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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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there is little disruption. no violence. none whatsoever. i tell you what, we go these things are so incredible. it is a movement and love-fest and we love each other and we'll do so well. by the way before we forget, chris. so important tomorrow north carolina, you have to go out and vote. have to vote. [applause] >> absolutely. and you've talked a lot at recent rallies about how you want to unify the country and how divided country is now by this president and how you want to unify them and i think people would love to hear that. >> country is so divided and it is very sad when you look. even when you have some of these protesters, the level of anger from all sides, including the anger from our side. we're angry. now we're not angry people. i'll tell you that. we're not angry people. we're good people. but there is a lot of anger.
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and there is anger, chris at incompetence. there is anger when you look at the trade deals. there is anger you look at our military we can't beat isis. we can't beat isis. there is anger at the fact, that america, the united states, it doesn't win anymore. we don't win on trade. we don't win with the military. we can't take care of our vets who are so important. we'll take care of our vets. [applause] education is a disaster. education, common core. we're getting rid of by the way. by the way we'll bring education locally. [applause] and, you just look at it. you just look at it. they're chopping away at the second amendment. we're not going to let that happen anymore. we'll not let it happen. health care, obamacare is a disaster. we'll repeal and replace it. we're going to repeal it and replace it. but, chris you know, the,
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certain governor got up and spoke after a presidential address and sort of alluded to the anger and the next night i was in a debate, one of the debates. they said i won every debate? i think i have. i think if i didn't we wouldn't be here today, right? i would be like the other people, out. but the question was, it was nikki haley and she said, well, there is great anger. like it's a bad thing. and they asked me during the debate nikki haley said you and a lot of your supporters have great anger. i'm supposed to say, we don't have anger, we're wonderful people, we're so happy the way the country is run. wait a inin. i'm going to tell the truth. i said yes, i'm angry. yes, the millions of people that are supporting trump and i'm supporting them, we're all angry. [applause] we're tired of a government that is run incompetently. we have incompetent people
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running our country. we're tired of the iran deal. we give iran a terrorist state. we give iran $150 billion. we have prisoners, prisoners in there for years. we should have never even started that negotiation until those prisoners were released. that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] so, so rather than doing the politically correct answer where, well, no, we're not angry, everything is just, you know, peaches. i said, we're very upset. we're very angry with the way our country is being run. let me tell you, we're going to make changes. we're going to make this country so great again. it is an embarassment. i have friends from china. i have friends from mexico. i have friends from japan. they can't believe what they get away with it. they can't even believe it themselves. we're like whipping poult for the whole world. whether it is in trade, no matter what it is. so we're going from the not so smart people, i want to say beyond that but i'm not going to
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we'll go to really smart people. we'll go to the brilliant people. we'll be respected again as a country. we're not respected at all right now. [cheers and applause] >> don, you brought up veterans. you know here in north carolina has one of the largest population of veterans in the entire country, men and women who served our country so bravely and loyally. [cheering] you mentioned, but you should talk about the plans you have for our veterans because i know not only as candidate but before that you were a great supporter of our veterans. >> i have had great support. they have supported me. i love the veterans and they're most incredible people. they're not being taken care of correctly. illegal immigrants are getting better services and better care in many cases than the veterans. not going to happen that way. [cheers and applause] and, you know, i've seen and i really, really started with the
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veterans probably more in new hampshire than any other place which i won big, which we won in a landslide. we've won a lot of them in landslides. but every time we go to a place, south carolina is another one we're so fantastic. nevada, so many of them, they do polls, exit polls. and i win with the veterans so easily because they're so disgusted with what's happening. now in all fairness we win with women. oh, that is so good that we win with women. we win with men. that is less important. women are more important. but we win with women. we win with men. we win with the most highly-educated. we win with people without the great education. we win at every level. we win with evangelicals so big league, i mean the evangelicals. [applause] you know, chris, having jerry fallwell, jr., and having some people are ministers and pastors supporting us has been
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incredible but we win with evangelicals. a guy like ted cruz, comes into a room, holds up the bible, he holds up the bible and he starts holding it up nice and high, he starts -- he lies. i call him lying ted cruz. he is lying ted. but he lies. [applause] i found out a long time ago, evangelical do not want liars. they do not like liars. that is what happened. now it has hurt him. that is why. andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. you saw donald trump being interviewed by governor chris christie in north carolina, hearing big cheers as well as some more protests after very chaotic weekend on the campaign trail. here today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, host of "kennedy" on our fox business network, kennedy the one, only, you love him, mr. lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight." once again you're back and "outnumbered" on the couch.
