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tv   Republican Presidential Candidates Debate  FOX News  March 5, 2016 1:00pm-3:01pm PST

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welcome, everybody. didn't we do this a few hours snag glad to be back with you as we tee um some important races. you heard about 155 republican delegates are out today. we are looking at about 109 democratic delegates and already getting results from one of those states, a big caucus state, and an important test for ted cruz's strength with the conservative community. this would be a republican-only event and with precincts coming in at this hour, it looks like ted cruz has the early lead. this is a caucus state. i don't know where we're getting
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votes from various precincts but at this hour ted cruz is leading in the state of kansas. voting kind of formally closed about an hour ago. that was the time you had to be online and voting and set to do so. then they have the rest of the night to figure it out. early on, ted cruz is leading here. we have a lot going on including with cpac right now. that poll, again, those conservatives attending this big conservative conference at maryland are going to northern plains who they like, who is their prepared candidate. it is anyone's guess how the fallout of donald trump canceling out on a speech today before this august right-leaning group will weigh on the results but likely this hour we'll know who they pick. does that instantly mean a coronation of that conservative? we have no idea. but it is better to get there than not get it, so we'll focus on that as well. a number of live rallies going on concurrently right now. we've been showing you earlier what's happening in florida
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where marco rubio is doing his best to make sure he could win that state. donald trump is not too far away in the same state in orlando. we're told that 20,000 are packing that arena on that outside event just to see the donald. that is crucial event. it's not a today event. this is a march 15th event. one of these winner-take-all states that will be up for grabs on march 15th. those 99 delegates are super important for marco rubio. he either wins the state or some say he hangs it up. he and his people have said even if that were to happen he has no intention of doing so. let's get a read of the land from fox's doug mcelway in new orleans, louisiana, one of the contests, big primary, at stake today. doug? >> reporter: that's right, neil. we're in metairie, louisiana, about four or five miles from downto downtown new orleans. a fairly conservative place. rick poll workers tell me about
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145 people have shown up as an hour ago, a fairly good turnout. louisiana is one of the first closed primaries we've seen in this young election season thus far with oklahoma and alaska. so the results we've seen here today could give us a fairly good indication of the kind of intraparty things we expect to see. we're seeing caucuses in kansas. you're reporting the first results coming out of there. kentucky, maine, and nebraska, which is for democrats only. here in louisiana last night we saw what is perhaps the most raucous trump rally to date. a lot of black flies, protesters, black lives matters protesters were there raising quite a ruckus. trump responded in his true form. and also, though, in a profound contrast to belittling those protesters, trump talked about how he is actually broadening the party. here's bit of what he had to say. >> i'm talking about places that the republicans don't have a chance of the winning. they wouldn't even think in
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terms of michigan. they wouldn't think in terms of new york. and you look at the kind of polling numbers, hillary cannot even come close to me in michigan, and in new york we're going to give her an awfully big run. i think we're going to win new york. >> reporter: on the other side of lake pontchartrain, trump was hearing from senator cruz who was telling people to coalesce behind his campaign. i just spoke to carl cameron a little while ago, who offered this unique piece of advice about the dynamics of this thing shifting. he said in florida today we're seeing a contrast from cruz and rubio teaming up on donald trump to the point we're seeing donald trump and cruz teaming up on rubio, the obvious intention to keep rubio from winning his home state. we're seeing a return to the dynamic, the detente that cruz and trump apparently had last fall. whether this is a temporary measure, accidental, whether it lasts and is an indication of broader things to happen, we don't yet know. it's something that carl cameron pointed out to me and i thought
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you should be made aware of it. neil? >> take it to the bank. carl should know. just to update you, you have four republican events to watch today including kansas, where early returns show, you can see at the bottom of your screen, that ted cruz is leading, albeit by just a little bit. so there's no way of handicapping how that will turn out. they have hours to count this up. then you have the kentucky caucuses. 46 delegates at stake there. then the maine caucuses. this is one that democrats are going to be participating in tomorrow. they had 30 delegates at stake. the nebraska caucuses, republicans not part of this one. that is an event for the democrats. the louisiana primary of course the only formal primary on the docket today, 46 delegates at stake for the republicans, 58 for the democrats. there is another big turnout we're waiting to see, and that is cpac. it is not a primary. it is not a caucus. but the outcome of the sort of conservative poll if you will is
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crucial and very, very influential in this race. it has been changed mightily by donald trump canceling out an event, a planned event i believe for today that he skipped in order to campaign across the country. cp cpac's chairman joins us now. matt, what do you think will be the impact of donald trump's decline? >> look, i think that this is essentially a conservative primary here at cpac. donald trump deciding not to go i think they took at a disrespecting move. he's at a tenuous place with conservatives, neil. he's trying to exmain to them that he's plenty conservative enough and he could be their standard-bearer, but the people in this room, they want to make extra special sure that he will be and not coming here i think sets him back. >> all right. in nevada, as we're speaking we have the kansas caucuses coming in, the returns, only 8% in. early on we have a big lead by
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ted cruz. but, again, i don't know where or which parts of the state this is coming from, so -- >> you know, neil, i'm a can ka, and all my contacts there says cruz has a big organization. of course rick santorum has won that caucus before and he's with marco rubio so it will be a very interesting result in kansas. >> we should explain that conservatives have traditionally won kansas. you mentioned rick santorum four years ago, mike huckabee four years prior to that. we'll see. very early to tell. you mentioned about conservatives and how some of them might be a little surprised if not offended that donald trump at the last minute canceled an appearance. he would not be the first candidate to do so and the argument that he's taking the good night on the stump but you still think that could hurt him. >> look, he should have been here. we had this conversation back and forth about what the ground rules would be for him to come
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here. one thing we've done at cpac is we've been fair with how we've treated every one of these campaigns. marco rubio came here today and lit the room up and that was the right thing for marco rubio to be here. i just think this nomination contest is at a really critical point for all these guys. i mean, marco rubio is still making the case he can get there, ted cruz lit this room up the day before. and i think it's not just the people in the room, neil. it's conservatives across the country. they want to make sure they get this pick right because they might not get another shot at it for eight years. >> the argument that donald trump has used is that he's bringing in many more to the republican party than any candidate before him and it's more than just conservatives, it's more than just typical republicans. sometimes it's people who never voted before, period. 20,000 democrats who became republicans voting in large part for donald trump. does he make his case? does he have a point? >> i like this aspect of this. this is why my reaction to the
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donald trump phenomenon and this movement is we should embrace it and we should take in all these new voters. look, i don't think this is happening because of donald trump. i think there's a realignment and political change on the right that donald trump was entrepreneurial enough to get in front of and be the leader of. i think there's a lot of changes going on up there and he's leveraging it and taking advantage of it. so i think the conservative movement in the republican party, we've got to be open to new people and we've got to grow it. in a democracy you're trying to get to 50%-plus or it doesn't do you any good. second place in presidential politics is last place. we have to grow the coalition. >> and still way early. i always remind folks even with donald trump's tally today, whatever he gets today, only about a quarter of the way there, 237 delegates is what you need to get the republican nomination. >> that's right. >> we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. matt schlapp. >> thank you, neil. >> waiting for cpac votes when they come in. almost like a primary in and of itself.
