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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the last four standing g.o.p. candidates. greta interviewed ohio governor
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this evening, i interviewed ted cruz, and now, i'm here with florida senator marco rubio. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. welcome to hialeah, florida. >> great to be here. so it's very windy here. we have our stick mikes so you can hear us. >> i want to talk to you about what happened last night? it was a tough night for your campaign. the question today is are you preparing to drop out? >> no. you know, what is funny about that? i don't know what's happening in this campaign, everybody thinks someone else is supposed to be dropping out. we're going to fight through and we're going to win florida. we're going to win florida. >> the latest polls show you're not winning in florida. there is a poll that shows donald trump has a 23 point
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lead. there is a poll that shows he more than doubled it. cnn, same thing. how can you win here? >> well, first of all, those polls are not accurate. and the fact is that only poll that counts is the one they're going to take on tuesday. and we're going to work hard as we have. you mentioned last night and the other day. our primary focus has been on florida now. if you look at the delegate map it all the sense in the world. florida is going to award 99 delegates to the winner in florida. so you look the a statement with that many delegates, a place where i'm from and you have a great campaign team, that is what we're focusing on now. we win florida tuesday, this election changes and gives us
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momentum to go forward and win the nomination. >> there is a report today, by the bush team that jeb bush is meeting with today and governor kasich and ted cruz as well. all of the non-trump republican candidates, basically. >> i met with him and he's friday friend, we'll always be friends. even in the time he was in the race. i have tremendous respect for imhim. i don't discuss private conversations. he's probably the greatest governor in florida's history, jeb bush. >> we all know jeb bush does not want donald trump to win as republican nominee. >> i think most republicans don't want donald trump to win. >> can you say whether it was a strategy meeting or whether about the possibility of an endorsement? >> i'd love to have his support. i don't know if he is going to support anyone. it was a meeting about we have
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known each other for 20 years. and it's nothing mysterious. it's not good policy to discuss personal conversations in front of 50 million people. >> what do you mean? it's just the two of us here there is a possibility of a so called unity ticket between you and ted cruz. the two of you together so possibly surpass donald trump if you join. is that a possibility? >> that is the kind of drama to speculate about. those things rarely work. i'm a candidate for president. i'm going to be on the ballot on tuesday, i'm going to campaign in florida. i'm focused on being the president of the united states. and that is my goal. i think that is ted's goal, too. you know, at some point we're all going to be on the same
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team, i hope. i don't believe donald trump is going to be the nominee. i continue to believe it's going to be me. i haven't talked to anyone about that. i am running for president. i'm focused 100% on florida. our goal is to win here tuesday night. >> just to follow up, the reports, because now, cnn and one at cbs and fox business suggesting you have had discussions about dropping out of the race for florida and possibly, talking to -- >> that is 100% false. i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or planet earth. it's is not, or anyone on any planet. we're going to be in this race and fight this thing until tuesday and we're going to win florida and we're going to go on. >> do you feel like some in the media, or aligned with other camps are trying to force you out? trying to blow you out of the race? >> every time someone has a
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disappointing couple days there is a rumor, so and so is dropping out, or so and so talking about this or that. people go to the media and say it and it gets reported and if it isn't true they move on and pretend they never reported it. it's false, i am going to fight here in florida 100% between now and tuesday evening. >> now, what if you don't win florida? then, how does that calculate? >> it won't be a good night in florida and i think the second thing is this campaign is going to come down to this. if i won five states last night or three a week ago, i still have to win florida. i think the nominee has to win florida. and i am going to do everything i can to win this state. these people here have never given up on me, i'm not going to give up on them. >> what did you think when you saw ted cruz come down here and
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set up offices? >> the only real apparatus in florida is ours. a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because i'm the only one that can beat donald trump in florida. if you like john kasich or ted cruz, if you don't want donald trump to win florida have you to vote for me. so everyone, they have to vote for me. >> we have much, much more to do with senator marco rubio. still ahead, more of our one on one conversation with the florida senator, including his reaction to reports of the cruz-rubio ticket, plus, the audience with questions about trump, questions about jobs, and more, stay tuned. i accept i'm not 22.
