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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> i'm bret bair. hillary clinton also winning in mississippi. so far, too close to call for the democrats in michigan. and that is a huge story for bernie sanders tonight. if he is able to win the state of michigan, over hillary clinton, who had double digit leads and significant leads going into this night, it would be a big moment for bernie sanders and his campaign. >> that's quite something. we want to turn to the fox news digital politics editor and media analyst and host howard kurtz. what do you make of that? >> any question in the mind of donald trump's rivals about how to get his goat, talk about the business. the stuff with trump steaks that with respect trump steaks and the trump wert and the trump this and the trump that, that's how you get him. there's no merit of conservative apostasies because the supporters, if there's a big-away of trump and the
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performance, he did poorly over the weekend in closed contests and only republicans to vote. he did fine tonight, he matched expectations in mississippi and michigan where they were open primaries and democrats could come in and not going to beat him talking about his conservative apostasies but obviously it gets under his skin and does the sham wow routine stuff out there. >> you know, howie, you could spend a long time fact checking the remarks of trump steaks, trump university, the remarks about his head to head matchups of hillary clinton, the last nine polls show him losing 7 out of those 9 he lost against hillary clinton. two he won by a narrow margin. but the problem is, who's got the time or the energy? i mean, really. >> and those who do, the fact checking never quite catches up with him. i have a different take watching what show, that hour. part political speech, part home
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shopping network and also in part his attempt to, you know, keep the attention of the news media. and what -- i was sort of surprised he's spending so much time responding to graham out of race for weeks, mitt romney, talking about the companies but it is not a canned political speech filled with prepackaged rhetoric. i think some people find that refreshing. the question going into tonight, had donald trump peaked? he lost a couple of caucuses over the weekend. was the act wearing thin? victories in michigan and mississippi show that the answer is, hell no. >> is that true? can we conclude that from the victories tonight? >> i think what we can conclude tonight is, number one, open primary deal when democrats can vote he does substantially better and more closed primaries ahead and could be more challenging. other takeaway of tonight is marco rubio has some serious soul searching to do ahead of the florida primary. exit polling suggests that, yes, ted cruz does, in fact, or would
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have fared best against donald trump in a matchup. marco rubio says he can beat him in florida w. the showing in michigan and john kasich outperforming him substantially, it is increasingly hard to make the argument he should stay in and ted cruz is going to be pushing him hard there. >> howie, to your point of trump and the media and bret pointed out the frequent guest on fox news tweeted out is, is he using a teleprompter? tongue in cheek. clear he was not. he is a breath of fresh air from that standpoint because we have all heard these canned speeches a million times. that was anything but canned. and it's fascinating television as trump has been from the very beginning and what we saw on the four box here, we can see us, the competitors, everyone for an hour in prime time on donald trump. >> it was entertaining. he was obviously enjoying himself and fun to watch and i think the larger point here, last ten days as the remnants of
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the gop establishment thrown everything that they could at donald trump, as his media detractors sort of dialed it up to 11, taken a lot of incoming, a reasonable expectation would be that that would knock him down a couple of pegs. the results and two states indicate that really hasn't hurt him very much and the people trying to stop donald trump, keep him from the 1,237 delegates, scratching their heads saying is there a kryptonite to affect this guy? does he have any weaknesses? not that he wins every state and wrap up the nomination but seems anybody to outdo the competitors and particularly marco rubio. john kasich may get another look. >> i want to ask you about the gender gap, chris. exit polls have some bad news there. when it comes to women and donald trump. and they've been reflected by an earlier poll we saw today of abc news and which case he had a significant issue with the women. his support of women, abc
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news/"the washington post" 20 points lower than with men. 60% of republican and republican leaning women say that would be dissatisfied with trump. 45% say very dissatisfied. tonight in the exit polls, we saw a significant gender gap but i think by the same margin, 20 points and the men, republican men, really, really love trump and the republican women not so much. >> right. he does very well with older men. that's the key for donald trump's coalition. unfortunately, when you get into the general election, here's the deal. there are more single women, the number of single women in america goes up generation. women wait longer to marry now than they did before and more economically successful and independent and there are fewer republican votes available on and on we go and winning with women not just married but single women is increase gli important and women hard on donald trump and not gone for his candidacy.