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kansas, for ted cruz it's looking pretty good follow in the heels of a very conservative candidates in the past, rick san form four years ago, mike huckabee four years prior. polls have been tight going into the state so no way to guesstimate what could happen but it would be a big boost for ted cruz if in this republican-only caucus he could get a big chunk of the vote. we shall see. it's been the battle of the hatfields and mccoys within the gop, establishment players on one side led probably by their former standard-bearer, mitt romney, then the renegade group, i guess the donald trump group for want of a better expression here. enter bob dole. remember bob dole, the former presidential candidate, 1996? he was very, very concerned about where the party was going but at the time not so much with donald trump, with ted cruz. how does he feel now? bob dole is next. welcome to the world 2116,
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it can be, you know, a good thing to sort of coalesce a conservative around. right now early on that appears to be ted cruz. i say appears to be with a little less than 9% coming in from the state at this point. ted cruz is leading. polls are all over the map. they don't go crazy like the northeast where we're poll obsessed. good thing kansas is not that way. the race fairly tight but ted cruz with a victory today. this is portioned out but we're looking at 40 republican delegates that would be sort of spread out here. now, that's important because this is a quest for delegates, isn't it, and that's what this is entirely all about. let's see where we stand going into today. you would almost think reading about the fears of stopping donald trump or it's too late for marco rubio or cruz or kasich. they're really not separated by all that much. you need 1,237 delegates to get
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the nod. donald trump is ahead, behind cruz, rubio, and kasich. florida is a winner take all state on march 14th. he could use those 99 delegates. i illustrate that to make the point we're a long way from being done. and doesn't the former republican standard-bearer, you might remember him, a big senate leader and party icon, bob dole joins us on the phone to put that into perspective. good to have you. how you doing? senator, can you hear me? >> i hear you. >> good to have you. how are you? >> i'm doing fairly good until i heard about the kansas return. >> why? you don't like that? >> well, i'm for rubio. i thought he'd do much better. but we are a conservative state. >> very early, senator. but here's where i wanted to talk to you. you had concerns about ted cruz. when i last talked to you, he
1:17 pm
was more of a problem for you than donald trump. now, i had a chance to catch up with mitt romney, the party's last standard-bearer, on the same issue. and of course he's more worried about donald trump, because i want you to listen to this if you can, senator. >> i just can't sit by. what am i going to do when my grandkids say what did you do to stop donald trump? and i say i didn't do anything? >> you can also turn around and say who are you to stop donald trump if he's winning all these votes? it's the will of p people and you might wince at what the will is, but what do you think? >> i don't think a lot of people understand who the real donald trump is. you've seen the other two candidates on either side of him last night begin to say, look, folks, have you noticed what he's done, he gave money to jimmy carter and hillary clinton time and time again? >> so, senator dole, how do you see what mitt romney is saying, donald trump is my worry, not ted cruz? you're saying ted cruz is your worry, not donald trump.
1:18 pm
can you hear me, sir? >> talking to me? >> i am. you're my only guest right now, senator. so what to you make of this? he's worried about donald trump. you're worried about ted cruz. why are you worried about ted cruz? >> well, i think the people who voted in the caucus certainly good people, but ted cruz, i do not believe reflects the general republican voter in the state of kansas because he is very conservati conservative, extreme, and i just don't believe having served congress for 36 years, i consider myself a traditional
1:19 pm
conservative but not a far-right. you know, he doesn't have a single senator supporting him in the senate. >> well, but i guess -- you know, senator, that might be the case, he has a number of congressmen and women supporting him and some governors. but having said that, do you feel that maybe something's going on with the party? you are not a big fan of ted cruz, yet he's doing fairly well in these races. mitt romney not a fan of donald trump. he's doing very well in these races. that maybe guys like you and governor romney, no offense to either of you, just don't have the influence he used to? >> that's probably true. i mean, the further you get away from active politics, the less influence you probably have. and i think all but one of the cans of the delegation i believe supported senator rubio.
1:20 pm
and i guess it demonstrates what endorsements mean. but both senators are for rubio and all but one of our four house members were -- >> you just don't know how it's going to turn out. we've got more results to pass along. senator, i want to thank you in the meantime for taking the time. two iconic figures in the republican party with two very different candidates in mind and so the senator's point maybe new rep gads of the party are deciding the new math of the party. we shall see. in kansas it is ted cruz who's got a comfortable lead right now over donald trump. but that is with less than 1 in 10 votes in. then there's that democratic battle going on. remember, they have 109 delegates up for grabs today. tomorrow in maine and of course in nebraska and louisiana today, so everyone seems to be thinking that it is hillary clinton's race to lose. she's got double the delegates right now of her opponent,
1:21 pm
bernie sanders. then lo and behold we get word that the two of them are going to show up at a very important forum. with our own bret baier. bret is next. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time...
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1:25 pm
uphill bat fl he does not win the sunshine state. donald trump leads him by double digits, depending on the polls and those polls can and often do change. he's focused on that event, but none of the events more important today including kansas, those results coming in as we speak. right now ted cruz has the early lead with about 8% of the vote coming in. it is nowhere near done, but keep in mind we'll also be getting later on today besides the kansas caucuses results, 40 delegates up for grabs there, the kentucky caucuses results, 46 up for grabs there, the maine caucuses, 23 for republicans tonight. tomorrow when it's the democrats' turn, 30 delegates there. nebraska's only democrat event tonight, 30 delegates there. the only primary in the bunch louisiana, 46 delegates for republicans, 58 for the democrats. and speaking of the democrats, hillary clinton as you know has wound her lead considerably with a strong run on super tuesday and other smattering of events
1:26 pm
since, and that has brought a large stock in those so-called super delegates her way. but in the middle of this, enter my friend bret baier, the host of "special report." he's got both of these guys together at the same town hall. that is like a super nova event. but for bret baier i'm not at all surprised. bret, good to have you, my friend. have you gotten any sleep this week? >> not really. right now i'm at my son's basketball game. >> well, good. >> he's in halftime so we have plenty of time to talk. but, yeah, we have a lot on the plate. and it's exciting. and monday will be more so with hillary clinton agreeing to appear at the town hall is a big deal. we had senator bernie sanders locked in and then we got word that secretary clinton was going to join. >> that got surprising in a way because it had been a while since you last interviewed her, a couple years i think when her book was coming out. >> right. >> and now she was not going to go to this. i think detroit-in detroit,
1:27 pm
right, bret? >> yeah, in detroit, 6:00 p.m. on monday, and it will reair 11:00 p.m. eastern time. we are going to have an audience of about 300 people. >> wow. >> and there will be some questions from the audience. i'll ask some questions. and they'll get equal time on the show. >> you kno >> you know, did she feel compelled, since bernie sanders said yes, she didn't want to do anything that upsets her momentum? you're a straight shooter, obviously a very, very good journalist, that she felt she would be treated fairly, because her fear seems to be of fox in jeb, no. >> well, that's right. and it's been a while, as you mentioned. i think it was a combination of things. i think bernie sanders agreeing and the press that started coming out that said she was not going to show, and then the other thing is michigan, frankly. bernie sanders apparently is
1:28 pm
doing pretty well in michigan, looking at the polls. it's a big state not only for this primary on the democratic side but also for the general election. so i think it was a combination of those things. but we look forward to it and i'm sure there's going to be some good questions from the crowd. >> you know, in this event, and that race looks kind of lopsided right now, especially when you add in the super delegate, bret. maybe you could refresh me what their role is. i know there are better than 700 of them. they're not obligated to vote. they don't have to go on a first ballot deal and vote. they could switch. many did so eight years ago when barack obama started surging. but it does give her a considerable edge, doesn't it? >> it does. super delegates are party big wigs, lawmakers, insiders inside the democratic party. they have the ability to pledge early, but they're not locked in. so if the race turns, they can switch to the other candidate. the democratic party has kind of a fail-safe that i'm sure some
1:29 pm
republicans looking at the election now on the establishment side would say, wow, that super delegate thing looks pretty good. but in all seriousness, there are some -- it's tough to explain to a bernie sanders supporter why these super delegates exist, period. >> real quickly, looking at marco rubio in florida. he's obviously focusing on that state regardless of the five or so that might be at stake today. his people say that even if he loses he soldiers on. is that doable, bret? >> i think it's increasingly more difficult. i think there will be a lot of pressure to get the rest of the republican party behind one-tenth. if he can't win his home state, how is he going to win it in the general election? that will be the argument made. he may soldier on, but it will be difficult to do. >> i'll let you get back to your son's basketball game. great having you. you did a great job in the debate. obviously you didn't want to use my malaysian tin futures
1:30 pm
question. >> it was in my back pocket, neil. >> save it for the town hall. biggie for bernie sanders. thank you. >> see ya. >> that's going to be really wild on fox, these two democratic behemoths going at it on fox, only fox. what does that tell you? all right. we've got the dueling rallies in florida, the sunshine state. man, oh, man, this could get cloudy, stormy, and very ugly on a day we're focused on a smattering of states across the country. how is it this one is getting all the attention? pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. with apologies to the state, the only one we are getting results from tonight, we are not in kansas, folks. we are in donald trump, florida, obsession land. trump is trying to embarrass marco rubio on his home turf. he feels very confident with this huge appearance in orlando. we're told upwards of 20,000 there to see him. he can stick a spike in marco rubio's presidential chances and have it all be over and the 99 delegates that go with it in a
1:35 pm
little more than nine days if he wins this primary in which he is leading right now. of course all the major polls. so for donald trump, this is a must-win, and you can understand why so much of the media is paying attention to what's going on there and a little less so the relatively lopsided contest we have going on in kansas that so far favors ted cruz. the only results we have from these caucuses in now about 11% of the vote. ted cruz leading there. but it is florida, the sunshine state, that all eyes are gazing. john roberts in palm beach i think doing hard work, but let's see. yeah, yeah, he looks like he's doing hard work. john? >> reporter: i've been parking cars here at the trump international golf club to earn a lilt extra money. some of the cars here are worth more than the gdp of several small countries. donald trump will be here tonight 9:00 for what he calls a news conference. really it's about 200 of his friends and a few folks from the media who will be able to ask him questions.
