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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the city dyes its chicago river green for saint paddy's day. steam boats trail up and down the river releasing the dye. it's an orange powder which turns green in the water. >> yeah. >> cool. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> good to have you here. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. fox news alert on "the real story." search is on for a third party candidate. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." some gop leaders putting their heads together to find an alternative to donald trump. this comes as speculation grows over a contested convention this summer. fox news exit polling shows that six in ten non-trump gop voters would consider someone else. four in tenl republican primary voters would consider a third party front-runner hillary clinton. five in ten late deciders would
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consider the same choice. it's unlikely trump or anyone else will reach the total number of delegates needed to secure the nomination, but trump warns there will be chaos if republicans deny him. erick erickson has been involved in this third party talking today. he's editor in chief of "red and a fox news contribute ofr. you just got off the call. what happened? >> there was consensus in that we find donald trump and hillary clinton both unacceptable. a call for unity ticket within the republican party now. have those conservative republican candidates who have already dropped out to hold their delegates on the first ballot so donald trump can't get to 1,037 and after that try to shape the party with trump. we've pointed out that in 1860 abraham lincoln, it took him three ballots to become the republican nominee. if he did it without riots on the streets, he should be able to do it. >> who else was on the call?
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>> it was a lot of conservative grassroots activists, actually. the meeting was in washington. people flew in up there. contrary what the trump campaign is saying, it wasn't the elite, it wasn't the people who have been in the forefront. it was going back to ronald regan with conservative principles. >> was it more conservative leaning? >> very conservative activists? >> establishment? >> oh, gosh, no. conservatives who have been fighting mitch mcconnell for years but they're willing to fight donald trump and donald trump values because we don't share those values. this is an issue of morals and values and our principals trans sent the republican party. >> i want you to listen to newt gingrich on your meeting today. he's speaking right to you. here he is. >> i'm not sympathetic at all to the erick erickson's of the world. if they want to form the let's
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elect hillary clinton club, fine. they ought to be honest on it. any effort to help anybody but the republican nominee helps hvg. if you think giving hillary clinton the supreme court, having hillary clinton run the foreign policy, support the unions to rule our children in schools, if you think that's acceptable, then do it. >> is he right? >> i think newt shut be honest. the same polling that donald trump krooits, it's consistently showing that he's the only republican candidate that can't beat hillary clinton. he loses hillary clinton across the board. he loses in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. donald trump can't beat hillary clinton and there's got to be some way for -- >> how do you know that for sure? it's march 17th, 2016. how do you know that when he starts putting his attacks, if he's the nominee, against hillary clinton, how do you know more people won't coalesce behind him? >> well, because when you look at the underlying data from the polling, donald trump has higher
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unfavor bills than hillary clinton. as a political strategist i know when you go on the negative against hillary it will drive your neck tifs up. he has higher negatives and lower trust levels. you have 40% of republicans willing to go elsewhere if he's the nominee. >> on this call today who were the candidates that you were talking about supporting, ted cruz? rick perry? >> there's a strong coalition of looking at going to the existing candidates, kasich, cruz, saying you need to cut a deal, find a unity ticket within the republican party. the final fall back option would certainly be a third party. the consensus was everyone would rather settle this on the convention floor at the republican convention in cleveland. >> very interesting. whoever thought we would be having this discussion, but we are. >> no kidding. >> erick erickson, thanks much. >> thank you. another fox news alert to tell you about. just breaking right now, senator lindsey graham of south carolina will fund raise now for senator ted cruz. yup. don't think he ever thought he'd
