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  Hannity  FOX News  March 7, 2016 10:01pm-10:20pm PST

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dess. one of those being the all-important state of michigan. nbc news/wall street journal" marrist poll shows that important state had donald trump ahead with 41% of the vote. senator cruz in second with 22% and senator rubio with 17%, kasich in fourth with 13%. a brand new monmouth university michigan poll shows trump on top and then cruz and rubio and here with reaction, republican presidential candidate donald trump. good to see you. there's a fox 2 poll with you up by 13. in the biggest state in tomorrow's contest. how do you feel about where you are in michigan? >> well, you just made me feel very good. i hadn't heard these numbers. those numbers are really terrific. i love the people of michigan. i'm fighting hard for them.
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i'm talking about the car companies going out to mexico. i won't let it happen. we won't lose the industries anymore. we have been the foolish country for so long with this free trade but it's not free trade because it doesn't work. not working. you look at the deficits we have so i think michigan and the people of michigan know really they know that i'm going to protect them. they're great people. >> everyone says when you talk about this fighting for tougher trade deals and protectionist. i hear you're going to go in there, bang on the table and get better trade deals that will fix this imbalance, especially with countries like china and mexico. i don't hear -- i never heard you say the word protectionist not one time. >> not at all. >> what is your answer? >> not at all. they say it for their own reasons. look. i love free trade, the concept of free trade, everything about it is good. i went to the wharton school of finance, smart trade, trade that's good for the united
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states. not just for the other countries and if you look at china and frankly vietnam now is doing a big number and you look at japan and india and mexico -- killing us at the border and killing us with trade. you look at ford. ford is building a $2.5 billion plant in mexico for cars, trucks and parts and has nothing to do with anything. i love free trade and we need leadership for real free trade. we have leadership that doesn't know what it's doing. the people of michigan and the people of our country, we have lost our industries. such a big chunk of our industries and jobs and i won't let that happen. it won't happen anymore, believe me. >> mr. trump, i would argue that this is a two-man race and unless rubio and kasich show wins on the board, to me it's a two-man race. you said you want to go
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mono-a-monowith ted cruz. it's the question i'm frequently asked about you. as i go on social media, it seems to be a very strong trump contingent and people respect budging. strong supporters and ted cruz supporters. and there's a battle going on between you two. single most named criticism or question i get, tell me where donald trump is conservative. explain how he'll be conservative. i want to give you that opportunity to explain to people because no one ever asks you that. >> sure. i mean, i would like to do that. at the same time, i don't like labels, necessarily. a label doesn't mean very much. coming to conservative, i happen to be conservative. i'm very, very strong on energy independence as you know. i think that's the most conservative position. and i have the most conservative position on that. i'm very, very so-called conservative on the military. i want it very, very strong military. i want to build up -- our military is totally depleted. taking care of the vets as part
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of that situation. nobody is more conservative coming to trade than i am. now, you can go and you can say, well, gee i'm not a free trader but i am but i'm also a free and smart trader and the united states gains something so i think you would agree. you have been dealing with me or a long time. >> i agree with you. i want better trade deals. >> smart trade. not just suck the jobs and money out of the system. looking at china done to us over 15 years, horrible. outrageous when they get away with it. we want to repeal and replace obamacare. we're going to. obamacare is a total disaster for this country. a total an complete disaster. we are going to come up with plans and there are lots of alternatives. coming up with plans far less expensive. better for the people and the country. i'm certainly very conservative coming to education. we are getting rid of common
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core, we will have education at a local level. there's so many different things and really very conservative getting right down to it. i don't like even -- >> axis -- >> cut taxes. my plan, larry cud low, a fantastic guy, i think likes my plan the most. cutting taxes about the most and, you know, we're the highest taxed nation in the world. our middle class is just reeling from the taxes. and you know, the you think about it, the middle class and the workers of this country who built the country, they haven't had a raise in 12 years. they're making less now actually to be even worse about it, they're making less now than 12 years ago. i'm in mississippi right now. i have a group of 8,000 people going to speak to and the people came up to me just a little whiling a saying we're making less money now than we made eight and ten and 12 years ago. that should n't be. that's not true with a lot of other countries. it shouldn't be. >> median income down thousands of dollars, millions more in poverty, food stamps and out of
