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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 17, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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roger said fair request. they didn't hire the kid. >> seems like he's a good dad to me. a lot to talk about today, right? >> everybody, have a great day. happy st. patrick's day! hope you're enjoying the green. see you back here tomorrow, right? >> yes. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. good morning, it is st. patrick's day, it's thursday, march 17th, i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump warns there could be chaos. >> mainstream media going wild over that. >> anger and violence at his campaign rallies. >> but, of course, not one word about the anti-trump group that is threatening to disrupt washington, d.c., so is fair? meanwhile, who chooses the republican nominee? the people who vote in the
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primaries? >> of course, right? >> or the party itself, ainsley. >> that's a problem. the media has created a perception that the voters will decide the nomination. the political parties choose their nominee, not the general public, contrary to popular belief? really, curly? >> that's his name. >> nickname. >> and america got a whole lot sexier. fabio, no last name needed is now a u.s. citizen. and wait till you see the rest of his pictures. it's fantastic. first time i've seen him on with his shirt in a long time. hey, morning, especially fabio the american are better with friends. ♪ ♪
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♪ whenever you go in new york city, you'll be hearing bagpipes today. even at work if you're on the 70th floor because it is st. patrick's day in new york. and we do it better than ireland. >> and we have a bar on the plaza with sand -- >> a pub. >> sorry, an irish pub. happy st. patrick's day. don't forget to wear your green today. >> that's right. we've got the new york metro bi pipe band playing on the metro all day long. thank you, party city for all of the decorations. oftentimes, i think, wouldn't it be great if i lived a block away from work so that i could just
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walk to work? on a day like today, with bagpipers for three hours -- not so much. >> doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in new york city, there's always a pub and a huge crowd. >> speaking of huge crowds, where -- new york city, the streets of new york city hosted the biggest st. patrick's day parade in the world. where was the very first st. patrick's day parade? >> in america, you mean or ever? >> i think boston. >> he got it right. >> good job. >> we do have a trivia contest coming up. we're going to see how much we know. >> in 50 minutes we're going straight to the pub with an whiskey expert. >> it's going to be a great day. wear some green, please do. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the world of politics. first up, yesterday, donald trump made the observation that if he is a few votes short of clinching the nomination this summer in cleveland, the people
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who are supporters would go crazy. and he's right. at one point, he used the "r" word. he said they could riot. i think it's a figure of speech, nonetheless mainstream media, well they rioted on tv -- watch. >> donald trump fresh off major victories overnight now warning of riots if the republicans try to stop him at a contested convention. >> the words coming with these images still fresh in americans' minds. anger and violence at rallies. today, trump warned bad things would happen if they didn't get the gop nomination. >> the gop front-runner issued this warning if he doesn't get the nomination. >> like i heard them say there's going to be hell to pay. it's unfortunate because we're coming up in a weekend in which there was something cancelled, ryan and ainsley. >> right. >> i'll tell you something if
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they take it away from donald trump and he's running away with it and he didn't have 1,237, there will be a problem. >> he's just saying people are just angry. you have to remember, there are four people in this race, or there were, agency of two days ago at the last election. you're bound -- you're bound not to get the number that you need. going to whittle it down. they're not talking about, mainstream media is not talk about this radical group that has formed, traveled across the country called democracy spring. the mainstream media is not talking about that. >> yeah, it's going to kick off on april 2nd, the day after april fools' day, in philly on the steps of i think independence hall or right there next to the liberty bell. and then they're going to march down over ten days to washington, d.c. and they are on line. and they're saying hey, do you want to be part of this. by the way, you're going to get
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arrested so just know that going in. because what they're planning is a sit-in on steps of the capitol. they're apparently going to do something to get arrested. here's the thing, they want to stop the corruption in congress so they want congress to think about that. let's think about this, they're going to congress to say, hey, congress, stop doing what you're doing. it looks to me this is a great opportunity to wind up with a police record and spending a couple days just traveling the country, walking with the guys. >> bottom line is, both conventions are going to have a lot of interest and intrigue. but having seen this speech before, with donald trump's speech on immigration. donald trump makes a comment about what we're doing at the border. what we're doing with, you know, all the different issues. then we go two or three days about what he thinks. and guess what, it swamps all his opponents and steals the
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thunder. >> he is brilliant and generating free media. in fact, one of the networks. one of the other cable networks was talking about, do you think you've given him too much publicity. and they said, no. explain why. because he say news machine. he makes up -- you know, so many headlines are generated by the guy. but the riot comment on the heels of the closure of the rally in chicago, you know, the thing that people aren't talking about, it wasn't the trump supporters who are the trouble makers. it was the outside agitators who came in and caused all the problems. >> well, and donald trump keeps saying that republican leaders need to stand up an say we need to unite as a party. and governor rick scott, governor of florida, he was on fox and said the party needs to unite. we need to quit this fighting. >> i'm going to talk to everybody i can, just like i talk to my daughters today, i'm going to say, let's think about what we want. we need to win in november. we need to think about our jobs.
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we need to think about our future. the only way we're going to do this if we coalesce now, quit this fighting. pick donald trump, and listen to the voters and get behind him. i'm going to go out there and help coalesce republican voters to win in november. >> that intense stare. he's coming up in a little while. governor rick scott, no one thought he had a chance, he's not only won four years as governor of florida. he won another four years but not endorsed before the primary, but endorsed after the primary. >> given the fact there are so many trump supporters who think the rnc is going to steal the election, nomination from donald trump. what happens, this guy from south dakota who is an rnc member whose name is curley hogland. >> not the curley from harlem
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globetrotters. that's the only curly i know. >> focus. >> this guy, he said forget about what you're seeing on television. it's really not the people who pick the nominee, it's us who pick the delegates. here he is on "squawk because." >> that's the problem, the media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination. political parties choose the nominee. >> technically that is true, not directly bit voters, the voters go to their caucus or primary, and ultimately, they proportionately in many states figure out who the delegates are going to vote for. >> he is saying the media has created a perception that the voters decide. it's the media. >> i do believe you, people are online voting. >> my vote. you get to vote.
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>> remember in iowa, they counted the votes? how dare they! and they actually ranked the winners and gave them percentages. what were we we thinking? >> this is exactly why people love donald trump. they're anti-establishment. they're saying we know what's best four and your family. the people are finally saying, no, you do not. >> if you don't meet the threshold, one delegate over the majority, it doesn't go to that process. >> right, the rule, the rules. you have to go with the process. >> if one person doesn't is wind up with one, two, three, seven -- are there going to be riots? >> no. >> the cleveland police station apparently ready for riots. they have apparently obtained two sets of riot gear. i have a feeling it wouldn't be the people inside the convention hall doing the rioting. i think it will be the outside agitators who suddenly as we heard the mobilizing against the
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republicans. >> let's get to heather. >> you're the hardest working woman. you were working on sean's show last night and now on "fox & friends first." >> happy st. patrick's day. i do have serious news to start out with a fox news alert. isis terrorists taking their reign of terror to the skies claiming credit for shooting down an iraqi military jet. the iraqi military saying the jet crashed due to technical problems. this comes as a public warning that isis is actively trying to obtain software to wage cyberattacks. no evidence that isis can hack into the u.s., but a worry that they could do that. senate republicans doubling down on their promise not to consider anyone for antonin scalia's replacement until after the 2016 election.
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>> we're following the biden rule. the american people should understand if the shoe was on the other foot this is a republican president submitting the nominee in the middle of a presidential election. there are no circumstances under which the nominee would be confirmed. >> despite the opposition, garland will meet today in washington. america just got a whole lot sexier. fabio is now a u.s. citizen. i love hearing that. the italian-born model just taking the oath of allegiance in california, now becoming a naturalized american citizen. fabio says it was one of the happiest days of his life and that the united states is the greatest country on earth. amen to that. fab fabio, we're happy to have you. >> great story. >> the cover of the romance novels in the '80s and '90s. >> i don't even think he wrote
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those novels. he was just on the cover. >> i talked to the young ones downstairs, they're like, who's fabio. he's never allowed to cut hair. >> do you think we don't recognize who fabio is? >> good morning, this is fabio and you're watching "fox & friends." meanwhile, donald trump dominating the delegate count despite being disliked by republican party leaders, in many cases. so how did he get past the establishment? our next guest has a pretty good idea. then, a baseball slugger retires because the team bans his son from the clubhouse. is that fair or foul? but first -- >> more from the new york metro pipe band on this st. paddy's day. 34 outside on the plaza. sales event is on.