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be doing that. graham says john kasich is the most viable candidate but doesn't see a path for him so he says the best alternative to stopping trump in his mind is ted cruz. let's bring in mike huckabee. this is breaking right now, governor. great to have you back on "the real story." lindsey graham said that -- he made fun of ted cruz just a few weeks ago, said he had absolutely no friends in the senate, nobody would endorse him. now it looks like he's going to endorse him. >> it's just the most remarkable thing. i was listening to erick erickson who i like, have a great deal of respect for. when eric said we got together and decided that this wasn't going to work, i was screaming at the monitor. who is we? i thought we had voters. i thought that's what we do. you know, look, i wanted to be the nominee, gretchen, that's why i ran. >> right. >> guess what, i'm not. i'm not going to go start a third party. i'm not going to try to blow up the republican party because i
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didn't get my way. i accept in an election voters get to make a decision. the message coming across voters are stupid so we'll try to figure out how to make a decision for you. news flash, the voters don't trust the people who have been in power. >> right. >> they're sick of them. they're tired of their orthodoxy. >> i know. i totally hear you. i think what's fascinating to me about this, governor, is that voters are upset with the establishment as well. here today on this exclusive call you have -- he said it's conservative activists. it's not the establishment. so now you have two factions, you know, really, really going up against donald trump besides the democrats. i guess that still stuns you. >> no, it does not, because let me explain something about the inner workings of, quote, the conservative activists. the real thing going on, people haven't understood it, but donald trump threatens not just the political orthodoxy. what he threatens is the
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economic engine of the political consultant class who always are going to be able to make a lot of money on every election because there's an insular group of consultants and advisors and these are not people who are in donald trump's orbit. and they know that if donald trump gets elected, it is their economic world, their -- their power. it disappears. it comes away. they're scared to death that they're going to be in the shame that american workers have been in when they've lost their jobs and they don't have pensions and it's terrifying to them. well, guess what? maybe if they'd of been a little more sensitive about how terrified american workers were, they wouldn't be faced with this. so forgive me if i don't have to get out a box of kleenex right now and cry all over my britches because -- >> britches. >> -- this is about when voters make a decision, you suck it up and accept it. >> okay. i want to get your comments on paul ryan because he had some words about trump's claim that
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there would be riots in the street, i'm paraphrasing, with regard to whether or not he gets the nomination. >> i saw boehner last night and i told him to knock it off. you know, i used slightly different words. i used his own words that he used to use against us when he told us to knock things off. it's not going to be me. somebody will be running for president. i made a decision over a year ago not to run for president. >> sorry, governor, that was the wrong sound bite. basically he said he didn't agree with trump inciting any violence. let's talk about that. there's been stumping for paul ryan to get into the house even by former speaker paul ryan say stop. stop pressing me on it. don't want to do it. >> i respect paul ryan for that. i think that's the right position. good for him. rather than play to his own ego, oh, yes, you're the guy you're
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all waiting for. he knows he didn't take the risk to run, he's the speaker, he has a job to do. good for him. i think he's taking exactly the right position of saying that if you're going to nominate a person to be president, let it be among those who had the courage to run and let it also be the one who ended up getting the voters' support. now if i got to the convention in cleveland and they said, oh, you know what, we don't like any of those guys, we're going to pick huckabee, i would feel like an idiot to say, oh, sure, all the voters picked somebody else. who's going to pick me? a handful of party bosses? i don't think so. that's a kamikazi mission that i wouldn't want a part of it. who is crazy enough to be the person to be responsible for the breakup of the republican party and the election of hillary clinton. it's going to do both things. i wouldn't want to be a part of that. tell me, whose ego is so
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overwhelmingly big that they would allow themselves to be talked into being the third party candidate? i can't imagine. >> great points. governor mike huckabee, thanks for joining me on "the real story." >> thank you, gretchen. seemingly harmless basketball game with friends leaves a teenage boy dead. what he was doing that ended up taking his life. we were just talking about this, the republican convention. it could be a bumpy one, understatement of the century, amid a movement to deny donald trump. will he end up having enough delegates at all? what about the delegates that suspended their campaign. where did that go? >> the general public, contrary to popular belief -- glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"
