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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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we are not going to see that trade war with china if trump is elected. he is going to reverse a lot of his economic positions and be much more of a free market low tax, low tav guy. he is listening to larry kudlow. that was a clue a lot of people missed. "special report" up next. >> good evening. welcome to washington. republican heerds are going after gop front-runner donald trump after last night's debate with new vigor and urgency tonight. one day after that prime time debate featuring name calling, mockery and at least one get the kids out of the room moment, trump is spurning conservatives. pulling out of the scheduled speech at the huge annual gathering in suburban washington. he is also flipping positions on another big issue. here is a fox news alert. former secretary of state hillary clinton has agreed to participate in our monday town hall in detroit. we'll have all the details of
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that coming up. she has agreed to participate in our town hall event with bernie sanders. in detroit. you saw the two guys on the screen there. we do have fox team coverage tonight. rich is at cpac in maryland where donald trump will not be speaking tomorrow night. but we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in detroit. good evening. >> hi. in the aftermath of last night's debate, ted cruz summoned reporters and that that the so-called never trump or stop trump movement is on. >> those discussions are happening among candidates. i think they're happening among the activists. i think they're happening among the donors. there is no doubt, if we remain divided, donald trump wins. >> at the end of the debate they pledged to support the nominee even if it is trump who pledged he would not run as a third party candidate if it is someone else. trump defended water boarding including killing the families
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of terrorists. today he film flopped in a statement saying the united states is bound bylaws and treaties and i will not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters. trump admitted his positions may change last night. >> there is always give and take. there is always negotiation. >> he lashed out at the media and his rival. >> i have to tell but the media. they are the most dishonest people. their worse than rubio and they're worse than cruz. they are worse than little marco and they're worse than cruz. >> a good choice among bad options. >> if i'm the nominee, i'm going on unite this party and grow it. you won't have to be plagued by this question. >> they were relentless on trump. >> donald has a tenuous relationship with the truth.
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>> count to ten, do donald. >> i think the american people understand that yelling and cursing at people doesn't make you a tough guy. >> they do not want you to be our nominee. >> someone who thinks the nuclear try ad is a rock banl from the 1980s. >> this little guy -- >> a rubio attack from last week. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> kasich came got rave reviews for avoiding insults and focusing on policy. >> i'm starting to get more time and tang. when i win ohio, it is a whole new ball game. >> nine states and 328 delegates up for grabs over this weekend. into tuesday fwlit the big delegate prize is 59 delegates. kasich and rubio have been fighting hard. in reason states, trump has a
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pretty hefty lead and is expected to get the lion's share. >> mitt romney continues to hammer trump. he told neil cavuto the billionaire businessman will not get his vote. >> i'm not going to support donald trump as the candidate for president of the utah. i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. i'll either vote for a conservative who runs or i'll write in a name of a conservative. >> yesterday, romney called trump a phony and a fraud in a speech as you know, attempting to rally republicans against the front-runner. donald trump pushed back at the debate. the main topic of conversation at the nation's largest annual gathering of conservatives, is about who is not coming. and donald trump's last-minute cancellation is giving his opponents new ammunition. he is going to campaign instead in kansas. rich edson is in harbor, maryland. >> he's a no show. donald trump is skipping the seventh political action
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conference. >> he doesn't want people to know he's a coward. it makes me very upset that a candidate is one who is supposed to be a person of the people won't come to his own party's largest conservative conference. >> trump is the only presidential candidate in the middle of primary season to reject the c-baghdad pac invita. they will hold rallies in florida. this on the day they delivered to cpac a blistering critique. >> i know that donald trump said he loves the tea party. that's not what it takes to be teem. >> the american conservative union runs cpac. the chairman said trump with drew because he addition agrees the format. >> it senls a message. to those who spent a lot of money to be in the nation's capital. to fill up the largest room in our nation's capital to not show
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up. it is a mistake and i'm disappointed and his opponents took advantage of his absence. >> if you don't want donald to be our nominee, come join us. we welcome you on our team. we're building a broad coalition of lovers of liberty who believe in the constitution. >> it appears there will be no trump address here. he is an ever present force in conference discussions. his sizable delegate lead in the republican presidential primary. debate over his credentials and the 2012 gop conservatism. >> did you hear mitt romney's speech yesterday? okay. >> ohio governor john kasich again refused to mention the front-runner. >> let me ask you. do you like a positive campaign instead of negative? huh? >> saying it wasn't going to happen. ben carson says he is leaving the campaign trail. that north ameriannouncement el
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standing ovation. >> rich, thank you. a published report suggests a possible break-in. hillary clinton's favor in her e-mail scandal is getting some pretty serious criticism. what was reported, what's being said about it. >> thank you. part of his munl deal with the justice department. the form he state department i.t. specialist brian pagliano is cooperating with the fbi. he has provided security logs to the bureau. they reportedly show no evidence of foreign hackers. today, the foreign intelligence official and cyber security experts team sigh interesting security logs show who accessed the network and when but don't tell entire story. they have the cape bill to trick the security system and appear to be a trusted user. >> a computer program can
