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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 12, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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breaking, four days to go and the future of the race hangs in the balance. with donald trump looking to put an exclamation point on the campaign. while ted cruz and marco rubio and john kaisich are trying to keep their hope alive. welcome to "the kelly file." the poll show anything could happen. here is what is at stake on tuesday. 367 delegates overall. 66 of them come from the winner take all state ofxd ohio. it is home of course to governor john kasich. the average of all polls shows donald trump in the lead right now at 37% to kasich's 34. a fox news poll out shows
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governor kasich lead 34% to trump's 29. the other base race is the winner take all state of florida. 99 delegates up for grabs there. the average of all polls shows trump with a significant advantage over the rest of the field. but a number of more recent polls show the race in florida is tightening. wtsp/mason dixon says trump is up 6 points over the closest rival, florida senator marco rubio. a similar poll from suffolk university has him up 9 over rubio. in moments we will be joined, but we begin with david who is the director of the suffolk university research center that conducted the latest florida poll. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> our fox news poll shows trump with a 23-point lead. another poll shows it at nine and another at six. >> you know, there isçó a margin
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of error involved and a lot is the timing. our poll we screen our people if they are 50/50 to vote and some are likely to vote. we go to those who are very likely to vote or already voted. >> what's going to make the difference on election day? >> for rubio he has a real clear bucket list for the next 72 hours. number one he has to persuade kasich and cruz voters to come on board. he has to persuade them. and number two is he has to run up the participation of hispanic voters, especially cuban-americans. the polling community gauged the hispanic participation at 12%. if rubio can change the proportion of the ingredients, the cake will taste different on election day. say hispanics are 15 or 16% it will change things in a single digit race. the polling shows that mitt
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romney will hurt rubio. rubio will distance himself from mitt romney. romney has a mns 13% -- minus 13% on favor built. and that's potentially problematic. keep at arm's length and a better endorsement is jeb bush. 29% in the poll say jeb bush is their choice if he were running on tuesday. >> wow. we know the campaign has met with jeb bush. all three nontrump candidates have met with jeb bush. let me ask you this. when you look at the politics and it shows poll, poll, poll over the last few weeks, it is like trump up, trump up, trump, trump, trump and not one with rubio up. it kind of makes you believe you know what will happen. what say you? >> i say you have to follow the more recent polls.
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they have a single-digit race. rubio has his bucket list and so does trump. the advantage trump has is the early voting, the voting cast between march 5th and march 12th, donald trump by all polling measures has banked a sig president cay lead, a -- banked a significant lead, a double-digit lead. so it is not a state where you need to make the pendulum come back so you win 51-49. in rubio's case the pendulum has to swing further and he will have to win a significant amount of people who cast their ballot to offset the advantage trump has banked. >> fascinating. thank you. >> my pleasure. joining me now our fox news digital politicsed dore and byron york, the chief political correspondent and fox news contributor. what is happening with the cruz camp in florida?
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>> well, what is the purpose of ted cruz in florida? there is a rallying around. we heard marco rubio say vote for kasich in ohio. he is the only one to beat trump. you have to deny him the delegates, deny, deny, deny, like the guy said. in florida does the cruz campaign really want to knock rubio out of the race and get it to a two-man race? he is not behind the idea of strategic voting. >> there was a report of the super pack backing cruz and standing down in florida when it comes to marco rubio. >> that's interesting between campaigns and super packs. the cruz campaign is of the mind they want to knockout marco rubio asap, but maybe the super pack and the donors who funded it have a different idea. the tea leaves are so hard to read at this point in the primary you are better to brew up a cup and drink it.
