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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  March 12, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PST

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with 99 delegates at stake in tuesday's prime, florida may be make or break for senator marco rubio. voerts in some parts have been casting early for almost two weeks now. steve is at an early voting site in coral gables. hi, steve. >> it's really been record early in absentee voting across florida. as many as 1.7 million people are voted. many of those who voted early are new voters.
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people who have not taken part in any elections the past two times out an they say when you talk to poll workers here, they say they've really never seen anything like it. >> it's always incredibly busy and we wanted to get here early before the lines. in the past, we've stood in line three or four hours. >> i already voted because i saw how important this election was and i see the big lines. >> florida is a closed primary. there's no crossover voting between parties. it's an expensive primary. more than $12 million in television advertising. on the republican side, we're exp gt pechting to see most of the dra mat, senator marco rubio maybe fighting if his political survivalful he is crisscrossinging the state in the south in the morning and up north, he'll end the day in central florida. despite the fact this is a wirn take all primary, ted cruz who is running third is still
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campaigning aggressively here. perhaps trying to deliver a knock out blow to rubio. and finally, the front-runner, donald trump, up at one point by double digits. he's adding new events in florida. he'll be in boca raton tomorrow in pursuit of florida's 99 delegat delegates. >> thank you, steve, so much. set to play a crucial role in florida's primary and november's election, the state state's hispanic voters. joining us now, director of policy and legislative affairs for the national association of latino elected appointeded officials. thanks for coming in. one thing that really is remarkable to a lot of observers is how marco rubio is not performing better in a state which is so heavily latino or even with the cubaen population so huge there. >> right, we're see ago hot of changes in the demographics of the latino community even within florida. we have about 11.4 million
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cubans, but now, the puerto ricans that have migrated are make up a significant voting block of the latino community. what we know about the latino community is that we're not monolithic and la aty knows are garnering additional political power as seen by two candidates that we have on the ballots. but that doesn't mean that a lyty know surname is going to win. the issues that matter, community, are going to be critical as latinos who are very informed voters make decisions in november. >> it's interesting you mentioned the puerto rican vote because certainly, they are not monolithic. generally so lassociated with t democratic vote, but they are united states citizens. so, what applies to many new immigrants that have come from central america does not apply to puerto rico. >> correct an we're seeing something curious with the puerto rican vote. a lot of puerto ricans, they
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have high voter turnouts on the island, but when they move to the states, they sort of drop off. in the polls. kregt. and so, what we're trying to -- trying to explore those strategies that are going to allow for latino puerto ricans an others to be informed. like i said, it's not monolithic within cuban, with puerto ricans or any other group. in fact in florida alone, 38% of latinos don't identify with any of the two major political parties. democrats or republicans. >> we've heard so much about donald trump and the building the wall the effect on the latino vote in this countriful trump won four out of ten votes in the nevada primary. what do you make of that? >> again, there are some controversies about the polls because the number of latinos was very small in nevada. we, the latino community like i said is is very informed and so,
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across the nation, we've seen that we're closely monitoring what all the candidates are saying about the issues that matter the most to us. that's not only immigration reform. in fact, with poll after poll and surveys, they show that latinos are as much as worried about issues of the economy, jobs, access to a great education, so they're going to continue to be looking at all of the candidate, republicans an democrat, who see who's targeting them. >> you say latinos are not monolithic and i wonder if they applies to knenewly arrived lats here illegally. once they are working hard here, do they want to keep new arrivals out? because they like the jobs they have? >> i don't know that i would be the best person to answer that question. >> okay. do you take a position on donald trump? z >> no, we provide an open flat
