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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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bret baier, megyn kelly, chris wallace kick it off on at 9 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. >> i had a great time. harris: live on the web next,, click on the overtime tab. "happening now" happening now. >> he will respond from the tough words from mitt romney. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> you don't know how long four minutes is, until your body. >> sports caster stalked with a video cam. that is at the middle of a trial. details on the accusation. >> are we any closer to it resolving the mystery of the
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missing malaysian flight. a piece of wreckage washed to shore. >> a stop took a deputy on an unexpected ride. >> if you are not going to get out. >> it just gets wilder from there. it is all "happening now". and it is true that a big day in politics and there is a lot of events. including that trump rally. i am jenny lee. >> and i am jon scott. we are hours from the gop debate. one of them ohio governor john kasich who is about to hold a newses conference on the state of the race. it comes after former gop nominee mitt romney came out and
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blasted donald trump as a fraud accusing the american people as suckers. trump is expected to respond in a rally this hour. >> if we make improvident choices, the bright horizon i described will not materialize and let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are diminished. >> carl cameron joins us from the fox theater in detroit. >> reporter: romney's speech on donald trump, and said how trump responds will be a good judge of his character. you can guarantee that trump
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will say something. trump was reminding that in everybody's view mr. romney was a choker and run a horrible campaign and begged for mr. trump's endorsement. not only in the upcoming event in maine, in the debate tonight trump will be center sdaj. it is a certainty romney's remarks are part of the remarks. john kasich tweeted congratulations and well said to romney. and ted cruz and marco rubio, don't have campaign events and you can imagine they will use romney's remarks to take a shot at trump tonight. it is down to the final four now. ben carson is not coming to tonight's debate. but in the practical matter. he hasn't participated in a lot
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of the yelling and screaming anyway, jon. >> we saw a gentler donald trump after the news conference and might he respond kindly? >> he continues to say that he can act presidential. and when attacked, he argued as recently as this morning, he responds in kind. he can't let a punch not go counter punched. if he is true to his word on fighting tactics. he will throw hay makers in less than half an hour. >> we should know in fox thethe atter in detroit. we'll watch the main theme of governor romney's address is that donald trump is down right dangerous because his policies are not policies at the all. >> his domestic policys would lead to recession and foreign
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policy would make the the world less safe. he has neither the temperament or judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on the hill. >> that is quite an attack. and we have indication on the direction that donald trump might be going. there is a video of romney praising him. take a listen to that compared to what romney had to say today as well. ndonald trump has shown an ability to understand how our economy works and create jobs for the american people and done it here in nevada, and cross the country and understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. >> his bankruptcies crushed small businesses and the men and women that worked for him. he inherited his business.
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what about trump airlines and trump university and trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> jamie, to you first, how powerful is that contrast to see what mot romney said in 2012 and what he had to say now and the impact of what it had. >> i remember the endorsement in 2012, it looked awkward and i am sure he reluctantly accepted the endorsement. he is a force in the republican party. it is different accepting an endorsement than thinking that person is qualified to be president of the united states. john mccain was endorsed by joe the plumber. we saw romney speaking out maybe
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too late speaking out against someone who he thinks is unqualified. >> is it too it late for mitt romney? was there any time for a comment in the campaign cycle? >> i am not sure it would have made a difference. i think it is probably to late at this point. the republican party is trying to have it both ways here. compare romney's comment from today to four years ago. the republican party is denouncing donald trump saying he would be an embarrassment in foreign policy and saying if he is the nominee we'll support him as party nominee. i don't know how you can have it both ways and say that you back him in november if it came to that. >> i come back to the rnc report. it is three years since the day it was released after the republicans lost to the 2012
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campaign. in it one of the things they talk about is letting the voters decide. we can't trust activist or inside washington. we have to trust the voters. what sort of message is it sending with mitt rom no saying to the voters, you haven't made the right choice? >> the argument from mitt romney and many conservatives that the case is not made to the voters. the voters don't know what they believe to be the case? >> do you believe that? that is like the voters are not watching the debates. >> we do have some evidence for it when voters and people are asked have you heard of trump university? and have you heard of things that mitt romney said today? they haven't heard of what mitt romney is called scam business operations that donald trump engaged n. will it work? maybe not.
