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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we have got team fox coverage tonight. our panel is here in new york city. also with us brit hume, bill hemmer is at the billboard and martha maccallum has the exit polls. >> plus our reporters are spread out covering all the campaigns across the country. stand by for them. >> it 8:00 on the east coast. 7:00 p.m. in mississippi where polls are now closed and fox news can project that hillary clinton will easily defeat bernie sanders in that state's democratic >> on the republican side, it is too early to project a winner. but fox news exit polls show donald trump with a' sizeable lead over ted cruz, who is considerably ahead of both the john rubio. >> two big states tonight. mississippi first, fox senior political analyst brit hume joins us from boca rotan florida in a very nice
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colored sweater tonight. welcome aboard. >> thanks. >> your thoughts hillary clinton with a big win. looks like exit polls that african-americans overwhelmingly helping her as we saw in south carolina. >> that's the trend that she has demonstrated in the earlier states and i suspect it will continue right through the general election. i don't think there is a candidate on the republican side that will be able to draw the question of being, of course, draw african-americans, the question whether she will be able to match the kind of turnout that barack obama had which helped him enormously. as for the republicans, it looks at this hour as if the expected winner will be the winner. not final, of course. but this-i these races in mississippi and michigan have the potential to reshape the race to some extent. we see john kasich taking the place in some of the polling that marco rubio had held. and we see rubio fading and ted cruz continue to come on
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strong. at the end of the night, of course, the delegate totals will be either the reflection of that or not. but my guess is that cruz will do well. >> brit, the delegate math is such on the republican side now that realistically the only person who can win this thing prior to a convention would be donald trump. i mean, the number of wins and the proportion of delegates that the other guys would have to win from this point forward, according to the experts is unrealistic. so for everyone8m other than trump, the best hope at this point, say the experts, is a contested convention. today i talked to ted cruz, he said actually, that would be fine with him. contested convention fine with him. he says he doesn't want a brokered convention. your thoughts on whether -- on what the likelihood is of that. >> well, apart from donald trump winning this outright,which if he continues to do well, but not as well as he has been doing is a distinct possibility, megyn.
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i think, you know, if we get has a majority, that will be a story such as none of us has covered in our lifetime. we haven't seen a contested convention at any time since i have been covering politics. it's always been four day commercial for whoever won. platform planks and things like that. nothing over the nominee. that hasn't happened since back in the 1950s. this is interesting. my sense about it is that for the mainstream republicans, for the republican office holders in the house and senate who areú2 looking at this race and thinking if donald trump isn't the head of the ticket, that could hurt me badly, they look at ted cruz, particularly members of the senate who are up for re-election or up for election this year, where he is cordially disliked, they are not much happier about that than they are about trump. this is -- republican mainstream worry, i think,
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is well will-founded at this stage of the race. >> one of the story lines, brit, is going to be how donald trump fairs after a week arguably that the anti-trump ads have increased dramatically. one staff says it's up from 15% spending on anti trump ads to 62% last week. how he does after all those attacks will be interesting to see. >> yeah, i think so, bret. thisou all-out effort we are now seeing and have been seeing for a week or two weeks now has really got a ways to run. and as the ads illustrate, to some extent donald trump is a target-rich environment. we don't know yet how much harm it will do him, but it does seem so far the numbers being what they are, to+]v be having some effect. so, that raises, of course, even more -- puts into even sharper focus the prospect
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of a contested convention and also raises the distinct possibility that donald trump, if he he somehow wins it, will be so damaged by the attacks on him not by democrats but by the republicans that he will be an easy target for the democrats in the fall. soathat's another thing to keep in mind as we go forward here. >> brit, as we see marco rubio struggling, at least in mississippi so far tonight, and many people are saying, you know, he stumbled, he didn't perform well on saturday in those contests, and you have got ted cruz saying it's time for him to get out and you have got marco rubio's team saying hold on, we never expected to do that well in any of these states. we expect to win florida. that will give us some momentum and then we are moving into territory that is much more favorable to us. that's their line. how do you see it? >> well, there is a new poll out here in florida today. you may recall, megyn that a few days ago there was a poll out that showed that donald trump's lead, which has been upwards around 20
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points had shrunk to 8 points new pole has it at 20 again. if that poll is right, it suggests that what had begun to look like a strong move for rubio in his home state has petered out. and, if that's the case, then his chances of winning florida are obviously much diminished. if he he doesn't win florida, that's got to be the end of the line for him. if a candidate cannot win his homeev state, i think that's a kiss of death. and so, you know, he will be going all out here, i'm sure. he has come from behind here before. but he is on life support at the moment. >> brit, thank you. stand around if you will. >> want to check in now on exit polling to see how and why people are voting for candidates tonight. martha maccallum taking a look at those numbers. martha. >> hi, good evening. with donald trump with the lead right now in mississippi, let's take a look at why and how he is doing it so far. once again, he has a deep well of support from ardent supporters who are clearly not happy with what's going on in washington. they want an outsider.