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now back to contested conventions possibly. brace for the presidential nomination. all about the delegates right now. here's a look at where the candidates stand. trump as you know in the lead, 673 delegates. senator marco rubio racked up 169 before suspending his campaign. what happens to his delegates if nobody goes into the convention with the majority? well, the rules vary by state. most of the states which have already held primaries and caucuses will require delegates to vote for rubio through at least the first round. you can see those on your screen. delegates from three states are required to stick by rubio until
11:15 am
his campaign releases them. alaska and nevada delegates can be reallocated to the remaining candidates before the end of the convention. washington, d.c., delegates can vote for whoever they want. it's not clear what delegates from oklahoma are supposed to do. unbound delegate gary emenent breaks it down. >> three states and two territories that have unbonded delegat delegates. north dakota is one. our convention is april 1st. let's say trump gets to 95%, 90%, 10%, what happens is those unbound delegates have the ability to vote for whatever candidate they want on the first ballot. >> ed, great to have you on "the real story." >> great to be here. >> so complicated. >> tedious. >> tedious. so my first question is since states have all these different rules, could rubio end up being
11:16 am
the king maker here. does he end up having the authority saying, all my delegates go over to such and such and he could throw thee ot candidates? >> he has the moral authority. it's state rule and party rule and what is it that a failed candidate can do with his or her delegates is subject to a lot of state rules, party rules, procedures, et cetera and so a lot of that is yet to be played out. i think there's going to be a lot of experts emerge in the next few weeks. hey, the fact is in the category of let's not deny the obvious, the primary process has to be played out and trump is likely to get the most. >> we're reporting at the top of "the real story" they're having all of these phone calls to come up with a third party candidate. they're trying to change the rules because doesn't the rnc end up determining what ultimately the rules will be? >> sort of.
11:17 am
i talked to hattie parker. there's the rules committee of the rnc that has to pass something, then the rnc has to pass it, then it goes to the convention rules committee and then the convention. very hard to change any of the rules at this stage of the game. very hard. possible, but, hey, either we have these primaries or we don't. >> right. >> either we have the rules or we don't. the whole idea that things are going to be massaged and manipulated -- >> just because you don't like the outcome. we teach our kids growing up, we can't change the rules of the game because you lost. >> i've been saying, what's worse, the wrong guy wins or that the losers refuse to lose? >> exactly. okay. listen to this unbound north dakota delegate again. >> so if the republicans go in and pull some shenanigans and so you have groups of people who are going to try to take over the rules committee, that could totally change everything and
11:18 am
that stands out with the delegates and the people across the country will be very frustrated and not vote in the general election. >> do you agree with that? i think frustrated is ab understatement of how people will feel. will the ultimate effect that it will turn voters off for the general? >> well, there's nothing i think positive that will come out of the convention looking like it was manipulated by the few who lost at the ballot box. if there's going to be a revolution, a coups, something nefario nefarious, it will start at the rules committee. it will be transparent. everybody will be seeing it. you don't have secret meetings with the rules committee. >> it will be out in front and out in front of the public? squl yes. >> before i let you go. all of these states are different.
11:19 am
it's fascinating but confusing. pennsylvania's delegates, they don't have to be bound to anybody? >> again, the states have a lot of leeway. alabama, those delegates are bound by state law. pennsylvania it's sort of a free-for-all. it's kind of a representative system. we're going to elect these people that are party activists that we trust to go to the convention and do the right thing. we give them our proxy in effect. they're free agents. it will be fun for them. >> very interesting. >> fun it will be. >> thanks, gretchen. adam laroche choosing the love of family over the love of game and millions of bucks. the team's request that drove him to walk away from what he loves. and then there's this -- ♪ ♪ >> new york city going green.