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it may not help the side that mitt romney is working for. it may propel trump. wuthat message was not heard yet. >> very interesting. i wonder how voters are taking it. a lot of strong opinions on whether or not mitt romney's comments will help or hurt trump. monica crowley had something interesting to it say. listen to her perspective. mitt romney like the rest of the republican establishment don't understand what is happening here. they don't understand the power p of the grassroots. wholesale rejection of mitt romney and running on the republican party establishment and don't understand how angry the base is. >> what do you think about that? >> there is a disconnect between the grassroots and
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establishment. the pining for mitt romney to run in 2016 happen last year and coming from establishment types who thought he was a great candidate and simply didn't live up to it his potential. grassroots were suspicious of mitt rom no and the reason they passed him in the polls in 2012. he is not a beloved figure. to some extent he's throws himself out there and conveying a message others can't. and he will be be reported on. and he said it in certain terms today. but i don't think he speaks to lower income, less formally educated americans that make up the base of trump's support and a lot of those people were reluctant romney voters and they will look at him saying those things and the establishment is out to get our guy.
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i am voting for him in the first place. and it will impact and that is a big question we are having today. nice to have you both. thank you very much. >> in the middle of all of this, conservatives are gathering in maryland in the resort in maryland. a lot of speakers on the stage including the president of the national rifle administration and house speaker paul ryan and utah congresswoman mia love. >> reporter: good afternoon, this is cpac and the gathering of conservatives in the united states. and while donald trump is not speaking today, but looming
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large especially after the resounding victories in super tuesday and more republicans speaking about the possibility of donald trump in the top of the ticket. there is concern that donald trump as presidential balthe on the being hurt those down the bell on the. we heard from former scott walker and he said regardless who is on top of the ticket, you have to support republicans all the way down. we heard from nebraska senator who came out against donald trump and will not vote for him and he did not mention any candidate by name, he did by slogan. >> i am anti- establishment, but what we need most of all is not just someone who breathes fire on washington, but passion in our children for
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a constitutional recovery because that is how we will make america great again. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan took the stage and we'll listen to him and this week, he got into a bit of a spat over donald trump and asked trump to renounce the support of white supremist. they got in a spat over that and he's speaking right now. >> since he was mitt romney's running mate four years ago, you have to believes that now. >> new clues in the missing malaysian flight. >> what do you expect to hear from the republican candidates in the stage on the fox news debate. and how will the conversation
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>> a fox news alert. and former governor critiquing trump's campaign. and chris christie had a few things to say about dopald trump saying he believes that trump is the best positive those remain negligent race and also saying that he is hoping that donald trump will and can be hillary clinton. he is not a full- time surrogate. he is former governor of new jersey. he's no official role and he is out there supporting donald trump. and in the meantime, we'll go to
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other breaking details we have in the oscar pistorias case. >> pistorias thought it was over but it is not as a south african judge said the former oon limpian cannot challenge the convention. that is a turn about. and deputy to jo hanesburg, south africa. >> it is the end of the road for oscar pistorias who is trying to get out of jail or stay out of jail. he denied murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp and had the defense team call on the highest court and this was his last chance. the judges of the constitutional court decided there are no prospects of success in the latest a pole and over three years since killing the
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girlfriend, the former athlete will be in court. no arguments over whether he is guilty or not. and this time will be sentenced. his defense team will argue special circumstances. but the prosecution is calling for a minimum sentence of 15 years in jail. pistorias no longer a person who is said to have thought shooting an intruder, oscar pistorias now branded a convicted murderer. one final note, pistorias served a year for manslaughter and that is expected to be taken into account. he will have to swamp his uncle's mansion for a bare prison cell for a very long time it. >> 15 years, what a change. we know the debate in
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michigan and detroit. before that, donald trump will not waste time. he's going to be in maine. with his first official response on mitt romney. donald trump will step in front of a grouch supporters and we'll have that for you on "happening now". at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us.
