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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 14, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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love that. a 30-year-old caught on camera smashing the windshield of a bus after allegedly abusing other passengers. finally, the ugly, an angry bull texas astampedes into a ga australia. luckily no one was hurt. >> the team were called the red bulls. fitting. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. good morning, it is monday, it's march 14th. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. an unprovoked attack on a young police officer murdered in the line of duty. what we have just learn good the accused killers as they set to face a judge. meanwhile, in politics, forget florida as marco rubio falls to third place in his own state. donald trump takes his campaign to ohio for a faceoff with john kasich. and where is mitt romney? we'll tell you. and a wee mischievous one
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going viral this morning in time for st. patrick's day, a week-long celebration at the doocy house. we talk to the dad behind these photos to find out how he got magical, how magical their son's shots were. look at this 6-month-old leprechaun. >> adorable. >> let me remind you that mornings, especially monday mornings, on hazy monday are better with friends. ♪ let's start with the top story. a fox news alert. a maryland police officer gunned down in the line of duty. that's the fox news alert in what noefinvestigators are call an unprovoked attack, happened out of the nowhere. >> two suspects in police custody. >> reporter: an unprovoked ambush-style attack ten miles from the white house. around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, a gunman walked up to the police
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station, and without warning, opened fire. the officers fired back, injuring the suspect, but not before one of their own was gravely wounded. his fellow officers didn't wait for an ambulance. they rushed him to the hospital in a police cruiser, but it was too late. 28-year-old undercover narcotics officer jakai colson died. he was a four-year veteran of the of course. -- of the force. >> jakai had an infectious smile. he lit up a room. he was a tremendous personality that made everybody smile and wanted to be everything to everybody. he was a police officer who was a real cop's cop. he didn't shy away from any calls. >> reporter: there wasn't just one but two suspects. one was shot and taken into custody almost immediately. he's expected to survive. the second fled when the first suspect opened fire. that led to a shelter-in-place order for the entire area. some very tense moments last
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night. that second suspect later surrendered without further incident. no word yet about a motive, though investigation is only beginning. last night, jacai colson's fellow officers, dozens showed up at the hospital to salute their fallen brother. he would have been 29 years old this week. i was actually out there at the hospital last night. it was an unbelievably emotional scene, especially when you keep in mind that this was actually the second officer, second young officer that that department has lost in just under a month. back to you. >> is there a sense this is related to his undercover work? >> reporter: you know, police won't say for sure. they say that this investigation is simply still ongoing. you have to think that it is at least a strong option because he was working as an undercover narcotics officer. he was working at that time when he was shot. >> all right. terrible story. >> all right. donald trump taking a break
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from florida now. marco rubio takes another plunge in the polls. >> this is pretty stunning. now he's got his sights set on governor john kasich where the governor has a 72% approval rating in the state but is vulnerable. it is a must-win for the governor. >> the problem is now, the governor is tied with trump. fox news senior political correspondent has more live from ohio. michael? >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump appears to be shifting his focus to here in ohio. in fact, mr. trump is scheduled to hold a rally here in youngstown this evening. he's canceled a similar rally that was scheduled for florida. it sounds like he is pretty confident there. >> we love florida. marco -- you got to go vote. you know, interesting, you get elected to the senate, you got to go vote on occasion. right? [ applause ] >> he set a record, one of the worst records in the last ten years for no voting in the senate. we don't have to go into it too
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big. but you know what's going to happen? we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: as for ohio, governor john kasich predicts he will win the buckeye state. kasich says donald trump will not be our next president. with polls suggesting kasich leading trump in ohio, trump launched this attack. >> in ohio, it's pretty even with kasich. and people what's been happening in ohio. in cleveland, i looked, and you look at the business being drained out of ohio -- >> reporter: then there's ted cruz who on the stump in north carolina says that he is the real alternative to trump. >> donald trump and i are effectively tied. we are neck and neck here in the state of north carolina. if we nominate donald, hillary clinton becomes president, and we lose the supreme court for a generation. we lose the bill of rights. our kids are buried in debt.
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>> reporter: there's lots of jockeying ahead of the super tuesday number-two contest. candidates trying to figure out where to invest their time and resources. we've got three candidates coming to youngstown today. governor kasich, donald trump, and also bernie sanders. with the buckeye state a big prize tomorrow. back to you guise in new york. >> all right. thank you very much. i don't know why we're calling it super tuesday, too. we were calling last week super tuesday two. last week was super tuesday part deux, this would be part trois. >> he about you're not going to believe how great tuesday is? >> i've heard super-tuesday tuesday, as well. >> good one. meanwhile, i'm sure you were captivated by the images over the weekend. it started on friday in chicago where trump shut dhown the big rally because moveon.horg infiltrated in a big way. there were more bernie
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protesters scattered throughout mr. trump's travels. here he was yesterday morning in bloomington. >> a friend of mine said, donald, you have no idea. california -- that's okay. leave him alone. got no voice. fellas, leave him alone. leave him alone. look at that person -- that foolish person. all right. get him out of here! get him out! [ applause ] >> send him back to bernie. send him back. remember when they took over the microphone for bernie? right? they took over the microphone. get them out of here. go ahead, get them out. you see where they place themselves? right in front of the cameras. see that? that's all they care about. disgusting. >> i mean, i think one thing has got to be clear. if you go to a trump rally, you're not violent. it's the people that show up at the trump rally because they
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don't like donald trump -- >> don't that will to bernie sanders. at the cnn town hall, they said trump has to go tv and tell support force stop the strels rallies. the violence -- stop the rallies. the violence is being imported by agitators. >> donald trump took to twitter as he always does, and this is a tweet he directed at bernie sanders. he says, "bernie sanders is lying when he says his disrupters aren't told to go my events. be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to yours." >> sanders came back and said, well, said this -- "they deserve to see what a real, honest politician sounds like. send them because they deserve to see what an honest politician sounds like." here's the key -- bernie sanders is probably not behind. this the people that support bernie sanders and democrats are., most likely, as well. some people being paid, if you look at the professional sign, not magic markers written on oak tag by some seventh grader. these are professional things printed out.
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>> there was a stage rusher. you probably saw the video over the weekend. the guy -- rushing the stage, and trump was -- >> didn't -- >> exactly. trump was standing on the stage and was surrounded by individuals which i thought was dangerous. all of his secret service guys or his security, they rushed the stage because something was going to happen. the stage rusher's name is thomas dimassimo. >> that's right, 22-year-old wright state university student. he was stopped four feet from the stage. there he is there. one agent broke his nose when he fell on top of dimassio when he was trying to handcuff him. apparently the guy is saying he wanted to rush the stage, grab the mike, and say donald trump is a racist. listen to this. here he is, he's talking to cnn, and essentially he's encouraging other people to do the same. don't be afraid. >> i was thinking that i could get occupy stage and take his podium away from him and take his mike away from him and send a message to all people out in
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the country who wouldn't consider themselves racist, who couldn't consider themselves approving of what type of violence donald trump allowing at his rallies, and send them a message that we can be strong, we can find our strength, and we can stand up against donald trump and the against the new wave he's ushering in of truly violent white supremacist ideas. >> supremacist ideas? this guy is a self-important clown. he feels as though he's bigger and smarter than everybody else. he told his girlfriend, take my keys, i'm going to get tossed out, arrested. i'm going to show up. he says, i wasn't going to hurt anybody. i'm 5 9 feet, donald trump is a big guy. and he knew what the secret service was doing. he was -- i was surprised how many he had. it was bigger than i thought. wait a minute, how much surveillance work did he do? >> after more investigation, we realize who'd this guy is. this is the same guy we reported
3:11 am
on a while back from dayton, ohio, wright university. here he is on the university dragging the american flag through the streets there. dragging it on the ground. we have another video of him standing on the american flag. he rolls it out on the ground, standing on top of it. >> and students were holding up signs that said, not my flag. >> no respect. >> congratulations, bernie. you have a good supporter there. must be proud. listen, we've got so much to talk about in this three hours. we've got some preparation for you now. and heather brings it to us from right there. >> good morning, guys. great to see you. we've got a lot of serious news. first, a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, at least 11 people were hurt after five amtrak train cars go flying off the rails in kansas. the chicago-bound train coming from los angeles derailed just after midnight 20 miles west of dodge city. 128 passengers and 14 crew members on board at the time. crews then working throughout the night to try to figure out
3:12 am
what went wrong. we'll keep you post. and then terror on the beach overseas. did you hear about this over the weekend? americans targeted by al qaeda in a deadly resort town attack on the ivory coast. six gunmen opening fire at three different hotels, killing at least 16 people. those gunmen are also dead. brand-new video shows a terrified tourist running from the scene. the target of the attack, a group of u.s. officials, we don't have any more information other than that. we're watching that story, no one is believed to be injured or dead. blinding sun and rain rubbernecking blamed for a pileup on a north carolina highway. the crashes involving 94 cars shutting down a six-mile stretch of interstate 40. some people stuck in their cars for nearly five hours as crews work to clear the road. 20 people hurt. thankfully, none of the injuries serious.
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and thousands showing up to be an extra in "patriots day." it stars mark wahlberg and is about the boston marathon bombing. by the time the casting start, there were more than 2,000 people who showed up in line. a lot there want to be cops in the movie. >> great. >> all the right reasons. >> great. >> reapatriots. thank you. coming up straight ahead, pulling out all the stops to derail donald trump. our next guest says the gop should be grateful for the donald, and wait until you hear why. >> that's right. then, hillary clinton attacks bernie sanders on health care. where was he when she was fighting for health care 20 years ago? hillary, that's bernie right behind you. >> yeah. oops.
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3:18 am
how are you? >> i'm doing fine. it is a movement, isn't it? >> it is. and i think i was the first one in the country to see the movement before i think even trump saw the movement, i saw it. i was working out one day. i'm a work outnut. i was jogging and i was watching this 1998 movie with warren beatty, and i said that remind me of donald trump. he would be the perfect candidate no matter how offensive. he's telling the truth, and people are starting to like it. next thing you know, he wins on screen for u.s. senate. next, he's leading for president of the united states. i said, that could be donald trump. we need someone to tell us the truth. trump is bullworth. and i wrote it for fox news last spring. >> i remember that clearly. what do you make of the disrupters? and -- and trump himself is taking a strong approach. you know, get him out of here if they're causing trouble. what does that say?