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form for all of the candidates. we've invited all of them to comeful last year, dr. ben carson mentioned he was at our conference last year in nevada and we had hillary clinton and bernie sanders there and we've extended an invitation to all of them to come to our conference in d.c. in june. >> thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you for the inration. still ahead, finding a replacement for supreme court justice scalia. we'll take a look at some names making the short list coming up next. plus, the founder and member of the group emerson lake and palmer is dead at the age of 71. a look back at his life coming up. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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you're look k at hillary clinton speaking in st. louis, missou missouri. one of several states that holds primaries on super duper tuesday. rock and roll legend keith emerson has died at the age of 71 he was found last night by his girlfriend at their santa monica, california home with a gun shot wound to the head. authorities say they are investing his death as a suicide. the band is probably best known for the chart topper, what a lucky man. sources say president obama is close to nominating a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia, who died last month. the late justice would have turned 80 yesterday and whether a nominee can be confirmed fwi senate is in doubt. joining us now for me insight is terry with judicial crisis network. first of all, thank you for
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joining us. we could talk about this topic for the entire hour. unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of time. but some reports come out and we see a list of five names and then we see a list of three finalists, a lot of reports out there. the bottom line is that we to not know who the president could be nominate iing or when. so, a lot of that is still up in the air. what is going on behind the scenes right now with the administration as they have their conversation on who they want to nominate? >> they're probably look at the list of people. maybe it's a list of leaked. maybe fthere are some additiona people and they'll be k looing at the background to make sure this is a person that has the philosophy the president wants to put on the court. we've kind of hat hints. he said earlier he did not plan to nominate a moderate and we've seen his other two, sotomayor and kagan, both of whom although some argued maybe they would be moderate, in lock step with the
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most exteerm of the court. he has the opportunity to shift the court dramatically, so i think he's looking and trying to make sure he can find someone that will accomplish that goal. >> so, what's at stake here? huge issues. >> this term alone, we see religious freedomful we see abortion. the president's action on immigration. and the next justice will probably weigh in on all of those issue, plus, i think there's a real possibility things like second amendment. the decision that really reinvigorated that, authored by justice scalia, was a 5-4 split. the partial birth abortion case. that's a 5-4 split. whether the bureaucracies are going to have authorities to write the laws. all of that is going to the supreme court guaranteed and so, there's a huge amount of stake here. >> we've all hard senators say we're not going to hold
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hearings. would that be unprecedented that the senate wouldn't take up a nominee by the president? >> not at all. actually for much of america's history, they didn't have hearing on supreme court nominees at all. the system is different now than it was maybe hundreds of years ago. what's really unusual is the fact we have an election year where an opening has come upful to have a justice die or retire in an election year is highly unusual. and we had people like then senator biden or senator schumer talking at the end of the two bush presidencies about how they they think about the situation. most respectful of the people and nominees vofld, too, to not inject them into the political process. to give the people a chance to have their voice heard and that's what senate republicans are saying now. the people deserve a voice in this and they'll have the opportunity in november to choose. >> without in opinion here, but
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what's the hypothetical? what could we be seeing over the next couple of months? could we see a nominee's name p atop the headline, then the person has to just, what would happen? what could happen? >> well, i think we can see a nominee as early as monday and the president could spend several more weeks looking at people deciding as well. i think the nominee will have to wait. this is, it happens all time to judicial nominees. many, many times where they just, again, especially during a political year. they simply will wait and not get renominated by the next president or in the next term. >> if you're a democratic nominee, if you're hillary clinto do you also, like the republicans, want that to be the next president's decision because she wants to be the next president? >> sure. she's supporting the president obama in this. i think she has to ch it's her party, but i'm sure she would rather be the one making the choice. we all think we can do it better, right?
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>> absolutely. thank you so much for joining us. really interesting. scott kelly made history with his year long space mission, now, he's tackle a new phase in his life. that story is ahead. plus, the number of republican voters in d.c. may be small in number, but they have some big influen influence. in a city dominated by democrats, thousands of republicans are voting today and their vote plays a big role in deciding the party's nominee. i'll have that after the break. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus.
