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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 5, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm PST

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one can catch him. and even if you look at the path for ted cruz and you think about where he can win, it is tough to find a way even sitting here tonight, how cruz gets to 1,237. before the convention in cleveland, ohio come july. >> stay tuned. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. it is now 10:00 on the east coast. it is far, so far anyway, it's been a winning night for both donald trump and ted cruz, but we are not done yet. good to have you along with us tonight. it is a super saturday, right? >> very super. >> i'm bill hemmer live here in new york. >> and i'm martha maccallum. good to be with you on this saturday evening. donald trump winning the biggest prize so far tonight, 46 delegates up for grabs in louisiana. but it is a solid night for ted cruz as well and a surprising one in many ways. he has taken kansas at 35,000 votes, which is more than all the gop candidates combined in
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the 2012 race. so ted cruz clearly has some support in kansas that we've seen tonight. also in maine. so he can make an argument that he is hitting very disparate parts of the country with this win this evening in maine. the delegates 12 for cruz, 9 for donald trump at the last count in maine. so donald trump has done quite well there but not enough to win the big check mark next to his box this evening. >> we are still awaiting results in kentucky. kentucky is a caucus. first time for republicans ever. donald trump set to hold a news conference in florida, but we are hearing he will not speak until the results come in. as john roberts was saying, he came into the room and wanted to know about kentucky. when he was told the results were not complete, he turned around and left. >> thank goodness john roberts was there. because if he wasn't there, donald trump wouldn't know what was going on apparently. >> so we're on standby there. with us tonight ed rollins and monica crowley, doug schoen and joe trippee as we ride shotgun
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together. let's start with you, monica. based on what you're seeing so far, summarize the evening. >> well, what's quite remarkable is after tonight the republican party will have held 19 contests. not a single gop establishment candidate has won one of those. i mean, that is -- that's quite astonishing in and of itself. the results tonight we obviously don't have a call in kentucky but we do know that donald trump is running very strong. ted cruz is giving him quite a run for his money. we will have a split decision regardless of how kentucky goes. and we can say that both men have had very strong nights. ted cruz has racked up two victories tonight. we'll see how kentucky washes out. but he's racking up delegates. so the changing narrative as of tonight is that this is essentially a two-man race. donald trump versus ted cruz. and it's a race between conservatives and populists. donald trump of course representing a populist movement. ted cruz representing real pure conservatism.
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>> and kentucky has sort of a populist feel to it. rand paul of course a libertarian candidate who ran in that contest. but really it looks quite -- that the electorate in kentucky has that sort of populist surge behind it. how do you think things are going toned up in kentucky tonight given what we know so far about this evening? >> i think the story of the night is not just the cruz story, which obviously is a part of it, but trump has been hit so hard since thursday. he had a good super tuesday, but thursday you had the former nominee of the party and the nominee before that, john mccain come out against him. you had the party establishment come out against him. he had probably the worst debate i've ever seen in my 50 years of watching the thursday night debate. and he's still moving forward. so i think there's no evidence that he's been slowed or stopped. obviously i think the results with cruz show that he's the other alternative. but i think trump had a big, big night and shows he can still win. >> yeah. i mean, when you look at the argument that you and monica are
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both making, it is clear that the establishment is the big loser. i mean, you've got mitt romney, as you say. you've got john mccain coming out. everybody's sort of raging against the machine that is donald trump. and to some extent ted cruz as well because he's not -- doesn't have a ton of friends in that group either. it is remarkable. the point that monica just made, the fact that not one establishment candidate -- and who might you put in that category in certainly jeb bush, who is no longer in the race. john kasich to some extent, who is in this race, has had a couple of good showings in different places. he says he's going to win ohio. but it's remarkable that we are seeing a complete restructuring -- >> we began with the strongest field of candidates since 1980 when significant candidates ran against reagan. we had governor perry, governor walker. we had all these governors get eliminated before a single vote was cast. and the last man standing in the governor's lane is john kasich who basically is an also-ran right now. >> and remember, martha, when we
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talk about the republican establishment it's not just the power and influence that they have but it's the money. jeb bush had about $150 million behind him in the super pac and in his campaign and he couldn't even pull out one victory. so what you're seeing is the republican base, the conservative movement in total upheaval and as i said, it's really split between a populist movement and the conservative movement. and i think it's going to be very interesting to see how this all shakes out. >> you know, one of the things that did maybe happen this week a little bit is that it raised a few question marks. you talk about the debate the other night, ed, and you talk about the people who came out against donald trump. and i wonder if what we're seeing tonight is some of those question marks arising and some of those people who have been very big supporters of donald trump. and let's call it like it is. he is absolutely in the lead in this race. and continues to be so tonight. there's no doubt about it. tremendous amount of support. but are some of the voters in kansas and maine telling us that they may be having a few second
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thoughts about it? >> i don't think his diehards are leaving him but i do think there's a lot of people out there in the other 2/3 of the republican party who think this is a guy without a lot of substance, who a lost his record is questionable and obviously was sort of take anne part on the debate stage by first the fox group, which dp a fabulous job and equally as important both rubio and cruz. i thought really took him apart. >> monica, in terms of the discussions that are going on, and ted cruz certainly alluded to it moments ago, he wants marco rubio to think twice about whether or not he has a path forward. he wants john kasich to think about that too. he wants to be the only guy out there. is there any indication -- clearly after tonight, at what point do you think those other campaigns will have to ask themselves that question in real seriousness? >> it's time for a gut check now. but you're dealing with two candidates in marco rubio and governor kasich who have their home states coming up and they really want to show that they can be competitive in those states. we just talked about the
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establishment and their influence throughout this campaign. marco rubio is sort of the default establishment choice. the great irony will be, because it is shaping up to be essentially a two-man race, the great irony now, martha, will be that if the establishment, which despises ted cruz, feels that he is at least the devil they know versus the devil they don't in donald trump, the great irony will be if they end up falling away from marco rubio because it looks like his path is nearly impossible at this point absent a win in florida, if they end up having to back ted cruz as a way to try to stop donald trump. we know life is full of ironies, and certainly politics is. but this would be one of the greatest. >> you bet. all right. thanks so much, you guys. we'll come back to you in just a moment. let's go to bill over at the billboard. >> let's put a focus on kansas for a moment here. a bit earlier tonight we called kansas for ted cruz, a good night for him. he won it easily. and now we can make a call on the democratic side and give it to bernie sanders with 98%
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reporting. sanders is a winner in kansas tonight. why can we not call the state of kentucky? let's jump over here to the bluegrass state, and we'll give you a sense of what's happening here. this is fayette county here. that's lexington. and right now in that caucus there is zero reporting in to us and the associated press. similar here, in jefferson county, this is lowellville, and no numbers to report here. hence the reason why kentucky is at the moment, it is outstanding. let's bring ed and joe back into our discussion right here. let's look ahead, gentlemen, here to what will be a laser focus on the coming events. and one of those on the 8th of march will be michigan. and you know john kasich's making a strong play there. donald trump appears to be leading in the majority of polling we're seeing so far. and then so our viewers now on the 15th of march, that's ten days from tonight, you will see some contests that frankly could decide some of these campaigns.