3:19 am
particularly for ohio where there are a lot of late deciders. if you're a late decider and see trump doing that, what does it do to your head? >> well, i think it's a positive in a long run. i can't tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. instantaneous decisions. i do know that some of the effect you see in florida, marco rubio's in third place in the most recent polls. he's almost behind 2-1 to trump. i mean, ohio's a little different because the sitting governor is john kasich. and who knows how people react to him in their own state. i do know that in general in the nation, i think people want someone who isn't a punching bag. donald trump is saying for the first time in 7.5 years under barack obama, we're not going to take it anymore. the middle class, working class, conservatives, tea partiers, we're going to take it back a little bit. we're not a punching bag. i think that's important. you don't blame the victim, steve, this is -- if a woman gets attacked in the street, do you blame the woman? no, you don't. if you get muggeded, charged, is
3:20 am
it your fault that someone pulls you out of the car and kills you? of course not. these are leftist radicals, most paid protesters by, by george soros, by the leftist ideology organizations. and they're trying to use tactics to islander donald trump and make him out to be -- to slander donald trump and make him out to be a racist. it's not his fault at rallies. >> the troublemakers are, as you detailed, from other organizations. thank you very much for getting up early and being with us today from las vegas. >> my pleasure. any time. >> all right. 20 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday. coming up, missiles used in drone strikes accidentally pout a passenger plane to portland. what? and after a spike in stabbings this year, the new york city police department wants to protect their officers with slash-proof gloves. will that fix the problem? former nypd detective bo deedle
3:21 am
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welcome back. quick headlines. in a few hours, a pretrial hearing for a man accused of taking his son from alabama and raising him in ohio. bobby hernandez has pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and forgery. prosecutors say in 2002 he took his son from his mother's house and fled to ohio. that story unraveled last year when the teenager started applying for college. and general motors is headed to courts today. it's accused of knowingly selling nearly 30 million cars with brake and steering issues. those cars allegedly led to accidents, resulting in 400
3:25 am
deaths and serious injuries. this is one of hundreds of open lawsuits. brian? >> thanks. as many of you know, there's been a frightening wave of slashing attacks in new york city since the beginning of the year. many people obviously are worried. mayor de blasio says don't worry about it. >> i think people are concerned about could something happen to them randomly, something happen sadly with an emotionally disturbed person. the facts present it. there's been over 500 of any time of stabbing, slashing, cutting, only seven identified as something that could even be random. >> as they downplay the danger, the nypd wants to arm officers with, get this, slash-proof gloves. can gloves fix the problem, or is this for a batman movie? former detective and fox contributor bo deetsdle here to talk about. it slash-proof gloves for the force? >> this is another idiotic
3:26 am
thing. what happens, you put your slash-proof gloves on and have a guy with knife and moves right or left and stabs you in the neck. what are you going to do with the gloves? they're trying to disarm cops from dwooing their jobs. people afraid to take the subways, people afraid to walk around. crime is up. do you know what's happening now? arrests are down because the cops not doing their jobs, they don't want to get involved. i've seen it, i talk cops every day. part of the problem is the feeling that there's no support to the cops from the police department, from the mayor's office. the cops saying, look, i don't want to do it. there was a poll out, almost 80 -- 87% of the cops are very unhappy. very unhappy with the way they get support. the other -- there's 90% said if they had another job offer outside of new york city, they would leave and take another law enforcement job. >> this is not even about new york, it's across the country.
3:27 am
we get to talk to them. don't worry about it. commissioner bratten says he knows who's to blame. >> shootings and murders down, you've lost interest to them. when was the last time any of you reported on that? down dramatically. if it bleeds, it leads. that's your business. >> blame the press. >> you know the problem again -- and i love bill bratton. bill bratton's a dear friend and all that. let's stop fogging it up. let's get out on the street and see what's going on. yeah, arrests are down because cops aren't making arrests. the quality of life crimes are down because cops are not getting involved. look, cops, you have to respect. they're out there to protect all of us. you take their heart and soul away, they'll drive around in the radio car and won't get out. they will not get involved. and then more crime is going to pick up. >> let me ask you, you've had the chance to watch some of the millions of town halls on every night on every network. i watched bernie sanders and hillary clinton. in an effort perhaps to get minority votes or whatever, there's nothing positive said
3:28 am
about law enforcement. only those they claim have been shot for wrong reasons or not doing anything. >> it's not publicly correct on the democratic liberal side to support the police. if you support the police, then you're against all the other radicals, black lives matter, all these other stupid groups. then you got this guy, soros, funding all these demonstrations. these are demonstrations that are choreographed. they've picked their shirts up, they're all well managed shirts. dump trump, whatever. they take their shirts off and start demonstrating. this is a fact that these demonstrations will continue. what i fear is when the summer comes, there's going to be more civil unrest. now they have an excuse because they're against trump. trump's a communist or nazi, this is what they say. trump is for supporting law enforcement like everyone should. they are our protectors out there. >> doesn't give you the trite take the free speech around because you disagree with somebody.
3:29 am
thank you very much. put you down against the pro-slashing gloves be right? >> and also with the officer who died in maryland, my heart goes out to the family. young african-american, 28-year-old officer gunned down in front of the police station in maryland. this is what cops face every damn day. >> bo deedle, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up ahead, the backlash begins. in the country that opened its arms to migrants. wait until you hear about the fallout next. one dad has a little bit of the irish just in time for st. patrick's day. he captured a real leprechaun on camera. i cannot believe it. that dad and his little leprechaun join us next.
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[ laughter ] >> i mean, i love my supporters, but they're too much, right? i'm great, but i'm not five posts a day great. >> thank you, millennials for lending your support to the biggest outsider jew in the race. hillary rodham clinton. there's a lot of work to be done. that is why i am sick and tired of hearing about my own damn emails. >> in case you missed it over the weekend, bernie sanders was the hot topic on "saturday night live." larry david reprising his epic impersonation of the senatorment and kate mckinnon is posing as hillary clinton again, trying to win the millennial vote by becoming her competition. >> she got berned. >> she did. funny stuff. 27 minutes now on this monday morning. heather has the news. >> reporter: good morning to all of you. that was a sun andy skit. german voters sent a strong message to the chancellor of
3:34 am
germany, angela merkel. they're saying no more migrants in their country. voters in three german states cast ballots in the elections granting a right-wing conservative party called alternative for germany. several seats in the parliament. that party's leader has been openly opposed to illegal immigrants. now this is seen as a punishment of a sort to the chancellor merkel after she opened germany's borders. more than a million migrants entered germany last year. back at home, missiles used by our military were found on a passenger plane headed for the united states. the final destination, portland oregon. bomb-sniffing dogs alerting authorities to a suspicious package on an air serbia flight which was flying from lebanon. they found two missiles with explosive warheads on board the plane. unbelievable. they found them packed in crates. a former pentagon staffer says
3:35 am
they were most likely stolen. and busted, hillary clinton attacked bernie sanders at a weekend rally st. louis only to have blow up in her face. watch this. >> i don't know where he was when i was trying to get health care in '93 and '94 -- >> all right. where was he? watch this -- >> grateful that congressman sanders would join us today from vermont. >> yeah. he was right behind her working on all that stuff. hillary care at the time. the sanders campaign also tweeting this thank you note clinton wrote sanders in 1993 for his commitment to health care. and those are your headlines. those pesky pictures -- that pesky video. wow. >> yeah, they don't lie. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. to extreme weather now. nearly 5,000 houses have been destroyed by floodwaters the past week in both louisiana and in mississippi. at least five people killed in the historic rainfall. flood warnings remain in effect. >> maria molina is here tracking
3:36 am
what we can expect on this monday. maria? >> reporter: hey, good morning, and we're tracking relatively mild temperatures across the nation. i have some exceptions. that is across parts of new england, we're waking up to temperatures only in the teens like in caribou, main, and across the northern rockies. year waking up to temperatures only -- we're waking up to temperatures only in the 30s. across the plains, it feels like summer this afternoon. texas, parts of oklahoma, you could be looking at temperatures reaching the 80s and 90s across that region. meanwhile, across parts of northeast, a messy day. you'll be dealing with some areas of rain out there. and by the way, across new england because temperatures are chilly, some of you could be seeing some snow. that rain will transition to snowfall. yesterday we saw some severe weather across parts of arkansas. that system is moving eastward now. and it could bring isolated severe weather to parts of the mid-atlantic. so heads up. you have the concern for some damaging winds and also some large hail. now let's head ever to ainsley and brian. >> okay. thank you. this is a great sessionment
3:37 am
that we're doing here. you'll love this. come to your tv and watch. look at this cuteness overload after a dad turns his -- old is he? six months? his 6-month-old son into a real-life leprechaun. as a fun way to celebrate st. patrick's day. hepainted the dog. >> i believe the dog is an unwilling participant. it went viral. here is the founder of that electi leprechaun. where did you get the idea? >> you know, it's -- i've always been fascinated with the notion of holiday characters coming to live with our family we have six kids. so in december, i started doing some photos of rockwell as a mischievous little nevil our house. and -- little elf in our house. and they went viral. we had so much fun doing it that we decided to continue doing it with other holidays. it's been a lot of fun. >> look at this one.
3:38 am
alan, we're looking at the pictures now. this is the one where he's trying to bury the pot of gold. i was reading, the caption about this. what but say about this picture? >> that he was getting worried about the kids trying to steal his gold. >> little did he know that the gold was candy, right, chocolate? >> yeah. we've got some fun photos coming up on our blog. we'll do pictures up until st. patrick's day. and we've got actually a photo of him where he learns that the candy -- that the gold is chocolate. so to will be fun. >> yeah. with four kids and one on the way, do these kids realize what kind of family they're being born to? this is part of the deal, right? >> there is part of the deal, right? you got to love the camera. >> does he, rockwell? >> he's such a ham with the camera. we tell everybody, he's like the most animated of all of our kids. usually when we take the pictures, there will be like three other kids behind the camera when i'm taking them.
3:39 am
and he is hamming it up, laughing, and it's -- almost like he knows what we're trying to do with the pictures every time we take them. he does the perfect face for the photos. funny. >> i got to ask, six months old, obviously -- he's not walking yet. if he is, this is a miracle. how do you get him to stand up, what are you doing? >> so i -- we're using photoshop, of course. i'm holding him in the pictures, and it's like a composite photo. and then i photoshop myself out of the shot. >> there's an excellent chance around 11th grade he's going to start resenting you. >> i know. >> i was also -- i was on your blog and reading, are you raising awareness for world down syndrome day. tell me about that and how it touches your family. >> yeah. so thank you for bringing that up. we have a son, he's 2 years old, his name is will. and he has down syndrome. and that's why we started our blog. we have a big family of six
3:40 am
kids, and like i said, will has down syndrome, and we wanted to start a blog that really kind of celebrates big families and having a child with special needs and how that can be a blessing to your family. >> right. >> and so world down syndrome day, we want to bring more awareness that way. and share it story. >> you were honest. you said your wife took it a lot better than but. now you've come around and -- than you did. and now you've come around and are pushing that just because you have down syndrome doesn't mean you can't do a lot of things. >> exactly. we want to show that people with down syndrome, you know, we know as a family that will can do anything he puts his mind to. we've met a lot of people with down syndrome who do a lot of wonderful thing. and so like i said, we want to celebrate that he's been a blessing to our family, will has. >> so is rockwell, who's made st. patrick's day each more special. the only kid in a beard and a pacifier that we're going to interview today. >> that doesn't cry.
3:41 am
amazed by that. >> yeah. allan lawrence, thank you very much. >> thank you. god bless you and your family. family of six kids. >> unbelievable. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up ahead, the news we've all been waiting for. danny devito finally made a choice. a presidential candidate that he can call his own. the only problem, nobody told the candidate. and young americans are really feeling the bern. do his supporters even understand what democratic socialism really is all about? stuart varney with a reality check next. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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3:44 am
and trublend makeup blends flawlessly plus new trublend blush and bronzer from easy breezy beautiful covergirl. we have got some quick political headlines for you on this monday. donald trump has a new endorsement. a baseball legend. look at this. trump tweeted this photo of a baseball signed by pete rose. on the baseball, he wrote,
3:45 am
"please make america great again." two former yankee stars also have shown support for donald trump. danny devito has something to say. >> i'm here because you're here. because i feel -- >> the bern! >> yes. he's feeling the bern. danny devito made a surprise appearance at senator bernie sanders' rally st. louis yesterday endorsing the presidential candidate. the dimintive actor stood on a wooden box before the speech. >> important to know what he stood on. young voters across the country feeling the bern this presidential election season. >> and no wonder why. have you heard stuff like this -- >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition free. make public colleges and universities tuition free.
