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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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on sadie every five minutes. how could you not? she is a survivor. >> get out the old air boat and rescue sadie. that's a great story. thank you for joining us today. >> "the real story" starts now. hi everyone. there is a new poll showingt a tighter race on the gop state in one of the states up for grabs tomorrow. welcome to the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. this is a new monmouth university poll. it has donald trump leading in michigan, 36% support heading into tomorrow's primary there. behind him, ted cruz and john kasich neck-and-neck with 23% and 31% respectively. marco rubio behind the rest w. h 150 delegates will be awarded in total between michigan, hawaii, idaho, and mississippi. the republicans racing to rack up the 1237 needed for the nm nation.
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joining me now to do some math, chris steigerwald, the author of fox news first. out of the gate let's talk about this new monmouth poll, specifically about michigan because it appears that the results changed after the fox debate on thursday night. take look at your screen there. it looks like trump went down and kasich really surged along i guess with cruz staying pretty much the same. >> it's not a huge sample but large enough to be interesting here. there were two things that happened. it was the debate, which was an enormous can play grags. a hideous spectacle, the debate that had language and a lot of vicious attacking and a lengthy discussion about trump university and all of that stuff. but the other thing that happened on thursday was that mitt romney, whose father used for governor of michigan. >> right. >> mitt romney came out and said never donald trump. it can never ever ever be donald trump. whoever you like. whether you mike ted cruz or
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marco rubio or john kasich, whoever you like, it just cannot be donald trump. whether or not this is a watershed had this race, or just in michigan, i don't know. but certainly the debate and that together seems to have had some effect. >> there are some other interesting matchups that monmouth did as well. they did head to head match ups. when you look at donald trump versus rubio it's basically a dead heat. rubio is actually one point ahead. then when you look at trump versus cruz, cruz tops trump 48 to 41% a wider margin. how shall we analyze this? >> ted cruz is making i won't say an inrefutable but increasingly strong argument that he is the one that can do the distance with trump. remember the republican party is pretty evenly wided between the trump and the contra trump. the polls vary but a lot of republicans like trump lots dislike trump. the feelings are intense on both sides. for those who don't want it to be donald trump ted cruz has been making the case that he can
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be the one to go the distance. but the more moderate republicans say he is too conservative. but as they get more concerned about what donald trump would do they become increasingly receptive to cruz and he could be the guy who goes all the way. >> here's where we have to do math. the current gop del gatd jump, trump still on top, 384, cruz, 300. rubio, 151, john kasich, 37. how do you see this fleshing out as we move forward s. someone going get to the goldsen number? >> trump can get to the golden number. so can cruz. but it's going harder for him. from here on in, donald trump needs to approach about 60% of the delegates available. it is a threshold. if you don't hit the 1237 delegates you need to win the nomination, nobody has been nominating and then you horse trade and people make deals and see what happens. that would be dangerous for
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trumps because obviously if he doesn't win outright it's likely that the two senators and the governor who remain would be in a coalition instead of him getting over the top. for trump to mean he needs to approach about 60% of everything that's left. over the week he only got 31%. he needs to pump it up. >> chris, thanks much. we'll speak to the trump spokesperson in just a few minutes. on the dems side bernie sanders turning up the heat turning hillary clinton onto the defense last night. in michigan 130 delegates are at stake for the democrats. bernie sanders needs all the fire power he can muster. clinton is ahead 55 to 42%. she's also ahead in the race for delegates. as of today, she has 1130. sanders has 499. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live for us in detroit. fireworks in the didn't last night. set the table for the big event tonight at the fox news town hall. >> well, that's right, gechen.
