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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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attacks against christians is a genocide? there's a haggling about what a hate crime is. congress asked to have a determination by march 17. that's coming up next week. midnight eastern. >> welcome to fox news world headquarters in new york. the nerve central for our coverage of tonight's primary season contests. this is a fox news alert. voters in four states, michigan, hawaii, idaho and mississippi are making decisions right now that could bolster the campaigns of front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton. or those voters could breathe new life into the efforts of ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and bernie sanders. let's see what we're learning so far. my colleague is here with the early exit poll data.
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>> we're talking to voters in mississippi and michigan as they leave the polling places. these are early results. the number are still coming in so keep that in mind. let's first to go michigan. the biggest prize of the day and our first look at a midwestern industrial or rust belt state. where do the late deciders go? this weekend's contest hs some wondering if donald trump might be losing some altitude. cruz, 31% of the late deciders. trump got 23. rubio got 10%. >> plus a lot of discussion. some pressure for the field to narrow and put the momentum behind one candidate. let's see what might happen there. in michigan, if rubio and kasich vote her to change their support and choose between trump or cruz, where would they go? 47% would go to ted cruz. trump would pick up 15% and 31%
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said if they couldn't vote for trump or cruz they would stay home. fewer republicans sporpt banning muslims than we've been seeing. fewer are angry with the government and more feel betrayed by their party. plus over half agree with donald trump that trade with other countries has taken jobs away from the united states. >> so take a look at this. a lot more unity on the other side. they say they would be happy with either one being their nominee. how does the gop feel about their choices? over all, two-thirds are
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strongly behind their candidate. yet many voters either like their guy with reservations, about 26% of those or downlight dislike them. 26 and dislike the others, 8%. so we're just getting started. a lot more numbers coming in. this is just the first wave that we've got. we'll bring you more when we get them. a big night this evening would put even more distance between them. ahead of high stakes contests next week in ohio and florida. in jupiter, florida. good evening. >> reporter: another night of election returns and another night where trump will not have a rally. instead, it is effectively a press conference. we're here at his golf club. tonight it will be reporters and a handful of friends and family
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here for the election returns. we're talking about hawaii which is five hours behind eastern time. a late night. a pretty fair bet to say most of the candidates won't be up when the returns finally come in. >> trump's favored in all of them. they're open primaries in which democrats may vote. they allow only republicans. 150 delegates are at stake overall. trump leads the race. ted cruz is second with 300 delegates and six wins. marco rubio is shird with 151 delegates and two wins. john kasich with 37 delegates has yet to win anything. trump is in florida where he hopes to knock out roibl and collect all ninl winner take all delegates. trump's first attack ad is playing in the senator's home state. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years defrauding the people.
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he admitted after some double talk that he has not. >> yes, there is a team. i met with far more than three people. and i'll be forming a team at the appropriate time he repeated his tactic of challenging supporters to raise their hands and pledge loyalty. >> do you swear if you're going on vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> ted cruz observed the pledge of allegiance is the flag and the country. >> the idea, to pledge loyalty like a pledge to a king. we've had seven years of that. >> 2012 mitt romney whose recorded robo call. >> if we republicans were to clues trump as our nominee, i believe that the prospect of for a safe and prosperous future
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would be greatly diminished. ? the better business bureau saying trump university does not currently have an "a" rating with the bbb. there has been no rating sense september 2015. prior to that it fluctuated between d minus and a plus. besides that and the fraud investigation by the new york general dating back to 2013, trump released a video defending the failed enterprise yesterday. >> there is been so much talk about trump entrepreneurship. >> his rivals say he is misrepresenting all sorts of things including his own politics. still, it is likely that trump train keeps on rolling. carl cameron. thanks. what do you think?
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in that go to facebook or twitter. hillary clinton has more than doubled bernie sanders in delegates so far. even though she is talking more and more about the fall election, sanders is not going away. the chief white house correspondent is with the clinton campaign in cleveland where she will later hold a rally. >> clinton is being very careful not to be seen as trying to push sanders out of the race. though she gave what she might call a gentle nudge. others are speculating about a possible clinton/sanders ticket. she started the task of suggesting democrats and their primary battle while trying not to offend. >> the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> child clinton did not directly call for sanders to get out of the race, she is racking up a big lead.