3:46 am
public colleges and universities tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. free. free. free. free. free. [ applause ] >> 69% of young americans say that they would vote for a socialist. but did any of them really know what that means? >> free! >> stuart varney, host of "varney and company" here with us this morning. good morning, stuart. >> good morning, all. >> do they even know what a socialist is? >> i know what socialism is all about. i am a refugee from european socialism. and it really bothers me to arrive in america and find that we are going in the same direction as them. look, millennials regard socialism as an idealistic pattern of ideas. it's galltarianism, it's for -- it's for egalitarianism and equality. if you look at the reality, they don't know where they're leading themselves. where does socialism work? europe has tried it for two or three generations. europe is almost bankrupt across
3:47 am
that great country, that continent. almost bankrupt. and they've been led to that by socialists. how about america? we've tried it, a form of neo-socialism the last seven years. all government all the time. big spending, big taxes. where has that got us? we've got a shrinking middle class, not many really good jobs out there. shrinking participation rate. socialism absolutely doesn't work except as idealistic framework for young people. >> we'll put up the gallup poll. that will kids to. they like it. between 18 and 30, 70% think it's a good idea. 30 to 49 half. and the older you get, according to you, the wiser you get. >> absolutely at my age, you can say that. i'm from a different generation from you, ainsley. >> did you hear that? >> and fundamentally don't people just have to understand that you're not going on -- there is nothing free? you may think it's free, but what you're getting it free at 22, you'll start paying for it
3:48 am
for others at 30? can't you effectively explain that to the next generation? >> it has not been effectively explained yet, has it? what we should be going for is growth. growth gives you jobs. growth gives you opportunity. growth lets you climb the ladder from -- >> people seem to not understand it. >> people love the idea of free stuff. >> i'm not going to write off millennials as the entitled generation. i don't think that's the way they are. if you give them the opportunity, that growth provides, they will become capitalists and not socialyisis. they're being led in the wrong direction by bernie, i give you free stuff. he's totally wrong. >> they'll give you a free plug. watch stuart around 9:00 eastern this morning. >> that's a freebie -- >> in favor of that. >> thank you, stuart. are you about to head to work? be careful. why this morning's commute could be worse than usual for you. and this morning, the plaza
3:49 am
building turned into a science lab. and maria molina is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: that's right. fab labs here to show us some cool experiments. >> go ahead and bring it all the way in. like really -- like helium. i'm. >> reporter: i'm the guinea pig. you do not want to miss me. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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3:52 am
and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. fab lab is a new show aimed at inspiring 'tweens and teenagers about the world of science that we are currently dressed for. >> and it stars a popular youtuber, and this morning nick is here to wow all of us with
3:53 am
some science experiments right here on the plaza. you're making science fup for kids. >> that's the whole idea. fab lab is all about science and innovation. it's about how science is fun. today we're going to have some fun. >> all right. >> down the end with a watermelon. >> let's do it. what this is here, this is a solution called poor man's liquid nitrogen. it's ice proposal alcohol, rubbing alcohol and dry ice. it's around negative 109 degrees fahrenheit. >> oh, my goodness. >> and so if you put a watermelon in here you can get it to where it feels almost like a christmas ornament, all right? so you can almost like hear the sound. it sounds like they're hollow, right? i'm going to put this up here, i'm going to have you strike it like a pinata. >> all right. so i just knock this off? >> just hit it square -- >> just -- >> get out of the way. get out of the way. >> oh, my word. sounds like glass. >> wow, that is great. >> sounds like glass.
3:54 am
change everything. >> so i am going to have -- >> you're the guinea pig for this one. >> go ahead and grab this. what this is, so helium is six times less dense than air. this gas is six times more dense than air. and so, you'll see what happens, >> as maria takes a hit off that balloon. >> wait a minute. >> now what just happened? >> it makes your voice lower. because the gas is so dense. >> will she live? >> she will live is my understanding. >> assist with the making of the glass disappear now. >> okay. so we have vegetable oil and light travels through glass. >> so you know if you put this in vegetable oil you can still see this. you'll see the pyrex glass, right? but what happens when you submerge it in vegetable oil,
3:55 am
the glass part disappears. >> oh, wow. up you can still see the numberses on there -- >> we didn't even need you on here. >> you already have the resident scientist. >> and the reason for that is that vegetable oil and pyrex glass have very similar -- >> there we go. >> before we do this. tell us the science behind what we're about to do. >> absolutely. >> so what we have here is 35% hydrogen peroxide. soap and water. we have an accelerant called potassium iodide. when you mix nice two together the oxygen gets caught in the soap and creates lots of foam. a lot of it. we need goggles for you guys. yeah, yeah, definitely need goggles. absolutely. so what i'm going to have you do, is this is just a cup, really. >> should i be scared? why would we need goggles? >> you never know when something's going to blow. >> on the count of three. no, no, no. the other way around --
3:56 am
>> okay so you're going to pour in there on the count of three and back away quickly. >> all right. >> one, two, three! >> okay. >> back away. >> whoa! >> oh, that's awesome. >> underneath the tent where it's pouring. >> what -- >> so it's giving off heat right now. that's actually creating heat. >> it could overtake the city. >> it's like a volcano experiment. >> absolutely. >> check out -- >> check out fab labs. and on youtube, as well. >> nick, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> such an inspiration. >> that's cool. >> kids today, ask your teachers to do that in school. >> thanks a lot. >> fun one for sure. >> good job, next. thanks a lot. >> coming up straight ahead, hillary clinton unveils her secret plan to defeat trump. her friends overseas. >> oh, yeah. >> i am already receiving messages from leaders. i'm having foreign leaders ask
3:57 am
if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. >> ainsley? >> sorry, i'm talking with nick. >> go ahead, read that. >> and you love him, he's the fonz from happy days and he's here, henry winkler. he has a new children's book. >> we have to act now.
3:58 am
♪ type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man. woman. or where you're from. city. country. we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪ i am everyday people, yea, yea. ♪ farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. one pill a day helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight and may even lower systolic blood pressure when used with metformin. do not take if allergic to farxiga or its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you have any of these symptoms stop taking farxiga and seek medical help right away.
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4:00 am
good monday morning to you. it's march 14th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with an unprovoked attack on a young police office. here he is, take a look. he was murdered in the line of duty. what we have just learned about the accused killers who ambushed the cop on the job. forget florida as marco rubio falls now to third place in one poll, donald trump takes his campaign to ohio. he's that confident for a face-off with governor john kasich, and mitt romney! and, it's like a communist sesame street at the airs household. radical left wing activists describe him as a terrorist bill ayers revealing what's at the
4:01 am
top of his fireplace it looks like, according to twitter. what's that about? sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, folks, live from new york, this is "fox & friends." >> wow. that was really cool. >> look at that. >> nick really makes science fun. and you know it's one thing to do it but it's another thing to understand the science behind it. >> you have to go check out his side nickopedia. and you have to watch his show. in this day and age they should be playing sports or they should be doing some science experiments. that's what it looks like right now. >> because they've shut off 48th street. this is the most overpowering thing since the end of ghost busters. remember when the giant marshmallow man -- >> the stay puff marshmallow man? >> that was also somewhat
4:02 am
surprising. and that one was real and ghost busters is a movie. >> that's right. we've got a big program today. henry winkler the fonz himself is going to be -- not jumping over a shark but he's going to be jumping into our living rooms onto the curvy couch. >> also what he has to reveal i think will be empowering to a lot of students today. >> absolutely. >> meanwhile today is monday before a big primary election yesterday -- tomorrow, that is. republican presidential candidates making a final push before big primaries in ohio, and in florida, and some other states. donald trump focused on the only place he is currently tied or a little behind. >> fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in ohio. hey, mike. >> brian, steve, ainsley, good morning to you. if the polls are okay rat, ohio is shaping up to being potentially the most interesting contest tomorrow. donald trump is shifting his focus here, sounding pretty confident about florida. >> we love boca. we love florida.
4:03 am
marco doesn't vote. you got to go vote. you know, interesting, you get elected to the senate, you got to go vote on occasion. right? he set a record. one of the worst records in the last ten years for no voting in the senate. so we don't have to go in to it too big. but you know what's going to happen? we're going to make america great again. >> here in ohio, governor john kasich is in a tough battle with donald trump. the real clear politics average of recent polls has kasich leading trump by two points here in the buckeye state. and kasich says he will get it done. >> i'm going to win here in ohio, with the support of the folks here who have seen their lives improve. more jobs, better wages, more hope, more people who have been ignored who are getting attention. and that's going to be the end of it. he's not going to get to be the president of the united states. >> with time precious ahead of voting time trump will hold a
4:04 am
rally here in youngstown and he admits the race here in ohio is competitive. >> in ohio, it's pretty even with kasich. and people don't understand what's been happening in ohio. in cleveland, i looked, and you look at the business being drained out of ohio. >> kasich will have some help on the campaign trail in ohio. former gop nominee mitt romney will be joining him. three presidential candidates are coming here to youngstown alone, kasich, bernie sanders, and donald trump, all ahead of tomorrow's critical ohio primaries. back to you guys in new york. >> wow, mike, thank you very much. mike just played a little clip of donald trump last night in west boca. trump also said victory is at hand, but don't be fooled by my high poll numbers. he said everybody has to vote. but only if you're going to vote for trump. do not vote if you're going to vote for anybody else. >> right. >> i got the sense, i mean in one poll, it had ted cruz in
4:05 am
second because he decided to double down and triple down and go for the kill shot on rubio. but on "the wall street journal" poll, it's marco rubio in second. bottom line, though, double digit deficit. so that is unbelievable. 99 delegates, winner take all. rubio wins it he's back in the game. if he doesn't, he's -- i can't see a way forward. >> some of the trump rallies got a little heated over the weekend. a lot of people were storming -- one guy in particular was storming the stage at one of the events in ohio. there were protesters that were throwing punches, and this is what donald trump had to say about all of this. >> friend of mine said donald, you have no idea. california -- oh, that's okay. leave him alone. got no voice. fellas, leave him alone. leave him alone. look at that person -- that foolish person. all right. get him out of here! get him out! get him out. send him back to bernie. send him back.
