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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  March 16, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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up in palm beach county last night, an elated and confident donald trump thanking everyone, and congratulating rubio on a hard-fought battle. the state that handily elected rubio senator in 2010 abandoned going decisively for trump. trump pulling 45 percent to rubio's 27. >> we have a great opportunity. the people that are voting. democrats are coming in, independents are coming in and very important people that never voted before. it is incredible. >> in miami rubio officially suspended his campaign but smiling as a matter of factually he talked about this year's unprecedented political climate. >> it is clear while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message about our future i still
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remain optimistic about america. >> and there were signs all day long in miami this was not to be a big rubio home state shocker. this photo taken of rubio's home town in west miami. as you can see all trump. trump's campaign out right bested everybody else's. it was the only campaign that had nearly 50 poll watchers at various polling precincts to make sure everything was going smoothly in infamous florida. >> infamous florida. phil keating live for us. thank you, phil. >> john kasich keeping his presidential hopes alive with a big win a must win in his home state of ohio. >> molly line is live for us from columbus, ohio with what is next. molly, good morning. >> good morning abby and heather. he got the big win he needed to move forward. his path to nomination is clear. he struck an optimistic note in
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the wake of this big win. >> you better believe it is about america it's about pulling us together not pulling us apart. >> ohio was a perceived must win who would have struggled to continue to win with a home state lawsuit. he claimed all 66 delegates on the gop side finally racking up his first win. it was decisive. ended up by more than 10 percent. his main rival did well in coal country and steel country the appalachian shan area in the south but not enough for victory. with some momentum in his corner kasich is vowing to go to the republican convention to cleveland and beyond. >> we have one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will be the president of the
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united states. >> kasich is now part of a 3 man race moving forward. he is at the bottom of the heat. still he is on the road, he is out there campaigning. he is in his native state in pennsylvania holding an event. >> he is not going anywhere any time soon. ted cruz now declaring this a two-man race despite winning zero states in yesterday's contest. where does he go from here? garrett tenney is following this from washington. >> ted cruz came into tuesday with a lot of momentum after beating donald trump in several states last week. it was almost a great night for him again. almost. in north carolina he narrowly lost to donald trump by about four points and lost to trump among evangelical voters by the same margin. in illinois most of the night before trump won.
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trump is ahead by less than 2,000 votes in another state where it will come down to absentee ballots. delegates are rewarded proportion proportionally. he will walk away with a decent number of delegates. the one win with cruz suspending his campaign making it more of a two-man race that cruz continues to make an argument for despite john kasich winning big in ohio last night. >> two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination ours and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. >> while it is mathematically possible for cruz to reach the 237 delegates to secure the nomination it will be a challenge. he has 394 which is 200 fewer than donald trump. >> what did he say earlier about what is too close with hand
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grenades and horse shoes. >> shores shoes and hand grenades in the election. >> i like that. despite what ted cruz says it is still technically a three man race. what was the biggest surprise of the night? were there any? hour political panel weighing in. we have our panel here. thank you both for sticking around with us. >> good morning. >> it was a big, big day yesterday. ashley, i will start with you. big surprise? big disappointments? >> i think the surprise and disappointment was marco rubio dropping out of the race. he said he was going to stay in the race oon if they ran out of money or coasting on fumes he would get in his pickup truck he would carry on until the convention. that didn't happen with a devastating loss in florida. i think his campaign ultimately made the right decision.
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i think the interesting thing about that is one of the policy aids tweeted they believed their support should go to senator ted cruz if they want to stop donald trump. i think in the days ahead we will see an endorsement from marco rubio from senator cruz. it might be a little too early for that. if the republicans want to coalesce behind one candidate that will be the one. >> 166 delegates up for grabs you think that would happen? >> it would be another time of marco rubio from it flip flopping from being the nice guy to not being so nice and heavy interaction with ted cruz in the beginning to potentially endorsing him. also saying he was going to stay in it then not staying in it. it was a good move. disappointment is for ted cruz with this i am second or third
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but i won speeches. he should stop doing that. donald trump will be the nominee. >> speaking of speeches donald trump's demeanor in his speech he was talking once again about unifying the party, kmarting together as one. boris, do you think he can do that? >> absolutely. not only can he unify the party, he is already doing that by speaking out to paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. not just evangelicals but moderates as well as well as bringing in other people independents democrats. we have 3 million more people to voted for republicans on super tuesday. he voted for democrats. in 08 we have such enthusiasm as republicans and we should embrace it. >> we were talking about that earlier in ohio alone. 70 percent of democrats voted republican and 28 percent of the independents did. what is the key to the
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republican nomination now or is it a done deal? >> i think at this point there is a two-man race. kasich is still in it, but he really doesn't have a shot. mathematically ted cruz can do that. 87 percent of voters aren't comfortable vote for donenal trump maybe his path is unclear. he is bringing in independents and democrats. he has ability to talk about trade and the economy that relates to people from both partyings but moving ahead that's a big block of voters looking for an alternative to donald trump. >> ted cruz (indiscernible n. (he failed in the southeast. dop nald trump will go to new york, new jersey, going to go to rhode island and california. he will be the nominee. he will wrap it up before the convention. >> we will see what happens.