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specifically we talk about ohio and 66 delegates. it is winner take all. also down in the state of florida on that night it'll be winner take all in the delegate state there is 99. right now we can call up our running number in a moment here about the delegates and how they are set up and how trump has a lead right now. looks to be around 100. you know, but those numbers change throughout the night. to joe trippey first. when you think about the contests on the 15th of march, if all things are at the moment, rubio must win florida, kasich must win ohio. how much could that determine whether or not this is a trump-cruz match after all on the 16th of march? >> it could be all over on the 16th of march. because if trump can win florida because cruz contests it from rubio, and when you look at
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those numbers that you were pointing at, bill, across northern kentucky on the ohio border, if cruz is starting to move because of his victories tonight, starting to move there as well and holds kasich under trump in ohio, you could have a situation where those are both winner-take-all states and trump wins. there's nobody who can catch him at that point. the alternative, though, is probably the gop establishment's worst nightmare, which is that cruz -- that they're now down to cruz and trump. because the only guy that i think the establishment is a little bit more -- could be possibly more worried about than trump is ted cruz. he's not well liked by -- as others have pointed out. so this is -- right now i agree with those earlier who said the big loser tonight was the establishment and it's unclear
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to me how anybody stops trump. particularly as cruz strengthens and he may end up making it possible for trump to win both florida and ohio. >> you know, ed, let's say kasich wins his home state. and you've probably made the case that you win your home state you keep going. but how does he make an argument that he can continue if you've only won one state at that point? how do you do that, ed? >> it's awful hard. and equally as important he doesn't have any serious money. so when you go to states beyond that, places like new york and other places, new jersey, these are big expensive states to compete in. and my sense is he won't have the momentum. the only value of him winning ohio is he does stay in the vice presidential race because ohio is so critical to us, we have to win ohio to win the general election. and my sense is i would say that trump's going to give him more of a run there than he thinks. because ohio is a peculiar state. a lot of blue-collar voters. and trump will have a great appeal there.
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>> especially in those counties in southeastern ohio too. ed, i want our viewers just to see the scope of things in terms of geography. you could say now with ted cruz winning in texas the other day and also in oklahoma and today in the state of nebraska -- or kansas rather, then you go back to iowa which started everything. you've got four states here in the central part of the country ha that really has turned out to be cruz country. >> and missouri's going to be cruz country too. >> it could. if you look at history he's going to make a strong play there. i think in the southeast you can make a case -- trump's in purple here, right? south carolina. and georgia. come up here to tennessee. you throw in alabama from just the other night. we can put louisiana in that category after tonight. mississippi goes on tuesday. but the southeast has been trump territory. >> north carolina. >> yeah. depending on what happens on the 15th of march, north carolina. so cruz and trump and a little bit of trump and cruz up here in the northeast. that's where we are.
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martha. >> all right. let's get a look at the delegate count as it stands right now tonight. you can take a look at donald trump, who is in the number one spot with a commanding lead at 347 delegates as they are counted right now. 267 for ted cruz, who had a good night, picked up 24 in kansas, picked up 12 in maine. and we wait for kentucky to come in. not such a great night for marco rubio, who is at 116 and fell below the threshold in louisiana and had a tough time in kansas tonight as well. john kasich has 28 delegates this evening. he has said his focus is on ohio. he did not spend much time campaigning in any of these states. maybe a little bit of time in maine. but other than that it has not been a night that really has put john kasich on the radar any more than he was before the evening began, bill. >> yeah. turnout is going to be significant too in kansas. we've been looking at this and mentioned it a while ago. kansas increased their turnout over 2012 by more than 50%.
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they had 46,000 turn out for the caucus today. they had 30,000 four years ago. that is significant. >> remarkable. >> what trump argues is that he's bringing more people into the republican tent. and what cruz and rubio would say, no, it's our competition that's driving people to the polls. you can make a case that both are sort of true thus far. but if kansas came out the way they did, you can expect these numbers in kentucky and likely in louisiana to be very similar. >> we're going to take a quick break. we're waiting for the kentucky race to be called. and we will bring you that call as soon as it comes in. quick break. we will be right back. here in america's election headquarters. rtburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. incredible bladder prthat lets from always diyou move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise.
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well, it is all about delegates. and this is what it's all about right now. donald trump 347 over ted cruz 267. rubio 116. and john kasich at 28. during the commercial break here we've been waiting on fayette county. that's lexington. now 100% reporting. cruz edges out trump in this specific county. and rubio at 22, just ahead of john kasich. what is outstanding, though, is
7:19 pm
louisville and jefferson county. now, bear in mind the reason why kentucky even had a caucus, going back to the desk here, the reason why they even had a caucus is because rand paul was running for president at the same time he was holding on -- >> maybe rand paul could go down there and get them to figure out what's going on in that zone. >> and apparently rand paul, it cost his campaign $250,000 to run this caucus in kentucky. but as it stands right now you can't make a call if louisville has not turned in zero votes at the moment. and that's the case in jefferson county. i do think, just to foum with what we were talking about with ed rollins about john kasich, even if he wins in the state of ohio and 66 delegates winner take all, what is his strategy to win, what is his long-term route. ed, we've got this chief strategist john weaver put this memo out a short time ago. they will make the case that no candidate is currently on track to win the nomination outright. your initial reaction to that is
7:20 pm
what? >> well, it's absurd. there's a long ways to go and there's plenty of delegates. if it's a two-way race and it's cruz and trump, one of them is going to end up with the majority. i promise you that. the last contested primary was '76, ford and reagan. ford had not a majority of the delegates, not enough to get the nomination, until he got to the convention and then he put it together. and it was like this. it was very close. reagan lost by 117 votes in the final analysis. so my sense is trump's on the path right now i think. he's still got places like new york and elsewhere where he has to be favored, certainly over the field, and new jersey and big places in the northeast that are still to come. >> weaver adds the campaign exceeded our vote and delegate goals in the results posted tonight. >> the delegate -- >> it doesn't appear that kasich has picked up many delegates at all. >> 12. i'm not even sure that many. it's -- what i'm seeing out of -- >> the point is it's sparse.
7:21 pm
>> 6 is what i see. >> you know, monica, ed makes an interesting case. and when you look at the states that are coming up, i mean, the question that keeps being raised is whether or not we could get to that situation. where trump doesn't get to 1,237. you know, add that to the fact that at least when it happened the last time around with reagan and ford they were both, you know, sort of in the establishment, they were both wanting to win the same nomination defined the same way. and you've got donald trump now who basically, you know, has not had a great relationship with the rnc, walked out of the cpac thing today and said forget it, i don't need you guys. it is so different in terms of tenor and connection to the party. >> and that's such a great part of his appeal, martha-s that his whole promise is to blow up the existing order. >> exactly. >> that includes the republican establishment. that's why so many people are drawn to him. look, why you still have a
7:22 pm
relatively crowded field, you still have four individuals who are vying for this nomination, you have fragmented voting. we're in this process now at this point where the contests are proportional. the delegate allocation is still proportional. but soon we're going to be moving into contests where it is winner take all. and at that point if you are the candidate that is the front-runner, who is leading these contests and racking up delegates, remember that victory begets victory. so momentum feeds upon itself. and when you move into those winner-take-all states, that's when you get the front-runner really starting to pile upon the existing victories and accelerating a win. so it's possible that ted cruz or somebody else or maybe the collection of existing candidates will rack up enough delegates to deny donald trump the 12 -- the over 1,200 delegates that he needs. but once you move into winner take all it becomes increasingly unlikely. >> last day of the primaries, which is june 6th, which is
7:23 pm
california, this 294 bound delegates at that point in time. that's a lot of delegates. >> you can see it as that scenario because even super tuesday, ed, was not a sweep for donald trump. when you look at this -- we keep saying and clarifying the obvious fact, which is donald trump is clearly the front-runner by quite a bit right now and he he has a tremendous amount of momentum. and he's running a phenomenon. the likes of which we haven't seen, which is shaking up this whole race. but that being said, every time we get together to do this, we see ted cruz doing a little better than people thought, taking a couple of the states away from donald trump that looked like they were his when you went into the evening. so it is possible you go all the way to california. >> could go all the way to california. >> let's bring in ed rollins. i'm sorry. you're ed rollins. you're right here with me. let's go back to joe trippee and doug schoen and get their thoughts on this. as we wait for kentucky to come in, joe, and it's looking close and donald trump has not wanted
7:24 pm
to come out to the podium until he gets the results in kentucky, how long do you think this whole thing goes on? >> tonight, you mean? >> tonight and till june. you know, and the california end game conversation. >> tonight we could be waiting a long time for that county to come in, for louisville to come in. this can go all the way -- it's going to go all the way to the convention for sure. i think the problem here is there's no strategy anymore that makes sense for -- to stop trump. cruz has done his -- done way too well tonight to be -- to be talked out of competing in florida and ohio. so he's going to. so that -- the strategy of divide and conquer, that one's not going to work. so you're down to, you know, can cruz get him one on one?
