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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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you never miss an episode. are you having fun today? who are you supporting? all right. a mixture. we'll see you back here monday night. eat right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the special edition of "the o'reilly factor." election 2016 after the debates. we have a huge program for you. so let's get right to it. the fox theater in detroit is still shaking from the brawl that took place there last night. >> for the last year, donald trump has basically mocked everybody with personal attacks. >> so does anyone who has ever deserved to be attacked that way it's donald trump for the way he has treated people in this campaign. look at those hands, are they small hands? [ laughter ] and he refer to do my hands if they're small, something else must be small.
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i guarantee you there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> i don't think the people in america are interested in a bunch of bickering school children, it's easy to say make things better. make things great. you can even print it and put it on a baseball cap. >> i have a policy question for you, sir. >> let's see if he answers it. >> i will, don't worry about it marco. don't worry about it. [cheers and applause] don't worry about it little marco, i will. >> is this the debate you want playing out in the general election? breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. >> breathe. you can do it. you can breathe. i know it's hard. i know it's hard but just -- >> when they are done with the yoga, can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> let's stop fighting. >> well, candidates may have gotten mixed reviews but fox news moderators, megyn kelly, b"uu baier and chris wallace got raves. >> you say medicare could save $300 million negotiating drug prices medicare total only spends $78 billion a year on drugs.
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sir, that's the facts. you are talking about saving more money on medicare -- >> -- i'm saying saving through negotiation throughout the economy. you will save $300 billion a year. >> that's the federal deficit. >> of course it is is we are going to buy things for less money of course it is. >> that's more money that we buy -- only drugs we buy is through medicare. >> i'm not only talking about drugs. i'm talking about other things. >> joining me now from washington fox news moderator chris wallace. you put up staggering numbers. it got raucous. you must have felt like you were taming lions out. >> there yeah. or herding cats. i have got to tell you it was interesting. we had seen the previous debate on cnn and seen how it had degenerated into a bunch of name-calling. bret, determined to try to focus on policy and there was one example, talking about donald trump's numbers and
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trying to fact check them in realtime with graphics about whether his numbers added up or not. in terms it of what he he could say from waste, fraud, and abuse. but having said that, you know, i debate if they want to act like a bunch of damn fools we can't stop them there were certainly times and had you a bunch of those clips where they acted like damn fools. >> was the mood different in the arena this time versus last time? >> yeah, i have got to say something weird is happening in these debates and afterwards the republican officials, including reince priebus very upset about it. they say ever since the south carolina debate that there has been a lot of hecklers. a lot of screaming. they apparently had to eject several dozen people. they were drunk. they were shouting. and, you know, these tickets are divided amongst the candidates. so to seems and i don't know who it was that some of the candidates are giving tickets to people t-uáu try to shout out when one of the other candidates is
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speaking. you know, look, you want audience participation, audience enthusiasm, but it's getting out of control. i will tell you the republican party officials are concerned about it because they think it only adds to this sense that it's gladiators fighting in the coliseum. >> so, do they not want that, chris? the ratings have been phenomenal across the board. you guys crushed it last night as well. you do have a sense of excitement there. the audience is getting involved. the candidates are going back and forth. you are trying, to like you said, herd the cats but it is very watchable and we are getting a lot out of that. >> >> well beings yeah, but so is ultimateing championship. you know, mixed marshall wrestling. and yes, you get ar audience but is it presidential? is it more likely that one of these guys that the general public is going to sit there and elect somebody? it's good tv but is it necessarily good for the republican party?'a-w that's really the kind of
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conflict that's going on here. >> tell us who you thought did really well last night and who you thought didn't. >> well a couple of things and some of this is what i saw on twitter and also some things i picked up that people wouldn't have seen on camera. one of the things off camera, marco rubio was sick as a dog. you could hear it in his voice but at the end of the debate he came up and, you know, we all wanted to shake hands with him he said i'm not going to do that. i have got he gave us an elbow bump instead. i think his performance was really hurt because he was under the weather. i thought trump did very well in the first hour. and you could see a very conscious effort on his part to try to pivot, to be less bombastic, to be more presidential as he says, his wife melania is suggesting that heo0&x be. and, you know, he made the point i'm going to negotiate with congress. i'm going to be flexible on some positions, including immigration. we have got to be age to make deals and get thifp;ñ done. i'm not always going to have