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masquerade as mrs. clinton. you're able to move information in and out of the server without any log entry showing anything but a normal entry. this is what is so frightening about a sophisticated attack like this. >> maybe the most definitive is the hardware and server and back-up drive. everybody the server processes leaves cases of cyber dna. in most cases they can determine whether it contains malicious code. it is ail at stealing personal information. it was sent to mrs. clinton's server. by the time the campaign said the secretary of state never opened them. today mrs. clinton again characterized the fbi investigation as a security review, adding she is pleased her former i.t. specialist is cumming and providing agents
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with information that she says will close the matter. >> thank you. secretary clinton and bernie sanders are both taking the night off the trail campaigning. but earlier they talked economics and trade at separate rallies. they did not agree on much. >> ahead of primaries in the coming days, hillary clinton in detroit spoke about her economic vision including issues that are controversial in the midwest. >> when it come to trade deals, here is my standard. i won't support any agreement unless it helps create good jobs and higher wages for american workers. i need on look into the eyes of any hard working american and say this deal will help raise your income. >> at a big rally on the castle of southern illinois university, senator bernie sanders provided a series of contrasts with clinton. including labeling her the outsourcer in chief on trade.
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>> secretary clinton supported nafta, she supported permanent normal trade relations with china. those agreements have cost us million of jobs as a nation. hit the midwest particularly hard. if elected president, trust me, we will have a new set of trade policies. >> then there's this video released by the sanders' campaign of clinton appearing on an indiana town hall in 2012 when she was secretary of state. when she was asked about outsourcing of american jobs to india. >> it has been going on for many years. like anything, it has pluses and minuses. >> meanwhile, the tax policy center says would it raise taxes on virtually everyone. those earnings $132 or more would have taxes go up. middle income houses would see an increase of 4692.
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and low income earners would have taxes go up by $165. >> the clinton campaign is likely to count we are it paying that trading can be a mixed bag. sanders is expected to pounce saying it is insensitive on to places like michigan where jobs have been lost. >> we mentioned the breaking news. that secretary clinton has agreed to join our town hall on monday. that will be with sanders and clinton. significant that she's now changing and agreeing to do this town hall, isn't it? >> it feels like a critical stage in the campaign. she is trying to put away bernie sanders. he is trying to stop her in michigan. a lot of focus this woke on michigan. they'll duke it out with you. you won't want to miss it.
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two big developments. a u.s. aircraft carrier and conservative battle ships are controlling the south china sea. an area china claim as its own. and we're learning beijing is pulling back on its military expansion. kevin corke has details. >> reporter: headed by the command vessel of the entire seventh fleet. the blue ridge now sailing the disputed waters of the south china sea. >> the symbolism is even richer. that strike group includes the flagship of the seventh fleet. >> reporter: the appearance come as the white house grows increasingly concerned about china's militarization of the area. but china says it is all routine. in 2015 alone pacific fleet ships sailed about 700 combined days in the south china sea. still, a complicated example. it straddles mutual interests
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and diplomacy. while they continue to rebound including the report of 0 new jobs last quarter, china's economy is listing. . so so the military budget will increase by only 7% to 8% in 2016. the slowest pace in five years. >> we adhere to the policy that national defense development should consistently be in line with the economic develop many work the focus on controlling the scale of the defense spending. >> despite the dip, the chime he's still spend about $215 balance year on military. by comparison, the u.s. spends nearly three time that have. and more than the next six defense spenders combine. the u.s. china policy is further complicated by north korea. they have been the bulwark against pyongyang. >> we have chosen what is admittedly a more difficult path to work close when i the chinese to impose these sanctions. they'll be more impactful if the
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chinese go along. >> our policy with china hasn't worked. >> that something new, according to chang, is more diplomatic coordination and frankly, general coordination with our partners in the region like japan and south korea. he speaks would apply even more pressure on pyongyang which has recently responded by firing off missiles into the east coast off that country as well as saying their nuclear arsenal is now at the ready. >> live on the north lawn. thank you. up next, making it harder for young people to light up in california. first, our fox affiliates. fox 17 in nashville. the trial will start monday. they are suing for $75 million over naked videos of her posted on the internet. fox 28 in columbus, ohio, as the city of cleveland is asking
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for 2,000, they are planning for that event. >> this is a live look at chicago as the sun sets. for fox 32, our affiliate. one of the big stories. chicago public schools requiring employees to take three unpaid furlough days. the president of the teacher's union says the move strengthens the group's resolve to shut down the school district. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." what're you, what're you, what're you? i probably got that question 3 to 4 times a week. i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess people had seen in me all my life. i do feel like ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. "what are you?" now i know. discover the story only your dna can tell.
