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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. >> nfl quarterback peyton manning is retiring going out on top after winning his second super bowl. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> hulk hogan ready for battle. not in the ring but in the court. a $100 million civil suit against "gawker" does he have a case? >> plus. >> a dog owner relives four terrifying days when her beloved pet was trapped on on thin ice.
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>> the dra thematic rescue and how the pooch is doing now. >> and she is an american classic. she is an american woman. >> the endof an era. >> remembering a first lady who was devoted to her husband and protect being his legacy. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the end. the end of the playing career with peyton manning, calling it quits after 18 seasons in the nfl. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am jennaly. >> i think it is a good time for him. >> it sounds like the appropriate time and the denver stars quarterback is announcing
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his retirement at a news conference. what a has been. manning the winner of two super bowl championships and five- time mvp. and joining us is now sports caster and fox newscaster jim gray. it is our understanding that we are a few minutes away from that and peyton manning will be among one of the last speakers and that's who we want to hear from. your reflections on the day and what his retirement really brings? >> you look at the picture. you can see joe ellis walking out of that frame and john elway and here comes peyton manning. we can celebrate his career and he accomplished two super bowls
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and he was the only man to win a super bowl with two different teams, the colts and bronchos. he has left an impression. i don't know if you want to hear joe ellis right now. >> joe ellis will start the news conference. he will speak and then john elway and then peyton manning. as we watch and see how long each speaker will any go for. reading about peyton manning's career, it reminds me of a scene we are covering daily on the news and that is leadership. leadership styles that they bring to the team. whether the colts or broncho or whatever. can you speak to that and manning's style of leadership and role model for so many on and off of the field? >> reporter: he set the
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standard. those are are the words of tom brady. he said it last night. peyton manning was the first guy to come to work. it was not a 19- 5 job for peyton manning and a six month job for peyton manning. throe 65 days and every waking moment trying to figure out how to boat the times and make time mates better. he not only made people better p. he was an amazing leader and everybody in the end of the day. defense and special teams, everybody wanted to win for peyton. he had done so much for them. even as his skill decloined, peyton manning sacrificed so much and he was incredible. attention to detail, it is beyond what this guy will do to
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win a football game and try to make himself better and everybody better. he left an indelible impression. he will be looked at the mount rushmore of quarterbacks and players to have ever come through the league. >> all american sport and you described one that many looked up beyond just football. we'll be back to the press conference when peyton manning begins to speak. i know you will be sticking with us. >> thank you, jenna. >> but we will shift gears to a day of mourning. americans pay tribute to nancy reagan. the former are first lady passed away at the age of 94. pardon me, the wife 40th president. he will be laid to rest next to
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him in the ronald reagan presidential library in semivalue california. that's where we found trace gal ger live. >> i had to make my way to the reagan library and there is a makeshift memorial to nancy reagan. flow ares and tributes. and the library is closed today. i want to show you a live look. the crews here just lowered the flag to half staff. they will stay that way until after the funeral of nancy reagan. we were supposed to find out details about the funerals in the next couple of hours. we are talking about challenges here. heads of state. and dignataries and celebrities trying to attend this thing and the people in the library are are trying to work it out. we know that nancy reagan's body
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is in a funeral home in santa monica. there will be a private ceremony and then here in the the library for a public viewing. 12 years ago in the president's public viewing, people waited in line literal willy hours and hours and expected significant crowds for nancy reagan. and it is unclear if it is 1 or 2 days and we anticipate it would lead to the end of the week. nancy reagan familiar with where we are now. she was heavily involved in the library protect anything presiding over her husband's legacy. and listen to what she had to say. >> she attended board meetings and helped to get us a presidential debate. and her eyesight was not the best but she was healthy. joishgs as we all know she will be buried next to her husband,