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>> is ted cruz with all due respect to the senator nuts to be trying to under mind marco rubio in florida? even though they don't think he has a path to the nomination at this point, it would help those who might who aren't named donald trump to see trump lose florida. and there is only one candidate who has a chance to take the state from him. >> ted cruz has been left out of some of our analysis. rubio need to win florida. kasich needs to win ohio of the what happens with ted cruz? i think chris is right. you can look at where ted cruz spent some time. a few days ago ted cruz came to miami and now he is doing orlando. he is spending a little time here which indicates to me he does want to see trump win and rubio out of the way and one step closer to a cruz-trump fight. >> how can that happen, chris,
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if trump wins florida? let's say trump loses ohio which most people think it may not be likely, but it is more likely than him losing florida where he has a lead in these polls. if he loses florida, trump, but he wins ohio, he is still looking pretty good on a go forward basis, no? >> we have to remember though that there are other states voting and these are proportional states. this is where we care about north carolina, care about illinois and we care about missouri. illinois looks a lot like michigan and that should be a good state for trump. it should be a pretty good one for kasich. cruz should do well in missouri and he should definitely be able to do pretty well in north carolina. if you are ted cruz the ideal night you are looking for, if you could draw it out, you would say donald trump would win florida and its 99 delegates, but lose in ohio and ted cruz would win in missouri and he would win in north carolina and rubio is forced out of the race and trump's delegate lead is so
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huge it is insur -- insur mountable and away they go. >> anything you disagree with? >> i think that's the way cruz wants to see it. we have been seeing a pattern in florida for example. trump has a big, big lead. and then the election approaches and it gets a little closer and the rivals get excited. the late deciders go against him and he wins. i am thinking trump will have a good day on tuesday and maybe not ohio, but he will come out very, very strong. >> before i let you go, do you feel that on tuesday no matter what happens marco rubio is likely toly this race? chris, you first. >> i wail say thatxd flaw -- i will say florida is a closed primary and trump under performed in the few closed primaries and the republicans have performed better because the democrats can't come over to back trump. that has been the case and that may offer rubio a glimmer of hope. either way, yes.
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he wants to go out a winner, but either way, yes, the moment has come that the party has to unify and get behind ted cruz and bite the bullet. >> we saw byron national review coming out endorsing ted cruz. it seems like the establishment -- i don't know. who the heck knows who is in that group? they seem to be underking they have one -- they seem to be understanding they have one candidate. >> there is a disspiritted feel about it. you know this. on wednesday he spent the day apologizing for how he spent the day in the past and vowing he will not get out of the race. that is not a good day for a candidate and it doesn't appear to be getting any better. >> good to see you both. >> you bet. big news breaking in the case of the breitbart reporter that claimed cory assaulted her at a recent event.
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new video just surfaced. a criminal complaint has been filed and we have a big exclusive tonight as the woman of the center of the storm joins us in moments. >> and donald trump picks up the endorsement of ben carson. what does that mean for the critical votes ahead? guy benson and barry bennett join us next. >> some people have gotten the impression that donald trump is this person who is not maliable and does not have the ability to listen and to take information in and to make wise decisions and that's not true.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark in new york. chaos in chicago. police and protesters are clashing at a donald trump rally prompting the hopeful to can can -- cancel the event. they gathered in and around the arena where it was scheduled to take place. they issued the following statement. mr. trump just arrived from chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people who gathered in and around the arena tonight's rally will be postponed to another date. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in
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peace. trump said, quote, i think we did the right thing and that he didn't want to see anyone hurt or worse. trump supporters were breaking out into chants of we want trump, we want trump. police arresting five people. marking the first time the billionaire businessman's white house run it appears that protesters equaled the number of supporters. but trump arguing the anger wasn't directed at him he attributed the protest to general unhappiness in the u.s. especially among those without jobs and not objections to his policies. now back to "the kelly file." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel.