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the same position. but, as the debate went on and particularly in the second hour with the constant attacks from cruz and rubio, who really didn't go after each other. they seemed like they were tag-teaming him. you will could see him kind of getting dragged down into it. by the end, he was back to little marco and lying ted, which i don't think is where he wanted to begin. >> chris, i want to tell it you, one thing i'm absolutely looking forward to is "fox news sunday." i hear you have a couple of special guests, two i would really like to hear from. who are they? >> yeah. well, at a time when the party seems on the verge of tearing itself apart, we're going to talk to rush limbaugh live, a rare television interview. el rushbo. tune in and see him live on sunday. and mitt romney who made that extraordinary speech. whether you liked it or didn't like it, to have somebody who was the last nominee of the republican party trying to < destroy the guy who was the leading candidate this time, it will
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be very interesting. limbaugh and romney live on "fox news sunday." >> thank you very much. the establishment g.o.p. tries to take down trump with everything they have got. will it work? this special edition of the factor is coming right back. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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in the impact segment tonight, at times during this g.o.p. campaign for president, it seems like the candidates feel pure hatred for each other, but, could they put that aside to support the eventual nominee? >> you can you definitively say you will support the republican nominee even if that nominee is donald j. trump? senator rubio? yes or no? >> i will support the republican nominee.
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>> mr. trump, yes or no? >> i will support donald if he is the republican nominee. >> yes, because i gave my word that i would. and what i have endeavored to do every day in the senate is do what i said i would would do. >> i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it's not you? >> i'm going to give them some credit, too, even though they don't deserve it but the answer is yes, i will. >> leading up to last night's rumble in detroit, the establishment g.o.p. ratcheted up its efforts]fv take down donald trump. they are calling him a phoney, a fraud, and an outright danger to the country. will this tactica1 work? joining us now from d.c., trump spokesperson katrina pierson and from miami, tim miller, former communication director for jeb bush's campaign who is currently the senior advisor with our principles pac which is devote to do making sure donald trump does not become the nominee. to you first, tim, let's talk about this pac that you joined, you left the jeb
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bush campaign when it suspended and you joined our principles pac. a lot of people for the g.o.p. to beat hillary clinton they need to unite. but here you are one of the senior advisors on the pac that is specifically the mandate is to take down the g.o.p. frontrunner. why would you do that? >> yeah, well, look, i think the opposite is true. if we want to defeat hillary clinton we need to defeat donald trump first. pause donald trump doesn't have a prayer against hillary clinton. his favorite thing to talk about is you know and as katrina knows is is the polls. well, the reality is when you look at the general election polls, he is getting crushed by hillary clinton. if you look at the gallup poll, the whole country, and you look at favorability ratings, donald trump has the worst favorability rating than serial date rapist bill cosby and right ahead of genocidal maniac8c bashar al assad. that's what people think about donald trump. he can't win. >> if you take donald trump down you still don't have a nominee that has enough delegates that could have a
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plurality, but they won't have a majority. are you not just playing for a brokered convention? it seems like that's the play here. >> well, look, eric, i think it's too early to commit to that. i mean, right now, if you look at the delegates. ted cruz plus marco rubio have more delegates than donald trump. >> yeah, tim, that's notátq) >> you know not fair because you are coming up to 830 delegates throughout the rest of march, and a lot of them are going to be winner-take-all states. if you apply donald trump's numbers from the past to the rest of the month, he does extremely well through march. let me get katrina in here. >> well, sure. >> tell us a little bit about the feeling of being the frontrunner and having your own side taking shots at you. >> well, you know, eric, this is typical elitism. do as i say, not as i do, which is exactly why the people are fundamentally rejecting them. as you just heard, donald trump can't stand a chance. is he is not going to win. but, guess what? they told us in 2008 it has to it be john mccain.
