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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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support. he is like my mini me except bigger. mega mega me. >> all right. that's it. we have to leave it there. kg, have a great time. "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from the historic fox theater in downtown detroit. three hours from now the four republicans still actively pursuing the party's presidential nomination will be on this stage. the debate comes five days before the michigan primary next tuesday. on the other side of the race, i will host a one-hour democratic presidential town hall exclusively with bernie sanders. on monday, march 7, 6:00 eerns. secretary clinton was invited to participate but her campaign said she is unable to attend due to a conflict in her schedule.
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first tonight's debate. the stakes are enormous for front-runner donald trump, a chance to solidify his grip on this race and perhaps begin to soften those not ready for prime time. for the others, a last chance to stop the momentum that has seen trump win 10 of the 15 primary and caucuses so far. that effort got an assist to the last man. chief correspondent cameron is here. >> reporter: mitt romney delivered a speech at the university of utah that went about 20 minutes. in it he said the only serious policy proposals have come from ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich and said that one of them should be the nominee. if we republicans choose him,
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our prospects are greatly diminished. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there is trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> several organizations, pacs and interest groups have begun being against him. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make the world less safe. he h >> think of the bullying. the greed. the showing off, the mysogyny, the absurd third grade theatrics. >> before the speech he called
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him a. he urged him to judge reaction to the worthiness. trump held a rally in maine. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have. mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. he was begging. with mitt, i wanted to tell you, it was very nasty. >> i'll just address it quickly because it is irrelevant. mitt is a failed candidate. >> i think he probably still has a desire maybe at the convention to try to get some kind of a thing. >> if i win ohio, he won't be the nominee. we're going to the convention. i'll be the nominee. i don't know whether you noticed or not, it is being held in ohio. we plotted this all out. >> cruz and rubio took day off the trail to prepare for the debate. rubio who picked up the doorl of the governor and cruz will be on
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either side of trump as they were in the last two debates when they started to talk people. trump has indicated that his wife pointed out that if he is attacked, he will counter attack much more harshly. >> carl cameron in the studio. thank you. what are you looking for? you can use the #special report. tomorrow dr. ben carson will talk about what is next for him. at the conservative action today the annual event began with concern over a republican party. >> the pre eminent forum for
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conservatives overshadowed by outside events. the 2012 nominees fight with the 2016 front-runner. cpac waits until saturday to hear from him though donald trump is present in today's discussions. >> a little bit of a concern. i feel like we're fighting amongst ourselves. we're kind of giving a gift to the democrats by doing that. >> a very bad thing if he were to be. >> concerned republicans worry a trump nomination will hurt candidates running for tate and local offices. scott walker is urging conservatives to vote in all elections regardless of who wins. >> no nationaler what you think, we are giving up on you. >> he said he will not give up
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even if he wins the nomination. >> what we need most of all is not just someone who wants to breathe fire on washington. but wants to breathe passion into our children for a constitutional recovery. that's how we will actually make america great again. >> the american conservative union runs cpac. the chairman says conservatives must support the republican nominee. >> we'll have a nominee and they'll have decide, do you turn the radical policies to hillary clinton for eight more years? >> some of these are going for trump. >> i think a lot of people are so upset. they're grasping on to the man on the whitehurst. we've been doing that since george washington. >> a good way to do it is to listen to his speaking.
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senator ted cruz and kasich came will address cpac tomorrow. >> rich, thank you. a major development in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the justice department has granted immunity to a man who has a lot of answers about the e-mail scandal. >> reporter: brian who took the fifth before the benghazi committee work as a state department i.t. specialist. on the side, set up and maintained then secretary of state hillary clinton's personal server. fox news independently confirmed the report that pagliano struck a deal and was interviewed by the fbi. >> it is confirmation there's a criminal investigation. munl is only granted to witnesses in criminal cases. >> a source says they are
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determining, to her unsecured personal e-mail account. with more than 100 secret and top secret e-mails, one furious that they shared access to passwords. >> it was done intentionally. meaning whoever was doing it, they knew that they were going to take highly classified information and move it on to an unclassified system that was not protected from our enemies. >> fox news has learned that investigators have a short list for interviews beginning with junior aides. the source said it is not uncommon to sign off on every interview. >> i am very close personally to that investigation to ensure we have the resources we need including people and technology. that it is done the way the fbi tries to do its work. independently, competently and promly. >> tlemd they can't touch the security cleernlgss without
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checking with the fbi because agents intend to question them directly about the classified e-mails and where the information came from. >> the state department was instructed -- >> i won't speak to other agencies that may be involved. clearly we are going to cum to the degree that we need to. >> even though the attorney general told "special report" there's no artificial deadline for concluding the investigation, the zwrarm's decision on whether clinton or her aides could face legal consequences has national security and political repercussions. american election headquarters in depth. a deeper dive into how the immunity offer could affect the clinton campaign. >> at least one hillary clinton supporter welcomed the justice department's grant of munl to brian pagliano.