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>> there are two different donald trumps. there is the one you see on the stage and there is the one who is very cerebral and sits there and considers things very carefully. >> i think there are two done national trumps. there is the public version and people see that and i don't know what they see. it seems to have worked over my lifetime. it is probably different than the personal donald trump içó think ben said it well. perhaps there are two donald trumps. >> for more we are joined by
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our correspondent who reports from miami. carl? >> thanks, megan. following last night's debate, the candidates are fanning out all over the country to the states that will be voting this coming tuesday. the elbows are sharpened and flying once again. marco rubio talked about israel policy, but then made the observation that it would be fine with them, the marco rubio campaign, if their voters in ohio were to support john kasich to stop donald trump. >> if a voter was motivated by stomping donald trump and comes to the conclusion that john kasich is the only one that can beat him, that's the decision he will make. in florida i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. >> ted cruz is having a pretty good night in the debate last night is back at it and going after donald trump and making the argument that the billionaire developer is is essentially devoid of real
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policy solutions to the nation and the world's problems and mimicking barack obama and hillary clinton. >> donald is is the system. he is washington. notice the perspective. government is the answer to everything. whatever the problem is we need more government. he doesn't disagree with obama and hillary on substance. but he says they are not doing a good enough job. >> donald trump picked up the endorsement of ben carson. it wasn't a secret and they let it be known, but they suggested there are two trumps, one the public personality that is is bombastic, but there is a cerebral trump who will be the president. that doesn't satisfy his rivals and/or his rival supporters. and john kasich's campaign el well comed the -- welcomed the vote of confidence and would have rubio voters back them up. if he loses his home state, he
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is the governor there and he will quit the race. unlike rubio who made it clear come what may he is heading to the convention. megan? >> as we noted, it has not always been so cordial. when they were battling othe glove -- the glove came off. >> he had a temper or temperament and that's a big problem. you don't cure that. that's like -- you know, i could say -- they say as an example a child molester. you don't cure these people. >> he took a knife and he went after a friend and he lunged. he lunged the knife into the stomach of his friends. but low and behold the hit the belt. it hit the belt. and the knife broke. how stupid are the people of the country to believe this
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crap?xd >> joining me is guy benson who is is a fox news contributor and political editor at town and barry bennett who is an advisor to the trump campaign and a former campaign manager for ben carson. good to see you both. let's start with you, barry. trump went after carson hard. who could forget the moment with the belt buckle when there was a magic belt buckle that prevented the -- here it is. >> the belt moves this way. it moves that way. it moves this way. he hit the belt buckle. anybody want to try it on me. >> so there was some down moments for the two of them. it all seems to be healed tonight. >> if you go back to that point in time, i remember very well that's when we were
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meeting donald trump. four national polls in a row. those were our best days. >> how does dr. carson get past that? >> ben didn't take it seriously then and i feel it didn't take much to get past it. it is the heat of the battle and the heat of the politics. he started it with questioning donald trump's faith. he spun up out of control. he was mad about iowa. >> what do you make of the guy -- he was mad at cruzñr and according to reports he is still unhappy with that. guy, what do you make of it? on carson's facebook page there were all sorts of messages from his fans that they were heart broken. he disappointed them because they did not see him aligning with trump. >> a lot of sense of betrayal on the facebook page from commenters and former carson
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supporters. this cycle is wild. if you are a carson supporter you have good reason to be. you remember that intense battle in iowa where he thought he would lose to ca@smn and he had to take him down by any means necessary, what did he do? he diminished ben carson's medical prowess and cast dispurtions and on several occasions he described ben carson as incure blee pathological, much like a child molester, words he used multiple times. and now carson turns around and endorses the guy. what would trump have to have said to not get the blessing -- or give his blessing to donald trump? it is an extraordinary day in an extraordinary month and an
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extraordinary cycle. >> dr. carson who is much beloved by many republicans is setting himself up for a chris christie situation? you saw the backlash against him . people have been mocking him endlessly since he turned around and endorsed trump. not necessarily because they don't like trump, but they say he is looking out for himself and wants a place in the administration. >> ben is endorsing donald trump because of who he is and not what he said. he is an outsider which is like ben. he wants to bulldoze washington like ben. they have a lot more in common than some scraps in november in iowa. his supporters in and -- in the end want the same thing trump does. they want the exact same thing and ben is a great bridge to bring them on the campaign. >> except i would just say what trump says is who he is.
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that's the problem. >> our other big political story, michelle fields filed a criminal complaint against donald trump's campaign manager alleging he assaulted her showing these bruises on her arm. there is a lot of new video from multiple angles. ahead we will speak to the trump spoke person katrina pearson and up next our kelly file exclusive with the reporter at the center of it all. >> i can't believe you just did that. >> what threat were you? >> that was insane. >> oh my gosh. [inaudible]. >> should i put it in my story? >> go for it.
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breaking tonight, donald
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trump's campaign manager is now the subject of a criminal complaint. as breitbart news reporter michelle fields files a police report against cory alleging he grabbed her so hard at a recent campaign event it left bruises on her arm. she accuses fields of being sh quote, dilutional saying she is an attention seeker, but she has since produced a photo of what she says are her injuries from the incident. late thursday audiotape i'm merged. emerged. it was moments after the alleged assault discussing in this audiotape you will hear fields question if the man who hurt her was mr. lowemdowski. he answers in the affirmative. listen. >> i can't believe you just that was so hard. >> what threat were you?