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welcome back. that question is from veronica saying you're in this race apriled we'll see if you're able to win florida, if you're not dropping out before florida, you say. let's talk about donald trump. veronica's feeling is she's with you, no matter what and a lot of people in the republican party feel that way. you heard about the never donald trump movement. you said your concerns about him as the nominee you still support him in a general election. why? how can you? >> it's a reflection of badly
8:13 pm
our country is doing. i would never vote for hillary clinton. he is unacceptable to a significant percentage of republicans who will not turn out and vote. so i don't want hillary clinton to be president. and but i'm running for president. and i would say to the people that support donald trump, look. i understand people are angry and frustrated about the direction of our country. about changes in our culture, about what barack obama has done, i understand that. i really do. anger can motivate you but anger not a plan. it's not going to solve our problems and rebuild our military, it's not going to cut taxes and roll back regulations and make america a better place to create better-paying jobs for millions who are struggling.
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and these voters sdee serve to know that. he refuses to engage in ideas. i think that is dangerous, if you elect someone who doesn't tell you what they're going to do, how do you hold them accountable? >> so the people in the republican party who, you know, they say their conscious won't allow them to vote. for anyone, even perhaps someone like you, or someone in this race as a republican, to run as a third party candidate you shouldn't get the nomination? you say they're on their own? >> i understand the reason you feel that way. we have a candidate for president that uses profanity and attacks a disabled journalist, minorities, women. that said you ask me the question of that debate. i cannot imagine supporting
8:15 pm
hillary clinton. i don't think that is a reflection of donald trump being good, but how bad hillary clinton would be. >> let's talk about the debate. what do you think of chris christie? >> i like chris and i like him a lot. >> were you surprised to see him endorse trump? >> i have gotten my share of endorse manies, i have the governor of arkansas, governor of south carolina, former governor of louisiana, governor of new mexico, governor of tennessee. we have great endorse manies and i respect that. >> we saw you at that one cnn a few weeks ago. fox news debate you were very ill. and more subdued.
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you got a little naughty on the campaign. you know what i'm talking about, right? a little bit. >> on the issue that has to deal with trump university which he didn't tell the truth about and his business dealings and jobs that he refuses to bring back from overseas those are legitimate issues. other personal stuff, i would do it differently. the reason my kids were embarrassed by it. my wife didn't like it. that is not who i am. that is not what my campaign is going to be about. i'd do it differently. on the personal stuff. i'm not telling you he didn't deserve it, but that is not who i am. that is not what i want to be. i want my kids to be proud of me. i don't think it reflected well on my faith. so i felt bad about that. but on the other stuff, his business dealings and the fact he's telling americans he's one thing when he's not, those things are fair game. not only fair game, people need to know that before turning our country to someone who isn't who
8:17 pm
he says he is. >> a lot of people thought immediamedia watchers thought this is a man who is, he is struggling with the media that trump dominates. >> i gave a series of policy speeches throughout the year. and i was lucky if it got a mention. he uses a bad word, it's on news coverage. you have the head of cbs say donald trump may not be good for america but he's really good for cbs and our ratings. so yes. reality tv infected our politics. the culture has crossed over into our political debate. what is at stake is the most important political office in the world. the commander in chief of the united states. the person that has power to send young men and women out to
8:18 pm
war to die. >> what did you make of the press conference out of florida? an hour long. all cable networks covered it nonstop. what did you think of that? >> listen. he is a master of manipulating the media to cover him. they cut in because they have no idea what he's going to say. you're in the media. what? she's very good, but she's tough, she's tough. but those couple days i was saying those things, i would do differently, every media was cutting in live to my event because they're hoping i would say something. and it's, you know unfair the voters deserve better, they really do. >> i want to ask you about senator cruz because someone who worked for his campaign says we've got thousands of volunteers and this person wasn't sanctioned but they
8:19 pm