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the state department aide who set tim private server. >> for those who are just pessimistic that this will lead to indictment, they should be glad that the immunity is being given, the truth will be heard and i'll very confidence that hillary clinton will survive this. >> others were not. saying that it was just handed to bernie sanders. it was one year ago the new york time broke the news that mrs. clinton exclusively used a private server as secretary of state, triggering the investigation that will now benefit the testimony. since last march, the front-runner has admitted deleting nearly 33,000 of her e-mails and has apologized begrudgingly for the server. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about. that i take responsibility. >> the starl has released most of the e-mails in which one in
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which she appeared to send her classified material. and the request that she start using a government account. she denied receiving or senting classified data but the state department said at least 1,800 were classified. throughout it all, senator sanders steered clear. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. >> that's a failure on his behalf. that's one of her biggest weak knowledges. >> nearly half needed to win the nomination, a reason fox news poll found 62% of voters saying clinton is not honest and trustworthy. up 11%. and the gop front-runner also seemed to welcome the news about brian pagliano. >> assuming she is allowed to run, assuming she is not arrested. >> while it hasn't discernibly
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impacted her, everyone knows the next shoe in this story is yet to drop. that will likely carry major consequences. bret? >> thank you. the u.s. supreme court has rejected an effort by 20 states to block a federal rule targeting mercury pollution. last year the justices ruled the epa should have considered the costs and benefits before imposing limits on other pollutants from coal and oil power plants. but today this gives the agency time to fix legal problems and come out with a vision. we are still waiting for president obama to name his pick to fill the supreme court. it is an issue senate republicans say is moot. they have no intention of dealing with it. kevin cork has the latest from the white house. >> the distance from the white house to the comment is only about a mile. the leaders are seemingly light
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years apart when it come the nominating who should fill the next seat on the u.s. supreme court. >> the whole thing is up for grabs. the whole thing being supreme court, congress and the white house. let's give the people the choice in this upcoming election. >> the question really is whether or not senate republicans are willing to put that constitutional duty ahead of their own political considerations. >> the battle lines are clearly draunl. republicans don't want the president to fill the vacancy left by the passing of scalia. democrats strongly disagree. >> the republicans persist in this obstruction i think they will be harmed by it in november. across the board. >> a bold move the president is. to be considering, senting jane kelly to the hill as the high court nominee. confirm 96-0 by the senate and 2015 to serve on the court of appeals. judge kelly is a harvard law graduate and former classmate of the president's and perhaps most
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notelibly, she is an ohio resident. >> very strongly supported by chuck grassley in her previous confirmation hearing who has sterling credentials, there will be a lot of pressure on senator grassley to give her the treatment that the constitution says she deserves. >> other possible nominees include jessica jackson of the d.c. district court. interestingly she is related by marriage to house speaker paul ryan. the judge who serves on the pre tigs d.c. court of appeals and clerked under supreme court justice sandra day o'conner. and attorney general loretta lynch who has already survived a bruising battle in the senate. >> and lynch told you, she loves her job. she has the best job in the world. we asked speaker ryan about judge jackson. listen, i love her, she's family but we should not be talking about a nominee. we should leave that for the next president. that's the concern here at the white house. if the republicans followed through in the senate on their
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threat, in the future when the democrats run the senate, they might do the very same thing. >> first it was a huge minimum wage increase floux one big city may give workers even more costly rights that could make their way to your town. first. some our fox affiliates. the nfl resumes its effort to punish tom brady over his role in the deflation of footballs before the 2015 afc championship game. the league argued the judge who overturned the four-game suspension overstepped his bounds by questioning the facts of the case. instead of the disciplinary process. fox 45 in baltimore is the maryland court of appeal hears arguments over whether william porter can be forced to testify against his colleagues in the freddy gray case. gray died while in police custody last spring.