1:36 pm
he hopes tonight will be a victory speech. he went into today's caucuses and the louisiana primary leading in all the races though as you pointed out the early results in kansas favor ted cruz, and cruz's campaign tells me it's also looking good for them in maine, though we don't have any results in just yet. on the campaign trail today, donald trump hitting ted cruz and marco rubio trying to blunt their momentum not only in today's contests but also in the other four coming up on tuesday. listen. >> the guy never shows up to vote. he's got the worst voting record almost in the history of the united states senate. who the hell wants to vote for a guy like that? you have lying ted cruz. i nicknamed him, lying. >> reporter: here in florida, politics makes strange bedfellows. even though they've been at each other's votes in other countries, tag teaming marco rubio now trying to pretent vim from having a come-from-behind victory. there's a good chance that could spell the end of his campaign.
1:37 pm
at every opportunity rubio is urging his voters to reject donald trump. listen. >> we will win the state of florida. we will beat donald trump there the way we beat charlie crist. i have experience -- i have experience at beating people who dwoent say who they truery will. i have experience beating people who portray themselves to be one thing but are actually something else. >> reporter: now, you asked earlier when you were talking to bret baier whether or not marco rubio could continue on if he lost florida. the campaign has told me there's nothing that says he can't continue on if he loses florida. he says he'll get in his pickup truck and drive to every state across the country if he has to. he would come under intense pressure from john kasich and ted cruz, both of whom have been saying if they lost their home states they would have had to bow out. a path forward for rubio should he lose doesn't look favorable, but then again, might pull that come-from-behind victory and take it on the 15th. neil? >> i'll let you get back to the golf course. thank you very, very much, john
1:38 pm
roberts. >> the parking valet. >> i got you. great job this week, young man. thank you very much. john roberts. now on how important this really is when you come to think about it. i always remind people that maybe we in the media voice this impression on people that it isn't over till it's over. i think all the candidates have a running chance at this. obviously, donald trump has the lead, but he has about a quarter of the delegates he'll need to win this thing. so we're far from over on this thing. but florida is important. psychologically important. you lose your home state and you're marco rubio, the opportunities start to narrow, don't they? >> yes, it certainly does. it's sink or swim for marco rubio's campaign. if he can't win his home state and he's unable to win other states on march 15th when they become winner take all contests he's really going to have a hard time making an argue tomt stay in this race, especially when he's going to feel pressure from people like ted cruz and john kasich. then again, if john kasich
1:39 pm
doesn't win ohio, one could make the same argument for him. marco rubio's campaign has consistently said they will stay in this until the convention. who know what is will end up happening. florida puts a lot at stake for rubio's campaign because you really don't want to lose your home state and i think at that point if he does he does have a big decision to make as to whether or not he's viable to stay in the race. >> all right. you're watching on the left of your screen, speaking there, a rally wrapping up in north orlando, florida. there will be another one tonight donald trump is planning but as you can see very much the rock star in the sunshine state and hopes to capitalize on what's been a quasihome state for him as well given all his golf courses and ample exposure there. they know him. they know him well nape know hi courses well. they know his communities well. they know him very, very well. and that gives him a certain leg up in a state that normally would not go to someone who cannot claim florida as his home state. let's take a peek at kansas right now, too, if we can.
1:40 pm
cruz is leading albeit by a little bit, way too soon, but with one in five votes saying it appears ted cruz has about a 23-point lead over donald trump. i'm told in caucus states that is inexact at best. volatile at least. so if he were to pick up kansas, where some polls had shown donald trump winning that state, any uptick from that? >> look, ted cruz is picking up momentum at the right time. i think his campaign is really benefitting from that right now. i was at cpac yesterday, neil, and i tell you, it was cruz country there. a lot of fleem are disappointed obviously by trump not showing up. what does that mean for conservatives in these next contests, whether it be today or on march 15th? that's a real question i think going forward. and cruz far long time has struggled to win over conservatives versus donald trump, who's been beating him with evangelicals and conservative voters. so i think this does shift the dynamic a little bit, and i do
1:41 pm
think that ted cruz does have a strong shot to make, you know, in argument to stay in the race and to be that consensus candidate against donald trump. >> ashley, thank you very much. good catching up with you. that's where we're standing right now. these kansas results coming in. they are the first and only results we are getting in today. they had to be done voting about an hour and 40 minutes ago, but if they were online officials would let them vote. not getting anything about key precinct votes. we're tturnout. i always take that with a grain of salt because there are more people than there were four years ago. but we have another event tonight, the results of which were probably more important than these caucuses and maybe the primary of louisiana combined, and that is the cpac straw poll results. i mention this because this conservative event is wrapping up and attendees have a chance to say who's our choice, who do we like the most?
1:42 pm
who galvanizes us? we should know very soon who they like. does that carry any currency going forward in the races? it can. it's not always. given the fact that donald trump was a late cancel on event schedule for today, will that be reflected there? will that have any significance there? is he taking the conservatives in the party for granted? all these are open ended questions. the answers to which we are expecting in the next few minutes. stick around. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. like in most families, dad's always the last to know. that's why accident forgiveness was the first thing he asked for when he switched to allstate.