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lawmaker in california are pushing new restrictions on smoking. but they are getting some blowback tonight. national correspondent william explains why. >> smoking i started when i was 15 1/2. >> big tobacco is in big trouble. >> this is about protecting our kids. and preventing a lifetime of addiction. >> last year washington state tried to trays legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the effort failed there. but passed in hawaii. now california is the next state likely to make smoking, like drinking, illegal for anyone under age 21. >> anything we can do to delay
3:20 pm
when people start smoking. it will be better for health in our community. >> 95% of adult smokers started smoeging before age 21. advocates say raising the bar nationwide could raise 250,000 lives. the six tobacco bills passed thursday in the assembly also applied to electronic cigarettes. banning them in restaurants, theaters and any public place. >> ultimately we want them to stay away from all these products and not lead to another generation of youth addicted to nicotine. >> some say it is unfair to young adults who are old enough to marry, vote, sign contracts and die for their country but can't buy a pack of cigarettes. >> we should be able to buy cigarettes at 18. if you are age to vote for president and to go war but you can't buy cigarettes for yourself. that doesn't fit well with me. >> if passed by the senate, as expected interesting bill goes to governor jerry brown who has
3:21 pm
not indicated where he stands on the issue. late this afternoon the u.s. supreme court blocked enforce many of louisiana's restrictive abortion law. the justices reversed the order by the federal appeal court allowing abortion doctors off the admitting privileges in hospitals. ? almost 22 years later, do we have a major break in the o.j. simpson murder case? a report from los angeles. when special report tens. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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. there's breaking news on a story that originally broke almost 22 years ago. it involves the so call trial of the century. the last century. some new evidence that may not be so new. chief corn jonathan hunt has the story from look. >> reporter: one more twist in the extraordinary saga of o.j.
3:26 pm
simpson. possibly a major development. possibly a complete irrelevant advance. the lapd will only say that it is in possession of a knife allegedly found 18 years ago or more on the property where o.j. simpson lived at the time of the murders of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend, ronald goldman. >> it has been submit to our lab. they are going to study it and examine it. >> the captain said the lapd got the knife from a retired lament officer. that officer said he was working offduty security near o.j.'s former home around the time the new owners had it demolished in 1998. he claim it was handed to him by a construction worker who said it was found buried on the grounds. instead of turning it over to the lapd, the retired officer simply kept it.
