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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  March 12, 2016 7:00am-7:31am PST

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>> and also it is my least favorite time of year. daylight savings time. >> say it ain't so. >> you're going to lose an hour of sleep. >> hour closer to sunday "fox & friends." >> bye everybody. >> bye everyone. this is a fox news channel special election presentation. dash to the clash, now neil cavuto. >> i want to take you in the next two hours, live on fast-moving campaign developments that might have dramatically changing the tone and tenor of this presidential campaign. a scene right now in ohio, we are waiting for donald trump. it is a large rally, up to 10,000 expected at this one. very similar to the size crowds last night in chicago for an event that they had to cancel when it got very violent. you heard by now just how violent. five people were arrested, and
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this has been wall-to-wall coverage right now. as a lot of people harken back to this and say maybe, maybe donald trump is going to have trouble at future events and rallies, but he is still adding to his planned public events. not stepping back one bit. again, he is due sfwoo ohio shortly. when he goes, and when he speaks, we'll let you know. but it has changed also what some of his opponents have been saying on this. the tone of the race is sometimes a tone that you take from the top. marco rubio, not a very big fan of the way donald trump has handled events in his way, goading some protesters on and go as far as to say he would not be a perfect nominee to put it mildly, but he went further than that. listen to this. >> the nominee, is he the nominee? >> i don't know. i mean, i've already talked about the fact that i think hillary clinton would be terrible for this country, but the fact that you're even asking
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me that question. i still, at this moment continue and intend to support the republican nominee, but, getting harder every day. >> senator -- >> that's an important distinction here because they all committed to this pledge, you saw it in last week's debate where all the republican candidates, including donald trump himself said that if any one of them were to become the nominee, all the others would support him. is marco rubio stepping back from that? we'll get the read from john kasich. we got ben carson, we've got jack welch, big supporter of ted cruz. ben komen is here, big supporter of bernie sanders. so much happening, so fast. we are going to be all over this right now. but right now, the real scene seems to be focussed on whether we can avoid anymore violence at anymore rallies, particularly trump rallies. the county sheriff david clark on how to keep the calm. sheriff, how do you do that the day after? >> oh, first of all, neil, these
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are rebellions and they're brought on by riot starters who show up at these things to create chaos. this is a threat to ordered liberty in the united states of america. look, these presidential candidates and their supporters have every right to participate in this process in our democratic state here in the united states of america. and for that to be thwart the by these boys, these goons, is down right wrong. look, the chicago police, the officers were underresourced last night. shame on the chicago police administrators for not putting their line officers in a position to be able to accomplish their mission, which was to have this rally go on. this rally was cancelled in the name of public safety. why don't we cancel these rebellions in the name of public safety? these people had their civil rights violated who showed up at this rally and wanted to participate as the constitutional allows in our
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presidential lerks politics. donald trump's first amendment rights were squashed last night because of the cancellation of this rally. i expect the people who show up at these rallies to stand up for themselves and don't back down to these bullies and these goons and to have your voice heard as well. the numbers are on your side. look, the people who show up at the trump rallies or anybody else, they're not asking for trouble. they didn't start this stuff, but i don't want them to back down. i expect the police to do what they have to do to make sure that these events can be pulled off. i expect law-abiding citizens, if the police need a hand, to step in. keep in mind, for the proposal that attend these rallies, the numbers are on your side. they're not advocating for violence, and i'm not either, but i'm not going to back down and i don't expect them to back down either. >> but do you think at some of the donald trump's critics that he stokes it? what rabe owe was getting into, ted cruz as well, they all saw that these don't happen at our rallies, we should point out that their rallies are a lot
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smaller and don't have near lit number of people. but having said that, the language and the tone is such that donald trump that he instigates a lot of this. what do you think of that? >> well, i think they're wrong. i'm not going to blame trump for this and i'm not defending donald trump, he can defend himself -- >> should he say anything? just urge calm? he was last night and various interviews that everyone stay calm and all that, but should he, for example, when he speaks in ohio shortly and we're looking at an event that's to the left of your screen where he is due to speak very, very shortly to supporters up to 10,000 of them. what should he say? >> well, i'm not going to tell donald trump what he should say. he knows what he's doing in his campaign, but i would ask the other question, neil, i would say, look at some of the rhetoric and the language used by mrs. bill clinton and bernie sanders at their rallies, and at their debates, how they criticize the police. they attack the police. they stoke up racial animosity, the president of the united
