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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 13, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i'm not allergic to anything and i rarely gets sick. >> early exposure. >> it's oral treatment of your immune system and it does work. >> play in it just don't eat the dirt. this is super tuesday deja vu. candidates are kicking their campaigns in to high gear on this last weekend before millions of voters in five critical states some of them winner take all go to the polls. rejecting calls to the lower the temperature of his campaign donald trump heads into the latest contest looking to cement his lead. >> john kasich is holding a town hall right now in ohio. it's do or die for him and senator rub. they are both hoping their favorite son status holz sway with voters in their home state. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington.
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>> i'm doug mckelway. ed henry is in columbus, ohio. but first fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in westchester with the latest on the republicans. john? >> doug, good afternoon to you. you know most presidential candidates, presidents for that matter deal with protesters at many events. this is an unavoidable nuisance. some like bill clinton developed certain lines. but in truth, donald trump is making sport of it. at a rally in bloomington, illinois trump offered a protester that the crowd had identified the chance to speak out. listen. >> let's hear your voice. go ahead let's hear it. do you have any voice. come on? >> reporter: all of this reached
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a new level on friday when trump cancelled his rally on friday because thousands of protesters infiltrated the rally. yesterday in dayton, ohio a man jumped the kbard. he had to be tackled by secret service. looking back at chicago trump said the protesters weren't exercising their right to free speech they were trying to prevents his. >> you had a group of people, 3,000 people and maybe even more and they all showed up. did you notice. some of you were there. they all showed up like at the same time. it was totally organized. troublemakers. troublemakers. you know the truth is. they are disruptors. they are not protesters. they are disruptors. they are supposed to disrupt. >> reporter: trump has a town hall meeting here in we west chester county. mitt romney won this with 62% of the vote back in 2012 but there are some protesters outside. we haven't spotted any inside
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yet. donald trump wraps up his day today long flight down florida where he has an event at boca raton. we'll watch this closely. because certainly this is even more interesting than it had been in the past. doug. >> day-by-day. we'll be watching. on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for a town hall tonight in columbus, ohio. both candidate have been campaigning hard in the buckeye state where sanders is hoping for a repeat of his surprise win in michigan. ed henry is in columbus with the very latest. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. you're right. bernie sanders trying to build momentum here in the midwest because of that surprise victory in michigan. he's certainly hoping to win here in ohio. polls show it's extremely tight and he'll be here where i am on the campus of ohio state in a couple of hours for a rally. that's his base, those young people, college students he needs to get out to the polls on tuesday. hillary clinton on her side
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second straight day starting the day with visits to african-american churches. that's what she's been doing all weekend particularly in the cleveland area about two hours from columbus. she's trying to turn out her vote and push back on these allegations from bernie sanders that she is too tied with wall street. >> i listened to everybody else they will tell you what they are against. i'm against bad things too. i'm going to stop bad actors. i'm never going to let wall street wreck main street again. that's not going to happen on my watch. it's not enough to be president of our country to tell people what you're against. to points fingers. scapegoat. to blame. >> reporter: now bernie sanders has been focusing his attention in part on pushing back on donald trump. all of this noise we're hearing back and forth about the protests at his rallies, trump accusing sanders of stirring up the protests and, in
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fact, which has endorsed sanders campaign has said that they are trying to shut down a trump rally, been taking credit for it. sanders says he knows nothing about that and when asked on a sunday show today about trump calling him a communist he really fired back. watch. >> this man cannot stop lying about anything. to call me a communist is a lie. to talk about our organization or our campaign, disrupting his meeting is a lie. were there some people, there were thousands of people as i under it? >> reporter: now what's interesting for sanders moving forward to tuesday is that a state judge here a couple of days ago ruled that 17-year-olds who turn 18 by november can vote in this primary on tuesday. that obviously could be a huge boost for sanders. it's being appealed.
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>> ed henry reporting on the ground. tuesday's primary in ohio is really make-or-break for governor john kasich whose campaign hinges on that home state but he has support from an unli unlikely person, marco rubio. rubio campaign says he believes kasich is the only candidate who can stop trump in that state. that may be true. kasich is leading trump by five points. other polls show the two neck and neck. chrissy thompson has been covering the kasich campaign. i would like to start off with a weet th tweet that governor kasich fired off. no republican ever won the white house without rining ohio. what does he need to do to take ohio? >> governor kasich is very popular here.