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six in ten in mississippi, republicans, want a candidate who is on the outside and of course they are going with trump tonight big time as you can see from these numbers. 4 in 10 say theyr3 are angry with the federal government. trump picks up 57% of those voters. he is also the one that they want to see fix what they sees a a broken economy. 79% of mississippi republicans are very worried about the u.s. economy. they want donald trump at the helm. more than half of g.o.p. voters in mississippi tonight also think that trade with other countries basically cuts into their jobs. takes jobs away from american workers. they are trump voters as well tonight. trump a 2%. cruz gets 37%. big dropoff before you get to kasich and rubio and those numbers. ted cruz is running a strong second in mississippi right now. but even there, trump is cutting into his core groups, conservatives, evangelical christians. this is the largest evangelical population for g.o.p. in the country, okay?
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cruz's strategy was to sweep the south. about half of mississippi g.o.p. voters tonight consider themselves very conservative. they go for cruz. but look at these numbers 51%, 40% go for trump on that. let's take a look at the evangelical christians. huge voting block as we said in mississippi. they make up 8 in 10 voters who turned out today. very good voting group for cruz. he is running strong but look at these numbers. is he running behind donald trump with thosewho say yes, i am an evangelical christian, and they came out to vote. there is how that sorted itself out. let's go over to the dems in mississippi. very high minority population. solid black support carried hillary clinton to it a solid victory this evening. they made up about two thirds of the voters who came out tonight. they went for clinton overwhelmingly 8 to 1. bernie sanders has been struggling with this group and trying to make way with them. it didn't work tonight in mississippi. while g.o.p. voters want somebody to sheikh it up, mississippi dems want the opposite. they want somebody with
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experience in d.c., and they see clinton's policy plans as, quote: realistic. less than half say the same for bernie sanders. we know that hillary clinton on the trail has been making the argument that sanders' plans are unworkable. that is sinking in, perhaps, with mississippi voters tonight. solid day for hillary clinton. she won with seniors, with women and those who want to continue president obama's policies. she is looking very strong tonight in her win in mississippi, guys. we have more coming up a little bit later. back to you. >> all right, martha, thanks. >> as we said, the biggest prize of the night for both sides is michigan where polls close in under an hour. a 9 delegates up for grabs for the republicans. 130 for3n democrats. bill hemmer is taking a look at some of those key counties, bill? >> bret, good evening to you, megyn, good evening as well. polls close in an hour in michigan. ted cruz's argument when he launched his campaign he is the one who can win over reagan democrats. so far during this campaign donald trump seems like he
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is the one who has been able to do that it a little bit of color coming in right now. less than 1% of the vote. that's john kasich in orange or tangerine. what would you give him tonight? we will give him a tangerine so far. this is mccomb county, okay? keep an eye on this part of michigan. this somiçáq the phrase was foundedrats and the voters were found in 1984. a little less so but more so in oakwin county and get numbers from kasich and trump. very small percentages there. this part of michigan, just north of detroit is where many of these candidates right now are making an argument. st. clair county as well but to it a lesser degree. if you go out to the western part of michigan, that's where you find a lot of republican votes, a lot of conservative votes. this is kent can county. gerald ford country. we will see this fill in throughout the night. ted cruz, if he is going to have a good night in michigan, if he is going to
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make a strong push against the trump numbers, expect ted cruz to do well in the part of michigan. polls just closed in mississippi. take a look down there look at the it geography in the deep south, okay? mississippi will clock n the coming hour. but look at what trump has done here. on saturday it was trump in louisiana. a week before that, it was trump in arkansas. over here in tennessee, trump, again. and kentucky and also down here and alabama. trump has had the deep south surrounded so far in this election, not to mention georgia and south carolina as well. can he fit in this purple puzzle piece that now is absent for the moment? we will see shortly. idaho a little bit later in the evening. so, too, hawaii. we will be here for all of it. bret and megyn, back to you. >> bill with the colorful board,.g tangerine tonight.