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welcome back to "the real story." a freak accident on the baseball court in ohio. noah lear dies after going for a slam dunk when the backboard post and backboard came down on him. when he arrived at the hospital
11:24 am
he was alive and he said sorry to his mom and he suffered a cardiac arrest. his funeral is set for monday. now to a new controversy in baseball. chicago white socks first baseball adam laroche is stepping away from the game. main reason for retirement is the 14-year-old son. team officials say he was spending too much time with his son in the clubhouse. trace gallagher live with all the details. >> reporter: those who know adam laroche know he's a principaled man, devout christian. last season he brought his 14-year-old son drake into the chicago white sox house every day. and they said don't bring him every damn day. i don't think he should be here 100% of the time and he has been here 100%, every day in the
11:25 am
clubhouse. i said, i don't think he should even be here 50% of the time. adam laroche responded by retiring leaving his $13 million salary behind. laroche hasn't commented on the move but did tweet quoting, thank you, lord, for the game of basketball and for giving me way more than i ever deserved #familyfirst. he is getting support from his former teammates. adam eaton tweeted, happy for laroche and drake. family comes first. proud to have played along such a great man/father. brice harper tweeted, good for you, roche. nothing like father and son in the clubhouse. it's a family game. baseball does have a long tradition of kids in the clubhouse but some think every day is too much. others believe laroche retired because of his performance. last year he batted .207 with 12 home runs and 41 rbis. here's the white sox manager.
11:26 am
>> he changed. knowing he didn't play all that great and he never, you know, changed the character. >> just last season "the chicago tribune" wrote an article calling 14-year-old drake laroche the white sox 26th man. not anymore. gretchen. >> very interesting. trace, thanks so much. dramatic prison escape to tell you. two armed gunmen hijacked a helicopter. prison guards watched the whole thing happen on surveillance cameras. plus, a whole lot of finger pointing on capitol hill. a very heated hearing about the flint, michigan, water crisis, and why the issue of contaminated water is much more common than you might think. plausible deniability only works when it's plausible and i'm not buying that you didn't know about any of this until october 2015. you were not in a medically induced coma for a year.
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windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video". oh! this is so good. (laughs) if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs) bottom of the hour, fox news alert. pigs are flying today because lindsey graham is supporting ted cruz for president. yeah. tony sayack is here, bernard whitman, ce whitman insight strategies is here. pigs do fly, tony, because it was not long ago lindsey graham said never, never, never would anybody support ted cruz, especially other senators, now
11:31 am
he is. >> this is my enemy's enemy is my friend strategy in full effect. you're going to see a lot more of this. you have one of the bush brothers supporting ted cruz. this is because the anybody but trump movement has decided to support ted cruz. this is what you're seeing. >> bernard? >> sadly for the republicans it is way too little way too late. donald trump is going to be the nominee of the party. they'd better get used to it and they'd better get used to the fact that 54% of the american public said they would never vote for donald trump. 1/3 of the voters said they'd never vote for donald trump. i think the republicans have a chance of going into a catastrophic loss. he's down by 13 points against hillary clinton right now but also probably will lose the senate. just ask laura bush as a "usa today" viewer asked are you going to vote for donald trump if he's the nominee. she said, don't ask that.
11:32 am
>> here's my analysis a little bit on this, toby. if donald trump's the nominee he hasn't had a chance to go after hillary clinton or bill clinton. could that change how voters see him? >> sure. >> could his popularity rise after that? >> the one time he did give them the full trump treatment, they receded. bernard is making the same exact mistake that we have seen for six months. the republican establishment and entire media -- >> not here. not here. >> i give you a lot more credit than that, gretchen. trump expands the base of voters turning out. we see the enthusiasm across the board. in some states 100% turnout increases because of largely donald trump's participation in states like virginia, florida, ohio. >> i'm going to get there right now then i'll get bernard in. >> as tony just said, voter
11:33 am
turnout was a huge factor. 42% drop for democrats. so far this year in primaries, that's compared to 2008. there it is on your screen. republican turnout is up 40% from 2012 and then in ohio as you were saying, tony, dem turnout down 46%. it was up 69% for republicans. how do you get around that, bernard? >> if a measure of enthusiasm is how many people turn out, hillary clinton is killing it. 8.6 million have voted for hillary clinton. more than a million more people voted for hillary than for donald trump. 2.5 more than -- >> hillary has one opponent, trump has ten. >> doesn't he have a great -- >> no. because in 2008 barack obama never had the delegate lead that hillary clinton has over bernie sanders and in fact in 2008 that was a very competitive race on the democrat side. >> bernie's not that competitive. >> it is not that competitive. >> doesn't bernie sanders need to stay in the race in case hillary clinton is indicted.
