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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 2, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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debate tomorrow, coverage starts at 9:00 eastern here on fox. >> we'll be there. let's keep talking politics. what's your prediction for the general election match-up? log on to our facebook page, #keeptalking. >> and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> bye. i am a unifier. once we get this finished, i am going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> america never stops being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what is that about? if she hasn't straightened is t out by now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. >> this campaign is about making a political revolution. [ cheers ] >> will be donald trump. >> we need to remember that
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before we're republicans and democrats, we are americans. that's what people want. >> when i am president of the united states, we will not just save the american dream, we will expand it to reach more people than ever. >> well, it's the post-game show for super tuesday. thanks for joining us here in studio e, as in election. it was a big night for hillary clinton and a big night for donald trump. >> yes, it was. his rivals keep fighting on. we saw that. >> they do. >> we saw that in a lot of states. let's go through the states that donald trump won last night. he won arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, georgia, virginia, and vermont, which means delegate -- actually, let's talk about -- >> we'll get to delegates in a second. >> exactly. >> i'm in the ted cruz column. this came in a short time ago, his third state. texas expected to win. he won by a good margin.
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the question is where rubio will come in. he did the 20% threshold. oklahoma, a surprise although being so conservative, it shouldn't have been. and then alaska won in the cruz column after that. cruz has a reason it feel like there's wind at his back. >> and marco rubio, it looked like he was not going to win a single state. in the 11th hour, he did win one state on super tuesday. >> close to virginia, too. >> that was minnesota. the magic number for donald trump to smoke everybody was around 300. he wound up with 285. ted cruz has about 181 exactly. and 161, that is to say. marco rubio at half that, 87. john kasich had some respectable showings last night at 25. and ben carson, 8. >> kasich in particular was leaning on vermont. look how good i did. not even close to ohio, and ohio is coming up next, on the 15th.
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no surprise really either that marco rubio won the right to florida. that's going to be his firewall. >> his alamo. >> trailing in the polls. he went trite miami. that is where hillary clinton was yesterday. >> he's going to have win florida. a winner-take-all state. the democratic. hillary clinton on the left, sanders on the right. hillary clinton wins seven states. she won arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, tennessee. she won georgia, virginia, texas, and sanders winning four states, oklahoma, vermont, colorado, and minnesota. >> including the superdelegates, clinton has just north of 1,000 delegates, bernie sanders has 371. >> and that is over virtually. and hillary clinton's got to be relieved. she can start pivoting toward the general start, saving money, earning money, raising money. >> she pivoted last night. her aim directly at donald trump. >> it was. meanwhile, team coverage all over this country on this day after super tuesday. >> we have more on ted cruz's
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major victory in his home state of texas. >> and jonathan live in atlanta with how it shook out down south. we start with jonathan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, donald trump has scored huge wins across the south. in alabama trump got 43% of the gop vote with the closest contender, ted cruz, coming in at 21% in that state. in tennessee, it was trump, 39, cruz, 25. here in georgia, trump got 39% with cruz and marco rubio tied at 24%. there has been heavy turnout, especially among gop voter in the region. part of trump's success in the deep south has been his ability to attract evangelical christians once thought to be a primary stronghold for ted cruz. in recent days, marco rubio had tried to match trump's style and return some of his personal insults. that strategy seems to have little effect on trump's lead. >> senator ted cruz cemented his
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second-place position after a win in his home state of texas. he had to win texas. >> spent a lot of time and money there. casey segall live in dallas. >> reporter: good morning, guys. certainly a major night for senator ted cruz in texas, clinching a major victory in his home state. you know, we talked about this yesterday on the program. going into super tuesday, he knew this was a do-or-die situation for his campaign. look at the latest numbers, the precincts reporting, 43.7% of the vote is what ted cruz captured. businessman donald trump coming in second place with 26.8%. then senator marco rubio placing third in the lone star state with 17.7%. lots of celebrating. cruz telling supporters that republicans need to come together and unite while trying to minimize donald trump's super
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tuesday wins. cruz telling the crowd that his campaign is the only one that has beat donald trump out of the races thus far. alaska, oklahoma, and now texas. we should tell you that strong voter turnout has been reported across the state of texas for super tuesday. long line at many polling locations. in fact, the texas gop saying it had to print more ballots by mid-afternoon. as far as the delegates go, since this is not a winner-take-all state, donald trump even though finishing second still walks away with some delegates here in texas. back to you guys. >> thanks, casey. you talk about turnout, the turnout in tennessee was up 50%. virginia, up 50%. the numbers supposed to be like that in georgia, texas, alabama. as we heard, texas. alabama, massachusetts. i think hillary clinton would say that has a lot to do with donald trump. >> going back to where he was reporting from, from texas. the key unfortunately for marco rubio was he had to make the threshold, which we talked about
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yesterday, of 20%. he did not make it in texas. so the big winners in texas, the home state guy, ted cruz, and then donald trump, the guy who presided over his winning night last night from palm beach, florida. >> republicans saying this is the guy that can change the party and change the direction of the country. donald trump agrees with that, of course. and he said last night he really feels like he can unify the republican party. take a listen. >> our party is expanding. all you have to do is look at the primary states where i won. and just look where -- we've gone from x number to a much larger number. if i'm going to win five, i've already won five, maybe it could be six, seven, eight, could be nine. could win nine states tonight. if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers, and if i'm going come in worst the second, the two or three i might not win, i think we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party, right? i am a unifier. i would love to see the
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republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> think about this -- jeb bush came out before there and said you've got to be willing to lose the primary to win the general. believe it or not, the guy who's winning the primary is pivoting along the way as to somebody that could win the general. think about it. he said, i'm not going to touch says. he said, i'm not going to touch medicare. and also he's saying -- singing praises of planned parenthood. gets conservatives crazy. however, it might win over some moderates. and there's a belief out there that republicans cannot win because of romney and mccain's numbers, without getting some other people into the fray. >> see, that's the political rhetoric. when you look at the actual numbers about what happened last night, and brian you were talking about how voter turnout was unprecedented in virginia, tennessee. they broke records. when you look back at the first
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four contests, on average republican turnout was about 25% hire than it has -- has historically been. then you look at the democrats, they're under 25%. so to donald trump's point, are the democrats and the independents who had historically voted in the democrat, suddenly migranting to the republican -- migrating to the republican? maybe. >> the evangelicals will be conservative. they're going to vote republican no matter what. the moderates, yeah, you're right. it might be important for him -- >> they're the people -- >> to speak to the group. >> the people in the middle are the people who vote in the white house. >> virginia almost won in marco rubio's column. do you know why? according to the exit polls, if they are accurate, it's late deciders. maybe the spray tan talk, maybe the whole donald trump being a con man started to get people to think, okay, maybe marco rubio is the ticket. here are the late deciders in virginia, rubio 38%, trump with 18%, cruz with 16, as well as kasich.
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late deciders so far that we've seen the last few months have not broken toward trump. >> then in arkansas, a state that donald trump actually won, marco rubio had about 40% of the late deciders followed by ted cruz and donald trump. what's interesting, when you go inside the tabs and look at the fine print, of all the states voting yesterday, donald trump dominated in early voting. people who decided rather -- rather early sdierdeciders, peo who decided at least a month ago. those who decided in the last month, across all the states, not just those two, for the most part divided essentially equally between trump and cruz and rubio. so was it the spray tan talk, or wasn't it? i don't know at this point because it wasn't that specific. >> i'm looking forward to talking to former governor of arkansas. huckabee's going to be on the couch with us today. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. being a baptist minister, i want to talk about the evangelical
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vote. trump swept a lot of the southern states. it wasn't ted cruz. trump's walking away with a win in massachusetts, a secular state, and a lot of the southern evangelical states. it's an interesting election this year. >> super tuesday, super tuesday of going to -- supposed to be ted cruz's cake walk. >> 100%. >> as it turns out, it was donald trump. and i saw a couple of headlines that said landslide for him. you be the judge. nonetheless, he did win a bunch more than anybody else. >> right. ted cruz did enough to survive and put the pressure on others to drop out. the question is, we've got carson, kasich, cruz, and rubio. what changes before tomorrow's debate? nothing. everyone's staying in. >> when do you think it will change? march 15th? >> march 16th. >> exactly. >> i assume so. but who knows? 11 after the hour. let's get started. >> coming up, ben carson claims his tax plan will spark the growth that the u.s. economy needs. so what would his flat tax policy mean for your wallet and your family? we'll break down the doctor's
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plan next. and anna kooiman serving up pancakes and politics in nashville. steve cannot be trusted with breakfast food. she's doing it this morning. straight to the voters. >> reporter: i am. good morning to you. ainsley, welcome back to the couch. you mentioned the evangelical here in tennessee. 44% of that vote went to donald trump. we'll talk to some of his supporters, bernie sanders supporter, a marco rubio supporter, and many more live from music city, tennessee. the future belongs to the fast.
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despite a not very super super tuesday showing, ben carson is vowing to stay in the race. >> it is rotten to the core on both sides. democrats and republicans. and they have weaved such a complex web. it will be very, very difficult to untangle it. i'm not ready to quit trying to untangle it yet. >> will the doctor's prescription for a flat tax rate help him move forward in the race? joining us to weigh in is the chairman of the kings college business and finance program in manhattan, professor brian
3:17 am
brenburg. after a late night coming to analyze. >> that's right. >> generally, we'll get to the specifics in a minute, but what does ben carson stand for tax-wise? >> he's talking about a flat tax on income and business income, as well. this is a radical plan. you expect ben carson to sort of be the moderate, sober minded -- this is a big deal. he's radically changing the income tax structure, the business tax structure. could be a big growth-inducing move and increase deficits. >> a 15% flat tax for people 150% above the poverty level. it would abolish double taxation, which everybody loves. >> yep. >> it would eliminate tax credits and itemize deductions. we'll come back to that in a minute. eliminate the amt and abolish the death tax, which nobody likes. back to eliminate tax credits and itemize deficit reductions. that's a problem because there are people in various industries who make money on those. so those lobbyists going to spin -- their heads are going to start spinning. >> he needs to do it to make his
3:18 am
plan work. he's got to broaden the base, tax more income. the problem is, those credits and exemptions are really popular. it's going to be hard politically to make it work. that's one of the issues. in theory, his plan looks good to economists because it reduces taxes on investment and income. could spur growth. but politically, it has problems in the deductions and tax credit that's he gets rid of is one of those. >> a lot of people have the mortgage interest deduction. i take that. >> yeah. >> i think everybody does. at the same time, it's the tradeoff -- do you want the flat dakotas, or do you want to continue to get that credit? >> and child tax credit's another thing he takes off the table. these tends to be popular for the lower income worker. so that's one of the critiques of his plan that helps out higher income workers. the top 10% get by far -- top 1% get by far the biggest break in this plan. lower end of the income scale, not as big of a boost. that's always going to be an issue especially for republican candidates. >> let's look. the tax foundation has analyzed this. this is what they have found.