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>> that was insane. you should have felt how hard he grabbed me. oh my gosh. >> can i put it in my story? >> go for it. thursday night mr. trump himself weighed in on this saying he believed ms. fields made up the story. today fields's employer initially had a report questioning the own reporter's story and then later it said it stood by ms. fields. finally today two videos emerged of the moments surrounding the incident. >> what are you going to do? >> in the first one you can see donald trump walking through a crowd and lowendowski appears to be clearing reporters out of the way. then we see fields wearing a white suit and appear on trump's right hand side. he is on trump's left and a security agent walks closer to ms. fields. fields follows trump as he keeps walking and you can see
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at some point her arm is pulled back by a hand that may or may not be attached to the shoulder you can see on screen right. fields says thatçó shoulder belonged to luwendowski. fields disappears unsteadiy and then seconds later they reappear. still on trump's left and the security agent still on trump's right. moments later we can see luwendowski pulled aside who today stood by his initial report that the man who grabbed fields was indeed cory luwendowski who he is very familiar. in his defense, sources standing feet away after this incident say they were there when he was informed of ms. field's claims and he was surprised by them. >> however, a new videotape surfaced that adds a new
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dimension to this story. joining me is the trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson and bright bart -- breitbart reporter. let's start with michelle. first of all you filed a criminal complaint why? >> i didn't want to do is it. after this happened i called my editor. i didn't want to make a big deal out of it. i didn't want to be all over the press. what would happen if i went to the police. he called cory. cory did not -- he said he did it and he did not deny it. >> who is your editor? >> matthew boyle. >> he called cory luwendowsk expi he did not deny it took place? >> he didn't realize that i was a breitbart reporter.
12:33 am
hope hix who is the spokeswoman asked for my cell phone number and i was told i was going to get an apology. i didn't want to make a big deal. we would apologize. i never got that apology. instead they released a statement calling me a liar. they have basically done a character assassination on me and linking it to blogs on con conspiracy about me and they are not telling the truth. there are videos and pictures. there is an eyewitness of a "washington post" reporter who is very credible and they seem to not under -- understand that. they say there are no eyewitnesses and pictures and videos and they continue to lie. >> the "washington post" reporter who witnessed this incident, do you know him? >> i did. i have seen him at events in
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washington, d.c. i am not a close friend. he was there though because he was doing a story on corey, and he was trying to get to corey to talk about their meeting. i was going to trump to ask him about -- i was asking about affirmative action and the supreme court justice's late scalia. >> let me ask you this. in the audiotape that was released there is an exchange with you and ben. you said was that corey? and he said yes that was corey. there was a report that you didn't know if it was corey. was there confusion on your part? someone in a campaign would grab someone like that. when it happened i thought maybe there is a threat because it wasn't a chaotic scene where somebody would need to grab me where i have his hand print on my arm.