7:25 pm
will rubio and kasich cooperate with that? neither one of them -- at least so far sounds like they're going to do that. so you're going to have this fractured thing go all the way. i still think trump's going to be very difficult to stop. and since there's no coherent strategy to do it and there's no cooperation going on it even makes it less likely. but it's still going to go to the convention probably -- there's no way to stop that either. >> remarkable. joe, thanks. let's go back to the billboard. >> martha, we have -- louisville checks in. okay? jefferson county. louisville is standing up and counted for with 100% of the vote in. donald trump won the county at 30%. cruz right behind him just about a point and a half. rubio further down the line and kasich follows him. that's louisville and jefferson county. and just to remind you, this is fayette county. this is lexington. that's the county that ted cruz won by four points over trump. by about seven points over rubio and kasich. one thing to watch here, 70% of
7:26 pm
the vote is in in kentucky. we're not calling it yet. we're waiting on the associated press for confirmation. keep an eye on some of these counties down here. so far they're checking in for trump. but you see sort of that salmon color. i think it kind of looks like salmon to me a little bit here. these are counties where there is an outstanding vote tally here. so they cannot call them just yet. you go to virginia from the other night and you see in purple what trump did in that part of virginia and we'll see whether or not that translates entirely to this part in the state of kentucky. louisville's in. lexington's in. the wildcats and the cardinals. back in a moment on a saturday night. you say men are superior drivers? yeah?
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when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. well, you just never know, folks. it's shaping up to be a very interesting night. let's go to john roberts, who's standing by as we wait for
7:31 pm
donald trump. kentucky looks like it may be getting closer to some sort of call here, john, but nothing yet. >> yeah, the numbers are also getting a little closer. when donald trump came out, which was now probably about 35 minutes ago, it looked like he had a six-point lead. that lead now down to four points. but he still is about 5,250 votes ahead of ted cruz. so the numbers continue to be in his favor as they start to come in. only 60% of the vote in now. i imagine that the a.p. will probably have to wait until about 70%, 75% is in before they can make a call. domd trump is in another room here at the trump international golf club, watching our coverage, watching the results come in. his guests and friends who he has invited to participate in this have been very patiently waiting. particularly since they stopped serving drinks about two hours ago. but martha, we're hoping that
7:32 pm
the results of that caucus will come in quickly. and as you pointed out, this is the first time they've had a caucus in kentucky. a result of rand paul running both for president and wanting also to see if he could run for senate as well. and donald trump has been very critical of the fact that rand paul turned kentucky into i caucus because trump is not exactly enamored of the caucus process. he doesn't necessarily think it plays in his favor. but if he were to win kentucky, a closed caucus and a caucus, that would be a real indication that he does have the power to win these races that do not involve independents or crossover votes. so if he does hang on for a win, i think his campaign will be very pleased about that. >> our board is showing that there's about 73% of the vote in in kentucky. just taking a look at the lower third here in louisiana as well right now. you've got 55% of the vote in in louisiana as we look back through the evening. and those numbers are getting
7:33 pm
closer. you've got 50,825 votes in kentucky for donald trump and 45,511 for ted cruz. so this is shaping up to be a very tight race. john, thank you. we're going to come back to john roberts when we get some more information on donald trump and when he might come out. we know he's watching the returns just as we all are and we wait for some kind of decision out of kentucky. it's looking like a very close night. >> we'll quickly move attention toward -- i don't know what you call it, super duper tuesday? because we already had super tuesday. and just going over this memo that john weaver put out on behalf of john kasich's team. they're going to make the following argument and ed can jump in in a second and analyze it how he likes. on march 5th they're going to say we're going to win ohio which is winner take all 66 delegates. and then they're making the case that after the 15th of march you still have 1,000 delegates available. which is true. and they're going to argue that
7:34 pm
the electoral map will shift significantly in the favor of kasich. and they're going to argue that these delegate-rich states fit kasich's profile. some of the states are indiana, wisconsin. some of those states also include utah, arizona. you mentioned california a short time ago. is this true? they'd argue that -- >> john weaver's a great strategist and a great talent and a friend of mine. that's wishful thinking. i mean, donald trump obviously is going to be strong in new york. could be strong in new jersey. it's also about money. john kasich right now doesn't have a lot of money, and he's going to have to spend a lot of money to win ohio. just as rubio's going to have to spend a lot of money to win florida. if all of a sudden there's a big pot of money sitting out there, i haven't seen any indication of it yet. >> the other thing they add, ed, is that ted cruz does not play well in the vast majority of the states i just mentioned, john
7:35 pm
kasich does. is that true? >> i've not seen any polling data o'indicate that to me. that's a nice thought process. it's a nice memo, forcing us to discuss it. but the guy's in fourth place and didn't do very well tonight. >> you could make the same argument for marco rubio. he has said all along those are states that look good for him. >> jeb bush could make the same argument as well. >> sitting from miami retired after spending $140 million. >> you remember in the debate the other night when each of the candidates was asked at the end will you back the nominee even if it's donald trump john kasich was the one who said, well, i think in the end it's going to be me. and he definitely got more attention the other night and he has been more out there doing more interviews than he did when he started out in this process. and he definitely is the one up on the stage that could be called the adult in the room. and that's got anne tension. >> i'm a big fan of john. i think no one is more qualified in this group to be president than john kasich.
7:36 pm
i'm just arguing the politics having watched a lot of these races in the past that it's about momentum and it's about moving forward and it's not about resume and it's not kind of a rehashing. he's obviously in a different world. and a lot of these -- a lot of republicans don't think john is conservative enough in this environment and he's certainly not the anti-establishment candidate when the two front-runners are anti-establishment today. that's my counterpoint. >> why is it, monica, that kasich and his team loves to tout the fact that they get newspaper endorsements all over the country in fact and there was another one that rolled in today? what is it about the media that likes kasich and what they hear from him? >> well, he's a mainstream republican. he's republican establishment. so of course major media outlets, which have endorsed governor kasich, he is definitely a republican to their liking. he's a republican that they can get with. the problem is that this is a virulently anti-establishment,
7:37 pm
anti-sort of mainstream republican year. so when these endorsements come in to these candidates, not just governor kasich but senator rubio amassed a huge number of endorsements, it doesn't help. in fact, i would argue that it actually backfires on these candidates. >> you think so? in a republican -- >> getting endorsed by the "new york times," it's not a badge of honor the way it would have been in previous years. there's another very problematic thing to what you just laid out from governor kasich's team, and it also applies probably more strongly to marco rubio. the case that both of them are trying to make is look, we can attract the late deciders, we can attract people who might be disillusioned with either donald trump or senator cruz. they will break to us. late deciders will break to us. what you're seeing tonight with the two wins by senator cruz in maine and kansas and now the tightening of these races, particularly in kentucky, is that now senator cruz can go out and make the argument that late deciders are breaking for him.