reported that report in hawaii about you getting ready to leave the race before florida or pressured to leave the race before florida. he says that wasn't me. i don't stand by that. your thoughts? >> he said it wasn't him, i believe him. it happened multiple times now. there are people out there trying to make a decision about how to vote. and i don't think it's fair to them to tell them something that isn't true but i never talked to anyone about that. we're always going to be in the state of florida. these people have supported me my entire life. i'm going to give them a chance to make me the nominee of the republican party and that is not going to change. >> on the subject of debate, you have another one tomorrow night. the last one before florida. ye >> and what will be your approach? what marco rubio are we going to see? >> it depends on the questions, if half questions are about donald trump, it's going to be
8:20 pm
dominated about that. i hope it will be national debt, national security, how to defeat isis. how to get our economy growing again, how to deal with what the next supreme court justice should look like. these are the issues that matter. and i wish they'd ask more questions about that. they asked them in the democratic debate. in our debate it is he said this about you what do you say about him? >> on behalf of the fox news medder yating team, we tried not to do too much of that. but some people have that. but just the feed back on voters was very negative about what they thought. they didn't like to see the republicans. they're trying to decide betwefe the really ugly slug fest. >> i'd rather spend the debate
8:21 pm
debating merits of my tax plan, my approach on isis. and i believe we should stand with israel. i mean, these are, i'd rather talk about that. >> one question after two folks wanted to hear about israel. and raised the issue that trump said he would remain neutral on that deal. not that he's not support of israel but remains neutral when it comes to strike a peace deal in the middle east. that is where we're going to pick it up right after the break. and on to policy matters and best moments on the campaign trail when we come right back. don't go away. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are.
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>> what israel adds to the united states is two things we support them because israel faces a challenge for their legitimacy. and two, if they run out of weapons that we resupply them. both of these things have been put in doubt by the president. when i'm president, these things will never be in doubt. on the first day i will cancel barack obama's deal with israel's enemy, the ayatollah. >> we have given them the money,
8:27 pm
and, we're going to impose the bad stuff so how does it hurt them? >> they may have received assets but what they're going to benefit from on an ongoing basis is ability to conduct transactions and business with america and other western companies. the bottom line is when i'm president of the united states, companies in the private sector can work in the american economy or iranian economy. but will not be able to do both until iran allows a full inspection of their military sites and can prove to the world they're not building a nuclear weapon from which they will try to destroy israel and threaten and black mail the world. let's talk about visas. allowing a highly skilled visa for people to come work here.
8:28 pm
you called for doubling visas but you want the job to stay open to americans only for six months. donald trump says he was against these visas, then for the visas and last i heard he is against the visas. where do you stand on them now? the workers at disney had to train their replacements because of the thesas. the h 1 v visa are hiring a consulting firm that are hoarding up these visas. they're outsourcing the tech nobodies, that firm brings in workers that don't work for disney but the outsourcing firm. >> the indignity of it. >> absolutely. >> the testimony has been heart felt on capitol hill. talking about having to train foreign replacements.
8:29 pm
>> their argument is that we outsourced our tech department to these companies. it is a violation of the program to use those visas to replace an american worker. so two things we should prevent these consulting companies from hoarding up h 1 vs. because they're not direct employees and if you get caught abusing the program, you should be barred from using it again. we should enforce the law and close the loophole of the consulting firms. >> immigration has been a big issue for this campaign and for you. there are different numbers on how important it is to republican voters for to some, it is very important. many in the republican field feel senator rubio betrayed florida on this issue. that he would not support immigration reform but he went there and he did. do you feel that that taunted you? >> no what i do support is
8:30 pm
dealing with reality. >> you said you're not going to support a path to citizenship. >> well, a special pass and i don't support a special pass. the most i'm willing to support, we're not going to ram it down their throats. i don't think you should have a special process. i support allowing people to have a work permit. and this is a 25 year deal. we're doing nothing when i'm prz until we prove to people illegal immigration is under control. that is the lesson of 2013. >> who do you think is tougher
8:31 pm
on immigration? you or donald trump? >> well, this is interesting. donald had an interview with the "new york times" where he shared he had a lot of flexibility about immigration. so now, he refuses to allow the "new york times" to release the audio of the interview. so it's par for the course here, people are angry about immigration. they've been told 25 years it's going to be fixed and nothing happened and donald trump is targeting that. i understand why people are responding to it. just from the debate stage, he changed position three times and told the "new york times" something differently than what he is telling voters now they're suggesting they're not sitting on an important revelation. >> the "new york times" would release them and it's more