3:27 pm
>> i was really surprised. i would think an lapd officer, if this story is accurate as we're being told, would know any time you come into contact with evidence that you should and shall return to it investigators. >> the investigation remains open because no one has ever been convicted. equally importantly, o.j. simpson cannot be tried again because of the law of double jeopardy. >> thank you. >> president obama is taking a victory lap over the latest jobs numbers. as we mentioned earlier, the economy added 242,000 jobs in february with unemployment staying at 4.9%. >> 72 straight months, six straight years of job creation. >> other statistics earnings are slightly down. 93.7 million remain out of the
3:28 pm
work forceful that's a decrease of 374,000. the labor participation race increased to 62.9%. up .2 of a percentage point. the dow today gained 63. the s&p finished ahead 7. the nasdaq was up 10. for the week, the s&p was up more than a third. america's headquarters election in depth. the republican party's not so civil war. >> looks at raised voices and down and dirty rhetoric and have come to symbolize this gop presidential campaign. >> donald trump delivered many memorable moments at thursday's debate. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? >> none demonstrated more starkly the degree to which the gop is now the a war with itself than trump's rally earlier in the day in portland, maine. where the 2016 front-runner
3:29 pm
recounted an approach four years earlier from the party's standard bearer. >> he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees he would have dropped to his knees. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> when's the the 2008 nominee, arizona senator john mccain jumped in. >> the trump voter is now effectively saying to the establishment, you handed us mccain. you handed us a will he be ral in mitt romney. don't you dare lecture us on conservatism. >> parties have gone to war as in the melee in 1968. >> with george mcgovern as
3:30 pm
president of the united states, we wouldn't have this in the streets of chicago. >> likewise 1976 saw a struggle for the soul of the gop with moderate incumbent gerald ford fending off the right wing of ronald reagan. >> there is no substitute for victory. >> the question is whether the rise of donald trump heralds a shift or is a one off deal driven by the singular personality of the real estate developer from queens. >> if you believe that donald trump is leading a revol from within the party, then that would definitely be accurate. you think he may be taking it over from without, i'm not sure if you look at at this time same way. then you look at they will protecting the party. >> another confounding mystery is how a billionaire ensconced in manhattan, a fixture of high
3:31 pm
society for four decades, could become estranged from the establishment. any establishment. whether that sense of estrangement will persist if he gets to sit in the oval office. >> thank you. >> the status of the stop t movement. plus, campaigning and where things stand. we'll talk about it all when we come back. ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. find out how a local allstate agent can help better protect your family. call one right now. and if you're a safe driver, you can save up to 45%. just a few more ways the good hands are doing more than ever before. see what the personal service of an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. the biggest story in all of politics is what's happening to the republican party and i'm getting zero credit for it. i should get all. they're not coming in for little marco. i can tell you. >> we can't win if we're divided. we can't win if we have to accept that six months of convincing our front-runner to vote for our nominee. >> if we remajor divided, donald trump wins.
3:36 pm
>> all i'm suggesting is it looks increasingly if i win ohio as though we will have a convention that will come together to pick i think the adult in the room. >> okay. that's all today after last night's debate, of course. right here on fox. let's bring in our panel. jason riley. amy to theard. okay. fallout? >> well, that i think ted cruz had a very good night. i think he landed some body blows. i think bringing up the contributions that donald trump made to democrats over the decades was very, very effective. i think he was trying to explain to republican voters that they are on the kups of nominating someone. >> you are alone in that. this is rush limbaugh today. >> i think ted cruz was running rings around everybody in terms
3:37 pm
of awareness of the issues. knowledge of the issues. mastering whatever it was that was discussed. in terms of the old way that we used to consider qualifications for the presidency. ted cruz hit a grand slam home run but that's not how we make judgments on these things today. >> to his point, there is a new way and donald trump has figured out how to ride the wave of anger about washington effectively, right? >> oh, yes. the establishment never understood the anger that he was connecting to and energizing. telling people you have really gotten the short end of the stick. and telling them over and over, different groups, different places and different ways. the thing about when he has a
3:38 pm
bad debate, his supporters never care and they're never swayed. we've seen in 15 contests there are late deciders. so far they've mostly broken to rubio. what you've seen with cruz and rubio, and kasich is on the side. they refused to attack each other. so they're doing, they're attack donald trump trying to persuade late breakers and deciders against donald trump but they know none of them have a path on their own. they have to hang together. even though they're not talking about it to each other, it is ill police it. the only way to stop them is together. >> i tried to point that out, how romney was laying out the blue print. kasich wins ohio, rubio wins florida, ted cruz wins where he can win and then you fight it out at the convention. came trying to play the adult in the room and that's how he is pitching the post debate. >> i think he did a good job of that but it is a rather easy job
3:39 pm