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1:46 pm
lead, again, with about 18% of the vote now in. ted cruz is leading. steve lonegan is a big backer, of course, very influential in new jersey of politics. he is senator cruz's new jersey campaign chairman. he joins us now. very good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's talk about cruz and his momentum. he likes to think of these closed caucuses or primary where is only republicans can vote, that gives him an edge because outsiders can't play a role. the folks he says have given donald trump a boost. do you agree? >> i do, but what you're seeing today is the end result of ted cruz, his character, his consistency, and his leadership. if you look back six months, he was in eighth or ninth place, about 4% or 5% in the polls. he's consistently moved up. the more he has time on that debate stage is more he excels of the donald trump so-called phenomenon. he had a great day last tuesday on super tuesday, a great day at the debate thursday night, another great day today. i'm going to predict we'll win
1:47 pm
the cpac straw poll. some stunning victories coming out of today. coming out of saturday, coming out of today, this will be a head to head race between ted cruz and donald trump with donald trump having no momentum, ted cruz having all the momentum. >> and where does marco rubio stand in all of this? >> i think marco rubio would be a great vice president. he could be a hero to the conservative movement, dropping out and supporting ted cruz, which would guarantee a cruz victory in florida. i'd love to see that happen. i think marco's a great guy. i think he's done a terrific job of exposing all of donald trump's failures and his con artist activities and his misrepresentations. you know, we have a chance to elect a real conservative to the white house for the first time in 28 years. we're going to win. we're going to win new jersey when the primary comes to new jersey. we're going to win in new york state on april 19th. and come knoch we'll defeat hillary clinton and ted cruz will be the next president of the united states. >> wait, you think cruz would defeat donald trump in new york? >> yes, i do. think of the money, the amount of money that donald trump has
1:48 pm
spent the last 30 years trying to destroy the republican party in the state of new york. this is new york primary voters' chance to get their revenge. >> that's your opinion, steve. i don't think he's out to destroy republicans. just a second. i don't want to get sidetracked. i do want your thoughts on chris christie, his endorsement of donald trump. you and governor christie have had your run-ins. you said that he's abandoned the cause. he's actually abandoned new jersey. what do you think of all of this? he's gotten into a world of hurt and controversy with a number of new jersey papers saying, governor, just hang it up, leave the state, resign, because you're doing nothing for us. >> the republican party in new jersey as of this moment is in total turmoil. the governor has the right to choose a candidate. i mean, i chose one. he has the right to do so. but i think what goes beyond that is that the condition of the state today, the condition of the republican party combined with the fact that he's spending his time again outside the state has infuriated a lot of people. this race will come down to a trump/cruz race in the state of new jersey come june.
1:49 pm
we'll win new jersey. >> so these people who look at the math and what it takes to get to 1,237 delegates, steve, the argument is be careful what you wish for. some still in the race improves the odds of slowing donald trump's delegate momentum. you obviously don't buy that. >> you know, neil, everybody speculates over different scenarios and things that can or cannot happen and may or may not work. but what disease happen, ted cruz is a solid, consistent message, the best candidate in 28 years. he's been consistent on the constitution. you know where he stands. he's come across as very presidential rather than shoot from the hip nutty conduct we've seen on the debate stage. he's galvanizing conservatives like never before. that's what really matters. all these other things, well, we'll learn over time what worked and what doesn't work. at the end of the day, i project ted cruz will be the next president of the united states.
1:50 pm
that's the most important thing. >> always good catching up with you. thank you very much. this is the scene right now in maryland, the big cpac. conservatives. >> part of making you feel inspired is going to be our closing speaker, glenn beck, who will be with you -- who will be with you in a few moments. but before that, i have the great privilege of introducing a very good friend of mine, a new board member of the american conservative union, the group that puts on cpac. the president and ceo -- >> all right. i apologize for that. i thought they were going to give the ultimate results here. that is my bad there. but once they do, and tell who conservatives in that room are supporting, we'll keep you posted. you have heard talk about a possible brokered convention. what does that mean? it means that the party isn't broke but they can't agree in
1:51 pm
unison on who an automatic nominee would be and someone doesn't have the delegates right off the bat. if that rings a bell, it's a distant bell. because in 1976 that was kind of the situation when gerald ford was fighting off a wicked challenge by one ronald reagan. he darn near lost to ronald reagan. in fact, going into that convention gerald ford didn't have all the delegates necessary as a sitting president to pick up the nomination. he ultimately got it. but man, oh, man, was it razor tick. a guy that was there and remembers it quite well, i was remembering back in my history books here. they were separated by just a few dozen delegates when all was said and done. they raised arms together and campaigned together, but there were a lot of wounds that were difficult to heal, weren't there? >> there were, there were. reagan did a great speech there. it was reagan's convention even if he did lose. and i think we lost by 11 or 12
1:52 pm
delegates. it was very small. i was one of the ones that was quite wounded because gerry ford was one that said he wouldn't run, but then he did and edged out my favorite guy. came back in 1980 and did well. i'm not upset. and gerry ford was a nice, nice man. >> he was. >> i just wish we had reagan four years earlier and then extended the term so we could have had him the whole 12 years. >> that was a close contest. they said in another week that ger ald ford could have won, but carter won. in that convention, dividing the party, demoralizing a lot of conservatives and tipping it to the democrats. many are saying similar things today about the divisiveness among key party figures. what do you think of mitt romney, what he's doing, urging folks, you know, this guy trump, go slow? >> mitt romney has a right to do
1:53 pm
whatever he wants. but i think it's very divisive. i wish he hadn't done it. i wish they'd let the voters choose the candidate. when you look at it today both trump and cruz are great candidates, great people. cruz has got a phenomenal tax plan. he's a very brilliant guy. nine appearances before the u.s. supreme court. donald trump has built an empire that is phenomenal. you have got two very exceptional people leading this race. >> but aren't there clearly a sign of the party that is skittish about that. not everybody because bob dole is skittish about ted cruz. they're not on the same page, yet you think they can all kiss and make up? >> of course. you got to take this with a grain of salt. this is politics. if you don't enjoy it, you really shouldn't be in it. it will kill you. but bottom line, they'll all come back together and they'll go on and we'll beat hillary pretty badly. i'm very excited about what's going on. remember when reagan was there, not that this is indicative of what will happen now, but reagan
1:54 pm
was way behind jimmy carter at the convention time. we didn't take up and get caught till about, oh, i guess three or four, five weeks until the election. we had a republican running against us as an independent. so goodness gracious. >> i forgot about that. you're dating yourself. you're dating yourself. as you speak, i just want to say the main caucus results are coming in right now. very few of them right now. it shows ted cruz in the lead just like the lead he has in kansas. >> wonderful. >> let's say he picks up some of these caucus states and maybe has a good shot at winning louisiana. >> that's great. >> what does that mean to position him down the road? >> i think it's great. i think he and donald trump have a lot more in common than you would imagine. they're both pro growth, low rate broad based taxes, like rubio who doesn't cut the highest taxes. he has a lot of social spending. >> rubio cuts top rate back to what it was, 35%. a lot of people, eh, you could do more.