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it does continue. thank you both for joining us. boris and ashley, thanks. abby? >> the time is currently 9 after the hour. the frontrunners finding success on the second super tuesday. wait until you hear how many voters couldn't pick either of them come november. the brand new exit polls painting a very interesting picture for the general election.
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the exit polls and why people voted the way he did. he came out in florida on top at 37 percent. >> interestingly he won by 6 percent which is a much smaller margin than his overall victory in florida. rubio did better with people deciding right before the election than trump did. d cuz it mean trump is weakening and rubio roy coming in it was a lot less than his overall victory. in four of the five states 40 percent say they would consider a third party candidate if it came down to donald trump and hillary clinton. >> the practical reality is it is very unlikely there will be a third party candidate. the question is what does it
2:14 am
really mean? it means there's a lot of dissatisfaction with trump. once people coalesce around the nominee this number starts to go down bso it will shrink. there's a question of during a quarter stay home or decide to defect to hillary clinton that could be the election right there. >> when it comes to the reasons why people are voting many folks are aping gree with the federal government. 38 percent in ohio. that's one of the reasons trump is doing well. >> i am surprised the number is so low. this has been how dom gnat they are. you have 4 in 10 republican voters who say they are angry. donald trump dominates with a majority of that vote. the surprise it is not a higher
2:15 am
percentage that are angry. >> if it is donald trump and hillary clinton do you see it i think chaing at all do you think trump doing better if people only have a choice between him and her? >> i think donald trump is a dangerous candidate. what you will sees there is more enthusiasm between hillary on the elect ability front it will be a battle of style and substance. the question is who wins that debate? there's a good argument to be made that donald trump is a formidable opponent in that case. there is a lot we don't know about what trump can and will do. there's a lot of down side in the trump candidacy. >> you have dissected these exit polls and all of this information. what was the biggest take away for you when you look at why people voted the way they did. what is the gut view?
2:16 am
>> i think you still can see that trump is taking advantage of what is going on in the republican lek terr electorate . he's doing a better job of that than anything else. even though the numbers are still big of people who will consider a third party candidate the numbers are shrinking. i don't think trump will win the nomination out right, i think you are starting to slowly see a coalescing of republicans around a trurp candida -- trump candid. michael mcclancy thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> heather? >> the time now is 16 minutes after the top of the hour. the remaining candidates spoke saying their fire on donald trump. >> it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. >> but is their focus on trump preventing them from being prepared to face hillary
2:17 am
clinton? could it come back to haunt them in november? >> doctor ben carson was not planning to endorse any of the candidates but changed his mind after being offered a position in trump's white house. he would run the department of no energy.
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>> the gop candidates coming out in full force on super tuesday 2
2:21 am
holding on to their place in the race and taking shots at frontrunner donald trump. >> i want to remind you again tonight. i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can print that on a baseball cap. the bigger question is whether you understand the principals and values that made america great in the first place. >> with all of the focus on blocking trump, will the eventual nominee be pull fully prepared to face hillary cloin ton in the general election. >> thank you for joining us. >> it isn the democratic candid took aim at trump, too.
