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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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come on. a lot of things happened on this day in history. >> that was the most interesting. >> if i want something different i can get involved myself but we have five seconds complete i but cavuto has something awesome so enjoy that. >> how about a market now in positive territory on the year. that's what we have. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world." stocks in positive territory after flirting with a bear market as recently as january. that was then, this is now. so, a good rumble in stocks. now, more worrisome rum until the republican party starting with paul ryan suggesting an open convention is looking more and more likely. listen. >> there's more than likely to become an openyw convention than we thought before. so, we're getting our mind around the idea this could very well become a reality and, therefore, those involved in the convention need to respect that.
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>> well, not surprisingly the trump folks say, open -- we have a big lead. why would you posit the question? doug mckelway is here. >> when paul ryan speaks, peek listen because he will be the chairman of the republican national convention in cleveland come july. the real possibility of a contestedftw convention is dawng on speaker ryan like never before. months ago the termed such prospected, quote, reef-diculous. weeks later he said his role was ceremonial. today, all that changed. he said that his role is to be switzerland to be a neutral party at any open convention, but added1uor@kj÷ this pointed e about civility. >> not just donald trump. if anybody is out there representing the republican party in ways that we believe disfigure conservatism or do not portray what our views and
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principles are, i as a party leader can and others have an obligation to defend our principles from being distorted. >> wife four wins in five states donald trump has more than half the delegates needed for the g.o.p. nomination. ted cruz has less than a thirds' has to win 80 parts of the remaining delegates. john kashich has no chance. ryan warned trump for even suggesting a contested convention could mean the possibility of rioting. if he falls a few delegates shore of a majority. ryan called such talk unacceptable, but trump, who has referenced the anger in america over a dysfunctional washington issuing is not the only one preparing for such a possibility. the city of cleveland wants to spend federal security grant money on 2,000 sets of riot gear in advance of the convention. >> thank you very much. just imagine you're on theu$ocz. are you going ignore all of this rumbling on the right? not a chance.
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jeff flock with more on that. >> reporter: hello to you. the conventional wisdom had been that democrats would just love to run against donald trump. he was their best chance. could that be(
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hint violence is unacceptable. >> do you think the way donald trump talked about the risk of -- he has never -- you're quite right, never recommend or
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espoused violence at events, but that he hints of it, and that these guys are saying, you have to police that kind of language. do you agree? >> in my races i have had protesters, hecklers. everybody deals with differently. donald deals with it differently. >> you don't agree with the way donald deals with it. >> everybody does is differently and every event is different. they're never the same. ç my point is, the voters he spoken. they are picking him. we need to listen to the voters and now we need to coalesce -- >> what if they stop picking him and in future states what you risk here is those who vote in future states, ted cruz has a mathematicalñ route to get thi. very tough, you're quite right, in the case of kashich, but you're ruling it out when that was the one thing you argued before the florida primary you didn't want to do but now you are ruling it out for them
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because he looks inevitable. i could play the math and say, well, he might be. but he is a along way from being there. >> he is either going to have a majority or going to be pretty close. this is election time where the citizens don't trust the politicians, and -- >> i know that. what is pretty close to you? he everything he has a big enough lead, he isrboo]:= close, he should get to in the nomination there are little rules that say half the available delegates plus one, which is 1,237. if he is hat 1,100, is governor rick scott of florida saying, it's his nomina> he is going to be -- the odd are he will be so far ahead that if the party leaders decide to go a different direction, then they'll lose his support -- >> no. 0y if gets to the first ballot and doesn't have 1,237 he might -- but he didn't get it on the
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first ballot. mâ one -- >> i think it would be a mistake, big mistake when you look at the voters that are coming in to vote for donald republican apart that weren't active before. if he goes to the convention with -- being very close to having all the delegate head needs and doesn't get it, it will be very ditch dish. >> but it's happened before. i don't know how it will end up. i'm saying we have to get to 1,237 delegates. you seem to say there would be hell to pay if he doesn't get the nomination when he doesn't have the 1,237 delegates. those their rules. everyone understood, it's 1,237. you seem to say if he doesn't get them on the first ballot he should still be the nominee? >> i think that if he is where we all believe he will be and if we don't co alet behind him, the will have a very difficult time winning in november -- >> that's not what i asked. if doesn't get the 1237 on the
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first ballot, he is notpx know nominee. night bet it on a second -- >> absolutely. i agree with you. i would hope the has the 50% but if he is close, he needs to be our nominee because we have to start coalesce thing party -- >> but gosh this is an important distinction. i want to be fair to everybody. many candidate have entered convention with delegate leads. lyndon johnson had far more delegates committed to him than john f. kennedy, even when john f. kennedy winning so maybe primary, party bosses dominated the scene yes. know what happened. all i'm saying is are you shifting the rules that if donald trump has a big enough lead but not the majority. it should still be given to him? shouldn't we go through the motions of ballots and see if he gets the 1237, and off to the races? are you saying that's not thea+ç case?