7:38 pm
and that then feeds into the broader argument that this is essentially a two-man race. >> one of my democrat friends say to me that the candidate i love is john kasich. and i said that's john kasich's problem. it's the democrats that love him and not enough republicans. again, he's a great governor. he's one of the stars of our party. he has the best resume and probably the most experience of anybody. but unfortunately in this environment it's -- this thing is rolling. >> what do you think of the case monica makes about newspaper endorsements in a republican primary just not adding up to anything? why is that, ed? >> well, it's a long history. ronald reagan didn't get any endorsements in the early days. and so my sense is it doesn't mean anything. it's less valuable today than it's ever been before. >> is it a distraction? >> knyou know, it can be used against you. but i would argue it doesn't mean a whole lot. give christie as an example. the paper that used to dominate new hampshire basically endorsed him early on and he ran, what, sixth or seventh in new hampshire and they've now pulled it back. and all the papers back home
7:39 pm
have wanted to resign. so i don't think newborns have anywhere near the clout that they once did. >> how about the fact that bobby jindal in louisiana backed marco rubio but the robertson family backed donald trump and that seems to be holding more water? when you look at the sort of reality aspect of all this, i mean, those are the kind of people that many in the country say, well, i can relate to them. and if he likes this candidate then i'm going to like him too. i think these other guys and newspapers hold no water with the candidates today. >> the major theme of this whole campaign is registerijectionism. it's the conservative base, the republican voter base by and large rejecting decades of the ruling class. the establishment and whether that establishment comes in the form of jeb bush or now perhaps marco rubio or whether it comes in the form of newspaper endorsements. there is a wholesale rejection
7:40 pm
of the donor class and the ruling class that has disappo t disappointed and betrayed this voting base for decades on end. >> donald trump is prepared to wait. how long we don't know. he was in the room an hour ago and has decided to withhold comment. in west palm beach, florida. in the state of kentucky 76% reporting. you've got a 3 1/2-point difference between donald trump and ted cruz. will the numbers change? stand by. on a super saturday night we await. ive when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ]
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7:45 pm
kentucky right now, however, is too close to call. in the state of kansas ted cruz earlier tonight an easy victory in kansas. one for cruz there and then another for cruz in the far northeast -- for cruz in the far northeastern part of the country, where he won the state of maine. so it's 2-1 at the moment with kentucky outstanding. >> let's bring in doug schoen and joe trippey who are with us tonight as well. one of the things, let me go to doug schoen on this. one of the things donald trump has said and is very true is even when he doesn't come in first he comes in second. and that has helped him to a serious delegate lead in this race so far. hard to argue it's not a very good night for donald trump as well. >> well, that's my sense, martha. i think kentucky will probably tighten further. i think as we sit here now donald has a slight advantage. but if i go to john weaver's
7:46 pm
memo, i think he's probably half right, that ted cruz doesn't have much of a base in the northeast, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and california. the only way i can see him getting that constituency is having the establishment rally to him, which as monica suggests is highly, highly unlikely. so i think donald comes out of this relatively strong, even if it's a 2-2 split. florida, ed is exactly right that with cruz going in there makes it tougher for marco rubio to win. and if ohio's a three-way race, again, i think it plays to donald's advantage. so while it's absolutely the case that cruz is doing steadily better, i think the ultimate beneficiary tonight will be donald trump. >> when you look at the headlines from this evening, and
7:47 pm
there are still headlines to be announced tonight, and doug, let me stay with you on this, but clearly it appears to be a two-man race coming out this evening. that ted cruz is the one who consistently gives donald trump a run for the money in some of these states and looks like he's closing the gap kentucky as well tonight. the second headline this evening is marco rubio's argument becomes increasingly more difficult, right? >> i think absolutely. i think with ten offices opening and ted cruz's spokesperson saying they're competing aggressively in kentucky, very tough for marco rubio. john kasich maybe has a better chance in ohio, especially if he is able to pull off an upset in michigan. but again, as i sit here, maybe, maybe there's a way to deny donald trump 1,237 as this process plays out. but ultimately i think ed's right. with the big delegate-rich states, winner take all,
7:48 pm
ultimately i think -- >> we're ready to make a call here. thanks so much, doug. ready to make a call for kentucky. >> in the state of kentucky in the bluegrass state according to the associated press we can call kentucky a win for donald trump tonight. which would make it 2-2 for the evening. cruz a winner in kansas and maine, trump a winner in louisiana and now in the state of kentucky. we have been waiting for donald trump to come out. we were told that he would hold a press conference at 9:00 eastern time. that was an hour and 48 minutes ago. >> yep. >> he came into the room apparently about a buck 20 ago and was waiting again for the results from kentucky. and now that we have them, perhaps we see mr. trump down there in kentucky after a pretty good night. >> it's interesting. in the past we have seen him come out before every single state was completely called. he came out before that on super tuesday. because there wray couple -- he said i think i'm going to win in this state, i think i'm going to win in that state. but tonight for some reason he wanted to wait until everything
7:49 pm
was in. we don't know what kind of information he might have been getting about how things were looking behind the scenes. but you see the crowd getting a little bit animated in palm beach. and he did tell us that he was going to wait, that he was going to wait until everything came in. we do expect we're going to hear from him very shortly right now. >> the current tally statewise is this. trump with 12, cruz at 6, rubio at 1. that being the minnesota caucus from tuesday night. and 12 states, yet again, solidifies a front-runner status when you're going into the rust belt in michigan and ohio a couple days after that and then down into florida, which has really become his second state, his second home with his properties, his golf courses, his holdings in florida. and you know he loves to spend the weekend at mar-a-lago in palm beach. >> it's definitely his second home. he feels like he's got florida
7:50 pm
numbers indicate that he is up by 19%, and the at attention will turn to florida and ohio and they are telling the press to take their seats this evening and as we mention it, marco rubio in puerto rico saying that he never expected this part of the race to look good for him, but down the homestretch, but that is a tough argument as we expect that mr. trump is is going to be taking the podium momentarily, and they are asking the press to take their seat. >> and the delegate count, and it is again, the numbers will move a little bit, but basically, you have donald trump at 350 or slightly north of that which gives him roughly 100-point lead over ted cruz, and you see that if you game out the kom competition in the vari states still yet to vote or caucus, you can see how difficult it is based on the proportional vote how difficult when you in second place trying to catch the leader, and there is however, one enormous exception, and this is march 15th.
7:51 pm
that is winner-take-all in ohio and florida. ted cruz today announced that he going to open up ten statewide offices in florida. he is going to do it, ed in the i-4 corridor and up in the panhandle where i expect donald trump to do very well, and he is going to do it in the southwest like near sarasota and naples, and is that a chance for ted cruz to slide in between rubio and trump on the 15th of marvch or not? >> it is. and in my sense is that -- >> i am sorry, you said the evangelical vote? >> yes, and the head quarters that he is going to set up is smart places, and he has very smart political operatives and he is not going to go big media campaign and neither is rubio,
7:52 pm
and any time that trump wants to go big media market, it is going to brilliant placement. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. donald j. trump. >> martha, you and i were at a rally in new hampshire the night before the primary there, and this is not the same. but it is a stunning sight to to see the thousands who gather to hear his message, and we will probably get a comment or two about the victories tonight and then go into the questions, and donald trump has the stage tonight from florida. >> nice to have you all here here at trump international. it has been a great club and success and we appreciate, and i have so many, many of the member, and beautiful. it is really an amazing night, and i will tell you what i have been in competitions all of my life, and there is nothing so exci exciting as this stuff. nothing. winning deals or winning
7:53 pm
championships or whatever you want to say, it is nothing like it. it is exciting stuff and very important above all else, very, very important. so, i wanted to thank the people of louisiana, and the people of kentucky. it has been just an amazing relationship. amazing relationship, and rand paul, the senator in kentucky fought very, very hard today and for the last number of weeks fighting us every inch of the way, and we won and we won by quite a few votes, and so i am very, very happy about it. and so, thank you for louisiana and thank you to kentucky. i want to really thank the folks from maine and from kansas. we came in second, and we we really didn't spend much time. we spent two hours in one place and 2 1/2 hours in another, and we came in with a strong second. so i want to thank those folks, and i want to congratulate ted on maine and on kansas, and he should do well in maine, because
7:54 pm
it is very close to canada, and let's face it. pla [ applause ] i think that mar eco rubio had a very, very bad night. personally i call for him to drop out of the race. i think it is time that he dropped out of the race. i really think so. i think it is time. i don't think that tonight he can get up and rant and rave and he did great and he comes in third and fourth and every time he comes in third and fourth, you have to be able to win and he has not been able to win, and it is time for him to drop out. i would love the take on ted e one-on-one and that would be so much fun, because ted can't win new york and can't win new jersey and can't win pennsylvania and can't win californ california, and i want ted one-on-one, okay.