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>> what happened? because he had evened out the gender gap. i think as of january. and now here we are in march 8th and it's back to 20 points. what happened in between those two points? >> 8 million things happened in between those two points. donald trump. a quadrillion things and talked about his little log cabin on stage. what didn't happen sincian? >> bret is so glad he's off camera right now. go ahead, howie. >> the insult fest that really degenerated between him and marco rubio certainly hurt rubio and out of character but i think a lot of women reacted differently to the personal insults as they have ratcheted up. he's turned around some of the negative numbers in the past and chris is right. this is a big obstacle for him, especially winning the nomination looking ahead to a fall election against a female candidate. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> my pleasure. there's a barn bouurner goi
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on in michigan on the democratic side. to do that, we go back down to washington with chris wallace, joe trip pi and ed rollins right now. right now, bounce leading in michigan. chris? >> yeah. let's pick up on that first and then talk about donald trump like everybody else in america is. joe, you have a reason why you think that sanders, wound, leading, and two, may just beat hillary clinton in michigan. >> yeah. i wouldn't give it to him yet. she's starting to come on because large parts of detroit and flint are not coming in yet in this count. but look. there's two thing that is are working for him. one, michigan has a lower percentage of african-americans, blacks, than a lot of other states he's competing against. 23% of the state voting today's probably going to be black. >> opposed to down in the south of 45%, 50%. >> mississippi looks like 72% today. huge numbers and he's getting
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32% of the african-american vote in michigan. that is the high -- according to the exit polls. that's the highest percentage i have ever seen him get and usually in the teens or barely into the 20s. this, it's significant enough because in a state where the black population isn't as big as it's been in the other states, with getting this high number, it could just be enough to eke out a win. but i wouldn't count hillary out yet because there's still significant and significant areas detroit and flint are not in yet. >> ed, assume that you are the trump campaign manager as you were for ronald reagan in 1984 and you had some hair. would you be pulling it out after that performance? >> i would. i had no hair doing ronald reagan. he had enough hair for all of us. this is deep. compared to romney winning the state twice or mccain who won it before that, trump won everywhere. kasich had a little bit of support just a little bit around
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detroit and cruz around grand rapids. every place else was trump. and this is a big, deep victory. as megyn talking about, the gender gap, closing that gender gap and the negative commercials over the last week may have driven the women voters away, but if you get the voters back, he's a solid candidate in michigan. >> you know, it is interesting. we were talking about the internals and the exit polls and there were two numbers pretty weak for donald trump. one was shares my values. he was -- cruz 37%. of people who thought it was a top issue. trump 11%. on the question, is donald trump honest and trustworthy? 50%, no. and i guess the question i have is, when he spends that much time attacking other people and, you know, going on and on about trump steaks and trump vodka, does that address the concerns that people have about whether he, one, cares about them, and
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two, a solid person to count on? >> his performance can improve 100%. but the reality here is that he's just getting up and does a free thought process and he really needs to talk about solid things and the values thing, part of it is money. part of it is rich billionaire and equally as important the values he takes the evangelical vote. but i think the key thing here is how do you draw women voters back to you? that's softening it up a little bit once he wins and i think he will. he was sort of bringing the party back together and needs to bring women voters back or otherwise he's not a viable candidate. >> there were points in the beginning of the speech and the end of the speech where he seemed remarkably moving to the center, mainstream. talked at the beginning of electing a republican ticket he and paul ryan got along so well
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and taking in democratic and independent voters, putting states that have been democratic in play. but i'm struck over and over again how little time he spends talking about how he would improve the lives of the american person. >> he wants to kick you about five times and roll you over in the alley. he needs people to bring them back to build a solid party. my sense is he needs to get some professionals in here to talk about the substance and he doesn't have that yet. >> joe, your thoughts about him looking at him and you got to be looking at him as a potential republican nominee. >> there were places he would shine. romney a nice guy through a lot. he showed a lot of i thought structure to a speech in beginning. that made me think, hey -- >> really good five minutes. >> and then -- >> wasn't a loser. >> but he does need to -- one, shorten it up.