8:32 pm
flexible and at the last debate, he said he would agree with it. and i think on this issue, no one understands personally better than i do. this is a community of immigrants. it has to be dealt within a responsible way for america. >> let's talk about the military a bit. what you would do in order to what trump would do that they'd follow orders of his. but trump walked it back. and people say kudos to that. is your thoughts on that and whether there is anything you want to walk back that you said? >> our men and women are some of the finest people in the
8:33 pm
country. they're never going to carry out an illegal order from a channeder -- commander in chief. i believe we should have enhanced interrogation techniques without torture. a terrorist is not the same as a criminal. and you're trying to gather information to prevent a few tour terrorist attack. >> we don't do it anymore. >> we don't do it at all because they're closing guantanamo bay. when i'm president they will be sent to guantanamo bay. >> and interrogated? that what happened with barack obama. he should down the cia site but there is no place to question the terrorists, just drone them. now, we don't get the information. >> and by the way when it comes to interrogation, techniques should not be something we're
8:34 pm
debating locally. it's not the only tool. you match it up with information and it's a key part of a tool box and a thousand tools we need to prevent terrorist attacks. >> what about hillary clinton. if you had to make a case against her is how are you going to go after her? you were in favor of the iraq war and they feel you have too much in common with her. >> i wanted to do more than what they did. the term leading from behind came about as a result of libya. and the argument is that we're going to go into 72 hours, do two little things and walk away and leave everybody else to figure it out. my argument is the longer the civil war goes on, the more unstable that country is going to be and more likely to have terrorists there. he allowed it to be a protracted conflict because he led from
8:35 pm
behind. >> would you send u.s. ground troops into libya? >> for purposes of targeting isis, i do believe in special operations on the ground. >> just special ops? >> the only hope in libya is a permanent government take hold. there is only so much we can do. there is a vacuum because they're unchallenged and for them it is prime operational space. >> stand by. more with senator marco rubio. don't go away.
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. >> once the recession hit, a lot of people were out of jobs
8:40 pm
including my father. and that is how we made it look. there are people now that don't have jobs and are living in bad situation. my question for senator rubio, now, there is a lot of jobs to help people get employed. >> you just heard a question there, senator marco rubio sayi saying how are you going to do it? by having a president to create jobs. the private sector creates jobs. if you're in hialeah, they started because someone risked money to create a business. we need policies to make america the best place in the world to
8:41 pm
grow. so you go on my website, marco and you'll see a comprehensive tax plan for businesses, rolls back taxes to 25%. and everything they invest that business to encourage investment. and we bring our debt under control, by saving social security and medicare and repeal and replace obamacare not just by talking about the lines around the state but with a plan that allows every american to control spending whether money from your employer or refundable credit you'll be able to use to fund health insurance in any way, and form, you want. whether comprehensive, health savings acat or catastrophic plan. >> yes for you on the state of the g.o.p. right now. the dominant story is whether, on tuesday, march 15th, the republican party will end.
8:42 pm
whether it is facing a crisis now given the dive yigs within the party. >> well, i think that if donald trump is the republican nominee it will practice the republican party and the conservative movement. donald trump does not pretend to be a conservative. and i don't think his voters are supporting him because he's a conservative. i acknowledge he's tapped into a anger against political correctness, and abuses going on. i get that. that is important. but we can't let it define us. conservatism is not about anger. it's about a set of principles backed up by specific ideas and surrounded by a sense of optimism that americans can do anything. what we need is a chance to do it. >> why do you think it's happening? if you look at the polls people not in favor of you say i'm
8:43 pm
ticked off at politicians that say one thing and do another. why are we seeing the division? year after year and after year, who is it? >> they have been against both parties. and including the republican party said we'll do whatever we want for 20 years and go back, do whatever we want. what changed now is people are following politics in realtime. whether it's on twitter, social media and fox news, they're seeing what's happening and they're angry about it. it started in 2010 and continued in 2014 and reached a boiling point now, here, in this cycle. it's important to harness that. but we have to as a motivator not something that defines us.