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(neighbor) yeah, so we're just bringing your son home. (dad) ah! greetings, neighbor. neighbor boy. he really loves our wireless directv receiver. (dad) he should know better. we're settlers. we settle for cable. but let us repay you for your troubles. fresh milk for the journey home? (neighbor) we live right there. (dad) salted meats? (neighbor) no thank you. (dad) hats then! (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. he's not articulate. he's not poised. he's not informed. all he has going for him is a lot of money. why thaent hhasn't that hit hom. >> i believe he can be stopped. >> gop leaders over donald
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trump's success with the plan it seems to put together a plot on how to stop him from becoming the nominee. but how does trump stop getting past the establishment and what happens next? let's ask georgetown university professor hans noel. the co-author of the book you just saw. hans, can trump be stopped? should he be stopped? >> well, it's getting to be increasingly hard to stop him. i think republican leaders have two strategies. one is to deny him the actual nomination by having a contested convention, that only happens if he doesn't get an outright majority of delegates which actually could happen. and if that happens, and if they do try to deny him the nomination at the convention, you have to convince the american people it's okay that the party makes it at the convention with the matter who didn't get enough vote which is is a tough sale. >> if you look at it as the
3:19 am
party, the republican party or speaking out loud and then the republican party establishment pushing back on all levers. who wins? >> well it's a tricky thing. i mean, the party establishment has the advantage of knowing how the rules work and how things play out. it's also important to know while trump has got, you know, the largest number of delegates and he's getting most of the votes, he's won like 37% of primary votes in republican contests so far. so, while a lot of people have spoken in favor of trump, a lot have also spoken against trump. and the real problem is you have a fractured party that some like trump. some like a more conservative candidate from one of the more sort of party regular candidates. and the party leaders are in a position trying to figure out which of those options is the best one for the party. >> and real quick, in '76, they pushed back against reagan to allow ford to get the nomination, correct. there was party collusion? >> that's right, there's party collusion to some degree in
3:20 am
every contest. >> we'll see what happens. we know there's a lot of resistance but momentum, 19 contests left until june. and then we'll have the convention in july. hans, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up straight ahead, pete has some very special guests on this st. patrick's day, right, pete? >> that's right, the fighting 69th. we're here with delta company, they will lead for the 156th time the st. paddy's day parade. that we're following all morning here on "fox & friends." ♪ ney retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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we've got some quick
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headlines for you on this st. patrick's day. first up, video just released of a daring escape involving a helicopter. two inmates dangling on a rope being flown to freedom. one of them almost gets caught on a camera before finally breaking away. they were captured hours later. that's just like in the movie. and 2.5 million bucks up in flame. you're watching a 77-foot luxury yacht being completely destroyed by a fire while in st. thomas in the virgin island chain. nobody on board was injured but the boat a total loss. well, st. patrick's day it is here, hope you're wearing green. it's celebrated all around the world with unique traditions. the irish pride, fighting 69th.
3:25 am
it's had the honor of leading the new york city st. patrick's day parade. >> pete joins us live with the battalion's historic armory. that's where you're at, pete. what's going on out there? >> reporter: good morning, it's a fantastic tradition that's gone on for over 160 years. the fighting 69th. most don't know they have their own battalion. i served in this parade about 12 years ago. taken in by this amazing tradition. following ep up to st. patrick's cathedral to lead the parade. i'm here with retired colonel quinn. good morning. >> happy to be here. happy st. patrick's day. >> reporter: tell us about the 69th and its traditions. >> it's a great infantry regimen from new york city that used to be 100% irish-americans. here in new york but still a
3:26 am
regiment today. >> reporter: st. paddy's day has a special meaning, obviously, it's led the parade for over a century now. tell us what you're wearing this morning and what the traditions are? >> what i'm wearing on my uniform is a sprig of boxwood. and this is relevant because the 69th would attack their positions, they would put a sprig of boxwood to remind them to have that on this chest in event they fell to combat. >> reporter: it's pretty cold all day in march, what are you doing to lead the parade? >> so, we have a lot to get ready this morning. we'll start, get everybody lined up, and we'll march through the very quiet streets of new york at this hour. we'll get up to have a mass in honor of all of the fallen soldiers and then march in the parade. >> reporter: this is your last day as command, correct?
3:27 am
>> it is. what a fine way toserved in ira as well, right, colonel? >> served in iraq. first, we were the first unit to ground zero on 9/11. and many of us went on to serve in iraq over the past 10 to 15 years. it's been quite a road. >> reporter: how many times have you marched in this parade yourself, soldiers here have probably don it many time 80. >> many have done it many times. this will be my tenth marching as the commander. >> reporter: we'll follow this with colonel quinn. the fighting 69th infantry unit. an amazing tradition that most don't know about. colonel, thanks for being here. >> pete, no fighting today, just marching today, right? >> reporter: no fighting today. just marching. we'll try to keep it -- this is a rowdy bunch, though. >> it looks rowdy.
3:28 am
>> give them a few more hours. >> i hope after 5:00 p.m. eastern they're able to have a beer or two. by the way, the grand marshal this year is senator george j. mi mitchell. he will reside over things. look at the city though, it's really hard to watch. a clerk is grabbing this baby while the mother is having a seizure. you're going to area from that clerk straight ahead. plus, a baseball slugger retires leaving $13 million on the table. why? because they banned his son from the clubhouse. is that fair or foul. he brought him every day last year. but first, happy birthday to gary sneed. friend of the show is 61 today. happy birthday. >> what a great birthday. everyone is celebrating it. ♪
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bernie spoke up against the family that owns walmart for paying low wages which could back fire in a few weeks when bernie ends up as a greeter. welcome to walmart, whatever. buy something, i don't care. >> it's over there. >> hey, but there is pressure on bern thy to get out now. not from hillary, because she stayed in, too. but from the party to bow out. >> because the party is coalescing around the front-runner. they're doing that on the democratic side. >> there's pressure on the other side. >> i'm pro-coalesce. i've always been pro-coalesce. >> go coalesce for me. >> i'll coalesce around, heather.
3:33 am
>> he is not interested in me. he wants to coalesce with you. >> good morning, everybody. i've got a bit of a serious story to bring you that has a bizarre twist. the kalamazoo shooting rampage left six people dead. that's the tragic part. the former uber drive is now suing the ride sharing company for $10 million. this is the bizarre part. in a handwritten complaint he says, quote, they gave me no christmas bonus. i wasn't invited to any corporate parties. they made me work while i was sick and didn't let me spend time with my two children. wow, this sounds about like any job that anybody has had in the united states. michigan governor rick snyder facing the flint water crisis. he'll testify at capitol hill just a few hours from now. snyder is expected to call the crisis a failure of government
3:34 am
on saall levels. flint switch its water source in 2011 that led to the lead contamination and poisoned thousands of residents. and caught on camera, a convenience store clerk in colorado rescuing a baby as the mother collapsed. the hero clerk said the mother's face was glazed over and knew something was wrong. she grabbed the baby and tried to hold on to the mom as she started to fall, listen. >> it hurt. i wish i could have held on to her longer. >> the woman was having a seizure. the baby and the mom are both okay. and a baseball star walking away from millions and millions of dollars because his team wants to limit his son's time in the clubhouse. limit. all right. chicago white sox slugger adam laroche cutting himself loose from a $13 million contract after the team told him to cut down on the amount of time that
3:35 am
his son drake spends with him at the team facility. his son had his own locker and was there nearly every day. the white sox, well, they say, the family is still allowed in the clubhouse just not every single day. and those are how you have. we've been debating this all morning long. >> debating, you're right. >> the kid goes to school. how much time could he be spending there. >> almost every day. >> okay. >> you have to think about if we all brought our kids to work, could that be acceptable? >> we like our children. >> we bring brian and steve along. >> ultimately, he made his decision. it was his choice. the club doesn't want my kid here every day, i don't want to work here anymore. >> the kid is going to grow up and say, dad, you gave up $13 million? >> his inheritance. >> sorry. the cool thing about you you were a professional baseball player, now that you're home
3:36 am
plate catcher to me, not as cool. >> here's the thing, he's the designated hitter. he's been in a slump. maybe this is just a convenient excuse to get out of the clubhouse. >> can you imagine there's like four americans that actually fit their job because of that. >> that's what i was thinking. my dad would be like, you're staying home. in the meantime, extreme weather is taking over parts of country on this thursday. and ef-2 tornado touched in peoria county in illinois. winds reaping 120 miles per hour. >> we're doing a flooding story every day. flooding continues to plague parts of the south on the texas sls /louisiana border. hundreds of people forced from their homes. >> now, we're talking snow? say it isn't so, maria molina has that. >> happy st. patrick's day.
3:37 am
here we have this amazing setup around the "fox & friends" studios. take a look around me. we have pictures hung up, fake wood floors. and it looks like somebody has been busy with whiskey pouring some glasses out hire. i'm sure you're going to be hitting this up later this morning. let's look at the weather conditions. we do have more weather to talk about, we have snow coming down in the great lakes. and winter warnings are going to be expiring soon as snow continues to winds down. otherwise, in parts of the gulf coast, we have unfortunately incredible flooding going on in eastern parts of texas and louisiana and we could be seeing more storms across that region. and some of those storms could bring severe weather. heavy rain forecast over the next couple of days with the active region on the gulf coast with several inches of rain possible. here's a quick look at your temperatures this morning. not too bad. >> maria, thank you.
3:38 am
15 minutes to the top of the hour. >> it's a biblical epic like you have never seen before. look at this. ♪ amazing grace ♪ >> the passion is a modern twist using current songs to tell his story. it's happening live on fox. >> fox's v.p. of marketing michael tammero who sat down with the cast. >> i did, guys. take a spiritual journey. brian could use one from what i hear. the passion of jesus christ set in modern times, narrated by tyler perry and told throughout the streets of new orleans. it's never been done before, folks. i caught up with the cast to learn a little bit more. ♪ anytime i mention the passion live, someone says, oh, the movie or whatever. no, it's not the movie. how would you describe this undertaking?
3:39 am
>> extremely modern. there's no beards or robes or long hair or flip-flops. >> playing the role of jesus and telling this incredible story. you have learned something different or seen something differently in a way you haven't before? >> now, this time around when we were doing the story and singing songs from deion. "demons" from the magic dragons, that's what stands out to me. that's the bullet eauty of this project. that gives the energy and drive to really work hard with this project. it's mind-blowing. it's mind-blowing. there are powerful, powerful moments in scenes that i don't think we've ever seen jesus in this way or as human as this portrayal. or just as vulnerable as we see him in some of these moments. i think it's going to help us identify with him a little more.