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john mccain is the only one that can win. then we heard it was mitt romney. these are the same suits and geniuses that have been telling us all along who is telling us all along who is the only candañq this entire time. finally, the people are out there saying no, we want our chance. we want our guy to get out there and win. mr. trump is not running super pac ads. he is not campaigning on smears on the media like that. he is defending himself. and the people are supporting partyw you have the going back on their own word, not just against trump, because this is the biggest problem. they are going against their own people once again. >> talk just a little bit -- >> -- that's completely wrong. and if you -- here's the evidence for. this just today donald trump said i'm not going to go cpac. the conservative grass roots conference in washington, d.c. you know why he is not going? because there was going to be a backout. people were going to boo him. last year when i was workingú for jeb bush, there was going to be a walkout on jeb bush because conservatives didn't like his position on
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immigration. jeb bush says i'm going to face the music. he got up on stage with sean hannity. some people booed him. he made his case. he has the courage of his convictions. not donald trump. he didn't want to get booed by conservative grass roots. they didn't like that he is for partial birth abortion. and against assault weapons. one issue immigration the one issue where you think you know where he stands on this. last night he said i'm flexible on immigration. in a secret interview with "new york times" he said i'm going to net united states with the democrats. >> that's not exactly how it went down but i will say this. you don't know. >> katrina. >> you don't know what mr. trump's campaign reason is. >> why did he decide to pull out of cpac? >> well, since i'm the campaign spokesperson for the donald trump campaign, i will give you the answer. it has nothing to do with questions or boos. some on, donald trump is is the one candidate that has taken more incoming than anyone. more questions, more protests. he is not afraid to take questions at any rally. guess what? tomorrow is an election.
8:16 pm
the campaign decided to go and campaign in kansas and then go to florida. i'm here in d.c. because we were scheduled to be at cpac tomorrow, but the campaign decide to do get out there in the states and get with more people. that's the reason. >> that sounds like spin and conservatives like eric erickson and glenn beck and -- >> we have got to go. leave it right there. great debate. tim and katrina thank you very much. directly ahead on this special edition of "the o'reilly factor." the war between mitt romney and donald trump. canú/ there be any winners? upcoming. your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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in the personal story segment tonight, romney vs. trump. just hours before the big debate yesterday, mitt romney delivered a 17 minute diatribe against donald trump calling him unfit for
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office and a danger to the nation. that, folks, was just the first shot in the newest political war. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama very easy. he failed miserably. and it was an embarrassment to everybody, including the republican party. >> well, there's no question i'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure that we don't nominate donald trump. i think he would be terribly unfit for office. i don't think he has the temperament to be president and so i want to see one of the other three become the nominee. >> okay, now joining us now kirsten powers. what is this? mitt romney jumping into the the fray both feet and doubling down today. the original shot was yesterday before the debate. he followed that up today saying i wouldn't even vote for donald trump. i would have to write someone in. >> well, i think it's a reflection that the establishment is freaking out to put it mildly and that they want to stop donald trump. that they originally thought that he was going to eventually flame out. that people wouldn't really
8:21 pm
select him as the nominee. they haven't yet but, youcv know, seems to be moving in that direction. and so now they are throwing everything they have at him to try to delegitimize him and make him not be the republican nominee. >> do you think this will effect trump's numbers in the followers that he has they weren't going to be establishment anyway. >> exactly the people who are with him are with him the question is when you talk to people who are part of the establishment and who think that it's a good idea to start attacking trump which i agree probably would have been a good idea to do it earlier, but even then might not have made a difference. they believe if people understand that donald trump isn't as good as a businessman as he says he is. that's their position. but they believe is he is not as good as a businessman that he says he is he is not the truth-teller. he is not telling it like it is. that is he actually saying one thing on one day and another thing on another
8:22 pm
day, once people can see that that people will realize they don't want to support donald trump. you know, it seems like these people are pretty dedicate to do him. >> which people? are you talking about the people. >> his supporters. >> in '12? he lost. >> yeah. no, i no, i mean his supporters are very dedicate to do him. i think it's going to be hard to shake them loose. you have to remember that the establishment is assuming that trump supporters are looking at it saying i have a choice between donald trump or this wonderful other candidate. in their minds they feel like no, donald trump might have some problems and there might be things i don't like about him but can i give you a list of 100 things i don't like about the republican establishment. they have already sort of factored that into their decisions. >> one of the most surprising mommy's of the night was when bret baier asked each of the candidates would they support a donald trump nominee and they all said yes. meanwhile senator ben sasse says i'm not going to support donald trump.
