don't agree skach will come out springing. he's benefitting from that. he had 8 percent in virginia. do you think his candidacy can go far enough. he will hang in there in ohio. we will see the same thing from
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him at the three in the top will go after each other in a bloodbath. >> rubio and kasich holding on to their home states. >> ashley pratt, ron meyer, have a great day. >> thank you. the time is currently 11 after the hour. what did voters look for? how anger affected the race from coast to coast. the next guest says stars align from one candidate.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend fist. donald trump dominating the day with several wins from coast to
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coast. here to breakdown the race we have a panel. it gives you a good sense of how voters are feeling when they go in to make their picks. let's start with the big state of texas. exit polls show how dissatisfied voters are with the federal government. >> a staggering number 91 percent are dissatisfied or angry. trump is an anger candidate. what we hear about him over and over again is he gives people hope that things are going to get better. cruz sometimes he's a senator some people think he's an outsider which is fascinating. he's also seen as somebody who will change things from the inside. when people are angry they want change. they want something that's different. it's what happened in 2008 and what's happening now.
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>> of those angry voters in texas most of them went to cruz. >> i think that is an amazing story for cruz. he did better than any one is talking about. he took it and he took it with a lot of strength. there is some people who say he was going to take arkansas, too. cruz had a good strong night. >> with angry democrats in texas when it comes to valuing honesty and integrity sanders 59 percent there. >> sanders people on the democratic side trust him a lot more than they trust hillary. do you think it would be cruz or trump? >> that is a big story for me. evangelicals going toward trump is huge huvenlth. the bottom line is you would think they have always traditionally said i am going to go with someone who shares my
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values. right now they are saying i am going to make someone who is making a difference. that's what they are doing. >> the most important issue government spending. everybody is talking about economy, jobs. when they are out there talking to voters government spending will be closely linked to economy and jobs if we spend too much we won't grow and there won't be jobs for us. >> we asked them the top reason for who they decided to vote for. someone that can bring change. >> that is a nationwide sentiment. they want someone who is going to make things different. people who are dissatisfied they are tired of empty promises they want someone who can shake things up. >> who can best handle the economy that's what most people care about most. donald trump. >> he's a businessman he's going to make deals bring jobs he's going to change, that's what he says. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> any time. >> heather, back to you.
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uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. a oo you are watching "fox and friend first. what does it mean for the delegate count? we keep talking about that all
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about the numbers. here toe break it down is the president of high noon strategies. >> the numbers republicans need to seek cure the nomination a candidate needs 1,237 out of 2,472. on the democratic side they need to secure the nomination with 2,382 out of 4,763. explain what that means to folks at home this morning. >> this is the delegate game the math game. republicans need to hit the target number. a democrat needs to hit the target number to clinch the nominations. the process is different on both sides. the party itself dictates how many delegates are done per state. for republicans they put more of
2:23 am
an emphasis in the states deciding how the allocation process is going to, would. for democrats a little more uniform. each state you have to break a 15 percent threshold of the popular vote then the share of the state receives. democrats it can be done on a different basis. thus that are we have done states that have done solely proportional basis but when we get to the march 15th date it is winner take all. >> you got it heather. a different game all together. >> where do the counts stand now. can any one surge ahead of trump and clinton? >> on the left it is difficult for bernie sanders. hillary clinton's heed is becoming more insurmountable it
2:24 am
is a lot tougher and steeper of a climb for bernie sanders rments donald trump has a great night. he swept south carolina and nevada and he had a great night last night. i think it is not -- his lead is not insurmountable last night. it is more difficult if everyone stays in the race. with marco rubio winning minnesota and getting second in virginia they are both going to make the case they have a viable shot for the nomination and they are going to want to stay in especially to the march 15th winner take all states. if you are marco rubio when you have your home state at bat i think jay kich and carson has a harder time saying they should stay in the race. >> it will be a lot of pressure on someone to drop out soon
2:25 am
because the longer more candidates stay in, the more the vote is splintered. we want to talk about the delegate count the specific numbers for folks at home. this is what ended up happening. trump 185 delegates. rubio 87. kasich 25 and carson 8. and carson was able to garner some delegates and also kay sim because of what you were just talking about the proportional states. >> you got it. >> those will not be in play coming up on super duper tuesday march 15th. >> they won't. it will be a winner take all basis. essentially, yup, it is pretty self explanatory. winner takes all the delegates. >> ashley pratt joining us this morning. thank you so much. i have been here all night. >> she is a friend. no worries. >> thank you so much. >> that is helpful to break that down. the time is currently 26 after the hour. from super tuesday to the debate