3:40 am
♪ i will love you unconditionally ♪ >> i cannot wait to watch this. >> this sunday on fox at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it's going to be incredible. live, rain or shine. indoors or out. anything can happen. >> on the fox website they've got previews of what it's like. especially when they are carrying that 20-foot cross through the streets of new orleans live. it's so powerful. and for it to be on palm sunday night, awesome. >> they hope that this will become an annual event. this was denmark for years and years, tyler perry had seen it and brought it over to this country. they're hoping you can do this every year with a different song set. you can get the songs on itunes right now. tyler perry knows a little about resurrection. >> 1,000 people are going to be there to take part in the
3:41 am
procession. anything can happen. >> can i just say, i'm worried? live? >> even with that information. >> exactly. >> we're going to have tyler perry on tomorrow, you can tell him your concerns. >> i will. >> i love that he's doing this. >> thanks, michael. still ahead on this thursday, the final thought of who is the best to take on terror, general michael hayden joins us next hour with his pick of that person. and president obama makes his pick to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court setting up a showdown with republicans. judge napolitano has analysis on this. and he requested this music. ♪
3:42 am
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♪ president obama yesterday nominated federal appeals court judge merrick garland to replay the late justice antonin skale leah on the u.s. supreme court. setting up a shedown with republicans. who is garland is there a chance he'll get confirmed. judge napolitano. judge, it's been made clear that the republicans are saying that the next president should pick, not the guy in the 11th hour. >> right. that is the calculation they're making that the next president will be donald trump or ted cruz or john kasich. it will not be hillary clinton or joe biden or bernie sanders. i say the fbi is moving closer
3:46 am
to bringing charges against mrs. clinton. but he's got to be in the mix. another issue for another time. but it's interesting the last time that the president sought to nominate someone to the court in the last part of his term the committee chairman was joe bi z biden. and what did he say? it's too late to be nominating. about judge garland, he's pro abortion and anti-gun. almost on all other issues that have come to the court, it comes to him, i know of his record, he's got a 19-year track record in the federal appellate court in washington. on almost all other issues he's center right. and on many issues he's very close to where justice scalia was. >> that's why, when you look at what president obama has done, politically, it's brilliant. because he's put somebody out there who doesn't have -- you know, he looks like the kind of
3:47 am
guy they would like. and yet, ultimately, you say, because the republicans have been so clear, they don't even want to have a hearing on this guy. the president is simply putting the name out there. knowing it's not going to happen, just for political gain. >> because he wants to beat up on the republicans. because there are about six republican senators in very tight re-election races. those six do not want this, whether or not judge garland should get a hearing to be an issue in their races. the president believes by using judge garland. this is a little in the weeds, but i think this is his thinking by using judge garland whom he doesn't even want on the court because this guy is nowhere where the president'siolog ideo. >> right. >> to the left, with a swing vote going almost sometimes with the liberals, sometimes with the conservatives. the president wants to beat up on the senate. he wants a democratic senate to
3:48 am
succeed this senate because he believes that his successor, whoever it is, will choose the person to fit that role, and that choice will be far to the left of judge garland. >> just the fact you said he doesn't even want this guy on the court. because the next person won't just pick the next justice could pick two or three or four. >> let's put it this way, if judge garland is confirmed, and i don't think he will be. his reputation, his personal history, will all be beaten up, rolled over, devoured for barack obama's political desires to be beat up on mitch mcconnell and the republicans on the senate. what else suffers? the court. like that tie steve. >> where's that leprechaun that was here a few years ago.
3:49 am
>> yeah, the guy we hired from craigslist? that worked out great. meanwhile, former governor rick scott just endorsed donald trump for president. he's going to be with us. >> did you know that st. pat isn't actually from ireland. we're going to take an irish i.q test next live. from our pub. ♪ president obama nominated appeals court judge merrick garland to serve on the supreme court. judge garland actually got choked up while accepting president obama's nomination in the white house rose garden. especially when president obama was like, will you accept this rose? i was actually in love with two judges. ♪ constipated?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
happy st. patrick's day. did you know that st. patrick was not from ireland? that's one of the surprising facts surrounding the holiday. here is is the ambassador for the irish wish gig. >> this is an appointed position. >> this is. >> i'm going to -- there's no diplomatic immunity. >> thanks for setting this up for us. its a beautiful. >> we might have a hard time kicking people out of the pub. >> this is great for a sitcom we're rolling out after the show. so we have a bit of a st. patrick's day's quiz. i'm your dressed in green quiz master. >> and the loser gets whiskey.
3:54 am
>> there's prizes on the line here. first question, did you know that st. patrick isn't officially irish. where is he from? >> all right. the right answer here. >> wait. what did you pick? >> wales. >> wales. >> i know my trivia. >> i studied i. this is your chance for redemption. >> can i give you a game show host observation? when you say there's a right answer, we thought we were right. you're right on that. >> all right. redemption time, lads. so traditionally, every year the irish leader gives gifts to the american president "a," a bottle or or "c" leprechauns? >> i say "b." >> we're tied up on one apiece.
3:55 am
crystal ball filled with shamrock. i think he should give free a he leprechaun. >> full of shamrocks? that's great. >> so tied here. third question in what state can you find the olest aye irish pub in america? california, maryland or massachusetts? >> massachusetts, "c." >> me too. >> i'm going with "b." >> "b." >> it's maryland. >> oh, my goodness. >> don't worry. >> your face gave it away. >> wrong answer. >> i was trying to help you. trying to help you. >> you're an ambassador, not a game show host. >> final question. >> so ireland t country that invented whiskey. how many operating distilleries are there in ireland today? 12, 120, "c" 1,200? >> oh, as much as i'd like -- >> i'm going with "b." "b." >> it's "a."
3:56 am
oh, goodness. >> there's terrible. >> you'd never know i'm half irish. >> once again i'm a winner. >> we have some great irish whiskey. i think we should toast to it. >> we could toast to my failure and ainsley and steve's success. >> here's to cheating, stealing and fighting and drinking. now, if you cheat, may you cheat at pub quizzers. fight for one another. and if you drink, drink with me on st. patrick's day. >> there you go. great job. >> beautiful job. >> thank you very much. whiskey is my -- whiskey is the life of man. >> a little risky. >> yeah. >> choose tullemoore? >> yes. what made me think that was the brand you'd suggest? meanwhile, a monkey in a hamster ball on a treadmill.
3:57 am
this is one way that the government wasted your money in the last year. and the happiest countries in the world just revealed. where do you think the united states ranks? >> right. >> i feel happy. through your no. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ]
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or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. good morning to you. it's thursday, march 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt, i'm depressed because we have only two more hours of the show. i love it. it's another war of words between trump and the gop establishment. >> i think we'll win before getting to convention. i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think it would be -- i think you would have riots. plus, governor rick scott endorsed trump and he's here live to explain why. remember the shrimp on a treadmill? now we're paying for a shrimp fight club.
4:01 am
it's the outrageous things that the federal government is spending our tax dollars on. not going to make you happy. cheers to your health. beer can help cure cancer. thanks, budweiser. this perfect story for st. paddy's day is coming your way. i'm here to remind you, mornings are better with "friends." ♪ ♪ >> the pub in front of our world headquarters. as you know. there you have got right there the new york metro pipe band on the plaza with us all morning long. until they take off, they have a full day and we're so happy that
4:02 am
they would start with "fox & friends." >> steve, you went over to the fence. i saw the pipe band coming over. isn't it interesting they want to meet us, they said, no, we want to try the whiskey. by the way i did terrible in the game. this book is going to help me. take a look on the inside. see this? >> it's brilliant. >> gave you this book to study. it's a flask on the inside. >> irish truth. >> put that on your bedside table and your kids will think you're smart and you're reading a lot. >> there you go. thank you very much for joining us. if you're getting dressed wear some green. today, everybody is irish. >> or paint your face. >> paint your face. all right. [ laughter ] heather? >> how much of that whiskey did you have? >> i think he did that with the confirmation bible, carved out a
4:03 am
little flask -- >> how dare that. i was in ninth grade. are you crazy? >> #prayers for brian. >> it will be trending. i'll start off with a serious news story, a fox news alert. isis terrorists taking their terror to the skies, credited with shooting down this jet. the jet crashed due to technical problems and this coming as the u.s. government warns that isis is actively trying to obtain software to wage cyber attacks on us. there's no evidence that isis can actually hack the u.s. service just yet, but officials are worried that that could happen and just how terrible that would be. well, new overnight, frank sinatra jr. the only son of the legendary singer has now died. ♪ i want to be a part of it new york, new york ♪ >> wow. such a great song. sinatra had suffered heart attack while he was on tour in
4:04 am
daytona beach, florida, following in the footsteps of his famous father. he had a long musical career of his own, he worked a as a musical director for his dad. he was 72 years old. and a head to head battle in washington between senate republicans and the white house. republicans refusing to hold hearings for president obama's supreme court nominee, merrick garland. now, despite the opposition, garland will meet with democrats today in washington, but will it matter? >> his personhood, his history will be beaten up, rolled over, devoured for barack obama's political desires to beat up on mitch mcconnell and the republicans in the senate. and what else suffers? the court. >> wow. conservatives also focusing on garland's past opposition to second amendment rights. the u.s. is moving up as the happiest -- among the happiest countries in the world. america this year coming in at number 13.
4:05 am
that's two spots better than last year. denmark took the same -- took the number one spot. followed by switzerland, iceland, norway and finland. columbia university releases that report every year, ranking 157 countries based on life expectancy and freedom to make choices. we should be number one. those are your headlines. >> i can't believe it. >> and we're -- unless you're talking about washington politics. >> we have too much responsibility. it's hard to be happy when you try to keep the world a safe place. if you're denmark or switzerland, you have nothing to do. >> you know where the happiest place on earth is, disney world, florida, and the governor from the great state of florida is joining us, rick scott. >> the happiest place in the world is florida. >> you're happy today because you're getting publicity, yesterday you came out and you said i want donald trump to be president of the united states. why did you decide to make that announcement after the primary in florida? >> well, remember back to my
4:06 am
primary back in 2010. all the establishment -- i was the business person, the outsider. all the establishment told me to get out of the race. we would not win. we would hurt our chance to win later. and what happened? we won. we had big majorities in the house and senate. we have turned our state around. we have had tough primaries. the voters have picked donald trump, it's time to coalesce behind trump because the issue is we have to win in november. we cannot have four more years of barack obama. need somebody who's going to focus on jobs. fixing the federal government and i believe donald trump will do it. >> okay. but didn't you believe that before florida? >> what i want to do, i wanted to let the voters decide. i trust the voters. did not like the party leaders telling me to at get of the race or telling me i shouldn't be in the race. i let the voters decide. that's why i waited until after the primary in florida and donald trump had a big win in
4:07 am
florida and a big win on tuesday. we have had a tough primary season, two favorites from florida had lost. a lot of my friends as governors have not made it. it's time to coalesce behind donald trump so we don't have hillary clinton in november. we can't have the republican on republican fighting. i want jobs. i know donald trump can focus on jobs like i have done down here and turn this economy around. >> i think it's smart you didn't endorse anyone. you had jeb bush and marco rubio and i think you made a wise choice by not endorsing anyone because it could have turned off the other two or the front-runner. what do you make of the media? the media is up in arms over trump's comments about a contested convention. he said if we don't have the 1,237 going into the convention we'll have a contested convention. and the gop -- >> riots. >> gop voters have made their choice, they pick med, he says, we'll have riots as a result. what do you make of that? >> well, clearly, the voters are frustrated with party leaders.