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it's going to be 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight. bret baier hosting it with former secretary of state hillary clinton as well as senator bernie sanders. of course, the first time secretary clinton has been on fox for anything like that or anything else in something like two years. there were fireworks last night. they were going back and forth on the auto bailout. which was important to detroit and the entire state of michigan. it got so intense at one point that bernie sanders jumped in. and the clinton camp suggested maybe he was being sexist. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big difference. >> he will with, if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> through, 'em excuse me, i'm talking. >> if you are going to talk,
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tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> let me tell my story. you tell yours. >> i will. >> i thought -- we thought he was -- he sounded pretty desperate and disrespectful. >> janet palmieri communications director for the clinton camp suggesting sanders was desperate there. clinton camp saying he was sexist, sanders saying that's ridiculous, he was just trying to make his point. >> i understand you are going to take us behind the scenes for tonight's town hall between the democrats. can you give us an idea of where the general election might be heading. >> this is the gem theater, beautiful here in downtown detroit. it won't just be brett asking questions. we have undecided democrats. we've talked to some of them. they will be in the audience and be able to ask both sanders and clinton some questions. some who are undecided say they are undecided between sanders and not clinton, but sanders and
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donald trump, the republican front-runner. this is going to be a laboratory. remember, this is an open primary here in michigan tomorrow. both sides get to vote. the voters can vote on either side. one other quick thing. politicos saying bernie sanders is saying there have been suggestions in private from the clinton campaign they might want to take bernie sanderss that v.p. would he be open to that. define suggests not really but if she does it in the right way that might be something he might accept. >> never a dull moment especially when we are following you around. ed. thank you. >> good to is he you. thank you. so the nation today still mourning the loss of foreign ministerer first lady nancy reagan who died over the weekend at the age of 94. today president obama ordering flags flown at half staff at the white house, federal buildings and embassies all over the world in tribute to the great lady. >> we know the library is closed today. but people are still walking up to the front exit here trying to
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pay tribute to nancy reagan, leaving flowers and wreaths and letters out of respect for her. we just found out that sometime in the next 20 to 25 minutes gretchen, they will tell us the exact funeral plans for nancy reagan. it will happen about ten feet to my right. when that happens we will of course let you know a. logistical challenge for the reagan library because they have got scheduling with dignitaries and heads of state. we understand that at some point that nancy reagan will have a public viewing here. we just don't know if that's going to be wed anesday and thursday or just thursday. if you think back 12 years to when the former president's public viewing was people waited in line for hours and hours to get in to pay their respects. they also believe there will be a significant number of people who want to come here this week and pay their respects to the former first lady. we anticipate the funeral will be sometime toward the end of the week. again we'll find that out in
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very short order. it's unclear if president obama will actually be here. michele obama will attend. the white house still hasn't decided that. but the president did make a statement about nancy reagan earlier this morning. listen. >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her. and i'm sure he'd be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> yeah, and those who don't know, nancy reagan was very heavily involved in the reagan library for the past 12 years. she has attended board meetings. she work out when debates would be scheduled there. and of course today we took a tour tlurr through the nancy reagan wing. it's kind of a showcase of our gowns and her jewelry and her favorite pictures. really a nice part of the reagan library. so we will see the public viewing probably wednesday or thursday. and then we're trying to figure
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out when the actual funeral will take place and who will be on hand for that. if president obama does come, by the way, gretchen, he won't be in this. this is an old 707. he will in fact be in a 747. times have changed in aviation and air force one over the past 30 plus years. went inside that airplane just a few months ago and it was fantastic to see how technology has certainly changed in 2016. we're also going to be speaking to joanne drake a spokesperson there in just a couple of minutes. maybe she will fill us in first about those funeral arrangements. time for my take. much has been made of the candidates of which president would be most like president ron reagan. i had the honor of meeting him in the oval office when i was a student at stanford university. i never forget him saying to me, wow, great school, it's a shame it's getting so liberal. all these years later i was honored again to see firsthand the life that reagan shared,
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visiting and speaking at the reagan library, where trace just was in southern california. for all the pomp and circumstance you would think would could. from being the president of the united states where you truly get "the real story" about the reagans is at the reagan ranch in santa barbara. there the modest way the reagans chose to li. the clothes still in thor closet as he left them 20 years ago. if focus on their relationship not the material things. the remembrances of mrs. reagan today take us back to a simpler time and at a time now where the infighting within the gop has grown so fierce maybe we wish we were still there. speaking of candidates, donald trump battling the republican establishment as he attempts to win his way to the pregnant nomination. what rush limbaugh, mitt romney and newt gingrich rich have to say about all of that. >> as that continues, no one person is going to have enough delegates to be nominated on the
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due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to the real story. time for real talk about donald trump and thinks battle with the republican main treatment, trump vowing a social media showdown as he face as fresh barrage of antitrump attack adds tweeting we cannot let the failing republican establishment who could not stop obama twice ruin the movement with millions of dollars in false adds. and this, i will be using facebook and twitter to expose marco rubio. trump lost two states over the weekend to senator ted cruz.
