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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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another passenger noticed the bag was moving. and the ihop employee facing criminal charges for allegedly giving away thousands of dollars of free drinks in new york city. that wraps it up for us. we'll see you back at 9:00 for america's newsroom with bill hemmer, fox & friends starts trie right now. it's the tail end of the week. it is march 10, 2016. and we begin with a breaking news story. it was a coordinated attack to kill people in cold blood. overnight, two gunmen working in synch to murder five people. we have the details for you. and one of the most talked-about moments >> it's not going to happen. i'm not answering that question. >> that's her answer. what was the question? >> you are going to want to hear this, finally somebody asked it. >> and i hope we get to see the
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whole thing. meanwhile, actor dustin hoffman learning painful family history. >> i'm a jew. they all survived. for me to be here. >> we'll tell you what else he found out about his ancestors, because our mornings, even for dustin hoffman, are better with friends. hi, everybody, welcome to the show. you know, i know it's still winter, but today in new york city, it's going to be 75. >> right. >> yesterday was too. it was so nice. did you get out and enjoy the tulips came up and died already. that's how quick spring came. >> do you plant tulips? >> we put the bulbs in ten years ago, and now we have something to look forward to.
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>> who knew? >> for those who don't have the four seasons, you don't know what we're talking about. >> there's a lot of stormy weather across the country. we're just lucky today. meanwhile, we've got a busy, busy program. heather joins us with breaking news. >> and gardening trips from brian. i've got serious news to bring you. five people were shot and killed in an ambush-style attack. that gunfire exploding in wilkinsburg, pennsylvania, outside of pittsburgh. cops are hunting for at least two gunmen. neighbors heard 25 shots ring out just before 11:00 where a back yard party was going on. one of the gunmen barged into the party in an ambush-style attack. and when people started to run, there was another gunman who opened fire from the yard. four women and one man are now dead. we'll keep you up to date on
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that. a man who ambushed the philadelphia police officer in the name of islam is due in court today for a preliminary hearing. edward archer, accused of firing into jesse hartnett's cruiser. he survived the attack but spent several weeks in the hospital. archer believes they enforce laws that undermine teachings of the koran. the fbi is investigating that shooting as a terror attack. and brand-new video coming out showing the exact moment that dozens of seattle businesses were reduced to rubble. a bright white flash caused by a natural gas explosion was captured from a nearby restaurant. that blast damaged nearly 40 businesses and sent nine firefighters to the hospital. all have now been released. the damage is estimated at more than $3 million. and if you want to fly to iran, british airways will take
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you there. the airline has reached a deal for 42 weekly passenger pligfli. they stopped flying there in 2012 because of rising tensions over the nuclear program. the u.s. hasn't had direct flights there since 1979 and the hoos hostage crisis. >> and iran's really behaved nicely since the deal was reached. >> and there are a lot of people here who have had a hard time getting back home to iran. >> my neighbor is from iran. >> could he have taken a boat? >> she. but it would have taken about a month. meanwhile, let's talk about e-mails. >> there you go. democratic debate. hillary clinton meets up with bernie sanders. keep in mind. this is the day after he beat her in michigan, and she was smarting. so she was expecting another
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kind of debate like the democrats have had all along where no hard questions are asked. well, you know what? apparently jorge ramos didn't get that memo. he was one of the moderators from univision and asked a question that people have been waiting for her to answer. he put her on the spot. and here it is. >> who specifically gave you permission to operate your e-mail system as you did, was it president obama? and would you drop out of the race if you get indicted? >> jorge, there's a lot of questions in there, and i'm going to give the same answer i've been giving for many months. it wasn't the best choice. i made a mistake. it was not prohibited. it was not in any way disallowed. and as i've said and has now come out, my predecessors did the same thing. and nl other people in the government, but here's the cut to the chase facts. i did not send or receive any e-mails marked classified at the
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time. >> if you get indicted, will you drop out? >> oh, for goodness, that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> all right. >> good for him. >> and that became a serious debate when bernie sanders won michigan. and this is the last debate that they have on the docket. you put those things together and this is their last chance to really go at each other. and not, she had hoped, i imagine, to talk about donald trump and the republicans, but she tried to get out from underneath bernie sanders, because she's got two more southern states to deal with, and then it's all, it's all areas in which sanders should be able to compete. so this is going to be a real contest for a couple of months now. >> brian, what's going to happen if she is indicted? what is the democratic party going to do? because she won't be able to run for president. >> technically, you could still run for president even if you were indicted. >> how would she get any momentum behind her would be the key. the other area and the thing to worry about is the benghazi committee, because they're
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emerging with their, special committee, is emerging with their study. and benghazi was up in her grill also yesterday. >> they played a clip from patricia smith whose son sean was killed in benghazi, and said look, mrs. clinton, she says you said that video was the reason the attack happened. and of course now we know it wasn't. but nonetheless, here's what mrs. clinton had to say about the mother of an american killed in benghazi. >> you know, look, i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans that we lost at benghazi. it and i certainly can't even imagine the grief that she has for losing her son. but she's wrong. she's absolutely wrong. >> so let me interpret. even though you have heard patricia smith on this channel and other channels say she heard from hillary clinton we're going to get the guy who did that,
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behind that video, responsible for your son's death, hillary clinton is calling her a liar. >> well, she'd have to also call charles woods a liar. because he told glen beck, quote, she told, the secretary told him we will make sure that person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted. and also he put it in his diary. he said on october, in october of 2011. >> he's probably a liar too. they're both lying. >> and stephens asked for more help, more security, and did he not get it. as a result four individuals are dead. mothers are grieving. they died, over there serving our country, and she se's sayin that the mother of sean is wrong and the other parents are wrong? i don't understand this. it's so sad what happened, and then for her to -- it's unbelievable. it really is. >> you know, for, it's the whole thing about the video and then what she said to those families,
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she's going to have a hard time rationalizing that. meanwhile, do you know that the republican race is really heavily focussed on florida? >> yes, and ohio as well. a new poll shows donald trump dominating in florida by more than 20 points. >> a lot of people have already gone to the polls, because can you vote early. this is ohio. this is the primary. the numbers are in favor of kasich there. 34%, 29% going to donald trump, 19 to cruz and then 7% to rubio. >> and the question, that is great news for the kasich camp. and the question is, is it game-set-match if trump finds a way to take both. he chose to wear the jacket, buff t but the weather is that good for john roberts. >> that's a lot of rhetorical and meteorological analysis there. it's us and the ducks singing
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out here in the university of miami. but a lovely place to be. speaking of marco rubio. you know things are not going well when the whole narrative surrounding your campaign is whether you're going to drop out. rubio likes to say on the stump, i've done it before. i know how to come from behind and win, i did it with charlie crist. the problem was, he was not behind five days before people went to vote. speculation is swirling whether he might suffer a humiliating defeat. >> i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or anyone on planet earth or any planet for that matter. i am not dropping out of this race. >> meanwhile, over in the trump campaign, it's all sunshine and light after three more big wins on tuesday night. trump hoping to score a knockout against marco rubio in the coming contests on tuesday and also put some distance between himself and ted cruz in the
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count for delegates. >> and i'm leading, liein' ted cruz, i love the evangelicals. liein' ted was supposed to win mississippi. he was supposed to win alabama, but they don't like liars. little marco would say -- i think he's gone. they hate him in florida. i have to tell you, in florida he doesn't show up to vote. and he has the worst voting record in the last 15, 20 years. >> that was donald trump last night in fayetteville, north carolina. a big military town. the question is whether bush will endorse anyone. it seems that he will not endorse before tuesday's primary which would call into question how much his endorsement really would be worth in this race. >> yeah. and bit othter feelings might rn
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between marco rubio and jeb bush. >> donald trump said yesterday if he wins ohio and florida, it's over. >> well, it would be. absolutely. but the numbers are showing that he's not going to winnow ow ohi. >> a fox poll shows an approval rating for marco rubio. >> but trump is beating him. coming up, is donald trump a racist? that question was asked at the debate last night. so how it hillary and bernie answer that question. that's next. >> you're going to want to hear that. and he's a big star on the show "pawn stars". he's under arrest. and the charges are serious. ♪ ♪ i'm comin' up ♪ so you better get this
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or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. i walked into the ballot box, and i looked at the ballot, and i saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. [ laughter ] but then i checked the box for ted cruz, and i'm here to tell
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you why. you know there are other people in our party who are actually kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. >> carly fiorina, as you can see back on the gop trail. but with donald trump so far ahead in the count, should the gop being rallying around him instead? joining us to discuss this is angela mcglowan. >> thank i, and congratulations. >> thank you. we saw carly fiorina talking about cruz. should she be rallying around trump since he's getting more delegates? >> christie supported trump. she has every right to support cruz. they're establishment. there's only 12 million votes out there. now donald trump has 4 million. and cruz, rubio and kasich share
3:18 am
the 8 million. so i believe right now, let the voters decide. more than likely, we are going to move to a brokered convention, but not all the delegates are out. >> so why would they do this? if trump is the front runner, are they shooting themselves by supporting someone who's not the front runner? >> the party is divided. it's been divided a long time, since the contract with america and newt gingrich and dick army when conservatives really made a difference and they supported each other. with the tea party, with moderate republicans, with log cabin republicans, we are divided. and the fact, too, donald trump is anti-establishment. and he's proven he's created jobs. all the others are politicians. now kasich is also proven and he's, but his message is not getting out there. >> i want to talk about the debate last night. democratic debate last night. moderators are asking hillary
3:19 am
clinton and bernie sanders whether or not donald trump is a racist. listen to their response. >> i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rei rapists, i basta. >> i find it very interesting. my dad was born in poland. i know a little bit about the immigrant experience. nobody has ever asked me for my birth certificate. maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin. >> a lot of voters are saying that's an offensive question, to call trump a racist or ask whether he is or is not. because so many people are backing trump, and it's almost like calling the voters racist. what's your response to that? >> first of all, we don't know what's in trump's heart. but liberals are famous for using deflection and division and playing the race card.