4:06 am
remember when they took over the microphone for bernie? right? they took over the microphone. get them out of here. go ahead, gate 'em out. you see where they placed themselves? right in front of the cameras. see that? that's all they care about. disgusting. >> when you're in front of the camera you wind up with the play. here's the thing, which effectively shut down the event on friday night in chicago, they took credit for it, they're also fund-raising off of it, they're saying hey, help us out. >> give them $3. >> we need $3. >> and so, what they've been doing is they've been saying, there's more on the way, and donald trump, as we saw right there -- >> well you know if they're troublemakers holding up the bernie signs. >> keep in mind did sponsor, or rather endorse bernie sanders. >> this is a 22-year-old thomas demacio. he was a failed child actor and
4:07 am
he decides he's going to run up on the stage from behind but our secret service fantastic. he's got a huge detail. able to quickly watch him and push him back. but because of friday night's cancellation, because this clown, this 22-year-old running on the stage, every single one of his events is going to be an opportunity for some knucklehead to get some publicity and for some group to get their name in the limelight and maybe raise some money off it because they could stop a trump rally. people say donald trump's -- look at it this way the people who come to his event aren't the problem. the people who protest the event are the problem. >> protesters are getting mad at donald trump for throwing them out. he's throwing them out of their events. >> because they disrupt. >> this is interesting. i was reading an article this morning, the aclu even was quoted saying that campaign events are considered political theater. that candidates, they rent out the space, they are allowed to tell anyone that they have to get out and they can leave, they can be arrested and charged with trespassing. >> it is a private event. they are invited guests. somebody who is in attendance in
4:08 am
chicago on friday night was, remember bill ayers? pal of barack obama? barack obama's political campaign and career got started in his living room. and he tweeted this out. the dining room altar. don't know if that's his dining room, but it looks like it's got a karl marx and a che guevara stuffed doll. just a curious stuff. >> yeah. i mean -- >> pictures of famous communist leaders. who collects communist trade marks? >> he's been in academia, you would think that he would know how you spell altar. but he doesn't spell it right there. >> is he still teaching? he gets off like this to go out -- >> he's going to continue to happen, because donald trump events are big, they're raucous, and they create cameras. now every time there is an event the cameras will be on to see if something like this happens. >> sure. and then more people are going to wind up watching. meanwhile, hillary clinton last night, at the cnn town hall made it very clear, she not only has
4:09 am
the support of many americans, she has the support of a lot of world leaders. >> i am already receiving messages from leaders. i'm having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. >> that might actually help donald trump. >> right, exactly. >> yeah. >> don't know if you want to admit that. >> yeah, i mean, hillary clinton, they got to be nervous. i mean, one state that she's up for, she's going to be threatened. since she last michigan there's problems. bernie sanders has got bigger and bigger crowds. and most of the southern states outside two are done. >> yeah. >> one other thing that should scare hillary and that is this, the politics editor i saw on a tweet yesterday, he said of the first six people who he personally interviewed at trump's boca event last night, the first five were obama voters in 2008. >> really?
4:10 am
really? he's attracting a lot of democrats. >> he's attracting a lot of drossover. >> people want a change in 2008 and now they want change again. >> talk about cross over. how would you like to cross over to the other side of the studio? >> that's a great idea. >> let's go. >> hey, gang, how you doing today? great to see you. happy monday morning. fox news alert right now. at least 11 people hurt after five amtrak train cars go flying off the rails in kansas. it was a chicago-bound train that was coming from los angeles. it derailed just after midnight. 20 miles west of dodge city. one passenger describing the chaos. listen. >> got outside and there was a lot of people. i heard people crying for help, you know, looking for folks. it was a really dark field. so everyone was just kind of on both sides of the train, kind of looking for other people and family members. >> 128 people, 14 crew members on board at the time. now crews are working to try to figure out what exactly went wrong. another fox news alert and a real tragedy to tell you about.
4:11 am
a police officer is killed in what is being called an ambush-style attack in maryland. officer jacai colson was gunned down outside his police station on sunday afternoon. other officers running outside to try to help. they shot the suspect who is expected to survive. another suspect who may be the gunman's brother, is also in custody. >> this is truly a dark day in prince georges county. an unwarranted, unprovoked attack on our police officers at a police station. absolutely unprecedented, and unacceptable. >> they said he was a cop's cop. and that his eyes and smile would just light up a room. he was a four-year veteran of the force. he would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. our prayers go to him. tragic story. right now the white house is looking into a deadly attack all the way on africa's ivory coast. officials say that least al
4:12 am
qaeda linked terrorists opened fire at three different hotels in a resort town killing at least 16 people and now we are learning that their target was a group of u.s. officials visiting the area. no americans are believed to be dead or injured. the gunmen were killed. but tragically they shot and killed a christian boy who was said to have been praying at the time, begging for his life. bystanders say that a muslim boy was spared. we'll keep you posted as we learn more about this story. daylight saving time could make your morning commute dangerous. according to a new study out of the university of colorado there will be a whole lot more sleepy drivers on the road this morning. the study claims that the loss of the hour caused more than 300 deaths over a ten-year period. how about you, anybody sleepy this morning? anyone have a hard time getting to bed, waking up? >> yeah, because at 10:00 you know it's really 9:00. >> exactly. >> but here's some good news for you. today is also pi day. >> oh. >> 3.14.
4:13 am
>> oh, i was thinking apple pie. >> yeah. >> steve is all about -- >> you're a lot smarter than i am. >> also, tell us the last clock you changed, is it your car clock, your oven clock? your living room clock. >> i changed all of them yesterday. >> there's always one clock that i just say i'm going to wait a year, then it will be right again. >> your different, that clock automatically changes. our phones automatically change. you really just have to change your watch and then the clocks -- >> what about the oven? >> the clocks in your kitchen. we had to do that. >> give me your watch. >> my afterle watch is pretty good. >> donald trump is now hoping for another big super tuesday tomorrow. super-duper tuesday. >> we don't want to win that much anymore. please, mr. president, we can't take it. and i'm going to say, i don't care! i love you, go vote on tuesday! >> so what is the magic number for him to lock in the nomination? we're going to do the delegate math next. >> then was richard simmons kidnapped? we haven't seen him in awhile.
4:14 am
a lot of people, a lot of people were on notice about this. where is he? >> he's happy there. when you wanna put allergies with nasal congestion on notice, find fast, all-day sweet relief behind the pharmacy counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut right on past that aisle... ...and tell your stuffed up nose to stuff it, with claritin-d. a non-drowsy allergy medicine combined with the best oral decongestant. it starts working in as little as 30 minutes. so you can get back to living the good life. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. with extraordinary offersmance saon the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee,
4:15 am
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4:18 am
all right. as you know, donald trump is inching closer to the nomination with 460 delegates ahead of tomorrow's primary. the latest super tuesday to come across our screen. with senator ted cruz not far behind. but if he wins big tomorrow, or takes only one of the winner takes all states, how many victories does trump really need to clinch this nomination? here with us to do the delegate math is political strategist himself scott rasmussen the founder and president of the digital news service dirk. all right, scott, you ready? >> i'm ready. >> so let's talk about a few scenarios. for example in florida we have a winner take all of 99 delegates. the magic number there we could get to is? >> well, actually we're in a situation today where if donald trump wins florida and ohio, his magic number gets to 985. he would need 985 delegates for him to win or cruz to lose for trump to end up on top. what it really means, forgetting all the -- you can get tanginged up in the numbers. if he wins florida, and ohio,
4:19 am
donald trump would only need to win 40% of the remaining delegates to wrap up this first place finish. >> okay. but here's the thing. right now if you're to believe the polls it looks like florida could be in trump's column. but ohio, anything but. it's neck and neck. the magic number there would be 1,051 if he does win florida. >> that's right. if he wins florida, and kasich wins ohio, and in that case, things get a little bit dicier for donald trump. partly because he has a split decision, he doesn't have as much momentum, and also then he would need 42% of the remaining delegates. >> all right. now if trump wins ohio, and rubio wins florida, which seems unlikely at this hour, the magic number? >> then goes to trump needing 44% to win, it's 1,084 delegates total he would have to wrap up. and let's face it if that happens everything we know about this nomination season is wrong. if donald trump wins florida -- or wins ohio but loses florida, we'd all be shocked on wednesday morning. >> it would be stunning. however, you just look at some of those cataclysmic events that took place saturday, sunday.
4:20 am
>> right. >> how people responded to those -- to the cancellation friday, and the charging on saturday, maybe that's something really big could be happening. >> right. and this is where, you know, we can talk about the numbers. what the numbers tell us is there's a long way to go. we're only halfway through the season. who's going to win the second half of the season is what matters. and none of us know a question, for example, if it winnows down to ted cruzs have donald trump, can ted cruz beat him? we don't know. >> with kasich it's hard to imagine, if rubio loses, it's hard to imagine him go ahead. not winner take all there. >> right. this is a situation where donald trump can have a really good day, but still not wrap things up. >> thanks so much. >> 20 minutes now after the hour. straight ahead we change gears. remember when sean penn said this after a secret interview with el chapo? >> i'm really sad about the state of journalism in our country. it has been an incredible
4:21 am
hypocrisy -- >> really? but did he lie in the rolling stone article? the shocking revelation just ahead. then you know her as the winner of the bachelor season eight. >> emily, please make me happier than i've ever been in my life and marry me. . when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. ♪uh. introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint...
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4:24 am
emily, please make me happier than i've ever been in my life and marry me. >> it was meant. >> she is hands-down america's favorite bachelorette, appearing both as a contestant on abc's "the bachelor" and then starring as the bachelorette. what fans of the show didn't see was the pain that she endured off the screen after two public breakups, she decided her next relationship should be with god. and she shares that story in her
4:25 am
new tell-all book called "i said yes." author emily maynard johnson joins us now. it is so great to have you here, emily. >> thank you so much for having me. i'm excited. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell me about the book. >> well, it's really just about god's faithfulness throughout my life. i think we've all been through highs and lows, and sometimes i felt like god had maybe forgotten about me. or maybe i had done too much that he just couldn't love me anymore. sometimes i even questioned if he existed. now that i'm kind of on the other side of it i can look back and just see all the little gifts he left me, and you know, kind of -- he saw something really great out of something not so good. >> mm-hmm. you went through a really hard time. you were engaged to nascar driver ricky hendrix. what happened? >> he got up to leave for a race one morning and they got into an accident. there were ten people on the plane. >> wow. and plane went down. he didn't survive. >> right. >> and you found out after his
4:26 am
death that you were pregnant with his child. >> yeah. >> so you talk about highs and lows. you were at a low point and then you learned this wonderful news that you're pregnant with his child. >> yeah. it was amazing. it was a mix of emotions. you know, i was still so young. i'm like i'm a baby, i can't raise a baby. but she's been the biggest blessing, and just my favorite person. >> and you've since fell in love again. >> yes. off tv. who'd have thunk it. >> what does he think of all this? >> he did not watch any of it. he's very proud of me for the book and everything. >> he didn't want to watch you with all those guys? >> maybe when we're way old. >> so the next phase is the book. we're going to learn about your faith in god and also about your relationship, relationships in the past. relationship with your husband. >> yeah. >> and, it's from the very beginning i think there's a lot that people will be surprised about. but it's not a book about to have all the answers. it's a book about how broken i am, and how broken we all are, and how i look for that
4:27 am
validation from the world. and i just felt even emptier. and it wasn't until i said yes to a relationship with jesus that i just felt that validation, and that confidence that -- and peace that can only come from him. >> i know you're from north carolina. i'm from south carolina. i know some friends of yours that have been at bible study with you and say you are the real deal. we look at you and you look like you're the whole package. you were on the bachelorette, bachelor, you're pregnant again? >> yes, thank you. >> three beautiful children. but you're still broken inside and you've gone through your struggles. >> we all do. you know. you just put a lot of hairspray in, and spackle the makeup on but it doesn't fix what's on the inside. so, it wasn't like i said, until i got serious about my faith that i felt good on the inside, too. >> that's great. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for sharing your time with us. >> of course. >> here at "fox & friends." thanks for bringing your book. >> of course. >> all right. meanwhile, donald trump under fire for speaking out against
4:28 am
protesters at some rallies. >> hello, darling. go home to mom. go home to mom my. go home to mommy. >> but who are the protesters? here's one, guy dragging the american flag. tucker carlson reveals more of the hypocrisy of the anti-trump crowd, next. plus, was richard simmons kidnapped? the mystery everybody's talking about. ♪ trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! you do? really? ding dong? -oh, pizza is here! -oh! come on in. [claps]
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which can be serious or life threatening. farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪ i am everyday people, yea, yea. ♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. >> well, that was it. saturday in dayton, ohio, a 22-year-old student charged the stage at the trump rally. secret service stopped him four feet away from the stage. one agent broke his nose when he fell on top of him when he was trying to handcuff him.