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>> it was a big night for ted cruz last night as you know and i think that's overwhelmingly because people are taking a closer look at donald trump. when they talk for instance about immigration and releasing those tapes for the new york ips times, we began talking about flexibility on immigration. flexibility? oh, that's clearly saying that what he said to the new york times is very different than what he is saying to the american people. he is not the real deal. 's phony. >> katrina pearson is a national spokesperson for the trump campaign. katrina great to have you back on "the real story." we have mitt romney again hammering your candidate saying he is not the real deal. i hear on "the real story" we want to get "the real story." let's look at what's happening in michigan now. it looks as if the fact is that possibly your candidate has gone down a little bit in the new poll that we just showed a couple of minutes ago. has mitt romney, where his father was governor of that state, has he had some impact on making your candidate less
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effective? >> well, hi gretchen, good to see you as well. i'm not really sure. we'll have to see what happens. but this is also coming from the guy who lost to the guy who lost to obama and then lost to obama him. i really don't think republicans are taking what mitt romney has into consideration considering he couldn't get the job done himself. what we do know is that mr. trump is building such a massive coalition a broad coalition that can win in november. and the reason why you see these republicans out there fighting against him is mr. mr. trump is not their guy. he is not guy they can control with their money and super interests and they are scared to death they are not going to have that power. >> a new poll coming out of monmouth. trump at 38%. rubio inching up, now at 30%. ted cruz, 17, john kasich 10%. i believe katrina the last poll
11:18 am
out of florida, donald trump was ahead by 18 points. here again it appears that the margin is narrowing. >> i think we always see that as we get closer to the actual election. the poll numbers always tend to come together. i think this is exactly what we are seeing. i think mr. trump is going to win florida. marco rubio's last stand, and again, his numbers can continued to go down, whereas mr. trump has pretty much held steady. and you know, he wasn't expected to win really anywhere when mr. trump entered this race. everyone counted him out early on. now he is the delegate leader. and the stakes moving forward -- the states moving forward are mr. trump's states. he is out there fighting for the working class and they know it and the they are supporting him. >> he said you don't want to peak too early. you want to peak at the right moment. florida and michigan are tomorrow. we have to see how this surge of other candidates moving towards donald trump will have an
11:19 am
effect. let's listen to former speaking of the house newt gingrich. now he is predicting we may in fact see some sort of a contested convention. want to get your thoughts after this. >> michigan tomorrow is going to be very, very important. there is at least polls now that showcasic closing the gap in michigan. and you can certainly fine that as remarkable as the trump phenomenon has been, he hasn't -- he hasn't converted from challenger to front-runner. and as a result he is losing the late deciders. >> what do you make of that, katrina. because the late deciders have been going mostly to marco rubio. and some to ted cruz. >> well, that was only recently as we saw during the s.e.c. late deciders did break for mr. trump as well as new hampshire. i will say yes we are getting closer to the end. everything is converging. mr. trump is still the front-runner and we may end up going to a contested convention. i hope not but we may actually
11:20 am
do that. but the trump team is ready for that. we have some of the strongest most passionate people out there supporting mr. trump. test only candidate that is personally invested in the success or failure of this country. his entire empire was built right here. this is what he is going to pass on as his legacy. it's up to him to make sure he can keep america great. >> two firemen respond to the call of a toddler having a seizure, rushing the young girl to the hospital, saving her life. so why have they now been suspended. plus we'll talk to the former spokesperson for first lady nancy reagan who will share some unique insight. her favorite memories on her life. that brings us to the question of the day, what is your favorite nancy reagan memory? tweet me @gretchen carlson, and hashtag, "the real story." i look forward to reading them and may share some of them at the end of the show.