3:20 am
i attended rainbow bush coalition, jesse jackson's event recently, and i asked folks who they were supporting, and you have a lot of black people supporting trump. and the bottom lean ine is this. he's proven he's created jobs. and the black community is double digit on unemployment. you have evangelicals supporting trump, hispanics supporting trump. so i don't think it's about what a man has in his heart, it's what is proven. and for hillary and sanders to go there or the democratic debate to go there, i think they're afraid of trump. >> yeah, i don't think this election's about race at all. i think it's about getting people back to work. we're seeing that in the polls. you're right. he's appealing to democrats, to blue collar workers, african-americans. thank you for be being with us. coming up, it was a moment he never saw coming. what made dustin hoffman break
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time for a quick look at your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. jihadis unmasked. the documents which look like an application form are questionnaires for each would-be terrorist. the applicants from more than 50 countries, including at least four americans. learning about the dangers of white privilege.
3:25 am
brand-new document introduced through the freedom of information act, soldiers went to a training called power and privilege. the army says the course isn't sanctioned. more on that later. meanwhile, it is national sleep awareness week. we saw brian a moment ago. >> yesterday was meatball day. >> today's meatball day, too. if you find yourself tossing and turning, you're not alone. 37% of grownups who complained about sleep problems at least once a week said think used an over-the-counter or prescription sleep aid in the previous year. >> but what should you be aware of before you pop a pill. here with us is jennifer cottle, a board certified physician and assistant professor of the school of osteopathic medicine.
3:26 am
>> i love that. i'm a physician. this is a problem for a lot of people across the world, around the world. >> what do you recommend, when it comes to prescription sleeping pills, do you recommend those? >> as a family physician, i do write sleeping medications in certain situations. there are plenty of prescription medications. you've heard of ambien and lunesta, but these are not things we should be using for long periods of time. it's finding the right person and matching them with the right medication. >> and if you're not going to get seven or it's hours of sleep and you get up and take a sleeping pill you're going to be driving. >> don't take them if you can't get seven to eight hours of sleep. that's super important. also don't mix them with alcohol. a lot of people think that's okay. it is not okay. and the final thing is i have patients who will pop an extra
3:27 am
pill because they feel like the first one didn't work. you can't do that. you can't be mixing around with your pills. >> those are, if you talk to a doctor, there are a lot of people who say i haven't been able to sleep this week, i'm going to walgreens, pick up something over the counter like nyquil or zqil. >> is it something you would recommend? >> a lot of these medications have anti-histamines. it doesn't show that they help that much. they can have side effects too. if you take too many, you can get urinary retention and some people feel hung over the next day, groggy and not fully awake. this is not my first choice. to answer your question, no. this is not what i'm recommending people to take. but a lot of people do, and i know they're marketed for this reason. >> if i don't have a physician handy and i need sleep quickly, i might use herbal supplements.
3:28 am
chamomile? >> people use valerian root, but the same thing applies there. the studies don't necessarily back up that they work better than other things, and they're not necessarily regulated by the food and drug administration. they can have interactions with your medications. >> is a lot of this mental? i'm going to drink this tea and it's going to calm me down and put me to sleep. or you say don't stay on these a long time, but mentally you can't take yourself off of them. >> is there a placebo effect? it's possible that it is. >> what do we do? >> i'm not recommending too much of anything. the biggest thing is environmental stuff. we know when people change their behavior, it actually work just as well if not better than some of the medications. >> sow can't watch a movie like "diehard", right up to bedtime. >> use the bedroom for sleep and sex only.
3:29 am
>> do you have a prescription pad for that? >> so you want to keep the bedroom nice and cool and dark and turn off all those beeping and buzzing things and making sure that we're not drinking alcohol, eating heavy meals or exercising right before bed. >> don't work out before bed. that's a little bit of a problem. >> we don't want you getting on the treadmill and jumping into bid. >> i won't work out tonight, darn. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. all right, coming up on this thursday, the mainstream media loves to tell stories about cops behaving badly, but here's one story you won't see them cover. >> what's up, man? [ gunshot ] >> a gunman shoots at an officer at point blank range. wait till you see what that cop does next. and he is a huge star on the show "pawn stars." this morning he is under arrest. so who was busted and why? the charges are serious. but first, happy birthday to
3:30 am
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♪ that ain't workin' ♪ that's the way you do it my favorite moment so far of the show. this picture of half a bernie sanders election yard sign going viral, the problem with socialism. >> half the sign was replaced with a note that said i took half of your sign, because you had one, and i didn't. i'm sure you understand. [ laughter ] >> the online photo has been captioned with socialism, a great idea until it shows up in
3:34 am
your front yard. that's great. >> feel the bern. >> go make a lot of money. the government's going to take half of it. >> bernie wants 90%. >> that's right, more than half. they should have taken 90% of the sign. >> you'd only siee the b. it is 27 minutes before the top of the hour, and heather shows us, we showed that image a minute ago, we want to know what happens next. >> you're talking about what happened to a police officer in michigan, a michigan cop dodges a point blank shot that was fired at him during a routine traffic stop, take a look at this. >> what's up, man? [ gunshots ] >> that is officer brad gentry. you see him as he jumps out of the way when a man fires a pistol right in his face. this happened in battle creek, michigan. gentry then returns fire. jumps into his cruiser and
3:35 am
chases down the suspect. the man was ofarrested and faci attempted murder charges. chummily is arrested. they found several weapons, marijuana, and meth. he was arrested on 19 gun and drug charges. police say he hasn't been charged in that sexual assault case. and take a look at this. a massive billboard collapses onto a busy roadway in mexico. [ speaking in foreispanish ] >> and that is not any old billboard. that thing is huge. people screamed as that giant sign sways in the wind and topples over. two cars left completely flattened. everyone imagined to walk away with minor injuries. what a miracle. high winds in the area.
3:36 am
that's what they think caused that. actor dustin hoffman breaks down as he learns his family's history. >> people ask me today, what are you? i say i'm a jew. they all survived. for me to be here. >> the 78 year old oscar winner barely keeping it together on the pbs show "finding your roots." he learned that his great grandmother survived a concentration camp. his father had always kept the family history a secret. and that's how he learned about it through the show. >> fascinating and emotional for so many families. >> powerful program. >> we can relate to that. you think about what your grandparents did to give you a better life, and what your parents did to give you a better life. remarkable. >> it is indeed.
3:37 am
meanwhile, torrential downpours leaving people at risk for flooding along the gulf coast, all the way through southern illinois. >> louisiana among the hardest hit. a state of emergency declared in seven counties where three people are dead, more than 3500 homes are evacuated. >> got a very similar scene in texas where rising waters are flooding out homes. we're tracks these storms. >> extreme weather out there along parts of the gulf coast and lower mississippi valley. parts of louisiana picking up already more than a foot of rain. and some areas could see an additional four to six inches of rainfall. this is an ongoing, very dangerous situation in places like louisiana and eastern texas. and we also have a risk to see severe weather with damaging winds and large hail with the storms that develop later on today, and even the risk of tornados from eastern texas into parts of mississippi and southeastern arkansas. and here's a look at the forecast.
3:38 am
expecting another four to six inches of rainfall across this region. we have flood watches in effect and warnings because of the flooding ongoing out there. meanwhile, temperatures to the east of the storm incredibly warm. take a look at this. 80s for raleigh, atlanta, in new york city,q we could be at 73 degrees this afternoon. now this. ♪ >> take a trip back a decade that made a generation boom, i'm talking about the '60s, all thanks to that off-broadway musical. it's got black lights, hippies, hotties, according to steve. let's head to the "fox light." >> you won't find hippies and
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hotties at "hamilton". from wipe out to white rabbit, it is a psychedelic trip back to the '60s. i got a chance to go back stage and see what the bruzz is all about. check it out. ♪ >> i'm here with the ladies from "trip of love." tell us about theis show. >> it's an experience, told through song and dance and '60s billboard hits that everyone knows. ♪ california dreaming on such a winter's day ♪ >> and it also is so relevant now, within our time, the music from the '60s was the backdrop to so many political movements. and that's what we're telling as well. ♪ nowhere to run, baby ♪ nowhere to hide >> the show's so visually
3:40 am
stunning and beautiful. tell me about some of the costumes. >> we have over 500 costumes in the show, meticulously designed. no detail was left out. >> and the props. >> we have surfboards. >> vespas. >> i've heard about the vespa. >> gazebos and the hot air balloon. >> which i think maybe someone -- >> you might take a trip in. ♪ >> trip of love is taking off right now at stage 42. catch it, and i'll catch you guys next time in the fox light. oh, boy, here we go. ♪ >> i don't remember that part from the '60s. >> i'm terrified of heights. what i won't do for you guys. i'm just sayin', takin' one for the team. if you're taking a trip to new york city, be sure to check out "trip of love." it plays on stage 42, formerly, the little shubert theater.
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check out my twitter kpat foxlightmichael. attorney general loretta lynch says parts of obama's plan to close gitmo are illegal. what happens if he does it anyway. judge napolitano is here. memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. this cit added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like wiped everything clean.
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the number of freed gitmo detainees who have returned to the terror business has doubled in the last six months. that as the president pushes his plan to release more detainees and close gitmo. part of the president's plan is to bring some of the most dangerous detainees here to the united states. attorney general loretta lynch was asked about the president's
3:45 am
authority to make those transfers here. >> the law currently prohibits a transfer to u.s. soil, and the president would need to work with congress. congress would have to consider any relevant changes that could be made to the law before any transfer could be undertaken. >> but could the president use his executive authority that he's used many times now, to circumvent the law and bring detainees to the homeland anyway. let's talk to judge andrew napolitano. the attorney general was very clear there. the law prohibits a transfer to u.s. soil. the president would have to work with congress. >> and then you asked a great question, when you said, introducing the segment, could the president use his executive authority on this as he's done in other areas. the short, one-word answer is, yes. and believe it or not, he'd be on more solid ground in this area than the other areas. immigration, he tried to change the immigration.