4:32 am
who exactly are these people who are motivated to speak out at the trump rallies? there were a whole bunch of -- so many on friday night they decided to call it off. tucker carlson joins us this morning from naples, florida. tucker, who are these trouble makers? >> well they're people who are trying to squelch political speech. that's the bottom line here. it's to some extent an organized movement. components of, black lives matter, you know, various elements of the activist left but they're united in their intent to stop a presidential candidate from disseminating his message, from giving his stump speech and that's really the takeaway here. this is not a group of people trying to make a counter argument against trump's argument. he's for closing the borders, we're for opening them. these are people trying, and by their own admission, trying to prevent a man running for president from saying what he thinks. it's not just an attack on trump or the process, it's an attack on freedom of expression. and that's why everybody left and right ought to disavow this because it's dangerous.
4:33 am
>> absolutely is dangerous. this guy's being hailed as a hero. he's being interviewed and focused on like he's some huge newsmaker. but he tweeted that he was going to do this before the rally. he gave a speech to his girlfriend right before he attacked the stage and afterwards thought it was perfectly okay to take the podium from donald trump. he says he wasn't going to hurt him but he just wanted to announce that donald trump is a racist and he is could be vinced that this is okay. also it's very interesting to look upon his background. he's very proud to post this video of him walking all over the flag and marching with the flags right here on the ground. go ahead, tucker. >> i mean this guy's clearly a nut or an extremist. what's so striking to me is the reaction to him. so he goes on another cable network, he goes on cnn, and is treated respectfully. imagine if a protester had jumped up on stage at a hillary event and tried to prevent her from speaking. his actions would be described
4:34 am
for what they were, an act of violence against a presidential candidate. would he be treated respectfully on fox news or cnn? of course not. he'd probably still be in jail. it doesn't matter how you feel about trump. trump's rhetoric is not the point. the point is that people running for president, or any american citizen, have an absolute right to express their political views. and when you try and squelch that right, you're undermining the one thing that separates america from the world, which is our freedom of speech. that's the only reason we're different. it's the only reason our system works is if people get to express what they think. and especially if you disagree with them. that's what's under assault here. the second point is, people have been describing trump as a nazi. by the way, not just liberals, conservatives, too, have been likening him to hitler. this is the effect of that. if you really believe, if you really thought that a new hitler were coming to power in the united states, what wouldn't you do to stop that? they're abetting anyone who uses that analogy, which is ludicrous on its face but is abetting extremism. trump i think has caused some of
4:35 am
the extremism. but his opponents are, too, and they're not taking credit for it. >> the aclu came out and said that these campaign events that they're considered political theater, that anyone who is onstage, that is bombarded by these protesters they have the right, including donald trump, to arrest them for trespassing. i thought that was interesting coming from the aclu. >> you would expect the aclu would be at the vocal forefront since it is a group dedicated, reportedly, to defending spree speech, to defending the right of donald trump and every other person they may disagree with to say what he thinks. and this sounds like a tepid expression of support. but they ought to be full-throated in this. people have the right to say what they think. and these protests, again, are not efforts to make a countercase. you don't see a countercase. even on the right. you don't see conservatives explaining why we need open borders and more foreign wars and a new nafta. they say this guy is a bigot, get him off the stage, make him stop talking. that is not a debate.
4:36 am
it's a back of the hand. it's a dismissal. and that's not worthy of america. >> and this guy could easily have been taken down, could have been shot. >> yeah. >> you're charging at a guy sitting in the middle of 25,000 people whatever that number one this time, and who are the secret service? they've got to keep this -- they don't care who he is. >> right. >> their job is to keep things safe. >> the distressing thing is you can kind of see where this is going. once these things get moving, once the s it's considered okay to express your political views with violence, boy i mean, you kind of know where this ends up. by the way, i do think that trump shouldn't be saying things like punch him in the face. i mean that is also destructive, i think. but so is the response to trump. >> yeah. >> again, people should be able to say what they think. period. and all of us should defend that right. above all other rights. >> yeah. >> you know what's interesting? i got a question for you, what about the late deciders? you know, it's coming down to
4:37 am
ohio, neck and neck trump and kasich right now. does this strong stance against the protesters help or hurt trump with the -- >> i think it probably helps. i'm sure you know people in your own life who say i have real misgivings about trump, i don't know if he's prepared to lead the country but i know for a fact he ought to be able to say what he thinks. there is still, thank god, literally, a deep strain of respect for the first amendment among americans. and when it's abridged they react against it. so if trump is seen as a guy who's trying to say what he thinks and is prevented by a bunch of lunatics, whoever they are, you know, terrorists or not. >> right. >> i think it helps him in the end. >> but in the event they canceled on friday night he was on the network talking about the event that was canceled. so he dominated the news cycle after canceling his big event. >> no longer did he stand on the stage in the middle of a crowd. he had the crowd in front of him. because it's too dangerous to stand in the middle of a sea of
4:38 am
people. >> you don't want to live in a country where politics gets to that level. and can i just say one more time because i feel it so strongly. i really hope conservatives, and they are the people to whom defense of the first amendment has been left, since the left has totally abandoned the first amendment, need to stand up and defend the right of everybody, hillary, trump, bernie, anybody, to say what he thinks in public without being threatened with violence. i mean, i think that's so important. and i hope they will. >> thank you, tucker. have a great week, sir. thank you for joining us live. >> see you soon. >> 22 minutes before the top of the hour, tether's got some news. >> great to see tucker. i miss tucker. >> he's terrific. >> all right, guys. hope you're off to a great day. take a look at this picture right here. that is a major dent or maybe i should say a hole, left in the nose of a passenger plane as it tried to land in london. it was an egypt air flight from cairo. it landed at heathrow airport. none of the 71 passengers on board were hurt.
4:39 am
but you know what hit that and caused that? it was a bird or a flock of birds that crashed into that. unbelievable. another investigating trying to piece that back together. you know, the mexican actress who allegedly helped broker an interview between sean penn and the drug lord el chapo, now says that penn is lying. kate del castillo says that parts of his story simply didn't happen. she says that mexican soldiers did not wave them through after recognizing one of the cartel's sons, who was traveling with them. penn stands by his recollection in the "rolling stone" article. so they are now at odds. what difference does it make? not so sure. richard simmons, he's a friend of our show. he is alive and he's doing just fine at home. after a slew of kidnapping rumors. listen. >> no, i'm not kidnapped. i'm just in my house right now. and i love all the people that are worried about me. but it was time for me to take
4:40 am
some time to be by myself. >> simmons telling "entertainment tonight" that he's been out of the public eye for the last two years recovering from knee surgery and relaxing after decades of travel and work. this weekend the new york daily news suggested that simmons might be being held against this will in his hollywood mansion by his housekeeper and his brother and a whole bunch of hangers on. and those are your headlines. brian? >> what you got? >> all right let me just tell you what's happening in basketball. richard simmons is not playing. we can focus on that. the number one seeds have been handed out, and the brackets can now be filled out. kansas was named the number one overall seed in 2016 tournament. they tend to be very good at basketball. joining the jayhawks as the top seeds north carolina, virginia, and oregon. it's the first time in school history oregon is a number one seed. the tournament starts tomorrow with a pair of opening round play-in games. this year's final four will be on april 2nd. the national game will be two days later on april 4th.
4:41 am
now to race cars. let's check this out. another photo finish in nascar for the second time in a month two cars crossed the finish line at the same time. kevin harvick beating carl edwards over the finish line first by 0.01 seconds at phoenix international raceway. panic on the soccer field after an angry bull charges into the middle of a youth game. the bull started chasing down players causing them to scatter in all directions. the bull had wandered from the woods before the kids. luckily no one was hurt. the beast eventually went back into the woods. so i don't know. do the bulls survive in the woods alone? that doesn't seem right. the bulls were never in the woods. >> livestock. not wild bull. it got loose from the neighbors house. >> did that ever happen to you when you were coaching soccer? >> no, i don't think i've ever soon a bull run out of the woods. you hold your position. >> i've been watching you for years. i think you're very familiar with bull. >> thank you very much, steve. i'm pretty sure you hurt my
4:42 am
feelings. 19 minutes before the top of the hour, i'd rather not, you go ahead. >> extreme weather alert. thousands of houses under water. live video. devastating floods in the south. we are live from the flood zone coming up next. >> and then you know him and love him as the fonz from "happy days." >> who won that race? oh. i'm really sorry. slip of the fingers. >> slip of the fingers. henry winkler, look at that. got a hook, his book, slipped between these fingers of he and he joins us live, coming up. for a limited time, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm...
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4:46 am
electric leaf cars. turns out the breaks might fail in the cold weather. before you feed the dog this morning, purina recalling the multiple wet food -- or multiple wet foods for not having enough vitamins and minerals. beneful prepared meals, chopped blends are included. and don't buy this justin bieber concert shirt. the $45 shirt is missing a letter. look at it. the phrase many are the plans in a person's heart but it is god's purose, missing a letter, that prevails. of course the letter is -- he's missing the "p," purpose is what it should say. >> did bill ayers put that together. >> we've been talking about the extreme weather all morning. well, it's still in effect for the state of louisiana after historic rainfall this week destroyed lives, nearly 5,000 homes. le. >> maria molina joins us right now to tell us about where the storms are going.
4:47 am
maria? >> good morning, we have all kinds of extreme weather across the country, because we're tracking one storm system across parts of the northeast, bringing in some rain, some messy commute weather, especially during the morning hours. and then as you head farther west we had one storm yesterday roll through parts of arkansas, and it brought multiple reports of severe weather, including tornadoes out there, and that system is quickly racing eastward, and actually bringing some severe weather to parts of the mid-atlantic and out west, a lot of rain and also mountain snow anywhere from california up into places like the inner mountain west and the northern rockies. so again very unsettled out there. there's a look at where you could be seeing some severe weather today including large hail and damaging winds, and that risk continues as we head into tomorrow across parts of the midwest. let's head back inside. >> wow. all right, thanks maria, 13 minutes before the top of the hour. let's continue to talk about the weather. liz reyes from new orleans is live with us in louisiana with the latest. i know the sun's not up but it's easy to see the damage. >> yeah, and this is what folks
4:48 am
are dealing with this morning. to give you some context here for folks outside of louisiana, this is about 45 minutes outside of new orleans on the north shore of lake pontchartrain. we moved and we are now in pearl river. if you look behind me, it is pretty dark but back there are homes, and at least five feet of water. this is pretty deep. the mayor tling me i would not drive through any of this water. now all of this, if you look back a couple of days, this is from the torrential rain that really increased the levels in the pearl river. when that pearl river starts to get higher and starts to roll an subside the water just rolls into neighborhoods like this. used to be swampland. now there are homes. there are about 100 homes. some of those folks evacuated over the weekend. some of them are back there. some of the homes are high up. some are not. there are some resilient folks that are going to ride it out. it's expected to get a little bit higher later this evening when the river is supposed to get to 21 feet. so right now it's a matter of watching, waiting and praying and hoping it doesn't get worse.
4:49 am
but that is the situation for many neighborhoods here on the north shore here, about 45 minutes outside of new orleans. what they're dealing with this morning, hoping that this will just all roll out of here pretty soon, back out to the lake so they can get back to some sense of normalcy here after a wild couple of days here. that's the latest from us here in pearl river, louisiana, back to you in studio. >> liz, thank you very much. the question is how high will it go? >> let's hope not much more. meanwhile, 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday. the fonz is in the house. henry winkler here to read from his brand-new kid's book. hello, henry! >> fantastic. rking on my feet ae me pain here. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain.