7:55 pm
so one of the reason has we did so well tonight and so strong is that we had a good debate. and we did very well. i was hit from every side and angle that you can be hit are from viciously and we did well on the debate. and i will say this, we are marching along and i think that we are doing well in florida today and i was in orlando, and we had a group of at least 20,000 people. we had to send 10,000 people away at the place that was packed and amazing day. i love the people of florida. it is my second home. we are in florida tonight. and i just want to thank florida for being, and it is incredible, and i am looking at the poll numbers. even though i have never seen any human being hit with more negative commercials than i am being hit with, i have to tell you. no human being should have to
7:56 pm
have $40 million spent on negative commercials and despite that we have a e tremendous lead in florida and we will do well. i think that we will do well in ohio. i worked as young guy at swift and village and cincinnati, and i think that we are going to be doing fantastic ally in ohio. i love the people of the state, and so hopefully we will do very well there. the biggest story in all of politics is not even with what is happening tonight or on super tuesday, but the biggest story is the tremendous outpouring of voters coming into the republican party. you are seeing what is happening. millions and millions of people are coming in and voting, and they have never seen anything like it before. actually, they are doing the covers on "time" magazine, because it is a movement, what a is happening is a movement. i am am on nored t honored to s
7:57 pm
if i were not involved it would have happened, and well, i am kidding, but i am actually not kidding, but i want them to say i am a nice person. and you are talking about mi millions and millions of people, and we have a dynamic party, and we should come together and stop this foolishness and we have something and i was thinking about it today for the first time the establishment is very unhappy with the way that things are going, and i can understand th that, although i used to be a part of the establishment, and seven months before i started to run i was part of the establishment, and i was not part of the establish mement, a when i announced, and they said, what is he doing, and he is not supposed to be run, because we want people to control, so we can give money to, and if we want something for pharmaceutical or electric or lumber or oil and gas, we have total control over the senator or the congressman. and so, you know, i'm self-funding, and i'm not taking their money, and they have no control, and i am going to do what is right for the american
7:58 pm
people, and it is simple, so they are not happy. but i was thinking to dday becae i love the republican party and conservatives and lot of people who are good friends of mine and a member for a long time, but this time, today, i was thinking about, this we lost a great man, justice scalia and he has obe replaced and you can only replace him with somebody truly great and he is really something great. a good friend of my sister who is a federal judge on the court of appeals, and highly respected. and that just goes the show you what is happens, totally unexpected and now maybe we can't beat trump the normal way and so we will iran third party candidate and maybe we can't get on all of the state, but we will
7:59 pm
do enough so that it is impossible for donald trump to win. and i am wondering, why? because it is that i am going to be appointing somebody very, very conservative, and somebody who will make the people very, very happy. if they run a third party or an independent party, the if they do that, it will will make it impossible for the republican candidate on the assumption it is me or anybody to win. if that means losing, that means that hillary clinton who should not be allowed to run because of what she did with the e-mails and should not be allowed to run, but on the assumption that, on the assumption that they did that, it would be impossible for the republican to win. obviously, the independent or the third-party could not win. so the democrats would have an absolute free run, and probably you wouldn't even campaign,
8:00 pm
because it is impossible to win. and what does that mean? that means that automatically they are going to appoint very, very, very liberal judges. all of this time that the republicans are fighting saying that we don't want president obama to appoint the judge, it is not going to matter, because the new president who would be a democrat will appoint the judge, so it is no longer going to the matter, and you are probably going to talk about it, because it seems to be the appointment of three, four, or five supreme court judges. you have to think about that, folk, because anybody who does a third party, it is going to 100% guarantee the election of the democrat, and that means the appointment of supreme court judge, three, four, or five, and that is a total wipeout for conservatives and for republicans. so start thinking about that.
8:01 pm
start thinking about it. this is just an exciting time. i'm having a lot of fun. i have to tell you that ted, i was watching him, and congratulations on the two states, ted, but he was saying that donald trump has a ceiling of 35 to 40%. well, cnn came out with a poll two days ago that said that i have 49% compared to his 15%. so, i guess it is not 40, and i mean, i have a 49% number, and some of the polls are showing over 50%, and i don't even think that they are accurate. i have won many polls as you know against hillary clinton directly and i'm the only one who is going to beat her if she is allowed to run. i am the only one. and the only one, are remember that, and aim the one person,
8:02 pm
the one person, trust me that she does not want to the run gains. now, we only had one little skirmish four weeks ago and that is not pleasant for her and bill, but i am the one person, and you know, i am really ashamed of the press, because they got it wrong. they did not give me any credit when she went like this, and remember when she was beating bernie easily and then four weeks later, bernie was doing great, and you know why? because she went down, and you know why? it is because of the skirmish, and so, please, give me the credit. so, i look forward to that race, and again, i haven't really done anything with hillary, and we have not started on hillary except for the one moment four weeks ago, but i think that we will have something that is really great. i think that i heard hillary today and watched her statement tonig tonight, and her statement is make america whole. that is a terrible statement.
8:03 pm
make america whole. i think that she means that we are in a deep hole and we are trying to dig ourselves out. we owe $19 trillion. and if that is the kind of promotional ability that we have on the other side, our country is in big trouble, make america whole, no make america great aga again. okay. so, again, this is a very exciting evening and again, i have to thank the people of louisiana, the people of kentucky, and you are amazing, and i will never ever forget it. i was in louisiana and we had a group of people in the massive airplane hane gar and you could not get them in and this is a very seriously big hangar for p very big planes and i got out and walked into the hangar and there were thousands and
8:04 pm
thousands of people, and it is incredible, and same thing for a few days ago in kentucky. we had a rally that was incredible. and today,'s rally in orlando, florida, was, nobody has seen anything like it, and they are writing about it, andey that ha anything about it in the history of the politics in this country and they have never seen anything about it, and so reported on the new york times on the front page, that people have never ever seen anything like it in the history of politics in the united states, and it is a movement, so i want to thank all of my friends, and all of my member, and all of my everything. you have is been so supportive and so great, and you are very, very special people. thank you. and with that, if you'd like, you know the prez is among the most dishonest people ever created by god. so i would love the take a few questions from these d dishonest people. go ahead, press. jo
8:05 pm
john? john scarborough, everybody. okay. if i can do it i will do it. thank you, john. if i can do it, i will do it. yes, sir. go ahead. >> [ inaudible ]. >> and this is the greatest guy. where have you been? lying ted. he picks up the bible and then puts it down. i nef saw a man that lies so much. and lying ted, and what he did to ben carson was a disgrace and me, because if he had not gotten the ben carson votes, i would have won iowa, too, and i would have had everything, and what he did frankly, and what he did was
8:06 pm
voter violation on the form that looked like right out of the government agency, and voter violation, and the only way that you get rid of the violation essentially is going to vote and vote for ted cruz. did you see this? and people did it, because they were afraid, and it is terrible. it is a very fraudulent thing, and he has done at lot of bad thing, and ben carson is great guy. and he is a great, great guy, and i thought it was a disgrace what he did. and he is said that basically ben kcarson is out of the race, and come on, vote for me, and he knew it was happening. so one of those things. but i do think that ted is at least moving along okay. but marco has to get out of the race. has to. because can despite what is said, and ted said, and ooh, do i want to run against just ted. that going to be easy. okay. go ahead, david.