1:55 pm
>> you can do a lot, lot more. and you shouldn't have tax credits and earned income tax credits. write them a check if you want to pay people with kids. but the one thing i'm surprised at you, neil, you didn't do the biggest news story of all. your boss got married two days ago. >> rupert murdoch did. >> i want going to go to the wedding but my tuxedo was in the cleaners. >> mine, too. i have things to do. america needs me. here i am. wish them many year of happiness. >> what a hero he is. rupert murdoch is the most amazing person, what he's done on this planet and changing the politics, just a fantastic human. we're going to get a great candidate in the republican party. this stuff is just so exciting, neil. >> it is. by the way, you think i was going to counter anything critical of rupert murdoch or even my immediate boss roger ales? you're nuts. i do want to wait for the cpac
1:56 pm
results that could be in, i'm told. but i was also told that 45 minutes ago. but how important is the cpac stamp of approval. >> i don't like to have those types of organizations do their stamp of approval. i don't think they should get in and do it the way they do. they're trying to influence people on voting. >> but they do that every year. people think this is a quadrennial event but they do this every year. >> and all the other organizations do it, too, the national review does it with all those hit pieces on trump and romney tries to do it. and they all -- bob dole, you just heard. bob dole's been doing that for years and years. jack kemp's phrase, do you remember that, i think it was 1988, bob dole's phrase jack kemp said bob dole has never met a tax he didn't want to hike. >> and yet jack kemp ended up being his running mate. >> isn't that amazing? that's what i'm saying. you've got all these people and they will all come together. look at hillary, the situation
1:57 pm
there on the democrats. >> we have some news that might be happening out of cpac right now. let's go to maryland. kristin fisher is with us right now. what are you hearing? >> well, the panel has just come out on stage to announce the straw poll results. they haven't announced the winner just yet. they're kind of going through other data points at the moment. but we should know who won the big cpac annual straw poll any moment now. the state has been dominated by republican candidates that did not show up. donald trump and his last-minute decision to cancel on cpac really meant that the republican front-runner would not have a voice at this gathering of conservative activists. that left an opening for his opponent marco rubio to come in and paint him as a phony conservative, as not really espousing the values that all the activists here are really proud and trying to protect. so marco rubio came here. he was the very last republican
1:58 pm
candidate to speak here other than donald trump, of course, and he was very well received. he received his biggest applause, a standing ovation, in fact, when he said that the conservative movement is being hijacked by someone who is not a true conservative. here's the soundbite. listen. >> all right. we didn't have that sound. i apologize, kristin. but one thing we do have -- and you kind of echoed it, donald trump skipping out of this event. if you didn't help him, a lot of people understood campaigning at the big orlando event to go to 20,000 plus so it is certainly a plaudzible denial there. do you think, though, with that crowd it did hurt him enough that it would tip the scales to somebody else, ted cruz's name comes up. what do you think? >> i think we'll find out in a few moments when the results are actually put up on that big screen up there. but a lot of the folks that i talked to said whether or not they supported donald trump they
1:59 pm
were excited to hear what he had to say. they were excited to be a part of one of his campaign rallies even if this wasn't that and this was just him giving a speech at cpac. so the biggest sentiment that i've heard here is they were just disappointed that they decided to bail and bail at the last minute, less than 24 hours before he was to speak here. neil. >> kristin, we'll be watching very, very closely. kristin right at the cpac event. in an election year that endorsement, that sort of poll can be very, very important. give you a little bit of momentum. not a lot. remember, an annual event. they do it every single year. this is occurring as some of these caucuses are coming in, the early results are coming in, and for ted cruz, they're very good. he's got an early lead in kansas, an early lead in maine. we're nowhere near done. we've got kentucky to consider and the state of louisiana. that's a primary. virtually all of these are insular contests, republicans
2:00 pm
only vote. we'll know shortly how big a deal that will be. lou dobbs picks up the batten at 10:00. till whenever, we've got your back. it means business because you mean business. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." we begin with a fox news alert. a live look now at cpac. we're awaiting the results of today's straw poll. where's the live look? it's coming. i promise you, it's coming. results are expected at any moment. we're going to take and listen in. take a listen. >> the cpac voters are the highest information voters. they get it. you folks, you folks in this room, you understand what joe
2:01 pm
biden said, you understand what chuck schumer said, where there was no way they were going to allow president bush to support, you know, to appoint a supreme court justice in an election year and allow the voters to decide. you get it. that's why it's 82-12 on that issue. with that said, is everybody in from the hallway? this is a good time to be in the cpac room. come on in. jim, are we ready? >> we're ready. >> we're ready. >> the winner of the cpac 2016 straw poll is ted cruz.
2:02 pm
>> all right. so there it is. ted cruz, no surprise there, a very, very popular conservative. again, it's the conservative political action conference that he was speaking at that they spent the last couple of days at. look like rubio, if i'm not mistaken, rubio came in second. donald trump came in third. i think that's what we saw. >> and he wasn't even there. >> you talk about that. he chose to do some campaigning instead. >> well, he was going to attend and go the whole time, and then made some schedule change at the end to hit some states very hard where it's crucial for him to get those, you know, votes and delegates. but besides that, there was wide discussion about a whole planned walkout against him to try to make, you know a big point. so you don't want to show up for a firing squad, right? unless you have some issues. >> maybe. look, look -- if only he had a
2:03 pm
private jet that could have got him back to cpac in time. doesn't he have something with his name on it? i believe it's a jet. >> huge. >> yeah, huge. so i think the reason why he left is exactly what you said. he knew there was going to be resistance. and being the fighter that he is, he ran away. but i've got a bigger comment about this because what we're learning here and we're seeing ted cruz win and we're seeing donald trump get this incredible support, we're seeing really a conservative movement in crisis. it's like a troubled marriage. and it's time to almost call for some kind of reconciliation here. we have to understand that in this troubled marriage, there is a pro trump spouse and the anti-trump spouse and they need to come together. how do they come together in a troubled marriage? somebody has to extend an olive branch. me, personally, i was a fan of trump until he insulted senator mccain. that upset me because i never
2:04 pm
heard anybody say that about a war hero. and that bothered me. how do you get somebody like me back on the trump train? >> well, is there an opportunity to get someone like you -- >> i think to use the marriage analogy, you know, when you're in the doghouse, what do you do? you got to apologize. you got to go buy the flowers. >> trump apologize? >> yes. i think there's a republican half out there that is like this guy, his group isn't just the angry group. we're angry, too. and we're angry at the things that you've said about john mccain, we're angry about stuff about war crimes which you -- it's not even about war crimes. it's about saying that you better do what i say. that's not a conservative belief. >> you're talking about torture? >> yeah. if he wants to win, he's got to actually -- he's got to go out -- like when you were in doghouse you have to go extend the olive branch. >> kimberly's point is more on point here, he did not go because he expected a very
2:05 pm
hostile response. >> and that's my point. he should have showed up. >> who supported rand paul three times in a row. they weren't going to have a legit vote on the true conservative, it seemed to me. >> but that means all republicans and people who are not supporting donald trump. and he showed up because there would have been a q&a and there would have been tough questions and he fled like a coward. he should have faced this demographic. but if we want to unite as a party, we're allowed to be angry as well. we are. somehow have a co-op on what anger is allowed and validated. >> do you honestly believe that donald trump was afraid of questions from cpac? >> why not face it? >> when he's gone and put himself in the line of fire. >> in front of megyn kelly. >> i wouldn't use line of fire to megyn mccain. >> i have news for you.