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two, you can see glimpses of a candidacy there but too often it just rolls off, you know, for minute after minute and we sit here wondering what's the point he's trying to make. one thing i did notice in the exits the point out was ted cruz was only running 18% among non-evangelicals. that just tells you he's not going to go very far now that we're moving out of the other states. >> out of the south. >> yeah. it's hard to see how this is going to end up with anything other than what ed's talking about. >> now, one last thing to get to with you, ed. marco rubio, single digits in mississippi. very possibly single digits in michigan. could end up 99 delegates he could end up with none of those tonight. what happened to marco rubio? >> i think when he got into the fray, he had an optimistic, very smart candidate. he should have stayed on the
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optimism but in the fray three weeks ago, he was battered pretty badly and he's certainly not effective candidate. no place for him to go. even winning his state which i don't think he will, it's a close race and no place to go after that. there's no support. >> no support? >> no support. look at the numbers. no support. fourth place. no thank you ben carson is gone -- >> if he was there, he might be in fifth place. >> he is a great talent. very smart guy and absolutely failed now as a candidate and it's i think over for him. >> well, strong letter to follow. so, big night for donald trump. interesting night for donald trump and the people watching him. and a surprisingly strong night for bernie sanders. that's one to watch the rest of the night. back to new york. >> thank you, chris. >> that's a big story. back with me now, dr. charles krauthammer. you got a shoutout in florida. must be the bets in candidate casino. >> having lost all that money at
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the casino betting against trump, the least he could have done for me. reminds me of the time that bill clinton said something nice about me. publicly and you turned to me for my reaction. and it was simply, you know, i'm toast. i'm done. my career is over. i'm little bit in that. look, you know, trippi was saying earlier he found a little bit of structure in the trump oration. i beg to disagree. i don't think i've seen such a stream of disconnected ideas since i quit psychiatry 30 years ago. that was quite a performance. and it was very weird. i heard rollins and trippi gives advice. tight nl it up. you have to shorten it up. you have to have a point. the fact is, and this is the stunning thing about this election, without the tightening up, without the experts, without the prompter, he is where he is. there is simply -- that was a performance. that was live television.
7:15 pm
that was reality television. and that -- nobody can do. and that has its appeal. now i think people actually separate the performance part, what he did tonight, from what he says he's going to do as president. and he's pulled it off. now, in the end i think that's going to be really dangerous. because he often can go off the reservation, compares himself to what was abe lincoln, number two, how presidential he is. that's a little bit weird and been able to carry it off. i think people have a sense of humor about him, which is good, otherwise they'd be terrified. and that's what has been carrying him through. in the end it would be a one on one and get a little more serious. >> well, listen. i mean, he is strucking a chord and getting big numbers in the big states. i want to ask you about michigan, though. bernie sanders clearly outperforming tonight and looks like it's going down to the wire and might win the state. possible he loses it because
7:16 pm
there's some precincts that coming in from detroit and around those areas that hillary clinton may pick up as you heard with the cowboys there. but, listen. what does that mean on the democratic side? if bernie sanders is able to pick up michigan. >> it means that he goes on a little bit longer. that he will go all the way to the convention. he'll end up with a few more delegates than he would have otherwise but it will not matter. he cannot win this nomination one on one against hillary. the only thing that stops her is what we have talked about, the fbi primary. in the absence of that, she is going to win. look. the african-americans are incredibly strong, most loyal element in the whole democratic constellation, the whole universe. she won them by 8 to 1 in mississippi. he simply has no appeal there. very little appeal elsewhere outside of his main
7:17 pm
constituencies. yes, doing well in michigan. but in the end, he cannot win this thing. i think he will have a place of honor at the convention. he will make some kind of a deal. he's not going to be on the ticket. he's in his mid-70s. not working for him or for her. other than that, other than the founder of a movement, that he will leave behind, this i know we're all excited about this. it is an interesting, unexpected result but it will not change the outcome. >> okay. charles, i don't know if you'll make it into the next news conference after those comments. >> i'm still recovering from that moment. donald, it is not going to work. nice try. >> thank you. we'll see you. >> i can see trump with his -- you know. >> off the list. >> charles gone. hillary clinton in a close fight with bernie sanders in michigan. she was just killing him before they got to the actual vote.