12:35 am
i turned around and asked ben which is in the audio was that corey? he said yes. i turned back around and i saw corey walking out with donald trump. >> did you lay eyes on the person who did it? >> i can say that i did not see it until i turned around. he came up from behind and grabbed me. so i can't say i saw it for sure, but i saw him as i turned around and there is a "washington post" reporter there. there is no reason not to believe this "washington post" reporter. trump is trying to say there is a conspiracy. we are talking about breitbart news and the "washington post." the idea we are working together or something is is absurd and i don't understand how people can believe that. >> so corey has come after you in the wake of this and donald trump has come after you to some extent. corey called you an attention seeker and is calling bs on
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you. he said you are totally dilutional and he never touched you. donald trump had this to say about the incident last night. >> absolutely nothing happened. he didn't hear about it until the next day. ii wasn't involved. the secret service were sur ronding everybody -- surrounding everybody.ñi they said it didn't happen. i think she made the story up. >> your reaction to hearing the front runner of the gop nomination say that. >> well, megan, if you were to ask me in private a week ago who do you support and i would say donald trump is my second choice. he says my people, he loves his people and his people love him. wouldn't i be considered his people? what he is doing is throwing me under the bus. he is trying to get the nomination for a job that is the most important job in the entire world, the most powerful job and he is blatantly lying that there are
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no witnesses and no pictures and video. i would just say to his supporters, look, i was privately a supporter of him. look what he is doing to me. >> i want to ask you in the wake of the allegations and the campaign has come after the campaign has come after yo is part of a larger pattern of exaggerating incidents and you have become part of the news story as opposed to reporting it. and she was beaten with a baton.ñi you were involved and the pictures show you did find yourself on the wrong end of the police. i want to ask you in light of the statements made against you, the tape that was released today, let's just show it. put it on full screen. now watch. on the opposite side of this
12:38 am
white light watch what happens. that's cory. we spot shadowed it in a still shot. you can see the man in the video is corey and it appears to be your left arm right here and we spot shadowed it and your left arm is the one with the bruises. i ask you in the wake of what we have seen with him dismissing you with a crazed attention speaker at the center of the story how it makes you feel. >> well, it feels awful. this has to be aside from my father's death the worst experience i have gone through. the hate i have received and the e-mailed messages. i'm sure, megyn you can understand and sympathize with some of of the stuff i have seen. >> how do you feel breitbart has treated you? >> ben shapiro has been
12:39 am
amazing. he is our editor at large. he's been really good? >> but the editors have cast doubt on your story saying it was unlikely he caused your injuries? >> i don't have anything to say. the facts show this happened and it is a shame that my bosses have decided to come out against the facts. >> the pr person for breitbart has resigned in the wake of this incident. any thoughts on why? >> he was the person i was in contact the most during this entire incident. released the statement and whatnot. i am not surprised that he resigned. >> i knowñi you said you would be willing to take a lie detector test on this. do you stand by that? >> of course. >> unbelievable that it has come to this. great to see you. thank you for being here. >> we want to turn to trump
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campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson who joins us next with her response fair and balanced. ñixd xd
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this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark in new york. protesters shutting down a donald trump rally last night. the front runner can selling the event as hoards of protestors were outside. the crowd was heard cheering as word of the scraped event was spread. some yelling "we stopped trump." those who oppose him don't like his decisive comments. there were some incidents of violence in the arena where the rally was supposed to be held. there was no word of anyone being seriously hurt. however, we do know five people were arrested. speaking with fox's sean hannity, the donald made it clear he was happy with his decision to call off the event saying if he hadn't things could have ended up much worse. >> we are getting a lot of credit for cancelling. it is easier to go there. this was a very organized
12:45 am
group and not a good group that stifled the first amendment rights. and it is interesting that if we ever did that to them it would be a national disgrace and a national story. >> the massive outcry against the presidential candidate comes hours before next round of nominating elections. i'm patricia stark, now back to "the kelly file." you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. back now with donald trump's national campaign spokesperson, katrina pearson. thank you for being here. what do you make of what we heard from michelle. >> i think there is a lot of confusion going on. you heard michelle admit herself she didn't see who grabbed her. it was another reporter that said it was corey. of course there was a breitbart article that says there could bemis taken identity. >> that was based on the first
12:46 am
tape we showed where there was the red arrow. they saw the tape and they said it left room for discussion. actually in their conclusion they said it is unlikely luwendowski caused the injuries. >> even the new video is not conclusive. he raises his hands, but there is no physical contact there. >> i don't know if that's right, kat. >> what i can tell you isxd this, megyn, the allegation that corey reached out and grabbed a reporter and threw her on the ground -- >> she didn't say she was thrown on the ground. >> she has said several things. it changed over the course of the last few hours. i will tell you. the allegations came out that corey reached o a reporter and threw her to the ground and that is absolutely false. >> i read her statement. she said attempted to throw me to the ground. she said i was able to maintain my balance. >> that's what i'm saying. it changed several times. >> it hasn't. >> she didn't know who did it
12:47 am
and then the "washington post" reporter said it was corey. >> she admitted that. she said she did not see him and didn't know it was him, but there was an eyewitness. the reporter said he is doing a story on luwendowski and he said i saw what i saw and i had my eye trained onxd luwendowski. and there were hundreds of people there and no one can corroborate that story. it is not conclusive in that video that cory even made physical contact with michelle in that video. what you can see is right after you see the switch of the camera , you can see themñi walk into a brick wall of reporters. anyone who has been around mr. trump they clamor all over each other trying to get their camerases and microphones in the faces. i think it is a serious allegation. and here is another thing. if this were is such a horrible ordeal, why go to twitter? why wait to file a complaint?