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she's about halfway to the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. with her big leads among super delegates, she has a total of 1134 delegates to sanders' 499. when the youngest questioner to the fox news town hall -- >> do you consider him an enemy or an ally? clinton claim me and the social rift allies. >> we have differences and we are passionate about our positions and our differences. and like we saw in the debate last night. we air those difference about issues. compare that to the republicans. >> yet if cleanse wraps up the election, she may have difficult winning back the sanders supporters. >> when hillary reaches out, i feel like she is looking at us
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as statistics, voters. >> though a top strategist seems to crack the due open. when asked if sanders would continue being her running mate. >> of course, anyone would. >> would he be your vp choice in. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. i don't want to think any further ahead than tomorrow and the michigan primary. >> pressed by katie that couric of yahoo! news, if he is interested in being vp. the re >> thank you. hillary clinton is sticking with her story that she is not worried about the fbi investigation into her e-mail scandal. last night, i talked with her about it during the town hall in
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detroit. tonight, the chief correspondent kathy ridge has a fact choke what we heard. >> during town hall, hillary clinton said she handed over all her e-mails. >> what we turned over were more than 30,000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system, bret. >> in fact it shows a personal decision flying in the face for all state department employees. and a 2011 cable for then second clinton's office advised against the use of personal e-mail accounts for personal work. >> the government has forced the disclosure that has been nothing voluntary. >> she said and and her aides were not the focus. >> have you been the target of
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the investigation? >> absolutely not. >> a recent court filing says it is clinton's server and her team's. >> it is not a justice department policy to inform people who are not targets of investigations, one, that they're not a target, and two, that others are not either. on classification, clinton said the state department is the decision maker. >> the state depar process for derrelling what is or isn't classified. if they determine it is, they mark i as classified who decides? >> the state department. >> that conflicts with regulations. it shows the agency that shows the information. also confirm, it was classified when it hit her server. not after the fact. >> i can tell you that hauf is
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really working to see if it is capable of doing what it is supposed to be doing. >> the top aides will be questioned under oath about the server and whether the set-up was done to skirt federal open laws. those depositions are expected this spring. >> thank you. the dow fell 110. the nasdaq was off 59. more you believe. trouble, missiles in iran. the court of appeal says william porter must tell. porter had argued he should not have to take the stand in those cases. he awaits retrial on charges against him. fox 32 in chicago where a woman
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attorney general loretta lynch is asking the white house to remove her name from consideration for the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. resulting from death of justice antonin scalia. a justice department spokesperson said she cites urgent issues at d.o.j. she says participating in the nomination pros woes curtail her effectiveness as attorney general. last monday you may remember i asked her about speculation.
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she might be in hine for that job. >> a growing number are calling on nominating you. have you been told you're under consideration? i haven't had those conversations and i'm extremely happy with my job as attorney general. >> more problems for president obama's relations with a potential enemy, iran. and a country that's supposed to be a close ally, israel. rich is at the white house with mixed messages from the middle east. success has eluded u.s. presidents for decades. with expectations of progress low, violence in the region escalating and relations between president obama and israeli prime are netanyahu consistently strained, vice president joe biden is in veal meeting today with the former israeli
3:19 pm
president shimon perez. >> i hope we can make some progress. >> the white house denies that biden is presenting a plan. however it is likely he discusses the issue. in a relationship definal by confrontation and bickering, another misunderstanding. the administration says the prime requested a meeting this month. the administration says it offered an invitation. and then u.s. officials say they learned through a press report netanyahu decided against the visit. >> there is no reason to consider this a snub. we would have preferred to have heard about it in person before reading about it in the media reports. >> reporter: the israelis reportedly told the administration earlier the trip was unlikely. already strained last year, it fell to its most contentious when the u.s. and others reached an agreement with iran on its nuclear program. this morning, iran conducted more ballistic missile tests.