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welcome back to "the real story." two virginia firefighters in trouble for driving a toddler to the hadn't. the captain and sergeant say they were first on the scene after a toddler suffered a violent seizure. their actions may have saved the child's life, but because they don't follow protocol they have now been suspended, unbelievably show. doug mcelway has the story. >> a lot of people are coming to these firefighters' defense. who can blame them. when the two pulled up to the scene outside a mcdonald's restaurant in fredericksburg virginia the little girl was
11:25 am
blue and was completely limp. the firefighters had a choice. wait for a ambulance that was ten or 15 minutes away or drive them to the hospital themselves in the fire truck which was unlicensed for medical transplant and which lacked the restraints and medical equipment. they placed her in the fire truck and put her on oxygen. and got her to the hospital within 13 minutes of the first 911 called. the gir survived thanks in part to the quick actions of the fire fighters. because they violated the department regulations they were suspended. >> i have to say i would do the exact same thing 100%, ten times out of ten. i sleep well at night knowing i provided good care to that young lady. >> the girl's father told fox 5 here in cash cash that he and his wife feel terrible for two firefighters. he said they simply had their daughter's best interests in mind. regulatory compliance issue is
11:26 am
now under review by the fire and rescue department, gretchen. >> it ims seems crazy. >> it does. >> it's why people don't help out. good samaritan is a thing in the past when you see examples of that happening. >> a lot of legal ramifications the potential for litigation. they did the right thing. i think most people would agree. >> republican front-runner donald trump doing he has never done before. a direction challenge for hillary clinton from her democratic rival bernie sanders, the vermont senator urging clinton now toly lease her speeches to wall street.
11:27 am
>> i release it. here it is. i don't give speeches to wall street.
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bottom of the hour. welcome back to the real story. michigan the next big prize in the white house with the primary set for tomorrow. there is a lot of delegates at stake. 69 for the gop. 130 for the democrat. mike emanuel is live in detroit. what's the buzz on the republican side ahead of the big michigan primary? >> gretchen there is a lot of excitement about ohio governor john kasich and if he can show
11:31 am
serious strength here in the midwest. trump has made two stops here last friday holding events in warren and cadillac. his campaign says it has vigorous get out the vote efforts with five staff members directing hundreds of volunteers. the state gop chair is neutral in the republican primary but says she expects high turnout. >> people are passion add. they are very concerned about where this country is headed under barack obama and what a third term of bom obama will be, essentially with hillary clinton. so they want to see a shift in the white house. and they are going to be engaged on march 8th. >> reporter: another fact loor likely to help turnout is the mild weather here in michigan i'm standing here in a suit jalkt in greek town here in detroit. gretchen. >> that's why you have a smile on your face. i'man vee yousz. okay. so what are we going to see on the democrat side?
11:32 am
>> both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have invested tremendous time and energy trying to win in michigan. sanders continues doing large enthusiastic rallies in places like kalamazoo earlier today, tried to inspire his supporters to turn out tomorrow. we stopped by the clinton campaign headquarters in detroit earlier where volunteers were preparing to call folks asking them to vote clinton. and they also have a lot of union support trying to deliver her a victory. >> the people who canvasst, the people who knock on doors, make phone calls, to me, they are the real heros of politics. because they are making it real. and i know we have all these new fangseled ways on social media and talking to people that way. and there's lots of money spent on ads. but the direct connection between workers to workers. >> reporter: clinton trying to
11:33 am
deliver sanders a knockout blow here in michigan while sanders is trying to prove he can win in the rust belt. gretchen. >> mike emanuel live in detroit in the warm weather. fallout from theiery fisoff where senator bernie sanders snapped at hillary clinton when she tried to cut him off. look at the he can change that her campaign now is calling sexist. >> if you are talk to being the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> fur' going to talk, tell the whole story senator sanders. >> let me tell my story. you tell yours. >> i will. >> joining me now, jessica ehrlich, and mercedes schlapp. jess car, you know, the clinton campaign saying he was snippy with mrs. clinton, and maybe it was sexist. i thought it was a great he can change. they both had great lines.