3:46 am
the courts prevented -- >> he's commander in chief. >> as the commander in chief of the military, set jailer, the ultimate jailer of these guys, because they're in military custody. the jailer can decide what jail they go to. so don't be surprised. i know the political repercussion from this would be horrific, >> absolutely. >> but don't be surprised if we wake up some morning and find that under cover of darkness, gitmo has been closed. these creeps are in a place like florence, colorado, the most secure place the feds have in the mainland, but it's still the mainland united states of america. >> he's in the legacy stage of his presidency right now. he promised on the first day he was going to close it. i bet you a dollar by the last day he tries to do something like this, because he doesn't care about the politics. >> i think you're probably right. he has a lot of issues on his plate, and he doesn't care about the politics.
3:47 am
he wants to demonstrate to history three was strong enough to resist the tide of republican control of congress and public opinion and do what he thought was right. i don't think that's going to play well for him. >> let's see what happens between now and then. also, we wanted to ask you about this. senator dianne feinstein was, apparently she and other members of congress have asked major tech companies, hey, you've got bomb recipes used by terrorists on your website. will you take them down. and apparently a number of the websites have said no. >> so here's the law. can they take them down? yes, of course. can the websites sensor or cleanse their own product without violating the law? absolutely. they may damage their brand. they may cause other websites to pop up. here's the flip side. can the government force them to take it down? absolutely not. it's protected speech. you can go to a government library, the new york city
3:48 am
public library four blocks from where we are now, take out a book that the government owns, telling you how to make a bomb. >> what do you think's going to happen? >> nothing. nothing. nothing with respect to the government telling the tech companies what to do. and one of the reasons for that is the intelligence community has begun to lobby members of congress, saying don't make apple provide a key to the fbi. >> sure. >> don't tinker with the internet, because if do you that, apple is right. our enemies are going to get that into their hands. >> then again, if these websites leave those recipes, how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, they're easier to track down. you figure out who's doing it. >> absolutely. think all leave footprints, like fingerprints. >> absolutely, and you don't realize that. coming up on this thursday, marco rubio making headlines this morning. what he's saying about his attacks on donald trump. does he have any regrets? the answer's going to surprise you.
3:49 am
and a september 11th charity event under fire. the organizers told they can't climb the stairs at the freedom tower because, well, that would be bad for business of the man behind the event will join us live from ground zero, next. ♪ a born again american ♪ no place i'd rather be ♪ i'm thankful for the freedom ♪ this country gave to me ♪ so i stand up and be counted ♪ and vote for what is right ♪ and i'd rather -- vying for the veterans' votes. which candidates do our service men and women prefer? joey jones is going to be there and he'll have surprising answers. '2 driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you.
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3:53 am
all right. new development amid the controversy surrounding the 9/11 charity event. there's word that the landlords of one world trade center may be changing course and could allow the annual charity stair climb to proceed after initially blocking it from happening. you won't believe the reason. the tunnel to towers foundation is sponsoring the big event and the group is formed to honor as you know new york firefighter stephen stiller among the hero first responders who died that tragic day. stephen's brother frank is the group's chairman. so frank, thanks for joining us and welcome back. i was horrified to see -- >> thanks, brian. >> -- you guys having some turbulence over the annual event. tell us what the problem was. >> well, they -- it should be no problem because we did it last year. it came off beautifully. they're saying logistically it was very difficult, that it was
3:54 am
an inconvenience for the tenants and for the staff and which was mind boggling to me. here's a building that represents so much of what happened on 9/11. it's called the freedom tower for a reason. so many of our firefighters and police officers gave their life down here. and they weren't worried about the inconvenience giving up their lives to save other people. so it really -- it's just unbelievable that they can think that way. they might not let us -- give the right the first responders to run up those stairs. in honor of their brothers that they lost. not just my brother, but captain billy burke on the 23rd tower of the floor, said don't worry, i'll be right behind you and he stayed with somebody who couldn't get down the stairs and he gave up his life. >> one of the great things about finishing off the freedom towers after delays and stops and starts that you can hold the event there. they raise money for great
3:55 am
foundation. the landlord evidently the reason for doing it, he didn't want people reminded of what took place there and would be bad for business. that according to some with the durst organization. so you guys had a conflict, the governor said you better work it out between your foundation and the durst organization. here's what they said. we have to work with all of the tenants and partners to make sure the event is as successful as there could be. frank, could there be a healing to this impasse? could we get another date on the dock it and do it at the freedom tower? >> you know what, we're meeting monday. we just found out late yesterday, monday at 4:00 p.m. we have a meeting. i feel very confident that it will be a positive outcome. but you know what? until i have, i don't have it. there was going to be a huge protest down here tomorrow. so many firefighters and police officers called me up and said, listen, frank, we want to march down there. you know, i'm asking them not to do it. because, you know, we just got the word that we're going to
3:56 am
have a meeting on monday. so we feel pretty confident that we'll be able to work it out. but you know what, part of the thing was they didn't want any images of firefighters or police officers in the stairwells last year going up those stairs which was outrageous. they try to get as far away from 9/11 as possible. this building was to built to represent the sacrifice that was made on that day. >> exactly. >> but i think they're coming around. >> all right. we'll follow-up with that and maybe get it on the date, a may date. frank cill fra frank siller, doing a great thing. >> do you understand what the freedom people are worried about, and do you understand what frank and others that want to do for those who gave their lives that day? write us at she's the journalism professor who had a problem with free speech. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't.
3:57 am
>> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. >> she was fired for pushing a student on camera, and now she's crying foul. can you believe that?
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning to you. time flies when you're having fun. it's already thursday. let's start with this. the fox news alert. overnight there were two gunmen, they storm a backyard party and they murder five people. those individuals never saw it coming. we have the breaking details on the calculated, cold blooded attack. >> terrible. meanwhile, does marco rubio have any regrets about his attacks on donald trump about ten days ago? >> got a little dirty on the campaign -- you got a little naughty -- >> first of all, that's not who i am. >> yeah, his answer might surprise you. stick around. that's coming up shortly.
4:01 am
and don't want to pay for your kids' plane seat? just put your baby in a carry on. that happened. i wouldn't kid you guys with this. i'm going to give you more of that story and mornings are better with "friends." >> so is it like a toddler tote bag? >> right, exactly. >> sherpa bag for your dog? >> they do ask you that question when you go to buy the ticket, do you have a kid on your lap? you can honestly answer no, i have one in the lug gallon. >> did they try to check the luggage? >> we have a lot of questions, so thankfully the answer is coming up shortly. i hope. but first, time for the other news and heather, it starts with a fox news alert. >> good morning. i have a serious story to bring you right now. fox news alert. five people are shot and killed
4:02 am
in a backyard ambush and several others were wounded. emotional video we are just getting in, as friends of the deceased find out about that deadly attack. it happened outside of pittsburgh. right now, police are still looking for at least two gunmen and a neighbor said she heard at least 25 shots go off before 11:00 last night. it was a backyard party going on at the time. four women and one man were killed in the attack. three others are now in the hospital. we'll watch that manhunt throughout the day. well, the man who ambushed the philadelphia police officer in the name of islam is due in court later today for a preliminary hearing. edward archer accused of firing into officer hartnett's cruiser back in january. hartnett survived the attack. such a miracle. but then he had to spend several weeks recovering in the hospital. archer telling police he thinks that police enforced laws that undermine the teaching of the
4:03 am
koran. the fbi is investigating it as a terror attack. brand-new video showing the exact moment that dozens of seattle businesses were reduced to rubble. a bright white flash caused by a natural gas explosion was captured from a nearby restaurant on video. it sent nine firefighters to the hospital. all of them have been released. officials say the damage is now estimated at more than $3 million. and expect to be a little more cramped if you fly united airlines. the airline confirmed it's adding ten abreast seating. ten seats in a row. it will make the change to nine of the boeing 777 by the end of the year and the change subpoena whatting on -- change is being made on planes that fly to and from hawaii. if you can't get close enough to the people next to you. put your head on somebody's lap. >> right. >> you want to snuggle up, right? >> hey, why not?
4:04 am
>> serve a few snacks. >> there you go. >> a little bit later we'll have that luggage story. >> we are. that's a tease. all right. meanwhile, big elections, primary elections next tuesday. donald trump said yesterday if he wins in florida and ohio, stick a fork in it. it's done. he's going to be the winner. >> because it's winner take all. >> in those two states. let's look at a brand-new fox poll that has come out. as you can see, donald trump right now according to fox news pollsters is beating marco rubio in his home state by 23 points. ted cruz is behind rubio and then john kasich comes up the rear. >> you might ask why? well, voters are saying the reason is they are -- they want an outsider. they're tired of the establishment. they want change. they're not happy they say with the way that marco rubio has represented their state as a senator. >> and here's the poll. what they're saying is 63% feel betrayed by the political party. that's why marco rubio got the
4:05 am
job, as a tea party outsider, as an alternative to the governor who was crist, he switched parties so many time. you have to wonder how that erroneous cnn report that said he was about to drop out and on top of that the ted cruz missives that went out amongst the volunteers that said he was dropping out over in hawaii and then he blames himself because of the tactic he used, working blue for a couple of days. here's what he said to megyn kelly. >> got a little dirty on the campaign -- you got a little naughty out on the campaign trail. >> first of all, that's not who i am. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> i'd do it differently. the reason is because my kids were embarrassed, my wife didn't like it. that's not what my campaign is going to be about or ever will be about. >> you regret it? >> i'd do it differently. >> it's not who he is.
4:06 am
people don't mind if trump does it because he's been that way from the beginning but people were astonished when they saw marco rubio go this route. >> because he's worked for years to show he had presidential gravitas and then he's being like andrew dice clay out on the stump. meanwhile, also there's an interesting item in "the new york post" that says that the staffers for all of trump's opponents apparently had a meeting last week and they decided, you know what, everybody get out, except for kasich in ohio. and everybody get out except for rubio down in florida. and that way, you know, the state favorites will beat trump and stop him. >> set him up in the one-on-one. >> all one-on-one. just not cruz versus trump. it would be kasich versus trump in ohio and rubio versus trump in florida. that was the plan until marco rubio did so badly two days ago on primary day in a couple of states and then they said this is not going to work. we can't do that.