3:20 pm
the white house is still determining whether it violated a united nations resolution. >> some of the behavior we've seen from randle of late is not the behavior would you expect to see from a nation that wants to be taken seriously. >> one national security analyst says it must avoid, offering incentives to become more peaceful. though he says the u.s. must demonstrate support for israel and the gulf states. >> i don't think we've sent clear signals. if anything, we seem to be dealing with the nuclear agreement as if it was some kind of legacy. and it won't be a legacy if iran acts out in other ways. >> if it determines the missile tests violate a u.n. resolution. it maintains the missile tests do not violated the terms of the separate randle nuclear deal. however, paul ryan said it has only gotten worse since that agreement. bret?
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>> live on the north lawn. thank you. israeli authorities say a 29-year-old american tourist was stabbed to death in tel aviv. at least nine other people were wounded. the mayor says the palestinian attacker was killed by police. the number of former guantanamo bay prison inmates suspected of returning to the battlefield doubles from 6 to 12 in the six months through january. the number is now confirmed back in the fight is seven. the figures come as republicans continue to criticize president obama's plans to close gitmo. a stunning admission today from the american military's top commando. there is no plan in place to recapture the syrian city of raqqah from isis terrorists. >> is there a plan to take raqqah back from isil using these forces? >> we have a strategy to get to raqqah.
3:22 pm
there is currently not a plan. >> then is in line to be the next leader of the command responsible for the middle east and the fight against isis. we make a pretty big feel about words here. president obama takes some grief for not saying the words radical islamic terror and now we're nearing an administration decision on the use of another term that carries a host of political implications. >> it appears to be one point of agreement across the presidential partisan divide. abling the atrocities against christians in the middle east as genocide. >> there is a concerted effort by isis and other terrorist groups to wipe out that history. to murder to the extent of
3:23 pm
general over sides, christians, other minority groups in the region. >> back in 2014, even secretary of state john kerry said the attacks bear all the warning signs and hall marks of genocide. yet when pushed to make a formal declaration on behalf of the christian victim of isis, kerry has hedged. >> it does require a lot of fact gathering. you have to get facts from the ground more than just -- >> mr. secretary, the whole world knows that christians are being slaughtered in the middle east. it's clear. >> the white house argues that the lack of a genocide designation is not stopping the administration from acting. it has not delayed aggressive act to protect religious minorities being targeted by soil. what ps is a tricky affair. it can trigger obligations tunneled convention on genocide which obligates parties to the
3:24 pm
genocide if it happens within their borders. if they will not or cannot, it may fall on other parties to the convention who could push the u.n. to provide military force among others things to stop the brutality. there's a real opportunity to have history look back and say, okay. there was the courage to do the right thing. >> as part of a reason appropriations bill, congress has given secretary kerry until march 17 on submit a detailed report about the isis atrocities again groups including middle eastern groups and whether or not they will call it genocide. >> thank you. we will check in with our reporters on the campaign trail in florida, north carolina and ohio just ahead. and this is a live look at jackson, mississippi, where voters are inside. casting ballots for the second biggest prize of the night. always good to see a live door. special report live from america's election headquarters continues after a break. hi i'm kristie.