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almost 80% say he has favorable opinions of him. that's more than any other cane. as you mentioned it's very close in the polls with donald trump. a lot of donald trump supporters say they do like governor kasich but not quite sure if he's able to win, win the primary election and then win in november. so that's the big question if he can convince his people in ohio that he has a chance of winning the nomination then they can turn out and vote for him and that's really the big question for the kasich campaign. >> critics of governor kasich said one of his liabilities support for common core education standards. he was asked about that on fox news sunday just this morning by chris wallace. here's a look. >> in our state, our state school board has adopted very high standards, and the curriculum is developed by local school boards. plain and simple. call it anything you want to, at the end of the day we set the standards and the local school
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boards develop the curriculum. >> is that true and do ohio voters hold him accountable for his support for common core? how does it go over in that state >> answer to both of those questions is yes. in ohio the state did choose to sign on the those common core educational standards. those are -- they come with someone from the federal government. that's one way you can meet federal requirements. there are other ways to meet them as well. common core is the most common way. governor kasich said our state chose that independently. it's not a government program. that's not feeflg many conservatives in ohio who do hold kasich accountable for that and upset the state has signed on to these common core standards. he said go with your local school boards and you should have local impact on that. the conservatives say it's not that easy. you've told the whole state we're going to do than we don't
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want to do this. >> governor kasich has had a turn around in the state of ohio. i remember back in february of 2011 and i happen to be in columbus covering the story he backed the public sector union reform bill as did governor scott walker in the state of wisconsin. but unlike walker kasich failed in his effort, quote unlike scott walker's union reforms kasich's reforms included police and firefighters which put the bill on shaky ground. by november, sb-5 was finished and so was john kasich's tenure as a union reformer. february 12, 2016. what helped turn governor kasich's fortunes around after that? >> yeah. he really backed off the union reform. honestly that's something conservatives hold against him. they feel he should have pushed to make ohio a right to work state. he said people of ohio spoke.
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they voted down this new law 2-1 in a referendum and he said well i'll focus on other things. he started focusing on medicaid expansion and on ways to help people with mental illness, autism, the working poor, and focusing on programs that help relieve poverty and that's boosted his approval rating. he has broader range of approval now among republicans and democrats. he feel he has done a pretty good job as governor. they point to the fact that the state's economy steadily improving. you can bring out a lot of different numbers to see we have lagged the national average in a lot of categories but our overall employment is up and people feel they are on stronger footing here in ohio. >> one last question. what are you specifically looking for in ohio? what regions, what areas are you looking for on tuesday to give us some sort of a bellwether
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indication who will win. >> southwest ohio is a huge area to look at because kasich isn't as popular down there. there's a lot of conservatives. when we look at turn out and how things go in southwest ohio we'll have to see how strongly donald trump supporters are coming out. kasich is hoping to bring out a lot of supporters in northern and northeast ohio where they are more moderate. those are the two areas to look at to see which campaign is turning out more people on tuesday. >> chrissy thompson, appreciate you joining us. >> thanks much. stay with fox news on election day. we'll be covering all the polls all day tuesday. megyn kelly and bret baier will hold special primetime election coverage. you don't want to miss it. this is a fox news alert. there are reports of several attackers opening fire on a popular beach resort in the ivory coast. reuters is reporting an officer with the national police says at least 12 people have been killed
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in the attack including four europeans. the assault happened just a short time ago. witnesses say they heard gunfire, saw people running away from a beach resort. security forces responded. there's no word yet on who was behind the assault but this would be the third attack on a tourism center in a west african country since november. if any developments arise we'll keep you posted. here in the states at least three people have died in louisiana and mississippi. officials are still looking for two missing fishermen as floodwaters continue to rise. downpours across the south have been causing massive flooding, submerging roads, washing out bridges and forcing people to leave their homes. in western tennessee rescue crews helped evacuate one family and their five dogs. >> he's been crying because this is his river life. he didn't want to leave it.