11:34 am
and for once it was nice to see a little sniping doing on on the democratic side as well. what did you make of it? sexist? >> i didn't find it to be that sexist, more just sort of general lack of decorum within the political debate. it's no longer what you think of as a traditional lincoln slg/douglas debate. now it's who can be louder, who can talk over whom,co who can make their point and going back and forth. it is a wild thing to watch. it is the first time the democrats have gotten little away from the very polite we're not going to talk about e-mails, we're going to stick to policy sort of thing that has been frankly a huge ratings getter for the republicans. >> some people wish they would talk more about the e-mails and have bernie sanders bring it up. mercedes, if you jump fast forward and take the two leaders right now, clinton and trump, what might trump do to mrs. clinton in debate if they are worried about bernie sanders sniping a little and calling that sexist? oh, my good snoons right.
11:35 am
it's not only the first time that clinton has said that sanders has been sexist. this is the second time, actually. it's one of the easiest play cards that she uses. and with trump we know exactly what -- he has previewed where he will go with this. he will go after bill clinton her husband as being a serial woman abuser, the fact that bill clinton has been sexist. i think for hillary clinton, you know, the rules will be very different if it does end up becoming a clinton versus trump exchange. i think as she comes across as being this weak victim and playing the sexis card it doesn't work with young women voters. donald trump has to be careful that he doesn't go too far because you don't want to turn off women voters. >> a fine line there. okay. let's talk about a hand raising gesture. we're talking about hands in a different way this time than last week. raising eyebrows on the campaign trail nonetheless. donald trump is right in the thick of the controversy again.
11:36 am
>> i do solemnly swear that i, no matter how i feel, no matter what the conditions, if there's hurricanes or whatever, will vote on or before the 12th for donald j. trump for president! >> i think he likes to talk about hands. here we have, show of hand if you are going to support me. some people jessica looked at this and said they did some sort of a hitler reference saying this is taking it too far, being authoritarian, how did you read it? >> certainly, i think that's the underlying undercurrent that's going been going on about trump, references tweeting mussolini. was he actually reading hitler's speeches and that sort of thing? i think this was really another attempt for him to get out the vote in an orthodox way.
11:37 am
fumbling it yet again. it's funny to mention hurricanes, we privilege in florida, that's always a possibly. he wants people to get out there and vote for him. his lack of a ground game has always been an issue. he mentioned march 12th. it's march 15th that they vote. >> you know mercedes, i love how it always works for whatever side you happen to be talking about. because in the first debate they asked the candidates to raise their hands if they would ever thinking about running as a third party. now we are making a big deal about donald trump ache asking for a show of hands. >> republican party first asking donald trump to make sure he would pledge to support the nominee for the republican side. i think this is another way donald trump is trying to ask the voters to support him. of course he does it in an unconventional way. i think the other candidates should ask their voters to pledge support to them. the way the race is starting to
11:38 am
shape up, up the other candidates have got to be nervous. >> mercedes, jessica, thanks much. >> thank you. >> thank you. a fox news alert. we do have here at fox new details about nancy reagan's funeral arrangements as people across the country continue to pay tribute to mrs. reagan. the former first lady being recognized among other thing for her amazing devotion to her husband. joanne drake is my guest. great to see you. i wish it was under better circumstances but i'm happy to have you on "the real story" today. i'm wondering if you can share details about the mrs. reagan's funeral arrangements now. >> actually, thank you for having me. we have just in the last two minutes confirmed the arrangements, so i'll let you no he that starting wednesday, around noon, mrs. reagan's body will be brought from the funeral home to the reagan library. there will be a small family service in the late morning.