7:18 pm
i mean, we'll take you through the actual numbers but she -- there was a poll a couple of days she was up 37%. 37. now look at it. coming up, we'll speck live with chairwoman florida congresswoman about what's happening here. and look at this. >> take a look at the updated scoreboard. donald trump adding michigan and mississippi to the win column tonight. don't go anywhere. live coverage continues next. ds for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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hill hello locked in a tight battle with baurns in michigan. 60% of the vote, in bernie sanders leading by a small margin. hillary clinton already notching a win in mississippi. turning to debbie wasserman schultz. great to see you, madame chairwoman. >> you, too, megyn. >> seven of the polls released in march in michigan, 13 points, 27, 28, 37 lead. what happened today? >> well, i know you know this, megyn. i teem chair of the dnc and pretty much not my job to be
7:23 pm
analyzing why either one of our candidates is doing well or not so well. i do think it's important to note that we've had polls really this whole election cycle kind of all over the place on both sides of the aisle an it sort of shows you that we are really a too little early in the election cycle to assume that polls are extremely predictive and anything can happen. >> looking at the michigan exit polls, we are seeing something of many states with her and very low numbers coming to voters that value honesty and trustworthiness. if that's what you wanted in a candidate, 20% for hillary clinton. is this going to be an ongoing problem for her? do you see it as a problem for her? >> well, i think when we get to the general election, no matter which one of our candidates are the democratic nominee, they're going to be considered a heck of a lot more trustworthy coming to
7:24 pm
the nfuture of our country and building on the progress of 72 straight months of job growth in the private sector than any one of the jokers on the other side of the aisle making a mess of their party and of the process of running for president. god forbid any of that crowd actually would get into the white house and i think that's how most americans will feel. >> congresswoman, it's bret bair. thank you for being here. you're chair of the party. the congresswoman from hawaii resigned her position in leadership inside the dnc saying that the party is stacking the deck for hillary clinton. how do you resfond? >> no, bret. that's not what she said. you can look at what she said. she was actually asked several times, multiple interviews, why she decided to resign and she simply resigned to support bernie sanders and our rules don't allow for --
7:25 pm
>> you don't think she had a problem handling it? >> i don't. she said the reason to resign is support bernie sanders and when asked specifically whether it had anything to do with anything else, she said, no. >> so when you see bernie sanders succeeding in the place like michigan, what do you think? >> well, i think that both of our candidates have a really strong appeal to voters that want to make sure that we can reduce the income inequality gap and reaching the middle class. at the republican side, we have donald trump who says that we should ban an entire religion. we should build a wall and just, you know, try to make another country pay for it. that we should deport 11 million immigrants who simply want to be here to make a better way of life for themselves and talking about small hands and their manhood. i mean, really, we need to make
7:26 pm
sure that the republicans at the next debate put a parental advisory warning on the screen before it starts because they aren't talking about the issues important to the american people and they're vulgar in the process. >> you know what the response to that on the other side is, which is, yes, it is vulgar and no one's facing the threat of indictment. >> there's no one facing the threat of indictment on our side either. >> there's an open doj and fbi investigation into mrs. clinton right now. >> right. let's not be dramatic. >> those are the facts. >> well, predicting that there's someone who is facing indictment is definitely -- >> there was no prediction. a statement that someone -- there's no one in the gop side who's under threat of indictment. that's what the republicans say on this. >> no, no. instead you have the republican party when's being led right now by their front-runner who has a multi bankrupted, you know,
7:27 pm