3:19 am
his tax plan reduced after-tax income for all except the top 10%. 5.2 million more full-time jobs. that's great. 16% higher gdp over the long term. about 50% larger capital stock. and about 11% higher wages. that sounds great. >> it sounds good. it all assumes that you're going to get -- assumes two things. one, you're going to get economic growth. the bishop who's going to get after-tax income gains, if you don't see a lot of growth, it could be the case that 89% of taxpayers see a-tax income go down. carson's -- after-tax income go down. carson's betting on growth and that he can cut spending. if he doesn't cut spending, you're talking $6 trillion in deficits over ten years. if you have the deficits, you see interest rates go up. if interest rates go up, businesses can't get capital, can't invest. it unwinds. he's making two big assumptions here. if those don't happen, it could be a big issue. >> okay. before you go, how would you grade his paper? >> i'd give him in the b range,
3:20 am
i think. work to do, but good things happening there. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. always good to see you. >> you bet. coming up on this wednesday, brand-new developments overnight on the apple privacy controversy. why the fbi is admitting they made a great, big mistake involving the cloud. and donald trump sweeps the south including herman cain's home state of georgia. the former political outsider candidate joins us live to react to the new outsider candidate's big super tuesday win. herman cain next on "fox & friends." ♪ save big during bass pro shops' dog days event and sale. like select dog toys for only $5 each. and redhead cedar valley men's shirts for under $15. plus bring your dog friday and saturday for free photos, giveaways and prizes. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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bernardino shooter out of an "abundance of caution." in front of congress yesterday, fbi director james comey admit the agency made mistakes with the phone after they reset the shooter's apple i.d. frightening moments overnight in alabama. at least four people now hurt after a possible tornado strikes southwest of birmingham. several homes damaged. trees and power lines were also toppled. a crew trying to determine if the damage was caused by a twister. after one year in space, astronaut scott kelly is finally back on earth. he landed in kazakhstan last night and will be closely studied to figure out the health effects of being in space for such a long time. kelly says he can't wait to jump back into his pool in houston. enjoy. well deserved. >> go to space, end up in kazakhstan? what the heck? 24 minutes after the hour.
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historic super tuesday as donald trump picks up the bulk of primary states, further cementing his front-runner status for now. does that guarantee a trump nomination? what does the gop have to say about that? they seem kind of upset. >> joining us now for his reaction is the 2012 presidential candidate and fox news contributor, mr. herman cain. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley and brian. >> good to see you. thank you. from the state of georgia, i'm from south carolina, i really thought that -- traditionally the southern states, they get the -- they get the evangelical vote. that would be ted cruz. donald trump won in your state. why do you think that is? >> because evangelicals or people of faith, they want the same thing that everybody else wants. they want a strong economy, and they want a strong military. and they want a leader, a fighter, and a winner. that's why he won the state of georgia, as well as some of these other states. they want the same thing. they're not single-issue voters, which is the mistake that a lot of the pollsters make. >> virginia of close. georgia wasn't. it was a runaway for donald
3:26 am
trump, who did a lot of campaigning there already. looking ahead. and one of the comments from david axelrod stuck out. he indicated he thinks georgia voters are dumb saying, "georgia has more it of a downscale vote." is that a correct characterization? >> no, it's not a correct characterization. david axelrod represents a party that's trying to elect a liar and somebody that people can't trust. so i don't think he's in a position to be throwing stones at georgia voters or any other voters. here's the other thing about it -- they haven't, the democrats, haven't been able to stop trump with all of their attacks. now they are attacking the people who support trump. they are desperate to try and slow down his momentum, but all of those characterizations, i don't think they're going to work. >> what happens in the southern states going forward, in the states that are left for ted cruz and marco rubio in your opinion? >> in my opinion, i think marco rubio is in a little bit of trouble because based upon the
3:27 am
latest polls in florida, donald trump is beating marco rubio. it's going to take quite an effort to turn it around. just like ted cruz needed to win texas, which he did, marco rubio needs to win florida. if you believe the trends based upon the polls, marco rubio's going to have an uphill battle to win florida. i think that's going to essentially take him further and further out of the race. >> herman, i'm sure -- i watched like you watched. donald trump seemed to pivot to the middle and speak in the general. he seemed to moderate his message yesterday. a few shots at marco rubio saying, yeah, he's a lightweight. for the most part, ted's worked hard. congratulations to him. sounded like somebody looking to unify the party. however, the day started with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan essentially doing a shot across the bow of donald trump. how do you feel about the establishment getting into a panic about the trump run? >> i'm probably not going to get invited to many establishment gatherings because my message to them is simply, get over it.
3:28 am
i mean, donald trump has -- i think he made some very good comments last night during his acceptance speech of when he was basically talking. the establishment needs to get over it. secondly, donald trump, he did disavoid some of the -- disavow some of the things about david duke and the kkk, but they didn't report that. they wanted to only focus on he didn't use exactly the same words. i believe the establishment needs to get over it and allow the people to speak. so far, 285 delegates, that's not a fluke. get over it, the establishment. >> you've got the convention coming up at the end of july. many of these establishment republicans that you're talking about, they're calling for a brokered convention. do you think that's going to happen? >> it's a possibility that it could happen. but if it happens because they've tried to sabotage the current leader, then that would not be good for the republican party. what the establishment
3:29 am
republicans are threatening to do, i believe, would devastate the republican party. here's one thing they are not focusing on. donald trump pointed it out last flight. that's a good thing. talking about turnout up 50% in some of the states. it was up a large amount in georgia and virginia and a lot of other states. the party is expanding. they out to be celebrating what donald trump is doing for the republican party at this particular point. instead, they're pushing back. >> in reality, he does have a lot of ground to make up with millennials and minorities, correct or not, the stats don't lie. you know that well. thank you very much. great job. >> thank you. >> happy to do it. thank you. coming up straight ahead, according to the serving of steak and eggs at elections, believe it or not, she's getting paid. live reaction from voters in nashville next. first, happy birthday to
3:30 am
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we've got to make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great again. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> what a super tuesday! i'm grateful to all of you who voted for me. >> tonight was another decision,
3:34 am
and the voters have spoken. [ cheers ] >> no matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it takes, no matter how many weeks and months it takes, i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states. >> all right. donald trump driving voter turnout to record highs yesterday, scoring victories in seven different states -- arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, georgia, vermont, and virginia. >> ted cruz cruising to victory in his home state of texas as well as oklahoma. we just learned overnight, he also got alaska. and senator marco rubio winning his first state of the primary election in minnesota. >> i'll take it from here. >> thanks. when it comes to delegates, you've got 1,237. you need that to clinch, and clump leads the pack with 285. that leads me to believe we have a long way to go. ted cruz, 161. marco rubio, 87. he says wait until the 15th of
3:35 am
march. john kasich says meet me in ohio, i have 23. ben carson's there to untangle the web, sticking around. >> on the democrat side, as expected, hillary clinton won seven states. mostly in the south. bernie sanders won four. when you add up the delegates on the democrat side including superdelegates, it gets crazy to understand. hillary is currently leading with 1,001 delegates. sanders, 371 with 2,383 needed to win. keep in mind on the republican side, they said going in that donald trump would need between 250 and 275 to be on track to win the number, to win the nomination. he actually bested that by ten. >> he wound up with 285 votes so far. >> and guys, you wonder how much pressure is on, i don't know, rubio, kasich, and carson amongst party heads which i don't think they've displayed too much power to move and create a one on one. cruz looks more powerful than rubio this hour.
3:36 am
>> you mentioned party heads. republican elite party heads are exploding today. donald trump had a fantastic night last night. ted cruz did very well. ended up with the bonus state of oklahoma and alaska. and marco rubio, if you had to grade things with the top three, marco rubio had the worst night possible. in two weeks, he has the opportunity to redeem himself and win his home state. right now, his home state is leaning toward trump. >> yeah. it's going to be interesting to see what happens at the debate tomorrow. are we going to see trump going after cruz more? he's usually going after rubio. >> no. interesting, ainsley. he was nice to cruz. the day before, nice to cruz. ted's the smarter of the two. not nearly as mean. so he must -- don't know what the idea is. you'll see it tomorrow on fox. >> that's right. trump did very well in tennessee. what are voters thinking? we'll ask anna kooiman, live at sam's diner in nashville, amongst the voters, asking who
3:37 am
they voted for and why. what are you cooking? >> reporter: good morning, steak and eggs. you know me, just getting back to my southern roots. how does that look sunny side up? here in the volunteer state, donald trump taking 39% of the vote. senator ted cruz 25%. 21% went to senator marco rubio. and single digits to dr. ben carson and john kasich. i've got a bunch of friends who have come to sam's place in music city, tennessee, to join us. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> reporter: thanks for being with us. i'll ask your name and who you supported. you first. >> my name is ken. i voted for rubio. >> reporter: why are you team rubio? >> he's a tea party conservative. he's a nice christian man. and he's got a lot of foreign experience. so i think he'll do a great job for our country. >> reporter: you're concerned about the general election, right? >> yes, i am, because most of the polls show that he's the only one who can beat hillary.