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unfortunately you got to do what you got to do. >> absolutely. is there any relief in sight? our meteorologist is at the fox extreme weather center with the latest. >> we really have to get through today and then a drier stretch of weather but look at these flood totals. over two feet of rain in louisiana, close to two feet in parts of texas and arkansas. so this has been an ongoing situation. we do have a cold front moving through the region across the mississippi river valley, a threat for not only heavy rain today but severe weather for portions of arkansas, louisiana and mississippi. and then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, much drier conditions. so for monroe, louisiana where they received over two feet of rain, we got to get through today, the threat of severe weather as well as the potential for more flooding and then the rest of the work week looks good with drier conditions. want to focus on the severe threat because we could see large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes for this area shaded
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in orange but you're not out of the woods in monroe, louisiana and in towards mississippi and up towards kentucky, tennessee and also oklahoma where we could see the hail, the damaging winds and tornadoes. tomorrow the mid-atlantic will watch for thunderstorms and then i want to point your attention to tuesday. super tuesday for illinois as well as ohio, we have the risk for strong to severe storms. people are headed out to vote. that's a big story as we head into the new work week. also watching the west coast storm after storm here with flooding and higher elevation snow. this has been ongoing for the last several days and this is no exception this weekend into next week. again the potential for heavy rainfall, flooding and higher elevation snow. ultimately good news situation but travel plans are going to be disrupted and if i could really quick as we head into monday and tuesday watching this system potentially affecting the midwest and of course we'll be watching the polls in both illinois and ohio for super
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tuesday. so we could have strong thunderstorms that we'll keep an eye on it along with all the weather across the south and the flooding. back to you. >> less than 48 hours to go until super tuesday take two. five states, millions of voters and a possible turning point in the campaign for the republican nomination. we're awaiting the start of john kasich town hall meeting in ohio. we'll bring thut live when that happens. lots more politics ahead. the final report is out on the germanwings crash that killed all 150 people on board including some disturbing new details about the co-pilot that flew the plane know the french alps. a 90-foot tugboat ends up on the bottom of the hudson river. we'll have the latest on search efforts there. >> this is a tragic accident that three people who left for work and would aren't going to come home. rgies.
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the search is resuming today for two crew members of a tugboat that sank in new york's hudson river. one crew member is confirmed dead and the missing men are presumed dead. the 90-foot tugboat hit a
10:20 am
construction barringe. crews are network contain 5,000 gallons of a fuel spill. back to politics. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are on the campaign trail ahead of tuesday's primaries. democratic rivals are spending much of the weekend in ohio where 143 of the total 691 delegates are up for grabs. senator sanders is hoping to keep the momentum going after his surprise win in michigan so will we see a shift on tuesday? let's have a fair and balanced debate. pen gentlemen lee senior adviser and christian ferry who ran senator lindsey graham's presidential campaign. thank you both for joining me. i want to get the right our conversation because there's a lot we can talk about. i want to start with a really bad inappropriate pun. will we feel the burn going into tuesday, will bernie see the same results >> we'll see. i don't think it's a bad pun.
10:21 am
something that they are very proud of. it's catchy. look there's a lot of delegates at stake. this is a crucial moment for the campaign, for both of the campaigns to be able to garner the necessary support. what you've seen although mrs. clinton did lose michigan, she actually had an overall night because of her big wins in louisiana, mississippi and others. she had more delegates collected and that's what we're into right now is that delegate count. if bernie wants to make a shift and really go ahead ahead of mrs. clinton he has to win big and win by a large margin. >> if he doesn't win big, i heard an interview this morning and he said listen i'm going to do really well in the states farther west. i don't see any enthusiasm on his side waning. >> i don't think the enthusiasm will wane. we'll continue to raise money, continues to be in this race and because delegate dose their delegate allocation he can continue to pick up delegates
10:22 am
whether or not he's winning or not. look i think it's a very difficult case to make that he can actually beat hillary clinton at this point, but he's not going to get so far down in the delegate any time soon that i think you'll see him step aside. >> you've run a campaign. i want to ask you this question. i had read an article this morning and hillary clinton had talked about how she's not necessarily a natural politician like her husband or president obama. it was a be very tender moment, vulnerable, authentic. what has she done to -- how has she changed, not only because of outside factors but also because of bernie sanders? how has she changed in this campaign >> bernie sanders has moved the race, you know, further to the left. hillary clinton has had to adjust. i think the authenticity issue is one she's struggled with throughout this campaign. it's one of the reasons she hasn't been able to stop this 74-year-old self-described socialist. there are moments in a campaign