8:23 pm
mitt romney says i'm not going to support donald trump. it seems like they're all over the board the anti-trump group. >> it's different if you are one of the candidates running because it would alienate so many people. they want to pick up those trump supporters if trump actually implodes. they have to say that look, ben sasse and mitt romney reflect where a lot of the republican establishment is and how they feel about donald trump. and they feel like he will be a terrible president and that he will detroit the republican party. and you know what? honestly, they are right. is he not realpañ a republican. he is somebody who is -- i mean now that's where he is but is he obviously somebody who. >> you can imagine if -- let's just say that this works, their plan works and donald trump doesn't get the majority 1237 delegates. he does get a plurality, he gets enough votes, he beats everyone else in states and votes and whatnot. and they go to convention and takes it away from him what is that going to say for the g.o.p.? >> it would be absolutely terrible.
8:24 pm
that's why i think this idea that we might have this contested convention and somehow -- i mean, talk about destroying the republican party, i can't imagine if that happened that those people then turning out to vote for, in a general election, for a republican nominee who basically, you know, got it under what i think a lot of trump supporters would consider unfair circumstances. >> i will leave it right there. kirsten thank you so much. special edition of the o'reilly factor moves along this evening. the factor itself goes man your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat.
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, immediately following the debate last night, o'reilly served up some drama when he went on stage and a scored the very first interview with donald trump. >> fair debate? >> i thought it was fair. i thought they did a really good job. i enjoyed it. it was tough, but fair. >> who is your main competition in your opinion going forward. >> i think. >> come on, stop, stop. >> ted cruz seems to have. he is second. quite a distance away but is he second. marco would be third. the governor would be fourth. >> and you think that's the way it's going to shake? >> well, that's the way it is right now it can change very rapidly. >> all right. you look a little tired. >> no. >> you are not? romney hit you hard today. are you surprised? >> he is a failed candidate. >> i know. but were you surprised.
8:29 pm
>> i'm just telling it you. he did a horrible job. he wants to become relevant again. he really let us down. four years ago i supported him. i helped him a lot. he really, really let us down. he knows i feel it and i guess he felt it. he said that. i think my retort was far stronger than his. if you look on twitter and look at what's happening, i think he made a fool out of himself if you want to know the truth. >> why do you think he did it? >> because i think he is a jealous guy, and i think he would like to run but he didn't have the gowts run this time. he probably should have. i don't think he would have done very well. and i told him he was a choker. he is a choke artist. that's what happened with his last run. >> do you think he is an gel gling to going to the convention if you don't have enough kettle. >> he might. you about he doesn't have it he would be beaten so badly by hillary clinton your head would spin. >> when y%?÷ hear guys like romney. there are not a few of them. there are many of them in your own party. >> right. >> why do you think you engender so much loathing from them? >> and love. and love. >> i mean, you have plenty
8:30 pm
of die hard supporters. >> 65%, believe me, a big, portion, if you look at all of the polls coming in now above 50. i will tell you a tremendous amount of the party loves what we are doing. you see millions of people are joining the republican party. you can't say this is happening. >> you have a lot of detractors people like romney comes out. >> once it's over, people are going to get -- not everybody, but people are going to get along with me very well. i'm very much a unifier. >> what about your personality engenders these people to come after you? >> i tell it like it is. i tell the truth. our country needs that. >> but romney feels that you are a danger to the country. >> i don't think he feels that at all. >> do you think is he a phony? >> i would say he is a phony, yeah. he doesn't feel that at all. >> do you think this is all contrived? >> i would say mostly contrived. i think he feels very badly about his poor run. he run very poorly. made a fool out of himself is. he should have won that election. >> why we come back now though? >> i was hitting him hard. because when he was going to come back, i was saying he
8:31 pm