4:08 am
they don't trust party leaders right now. so trump is either going to end up with a maertd or -- end up with a majority or close to it. if he doesn't get the nomination, i think that the voters are going to be pretty frustrated and i think it will impact our ability to win in november. my focus is we've got to win in november. it's time to coalesce behind donald. we have to have somebody who will focus on jobs, downsizing the size of the federal government. all of these things are important to us. >> do you think that donald trump was suggesting, you know, if i don't get it, he was inciting violence? >> oh, you can ask donald trump what he meant. >> the way you heard it. how did you hear it? >> people are frustrated. i heard it that people would be very frustrated. i think that -- i think that people will be very frustrated. they don't want party leadership picking the winner. that's -- you know, i won in 2010, the party leaders wanted to pick somebody else. people want the voters, the voters had clearly chosen donald trump.
4:09 am
they trust the business person outsider. they want to change the status quo. >> 19 states left. now, meanwhile, there -- this story we see this story about party members going behind the scenes at a show called "the circus" which is a behind the scenes look on showtime each and every week. in it a bunch of members who were getting -- party elites who were talking about this party really belongs to them. they'll really decide who geesing to -- who's going to get the nomination. this is curly haugland. >> that's a problem, that the media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination. the political party choose the nominee, not the general public. >> that was a cut from the cnbc show. what's your reaction to that? >> that guy -- >> the voters choose -- voters
4:10 am
should be choosing the nominees. that's exactly what they wanted to do to me. the party's leadership asked me to get out of the race a bunch of times. they -- the voters should be choosing this. they have clearly chosen donald trump and when want to win in november. we've got to coalesce now. we can't have this republican on republican infighting for four more months. >> how did their establishment react to you endorsing donald trump? >> i haven't gotten any phone calls, anybody complaining. i think i did the right thing by waiting. let the voters of florida decide. look, we have had a very contested brie mare -- primary, a lot of great candidates. time to coalesce. >> ultimately, you know, florida is one of those wonderful states with people of all political persuasions. the big question is as the chief executive of florida, in the general election could donald trump who you endorsed beat hillary clinton? >> oh, i think he'd clearly beat hillary clinton. we don't want four more years of barack obama.
4:11 am
the -- they have seen -- >> you know how -- >> you're a business person, you know barack obama won twice. >> if you look -- they have seen that a business person outside kerr turn this state around. i think they're very open to a business person outsider turning our federal government around. so i think donald trump will have a big win in november in florida. >> what happened to marco rubio in the big picture? he only won his county? >> i think he worked really hard. but donald trump has done a great job of getting his message out. this issue this year is jobs just like my race in 2010 and 2014. it is all about jobs. people are ready for a big change in government. >> all right. >> what's the biggest adjustm t adjustment, governor, as you go from business person to politician? you did it. >> i think -- he's done a lot, you do a lot more media. and you have to work with -- in his case, you have to work with congress, in my case working with the legislature. i never had that experience. but if you have been successful in business you know how to build relationships and get
4:12 am
things done. >> take a look, exhibit "a," business men can become politicians. rick scott, chief executive of the great state of florida. >> come to the happiest place in america. florida. >> every chance we get. >> thank you. a firefighter is the last person you want to see storming your plane minutes before you take off. wait until you hear what exploded inside the carry on bag. remember this shrimp on the treadmill? there's a shrimp fight club. what else your hard earned tax dollars are being used for now. i've been on my feel all day.
4:13 am
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when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! all right. march madness and government waste collide this month. it's called the egregious eight tournament. our next guest is revealing the
4:17 am
shocking truth about some of how your tax dollars are being spent and it's outrageous to say the least. this is third year we're doing this. we're proud to bring it to you. jeff flake is joining us again. senator, what have you discovered to share with quus? >> well, we have a great eight at the top. i think you have some video of it. nih spent about $1 million putting a punch of marmosets in exercise balls on treadmills. not to study anything specific, but to determine whether studies can be done with monkeys on a treadmill. >> right. >> and that's about $1 million. >> so that cost us about $1 million and at the end of the day we didn't get anything of it. that's pretty egregious. the shrimp fight club, the shrimp up on a treadmill not good enough. now they have the intestinal fortitude. >> the first rule is not to talk
4:18 am
about how much money you're wasting on the french fight club. duke university, $750,000, national science foundation funding to pit a bunch of shrimp against other. they put out a prebuttal and saying this could have military applications. i guess if we ever are fighting a bunch of shrimp -- i can't see the utility otherwise. >> if the shrimp try a land invasion we have to know who to call on. >> that's right. >> you talk about jurassic pork. >> yeah. this is interesting. we now have an earmark ban that prior to the earmark ban a lot of money was spent on this d.o.t., department of transportation project in colorado. a bus running from i think glennwood to vail, so not an enterprise zone area or low income area, but after that earmark left we have continued
4:19 am
to spend money on this project. $36 million just since 2010 for a dinosaur themed bus line with heated sidewalks and, you know, dinosaurs on the side of the bus. it's just a lot of wasted money. >> all right. so let's look at the match-ups. this is a very good mix this year. sadly. as an american. but the first round, today, march 17th, through the 25th, we'll look at that match-up and the second round will be the 28th to the april 1st. see what is being wasted there. the third and fourth round, april 4th to the 7th. then an ultimate winner april 7th. hopefully they'll be shamed into not wasting our money. in the big picture, this is about getting our budget in line and it's about entitlements, right? >> it is. and, you know, if you're spending money like this you're probably wasting its on other things as well. but there are other big, big ticket items that we're spending
4:20 am
money on. a lot of farm subsidy money we need to pull back. obviously, unless you're talking about entitlement spending you're not serious about ed a dreading our debt -- addressing the debt and deficit. >> yesterday, you came forward as a republican on the judiciary committee and said, i am for taking a look and listening to merrick garland. do you want to clarify that? >> yes. i do want to clarify that. i think that republicans are doing the right thing, we're fully justified in saying let's wait until after the election. to actually nominate somebody or approve the president's nomination. and i said yesterday that if republicans are not successful in the november election, i hope we are, but if we're not, then we ought to look at this nomination in a lame duck session in november. i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton if she were president would put forward. >> right.
4:21 am
so you'll meet with him? >> oh, yes. i said from the very beginning that i would meet with him. but let me say, i hold the position that republicans are justified, we're justified in doing what we're doing before the election. >> right. senator, thanks so much. a great story coming your way on "fox & friends," next. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. ♪uh. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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4:25 am
finally, five weeks that's how long this dog was missing after being lost at sea. luna the german shepherd who fell off of her owner's boat fishing near san francisco was found on a nearby island. good job, luna. ainsley and steve? >> thank you, brian. they are man's best friend, but to a veteran suffering from ptsd a service dog can be a life saver. and while the v.a. doesn't cover the cost of service dogs as an option for treatment it might be moving in the direction thanks to next three guests. >> congressman desantis introduced the paws bill, puppies assisting wounded service member, inspired by former marine cole lyle and his service dog. good morning to you. >> this story got started, so corporal, you're walking through capitol hill, and somebody sees your dog. that somebody actually was a
4:26 am
u.s. senator and how did that conversation go? >> so i was just walking down second avenue and he stopped me and he said, hey, can i ask about your dog? said, sure. as the conversation progressed i told him that the v.a. doesn't provide them and they gave some pretty lackluster reasons for that. and he said, well, what do you think we should do about it? i said you're the policymaker, you tell me. we had a discussion about it and i said this could be a viable policy solution that somebody could get on board with. i kept meeting with members and trying to figure out who would be willing to support something like this and congressman desantis stepped up. >> the bill dropped yesterday. what does the bill say? >> what it does is it recognizes that particularly with our post 9/11 veterans suffering from pts, you have the drugs and the counseling, but for some that doesn't work. what we have found is that people who get a service dog like kyle, that actually makes their situation better. and so i think, you know, kaya
4:27 am
and cole have a great example. we had other veterans and their dogs yes -- yesterday, so let's have the v.a. make this possible. we think it can save lives. >> so cole, you bought your dog yourself, about $10,000. before you got the dog, what were you doing to control your problems? >> i got back from afghanistan in 2011. i didn't get out of the marine corps until 2014. and i tried to utilize the v.a. system. i went to what are called vet centers that are kind of outpatient v.a. funded kind of vfws where marines, sailors, veterans can come out and just be around other military members and they have counselors on staff. i tried to do that. i got prescribed a couple of medications, sleep aid, antidepressants. after a year and a half i didn't feel like it was working, i felt they were exasperating my symptoms. i had two of my friends commit
4:28 am
suicide as a result of post-traumatic stress. opioid addiction exasperated the problems. i decided to quit cold turkey and seek alterative methods of treatment. >> when you have the nightmare, she wakes you up. >> yes. she's trained to recognize when i have a nightmare, she'll jump up in the bed and lick my face. she'll lick my hand or remind me to calm down to break the anger and depression. >> it's working for you. what can people do, call their members of congress? >> yeah, hr 4764. tell them to support congressman desantis' bill. and the cole act. >> thank you for what you're doing for our veterans. thank you for serving our country. god bless you. >> thank you. all right, still ahead on this thursday, it is one of the craziest pictures you will see all day. how did an suv land on top of that car upside down? >> i don't know. how did that happen? we'll tell you.