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states is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class war fair, gender warfare. for people who blame this on donald trump is, it's way out of bounds. >> why don't you think we'd see this though to the degree we do at other rallies? you're quite correct to point out that bernie sanders events and hillary clinton events, they've been stormed by black lives matter crowds, in fact, i think in a sanders' event, they actually got up on the stage and that alarmed some of his security people, but how, how do you tempt this down? if we have the appearance of gefting outs of control, if we don't get did -- >> neil, you can't, neil. these are anarchist, they advocate violence and chaos in the name of virtue. so you can't amp it down. the only way that you could amp it down is to squash the first amendment right and our democratic process to choose presidential candidates, and ask the presidential candidates not
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to hold rallies. why does trump, why do trump's rallies tend to draw them? because he's a threat. and so they're going to go after the person who has the most support right now, at least by the polls and by some of the primaries, and he's the biggest threat to what they're trying to advocate for, and that is to bring down our legal lly cuted government. the thing is under these conditions, you can't back down. why is it the people on the side of the ordered liberty and law and order, why do they have to back down? they did not start this. when you're facing a goon and a bully, what you have to do is you have to stand up to them. and that's the anl way that our american way of life and our american system is going to continue to go on. i don't think that every time there's a threat for some melee breaking out that the people on the side of law and order have to have their rights to do this thing cancelled. i think it should be the other way around. >> but don't you think, shall have, there are times too when, let's say in this case, the
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trump crowd themselves have to keep. down? you know, they've thrown blows at those protesters as well. i never know who starts what and i grant you it gets to the crazy, but, as someone like yourself who tries to keep the peace, tries to prevent things from getting out of hand. how do you, how do you do that when it just seems to grow exponentially? >> well, i'll stay again, neil, you have to identify these creeps for who they are. they're anarchist. you're not going to be able to amp it down. no matter what you do, they advocate violence, and they advocate chaos to bring down our legally constituted government. so no matter what you do, other than shutting down these rallies and never holding them and having these candidates never say anything and having their supporters never say anything, that's the only way against an anarchist. this has to be crushed because this, these people voices, i don't care whether these goons don't like what the candidates are saying, because if it
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weren't donald trump and it were ted cruz or marco rubio who was attracting 10, 15, 20,000 at rallies. the same thing would be happening. they're going after the person that see that's the biggest threat. i don't believe in our country that we should have our first amendment -- when i say our, anybody who wants to participate in this process. we should have it shut down just to keep the peace, no, the goons need to back off and they need to be silenced. not the people who are on the side of law and order. >> all right. sheriff, thank you very, very much for taking the time. crazy day. everyone hopes that can be calm returning. what got to be violent and nasty and ultimately cancelled event. donald trump event in chicago. five were arrested there. but it got nasty, it got violent, and stuck in the middle of it all was jeff locke who calmly covered it all. joining us on the phone right now, jeff, it disintegrated as you were there, didn't it?
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>> well it did, although to respect to the sheriff, i could tell you that this crowd was a very gers crowd. you know, a bunch of goons and thugs. there may be some of that element in it, but i can tell you, this was a crowd of young and old, black and white. young people, one 80-year-old woman who said she lived through the second world war, and that's how this started. these are people very passionate. i talked to a republican voter in the protest crowd who said, i don't think this is my party, and i want to speak out against it. so, you know, this was a big crowd and it was a diverse crowd. >> you know, jeff, we always wonder, who threw the first blows? i mean it obviously comes to that. i know, nasty exchanges, i caught them in your coverage, but how did it go? how did it go? >> well, it was largely a non-violent protest. i mean, there were a lot of people there from a lot of representing a lot of different, as i said, factions, but you know, i saw a donald trump guy,
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supporter with a sign, walk through outside, amongst all the protesters, and no one bothered him. you know, they let him do his thing, but people stopped and talk with him. but it largely was not that thing, but what happened was on the inside, when everybody realized that the rally would be cancelled, and in fairness, we should have seen this coming because we had protesters before, but its been small enough group inside, that they've been able to eject them and go on with the rally. this time, there were so many protesters inside, in a it was impossible to bring them all out. and so, i think that's why they eventually nixed it. >> when they cancelled that all hell broke look. i'm going to go to some of your exchanges and some of the folks last night. once they got word of that this morning. >> this is not free speech. they're suppressing. >> one at a time, one at a time.