was a choke artist. he choked in the last campaign. look, he lost the senate and president, not just once. he has three in a row. the worst guy we could have would be him. >> just jealousy? >> ultimately he went to see jeb bush and he was afraid of jeb bush. >> you told that story in maine. is it just jealousy? >> i don't know what it is. he made a fool out of himself. he shouldn't have done it. >> your supporters are going to stay with you. i don't think there is any doubt about that. he is not going to change their mind. you need to get on our calculations about 30 million people who are not supporting you now to support you, to defeat hillary clinton. >> i think i'm going to defeat hillary because we are going to win michigan, we might win new york. see, when i run i have a whole different calculus. i have a chance of winning new york. nobody else does. we have a big chance of winning new york. we will win places like michigan. i'm going to win pennsylvania and win ohio. i'm going to win a lot of sl9nazhy i'm going to win florida. florida is my second home. we are going to win places nobody else is going to win. we are going to add states
8:32 pm
that nobody else can even think of. >> the downside is that the democrats are going to come over5hand they are going to -- look, you saw what happened to one of your own guys tonight the republicank party, the trump university stuff, the flip flopping on issues. the campaign support for carter and these people. you know, that's all going to be in play. >> it's fine. in the meantime i have 49% in the polls. nobody is in even close. i'm at 49, they are at 15. can you bring up one and bring up a few more things. >> it's my job. come on. >> yeah. it's called politics. and i'm fine with it. and if you look at what i have done, i have built an unbelievable company. you know that. i know that most of the people know that. and what i will do is let it be known. i have buildings all over the world. we have jobs going up all over the world. very few people have built a company like i have built. >> all right. are you getting mad at guys like me when i ask you the negative questions? >> no. i think you have become very negative. >> me? >> yeah. >> why would i do that? >> i don't know, who knows. you have to ask your psychiatrist. i think you have become very
8:33 pm
negative. >> toward you? >> yeah. >> you know melania? >> the better half. >> that's true. it's not even close. but i want to get back to this. >> and my boy eric. >> i think i have been very fair to you. >> you have been fair, but i think you get a little bit carried away with yourself, frankly. >> do you want to gee give me an example. >> no, i'm not going to give you example. it's not worth -- we just finished a debate which i hear i just won based on the polls again i won a lot of the debates. i really had a good time tonight. >> when you are thinking ahead, i was surprise to do hear you say you are going to support -- if they give you the under table thing at the convention, say coming in with not enough delegates, okay, and they don't give you the nomination, even though you have the popular vote by far. >> yeah. >> you going to accept that. >> look, i don't want to run as independent. i love the republican -- the republican party has been republican party has been prettah9% though. >> the people, you have to remember, i brought millions
8:34 pm
of people into the republican party. that he was why i'm doing so well. >> that's your right. >> that's why we have so many people. the best chance of winning is for me to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. these people will not beat hillary hillary. >> so is even if they give you the run around, even if they do bad things to you at the convention, which is possible -- >> -- it's always possible. the best chance of win something to wins a a republican. run as a republican and win. and i am far ahead of everybody. i am leading by a lot. i think we are going to do very well over the next two weeks, also. people size of the victory. even you everywhere surprised. >> i wasn't surprised. come on now. >> super tuesday was great. we will have other super tuesdays. >> in the very beginning i understood your appeal. yeah, melania, did you see the numbers on greta last night for melania? did you see those numbers. >> were they very good? >> yeah. they were much better than your numbers. >> i'm glad about that. >> maybe melania runs for v.p. >> i think that's a good
8:35 pm