3:38 am
and -- the main thing is is to get rid of hillary and obama. >> reporter: all right. team rubio here. team trump up next. good morning. what's your name? >> my name is austin. yes, i voted for trump. >> reporter: why is that? >> he's a proven ceo and businessman who's employed tens of thousands over his lifetime. he knows how to get the job done and done right the first time. >> reporter: in a lot of our exit polls, we noticed tennessee voters are fed up with the federal government, illegal immigration, and they think that donald trump is best to handle the economy. which of those three resonates the most with you? >> i would go with best handling the economy. >> reporter: best handling the economy. the businessman. all right. one more trump supporter. your name? >> good morning. alan strain. >> reporter: why did you vote for mr. trump? >> i support trump because of his -- his ability to stand up when everyone else was pushing in, the establishment was pushing him, and he didn't back down no matter how much money he lost. he stood up to the status quo, and held his ground. and secondly, i like his approach on immigration and
3:39 am
taxes because i don't feel it's a fair playing field for the -- on the same thing. i'm all for the immigrants coming here and making their way and excelling. should be fair. they should pay the same amount of taxes that we do. >> okay. and one more. we've got one more trump supporter. your name? >> paxton. >> reporter: why did you support trump? >> just because it's finally something new. i'm 21 and young. it's only the second time i've gotten to vote. it's just nice to finally see someone that's not your average politics. >> reporter: thank you very much, everybody. we'll get back to eating our pancakes. ainsley, brian, steve, a record gop turnout this year, 255,000 people on the gop side. >> didn't their moms ever tell them never to discuss politics at the didn't table? >> reporter: we have come across a few who do not want to participate and tell us exactly what they voted for. they're coming for the food. i will say to our "fox & friends" viewers that want to come to sam's place, the effort to walk in and say "better with friends," gets a signed copy of
3:40 am
your vote. >> giving away my book? a boom signing. >> you signed it. >> thanks to anna kooiman. >> fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. i think the real attraction to anna -- she's my waitress. that will make the place. >> of the four people she talked to, three were trump supporters. that could be one of the area trump train depots come this wednesday. did you know they're big tippers in tennessee? >> i bet they are. very nice. >> good people down there. thanks. >> a little cash this. good morning, everyone. got a couple of headlines i want to bring you. first starting out with a real tragedy to tell you about. hitting two police departments this morning. a former nypd officer who moved to texas from new york to get away from all the crime killed in a shoot-out. [ gunshots ]
3:41 am
>> that happening in euless, texas. officer david hopper was responding to a shot fired call at a park in the dallas suburbs. the gunman immediately opened fire, striking him and killing him. the gunman was later shot and killed by police. a memorial is taking place at that park. officer hopper was just 29 years old. he leaves behind acee. more tearful testimony for erin andrews after taking the witness stand for a second day. she says she doesn't think she will ever get over the emotional fallout. the defense suggesting that andrews' career thrived after the video of her went viral. andrews maintains that that only happened because she threw herself into her career. listen to this -- >> i wanted to do everything i could to be normal again. if i could throw myself back into football and basketball and baseball, maybe everybody else would forget it happened. >> jurors must decide how her
3:42 am
stalker, michael barrett, was placed next to her room in the nashville hotel. a toddler falls out of a moving van and on to a busy highway in china, and it's caught on dash cam video. don't worry, that little enjoy okay. you see him as he tumbles out when the back hatch opens. then the little guy chases after the van. his grathd keeps drive -- grandfather keeps driving away. he says the hatch was broke, and he didn't realize the boy was in the back seat until it's too late. you know how kids are so quick. poor little guy. he's okay this morning. a michigan man was a millionaire for two months and didn't know it. daniel chase bought a powerball ticket in december but didn't check until last week when he went to clean his wallet. it turns out that the ticket was worth $1 million. chase plans to spend the money helping his kids, making home improvements, and traveling. nice job. good he didn't throw it out.
3:43 am
>> good for him. >> or wait another year, and it's no longer any good. >> his wallet, i wonder how clean it is. have you seen brian's wallet? >> oh, my word. >> i am the owner of a wonder wallet. my wonder wallet -- >> let's see it. >> i don't carry it around. >> you're an owner, not a user some. >> i leave it in the office so someone can go through it while i'm on the show. >> i'm proud of you. you've gotten more organized over the years. >> lauren patton brought me the wonder wallet. >> good going. >> it was a christmas presents. coming up, hillary clinton soaring in the south and focusing her attention on donald trump. a new report says the clinton campaign should be concerned about a match-up with the don ampd we'll explain" ahead. plus, no rest for the weary. republicans getting ready to rumble in motown at tomorrow's fox news debate. we're live in detroit with a preview next.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. glad you're up. this is the aftermath of super tuesday. with super tuesday finally behind us, the focus now shifts to detroit. shifts to detroit, michigan. >> and the all-important fox news debate which is tomorrow night. we'll all be watching, right, steve? >> that's right. and mike tobin, it's outside the fox theater where the fox debate is going to be. mike, i got to figure we're doing it there because our name's on the joint. >> reporter: doesn't that work out well? the hits keep coming. good morning. the hits keep coming, the move to detroit. the fox news debate 9:00 p.m. eastern/standard time from the fox theater. this will be the chance for candidates to make their points
3:48 am
heard ahead of a march 8th primary. up for grabs march 8th, hawaii, idaho, mississippi. the greatest delegate take from here in michigan. michigan voters tell us what they want have to hear the bickering stop. >> it's childlike, very childlike. i think they need to grow up and be more mature. >> i think it's comically stupid. i think it disrupts the electorate, and i think it disrupts whoever's going come out of this group. >> reporter: the people say they want to hear the zingers stop, but the zingers find their mark. they generate the water cooler talk. clearly they're not hurting donald trump. so will it continue? tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m., live from the fox theater, the fox news gop debate. guys, back to you in new york. >> and right now, mike, no indication that anyone's leaving the field. we're going to be sold out on stage, right? >> reporter: yeah, so far. it's going to be busy. we'll see how it washes out.
3:49 am
>> right. >> thank you very much. >> if you have time, go see berry gordy's house. you can take a tour of motown where it all started. >> she's planning activities after your live shots. >> after the detroit -- i mean, after the debate. you're not allowed to go before that. >> find out the true history of the supremes. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. coming up on this wednesday, hillary clinton and donald trump wasting no time firing shots at each other after big super tuesday wins. >> we have to make america whole. >> she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what is that all about. >> a new report says the clinton campaign should be concerned about a match-up with the donald. what's that about? we'll explain. >> make it great. >> coming up. >> make it whole. >> make it great or make it whole, what do you prefer? avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:53 am
we know we've got work to do. but that work -- that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped by great. we have to make america whole. >> she wants to make america whole again and i'm trying to figure out what is that all about? make america great is much better than making america whole again. >> and we'll have a chance to see that perhaps, after last
3:54 am
night's victory speeches from trump and hillary clinton. joining us is familiar face, brad woodhouse, the president of correct the record. he want -- he's a hillary clinton supporter, look at this match-up. this is quite interesting. i understand that hillary clinton will attack donald trump and try to make him seem like a sexist. will that work? >> well, first of all, i don't think that's a strategy to make him seem like a sexist. he may be a sexist but i don't think there's a strategy to do that. i think that the strategy for donald trump is still being worked out, and from somebody who was involved in the campaign against mitt romney, there won't be any one silver bullet that you can go after donald trump on. in fact, i think it's going to be a very hard race. i think it involves temperament and involves preparation to be commander in chief. i think it involves the foreign policy knowledge, his business practices. i think it runs the entire gamut and look, to the extent that he lashes out and attacks people like megyn kelly that might be an issue -- that might be an
3:55 am
issue in the race. but i don't think it will be the predominant one. >> it's harder than people, as you look at the background of trump, in the 1980s trump tower was run by a female foreman. but ivanka is his daughter, she has a prominent position in the company. she might be the heir apparent. the question is for all the pundits like yourself, will he be like -- will donald trump be like barry goldwater stand for what he believes in and get routed or like nixon, turn around and look like an underdog and destroy george mcgovern. it could go either way. >> it could. i'm in the camp, i do believe that hillary clinton will be president of the united states. i think she basically wrapped up the nomination last night, but donald trump is hard to run against. if he wasn't hard to run given,
3:56 am
someone else would win the republican primary. look at how hard it is for them. i think that's a general electorate that might look at trump different than a primary electorate. they may not like how he lashed out at immigrants and women and muslims so it will be interesting going forward. no one is taking trump for granted. >> i think people are, i wouldn't blame them. because every republican did and now look where they are. it's not over, but they're certainly trailing. there's something else that donald trump said last night. guys, i'm looking to expand the party. look at the turnout. i have expanded the party and in massachusetts he's flipped according to reports 20,000 democrats to republicans. >> well, i saw that. look, i think there's a lot of mischief that goes on in primary season. i'd be more interested to see what the registration numbers and party identification looks like closer to the general election. i know for example in virginia last night, there were democrats that decided to vote in the republican side of the primary. just so they could vote against trump. so there's a lot of mischief that goes on. >> this is really interesting. we have a lot left to go in the semifinal before we get to the finals. brad woodhouse, thanks so much.
3:57 am
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feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats®. try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit. i am a unifier. an when we unify, there's nobody that's going the beat us. >> instead of building walls we'll break down barriers. >> and the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> we will fight for our constitution, for life and for freedom. >> i'm going to tell you know we will beat donald trump in the state of ohio. >> and we are going to leave for our children what americans always leave their children, the single greatest nation in the
4:01 am
history of all mankind. >> well, there was a lot of talking last night all across the country. it was super tuesday and on this postgame show, on this wednesday morning, it is very clear donald trump had a fantastic night. ted cruz did okay. marco rubio's got to be scratching his head thinking, hurry. march 15th, i've got to win florida or i'm toast. >> but i want to give credit to the rubio kids they clapped when they should have. >> they were cute. donald trump driving voter turnout to record highs yesterday scoring victories in seven separate states. look at the map, arkansas, al, massachusetts, virginia and vermont. >> ted cruz is cruising to victory so to speak in his home state of texas. it was a substantial win. he also picked up oklahoma, and we have learned a short time ago he got alaska. and senator marco rubio winning his first primary election, minnesota.
4:02 am
the caucus goes to marco. >> it comes down to delegates. you need 1,237 and donald trump has 285. ted cruz has 161. marco rubio about half ted cruz's number at 87. >> let's look at the democratic side, hillary clinton as expected wins seven states most in the south. when you add up the delegates from the democratic side including super delegates hillary leads with 101 and sanders 371. >> and of course now, donald trump's big win last night sets off alarm bells with the republican party elites. they have exactly two weeks to try to figure out how to derail him. so far, they haven't been able to do it. will they be able to in the next two weeks? ask again later as the magic eight ball says. >> it's a matter of winnowing the field.
4:03 am
everyone is saying go one-on-one, that's that the romneys, that's what the higher-ups, reince priebuss, not picking who they want to win, but donald trump cannot be touched in a one on four field. >> i think for me waking up this morning, we all knew that trump was going to do really well. at least that's what the polls indicated yesterday. for me i was interested to see who would win between rubio and cruz and cruz won more states than rubio did. >> which is interesting because ruin rubio over the last five days has tried to punch donald trump in the nose with the don rickles routine. >> and casey stegall is following ted cruz in texas. >> i'm going with jonathan serrie, and he'll talk about how the south was shook up. >> reporter: good morning. you selected because you could tell i was cold in atlanta.