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welcome, sir. >> great to be with you. i am the fortunate one among the "fantastic four.." >> i like that, the "fantastic four." andrea: like that title. >> been saving that for weeks. andrea: it was worth it. let's get to the news. the countdown to super tuesday is on. voters heading to the polls five states tomorrow in several winner-take-all contests that could decide the gop race. in addition to a few fireworks just today, things getting very chaotic on the campaign trail over the weekend, from fistfights, to people storming the stage. protesters forcing donald trump to cancel an event in chicago on friday night. then on saturday, a big scare when a man jumps a barricade, rushes the stage at trump near an event in dayton, ohio. watch this. secret service swarming around the front-runner as the man is tackled. yesterday, check this out. secret service agents not taking
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anymore chances, sticking close to "the donald" at a rally in westchester ohio. all this as donald dismisses criticism he is the one fueling violence at his rallies. >> i don't accept responsibility. i do not condone violence in any shape. still i don't condone violence. as far as my previous statement. we had somebody that was punching and vicious and gone crazy, distor. they're not protesters. they're disruptors. he went absolutely wild confronting. when they punch, it is okay. when my people punch back because they have to out of self-defense, everybody says, oh, isn't that terrible. andrea: trump also leveling this charge. he is blaming bernie sanders for sending professional disruptors to his events which bernie has this response. >> i won't shock you, john, by telling you that donald trump lie as lot. calls me a communist.
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that's a lie. to suggest our campaign is telling people to disrupt his campaign is a lie. we don't. andrea: meantime trump's rivals say the front-runner is stoking the flames. >> little let's be clear. first of all the protesters were in the run but i think also in any campaign the responsibility starts at the top. it is not beneficial when you have a candidate like donald trump who is telling his protest ers, punch that guy in the face. i don't think you should be encouraging people to violence. >> donald trump on a regular basis incites his crowds. he tells them, beat the guy up and i'll pay your legal fees. you have a guy who sucker-punch as man at one of his events. he is arrested, upon his release, next time we will kill him. no condemnation. a lot of name-, toxic atmosphere, do you want to start with immigration? do you want to start with the things he has said, you know, about muslims. where does it end?
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andrea: so criticism on the right, lou and the left of donald trump saying that he incites violence even though there have been reports that these protesters are paid, are organized, were rallied by groups like, george soros, one of his organizations is actually profiting off of this. who is right? >> well i think there are a couple of things if i may just to set the record straight on. and that is, the national media has joined with his opposition in both his own party and the democratic party. we're watching madness here. we're turning to his opposition in the democratic party for their heart-felt sense of what is truth? we're turning to his opponents in the republican party for their heart-felt of what is truth and what is objectionable? by any objective standard none of this would have happened if not protesters, disruptors done
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and calls them tried to enter and impinge the rights of others. there is no exception to that. this is solely on those who have sought to suppress his right and that of his audience for free expression. this is a no-brainer, except if you're in the national media where brains sometimes are in short supply and bias, immense oversupply. >> i'm so glad you brought up that point, lou, there has been a lack all weekend of fair reporting on this story. i have yet to see really in depth pieces that give equal time to the criticism saying that trump is causing this, that actually do digging to find out what the genesis of these protests are. harris, i have to tell you, it is mind-boggling for me to hear republicans, who use the argument guns don't kill people, people kill people. so the begins is not responsible. using same logic but reversing it when it comes to trump. trump is the one that causes violence instead of actual protesters. they're not being consistent in
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these republicans in their logic. >> in terms of reporting there was a young man went behind the scenes with one of the groups in chicago. what he reported there were different categories of protestor. there was one labeled red. that is what greatest risk of something happening potentially. one young woman reportedly raised her hand, oh, i want to be in that group. >> right. >> this is really amateur hour. if these protesters had a message they wanted to get across, why not do it in a way doesn't incite things. not that causing violence. hold on a second. not in the spirit of nelson mandela or dr. king. maybe it is because they don't have that adult leading them. i'm not sure. >> that comparison to history as harris mentioned you made before the show started. kasich saying you get this once in a while. look at 1968 and democrats. this is in some respects more unique that than. stark contrast the way you felt bit. >> that is balder dash.