8:07 pm
>> can you comment on regard in the competition of the -- and what your position is on gay marriages? >> well, i have made it very strong the. we have policy on it, and i have said it very, very strongly, and i think that you know it, and it is all done in a -- and you know, how many times do i have to say it. and it is like, david, as an example, what is my position on 900 different thing, and i have said it 150 time, and we are not here to discuss that, but everybody knows how i feel on it -- >> i know, i know. >> question? david, sit down, you know my position. yes, go ahead. john, go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> it is what it should be, because we are the only two
8:08 pm
winning, and he is the one who says, i am the one who beats donald trump, and i have been beating him three to one, and on super tuesday, i got a million votes more than marco, and a f half a million more votes than ted, and that is a lot of vots.s okay. go ahead, john. >> [ inaudible ]. >> oh, no, no he is not going to win, and you know what, he can't win. and he is not going to oft all, i would love to have a head-to-head matchup against him in florida and ohio, but in new york, he won't get very many vote, and in new jersey and pennsylvania and ohio, he won't get very many votes, so i would like to see it. i would like to have marco drop out from the standpoint that, look at how he did tonight. he is in third and fourth and somebody was nice enough to say, that even when i don't win a state, i always come in second. that is a big thing, and marco has come in fourth. so i think it is time for marco
8:09 pm
to clean the deck. i do. and i say it respectfully. yeah, because i wanted to go -- look -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> matt is a great guy, but look, i wanted to go to kansas. i felt that i had an obligation, and i did fairly well in kansas considering i spent, you know, literally an hour there. a very small time. but i wanted to go to kansas to campaign, and i have been to cpac from the beginning, and i like it, and i respect the people at cpac and matt a great deal, and i hated to can el sell, but i really am doing something that is very important. the people that are at cpac for the most part are not campaigning, and i'm campaigning to be president. had i not gone the kansas this morning, i would have not have done the as well as i didment i came in second place. so it was a very important thing. john, go ahead. >> of the states left, are you
8:10 pm
afraid -- >> afraid? i i have taken more questions from reporters than probably any human being. give me a braeak. i heard matt say today and it is interesting, but i heard matt say that i didn't like the format or what, and i would rather speak for 30 minute, but i hate to speak for 10 or 15 minutes and then you are interrupted and you sit down and i have done it. and i have done it three times now, a i would rather speak, but if somebody wants to ask me in the case of dana or shawn hannity or any of them, i mean, i would love to do that, but this is simply a fact that i wanted to campaign. i'm campaign iing very few peop are campaigning. and i'm very happy i did it. i met a lot of great people in kansas, and mr. phil roughin who is one of the most successful people in the united states is working very hard in kansas and
8:11 pm
so i felt i owed it to a lot of people to go there this morning. so i did. yes? >> [ inaudible ] -- >> family? yes. >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, we would want to get to the bottom of the it, and the weakness of dealing with iran is unprecedent and the fact that we gave them $150 billion and they are a terrorist state, and the fact that they spent much of the money buying other than american products. as an example as you know, they bought 118 massive airplanes from airbus and not from boeing
8:12 pm
or anything else having to do with this country, and they spent a lot of money all throughout europe and russia buying missiles, and they gave us nothing. i will get to the bottom of that. i think it is disgrace and please give his family my regards, because i think it is a disgrace and they know where he is one way or another and absolutely know, and if i am president, i will get to the bottom of it, oklahoma. -- i will get to the bottom of it, okay. go ahead. >> well, i have nothing to do wit, and when you 25,000 people in a building, you know, today, we had to send away so many thousands of people, and we could. get them in, and you know, when you have that many people, and four or five people or tep people stand up out of 22,000 that are in the building that i'm speaking to, very great entertainer said, donald, you
8:13 pm
are the biggest draw in the world without a guitar which is sort of interesting. i won't tell you who that is the great elton john, and i will not tell you that, but somebody did make that statement, and when you is that many people in a room, you understand, and not a couple of skirmishes, but protest, and not really skirmishes, but we treat them very gently, and ten years ago they would have been treated differently and not by me, but that is the way the life is, but we treat them very, very gently, and we had a few protesters today, but very few, and if you look at the percentage, we had 1/100th of 1% of the people in the room. look, i saw bernie sanders have a protest, and he had the microphone and two young ladies came up to take the microphone and that will never happen with me. he walked meekly to the back of the room and i said, isn't that pathetic? isn't that sad.
8:14 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. [ booing ] >> well, i mean, this is the problem with the reporters, and look, look, and just so you understand that -- not me, and marco brought it up, and do you notice, and loob at what happens to marco -- look, i did not bring it up. and excuse me, somebody else said that donald trump has small hands, and i said, small hands and no, i hit a ball 280 yards, and my club champion, do i hit the ball long? is it hard? is trump strong? so, look, i held up the hands, and these are strong hands and fairly large actually, but you know what is interest, because, you shouldn't even be bringing this up to be honest with you --
8:15 pm
[ applause ] >> because the day after he said that i am shaking hands with people, and they say, you have strong hands and big hands and what happened is that marco e made it out of no arewhere, and what happens is that he is a politician, and he lies. and they say bad things and if you don't call him out for it, you don't. and now, i did not bring it up, but he did, and so i finished it. and another thing, marco attacked me viciously a week ago and so far every person who has attacked me has gone down. look at his numbers tonight. and he cannot hold one of those phony rallies where he did well, because he did really badly and he is not going to be standing up tonight and talk about how well he did in iowa where he was in third place, and he acted like he won. i agree with ted on that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i would love it to be at the high level, and i will be the
8:16 pm
most presidential candidate in history other than honest abe lincoln, because he was tough to beat. he was serious, right. and i will be a very presidential, but when i am attacked by these people at a low level, i will go back, and people say, you are above that, and you should not -- and you know, i will never do that and that is not me, and i will never do that for our country, either. okay. go ahead. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i am totally denouncing, and any hate group no good with donald trump, and i did not know that, but if you are telling me, i will believe it, but i totally denounce. >> boeing? yeah.
8:17 pm
i will help the party fund raise. yes, i will help the party to fund raise, but i am not looking for funds for myself, but i will absolu absolutely help the party to fund raise, but i don't want any money for myself. yeah, go ahead. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, i think that we will win before the convention, and i think that we will win before. i sponsor a lot of sporting events and the fighters have a great expression when they go into the city or the town where it is unfriendly, but they think they will win they say the only way we guarantee victory is to knock them out. the only way i guarantee the victory is to get enough delegates so i don't have to worry about it. if you think about it like the prize fighters do, that is called a knockout. and we are on the path to do that and we think that we will do very with well in florida, and do very well, and we have the two big one, and don't forget that louisiana and kentucky tonight were the two big one, and maine we did with well in maine, and really well, but it is much smaller than
8:18 pm
louisiana, and kentucky and kansas is smaller, but we won louisiana and kentucky and they were the big one, okay. go ahead, yeah. >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay. so the question is asked about waterboarding and waterboarding is a very, very touchy subject. it was originally asked two debates ago to ted cruz and he sort of didn't want any part of the question and i watch and wow, and they looked at me and said, how do you feel and i said, i'm totally in in favor of waterboarding and if we can, i would like to do much more than that, and just so you understand, that we are playing by a different set of rules than isis and others in the middle east, and we replaying by a different set of rules, and with we have laws and rules an regulations, and all of these thing, and they have nothing.