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>> the motor city is long a crucial location for presidential politics. we learn how history set the stage for the highly anticipated republican debate. ♪ >> reporter: detroit 1928, the
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motor city was a manufacturing mecca. migrants from the the south came north to find work in america's booming auto industry. ♪ >> reporter: the detroit tigers had 68 wins and eight losses and finished sixth in the american league. and saw the birth of the fox theater where movies and live showses entertained millions and tonight the site of a critical debate. candidates vying for the republican nomination, all of them hoping to follow in the foot steps of 44 american presidents and win the white house. >> it is is more than a political campaign. it is a call to arms. >> reporter: franklin d. roosevelt in the height of the great depression offering hope in lifting the nation's spirits.
10:25 am
they launched a new role for the federal government in the u.s. economy. 1952, a world war ii hero dwight eisenhower runs for president as a republican and wins in a land slide. >> largest turn out of voters in the nation's history watched the presidential election with the candicates and their wife withes. nixons in california and across the land, kennedys in massachusetts. >> 1960. >> every degree of mind and spirit i possess will be devoted to the long range interest of the united states. >> the united states selecting the first catholic president. and also the fourth president to be assassinated. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. standard time.
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2:00 eastern standard time 38 minutes ago. >> together, we are going to do what has to be done. >> reporter: in 1981, a hollywood leading man steps in the political top spot. ronald reagan and credited with freeing the hostages in iran and ending the cold war and revitalizing the republican party. >> we are going to put america back to work again. >> reporter: tonight, the next step to the road in the white house and in a place that saw history. silent films and biggest names in history. we'll bring you fox news, the site of the republican debate. ♪ join brett, megan and chris at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. >> wow that is some of the history setting up the debate
10:27 am
and especially the venue. dramatic new footage that shows a suspect trying to flee a traffic stop as an arizona deputy hangs on for life. >> get out of the car then. come on. [inaudible] wow with, that suspect managed to drive 500 feet before about the deputy regained control, hitting over the head with a flash light and taking him into custody. the suspect had a warrant out for his arrest. he is facing several charges including fleeing an officer. >> the one time nominee calls out this year's front runner and
10:28 am
suggesting that the party go behind anyone but donald trump. >> frankly the broad range of policy come from ted cruz, marco rubio or be jon kasich. >> you know that donald trump will have something to say about that. we expect him to fire back at romney or give us an idea what he's feeling like today. and trump slicing voters away from hillary clinton in the election. how he hurts the democrats. oe when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today,
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so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. >> a fox news alert. donald trump holding a rally in portland, maine. he's not on stage yet. it was scheduled to begin a couple of minutes ago. we are waiting for him to respond to mitt romney on "happening now". donald trump's response we expect it any minute now. >> with primary voting underway. recent history teaches us anything p hillary clinton voters shouldn't get too confident about p her. it is a graveyard of people underestimating him, meaning donald trump and i am old enough
10:33 am
to remember the story of democrats that hoped ronald reagan would be nominated because the democrats new he wouldn't be elected. and why did you pick that quote and tells us about what we are seeing play out on the national stage >> it underscores the media and political geniuses that donald trump was a joke and side show and implode are now saying he has no chance of winning the general election. maybe they are right. trump has high negatives with the minority voters. but the coin donald trump, trump uniquely with the republican candidates has the ability to
10:34 am
attract independents and democrat working class that are not doctored on conservative issues, but like his appeal on the economy and planned parent hood. he is different. >> you think he made the switch to running for the general election, why is that? >> beyond that, my reporting said that donald trump from day one tried to go for the general election. he would not have opposed george bush and no cuts to social security. or medicaid. but it very much would appeal to people in the the middle. trump has been doing that and figuring he will have less of a pivot and when he held the press conference on super tuesday night. he was more restrained and that
10:35 am
is the general election cappedidate. >> you raise an interesting question. he doesn't have a strategy and you are saying perhaps he does and following his own strategy and successful thus far. i am curious looking at the mitt romney event and planned out and speech p was presented. from a media perspective, how do you think it has been received thus far? in driving the narrative for the news of the rest of the day until we get trumps remarks and the the debate tonight. >> right. it seems to me there is a lot of skepticism in the mainstream press about mitt romney and throwing the kitchen sink. i was taking noteses. sexual affairs and i ranch out of ink. isn't this the guy who accepted donald trump's endorsement and
10:36 am
an icon of republican establishment that is sounding desperate in trying to deny the nomination that won ten out of 15 states that voted so far. i am not sure it does anything but underscore that donald trump is running against the establishment and that a lot of voters and primary and caucuses lost patience with and that's the anger that they tap in to. >> we'll talk about the branding of the nomination and your expertise. one of the things that romney said rubio, cruz or kasich would be better than trump. is that a strong message or would that be stronger if there is an exact alternative if he and others get behind. we see anything but trump.