4:29 am
>> a good question. which of the five remains candidates is the best to take on terror? the only man to lead both the nsa and the cia, general michael hayden, is here next. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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donald trump won every republican state primary last night except for ohio. which went to john kasich. trump didn't seem to mind because he said as he put it, the word ohio is full of zeros. [ laughter ] it starts with zero and ends with zero. >> welcome back. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. that was jimmy fallon just across the street last night. >> now across the couch we have
4:33 am
former director of the cia and the nsa and the author of a brand-new book "pointing to the edge" general michael hayden. so jimmy fallon was talking politics. which of the political candidates running for president right now would be best to take on the threats facing america? >> of all the folks standing my personal view right now, john kasich. he's not oversimplied if the problem. he understands they're complicated, he hasn't resorted to bumper stickers. he has a pretty strong resume. executive in ohio of course. but also when he was in the congress he was on the armed services committee. >> right. >> and the fact this he was born in pittsburgh does not influence my judgment. >> how convenient. >> he's a very serious man. and he got good marks when he was on the committees. he did his homework. >> so yesterday donald trump was asked that very question. who are you talking to on foreign policy and he says -- i
4:34 am
think he was kidding. he talks to himself. >> i don't think he was kidding. >> okay. would you answer his call? i know a lot of other people have said, i'm open to helping out any way i can? >> certainly if someone had been elected president of the united states and asked someone like me can you offer me your views? >> not during the election process? >> duty would require you to do it. now you're helping a person who is going to be president. helping someone now is actually helping someone to be president. that's a different decision, brian. >> understood. >> donald trump released an ad on national security going after hillary clinton. i want to play this ad for you and get your reaction. >> okay. ♪ [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> okay. >> general? >> speaking of oversimplifying
4:35 am
complex international situations -- >> yeah. >> it's a funny ad. >> it's a funny ad. >> did you see the real reality in it? i know you know this. the next person has got to have steel in their spine willing to take on russia and isis. >> look, i get i. you and i have talked about in a variety of forums, on your on your radio show, so on. we need to be tougher. we need to be taking a harder line, i get that. so that broad instinct i would support, but oversimplifying it, going beyond the edge is not the right answer. >> what about hillary saying no one died in libya? you have to have your facts, right? >> we have that sound bite. watch this. >> we have got to continue to support the libyan people to give them a chance because otherwise, you see what's happened in syria with the consequences of millions of people flooding out of syria. with more than 250,000 people killed, with terrorist groups like isis taking up almost huge
4:36 am
swathes of territory as big as some of the states in that area. yes, i mean, libya was a different kind of calculation. and we didn't lose a single person. >> what do you think she was talking about there? >> yeah, she's talking about the first effort. the main effort of the armed forces overthrowing gadhafi. i could sense -- immediately after she said that, she wanted a do-over for not recognizing that we did lose people. look, we have had three interventions or noninterventions, iraq which was all in. libya which was in and out. and syria, we're not going there at all and they all turned out bad. this is complicated stuff. you can't answer it with just simple sound bites. >> but to be proud of the syrian effort which the president said he was in the huge story about his foreign policy is astounding to me. >> let me say something harsh, okay? brian, the people responsible for the tragedy that is syria or
4:37 am
bashar al assad and al bag a did, the person who could minimize the suffering is barack obama. >> talk about what's going on around the world and isis, isis has made it clear they want to possess destructive capabilities regarding our cyber stuff. that's terrifying. >> it is. i saw john carlin in the department of justice who said that's a clear and present danger. i agree with john. john is a good guy. i can't explain to you though why it hasn't happened yet. these guys are cyber smart. they use the web for everything. but they have not yet tried to conduct a destructive cyber attack and i can't explain it. >> speaking of cyber, do you think foreign governments got into hillary clinton's server? >> steve, the standard answer i would give you, you know, lacking evidence and i haven't done forensics, i would lose respect for dozens of foreign intelligence services if they are not already thumbing through
4:38 am
the e-mails. >> wow. that's incredible. the other story that came out, she asked for the blackberry -- to get secured access for her blackberry and got turned down and then weeks later she has the server online. >> one is, why did my old agency not help be more forth coming in giving a more secure device? i don't know the facts so i won't judge it. but it reveals that the secretary was concerned and aware of the danger of using her vanilla blackberry for -- >> yeah. >> for this kind of work. so that -- you know, that's fairly dark. >> what is your advice for the person who does win the presidency when they're stacking their cabinet, with the best people? >> stack your cabinet with the best people. go for talent. you know? >> not money and not who's endorsed you and -- >> yeah. you know, there's been a broad
4:39 am
pattern to the american history that presidents have two terms. actually, they have very strong cabinets in the second term because if they're done paying their debts and just going after talent. >> sure. >> we need to do that in the first terms. >> listen, this is a very talented person who by the way on the st. patrick's day is celebrating a birthday. his birthday is st. patrick's day. he's going to stick around because this is going to be -- you will be the first former director of the cia who has done "cooking with friends." >> there you go. >> happy birthday. >> and your book is a must read, "new york times" best seller. you have to stick around for another hour and we have free whiskey. >> okay. >> i'm not telling you you have to. >> heather has some headlines. >> i do. good morning. happy birthday, general. new overnight, this is the last thing you want to see. just moments before your flight takes off a firefighter storming on board your plane. an e-cigarette ignited inside a passenger's carry on bag and it sent smoke through the cabin and forced a delay of this delta
4:40 am
flight. it happened in atlanta. the faa had banned the use of electronic cigarettes on planes and from checked luggage. that's why. and it's a city whose name means body of christ but a texas atheist is suing officials in corpus christi over a giant cross. patrick green filed the suit after attending a ground breaking ceremony. it is poised to be the largest in the western hemisphere. green claims the mayor and city officials violated texas' constitution by publicly supporting the project and giving the impression they favor a certain religion. and check out this incredible photo of a car pileup in baltimore. an suv hit another car, flipped over and then landed upside down on the roof. pancakes there. three people trapped inside had to be rescued. you know the saying, drink to your health? we're doing a lot of that today actually. researchers say they're close to brewing a beer that can fight disease. this is awesome! best invention ever.
4:41 am
they say the hops can stop bacterial growth and stop cancer cells. looking for a reason to drink more today -- there you go. >> i do like schlitz. >> doctor's orders. >> shafer's that's what you like. >> with the pulloff tab. thank you. it is -- we have seen st. patrick's day parades here in new york city where it's been snowing but maria molina said that -- who is in our fake pub outside of our building that neat going to happen today. >> that's right. today is a beautiful day in new york city. some sunshine, some clouds, there is a chance for a spotty shower or even a thunderstorm throughout this afternoon. that will be something to watch out for. but overall, it will be a nice day across most of the northeast. the exception, head farther north across parts of new england where things are unsettled this morning and as we head farther west, we have snow to talk about out there, and still accumulating at this hour. a big concern is across the gulf coast, because we can see some storms that can bring isolated
4:42 am
severe weather in the form of tornadoes or damaging winds. that's something to watch out for out there. also parts of new england could be seeing some strong storms that could produce some severe weather out there. so that's something else to watch out for. along the gulf coast, it will remain unsettled. several inches of rainfall is possible. everyone remembers the flooding that still is ongoing across parts of texas and louisiana. those areas could be seeing some additional rainfall unfortunately with that storm system. now let's head back inside. >> all right. maria, are wearing any green? >> i am. >> underneath -- >> i can't wear the actual green because of the green screen in the weather center. so this is as close as i can get without keying out. >> i'll come out there. i have a hat for you. you can wear -- >> perfect. >> how big is the st. patrick's day parade in anythinicaragua? >> not big at all. >> good news, no traffic. meanwhile, straight ahead, then there were three. now that marco rubio is out of
4:43 am
the republican race, what happens to his delegates? peter johnson jr. was tasked with that question. i hope he has an answer. it's not just st. patrick's day, but it's st. baldrick's day. we are shaving heads on the plaza to raise money for a very good cause. >> take a look at them, folks, they're going bald. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at and then there were three. after a tough tuesday night, marco rubio suspends his campaign leaving behind 169 delegates. so the question is what happens to all those delegates as trump and cruz and kasich continue to the convention?
4:47 am
peter johnson jr. is going to break it all down. >> good morning. this an interesting stuff. it can be confusing, but if it's simple, if we can talk about the three categories. so what happens to the delegates of the candidate who drops out of the race? well, the short answer is it varies by state. there are three types of delegates. the bound, those that must stay loyal at the convention. the unbound, so called free agents. then the hybrid delegates. they're bound on the first ballot. sometimes the second. we were talking about this before -- >> the state of tennessee is bound for two rounds. >> yes, very interesting. you were telling me that fact. so there's three different types of delegates so it's -- >> every state is different. >> it's a mix. state driven, absolutely. >> what will happen to rubio's delegates? he dropped of of the race, he has 169. >> 134 are bound and 35 are unbound. there's a good amount that are -- >> why is that? >> that's state driven as well.