2:06 pm
he gets a lot tougher questions from the depate moderators than he would at cpac. >> the other night, it was very interesting and why it's important when we go out on the road and it's tough on us but nevertheless important to see what happens to see what happens at these things in realtime. i was there till 1:00 in the morning. the only candidate that went and did and every single question that was asked o him in the spin room and there were hoards of reporters was trump. cruz didn't come out, rubio didn't come out. and the only other person that did was kasich who took some questions there. it's so important. yes, you have to make yourself available. you have to reach people. that's how you go out there and convince -- >> but is that not a place to reconcile? >> no, no! >> he's got half the republicans there and to avoid conservatives. >> i didn't say avoid conservatives. that's not the place. i don't think he does. i don't think he wants to extend the olive branch. >> it's the bad video that
2:07 pm
comes. >> they called friends, moderate squishes, rhinos and the lanes were drawn that way. those lanes are blurred now. >> who makes the lanes, though? >> whomever? t >> the media did. >> exactly. >> whether you're down the center, right, or liberal -- >> so every cpac is an insider. i asked this question many times, no one can give me an answer. >> he's an established conservative? of course it is. >> please let me finish. i in person that is out there right now nonestablishment anti-establishment other than trump or is he the only anti-establishment person that exists? greg is saying it's frustrating to be anti-trump right now because we have faith in the republican party and want this party to come back together. the idea of hillary clinton being president gives me nightmares. donald trump has to reach out --
2:08 pm
>> if donald trump is in fact the nominee can he be the next president without bringing the insiders in? >> the first major event, this cpac conference which i don't think is the establishment at all. these are young hyperactive libertarians, generally speaking, this is the first major event since the sustained attack on donald trump over the last several days led by mitt romney and others who do represent the establishment and with due respect to your dad whom i love -- >> but who other than trump? anyone else? is ted cruz anti-establishment? >> cruz is to the right of the establishment. >> answer the question who is anti-establishment other than trump. >> i would say that ted cruz is also anti-establishment. >> wasn't rubio born from the tea party? >> and conservatives hate the idea that marco rubio with senator mccain and a couple others decided to make the gang
2:09 pm
of eight the vehicle to bring possibly pass the amnesty -- >> and meanwhile, they hang the gang of amnesty -- the gang of eight around marco rubio but are willing to forget several or eight liberal positions held by donald trump. that's hypocrisy. there are people here willing to forget -- >> greg, you're drawning the line. >> i never drew a line. conservatives in the media. >> with burying the lead here. it appears as if these sustained attacks on donald trump are taking their toll. look at what is happening in kansas. ted cruz wins with the kids in maryland. more importantly he's winning in kansas. kansas is a state, like oklahoma, i think that ted cruz now is benefiting from everyone and their uncle attacking don d donald. >> no, i think that kansas and
2:10 pm
oklahoma and texas. >> well, let's do this. we'll talk about florida later. >> wait till march 15th. >> trump had a 16-point lead in florida. do you think it's eroding because of the stained attacks? >> no, a big rally there today. look, i thought the other night, everybody they were going crazy for him. i'm telling you, he's -- >> for trump? >> yeah. >> look at orlando today. >> this is what i'm saying. >> 25,000 in the stadium. >> nobody is disputing that. >> you have to talk about the people within your own -- i'm talking about not even about the party, i'm talking about the conservative movement. there are people who have been vilified for not jumping on the bandwagon. at some point you have to go to those people, hey, you know what? i'm sorry that i vilified you. i'm sorry that i made fun of john mccain. >> he is not going to apologize. >> he already chianged his mind twice, on war crimes and the --
2:11 pm
well, it's kind of the same thing. >> i think you're being naive to expect that -- >> you're probably right. >> the republican party right now look at the anger. >> the momentum, the momentum is there. obviously this is a movement that's happening and this is a movement in america that no one can deny. what we're saying is people who fight on television every day against the liberal left, against everything against abortionists, i have him on tv saying planned parenthood was an okay thing after i was disgusted by the videos that came out this summer. we're talking about trying to unify this party when it is coming apart at the -- >> last thing, brilliant question you brought it up by bret baier at the end of this debate. would you pledge to follow donald trump and they all said they would. because if you want somebody like hillary clinton who is responsible for the death of four americans also picking the next supreme court justice -- >> that's why it matters. >> apologize p.o.w.s --
2:12 pm
>> would you support donald trump? >> to my father and p.o.w.s. >> what if he doesn't. >> i don't know. i certainly can't vote for hillary, but i don't know what i'm going to do. >> but not voting is a vote for hillary. >> johnson, johnson. >> i'm sorry. but -- i'm so sorry, but i don't understand why this is so hard for people to understand that insulting p.o.w.s, the kind of live i come from. the kind of military, how is it so hard for you to understand that? >> facing a battle with the establishment republican group and if the gop puts up an establishment republican, jep bush, i would love it, i would vote for jeb bush over hillary clinton in a heartbeat. >> she even talks about her sister having a hard time in school at college because people are questioning -- >> people are questioning my father's honor. >> it's an emotional thing for her. >> this is people asking me to get over this. >> no. >> for real. >> no. >> there are no marching orders here. feel what you want to feel. >> i often have irish amnesia.
2:13 pm
>> we need to go. they're yelling at me. today's being dubbed supersaturday voters in five states heading to the polls. bill hemmer joins us from the big board, next. rtburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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2:17 pm
we've got to get out today, we've got to caucus. i'm going to go with you today. after making this huge, huge turn to kansas, if i lose, i'm going to be so angry at you. >> you're getting so warm, kimberly. control yourself. you can see the vapors. deep breath. >> that was donald trump keeping it real with voters in wichita, earlier today. trump holding rallies today in kansas and in florida. kansas is one of five states holding a primary or caucus today. for a complete breakdown of today's contests and what's at stake, let's turn it over to bill hemmer live at the billboard. >> good afternoon to you on a saturday. >> i thoroughly enjoyed that conversation, you just had. >> we thank you. >> i think that is -- i think that's the meat of the conversation that many republicans are having all across the country. i applaud you. >> thanks, bill. >> i'm here for you, buddy.
2:18 pm
in kansas right now, here we go. 33% of the vote in. cruz is hanging on -- holding on to this lead right now. we've been watching this over the past two hours. and you see the counties light up a little later. a lot on stake here. this is around kansas city. you get a lot of votes, leavenworth county up to jefferson county as well. both trump and cruz recently holding rallies, trump earlier today in sedgwick county, that's wichita, kansas. if you think for a moment what cruz has done so far in the past week on super tuesday, right, he took texas, he took oklahoma, he's kind of got this tangerine color to him, at least on our board. what would you think, gatorade or something? so in addition to oklahoma he's trying to keep kansas in his mark as well. quickly, then i'll turn it over to questions for anything you like. state of maine, caucus today. we've got about 7% of the vote in. cruz hanging on to about a
2:19 pm
13-point edge as well. remember, trump was a winner, trump's in purple. he was a winner in new hampshire easily. he was a winner in vermont over kasich by almost three points. and also down here in massachusetts this past tuesday. big win, too, almost got to 50% in the state of -- the commonwealth of massachusetts. so fire away, kids. what do you want to talk about? >> we've all got questions. we'll start with geraldo and go around? >> billy, you've got kansas and maine, widely separated states, in both of them cruz is leading trump. is there any indication that this is the beginning of a trend that the sustained attacks on trump and never trump is taking a toll on him? is there any indication that the mo, the big mo, the momentum that trump took into today super saturday we're calling it is going to change the news? charlie gasparino our friend and colleague at fox business -- >> speak for yourself.