11:39 am
and then starting at 1:00 that afternoon, there will be an opportunity for the public to come and pay their respects. there will be details of course released as to parking and bussing situation. if you have been to the reagan library, you know that we sit on top of a magnificent hill but we have one road. so we have some transportation issues and we are asking the public to stay in touch with us and get on our website to figure that out. there will be a second opportunity a short opportunity, on thursday late morning into early afternoon. and then we will close down that opportunity as we prepare for the funeral service, which will be held on friday morning beginning at 11:00 pacific time. >> okay, joanne. once again, there will be two opportunities for the public to come and pay their respects to mrs. reagan. wednesday a short time on thursday, and the funeral will be friday, 11:00 a.m. eastern -- or that is pacific time. 2:00 p.m. during "the real story" here friday.
11:40 am
mrs. reagan's funeral. >> right. >> joanne, i had the opportunity to be with you there at the reagan library last summer. and one thing that i will never forget in my whole life was when you took me to the grave site of the president. and the emotion that you still showed, even -- i'm sure you've been there hundreds or even thousands of times. and now to think that nancy will be there with her husband, explain for our viewers how important it is that they are together in that wonderful place. >> well, i think if you ever loved someone, and many of our viewers have, you know that you want to be with them forever, whatever forever is for you. and i -- yesterday when i was told that she had gone, my first thought was of course sadness. but then honestly, i got a smile on my face knowing that she is back in the arms of her husband. there aren't two people in the
11:41 am
world that i've ever met that loved each other so much. they respected one another. they looked to each other for advice and counsel. but they respected each other's positions too. and i think their love story is something that we should all strive to understand. just the respect alone that they had for one another was extraordinary. so in that regard, i'm glad that she's where she belongs. i know the president is looking down upon us this week helping us get through some of the stressful times to make sure that the arrangements are what he would want for her. >> so well put. and i know that mrs. reagan requested that contributions be made to the ron reagan presidential library and foundation for people -- for more information, reagan joanne, i hope to see you again sometime under better circumstances, but we so appreciate your memory and your thoughts about mrs. reagan. thank you joanne.
11:42 am
>> thank you so much. coming up on "the real story," new possible evidence found on the former property of o.j. simpson, which could shed light on the murders of nicole simpson and ron gold nano. insight from geraldo rivera. he will join me live. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction.
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thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. shepard smith on the fox news desk. questioning a candidate's bravery hurt white house hopefuls in the past. of course that was before donald trump. we'll talk about the millions of dollars in advertising rgt at thatting the republican front-runner and why cantonese
11:46 am
says when we're dealing with donald trump it probably won't work. politics tops the news top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. back to "the real story" now. l.a. police investigate that knife allegedly found at o.j. simpson's former estate. the prosecutor would lost the murder trial against o.j. says guess what, it didn't matter how much evidence there was, because the mostly black jury didn't care if he was guilty or not. my next guest cuffed the case extensively airing the special for 20th anniversary. >> when you came upon this murder scene, describe the evidence to me. we've heard the expression a mountain of evidence. was there truly, mark fuhrman, a mountain of evidence? >> there was a mountain of evidence. when you say mountain of evidence, you are really describing how from the very beginning of the crime to where the suspect got rid of the weapon, cleaned himself up, and there was just a clear path from beginning to end.