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>> march to the nomination faces a big test in michiganá"0n tonight. a state panging plenty of blue collar voters right next to john kasich's home state of ohio. chief political correspondent carl cammeron is live in jupiter, florida tonight. carl? >> hi, megyn. if donald trump does win michigan, it will be a big, big boost for his campaign. the possibility of a very strong night here. the trump camp believes that it could amount to a put away punch for marco rubio in florida next week and potentially undermine john kasich's hopes of winning his home state in ohio. the crowd is beginning to trickle in here and just a little while ago, the trump campaign brought in some props next to the stage. i haven't ever seen anything like this on a victory night for a presidential candidate. candidate. there are cases of÷ there are cases of trump water. and for a brief moment earlier this evening there were two big butcher blocks with steaks that were meant to represent trump steaks.
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they have been put back in the freezer, they said, to avoid them being spoiled. but the purpose of these displays is to answer back to mitt romney who had suggested that a lot of trump's enterprises had been and they are meant to show that no, certainly some of them have not. fascinating to see a candidate running against three presidential rivals. instead, having a fight with former presidential candidate from 2012 mitt romney. megyn? >> carl, i think there is going to be good times ahead in your future this evening. we'll continue to watch that live shot. thank you, sir. >> medium rare. >> we are in the wrong place. a little vodka. a little steak. a little water to follow it up. you don't want toget dehydrated. >> that's true. next up, senator ted cruz we don't know if he has steaks. buy he will try to see if he is suited to be the best candidate. more allegation today of dirty tricks from the cruz campaign. john roberts is live with the cruz campaign in
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charlotte. john? >> bret, good evening to you. i don't think that ted cruz had steak tonight. more like chicken soup he and his entire campaign are sick with the flu. yet they are stig dragging themselves around to primary states. you mentioned dirty tricks. what happened earlier today and this is something that the cruz campaign was quick to disavow, remembering what happened in both iowa and south carolina their volunteer organization in hawaii sentout an email earlier today suggesting that marco rubio was going to bail out of the campaign before the florida primary, urging caucus goers in hawaii to vote for ted cruz and not waste their vote on the guy who might not be in the race a month from now. the cruz campaign sent a message to the volunteer organization saying this is not sanctioned by us. cease and desist. it's interesting to see ted cruz running second in mississippi because he had a very powerful coalition there. he had the antiestablishment state senator chris mcdaniel as his co-chair. remember, he almost beat thad cochran the senator in
5:15 pm
2014. bill bryant epitome of the establishment figure in mississippi who threw all in for thad cochran trying to beat chris mcdaniel. interesting set of bed fellows there look like they are not giving cruz the boost he needs there cruz's big play has got to be for florida next week trying to deny marco rubio in that win. kick him out of the race so cruz is the last man standing against trump. tonight is a point on to that. bret? >> john roberts with the cruz campaign. thanks. >> meanwhile over on the democratic side, hillary clinton already notching a win in mississippi and looking ahead to the delegate rich state of michigan. right now when you look at the current delegate count hillary clinton is the clear frontrunner on the democratic side. they need 2283. clinton has 1134. bernie sanders has 499. >> 502 on this board. >> it's really confusing. he has about half of what she has. not where he>r wants to be. hillary is live in cleveland tonight. that's where our own ed
5:16 pm