4:04 am
yes, donald trump scored some major victories over night. he got 43% of the gop vote in alabama. and in tennessee, it was trump 39, cruz 25. and here in georgia, trump got 39% with cruz and marco rubio tied at 24%. there has been heavy turnout especially among gop voters in the region. part of trump's success in the deep south has been his ability to attract evangelical christian voters. earlier, conservative radio host herman cain explained why. >> evangelicals are people of faith, they want the same thing that everybody else wants. they want a strong economy and they want a strong military and they want a leader, a fighter and a winner. >> reporter: in recent days marco rubio started to return some of the personal insults that trump had been lobbing at him. standing up to the schoolyard bully may sometimes work on the playground but it appears to have had little effect in this
4:05 am
gop race in this highly unusual election cycle. back to you guys. >> thank you. of course if marco rubio was going to continue with the don rickles thing later on today he'll refer to donald trump as a hockey puck. >> a staple of every rickles routine. does he look awkward or happy doing it? his crowds did grow when he started to do the offensive language. meanwhile, senator ted cruz cementing his second place after winning his home state of texas. >> and casey stegall has that in texas. >> reporter: fine, i'll go second. we'll go behind -- no big deal, guys. you know what? here's the deal. i think that it's pretty safe to say that senator ted cruz is waking up a very happy man this morning. after all, you mentioned we mentioned that he won alaska and oklahoma and his home state of
4:06 am
texas meaning he walks away with the oh so precious texas delegates. a large portion of them. a sweeping win for cruz. last night by about 17% in texas. he won with 43.7% of the vote. that's higher than all the polls had indicated going into super tuesday. donald trump getting about 26.8%. marco rubio in third with 17.7%. now the victory party near houston filled with hundreds of cheering supporters where senator ted cruz not only celebrate and thanked texans for their support, but also talked about the issues like abolishing the irs. and ending corporate welfare which has resonated with a lot of gop voters. even though it was a second place finish for donald trump he still gets at least 20 texas delegates because remember, the lone star state awards them proportionately based on overall state totals and the performance in each of texas' 36 congressional districts.
4:07 am
back to you guys. >> all right, casey, thank you very much. and because marco rubio was under the threshold of 20% he doesn't wind up with any texas delegates and that's tough. ted cruz, casey said that ted cruz was waking up happy today. but keep in mind, we thought a couple months ago that ted cruz was going to wake up because this particular group of states was completely aligned with his ideology and whatnot. he's supposed to win it all. it turns out he won three. >> a lot of people wonder if trump can unify the party. do you think he can do it? >> that's his goal. it started yesterday and it started when he said nice things about ted cruz and barely took a hit at marco rubio. he said i'm not touching entitlements like medicare or social security. he did not go after paul ryan who went after him. listen. >> our party is expanding. and all you have to do is take a
4:08 am
look at the primary states where i have won and just look. we've gone from "x" number to a much larger number. i have already won five, but maybe it could be six, seven, eight, nine. could win nine states tonight. if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers and if i'm going to come in the worst is second in the two or three that i might not win, i think, you know, we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. i'm a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody -- nobody that's going to beat us. >> you know one of the things about the voter turnout yesterday is you look at the exit polling and we're about to talk about the turnout per se, but the enthusiasm level between the republican and the democratic side is no contest. the democrats are enthused, not
4:09 am
so much for hillary clinton or bernie sanders, but donald trump said from mar-a-lago, he said he's bringing in the numbers. nonetheless, it's hard to argue with the hard numbers. >> look at the numbers this year. 2016 compared to 2008 when president obama was getting -- getting in. look at the numbers, for georgia for republicans the voter turnout up 35% in the state of georgia. massachusetts up 25%. oklahoma up 21. vermont 57 and virginia 110%. >> unbelievable. >> virginia is also a state that the republicans need to have and they have been losing the last two cycles. on the democratic side it's minus 32 for georgia. massachusetts, my news 5 and oklahoma, minus 22. and keep in mind, too, a lot of this -- there's no drama. there's no 48-year-old african-american talented speaker in barack obama who
4:10 am
comes out of nowhere. there's not a lot of give and take. this is a knockout. your biggest challenger is a socialist who's 74 years old. he's done a lot of admirable thi things, got a lot of donations but he's not a viable candidate. >> and obama was saying hope and change. and now we see that with donald trump and that's what they want. >> the republican party is way up here and the democrats down here with turnout, are the people who are showing up coming out of the democrat and independents? donald trump last night suggested just that. meanwhile, we had marco rubio on a couple of days ago and suggested that, you know, if anybody is going to stop the trump train one of the two of them has got to drop out. mr. rubio said there's no way he's dropping out. here is ted cruz and marco rubio talking about that. they're in it to win it. >> for the candidates who have not yet won a state, i ask you
4:11 am
to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. that is the only way to beat donald trump. >> when i'm president of the united states, this generation will do its part, not just to save the american dream but ensure that it reaches more people than it has ever reached before. no matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it take, no matter how many weeks and months it takes i will campaign as long as it takes to ensure i'm the next president of the united states. >> just look at the numbers, you can respect both of them saying it. if you look at for example, even virginia, i'm not saying governor kasich should drop out, but you can understand if you're marco rubio you're thinking, man, if kasich would drop out, he doesn't have a 50 state strategy, he has maybe a three state strategy. >> he has ohio and has a shot at that. >> but he has no infrastructure to campaign anywhere but ohio
4:12 am
and new hampshire. if he would have dropped out that would have delivered virginia. i know laura ingraham made a statement it's time for cruz to drop out and everyone booed widely. >> well, he won't drop out and kasich won't drop out. >> and ben carson either. >> you know, if kasich were to drop out, monolithically are they going over to somebody else? probably not. no evidence to that although a lot of party elders are making that argument. just keep in mind on this super wednesday after super tuesday, if any other candidate would have wound up with the numbers that donald trump wound up with yesterday, the establishment would be throwing rose petals at his feet. because he's donald trump, an outsider. kind of like, okay, we have two weeks. how do we stop him? >> you know, steve, not only that, they'd be pushing cruz, rubio, kasich and carson to drop out and let them go like they
4:13 am
did with romney. >> and didn't you say he got on a plane yesterday -- >> in miami, i was jealous. >> by the way, three campaigns in florida yesterday. coming up, he had the chance to endorse two of the fellow senators but he said, no way, i'm backing trump. no way i'm backing trump. jeff sessions is next, the conservative senator from alabama. plus why did the voters in tennessee go overwhelmingly for donald trump? anna kooiman is asking folks and she has the answers. >> good morning to you. table two, your order is ready, belgian waffles. we are getting the pulse of the people about their politic, what drove them to the polls, 255,000 people in tennessee came out, record turnout. what was the most important issue to them? we'll talk to them coming up.
4:14 am
4:15 am
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4:17 am
donald trump and hillary clinton surging to victory down south. what are the voters thinking down there this morning? >> let's go to anna kooiman, and she's talking to those in the voted for and why, and anna, where's your hair net? >> oh, my goodness you know
4:18 am
what, somebody call the food police. good morning, ainsley, brian and steve. good morning to everybody at home. you know this is, getting back to the southern roots with our biscuits here. waffles for everybody. here in the volunteer state of tennessee, 39% of the primary vote went to donald trump. 25% went to senator ted cruz and 21% went to senator marco rubio. and kasich and carson were in single digits so we'll let this settle and bring out some waf e waffles to some friends and get the pulse of the people. i'll join you after i do this. tell me your name and who you voted? >> sam sanchez. donald trump. >> so you're trying to make america great again. why? >> i think america needs a proven ceo. >> you know, he's gotten into the mud from the beginning. senator rubio is going back and forth with him. what do you make of that feud?
4:19 am
>> i think what he says controls the media and by controlling the media he gets all the air time. doesn't spend money. >> if he says something outlandish, he's staying in the headlines? >> yes. absolutely. >> all right. he's your number one candidate. our exit polls were showing that tennessee voters were fed up with the federal government, with illegal immigration and they say that donald trump is the best to handle those. which of the three resonates the most? >> absolutely the economy. >> okay, we have another trump supporter over here. what's your name? >> austin. and yes, i voted for trump. >> why is that? >> i'm sick and tired of establishment politicians and donald trump brings a fresh perspective. >> what resonates most with you? >> the economy. he's employed tens of thousands of people. he's a man who knows thousand get the job done right. >> some critics say he's not specific enough on his policy? >> i'm not concerned about that.
4:20 am
i think he's not being so specific so he doesn't give his competition everything he's doing so they copy him. >> a great theory. you're a bernie sanders fan. why is that? >> yes, i am. i appreciate what he stands for environmentally and what he'll do for the younger generation. >> he's certainly garnering the young support. been a problem for hillary clinton. ainsley, brian and steve, back to you. i'll get to eat my waffle. >> i'm hungry now. >> we all said wow, impressive. >> anybody else working there today? >> yeah. >> am i sweating yet? >> thank you, anna. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, with the endorsement that ted cruz never saw coming. jeff sessions here to explain why the donald won in his state and beyond. and late deciding voters making a break apparently for marco rubio in at least two states. what will that mean headed into the more moderate east coast states? we'll have details coming up. h!
4:21 am
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4:24 am
last night was a big night for donald trump and joining us right now is one man who recently endorsed him, alabama senator jeff sessions joins us from capitol hill. good morning to you sir. >> hey, steve. good on the with you. >> speaking of your state, donald trump beat ted cruz, he came in second. he beats him by let's see, 22 points. why did trump thump cruz in alabama? >> well, i think the people care about what's happening. i really believe that what's
4:25 am
happening, this almost movement i referred to out there is that the american people are hurting. particularly lower income, the $50,000 a year person and below. their wages have not gone up, they're down -- the percentage of americans working today is down. so they believe we need a lawful system of immigration, that politicians have promised for 50 years, 30 years to do and have never done it. they want a trade policy that protects american manufacturing and jobs and they don't think that's happening. i think trump is resonating with both of those issues. because it's a pocketbook issue. and it brings in new people on to the republican party. >> sure. you mentioned immigration. is immigration the reason you endorsed donald trump? >> well, there are two big issues that i believe the american working person legitimately should be upset with their government on. and immigration is one of them. we just had a report that the head of the border patrol told their members if they -- workers
4:26 am
if they don't follow obama's nonpolicy, they'll be terminated. their morale is the lowest in government. it's a huge issue. we had 127,000 non-minors coming into the country. only four have been returned in 2 1/2 years. these were apprehended people. so it's a -- we're undermining the law in america and american people are fed up with it. >> clearly, senator, yesterday something motivated people to turn out. we were talking earlier about the turnout. and donald trump won a majority of the state and they have had turnout in states like virginia and tennessee that they have never seen before. are people motivated who have been sitting on the sidelines for a while to get up and get involved because of donald trump or is it the issues? because the firm one issue i believe -- the number one issue i believe was the economy and
4:27 am
jobs. immigration is on the list, but it's not at the top. >> well, it's an important issue, underestimated in the polling in any opinion. but you're correct. tennessee and virginia had a 50% increase. in nevada only 12,000 voted in the sanders/clinton race. whereas almost 100,000 voted in the republican primary. >> yeah. >> this is a -- something is happening. the american people are getting focused. i think the republicans will be in strong position in november but they've got to be appealing to working americans and right now trump has clearer message. >> he does. you are one of the brave people on capitol hill who's actually stood up and said, you know what, donald trump, i'm for him, i'm going to endorse him. the party elites who you see there in the russell rotunda as you go between meetings and stuff, have they taken you aside and said, senator, what are you thinking? >> i think we understand the differences of opinion hire.