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purely kasich. kasich is the guy sits in ambiguous fringe or the murky middle. and hesitates to take a position. look what he is doing with illegal immigration. he waits for, running right up until tomorrow. he waits until there is three or four-days of consciousness available. he declares he is for amnesty. where has he been with that courageous stand this is man who is desperate. why we turn to kasich or to cruz or rubio, to be the arbiter of what is right, fair and just about one of their opponents you wouldn't do in any other walk of life. why would you do it? because it is convenient to the media and its message. these protesters and disrupttors don't have a message. they're trying to destroy the message scaring the hell out of the establishment not only in the republican party but democratic party as well. andrea: appears to me, kennedy the left is terrified of donald trump.
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you would expect after you saw these organized staged protests you would expect exactly what democrats did. hillary clinton condemning it, saying he has to be responsible even though she is not responsible for what happens at her state department or her server, or benghazi, he has to be responsible for donald trump at his events. president obama weighing in. folks on the right, is it troubling folks on the right and establishment are co-opting the exact same talking points of the left? >> i think you know, what strikes me about this is squashing of free speech. that is on both sides. you have protesters coming to these events because they disagree so vehemently, victory for them to sop one of these rallies because they disagree so much. if you go on line, use any social media, even if you talk on television, critically or an lickicly about donald trump, his supporters attack you for your freedom of speech. >> there is quite a difference. >> when you're talking about freedom of expression and basic free speech there is not that
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difference. the difference there is not stark. where it is different when there is physical violence. and that's when this does not speak to the health of the state or this candidacy when people feel they have to cross that line and to enter into violent means which is unacceptable. >> i think it would be, i don't think we should allow ourselves to equate a moral equivalency or even in semantics between people arguing on line and social media and physical attacks on the part of protesters or disruptors or however you want to style it. these people are there for one purpose. and that is to put down freedom of expression. the first amendment is in peril here. our political life is in peril here. >> donald trump talks about wanting to sue members of the media. >> but again, there is an issue of causal relationship here. and the cause is demonstrator intruding into a space that has been reserved for the expression
9:16 am
of the candidate and for his supporters and those who are interested if his message to listen. >> but on both sides of the message because i think what the protesters are missing by doing they suppress their own voices. they're sort of dismantling their own credibility and their own way to speak up because they're choosing to do it in such a sophomoric way. we've moved away from freedom of expression to movement of suppression. and we can't let that happen. when these people act illegally it is incumbent upon the police officers who has shown restraint, donald trump talked about that, to act on that punish people legally. andrea: sandra, over the weekend heard people say he shouldn't have picked chicago, shouldn't have picked chicago. >> that is not fair. andrea: shouldn't have worn the dress. his fault for selecting chicago. same logic for that argument. donald trump condemned this violence over and over. what i'm shocked about the original point that lou made, there is so much evidence that
9:17 am
there these are paid, organized staged protests being rallied. if you go to craig lists, number of different ads looking for professional protesters to stir up violence only to blame it -- >> reaction i have to chicago, voters in chicago and everywhere have yaw right to hear from these candidates and as any other city and any other state. that being said we're talking about a response we're seeing from the other gop candidates to this, right? donald trump as you just pointed out condemned this violence but most recently said i have my people looking into this, regards what you're talking about ads on craig lists and paid disruptors. is he, is he responding to this, lou, the best he can be, donald trump? >> donald trump is the being donald trump that is the smartest he can be. they're tired, when they're turning to bernie sanders,
9:18 am
turning to donald trump, look at polls, every is a haven't and establishment genius in the republican party is saying this can't be, this can't happen. it is happening because of the baked, half-baked nonsense that spews from the mouths of these candidates. there is energy in the republican primary now because of cruz, or kasich or rubio. it comes from donald trump and his supporters. who are by the way, folks just like us. andrea: that's right. they deserve their say. >> absolutely. andrea: correct the record. bernie said i'm not a communist. they got that wrong. he is a socialist. as always we have you covered for all things election as millions of folks go to the polls for super tuesday part-d eux. our wall-to-wall coverage begins tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll take you into the late evening as polls close and results come in on this all-important day. again that is tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. democrats are heading to the polls too tomorrow.