10:37 am
how effective as far as that branding when it comes to trying to present an alternative to the man himself? >> that is the point. you can't be the front runner with anyone. you can only boat him with someone. he would have come out for marco rubio or john cruz or kasich and done it a couple of months ago before the run away express was underway. and even if you agree with mitt romney and think that donald trump would be terrible nominee for the republican party. it is it late in the game for romney to do this. he would have to embrace someone and that so far is not willing to do. >> that would be interesting to see if he ever does it. great to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> thank you, jenna. >> so donald trump expected to respond to romney's rebuke in
10:38 am
a rally in portland, maine. the rally is underway but the candidate is not there yet. we are waiting to see the exchange might affect trump's campaign going forward. does it hurt his cause or rally his supporters even more. david web is host of the david web show and a fox news contractor and rick ungar is a contributor at forbes.comand cohost of steel and unger on sirius xm. david, what did you think when the standard bearer of the party gives a blistering criticism of the guy who is the front runner are this time around. >> i am going to go back to what howard said. he didn't name anyone. it is the establishment fighting
10:39 am
over who's right with the donald trump movement instead of attacking what's wrong. the political consultant class and the failures out of the establishment have given light to the rise of donald trump and not addressing the foundation of the problem and trying to hedge against it and they don't have a person to go against trump. he's defied political gravity and tapped into problems in america and disgrunteled group of americans and we who see solutions not coming out of the political establishment and parties, we are living in a reality they are not fixing. and they will not blunt him if the trump momentum continues. >> clearly republicans are nervous about a prospect of trump. but what about the democrats. >> you can look at the polls and say hillary beats him.
10:40 am
one thing we learned from donald trump don't count on anything going against donald trump. it ipeculliar year. and one thing to say i like the polls, i am not making the mistake i or any pundits. i will not sell him short. he is bad for the country but i understand people support him. >> there is a lot of gazing on what is led to the trump phenomenon. and the criticism of the party. but how much of it is also the president see of obama? >> that adds in to it. the obama administration, and the narrative and unemployment numbers that are farce. people live in their reality and not getting ahead.
10:41 am
income is down and you are not getting a raise and insurance costs are up and loss of value in our daily lives and 401 ks and so much more and add to that the fear factor and look at national security and domestic security. americans look around and say who is going to rise to the level of the leader. this is how we are going to focus on america and make the country strong and at the same time be a leader in the world. if we don't project be that american strength we look for someone else as an alternative and we will see the the candidates run against the situation and not only against the prior president. that helps donald trump to move forward. he defies political gravity and moves forward and in the early stages and has to burnish has conservative credentials and find the moderate between
10:42 am
bombastic and how he would govern and deliver it to the folks if he is going to move forward. >> there was a lot of republican voters who were suspicious of romney and didn't think he was conservative enough. and now romney is criticizing trump. will that affect? >> i am afraid it won't. i think it should. i thought he was on the money. didn't agree so much with the hillary clinton stuff and i am sure that will shock you. i don't think it matters that he didn't recommend a candidate. he was there to call teengz something that he and i see as a serious problem. i disagree with david on obama. look at the exit polls out of the democratic primaries, a lot of people want the obama policys continued. >> the democrats to your point want obama policies to it
10:43 am
continue. but trump has a wide part of the obama and evangelicals and others. >> and i am pull ping the plug right now. >> and we are waiting for those remarks from donald trump. he is expected to respond to the scathing remarks from mitt romney. what will he say moments from now. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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>> fox news alert. donald trumpthere live. >> in the meantime more news. there may be clues about the missing malaysian airplane that went missing. new debris that washed ashore
10:47 am
seems to be a tail section of the boeing 777. mozambique is where they thought it would wash up. the flight disappeared with 239 people on board and certainly a lot of questions as to what happened. >> the u.n. slapped tough sanctions on north korea for a rocket launch. pyongyang fired off more missiles in the sea. here's more on that, benjamin? >> reporter: hi, jon, north korea responded by aggression launching rockets in the sea. this is after the new sanctions were imposed by the u.n. security council and that will isolate the country in the attempt to curb their nuclear
10:48 am
program. the missiles crashed 60 or 90 miles out in the sea. north korea responds withacs like these. no response to the ballistic missile test and include a ban on cold and iron and ore and anything that could be used for anything in the militaries or missile program. something that the u.s. is trying to halt. >> to be clear today's actions are not aimed at increasing the suffering of the north korea people. but increase the cost on pyongyang's leadership as it seeks to advance its nuclear and ballistic missile's programs. >> reporter: it is aimed at the young dictator in pyongyang p. a ban on luxury watches and jet skis and all cargo will have to
10:49 am
be checked. but there have been sanctions on north korea and they have still found their way around them. we'll see if north korea will continue on to the program, jon? >> it would be easy to sneak awe wrist watch in the country in kim jong-un wants one. >> and now the remarks from donald trump. he is expected to respond to the critique of mitt romney. we'll bring it when we steps in front of the microphone. you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.