henry is now. ed? >> good to see you, megyn. just the fact that she'll be giving her quote, unquote victory speech in ohio is a sign of how hillary clinton believes she is running a truly national campaign and keeping the pressure on bernie sanders on all fronts. ohio doesn't even vote for another week, but she wants to show she is ready to play here. there were big cheers going out after fox and other networks announced that hillary clinton had easily won in mississippi tonight. she has basically september swept the south over bernie sanders. that's why all eyes tonight should be next hour when we start looking at michigan and where that goes. bernie sanders has high hopes of an upset there because of h9'÷ message about the middle class, manufacturing jobs going away. clinton vulnerable because of the international trade deals. she supported that are not popular in michigan. if bernie sanders does not win there, it's going to be a big, big night for hillary clinton, megyn. >> ed henry, thank you. >> mississippi she won african-americans 89% to 11%. there you see the divide. michigan is also a crucial
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state for bernie sanders. despite winning caucuses in kansas, nebraska, and maine over the weekend, sanders has yet to win a large delegate-rich state. mike emanuel is with the sanders campaign in miami. mike? >> well, bret, good evening to you. bernie sanders has rallied in front of 3800 supporters here in miami, already looking ahead to the critical florida primary next week. his campaign felt like it had cut into hillary clinton's lead in michigan, but nobody was willing to say to us for sure that he would win michigan tonight. they did feel like they would pick up delegates and were hopeful, obviously. as for mississippi, no surprise that he lost there. they know that hillary clinton has been very strong in the deep south. so they are turning the page to florida where bernie sanders will invest a lot of time and energy tonight beings tomorrow, and thursday. he is going to work on the latino vote. he is going to work on the senior voted. as for ohio, his campaign has taken the secretary of state to court there. the secretary of state says 17-year-olds who are 18 by
5:18 pm
november will not be able to vote in the primary. sanders needs the youth vote, so they are fighting it in court. bret? >> thank you that millennial vote for bernie sanders is huge. >> 18 means 18. how do you get to vote before you are 18? >> 17 and threeic quarters. >> this happened to me when i turned 18. i remember, i turned 18 late november and i was 17 when the election rolled around, 19888. and nobody filed a lawsuit. just had to wait four years later. that's how it works. >> yeah. >> sorry. i guess i'm not the judge in that case. >> you know what? he is getting headlines in ohio. >> there you go. he is fighting for the millennials. >> he has it figured out. we are just getting started tonight. all-star lineup. ed. >> hours away in polls t]ctiju$e night, coverage from america's election headquarters
5:19 pm
continuee are going to do great. >> the math only gets better now. >> i'm focused on winning the nomination. >> the race for the presidential nomination moving to michigan and mississippi. >> i have been to michigan a lot, and i think we are going to do well there. >> do we love mississippi? yes? right. >> donald trump looking to extend his lead. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. >> ted cruz hoping to wrack up more wins and make his case for a two-man race. >> we beat him resoundingly in iowa. we beat him in texas, we beat him in oklahoma, and alaska and minnesota. >> well, both marco rubio and john kasich hope for a game changer. >> you give me this nomination, and i will unite the republican party so we can win in november. >> it's going to be a whole new ballgame. >> keep working hard. >> hillary clinton, meanwhile, looking for a knockout punch. >> i will be by your side. not just as your president, but as your partner. >> and bernie sanders hoping to hold on. >> we have got a lot of momentum and we have a path
5:20 pm
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leaving ted cruz to finish in second place. john kasich and marco rubio locked in a battle for third place according to our fox news exit polls and early returns. >> supposed to see the little checkmark there. >> it's more exciting when they do that. >> it's coming, i think. let's take a look at our state score card clearly on the republican side donald trump is dominating in victories now 13ed states. ted cruz has won six states. marco rubio winning minnesota and puerto rico, john kasich so far 0 for 20. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has 13 wins, bernie sanders with 8. >> and the two biggest contests of the night mississippi and michigan where 265 delegates are at stake for both sides. with the great lakes states being the most delegate rich of the evening as you can see there bring in our panel as you can see tonight dana loesch as you can see host of dana talk show and host.