4:28 am
i understand and respect their concerns. i surely do. it's really important that if trump wins this thing and continues on that he continues this message of unity and bringing our people together. to be a more diverse and a bigger party. he's got to continue that message and it's an important message and i think he can. we'll just see how it plays out. >> speaking of how it plays out, right now, you know, the experts are saying, okay, trump is so far in the lead with delegates and everything else, one of the other guys -- both colleagues of yours, ted cruz and marco rubio, one of them has got to drop out and neither one is going to, right? >> i don't know. they're both good people. they're talented, hard working. i have worked with them on issues before. so it's a tough thing for me to say anything critical of those two individuals. but the race is on. there will be more states and more votes and we'll see how it
4:29 am
comes out. >> well, the race is on and your guy won big last night. thank you very much for joining us from capitol hill, senator sessions. >> thank you. meanwhile coming up on a wednesday, exit polls reveal late deciding voters made a break for marco rubio in at least two states. what will that mean heading into the more moderate east coast states? we're live in washington with details coming up next. what is the driving force behind donald trump's success? polling expert lee carter is here with the number one voter issue in almost all super tuesday states. you're going to want to hear this. you're late for work.
4:30 am
4:31 am
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4:33 am
now. we've got to keep going. keep working. keep breaking down those barriers. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat donald trump. >> the pundits say we're underdogs. i'll accept that. we have all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. but we will win. >> you're watching marco rubio last night it sounded like he won. >> well, he did. he won one state. >> he was optimistic. that's right. >> he took the stage. >> donald trump winning seven super tuesday states. he won arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, georgia, virginia and vermont. he won both the "v" states. >> look at the map here, ted cruz took home his home state of texas and oklahoma and we learned overnight he also got alaska. >> yeah.
4:34 am
didn't help to have sarah palin i get for donald trump. and senator marco rubio won his first state. that was a caucus state of minnesota. but he came in second in quite a lot. almost took virginia. >> let's look at the tote board. donald trump pulling way ahead with 285 delegates. and marco rubio half that, at 87. you need 1,237 to clinch the republican nomination. >> i'll tell you there's still a long way from that. hillary clinton won seven super tuesday states. bernie sanders took four. so i solidifying her lead. it's a knockout, it's over. >> that includes the super delegates which is kind of weird to understand. but it does, just trust us. >> a narrow victory for donald trump in the state of virginia. he did beat marco rubio by less than 3%. that's a smaller margin than in any other contest this year. kristin fisher is live in washington, d.c. with the
4:35 am
results there. you live there. you know this area very well. break it all down for us. >> reporter: so virginia is a state that marco rubio really wanted and needed to win. it's a moderate mid-atlantic state, right next to washington, d.c. so you have a lot of people here with deep ties to the federal government. deep ties to the republican establishment. and yet, marco rubio still couldn't pull out a win. donald trump won this state with 35% of the vote. rubio had 33% and cruz had 17%. as expected rubio did very well in virginia's wealthy northern county, in arlington county he beat trump by nearly 40 points but trump in the rural counties is still too much to overcome, especially when you have kasich on the ballot. and a win is a win, and for a candidate who only has one win after super tuesday, that has to feel like a very big loss, even if it is only by three points. >> all right, thank you very
4:36 am
much. meanwhile, donald trump scores big wins on super tuesday, but what led to his victory? here to break down the exit er, partner with maslansky & partners. thanks for going through the numbers. >> any time. >> trump wins big among voters who want the next president to be from outside the political accomplishment. >> that's the jet stream we have been hearing about this over and over again. and trump won big in this category. what's interesting in texas, cruz is considered an outsider despite the fact that he's an insider. that's really important. if you look at massachusetts, tennessee, virginia, georgia, all those states went for trump because he's an outsider. >> when it it comes to the economy, when asked which candidate is best to handle the economy? where did it go? to donald trump again. >> to donald trump the business man. everybody you speak to, the voters that support him say you know what he'll get things done. he makes deals. he's got the language of business. this is going to be a whole new day. they believe that he creates
4:37 am
jobs. i mean, you even heard earlier today when talking to some voters out there, look, he's created tens of thousands of jobs in his career. he'll do that for america. that's what they like for them. >> the people who went to the polls in virginia were undecided and polls are showing they chose rubio. >> i think this is really, really fascinating. look at this 38% of people that were late deciders went for rubio. so it means that his strategy in virginia was working. and, you know, we're seeing a lot of people are making their decisions last minute. that's critical. >> what's interesting about that, while marco rubio with the late deciders in virginia got 38% of the vote, donald trump still won that particular state. the question i have for you, because you did the dial yesterday where people looked at the insult machine that's going on between a couple of the candidates, do you think for instance tomorrow night at the fox debate, at the fox theater in detroit, we'll see the
4:38 am
insulters come out or are they going to try to look more presidential this time? >> you know, it's so hard to predict in this race. i do -- >> but what works? >> what works? trump taking other people down works for him. i think other people trying to take trump down does not work for them. >> when you don't do anything, you end unlike governor walker and governor perry and you end unlike jeb bush. >> you know, it is fascinating right now because the whole news coverage for the last four days leading up to this was rubio/trump. engaming get -- engaging gets you coverage, and it translated into more votes. >> can he go on if he does not win florida and can he close that 20-point gap? >> he's promising to stay in it. >> he needs to until the 15th of the month. then we'll see. things will change after that. they have to. >> lee carter, thank you. >> any time. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, and heather joins us.
4:39 am
you have some breaking news. >> we certainly do. remember that malaysian airplane that's missing in the search for that flight, 370. nearly two years after it disappeared, search crews say that they have found an object that they believe may be a part of that doomed boeing 777. they found this in a sand bank near madagascar. it's fairly close to reunion island where a part of that plane from -- from that same plane was found last year. look at this. this was found last year. the words no step are painted on the latest piece of debris and could be part of the tail. that plane disappeared after taking off from kuala lumpur two years ago with 239 people on board. that information just coming in to our newsroom. we'll bring you more on that as we get it. another fox news alert to bring you from overseas. the significant isis operative
4:40 am
has been captured during a special operations raid in iraq. a u.s. official telling fox news he is being held in an american base in irbil in the northern part of the country and he'll be turned over the iraqi or kurdish officials. the official did not say if any americans were hurt in the raid. a 12-year-old girl who posted these emojis on her took instagram account now charged with a felony? police say that the girl created the account and posted a gun, a knife and bomb emojis along with several written threats aimed at her virginia classmates. authorities say they considered this post to be dangerous and the school says that all threats have to be taken seriously. the girl's mom said it was in reaction to several bullies at the school. one actress said her biggest fear is donald trump in the white house. remember her? >> so where are you? >> your front porch.
4:41 am
>> well, you may remember the scream star neve campbell, there she was back there. in an interview with the huffington post she said she's terrified of donald trump having political power. she's a canadian actress by the way. she said she'll move back to her home country if trump makes it to the white house. and telling ainsley the other day, his sons said they'll be happy to buy them a ticket. >> is she more afraid of donald trump or that guy in the mask? >> a tossup. >> nothing is stopping her from moving back to canada right now. >> meanwhile, somebody who does check in with us, maria molina. what kind of a wednesday do we have on tap? >> well, we are looking at the front continuing to push eastward across parts of the east coast and in places like new york city you're pretty mild temperatures are still relatively mild ahead of this front that's continuing to move
4:42 am
eastward. you can see it's 51 in new york city. at 50 in raleigh, but behind this front it is already much cooler across parts of the midwest and also in parts of the great lakes. i mean, we have temperatures out there only in the 20s and teens early this morning. your forecast high temperatures forecast to remain mild across parts of the eastern u.s. as eventually that cooler air moves eastward. but across parts of northern new england by the way we're deal with a frontal system and it's bring snow and rain and in northern new england, six to ten inches of snow possible out there. winter storm warnings are in effect. back to you. >> it can't slow anymore. it's march. winter's over. >> there might be one more possibly. >> one big storm last march. see if it happens again here in new york. >> it's not nice to talk about another weatherperson. >> we love everyone here at fox. we're a team. >> if you have a weather
4:43 am
question, it's maria molina. >> we love you, maria. coming up, lawbreaker bill, was the former president caught on camera breaking election laws yesterday? is that a polling place? we'll explain that. and no rest for the weary, republicans are getting ready to rumble in motown for tomorrow night's debate. >> so exciting.
4:44 am
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gosh, time flies when you're having fun. super tuesday is already in the past. the focus now shifts to detroit, michigan. >> that's right. candidates are going to have a chance on the fox news debate tomorrow night to win over voters before the march 8th primary in michigan. >> yep. mike tobin is live with more. mike? >> reporter: well, good morning, brian, good morning, gang. this is the spot, the fox theater here in detroit, rock city, where the debate will be held tomorrow night. the voters here in michigan are angry with the government they feel can't seem to make their lives any better. in a state that traditionally votes blue in elections look for reagan democrats to come over as they look for someone to shake it up. >> they're looking for somebody with backbone and they're not so sure if it's donald trump or who it's going to be. but right now, they seem to be moving more towards donald trump in michigan.