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>> clearly at the convention the rules will be followed. my belief is if he is close to the 50%, clearly -- close to 50% and doesn't get the nomination we'll have a very difficult time winning in november. i believe we ought to coalesce -- >> why do we have ballots at all, then? close is not a done deal. you seem to be advocating if he is close and document get it, that's not fair. if he is close and doesn't get it, that's the way the cookie crumbles. right? >> it's absolutely what the rules are. the rules should be followed. my belief is. if he is that far ahead and is close, with we don't choose donald trump we'll hear a very difficult time winning in november. the most important thing to me is making sure we have a president that wins, helped with jobs think second amendment, getting the right justices to make sure we change the direction of this country. i need a federal partner that will help me in florida. >> that would be like saying
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your opponent, when he was ahead in the poll biz ten points, only 4v to5 7+ñ go, give it to him because he had a big lead. if we stopped it there we would have a very different governor of florida. we didn't do that.[÷ç/7] it was process called election day, process at the convention called a first ballot, and then if necessary a second and third and on and on. by that token, abraham lincoln in 1860 would have never got an chance to be president because another guy had a bigger lead in delegates. abraham lincoln has a followup lead in future ballots, and you're saying, would never happen. >> totally different to having polls and having votes. we have had a very contested primary with a lot of great candidates, some good friends of mine, lot of governors i've worked with. we have had marco rubio and jeb contested primary --
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>> that's not what i'm saying. others have had delegate leads, in 1860, as an example. where others had big delegate leads and this guy, lincoln, was nowhere in that bunch. and then they all kind of eventually settled on him as a a consensus figure. what stopped the guy who led from happening is he didn't get to the required delegates. the reason why they're required. half the convention delegates plus one. >> my belief, my belief is, donald trump has shown he has bright so many new people into the party, he is winning, way ahead in the delegate count, will be way ahead at the convention. it's going to be a big mistake ifoi he -- i want a president that -- knock have no that's going to win. >> i have no horse in this race, just a stickler for rules and i have the fueling a big ted cruz backer is as well. look at the math. trump has a prohibitive lead, a very big lead.
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what do you think of bob dole, telling me this a couple days ago, i think ted cruz is far more dangerous to our party, morenmj6z6a divisive. donald trump could work with him. >> all i can say is it's like being shot or8t poisoned, you're still dead. >> lindsey graham has settled on ted cruz, and he does have a shot at this itch want tree view the delegate count. all i'm saying on this issue -- i know it[ç gets heated back and forth here -- 1237 his number you need. now, if there's an effort to change that number and deny donald trump also he is getting closer to the number and say they make it 1247, not fair, north right, we'll call them on it but it is 1237.