and not the most courageous. after all, he stands outside while rubio and cruz are hitting very hard at trump to expose his weaknesses, and to try to bring him down. if that doesn't happen, governor kasich has no chance at all. so he is allowing the others to do the dirty work. it is clear that the strategy has changed. until super tuesday, it would have been, we need one guy to emerge one-on-one with trump. it is now mathematically too late. now they all understand, the only way to do it is everyone stays in the race, the anti-trump forces. they each have to garner all the votes they can. ohio has to go to kasich. marco rubio has to win in florida. and then you deny trump a majority. he gets a plurality and then you work it out. as to who will be the nominee. >> i would suggest two of them,
3:40 pm
perhaps rubio and cruz, go to new jersey and work it out the old fashioned way. >> i would say it is the way that rubio and cruz have had to go after trump. particularly rubio. this is a guy who would much rather discuss policy. the way trump has changed public discourse in this country is really troubling. you listen to what he says and you want to take a shower. i think that's very unfortunate. >> there was a clean-up today. a clarification by donald trump after this particular question. it happened to be my question last night. >> experts have said when you ask the u.s. military to carry out some of your campaign promises. specifically targeting terrorist families and the use of interrogation methods more extreme than waterboarding interesting military will refuse. they've been trained to turn down and refuse illegal orders. so what would you do as
3:41 pm
commander in chief if the u.s. military refused to carry out those orders? >> they won't refuse. they won't refuse me. if we want to go stronger, i would go stronger too. that's the way i feel. >> today, a statement came out. i feel very, very strongly about the need to attack and kill those terrorists who attack and kill our people. i know people who died on 9/11. i will never forget those events. i will use every legal power that i have to stop these enemies. i do, however, understand that the united states is bound bylaws and treaties and i will not order our military or other official to violate the laws. i will not order a military officer to dois obey the law. i will be bound by law just like all americans and i will meet those responsibilities. >> there was another reversal on h 1 b visas. it was quite a busy day of
3:42 pm
clean-up. this is the argument the ant-trump forces make. that he will not only do the things in his business practice that's he says he would never do and american forces should not to have put up with. that he'll change his positions. you played two cnn clips. two weeks apart. two different policies on afghanistan. that's the argument they're driving. that he, it is not flexibility and evolution and changing your mind as you learn more about a single. that he'll just switch on a dime. and today, he was chastened about the need to, as a potential commander in chief, respect and obey the law. especially when it comes to military orders. this is the core of the argument. he will change his mind and the minute he's the nominee, they fear he'll be hillary clinton with different hair. >> he may not be the old argument. i think it could ironically help
3:43 pm
him. this guy is out of control. he is extreme. he'll order illegal acts to our military, et cetera. can't have him in office. i think i think the retreats will hurt him on those but it could help with people who are ordinary run-of-the-mill republican who's don't want a man out of control in the white house. and it says he is flexible on immigration and he'll be okay. >> it is friday and we head down to a place called candidate casino. who will get the nomination will? >> i am giving $70 to donald trump. he has a significant lead. it is not insurmountable but it is large. i am giving $15 each to rubio and cruz. i think mathematically they're still in it. it's a very tough road. >> i gave $80 to trump like did
3:44 pm
i last week. and i don't know if charlie will raise his draw here. but i'm really going bold on this. and last week i think i had 15 on rubio. i'm going 5 with each guy and five on other because we don't know. but other has as good a chance as the three. >> i think you guys are right on. >> trump, $80. cruz, $10. rubio, $5. >> can we talk about the evolution here? >> the prozac. >> when the facts change, my opinions change. the important explanation is the prozac. my december uponency, wine, women and song is not going to do it. >> whiskey? >> i have to go to anti-depressants. the good news is i can write the prescription myself. >> finally, i want to go down the row. this news in our show.
3:45 pm
we had news that secretary clinton will join our democratic town hall in detroit. she has agreed on participate alongside senator sanders. we'll have studio audience there in detroit. i'll be moderating that. 6:00 to 7:00. it will repeat at 11:00. >> it her appearance, it is a smart thing to do. >> she is trying to appeal to the voter. the industrial midwest. voters that she didn't do as well with in 2008 so i think she has an audience. >> maybe this has to do with michigan. >> it she's seen internal polling that says there are ant-trade bernie supporters and
3:46 pm
she decided to join the bandwagon. >> we're glad to have her. >> she is a weak candidate but her strong debates are debates, town hall. she has beaten him on those measures a lot in the last few months. so i give him an open field. >> it will be interesting. next up, the friday lightning round.
3:47 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test r[ovz
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president touting the new jobs report out today, 2,442,000 jobs added. unemployment rate of 4.9%. hourly earnings declined. 93.7 million people out of the workforce labor participation rate 62.9%. we're back with the panel, lightning round. jason? >> it's a a strong report that labor participation rate number jumped out at me. more people are working. also, the underemployed rate went down. so more people are not only working, they are working in the jobs that they want. as you said, hourly earnings, however, not good news they were not where we were before the recession, but we're making process. >> a.b.? >> i agree with those first two numbers. that actually, to me, represents an improvement. obviously 7 it 2 months of job growth does. it's always, always better than the alternative. this is what i say every time. it's the same thing every month.