4:48 am
>> reporter: now, look for the flint water crisis to surface in the debates. republicans will point to it as an example of ineffective big government at its finest with the epa dropping the balls and democrats will hold their debate on march the 6th. they'll blame it on the republican governor who they claim didn't care about a poor minority town. but tomorrow night the republicans, live from the fox theater. guys, back to you in new york. >> thank you. >> mike, i have a question for you. who right now is leading in the real clear politics average when it comes to the republicans? out of curiosity there in michigan. >> reporter: in michigan, it's trump about two to one. >> wow. >> all right. so far. so that's a lead. i'm sure if flint is going to come -- mike, thank.
4:49 am
i thought what was so effective they rolled in tape of each of the candidates talking. i wonder if they'll do that this time, where they roll in the past statements. >> so you have the michigan primary next tuesday. this saturday, actually, four states are going to be doing some voting. my home state of kansas also louisiana and maine. >> we're revving up here. it will be even more exciting when each of these parties choose their candidate and then we head into the convention. >> right. keep in mind the maine governor has decided to throw their support behind donald trump. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, straight ahead -- >> most experts say this election is unlike any other, but can past super tuesdays give us a preview into the future? dr. larry sabato is going to gaze into his crystal ball. and chris christie's look is stealing the spotlight. that's next. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort
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4:53 am
i used to like that song. donald trump's super tuesday victories not the only topic the internet was buzzing about yesterday. >> yeah, let's start with google and twitter were atwitter with what. >> this is all fascinating to watch. people were googling for trump 79% of the time. when they were searching for information about republican candidates and rubio second far behind him at 9.9% followed by cruz at 7.4%. then when you go to twitter the top mentions among the gop, trump at 80%, cruz at 9.9, and rubio at 9.4. then when you talk about the breakdown of hillary clinton versus donald trump that was at
4:54 am
an all-time high. people were googling to see if he could beat hillary clinton. >> google knows? >> google knows. they might have a good algorithm here. >> why is that? is that because so many young people love trump and are on social media? it sounds to me like people are starting to figure out that he could be the republican nominee. and they want to see if he could take her on or if she could beat him. >> one of the most significant things outside the results that happened last night was at mar-a-la mar-a-lago, we were waiting for a press conference. not just an announcement, a press conference. >> from donald trump. yeah. >> and i was shocked to see governor chris christie introduce him and then he didn't know where to go. >> right. >> all -- i was captivated by the fact that he was running for president a short time ago and now he's behind the guy. >> a whole lot of people are talking about this, the express on his face. some say he looks grumpy and unhappy. then that launched a whole bunch of the internet meme, the funny
4:55 am
things that go on top of the picture. but in truth he's standing there for 30 minutes behind trump, what are you going to do? it's a long day, you might be trying to stay awake. here is what people are writing, chris christie looks like somebody who isn't sure if he turned off the stove. and then another one compared him to biden looking out the window. and then another one to eli at the bowl. >> i thought he looked rested, fine. it was odd to see him from the back. because normally he's in the back. >> what do you do when you stand behind someone behind speaking for half an hour. the search went up for chris christie for vp. >> the clinton campaign in hot water. was bill clinton electioneering at a polling place yesterday? >> the clinton campaign said no.
4:56 am
he was shaking hands. he's in a polling place in boston, massachusetts, shaking hands and that's against the massachusetts election rules. >> so i understand that the secretary of state said to the clintons don't do that again. but the election was over. >> who won massachusetts? >> there you go. >> hillary clinton. >> slap on the hand. is that all that's going to happen? >> a whole bunch of democrats defecting in the state of massachusetts. 16,000, switching to the independents. and 3,500 going to republicans. >> do you know what was trending in my house? we were talking about rubio's kids. how adorable were they? >> how cute are they? >> they were clapping at the right time. a lot of pressure on the family. heather nauert, thank you. and the republican establishment is growing more concerned with every state that donald trump wins. will they ever get on board, or continue to divide the party?
4:57 am
governor mike huckabee will join us live to react, next. plus, anna kooiman is serving up eggs and we have reaction from the state of tennessee next. your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working. campbell's microwaveable soups. made for real, real life. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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5:00 am
i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what is that all about? i mean, if she hasn't straightened it out but now, she's not going to straighten it out in the next four years. >> this campaign is about making a political revolution. >> our campaign will beat donald trump. >> we need to remember that before we're republicans and
5:01 am
democrats we are americans. that's what people want us to be. >> and when i'm president of the united states, we will not just save the american dream but we'll expand it to reach more people than ever. >> there you go. that was marco rubio talking last night about the american dream. talking about the fact that he was only able to get one state and his waterloo was the place he was located in and that was miami. donald trump driving voter turnout to record highs, scoring victories in seven separate states. you want to hear them, arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, georgia, virginia and vermont. >> and meanwhile, ted cruz defeating the donald in the state of texas and that's not all. ted cruz also scored victories in oklahoma and alaska. he did well. marco rubio, not so much. he did finally win a state, and that was the state of minnesota. >> okay, well, here's what it means in terms of delegates. donald trump leading the pack with 285.
5:02 am
ted cruz got 161 and marco rubio 87. you need 1,237 to win. so we're a long way off. >> and both cruz and rubio saying they can't win without going to cleveland. they can't win straight out. the democratic side, as expected, hillary clinton won mostly in the south. bernie sanders did get four though. >> that gives hillary 1,001 delegates and bernie sanders 371. you need just shy of 2,400 to win. and of course, with donald trump's deiscisive win, the ala bells are going now have the gop. the media panic has started, on the cover of the daily news, make america my great. they're telling their vast lefty audience that reads this rag here in new york city, where they can move when donald trump is president of the united
5:03 am
states. they suggest ironically mexico. also how about singapore, and if that doesn't work out, you could also wind up in ecuador or austria. thanks, "daily news." >> yeah. we're talking about him so maybe they're doing their thing and making a difference. meanwhile the turnout in georgia was up 35% from the last time -- >> on the republican side. >> on the republican side. 25% there. 25% over in massachusetts. look at this. oklahoma was up significantly. look at the tennessee, up 63%. >> the republicans are not happy with the way that the country is being run right now. so that's why you have so many people going out and they're voting in this election. >> and look at the commonwealth of virginia. their turnout last night was at 110% higher than the last time. meanwhile, on the democrat side, look at this. it's down across the board. what does that say? republicans are motivated. democrats are not. what does that say?
5:04 am
who's motivating the republicans? you've got to think it is donald trump because he's a character we have not seen in american politics in a generation. herman cain who ran for president he knows how this all works out. he says at this point, given the fact that trump is doing so well, the establishment needs to wake up and smell the donald. >> well, i'm probably not going to get invited to many establishment gatherings because my message to them is quite simply, get over it. i mean, donald trump has -- i think he made some very good comments last night during his acceptance speech or when he was basically talking. the establishment needs to get over it. what the establishment republicans are threatening to do, i believe it would devastate the republican party. here's one thing they're not focusing on. donald trump pointed it out last night. the party is growing. >> the party is growing, and
5:05 am
senator ben sasse said i can't support him. john mccain basically panicked that he could not get behind donald trump and he does not like ted cruz. and both those did better than anybody else last night. although the ten victories belong to trump, four to cruz and one to rubio. >> i think after the 15th of the month when you have the winner take all states, this will change a lot. trump said yesterday once we get this finished, i'm going after one person and that is hillary clinton. i think a lot of people are anxious just to get to that point. you know, people love this part of the election because in just a few days or a few weeks, then each of the parties are going to have to choose their candidate. that's when it really gets good. >> right. trump himself went after hillary last night a little bit. she's talking about i need to make america whole again. well, what does that mean, trump said. what happened last night had to happen for ted cruz. he had to win texas. and he did. here's the problem for marco rubio who had a terrible day and
5:06 am
this is the fact that he's got to win the great state of florida. >> right. >> his home state. currently he is down 20 points to donald trump. can he make it up? is that insult routine going to continue? >> i think so. >> he had five days to pummel donald trump with everything he had and ultimately he only won in minnesota. so did it work? i don't know. >> that's why the debate will be so fun to watch on thursday. i'm anxious to see how the guys go after each other. >> will they continue the insult thing or try to rise above it and look presidential? >> they may not go after each other. >> there's an anti-trump coalition just to stop donald trump. so the democrats are smiling thinking the republicans are tearing themselves apart. >> the gop was an anti-trump campaign really. >> interesting this morning we're talking about what you think and who you voted for. and anna kooiman she is live at
5:07 am
sam's diner in nashville and talking to the diners there about who they voted for and why. >> good morning to you. we're at sam's place in nashville, tennessee. music city, tennessee. come on down and join us. they gave me a break in the kitchen, so i'm enjoying some coffee and talking to some voters. staff sergeant david butler an iraq and afghanistan veteran joins me now. who did you vote for? >> mr. trump. >> why is that? >> just because his v.a. views, his -- he's got an awesome view for the v.a. that no veteran service member should have to wait in line. and that's just really awesome. that's like what we need. i also suffer from ptsd so getting us in there, helping us out, making sure that number 22 is no longer associated with the u.s. service member. >> the quality of care and timely care. something that was promised to you, right? >> yes, ma'am. most definitely. 22 service veterans, they will commit suicide a day.