5:25 pm
john hurt columnist for the "washington times." dana perino former white house press secretary under george w. bush and co-host ofé] the five and juan williams co-host of the five. dana lash, let me start with you on your thoughts on ted cruz's performance tonight in what we see in mississippi coming in second and over the past few days. >> i think he is well known well will in advance that it's going to be a hard slog to go after donald trump in mississippi and in michigan as well. particularly in michigan. kasich there. in mississippi, i got the sense that he was just trying to make sure that donald trump is not getting over a certain percentage. just sort of taking the shine off that victory a little bit. i think he is waiting until march 15th to really try to make a move. >> charlie, how this all adds up, it's all about 1237. and for these other guys stopping trump from getting to 1237. as you added up is these big states of florida and ohio
5:26 pm
are the crucial linchpins in this whole map. >> perfect example of why the party is in such disarray. you have two of the contestants, they have all but admitted publicly that they are not actually trying to win at this point. they are simply trying to figure out aá way to block donald trump from getting to that number so that that they have some argument to make at the convention. and you have what i think is pretty dastardly plan by ted cruz to go into florida and really try to compete not to win and not to it beat anybody but just to simply divide the vote so that marco rubio gets clobbered and donald trump, the enemy, wins and then hopefully rubio gets out in his mind. >> he says it's not beanbag here. it's politics. >> this is not beanbag and he does not have beanbags. >> dastardly. throwing the dastardly word around. >> sounds like a vaudville
5:27 pm
villain. >> some trying to dance on the grave of marco rubio's aspiration and his campaign is saying don't count us out yet. they agree they have to go to the contested convention root but is there a path there. >> some of the states they can do best in are states that happen later in the contest. if you are looking atvm florida as your bowl worth. maybe you can see a path there according to the exit polls things that happen to him in virginia that that are positive are not happening tonight. late deciders in the virginia exit polls we know people who decided sort of that last week really went for marco rubio after that debate. that is not happening tonight and, in fact, one of the things that he had done very well on in all of the contests up until tonight: was on the question of electability. if your issue in the election is you want to vote for somebody who can win in november, up until now rubio had been your guy. that actually now has slipped. donald trump doing well in that category. kasich doing well in
5:28 pm
electability as well. this is split for donald trump. he has not been able to do that in any of the contests until now. in michigan and mississippi he has been able to turn that around. >> juan, what about this story of evangelicals? it's pretty amazing. if you look at mississippi and trump dominating with evangelicals, something that ted cruz really should have dominated with. if you were dealing with all the pundits going in to the southern states. >> well, that's right. so do we consider florida southern state? we'll decide. but, we'll report, you decide is what was thinking. i do think what's clear was that cruz going in thought you know what? i have got a happy home field advantage in the south because of the evangelical vote and it just didn't happen. we saw that very clearly tonight in mississippi where basically again the evangelicals went for trump. >> dana, what about that? is the cruz campaign worried about those numbers? >> i don't think so. here is why. i think evangelical is becoming almost -- hun national weather servicely i
5:29 pm
think it's becoming overused term particularly in politics. christians they identify as being people of faith. how often are you going to church? what is your doctrine? what do you belief? there is something interesting to noted about this because a lot people going for trump in niece states who say they are evangelicals, they also say by and large that they don't values. they simply like him just because he says it as it is. that's the big question mark to me. because, remember, the grass roots movement leading up to that moment. it was whether or not your candidate shared your values and whether or not they shared your principles. that's not reflected here. that's a huge question mark for evangelicals, people who identify and going forward. >> panel, thank you. >> yeah. so donald trump and hillary clinton notch big wins tonight in mississippi. but now we wait, we wait. >> just about 30 minutes until the polls close there. we have results at the top of the hour.