absolutely outrageous, ridiculous position. that is guy when's been alien naiting and has become a whirling dervish of extremism that the entire republican party that has been involved in the republican party for many years is absolutely flipping out over the possibility of him being the nominee because they know that he will finish off the republican party. and that's -- those are the facts. >> even if that is true, all right, even if all of that is true, that there's vulgarity and so on in what you said, no one -- >> it certainly is true. >> no one is investigating donald trump for a crime. no one's even suggesting he may be guilty of a felony. that's the issue that you tell me we appear to be seeing in some of these exit polls when the democrats, this is not even the general election. the democrats are asked when they think that the democratic front-runner is an honest person. >> at the end of the day when
7:28 pm
the american people have an opportunity to decide who they want to be president of the united states, who they trust to make sure that we can continue to build on the economic progress that we have made, on the accomplishments we have made in adding 20 million people who didn't have health care before that now have it, on making sure that we can have access to affordable education, keep a roof over people's heads and make sure we have a strong and secure retirement, voters across america will choose one of our two candidates when one of them is the nominee over any one of the republicans because they know the republicans would unravel the progress we have made. that's what the election is decided upon and at the end of the day, there's a reason that the democratic nominee's won five out of six presidential elections and 6 out of 7 after november. >> except right now all of the republican candidates till in this race beat hillary clinton in a head to head matchup with the exception in a couple of polls of donald trump. >> there are quite a few polls
7:29 pm
in which the reverse is true. end of the day we're in march and, again, those polls are, you know, as good as the paper they're written on. because at the end of the day when we get to november, voters will have a very clear and stark contrast and they're going to choose to elect a democrat because they know that democrats have had their back. >> congresswoman, last thing. >> sure. >> there's a clear and stark contrast in the number of people voting. many more republicans showing up at the polls than there are democrats. as you look at the percentages of each state. as chair -- >> no, bret, actually -- >> are you concerned? >> no. that's also not accurate. >> you can look at the numbers. >> i'll tell you the numbers. the republicans have had about a 55% turnout and we have had about 45% and we have two candidates and the republicans have gone from 17 down to 4. >> sure. but you have to understand that the increase of voting from state to state year to year is
7:30 pm
increasing significantly on the republican side and decreasing on the democratic side. >> well, we have one of our candidates is actually gotten more votes than the republican front-runner has and when you look at based on our two candidates, much smaller field and, you know, a field not led by a reality tv star and talked about his -- the size of his hands and his manhood and trying to keep things interesting, we have had a pretty small margin -- difference in the margin in turnout so i'm not at all concerned. i'm confident that because we have a superior turnout operation, a digital and technological advantage, both candidates are feeding data into and the republicans never kcre e created that we'll win the election both on the ground, logistically and on the issues. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the dnc, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. well, donald trump is calling for unity now in the
7:31 pm
gop. he'll win both michigan and mississippi tonight but the democratic race of hillary clinton and bernie sanders, way too close to call. >> counting down to the next state to close. idaho. polls close there roughly in 30 minutes. our live coverage continues next. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review:
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bottom of the hour here in the east. let's get you caught up on what's happening. donald trump pulling off two big wins tonight in michigan and mississippi. >> hillary clinton winning in mississippi but it's a tough fight under way in michigan for first place and right now bernie sanders is leading. up next, idaho. polls close there in less than 30 minutes. 32 republican delegates at stake out there. we are joined now by radio talk show host and contributor laura
7:36 pm