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the size of the lead doesn't matter. =(ñ at this way. like you're team is down ten runs"d,p into ninth inning. to you stop the game? no. if you're make a punt return and you're inches away, just give the touchdown? no. no. so, to be continue on that, what will draw the distinction here is the party officials, one way or the other, try to change the rules ahead of the fact and say it's not 1237 or donald trump's delegates are worth half what they thought they were. that kind of chicanery well call people on. let's be clear and fair to donald trump and other candidates. john kashich doesn't have a convention. but no one has won this thing. texas congressman, a big backer of ted cruz and would be describe to the belief no one has won. what if we get to that situation where despite your best hopes
1:17 pm
you guy is no where near donald trump. not year 1237. then what? >> well, as -- gosh, neil, i love the way you think. i love your clarity, i really appreciate you are going back to the time of the wall street bailout. never lost your head and haven't lost your head here. the number is 1237 and the reason we have approvals, some are stupid like here in washington, but the reason we have rule that you have to have one more than 50% is because we want you to have a shot at winning in the general election, and that means that if you are really that polarized, that 60% of america says we don't want you, and that even 60% of your own party is very adamant and says under no circumstances
1:18 pm
could be want you to be our nominee, then we shouldn't be giving airport to a plurality but some of the people are eight if the establishment comes in and says, we don't like the two anti-establishment candidates, trump and cruz so we'll give it -- i can say we'll give it, say, to the speaker, paul ryan. now, io9qk7i that because hypothetically he can't ever be president in the next couple of years because boehner endorsed him and that what's kiss of death. so that really mathematically removes him from any chance -- >> congressman, ig÷;3 think you- >> you have to get to 1237. >> 1237. >> have to get there. >> by the way -- >> if you get 1237 you don't need to be nominee. >> a moot point. donald trump has to get 53% of delegates. has good shot at doing that and
1:19 pm
trump says have to make it a knockout. and the same would apply to your candidate here but i think all bets are off if your candidate, or trump, or anyone they change the rules ahead of the fact and say, not 1237 -- >> absolutely. >> of whatever. >> right. something like that, chicanery. if we're saying, as our party is supposedw:só%pn to say, rules c, we're following the rules, we're not changing the rules to give it to anybody at the end, that is where we really get into trouble, but to say you got to have 1237, so let's get after it. if under no circumstances can you get to 1237, then we're not 0 sure want you to be the candidate so let's keep going until we get to 1237. that's why there was a -- like, nine ballots of election for speak her to news in the 10920s. the rules were the rules and if you don't get the majority we'll keep having ba -- balloting in
1:20 pm
somebody does. that's what should happen here >> open, honest convention -- >> with ted cruz is exactly right. if he comes in and begs forgiveness when he did nothing wrong, that could create problems as well. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> this back and forth to the congressman's point could help certainly one thing if it looks like the establishment is against you. what if it looks like every global leader and publication is against you? how a certain edition of the" trump get to the hurtle hurdle n some.
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ronald reagan, trump. what do they have in common at least when they were rung for office they didn't get much respect abroad, in fact many were worried that ronald reagan, the cowboy, would be a mistake. now they're saying the same about donald trump but took it it to a new level, and it would lead to trade tensions, trade wars that probably another crisis for the financial system you name it, donald trump would be the reason for it. so much to talk to this next guest>/ about. nigel, in our country when we hear your country or others dumping on someone here, it rallies support for that guy, $÷ -- if we didn't like him here. what do you think? >> well, i agree with that. actually what you're saying with
1:25 pm
the comments about trump, and indeed in my country, the comments about his referendum w÷ have leave thing appalling political union in brussels we're segue the western countries getting together, trying to scare the pants off of us and trying to stop change. it's not going to work. >> you're talking specifically about barack obama inserting himself in the great debate whether your country just totally exits the eu and whether there's any hope you could be part of the euro. you were saying in an open letter to him, mr. president, butt out. >> that's exactly what was saying. look, by convention, american presidents do not get involved in british general elections. they let us get on with it, just as a british prime minister should not get involved in a presidential race in u.s.a. that's reference done this biggest constitutional decision our country has faced in living
1:26 pm
momentary -- memory, and it's incorrect for barack obama to tell us what to do so, mr. president, please, stay in washington, come after the result but not before and don't try to tell us that would do. >> next time you have to tell me how you feel, nigel. publication, mentioned the economy -- "the economist," nose not a big fan of the united states and trump this latest. the rode i'm getting, any one of the prominent european what have you, they think would be a disaster. if i'm remembering correctly, a lot of them said the same about ronald reagan. that worked out okay. i'm not comparing them. i'm saying what is consistent is this submissive european view of both guys.