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porter's trial ended in a hung jury. his attorneys say he should not have to testify. and this is a live look at denver from our fox 31. one of the big stories tonight, denver public schools trying to get a handle on how 900 employees are using district supplied credit cards. at issue, around $2 million. in approved purchases that appear to conflict with district policy. that's the live look. outside the beltway from special report. i think it landed last tuesday.
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this is a fox news alert. north korean leader kim jong-un has just instructed his country's military to be ready to use nuclear weapons tnl. he made the statement in what it called the face of a growing threat from enemies. earlier, north korea responded to new unl sanctions by firing off a half dozen short range projectiles into the sea. the economy will be a big issue in tonight's debate. a little later, the big upheefl in the job market. first the shopping mall near you. it involves new rights for
3:21 pm
workers that could cost you and your family big bucks. >> seattle business owners already pay a $15 minimum wage, sick leave and can't use applicants' rap sheets against them. now they are working on a livable schedule law aimed at making restaurant and retail jobs more predictable. >> i think it is important to have a job that is not iffy about your scheduling. >> there is a sense amongst some workers that they are being abused. >> councilwoman gonzales wants to give workers set schedules a week in advance with extra pay if late changes are made. garnl tea at least 11 hours between shifts and give access to more hours before new employees are hired. in the cross hairs is an emerald city icon, star buck, under fire for clo-pening. >> they are hell been on these one size fits all cookie cutter
3:22 pm
approaches to wage and hours issues. this will be one more straw that may break the cam he's back. >> the picking the schedule movement came to pressure from new york's attorney general. j crew, gap and others ended the call of on call shifts. >> most workers in our economy have very little leverage or bargaining power and owners and people like me have enormous amounts of power. >> some economists and public policy experts warn that shifting more work on to employers has a serious down side. >> it makes it more expensive to get business done unless they find a way to get it done using fewer workers overall. >> despite the threat of unintended consequences, the city council is expected to pass a living schedule ordinance later this year. further entrenching the government in the middle of the relationship between employers and their employees. bret? >> dan springer in seattle.
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thanks. stocks were up again today. the dow gained 45. the s&p 500 gained 7. you can interact with us during the debate. how facebook is bringing you right here. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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welcome back to detroit. the beautiful fox theater as you take a live look at the stage. and there will be four candidates there tonight as we get ready for tonight's republican presidential debate here on fox news channel. we are partnering with facebook in this evening's event. shannon is here to tell us how that will make your viewing experience more interesting and informative. >> hi. looking into the facebook date, a it is great. it gives a candid look. it is not a formal poll or
3:28 pm
survey. it is a peek into the hottest topics people are interested in and the candidates they're talking about. one of the newest features they have is something that tracks the time line. we can show with you the issues, it lets you see if thing bubble up in conversation. you can see what takes predominance here. in november you see an interesting spike with iraq, syria and isis. that was around the time of the paris attack. you see the spike in december when you have the shootings in san bernardino. it gives you a tracker. we know those topics impact. so who is hot speaking of candidates? we can go to the heat map which looks at the entire country here. donald trump, he is the one we're tracking first. all of this intensity. no surprise that he is dominating the conversation. it is not necessarily negative or positive. it is the volume of conversation. let's look at the man who finished second. ted cruz. no surprise, most of his heat is concentrated in texas where he
3:29 pm
won tuesday night. facebook gives us an interesting window into what the topic are and people that the potential candidates care about most. >> people come to facebook to talk about the election. since the start of year 53 million merges have engaged in conversation, talking about a candidate or an issue specifically related to the election. >> because we are in detroit, we want to give you a look at what's tracking in michigan. this is over the last 30 days. you can see the economy and the number one position. and donald trump again, the top conversation generator here in michigan. tonight, live. we'll be able to track moments as they ping on facebook. who they respond to as part of the debate. we'll have all of that data. >> looking forward to it. plus we'll talk to shannon during the debate. pretty interesting. we'll talk about the jobs and the economy. obviously in the debate. did you know nationally there were almost 600,000 job openings
3:30 pm