11:34 am
>> that's, a, hilariously funny because it's never going to happen. >> why is that hilariously happy? >> it's an absurd question. >> there's new information -- >> that's paul kane's wet dream. >> whoa. >> it's the source of two fbi investigations into your candidate. you could say it might not happen in your you can't call it hilarious. she's not cultivating the obama coalition. david plouffe made this. she's not enthusing african-americans. >> she is off 80% of african-american voters in south carolina and mississippi in recent weeks, bernard. she's seen her black support in other states drop by 10 percentage points. no, since her 80% take of african-american voters in those two states she's gone down 10%. >> she's getting 70% of the a.m. after vote. that's pretty darn good in my
11:35 am
vote. >> she's losing millennials dramatically and younger voters. voters under 45. >> she has to engage younger voters. >> the fbi doesn't think the investigation into her e-mail server is hilarious. they wouldn't be wasting this time on it. >> the idea she's going to get indicted is absurd. >> absurd or hilarious, we'll see how it happens. time for my take. a lot has been made in past elections and how important it is for successful candidates to have huge super pacs with fat bank accounts. this year like so many other things, doesn't matter. here are the top super pacs for gop candidates no longer in the race. for jeb bush donors gave more than $118 million. bush exited the race in february. he never even won a primary. marco rubio donors gave more than 32 million bucks. he won just one state before leaving the race tuesday night. donors supporting scott walker, remember that? shelled out close to $25 million for a candidate who got out of the race before it even started.
11:36 am
total super pac money for gop candidates now gone, more than $200 million. well, this time around all that money bought essentially nothing. like with so many other issues, the conventional wisdom about campaign cash this year has been turned on its ear. well, now, some other stories making headlines for you today. seaworld announcing it's ending its okrca breeding program. those performing now will be done. snow to the you were perfect midwest. flooding a problem in many spots. back to normal in d.c. after a day long shut down of the subway system. they fixed stuff at 5:00 a.m. this morning. let's talk about this. contentious hearing going on on capitol hill. lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of the flint, michigan, water crisis. gina mccarthy coming under fire with the chair of the oversight
11:37 am
panel, congressman jason chafitz calling on her now to resign. >> february is when you first arrived on the scene and it wasn't until january of the next year that you actually did something. that's the fundamental problem. don't look around like you're mistie fied. that's what happened. miguel totoro showed up in february. you didn't take action. you didn't. you could have pulled that switch. >> we consistently took action from that point forward, consistently. >> there are a lot of people in this audience from flint. nobody believes that you took action. >> well, peter duesy is live for us on capitol hill. why is it so hard for lawmakers to figure out who to hold responsible for the crisis? >> many things it is the state's fault and republicans think it is the fed's fault. gina mccarthy sworn in as an official witness, the oversight committee chairman told her that she has ruined 100,000 people's lives in flint so it's time for her to go.
11:38 am
>> what you did is you came in and blamed solely the state and i'm here to tell you the state has a big part of this blame. i'm not trying to excuse them whatsoever, but you need to take some responsibility because you screwed up and you messed up 100,000 people's lives. >> but democrats think that all of the blame rests on the shoulders of michigan's republican governor, rick snyder. at one point today democratic congressman jerry connolly said he's glad that he's taking action now but he thinks that it's a little late for the kids in flint whose health has been compromised. the hearing is over though, gretchen, and nobody said they were actually going to resign. >> okay. what are we learning about how widespread lead poisoning may be? turns out it's not just flint, michigan? >> no, it is not just a flint problem. this is a national problem. there is a blockbuster "usa today" network report out that found 353 schools in 42 states
11:39 am
with lead levels unsafe to drink or for school lunches to be cooked in. that includes one sink in upstate new york where the water can officially be classified as hazardous waste. the attention all on michigan obviously in flint and it should be but the schools and day care centers that had the most failed tests for lead in this "usa today" report are maine, pennsylvania, and new jersey. so it's not just michigan. >> but was hearing a lot about it on the radio today in the new york area because of new jersey and people advocating getting the kids tested now. it's a big, huge story. peter, thank you. prison in canada releasing videos from two inmates dangling from a helicopter. they hijacked the aircraft and forced the pilot to land on the roofs. guards were outgunned and forced to watch it all play out on security cameras. the suspects eventually forced the pilot to land and then they used a car to get away.