4:50 am
my lower back pain. find a machine at
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all right. you first got to know him as the fonz from "happy days." ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ >> but today the actor, superstar, wonderful person is on a new mission spreading awareness about learning disabilities, as he's experienced. >> that's right. kids and parents put your hands together because henry winkler joins us. >> all right. >> his brand-new book. by the way, henry, you can drink a meatball through a straw if the straw is big enough. >> well, also, if hank makes the meal. >> right. >> hank has figured out how to drink a meatball. >> so henry you did something serious. here you are the coolest guy on the planet. >> right. >> right. >> as the fonz. >> everybody wanted to be you. as steve knows i reference happy days every day. it really is the sound track to
4:54 am
my life. >> as you should. you have great taste. >> thank you very much. especially for you. but the whole time you were dealing with a learning disability. you didn't know. >> you know, one out of five kids has some sort of learning challenge. and even those children that don't have a learning challenge or wiring difference in their brain, they're too tall, they're too short, they're not good in sports, they're awkward, with social. so there is a challenge every child tastes and hank shows you with determination, with a great attitude, you can conquer and get where you want to go. >> i love the fact that when you were growing up you didn't know you had a learning disability. >> i thought i was stupid. >> you hated reading books and now you're writing them. >> that is a shock. the first asked if i would write a book i said i can't do that. you know, i'm stupid. and i only learned that i was not stupid maybe five, six days ago. >> that breaks my heart, though. you were dyslexic and you found
4:55 am
out later in life. >> yes. our wonderful son jed had to write a report in the third grade on the hopepy nation in arizona. couldn't do it. we had him tested. everything that they said about him to us was true about me. and i realized i was not stupid. >> now you've put together this new book. we've got some of the kids from p.s. 204 in brooklyn. henry is going to read part of his book. >> oh, my goodness. how are you my friends? >> isn't this better than being in school? >> yes! >> i'm so happy that we could be together. so hank is in the second grade. hank, his cousin comes to visit him. she has entered a cooking contest, a junior chef. contest. they're at the contest and all of a sudden one of the contestants is sick and drops out. chef smiley looked at me and said oh, i can use you. you can use me for what? i heard you say that you were the principal in your kitchen. is that true? you were great in your kitchen. yes, i am.
4:56 am
yes, i am, i'm excellent, that's me. good you're going to take over, station number six. okay. i didn't know what that meant. chef smiley, who i called chef smelly because i couldn't read her tag said you know the cook-off is receiving great attention because the grand prize is to be on television. it is to be on country cooking in the city. judith ann, my cousin who is very snooty said you can't do that. don't concern yourself. i'm going to win. not you. i've never been on television before. i thought, if i just give them the zipster smile i'll have my own tv show. i'm your guy, i said, miss smiley. i'm mr. station number 6. but henry, judith ann said, you have no food. you can't even make food. >> 30 seconds teacher. >> don't you worry about that. because here it is. the dish is very simple. artichokes, stuffed with crab legs, and capers. no problem, i said, okay.
4:57 am
truth time it i had no idea what an artichoke was. i never heard about the word capers and crab legs, i thought they were going to pinch me! >> fantastic, ladies and gentlemen. henry winkler. unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> a professional actor delivering you his own book. >> now it's off to school kids. huh. ♪ introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints. it's more than a nit's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services -
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good monday morning to you. it's march 14th. i'm ainsley earhardt and this is a fox news alert. while you were sleeping a packed amtrak train jumped the tracks, it overturns, at least 20 people are injured and we have the breaking details on that rescue and the investigation. >> and forget about florida, as marco rubio has now fallen in to third place in the latest poll. donald trump takes his campaign to ohio today, instead for a face-off with the governor there, john kasich. and mitt romney is in ohio with the governor. >> wow. hillary clinton unveils her secret plan to defeat donald trump. help from her friends overseas. >> i am already receiving
5:01 am
messages from leaders. i'm having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. >> that will really turn on americans. okay. we'll examine that and what it means for her race, and maybe another race. because mornings are better with friends. it's not going to be long before we see bret baier in new york again. don't ask me how i know. >> we're seeing him right now live from our nation's capital. bret, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you ready for the latest super tuesday? >> super tuesday 2. >> yeah, we're calling it -- or is it 3? last week was 2, really, right? >> it wasn't really super. it was -- >> all right. >> super-duper tuesday. >> jinx. >> there you go. >> all right. >> good at branding. >> on this monday before super-duper tuesday, it's interesting, because you've got marco rubio apparently now in third place in florida. but in ohio, the latest poll that has just come out shows
5:02 am
that it is a dead heat. trump and kasich are tied right now at 38. you go back a week ago, john kasich was up by six. what's going on? >> well, it's just really tight in ohio. and you can see by the candidates' schedules, they're spending a lot of time there. i think the attacks back and forth between donald trump and john kasich are pretty significant. kasich is campaigning ka with mitt romney. the last republican nominee. and the question is whether he as a governor of that state can mobile identify his organization to get him over the top. i think florida you're right, it has changed. and it looks like donald trump is ahead double digits. not sure about the third place in florida for marco rubio. there's always that caveat. it's always that caveat that these polls heading in could be different. i mean look at michigan. where bernie sanders was down 20 before michigan and he ends up pulling a win out. let's just put that caveat on there. >> i agree, too, bret. the cancellation of the event on friday, the disruption on
5:03 am
saturday with the republicans going after donald trump, with cruz, and rubio, and kasich all saying that donald trump's to blame for this. and that they might not be voting for him. you wonder if that will change, if he doesn't get the nomination. if that will change the complexion of what happens tomorrow. >> you know, it may change on the outskirts. but his supporters are very loyal. you know, trump pushes back, as you've mentioned today, about the organization of some of those protests by and bernie sanders group and some other left wing organizations. but some of the things he has said on the trail about, you know, punch the guys, i'll punch them in the face or i'll pay for their legal bills, that does add up and obviously his opponents are using that against him. >> yeah, but a lot of people agree with him. i've talked to a lot of people who say yeah, eye for an eye. you mentioned what was happening down in florida. the cbs news poll had trump ahead and cruz second and rubio third. the quinnipiac poll does have trump first but rubio second.
5:04 am
now, let's say trump does take florida. it looks like according to the polls he will, what happens for rubio? is this his last stand? is he out? >> it's hard to see a path. he says he's going to keep on fighting but i think florida was the be-all, end-all for marco rubio. what his future holds, it's not another race in the u.s. senate. he's already said that. could he run for governor? who knows. i think that he's obviously proven himself, despite one debate in new hampshire to be a pretty good communicator. and, you know, he'll use that at some point. >> sure. >> that will be -- it's interesting. because he does have 48% approval rating in florida. but it's mostly in the south. what can he do in the north? but as we look over on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both had their town hall meeting again last night. and hillary clinton, tried to pull her ace in the hole, i guess, saying that world leaders are calling her wishing her the best, and for her support. listen. >> i am already receiving
5:05 am
messages from leaders. i'm having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. >> is that going to help? >> well, it's probably not in this environment. that's not exactly a thing you put on your bumper sticker about world leaders. >> france loves me. >> she's trying to make the case that the world is paying attention, and they're concerned about this election. that's in this environment, and everything we've seen locally that does not help at all. it does, when she's fighting against bernie sanders she was probably trying to make the case that she knows these world leaders, that she's traveled the world and they're comfortable with her. the problem is that those are not the people that vote. >> sure. >> the people that vote are riding a wave of pretty being upset about the establishment, and that was kind of an establishment thing to say. >> she also said last night, i'll be a better president than i am a candidate, and we've heard her over the last couple of weeks say i'm just not a
5:06 am
natural politician. not like my husband or barack obama, even though she's been in a political business for quite awhile. real quick, a stunning rebuttal of angela america until germany, because essentially germany has voted against her open borders policy. >> yeah, she is seeing a huge pushback. it is a concern for germans, and they are rising up against that because they're seeing all these refugees come in, not only to germany, but to europe, and it is affecting how they're looking at things. so, angela merkel is seeing a lot of pressure from the right side of her party. >> and there are parallels to be made about what is happening in germany with the people there rising up saying, hey, wait a minute, we don't want all of these people coming in. to what's happening here in this country, bret. >> that's exactly right. and the pendulum swings. you guys know this. when people, voters feel it,
5:07 am
they start swinging the other way. the question is, where it goes. does it keep on going towards -- towards the side that says, hey, let's keep all of these people out. or is there some balance there? and that's where i think both countries are. >> mm-hmm. >> tell us what your plans are for the election coverage because tomorrow is super-duper tuesday. >> yes, so i head up tonight and we'll be there all day tomorrow. we start our coverage i think at 6:00 eastern like we did last time. and it will be the whole team, and we are ready to go. i think bill is still on the board. he's working on -- >> yes, he is. he's glued to it. absolutely. it's going to be very curious to see because we see a lot of post game remarks that are going to be impactful if kasich and rubio don't win. we're going to see what they do and what they decide. >> it's all about the math. it's all about 1237 and how you get there or don't get there. >> we'll see you up here later on tonight, bret. thank you very much. time for some news.
5:08 am
and we start with a story out in kansas. >> hopefully not all about the math here. good morning, coming out of kansas this morning, an update for you on a story that we've been following all morning long. we now know that at least 29 people have now been taken to area hospitals, after five amtrak train cars went off the rails in kansas. it was a chicago-bound train coming from los angeles, it derailed just after midnight. 20 miles west of dodge city. one passenger describing the chaos. listen to this. >> i got outside and there was a lot of people. i heard people crying for help. you know, looking for folks. it was a really dark field so everyone was just kind of on both sides of the train, kind of looking for other people, and family members. >> 128 passengers and 14 crew members were on board at the time. we are told that none of those injuries are considered life threatening. crews are working to figure out what exactly went wrong. we'll let you know as soon as we do. right now the white house is looking into a deadly attack. all the way overseas, on
5:09 am
africa's ivory coast. officials say that at least six al qaeda linked terrorists opened fire at three hotels in a resort town killing at least 16 people. and we are now learning that their target was a group of u.s. official swho were visiting that area. none of the americans are believed to be dead or injured. the gunmen were killed. but we're getting reports that they tragically shot and killed a little boy, a christian, who was praying and begging for his life, and we're also told that there was a muslim boy who was spared. we'll bring you more from that region as we get it. blinding sun, rhine rain, and rubber necking drivers being blamed for a series of pileups on a north carolina highway. 94 cars involved in at least nine separate crashes shutting down a six mile stret stretch interstate 40 between durham and greensboro. some people were stuck in their cars for nearly five hours, as crews worked to clear the road. at least 20 people suffered minor injuries. and this is a fun story to
5:10 am
tell you about. one proud papa turning his 6-month-old into a real life leprechaun. the dad photo shopping this adorable baby into all of these funny little situations like spray painting the family dog, pouring paint into the familiarry laundry. don't do that one. and turning the house green. the photographer himself allen lawrence is his name and his little leprechaun joined us earlier on the show. >> usually when we take the pictures there will be like three other kids behind the camera and he is just like hamming it up and laughing. it's almost like he knows what we're trying to do with the pictures every time we take them. he just does the perfect face for the photos. >> well the dad is posting pictures every day until st. patrick's day on his blog. it's called ainsley you asked him a question. a 6-month-old can't stand. he said he photoshopped it. >> i thought am i doing something wrong as a parent? >> exactly. >> she's not much younger. and then i realized as i read on
5:11 am
that the dad has photo shopped his hands out of it. >> they do that for all of the holidays. i can't wait to see the kid as the easter bunny. >> that's right. they've got four other kids. >> ten minutes after the hour. >> we have this fox news alert. murdered in the line of duty, a young police officer gunned down in an unprovoked attack. we are live in maryland with the latest on the suspects coming up next. >> plus hillary clinton attacked bernie sanders over health care. >> i don't know where he was when i was trying to get health care in '93 and '94. >> well, she doesn't know where he was. but we do. >> look behind you! avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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we are back on this monday morning with the fox news alert. a maryland police officer was gunned down in the line of duty in what investigators are calling an unprovoked attack. >> right now, two suspects are in police custody. fox 5 in d.c. is live in palmer park maryland. melanie, what's the latest? >> oh, it's just a heartbreaking here not only in maryland but around the d.c./maryland/virginia region. this is the second time in a
5:16 am
little more than two weeks that a young police officer has been killed in the line of duty. now this ambush happened a little ways down the road. one of the local district stations, which is still an active crime scene this morning. it happens to be attached to the police headquarters. and we did learn, also, that this young officer jacai colson was able to return fire before he died. last night prince george's county police officers gathered at the hospital where jacai was taken, and found out, sadly, that he died. they join hands and prayed as the night darkened. jacai colson just 28 years old. had been on the force for four years. he was an undercover narcotics detective and was not in uniform sunday. the ambush began around 4:30 in the afternoon. a chaotic scene by all accounts. police say one suspect opened fire outside the station and was threatening the community, as well. then several officers including colson rushed out to stop the attack. officer colson was struck by gunfire.