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the labor force. >> right. >> it's kind of amazing to me people don't hear it and i'm trying to explain to people because i think there's some people saying they're going to pick up the toys and go home if their guy doesn't win an you want energy independent. hillary doesn't want that. strong on the military. straight out of reagan's playbook. trade when you mentioned. obamacare. you also said when you gave the specifics you support health care savings accounts. that's on the website right now. >> 100%. 100%. so simple. so good. so much less expensive. it's much better. you can have your plan. you really have an asset. you can go anywhere with it. you know? beyond state lines. do whatever you want with it. you know? it's just so much better. and you know what? it gives medium the incentive to negotiate because it's theirs. not dealing with government bureaucrats. it's theirs, their money. they want to spend as little as possiblement they walk in and give me everything under the kitchen sink. they have an incentive to spend
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wisely. the health care savings accounts are such a good thing, such a good idea. you have liked it for years. >> i have. >> long before i real. >> knew too much about it. and then, you know, i started looking and it was always amazing to me that the politicians didn't -- they hardly even considered it when they were talking about obamacare. and -- >> between energy -- >> just a disaster. >> between energy independence, the repatriated money to bring back money they had parked overseas, that would be highly taxed to bring it back, those two things i think would go a long way to growing the economy, creating millions of jobs and spending less. i think i'm pulling you in on the penny plan in areas outside the military. >> yeah. well, i like the concept of the penny plan. not for the military. because the military we have to build up. we can save more than a penny probably most cases looking at it. it's a pretty good plan. and it's a pretty simple plan.
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and, you know, it's something i think in some cases a penny is nothing compared to the kind of numbers then you get to fraud, waste and abuse. the fraud and the waste and abuse and everybody agrees to solve that problem but it's, you know, mind boggling the kind of numbers so we can get our budgets in place. one thing we really have to take care of, you know, the health care is less money and much better health care. >> let me ask this. >> so you understand -- >> yeah. i don't want to interrupt you but, you know, you can also add to the list i guess you're conservative on immigration, the issue of people, refugees coming into the country. >> well, i'm the most conservative, yeah. sure. >> when your opponents say you're not conservative, why don't you say all that to them? i watched you in debates and i'm just curious why you haven't just said i'm conservative here, here, here, and here. >> i don't know. i think you're given 30 seconds, an answer in 30 seconds and the crazy debates and, you know, according to drudge and all the
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people that do the polls, ridiculous, mr. trump, explain why you're conservative. you have 19 seconds left. okay? and again, i like -- >> i don't mean to laugh but it's true. >> i know. it is true. you have 19 seconds to speak. i'll tell you what. i'll tell you that like obamacare is an example. it's going to die of its own weight but we have to kill it sooner. in '17 it's so astronomical and expensive and look at the labor force, sean, where people have part time jobs, people that never had a part time job in their lives, people that have worked for a company 20 and 30 years are working for the same company as a part timer. because of obamacare. because of the basic advantages of doing that for an employer. there are so many problems that we have tn out so simply. but no. i'm a conservative. i would say that you just said it best. right now. because who's better than me on the border and immigration?
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sheriff joe, he's -- his definition is best and the toughest. he called up. he said you're the right guy, the toughest guy for it. that's a pretty good thing. >> we have to take a break. i want to ask you about mitt romney said in the brokered convention idea and john kasich said is exciting. i think it's a bad idea. we'll have more with donald trump right after this break. quick programming note, this wednesday we'll be interviewing trump for the hour in fayetteville, north carolina, at the crown center arena in front of a crowd. if you want to be there and if you live in and around the area, go over to right now for details. sign up for the event when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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a commuter train derailed in the san francisco bay area, injuring at least 14 people. four of them are said to be in serious condition. but none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening. the altamont corridor express says the train went off the track and according to the alameda sheriff's office, the train overturned, and one train car ended up in the alameda creek. it's partially submerged right now. emergency personnel are at the scene. alameda county fire says all passengers have been removed from the derailed train and are now being assessed. once again, a commuter train has derailed some 45 miles east of san francisco, and at least 14 people have been hurt. four of them have seriously injured. there were 214 passengers on board. on the train heading from silicon valley to stockton in central california.