1:27 pm
>> i have always -- the press all said it will be a terrible for america to have a b movie actor, and i have to say, from my side of the pond, i thought he was a pretty gate president. the same thing with trump. this european elite you talked about, the press, leaders, they're trying tãstop change happening anywhere. just last weekend in germany there was a regional election and new policy that has come along and said we can't go on with this migrant crisis, can't keep taking vast numbers of people and across europe the establish. clubs together to condemn people for daring to challenge the status quo that is failing. so the same thing on both sides of they7ygbuñ atlantic. >> those elections might eave presaged the end of angela merkel in germany. too soon to tell. you pointed it out months ago. having said that there does seem
1:28 pm
to be dave connect between the established players in europe, the established players is in country, with those who might have a totally different view, and there's no middle ground. it's either their candidate or no candidate. either their way or the highway or even for the renegades -- you can put trump in that camp -- they won't stop for the alternative happening. so, i see a very divided type hatfields and mckoy's world here. >> i get that. then again, another way of looking it's, we're back to real politics where actually there are some completely different opinions and points of view. look at what establishment politics has given us across the western world over the course of the last ten year, it's given us debt, banking crisis, growth that in manyby;çt(t( country han pretty anemic. i would argue that establishment
1:29 pm
politics is not dump. order people in britain, america or britain, hasn't done much good plays into the hands of the big corporates and the little people, the ordinary people are finding different champions and we're standing up to the establish. and saying we want change. i reckon that's healthy. >> some of the greatest leaders have worked within that system and won the games of that system by triumphing in that system. winston churchill, who came to power. margaret thatcher, the traditional route. appeal among voters and she becomes prime minister.we'pqá we could talk about ronaldch reagan. so, donald trump could be the same in this country. i think we would all draw the line if the republican party changes the rules to make it more difficult for him to get the nomination but doesn't take
1:30 pm
away from the fact there are ways to get the nomination,. how do you feel about efforts to change rules if they -- if they're true -- to make it more difficult for renegades -- mage thatch at the, even guys like you and donald trump -- if they try to change the rules. they say they're not doing that so far doesn't appear to be they are doing that, but what happens when they do or if they do? >> well, i think if the republican establishment clubs together to try to change the rules and effectively to try to cheat donald trump out of being the presidential candidate, i thinkfethe republican party will put itself in a bad place. who is to say it may even split on something new may come along. one that become trump, maybe tick issue outs but the one thing about trump, my observation is what he is doing
1:31 pm
is bringing people into politics who perhaps haven't voted for many years or preponderances haven't voted in their lives. what the republican establishment should do is recognize that is quite an achievement. if they try to cheat him, it will be a disaster for them. >> all right. well said. thank you very much. the leader of the u.k. independent party, and did not like the idea that he had a nasty habit of getting re-elected. so those are the rules. if you benefit from rules and you get the numbers, the rules and anything else becomes a moot point. the florida attorney general who was way ahead of the governor of florida when she endorsed donald trump before the florida primary. she's coming up. she could very well be florida's next governor. you totaled your brand new car.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. we just heard republican say he is not interested in being anybody's vice-president, not interesting in running for the senate 0 and not being in$a beig governor of florida, which would suit this woman just fine.
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harry reid, something to report about meeting with and sort of showing around merrick
1:36 pm
garland. republicans have put the vote off until at least after the november election. mistake. don't play politics with that, even though memory serves me right, joe biden instituted that biden rule that you don't do this in the last year of a president's term. whatever. that was then, this is now. the politics back and forth keeps going on. kevin cork at the white house >> good to be you. get this. the white house is confident they can push this nomination over the finish line. they're north saying it officially but i say that based on the conversation i had with press secretary josh earnest today and he was telling me that judge garland may be the best case scenario for senate republicans. the president met with the chief judge about a week ago inside the oval office, and according to insiders the president knew right then and there that he in fact would be the man for the
1:37 pm
job. despite that quiet confidence, senate democrats are prying to apply pressure to the senate to give chief garland an up or down vote. >> runs refuse to do their job, it will only be because they
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can you envision a situation where they get to ohios' don't have the nominee? >> is that possible? yes. is it no. >> do you think we could have a
1:42 pm