in the construction and manufacturing industries on the last day of 2015? for years, michigan has been a symbol of check crisis caused by the loss of good jobs. tonight we tell you about a different problem. the lack of qualified people to fill good jobs. >> the old stereo type of michigan is people that can't find work. the modern reality is work that can't find people. >> we're looking for new skills trades, construction professionals, such as project managers. >> the catch here is that michigan needs skilled people to fill those jobs. in construction alone, the state has about 130,000 positions it can't fill. part of the problem came with the economic downturn of 2008. about 90,000 people left when the jobs were scarce. but it goes beyond construction, technology, nursing. all looking to fill what is
3:31 pm
called the skills gap. the key is getting in the heads of the young people. and letting them know, there is a viable option that maybe more lucrative than a four-year degree. >> we have a way to know to make sure our young folks took advantage of this. >> he is now working in technology. after spent three years at a university studying a field he doesn't work in and piling up debt. >> i didn't pay anything for the program. >> as opposed to the university? >> correct. definitely. in material of what i learned and actually practical application and being able get to employment, based upon secondary education versus my college degree. the certification has been fantastic. >> this has been part of the campaign. early in the process, senator rubio advocated overhauling higher education with the goal of getting students out into the work force with an applicable skill without a mountain of
3:32 pm
debt. brett? >> mike, thank you. we are less than two and a half hours away from the start of the republican debate. we'll talk to panelists in detroit and back in washington about the state of the race and what to expect when we come back to the fox news. (dad) ah! greetings, neighbor. neighbor boy. (neighbor) yeah, so we're just bringing your son home. he really loves our wireless directv receiver.
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will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at donald trump is a phony. a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. watch how he responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences? or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? >> i'll address it quickly
3:37 pm
because it is irrelevant. mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. i backed him. you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my doorm. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. >> well, mitt romney with a blistering speech against donald trump saying, republicans should rally to any candidate that is not donald trump. you heard trump respond there in maine on his way here to detroit. romney then tweeted after trump's response. if trump had said four years ago about the thing he says today about the kkk, muslims, mexicans, disabled, i would not have second his endorsement. with that, joining me in detroit. the senior writer for the weekly standard and charles hurt. political columnist for the weekly times. in washington, the singled indicated columnist.
3:38 pm
the political correspondent, the national public radio and charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." okay. charles, romney, the impact. does it move the needle? >> i don't really see how it moves the needle. watching that. where was there guy four years ago? he gave a very, very, it was a very forceful argument which of course he failed to do four years ago and which is the whole reason we're here today. the whole reason for trump being, running the table as he is today. because if romney had done what he needed to do four years ago, you know, we would be talking about romney's running for reelection. we would be talking about romney's nominee to the supreme court to replace the supreme court justice antonin scalia. we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. >> besides the four years ago, even just months ago. there are a lot of people saying, where was this?
3:39 pm
either from mitt romney or from frankly, senators cruz and rubio. >> or anybody. this is the argument about the establishment of the republican party has been taking an awfully long time to make. in the battle for the soul of the republican party, which is what the party is engaged in full throttle right now, i would say that mitt romney's speech was a real rallying cry. and i think it will go down as one of his finest hours. is it too late? probably. he also didn't indicate who the party should rally around. that's exactly the problem. i thought what romney did was lay out a comprehensive case against trump. any of these candidates had that research and could have been carrying the case. what he also did is he gave a pretty good preview of what the clinton campaign will do to donald trump.
3:40 pm
and republicans looking at that say, you're giving the democrats ammunition. the only way these candidates can get the nomination is to go through a contested, it seem like romney was trying to lay out a blue print for that. >> at least the arguments. i think the results on saturday and super tuesday were good for donald trump but didn't give them glad pass to the nomination. to a certain extent, it changed the race, the dynamic of the race from one un. where all the candidates were on offense. each individual candidate could be the nominee to a more defensive posture. the nontrump candidates. they're looking to block trump as the nominee. each one would like to be, to earn the 1237 himself. it seems less and less likely. this is now a much more defensive race. and i think romney's speech on substance frald it very well.