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looking lye at voting in detroit as a lot of the polls are still open. they'll close in about an hour and a half. welcome back to fox news world headquarters in new york where we are following contests in four states. next week in several states including north carolina, ohio and florida. let's check in with our reporters covering the campaigns. the senior correspondent john roberts with ted cruz and his team in north carolina. good evening. >> reporter: ted cruz just wrapped up an event here. just as ted cruz was putting behind him all the allegations
3:30 pm
about political dirty trigs in iowa and south carolina, a volunteer organization in hawaii put out an e-mail that revived the whole narrative about dishonest politics. the organization which is called ted cruz sent out an e-mail that suggested that marco rubio is going to drop out of the race before next tuesday's florida primary and urged hawaii caucusgoers to vote for ted cruz instead of wasting their vote on a candidate who might not be on the that ballot a week from now. they quickly disavowed the group. they said to it cease and desist. here's what ted cruz had to say about it. this came from a volunteer in hawaii. not affiliated with the campaign. not working for the campaign. not under authorization. we have over 200,000 volunteers crawl the country. i cannot control what 200,000
3:31 pm
volunteers do. >> the e-mail came at a bad time for cruz who was increasingly looking like he would be the last man standing against donald trump. neil bush, the brother of jeb and george w., is joining the finance team. cruz is making a big play for florida. not trying to win it outright. certainly trying to peel off enough votes to deny marco rubio a come from behind victory and potentially, knock him out of the race next tuesday. >> thank you. aides to florida senator marco rubio says he knows how to win in florida and will win the sunshine states. 99 delegates. there by upending the dynamics and delicate math of the race. we always knew the first half of march would be a challenging stretch. a chief official told james rosen who is with the campaign adding we are way ahead in the
3:32 pm
early voting and an sentee ballots. the real clear voting shows trump up by 16 points but team rubio says the most recent surveys shows their man with momentum. >> these polls have been all over the place. i'm not worried about polls. we were 20 points down in virginia. and had we had another day, we would have beat. won there. >> meanwhile the rubio campaign is alleging dirty tricks. in particular you heard this e-mail, team cruz sent to hawaiians. the e-mail cites multiple news reports to the effect rubio's own advisers are urging him to bow out before florida. a cnn report rubio calls 100% false. this afternoon cruz said it was sent by volunteers in hawaii. you heard ted cruz say that, without authorization. for the latest from the kasich campaign.
3:33 pm
they are still a week away. the kasich campaign will be watching closely what unfolds in michigan. the campaign has been campaigning extensively and is running lots of ads. the republican primary, it neighbors ohio and shares a similar upper midwestern industrial economy. so he needs to carry the momentum back to his home state when they hold the winner take all primary. here in ohio, the real clear politics average shows donald trump in the heed with 34.5% of likely gop voters. when it come to delegate counts, kasich trails in fourth place with 37. but kasich supporters believe a good night in michigan could help him close the gap in ohio. looking ahead to july. if donald trump fails to win enough delegates, kasich could go into a contested convention
3:34 pm
and make an argument for his electricitiability in the general election. given his appeal to moderate voters and minutes from now, kasich support letters gather here in this convention hall to watch the returns coming from michigan and other states. the straight's office says it has received under 330 applications for an sentee ballots. that's slightly less than the number cast in the 2012 presidential primary. >> when we return. a crucial night of primary season voting as you look live there in detroit. the presidential hopefuls watching tonight in both parties. at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot.
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i believe the way to beat him is beat him at the ballot box by getting 1237 delegates. that's what we are fighting to do. >> we tend to do pretty darn well. >> to make america great again. playing it so michigan doesn't lose its car industry is the and other states don't lose their industries whatever they may be. >> if you vote vote yet, go vote. go vote so you can get the spend the next six days getting other people to vote. >> here in new york, steve hayes for the weekly standard. co-host of the five. charles kraut hammer. so you look at these exit polls. what do you see? >> it's pretty interesting looking at the exit polls for a number of reasons. one of the things that jumped out early is ted cruz.