10:23 am
and a good campaign is one that can take advantage of those moments when it happens. >> i want to pose the same question to you. you are a hillary supporter.u h change on some issues going further left than you were anticipating. >> it's hard for someone who has known her for many years as i have when you know her in person she's a warm and caring and wonderful person and sometimes it doesn't necessarily translate when the cameras are on or in large auditoriums. what you saw earlier in those campaigns one on one meetings and smaller settings, she was resonating well and it's hard, though, sometimes to convey it. she's right. she doesn't necessarily do those large big events. what we're seeing over and over again and the reason why she continues to win people like her experience. they see her in the debate she's credible, she's articulate, she understands the issues. those are her strengths. that's what she leads into. >> playing on strengths as we
10:24 am
talked about tuesday is a big day. i heard a lot of reporters pose questions to both candidates about trade. hillary has gone left on some issues which we can't anticipate her to do so. what do the candidate want to say to voters now ahead of tuesday? >> on the issue of trade especially important in states going into tuesday and she will take each trade deal and look at it individually. yes she supported her husband's efforts on nafta. she voted against other trade agreements. and said now she's running, people understand we're in a global market but want to make sure that american workers are not unduly punished. >> christian i want to give you the last word on trade. >> look i think this will be one that will be fascinating in the general election. you have donald trump who is
10:25 am
closer to hillary clinton and bernie sanders on trade than he is the republican party. and his opponents. >> we can talk about that all day. >> assuming trump will be the republican nominee it will be a fascinating debate between him and whoever emerges on the democratic side on this issue whether they have more simil similarities than differences. >> thank you for joining me. we'll see what happens on tuesday. thanks. of course we're still awaiting governor john kasich to take the stage at a rally in ohio. his wife karen is speaking to the crowd right now. when he gets on stage we'll bring it to you live. coming up new details emerge about the pilot who is blamed for deliberately downing the germanwings plane about a year ago. we'll explain how it could impact every pilot's health privacy. tragedy strikes, alaska's
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glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. as we have been reporting tuesday is a make-or-break day for ohio governor john kasich in his home state. if he wins there tuesday it would be his first primary victory and give him reason to stain race. right now john kasich is holding a town hall in strongsville, ohio right outside of cleveland. >> the lord has made everybody here special. okay. let me tell you, do you know that? the lord has never made anybody like you before and will never make anybody like you again. you're unique. and i happen to believe the lord has created us for a purpose. you know, there are people who can go through life and get
10:31 am
really frustrated and upset because they never quite find their purpose. there was a young lady that i was with the other day, it was at a town hall in lima and i think she was 23 years old and she said i got up, i went to school and i'm a fwrau student and i don't know what's going to happen with me and i don't know if i'll get a job. i listened to her. because she came through loud and clear to me. she was really, really frustrated and uptight and i looked at her and i said you understand how special you are. do you understand that no one can ever take that from you. the whole key for you is to figure out what you're supposed to do. and you will find out what you're supposed to do if you will take the time to ask and to listen. and you're never going to hear
10:32 am
it, some might, through a voice. but you'll know it. you'll know it deep down inside what you are supposed to do. and we're supposed to live a life a little bigger than ourselves. we're supposed to be part of healing our world in which we live. and don't be thinking about that like you have to run for president. i don't think the lord cares what we do. he doesn't care whether you run for president or sweep the floor all he wants to know is what are you doing with what i gave you. so if you're a teacher, you're the most underpaid people on the face of the earth. but you do it because you are changing a life or lives and we all when i say that all have the picture of those teachers that made a difference in our lives. if you're a policeman, got a guy standing at the door, he probably has a vest on, don't you, officer.
10:33 am
i mean this is a guy because he's a vest because he doesn't know he can go around the corner and be shot. god forbid, officer but he's serving us. he's a servant of all of us. okay. [ applause ] do we have any nurses in this auditorium today? stand up, would you? so this is a lady -- here's a la lady. she gets off of her shift at 10:00 at night, had a long day, time for her to go home. she goes for ten more minutes and walks down the hall to that family that's gathered and says, "it's going to be okay." do you ever do that?