ingraham. your thoughts on the evening? >> the dynamic in michigan of bernie sanders and hillary clinton and the trump win probably pegs this back to more than personality which is obviously part of it, but back to the issue of trade. remember when mitt romney lost michigan, his home state, one of his home states, he lost it by 10 percentage points and a lot of people pegged that to his opposition to the auto bail yut and then we look at the wto and nafta. about 231,000 aggregate jobs lost in manufacturing, pegged to those two drad deals through 2015. michigan's really been hurting economically and i think those two issues both sanders and trump kind of meet in this kind of nonideological place on the political spectrum. i think that more than the, you know, advertising, the negative ads or the, you know, the trump, you know, the long speech tonight, those types of performances, i think the issues actually really mattered in
7:37 pm
michigan tonight. i think that's what we're seeing. >> that's an interesting point of trump and sanders on trade. hillary clinton in the last debate on cnn tried to make a case that bernie sanders had voted against the auto bailout and it was a little bit of moving the shells around. he voted against t.a.r.p., the funding and then he voted for auto bailout loans. but it is not affecting him the attack she tried in michigan. he may win. >> he's hit the issue of trade a lot. the transpacific partnership that really needs to get discussed more in this whole conversation, that looms over this whole debate. trump kind of hit a glancing blow on that tonight and said he likes china and he loves china and then he said they cheat on the deals. it's just a sense of fairness. i think most americans think we get benefits of trade and obviously for the regular working person it's been a tough road on wages and manufacturing
7:38 pm
job losses and so forth. but michigan was terribly hard hit. it's going to be very interesting, bret and megyn, how it plays out in ohio with john kasich walking an interesting line on trade. a little bit closer to the establishment side on that. obviously, the favorite son in ohio and he thinks he can, you know, he can take the state and stop the trump momentum. >> the trump speech tonight. the press conference. he said chris christie's around here some place. at some point and christie's office clarifying that the governor is vacationing with his wife and daughter in florida but was not at trump's speech tonight. just to make that clear. >> right. >> your thoughts on what we heard there free-throw roughly an hour? >> yeah. he dominated another hour of news coverage. so, you know, i heard krauthammer say a stem winder. part reality show. all over the place. there's some truth to that. but every network stayed on his
7:39 pm
speech for an hour. and he talked about all of his brands, trump wine and water. beat back against the criticism none of the businesses worked and i think he feels compelled to do that. coming after him, mitt romney spent a lot of time talking about that. he responds in kind. he talked about paul o'neill, the yankees endorsement he got in ohio and o'neill lives in ohio but beside all the -- more goofy stuff, saying i heard from paul ryan yesterday. i want to unify the party. >> he did call all the candidates. >> that's true. but there was a moment where he said, look, we have to win in congress. i think a lot of people are looking for more of those moments from him. where it's about america. not so much about, you know, his businesses which i understand he wants to defend all those. i get that. but what's going to happen to america? how will we beat back the rise of globalism? how will we unify the country after a bruising primary campaign? it is nice to say that but i
7:40 pm
think people want a little bit more. so he dominated the coverage and i think a lot of people were, you know, enjoyed it. entertained by it. going up against hillary clinton i think you will have to hit with specifics and a lot more than just the, you know, some of what we heard tonight. >> i have ten seconds tonight. if you look at map, do you think he gets to 1,237 needed to get the gop nomination? >> i think more likely tonight. i think everybody's saying he peaked on february 11th or whatever that date was, pegged a few weeks ago. >> okay. >> i think he's a lot more likely tonight than of course last night. >> thank you. >> thank you. bill hammer at the bill board drilling down on the state of michigan. bill, what are you seeing? >> good evening. this is really interesting shaping up right here. 64% of the vote in. i guess we can do that. rubio and lime here. he's in single digits.