4:07 am
>> cruz went all in. he has 11 different sites where he's set up headquarters. he was at a huge rally in miami. if you look at why rubio suffered, it could be cruz is siphoning some off. i don't know what he's going to do in illinois, missouri and north carolina, but he should not be strong in any of those super tuesday 3 states. on the 15th. >> did you say ohio? let's talk about ohio. brand-new fox news poll came out and this is different from the real clear politics advantage. right now, john kasich is leading trump by five points. that's the pox poll. however, when you look at the real clear politics average of ohio, trump leads currently this morning by 2.5%. >> so if he wins he'll have a winner take all. he'll take a lot of delegates. he would get 66 delegates. and then he'll have a couple of weeks where he probably will not contend governor kasich. but if he wins here, ainsley, that's what he's saying.
4:08 am
i'm going to win ohio. i'm a viable alternative. >> people in ohio they like him. they think he's done an excellent job. we talked about marco rubio down in florida, people are not happy with his performance. look at john kasich, folks love him and they like what he's done for medicaid. they like what he's done for health care reform in the state. they hope that maybe he does get a vice president position or president position. then he can transform health care for the entire country. >> well, i'll tell you what, people got a really good look at john kasich last night on the greta van susteren program. he was a guest for an hour. and one of the questions was asked, what would it be like if he were to run against hillary clinton? and this is what he said. >> if you are the nominee, will you stay above the fray or will you take the offensive against secretary clinton? >> well, i don't like the personal attacks on -- in any circumstance. and, you know, whenever i say i'm not going to get in the mud with anybody, i mean, it could blow the roof off the ceiling
4:09 am
when i say that at the meetings now, because i think people are tired of it. aren't you tired of -- yeah. [ applause ] so i mean, my approach would be to talk about the record. but i'm not going to get into the personal stuff. i have known her for a long time and by the way, you know, it's really interesting. staying above the fray in everything, the latest "usa today" survey indicates that we are -- i'd beat her by 11 points. more than anybody else because i can get crossover votes. >> he does better head to head with a lot of -- because a lot of democrats don't feel as though as she's the answer. >> i like the town halls because rather than have to worry about getting the answer down to a beginning, middle and an end in 30 seconds you can talk for a minute or two about something. he did a great job last night. >> also, people get a chance to talk. most are undecided. you sit there and listen to
4:10 am
their answers. you can follow-up up on their answers. >> he's like, look at my record. if you look at his record people like him because he does what he says he's going do and he's successful at it. >> speaking of hillary she was taking on bernie sanders in a debate last night after he won big on tuesday in michigan. >> it was a stunner. this morning, more e-mail trouble for hillary. >> peter doocy is live in washington. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning. if hillary clinton sent or received thousands of e-mails filled with classified information then it's possible she could have sent text messages containing classified information as well. for first time the republican national committee is suing to see the texts clinton sent as secretary of state if there are in fact any text messages that exist. this is happening as the fbi continues to investigate clinton's private server and last night, clinton wouldn't say whether she would stay in or drop out if the doj sends an indictment with her name on it. >> i did not send or receive any
4:11 am
e-mails marked classified at the time. i'm not concerned about it. i am not worried about it. and no democrat or american should be either. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> oh, for goodness -- that's not going to happen. i'm not even going to answer that question. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders is boasting that beating clinton in michigan this week was one of the greatest political upsets in history. >> i believe that our message of a need for people to stand up and tell corporate america and wall street that they cannot have it all is resonating across this country and i think in the coming weeks and months we're going to continue to do extremely well. win a number of these primaries and convince super delegates that bernie sanders is the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: swinging the super delegates his way because a few
4:12 am
dozen of them are lobbyists and most of them prefer hillary clinton. back to you in new york. >> how convenient. peter, thank you. if you're watching the twitter verse during the debate not only were they talking about benghazi and the e-mail, but they wanted to know what color is bernie's coat? >> i know. >> brown or blue? >> brown. well, according to our reports it was blue. >> right. you have to wonder if the campaigns are trying get the message out and what comes south the color of the candidate's suit. >> like that's important. >> it's rigged! >> like the dress, is it black and blue or cream or gold? blue or brown? you thought blue? >> that's the word on the street. blue. >> and steve is always getting the word on the street. >> well, on the street it's not hard. let me tell you what's coming up next. don't want to pay for your kid's seat on the plane? put him in the carry-on. >> do not tell people to do that. don't do that. >> get your head away from the
4:13 am
zipper. >> it's been the cornerstone of ted cruz's campaign. >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> but what would he replace it with? and will it work? dr. marc siegel is here next. hello my love! the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working. campbell's microwaveable soups. made for real, real life. defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal.
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everyone agrees we need health care reform. it should follow the principles of expanding competition and keeping government from getting in between us and the doctors. we should allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. we need to change health insurance so it's no longer tied to employment. we'll make it personal and portable and affordable. if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. i pledge to direct the department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood. >> wow. so all week we have been examining the health care plans of the presidential candidates that remain today. we are checking in on ted cruz.
4:18 am
dr. marc siegel is here to break it down, so we know ted cruz wants to get rid of obamacare. what will he do? >> as you pointed out before we came on, his big thrust is day one, i will appeal every word of obamacare. the first tenet is portability. that means you -- if you buy insurance in nevada you can bring it to new york. anywhere in the country. but he's going to create a nationwide marketplace. get rid of the state marketplaces. get rid of the state exchanges and make one big national exchange. where everyone in the country goes to buy insurance. also portability, if you leave your employer you take your insurance with you. so you can keep the plan you have and your doctors and your network, no matter where you go. from one job to the next. that's an advantage. that will get rid of some of the waste and the bureaucracy. >> he has health savings accounts. >> i personally love health
4:19 am
savings accounts, the people know what they're buying, they're very frugal. they know the cost of things even if they get tax credits. he wants tax credits through buying through the christian coalition. so he's involved in the christian coalition in terms of getting subsidies for buying insurance. >> he's vehemently come out against planned parenthood. >> hugely against planned parenthood. he wants it to be investigated by his attorney general on day one. he says it's the number one abortion provider in the united states. he doesn't care what services it provides for women. he wants it defunded. number one. >> as we see in the post screen, premier league the affordable care act. he wants as you mentioned the health savings accounts in there. he wants to increase the age for medicare. >> number one on medicare, he wants to privatize medicare. in other words, get the hmos involved. what we call medicare advantage. get the hmos paying for medicare. you get more services that way and it's more streamlined. called medicare advantage. on top of that, he wants to raise the retirement age. when medicare started in the
4:20 am
1960s, 65 you were at that store. now, if you're 65 you're on a treadmill. running around. so 65 is not what it used to be. i think 70 -- 68, 70 might be more realistic. save more money. >> you might hate or love obamacare, this is a plan. is this a plan? >> this is different aspects of a plan, a bit here and there. it needs more thinking, needs more process. but it's heading in the right direction in terms of competition and choice. >> much more detail than donald trump's. >> absolutely. >> dr. marc siegel, thank you. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour, this story you will love. she's the journalism professor who had a problem with free speech. remember? >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. >> well, she was just fired for pushing a student on camera. and now she's crying foul. do you believe that? and a midair brawl caught on camera.
4:21 am
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all right. some quick headlines from up in the air. a fight breaking out mid flight because somebody was playing music on a boom box. what? one passenger on the l.a. bound spirit airlines flight asked another to turn down the boom box, but instead, she turned it up. shortly after, five women started fistfighting. none of them will be charged. a runway is now back open
4:25 am
after being shut down. a plane landing in laguardia blew out an eight-foot chunk of the pavement that pothole delayed flights for more than two hours. all right, ainsley? >> thank you. remember that communications professor who tried to block a student journalist from filming a protest? >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. >> i need some muscle over here she says. professor melissa click was fired but now she says her termination was not fair. she's appealing that decision. does she have a case? let's ask our legal panel attorneys, and thank you for being here. heather, i'll start with you. we see her telling the student, that he's not allowed to be there. she calls for police to come over. she wants some muscle over here to take him out. she also cussed out police in another protest. will she win her appeal? >> absolutely not, ainsley.
4:26 am
not only did she do all of that, not only was she charged with a misdemeanor for her action, but the school did an investigation, they investigated, interviewed 20 different witnesses and interviewed her two times with her lawyer. if she's trying to claim she didn't have due process she's got a tough argument to make. >> annie, you do think she has an argument. you think that she has a case against the school. why? >> i do. i do. on the one hand, this is a politically charged decision. i'm going to admit to that. with an outcry from legislators and the media calling for her termination, even asking for a reduction in school funding. on the other hand, her behavior was unbecoming for an educator. that's true. but that being said, her appeal stands on good footing here if she's able to prove her allegations that the school didn't follow their set internal
4:27 am
rules and regulations. >> she's calling for a muscle over here. the school says that was the nail in the coffin. she's asking for basically violence against one of her students. >> well, she agreed that she was out of line. she apologized for it, but that has nothing to do with the fact that she was fired without conducting a fair investigation. her supporters argue that according to school rules a complaint must be filed in order to launch a investigation. no such complaint was filed over here. yet the school unilaterally undertook the investigation not to mention people -- >> it's very strange to see a professor acting that way and getting so involved in a student protest. now, heather, let me read you melissa click's statement. the curators vowed -- bowed to conservative voices that seeked to tarnish my stellar record at
4:28 am
m.u. the kur raters are punishing me for standing with students who are drawing the attention to the overt racism at the university of move. what's your reaction? >> you can't have the teachers threatening violence against students and keeping their jobs. remember both the president and the chancellor of the school resigned so they had to change the process in a small way. remember, 600 students signed a petition to have her removed. when she tries to blame this on conservative voices she is deluded. >> annie, she's a journalism teacher. an associate professor of communications. she's teaching her students the importance of free speech and that's our constitutional right. yet, she's telling students who are journalism students, trying to get the story, we have been there as journalists, she's telling them they don't have the right to be there. what's your response to that? how do you explain that? >> well, this is a little different situation, because this was a media free designated zone. so, you know, the reporter wouldn't -- wasn't allowed on
4:29 am
the there. my question is how come the student wasn't puppished -- punished in i way? >> why? >> he wasn't asked to record. >> you're allowed to record if you're on public property. >> well, that's not the argument they were saying. they were saying this is a designated free media zone which we have been seeing around campuses and the student was clearly there and not listening to what the rest of the students wanted him to do. >> heather, i'll give you the last word. >> listen, first amendment right certainly trumps any argument that they're not allowed to be there. she's going to have a very difficult argument to make. the school did the right thing and ultimately she was in the wrong. >> we have to see. great to see you both this morning. >> thanks for having us. coming up, president obama's drug czar is a recovering addict himself and even he says the war on drugs is being fought all wrong. michael botticelli is here with his solution to addiction in
4:30 am
america coming up next. you can't find a job? why don't you sue? that's what one grad student is doing. does she have a case?