4:48 am
based upon the states that he won delegates in. now, senator ted cruz believes through his agents that a lot of those people will go to him. they have a higher calculation. i saw one quote where his campaign manager said, well, we think there's 90 unbound delegates they would like to grab instead of trump or john kasich getting them, they said we'll get them. so that's going to be a fight. >> let me ask you another question. how do other campaigns capture the unbound delegates? >> this becomes a wooing session, a dating session politically. the competitors, they gun for these unbound delegates. their collection of party activist, party leaders, local political leaders so they target them and say, go with our guys. >> is there a phone ringing off the hook? >> there is. there is a shadow election going
4:49 am
on now because the delegates have to be selected in each state. so party loyalists and establishment people will say, we want to get someone that will jump to our candidate. after a first ballot. trump people are saying, let's put our people in there as delegates in those states so they stay bound as long as they can. >> we will see. >> very interesting stuff. >> peter johnson jr. breaking this all down for us. it's confusing. we're glad you're here. thank you. coming up next, we are shaving heads out on the plaza to raise money for an awesome cause. will brian get a buzz cut? what do you think? ♪ huh.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
what a better way to celebrate st. patrick's day than by shaving volunteers' heads and raising money for children's cancer research. >> guess what, steve, the founder of st. baldrick's is back with us alongside with john are the market and barberss sha. thanks so much for coming again. >> such a great organization. >> thank you so much. >> oh, my word. >> hold on. >> tell us who how this start and what's happening here? >> so we were challenged to give back to our friends after one of the founders. >> how are you feeling? >> giving back became -- we figured we could help kids with cancer. they get chemo, they tend to lose their hair so we decided to get 17 of the fellow colleagues to shave hair heads in
4:54 am
solidarity. >> and can i interrupt you? you're so brave to do this. how are you doing? >> great. >> you're not nervous? >> no, we have done it for years. a great cause. >> you go out and get sponsors. the sponsors will support you shaving the heads. >> partner at st. baldrick's. >> all right, brian, you want to take some clippers and do this? >> so the market guys have raised over $2.5 million for us. they're doing a 24 hour shave around the world. it started in singapore this morning. all the offices around the world are doing st. baldrick's events today. there's a bunch of them, the sponsors. you can get involved with st. baldrick's in many different ways. you can shave, start events. we have do what you want. if you don't want to lose your hair, you can do whatever you want to help us raise money. 160,000 children every year get diagnosed with cancer.
4:55 am
we want to find a humane and -- we want to cure cancer for kids. so the view is that kids are special. they need to be treated special. >> and children's cancer has special challenges. >> absolutely. >> even for grown-ups, cancer is different. kids don't advocate for themselves. >> absolutely. it's not a one size fits all. there are many different types of child cancers. 80% of the children will survive their cancer. 20% is way too much. and for the 80 that survive, the treatments are sometimes so harsh, that it's worse than the cancer. >> john, you have been doing this for years. this is uneven what she's doing right there? >> this is the first time. >> you have to make sure you have pictures. so use them against them later. >> you can't cut yourself with these, right? >> how about this? everyone asked you about it all year and you tell them what you
4:56 am
did it for. >> absolutely. the great thing about st. baldrick's, it's a 12 month a year event. there are events all year long. never too late to get involved. you can do an event tomorrow, october, december. it is all about the kids. >> good news, i'm sure the guys -- we'll have a professional come over and finish it up. >> the guys look so handsome without their hair. >> ladies and gentlemen, very nice. >> how great. >> if you'd like to donate, visit st. baldrick' >> thank you, john. >> you're doing great. thanks, guys for participating in this. i love having hair stuck to my lipstick this morning. >> me too. meanwhile, while we clean up the hair on the plaza, pete hegseth is along the st. patrick's day route here in manhattan. we'll check in with him and those guys in the next hour. ♪ trugreen presents the yardley's.
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5:00 am
good morning. it is st. patrick's day. i'm with two of my favorite people, march 17th. i'm ainsley earhardt. >> she's cold. >> that's right. donald trump said there will be riots if he does not secure the nomination and the mainstream media is going wild over this. take a listen. >> trump's words coming with these images still fresh many american minds. anger and violence at his campaign rallies. >> what they forgot to mention? the anti-trump group that's promising to disrupt d.c. >> i thought it was an expression. that's all. >> i agree. >> who chooses the nominee? >> that's a problem that the
5:01 am
media has created a perception that the voters will decide the nomination. >> so who picks the party? the people or the party elites? what one member of the rnc just said that will have you saying what? >> this florida woman not ready to say later to her clothing, the motorcycle riding, gator named rambo. we'll explain the bond that they have and why we seem out of step. >> and mornings are always better with "friends." >> what the girl said. ♪
5:02 am
♪ ♪ >> all right. it's st. patrick's day, preparade time in new york city. what about the memories that we have in our living room here? remember these guys, years ago we met them. they sat on --
5:03 am
>> they were great guys. >> remember these guys here from tullamore. >> we have to give hats off to the metro pipe -- >> can i show you the drum? look at this. i used to live in brooklyn. the brooklyn bridge. this is how you can -- >> look at that! >> that's beautiful. thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> ainsley, he'd like you to carry it. >> i'm not strong enough for that one. >> great that they would be with us. they're with us today as is a guy who used to run the cia, general michael hayden is here. he's in the studio preparing to cook with friends. >> it just so happens that great man right there, he was born on this day. >> it's his birthday. happy birthday. >> he's irish, so he's sticking around. so that's going to be great. while we sit out here and get the metro band their free
5:04 am
whiskey, let's toss it inside to heather nauert. because you have the news including a fox news alert. >> yes. good morning. i hope you're off to a great st. patrick's day. fox news alert. we just learned moments ago that secretary of state john kerry will officially say that isis is committing genocide against christians and other religious minorities across the middle east. congress voted to make that designation and kerry had until today to agree or disagree with it. this is isis terrorists, they take theirer terror to the skies. taking credit for bringing down this iraqi jet. a head to head battle taking place in washington between senate republicans and the white house. republicans refusing to hold hearings for president obama's supreme court nominee, merrick garland. now, despite the opposition, garland will meet with democrats today in washington. some republicans say they're willing to hear him out. listen. >> i would rather have a less
5:05 am
liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton if she were president would put forward. i hold the position that republicans are justified, we're justified in doing what we're doing before the election. and a brand-new bombshell to tell you about in the case of natalee holloway. the prime suspect in her murder joran van der sloot was caught confessing to her murder for the very first time. listen to this. >> i got to -- >> i am guilty. i lied to police. among the things he said on that tape. van der sloot making that stunning admission to the undercover reporter while he was in prison in peru for another murder.
5:06 am
until now he's never admitted to having killed holloway. but he claims he knows where her body is hidden. a florida woman -- this is an unreal story. she is now in a fierce fight to keep her pet alligator. she named him rambo. he wears clothes. he rides a motorcycle. and she claims he's even potty trained. oh, gosh. he was adopted by mary horn 11 years ago and now state wildlife officials say he's gotten too big. >> they've got a 2 1/2 acre rule. and my land does not meet that. but he doesn't need it because he can't go outside. he's special needs. >> he's special needs. really, she just said that. she makes mama june like sane. she is trying to get him certified as a therapy animal so she can keep him. that those are your headlines. >> remember born free, we have been over this so many times. we're worried about elsa going without the other lions and getting destroyed, that
5:07 am
crocodile will get destroyed by the others. >> that was based on a true story. however, they have rules down there. the rules are the rules. >> the only alligator i ever liked. >> rambo. >> ladies and gentlemen, looks like we have a sitcom set here. this is a little pub we set up in the heart of midtown manhattan for the st. patrick's day -- for our show. >> we'll work behind the bar. >> after the show. >> that's empty. meanwhile, from the pub, let's see what a -- let's talk politics. and you know that on friday night, there was a rally in chicago that was cancelled because there were protests and there was trouble. there was violence. >> the other guy stormed the stage on saturday. >> exactly. the mainstream media has been talking, well, what do you expect, donald trump has been encouraging people to get violent at the events and yesterday he was on another morning show, and he says if i go to cleveland and i'm a couple of votes short i don't wind up with the nomination, people are going to riot. welt -- well, as soon as the
5:08 am
mainstream media heard him say riot, they went crazy because it sounds like he's inciting violence. >> donald trump fresh off major victories overnight now warning of riots if the republicans try to stop him at a contested convention. >> trump's words coming with these images fresh in american's minds. anger and violence. >> today, trump warned bad things would happen if he doesn't get the nomination. the gop front-runner issued this menacing prediction if he doesn't get the nomination at a contested convention. >> so there you go. i think they went a little extreme with it. i think it's an expression. listen, if donald trump continues on his way, 19 contests left, and he goes in just shy of 1,237, there's going to be people who are going to be upset, but not necessarily going to be violent. >> he's saying people will be upset. the mainstream media is not reporting the other side of the
5:09 am
story, and this is the radical groups that are inciting riots and they don't like donald trump and they're protesting against him. they're called democracy spring, this one particular group -- they're threatening the drama in washington, the largest civil disobedience action against the country. >> they're encouraging people to sign up and go to washington and get arrested. what they're doing is they're going to congress, to ask congress to stop being corrupt. good luck with that. what they want is they want the billionaires no longer involved in politics. and the irony is, this outfit in part is funded by george soros,, which of course he is a billionaire. which is funny. >> move on contributed $200,000 to governor kasich's super pac. he took the money. he needs all he can get. when you go through the primary process and you shut up the votes at caucus and you gave some of your time, did you know your vote didn't matter?