5:17 am
he was taken to the hospital in a police car. but he did not survive. the suspect also taken to the same hospital. he was wounded. he is still there in the hospital this morning. yet also in police custody in the hospital. there is a second suspect who fled the scene when the gunfire began. we are hearing this morning that these two suspects may be brothers. live in palmer park, melanie alnwick. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> last night there were fellow officers, they saluted their fallen brother who would have been 29 years old this week. so you see in this picture, there they are saluting him. and i believe that was when they were bringing his body to the hospital. >> yeah. according to the commanding officer, he was known to have an infectious smile, great personality, tend to dominate things with his enthusiasm, and for him to be taken out like this, just four years in on the job, is incredible. >> what a terrible loss. >> so sorry for everyone he works with and for his family.
5:18 am
>> 17 minutes after the hour. coming up one rock band's plane just took some heavy damage. what happened there? we'll explain. >> and it's the story of the bible like you have never seen or heard before. the actor who plays jesus in "the passion" joins us next. ♪ unconditional unconditionally ♪ note i will love you unconditionally ♪ ♪ there is no fear now yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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5:21 am
some quick music headlines for you. listen to this. madonna melting down at a concert this weekend. she let expletives fly at the crowd as she guzzled from the flask. >> whoa. >> she directed a lot of anger
5:22 am
toward her ex-husband, guy ritchie as sheilamented the bitter custody battle for her son rocco. and iron maiden's plane is grounded after colliding with a tow truck. the plane called ed force one is badly damaged the undercarriage and two of the aircraft's engines. the band was not on the plane at the time. >> iron maiden has a 747? wow. >> big plane. >> madonna was clinging from a flask? this sunday the last hours of jesus' life will be re-enacted live through the streets of new orleans in an epic two-hour musical event on fashion. >> "the passion" is a spin on the bible story like you've never seen before told through popular music. and joining us now is the actor and singer john carlos conella, he plays jesus in this epic special. great to see you this morning. >> so great to see you all. thank you for having me. >> you got up at 3:00 in the morning. thank you so much. first of -- >> you all get up all the time.
5:23 am
i just had to do it today. so i'm excited. >> i notice was that just rehearsal? are you going to dress like you would today as if gee suggestion was modern times? >> modern time. and i think you know what? i think it's -- this is the biggest story ever told, guys, and we're talking about the biggest icon to ever walk the face of this earth. and it's so -- it's such a blessing for me. a huge honor for me to play jesus in this. and i just love what fox is doing bringing this beautiful story which is based on love, hope, which as you can see, which i would love to -- i would just send my best wishes and on behalf of the cast, our prayers go out to the victims and the families of the flood, of the derailment, of all those attacks that we were watching prior to this interview of our prayers go out to them. we're going to have them very present march 20th. >> absolutely. >> spreading that message. >> i'm very excited about watching this because it's going to be live on fox, filmed on the streets of new orleans.
5:24 am
which seems so appropriate because it is a city that has been resurrected just like the story itself. >> you couldn't have said it any better. that's exactly right. new orleans has been hit so many times yet they resurrect every time stronger than the last. i think america, i think our country needs that message more than ever. you know. all these things that are going on around us, i would love for us to focus march 20th, palm sunday, just thoses two hours let love enter our lives. our homes. our hearts. and we need that positive energy. >> there are a lot of big names that are in this film. tell the audience who's watching right now who's going to be in this. >> it's pretty amazing. seal is playing upon schuss pilot. tyler perry is going to be narrating the whole story from his home town, yo land today adams, trisha yearwood what an amazing voice. honor to call her momma. >> she plays mary. >> she does.
5:25 am
chris daughtry which is my brother and what a great, great voice. prince royce is playing one of the disciples. we have a beautiful and very diverse and incredible, incredibly talented cast. >> when you go ahead and put together a play like this on something that means so much to so many people the resurrection of christ, the death of christ, people like when jesus christ superstar came out people thought that was sacrilegious but it ended up being a phenomenon. do you worry about people taking this the wrong way? >> i don't. i don't. you know why? we're staying true to the biblical sense of the story. no one's putting words into jesus' mouth. no one's rearranging what was said. you can follow this word for word in the scripture. and we're just decorating it with modern elements so that this story is not just said or directed to a specific group. it's for everyone. everyone can enjoy the story. can learn something from the story. >> we all try to be like jesus but you actually are jesus in
5:26 am
this movie. what is that like as an actor? >> i mean it's a huge responsibility. i get that. but i just take it with -- i'm taking this with the utmost respect. i'm not trying to fill his shoes, because that's impossible. no one can fill those shoes. so i'm just taking it as i'm the 13th disciple. and you know, i told the crew that. i told everyone that. i feel that jesus would have seen it that way in his time. he felt like the 13th disciple walking around with a group of brothers just spreading the good word. that's what we want to do march 20th. we want to spread the good word. the message of life. >> we need more movies like this. thank you. >> we thank you very much for joining us from los angeles. the passion airs this sunday night, palm sunday, 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox broadcasting. >> it looks great. >> we'll be watching. >> meanwhile when we come back one of the most powerful republicans in the u.s. senate has yet to endorse a candidate. senator john cornyn is here to explain why and what happens
5:27 am
next. good morning to you, sir. >> then one driver finds out the hard way what happens if you tailgate on the road. >> that's not good. >> whoa!
5:28 am
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5:30 am
nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i want to thank everyone who voted for me, and apologize to everyone else for making your facebook feeds so, so annoying. i mean, i love my supporters, but they're too much, right? i'm great, but i'm not five posts a day great. >> so thank you millennials for lending your support to the biggest outsider jew in the race. hillary rodham clinton. there's a lot of work to be done
5:31 am
and that is why i am sick and tired of hearing about my own damn e-mails. >> everybody has a bernie impersonation. joining us now with his, texas senator john cornyn. >> good to be with you. >> very good. very good. >> he's no stranger to you. >> no, no. i'm glad to see he's got his hair under more control than he used to on the senate floor. that's part of his signature. this is strange politics both on the right and the left. >> from hair under control to out of control. what do you make of what we've seen, for instance, the trump rally shutdown in chicago. now you've got raising money off of it essentially saying okay we want to raise money by having you go out and deny him his first amendment rights. >> well, there's some people that think this is kind of the end of the world. but i'm not one of them. i mean this is part of what democracy is all about. people being able to speak their mind, and support the candidate of their choice. and as we winnow that down getting toward the end we'll see who the republican and
5:32 am
democratic nominee is. i don't think this is like the end of the world. >> what do you mean? >> well, a lot of people act like well, this is a disaster, it's the end of the country, it's the end of the republican party. >> what, that was able to shut down -- >> i'm sorry, that we're having all this controversy now, and of course a lot of it has to do with people now trying to attack donald trump for speaking his mind. and i think, you know, the first amendment means that everybody gets to say what they want to say. >> it's pretty clear. >> it is. although in this environment now on college campuses where you're guilty of a microaggression if you actually say something that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's turning the first amendment on its head. >> more than a microaggression on friday night, excuse me on saturday and friday college kid with a macro aggression which we saw shut down that event. let me ask you in the big picture, it's kind of different for two sitting -- two governors of texas to endorse a senator from texas, ted cruz. but the senior senator from texas has not endorsed him yet.
5:33 am
who would that be? >> that would be senator john cornyn. >> why are you having such a tough time deciding? >> well, i'm not. i really think people don't care very much what i think. endorsements aren't that important, really, in the grand scheme of things. and i think the voters ought to have their say. >> is it smart for a senator not to endorse a candidate? because you have to -- you're going to have to work with whoever ends up being the nominee. or the president. >> well, i work in the senate, so by definition i'm used to working with some difficult people. but you have to do it if you're going to do the job and make some progress. so whatever the voters decide, i'll support the nominee of the party and hopefully will win in november. >> so far ted cruz has one u.s. senator who has endorsed him, mike lee of utah. do you see him getting more than one? >> i don't know. i think part of it is going to be decided with what happens to marco rubio in florida. and whether he stays in the race. i mean i think this thing will change over time. but, eventually i expect praub
5:34 am
senators will get behind the nominee. >> sure. you know, one of the things against ted cruz is he's got a reputation, it's hard for him to work with other people. some people have said, well what about donald trump? you know, here's a guy who out on the stump goes you know, i'm a negotiator, i'm a dealmaker, i can get stuff done in washington. what do you make of that? >> well, nobody knows exactly how he would perform if he were the nominee and if he were actually elected. he is a guy who wrote the book the art of the deal so supposedly maybe he would be somebody who would work with republicans and democrats and actually get things done. what's so confusing to me is this used to be about right to left politics. and now, that seems to be out the window with donald trump because he has no particularly discernible ideology. >> he's a populist. >> all these trade deals i'm listening to john kasich even he's saying i'm going to enforce the trade deals. the ones that were getting abused that way senator sanders think they destroyed the country, hillary clinton forgot she was first lady when her husband supported nafta and now
5:35 am
we have donald trump's against it as well. where do you stand? >> well i supported the trade promotion authority, that's the authorizing legislation, a six-year period of time to negotiate trade deals. but it's pretty clear to me, brian, that given the opposition both of the likely republican nominee and the democratic nominee that the trans-pacific partnership is in big trouble. the benefits of trade really fall unevenly and there are definitely people that get hurt. and i think that's who you're hearing from. it also has a lot of great advantages. tex is the largest exporting state in the nation. one reason why our economy continues to grow we added 134,000 jobs last month even with $30 oil. so, i think trade writ large is a good thing but obviously it falls unevenly and a lot of people feel like 50 they've been on the receiving end of a bad deal. >> yeah. well it seems that president obama has narrowed his list down to three people that could replace antonin scalia for the supreme court. he's saying he might make a decision this week. what do you think about that?