5:08 am
we need to get that number down. we need to get that number way down, folks. >> i'm so happy that you came in. thank you for your service. he came in because he wanted a coffee, i promised it if somebody said better with friends, you know, if you sing for your breakfast, if you sing proud to be an american, or god bless america we'd give you a copy of this, so we'll do that with you in a bit. all right. hey, there, good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> your name is? >> al thomas. >> you're a restaurateur. who did you vote for and why? >> i voted for donald trump because i'm ready for this country to be run like a business. i'm a business owner. there's a lot of stuff that goes on up there in the political world that defies business logic and it's time to get it straightened out. >> i guess you like that kitchen table politics. our fox news exit polls show that tennessee voters are fed up with the federal government, with illegal immigration and they believe that donald trump is the best person to handle the
5:09 am
economy here in the volunteer state. which one of those three resonates the most with you? >> well, i guess it's the political machine that's broken. somehow we have to put it back together. and immigration is an issue for me too. but we appreciate our guest workers. and we just need to get them into the system. >> al, thank you so much. one more, senator marco rubio supporter who is my college roommate and one of my bridesmaid. you're a nurse and you're supporting rubio. why? >> i believe like he's a traditional republican. he has the best chance to beat the democratic candidate and he seems like a nice, likeable guy. >> i love coming to nashville to see my friend who live here. i need to ask milley who are you voting for? >> sophia ray. >> who's that? >> her best friend from school. >> thank you so much. not trump. not senator rubio or -- but her
5:10 am
friend from preschool. so cute. >> she's adorable. good job. >> she's for keeping the american girl store open. hey, anna, we want to hear a quick story about something from college. >> yeah. your roommate. >> what's that? >> we need to talk to your roommate -- we need to hear a little bit about your college experience. i'm sure the two of you had fun. >> they want to hear about our college experience. that's later. later. >> later. okay. >> that might get me into some trouble. >> we have some video here, oh, boy. all right. we have some video here from college. >> no, we don't. >> all right, ladies, thank you very much. live report -- >> not girls gone wild. >> thank you. >> ainsley, you got something. >> all right, meanwhile, let's check in with headlines from heather. >> good times. fox news alert. there's a new development to tell you about in the search for
5:11 am
the missing malaysian flight 370 after it disappeared with 239 people on board. search crews say they have found an object that may be part of that doomed plane in a sand bank near madagascar. that's fairly close to reunion island and that's where a part of the jet was found last year. the words no step are printed on the latest piece of debris and could be a part of the plane's tail. that jet disappeared after it took off from kuala lumpur nearly two years ago. this information just coming in. we'll bring you more as we get it. new overnight, another voyage cut short, royal caribbean's anthem of the sea is docked in the port following a new policy. it is the same ship that was damaged last month, you'll remember this, 4,500 passengers had to hunker down for hours because of 30 foot waves and
5:12 am
hurricane force winds. those folks were terrified. also new overnight, frightening moments in alabama. at least four people injured after a possible tornado strikes there. this happened southwest of birmingham. several homes were damaged, trees and power lines toppled over. officials say that the storms caused 68,000 power outages statewide. crews are trying to determine if the damage was caused by a twister. and after one year in space, imagine what that would be like finally headed back to earth. he landed in kazakhstan and will be closely studied to see the health effects of being in space for such a long time. he tweeted the stunning photo before he left yesterday of his last sunrise in space. after floating above the earth he says what does he want to do most at home? jump in the pool in houston.
5:13 am
er guess you can't blame him. feel that water splash around. >> he can do that now. isn't it hot in houston already? >> i'm surprised he didn't want to vacation in kazakhstan for a while. >> all right. meanwhile coming up, most experts say this election is unlike any other, but can past super tuesdays give us a glimpse into the future? larry sabato who has a world famous crystal ball gazes into it next. >> and it was supposed to be a lock for ted cruz, right, but donald trump, he did it again. we look at all the surprising exit poll results from last night, straight ahead. we have over 15,000 activities
5:14 am
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and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. this has been an amazing evening. already we have won five major states and it looks like we could win six, seven or eight or nine. we're going to make america great again, folks. >> he just knew he was going to win. he knew he'd do quite well. he didn't even campaign in the super tuesday states a couple of days before the results are in, but now they're in. it was a big night for donald
5:18 am
trump. to get a perspective on where we go from here, dr. larry sabato, director for the university of virginia center for politics and of course, virginia was a major point of contention. dr. sabato, any way to spin it, donald trump won big? >> trump romped and not only did he romp he got exactly what he wanted. he carried seven diverse states in different parts of the country, but he let his opponents or his opponents managed to carry just enough to justify their remaining in the race. happiness to donald trump is still a divided opposition. >> because i asked him this year, i said, do you want to lose texas to keep ted cruz in, no, i want to win texas. he didn't spend yesterday or the day before there. so you're right. >> of course. >> all right. you're not surprised you're
5:19 am
right. i forgot that. so dr. sabato, you said the biggest surprise is how close rubio got in your state of virginia. why? >> he surged. he had been well behind trump and virtual -- in virtually every survey, but he spent a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money right at the end and he got a very significant newspaper endorsement, the richmond times dispatch which has a lot of influence in the richmond area. he came reasonably close. if he had done a bit better in tide water he would have won. he carried northern virginia, he did well in richmond, he failed in hampton roads. if he had done places better in places like virginia beach he could have beaten donald trump. but would have should have could have who cares. >> you don't think you can stop the trump train and if he threw out a quote of mussolini and didn't disavow david duke, you have to feel as though he's on
5:20 am
cruise control. what does that leave with us the debate tomorrow? you believe to some degree this re-ignites the cruz/rubio brawl. why? >> well, it has to re-ignite it if the flame ever went out because cruz wants to get rubio out and up rubio wants to get cruz out, and have a straight shot at trump. why should either one drop out? you saw last night in the statements they both developed and these compelling reasons why they should stay in and the other guy should get out. they're living in parallel universes. and the guy who is becoming president of all the parallel universes is donald trump. >> they all have a reason to stay in as you mentioned. carson, kasich, cruz and rubio, so they will. and next stop is going to be detroit with the big fox debate. dr. sabato, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> all right, 20 minutes now
5:21 am
after the top of the hour. straight ahead, will the republican establishment get on board with donald trump? governor mike huckabee will join us live to react, next. and a video will make your heart stop. you have a toddler falling out of the back of the van and the driver keeps ongoing. what happened to that toddler? stay here. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti.
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5:24 am
here's a question, after last night will the republican establishment finally get behind trump? who now seems unstoppable on the republican side. >> joining us right now with reaction, former presidential candidate himself and fox news contributor mike huckabee. his daughter is working with the donald trump campaign. great to see you. >> great to be with you all of you today. >> well, governor, i don't have to tell you there's an anti-trump super pac out there
5:25 am
that just enlisted tim miller, the communications director for jeb bush. they're desperate to stop donald trump. your reaction? >> well, you know, i'm not endorsing a candidate, yes, my daughter is now working with the trump campaign. by the way her name is a a huckabee-sanders and that's not a proposed ticket, i want you to know that. >> cute. >> here's what's happening. the establishment republicans are all bed wetting over this and they don't seem to understand that we have an election. look, i just believe that at some point we need to recognize, if you want to oppose donald trump do it. but don't pretend that somehow that all these voters who have gone out and voted for him are stupid. they're not stupid. i'll tell you what they are, they're angry, they're angry at the establishment who is going nuts because trump is doing well. they don't get it that they're the problem. they're the problem. >> governor, so i was clicking around to the channels. you saw the party pundits who
5:26 am
are on the television shows and they were talking about how, okay, it's going to have to be a brokered convention and then trump will have the most but on the second vote that's when we'll screw him and somebody else can be president. >> it is so ridiculous. let's remember that we have an election process. not a selection process. if we're going to do a selection, where some party bosses get together and they close the doors, lock the doors and get behind and make the decision for us, then don't waste our time and money going through this long, lengthy, grueling process called an election. just anoint somebody and let's be done with it, but that's why we have an election. and if donald trump is the nominee, then i challenge republicans to get behind him. if it's ted cruz, get behind him. if it's marco rubio get behind him, if it's ben carson or john kasich, that's what we do as a party. >> i wanted to ask you about being the -- being a baptist minister are you still with the church or are you still -- >> well, no, i haven't been a pastor in 30 years.
5:27 am
i'm a christian, i haven't lost that, but i haven't been a pastor in 30 years. >> the evangelical vote, you know, as a christian too i was a little bit surprised because cruz has been backed by the tea party. i was a little bit -- i was shocked that donald trump was getting the evangelical vote. the evangelicals are putting faith aside because they're sick of losing. what do you make of this? >> well, look, last night was a good night for cruz in that he won texas, oklahoma and alaska. it was a bad news for cruz because his rationale for winning the nomination has always been, i'm going to sweep south carolina and the s.e.c. states. well, he basically lost all of those. so he won his home state and the state next to it that makes it tough for him. but i think the big mistake that people have made is this notion that evangelicals are largely single monolithic voters that vote one thing and that's just not true. they have lost jobs. their kid can't go to college because they can't afford it. they have adult kids back home with them. they're living the same life the
5:28 am
rest of america lives. what they're tired of is giving their support to someone oh, we're with you and when they get elected they don't do one stinking thing to change. planned parenthood funding, the iranian deal. obamacare. >> right. >> trade policies that kill their jobs. these are just americans. >> we know it was a major victory because -- >> he went for rubio. the governor went for rubio. >> i should say, ended up going to trump. i want you to hear paul ryan at around noon, he scrambled to the microphone to say this and really used everything except donald trump's name. listen. >> i want to be very clear about something. if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> i'm going to get along great with congress, okay. paul ryan i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'll get along great with him and if i don't, he has to pay a big price, okay? >> your reaction.
5:29 am
didn't mcconnell say something similar? >> look, donald trump disavowed david duke and the ku klux klan so many times from friday to monday the one time he seemed to stumble a bit, he said it was because of the earpiece. i wasn't there, i don't know what he heard. and for people to pretend that's our big concern, i thought donald trump last night in his press conference, i thought that was conciliatory. he was nicer to ryan than ryan was to him and paul ryan and others in washington need to recognize the reason that trump is winning is because they feel like people in washington have helped them lose. and they're sick of it. they've worked hard to get them elected and when they get there they don't do anything different and i'll tell you why. three words -- follow the money. the donor class runs the political environment of this country. and people are waking up to that and they are tired of it. and that's what this election is
5:30 am
largely about. it's an overthrow of the government. you know what we ought to be, glad that it's a peaceful revolution with ballots rather than one with bullets. and we're having in many ways somewhat of a political revolution in the republican party and the country. >> you never attacked him when you were running. governor huckabee good to see you. >> good to see you. watch this video, shocking. a little baby, look at this. >> oh, my goodness. >> falls out of the back of a van in the busy street. the grandfather keeps on driving, doesn't know he's missing. how does that happen? >> the child ends up okay. donald trump won seven states on super tuesday. but chris christie's face is stealing the spotlight and the story is going viral online. we'll explain why.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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5:34 am
♪ [ laughter ] it's your shot of the morning. >> i love the music added underneath i. >> chris christie appearing behind trump last night. and his blank stare is going viral this morning. this was one of the many vines on the web. we'll have the rest of the social media reaction in 20 minutes. if you watch the press conference here on fox during the 9:00 hour last night, at one point donald trump was going through how jobs have left -- so many jobs have left new jersey and then chris christie is going behind him, no, they haven't.