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it looks like hillary clinton is trying to win over voters with a brand new approach. yes, another one. the new tactic some say she is using? whether it will work. we'll debate that. after the show catch more from the couch on the webb. "outnumbered overtime" where the chat is hot. we are breaking record numbers because people are fired up. take to "outnumbered".com. slash the o-t tab. harris writes them down. we'll answer them right after the show live. ♪
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♪ harris: lou dobbs is here. happy monday! millions of voters expected to head to the polls tomorrow. for democrats a new "nbc news-wall street journal poll" showing hillary clinton will significantly lead in three key states projected. we'll see what happens. she is leading already bernie sanders by 27 points in florida, 20 in ohio, six in illinois. this appears to be new. clinton trying to boost her image with voters. in recent radio interview expanded on recent comments in last democratic debate. that she is not a natural politician. >> this is harder for me. i admire the skills that my husband, president obama, have. they're just, you know, they're
9:24 am
charismatic and they're compelling and they're great orators and they have so many of the skills that one looks for. and i'm the kind of person, i do get up every day, say what can i do to try to make somebody's life better. harris: call herself boring? a strategist who worked for clinton, quote, an attempt, maybe successful to get people to see her less as politician, more of a personality. attempting to remove herself from an elite class of people who tend to be disliked right now, professional politicians, end quote. she is trying to make herself down like a personality, a la donald trump? >> i heard her being a victim. i think realities -- reality i heard making victim by association with two extraordinary talents but should not be judged as politician. harris: whoa. >> this is rationalization, this is not being self-debra indicating this is being
9:25 am
self-loathing. to me an absurd -- sandra: wow, that is deep, lou. so much of this goes, first of all, anybody who was listening to that think that was really spontaneous on her part, right? this is all part of her strategy. in the latest "washington post" abc poll was very telling. released last week. clinton scored worse than republicans ted cruz and marco rubio asking to assess candidates honesty and trustworthiness. this is what i wanted to you. she did better than donald trump when asked that question. >> that's right. this is all about being likeable. this is what i like about the sophomoric political press in this country. oh, my god, she has got high unfavorables yet he is crushing everyone in the field, generally. certainly just as entertaining and likeable as hillary clinton by whatever standard, you can use whatever metric you want. this race is not about being likeable.
9:26 am
this race is about government that works instead of government that doesn't. it is about being an outsider in the year of the outsider. against career politicians who have screwed up everything in our lives through government. i will take his unfavorables anytime over the rest of the lovely folks. harris: i want to step in here with something pat caddell said on fox news insiders last night. he said the threshold for acceptability has moved. sandra: yeah. harris: speaking specifically to what you just said. >> she is trying to move wit. that is the thing. she is not a person who has a steal, stable, quite stale, old tea bag and steeped in corrupt politics for decades. she is unnatural as a hunk of velveeta but still a total cheese ball. i mean that with love, affection and great deal of respect. no, i will say to your point, of course she moves. she moves wherever the wind
9:27 am
blows her. for a while she was saying i'm so anti-establishment because i'm a woman and there is no greater outsider in politics. harris: get back to what law said about the idea of you want to be #woman strong. >> just be #woman strong. don't use hashtag. be it. andrea: learn lessons from marco rubio, she should know this by now. you have to be authentic. if you want to be a strong, tough woman, be consistent. we've seen hillary play victim card again. on "o'reilly factor" posed by bill do you think she will show up to a debate in donald trump. of course. she showed up to the new york senate race. wanted rick lazio, put the petition in your face. i'm the victim. she was able to swing, harris, down by double point in new york. turned whole race around to win playing victim card.