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>> they're suppressing free speech. they talk about free speech, they are suppressing free speech right now. i'm proud to be a chicagoan, chicago does not like donald trump and his [ bleep ] ideas. and i'm very proud to be a chicagoan today. you can pan the camera around and see how many people are opposed to donald trump in the city of chicago. i'm very proud to be a chicagoan today. >> thank you. i want to listen to -- >> that's college today. >> alumni you [ bleep ]. >> well, at least those guys didn't come to blows. but jeff, i mean, you mentioned something interesting about everything hit the fan when they cancelled the event. the trump folks were told, besides this ohio event that's planning there, are adding a couple in the cincinnati area that they don't want to be deterred from this. but obviously they're taking a little bit of risk there if it gets out of hand, right? >> spush really coming to shove on this, and you can argue this a couple different ways, but you know, everybody is exercising first amendment rights here.
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and where does, you know, your fist and my nose and the first amendment and the first amendment end in stop and begin? you know, it could become a trend and again, this was the first time there have been protesters in large enough numbers, you know, it's usually going the other way, they've been ejected out of these places, but now, last night at least, there were enough protesters on the inside that they made the rally, i suspect, impossible. and that's why they cancelled it. >> all right. thank you my friend, very, very much. jeff locke who was very calmly, professionally handling that in the middle of this craziness. he's that good. but again, he's with fox business. all right, just the latest here, we're waiting for donald trump to arrive in ohio. he's going to obviously address this. he has reminded folks, he's not altering his schedule, he's trying to add events on. there are going to be extra cautious, watch out for
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protesters. they're unavoidable at events that can get, for example, here, up to 10,000 attendees. there's always the risk of that. but then you do have to wonder about ben carson, right? just yesterday announced his support for donald trump. does that stale stand in -- still stand in light of all of this? next. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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17 minutes after the hour, you're watching a live cost of freedom, and it is apropos today because in the cost of freedom, things can get bumpy and ugly. they can get controversial. left of your screen in ohio, waiting for the arrival of donald trump after rack cause campaign event last night that ultimately was canceled after protesters turned the place upside down. ultimately five were arrested and it got worst as the night ensued. they are not expecting any such trouble in ohio today, but you never know. obviously they're waiting to
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hear from donald trump and what he has to say about all of this. to the the right of your screen, john kasich, remember, all of this is occurring in his home state. a must-win for him. 66 delegates at stake, winner take all primary slate. north carolina, one of the only states that is not winner take all, virtually all the other states including ohio and florida by the way, are winner take all. we're going to be speaking to governor kasich shortly. ahead of that, fox business network reporter whose been crunching what's at stake and how important that ohio really is. hey donald. >> hey there, neil, yeah, it is vitally important, the state of ohio. we have no idea how last events in chicago will affect this. we do know that where these candidates are spending their time. you eluded to the donald trump rally and the delegates at stake. donald trump today will be campaigning just outside of dayton in montgomery county, and he'll be trying to target groups he's already done well with in the past. the blue collar largely white
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male voters where donald trump has done have been were very well. he may try to look for more of them today. not only in this county, but let's watch the state in general as we cover the voting on tuesday night, and as he moves to the east and the north, in the kahn ton area which everybody knows because it's his home for the pro football hall of fame. traditionally to the steel workers and the once very powerful steel workers union, can donald trump continue to bring in some of those workers and those union voters where he has done well? that's the big question ahead of ohio. so we look for some perspective on all of this at a state where there's already been voting to looks at and results to analyze. that would be michigan. remember, trump won it easily, 36.5%, purpose sl donald trump country in the state of michigan. of course it's not exact replica of ohio, for one thing john case sick not the governor of the state of michigan, but look at counties like mccomb county, the books have been written about it over the years. home to the so-called reagan
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democratic voters that voted for heavily for ronald reagan. these are the times of voters and the demographics where trump has done well. and he was able to bring that in in the county. so that's the type of place where donald trump will look to replicate that type of success. now, if he does so, he's looking at a home state governor in john kasich who's very, very popular in ohio. keep in mind, 88 counties, trust me, i counted them all in the state of ohio there, 86 of them went to kasich when he ran for governor last time around. that's how popular he is. and in our latest fox news polling, neil, kasich does have that five-point lead. i don't know how important it is, but as i go back to you, i would look at 7% for marco rubio at the end of this poll. how many of these voters in a very, very close race listen to senator rubio and vote for john kasich as a way to stop donald trump? one interesting thing we'll watch tuesday night. >> all right. we're watching very, very closely. thank you very much. we're not only keeping an eye on