11:47 am
>> fox news senior earned couldent geraldo rivera. i came home from work every night and watched you all the time talking about o.j. simpson. i couldn't get enough of your coverage. hard the believe all these years have gone by. now they supposedly fine this knife. would that have made any difference this this case? >> absolute lee not. marcia clark is precisely right. they could have had a videotape of the actual murder and it would have made no difference. this jury went in there to acquit this man. the irony is the whitest black man ever. he did nothing for the black community. he rejected the black community and being black and yet he cashed in in the trial of his life on the attitude in los angeles that prevailed following the rodney king beating and the aquital. white cops who beat the black motorist. there was such a racial divide
11:48 am
in l.a. johnny dock iran and the dream team saw it and drove a train through it. >> i was going to say his attorneys saw that and figured out that might be his ticket free. >> his only ticket. >> only ticket. because the evidence was incredibly against him. let's listen to marcia clark who was the prosecutor. because the bloody glove, nobody will forget ever seeing that come out in the courtroom when o.j. put it on. here's what masha thinks about that. >> i never wanted him to try on the evidence glove. that was chris's all. i was miserable from the moment that chris said no i'm doing this. i never expected anything good to come from it. darden said to he moo i'm sorry. i said it's okay. if that lost the case for us, we were never going to win anyway. >> okay. and then follow up with this. this is another quote about the jurors. they came in for the purpose of pay back. this is from marcia clark. they didn't care whether he was guilty or innocent. they were going to use this case for pay back. do you agree with her, geraldo, that whether or not they did that bloody glove thing, chris
11:49 am
darden doz that, the same thing you just fold me. >> the bloody glove, over time it shrinks with the blood on it. he struggles to get it on. if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit. that was the hook johnnie cochran give the jury. i disagree with marcia, i don't think the jury went theren there to acquit o.j. they were grasping at anything they could find as reasonable doubt. the glove not fitting was enough for them to hang the acquittal on it to say he was not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> what about race relations now? has anything changed in your mind. >> i don't think -- from ig everything that happened, tree john martin, to the pink houses, all over the country there is this same tension i think that race will speak when it comes to criminal justice time and time
11:50 am
again. simpson and this trial perhaps the most graphic example of the racial divide that existed 20 years ago and i maintain that it exists today. >> if you are watching >> amazing to go back and remember all those details. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning announcing his retirement. a look at the legacy he is lifing behind. >> i fought the good fight. i finished my football race, and after 18 years, it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
11:51 am
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. equals free tech support.s oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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11:53 am
it's the end of an era, peyton manning announcing retirement earlier today. the super super bowl 50 champion
11:54 am
leaves behind five mvp awards as and two super bowl titles. it was very emotional, was it not? >> reporter: it really was, gretchen. from the moment peyton manning took the mic he was choked up. he wasn't just saying goodbye to to the denver broncos bus life as a quarterback in a game he truly loves. >> players who are more talented but no one who could outprepare me, and because of that, i have no regrets. there's a scripture, i have fought the good fight and finished the race and have kept the faith. well, i've fought a good fight, i've finished my football race, time. >> reporter: two-time super bowl champ was joined by his family, current players and former teammates as he went down the list of those he wanted to thank, reaching back to his days
11:55 am
and to indianapolis colts, and even though he had a left-foot injury this last season in the post season he led the mile-high city to a victory in super bowl 50, and now, gretchen, peyton manning says he is going on vacation. >> i heard that. so he still had to answer to some controversy. what was that? >> this past season some things from theñ past cropped up, including a documentary from al-jazeera that claimed he and other players received hdh, and today he was asked about allegations made 20 years ago that he sexually harassed a female sports trainer at the university of tennessee. >> i did not do what has been alleged, and i'm not interested in re-litigating something that happened when i was 19 years old. i kind of like my dad used to say when i was in trouble, can't say it any plainer than that. and so this is the joyous day,
11:56 am
and it's a special day, and like forrest gump said, that's all i have to say about that. >> reporter: and well wishes from all over coming in, a lot of his former teammates and current teammates saying he helped them become better athletes. gretchen. >> it was an amazing speech. thank you. a truck crashes into a parked car. routine, right? well, it's who is behind the wheel that will shock you. thougd start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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this is quite a trick. curious lab bore retriever jumps behind the wheel of an idling tractor-trailer and then takes a joy ride. it shard into a tree and hit a parked car and then stopped. no driver was in sight until a dog looked out the driver's side window.
12:00 pm
>> viewers share favorite memories of nancy reagan. jim says mrs. reagan kissing the president's casket. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast, and across america, ted cruz is closing in on donald trump and now they're both calling for marco rubio to drop out. but rubio and john kashich are vowing to stay in the fight and win their home states. as for the democrats, they're taking the stage hours from now in a town hall here on fox news channel, and hillary clinton days -- darkest days in the white house. remembering nancy reagan. the nation gets ready to officially say goodbye. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. polls now show donald trump ready


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