idea. >> she kicked your butt on greta. >> by the way she)u did a great job. >> look, it's nice of to you lead off the factor at 11:00. okay. if i'm unfair you come on and tell me. you give it to me, man. >> i will. i promise. >> still to come on this special edition of "the o'reilly factor," rubio, kasich, and cruz all get their turn in the no spin hot seat next. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. save big during bass pro shops' dog days event and sale. like select dog toys for only $5 each. and redhead cedar valley men's shirts for under $15. plus bring your dog friday and saturday for free photos, giveaways and prizes.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. continuing now with our o'reilly factor special election 2016. many of you may have gone to sleep before you got to see marco rubio, john kasich and ted cruz enter the no spin zone for a post debate debriefing with bill last night. so, out of the kindness of our hearts, we're going to show you the highlights bill started by asking senator rubio about donald trump's rise. >> there is a lot of people that just don't like him. are you surprised that he still leads? >> yeah. he has been very good at dominating media getting media to pay attention to him. you look at the coverage. the head of cbs said this the couple days ago donald trump is not good for america but good for cbs because of their ratings so i think that factors into
8:40 pm
this. now that the race has narrowed people are starting to pay attention. he is a very charming guy. can you see why he gets so much attention. is he funny. he has one liners. we are talking about the presidency of the united states here. tonight he had no serious solution on the debt. was exposed one instance with the graph that show the numbers don't ad up on theq debt. he has no solutions on foreign policy. only reaction was to attack me as little marco. after a while people start to realize. >> do you think they will start to realize it. >> i do. and i hope so for the sake of our republic. what's at stake here for our country is very important. this is the most important election in a generation. the world is growing incredibly dangerous. we were reminded that again tonight with what is happening in north carolina. -- north korea. you can't elect someone who says i will get there and figure it out. >> do you regret the school boy stuff with trump wet pants do you regret it. >> no i don't regret it. if anybody deserves that it's him.
8:41 pm
i'm. >> i'm sure you watch. bad behavior doesn't justify bad behavior. >> if i don't do it i don't want to do anything that jesus wouldn't be proud of to be honest with you or my kids i would look at and say i don't want to you continue doing that. >> do you feel had you to do that though? >> donald has insulted everyone you can imagine. he has made fun of disabled people and pregnant women. >> had you to stand up. >> had you to. >> if you want to make this about personal attacks. a long list of personal attacks that could be made about you. >> are you going to continue to do that? >> our plan is to run our campaign. if it's appropriate we are definitely going to continue talking about what he is he doing now with the con job and scam is he trying d pull off what is he is trying to do to the american voter, what he did to people at trump university. >> you are far and away the best on policy in the field. you are. you are the best on policy. you are the most experienced. but, you are not feeling the berne. and you are not feeling the
8:42 pm
anger. and that is you back in my opinion. am i wrong? >> well, no, i do feel it, bill, because i grew up in it. >> you are not giving it to the folks. >> you have to come to a town hall and see. this debate format is always something i have struggled with because people can't see me. you are limited. it's like it puts you in a straight jacket. i'm getting a little better at it. >> you still come across as a cerebral guy. not to mix it up guy. >> my town halls are the most emotional thing going in the campaign. people have a sense that i get them. >> you have got to win here. >> i don't have to win in michigan. >> you don't? >>lq no. i have to have a decent showing here. then we are going to to ohio and we will win ohio.m'0> well, but i wouldn't get to new hampshire. i would run out of money. >> i didn't say that i said it might not be your time in history because of the anger of the voter.
8:43 pm
see, trump is 35 to 40 isn't going to diminish. >> let me tell you, this you don't beat trump by getting into an insult war with him. >> you don't think so? >> no. i think the only way you beat donald trump is to have a vision bigger than his and be able to show that your experience and accomplishments will pull people out of this ditch that they are. >>[8 it hasn't happened for you thus far. >> i know. there is a long way to go. it's not done yet. we have a long way to go. i win ohio and move along and probably end up at the convention, bill. they are going to pick an adult. they are not going to pick a yeller or screamer. >> that's what it looks like now. >> would you take v.p. >> no. >> not interested? >> i have the second best job in the country. i'm governor in ohio. i once had the third best job substitute host of the factor. ñyonly person on earth thate hillary clinton could beat in a general election. that's why so many republicans are horrified. >> why couldn't trump convince all these people to go with him and not her? >> because 60% of the american people have a negative view of donald right now.