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if you look back 12 years, it was an amazing sight. nancy reagan laid her head and shed her first public tears after a week of ceremonies. and every year including last june to mark the 12th anniversary of his death she was here to sit at the deprave site of her husband. >> tremendous grace, dignity and class. >> fox news alert. new polling out on in the biggest state up for grabs tomorrow. michigan. according to the latest polls, hillary clinton is leading sanders 55- 52 percent. on the republican side. donald trump is ahead at 36
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followed by kasich and cruz. and the candidates criss-crossing before p a final push in four states. we'll have carl cameron live in michigan now, carl? >> reporter: it is the eve of a very, big contest and donald trump's lead in michigan is significant. over the weekend he thought he was going to win in maine and lost to ted cruz and lost in kansas. in fact, donald trump had gone to kansas and skipped c-pac and he lost in kansas as well. and there is some thought that ted cruz is gaining momentum and here in michigan tis a big deal john kasich is basing his campaign on winning ohio tomorrow. and michigan being the neighborhood and another industrial midwest state is one to do well. and whether at the legislature
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or city town halls and mayorial offices, a lot of the republican establishment are behind kasich. trump is in north carolina and leading in the polls and he has big love for all kinds of states this are voting. >> michigan, look, i have been fighting hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country. it is going to be made in our country and we have been. we have been fighting very, very hard. i have been to michigan a lot. and i think we will do well there and idaho. we love idaho potitos and mississippi, i am there, and do we love mississippi, yes, right? and so we have hawaii, i have a big hotel in hawaii. and i employ a lot of the people
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in hawaii. it is beautiful. >> state by state and name drop anything loving the potatoes and have a hotel. and john kasich needs to win in michigan and ohio. ted cruz is second in the delegate count and marco rubio has very, very serious work to do. he's won one primary in puerto rico, the territory yesterday and he's got one caucus, he won minnesota, it is time for him to rack up victories and the pressure on the candidates to get out. >> thank you, carl. >> donald trump is part of the topic. he's hitting a nerve with blue collar workers. and why a billionaire
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businessman is popular with joe six pack. and our political pan approximatele on that and a lawsuit by hulk hogan and raising the privacy about celebrities and could he win against i website posting a sex tape. >> they made a conscious decision to expose the naked and sex and having private conversations. ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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hitting the notes with blue collar workers. for now mr. trump leads in convention delegates and won mostly white and without college degrees and are drawn to his aggressive immigration proposal. some say that mr. trump if he wins the nomination may boost voters where it was low in 2008 and 12. we'll bring in betsy, and elizabeth, a reporter with the the washington free beacon, thank you both for being here. elizabeth, let's start with you. so donald trump is bringing out all kinds of new voters in the republican primaries and politics, is it that hold potential for putting him in the white house? >> i think it does. there is a lot of people out
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there, who feel abandoned by both parties and what trump is able to do thus far, he is attractive to white working class voters and in 2012 there were 2 million viewer whites that voted than in 2008. he will do well in michigan tomorrow because of the blue collar appeal. but if he ends up being the nominee, he could bank on that and states on the map. pennsylvania being in play and wisconsin and michigan, states that republicans have not won in so long and whatever reason trump talks like blue collar voters and they like his message on trade. there is potential. >> this is what he said about trade in the fox news debachlt listen to this. >> they are killing us.
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with trade. every country we lose money with. we have to reduce. and redo our trade deals 100 percent. i have the greatest people lined up to do that. we will make great trade deals. >> betsy, that holds a lot of appeal for people worried about their jobs. >> without a doubt. many feel they have seen their industries crumble is because p of the trade deals. in fact, in january, mary kay henry who heads one of the most powerful unions in the group had gone into hyper drive to keep union voters from supporting trump. that said, trump is taking a gamble here if he hitches his electoral hopes to the white vote wagon.