2:22 am
are the republican candidates going to be prepared to face hillary clinton? >> i think they will. i think an exciting vibrant election is good for republicans. the democrats had this in 2008 where hillary clinton and barack obama were at each other's throats until june. they used that momentum to propel them into november. i think this is beneficial to have an engaging electorate to have high voter turnout to have people tune into their debate to see them on tv and see what they have to say. this is a good thing with the eventual mom knee. it seems like we are getting closer to donald trump as a nominee. also puts off this i guess third party considerations for other conservatives who might be disgruntled with donald trump as
2:23 am
the choice now that they think he has a shot they are not seeking third party options. >> there are several polls that we have been talking about all morning long or at least one poll voters were asked if donald trump was the eventual nominee would they want to vote for a third party candidate. overwhelmingly it would not be the third party candidate. >> ted cruz conservatives saying we lost to the republican party let's find our own party now that's an engaged process they were still in the process they are not seeking the third party process. the fact that they are fighting for the nomination is probably good for the eventual nominee. >> who admitted one of the big
2:24 am
things that happened marco rubio he dropped out who does that benefit? >> it seems to benefit ted cruz and not donald trump campaign. marco rubio was going after donald trump in the last few weeks of the campaign. it does seem to benefit. nothing has been so clear-cut in this campaign. it could benefit john kasich a little bit in the short term as well. there could be some people that go to donald trump. but mostly i think ted cruz is probably the biggest benefici y beneficiary. >> we are down to 3. with the other two in it that being john kasich and ted cruz could they team up against trump or will it benefit trump by splitting votes. >> kasich's strategy has been to be his own guy to be in his own fantasy about where he stands. not be connected to.
2:25 am
i think that probably continues because kasich is not going to i don't think team up against cruz. i think cruz will atake donald trump just as he has in the past. trump by the way will make it look like the nominee to -- >> look presidential. >> try to look presidential. that is it mostly. >> thank you for joining us. >> interesting stuff. thanks heather. the time is 25 after the hour. hillary takes momentum right on to pennsylvania. fist ann is dishing out politics and blueberry pancakes with florida voters. what's going on? >> hey to abby. hello to everybody at home. trump lovingly referred to
2:26 am
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>> good morning. it is wednesday march 16th. another super night for frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton. >> thank you for joining us. it is different this morning with three candidates left on the republican side. >> we are going to win for the country. we are going to win, win and we are not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> we have one more trip around
2:30 am
ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. >> only two dpans have the plausible path to the nomination hours and donald trump's. >> are you tired of a handful of billionaires running out of time. if you are, you have come to the right place. >> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side today we will not be on the winning side. today my campaign is suspended. >> too close to call. donald trump taking first place in florida, illinois and north carolina. governor john kasich winning his all important home state of ohio. here is the delegate count as it stands right now trump 621. cruz 396, kasich 139.
2:31 am
those numbers will change once missouri is called. >> hillary clinton sweeping the rest of the state. now she has nearly double the delegates. 1561 to bernie sander's 800. in the post primary day molly line is in columbus but we start with phil keating in miami. >> good morning. for the past week rubio promises voters the polls were wrong he wins florida. turns out they were spot on and rubio is done. donald trump commending rubio and his future after the florida senator's home state smack down. they handed rubio senator 2010 instead went big for trump. 18 points ahead of rubio. >> i want to say we are going to move forward and we are going to
2:32 am
win but more importantly we are going to win for the country. we are going to win win win and we are not stopping. >> while it is not god's plan for me to be president or maybe ever, today my campaign is suspended. the fact that i have even come this far is evidence how special america truly is. we must do all we can to ensure this nation remains in a special place. >> for trump according to fox news exit polling yesterday he still has many to convince. 6 in 10 voters said if this ends up being a donald trump verses hillary clinton race they will seriously consider an independent meeting. to ohio governor john kasich keeping his presidential hopes
2:33 am
alive with a big win in his state. i understand he's headed to pennsylvania. >> that's right. he's going to keep campaigning and he moves on from here. he got a decisive win in ohio with a 10 point victory. take a look at the numbers. 46.8 for kasich. trump 35.7 the ohio governor avoided the loss of his home state that would have marked the end of his white house run. remember this was a winner take all contest. kasich claims 66 delegates at stake on the gop side. he was trailing in the delegates and he finally wrapped up his first win of the election. >> to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. >> kasich's win tonight another
2:34 am
victory made it tougher for the businessman who made it difficult to go on and climb the nomination out right. kasich has momentum so he moved on to an event in villanova. >> molly line, thank you. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. we should be breaking down barriers not building walls. >> this is a huge crowd. i say to those cowardly republic republican governors, if you are afraid of a free and farrell election get out of politics, get another job. >> bernie sander's own words it was a huge night for hillary clinton whinning four primaries and securing her spot as the democrat edge frontrunner. were there any surprises, though? let's ask our democratic panel. chuck rocha is a democratic
2:35 am
strategist and now ceo of the new blue interactive. good morning you guys. thanks for being with us so early. appreciate it. >> start with the biggest surprise. >> hillary did so well. i found it unique where they went head to head with both campaigns sending exorbitant amounts on tv in missouri in illinois and in ohio. they really didn't fight each other that much. the other big surprise was the latino vote in illinois that it looks like bernie won. those are the biggest surprises for me tonight. luckily for the democrats this thing will go on. >> as it stands to hear the delegate count clinton was at 1,561 sanders at 800. can he go on from here? >> i think it is a difficult road ahead. i know we still have 26 or 27
2:36 am
primaries left in the system. but at this point we are nearly double the delegates that's not even counting the super delegates. i think hillary clinton does have the lock down. it is not insurmountable but it was a big night for hillary she has the momentum. >> what is the key to the democratic nomination? is it a done deal? >> what we try to figure out people have always looked at 08 as an anomaly. how do we get the same energy back the observe coalition back? the problem on the democratic side is whoever can bring that coalition back together will have the best shot of beating the republican. the question is is it donald trump? you can't play ball the same way you have always played ball because the field has changed and it changed the way we do politics. >> chuck and terri thank you for being with us.