10:34 am
if you did it already this morning, because she lived a life a little bigger than herself. how about nurses? huh? they're the best. [ applause ] and seems she was very comfortable. you want to stand again and wave a little bit. you're getting good at it. i can see. or i like to always think about something that might seem so simp simple. i remember just coming up here with this man right here, tom patten. lost his son, police officer. i didn't have anything to say. i just figure if i show up and give him a little hug, is that changing the world, tom? i think it is. or how about the woman that's been married for 50 years and nobody ever calls her any more. so you call her on monday and
10:35 am
you say we're going take you to dinner on saturday night. what do you think she does on thursday? what does she do on thursday? she goes and gets her hair done, right? and somehow when she gets it done, i don't know what they wrap around her head but it looks perfect on saturday. then you go and pick her up and she's wearing a dress she hasn't worn in six months. is that changing the world? i think it is changing the world. so what i wanted to say to you this morning is the spirit of our country, the can do attitude, the optimism, the youth, you know where it rests? with us. it doesn't rest in columbus with a bunch of politicians or the governor. it doesn't rest in washington with the president of the united states. you know when i was a kid i grew up in pittsburgh, and our hero was roberto clemente, the great baseball player, okay.
10:36 am
[ applause ] >> you're listening to governor john kasich of ohio in one of his last town halls before tuesday's all-important super duper tuesday primary. super tuesday part two. he has to take ohio, he's got to win ohio. everything he's been doing has been banking on a victory there since his strong second place finish in new hampshire at the beginning of february. hols have him at 35.3% to trumps to 33.3%. it's neck and neck. we're watching it very closely. fox alert for you this time breaking news out of turkey. news reports say there's been a large explosion in the capital city of ankara and there are several casualties. turkish broadcaster says a bomb exploded today near a park in the main square. reuters is reporting on another broader trt says the explosion came as a car collided with a
10:37 am
bus. we'll bring you all the details as they come in. turning to iran. iran is not violating the nuclear agreement by testing ballistic missiles according to u.s. officials. but the controversial tests are a likely u.n. violation and have congress threatening new sanctions. plus concerns on a report that iran's nuclear deal has been scrubbed of substance. you wrote a piece in "the national review" describing this sort of second hidden component of this deal that not a lot of people are aware of. you say quote due to new u.n. security council and iaea resolutions the agency will only monitor and verify iran's compliance with jcpoa km
10:38 am
commitments and will no longer provide broad reporting on its nuclear program. you write the board of governors closed the file. but it gets worse you write. not only are the new iaea reports much narrower in focus they omit data how iran is complying with the nuclear deal. how do you explain this? >> those that follow this issue were puzzled over the last few months these reports became vark data was missing and certain things were not being reported. the head of the iaea said well my answer guy under the nuclear deal security council and iaea resolutions that provide inspection mandates to do this were removed. i also believe that the iaea has been told privately by the united states and western states do not report on this any more because iran does not want detailed reports and we want this deal to go through. >> your reaction to what john kirby said earlier this week. he said we're confident that the
10:39 am
iaea has the authority to do its job and that the access it needs to verify compliance going forward sniec forward. >> i was puzzled by that day. the ambassador the iaea back tracked and said we would like more expansive reports. reports aren't there. important aspects such as iran's efforts to build advanced centrifuges during the deal there's no reference to them. >> the very day your piece was published in "the national review" iran launched two new ballistic missiles which are capable of reaching israel. written on these two missiles and i quote in hebrew, written in hebrew, "israel must be wiped off the face of the earth." >> it's stunning. nuclear program has three parts. making nuclear fuel, making a
10:40 am
war head and a delivery system. sirn the only country in history to have missiles that can reach 2,000 kilometers without having nuclear weapons capability. these missiles are for delivering weapons against the united states, europe and russia. >> what is the obama's long term intention with this deal. >> the administration hopes to basically do nothing for the rest of its term because this is a legacy agreement for the president and the iranians know that. >> fred, thanks very much. coming up isis continues to persecutes christians. time is running out for the u.s. declaring a genocide. we'll hear from a religious leader in town trying to make his case to congress. in chicago, two window washers are left hanging on for dare life. the rescue efforts to get their feet back on solid ground coming up.