7:41 pm
the battle for second place is something to show you in a minute. trump, reagan of democrats of 1984, macomb county. 58% reporting. trump just below 50%. talked about trade there a moment ago with laura and, boy, hit the nail on the head with the voters. supporting trump in that county tonight. watching this county all night long. monroe county. 21% reporting. trump has a lead here. cruz and kasich for second place. kasich in third place right now with a quarter of the vote coming in. why is this important? to the south the ohio. just across the state border is cue bas county, ohio. that's toledo. toledo television markets bleed into southeastern michigan and you know in monroe county and places in southeastern michigan, they hear a lot about john kasich. so what explains this tonight? we're going to watch that throughout the week. with regard to ted cruz, you go back in history, 2012, you can
7:42 pm
divide the state right and left, green and blue. santorum did well in the western part of the state and that's where cruz is doing really well. kent county, votes outstanding. quickly on the democratic side, i know we're watching this. it is very close here. 78% of the vote reporting. hillary clinton's holding on to hope down here in wayne county. that's the detroit, some votes outstanding and oakland county. you're all the way in. just about 98%. right now sanders is hanging on in the state of michigan. he may pull it out after all tonight. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you. the race we're watching right now, tight one in michigan between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. thises a surprise. she was expected to win here. she had a double digit lead in the polls days ago and here is a bit of what she had to say earlier tonight. >> when you run for an office like this, it's a leap of faith.
7:43 pm
and what's important is we've got to focus on how we bring our country back together. you know, the divisiveness, the mean spiritedness, that's not going to move us forward. we need to stand united. trying to divide us between us and them, it's wrong. it goes against our most cherished values. america belongs to all of us. not just those who are already successful. i want to be the president, not for those who are already successful. they don't need me. i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to achieve that dream.
7:44 pm
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7:47 pm
want to get to the panel now with their thoughts on this. dana perino, your thoughts? >> big news for donald trump and good night and made sure we all knew about it. the point you brought up earlier about the gender gap for him they have to look at. i don't know if we know enough
7:48 pm
yet and needs to be research and women have a gut instinct and it's little bit more they want more seriousness, take the campaign seriously. remember, suburban women, key to the swing states and 25% of the voting public in 2016 made up of single women and he has to do better with them. >> the trump women should fweet you or -- >> i'm sure they already are. >> steve in. >> yeah, look. this is a good night for donald trump. a better night i think for the narrative than it is for his delegate haul. looks like he might be plus 20 or so after michigan, mississippi. may lose a little bit of that overnight. so a good night for him in terms of the story that's being told, the margin in mississippi i think impressive already than most people thought but look. you have to remember and i'll be the skunk at the donald trump party. there are two thirds of the republican party who just watched that hour-long display and i think watching in horror, embarrassed at the prospect of donald trump being the nominee. the idea that he's now going to
7:49 pm
be the unifier it seems to me at the very least premature and probably wishful thinking. >> charlie? >> i think laura hit the nail on the head talking about what was really going on in michigan. you know, this issue of free trade versus fair trade divided republicans for a long time. i think that republican establishment ignored this at their peril and obviously donald trump picked up on that very early, talking about china, talking about trade. and, i think the results we saw in michigan were that exact schism down the middle of the party. >> dana? >> i think some of trump's trade policies scare some individuals half to death and a thing we learned tonight is time for the rubio camp to made a very hard decision. there's absolutely no pathway forward for him. i don't see any sort of pathway forward for kasich either. i think this is a two-man race to donald trump and ted cruz and not states won but the delegate that is people are winning.
7:50 pm
everyone focusing on louisiana and trump and he and cruz walked away with the same number of delegates and not sure if rubio gets a delegate tonight in a couple of these states and something that we have to watch but it's two-man race after tonight and has to be uncomfortable decisions made. a have to be tough decisions made. >> juan, we'll start with you right after the break. our coverage continues right after this. ught every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. frodoers don't stop. wake up, every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing.