5:36 am
will that happen? and will we see someone take scalia's place? >> well, we're waiting to see what the president does. but, it doesn't really make much difference who he nominates, because we've said -- >> not going to happen. >> we want the voters to have a voice in who makes that selection. this is going to affect the ideological balance on the court for the next 30 years. that's how long justice scalia served. i think while most people have their gripes or they like what the supreme court's done they feel like it's pretty balanced. but to let a lame duck president on his way out of office appoint somebody for 30 years just strikes me as too much. >> but if it looks like you're going to get a liberal president, and the senate's going to be hard to hold onto might that be a tactical error? >> well we'll know later on. we'll know in retrospect, it will be very clear. but i think it's the right decision to make at this time, and the democrats -- we're playing by the democratic playbook. they're the ones who filibustered bork.
5:37 am
justice thomas. he endured what he called a high tech lynching. they've filibustered judges. they've done this packing of the d.c. circuit court of appeals, and now they're saying we ought to be fighting by the marcus of queensbury rules. we're saying what's good enough for you is good enough for us. we're going to wait and let the voters decide. >> never a dull moment down in washington these days. >> good to see you. >> thank you, senior good to see you. >> he's unflappable. you can't rattle this guy. >> what's going on down there. >> thank you, sir. >> brian will validate your parking while heather reads the news. >> good morning. good morning, senator. a brand-new 911 audio details how crews had to rescue 29 injured people after five amtrak train cars went off the rails in kansas overnight listen to this. >> -- come to the center and set a ladder up we'll start evacuating some of these people off the top. >> that is a chicago-bound train coming from los angeles and it
5:38 am
derailed just after midnight 20 miles west of dodge city. one passenger describing the chaos. listen. >> we got outside and there was a lot of people. i heard people crying for help. you know, looking for folks. it was a really dark field. so everyone was just kind of on both sides of the train, kind of looking for other people, and family members. >> 128 passengers and 14 crew members were on board that train at the time. no one -- those injuries are not considered to be life threatening we're told. crews are working to figure out what on earth went wrong. a hellfire missile, you know they're normally used by our military, they were found being smuggled on a passenger plane that was headed for the united states. the pair of missiles, complete with warheads, they were on board an air serbia flight headed to portland, oregon, from lebanon. these were discovered during a stopover in serbia by bomb sniffing dogs. they were packed in wooden crates. a former state department and pentagon staffer says that these were most likely stolen.
5:39 am
frightening. dash cam captures the case of instant karma. a tailgater spent spiraling out of control after the driver in front of him slams on their brakes. the driver of the suv swerving, sending their car spinning into the ditch. the other driver who hit brakes just keeps on going. the driver of the suv was cited for tailgating. hillary clinton calling out bernie sanders at a rally in st. louis this weekend, only to have the whole thing blow up in her face. watch. >> i don't know where he was when i was trying to get health care in '93 and '94. >> yeah, well where he was? hmm, yeah, there's this funny little thing called video. he was right behind her. watch this. >> i'm grateful that congressman sanders would join us today from vermont. >> yeah, he was right behind her back in 1993 helping her push hillary care. the sanders campaign also tweeting out this thank you note that clinton wrote to sanders back then for his commitment to health care. and those are your headlines.
5:40 am
>> check mate. >> no kidding. >> time to move on. >> i think somebody needs to check their facts there. >> thank you, heather. >> we have extreme weather to tell you about. devastating floods, leaving thousands under water down in the south. is there any relief in sight for those families? >> we've been following that all morning. then donald trump got endorsed by a baseball legend. find out who is stepping up to the plate and why he's not in the hall of fame. oh, that's a separate debate. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah. >>blow it up.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at i'm here because you're here. because i feel -- >> the bern! >> right. he probably had some lemoncello
5:44 am
prior perhaps. actor danny devito making a surprise appearance yesterday. the actor standing on a wooden box much like he did on taxi to pump up the crowd before the senator's big speech. on a separate note, pete rose may be done gambling on the game but he's betting on donald trump to win in november. how do we know? trump tweeting this image of a signed ball from the hit king, pete rose says this, quote, please make america great again. by the way, two former yankees, we know them as johnny damon and paul o'neill, also supporting trump. that's all i have. >> some extreme weather to tell you about. flooding warnings still in effect down in louisiana and now federal aid is on the way for those families. historic rainfall this week causing hundreds of evacuations in that area. and nearly 5,000 houses have been damaged. >> terrible. maria molina is here with a preview of the day ahead. maria, the worry down there in louisiana is just how high can the water go.
5:45 am
>> yeah. and the problem is that last week we picked up more than a foot of rainfall across some areas out there in louisiana. we want to share with you some footage out of covington, louisiana, and also port vinson, louisiana, where devastating flooding ongoing out there. it's just going to take a long time for that floodwater to continue to recede out there. fortunately for now we are looking at some dry conditions out there across louisiana. but we did have some severe weather yesterday, just to their north across arkansas, with tornado warnings that were in effect. we have reported tornadoes out there. that system continuing to move eastward and we could see some additional severe weather later on today. but let's go ahead and switch gears now. you can see on the radar quite a busy picture early this morning across parts of the western u.s. you have one storm system bringing in areas of rain and also some mountain snow. meanwhile as you head eastward we have a storm system across parts of the northeast bringing in not only rain but in new england we have temperatures that are bringing some winter weather. advisories through tomorrow
5:46 am
because of that winter weather that will be producing all kinds of issues. here's a look at where you could be seeing some severe weather, ohio down into north carolina and also south carolina the concern is for some large hail and damaging winds and we really can't rule out a possible isolated tornado. so that will be something to watch out for. and then as we head into tomorrow, another system swings through parts of the midwest. bringing in that risk for some large hail, damaging winds, and also tornadoes. weather will remain unsettled across the eastern u.s. throughout this week, with more rain and storms in the forecast. let's head back inside. >> all right, maria. so it looks like a rainy day tomorrow in ohio, where they're going to be voting. >> exactly. and illinois, as well. >> maria, thank you. meanwhile it's like a communist sesame street at the bill ayers household. radical left wing activist bill ayers revealing what's at the top of his fireplace. peter johnson jr. next. and bill hemmer comes up in 14 minutes. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you on a monday. nice to see the three of you.
5:47 am
>> super-duper tuesday eve. >> i call it super-duper tuesday. >> super-duper tuesday eve. >> there's been too many super tuesdays. ohio is too close to call, governor john kasich is live to make his case in a moment. new polling in the four other critical states. where the race stands today we will tell you. what a weekend of rallies and confrontation. we'll tell you what you need to know this morning. and a new push to get the extermination of christians in the middle east labeled as genocide. big monday morning of news. martha and i will see you in twelve minute minutes. top of the hour. i take pictures of sunrises.
5:48 am
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whoa, whoa. >> well, a 22-year-old college protester arrested at an ohio
5:51 am
rally this weekend. after rushing the stage towards donald trump. his charges include inducing a panic, and disorderly conduct. but peter johnson jr. says these are only -- not only disruptors putting trump at risk, but our constitutional rights, as well. right, peter? >> i never play with "fox & friends" but i disagree with the characterization of protesters steve doocy. this is an attempted assailant. he likes to be called a protester. maybe he's a professional protester and it's part of the new variations in america of what the first amendment really is. the first amendment does not confer upon you, or me, or steve doocy, the right to go to someone's rally, and try to destruct it, or destroy it, or to pull apart posters, or to start fights. or, to attempt to commit an assault on a presidential candidate. that was one of the most frightening things that i've seen in my lifetime. bar video of a political assassination.
5:52 am
>> peter, the guy said he just wanted to grab the mike and say donald trump is a racist. >> okay. but grab the mike. do you think donald trump is holding the mike. he has the right to hold the mike under the first amendment. and so when you take the mike, as and black lives and other organizations send out tweets, and send out e-mails to folks, when you grab that mike, you're carrying the first amendment, you're saying you don't have a right to speak. the people who are there don't have a right to assembly. let's chill their right to hear something, let's intimidate them. and i really need to tell you, steve, because i thought about it and i know it's a harsh thing to say, but this is the seeds of terror. in this country. and let me tell you why. terror means make it impossible to go to the public square. make people afraid to go to times square. make them afraid to go to train stations. make them afraid to travel. make them afraid to go to a donald trump rally.
5:53 am
make them afraid to go to any political rally. make them afraid they might be hurt, they might be arrested, they might be intimidated -- >> so that guy in ohio was a terrorist? >> i think he's a would-be terrorist. i -- he's not al qaeda, he's not isis. maybe he's got a perverted view of what america should be. maybe deep in his heart he's a good american that's lost his way. but he was there to commit a crime in the public view. >> mm-hmm. >> and we don't have a place for that in this society. whether you like donald trump, whether you dislike donald trump. i disagree with donald trump many times. i represented donald trump. i'm sure donald trump has gotten mad at me for my views in terms of saying he's wrong on something. i've also congratulated him, i think he's doing well. but who are we in this country when we allow and bill ayers to step in to the picture again. >> peter, took credit
5:54 am
for shutting down the rallies in chicago on friday and now they're fund-raising on it, and they're trying to get people to disrupt more events. >> but that's un-american. that's fundamentally un-american. i watched the sunday shows yesterday, and i saw some of these geniuses, part of the washington genius class, some of those democrats, and a few republicans, that they are on the public dole, or they're on the democratic committee dole, and they're consultants, and they got paid, and there's a permanent government. >> right. and they say, well, these people they have a first amendment right. they have a first amendment right to organize, to -- and enlist new voters. univision is doing that with 3 million new hispanic voters, to take out ads, to have counter protests. but not insinuate yourself into the middle of a political event and then try to disrupt it. destroy it. and say you can't have these anymore. we need to stop this man because we demonized him. he's the devil incarnate. we must stop him. under any conditions. >> peter, imagine if you would
5:55 am
given the fact that and other organizations are going to -- are fund-raising off of this, and encouraging people to go cause more problems. and bill ayers was actually at the event on friday and that's apparently his dining room altar. >> that's a peewee's play house marxist idolry. you've got che -- >> is snowden in there? >> and somehow through malcolm x in. okay, that's fine. i mean that's part of the nuthouse brigade. but the nuthouse brigade should not be taking over the american discussion. let's chill out in america. let's people who want to meet and discuss things do it without provocation. do it without violence. do it without being molested in any way. we all need to chill out. let people speak. that's the real first amendment. >> peter johnson. good to see you. expressing his first amendment rights. thank you very much. >> okay. >> all right coming up on this monday. here's an important question. is it a puppy or a bagel?
5:56 am
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>> quickly. >> all right. >> one, two, three! >> okay. >> back away. back away. >> ooh! >> whoa! >> wow, that's awesome. >> and that foam has never stopped foaming. >> that is awesome. >> got a little messy earlier this morning when we went outside to learn about science from our friends at fab lab and it looked like a coke exploded. >> i thought noxzema was mysterious. >> looks like cotton candy. >> do you see a puppy or a bagel? this adorable meme now going viral online. it's not only food and dog comparison that's confusing people because it's a little bit of both. see the chihuahua and then blueberry muffin. another one a labradoodle puppy
6:00 am
and fried chicken. >> i can't tell the difference. >> logon to for the after the show show. >> and if you have to run for the television, run to the radio ainsley's going to join me. >> 9:30. 9:34 to be exact. >> see you back here tomorrow. bill: donald trump saying don't blame the messenger. his rivals accusing trump of stoking the flames. strum had an answer for that hours after a huge primary day tomorrow. where do we go from here? martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump taking heat from both sides. republican and democratic hopefuls accusing him of inciting the violence. but donald trump says his rallies are mostly peaceful, h


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