2:37 am
the time now almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. home state advantage proving huge for ohio governor's john kasich. no republican has ever won the white house without that state. does he have a shot at the nomination? dennis kucinich is on deck. {off-line}
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{off-line}>> to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen our country, i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you.
2:41 am
>> home state advantage proving to be in john kasich's favor. the ohio governor winning his state on super tuesday 2 taking all 66 delegates. but does he have a path to the nomination? well a man who knows how critical ohio is to the road to the white house is dennis kucinich he's former ohio congressman and presidential candidate and fox news contributor thank you so much for joining us again. you and i spoke on super tuesday so super duper tuesday 2 did that shape up how you thought it would? >> i tell you what happened with republicans. if trump falls short of what he needed for the nomination he will look to john kasich. you have a trump kasich ticket. >> you think that's a
2:42 am
possibility? >> kasich said not just giving him the chance of winning ohio but also the presidency. i don't think there will be any question that we would be looking at a trump kasich ticket. if trump wins out right and has the number of delegates that go into cleveland convention trump may not look at kasich. right now john kasich is a pretty good bet to be on the ticket. his supporters think they may be able to knock trump out at the convention. >> a lot of folks are talking about cruz and kasich leading up to this against trump and trying to take votes away from him. >> this ends up being the tale of every man. after a while every politician goes out on his own journey.
2:43 am
a resurrection will be unlikely or join forces with trump. i think it's a strong possibility. >> hillary beat bernie in the buckeye state. can he do anything to take the lead? >> he has a tough climb. there are several states ahead you can anticipate he will be very strong out west. washington state, oregon perhaps new mexico. he has popular support with financing with the campaign plus his supporters are really powerfully motivated to get out there and vote for him. sanders stays in the race all of the way to the convention. what hillary clinton is going to do to try to win sander's supporters over and disappoint the democrats.
2:44 am
>> what about the democrat voters. 28 percent went republican, 7 percent of democrats. >> that could be key to the election. if you have democrats crossing ore to vote for donald trump and you have independents motivated to vote for donald trump the clinton campaign challenge should she win the nomination is to position herself to reach back with people and say look all is forgiven. come on home. that is because really right there could be where the hole election subsided where people are clsing over for trump hillary clinton could get them back. we will talk to you and see if everything you said will come through. the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. marco rubio suspending his campaign after a trushing loss in the home state of florida. where will his delegates go.
2:45 am
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>> i am steve doocy. coming up in 12 minutes fresh off his wins donald trump is going to join us live. how does he feel today? probably pretty good. so does hillary clinton. she won as well. bernie sanders not so much nor marco rubio. with john kasich winning ohio can ted cruz still claim it's a two-man race? we are going to talk a little bit about that. also ted cruz endorser carly fiorina he will join us. herman cane will join us with what is happening with the
2:49 am
narrowing publelection field. now let's go back up stairs. here is abby. good morning, abby. >> from a field of 17 republican candidates we are now down to just 3. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich remain. where does the republican race go from here? let's ask the president of a political con trb bugs firm. >> hi abby. good morning. let's start with the three candidates remaining in the race. kasich, cruz, their main goal at this point is to block donald trump. are they better off coming together forming some sort of unity? >> potentially. i mean there is a couple different scenarios people play out in the sense that kasich is looking at some of the states ahead could potentially pick some of the delegates off of donald trump. they are looking at the close primaries ahead which is where
2:50 am
ted cruz really thrives. he could take delegates off of donald trump. there are a couple of different scenarios that could play out and that's sort of anybody's guess. you have to image the candidates are running through the different scenarios. they are lacking with their campaign team as they are mapping out what the course looks like ahead here. >> the big news out of last night was marco rubio suspending his campaign. what happens from here? who do you think he ends up endorsing? where do his delegates go? >> that isn't huge news that marco rubio stepped out. he started this thing he had all of the promise in the world. regarding the delegates, i mean my understanding is it is dependent on the state. the republican parties put a lot of power in the states and republican process. depending who the states choose you have 167 delegates and 19 different states. a lot of them will become unbound unbound, free sijt so they can .