3:51 pm
it looks better but americans don't feel it yet. >> i think it's particularly good news because it's happening in the face of very expensive dollar, which expresses our exports. it's still happening. ened and in the face of near recession around the world, china, slowing down in its economy and, yet, ours is the one that is chugging along. it bodes well if it coins. >> we were talking about hillary clinton and the email investigation. this guy who worked on her i.t. mr. pagliano getting immunity from the justice department. she was asked about that today on cnbc. >> there is an fbi investigation and some guy who worked for her has gotten immunity from prosecution. shouldn't they be tempt to do conclude like, well, maybe she could get prosecuted? >> no, not at all. this is the same security review that has been going on since last spring. i'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating+[ and giving information, because i think that will finally
3:52 pm
end this. i know that, you know, the republicans are engaging a lot of wishful thinking, but this is not anything people should be worried about. >> here's what the "new york times" said. mr. pagliano told the agents that nothing in his security logs suggested that any intrusion occurred. security logs kept track of, many other things, who accessed and when. they are not definitive and forensic experts can spot hacking that is not apparent in the logs. security experts view logs as security detecting hackers. jason? >> it doesn't help her. she is going to try to spin it. every new development is a reminder to voters that she is under investigation for a crime, bret. it's not going to helpr>tju h unless bernie sanders is going to make an issue out of, this and unless there is an indictment, i don't think it ultimately i will hurt her. her supporters don't care. >> a.b.? >> whatever her supporters think, this has been systematically ignored by the media largely, the details of this story.
3:53 pm
she calls it a security review. and when michael mukasey the former attorney general came out and said that the fbi doesn't do security reviews, does not doh5 no such thing, she changed it to security inquiry. this is her other term for it. this is a bunch of huey. she laughs every time she is asked about it you are granted immunity in criminal investigations, not for some judge judy domestic disruption in the neighbor's driveway. this is obviously very serious. doesn't mean she is going to get indicted. but her attitude about how it is nothing and some political witch-hunt, you know, depends on the week what talking point she is using. if you are really following the story, she is blowing this off and it's huge. >> charles? >> thevñ idea that because there was no evidence of a break-in on the logs that it looks good for her is also huey. what that means is that itom hasn't been broken into hacked by a high school
3:54 pm
student. but the chinese and russians have slightly more sophisticated more experts who don't leave tracks. >> when we come back, this week's winners and losers. ving . then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> time now for winners and losers charles? >> winner of the week christie now the opening act for the trump show has to call him mr. trump while trump calls him chris. and stood behind trump in that press conference looking like the butler from downton abby, the winner of the week is clarence thomas, spoke out in oral arguments for the first time in so years. the issue here is thenó timing. at the funeral of scalia, the family had him as the only justice who participated. he read from scripture, a subtle sort of statement that he would be the successor and he did that in speaking out in the court the way scalia used to. >> a.b.? winners and losers? >> my winner is a man who hasn't had a good night sleep in eightl-m is bret baier who had a great debate last night and somehow not only manage to do get bernie sanders but hillary clinton to the town hall on monday.
3:59 pm
and hillary clinton is my loser. criminal conduct of her and her staff is closing n the next six weeks. >> thank you, jason? >> winner of the week is ted cruz who exceeded expectations super tuesday and had his best debate yet last week. losers of the week are black democratic voters, bret. i say that because they could end up deciding this election and seem to me to be asking very little of the democratic candidates in return for their support. hillary or bernie sanders to stand up and say black lives matter. that is not going to close the student achievement gap and not going to reduce the black unemployment. >> you don't think you saw that in south carolina the back turnout in the democratic race? >> i would like to see specific demands for policy that will help particularly under privileged black americans. instead hillary and bernie are out there getting applause lines for black lives matter and black voters should demand they get more
4:00 pm
>> thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. again, tune in monday for a special report first, a live town hall event in detroit with democratic presidential candidates, again, 6:00 p.m. eastern. see you then. >> tonight "on the record," once again donald trump does it his own way. the g.o.p. presidential frontrunner suddenly pulling out of cpac, the conservative political action conference. instead, donald trump is in a campaign trail in kansas, florida. some accusing the frontrunner of snubbing the conservatives. but trump says not so. it's the campaign. unlike trump though the remaining g.o.p. field are all attending and speaking at cpac. this weekend's big conference coming on the heels of last night's debate. >> donald trump is basically marked everybody with personal attacks. he has done so to people that are sitting on the stage today. he has done so about people who are disabled. he has done it about every other candidate in this race. so if there is anyone who has ever deserved to be attacked that way it's


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