11:40 am
they were all arrested hours later. guess what, this happened back in 2013, the video coming to light during an escapee's unrelated trial. confession from the man accused of killing natalee holloway on her ill fated spring break trip to aruba. >> i convinced myself that she was part of the fbi and that was the -- okay. more of that interview for you and where he says authorities dropped the ball. and donald trump inching closer towards the republican presidential nomination. his no holds barred approach has been working so far, but would it work in the general? guy benson joins us live with some tips for donald trump. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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shepard smith from the fox news deck. we'll have more on the meeting
11:44 am
of the conservative activists trying to sink donald trump. we'll speak with republican strategists who say lots of gop voters would, indeed, support a third party candidate. they say today's meeting the not trump movement is not winning. that's coming up at the top of the hour. shepard smith reporting comes up in 15 minutes. back to politics on "the real story" now. without a doubt, donald trump dominating the gop battle for the white house. his blunt approach resonating with voters. is it enough to carry him to a victory for the election. guy benson is a fox news con tritor. carl roe wrote an article about offering tips to donald trump. we just wanted to get your thoughts on a couple of them, whether or not you agree with that. a lot of people like donald trump the way he is. >> i think that's the first point. i can imagine a lot of trump supporters out there thinking, why do we need carl roe? trump's doing fine with him.
11:45 am
he's conceded his thesis here saying he needs to take it to the next level. i think trump would be wise to heed a lot of this advice which is sound. >> number of the highlights, change your tone. some people like his tone. what do you think he means by that? >> i'm generally not a tone scold in politics or political rhetoric. i do believe that the temperature donald trump has set at some of his rallies with his rhetoric is ugly and it has led to some unacceptable incidents at rallies and that sort of thing so i think he needs to pivot and not offend people and not say things that are sort of fu fulmenting violence. he was talking about riots and that's not a prompting sign. >> work to unify the gop, don't just say it. pay attention to party regulars. figure out how to ferry the attacks. here's another one, stop being a one-man band. what's that mean to you? >> it means he talks about surrounding himself with the
11:46 am
best and brightest people but there's not a ton of evidence of that, at least on the policy front certainly. he was just asked, trump was, the other day who is his foreign policy team, a question that he's been dodging for a long time. he said his top foreign policy advisor would be himself. he said because i've said a lot of things, which is true, but he has said things that contradict each other and i think there's concern among people who care about policy and details who think that he's done very little homework, which is concerning. >> especially if he's the nominee and doing debates with the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton on the other side. >> right. >> she will have a lot of details because she's been in some of these political jobs. one of the other tips is keep the focus on hillary clinton and president obama. >> i don't think that will be a problem for donald trump. he is very good at heat seeking missile. he'll have his eye on the ball. >> he already has that first ad out which i believe was quite effective. >> the barking dog? >> yes. >> whew. >> we will have to see what the future holds. guy benson, great to see you.
11:47 am
>> thanks. marco rubio speaks for the first time since suspending his presidential campaign. what he just said about the party's future. we'll play it for you when we come back. okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most.