2:20 pm
>> -- said this may be a good time to short trump. >> now he's done it. >> to answer your question, geraldo, maybe. okay? but only a maybe today, all right? because the big day is coming up on march 15th, ten days from now. no matter what happens today, the attention of the country will be on the state of florida with its winner take all 99 delegates and that same day the state of ohio, winner take all, 66 delegates. you heard what kasich said, right? kasich said, if i don't win ohio, there's no reason for him to stay in. and i think he can make a similar argument for marco rubio. but again your question, i think today's a maybe, geraldo. i don't know if we have enough evidence just yet. hang on that. next one, go. >> i'd just like to gone the record that charlie gasparino has no idea what he's talking about. >> talking about shorting the guy who has the only tax available. >> on the first ballot. >> on the first ballot, yeah,
2:21 pm
exactly. shorting trump would be a fool's game. >> anyway -- >> i think the word shorting, what's wrong with being short these days? >> nothing if you wear lifts. >> yes, short is good. >> you know you are in the minority here. >> even if you give cruz a greater majority of states from this point out, he still does not get the wins out of -- >> nor does kasich or anyone else. >> right. >> but here's my point. they're trying to do something to get to a brokered convention. i get it. those are heavily at least i guess the polls are showing heavy trump here. what does trump need to do to keep the people like gasparino and maybe geraldo off his back, his lead is diminishing? >> kentucky caucus for the first time in the state history today. remember they had to change all that around because of rand paul. they caucused today. apparently there are no reports of issues. we'll see when it comes in. no vote tallies in, 46 delegates
2:22 pm
at stake. again it's proportional. louisiana, he's got to reach a minimum threshold of 20%. remember on super tuesday, 20% in texas rubio got to 17.7%. remember that? same day, alabama, again minimum threshold 20%, rubio 18.7. that means if you don't get to that threshold you get zero delegates in that particular state. >> hi, it's megan. i wanted to know does rubio have a chance of coming in second anywhere or will he have a third and fourth place? >> he's been campaigning in a lot of these places here. i mean, looking at the results here in kansas, maybe this changes. i'm 14.8, almost 15%, perhaps. but he was already in jacksonville as of an hour ago? and trump was in orlando about an hour prior to that. i mean, look, florida is going to get so much attention over the next ten days and rightfully
2:23 pm
so. it will make or break at least two campaigns. >> thank you. >> this is your friend greg. >> hi, buddy. >> how are you doing? >> fantastic. >> can you order me an uber from your billboard? >> no. >> that's my question. >> no, i was going to ask you, we keep hearing about these closed elections which prevent limited crossovers hurting trump. do you think that's true? >> i don't know. i think it's an incomplete. yeah, right? based on what we've seen so far. sometimes when cruz or rubio geget s kicked they all thank you they're going for the other establishment candidate and they don't. look what trump has done here in the southeast, south carolina is trump, georgia is trump, tennessee is trump, alabama is trump, arkansas trump, pull out for a moment here. mississippi goes in a couple of
2:24 pm
days. if he goes purple in louisiana, all of the southeast goes for trump. >> delegate count right now, 98 on cruz. he's up 219 on rubio. you know where you have to go. >> bill can can you get back to the map for a second here? >> yep. was that a please? >> can you touch manhattan? >> i sure can. >> ooh-hoo. >> right there, little greg. >> little greg! a man of such high esteem and what has that done? >> it's got his name on it. he's like trump. >> the billboard's going to get a lawyer, thanks to you. hemmer, that was very helpful. we really appreciate it. please don't shun us in the future. we'd like to have you back. >> don't go to the second floor. >> i'm sure no one saw that. it will probably be the most
2:25 pm
ridiculous thing you've heard all day. indeed, are you sitting down? because hillary clinton said she's the most transparent politician in modern history. greg has a lot, a lot to say about that next on "the five," a little break. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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2:29 pm
because this is a saturday, we figured why not some comic relief? there she is, right on time. last night on cnbc, which i hear is a network, she workshopped new material. i won't give away the punchline. someone already did. >> there wasn't a single one of those that was marked classified either sent or received. that hasn't changed. now, what i think the public may not understand is that when a process is undertaken to
2:30 pm
determine whether e-mails should be made publish -- and remember, i asked. nobody told me to. i said make them all public. i've been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as i know. >> as far as she knows. oh, god. yes, the most transparent public official in modern times. let that one ooze for a moment. does she even listen to what she's actually saying or does she like the rest of us block out her voice? fact is it would be an even funnier joke if it weren't so damn true. she has been transparent but to the most wrong people and in a dangerous fashion approximately she's like michael moore in a speedo. this stuff should not be seen. it has nothing to do with honesty but exposing us to those people who wish to destroy us. her carelessness with classified info has helped make our national security more transparent than miley at the mtv awards, than rita ora at the oscars after party, than lady gaga shopping. whether it's sharing passwords or transmitting info about
2:31 pm
location of the soon to be dead, hillary made our security as porous as a slinky negligee. the clintons have a thing about exposure. but hillary's included all of us in her own unveiling. her husband may have dropped his pants, but she dropped her country's guard over and over. and so her e-mails, that's in minimum security, perhaps she will join them. >> oh, interesting. >> clever turn of phrase there, kimber kimberly. >> that was pretty good. you ripped off the earlier thing that i did. >> you noticed that also. >> i'm glad to help you out. >> you have the same writer? >> yeah, i know a guy. here's the weird thing, something weird happened when you said about blocking it out, michael moore. i thought i heard, my brain, michael jordan in a speedo. >> that's your brain protecting you. >> i know. >> the stress of michael moore in a speedo, your brain goes replace with michael jordan. don't think about it?
2:32 pm
i sent you pictures. >> exactly. that's why it's so real. >> can i say something substantive? >> no, don't start now, geraldo. it's been 40 years. >> you sound like -- >> no evidence that her server was hacked. that's pretty clear. there's no grand jury. there's not going to be any indictment. republicans like us have to run on the issue she screwed up the middle east, run on the issue. don't run on the e-mails. i'm sick of those e-mails like bernie sanders. >> it's an issue. >> they have 150 agents investigating. there may be a grand jury. i don't think there will be either because as we know the fbi works for the doj, the doj works for president -- it's all at the behest of the president. i get how these things work. but if you're a democrat, you have to at least say did she make smart, wise decisions going forward do you want her as xandxan commander in chief? >> i have more faith in comey.
2:33 pm
>> there's no there there. >> immunity. >> let's just pretend there's nothing on this server, doesn't the fact that she had a private one bother you at all? >> others have had private servers. >> bill clinton had a private server. >> i used to have a blackberry, now i have a sam sung. i use it for business, for work. darling, i love you, xxxxx. talking to -- same one. >> you should just watch the benghazi movie and you'll have an entirely different take on her. a lot of people died because of her inaction. >> i think that's a really meaningful issue. how many people died or are dying or is syria in hillary clinton's jurisdiction? i mean, is she responsible for unleashing millions of sear yab refugees and destabilizing the whole middle east? those are real issues that we've neglected to investigate because we've been obsessed with this e-mail. >> the e-mail's part of it.
2:34 pm
>> the e-mail is not part of it. >> deposing moammar gadhafi. mubarak, why did she do that? go after assad fp why did she do that? did we need this misery? did we need to get saddam hussein? that was the other guy. >> we've got to move on. >> it could be the only shot at stopping donald trump. what the candidates are now saying about a brokered convention. >> oh, my god. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up
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2:39 pm
nearly half the delegates needed to win the republican nomination still up for grabs, hold it. we have fox news alert. ted cruz, senator ted cruz has won the kansas caucus. remember trump flew out to wichita, he made a speech. he tried at the last moment to turn kansas to him. he had the momentum but again you have the never trump. cruz wins. did you change your mind? >> no, no. don't short trump. that's a fool's game. ap is the one that reports cruz winning that one. congratulations to ted cruz. it's a great win for him. he was going into that, the polls had them tied, cruz up maybe a little bit into the last day of polling. but that's a good win for ted cruz. >> meghan, is it a great win for
2:40 pm
ted cruz? the continuous middle of the country? >> any win for him right now is a good win. any tiny bit of momentum he can take away from trump is greatp but everyone is waiting to see what happens on the 15th, especially in florida. >> do you concede that a victory is meaningful but that this may be the beginning of a crack in the trump machine that it may be that never trump is taking its toll? >> no crack and wins are always good. i like to file, you know, assets plus why wouldn't she want to add in trying to get some momentum. i'll tell you why this matters. not so much that it derails donald trump but it will hurt marco rubio, for cruz to be able to then position himself as the strong alternative to donald trump because last week it was all about rubio momentum. cruz is trying to go, hello? how about me over here? i'm the one that can win. >> i totally agree with you.