2:26 am
states the last five republicans shifting their focus to the fox news debate tomorrow night. we are live in detroit with what we can expect from that face off. and did you notice something strange about chris christie's face last night in florida? why the internet thinks there might be something more to this picture. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". special coverage the day after super tuesday was a super one for donald trump and hillary clinton. the frontrunners on both sides securing big victories with the day with the most delegates at stake. all of them vowing to stay in until the end. >> we are going to make america
2:30 am
great again folks. we are going to make it great again. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. when we unify nobody is going to beat us. >> what a super tuesday. i am grateful to all of you who voted for me. >> tonight was another decision point and the voters are speaking. >> no matter how many weeks and months it takes i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> here's how it all shakes out. donald trump the big winner yesterday securing 7 states. >> ted cruz taking home three including alaska that was just called about an hour and a half ago. marco rubio winning with his
2:31 am
first win in minnesota. >> no wins for carson or kasich. trump tops the delegate count 285. ted cruz 161. marco rubio 87. john kasich 25 and ben carson at 8. >> with the proportional states they have delegates. >> on the democratic side here is the super tuesday score card. hillary clinton 7 state victories and one territory and bernie sanders, 4. >> clinton having 1,000 delegates compared to sanders who has 371. tocks team coverage on this busy ho post election morning. casey seigel is live in dallas. mike tobin is in detroit where the candidates face off in the big debate tomorrow but we start with jonathan suri e who is live for us in atlanta. >> donald trump had a great night here in georgia.
2:32 am
in his victory speech last night trump had his sights on the november general election. hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic party nominee. trump is not tired of talking about the investigation into her handling of state department e-mails on a private server. >> i don't know that she is going to be allowed to run. what she did is a criminal act. if she is allowed to run i would be very, very sewer prized. if she is allowed to run, honestly it will be a sad day for this country. what she did was wrong. other people have done far less than her and they have paid a very, very big price. >> could donald trump's frontrunner status change at ife gop runs to a two-man contest. cruz hopes so. he pulled ahead of marco rubio as the second place contender
2:33 am
across super tuesday states. one of the biggest surprises in the election cycle has been donald trump's ability to attract evangelical voters once thought to be the exclusive strong hold of ted cruz. jonathan suri live for us from atlanta. se the critical home state of texas casey seigel is live there. >> big win for him. >> i think it is safe to say senator ted cruz will wake up with one happy man. he walked away with a large chunk of the texas delegates. a sweeping win from the junior senator by about 17 percent winning with 43.7 percent of the vote. look at that. donald trump getting about 26.8 percent while marco rubio coming
2:34 am
in third with 17.7. the victory party near houston last night for ted cruz filled with hundreds of cheering supporters where he not only celebrated but continued to talk about the issues. >> i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare, adopt the flat tax and aboll liesh the i -- abolish the irs. >> even though it was a second place finish he still walks away with at least 20 texas delegates. the lone star state awards them proportionately based on overall voting totals and also based on their performance in each of texas '36 congressional districts. abby and heather back to you. >> they all say everything is
2:35 am
bigger in texas with reason. thank you so much casey. have a great day. >> with super tuesday behind us the focus shifts to detroit, michigan, and the all important fox news debate. that's tomorrow night. >> we will all be watching. mark kobe bin is there live with what we can expect. good to see you. >> good to see you, abby. good to see you heather. no rest for the weary or the horse voices. next stop is here downtown detroit at the fox theater for the fox news debate. that is sotomorrow night. it is the last date for them to make the case for the march primary. up for grabs, hawaii, idaho, mississippi and will the delegates nearly 60 are here in michigan. they are tired of business as usual. >> they are angry. they are kiss contented and they can't really put their finger on why or the source of that discontent, but they know they are unhappy and they know they are unsettled by what's been
2:36 am
going on in washington for a decade or more in terms of the dysfunction. >> expect the flint water crisis to enter into the debate with republicans pointing to it as an example of ineffective big government at its finest with emphasis on the epa. that's fox news gop debate tomorrow night live from the fox theater here in downtown detroit 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> mike tobin in detroit live for us where the debate will be tomorrow night. we will be watching mike. thank you. on the democratic side, a huge night for hillary clinton winning seven super tuesday states compared to bernie sander's four. is it the end of the road for the sander's campaign? let's ask our democratic panel. brian benjamin as a democratic strategist she is loss a democratic strategist and campaign director for american progress. good morning to you both. thank you for being with us. emily i will start to ywith you.