3:40 pm
one of the questions about ted cruz' that questions, he does very well with very conservative voters. >> how does he do? judging from michigan and mississippi, these two states today, he does better. he was at 26% and 23% in michigan. that's an improvement over virtually every other state that cruz has competed in. i think if you're running the cruz campaign, you take heart. the other interesting thing i saw from these exit polls. you've had both donald trump and ted cruz say we he would like to have a head to head mano y mano. trump beat cruz head to head in mississippi. 51-42. in michigan. cruz beat trump 43-40. so interesting if it gets head to head. >> i think the big story is what's going on with marco
3:41 pm
rubio. i don't see any indication in all these poll that people are reacting well. this time the argument that you know what? trump is a conartist. and trump university is evidence of that kind of con. that he is not to be trust as a conservative, it does not seem to be working at all. >> hillary clinton doing very well. the interesting thing i noted in the polling was very well with white women. surprisingly well. >> charles, in d.c. we'll have actual votes tonight which is always the best thing. the "wall street journal" poll came out nationally tonight and the newest poll. on the republican side, it has it pretty close. trump at 30. trump at 20. the head to head, cruz versus
3:42 pm
trump, that kasich versus trump, all three against trump do better according to the latest poll. we'll see what the real numbers are. >> if you combine the results of the poll with so many exit polls out. you get idea that trump has slid back somewhat. at least as we saw the poll. you get the very interesting result which we saw a if you days ago on saturday. on saturday, the very latest deciders, the ones who decided since a saturday or sunday, go not to trump. in michigan it is almost 2-1 to cruz. the problem for cruz and the others is that an overwhelming majority have already decided. >> either they have cast early ballots, as happened in some of the states on saturday. or they decided early on, and they were not going to be changed. that's about the 60 to 70%
3:43 pm
change. there is this story line. yes, trump has been damaged somewhat by the late revelations. but on the other side is the fact that his constituency that has decided early is so loyal, it will remain unshakeable. and it could be that the two influences kansas he will each other out and he stays where else, riding high as he was the next month or two. >> i think looking at the exit polls and comparing they will to the ones we've seen in the states so far work the thing remain the same and one is different. the first thing is that if you look at voters dissatisfied with washington or even angry with washington, that number remains the same in michigan and mississippi. immigration. still number four out of four issues as the fourth most important to voters. what's different is that donald trump for the first time is winning in the category of can win in november.
3:44 pm
up to now he has not. now he may be able to change that dynamic. >> juan mentioned the rubio story and what's happening here. and how he sets up for florida. here is rush limbaugh on ted cruz' strategy inside florida. >> ted cruz is opening ten campaign offices in florida this week. he know he can't win canada but it is design to take votes away. this is not a cruz dirty trick. this is payback. it's politics. >> so what about that? because, you know, in order to get on a contested convention, they have to stop trump from having big wins. >> they have on stop trump. in the event of a contested convention, he would rather see him gone.
3:45 pm
he doesn't want to be part of any conversation in the event of that. >> so they've done the math. with trump getting the 99 florida delegates, that he can still be stopped. >> that they can stop him. that at least cruz can get to more delegates at the beginning of the convention than trump does. i think that's the play here. you have these changes in strategy in a way. i think trump is trying to get to 1237. i think ted cruz is trying to get more than trump has. i think he is solely focused on that. and i think kasich is trying to accumulate that to become the king maker in cleveland in his home state. i think kasich, even if he were to lose ohio. if he didn't win florida, if kasich were to lose ohio, he has very little incentive to get out. he can a cup 38th delegates from the moderate and somewhat conservative voters going forward on terrain that's very friendly to the arguments he's
3:46 pm
making and be the king maker. >> to be clear. you have to get to 12 they have. and they have to stop trump from getting there. quickly on kasich, if he doesn't have a great night tonight, either doesn't win or even come in second. does that hurt him on his way to ohio? >> what he says is he would like to have a strong showing. especially in michigan. the idea being that he is on home turf in that upper midwest region. extending to ohio. that that will give him the momentum to do exactly what steve just described. be a king maker. i don't think he legitimately thinks he will be the nominee. >> next up, we'll review the town hall where voters are still casting ballots heading in. right? straight ahead to the left. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research.