2:51 am
it's going to be dependent on the state. i think we should look to see who marco rubio endorses, if he chooses to endorse. i think the candidate most likely would be someone like ted cruz. so that will be interesting to keep an eye out for. >> where would his delegates go? >> as i mentioned, my understanding is it depends on the state, and the states get to decide what happens with the delegates. that's going to be dependent on i believe 19 something different states that marco rubio has allocated or accrued delegates in. a large portion of those will become unbound. so it will be up to the delegates to decide who they go to. i think a lot will be dependent on if marco rubio ends up endorsing a candidate. that could potentially influence the process. >> and as the delegate count stands now, trump is at 621, cruz, 396, kasich at 138. obviously cruz and kasich are hoping this comes to a contested convention. trump's not wanting that. do you see a scenario where
2:52 am
trump can get the number 1,237 before the convention? >> it makes it more difficult if john kasich and ted cruz stay in to try to get to the 1,237 number. we're witnessing a potentially historic election here. not just in the sense that it's been so fluid and, you know, in some respects unprecedented. we're potentially heading on a path toward a contested convention, the first time in 68 years. alternatively, if donald trump gets the nomination, this will be the first time in 100 years that a major party candidate comes from outside of the political system and is not a political candidate. in two scenarios potentially that could happen. we're making history. this is an interesting election. >> what a wild race it is. lisa, thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. heather? the time now is about eight minutes until the top of the hour. pouring coffee with a side of politics. florida's election proving to be
2:53 am
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the new poll found that the majority of millennials would
2:57 am
mo-- would vote hillary clinton over donald trump. they say found out you can't vote by texting. nope. too hard for me, man. i'm voteding for phillip phillips. marco rubio's run for the white house comes to an end after the florida senator suffers a huge loss to donald trump in his own state. >> what are voters thinking? let's ask anna kooiman live at testa's restaurant in palm beach, cooking up yummy blueberry pancakes. what's going on? >> good morning. >> reporter: yes, we are eating very well once again. good morning, ladies. and good morning to all of you at home. we're talking to a lot of diners who were voting yesterday and want to hear why. this is shawn bianco, a tennis pro, with a blog, gopgirl. who did you vote for and why? >> i voted for donald trump because his talk of building the wall is important to me. i met a woman at a charity function here in palm beach, and she's a nicaraguan woman that was brought across the border illegally and forced to be a sex
2:58 am
slave from the time she was 8 years old until she was 23 or 24. she, herself, is in support of building the wall because she does not want it so easy for people to bring people across the border. young women. and have them forced to be sex slaves and worse. >> reporter: for illegal immigration but wants the wall and that's why you support donald trump. thank you very much. i got to get over here, and keep eating those eggs and bacon. howard, how are you doing? we saw this guy yesterday. testa's gets a lot of regulars here. his dog bossman. you have been an anybody but trump voter, why? >> like i said yesterday, i'm not sure. i'm not happy the things he's saying on tv. i've always been a republican. i've always gone straight. n
2:59 am
now, until he can look more professional, presidential, i have to hold off. >> reporter: with rubio dropping out, do you like any of them? >> right now, no. not really. not really. i wish i could tell you i did. >> reporter: thanks a lot. going over here to another howard. how you doing? >> very good. >> reporter: how are your egg whites? eating very healthy. good job. >> yeah. >> reporter: and who are you supporting? >> well, at this point, i would have to say i'm just a little bit waiting because of controversies that are happening. >> reporter: you didn't vote for -- use said yesterday -- >> what i like about trump is that he outed the senators that were in office that did nothing and everything and people thought that he was just doing it for publicity, but he proved what he was doing. and you have to admire that. he beat rubio in his own turf. >> reporter: yeah. winner take all. he took 99 delegates here in the sunshine state. coming up in the next hour on the big show, on "fox & friends," we'll be taken you
3:00 am
inside merritrump's victory spe. back to you. >> appreciate it. let's keep talking about the presidential race. who is your pick and why? weigh in #keeptalking. >> a big day. down to three on the republican side. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> see you later. if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter tomorrow than yesterday! >> if we stand together, there is nothing we condition accomplish. >> this may not have been a year for a hopeful and optimistic message about our future. i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. [ applause ] >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. [ applause ] >> together, we will make washingt


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