2:41 pm
and that i think is why cruz is make a renewed effort in florida. he can't possibly win florida. >> but he wants to bump rubio out. >> does this matter, greg? in your view, are you seeing the end of the first phase? >> it is over for donald trump. you know why cruz won? he can spell kansas. are we still in kansas? >> but what this does auger, i believe, is it makes the theory of a brokered convention slightly more possible. what is a brokered convention? it is very simply a convention where no candidate goes into the convention with the necessary 1237 delegates. so what happens? like in 1976, you had a situation where you had ford and reagan. so what they did was they nominated both of them. they voted. that was the last brokerage on
2:42 pm
the side that i know of. and obviously ford won 52-48. is there a chance of that here? >> there's definitely a chance it could happen. but is it good for the party? probably not. i think we already look so fractured and so dismembered. and so much fighting that hillary is sitting back and watch us attack each other. someone has to come out looking like a leader at this point. if donald trump is the nominee, he has to start reaching out to different kind of voters. >> so what you're talking about is the brokered convention where two of the people going into the convention, neither one had a majority. >> two or three. >> or two or three. the way it would work in this case would be if donald trump doesn't get to 1237, you clearly have a plurality of votes or of states. if ted cruz were the second in line, i'm not sure who the rnc would rather not have. better of two evils. i don't think they would broker that convention.
2:43 pm
donald trump, he had the plurality, he's the nominee. >> but he won't be the nominee. that's not the way it works. >> of course, you can. >> if you have 1200 delegates and you need 1237, you need to keep voting until you get to 1237. you need a majority. with the first ballot you fail. >> outside in. >> no, you have 1200, you need 1237, you don't get it. we have to vote again. now you get this this, okay, if you vote for my guy i'll give you a job. >> from the outside, geraldo, of course you can. >> eventually. >> after one vote. >> that won't happen after one vote. there will be some scrambling. >> they'll bring in apprentice . >> bhab me? >> you're not an all-star. >> marco rubio scrambling. the two held dueling rallies there in florida today. we head live to the sunshine state next.
2:44 pm
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both donald trump and marco rubio are holdi ining dualing es
2:48 pm
in florida today. right now trump is crushing him in the polls. let's go live to john roberts who is covering both events in palm beach, florida. >> john, one of the most interesting things about the state of florida besides the fact that it's going to go down to march 15th, the early voting is massive there. i heard somewhere upwards of 500,000 votes have been cast already. that could be 25% of the total. given that jeb bush has been in the race, who does that benefit and who does that hurt? >> well, i think what happens is you've got almost 25% of that vote baked in already at a point where donald trump is way up in the polls. so any late surge that marco rubio is trying to make obviously is not going to make it into that early voting. now you've got ted cruz as well almost tag teaming with donald trump. he's way down in the polls. but if he tries to take votes away from rubio, there's a chance that come the late on the night of the 15th, eric, marco
2:49 pm
rubio may be out of this race. we'll see. >> any sense -- john, it's geraldo. any sense the polls have a big swing 5, 6% up to 20%. any sense, anything late, anything reliable that you feel comfortable to talk about today? >> well, i think if you look at the real clear politics average that gives you a sense of the overall of where this race is. and i think the real clear politics average shows donald trump with an 18.7% lead here, which is substantial. i mean, he would really have to screw up to lose florida at this point. i don't know how much marco rubio can make any inroads on that lead. ted cruz is a bit of a wild card here. he's trying hard. so he may eat into donald trump's lead just a little bit. but i don't think trump has done anything that has really hurt himself here in the state of florida in the last few days. so at the moment, geraldo's status quo in terms of the polls. >> kimberly? >> yeah. you know, it just seems today
2:50 pm
that they're getting the momentum here with ted cruz and with kansas and et cetera. you wonder if that is going to hurt marco rubio significantly because he really does need to come in second place in florida can't even get in second place in his own state. >> winner take all. >> in terms of the argument, right, it's winner take all. if you can't even make a showing well in your own state the argument is very strong to say hey, party unity for the anti-trump vote to support ted cruz. >> reporter: i think marco rubio -- i was going say marco rubio needs to do better than second place in his home state. if he doesn't win it there will be pressure to get out of the race. ted cruz said if i lost texas i couldn't stay in the race. kasich said if he doesn't win ohio he would need to get out of the race. i don't think second place finishes it here.
2:51 pm
rubio says it's not all about florida. he'll get in the pickup truck and spend the rest of the primary traveling the country. if they take it to the convention he doesn't want to suspend it, he wants to take as many delegates as possible into july. >> john, good to see you. a trivia quiz for you. why is florida called the sunshine state, john? >> reporter: i don't know. it's the state that has the most cloudy days than any other state in nation. it's apropos that we're at the trump golf club because trump has been talking about the length of his drive. >> 285 yards. >> nice swing. >> to answer your question why it's called the sunshine state is because quote really hot place where gramps retires does not fit on a license plate.
2:52 pm
>> terrible. >> now we've ruined john roberts. >> thank you. thank you so much, john. thank you, john. one more thing is up next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. unless you have allergies., then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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2:56 pm
all right. time for one more thing. >> bruce springsteen. meet bruce springsteen's biggest fan. 91-year-old jeanie heinz. she's attended more than 100 shows. she got to go on stage and yet again, monday night's concert. take a look. ♪ >> that's 1984 hit "dancing in the dark." so cute, right? >> aw. >> bruce string stein love sandwich. >> time for something new. let's call it, greg's spelling news. now spelling is very important because all letters matter when they are in a specific order and if they are not in order they are nonsense. let's look at donald trump here.
2:57 pm
>> you have lying ted cruz. how do you spell that. l-y-e-n with an apostrophe. >> donald trump is correct. referring to the german fitness guru. look her up online. >> you know from your new boss. >> yeah, exactly. >> oh, yes. >> on cable access. >> eric trump. we have eric trump. >> oh. >> wow.
2:58 pm
>> there's a great piece up right now. it's important. with the elections going on and the primaries and caucuses. there's a piece of news that slipped by. this is really bubbling. the "new york times" apparently leaked an off the record meeting they had with donald trump and the details were leaked to buzz feed. doesn't sound like a lot but it is. the chief executive editor of the "times" said he's not going to investigate. he needs to investigate. he's got to find out where that leak happened and fire the person who leaked this information because if not the "new york times" will have lost what remaining credibility they have left. this has to happen and do it very, very fast. and everybody has off the record conversations. >> i was tremendously heartened by it. >> i love what he said. >> off the record is off the record. >> my one more thing is very sad. country singer jodi feek has
2:59 pm
died at 40 after her battle of cervical cancer. when her cancer spread in october she informed fans she was stopping treatment. her husband said my wife's greatest dream came true today she's in heaven. the "daily mail" covered this for a long time. she will not be forgotten. >> very nice tribute. >> crime of the century. it was a big part of my life i covered it for many years, o.j. simpson's double murder, i have no doubt he murdered his wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. they dismantled his house, the brentwood mansion because there was a big tourist attraction. as they demolished the mansion they found a knife a buck knife. some cop on the scene took the knife and has only presented the knife. is this the murder weapon? is this the murder weapon, you
3:00 pm
know, probably not. but it shows you the great interest. they found it in al capone's vault. >> wow. hello welcome to america's election headquarters. right now we're waiting for the results from "the five" states that went to follows today and the question right now is ted cruz leading potentially because of those attacks on donald trump? are they working? hello, everyone. we are likely to get the projections from the associated press where as you can see there in kansas you got ted cruz at 51%. the race has been called there. and you got donald trump at 24.2%. trailing behind is marco rubio at 14.4%. voters across five states will render their


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