brokered con sentence because so many guys are running and they have all a lot of money. we could get to cleveland without a nominee. >> i think it's possible. >> it's possible we get to cleveland and don't have a nominee. we don't. >> i think you're exactly right. >> i've said on this show the math looks more and more likely that someone is not going to arrive in cleveland with all the delegates they need to be the party nominee. but the math favors such a scenario. >> and now, paul ryan, indicating that is a distinct possibility, and yet the nation still laughs at me. well issue laugh back at you, america. no, my only point/j then, as its now, that the numbers, the way they're rolling out could make it difficult for anyone to have the necessary delegates by the time we get to the convention. the more likely scenario for donald trump who is leading the pack of doing just that, but it's not a given because right
1:43 pm
remaining delegates and that might be tough and might lead to this sort of divided convention as we get to cleveland. republican congressman who is supporting ohio governor john kashich. something like that. right? that would help john kashich in that event. >> absolutely. i agree with your assessment. there's a very good possibility we could emoving to a contested convention, that no candidate will receive 1,237 votes, and john kashich made it clear hi will ride into cleveland. there was discussion about john kashich being on the pennsylvania ballot. he is hope to ballot and the challenge was with drawn. >> that was raise i rubio who is out of the race. he is on the ballot, with 71 delegates, winner-take-all
1:44 pm
state. >> it's actually -- with 71 delegates, we're a preferential primary. 18 congressional districts, 18 times 3, that's9h/:újé 54. they can vote for whoever they like. 14 are bound to support the winner of the pennsylvania primary, and then there are three additional. the state chairman of the party, plus the two national committee people, they're also votes -- >> i think you would concur, it's uphill but you have to -- delegates we couldn't close the deal. do you know if the candidate,
1:45 pm
pennsylvania and the rubio(ççç supporters prefer john kashich. between the governor rubio but rubio people in pennsylvania are very inclined right now to throw their support to john kashich, and marco rubio to his credit, was very well-organized in pennsylvania. governor kashich has a -- i keep saying this, some of us actually want to win the presidency, and john kashich by far is the most electable of these -- >> of course, that's a bone of contention with the trump folks. they are fearful that many of the republican party are going change the rules ahead of the convention or do something weird to say that he can't get the nomination. if they make such moves, would
1:46 pm
you be against that or say, look, he either gets to 1237 or not and that's fine, but if they do something to change that and say you need more, what would you say? >> well, depends what rules changes we're talking about. if donald trump were to have 1237 before entering into the convention, it would be very hard to deny him the nomination. i'm the first to say that. but a lot of other rules may be look at and i'd be open to rules changes but i do believe that the candidate who gets the majority must -- >> in other words, they did this to make it difficult but if you win eight states, by 50% or more, no other person has done that but donaldjtç trump. >> well, i believe that rule has changed only occurred four years ago. that's a rule that could be changed. that was only adjusted four years ago for whatever reason -- >> that could change a rule you would like because that would help your candidate. >> yeah. that rule is only four years old
1:47 pm
as far -- >> don't change 1237. trump folks say if they4z have a big lead, give it to him you. save that's wrong, but to get to 1237, done deal, her is the nominee, shutup, right? >> if he gets to 1237 hard to deny him the nomination but i don't believe he'll get to 1237. that's why there's going to be a fight. >> well put. thank you very much. it's 1237. get that number. not close. it's not saying that you're in the ninth inning, down by ten, bow out. you play the ninth inning. i've been to many a yankee game where they were up and then lost. you got marco rubio who said today, emerged from the campaign tok4j# ushow up in the senate ay that he is not interested in running for the senate again,
1:48 pm
not interested in being anyone's vice-president, and said he is not interested in 2014 gov o california, which might sued florida's oregon attorney general, pam bondi just fine. . test.
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over. i don't mean it in a disrespectful way. i'm be going to be vice president. i'm not running for governor of florida. >> marco rubio back on capitol hill after his presidential quest, saying he had no political ambitions for the time being. that would include the
1:52 pm
governor's office, attorney general. a front-runner for the governor. attorney general, very good to have you. >> thanks. call me pam. you know that. >> you can call me neil. let me ask you about the, the whole thing with marco rubio. what is his future? if he is ruling out those positions, what do you think? >> i don't know. i will say on the record, i am not running for governor and i am supporting adam putnam. i feel he is the agricultural commissioner and i think he will be great. >> you could be right. >> let me ask you, you were backing donald trump before the primaries. your governor rick scott only did so after the florida primary. why did you announce your
1:53 pm
intentions before the primary? because he waited until after? >> well, neil, it was interesting. my mom wanted to go see donald. donald has been a friend for years. my mom wanted to go see him and i was scheduled to be out of town, actually this week and it didn't pan out. and i went with my mom and i called, and i said i would like to endorse i didn't know i would be speaking or introducing donald at the event i choose my endorsement in addition very different way. in a personal way. and you know, i was with jeb bush originally because i've known jeb for 15 years. i look at the person. that's what is important to me. i never want to lose. that i see a different donald trump. i think a lot of people see. i see the way he interacts with his kids i adorp ivanka.