8:44 pm
>> couldn't he get that down? >> you have to do it on some issue of substance. part of the problem is donald has agreed with hillary clinton on issue after issue after issue. >> couldn't he change? >>v#çñ does change. what people don't like about hillary is she changes and doesn't tell the truth we give that away. >> do you think donald trump is a dishonest man? you are character rising him as a con and drifter. is he honest or not. >> i think he believes what he is saying. >> do you think trump is honest? >> i think he believes what he is saying but i think he can say two opposite thing in the course of the minute and believe both of them. if you put a lie detector test he would say it's hot and cold in the same minute, pass the lie detector test both ways. and the reason -- what trump has tapped into is the frustration. pani politicians who don't tell us the truth and don't do what they say. donald elm bodies that. and he is telling us he is not going to do what he says. he says after i'm elected he
8:45 pm
said is he would be a totally different person. >> he is going to be more gentle. i don't think is he going to change his policies. >> he does it over and over again. >> i want to be so you do not think he is dishonest? >> i think he is using rhetoric that he doesn't believe and it's inconsistent with his record. >> so he is a phony. >> he says is he working for the men and women of this country. he hasn't done it? >> i have known him for 30 years. i think he is an honest man. i think like most politicians and that's what he is, he wants to get elected. >> the difference with me, i'm the same when i'm running for office and when i'm in office. the reason why we have so much support is that i do what i say. you know exactly what you are getting with me. >> all right. >> it's a no spin campaign to put it terms. >> okay. it's great having those candidates face to face in the no spin zone. by the way, kasich, you are governor of ohio, i back up the factor. next up the candidate who wasn't there, which g.o.p. candidate against her in a
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the g.o.p. candidates' foreign policy in the war on terror and isis. >> this is radical sunni movement. they can only be defeated if they are driven out in the territories held by sunni arabs. >> hillary clinton worked aggressively toq0 depose muammar qaddafi. we had no business doing it. >> we should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding. >> if they wage jihad against the united states of america they are signing their death warrant. >> do they have what it
8:50 pm
takes to go after hillary clinton in the arena. >> vice president of the and palm springs ric grenell who worked for four u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he is also a fox news contributor. rick, you were there at the ranell. so rick, you were there at the u.n. which of the candidates sold you the hardest, the best last night? >> look, i think kasich is doing a really good job on foreign policy. i think he's got some basic facts down. i think his critique of hillary on libya was fantastic. marco rubio always is solid. he really sees this vision. i'm still troubled by donald trump. look, when chris wallace tried to get him about facts on defense spending or marco rubio pushes him saying what do you mean you want to do more than water boarding? trump falls back to talking about polls and how he's up in a cnn poll.
8:51 pm
>> let's stay right here for a second. there is a difficult path for john kasich or a marco rubio to become the nominee, maybe ted cruz. but if donald trump is the nominee, are you concerned that he won't surround himself with the right people to fix some of the things that he may be lacking as far as foreign policy experience? >> right now i am concerned. when he was asked that question, who are your advisers? he didn't have any great answers. he didn't have any people on his team that's advising him. i've been check around to see who is whispering in his ear when it comes to foreign policy. i'm told flat out he doesn't have anybody. that he's listening to pundits on tv and doing some reading on his own. but he doesn't have anyone that he's looking at as an adviser. that's troublesome. >> from the hillary clinton stand point, when she sees the four potential nominees, who does she not want to face on foreign policy? >> one of the most interesting things is hillary is not like
8:52 pm
many nominees that we've ever seen before. she's been on the international stage for over two decades, she was secretary of state. so there's an enormous reservoir of experience. so it's why every republican is going to pale in comparison to her. >> that doesn't matter as well you know. time in office doesn't matter. >> there's going to be an enormous imbalance in a way we haven't seen in presidential elections. but i will say to me i've watched every republican debate, a little hard for me, but i think kasich really to me makes a lot of sense. you really get a sense that he knows what he's talking about. >> but guys, guys, kasich has very few delegates. he almost has zero path to a nomination. rick, what do you do about that? >> that could be true. you are being very smart when it comes to the politics of this.