12:48 am
why not go to security or the campaign? >> she went to her boss. what she said is she went to her boss. >> what i am going to tell you is it didn't happen. it didn't happen. >> let me tell you and then you can respond. she said she went to her boss and he called corey and you heard -- what she said is corey said to boyle i didn't realize it was michelle. breitbart is very pro-trump. i didn't realize it was breitbart. >> we have an e-mail saying that discussion never happened. she said she talked to hope hicks and she would call her. the only communication she has had was the request for press credentials. it is confusing and over the next few days it will sort itself out. >> up until last night trump was asked about a dust up. he wasn't a witness. you can see he is focused
12:49 am
forward and he is is not looking at what is happening behind him. was it prudent for him to weigh in on this before we know the facts. >> when he asked secret service if he saw anything they said no and nobody else of course he will defend his campaign manager. the allegation initially she was pulled to the ground. that was the allegation -- >> i read the initial t test -- test mown y'all. it said an attempt to pull me to the ground and maintained the balance. >> maybe you read the report, but other people in the media have not been saying that. the question is if corey pulled a person to the ground. >> that did not happen. if there is doubt let's clear it up. that didn't happen. >> thank you. >> the question is whether he -- let me ask it this way. if you are satisfied that corey laid hands 0* michelle fields and caused bruises on her arm should he be fired? >> i don't think that
12:50 am
happened. >> i know, you have made that clear. but if the videotape satisfies you and others it did, should he keep his job as mr. trump's campaign manager? >> ultimately that's mr. trump's decision. but because i don't believe it happened i don't think that is necessary. >> mr. trump came out after ted cruz fired the communication director who sent a nasty tweet, untrue treat about marco rubio, a tweet, and talked about how these were more dirty tricks by the cruz campaign.ñiçó he ws putting the response -- responsibility for what the staffer did on ted cruz. do you think the same standard should apply? >> stliewtly if there was -- absolutely if there was wrongdoing. i can't say one way or the other. there were dirty tricks on the cruz campaign and it didn't affect any of the other campaigns. >> you see the point from the critics. it was a mean tweet about marco.
12:51 am
>> it had nothing to do with mr. trump. >> she alleged she was physically assaulted and having physical evidence ofñi an assault, having an independent witness from the "washington post" confirm the assault and now we have a videotape. >> and again there is no physical contact there. over the next few days it is going to sort itself out. right now we will stand by corey and that incident did not happen. the allegation we have that he pulled a reporter to the ground did not happen. >> thanks for being here. >> great to be here, megyn. >> michelle is listening to this and i want her reaction. michelle? >> i think it is sad. this election is sad and this campaign is is sad. i think donald trump has been a bully. his campaign has bullied me since this happened. i think katrina is a nice person and i met her multiple times and spoken to her multiple times.
12:52 am
i can't believe what she is saying she believe. >> do you theng corey should be fired? >> at the least i should get an apology. >> michelle, we will continue to follow it. thank you for being here tonight. all the best. we are taking your thoughts on it. now it is a criminal case and it will play out in court. but it is also a political matter given where we are in the campaign and what we've been watching with the other campaigns. we are taking your thoughts. kelly file. we'll be right back.
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don't forget to tune into fox news for super tuesday 2. we will bring you the results of the second biggest night of the election season so far. ohio and florida are the big states up for grabs. and then stay tuned for a special kelly file at 11:00 p.m. eastern. that's this tuesday march 15th. thanks for watching, everyone. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file." what we are seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign and that is happening more and more every day. it is because if we are going to stand up to washington, you have to have someone who actually has stood up to washington.
12:57 am
they have taken on the lobbyists and he doesn't look to government for every solution. look, my answer to every solution is the people. get the government out of your way.ñi you want to know what i will do as president? we will get the federal government off your back.
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. donald trump being asked about violence at some of his rallies. some of the press trying to demonize him for that. we'll take a hard look at the situation. >>. >> let's try to bring some people up there moral values.


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