9:28 am
always played the victim card and won. this newer, fresher, stronger co everything that she is introduced us to over the last three to four decades. harris: she tried it with donald trump. i will give you the last word, lou. she tried it with him early on and you he said, they tried it with me. she and bill clinton had a very bad weekend. >> because attacking trump, reality this woman has rehabilitated herself. she had come six months extraordinary in the debate. she has been strong. on other game. harris: what happened? >> suddenly they want to do this to her? if this is their idea of strategy it is idiotic and just be herself. harris: one thing for sure we were not talking about the email scandal. >> that's right. harris: she changed the topic a little bit. >> sure. harris: how will the republican candidates fare tomorrow with all the delegates up for grabs? how will it turn out? will john kasich and marco rubio win their home states? or could wins for donald trump make him unstoppable?
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♪. sandra: stakes are high for gop presidential candidates tomorrow. voters head for five winner-take-all or winner take most states. whopping 367 gop delegates up for grabs. brand new nbc polling shows donald trump leading in illinois with 34%, followed by texas senator ted cruz at 25% and ohio governor john kasich at 21%. meantime new "quinnepiac poll" shows donald trump rand john kasich tied for first in kasich's home state. in florida, trump leads senator marco rubio in his home state by a two to one margin. the delegate prize there, 99. meantime kasich won't return the favor for rubio when it comes to his strategy to stop trump. rubio's campaign urged support
9:34 am
es to vote for kasich in ohio you remember to take away votes for trump. when asked if he would do the same for rubio in florida. kasich said? no. what do you make of all this? >> when a candidate is asking his supporters to vote for another candidate you pretty well reached end of his career. sandra: rubio might have wanted to make the deal before then, right? >> tells you what a sellout he is to the establishment. it is purely a stop trump move. he is a man who can't even get to that problem. andrea: are they getting anywhere with this symptom trump movement? romney is out with kasich. harris: a moment of relevance i suppose. >> i think if kasich is bringing in romney, we have a new definition and much higher shrill, far more shrill definition of desperate. i can't even imagine it. sandra: solidifies kasich as total establishment candidate.
9:35 am
the fact he would go out and create, further that perception with mitt romney, you know, here is the guy who spent 18 years in the house. here is the guy, who is running for president again. he is a governor of ohio. he is another person like hillary clinton that is so completely wrapped and surrounded by the establishment, i think it is bad news for him. he might do well. such a toss-up in ohio. but you're absolutely right. what an admission of failure. you should fight for every victory. should fight for every vote. you should never concede to an active opponent. rubio, this last week telling megyn kelly, all the regrets he had for the way he talked about donald trump. this is guy who is waving the white flag. he has given up. he should drop out of the race. sandra: one should ask, andrea, if some of these candidates need a reality check. kasich saying donald trump will not be the nominee and whoever is the nominee will shape the republican party. to boldly will say he will not be there, when leading in every major state poll heading into tuesday.
9:36 am
andrea: not only do they need reality check, they're saying things like, we can take this from him. they're actively admitting that they're going to stop the will of the american people. and if you try in and be careful, lou, you're doing the same thing, if you try to actually analyze this, you're a trump supporter. all you're saying let the people have their say. i look kasich co-opting romney, didn't kasich watch what happened last week and week before? mitt romney actually helped donald trump win because he is not that popular with the republican electorate. so, i wonder, he is basically, kasich handing ohio to donald trump. and marco rubio did the same when he tried to deny -- sandra: i should clarify my statement leading every state poll, we do know because kasich it is looking pretty good for his home state. >> only six points up. harris: leading in ohio, barely outside the margin of error there, six points and one. monmouth university poll came
9:37 am
out a few minutes before we hit air says this. donald trump has doubled his lead over marco rubio. so consistent with quinnepiac but this is different. many voters who approve of the job rubio has done as the current senator in their state are still backing donald trump for president. i think that is the headline. closer you look in, they feel lukewarm about marco rubio in his own state. think about the things that you feel lukewarm about in your life. and think about the things you feel passionate about in your life which gets you to move. mitt romney, i said it a moment ago, he is looking for that moment of relevance. he is searching. he must be. he will not endorse anybody. so that is why it doesn't work. >> why is he going out with kasich? allowing him to go out when he won't pick between rubio and kasich. andrea: rubio losing his own state, there is another poll, headline, everyone should ignore polls. i will not look at poll now until the end of election cycle.