5:30 pm
plus -- >> -- this is a big one, this michigan. all the candidates want to win this state and they are all looking at it. although only a couple have realistic chance. chris wallace, joe trippi'3 and ed rollins is with us tonight. don't go away. we'll be right back. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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it is just past 8:30 in the east. we now know that donald
5:34 pm
trump has won the republican primary in mississippi. hillary clinton winning over on the democratic side. and now we wait until the top of the hour when the polls will close in michigan and donald trump is also set to speak at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. >> we do have some data already. obviously the exit polls we are getting hard vote totals as you sees a we always do in the bottom of the screen as they come in. you will see them on the screen. for analysis let's go to chris wallace, host of "fox news sunday." tonight he is joined by joe trippi, former howard dean rollins former campaign manager for ronald reagan 1984 campaign both fox news contributors. chris? >> thank you. brit, yeah we do have a new campaign cowboy today carl rove taking a time off the trail. >> not cowboy i'm an old steer. >> old steer, all right. same game we do with you that we do with carl look to michigan, key county, and you have got some votes key county you are looking at. >> oakland county. romney has won that state last two presidential
5:35 pm
primaries. he won oakland county 30,000 votes. the rest of the state, other 32 counties only won by 400 votes. if kasich is going to make an inroad that's where he has to make inroad. if we see others doing well there, if we see trump doing well6x there, we know that's going to be his road to victory. >> if kasich is going to make a move it's got to be. >> there it's got to be there. closest to the state. western side is santorum and be more for kasich. not for kasich but for cruz. >> socially conservative. >> he if he ♪ going to do well in that county is he not going to do well. >> joe, what county are you going to be looking at. >> the county northwest ed picked genesee county. it includes flint, michigan. and in 2008, gave hillary clinton 57% of the vote which mirrored close to the 55% she got statewide. the results were very similar. both candidates put a lot of time and effort into flint, michigan. look, the thing bernie
5:36 pm
sanders has to do tonight, mississippi, is start to erode hillary clinton support among nonwhite democrats. if there is a place can he do it, it should appear somewhere in the place like genesee county. >> i want to ask you, ed, it seems to me, obviously but it seems to me the person who has the most riding on michigan tonight is john kasich. >> no question about that. >> he has basically gone dark since new hampshire he said i'm going to forget about super tuesday and going5% up to the upper midwest, ohio, michigan, make my stand. if he doesn't win michigan it's right across the border from ohio. >> if he doesn't win michigan and comes in third or fourth or third or second even, he is going to have a, hard time next week. this is going to give him momentum if trump wins it which looks like my numbers he is he is going to have another victory there, my sense is the night could be over. >> i mean kasich obviously would go on to ohio.
5:37 pm
>> he would go on to ohio. but he is not going to have the momentum he needs. i don't know where he could put formula together all these states he was going to win once he won ohio this is the one he had to win first. >> what do you make of this orument if i win my home rubio with florida, it seems to me rather than that being the springboard it's the bare minimum. >> if you don't do that you shouldn't be in the race. if you can't carry your home state you can't be viable. blue states do better with those kind of republicans. those republicans are now conservative republicans because there is nothing left. democrats win, so you are down to really hard core conservatives who participate in the process. so i don't think places like california, elsewhere they are easy targets for these more moderate viewing republicans. >> let's talk, joe, about the democrats. it seems to me, again, that, yes, whoever wins wins. but it seems to me that bernie sanders has the most riding in michigan in a sense that if he can't win in that state with his argumentx about income inequality. with his argument about bad trade deals, where can he he win in a big delegate-rich
5:38 pm
state? >> it's a big problem for him. and the problem is what i have been talking about for weeks is this problem he has with reaching african-americans and moving them. he is going to tie her or get close to, you know, parody with blue collar democrats in michigan. it's a place that's ready built for his economic argue ament. and his problem is that she is just so strong and is he is so weak with the african-american community that it keeps stopping and blocking him. >>wv you see we have talked about this since new hampshire you see no indication is he is breaking into secret sauce there. >> none. the argument they had is the south. the south is different. when we get to places like michigan, that's where we will break out in the african-american community.> so if they don't do it tonight, it's hard to see where they are going to do it. >> equally important. this is once a real swing state it has been for a long time. trump has argued i can change the dynamics of
5:39 pm
electoral college by winning states like this. look at his victory today if he he has a victory which i think he will have. >> that's right. folks is going to be one of the big issues tonight. does donald trump have that hold on blue collar voters. it's an open primary. you can have democrats and republicans. if so, then maybe he can take a state like michigan which has gone democratic for cycle after cycle and put it back in play. back to new york. >> all right, chris. thank you. >> just 20 minutes now away from donald trump's live news conference after a big win for him tonight in mississippi. and we should also know soon how is he doing in the state of michigan. >> polls in that state, as we said, closing at the top of the hour. up next, thoughts from charles krauthammer as fox news live coverage from america's election headquarters rolls on. >> wednesday, four special audience events. kasich, cruz, trump, rubio. >> we know the challenges we have. >> i'm going to do what's right for you. >> in a powerful, political night. greta, megyn, and sean are
5:40 pm
on the road getting voters answers are from every g.o.p. candidate. >> america has a choice. >> we're in this together. greta. at 9:00 megyn sits down with ted cruz. then at 10:00 donald trump sounds off on hannity. and at 11:00, marco rubio with megyn from florida. wednesday,okgonly on fox news channel. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral.