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after setting a new record for the most days spent in space, 520 in total, astronaut scott kelly is retiring. nasa just announcing the news yesterday. just two weeks ago, 52-year-old kelly returned to earth from his longest mission, a year aboard the international space station. i had the chance to ask kelly what he would miss about the international space station right before he returned to earth and his answer has new meaning. >> the stuff that i'm going to miss is doing a -- working on a project, working on things that i really believe in. i believe very strongly in. something that's very, very important. and working, you know, kind of
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on the tip of the spear, so to speak, as the person that's operating the space station and performing these experiments. living in an environment like this is very, very difficult, very challenging. and then, you know, being successful, you know, with that. and the sense of satisfaction you get. and, you know, i think i'm going to miss that. >> it was so fascinating to follow his story. and he has this huge following on social media now. i'm really curious as to what he's going to be doing next, even though he's retiring. >> you know he's going to be active. >> absolutely. >> i think what's most remarkable about him, spending a year in weightlessness, and coming back to earth's gravity must be oppressive, awful. apparently he grew two inches. >> i wish i could go to space for a couple years. >> it would help. >> yeah, it would. florida and ohio may be getting all of the attention of the gop candidates with their upcoming primaries, but today republican voters in d.c. are casting their ballots. there are 19 delegates at stake in d.c. and only one place to
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vote. garrett is there. garrett? >> reporter: doug, any other election week likely we wouldn't be talking about d.c.'s republican convention. but it's no secret that this election is different. d.c.'s convention is actually happening a few months earlier than normal and comes at a time when every delegate matters. so here's what's on the line in d.c. 19 delegates are up for grabs. that's just as many or more than hawaii, rhode island, vermont or delaware. but the number of voters deciding the outcome is significantly fewer than those states. there are only 27,000 registered republicans in d.c., and only 3 to 8,000 of them are expected to vote today. meaning each of those votes carry a lot more weight than they would elsewhere. >> so that's a very small number of people voting on a very large number of delegates. in terms of bang for your buck if you're a presidential campaign, whoever shows up here
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today is like 50 people voting for delegates in texas. >> reporter: despite that, none of the gop candidates have campaigned in d.c. even though two of them live and work here for much of the year. but part of that is because they're focused on tuesday's bigger races in had florida and ohio. but leaders also say it's because d.c. is viewed as more establishment-centered. and in a year as the outsider, if they won here in d.c. for several of the candidates, they would actually hurt their image in the long run. now, there haven't been any polling done here in d.c. so it's hard to say who the favorite is right now. but if the past is any indication, d.c. has typically gone towards more establishment candidates. so if that holds true this year, that would tend to favor marco rubio and john kasich. of course, we'll find out tonight at 9:00. doug? >> must be like old home week there with 6% of d.c. residents being republicans. they probably all know each other there. close call. thank you. a close call on stage for
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donald trump as he addresses a rally in ohio and barely misses being hit by a flying object. plus governor kasich is looking to make headway today at his home state. senator cruz is in missouri. carl cameron following the center, marco rubio in florida. and with people apparently throwing things at front runner donald trump at his event, marco rubio says trump's rhetoric and the violence that has occasionally turned up at his events is ripping the country and the republican party to shreds. we'll have more in a minute. thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card.
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thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm doug mckelway in for leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. a close call for donald trump this morning at a rally in ohio. a spokeswoman for donald trump says a man tried to breach the security buffer at his event. a group, as you can see, his secret service agents rushed on stage, forming a protective ring around the candidate. today's eruption after a trump rally was cancelled yesterday due to security concerns. clashes breaking out between supporters and protesters in chicago. that's where we find our own matt fin with the very latest. hi, matt. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. yeah, so a chaotic night last night and another day that's probably going to be crazy here
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today.s of 400,000 people expected here for the annual st. patrick's day parade. the river was just dyed green a short while ago. the energy really starting to pick up here. so the big question is, what happened last night? because these donald trump rallies have been increasingly rowdy. we have seen the video. i was told that for the first time it appeared there was an equal amount of energy between the supporters and the protesters. that is it just got too escalated. also, a person did make it on the stage pretty close to donald trump. there was an estimate of 30,000 people there last night. donald trump says he decided to pull the plug, he did not want to see anybody get hurt or worse. he did say he spoke to somebody in law enforcement. i spoke to the illinois state police. i spoke to the chicago police and i also spoke to uic campus police. they all tell me they did not advise donald trump to cancel that rally. in fact, no one even spoke to trump's campaign beforehand to talk to him. chicago police said they had 300 officers there and could have kept dond


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