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it will be tougher to court hispanic and others in florida. a polling firm found that only 77 percent of those who voted for romney would be willing to commit to vote for trump. it is a big risk and no guarantees it is working. >> if you listen to him. he does well with every voting group out. there listen after the nevada caucus win. >> we won the evangelicals, and won with old, and young and highly educated and poorly educated. i love the poor areally educated. and looking at the fox news polls, he did well. 30 points above his closest competitor in alabama who don't have a college. six points in arkansas and 24 in
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georgia. i need to point out that ted cruz won the voting block in the states himself won. but donald trump is holding appeal with people who are not sporting college diplommas. >> elizabeth? >> he talks about p issues they care about and that is it really making it attractive to the voters. but the interesting point about the union vote. union leadership in the end of the day be for hillary clinton, but there members, if it is between hillary clinton and trump in november, trump would be attractive to the the union voters, because he's talking about the issues they are are caring about. and democrats have relied on unions to get-out-the-vote and
10:21 am
mobilized the voters and if they are not interested in hillary that is a problem for her. >> are you seeing the the pole off? >> what i am seeing, voters who have not voted in decades. they are not necessarily voting democrat, but a host of voters haven't voted since is the '80s or last person was reagan and have no faith with the george bush republican party. and now they hear trump's message. they are holding signs and it is fascinating. if you are talking about unions, their political clout is not what it used to be. republican legislature passed right to work and the ability to get money from the numbers has been curtail. it is important but not as
10:22 am
powerful p. betsy and elizabeth, thank you both. >> thank you. >> hulk hogan going from the ring to a court of law. the wrestler is suing the "gawker" for $100 million.
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>> peyton manning speaking on his retirement from the nfl. >> i met him once before and i had a chance to shake johnny's hand and he told me peyton you stay at it, i am pulling for you. i stayed at it 18 years and i hope in 19 is up there with his flat top and high tops on, and i hope he knows that i stayed on it and maybe he is proud of me.
10:26 am
there is something about 18 years. 18 is a good job and today i retire from pro football. i want to thank the people p of new orleans and south louisiana. new orleans is my hometown and they support the saints but they also support their own and that city and state backed me from the start. 19 years ago to the day, i announced my decision to forgo the draft and stay at university of tennessee for my final year. it was a smartest decision i made. i treasured my senior year and i want ball fans to know the unique role that you played in my life. thank you to the indianapolis colts' organization and all of the fans cross this country. you can't fathom how much i
10:27 am
enjoyed my 14 years there and the warmth that my family feels for you. i would be wrong not to mention jim and bill, coaches and support staff and a host of wonderful colt's teammate, many of whom. when i was drafted by the colts, indianapolis was a basketball and car racing town. but it didn't take long for the city and state of indiana in to football evangelist. i set the rookie record for irpt acception. a record i still hold today. every year i pull for a rookie quarterback to break that record. andrew and eli manning and cam newtown. i kid eli he would have broken if he started in 16 games. struggles were aringinizing and
10:28 am
my grandfather asked if his favorite announcers would broadcast the game. i would say we are only 2 and 8 and we are playing the bengals. they don't broadcast those games. fast forward to the second year, we were playing the dallas cowboy and try and michael and deion. i called paw- paw. guess what. they are broadcasting the game. he said i can't believe it and he was elated and proud and we beat the cowboys that week and let the the world know that the colts had arrived. make no mistake we were coming and going to do phenomenal things like winning 12 games 12 years in a row and winning super bowl p 41. i was honored and proud to be a part of it.
10:29 am
there is a saying that goes. treat a man as he is. and he will be as he is. but treat a man what he can be, and he will be. john elway said peyton this is what we are going to do. win 50 games and four straight division and we'll be on the road. we'll beat the championship games and envelope inform come back player year and another mv, and offensive pass ping and couple all time and go to a couple super bowls. i think i would have taken that deal. john, you did tell me that, didn't you? grateful is the word that comes to my mind when thinking of the denver bronchos, i thank john and pat and john and gary and their staffs and all of the
10:30 am
support people in this great organization. to all of my denver teammates, thank you for what you have done for this old quarterback and my gratitude to the broncho's fans everywhere. over my nfl career, i had five head coaches that helped me to become better atta my craft. gin and tony and jim and john fox and gary. i have changed the same teams but had the same representation. i owe tom thanks and he represents me with class and a great friend. i want to thank friends that supported my football career and been at my side in games from high school and tennessee and indy and that broncho's super bowl win last month. you know who you are and what you mean to me. there is no way to pressure or express what a family like mine
10:31 am
can me. mom, dad. and coopers and can eli and extended family you are the best and ashley your support is a motivator. my kids have been around a couple of years and they have changed my life forever. our daughter asked me, daddy, is this the last game? yes, it is the last game. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do, too. dead, is this the last game ever? and i shook my head in amazement. i thought morton had gotten to my five-year-old daughter to cultivate these questions. and some one exhausts an experience they can't help but revere football.