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there you see it, the countdown clock 16 minutes and counting. polls will close in michigan, the biggest prize tonight as we take a look at the republican board, scoreboard so far there are votes coming. in this is from west michigan where the polls have already closed in some of those precincts. and you're seeing donald trump with a lead there 89,000 votes and john kasich in second. as the rest of the polls close, we will get that raw vote total in and be able to give you a better picture of the whole state. on the democratic side, you can see the western michigan vote totals coming in there. and it's pretty close between bernie sanders and hillary clinton.d÷ >> 59 delegates up for grabs for republicans in michigan. the delegate battle between the republicans has been tightening and here's where it stands as of right now. trump has 384. cruz has 300.
5:45 pm
rubio has 151, john kasich 37. >> and, again, remember the magic number is 1237 to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. joining me now from washington, syndicated columnist dr. charles krauthammer. charles, set set the stage for us tonight. what do you think is important? >> this is a night in which on the republican side the delegates are allocated proportionally. it's not going to have a dramatic effect on the delegate numbers. there will be a margin, somebody will end up, probably trump gain ago few on the other guys but not much. it seems to me that the important numbers here is something you mentioned earlier, bret. the fact that trump scored so low on shares your values, something like 13%, and it turns out, of course, that doesn't matter. in this election cycle, this is something completely different. and it's connected with the other result from the exit polls. namely, the fact that trump
5:46 pm
beats cruz among evangelicals, which is sort of counter intuitive. but my theory of this is that evangelicals having supported huckabee in the past or santorum in the past, others who are like them, they are not satisfied with. when they get trump they know he is not a guy who is one of them, but he is a guyqy they think will defend them against an aggressively secular society, squeezing them on all kinds of issues from same sex marriage to abortion, et cetera. they don't care about the values part. they care about protection and defense of being a tough guy. leadership, strength. so that -- and that's the story of the entire campaign beyond the evangelicals. if you look at the issues, for example, immigration, which is supposed to be the big issue for trump, is there only about 9% of republicans in michigan made it the number one issue. that's not what counts. it is the attitude that comes out of his immigration
5:47 pm
stance. the idea that we're north going it take it anymore, we're going to be tough, we're going to crack down on people who are taking advantage of us. that, i think, is showing in mississippi and mississippi. and that's what is sustaining the trump right through up until today. >> we're seeing a last three or four contests a little bit of a trend in that late deciders are not going for donald trump. his loyalty, his base are the people who he had support from since the very beginning. and you are seeing that play ouf2%9 about the last three or four states. but, the biggest thing, charles, seems to be a want for an outsider. a want for somebody to go in there and kick the table over and start over and anger about washington. >> well, i do think that's the theme and the motif and what trump has captured. there are a lot of people competing for that idea, specifically cruz. but trump is basically saying, look, it's not so much my ideas or proposals they shift, it seems to have no effect.