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stay with fox news for more of this developing story. i'm kelly wright. now back to "hannity." welcome back. we continue now with candidate donald trump. all right. before i get to the brokered convention, you campaign had a brand new ad today. florida is a big state. you're leading there. must win for marco. let's roll this ad. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years defrauding the people of florida. as a legislator, he flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 from selling his house to the mother of the bill's lobbyist. he used the republican party's credit card to pave his driveway and to live it up to las vegas. when he got caught he said he used the wrong credit card but he used the same republican card for six flights between miami and tallahassee. and then billed the state for the same airline tickets and
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pocketed the cash until once again he got caught. on top of it all, rubio's been a total no-show in the u.s. senate with the worst voting record of all. marco rubio. another corrupt, all-talk, no-action politician. >> mr. trump, respond to that ad. why is that important? i read that they're going to put $25 million or more in ads against you so it's pretty brutal in florida. >> well, i think it's important because i've been hearing about it for years. jeb bush brought it up at the debate and doing it very well and then all of a sudden i don't know what happened but he was shot down and jeb should have kept going with that. he brought up the credit card situation. he brought up some other things about marco. he had this hanging over his head for a listening time. i live in florida practically. it's a second home. i have a lot of businesses there, i employ thousands and
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thousands of poem. i own trump national doral with the big golf tournament and won we adam scott yesterday. i have been hearing about his credit card problems so long, what he did with the republican party. you had people doing the checking, accounting people and other people, i mean, they were devastated that nothing was done with rubio because of what he did. and, you know, it says it in the ad. maybe he can prove otherwise. a total non-show senator. he was elected to be a senator and he is all over the country. he is not voting. he is not voting. this is beyond just the electoral. you know, the election stuff. he doesn't go to the united states senate. i must say, if i were a united states senator i would be so honored to be in that magnificent chamber voting for the people of florida. i think the people of florida fed up. i don't think he can -- i may be wrong but i don't think he can
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be elected dogcatcher in florida. i have so many -- you know, i'm in florida all the time. i just left florida to come to mississippi. i'm going back to florida. i'll tell you what. the people in florida think that he's literally defrauded them because you look at what he does. he never goes and votes. never over there. he has one of the worst of records of voting in history. >> 18 of the 20 contests now won by outsiders, insurgents. you have won the overwhelming majority of them. ted cruz's in second place. and, you know, marco won minnesota and puerto rico yesterday. okay. fair enough. but the establishment has thrown all the pmoney and i assume ten of millions more against you and an equation emerging, prevent, keep the guys in. let's push rubio in florida, push kasich in ohio, john kasich says that's exciting to have a brokered convention. that seems to me to be designed to stop you or ted cruz.
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whoever has more delegates at the end of this, not making 1,237, why do i believe that's purposely done to stop you? do you not see it that way? >> well, i think you're right. it is designed to stop somebody, maybe it's me because i have won more than ted has won but ted is certainly in second place and ted is doing very, very poorly. i will tell you it's for some reason. one of the biggest story in all of politics, worldwide, in this country, for decades is what's happened with the republican party. do you know that people coming out to vote are up 50%, 60%? >> massive. massive. >> over 100% -- >> why. >> i'll take full credit for that. i'm taking 100% credit. >> i don't doubt that's a big part of it but any -- >> do you know that this is the biggest story in all of politicians worldwide? and people talk about it. but they don't talk about -- this is such a great thing for the republican party an instead of dividing and fighting, we
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should take advantage of it. you know who the people are coming out to vote? democrats and independents. they're coming out by the millions. we have millions, 5 million people coming out to vote out of nowhere. it's never happened before. i've been on the cover of "time" magazine i think four times now. i'm on this week also. four times now in the last few months and a lot of it is because of this. they have never seen this happen before. >> listen. >> instead of the republicans fighting, sean, they should say, this is a blessing. >> yeah. i