3:41 pm
>> here is governor kasich asked about his path. >> i think it is important that we stop mr. trump. he is not my pick for president. and i want to have a more positive approach to the solutions of the country. >> if i win ohio, he is not going to be the nominee. we'll go to the convention. i'll be the nominee. i don't know whether you noticed, it is being held in ohio. we plotted this all out. >> well, that seem like wishful thinking but that's what the campaign is saying. >> the came camp has been waiting for this to get to michigan. four months ago, a senior official told me they were looking at march 8 and michigan. a, it is contiguous with ohio. and b, it contains romney republicans. and they think they can do this there. the problem is they're up against the theory of the race from ted cruz. cruz says michigan is his kind of place because i guess what,
3:42 pm
about 10 miles from where you're sitting is open county. in 1980 it was grougs for the discovery of what was called then the reagan democrats. basically working republicans. people do not have college education and democrats. who were feeling even then kind of resentful and left out of the economical problems of the country. the theory of the race from ted cruz is that he can locate and motivate the nonvoters. the theory of the kasich race is that they're natural kasich republicans. >> you look at the latest poll out of here. the michigan detroit free press poll. and kasich is down at 8% and trump is at 29. he is 21 points down. what about the rest of the race here? the senators cruz and rubio? >> look, the problem that cruz
3:43 pm
and rubio face is summarized like this. more importantly by the galop poll to the issues as they appear. on the top three. donald trump is clobbering rubio and cruz by more than 30 points in each of those issues categories. mitt romney did his duty today. he did not probably do any good. because we all have to acknowledge, the big fat fact. there is a tectonic shift going on in the ideological basis of the republican party. the vote here's are bothering to show up for that party support a nationalist protectionist, pop list package. >> i don't know. >> they're doing it in spite of a persona that they have questions about. his temperament is a big
3:44 pm
liability. but so far, it is the issues that he is winning on. >> i don't know if that's the characterization of all trump voters. it is much more likely that he is riding this wave of voter anger, discontent with both parties and he has found a way to capitalize on it. some people looking at the romney speech today who are not in the never trump category are saying is that makes me angrier. not less angry. about this speech that is going to infuse democrats with talking points and commercials. >> the support from the very start. he was so viciously attacked. they felt attacked because they were attack him. calling him a racist. once they fused that bond with him, you'll never get them to
3:45 pm
turn away. >> on substance there are blows being made. >> it is not like this is a surprise to hillary clinton and her team. donald trump has gotten 35% of the popular vote so far. that has given him a delegate lead. he is the front-runner for the republican nomination right now. but there are nearly two-thirds of republican who's don't feel this way and judging from the exit polls, roughly half of them who say they would be dissatisfied with donald trump as the nominee. more with the panel after a quick break. we'll talk about the democrats plus hillary clinton and the new developments on the e-mail scandal. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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she was willing to answer any question. we want brian to do the same of he decided not to but we're please that had he is at least cooperating with the justice department review. we think that the more answers he can give, the more it will clarify the justice department's understanding that nothing inappropriate took place >> of course they're going to say we want to talk and we want
3:50 pm
all this stuff disclosed. it is classified. it can't be disclosed. there are 1,600 to 1,800 e-mails on a nonclassified server. somebody put them on is that brian pagliano glee struck immunity deal with the justice department in this email investigation and has been interviewed by the fbi, we are told. pagliano took the 5th when testifying beforea> this is how you build a case, if you are trying to build a case about a
3:51 pm
conspiracy. interestingly, and the part you just read there, about intentionally skirting the rules, clearly this did not happen by accident. and clearly there are lots of people involved. now, if you are trying to build a case and perhaps go to a grand jury, you start with someone very low level, immunize this person and he, again, begins to give you information on people and you go up the chain. how you go of course is the $64,000 question in american politics today. does it get to the immediate aide of mrs. clinton and, if it gets there, how do you stop there? >> steve, that is the question. a lot of people are saying this could get to what the aids did. did she share pass words that enabled them to get classified emails and somehow transfer them to that private server? >> yeah. it tells us clearly that they are drilling down on the server and circumstances that led to setting it up. it also suggests that the justice department is taking this v7#kñ he seriously in a way that maybe we didn't necessarily know before