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fox news alert for you now. because senator rubio went back to the senate today, saying his not interested in even becoming vice-president right now. bernard whitman back. let's listen to marco. >> so, i don't have anything further to elaborate. i don't have anything to announce. >> what about kashich? >> i like governor kashich. >> do you think it's time for republicans to coalesce around one of the two candidates left that's not donald trump to stop him? >> that's going to happen now that race has narrowed some that race has narrowed some hopefully there's timer
11:51 am
prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party and be damaging to the conservative moth. >> use wow consider be vice-president -- >> i'm going to be anybody's vice-president. i don't mean that in a disrespectful tway. i'm not going to be vice-president. i'm nothing running for governor o florida. i'm going to finish out my term in the senate. and then hi'll be a private citizen? january. >> you're not going to -- >> so tony and bernard are back. tony? >> we just discussed in the last somethingment you'll see a consolidation of support behind ted cruz as the likely most electable nontrump in the race. in the case of marco rubio, he was put in the establish. bucket but rubio was part hoff the tea party movement. a movement conservative, not necessarily the traditional conservative associated with the re0e1%9 leadership so i'm actually not that surprised he would make such a move, and there is a battle and this is a very profound one, for the heart ande soul of the republican
11:52 am
apart. you have movement conservatives lining up against secularists that trump seems to be representing and they have to bridge that during the convention, or else we're in binge trouble. >> we heard him a he is noted? being cruz's vp. why do todays say that? john kashich said that, too. vp is a darn good job. >> the last thing you want to do after getting trounced and tossed out of the race is an be to pandering to become a vice-president on a ticket, and i think if cruz does have the great fortune to get the nomination, which i think is doubtful, a cruz pick would be hoice. rubio said the smartest thing i've heard him say, talking about how donald trump will likely fracture the party, and i think you're hearing the last gasp before the republican party ultimatñ0 implodes in the wake of donald trump's nomination. >> let's listen to marco rubio with other comments about rioting at the convention.
11:53 am
>> you might incite a riot if they try to take the nomination from him? >> at this point, it's like daily occurrence. the stuff he says. not going to be any riots but it's a very unusual political year. people are going to -- there's going to be a lot of political scholarship on what is happening but i don't think riots aren't part of it. >> that's true, a lot of writing if just did my take on the fact that super pac money doesn't matter anymore. what drew make of having to be asked the trump questions. >> he's the biggest character in the room, someone who has behavely spend -- barely spend any money on paid media and gotten the outside share of earned media. he is getting more media than opponents combined. the republican party is growing, and we're beginning to
11:54 am
encapsulate the large center, thet populist senator that isn't attached to the conservative movement, but share our beliefs -- >> independents and former democrats, and, bernard, whatever you say, got be nervous about that. >> i think that running against donald trump will be very difficult because he is so unpredictable. your party is growing like you grow a second head. interesting but hard to manage. and one little known fact i just dug up, who now who donald trump is attracting to the party? -- the voting polls? naturalization applications have gone up 515% among latinos who are registering so they can vote against trump in the general election. >> switching in record numbers to the republican party in states like pennsylvania, ohio -- >> treats people like -- >> donald trump. >> those states, democrats should be nervous because they always tend to go democratic. before i let you go, let's talk about the delegates of marco rubio.
11:55 am
not sure if he got that question. that's the first question because does he have control over these delegates tods make a difference? >> yes. at this point i believe he still has the power to hold on to them and not release them until after convention. if that's the case it's likely the 180 plus delegates will go to the nontrump on a second ballot. but this delegate math is so interesting because trump has a roadway to win this outright but the more you have this harder it becomes. >> no way to you believe that the republicans would take away the nomination from donald trump if he gets to 1237. >> i think nothing is im'otheirseen and we donald trump starts to threaten riots he is trying to gin people up-get people scared, make people vary afraid of what will happen in clevelandful eveland will be a raucous time. >> will they take it airplane from him. >> absolutely not. >> good to see you two timessed
11:56 am
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so he'll be drinking, eleanor enjoying corned beef and cabbage with their family. david is going to be doing something. what am i going to be? doing? i'm going on vacation. see you soon. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast on this st.~patrick's day day, which is apparently pile on donald trump day because everyone is taking#% swaps from paul ryan to the hacking group, anonymous, and it comes as big names in conservative politics meet about a possible third-party plan to block the businessman billionaire. but some well-known republicans say there's no way that could work. you'll hear from both sides. we're also track ago news, including an enormous investigation about lead in the water at hundreds of schools and daycare centers. seems ft., michigan is it just the beginning. let's get to it. >> and first


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