4:31 am
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4:33 am
fox news alert. tens of thousands of americans are expected to pay their final respects to nancy reagan today. as her public viewing continues at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. >> adam housley joins us live from there. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. yesterday this all began with that incredible procession that left west los angeles and took about 45 minutes to arrive here at the reagan library up in simi valley. quite a scene as the casket was driven in the hearse followed up the freeway system, and
4:34 am
eventually on the ronald reagan freeway. as they got to the ronald reagan freeway, the 118, on top of every overpass, you saw firefighters and police officers saluting. that was quite a moment as mrs. reagan's body was brought here. right now she is lying in repose at the reagan library in the same location her husband was about 11 1/2 years ago. again, we had a lot of people, much more than anyone thought that showed up yesterday. in fact, several thousand had a chance to view the first lady because of that the library actually added six more buses and extended hours yesterday and today. so people had a chance to see the first lady here. people that will tell you that not only her husband touched their lives, but also the first lady did. take a listen. >> if you talk about a successful reagan presidency you have to look at nancy's influence on that and give her credit. >> i think america on the whole viewed that administration and the first lady and it's just paying respects. >> they really loved each other. she just was a classy lady.
4:35 am
she carried on the class at the reagan library. she would be there for speeches and she wanted to continue his legacy. >> reporter: and mrs. reagan, her husband, their family, touched a lot of people in a lot of different facets of life. not only in hollywood, but also the political world as we know. in other ways as well. the governor of california, so you might imagine the guest list here is growing for friday. only about a thousand people will be allowed. but the vip guess list is continuing to grow. people like michelle obama, first lady hillary clinton and wayne newton and anjelica huston and the say no to drugs campaign, mr. t. >> thank you very much. there were those iconic photos from the reagan years where nancy reagan was with mr. t, saying no to drugs. >> he was the number one guy. think about the a-team and "rocky 3". the best one i know. >> they made a "rocky 3?"
4:36 am
>> it should have got an oscar. it was fantastic. 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. heather has some news. >> yeah. mr. t posted a nice picture of nancy reagan on his lap. he's a class act. i have a couple of headlines to bring you right now. if you're planning your summer vacation, what do you think of going to iran? british airways will fly you there. the state tv is reporting that nation and the u.k. have signed a deal for 42-passenger flights each week between the two countries. british airways stopped flying to tehran in 2012 because of rising concerns of the country's nuclear programs. as for the united states we haven't had direct flights to iran since the iranian hostage crisis in 1979. the american hostage crisis iniran. a man on the flight knew
4:37 am
that something was wrong when the carry on bag started to move around. they opened it up and found a baby inside. who knows what the parent was thinking. they say that the mom didn't want to pay for a ticket for her baby to fly to paris. the child who was between 1 and 2 years old was not hurt. hey, at least here in the united states, kids under 2 can fly for free on your lap. not internationally though. that's the deal. not specially. -- not internationally. a brand-new water crisis, this time in new jersey. 32 schools in newark banning tap water after dangerously high lead levels are found in the water. unlike flint, michigan, the city's water supply is not contaminated we are told. but parents are worried about the school facilities. listen. >> you listen to -- you think it's some place else and then you hear it in your own neighborhood. not only am i concerned about her drinking the water in
4:38 am
school, but about the water in my own home. >> the schools are providing bottled water pending more tests. an unemployed lawyer is now suing her california law school for fraud. anna alberta wants the thomas jefferson school of law to pay her back her tuition and her lost wages because she couldn't get a job after graduation. the suit alleges that they inflate their employment statistics to suggest more get jobs than actually do. lawyers argue that she didn't work hard enough to try to get a job. what do you think of that one? those are your headlines. >> i mean, once you pass the bar, you're on your own. if you pass the bar. >> she did pass the bar. >> but she passed the first time. so it's really don't blame thomas jefferson. i mean -- >> okay. >> all right. we won't. >> it was the thomas jefferson law school. keep jefferson out of it. meanwhile, in the weather,
4:39 am
torrential downpours leaving millions at risk of flooding from the gulf coast to southern illinois. >> amazing. the hardest hit, the state of department declared in several counties where at least three people are dead. and you want to use your kayak there. maria molina is tracking the rain. >> yeah, that's right. we're expecting a whole lot more of it across parts of the gulf coast and the lower mississippi valley. some areas have already received more than a foot of rain across parts of louisiana and again the forecast is for more storms to continue out there. some of the storms can bring severe weather in large hail and even isolated tornadoes. anywhere from southeastern texas into places like mississippi and southeastern arkansas. so heads up again. you have that risk for severe storms coming up later today across that region. an additional four to maybe six inches of rainfall out there from louisiana through arkansas and also southern parts of missouri. so again a very significant threat out here. we do have flood watches that remain in effect and also
4:40 am
warnings. meanwhile, the temperatures on the eastern u.s., incredibly mild. look at the forecast highs. 73 for the forecast high in new york city. and you can be in the 80s again across parts of the carolinas. now let's head inside to steve. >> thank you. after 40 years and a trillion dollars or country has little to show for the so-called war on drugs. 21 million americans are currently addicted to drugs or alcohol. and nearly half of all federal inmates are in for drug crimes. president obama's drug czar is a recovering addict himself and even he says the war on drugs is being fought all wrong. michael botticelli joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. it's good to be with you. >> we were just talking about nancy reagan back in the day with the war on drugs. just say no. you say the war has failed. why? >> well, i think, you know -- you put up statistics that show that, you know, our
4:41 am
over-reliance to those with punitive addiction has done little to change that trajectory. we know that arresting and incarcerating people has cost the taxpayers a lot of money. it really does little to either reduce crime or reduce magnitude of addiction in the united states. >> right. because you say, and a lot of people don't realize this, addiction is essentially a brain disease. >> it is. you know, for a long time, i think we thought people who were addicted were bad people, we needed to punish them. you know, science and evidence has changed over the past 40 years. i think we have really come to understand that it is the disease and that people need care and treatment. you know, i have often talked about, you know, how we don't incarcerate people with cancer. you know, incarcerating people with addiction really does little to protect the public or really help people who need good compassionate care. >> sure. we have been detailing, this is something you know in your work is the epidemic of heroin use
4:42 am
across the country right now and the reason that people are buying and using heroin is because it's cheap. so many people got addicted from the medicine chest and then the prescription ran out, they're out buying heroin for five bucks a hit. >> you're right. our epidemic of opioid use started with the vast overprescribing of the drugs. we consume 85% of prescription pain medication in the world. you know, we want people who are in pain to be appropriately treated. but we are no -- but we know that the medical community is vasily overprescribing the drugs and one of the main causes of opioid addiction. we know there are a small percentage of people who largely because of untreated addiction or because of economics, you know, have transition to heroin. four out of five newer uses to heroin started by misusing
4:43 am
prescription pain medication. >> look at your circumstances. i know you have been in recovery for 27 years. you went through a dental procedure and what did your dentist give you? >> he actually asked me if i wanted a prescription for percocets which are a powerful opioids. he was well intended and we're calling for mandatory prescriber education. we know they get little to no education on pain prescribing, so that's why we around congress and other folks are calling for the minimal amount of education as it relates to these powerful pain medications. >> a reset is certainly due. michael botticelli, thank you very much. >> great. thank you. i appreciate your calling attention to this issue. >> we're all concerned about it. thank you, sir. all right, coming up, first it was college students now our military is getting a lesson in white privilege.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
legal help is here. we have some quick image headlines for you. a group of ponies sending authorities on a wild chase. look at that. >> crazy. >> they escaped through a broken fence running free next to a florida highway. they stopped to eat some grass and drink from a pond before going home. they're adorable. look at that. who doesn't love a penguin? the remarkable bond between a fisherman and the penguin. he found him covered with oil and he nursed it back to health and now it swims from chile to visits him every year. >> i don't believe it. >> it's true. >> we just reported it. meanwhile, this story will have you fired up this morning. u.s. soldiers now learning about
4:48 am
the dangers of white privilege. >> yep. it's all thanks to a u.s. army educational course on racism. >> our friend anna kooiman is here with the unbelievable details. this is -- >> reporter: good morning. this comes to us from judicial watch. they filed a freedom of information act request and the brand-new documents were released through foia. they show that 400 soldiers at ft. gordon, georgia, went to a presentation called "power and privilege." and one powerpoint slide says, our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual regardless of your social class. well, another claims white privilege, quote, it promotes fear, suspicion, discrimination, harassment and violence. how does it claim white privilege can be fixed? according to the course work, quote, the trouble we are in can't be solved unless the
4:49 am
privileged make the problem of privilege their problem. >> wow. >> reporter: and do something about it. the presentation was not officially sanctioned at all. a similar report a few years ago revealed that the department of defense issued equal opportunity training that classified some conservative organizations as hate groups. people are talking about this. >> i know you have been talking to the viewers online. what are they saying? >> mark is saying, who is paying for this, he wonders? the taxpayer? and lisa says this is really too much. first schools, now the service. all aimed at the same age group. so wrong. and another says, this is why trump is winning. people are tired of being taught to hate white males and whites in general. >> if this is not official army policy, who came up with it? >> well, look, it sounds like it's political correctness run amok. >> who's a responsible? >> one of the trainers was giving a powerpoint present eight and slid this in and the army says this is not something
4:50 am
they had approved and sent the wrong message. so they're not backing it. >> now we know. >> thanks, anna. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. >> coming up, a reporter nearly becomes the story when this happened. watch this. >> look out! up. >> a reporter nearly mowed down by that car on live tv. that reporter is going to join us live next. but first on this day in history in 2002, "ain't it funny" by jennifer lopez. i don't say ain't on camera, but that was the name of the song. it was number one on the charts. >> do you prefer j.lo? >> i prefer j.lo. ♪ sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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4:54 am
all right, a live report on a train derailment in san francisco takes a frightening turn that one reporter and his crew won't soon forget. watch. >> confusing situation -- >> look out! >> that reporter nearly mowed down by an out of control car. his name is alex savidge. he is the ktvu reporter who dodged death in that video that we saw yesterday. we're seeing it today and we're glad that you're here to talk to us today. alex, what happened? >> i am so glad to be here, talking to you and to the -- to be walking around this morning. i'm incredibly grateful. as far as what happened, well, we were doing a live report as you mentioned on that derailment that happened. a train had derailed up the road from there. my photographer and i, we set up in the parking lot of a 7-eleven, we were doing a live report. i was talking over some videotape that we were playing and i was focused obviously on
4:55 am
the story as we always are, but you always sort of keep an ear out for what's going on around you. i did hear a screech of some kind from the street. over to my left-hand side. and then about a moment later my photographer standing behind the camera, chip vaughn, he yells -- he goes watch out, alex. and i instinctively jumped to the right. you know, that -- that car as you saw, the car just flew right by me and it was -- that close. >> good thing you jumped the right way. the other way would have been worse. you have been jumping in the line. >> that's what everyone was saying. >> they tell you don't get distracted, but this time you forget you were on live television. you listened to your shooter. but in the big picture do we know what happened with the driver? what her problem was? >> right. well, the story that we understand from the police out there is that she pulled out into traffic. she was making a right turn at that intersection where we were. she pulled out into traffic
4:56 am
making a right turn. shouldn't have made that turn. and pulled in front of another driver. that driver hit her and knocked her in my direction. >> do we know -- i'm reading the card that says she couldn't see very well. so maybe that was the problem? >> well, the officers there had some concerns about her vision. they confiscated her license. and they're going to send her back to the dmv so that she can get -- get further testing before they give her her license back. >> so you listen to the shooter, and we're sharing your story. great reaction. glad you're okay. >> hey, you guys do i have a quick moment to give a shout-out to my photographer? >> what's his name? >> chip vaughn saved my life without a doubt. it's election season i know, everyone is talking about trump and cruz and hillary and bernie but i want everybody to vote for chip for president. >> nice. good job. >> i mean it.