2:37 am
it was a big day for hillary clinton. is this still a race between clinton and sanders. you have the money. he says he's staying in this. he won four states yesterday. is it still a competition? >> i think competition would be strong. i think the underdog is where sanders likes it and supporters like him. i think this decision is what sanders is looking for a glimmer of hope. a glimmer of hope is all they need to energize. until the money stops flowing he will stay in the race. he won a couple of states a. little bit of momentum. the delegate count it is not realistic for him to make it through to the con venning. he will stay in a little bit longer and keep the race competitive and keep us talking about it. it is not a bad thing. >> bernie sanders raising $40 million in the month of february. you talked earlier this morning we are a little more optimistic about that match up. >> i was optimistic oon whn wha
2:38 am
meant for the party. he's not exceeding expectations. what he did in iowa and new hampshire exceeded expectations that gave people hope that maybe he can do something here. now he's going in the other direction. there was not nothing he over performed. he lost massachusetts. when you look at that i can't see the energy he needs beyond his small base of people. he needs general democrats to say maybe there's something we should do. he's not moving that direction at all. i think he's now going the op at this time direction i think hillary has shut the door on this she is going to couz into the nomination. it will be hillary clinton as many people are talking about. who is best to go up against her on the republican side. you look at the polling donald trump could very well be the nominee comes out the worst against clinton. 42 percent to 47 against clinton. >> i think that's right.
2:39 am
i think clinton does very well in a head to head against trump. think a lot of people going into this election thought it would be a fight between republicans and democrats. trump if you look at where he had strong turnout it was in rural areas. he struggled to do well in other parts of the states. if he's going to be able to bridge that gap and really compete against clinton he has to figure out a way to be better with other kinds of repub caps and independent, people who are strengthly economic, moderate those who are lacking for a smart business investment. they may not love hillary but i think a lot of independents and republicans would move to her if it was a head to head. >> donald trump does not beat hillary clinton but ted cruz does that is something he will go out on the trail and talk about. >> ted is not going to win. but i think we are looking at trump as he stands now. i believe in a general election
2:40 am
trump will run to the center so fast we won't know what will hit us. i think he's a mass marketer he understands what he is doing. that is why i think he's most dangerous. he's bringing a lot more people to this party than we have seen. that is reminding obama a little bit obviously not the same ideology but he is really in virginia he cannot be under stated. hillary is not the best candidate but i support her. >> you sound like a lot of democrats. >> i want to hear your thoughts on rubio. he says he's staying in this thing. against clinton he beats her. this is something he continue os tout on the trail. >> the money is there for sure.
2:41 am
his colleagues think he's the best pass foth forward. it is difficult for republicans not just because it is the party they identify with they say is their own but it hurts them. it turts hem all of the way down the ticket. rubio is someone that could look potentially appealing but it is not getting there. >> it is an unpredictable race isn't it? emily, brian thank you for being with us. appreciate it. there are 20,000 that left in favor of trump in massachusetts. the time is 20 minutes after the pa top of the hour. anna kooiman live in nashville dishing it out. politics with the voters. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton surging to victory down south. >> anna kooiman is live in nashville talking to voters about who they voted for and why and cooking up yummy biscuits hand the counter. >> they are putting me to work. i am going to make up belgium raffles for everybody as i tell you how things turned out. donald trump took 39 percent of the vote. senator ted cruz took 29 percent of the vote rubio 29 percent. kasich and carson single digits. gypping going to take biscuits
2:46 am
to my friends out here. good morning everybody. how are you doing? >> we are going to find out if they are hungry or hangry. did their candidate do well last night? >> who did you vote for? >> my name is ken i voted for rubio. tea party conservative. very nice christian and he is really a nice young man and the main thing is, most of the polls show he's the one candidate that can beat hillary clinton. >> you are worried about the general election in november you think he would do the best why is that against hillary clinton? >> because he's a nice wroung man he's a christianese a conservative. he has been knowledgeable in foreign affairs. i think he will do well for >> getting in the mud talking about donald trump's spray tan and all of that. >> we all know donald trump started it and i think test
2:47 am
about time somebody gave it back to him. >> he won minnesota something he needed to do. >> next up what's your name who did you support? >> austin and i supported donald trump. >> why is that? >> i am sick of establishment politicians. my main concern is the economy and jobs and donald trump as an ceo has employed tens of thousands of people. >> exit polls are showing many tennessee voerts are tfed up wih immigration and he is the best to handle the economy. po is most important? >> best to handle the economy. >> next up who did you support? >> sam sanchez and i supported donald trump. >> why is that? >> i think the united states needs a proven ceo to bring the economy back on-line. donald trump said as far as the temperament goes with the tweets and the attacks he will become more presidential down the line. you think needs to start doing that more now? >> yes, i do.
