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  Hannity  FOX News  March 10, 2016 10:01pm-10:10pm PST

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so many years, and you can learn from this guy and you can learn from the guests. you know, sometimes you get criticized, oh, he gets his information from television. well, the people that write the greatest of all papers are always on television. >> good point. >> i do watch this one right here, and he's got a thing called -- [ cheers and applause ] we can learn from our sean. he's got a thing called the penny plan. it's a very simple plan, right? >> you want me to tell it? 1 cent out of every dollar, every year for six years you balance the budget. no more increases built into government spending, they got to live within their means. it's amazing. >> except the military. >> you would increase spending on the military. >> i would increase on the military but i'd take more than a penny out of certain -- >> what do we do -- every time you look at the equation, all right, you got discretionary spending then we have social security and medicare. the third rail. >> right. >> would you consider raising the retirement age? would you consider maybe getting rid of cost of living benefits?
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>> i am going to -- i tell you what, we're going to make our country so rich it's going to be so good. we're going to make it good again. we're going to make it vibrant again. we had no growth in the last two quarters, essentially no growth. it's unheard of. if china gets down to 7%, just like they're going to have a national catastrophe, we have nothing, we have nothing left. we've been stripped. if we get our growth up to 4% or 5% i think that's absolutely doable. we can pay for everything. we can have plenty of money left over for infrastructure. the infrastructure of our country -- also create jobs. the roads, the airports, the hospitals, the tunnels, the bridges -- >> you don't think we'll have to cut entitlements? >> i -- >> i want to -- there's two issue you have discussed with me in detail maybe if you can explain to this audience. the money that corporations have overseas, trillions of dollars. >> corporate inversion. >> you talk about corporate inversions, repatriating the
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money. >> right. >> and energy independence and the number of jobs that would be created doing that. >> exactly. well, look, we spend a tremendous amount of money on energy in the sense that we're protecting all of these people that don't like us too much, folks. i'll give you an example. saudi arabia. no problems with saudi arabia. they were before the prices went down, they were making -- a year ago they were making a billion dollars a day. a billion a day. money that, like nobody's ever seen. we protect them for peanuts, practically nothing. we spent a tremendous amount of money. south korea, when you want a television set we go to south -- lg, samsung, they're made in south korea. it's a monster in terms of economic that goes with air-condition, goes with so many different things. even ships coming out of south korea. you look at china. you look at so many differents -- you know, we actually have a -- it's not a lot anymore, but we actually subsidized china. we gave them subsidies for certain things. you've seen that, too. sort of a little bit of a scandal. not a huge amount of money but it's still money. we're subsidizing things in
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china. but japan, we protect japan. now, japan's interesting because we protect them. if we're attacked, they don't have to do anything. if somebody attacks japan, we end up in world war iii, we have to fight for japan but they don't have to fight for us. germany. we take care of germany. we protect germany. the money we spend on our military is massive. everyone says we spend ten times more money than everybody else. we're spending it protecting other nations. and many of those nations are very rich. they got to pay up. we want their help. they got to pay up. okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> let me ask this. [ cheers and applause ] the biggest criticism, and when i read social media about you, is some people that are on the conservative side, they listen to ted cruz's attacks, they listen to rubio's attacks. the other opponents. they say donald trump is not going to be a conservative because he was not a
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conservative in new york. tell us where you are conservative, in your mind, what kind of conservative you are, how do you define conservatism? >> let me start off by saying it's true, years ago, and 100%, i was a businessman. one of the magazines said donald trump is a world-class businessman. i had to get along with everybody. and i get along with everybody. i didn't know i'd be running for office someday. in fact, i was told if you're very successful, you basically can't run for office and i understand that because you go under a microscope. but i took -- i was friendly with everybody. i helped everybody. i contributed to everybody. and to be honest with you, when i needed somebody or had to make a phone call, everybody took my call. it's very good. it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. so i think people understand it. that includes hillary, included everybody. if i needed secretary of state, they were there. that's what we're supposed to do. when i saw the country going so bad, when i saw the iran deal being made, i said don't make that deal, see so many things going wrong, i see these horrible trade deals, i said, let's do this, i'm going to run, let's see how it works out. i decided to run and from
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literally june 16th i've been number one. as you said, center stage. now, what happens is this. i'm a conservative person. i'm very conservative in many respects, but i'm a conservative person, but i like to say a common sense conservative because i'm conservative on independence and energy. i'm very, very, very conservative on the border and all that. extremely conservative on the milita military. we're going to rebuild our military. [ cheers and applause ] stronger than ever before. i'm very, very conservative on our vets, our veterans are treated horribly and we're going to take care of our veterans. we're going to take care of our veterans. our veterans are treated -- honestly, our veterans are treated in many cases worse than illegal immigrants who come across and have a lot of -- pose a lot of problems. i'm very, very conservative when it comes to education. we're getting rid of common core. we're going to have local education. we've already discussed
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repealing and replacing obamacare. it's going to happen. >> you'd put education back to the states completely? >> 100%. >> all the money would go to the states? >> yeah, to the states. i'm serious. you knows, sean, it's interesting, we are in the top 30, we're number 30 in the world, the united states. number 30 in the world on education. right? we're last. number 30 in the world. you have sweden and norway and denmark and china, number one and, you know, one through four. but we're number 30 and yet we're number one per pupil in terms of money spent so we spend more per pupil. number two doesn't exist because they're so much less expensive. we spend the most by far and we're at the worst part of the list. not going to happen anymore, sean. we're going to bring it back to the local -- i've seen it where the parents are involved, the parents love their kids. the local education -- >> is there anything you think you're liberal on? >> not liberal. i am common sense. look, here's the one thing that the conservatives can't get me, free trade. i'm a free trader. just so you understand.
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but free trade has to go along with the word "smart trade." i don't want to be a free trader, you know, it's free on our side but on their side they're killing us, okay? like china. i have great relationships with china. i made a lot of money in china. i made a fortune in china dealing with china. i don't blame china. i blame our leaders. i wish our leaders were doing -- they currency manipulate greater than anybody in the history of the world. >> here's my question. every time your opponents are attacking you, are they attacking your old positions and not -- >> they like to atake the old positions and they also say i'm not a free trader. let me tell you, i love -- >> here's my other -- >> we don't have the capability -- our leaders aren't smart enough to deal with the other -- these guys in china, in mexico, in japan, these are total killers. these are smart, smart people. they stay awake at night thinking about what to do. whereas obama is out playing golf. >> you've also said -- [ cheers and applause ] you've also said -- you've explained from the first day debate on how you became
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pro-life. you're very pro-second amendment. i know your son, don, is big hunter. >> right. >> you carry gun. >> i do. i'm a member of the nra. [ cheers and applause ] my son is a member of the nra. >> so on -- if all of -- do you pledge -- i guess for those people that write me on twitter and facebook and say, hannity, you're too nice to mr. trump, you don't challenge him on his conservatism, is it your promise and pledge everything you listed, energy independence, cutting the budget, the penny plan, the military, the borders -- hang on -- is everything you're saying, is that a promise and a pledge, this is you? >> it's a pledge. you know why it's a pledge? i wouldn't do that if i thought -- who wouldn't pledge that stuff? it's like basic common se and coming up, highlights of our interviews from cpac, the 2016 republican presidential candidates, senator ted cruz, governor john kasich. plus we'll play part