3:52 pm
this. i mean, the justice department doesn't give someone immunity if they're going through the motions here i talked to a national security lawyer this suggests that they are taken this quiet seriously and this could lead somewhere. >> chuck, i asked loretta lynch, the attorney general numerous times, numerous ways about this. she said the investigation is going forward methodically like any other investigation. >> you know, i thought i had, when this story broke was now i kind of understand why bernie sanders isn't dropping out of the race because he is the guy who, perhaps, contrary to his own political interests once dismissed this issue but here it is hanging over her candidacy. if i were him, i would stick around at least as long as it takes to see it resolved, donald trump was mentioning 1ritájjuz hang over herhat's throughout the campaign. so, for hillary, i think the extra bad news here is that this raises the prospect of george says of an investigation that isn't about to wrap up soon, that
3:53 pm
isn't about to produce a non-indictment but that is going to continue to drag on. >> speaking of bernie sanders, he is not talking about the email issue on the stump. he is, however, talking about these wall street speeches and releasing those transcripts. take a listen. >> when secretary clinton, among others, goes&$.cl to wall street and speaks behind closed doors and gets paid $225,000 per speech. [crowd booing] you know, my guess is if you are going to get paid $225,000 an hour speech, it's probably a great speech. so i think if it's such a great speech, she might want to make the transcripts public so we can all read that speech. [cheers] >> so marah, he is on the attack a bit. we are going to have a town hall with senator sanders in detroit on monday. secretary clinton was invited and apparently has a campaign conflict. but, marah, your thoughts on how that race is lining up.
3:54 pm
>> i think if bernie sanders did any better on super tuesday, the clinton campaign would have been thinking very long and hard about releasing those transcripts. i think now she probably thinks she can get away without doing it, but the transcripts -- releasing the transcripts is a very defensible position for bernie sanders to take. it's about transparency. what we know about what she said. she didn't go in there and promise she would carry the loophole forever. she made some chummy, friendly my good friend kind of comments. and it would be embarrassing. >> probably something not great. >> yes. it doesn't sound good. >> charlie, back to the emails. does thistl kind of develop? i mean, do we think that this is the first of -- you know, we have been saying is this going to move forward quickly do we think? >> in the best case scenario for hillary clinton, the server was set up in her bathroom as a convenience so that she could, you know,
3:55 pm
take care of work at home and other people could email her on the server and it wouldn't have to go through all the channels. even that, every year employees at the federal government get charged with crimes for doing that, for taking emails, for taking work, you know, and emailing to a private account so they can sit at home on the sofa, on their ipad and do work from there. they get charged and get serious punishment for that i think this thick is going going -- thing is going to keep going until a political decision is made. >> charlie, steve, mara, chuck, george, thank you very much. some final thoughts on the debate when we come back. % off the computer t! i won't. (cannon sound) hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. i won't.
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welcome back to the fox theater where in just two hours the four remaining republican presidential candidates will take the stage. expect questions about jobs, electability, foreign policy, and much more. i can't give up too much early. you'll just have to tune in. and i'll be back here in detroit monday, when senator bernie sanders joins me for a live town hall at 6:00 p.m. eastern. he will be fielding questions from a live audience. we have invited, as we mentioned, secretary clinton, too familiar the former secretary says she is unable to attend due to a conflict in her campaign schedule can. but, tonight, the countdown is on for the big event. we are getting back to preparation now as megyn kelly, chris wallace, and i make our final tweaks to the questions. there is our set. and take a look at this
4:00 pm
beautiful fox theater. thanks for inviting us into your homey@ tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. &pz this is a first alert. and get ready, two hours from right now the g.o.p. candidates take the stage. donald trump, senator ted cruz, and senator marco rubio and governor john kasich. and if tonight is anything like previous debates, you better buckle up. tonight's fox news debate coming just hours after 2012 g.o.p. nominee governor mitt romney ripped into g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump. much more on that fight in just moments. but we begin with fox news carl cameron live inside the detroit debate hall. carl? >> good evening, greta. the audience is beginning to file in for what is to be the most consequential debate yet as they continue continues to change these debates have almost


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