9:38 am
looking at polls, analyzing polls is colossal waste of their time. 25,000 people in ohio for trump. look at momentum. look what happens every single time. sandra: look what happened in michigan with bernie sanders and hillary clinton amen. andrea: abysmal showing for two candidates that should be winning. >> reassure my audience, we'll be paying a lot of attention to all the polls all the time because they're not always right but they sure give you a sense what is going on. andrea: this election they have been profoundly wrong. last week they proved it in michigan. it is unbelievable how wrong polling has been. harris: i do find it interesting people who feel the way they do about marco rubio would still vote for different candidate. >> says volumes. sandra: we'll leave it there. candidates on both sides of the aisle really, really, really, as we have clearly learned, want to be president but a chilling new intel report saying out some problems it may make them want to be careful what they actually are wishing for. the story and the debate next.
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giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran. ensure. always stay you. ♪ harris: one thing is for sure. whomever the voters select to replace president obama in november will not have long to get settled in. because u.s. intelligence officials are warning that the next president will have a rocky road to navigate from day one, like it isn't already. forecast by the national intelligence council cites a slowing global economy, increased volatility around the globe, rising tensions with both russia and china, advances in technology that will force governments and people to wrestle with data security and privacy and of course islamic terrorism, which radical islamic
9:44 am
terrorism which they predict will consolidate into large-scale networks across africa. that is already starting to happen across the middle east and parts asia. we pour more in and then we stir. >> i don't know how the intelligence agency spent on derivative report. harris: it was free. >> derivative from the national news media. everyone in the country understands each one of those issues and the idea this is going to -- this to me is remarkable point in our history. we're actually coming to terms in this campaign because the candidates have been forced to discuss illegal immigration, migration crisis in europe. we're talking about $19 trillion in debt. we're talking about infrastructure. we're talking about big issues. there hasn't been a presidential primary in which this has happened in my career and this is, i don't think focus on that enough. harris: would you say where we are now is worse than where we were in 2008, like with the great recession? i mean --
9:45 am
>> 2008 the financial crisis was a year old and, yes, i would say it is because we've got trillion dollars injected in the world economy -- $4 trillion. wages have been frozen for the past arguably 20 years, certainly for the middle class, working men and women. the family is being, i'm not going to add a value judgment to this, i am just going to say, family has never been under greater pressure of this country. it is bedrock of middle class and this society. harris: family unit feeling pressure of some things. lackluster jobs recovery, even if you can use the word recovery with more people outside -- sandra: as lou put it, stagnant wages and the middle class that continues to get squeezed. that is one of the biggest focuses of this election, sometimes get buried in all of the rhetoric. harris: who matches up? because that's what people will have to decide in november. who matches up? we can talk about and naval gaze all day long.
9:46 am
>> why you're seeing so much passage on both sides. that is so much frustration. voters gone to the polls in 2012 and 2014. they are frustrated. they sent mandates. those have not been honored. really depends where people think, because the bottom line the bottom line is the personal economy and someone better take that on because i don't know how much more people can take. harris: what is interesting as you say, it was in voters hands to begin with, andrea. now is lies in their hands again. are they not making kinds of choices they need to make or are these people failing them? andrea: i think they're making choices they know they need to make and being suppressed on both sides of the aisle by the republican and democratic establishment. lou, you've been talking about this for years, middle class, blue-collar worker squeezed, squeezed. that is the voter you see rising up and supporting bernie sanders and supporting donald trump.