10:32 am
i love the game of football. and you don't have to one fer i will miss it, absolutely, absolutely, i will. our children are small now but as they grow up, we'll teach them to enjoy the little things in life and one day they will discover they were the big things and. when i look in my rearview mirror grew much bigger. i am going to miss a steak dinner in st. elmes after a win. and my battle ps with players. fletcher and talkins and sea ul and looker and harrison and woodson and reed, and with coaches like fisher and ryan, belichick and phillips and rivera and louis and late jim johnson and so many more, i feel like i was playing against the
10:33 am
middle linebacker or that defensive coach. i will miss bigger out blitzes with with jeff saturday and reggie sitting on top of the bench next to me and perfecting a fake hand off and miss thomas telling me that he loved me and thanking me for coming to denver after every touchdown. and miss the the touchdowns on sunday and on friday, i will miss picking out the equipment game balls and talking football with the broadcast and recapping the game with my dad and checking to it see if the giants won and calling eli, as we are on our teams and miss that handshake with tom brady and plane rides after the big win with 53 teammates laughing and celebrating in the flight. and miss playing against the
10:34 am
fans and at home and on the road. and even miss the pap triot fans in foxboro. they will miss me because they got wins off me. and football fans need to know how much they have meant to me over the years, fans, you are at the core of what makes this game remarkable. i have received fan letters and made me think and laugh and moved me to act. i have learned a lot through my mistakes and stum pels and losses and learned that this game is a mighty platform fathat gave me a voice to echo behind the game. football taught me to be led by dreams and you due to good genes, i am smart enough to know that they will enrich where i go from here. i am convinced the end of the football career is the beginning
10:35 am
of something i have not discovered yet. life is not shrinking but a world with of possibilities. pundits will speck out my efforts over the last 18 years were to work to master the nfl gape. don't believe them. because every moment and every drop of sweat and night of prepation and every note and frame of film i watched. reverence for the game and i look back on my nfl career, i know i gave everything i had to help my teams to walk away with a win. there was other players that were more talented and no one out prepared me. i have no regrets. i have fought the good fight and finished the race and i have kept the faith. i have fought a good fight. and i finished my football race
10:36 am
and after 18 years it is time. god bless all of you. and god bless football. [applause] >> peyton manning, marking the end of his career as an nfl quarterback and as you heard from him, his journey in this life is not over and surely expanded and his words say it all as we watch him take a photowith the general manager and owner of the time he is ending with. it is well said and an emotional
10:37 am
moment and what a chapter it has been. >> classy guy and missed the 2012 season with the colts and it was around this time we with were on "happening now" four years ago, jenna, when all of the sudden, the denver bronchos announce it that he was the new quarterback. i was astounded and stunned and very pleased and never would have predicted the kind of seasons he had in the four years. >> he's taking a few questions. we'll listen back in here. >> to enjoy that super bowl p win, i was telling somebody, i played 18 years, but this was the second off-season i could start in a good mood. after winning the championship. and i know how hard it is to win that world championship and hard to get there and win a game. i wanted to take time and enjoy
10:38 am
it and went on family vacation and went hunting with my old teammate jeff saturday. and just had great time to reflect on the the past season and all that the coach mentioned we have been through and i had gone through on the field. and i really took time to do that. but i thought about it a lot. and prayed about it a lot. and like i said earlier, it was just the time. and maybe i don't run as good as i used to, but i had good timing and that is the true case in this sense. >> i have had the privilege of covering try aikman and brett farve and i now yours. how do you scratch the competitive itch? >> it is hard to say.