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hi, everyone. i'm heather in for gretchen carlson. we are awaiting a rally from
10:53 am
donald trump. he's going to talk about mitt romney. mitt called him a phony. he said trump is playing america for suckers. chris christie answering questions about his endorsement of trump and whether or not he was held hostage and what do marco rubio and ted cruz need to do tonight at the big debate to win over voters? our panel will weigh in on "the real story." join us. an elderly massachusetts woman trapped in her vehicle after a collision with a school bus unfortunately has passed away. the crash happening yesterday afternoon 35 miles west of boston. the 80-year-old driver's mini van ended up after that bus. the driver's 79-year-old husband and 11-year-old granddaughter were hurt in the accident. the glare of the sun may have prevented the driver from seeing the school bus. there were no children on the
10:54 am
bus and the bus driver was not injured. also, questions being asked about whether the death of an oklahoma energy tycoon was an accident or possibly a suicide. police say aubrey mcclendon, former ceo of chesapeake energy died hours after he was indicted for fraud. the 56-year-old died instantly after his car drove straight into an embankment wall in oklahoma city at very high speed. on tuesday the justice department challenged -- charged mcclendon with conspiracy. he was also part owner of the nba's oklahoma city thunder. some new information on a story we brought you yesterday on "happening now." 100 residents of the town of ripley in new york state returning. they were evacuated tuesday night after a freight train derailed with tanker cars
10:55 am
containing ethanol and propane. crews moved the derailed cars. they're working to find out why the train went off the rails. fox news alert, still waiting for the donald trump rally to begin in portland, maine. he is expected to respond to mitt romney who spent about 20 minutes denouncing trump's presidential campaign. you probably saw that in the first half hour of "happening now." he was supposed to begin 25 minutes ago. he is on the ground in portland but he is obviously not yet at the microphones. when he gets there we will take you there live. in the meantime we have some snip jets of those -- for those of our viewers, john, who may have missed it. mitt romney making a comment about competition in this
10:56 am
election. >> there are those who are criticizing mitt romney for taking on a front-runner. some are taking on hillary clinton saying she is not qualified for the presidency. here's a bit of that. >> a person so untrustworthy and dishonest as hillary clinton must not become president. of course, a trump nomination enables her victory. >> one theory, but there's others as well. trump saying we shouldn't be listening, we meaning the voters, to mitt romney because he had a failed campaign. we'll go back live to portland, maine. we'll bring you there moments from now. we'll be right back.
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10:59 am
fireworks are going to make for a great debate. 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight on fox news channel. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. gretchen is up on "the real story starting now. >> thanks. we start out with a fox news alert. any moment from now donald trump
11:00 am
will hold a rally in portland, maine. hi, everyone, i'm heather doward. welcome to "the real story." trump is going to address mitt romney's major criticisms of him. romney laying out the many reasons that he believes that trump is not qualified to be president. romney's speech included a long list of qualities that he says disqualifies trump for the oval office arguing trump's


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