4:57 am
>> okay. >> that man is my hero. he saved my hero. >> chip vaughn, we love you. good job. >> thank you, alex. all right, straight ahead, it was one of the most talked about moments of the debate last night and we'll share it with you. >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even going to answer that question.
4:58 am
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good morning to you and your family. it's thursday, it's march 10, 2016. we begin with a breaking story. it was an ambush, a coordinated attack to kill people in cold blood in their backyard. overnight, two gunmen murdered five people who never saw it coming. we are following those breaking details. meanwhile, it was one of the most talked about moment atlas night's democratic debate in miami. >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> oh, so what was the question? you're going to want to hear it, coming up. she's at the happiest place on earth. but you wouldn't know it. [ laughter ] but you wouldn't know it by that
5:01 am
face there. the story behind the viral photo and why her husband is the one to blame. >> uh-oh. >> hilarious. >> they always are. >> yep. i said it already. ♪ yep, she works on the money channel. talking about nicole petallides. she is there with her mother and husband and today we're "cooking with friends." yesterday, we did regular meatballs for national meatball day. today we're doing greek meatballs. >> yum. >> does she do "cooking with friends" and still have to cover the stock market? >> i hope not. >> she'll go down with lunch. >> that's true. >> meatballs. >> always gets the story. all right, thank you for joining us, our final hour of "fox & friends" for a thursday. we'll talk politics.
5:02 am
that's a lot going on. in florida, you'll want to hear it. but first this. >> we have a fox news alert and heather starting us off with that story. >> yes. good morning. there's a manhunt going on at this hour for the men or people believed to have been behind a coordinated attack that killed people in cold blood. this happened overnight. five people murdered in pennsylvania and they never saw it coming. listen to this. >> people down -- six people down. 319. >> well this happened in a suburb of pittsburgh. dozens of people were at a backyard party, it was a barbecue. when shots rang out. the victims running in the direction of the house to escape the bullets but there are now reports that there may have been a second gunman waiting near the back porch. four people died there on that porch. another one died at the hospital. three others are hospitalized. two in critical condition. those gunmen still on the loose. no word yet on a motive.
5:03 am
we'll keep you posted as the story develops throughout the day. well, their water is poisonous and they have been paying for it until now. flint, michigan, is going to stop sending water bills for the contaminated water. it's only temporary until the city figures out how to help those exposed to lead in the water. about 85,000 will get an account credit for $600 apiece. and austin russell who is better known as chumlee is under arrest. police were at his home to investigate an alleged salt salt but they found one weapon and meth. police say he's not been charged in the sexual assault case. and you can -- who can forget this from the o.j. simpson murder case. remember this? >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> well now a retired prison guard says that o.j. has a new
5:04 am
phrase. if it's rusted, i can't be busted. well, simpson allegedly laughing about a knife found on his property could connect him to the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and friend ronald goldman. it will take weeks for forensic testing to be completed to officially rule out. not a funny joke. he's up for parole next week. >> has he been in prison for nine years? >> he's up in 2017. >> all right. >> thank you, heather. well, brand-new fox news poll shows donald trump dominating in marco rubio's home state of florida by more than 20 points. look at the numbers there. >> yeah, the polls earlier had it within nine, but now it's a new one. and you john kasich is now in first place for the first time ever that we can remember. with the primaries coming up less than a week away. i mean, this would be tuesday, the 15th. right now, if kasich holds on to
5:05 am
that it's a winner take all. he'd get all 66 delegates. >> of course that's the state of ohio. john roberts is our national correspondent, he's live in florida. in coral gables. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, steve, ainsley, brian. you know, it's a beautiful day here. hardly a cloud in the sky but there's this little dark cloud that's just following marco rubio around all over the place because there's a lot of talk, a lot of speculation that this could be the final few days of the rubio campaign. so he's mounting a last, desperate effort to try to hang on to his home state here. at campaign events he likes to say, hey, i have been here before, i have come from behind to win. but rubio passed crist months in the polls before he won there. he was not behind five days before the election and take a look at this. this is from a rally last night at a stadium in hialeah. this should be fertile ground for marco rubio, but it was mostly empty. despite all of the reports that
5:06 am
rubio may drop out before tuesday, rather than face a humiliating defeat here, he says he's staying in. >> that is 100% categorically false. i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on my team or anyone on the planet earth. or anyone on any planet for that matter. i'm not dropping out of this race. >> reporter: donald trump and ted cruz for that matter would like to see nothing more than marco rubio fall by the wayside on tuesday. they want to get this down to the two-person race. the trump campaign says they have already had some inquiries from people who are over in marco rubio's camp asking, hey, maybe, there's some room over there on the trump train for me. in north carolina last night which will also vote on tuesday, trump was buoyant about the race. >> the new polls came out and we're winning in florida big league, like by by a lot. i have a lot of people that work for me in north carolina. and i probably -- i'm the only presidential candidate that ever came here that can say, i employ
5:07 am
a lot of people in north carolina. >> reporter: you know one of the big aspects about the florida primary they love early voting here in florida. already more than a million people have voted on both sides. 56% of those votes were cast on the republican side. donald trump has been leading in the polls all the way through here. so a lot of that vote may be 25% already baked in and much of it like against marco rubio. >> all right. john roberts joining us live from coral gables with a little weather in there. talking about a dark cloud following one candidate around. >> i know you love your weather, steve. >> i love i. >> i know you love your weather. >> joining us from the sunshine state, john, thank you. >> all right, whoever on the rubio campaign booked that giant venue, the football stadium at the high school in hialeah for what turned out -- had he been in a smaller venue it would not have been such fertile fodder. there were a couple hundred down there. >> we don't know if the word
5:08 am
didn't get out about this. you don't know if it was a last minute put together because he usually has good turnouts. >> if you're not the front-runner, don't book an entire stadium. >> meanwhile, in florida, at miami did a college last night, univision and "the washington post" hosted a debate with the democrats. >> steve, this could be the last debate. >> you never know. they already wanted four in the four in the beginning. hillary clinton was asked about the difference, weren't you for a wall between the united states and mexico a while back, and what's the difference between that wall that you were for and trump's wall that he wants? well, here her is her answer. >> the big difference. first of all, as i understand him, he's talking about a very tall wall. right? a beautiful tall wall.
5:09 am
the most beautiful tall wall. better than the great wall of china. that would run the entire border. that he would somehow magically get the mexican government to pay for. and, you know, it's just fantasy. we did support some fencing, where it was necessary. we did add border patrol agents. we have done what by any fair estimate would have to conclude up is a good job, quote, securing the border. >> wow. that's the spin. really not much difference between his wall and her wall. >> but her assessment of what's going on at the border shows you where we're at nationally. one party is convinced it's terrible, and one says it looks good to me. >> and trump was speaking with sean hannity at a town hall and after listening to the former
5:10 am
mexico president, fox, listen to this. >> he said we will not pay for the wall. and he used the f-word. i thought it would be on the front pages of the pages. we will not build that you know what wall. i said that's terrible, but he said we're not doing to finance it or pay for it. i thought wow we made progress. they would never agree to it. now they're saying they're not going to pay for it. >> there are some places you can't build it, it's impossible. there are areas in which it can be tightened up and can be reinforced. but fundamentally, the argument between the parties is what the borders -- one, the border's fine, the other is it's terrible. >> so he's saying so you're saying there's going to be a wall, basically? you won't pay for it, but you're okay with the wall? >> and the donald trump dialogue has gotten people in mexico talking about that.