10:39 am
i talked to john about this over the past four years, and he's given me great insight as to kind of what the feelings that i will be going through over the next couple of months and in years, i have appreciated his advice and friendship and support. i don't know. i haven't ruled anything out. i have made no decisions. i am going to go on vacation after this. and going to play a little golf pretty soon with my two brothers and we'll kind of enjoy this. and i have enjoyed the past day and a half. i had a chance to call p special people that have been part of my football life. and after calling john and joe and i called all five of my head coaches. jim moore and tony. and jim and john fox and i talked to coach cubiowa ac.
10:40 am
that was special to go down memory lane a bit. and i will enjoy this and think about those things in another time. >> he's had a lot of press conferences, but nothing quite like this. and obviously deep reflection and a personal statement from him as we all witnessed the emotion involved. and jim gray standing by us. and jim, what a statement it was. what were your reflections hearing peyton manning speak about p his career. >> that was just beautiful and magnificent and that was emotion and it was great as watching him play. and that was spectacular. what he summarized with his career and the thought process he went through to deliver that, we have seen the likes of very few people who put on a performance like that and he
10:41 am
did on the field and it is memorable. and the hard work and dedication and hear his voice is was choked up. it was a difficult day for him and dedicated his life to being a football player and making others better. and all of the time -- time mates and coaches. that will be the standard of speeches when you retire and walk away from something and love and reverence for everything he was been through and given, it was remarkable to me. >> definitely opened his heart. my son is 18 months old and has an 18 jersey. it is a great speech for kids to listen to about hard work and look back on what you have done with respect. jim, thank you very much for
10:42 am
watching with us and we'll monitor peyton manning. and if you have any news we'll bring it to your viewers. 18 is a good number. >> we are going to miss him in denver. >> and some new warnings overseas about a donald trump presidency. our next guest said it is complaints by foreign diplomats. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights.
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there is a new report out saying foreigncy calling him xenophobic and insullar. this comes after there was a letter warning that the trump presidency would be disaster for international affairs. is that fair? joining us now is rick grenle.
10:46 am
former ambassador to the u.n.? what do you think? is it common for foreign diplomats to warn about the kind of person that they mighting sending to the oval office. >> let me make it clear i endorsed no candidate and i am not on the team and have no dog in this fight. but the idea that foreign diplomats are are just now voicing their about the u.s. presidential election is a farce. the news agency should know better. they didn't quote a single person and suggesting that foreign diplomats are critiquing and complaining about donald trump that is nothing new. i spent eight years in the multilateral arena and hearing from 192 countries on a daily
10:47 am
basis. international diplomats love to talk about american politics. they want to know who is up and down. in 2008, there was a lot of concern about barak obama when he was running. all hear concerns that he was not prepared and he was too young and naive. and so if we want to talk about the foreigners and foreign diplomats talking about the u.s. presidential election like most people in the world, the presidential election has caused a lot of people to come out with opinions. and this is nothing new and should not be a story dumping on donald trump. >> so our viewers get the gist of what they had to say. here is the sentence. foreign diplomats are expressing alarm about what they say are insulting public statements by donald trump. according to senior u.s.