8:44 pm
it is about real policy solutions and optimism that america has greater numbers. >> you said you're the only one that can unite the party. we have heard the same message from john kasich. do you say he should go? does he say you should go? >> i don't know. does this happen in every election everyone is obsessed about who is going to leave? >> the reason it's being discussed is the man who is the likely person to secure the nomination has abouts he's winning 35, or so, percent. and so those other republicans are saying how is this happening? is there a chance to win?
8:45 pm
who is it? and are trying to think who that person should be. >> i can tell you this. and this should matter, if you look at every poll, i do better against hillary clinton because i won't just unify the party, i'll grow it. >> this is your great frustration, i'm sure. and however, your record is -- >> yes. 17 people running. you remember the first debate. >> like herding cats. >> it's a perfect storm. and virtually everyone running
8:46 pm
for president actually ran for president and it's gotten to this unchartered territory. and no one will work harder than we're going to work. >> would you encourage people who are in favor of marco rubio to vote for john kasich? >> i have heard that before. i have loyal people that worked hard for us. and the only one that can beat donald trump in florida and every poll would say that. if you like ted cruz and live in florida that is fine. if you vote for them in florida you're voting for donald trump. if you're committed to denying donald trump's 99 delegates in the state of florida, i'm the only one who has a chance. >> we're not far from senator rubio's hometown and we're going to get personal with marco rubio, don't go away. [ music ]
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>> marco has proved to be a conservative and we cuban people don't give up. he will be there until the last minute. rubio rubio is going to be the candidate. >> a man talks about what it is like to be cuban and grow up in south florida and after talking primary polls we want to talk about family. senator, great to see you again. >> thank you. >> do you find it ironic people paint you with a brush of being some sort of elitist? >> i find that interesting in the sense everything i have we've had to earn. my fajer was a bartender and my mother, a made. the only loan i had was a student loan, we pay a mortgage
8:52 pm
on my home. i come from an extraordinary privilege. raised by a mother and father that loved us and told us it didn't matter she was a made and my dad, a bartender. i lived where even the son of a bartender and made could be anything he wanted. >> did that help you understand what real people are going through? >> absolutely. not did i grow up paycheck to paycheck, i lived paycheck to paycheck for a number of years when we first got married. we lost the value in our home, we didn't do anything wrong. i owed over $100,000 in student loans. we're raising young children and know how expensive that is. in a culture, rammed down our throats values that are not going to teach our children. >> is it true you met at teenagers? >> i was 19. she was 17. >> do you know right away?
8:53 pm
>> i did. i'm not sure she did. >> how long did you date? >> seven years. >> i was in law school and college and she wanted to marry someone with a job. >> did you want to be a lawyer? >> no. i wanted to be a sports broadcaster, and i think i just got led towards law school because i had an interest in law an process of making law and interest in public service and i didn't know i'd run for office. i started out in small city commission at 27 years old. i live in a city of 5,000 people. we had 800 voters for my first election. i knocked on every door and hialeah is part of the district i was in, small district, and we've earned it all, every time. we'll earn this, too. >> did young marco rubio make mistakes you want to share? >> oh, yeah. >> perhaps they can learn from? >> i wasn't a very good high school student. because i wasn't a good high
8:54 pm
school student, i didn't qualify for scholarships so i had to take out loans and very to pay those back and they were very expensive. i'd do that very differently, of course. you know, and so once i tarted paying for school i became a really good student. not before then. >> you have four children, all pretty young, girls in the teens and two younger boys. >> right. >> how has it been for them coming out of the campaign trail? they seem like happy warriors. >> i think the absence is tough on us. they've been able to be on the road a little bit in new hampshire. but god protected us and you're family and kept us together through this we're a stronger family and my kids have seen america and the process in a way a lot of people never get to see. >> you said that you're not running for senate again. and we don't know what is going to happen in this race, but if it doesn't work out for you, any thoughts on where we might see
8:55 pm
marco rubio go? >> i don't define myself but the office i hold. my most important job is a husband and father. and want to do that job as well as i can. next january, i will either be the president of the united states or a private citizen. i want to serve if america will give me a chance to serve, if florida gives me a chance to serve. if god's will is different, i will take that, too. >> thanks to everyone at home for watching our special kelly file edition on the road with senator marco rubio. good night. seems like we've hitd block.
8:56 pm
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