5:11 am
mean while, jorge ramos asked the question, i'm shocked, nobody has asked this question of hillary clinton regarding that illegal e-mail server she had at her house. here's jorge and hillary. >> what specifically gave you permission to operate your e-mail system as you did? was it president barack obama and would you drop out of the race if you get indicted? >> well, jorge, there's a lot of questions in there. i'm going to give the same answer i have been giving for many months. it wasn't the best choice, i made a mistake, it was not prohibited. it was not in any way disallowed and as i have said, and as has come out, my predecessors did the same thing. and many other people in the government. but here's the cuts to the chase fact. i did not send or receive any e-mails marked classified at the time. >> if you get indicted, will you drop out?
5:12 am
>> oh for goodness -- that won't happen. i'm not answering that question. >> she doesn't know if she'll be indicted. in fact, the attorney general has told everybody in the administration stop talking about it. you're not allowed, including josh earnest and company. >> politifact said that it was mostly false, because her claim was, you know, my predecessors did this. and colin powell did have a personal e-mail address, just an address. he did not have is a private e-mail server kept at his home. so that answer by mrs. clinton mostly false. according to politifact. >> i would love to be a fly in the wall in some of the meetings of the democrats to find out what their strategy is if she's indicted. she can technically run for president if she's indicted. >> well, sanders is surging. a few states are singing his song. he only has a few more where he's going to lose. see what happens. 12 minutes after the hour. >> does your vote even count
5:13 am
this election season or is the -- or are the political elite rigging the system? peter johnson jr. has a surprising answer. you're going to want to hear it next. she's at the happiest place on earth. can't you tell by that picture? the story behind the viral photo and why her husband is the one to blame. >> that darn guy. huh. ♪ introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints.
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5:17 am
does the voter even count this political season or are the political elite from both sides controlling the outcome like puppet masters? while the anti-trump movement spends millions to stop trump, there are also questions over the democrats rigging the system for hillary clinton. here to break it down is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. first of all, who are the political elite? >> well, it's tough to get them all in a room and tough for them to self-identify. but on the republican side, we've got a bunch of billionaires. we've got the washington elites that senator ted cruz has talked about for a long time. we have got a bunch of different organizations and they all have
5:18 am
names, you see them pop up of these commercials you never heard of them before. you know, the club for growth. then american principles and this pac and that pac. political action committees. there's an elite in terms of money. and they're meeting and they metering in resorts and -- and they're meeting in places around the country to stop trump. by one account they spent about $27.5 million on ads, attacking him recently. i believe it's a lot, lot more. on the democratic side, there's something called super delegates. meaning that these are delegates who are not elected in primaries or caucuses. >> so my state doesn't determine who i'm vote for, i'm a super delegate i can vote for anybody. >> there's 40 u.s. senators, democratic senators, and there's about 150 or 160 u.s. representatives.
5:19 am
and one-seventh of the super delegates of which hillary clinton has 461 and bernie sanders has 125, they're lobbyists and former lobbyists. so you have the will of the people on the democratic and republican side. donald trump harnessing through the power of television his personal popularity. sheer will. >> sure. >> the fact that a lot of people think he should be the president. 35, 40, 45% depending on the state. on the democratic side, bernie sanders going to the people in the last few days, raising $5 million from $100,000 or so, small contributions, different contributors so they're getting together on different sides and saying, listen, super delegates shouldn't count. billionaires shouldn't count. people's votes should count. >> he's right. he's absolutely right. >> on the republican side they're furious. will there be a so-called brokered convention, meaning
5:20 am
that the big wigs come in. the billionaires come in and they say, the will of the people is over. not going to happen if trump or whoever achieves the requisite 1,237 delegates. >> that's right. if it was up to the billionaires it would be anybody but trump. >> it's a pull, a push, a contest every day. people versus the people up here. >> all right. >> okay? >> peter johnson jr. on how it's rigged in certain places. >> can't let it happen. >> amen to that. coming up on a thursday, it was a moment he never saw coming so what made actor dustin hoffman break down in tears? the stunning details next. and you'll see her covering the chaos inside the new york stock market every morning but this morning she's serving up breakfast greek style. nicole petallides and her mom and husband are "cooking with friends," up next. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
5:21 am
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all right. here's quick look at your headlines today. jihadis unmasked. isis documents which look like job documents have been leaked to sky news that shows the identities and phone news of recruits. go get them. it includes at least four americans, that's not good. it was passed on from a memory disc from a guy who became disillusioned with isis. and iran state tv reports that iran and britain have signed a deal for 42-passenger flights a week between the two countries. they stopped flying there in 2012 because of rising tensions over the nuclear program. i'm glad we're passed all that. ♪
5:25 am
up. there could not be a better way to introduce our next guest. >> here my brother george, wife frieda and the children anita, diane and nick and nick, nick, nick. nick, nick and nick, nick. nicky. >> fox business anchor any petallides and her husband and mom are here. how many times have you seen it? >> we have seen it a lot of times. the second one is coming out. "greek independence day." >> did you have a big greek wedding? >> nick, did we have a big wedding, how many people? >> 400 people. >> how accurate is that movie?
5:26 am
>> pretty accurate. >> what do you think? >> it was. >> some people may think that in today's world the children want to have to become lawyers and doctors. and in those days, they had to take over the diner. >>. great point. this is family recipe we're making, cypriot meatballs? >> well, it's common. between the greeks and the cypriots. >> my grandma made these. and nick's family -- they make them differently because we're -- because my family comes from cyprus, his family is from northern greece. that's why he has the light hair. the darker is from the more south. >> you have enough in common to make this marriage really last. >> maybe. >> who wants to take control over here? >> all right. so i guess we should begin. so in here, what we have we have pork and beef.
5:27 am
and mom, you were saying that you don't have to use pork, right? >> you don't have to use pork. you can use beef or mix it with veal. >> sure. >> some people may even take lamb. >> why do you mix the two meats? does it taste mixture? >> the mixture makes the meatball come out better. >> tastier. and firmer. >> so you have the meat. some potatoes. >> we have potatoes. get the grated potatoes in here. bread crumbs. it'soxidized. >> some people use bread crumbs instead of the potatoes, but this is strictly potatoes. we use sometimes if the mixture is is too lose we use bread crumbs. >> what did you throw in there? >> you're supposed to drain them. before you put them in there. parsley. >> come on, brian. get in there. >> now, nick, do you do the cooking at home too? >> he's probably the best cook out of the three of it.
5:28 am
>> we do a lot. >> they have -- you have two sons together. do they help out too? >> we love to get together and have them help out. makes for good family time. >> nick, put the pepper in there. parsley. some parsley. >> the complete recipe will be on go ahead and mix it up. >> get aggressive. >> i do it with my hands. >> with your hands. go ahead. >> there you go. i like to get it through. >> this is how you mix it together. >> mix it together. if it's too loose, put in a little bit of bread or bread crumbs. to make it firmer. >> through the magic of television, we've mixed it up and it's over there now. >> now, make some meatballs. >> it ends up in this mixture. you can make a ball -- >> people are at the door,
5:29 am
they're hungry. >> roll it, lay them down. roll them in the oil. you can use olive oil or vegetable oil. olive oil is healthier. >> what's that? >> that's a mediterranean fish, and they gave us a lot of greek food. so we put on the table salad, octopus. >> ten minutes on each side -- >> about eight minutes. >> they look like this. >> they're delicious. what i often do i break it in half and then i take a lemon and put it in there. so delicious. then you go like this. i love lemon. and then -- >> give me a hit of that. >> hit it with some lemon. >> how often do you throw out the little forks? >> that's nice of our chef marie to bring those in. if you like lemon, try that. >> it's delicious. >> that's the deal. >> they look delicious we'll try them. thank you so much for being with
5:30 am
us. we love your daughter, your daurtd -- daughter is amazing. >> i wish she was busier. >> a first cook by the greek, 330 bc and it was because they were in the monasteries. to distinguish themselves from the monk they had the big white hats. >> now we know. >> oh. >> nick, thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you, guys. all right, coming up on a thursday, the mainstream media loves to tell stories about cops behaving badly, but here's one story you won't see them cover. >> what's up, man? [ gunshots ] >> did you see what happened? a gunman shoots at the office, look at the hand coming without the gun, point blank range. what he does next.
5:31 am
bernie sanders is a candidate that no one saw coming, but why is he coming on with so many young people? he's not young. dr. phil went to college to tell us what a bernie sanders supporter is really like. >> come on in and have a meatball.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
place along the mississippi valley, from louisiana to illinois and the other concern today is that we could be seeing some severe storms as well. some of the storms can produce damaging winds, some large hail and even isolated tornadoes. so eastern parts of texas into mississippi and southeastern arkansas. now, the flood threat extends farther north. you're seeing some heavy rainfall, potentially four to six inches of rain and that's in addition to already what's fallen. some areas have picked up more than a foot of rain across parts of louisiana. that's why you're seeing significant flooding. we have warnings and watches to remain in effect across that region. the other big weather story is how warm it is across most of the nation, but temperatures that could be close to 80 degrees across parts of the southeast are exceeding that in some areas and even as far north as parts of the northeast, for instance, new york city could be 72 this afternoon. very warm, get out and enjoy. let's head back inside.