5:10 am
it's not about you, who is supporting your own party, it's the higher-ups? well, that's according to curly haugland. listen to him on another network. >> that's a problem that the media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nomination. political parties choose their nominee, not the general public. contrary to popular belief. >> media creates the perception you as a voter can choose who's the next president. >> there's not true, he says. technically he's right because in the nominating conventions it is -- they are the delegates who do the picking but this adds to the mind set that people out there who are involved in the political process this time around feel like the party elites are taking their voice away. >> this is why people like trump. he said i'm not part of the establishment. your vote really matters. you know what's best for your family. these guys in washington, they
5:11 am
do not. >> well, governor rick scott of florida yesterday endorsed donald trump. he talked about this topic earlier on our show. >> they don't want party leadership picking the winner. that's -- you know, i won in 2010 the party leaders wanted to pick somebody else. they had their hand picked candidate. the voters had clearly chosen donald trump. they want somebody to change the status quo. if we go to the convention and he doesn't get the nomination, i think that -- i think the voters are going to be pretty frustrate and i think it will impact our ability to win in november. >> by the way it's not donald trump's yet. there are 19 contests left. senator ted cruz said i can get the amountaller field and gover kasich, he could run strong. >> he wants a contested -- >> he wants a contested convention. >> we can't act like it's fait accompli yet. >> in "the washington post" it questions who is trying to be a delegate. right now as people go to vote,
5:12 am
they're going to eventually send actual people to the conventions this summer, right? so who are those people? well, as it turns out, you know, on the first ballot you were talking with peter johnson jr. about it, on the first ballot they are obligated, you know, to vote for the people that were selected during their primaries or caucuses. but in the second round, then essentially these delegates could be sleeper cells let's say for somebody else. let's say -- >> absolutely. >> your state -- let's say you're from florida. all 99 of those delegates are going for donald trump on the first round. but it all depends on the state's bylaws and how things work. be few your state doesn't have rules on who you have to vote for in the second thing, then the other candidates are doing some talking to you about how about -- if there's another fight, or something like that, you vote for me? >> if you're in the state of tennessee, you have to stick with that candidate, the second round state of south carolina, the first round has to be the
5:13 am
winner. >> complicated. >> then second and third place. it is complicated. >> donald trump has from june to july to cut a deal. i'm confident that's his best attribute, cutting deals. >> but the rnc yesterday was specific. whoever gets 1,237 they're the nominee. >> today is st. patrick's day, can we get a shot of the white house? i hear the white house is green. the fountain is green. >> they do this every year. >> those kids. >> all right, congratulations to all those irish or those friend tock. >> we're happy to be celebrating with you. don't forget to wear your green. >> meanwhile, in the market for a brand-new house? do your due diligence. what does that mean? well, property man, bob massi is up next with the common mistakes that people do in due diligence.
5:14 am
then another obama in the white house? what first lady just said about a future run for president. more from the new york metro pipe band on this st. paddy's day. ♪ he way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare
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5:18 am
buying a home can be a risky investment if you don't do your homework or as lawyers are refer to it and other people refer to it as due diligence. what is that? and what do you need to know about it? let's talk to fox news legal analyst bob massi, the host of "the property man." due diligence is homework. >> it is basically taking the time to know what you're buying, to understand the issues of what you're buying and as a seller to let the buyer know everything that's happened to the house so there's total disclosure. >> when you talk about the due diligence, you have to know not only about the house, but about the neighborhood, what are my taxes? any sort of fee, stuff like that. bob, what's the most common mistake when its comes to doing your homework? >> through my eyes, steve, what bothers in alot of time i see some of -- what bothers me a lot
5:19 am
of the time is the contract is too short of a time for the type of home you're going to buy. particularly if you are a first-time buyer. sometimes i see three day due diligence, five day due diligence. if you're buying a $1 million home you should have more time than that in my opinion. regardless, particularly if you're a first time buyer, understand what you're buying, understand that product that you're buying. and take the time to learn about it. which is why a realtor is very important. a competent realtor is important in your process. >> you need somebody on your side. so you're talking about time. if for the most part, can you negotiate more time? >> sure. yeah, you can always negotiate more time. depending upon what you may find. sometimes when i write up contracts, i put in certain conditions as to why it should continue. but the other thing, steve, is not only is it about the product you're buying, but as you stated earlier it's about what's going on around you. is there any future development?
5:20 am
have you looked at the master plan? have you checked the crime rate in the area, the neighborhood. any construction defect in the development where you live? these are things that -- sometimes what happens is buyers get caught in just the product. they're so excited. >> they love the house. >> about buying the home, they don't go outside the box. and again, that's where i believe a competent realtor needs to step in. i'm sure they do, hopefully, to sort of broaden their understanding of what they're buying and where they're buying. >> well said. property man, thank you very much, for joining us today on a st. paddy's day. where's your green by the way? >> it's ger abaldy day. >> only in vegas. thank you. you know about the water problems in flint, michigan, and it's not happening only there. it's happening at many schools. a new report will stun you. pete hegseth is along the parade route with some special guests.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
so much to tell you this morning. we'll start with some important health headlines. a warning if you were hoping to have tuna for lunch. bumblebee food is recalling thousands of cans that look like that. the chunk light tuna could have been underprocessed. check the code on the bottom of the cans. the recalled ones start with the letter "t" as in tuna. and your children could be drinking contaminated water every single day.
5:25 am
the epa says more than 350 schools and daycares failed the lead test. it's unclear how many are affected nationally because only 10% of schools and daycares are required to test for lead. >> i did not know that. meanwhile, the new york city st. patrick's day parade is the oldest and largest in america. and the world. >> yep. and this historic 69th infantry has led the parade for over 160 years. >> fox news contributor pete hegseth used to be a member of the 69th and he joins us outside the cathedral where the infantry is preparing for mass. good morning, my friend. >> good morning. good morning. it's been a fantastic morning. i spend wit the fighting 69th. they're entering st. patrick's cathedral and they will for the 166th time lead the parade here in manhattan. our own infantry battalion right here.
5:26 am
i'm joined by the other members of the fighting 69th, sergeant fisher in the intelligence section and the his torrian of the fighting 69th. thank you both for joining me this morning. >> thank you very much. >> sergeant fisher, what does it mean to be a member of the 69th here on st. patrick's day? >> it's a huge honor to be, part of the unit, protecting the city and the state like we have for hundreds of years. it's a big deal for myself and a lot of the other soldiers. irish or not, today we're all irish and we're happy to be here protecting the city. >> i can attest it's a fantastic unit. you know all about this history that stems back on the civil war. tell us about the history of the fighting 69th. >> fighting 69th was founded in 1849 to organize irish immigrants in new york to fight against england, to free their land. since then, we have been integrated obviously as a fully fledged member of the united states military, the new york national guard and we have been fighting wars on behalf of america's defense ever since. at the same time, keeping very
5:27 am
close to our hearts, our irish heritage and traditions which we commemorate every year on st. patrick's day. >> it's civil war, world war i, world war ii, 9/11, iraq. the unit has been involved in all those. but to specifically lead the st. patrick's day parade, why, why did they originally lead the parade? >> to serve as the military escort for the parade. basically protect the parade from nativist attacks. there was a lot of prejudice back in the 1900s and even though it's gone away we still lead the parade for 165 years straight. >> the traditions of the 69th are fantastic. it started in the commander's office at 6:00 in the morning, drinking irish whiskey and today, mass with cardinal dolan and then they'll be leading the parade down fifth avenue. a tradition that all americans
5:28 am
should cherish. thank you for joining us morning, sergeants. we'll keep following the 69th. >> great job. that's guy to have as a correspondent. >> to hear about tradition, it turns out there was friction between the irish who were resentful of the italians who were coming to new york city and taking the low-wage jobs from the irish. yet, i'm irish and italian. i don't feel that inner friction until i read that story. >> oh, wow. >> how about your house? >> it's a lot of friction. >> it's amazing how far we have come and amazing how far pete has come. one minute he's fighting, and the other he's covering this parade. >> you have to say good-bye to the killer whale shows that are becoming history. the ceo of seaworld will join us live. >> what will they do instead? then a baseball slugger walks away from the game because his team didn't want his son in the dugout every day. your e-mails are pouring in on this one. i've been claritin clear for 14 days.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
second. >> the pub out on the plaza, we're having so much fun. look at this drum. isn't that beautiful? >> the guys, he said it's exhausting to do it all day. they're not complaining, but to play the bagpipes for -- >> well, this is their busiest day of the year. they're starting it with us. thanks to them. thanks to party city for helping us decorate with all of the festivities. >> don't forget to win green today. you know what happens if you don't, you get pinched. >> this is not the pinch to grow an inch. this is st. patrick's day. >> heather nauert wore green. i knew that at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. i hope you're off to a great day. a couple of headlines right now. the united states is demanding that north korea release an american college student who was just sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the u.s. is accusing north korea of jailing 21-year-old otto warmbier for political reasons. he was found guilty of stealing a political propaganda poster
5:34 am
from his korean -- north korean hotel. well, could another obama be eyeing the oval office? if they are, it's not the first lady. listen. >> i will not run for president. no, no, not going to do it. hey, here's one of the reasons why. because tiff two -- because i have the two young people at home. >> michelle obama ruling out a future campaign at the south by southwest festival. she says her daughters have handled their time in the white house as well. but enough is enough. there's some speculation she might run for senate some day. and america just got a whole lot sexier. do you remember this guy? >> well, blowing in the wind -- fabio. >> that is fabio from the romance novels. he graced the cover of so many
5:35 am
of them. he's an american citizen. the italian born model took the oath of allegiance in california. he said that the united states is the greatest country on earth. he's brilliant. we get him, i love it. a baseball star walking away from millions of dollars because his team wants his child to be able to hang out at the clubhouse. chicago white sox slugger adam laroche bailing out of a $13 million contract after the team told him to limit the amount of time his son drake would spend at team facilities. his son is 14 years old and apparently visits daily and he had his own locker there. the white sox says the family is welcome, but not every day. your comments have been pouring in all morning long. what are folks saying? you have been watching that. >> we have been. thank you. >> david wrote us and he said, nice lesson to teach your son that if you are working for someone else and you disagree with the rules, just get mad and quit. >> that's how i feel.