9:47 am
very quickly, it is not just economic security. it is national security. a story not getting a lot of attention, hellfire missiles on a commercial airline plane heading to portland, oregon. who was going to pick up those in is sills? where were they going to? why aren't we talking about these issues? the country has never been more unsafe. harris: we have to run. i want to talk about more if we can. president obama reportedly narrowing his list of supreme court candidates. how soon can we expect him to nominate successor to the late antonin scalia. the battle over the high court w could be like none other than we've ever seen. glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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harris: fox news alert and information to bring you on sarah palin's husband. we were just learning, we knew she canceled event for donald trump campaign. the trump campaign put out a statement. here is with we learned. statement on governor sarah palin's cancellation. todd palin was in a bad snow machine accident. some people call them snowmobiles, last night and is currently hospitalized. governor palin is returning to alaska to be with her husband and looking forward to be with her soon. trump campaign is with them in thoughts and prayers. we know this is serious accident. that has been reported.
9:52 am
she is returning to be home with her husband. so we'll stay on the story. todd palin is injured. we don't know the severity of his injuries or the details on them but as we learn more of course we'll bring you the details. >> all right any day now president obama could name his pick to fill the supreme vacancy created by the death of justice antonin scalia setting in motion a fierce battle for the nation's highest court amid already intense presidential election year. the president reportedly narrowed down the short list to the supreme court to three candidates. they are all federal appeals court judges. chief judge, merrick garland, from district of columbia. sri srinivasan , a judge on the same court. wall watford since on the ninth circuit court court of appeals.
9:53 am
the republican committee is launching ad campaign that reince priebus calls the most comprehensive judicial response effort in the part's history. all right, lou, i will go to you. if we thought this election couldn't get anymore chaotic. if we thought there couldn't be more fireworks in the pyromaniac silo, what do you think will happen here? >> i think nothing. i think republicans for once are doing exactly the right thing. they are not going to hold hearings. i think they will hold the line on that. i think it is exactly the right response. the future of the republic is at hand. it is going to be determined both by the supreme court justice that this president now will not be able to get through judiciary committee on to the senate. the number of justices who will be likely replaced next year, forward through the first term of succeeding president. this is, this is for all the marbles. you can not, in my judgement overstate how important stakes are.
9:54 am
>> so, sandra, let me ask you, isn't there a worry among republicans if they block this nomination, if they don't allow it to go through there will be political retribution? sandra: yes. >> if hillary clinton and bernie sanders are elected their nominees could be far, far more liberal? sandra: yes, based on the short list and president obama narrowed list to three, everyone is beginning to wonder what a president obama nominee looks like for the supreme court. >> well, the reality is he is not growing to be able to move forward with these folks. it is just not going to happen. whoever, whichever among these three that he would move forward, i don't think has a chance anyway. i really don't. this is a point at which the republicans are now dropping, if you will the veil of here, saying this is brutal, straight-up, realpolitik and this, when the republic is at
9:55 am
stake, when everything is on the table, you have to do precisely what the republicans are doing. and what the president is doing. >> don't republicans always blow it when it comes to this kind of stuff? democrats will play victim here. they will be the one to say you blocked our nomination. and republicans are going to do a bad job of pr and look like villains? andrea: i'm surprised three men on the court. either way they will say they're not being heard. lou, even though the footage of joe biden from years ago basically saying that this president shouldn't get, whoever is sitting -- >> president obama. andrea: and president obama as well, filibustering a past republican candidates, they will ignore all that but i want to ask you about strategy. while it is wonderful that the rnc is assembling this historic campaign -- >> right. andrea: at the same time they're trying to suppress the will of the republican voter. if they keep the part fractured and continue down the road and steal the election from american voter and deny donald trump, how does that tie into the supreme
9:56 am
court nominee. does that unite us or fracture us. >> i don't think that is what is at stake here. they will hold the line and doing the right thing this is remember, the anti-establishment campaign cycle, election cycle. this is where they draw the line and keep it. sandra: very good. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay right here, things. thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. like in most families, dad's always the last to know. that's why accident forgiveness was the first thing he asked for when he switched to allstate. michael james! middle name. not good. get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident.
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sandra: millions of folks going to the polls tomorrow for super tuesday part two.
10:00 am
our wall-to-wall coverage starts 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll take you late into evening as results come in. again tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern here fnc. thank you to mr. lou dobbs, our one lucky guy. watch i am tonight on the fox business network. "happening now" starts right now.


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