8:19 pm
they chop off people's heads, and they drown people in massive steel cages and drop the cage for one hour and lift it up and 30 dead people, and here we are worry worried about waterboarding and here's the story, i will owith bay the laws, and i will try to get the laws extended. i will try and get the laws broadened, because we should be allowed, because it is very hard to be successful in beating someone when your rules are very soft and their rules are unlimited and they have unlimited and they can do whatever they want to do, and i want to play -- look. we will rebuild the military. we will knock out eisis so violently and so fast that they chop off heads, and they do things that we have not seen since medieval times. and we are worried about the waterboarding and wait, wait,
8:20 pm
wait, and sit down, and let me just tell you, excuse me. i want to stay within the laws and right now we have the laws. but i want to make those laws stronger so that we can better compete with a vicious group of animals, okay. okay? yes, okay. go ahead. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i think we will do great and a 20-point lead or something like that in florida. go ahead. >> well, look, mitt romney was a failed candidate and terrible candidate and choked, and a absolutely choked as bad as i have ever seen other than marco when chris christie was grilling him, and that is a big choke also. i thought that he would collapse. i was standing right next to him, and i was ready to held him up with these powerful hands,
8:21 pm
okay. that was a collapse, a choke. and so mitt romney choke and he know knows how i feel. and when he was thinking of getting into the race, i said, you cannot let -- and it is too important and i said, you cannot let mitt romney in race, because he is a choker, and you know, through sports and i will will tell you because i have some great sportsmen right here, an when you see somebody choking, generally speaking, once a choke, always a choker. and mitt romney gave that election away, and this is an election against a failed president that should have been easily won. mitt romney did not work hard and the last month he dis disappeared and say what you want about president obama, he was on jay leno and david letterman and all over the place, and where is mitt romney and where is he? we are still looking for him. if he had devoted the same
8:22 pm
energy and time to winning the presidency four years ago as he is now on trying to destroy our party, and the unity of the p party, he would have won that election. and we wouldn't have had the problems that we have right now. so ladies and gentlemen, i want to thank you all. this has been amazing, and it is very exciting and i look forward to seeing you many times in the near future, thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. breaking tonight, you heard him, donald trump scores two big victories in louisiana and kentucky. but ted cruz picks up a few big wins of his own in kansas and maine. hello and welcome to a special two-hour edition of "justice." i'm judge justine jeanine pirro.
8:23 pm
we will have comment from our top strategists. we have heard from donald trump, but also, it is a winning night for ted cruz and he spoke not long about, not long ago about two caucus victories. >> we saw it happen on super tuesday and super saturday, and you are seeing that people will coalesce around our campaign, because we are the only campaign that can beat donald trump, and to date, we have beat him not once, or twice, but seven times in states across the country with wide geographic diversity and wide ideological diversity. >> a big night for the democrats as well with hillary clinton picking up louisiana and bernie sanders in nebraska and kansas. let's hear from the democratic
8:24 pm
candidates from earlier tonight. >> today, democrats caucus and voted in louisiana, kansas and nebraska and i want to congratulate senator sanders for strong campaign and i am thrilled that we are adding to the pledge delegate count, and i'm grateful for everyone who turned out to support us, but now all eyes tourn michigan. and i can tell you this, we will work for every vote. >> and now the john roberts who is in west palm beach with donald trump. >> thank you so much, mr. trump and 2 for 2 tonight, and we heard you this evening, and frame tout race for me. four more states tuesday and ohio and florida which are the first two winner-take-all states af that. >> we think that we will do well in florida and ohio and great relationships in ohio and florida is my second home, and i'm here all of the time and i'm
8:25 pm
here now. i think that we will do very, very well in florida and very, very well in ohio. >> you called for marco rubio to drop out now. do you think that he should not have the chance to contest here in florida and the results of florida to be the results that the tell the tale? >> well, he is coming in virtually last in every race and doing poorly and not doing well in the polling in florida and at some point you are have to drop out, because despite what may be the theory, i would rather run with fewer people. and people say, well, the only way to beat trump is by having fewer people, but i'd rather run with fewer people, and it should be cruz and myself and i am beating him badly, but i would like to see myself against trump, because mar eco has lost so many that he is going to have to drop out. >> and if i could ask you one more question, too, about something that happened at the debate. and people looking to up port you, and any presidential candidate are looking for the consis ten is sis tesistenc
8:26 pm
consistency, and ideology and you released yourself about the hb visas, and also on a waterboarding? >> well, yes. i said it clearly a moment ago at the news conference, we have to live under laws. isis is not living under laws under any circumstance, and they are beheading people, and drowning people, and they have no rules or regulations or laws, and we do, and that puts us at a great disadvantage and we should expand the laws and expand waterboarding and a lot more, and i did not reverse myself, john, but all i did is to say that i will certainly be willing to live under the law, but i am going to, if i win, expand that law. you can't have people be beheading people, and laughing at us about waterboarding. we will expand it so that waterboarding and maybe other things are included, okay? >> thank you, mr. trum.
8:27 pm
will see you tuesday. judge? >> with me, fox news contribu r contributors and strategists. okay. you heard it. donald trump comes out and says three things, calls on rubio the drop out. calls on the party to come together. and he signals that if a third party candidate runs, folks, you are giving it to the democrats. tony, a big night for donald trump? >> no, frankly, judge, a week ago and especially after the super tuesday and the decisive victories, it looked like donald trump would sweep this the e evening, and look, he won two states, the two biggest ones bs, but the delegate count is going to have a net favor to ted cruz. in kansas, the win was a surprise, and kansas has a conis ser vaty base. >> and wait a minute. donald has more than 100
8:28 pm
delegates. >> well, tonight, wins in kp and -- >> why is cruz winning caucuses? i know that donald won nevada, but he won iowa and today is what, kansas and -- >> well, they are highly organized an close to only the republican party voters, but however n the two states that donald trump won, louisiana and kentucky trump had the average of 15 point lead in louisiana and kentucky and he only won those states tonight by four point, so clearly something is happening, and the debate performance of trump thursday night was not considered the strongest. >> think about it, you have mitt romney coming out to say he is a fraud and this or that. >> and i am not sure that romney had the same impact as the debate. >> and heaven forbid, you add up mar eco rubio's support, and marco rubio, it is not going to reach what ted cruz has. he has a operation, and gearing it up and investing in florida
8:29 pm
next week, and he's got massive strategists, evangelical and pulling from carson and other candidates going in cruz's favor so if donald trump -- >> what you are saying is that cruz is on the way to victory? >> well, i don't know about that, but momentum. >> and no. >> and so cruz has the momentum. >> cruz is on the way the two-man contest. if marco rubio does not win florida and john kasich does not win ohio past march 15th, this dynamic is going to change. and what you are will see then, and this is interesting to watch, and nomiki is going to like in, because you will see an actual divide in the establishment to decide who they align behind and is that donald trump who they fear because he is so unknown or behind ted cruz whom they have already -- >> whom they hate. >> and not one person has come out for cruz. >> and nomiki, what i have found interesting about this is that
8:30 pm
donald trump calling for rubio the drop out, he wants the go one-on-one with ted cruz and he is looking to florida, and he believes that he is going to win florida and ohio and even though cruz won maine, the truth is that donald is strong in the northeast and not cruz. >> and we have tock loot have t nu numbers in the exit polls, because he is going to do better with the less educated and in maine a little bit higher educated voters and they may have turned out for cruz and mainly because the establishment said -- >> no, i don't see that northeast higher educated coming out for cruz. i think they despise the right that he is so right wing and hates the new york values, and that not going to be working in his favor, thome? >> no, and a realignment again in the two-man contest, and winning creates a gravitational force around your candidate, and so if ted cruz can win a few more races, he will have momentum going up against donald
8:31 pm
trump. >> but march 8th, and the 15tht, we have winner-take-all in florida and it looks like, you know, donald going to be winning that, and the momentum is going to be in his favor. >> that why he is calling for marco to step out, and other than florida a that is a huge risk, because the delegate count and taking them from marco rubio and getting the financial support, and investing in the on-ground strategy that ted cruz is doing so, and calling for marco rubio the step out is advantageous. >> and there is no third party person who is not running gai against a republican, and you are right, judge, if trump wins, ohio and or florida, this race is going to be difficult for anyone else to win and the second part of what he is saying is that the party has to get behind a donald trump run. >> and so, marco rubio with 15
8:32 pm
and cruz 16. and so people looked at mitt romney and they didn't give a darn, and they looked at how juvenile rubio was with the hand thing and all of that, and donald has a sernl personality, and you -- donald has a certain personality, and i have known him for a few years, and he is a a funny guy. >> well, you have mentioned two low water marks there. and you are suggesting that that last week the debate was sophomoric, and went into the gutter and unfortunate for the party, and another low mark was mitt romney coming out regardless of how you feel about the remarks and trying to take down the frontrunner is not something that romney did to help the cause. >> didn't do any good. and so tony and nomiki, i thank you very much. >> and "justice" is is coming back, and allen west is with me, and i will get his comments in a few moments. don't go a wway.