5:35 am
then he went, sorry about that, chris. that set people off. what is he saying back there with his face? >> right. >> i think most people aren't used to seeing him in the back ground. >> that's right. >> it looked like he wanted to leave. he wanted to sit there -- come over. so ted cruz had a big win in his home state of texas. >> casey stegall is live in the home state of texas. he joins us from dallas. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, three states went to ted cruz last night as you guys know. oklahoma. alaska and right here in texas. ted cruz knew this was a do or die situation and texas voters are pulling through for him. of course all the precincts reporting, ted cruz winning with 43.7% of the vote. businessman donald trump in second place at 26.8%. and then senator marco rubio placing third with 17.7%. of course, lots and lots of
5:36 am
celebrating last night at cruz headquarters in houston. look at that crowd. cruz telling his supporters that republicans need to come together and unite. and in his victory speech, the junior senator continued to hit on the key issues. >> i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare. adopt a flat tax and abolish the irs. >> reporter: took him a while to get through that victory speech. a lot of stopping and starting, you heard all of the applause. a strong voter turnout by the way across the state of texas for super tuesday. long lines reported at many polling locations. in fact, the texas gop says that it had to print more ballots by mid afternoon. now, as far as the delegates go, since this is not a winner take
5:37 am
all state, donald trump still walks away from this state despite a second place finish with at least 20 texas delegates. back to you guys. >> all right, casey, thank you. meanwhile, ted cruz looking in his second place delegate count with three state wins yesterday. but among southern evangelical voters it was a completely different story. here to break down that part of it, lee carter, partner at maslansky & partners. let's talk about the evangelicals in georgia. >> this was really, really surprising. i think it's surprising to everybody. we are seeing lots of stories about this, but evangelical voters went for trump. we just -- just you were talking to governor huckabee about it. i think he made some valid points because the evangelicals are just like everybody else. they're disenfranchised, they want something different. for first time in a long time we are seeing evangelicals not vote for the person who they say -- >> is the most religious. >> is the most religious or that shares their values. they think -- you know, there are other candidates, cruz for example, wins on that, but he
5:38 am
doesn't win their votes. >> to be fair -- >> jimmy falwell, jr. >> trump has said he's a christian, so he says he reads the bible. >> his favorite book. >> this not a judgment on whether or not he's a christian. when voters are asked whether or not they believe the candidate that most shares their values, it's not donald trump. >> somebody he is is an outsider. when you look at -- okay, who would you like as an outsider, massachusetts, 71%. he walked away with massachusetts. tennessee, two-thirds. georgia and virginia both in the 60s as well. >> he's an outsider who can get things done. that's what everybody wants. the evangelicals and people are coming out in droves for him. interesting to see. >> at one point, carson had the votes and the late deciders went to rubio. >> in virginia. >> in virginia. maybe it shows some of the don rickles routine is working? >> it could. i think we're seeing there's momentum with marco right now. is it too late, is it enough? we have to see when it comes
5:39 am
down to march 15th. >> she can do everything. she's got dial, she's got analysis and exit polls. lee, thank you. >> any time. >> all right, let's hand it over to heather nauert who has our headlines. some headlines, latin america's president is under arrest for refusing to give information to the government in the criminal investigation. a brazilian court says that that vp won't reveal messages from the whatsapp related to a drug ring. facebook says that messages are encryptioned and aren't easy to access. it has strong similarities to what's happening back here at home, the fight between apple and the fbi. it is over unlocking the phone of the san bernardino shooter. apple filed an appeal. osama bin laden's will and personal letters now going public. they're providing some interesting insight into the
5:40 am
terrorist's minds. he claims to be worth millions of dollars and wanted that money to be used on jihad. he was consumed with fears that he was being tracked and apparently even thought about moving months before he was killed by seal team 6. the documents were uncovered in the 2011 raid. no word where that money is. another tearful day of testimony for run after she took the witness stand for the second day. she doesn't think she'll get over that emotional fallout, but the defense suggested that her career thrived after the video went viral. she said that only happened because she threw herself into her career. >> i did everything i could be normal again and if i could ignore, maybe everybody else could. if i could throw myself back in football maybe everybody else could forget it.
5:41 am
take a look at this. a toddler falls out of a moving van. on to a busy highway in china and is -- it's all caught on dash cam. you can see the poor little guy as he tumbles out. the back hatch opens, and it was his grandfather behind the wheel who was driving away. we want to let you know this kid turned out to be just fine. thankfully. but the grandfather says he didn't realize that the hatch was broken and didn't realize that the kid hopped out of the back seat of the back of the van. terrifying. >> i don't know any tailgate that opens from the inside, number one. number two, how did the kid get loose? there's something to that story. >> number three, why was there a stationary camera -- >> behind him. >> but he's okay. hard to watch. coming up wall street has the second best day of the year, at the same time that donald trump has the best day of his
5:42 am
campaign. are investors hopping on the trump train? nicole pet nicole pet aleads is talking to us next. does sitting behind a new desk make you feel like an svp instead of a vp? then you might be gearcentric. right now, save up to 40% on desks and filing cabinets! office depot officemax. gear up for great®.
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? we have a fox business alert. they're clapping for you. >> they loved it. >> all right. but how are the markets reacting this morning? >> there's only one person we could turn to right now, it's nicole petallides, live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. you're with important people. >> i am. keith bliss and also stephen gill foye. john, korpina, how did the market react to trump and how does it react going forward? >> we are not seeing an initial
5:46 am
reaction right now, but overall, this was expected. the outcome from yesterday was pretty much predicted on both sides of the party there. so i think the market likes that the predictive information ask not going to rattle -- is not going to rattle this market. >> over the last hundred year, in an election year the markets don't do well, especially if it's the second term like it is with president obama. but the democrats the average returns were 82.7% and republicans average return 44.8%. democrats bill clinton, barack obama, republicans herbert hoover and richard nixon, talking about great depression and watergate. what do you think when we talk about donald trump and his policies, that he's already getting in tough talk with mexico and china, do things get worse or does trade get better? >> i think donald trump is turning into the politician rather quickly. he's been running a general election ever since he announced
5:47 am
his candidacy as opposed to a primary. so he's a deal maker. i think he like everybody understands that china is our business partner and we have to work with them. so what you do is raise a good point in that his foreign policy would have a greater effect on the markets than his economic or fiscal policy. i like what he has to say about taxes. i think that's good for the markets long term. >> talk about defense. >> well, obviously, out of the two leading candidates, donald trump is your leader for the defense industry and probably for troop welfare as well. which is a big issue in my family. hillary what -- well, the clinton family has a poor reputation in that regard. >> talk about contenders for the vp slot. any thoughts? >> i think both parties are going have to pick a diverse background. someone that can probably -- mr. trump has to find someone that can tame him down a little bit and tow that line in the middle. >> where do the markets go in the next four years? >> do you have a crystal ball because i certainly don't.
5:48 am
a lot more depends on the global economy growth than on who is the u.s. president. >> all right. we'll bring the guys back when we find out who gets the nominations when we move forward in the fall. back to you. >> those are the guys that almost bump into when you're doing your live shot. we got them to slow down and talk to you. >> for a brief moment, yeah, they'll go back running an get the orders executed for the opening bell. >> they're trader, they have to trade. >> they try to distract you. it never works. you're such a pro. >> now there goes the guys cutting you have again. >> all right. nicole. coming up straight ahead, it's the question burning up the internet -- what's the story behind chris christie's blank stare? some people think they know and it's kind of funny and the super tuesday memes are going viral. that's next. but first let's check in with a man who did great with his wife, great job on the math last night. >> thank you. good morning to you. great team effnight.
5:49 am
we were waiting on day taxpayer man, we had it coming out of our ears. full analysis on what it means and what is ahead for the next two weeks. turnout for republicans, ridiculous in some states. shattered records. so what's the state of each campaign this morning? senator marco rubio will maybe his case live. we'll talk to him. we have the best analysts in the business on stand by. if you need to know where your country is voting and why, we will find out. when martha and i see you, 11 minutes away, top of the hour. allergies distracting you?
5:50 am
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♪ there was so much excitement
5:53 am
last night and this right here is stealing the show. it's chris christie at donald trump's victory speech. he was standing behind trump. but that's not all the social media was buzzing about after super tuesday. heather nauert is here to break down the online reaction. >> yeah, a whole lot of people are talking about that. that christie look, standing behind donald trump for almost 30 minutes. >> he was checking out the room. >> maybe he didn't know what to do with himself. so a lot of people started to post those internet memes with some words below it. i want to show you some last night. here is one that says it looks like chris christie left the stove on. he isn't sure if he turned off the stove before he left. a bad feeling. and then another one compared chris christie to joe biden, remember looking lost out the window. looking in the distance. and here's another one posted, christie behind trump compared to eli at the super bowl. >> because eli of course was
5:54 am
watching his brother win the super bowl and he seemed to be angry. >> i think he was thinking about the play and what he would have done. but christie whether he could be a vp candidate, it's gone up 300%. >> and on the other side, bernie sanders the early bird special? >> so bernie sanders in vermont gave his speech what was considered to be fairly early at 7:30 p.m., and polls in other parts of the state were still open. so people started to tweet this. general rule is if you're giving your election night speech during "wheel of fortune" not a very good night. he did however win four states. and somebody else writing this. maybe he's getting an early bird discount on the venue. a little bit older. so couple of people joking about that one. >> maybe next time he'll do it on "fox & friends" before the polls even open. >> that's a good open. and donald trump dominated the news. when people were searching for information about republicans,
5:55 am
trump took 80%, and rubio in second. way behind, 9.9%. then cruz followed by 7.4%. then when it comes to twitter, trump came in at 80% with mentions. cruz 9.9%. rubio, 9.4%. >> interesting stuff. >> yeah. >> one other thing, i saw on twitter this morning, apparently, i don't know if it was a malfunction or a miscount, jim gilmore who is no longer running for president won a district in massachusetts. >> oh. >> nice job. >> that was -- >> maybe a write-in. >> that was his firewall. >> could have been a mistake. >> thanks so much. coming up, anna kooiman is live in nashville talking to voters as she has a patriotic surprise you don't want to miss. somebody is going to do some singing next. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> hey, guys, good morning. good morning to all of you at home. we are at sam's place here in music city, tennessee. i was promising all of the voters from super tuesday if they came in to participate in our show they would get a copy of brian kilmeade's book if they sang a song and staff sergeant butler, you're singing for your breakfast this morning. >> you're singing this morning i'm proud to be a american and then god bless america. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died to give that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ and there ain't no doubt i
6:00 am
love this place ♪ ♪ god bless the usa >> whoa! [ applause ] >> what a way to end our super tuesday post date show. >> good job. bill: good morning, everybody. what is the state of the race this morning. donald trump surging ahead of the pack with a string of victories. but so far this morning senator ted cruz will make his case. with a late-night victory so will marco rubio. he feel fresh today. i'm bill hemmer. martha: no one needs 3 or 4 hours of sleep. we are good to go. donald trump dominated in 7 states last night. senator cruz came out of the evening with


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