5:36 am
raymond says this, clubhouse is no place for a kid. >> and gary says, maybe if each player could have their child in the dugout, then laroche would be happy. get over it and do your job. what else do you think? >> you have to do your job. leave the kid at home. >> for some reason he wants to take his kid to work every day. >> not fair to the other kids. >> i'm telling you what they're doing. >> as much as i love kids, it wouldn't work. my baby would be over here screaming and crying. >> right. >> during the news. >> all right. >> joel is giving us the cue. we have a fox news alert to tell you about. this morning, a huge change coming to seaworld after years of protests and backlash against their killer whale program. >> in captivity, the animals are squeezed in to very close proximity and they say that they're a family. that the whales are in their family. they have their pods, but that's just -- you know, an artificial
5:37 am
assemblage of their collection, how ever management decides they should mix them. which ever ones happen to be born or bought and brought in. that's not a family. you know? come on. >> well, seaworld has a big announcement this morning. and joel manby, the ceo of seaworld parks and entertainment joins us today along with wayne viselly of the human societies of the united states. what's your big announcement? >> thank you. we have three big announcements this morning. first is we're taking the killer whales and they'll be the last at sea world. we're phasing them out over time. it will take decades to do this. but we won't have any more of them. then secondly, we're announcing an all new orca encounter. an inspiring more natural encou encounter, so you learn how they hunt and prey. it will be much more educational. you will learn about the plight of the killer whales in the wild as opposed to a theatrical show.
5:38 am
and then thirdly, we're announcing the new partnership with the humane society of the united states. we have been -- imagine that, we have been adversaries for 20 years. and instead of fighting each other, we're going to work together to save animals in the wild and to amplify that, $50 million we're investing over five years to be the world's largest rescue organization. we rescue seven animal as day. >> why are you doing this now? >> it's a good question. because society has shifted and i think as i have come in as the new ceo, more and more people are becoming uncomfortable with these very large, majestic images under human care. a lot of factors have influenced that. i just felt we needed to move forward. the new millennial generation they love animals, they love conservation. that's what we're about. seaworld is about that. people need to know that. >> so the closest you're ever going to get animals like this and to whales specifically. but wayne, in the big picture,
5:39 am
you have not gotten a whale for decades, right? i mean, these are whales who are breeding in -- >> no, seaworld stopped taking them from the wild some time ago so they have been added through captive breeding. i think it says we'll stop the captive breeding and sunset this aspect of what seaworld is doing. it was blocking people from seeing the larger enterprise. there was such a controversy over the keeping of the animals. you know, these are long lived animals, they live in family groups. they swim for tens of miles a day. after "black fish" people questioned if that was appropriate. people fall on both sides of that, but no question that this was blocking a larger consideration. >> and joel, the way you set it up, the two of you have been adversaries for a while. and so for you to both be on the couch today that says a lot about the steps that seaworld is taking. >> i think it's important that what's really suffering is animals in the wild. our company is all about
5:40 am
communicating to people -- we have 20 million guests a year. 20,000 employees. if we teach them about the plight of animals in the world, we can be an army to help them, which we can be, then why not join forces? we both love animals. >> i think it's amazing you're doing this. let's be honest, seaworld is still a business and families are going to see shamu. what are you doing to bring in the families and replace shamu? >> shamu is one of the reasons they come to seaworld. however, first of all, they'll be there for a long, long time. really decades and with a new orca encounter, families can see them. that gives us a long time to introduce new ideas and secondly, what we're doing differently, we're interjecting our great animal care and our story into rides and attractions like mako. we're introducing the mako and
5:41 am
we're putting in a message about sharks going extinct. they cut off the fins and they throw them in the water and they guy a horrible death. the guests can donate to the cause. so here's a ride, it's fun for families but they still learn to help animals in the wild. that's what need to be about. >> wayne, is this what you want to get across, are you happy about this? >> yes, i'm happy. we marry our business and our commerce with our values. we're supposed to have our values infused in everything we do. and, you know, a year ago ringling announced that it's not going to be using elephants in its traveling acts. in the last six months we have had 75 announcements, mcdonald's, cracker barrel, kroger, the biggest names in food retail saying they'll source their eggs from farming operations that don't confine the hens. we're seeing across different sectors of the economy more concerns for animal welfare. seaworld has stepped forward in
5:42 am
a big way and we at the humane society celebrate that. >> times are changing. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> the long lines continue at seaworld in florida and in california. 19 before the top of the hour. president obama's nominee for the supreme court headed to capitol hill this morning but which senators will he meet? we're live with that next. and he's been trusted with the top secrets as the head of the nsa and cia and now he's spilling secrets from his mom's kitchen. general michael hayden on his birthday today. let's see if apple will be happy with this. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
time for some caught on camera headlines. first up, a convenience store clerk rescuing the baby as the mother collapsed. watch this. the hero clerk says that the mom's face glazed over so she grabbed the baby and tried to
5:46 am
hold on the mom as she started to fall while having a seizure. the good news on the thursday morning, she and the baby are both okay. video just released of a daring prison escape. two inmates dangling from a helicopter rope being flown to freedom. one of them almost got caught on a surveillance camera mounted to the building before breaking away. and it looks like something happening in a movie. just like in the movies they were later captured? and finally, the smile wiped off this runner's face as he falls, boom, across the finish line after tripping over the ribbon. he still beat the marathon record time by 16 seconds, but he is a little bruised. and that's the news. brian? >> that will never happen to me. i'll never win a race. the supreme court showdown is on between the white house and the republicans. merrick garland is hoping to sway the opposition by meeting with democratic senators in
5:47 am
washington. will any republican senate earns have their doors open? garrett tenney has the very latest from the white house. hey, garrett. >> reporter: good morning. today's meetings will be the easy part for merrick garland. he'll be meeting this afternoon with democratic minority leader senator harry reid and patrick leahy. but they're not the ones he needs to be convincing despite president obama naming the 60-year-old centrist judge as his nominee, republican leaders are maintaining they won't hold hearings for any nominee until the next president is elected. they cite the so-called biden rule as the reason. >> if this were a republican president in the middle of a presidential election year, there's no circumstances under which the nominee would be confirm. >> it would be our pragmatic conclusion that once the political season is under way and it is, action on the supreme
5:48 am
court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. that is what is fair to the nominee. and it's the process. >> reporter: in his rose garden address yesterday, president obama argued it would be unprecedented for the senate to not even hold a hearing for merrick. and last night on "special report" josh earnest said the entire purpose of the hearings is for the republicans to raise any questions they have about merrick. >> what the republicans are vowing to do in their treatment of chief judge garland is totally unfair. >> reporter: we are seeing a bit of a change in the tone of several republicans though including a judiciary chairman, chuck grassley, who now says they would be willing to meet with merrick. after the senate returns from the two week break. they say that's no indication they're changing their stance, they will not hold hearings for him as a nominee. back to you all in new york.
5:49 am
>> garrett, as you know, senator jeff flake said he's willing to meet as well. he's a member of the judiciary committee, but he will not vote to confirm. that's what he says. thank you so much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. he's been trusted with america's top secrets as the head of the nsa and the cia and now he's spilling the secrets from his mom's kitchen. did he tell her? we're cooking with general michael hayden on his birthday next. but first, let's check in with martha maccallum. we know her secrets. >> sounds like it should be classified. so donald trump wants unify in the party and some are open to talks, others are digging in for a delegate showdown. now delegates are about a whole lot more, and -- newt gingrich is here. and on the hill, the gop senators dig in their heels on the supreme court nomination. bret baier will join us on both of those when bill and i see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
he has been entrusted with america's top secrets and now he's spilling the beans. his own secrets from the kitchen. >> that's right. the former director of the nsa and cia general hayden is here to share his mom's famous -- >> her baked beans. >> did you watch her put this together? >> i have. brian, we started to look for the recipe. we couldn't find it and my sister found a note that described how to do it. but none of the dimensions. none of the quantities. >> my mom is the same way. >> nothing is written down.
5:54 am
>> they dab a little, taste it. >> what is it? >> you take navy beans -- >> the cia cracked the code. >> it was encrypted. you do this for three hours. you start putting them in the casserole dish. brown sugar in there. >> you memorized this. >> i'm being representative here. mom would take hours doing this. you stir that. well -- >> go ahead. >> oh, man. >> let's go big. >> you violated the first rule. she did this one layer at a time with tender loving care. then ketchup. how much, mom? >> a lot. >> to taste. >> there's not going -- that's not doing to help. >> then syrup in. >> go for it. go for it. >> mix it. >> no molasses. >> no. a lot of love. >> salt, pepper. >> over the top, start putting
5:55 am
some strips of bacon. >> she didn't break it up. >> didn't break it up. put that in there. you bake it for a good 90 minutes. smells like magic in the house. there you go. that's what it looks like. overhead shot. >> beautiful right there. >> there's some to taste. because it's st. patrick's day and not the fourth of july picnic, we brought some irish soda bread. >> you did? are you irish? >> i am. >> today is a special day. >> what is it? >> st. patrick's day. >> no, your birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> look at that. ♪ happy birthday, dear general hayden ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> good job. >> spies, black ties and mango pies, cia families have recipes and they tell their story. >> and once that is done, it's
5:56 am
to support the cia families. stephanie tenant began it with george. my wife contributed to it. >> you're welcome to share your recipes on the table. >> we'll go outside. we'll take a quick commercial break. will you come with us to the bar? >> i'm in. >> we don't have to ask twice. we'll be right back. ur body bac. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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5:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> very nicely done, ladies and gentlemen. new york metro pipe band playing with us all morning long. we know this is your busiest day of the year. thank you very much. you were great. you only have 20 more hours of playing. >> and we thank party city,
6:00 am
because they helped decorate our set today. happy spirit day, general. >> and when it's whiskey -- [laughter] >> thanks, general. >> log onto to our web site. bill: thank you, guys. and there are concerns of chaos on the road to that republican nomination. donald trump warning the republican party the will of millions of americans cannot be pushed aside. will they? feeling like a leprechaun. martha: yeah, me too. bill: i own one green tie. martha: today's the day. well done. bill: i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. it's a pig show, a few days long to officially introduce and say, hey, here is our nominee. but this time it's a very real possibility that no candidate will get to the magic number of 1237


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