5:36 am
>> lunch outside. thank you very much, maria. time for some news and heather. >> you hear the stories about the cops behaving badly, but what about all of the outrageous behavior on the part of suspects? for that, we take you to a routine traffic stop, that then takes a terrifying turn. take a look here. >> what's up, man? [ gunshots ] >> wow. you hear those shots fired. officer brad gentry jumping out of the way, just in the nick of time. when a man fires a gun right in his face. this happened in battle creek, michigan. gentry returned fire, then he jumps back into his car to chase that suspect. the 21-year-old man was arrested after a wild face. he's facing attempted murder charges. actor dustin hoffman learning for the very first time on a television show about a stunning family secret. looking at his great-grandmother's medical records from ellis island, he discovered that she fought
5:37 am
against unimaginable obstacles to enter our country in 1930. she lost her left arm in a concentration camp in russia. her husband and son both killed by the secret police force there. all of this unfolding on the pbs show "finding your roots." listen to this. >> people asked me today what are you? i say, i'm a jew. they all survived. for me to be here. >> he did not know that history of his family's past until now. the oscar winner is now 78 years old. never knew about his religion or his great-grandmother's story as he grew up. and for one woman, disney was not the happiest place on earth. look at her face. she's on splash mountain in this picture -- and this picture is now going viral. apparently she was upset that her husband was too tired to go on that ride with her. [ laughter ] that picture has now been turned
5:38 am
into some really fun internet memes. here she is going down the hill with the presidential candidates. going downhill. here is grumpy cat. then finally with john travolta. i don't know what he has to do with it -- oh, kissing her neck. we'll ask dr. phil about that next. >> dr. phil, how would you analyze that woman going down splash mountain with the sour puss? >> yeah. i have to analyze her husband first. he's an idiot. >> yeah. >> suck it up and go down the hill. >> probably waiting in the line. >> spending 500 bucks for tickets, come on. >> you called him an idiot. >> he qualifies. >> dr. phil, welcome. i'm going to give you a proper introduction. senator bernie sanders pushing his free-for-all plans for all after a surprise victory in the michigan primary. >> we have got to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. [ cheers and applause ]
5:39 am
the united states has got to draw in the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeing health care to all people as a right. we have got to go beyond first grade to 12th grade when we talk about public education. so i do believe we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. >> in michigan, senator sanders overwhelmingly took home the indindvote and the -- independent vote and a youth vote by huge majorities. why does he appeal to so many voters there? >> all right. >> we brought in dr. phil. you know him from the tv show as well. dr. phil, why is it that young people in particular love bernie's message of everything's free? >> you need me for this, right? you stop somebody on the street, you didn't need to fly me in for this one. he's telling the people what they want to hear.
5:40 am
but they're all doing it. hillary is telling her people what they want to hear. trump is telling his people what they want to hear. and you want to hear that. it's great if they can then turn around and do it. but it's politics, right? plus he's also really hitting at the establishment. he's giving the same message trump is giving, it's that anger message. let's knock them down, let's do this all a different way. >> but there's a little bit of difference, this could be free, this should be free, you shouldn't have to pay for that. he's not talking about people earning their way. he's not telling everyone you have to go earn a living. >> with this particular demographic, the young people don't do the math. if they get something for free, somebody's got to pay for it. >> well, of course they do. and they don't understand these -- this education they'll get for free, then they're going to get a job and when they get that job the money they make for the job is going to pay for the next bunch that's going to get it free. it's a vicious cycle. and i just think that you've got to stop and ask yourself, all
5:41 am
sayings get to be sayings because they're profound. there's no free lunch, come on. they're talking about the government getting bigger. free education. it would be great if you could do it, but it's not right. >> what about entitlement generation, is it just the young generation that thinks that way and what is the harm in thinking, that my mom is a teacher, she always said autonomy. learn to do the hard work and stand on your own two feet. this generation doesn't seem to feel that way, am i wrong? >> the way you create a self-image is by observing yourself overcome obstacles and observing yourself create the things in your life that you value. if you never get to do that, if somebody gives you anything, you never get to observe yourself and you never create mastery or see yourself overcome obstacles so you don't get confidence. it is cheating people. >> you're proud of the process that brought you into the
5:42 am
syndicated show and your practice? >> i am. you know, i get a chance -- this has given me an opportunity to do different things. and you guys know, because we have talked before, we were just talking about the fact that i work out every day and keep myself in shape. i'm a type 2 diabetic. people have these ideas that if you're a diabetic it's because you're a slug. you know? you eat wrong. you don't the the things you need to do. and i'm now working on this campaign that's the on it, and this is a campaign to really overcome these misapprehensions about type 2 diabetes. i have had it for 25 years. people have a lot of shame about that. i want to overcome that by putting out this six-point plan to help people understand diabetes. that you've got to get moving. get away from some of these beliefs that people have, the shame involved with diabetes. that they have to get educated.
5:43 am
they have to build a team. i want to talk about all of the psychological aspects of type 2 diabetes because it's one of the diseases that doesn't get the attention that it needs to. >> no. number four on the list replace some bad habits. what are the bad habits? >> some of them are really not being active in managing the disease that you need to manage. and, you know, there are 28 million people that have this disease right now. and 86 million that are at risk for it. >> are you taking insulin? >> look -- >> no, that's type 1. >> the main thing -- you can find more about that at i'll talk about the things i have done for 25 years. you have to do exercise and diet and active management. but you have to look at the psychological aspects of it. that's what i focus on, because i'm not a medical doctor. i look at the psychological aspects of it. it's a big deal. >> all about managing it. >> thank you, dr. phil.
5:44 am
>> great to see you. coming up, first it was college students and now our military is getting a lesson in white privilege. what does that have to do with protecting our country you ask? the answer is coming up. dog toys for only $5 each. and redhead cedar valley men's shirts for under $15. plus bring your dog friday and saturday for free photos, giveaways and prizes.
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5:47 am
that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. this story right now is going to have you fired up all morning long. u.s. soldiers learning about the dangers of white privilege at the job. >> yeah, all thanks to the u.s. army educational course on racism. >> anna kooiman is here with this unbelievable story. what are the details? >> good morning. this comes to us from judicial watch from a freedom of information act request. brand-new documents released through foia, well, they show that 400 soldiers in ft. gordon,
5:48 am
georgia, went to a presentation called "power and privilege." one powerpoint slide says this, our society attaches privilege to being white and male and head row sexual regardless of your social class. another claims white privilege, quote, it promotes fear, discrimination, harassment and violence. so how does the army presentation claim white privilege can be fixed? according to the course work, the trouble we're in can't be solved unless the privilege makes the problem of privilege their problem and do something about it. well, army forces say this is important to note, the presentation was not officially sanctioned. you may recall a similar report several years ago it revealed the department of defense issued an equal opportunity training presentation that said some conservative groups were hate groups. >> what are they saying on
5:49 am
twitter? >> this isn't racism. not every white person is privileged. and another says, pc is a progressive poison that coerces americans through a false sense of guilt to accept mediocrity. >> i don't know anything about the ghetto, really, there are no poor white people? >> the army has a diversity problem. trying to have the diversity trainings, but an instructor seems to have gone rogue. instilled a message they're not supporting. >> thanks, anna. coming up, if a natural disaster strikes that will happen to your pets in the aftermath? the first responders who saved these guys and saved their lives, they're here next with the story. >> good morning. >> but first, let's check in with bill hemmer because we want to. >> i have been waiting for you guy, where you been? new polling in the critical states of ohio and florida. we'll analyze. and carly fiorina she's chosen a side. she'll explain who she is supporting and why. hillary clinton was asked about that server and her answer might surprise you. breaking news on who is a
5:50 am
member of isis today? we have names. see you in ten minutes, the top of the hour.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
so it was a natural disaster strikes, what happens to our pets? >> he's shaking. i don't know where the owners are. i'm going back for more. >> we're coming. we're not just storm chasers but animal and people rescue organizations. >> whether a fire or a flood or a tornado, we wait until it hits and then we move in and begin the search and rescue. >> well, nat geo wild series follows a storm chasing squad rescuing trapped and injured animals. it's about to debut. >> here to tell us more are the
5:54 am
stars of "animal storm squad." good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how did you get started in this? >> well, i always had a huge love for animals and severe weather. but it kind of all came together on may 20, 2013 when oklahoma got levelled by a tornado and some animals were displaced and sadly lost their lives so i started never stop saving. >> what made you think there was a show in this? >> we have a group of storm chaser, experts in other fields, carissa, a lot of passion. we all wanted to get out and make a difference and help the communities in need. >> how often does this happen, that we see animals displaced in storms? >> all the time. whether fire, tornado, flood. i mean, the people panic and they have to flee so quickly. they can't bring their pets.
5:55 am
>> just the way that things are set up, emergency services are for people. >> exactly. >> but what about the pets? >> they're always left behind. that's where we come in. >> this is the collection -- you'll see a pony, a cat, a puppy? >> ponies, horses, geese. yeah. you name it. >> a little bit of everything. >> you rescue them and try to reunite them with the families? >> always try to reunite them. >> how do you do that? >> a lot of times the owners are displaced from the homes. then we work with an malt shelters and animal control. we work together to find the owners. >> how long after a natural disaster are you on location trying to figure out what to do with the animals? >> well, we're usually on location for about seven to ten days. we're -- you know, we're working almost 24 hours a day to locate these animals that have been displaced. get them emergency care and then get back in their homes -- >> usually you know when you're missing a pony. >> tell us about the show. we'll see it for the first time
5:56 am
tomorrow, right? >> you will see floods. wildfires. tornadoes. flash floods. and then tomorrow, our episode starts with a fire. >> so in other words, if the weather khan -- it's the weather channel meets animal planet? >> kind of. it's a lot of fun. >> we'll be watching. it premieres at 10/9 central on nat geo wild. >> thank you so much. >> we wish you all the best. you're doing great work. >> thank you very much. >> more "fox & friends" in a moment. like to make it fun! a lot of clients become like family. that's the reason that i work for gnc for 25 years. what can help you live a healthier life? just ask. we make it simple. gnc. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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6:00 am
survived. >> right. >> it was great. he got -- yeah, a happy ending. >> the pets we have here are all actors. >> they are all actors. >> yeah. >> log on to the website, for the "after bill: here we go as we turn into a home state showdown on the road to the nomination. marco rubio in florida and john kasich in ohio. will they roll over their home turf. there is a lot to get through. and you came back for more. heather: having the critical primaries on tuesday, the republican candidates made their case in town halls. trump, pointing to his surging


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