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congress has given the obama administration until thursday whether it will label isis attacks on middle eastern christians genocide. or though dithodox bishops are washington with a report. >> thank you very much so making time for us in looking through this report. . this is something you've been witnessing for a long period of time. it is. i'm so glad that it's come to the forefront and very appreciative that they have put on such incredible effort. for us it's a report, it's a book that's bound, actually the lives of people. people are suffering on a daily
10:46 am
basis. the more it's noerngs more it democrats it and seen for what is it. the more we can help them. >> the stories include kidnappings, people witnessing women being sold into sex slavery, torture. you know that there are many churches and religious sites completely destroyed at the hands of isis. what do you think it's going to take for people to get these are real lives, stories of real human being? >> as a clergyman, of course, the first thing that comes to me is there's an idea of sanctity of life. whether it's my life or yours, or there's suffering or those who are reporting the suffering. and so there's this behe in volunta -- humanity we need to address. people are still struggling and suffering and within the concept our overall humanity we need to feel that pain. >> do you have concern that we will see these reports, you mentioned one on the cover of
10:47 am
this report dealing with the 21 men who were kidnapped and executed in a very theatrical manner because they refused to renounce jesus christ. are you worried we'll become numb to these images. >> when the 21 were paraded and killed in this way, i think there was a huge shock in the world. it was something we had never seen before. it had a significant impact. what i think saddened me a little bit was about a month later when something very similar happened to ethiopian is. as you say we do become
10:48 am
desensiti desensitized. if you have fewer deaths than yesterday it's a better day. we need to realize that this buffering is not quantifiable in numbers but in huge communities that are actually being pushed out of the region and almost non-existent now. >> i you know have some concerns if certain groups who are suffering at the hands much isis are recognizing these genocide victims but others like christians could not could have a devastating impact. >> as much as we want the genocide to be recognized we need to recognize the perpetrators of these crimes will read our actions and what they will read is that those recognizing support by those protected by the international community and others are not. the ramifications will not be in iraq and syria it will be every where there's religious persecution especially on christians and become, i think,
10:49 am
more legitimate and more significant target and so we will actually be playing into that scenario where we make them more vulnerable and i hope that decision makers, policymakers will bear this in mind. >> the genocide label would come with formal and moral obligations under international law to take action and punish the perpetrators through an investigation by the international criminal court for possible war crimes prosecution. coming up, drinking and driving leads to disaster for two teens on the iditarod trail race. a live report coming up. driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100.
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it's called alaska's late great race. there's been outrage at the iditarod. will carr joins us with more. >> the men and women competing in the race say that losing a dog is like losing a family member. so you can imagine just how crushed they are this weekend. this all took place in the early morning hours on saturday. a very remote isolated part of the state. about a five hour flight from anchorage. authorities say that 26-year-old man who admitted to local news
10:54 am
stations he was black out drunk on a snowmobile crashed into two dog teams going 80 miles per hour. the mushers say that the man turned around and tried to plow into the team several more times. before taking off. jeff king's dog was killed, another one of his dogs broke a leg. a third was seriously injured. >> i appreciate the sympathy i'm getting. it was horrible. a couple of seconds that will last for a long time. >> amazingly king is pushing ahead, continuing with the race. as for the 26-year-old who hit him, he turned himself in. he's facing a number of charges, including assault. >> hopefully he will pay a price for that. thank you, will. very sad now, coming up
10:55 am
talking about hanging by a thread. two window washers find their world turned upside down 15 stories up. we'll have that story coming up after the break. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. a day on the job turned super scary for the window washers in chicago after the scaffolding broke 15 stories above ground. firefighters rescued the men by
10:59 am
opening a window. the chief says the pair is shaken up. but thankfully not injured. >> yeah, i would be shaken up, too. it may look straight out of ghost busters but it's a little dye or so we think. and we hope. the formula that turns the chicago river green for st. patrick's day, an annual tradition since 1962 is a closely guarded secret. so the holiday isn't until thursday. thousands came out in their green to mark the start of chicago's official st. paddy's day festivities. >> it's orange dye how do you make a green river from orange dye. that defies -- >> until it hits the water. very interesting. we have "fox news sunday" up next. for all our viewers at home, a big week ahead. super tuesday 2.0. >> special coverage beginning at 7:00 p.m. with bret and megyn.
11:00 am
>> thanks for joining us. >> bye bye. i'm chris wallace. growing violence at trump rallies amid accusations the front runner's rhetoric play as role. today we'll ask donald trump if he's responsible. trump is forced to cancel a rally in chicago after hundreds of protesters show up to disrupt it. >> when they have organized professionally staged wise guys we've got to fight back. >> trump's rivals pin the blame on him. >> last night in chicago we saw images that make america look like a third world country. >> any campaign responsibility starts at the top. >> we'll sit down with trump to discuss the violence and what he'll do to t


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