7:51 pm
right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. bernie sanders speaking in miami. just starting to listen in. >> the people of america of tired of a broken criminal justice system in which we have more people in jail, largely african american, latino, native american, than any other major country on earth. so we started this campaign, as many will remember, ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls.
7:52 pm
yet, we have seen is in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created a kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again, this has been a fantastic night in michigan, we're very grateful for all of the support we've gotten from that state and we look forward to going through illinois, ohio, missouri and other states that we'll be competing in next week. thank you very much. >> there we go. bernie sanders, speaking in front of, i don't know what that was. >> a cabin? >> a cabin. >> a sauna? for sure. >> short and sweet. >> let's make good on our promise to get juan williams' thoughts on that. >> it's interesting before bill hammer left, you look at the map, where is he having success? out in the upper peninsula in
7:53 pm
the white precinct of michigan and having success with young people and people who self identify as very liberal so this is his strength. the union. and especially in terms of organization, the black vote. we're waiting on wayne county and that area, that can shift things. i guess the house bet would be bernie sanders carries it, but i still am not sure. >> bernie sanders has a lot of money. he raised $42 million last month. he's going all the way. charles krauthammer says it's a blip if he wins tonight. is it? >> it is a blip. he can try to have states like michigan. i think he has momentum. again, if you look at late deciders going to sanders, early deciders went to hillary clinton. looking at the map coming up and looking at places like ohio and florida and again, they favor
7:54 pm
hillary clinton. if you dig in on the age issue, 45 and older, which is most of the vote, clinton wins but people 18-44, wow. sanders is what? like 68-31, so it's overwhelming. you look at sex. men, plus 15 for sanders, women, plus one for clinton. it may not be tough, but gives you a clear understanding who is voting for clinton. who is voting for sanders. >> picking up on the gender gap, we see the women going for hillary on the democratic side. and not so much for the republican front runner now. how does that translate? you have a historic gender gap, and you know, a lot of it will depend on who the republican nominee is. it's interesting, juan points out the numbers, you'd expect more of a gender gap.
7:55 pm
going into this contest, people expected to be a greater gender gap. if it goes to the point charles has gone through earlier, this is a blip on hillary clinton's path to nomination but i think it has to give serious pause to democrats, broadly, about just how vulnerable, the fact she can put away the 74-year-old socialist who really wasn't that well regarded or well liked in his senate, in the senate among his colleagues, wasn't taken that seriously. the fact she can't bury him has to cause them problems. >> if you're the cruz campaign, you look second in mississippi, tied for second in michigan and looks like may pull out second in michigan. what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking that that is a good night to come in second place in michigan. everyone looks at the state and optics of winning the state. it's those delegates that count. the delegates are going to -- you can't walk in with states.
7:56 pm
you walk in with 1237 delegates. he's closing the gap. it would be easier if the race narrows. that is the choice that will have to be made. >> going forward it's not beneficial to cruz, more beneficial to donald trump. >> sure. absolutely. and as it has been looking back, you know, cruz does very well in these closed contests. when opening up the doors of the supposed big 10, donald trump does better in those. >> a good night for kasich now. i don't know if kasich finishes second or third, but kasich can make the case. he has momentum coming out of michigan. it's very important. bad night for marco rubio. great night for trump. marco rubio, wow. i don't know what happened. it's a painful story. >> does he need to get out, dana? >> i think -- i don't know. you can argue both ways. if you're part of the never trump crowd, you say maybe you need to stay in. part of the rules keeper you think get out to see if i can do
7:57 pm
something. i don't know. >> thank you, panel, we're approaching 11:00 p.m. eastern in new york. moments away from polls closing in idaho. stay with us. sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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8:00 pm
it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast and the last of the polls are now closed in idaho. there were no exit polls conducted in the general state. so we'll have to wait for the tally. >> what is with this short trip given to idaho. no exit polls, no information whatever. it's also too close to call for democrats in michigan, bernie sanders is still ahead there, which has been one of the stories of the evening.