5:48 pm
he says stuff that is occasionally outrageous, no effect. it is exactly that. i mean, very high numbers who say they feel betrayed by the republican leadership. if that's the case, there's nothing that you want to defend in that and the guy who is the toughest on the leadership and on the other guys out there, the bad guys is the one who comes out ahead as is trump. >> charles, as always, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we are awaiting donald trump right now in about 12 minutes we expect him to$$ speak. and hillary clinton both set to speak actually at the top of the hour. trump will take questions from the reporters. we will find out about those steaks, would he hope. mrs. clinton will address supporters at a rally in cleveland, ohio. >> and we are just minutes away from polls closing in the biggest prize tonight, the state of michigan. much more ahead. ♪ ♪ about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering)
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
7 minutes 41 seconds away from the final polls closing in the state of michigan. voting still underway right now in four counties where it's central time meaning their polls close an hour later than the rest of the state. that's why we are getting some of those numbers in already. >> meanwhile, two candidates who have a lot at stake tonight senator marco rubio and governor john kasich. governor kasich has been putting a significant focus on michigan. and with only 18% of the vote in, he is running right
5:53 pm
behind donald trump. jonathan serrie is live with governor kasich in columbus, ohio tonight. jonathan? >> hi, megyn. as you can see supporters of kasich are gathered here at this watch party. tonight they are are going to be paying close attention to what happens in the neighboring state of michigan. they see michigan as an early indicator of what may happen here in ohio. there are a lot of similarities between the two states insurability being neighboring states. michigan and ohio share a similar upper american industrial economy. a lot of people out of work am a result of jobs being shipped overseas. a lot of people never quite recovering from the recession. and so kasich, as he has been campaigning extensively in michigan has been touting his working class background, a father are who worked as a mailman and a grandfather who died from black lung after a life of working in coal mines.
5:54 pm
back to you guys. >> jonathan, thank you. >> florida senator marco rubio is already looking ahead to his home state of florida. a winner take all state with 99 delegates at stake next week. james rosen, our chief washington correspondent is following the rubio campaign in florida. james? >> bret and megyn, good evening. senator rubio had a pretty large crowd here tonight about 600 to 700 people. he spoke about 67 minutes. he took several veiled shots at donald trump the frontrunner referencing the slogan make america great again telling the voters here you deserve to know how. how else will you hold anyone accountable how will you know what you are getting. not let anyone take advantage of their feelings in a time of economic pain and anger. at one point he coupled his shots at donald trump, rubio did did, withxw a shot at ted cruz saying we can't afford it nominate against hillary clinton someone who isn't a conservative or someone who is a conservative who cannot win. the latter clause a reference to cruz. all in all, the rurve
5:55 pm
campaign is still predicting victory in florida. they say their man knows how to win in this state. when he does claim all those 99 delegates it will upend the dynamics and delegate math in this contest. bret? >> if you look at the raw vote total at the bottom of the screen and we will put it full screen. donald trump, these are the western counties in michigan, is he leading john kasich by more votes than marco rubio has. >> where is the drama in this where who comes in second because kasich, i mean, he obviously needs to do well and second place for him is well in this race. >> it is because as jonathan serrie mentioned, he wants to have a springboard into ohio and michigan would give him that. but, boy, if he he doesn't come in second and ted cruz manages to beat him out there, it might not be a good night for him. >> um-huh. and it's proportionaze÷ in michigan. all messed up. confusing. do you the favor of not getting into thea1z nitty gritty. more than just the winner can get delegates out of michigan. >> all proportional until we
5:56 pm
get to the 15th when winner takes all. >> second place counts and potentially beyond. we will wait to see how the leaderboard winds up and perhaps we have a race call to make for you very soon. we are also awaiting a news conference with donald trump. as soon as that starts, we will take you there live. you get your vodka, you get your steak, you get your water. >> wine. he has got wine there. >> and wine there and we will go. >> carl cammeron has red bull. that's all he needs. as fox news live coverage from amer;-a's election headquarters rolls on, there you see the countdown clock, we're very excited here.
5:57 pm
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trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ it's 9:00 here in new york city which means all polls have now closed in michigan where fox news can now project that donald trump will win the state's republican presidential primary. according to fox exit polls and early vote tallies. ted cruz and john kasich are locked in a battle for second place. while marco rubio appears headed for a fourth place finish. >> it is too early to project a winner over on the democratic side but at this time, it's looking surprisingly close with bernie sanders and hillary clinton still battling for the top spot. according to fox news exit polls and early voting returns. this is a depar from months of preelection polls which consistently showed mrs. clinton wit


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