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i have heard others say neither you nor your lawyers have been apprised that you are a target of the investigation. is that true? >> absolutely true. >> have you or your lawyers been apprised that any members of your current or form are staff are targets of thuinvestigation? >> absolutely not. >> so you said, at a march press conference in 2015, quote: i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. so, can we say, definitively
3:51 pm
that that statement is not accurate? >> no, you can't. >> so your contention now is the 2101 emails contained information that should be classified as any time? they should be now or then. you are saying it shouldn't have been classified. >> what i'm saying is it wasn't at the time. >> but what about you when you are typing an email. >> no. the state department decides. >> well, part of the exchange from the town hall last night. that part, obviously about the emails and hillary clinton there as this race continues for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we're back with our panel. charles, your thoughts on the town hall, that particular exchange. we saw the fact check today by catherine herridge as well. >> well, the fact check, i thought, was rather devastating. there is no way to expose all of that in a town hall and a debate. it is refreshing that one of the candidates, hillary, finally got a question on emails that the other moderators and the other debates have stayed away from. i thought it was even almost semihistoric the way you actually asked a question
3:52 pm
about abortion. i think there have been,"' what, seven democratic debates and not one about abortion. the moderators are always asking republicans about the difficult issue of exceptions for the pro-life position, which is a serious question. but you never hear the same question asked about the difficult exceptions on the pro-choice side, meaning is there any time, anywhere, any time in the pregnancy when you would allow a regulation to prevent an abortion? which is never asked, has to be asked, and was asked. and i had thought it elicited an reply. she made a semiconfession on that. something that i think is important. you actually were able to pierce the veil on that. i would like to see if the moderators pick it up. i doubt they will, but it's good that you did. >> thank dana, as you look tonight, it looks like mississippi lines up going in for hillary clinton, but
3:53 pm
michigan, bernie sanders put in a lot of time there. honest and trust worthy, it seems from the exitdñ poll data is a problem for hillary clinton. >> she win -- if your main issue is that you want somebody with experience, she tends to do well in all the states. when it comes to the two most important issues being honesty and trustworthiness, she does poorly. in michigan that be a risen difference she could lose michigan. on the issue of income inequality bernie sanders continues to do well there, even in mississippi. >> juan? >> i think that you have got to think about michigan and the power of unions as they represented in terms of democrats in the state. so, when you talk about that organizing force, it has all been for hillary clinton. there is just no question about it. bernie sanders though has a tremendous issue for workers in michigan, which is the inequality issue and loss of jobs through trade. i think on that issue, people who are late deciders as dana was deciding have come to the table.
3:54 pm
they said we are not comfortable with nafta, gap, et cetera. that's why you see clinton not doing well. if you are looking at earlier votes and white women we know how the black votes are going. when you look at white women it's a stun tore me she is drawing even with sanders there. >> in mississippi and across the south the african-american vote is a huge boone for hillary clinton and throughout this election. take a look at this latest "the washington post"/abc poll out tonight. the national preference for democrats. clinton now 49%, sanders at 42. that has closed dramatically since the end of january. then on this question of honest and trustworthy, it is still upside down. yes, 37% and no 59%. >> it's a fascinating dynamic because just as hillary clinton is racking up wins and accumulating delegates, it seems that the democraticów primary electorate is less and less comfortable with her if you judge by those poll results. look the honest and trustworthy question
3:55 pm
shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, those results. i think it was exemplified on your exchange with her on those emails. you read her an email and it's clear that she sent material that was classified. there is no question about it. the "the washington post" reported that more than 100 of her emails that she sent is were classified in one way or the other. way or the other. andn no, that claim that you just read me is not true. and then offered some, i think, disingenuous explanation about overclassification and interagency dispute. that's just not going to hold. pretty clear what happened with the email question. pretty clear what happened with the response to that question. >> charles, steve, juan, dana, thank you. as always, that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a final thought on tonight's coverage of the big contest. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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on fox news channel. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. and the first polls are about to close as voters in four states turn out to vote in today's republican primaries. good evening, "on the record" is coming to you live from dallas, texas. and right% now mississippi, michigan, idaho and hawaii all beginning to count votes. meanwhile, the g.o.p. candidates making their last pitches to voters. >> the whole country is watching michigan now. it's a new day in this presidential campaign. >> if you haven't voted already, i ask you to go out and vote early, get it done with so you can go out and find more people to vote for me. >> it is easy to talk about being making america great again. can you even print that on a baseball cap. >> we are going to win with the military. we're going to knock out