7:21 am
what's on the all or nothing tuesday, largely most of the states say north carolina, you win all the delegates, 6 # up for grabs in ohio. 99 in florida, and now in the middle of this, you have a dust-up on the campaign stump with donald trump. more after this. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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all right. this is the scene in ohio, we're waiting to hear from donald trump. it's taken on a sense of urgency after what went down in chicago last night. so much can happen we don't think it's safe to be just talking about stocks and bonds in the middle. when donald trump addresses the crowd, we will be going there, but a lot at stake here because now they're saying, in a number
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of donald trump's opponents are saying, hey donald, this is you, you incite this sort of thing. you could also argue thens of thousands of people showing up, you're going to have a few protesting. so it's split both ways. but it's a subject i got into with ben carson who has now come out in support of donald trump. the issue was whether, whether, and this is before everything went down last night, donald trump's language can lead to this sort of stuff. take a look. >> donald trump was rather forcefully supporting his supporters at events that can get maybe given the nature of the loud crowds involved, you know, pretty tense. this is what donald trump said earlier about that. and i want to get your reaction to it. >> the particular one when i said i'd like to bang them, that was a very -- you know, it was a guy who was swinging, very loud, and then started swinging at the audience. and you know what, the audience
7:26 am
swung back. and i thought it was very, very appropriate. he was swinging. he was hitting people, and the audience hit back. and that's what we need a little bit more of. >> what do you think of that? >> i certainly understand at that point of view. i probably would have simply left it to the police. and i think they did eventually handle it. but i don't have any particular problem with people defending themselves. that's for sure. >> so, in the event of protesters defending themselves or those at events defending themselves? >> if someone is in a crowd and they start hitting you, i think you certainly have a right to strike back. i have no problem with that at all. >> inciting violence, i wouldn't do that. >> got you. and that's what mr. trump's critics said. given the fact that he hushes people out of the room or gets argumentative. protesters will do what
7:27 am
protesters will do, glom on for attention, but do you think that he risks inciting the very activity he complains about? >> well, particularly now that it's getting known, people can actually set up a scenario which will create a big problem for him. so you know, he should take that under consideration. >> all right. some of donald trump's ongoing opponents are having second thoughts about him in backing him if he were to become the nominee. we told you at the top of the hour, marco rubio said he's not quite sure he could make good on that commitment to support donald trump if he was the nominee now. john kasich, apparently through nbc kind of say sending the same message that it would be extremely difficult when pressed on the question as to whether he would support in all of these developments, donald trump, as the party's nominee.
7:28 am
i think that's called hedging, professor, what do you think? >> well, they're politicians, neil, and i love them, but i've known a lot of great politicians, but a lot of great ones, and they can turn on a dime. okay. you never know from one day to the next what their mood will be or what they'll say. this is hardly the final word from either rubio or kasich or trump or ted cruz or anybody else. >> yeah, i noticed earlier this morning, ted cruz was saying these type of events don't happen at his rallies, that this is sort of a discourse, versus just a common conversation, and that you have to as a candidate, be on top of them. it almost sounds like those guys are piling against donald trump or is this their alamo, the one time, the one event, the one series of images that they can seize to sort of interrupt his thunder? you can argue, this is helping
7:29 am
donald trump, what do you think? >> you know, my guess is that it will end up helping him more than it hurts him. it cuts both ways, no question about that, but you think of the republican constituency that votes in primaries and caucuses, and they tend to be pretty hard line on law and order issues. you know, some of us, neil, not you, of course, are old enough to remember 1968 when the major -- >> i remember it well. but that year, they took it out on a whole party that year, right? >> well, they did. that was, that was the democratic party's down fall, first of all, nominating hew better humphrey, by the way, the anti-humphrey slogan that we heard a million times in 1968 was "dump the hump." and the number one anti-slogan is "dump the trump." history hooims. -- rimes. >> those time of events, hew
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better hume fri emerged, there was so much going on, the vietnam war, martin luther king and bobby kennedy. it was a divided party. but that a lot of people looked at that, looked at the images of that convention and so we want nothing to do with this party. so i'm wondering now how the convention itself is looking for cleveland and republicans this summer that as any possibility of drawing in protesters to the degree that one did. >> well, neil, obviously we pray not, we hope not, but let's be realistic, whether donald trump wins that nomination or it's given to somebody else or someone else wins it i should say, i think there's a pretty good chance of tens of thousands of demonstrators on all sides to show up in cleveland and i've noticed, recently, that the city of cleveland has i


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