10:48 am
officials. officials from europe, and latin american and asia complained in private conversations about p the xenophobic nature of trump's statements said three officials that declined to be identified. they don't want their names associated with the story? >> these reporters know better p. this is their agenda, trying to quote an anonymous source from the the state department that they are concerned about trump. if it is coming out of washington, there is very few times that state department types are talking to foreign diplomats, it doesn't happen that long. when you are in washington, there is not that many opportunities to be in the setting. if it was coming out of the u.n., it would be different. you are walking and talking with international diplomats on a daily basis. but it is coming out of the
10:49 am
washington and anonymous sources and what they fail to tell you, that foreign diplomats love to talk politics and love to talk american politics and handicapping the race. >> how much do we know about donald trump's foreign p.m.s p. bret baier tried to pin him down on that. >> mr. trump you deflected calls for national security or defense policy plans and claiming that you will ask the best people when you are president obama and who are the best president. can you reveal 2 or 3 napes that you trust for national. >> richard hausz is excellent. general kaine is excellent. i like cornell jacobs very much and i see and know him. and i have many people that are excellent. in the end it is my decision. >> they are excellent. but not that they agreed to join
10:50 am
my administration. i thought that was interesting. >> none of them advised him. he goes back to poll 99s. and conservatives should be concerned that he is saying richard hausz. >> rick, thank you. >> trump, when it comes to foreign policy. and brand new anti- trump ads airing in florida and when they claim he is unfit to president and plus, his response. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential
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gretchen carlson happy monday. new polls shows a change in the gop presidential race after the fox news debate. what went up and who went down after that slugfest? chris steigerwald is going to
10:54 am
break it down for us. plus, remembering nancy reagan through the eyes of her confused person at the reagan library. and a look at the ranch where mrs. reagan left things completely untouched over the last 20 years. plus, geraldo gives his take about whether the jury cared whether o.j. was guilty or not. join us, top of the hour. happening now a new advertising add aimed at donald trump ahead of the winner take all florida primaries. steve harrison is live in miami with the details on that. >> reporter: at least four super pacs are putting money in antitrump advertising before the primaries. for the $10 million spent on ads, one organization, american future funds, has produced a 30 second telephones ad which makes the claim that donald trump the run front-runner is too vulgar
10:55 am
to become president. >> mother booep. he gets the nomination they are going to sue his bleep. bleep. i don't give a blooem. they are going to beat the [ bleep ]. they are ripping the bleeth out of -- what the hell are they doing. >> you are not going to raise the [ bleep ]. and you can tell them go [ bleep ] to hell. >> in that 30 second ad he cursed ten times, that's one swear every three seconds. political analysts here in florida say ads like this are not tied to any issue, and are trying to generate a feeling and that they are targeted towards a very specific voter group. >> it's the older voters who go out and vote in these primaries. and it's exactly those people that these campaigns might target. and they might say look at this filthy talk. and older voters aren't going to like that. >> it is exempted in the republican primary here next week that as many as one in three voters will be at least
10:56 am
aged 65 or older. jenna? >> interesting steve. donald trump taking to twitter a few hours ago and says this, don't believe the millions of dollars of phony television ads by lightweight rubio and the taebment. dishonest people. the advertising people certainly getting trump's attention. we'll see where it goes from here and the impact. the dramatic rescue of a dog stuck on thin ice. how long saidy fought to survive before help finally arrived. our final story is next. to truly feel healthy on the outside
10:57 am
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that's why i run on quickbooks. details. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. the final 30 now on the dramatic rescue of a dog trapped on the ice of a reservoir in utah. sadie was out there four days and three nights in the cold and with theity ice starting to melt time was running out. sheriff's deputies were able to pull her safely out of the water. >> she is now back home recovery. her owner thinks someone deliberately let someone out of the backyard. but now she says she is checking
11:00 am
on sadie every five minutes. how could you not? she is a survivor. >> get out the old air boat and rescue sadie. that's a great story. thank you for joining us today. >> "the real story" starts now. hi everyone. there is a new poll showingt a tighter race on the gop state in one of the states up for grabs tomorrow. welcome to the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. this is a new monmouth university poll. it has donald trump leading in michigan, 36% support heading into tomorrow's primary there. behind him, ted cruz and john kasich neck-and-neck with 23% and 31% respectively. marco rubio behind the rest w. h 150 delegates will be awarded in total between michigan, hawaii, idaho, and mississippi. the republicans racing to rack up the 1237 needed for the


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