1:54 pm
i think he is a great dad. his employees adore him. i think they would jump off a cliff for him. i think that says a lot about a person. >> so for his rabid fans, that's what worries paul ryan. they're saying you have to tone down the rhetoric and the talk of violence at conventions. what do you think? >> i don't think he is inciting riots. he is listening to people. the voice of god that. please be calm. we don't want any disturb yagss. i think i heard that where he spoke in ohio or after florida. i don't think he incites riots. >> i know that's a little extreme. >> i do too. >> one of the thing that come up is his fans are very, very
1:55 pm
loyal. this idea that i think your governor rick scott said, he has a very big lead. if he gets to cleveland, and anyone tries to take this from him. that could lead to trouble. do you think if he has a big lead, 1237 or not, it is his nomination? >> well, neil, we have to follow the laws of our than. and the laws of our handle say that our nominee has to have 1237. period. so if donald doesn't have 1237, of course, we'll go into a contested convention. i don't think anyone wants to see. that that would be handing it to hillary on a silver platter. i hope donald is able to reach 1237. i'm not a math me addition. you compare him to hillary and
1:56 pm
bernie sanders. there were two people in that race. donal has over 50% when there were 17 people. >> i'm glad you point out. but you would stick with the rule. 1237. >> of course. that's the law. >> there are many trump actors, reading from governor scott. he has such a big lead. it shouldn't be such a big issue. you say a rule is a rule is a rule? >> the rule is the rule. and i've talked on governor scott about this a lot. and i can't speak for him. i believe what he was saying was, i think he hopes that if we get to that point like i said, people will rally around the person with the most delegates which will be donald trump. because if wave contested convention, looks what that's doing to our party. it is a frightening world now. i'm sick and tired of suing the president of the united states all the time.
1:57 pm
i don't want to keep suing hillary clinton. >> so when you are looking at that, and you hear this back and forwards, do you get a sense that it is sort of like a secret wish among many in the establishment? get to a contested convention because there's a sense if he gets really close, there is a way they could take it from him. you say it is 1237 or bust. >> i can't answer that. i don't think any of us. we hear all this talk about the establishment and who is the establishment. i ran as an outsider five years ago. but i guess now i'm part of the establishment because i've been attorney general for five years. >> so why do you think they fear him so much? to your point, he has brought in so many who never voted at all. what do you think their beef is with donald trump? >> you know, i can't answer that. i don't know. i don't have a beef with him.
1:58 pm
i think he is a great man. i think as a career prosecutor, i ran because i care about the security of our state and our country. and i think donald trump, i know donald trump does too. and again, with 17 people in that race initially, he has over 50% of the delegates already. so the american people are speaking. and they're speaking loud and clear. i think they're tired of what's happening in this country. i for one am scared to death what's happening in this country and this world. i know donald trump the person. can he be strong? absolutely. it's probably how i got elected in 2010. i was an outsider. >> so other parties, they've had their differences. and they come out and everything is okay. do you say regardless of what
1:59 pm
happens, everything will work out okay? they're really split. people who love donald trump and people who don't love donald trump. so much from the love trump side, they'll be happy. if it is the other side, that side will be happy but not the trump people. back and forth, back and forth. can everyone come out of this okay? >> of course. the believe other side would be hillary clinton. so hopefully republicans will come together. i fear we would be handing the nomination over to someone who follows barack obama's agenda. i said the next three years, the next two years, i'll be suing the president of the united states, which i do not want to do. nor do my counter parts around the state. >> you were talking about, someone with the election. >> exactly.
2:00 pm
>> florida attorney general. so far she says not governor. we'll see. pam bondi. >> thank you. that will do it here. 1237. 1237. 1237. see you tomorrow. >> hello, everyone. happy st. paddy's day. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it is march 17 and it is one of my favorite days of the year. i'm half irish and half puerto rican. a very lucky lady indeed. and we'll have a st. patrick's day party right here right now. right here in new york c


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