8:53 pm
but we're just talking about the national security expertise. the ones who are actually ready to go, not learn on the job. we've seen from barack obama that you can't learn on the job. lastly what i'll say to simon, i think that jim webb coming out, a democrat, somebody who ran for president, coming out with enormous amounts of national security experience saying that hillary clinton is not someone that he can support. that's very damaging. >> he said he would almost have to vote for donald trump before hillary clinton. i have to leave it there. thank you. a quick reminder, dennis miller and o'reilly are on tour and tickets to the shows in los angeles and fairfax, virginia are about to sell out. so get your tickets this weekend. and get big discounts on all of bill's best-selling books. and remember, all the money he gets from the website goes to charity. also, i have a book coming out
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for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. in the back of the book segment. a look ahead, how can we expect the rest of the presidential campaign to play out? today, trump made his case at rally in michigan. >> my job in a sense, to be greedy. and i'm greedy. more, more, i want more, more, more. now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. >> joining me now with his thoughts, geraldo rivera. your thoughts on the debate, who won? >> i think it was a circular firing squad, eric. i think that trump was the man in the middle. everybody was shooting at him. he got the toughest question from the moderators, who did a fabulous job. but they had done the video
8:57 pm
clips on the other candidates, showing their contradictions. they never did trump because he never showed up. now they had the video clip of trump contradicting himself. plus, you had all the candidates, the desperate cuban sandwich piling on trump in the middle. i was shocked by the tone of governor romney's vicious attack. >> talk about that, what is the endgame, why are these people coming out saying they won't support trump? >> to me it seemed as if they have decided that they would rather lose the election and destroy the gop than have trump as the president. it really seemed the distortion that i cannot in any way understand in terms of politics. it seemed almost vindictive -- >> almost vindictive? we had tim miller on the show who ran jeb bush's campaign, who is part of a pac. they've spent $4 million
8:58 pm
attacking a gop candidate, zero dollars in favor of a gop candidate. >> what got me, eric, was the fact that you could have -- governor romney could have set a tone which he criticized substantively speaking everything that he went on to do without the vicious, without the desire to bleed him, to kill him, to hurt him in every way. governor romney had his shot. where was that passion when mitt romney was running for president? did you ever, even for one minute, see romney speak of himself like that? >> the gop establishment cannot handle a trump nomination, so they'll do what they can to make sure he doesn't get to 1237 and mitt romney is the guy they say third time is a charm?
8:59 pm
>> this is, if our establishment guy can't be the candidate, we're going to sabotage ourselves and blow up our own tent. it was just so far beyond the pale that i can't figure it. >> can donald trump secure a nomination and beat hillary clinton without the support of the establishment of the gop? >> i think mathematically speaking it is possible. here's what the -- here's where the rubber meets the road. if these attacks erode him, as there was some evidence that little marco's attacks eroded him before super tuesday. he was off 5%, 7% from the latest projections. if that continues, they can deny him, but i think trump is going to be the nominee. >> we hear you know how to dance. >> i can't say. >> i read something in the post about "dancing with the stars." good luck with that. that's it for this special
9:00 pm
edition of "the factor." i'm eric boling. bill will be back on monday. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight. high stakes in the 2016 race for 2 white house, as the candidates prepare for a marathon of campaign events over the next 96 hours, with hundreds of delegates and potentially the future of the republican party on the line. welcome to "the kelly file,," everyone. i'm megyn. after last night's big debate in detroit, with just four republicans left, donald trump is looking to extend his winning streak, while the rest of the field looks to derail him. the first big test comes less than 12 hours from now when poll