8:33 pm
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breaking tonight, donald trump takes louisiana and kentucky while ted cruz wins caucuses in kansas and maine. with me now, former florida congressman lieutenant colonel allan west. and all right. good ooef evening, and my understanding is that you think that it is all outsiders who won to d today? >> yeah, without a doubt. it is great to be with you, judge. when you look at what has happened in the contests, you are will see that the gop elite, the establishment, they are really not connecting out there in the general public. when you see donald trump and ted cruz being the consistent two front run hers in the races, and the cop tests, that is a reflection of the sentiment that the gop that has the house and the senate has not done what they were said that they were going to do, and you go back to the summer of the omnibus spending bill, and the budget
8:38 pm
legislation pushed forward before john boehner went out, and people still believed that they are not doing enough and owning up to the promises that they have processed profess what they would do. >> and with mitt romney coming out and essentially calling the frontrunner a fraud and phony, it had no effect it seems from the today's results on the republican side, anyway. >> well, you know, it is the difference of i guess that he thought that he was slinging cryptonite, but he was throwing a snowball and it did not have any effect whatsoever, and so you continue to see someone as donald trump who appears to be impervious to these attacks even though he thinks a that he had a great debate thursday, it was not. and so it seems that a loft people don't care, and when we listened to the press conference and he was asked some questions about policy, he continue ed d say, hey, look, i am not here to answer about policy. so there is a populist movement going on out there where people are quite angry, and anxious,
8:39 pm
and they want to see someone who is strong, because when you see video of ten american sailors on the e knees, and you have secretary of state john kerry thanking the iranians for taking great care of our sailors, people don't want to see america in a weak position. >> and with donald trump having the press conference a few minutes ago, he talked about marco rubio dropping out, and the party coming together. and you know, do you see rubio dropping together? do you see cruz's people, even aligning themselves with the establishment and let's get mar eco out so i can beat donald. is it all about beating donald trump is what my question is ? >> well, for the gop elite, i call it the pa trish shya class yes. business is is good in washington, d.c., and business is is not good outsided of the
8:40 pm
beltway, but the onus is on senator marco rubio and governor john kasich on march 15th to win their respective home states, and ted cruz did that. >> and now, rubio, it does not seem that he going to be winning florida, and donald trump is loved in florida, and right now, it looks like he is 20 points ahead, and he is ahead in ohio as well. so, you know, is that even going to happen? >> well, you know, we have to wait and see what occurs on march 15th, but when you look at the polling, and when i was a member of congress there, donald trump's properties were in my congressional district and so i am famil his, i guess his impact that he has and the influence that he has down there in south florida. that is going to be a big challenge for senator rubio to maintain and as under armour says to protect your ground >> all right. thank you so much, colonel, thanks for being with us.
8:41 pm
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which means when they save, you save. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. breaking tonight, a big night for ted cruz and donald trump as the two are battling for delegates across the country. the go-pac david coachella and what did you see tonight? >> well, big night for donald trump picking up more delegates, but big night for ted cruz, because he has won the sixth state, and by the rnc rules you
8:46 pm
must win a eight states in order for your name to be put in nomination. if you don't do that, you are going to have to go to the convention and go for a fight to get your name put in contention which is what kasich and rubio face right now. >> and you ares assuming that nobody is going to get to 1,237 and so that in the event that nobody does, then -- >> right. >> you have to very least get to the states, and he has six. >> right. that is right. in order to be in contention actually at the actual convention, you have to have won eight state, and cruz got the sixth tonight. kasich and rubio now need to figure out how to get to eight. otherwise -- >> how does the establishment try or in any way support rubio and kasich to stay in the race? >>le with, judge, the so-called plishment, if it were a foot l
8:47 pm
football, it is time to deflate it and send it back to the pigs. it is not so good for this so-called establishment, but i will say this, even donald trump tonight said that he was part of the establishment. so -- >> well, no, he said that he was as a businessman. >> and i hear all of this talk, and here is the reality, judge, once we have a nominee whoever that is, and folks are going to be coming together, and folks are going to support whoever we nominate, because we have a common purpose, and we want to make sure that -- >> and when mitt romney came out, and the "national are review" and the 70 so-called foreign policy experts, what they are saying is that they'd rather have a democrat than donald trump so that they can keep their one hand washes the other lobbyist lawmakers election and business connections together, and that is what is scary. >> well, judge, we are not democrats, and we don't all just hold on the each other's tail
8:48 pm
and go off the cliff. not everybody is going to support the nominee, and that is just reality. are the overwhelmingly majority going to support the nominee? absolutely. you look at the turnout intensity, intensity, and you look at how the republicans are turning out, and it puts us in a good positio position, and add to it one fifth of the democrats sayn't that trust or believe hillary clinton, and so we are in a good pot spot to win this november regardless of the nominee. >> and in addition to not trusting her, there is no energy on the other side. >> that a that is right. and even though it looks like hillary is on the way to get it to the party, then the millennials are will drop out, and they won't have that energy. >> all good points. >> and so let me ask you about the idea of donald going one-on-one with ted. does donald trump get to the 1,237 threshold?
8:49 pm
>> well, you know, certainly well positioned to be be able to do that. ted cruz's challenge is that when you look at where he has gotten the six wins, they have come in the caucus states, so as we move forward we move to the more primary states, and so where donald trump has done very well, and particularly in these early primary states where where he has gotten not just wins, but double-digit wins. so if you are team trump, you are feeling pretty good if you look at this in a fair and balanced way, you have to be feel feeling pretty good if you are team trump, but with that said, ted cruz's team is feeling like they are finally going the get the matchup that they wattb have been wanting which is a one-on-one. >> and let me ask you, i.d. dav -- let me ask you this, david, and ted cruz does not get the crossover votes that donald trump does. and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. for all of the supporters of ted
8:50 pm
and i get it, i get what the positives are, it is about winning, and ted is so far to the right, which is great for a primary, but even donald is winning the evangelicals, but it is notjudge, again, i think whor our nominee is we're in a good position to have a good election night in november 2016. we have four men who bring a stark contrast to what we would get if hillary clinton were our president, who would continue of the policies of the eight years under barack obama that the american people said they don't want to continue. we're in a good position whoever our nominee is. >> all right. you have 16 seconds. tell us what you wanted to say what jefferson was talking about. >> you and i were talking about has this race gotten so ugly and nasty, unlike any other time,
8:51 pm
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>> all right, a quick recap before we end our first hour of justice tonight. it was a big night for two republican candidates for president. donald trump wins the kentucky caucus and louisiana primary. and ted cruz taking kansas and maine. marco rubio and john kasich did not pick up a victory tonight. but, as of now, both are still in the race. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton walks off with a win in louisiana, and bernie sanders in nebraska and kansas. republicans will caucus in maine tomorrow and democrats will hold a primary in puerto rico. that is it for our first hour of justice but we're coming right back. follow me on twitter at jeanine.
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hello, welcome to justice, and thanks for joining us tonight. there is an insurretion coming. mitt romney just confirmed it. he will be remembered as the one who put us over the enl and awoke a sleeping giant, the silent majority, the american people. the establishment is panicked. it called for a broker's convention where the republican nominee will be selected by party


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