2:48 am
slowly with all of the outlandish things he says he's making the news cycle he's not spending a lot on the media. >> what do you think about chris christie endorsement? >> i think that's about him controlling the media. they should be talking about how rubio on friday did well and instead he pulled out chris kris key they were talking about donald trump and chris christie. everybody thank you very much. we have her who is a bernie sanders supporter and she will be singing for us later on. >> back to you. time to eat. you need to check on the griddle or whatever it is you started. the waffles. >> you are right. you are right. >> thank you. >> the time now is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. >> did you notice something strange about chris christie's face last night in florida. a lot of folks did. why the internet thinks
2:49 am
something might be up. >> a lot of people wondering what he was thinking someone who might know what he was thinking is brian kilmeade? >> how did i get stuck on stage i wanted to introduce him and go home and i have to stand there the entire time. on some level he's thinking to himself why can't that be me. i ran this campaign. we will see where that goes. let me tell you what's coming up over the next three hours doing a great job this morning for your three hours. we have the massive impact of the trump triumph yesterday. cruz also surprises walking home with three straight. why is marco rubio making a last stand in florida in miami already. bernie has two or three states to call his own. amongst our guest senator sessions who also endorsed donald trump. mike huckabee seems to be a trump fan. herman cain will be here. the massive move in
2:50 am
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welcome back. donald trump, he was the big winner on super tuesday. chris christie stole the show. >> we have more on the fox news headlines 24/7, sirius x.m. 115. what was going there? >> good morning, ladies. the number-one trending top activity twitter last night, chris christie's face. all eyes were on christie during trump's press conference. take a look at his facial expression while trump is
2:54 am
speaking. twitter lit up with memes and jokes all night. dave tweeted, chris christie looks like a guy who suddenly isn't sure if he turned the stove off before leaving for work. another tweet with this picture that says, let's play a game, a dog or chris christie standing behind trump for the last 30 minutes. and then someone photo-shopped him next to eli manning's face from when his brother peyton won the super bowl. >> not very nice. >> they're funny, though. >> turning to google, what were the most-searched questions about super tuesday? >> this one may surprise you. most-searched question on google on super tuesday -- when is super tuesday, followed by what is super tuesday, rounding out the top five, which states vote on super tuesday, why is super tuesday important, and how many delegates on super tuesday. >> all important questions. >> yeah. >> glad they figured it out. >> when is super tuesday? not saturday. >> not friday. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks. currently 55 after the hour.
2:55 am
five minutes before the top of the hour. super tuesday's behind us with donald trump staying on top. so question is, what happens next? >> we'll look ahead to the path to the nomination. ♪ i built my business with passion.
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donald trump's new interview. there's nobody that's done so much for equality as he has. he does appear to be doing everything in his power to make sure america has its first female president. [ applause ] >> super tuesday. it is done. it is over. a super success for donald trump. the gop front-runner declared the winner in seven states. senator cruz won in oklahoma, and his home state of texas. marco rubio with his first win in minnesota. no victories for ben carson or john kasich. >> now shifting focus to next week's super tuesday in four states. >> then super duper tuesday. hundreds of delegates up for grabs as five states and one territory make their presidential pick. >> before that, the big fox
3:00 am
debate tomorrow, coverage starts at 9:00 eastern here on fox. >> we'll be there. let's keep talking politics. what's your prediction for the general election match-up? log on to our facebook page, #keeptalking. >> and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> bye. i am a unifier. once we get this finished, i am going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> america never stops being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what is that about? if she hasn't straightened is t out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. >> this campaign is about making a political revolution. [ cheers ] >> will be donald trump.


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